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Thread: Fight Night RESULTS 06/14/2019

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    Fight Night RESULTS 06/14/2019

    We cold open tonight's FWA Fight Night broadcast to the sound of a knock on the door and we see that it is Sterling Jagger as the door opens. Tommy Thunder answers the door.

    Tommy Thunder: What the?...

    Sterling Jagger: Look before you say anything let me say my piece. The truth of the matter is since I started here things haven't gone my way the spotlight seems to escape my grasp every time and every blood sweat and tears every time I get so close I get the carpet pulled right out from under me. Tommy I realized you and I aren't so different because we both want to be the very best we both want to be the best in the world but, these people are holding us down.

    Last week we proved that together they can't help but to listen we are Thunder & Lightning and we are very frightening. The thing is if we team up on a more permeant level I think we can go far. I say fuck these guys lets prove why we are two of a kind birds of a feather why we are the MUST SEE MVP'S.

    So Thunder what do you say we take these tag team division by storm?

    Thunder stands there for a moment looking at Jagger. He then exits the door and closes it behind him. He then looks back to Jagger and slowly lifts his finger to him, leaning towards his face. He speaks.

    Tommy Thunder: Now you listen to me, Jagger, and you listen real good. I'm Tommy Thunder. I don't WANT to be the best in the world, I AM the best in the world at what I do, you got that? You know, you're pretty damn annoying to be around in the back here, what with all of your prancing around and all your preening and checking yourself out int he mirror constantly. Nobody likes you. I, don't like you. But you did make one good point; we do both have a problem in common and we do both have a common interest.

    But let me make another thing very clear to you; you've got a lot of balls coming knocking on MY door here. Because this may be the locker room door but when I'm here this is MY door. And you're coming here asking me if I want to be your tag team partner? You must have forgotten to do your research. Tommy Thunder has NEVER been in a tag team, and there's a very good reason for that. You wanna know why? Huh? Do ya? It's because I can't have anyone holding me down. And what's better than having no one holding me down? No tag team partner, no manager, nothing and nobody. And you wanna know how successful that's made me? It's made me a 5 time world champion, that's how.

    So would you like to waste any more of my time trying to convince me that this
    *Thunder points between himself and Jagger* is something that we should be doing on a week-to-week basis? Or perhaps now would be a good time for you to make yourself unavailable and look for the nearest mirror for you to break?

    Jagger looks at Thunder sizing him before speaking.

    Sterling Jagger: Really? Thunder tell me how is that anything you done lately been Best In The World because it looks like to me you aren't. We aren't we been on the end of more losses more end of jokes then everything. Tell me does Tommy Thunder want to be a joke? Sterling Jagger doesn't Sterling Jagger wants its all Tommy Thunder should want it all but hey tell me if you think this is your best self that this the best Tommy Thunder maybe Thunder should of stayed gone forgotten. You think I don't know you Tommy I do I have watched you for years I saw how good you were the man standing in front of me now is a former shell of the man he was. This Tommy Thunder lost his boom lost his thunder. Tell you what you are serious you know where Jagger is.

    Sterling Jagger turns to leave as Thunder grabs his arm. Sterling turns sharply to look Thunder in the eye

    Tommy Thunder: You've got a lot of balls mouthing off to me like that. I can respect that. But that doesn't mean that I like you, don't get that twisted for one second.

    Tell you what, how about you go and find us some opponents for tonight and we'll see if you're truly serious about this. When you've done that, how about you com and find me, right here? But hear me when I say this and hear me well; you better bring your A game, because I don't play with division 2 players. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now? Do you comprehend that?

    Thunder and Jagger stare at each other intensely as Jagger shakes his arm free before heading down the corridor as Thunder looks on.

    The Fight Night theme plays and the pyrotechnics explode as the cameras roam the arena. The announcers welcome us to another edition of Fight Night, hyping some of the biggest matches. Rod Sterling points out that "The King" Dave Sullivan will defend one of his two championships for a second consecutive show, and Devin Golden hypes up Krash versus James "Eyesnsane" Hughes in the main event.

    The camera catches some of the signs held up in the audience. "Where in the World Is Michael Gryphon?" is one. "Long Live CWA" is another. "Golden-Garcia 2020 Presidential Bid" is a third one. Krash is a popular subject of the signs, and Chris Kennedy is another, albeit in a negative way. Right as one sign is shown reading, "Gabrielle Versus Cyrus Truth: Inject This Into My Veins" the first theme music of the night hits.

    http://<a href="</a>

    The pounding "thum" and sounds of electric strings brings the crowd's attention to the top of the ramp. A chorus of cheers and smattering of boos greet the FWA World Champion, Cyrus Truth, as he emerges from behind the curtain, dressed as if he was ready to compete tonight even though he doesn't have a match.

