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    WC Fantasy Football: All Pro Dynasty

    I am going forward with creating an official free to play dynasty league, open to any WC members who would like to participate. This league is going to have a lot of complex layers involved, as it is designed to be closer to real football team owner simulation than a lot of leagues out there. It will be salary based, with contracts, a rookie draft, restricted free agents, and more.

    I will post the complete league bylaws here in this thread.

    I am going to limit the league to 10 teams, two of which are already filled.

    League Bylaws


    Purpose of the League:

    The purpose of the league is to provide a fun yet free fantasy football experience to simulate running an NFL team. With that said, this league will rely on conservative fantasy football traditions and will refrain from the use of expanded defensive rosters, PPR scoring, multiple starting QBs, and more. Roster positions and scoring are virtually locked in to conserve the integrity of the league mission.

    Winners of the Year each season will be based on point totals to end the season. The team with the most points will be considered the winner of the league. With that said, Head to Head will be still be a recognized aspect of the league and the winner of the H2H tournament will be recognized as well. However, winning the H2H tournament does not make you the winner of the league. Head to Head is a week to week crapshoot that features a lot of luck and chance. Winning the H2H tournament does not mean you didn't deserve the win, but there is an overall greater challenge to having the highest point total by the end of the year. The biggest accomplishment would be to win both the total points race and the H2H tournament, and receive ultimate bragging rights.

    After rosters and scoring, this league is open to any changes that may be needed over time. Similarly to the NFL, each owner has a say in how the league should be conducted or played. During the offseason, ANY owner can bring up a rule proposal to be voted on by the rest of the owners in the league. Owners can then vote Yay or Nay. Majority vote wins. If the vote is unanimous, the rule change will go into effect to start that season. Otherwise, the rule change will take place the following season. Tie votes will be considered a rejected proposal.

    Team Names and Fun


    As a fun side aspect to this league, owners are required to name a Head Coach for their team. This head coach can be named in this thread. Your head coach can be your favorite former NFL player, a movie character, or even a celebrity or wrestler.

    I personally enjoy to make my Head Coach a fictional movie character. When your team is performing poorly, you can post a message in the message board and fire your head coach.

    Because this is a Sim league, I also enjoy team names that are more realistic sounding. The classic fantasy football team names such as 2 Gurleys 1 Cup look silly to me. While they're not prohibited, they are discouraged. Try to think of a team name that actually sounds like it could be a part of a league.
    Yearly League Schedule:


    1. August 15th - Contracts are DUE by 11:59 PM
    2. August 16th - Rookie Draft date is set, and will take place at a designed time before the start of the regular season
    3. August 16th - Free Agent Auction date is set, and will take place at a designated time following the rookie draft but before the regular season
    4. Start of the Regular Season
    5. End of the Regular Season, start of Head to Head playoffs
    6. End of H2H playoffs, Total Points Winner is crowned, H2H winner is crowned
    7. End of NFL's regular season, all contracts are adjusted accordingly

    To start this league, we will not have a rookie draft. Instead we will have one giant auction involving everyone currently in the National Football League.

    Rookie Draft:


    After the first year, there will be an annual rookie draft consisting of every player from the year's rookie draft class.

    This draft will consist of 3 rounds. Draft order will be based on Point Total Standings. The less points you scored the previous season, the higher the draft position you will have.

    Rookie draft picks for the next year CAN be traded, but you CANNOT trade picks any farther than two seasons in advance. This is to prevent an owner from taking over a team, trading rookie draft picks, and then quitting the league. The team's replacement would be stuck with a team that has no draft picks, and no enthusiasm to rebuild.

    ONLY ROOKIE PLAYERS will be in this draft.

    Salaries for any rookies drafted are based on the round there are drafted in. 1st Round Rookies will be $5, 2nd Round Rookies will be $3, and 3rd Round rookies will be $1.

    This draft will not take place on the league website. It may take place on the forum, or in a chatzy chat room.

    Annual Auction:


    After each year's rookie draft, there will be an annual salary auction to fill the rest of your team's roster.

    This will take place on the league website. Rules for the auction in regards to salary cap and RFAs are explained below.

    Any remaining rookies from the rookie draft MAY be acquired during this phase.



    On your roster you may have NO MORE than:

    3 Quarterbacks
    6 Running Backs
    6 Wideouts
    2 Tight Ends
    2 Kickers
    2 Defense/Special Teams
    2 Taxis (QB, RB, TE, WR)

    You will START:

    1 QB
    3 RBs
    3 WRs
    1 TE
    1 K
    1 DST
    1 Flex (RB, WR, TE)

    You will have FOUR designated IR spots on your team. If you place a player on your IR list, they may not be taken off of it for the remainder of the season. Before the contract deadline, you MAY designated any injured players on the IR list. These players will not count against your salary or roster caps, but they cannot be activated for the entire season. This is useful if you have a player suffer a season ending injury during the offseason, you can place them on the IR and not worry about their salary being counted against your cap.

