Ahead of the FWA's big Anniversary Show the Promotion held a pair of House Show events over the weekend. The FWA World Champion Cyrus Truth Headlined an event in Washington DC against Dave Sullivan on Saturday, and his Challenger at the Anniversary Show Gabrielle Headlined an event in Las Vegas, Nevada against Tristan James Galloway.

In Washington Cyrus's match had barely begun before Gabrielle hit the ring and a wild brawl ensued. Champion and Challenger brawled all around ringside with a few chairs being used as weapons until the lockeroom emptied and the two were pulled apart. In the melee Gabrielle seemed to suffer a cut on her forehead. And its reported that another fight broke out between them backstage.

In Las Vegas, Gabrielle was making her entrance when Cyrus suddenly showed up and another brawl broke out. The two of them trading punches and forearms in the middle of the ring until a throng of referees came out to try and break them up. That didn't work and from their both Gabrielle and Cyrus attempted to put each other through a table until the lockerrom once again emptied and they were broken up. Gabrielle was busted open again and Cyrus suffered a chipped tooth.

After weeks of having to get along in tag team matches against some of the FWA's best tag teams things broke down between the two of them on the last Fight Night before the PPV and have continued on into these House Shows.

If anyone happens to see them brawling anywhere again let us know.