    This mixed reaction has become all-too-common for Cyrus as of late, as his challenger Gabrielle Montgomery has been riding a wave of momentum and nostalgia from the FWA faithful. Most of the time, Cyrus is rather stone-faced to these reactions.

    Tonight, however?

    Cyrus walks to the ring with not the grim determination that has defined his career. Rather, he looks...almost sad. His entire body language screams "resignation" as he walks down the ramp to the cacophony of adulation and rejection.

    As he slides in and is handed a microphone, the World Champion takes the title belt off from around his waist and, rather than hold it up and pose with it, sets it on top of one of the corner turnbuckles before returning to the middle of the ring, standing tall in the center of the universe.

    "...You know, I don't blame you. Not even a little."

    Cyrus's tone as he says this's so laden with a combination of sadness and disappointment. The crowd's not really sure how to react to this, so they quiet down to listen more intently to what The Exile has to say.

    "I know how easy it is to get swept up in hype and the faintest hint of destiny in the air. I do, I really do! I'm not an idiot. I heard your reactions the last couple of weeks and tonight very clearly. It's obvious that the vast majority of you are hoping and praying that, at the next PPV, you'll have a new champion when Gabrielle Montgomery pries that World Title from my grasp."

    This elicits a huge pop from the crowd...however, Cyrus noticeably winces at that reaction, as if it physically hurts him to see them respond that way. Just the faintest bit of irritation makes itself apparent across the face of the Wayward Warrior as he continues.

    "Yeah, that. And again, I don't blame you for being swept up in the hysteria. This has that effect on people. It's part of the reason why I love it so much. It's just so easy to feed on the energy of a highly-anticipated match between a dominant World Champion and a challenger who's a legend in the minds of a lot of people. Nostalgia and hype are potent drugs, and it's so simple to get high off them.

    "But you know what isn't easy? What's so very hard for, management, wrestlers to do?"

    Cyrus's tone lowers, almost to a growl.

    "The hardest thing to to remember."

    There it is. That fire, that defiance from the World Champion as he looks out to the sea of people with a fierceness that takes the crowd aback. His tone isn't taunting, nor biting...but it is direct, like a hammer upon an anvil.

    "It's so easy to forget, but so very hard to remember. Remember our history...remember the people who present themselves as our heroes and what they've done in the past. Because we don't want to remember the people they were, even though we know that's who they were...and perhaps, who they still are.

    "I've said it before countless times. You are free to love me or hate me at your leisure. Such is your right, you who come to witness us fight for glory and the prizes at Journey's End. But there's not a single soul watching FWA, wrestling for FWA, or managing FWA who can say that I have ever disrespected this sport, this business that I love. Even in those times where I was absolutely reviled, not a single soul can say that it was because I cheated, lied, or stole. I have never...NEVER abandoned my principles for the sake of another title victory or another accolade.

    "Tell me...can anybody say the same for my challenger?"

    There it is. The crux of what Cyrus's sour disposition is rooted in. The crowd seems ever split as some cheer for the champion...but just as many are chanting for Gabrielle.

    "You want Gabrielle to unseat me? Fine, she's more than free to try and you're more than free to want to see that. But I will never let you forget who she was...who I know she is. I will not allow anybody to be blissfully ignorant of the things Gabrielle said and did the last time she won the World Title. Nor will I sugarcoat my words when I tell you that all the signs are there for those bad old times to come again should she somehow be able to wrest that title from my cold, dead hands. Nobody gets to be washed up in the hype that Gabrielle has masterfully created for herself and ignore that Gabrielle is vanity personified, a toxic egotist who seeks accolades not for glory, but to continue to bolster this image of perfection she has for herself.

    "If nobody is strong enough to remember, then I will stand here and continue to remind you time and again. Because I'm strong enough to carry this burden. Because somebody has to. And because Gabrielle is..."

    The FWA faithful cheer loudly for Gabrielle who instantly comes atop the entryway. Much like Cyrus Truth earlier there's none of her usual body language or attitude. She's much more purposeful tonight as she makes a beeline for the ring dressed in a pair of white jeans and a black halter top. She doesn't play to the fans at all, ignoring them as she reaches the ring, kicks off her stiletto heels and then slides into the ring where she marches up to Cyrus, getting right in his much as she can being shorter than him. Champion and Challenger jaw jack a bit, sharing a few inaudible insults before Gabrielle snatches the microphone out of Cyrus's hand.