    Contracts and Salary Cap:


    Salary Cap
    The salary cap is a set figure that your team cannot exceed in terms of money and salaries for each player. It must not be exceeded at any time, and doing so will require roster cuts until the salary requirement is met. Each team has a set salary cap at $240 going into the offseason rookie draft and free agent auction. No team's salary can exceed $240 to start the season. Once the regular season begins, the salary cap will expand to $260 to allow for trades and free agent signings during the season, but keep in mind again that the salary cap must be met at all times.

    This means, if you make a trade that puts you over the $260 salary cap, the trade must either be reworked or you must make roster adjustments to abide by the cap.

    This also means that it is OK if you do not spend all of your money in the offseason. Coming in under the cap will allow you more freedom to sign players and make moves.

    You have 15 contract available on your team.

    *Five 2 year slots
    *Four 3 year slots
    *Three 4 year slots
    *Two 5 year slots
    *One 6 year slot

    The rest of the players on your team will be signed to one year contracts that expire at the end of the season.

    When you acquire a player, whether it is via a draft or free agency auction, you have exactly seven days to sign them to a contract. If you do not sign that player to a contract within 7 days, he will automatically be assigned as a one year player.

    The League Website does not keep track of contracts. Instead they will be kept track in this thread.

    Free Agency

    Regular Season Free Agency begins Week 1 of the NFL season. There will be TWO free agency periods per week. Those periods are

    1. Wednesday at 11 PM EST
    2. Saturday at 11 PM EST

    Free Agency will be determined by blind auction bids. Remember, you must adhere to the $260 regular season salary cap. Any free agent acquired that puts your team over the salary cap will be released unless accommodations are made.

    TIES MUST BE REBID. In the event of a tie, the league website will award the player to the team with the lowest amount of points. The website DOES NOT determine who receives the player. Instead, private rebids must be made via messaging the commissioner. The player will be awarded to the highest bid upon rebid.

    Extensions, Restricted Free Agents, and the Franchise Tag:


    Every offseason, you have the option of giving a select amount of players a specific label to help you form your team for next season.

    Before the start of every season, you have the ability to "extend" one player on your team. This can be done to a player who's contract has expired, or to a player with years left on an existing contract. This is allowed as long as the extension does not violate the cap set for contracts, like extending a player 5 years when you already have two players in the five year slot. For each year you wish to extend the player, the player shall receive a $5 raise to their annual salary. If you have a player who's salary was $10 when their contract expires, and you extend them to a 3 year contract, their salary would become $25 per year.
    Restricted Free Agents:
    Before the annual free agent auction, you have the ability to label TWO players as Restricted Free Agents. These players will then be bid by the rest of the league, auction style. At the end of the bidding, you will have the option to MATCH the max bid, or allow the max bidder to have the player in exchange for the following year's rookie draft pick. Bidders have the option to pass on any players.

    Prices for Position Compensation are as follows...

    QBs - $25 (3rd Round Pick), $35 (2nd Round Pick), $45 (1st Round Pick)
    HBs - $30 (3rd Round Pick), $40 (2nd Round Pick), $50 (1st Round Pick)
    WRs - $25 (3rd Round Pick), $35 (2nd Round Pick), $45 (1st Round Pick)
    TEs - $15 (3rd Round Pick), $25 (2nd Round Pick), $35 (1st Round Pick)
    Ks - $3 (3rd Round Pick), $4 (2nd Round Pick), $5 (1st Round Pick)
    DST - $5 (3rd Round Pick), $7 (2nd Round Pick), $9 (1st Round Pick)

    A bidder cannot bid for any player if they are unable to give the following year's rookie draft pick. For example, if you trade your 2020 1st Round pick during the 2019 season, you will be unable to bid any more than $44 for a RFA QB as you would be unable to give the compensation pick.

    Franchise Tagging:
    Before the annual free agent auction, you have the option of franchise tagging one player with an expired contract on your team. Any player franchise tagged will be given a one year extension, and their salary will be increased to match the average of the top three salaries at their position the previous season.

    For example, if you have Tom Brady on your team and you give him an extension...and the Top 3 players the previous year were Aaron Rodgers ($45), Patrick Mahomes ($50), and Drew Brees ($46)...the Tom Brady's salary for the year would be $47.

    Owners have the option of not franchise tagging any player at all if they so wish.

    Head to Head Schedule


    Again, Head to Head is not the main purpose of this league. The winner of the league is determined by who has the most total points. However, Head to Head is a fun extra aspect to add to the league and make things extra competitive. A Head to Head Super Bowl winner will be acknowledged as well.

    There will be 14 weeks of Regular Season Head to Head matchups, and 3 weeks of players. 6 of 10 teams will make the H2H playoffs, with the two best H2H records receiving a bye in the first week.

    The Championship Game WILL take place in Week 17, and the league is NOT considering shortening the season to 16 weeks.



    The trading season will begin immediately following the end of each season, and continue until Week 14 of the Regular Season.

    Trades CAN be vetoed by the League Commissioner(s), with reasons explained. Any party of the trade may appeal the trade, at which point it will be voted on by three experienced players of the league. Any trade made by league commissioner(s) will require alternate reviewors.

    Trades MUST be reviewed in order to fulfill league integrity, and provide the best experience for current and future owners. We want to avoid a player making poor trade decisions, quitting, and then leaving a poor team to a replacement player who is facing a challenging rebuild.

    Draft picks for one season advanced can be traded, but no more than two seasons advanced. This is again to protect future league owners taking over teams.



    Stat being kept track of (abbreviation) #points earned

    Passing Yards (PY) - 0.03 for every 1 passing yard or 1 point for every 30 yards
    TD Pass (PTD)4
    40+ yard TD pass bonus (PTD40)4
    50+ yard TD pass bonus (PTD50)6
    Interceptions Thrown (INT)-1
    2pt Passing Conversion (2PC)2

    Rushing Yards (RY)0.10 for every 1 rushing yard
    TD Rush (RTD)6
    40+ yard TD rush bonus (RTD40)2
    50+ yard TD rush bonus (RTD50)4
    2pt Rushing Conversion (2PR)2

    Receiving Yards (REY)0.10 for every 1 recieving yard
    Every 5 receptions (REC5)1
    TD Reception (RETD)6
    40+ yard TD rec bonus (RETD40)2
    50+ yard TD rec bonus (RETD50)4
    2pt Receiving Conversion (2PRE)2

    Each PAT Made (PAT)1
    Total FG Missed (FGM)-1
    FG Made (0-39 yards) (FG0)3
    FG Made (40-49 yards) (FG40)4
    FG Made (50+ yards) (FG50)5

    Team Defense / Special Teams
    Kickoff Return TD (KRTD)6
    Punt Return TD (PRTD)6
    Interception Return TD (INTTD)6
    Fumble Return TD (FRTD)6
    Blocked Punt or FG return for TD (BLKKRTD)6
    2pt Return (2PTRET)2
    1pt Safety (1PSF)2
    Each Sack (SK)1
    Each Interception (INT)2
    Each Fumble Recovered (FR)2
    Each Safety (SF)2
    0 points allowed (PA0)15
    1-6 points allowed (PA1)10
    7-13 points allowed (PA7)6
    28-34 points allowed (PA28)-2
    35-45 points allowed (PA35)-3
    46+ points allowed (PA46)-4
    200-299 total yards allowed (YA299)4

    Currently, I am eying ESPN as the host for our league, simply because they seem to offer the best online draft auction system. However, I have not used this online draft auction system before. If it is not as customizable as I'd prefer (being able to set the draft pool for example) I may look to other websites.

    If you are interested in signing up, please respond with the following:

    1. Your desired Team Name (Keep in mind ESPN requires a location and nickname)
    2. Who you intend to hire as your head coach
    3. The email address you would like a league invitation sent to

    I must say, this IS A DYNASTY LEAGUE. I prefer owners who are interested in playing for an extended amount of seasons. If you are not willing to commit for more than one season, then please do not sign up.

    The first year of this league will not be as fun as the following years. But we have to establish our teams first before we can get into all of that offseason fun.



    Owner: Sully
    Team Name: Brooklyn Kings
    Team Colors: Black/Gold
    Head Coach: Joe Kingman
    Email Address:


    Owner: Broc Lobster
    Team Name: The Enhancement Talent
    Head Coach: James Ellsworth
    Email Address:


    Owner: Zero
    Team Name: Tokyo Cyber Squad
    Head Coach: Ariana Grande
    Email Address:


    Owner: OMB
    Team Name: Scranton Stranglers
    Head Coach: Toby Flenderson


    Owner: Hoho
    Team Name: Big Kaijus
    Head Coach: Seto Kaiba


    Owner: Sayer
    Team Name: Scott's Tots
    Head Coach: Michael Scott


    Owner: TGO
    Team Name: Stranton Scranglers
    Head Coach: Floby Tenderson



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