    Gabrielle: I haven't shied away from my past. After all we all remember it, we all saw it. I have done some things in this ring that I am not proud of. Things that at the time seemed right, seemed necessary to serve my end goal.

    That was then, that was years ago, that was before I stepped away from all of this and took stock of my life and what I want from it. Looked at what and who I want to be. I'm not going to stand here and say I'm a changed woman, or that I'm here to make up for that. That's all the past, simple as that.

    I'm all about the here and now. And right now Cy, all I see is a paranoid man making excuses. You love to pretend that you're so much smarter than everybody else. You love to act like you see things that nobody else does. What was it last time...the FWA is looking out for me because I'm more attractive. The FWA is pushing me and promoting me to replace you because I'll look better on a poster. You have no idea how hard I've had to fight to be able to stand in this ring opposite men like you.

    There's a loud cheer from the women in the audience.

    Gabrielle: You can be like everyone else I've ever faced and get caught up on my looks, but I wanted more from you. I wanted better from you. Instead I get a paranoid man obsessed with the past. But if you expect me to be at my worst, then I wont even bother stretching before our match because I wont need to work hard enough to beat you. I don't have any tricks up my sleeve, I don't have any dastardly plans. I don't have the GM in my pocket. I'm just going to get in your face, much like I am right now, and kick you in the throat...and all these people will cheer loudly for it.

    The fans indeed pop just at the thought of it as Gabrielle finally takes her attention of Cyrus for a moment and looks out at the fans in attendance.

    Cyrus, however, simply chuckles at Gabrielle, as if he's amused by her indignation. He very defiantly takes the microphone back as he stares down his adversary.

    "Obsessed with the past?" That's the best you have? You come walking out here, stare me dead in the eye, and tell me that I'm too obsessed with the past and that everybody knows you did things you weren't proud of? That's literally all you have? A faint acknowledgement of your sins and trying to flip the script by getting these people to believe that I look down on you just because you happen to be an attractive woman?

    "Either you're honest and stupid, or a clever liar. The very first person I defended my title against when I won it off Rondo was Bell Connelly. Shannon O'Neal beat me down at Back in Business. I know the women in this company can fight. I'm not questioning your skill in the ring. I'm questioning whether you have the principles to be a worthy champion or not. And let's just be honest with one another for one second. You didn't "step away" for three years because you wanted to reassess what you had allowed yourself to become in the pursuit and defense of the World Title. You stepped away because your ex-husband took your World Title, his new girlfriend denied you the Women's Title, and your support network collapsed.

    "Now, maybe you have changed. Maybe you're not the same cold, heartless, egomaniac that created literal riots by screwing over your opponents in a feeble attempt to build a legacy out of lies and skullduggery. But I've been here in the three years you haven't. I've taken the measure of your champions, and all evidence points to that being a statistical improbability. Kennedy, Jackson, Parr, Rondo, Connelly, even Shannon broke under the weight of gold and glory and became something far worse than what they were, because they got caught up in the obsession over the trinket rather than what it meant to hold it. You like to think you're better than any of them. You believe that you're better than me. And yet, you still take pride in your accomplishments even though you just admitted that you knew the actions you took to gain them were nothing to be proud of. And you're supposed to be better than all of us?"

    Cyrus scoffs at that as he gets right in Gabrielle's face, almost nose to nose. The old defiance is back in Cyrus's posture and expression as the Vagabond King glares daggers at the Goddess.

    "The era of this company and our peers bending their knees to you is over, Gabrielle. This is not your FWA anymore. It's mine. I'm not here to impress you or to measure to you, because you're not the measuring stick in FWA. For the last three years, I've suffered fire and steel, and fought the finest athletes in the world today. And in that time, that World Title has never been far from my grasp. You want us all to pretend that you're above me...but deep down, in a part of you that you wish you could strangle and silence? You know full well that this isn't about Cyrus Truth measuring up to an FWA legend. This is Gabrielle Montgomery coming face to face with Cyrus Truth, and struggling against all odds to be the one legend that doesn't fall against The Exile. And when we do fight and you find yourself unable to measure up to this persona you've built for yourself? We'll see whether the past catches up to you and see you for what you truly are."

    Gabrielle just smirks, a cold and callous expression upon her soft lips.

    Gabrielle: You want to talk about persona's, Cyrus. You act like you're some Legend Killer, but you've struggled just as much as you've succeeded. How many Back In Business Main Events can one man lose? You think you're the measuring stick in the FWA, but you can only make that claim because I wasn't here. You can play all this off like nothing gets to you Cyrus, but I know this is a day you have all at once longed for and dreaded. Our paths never crossed before, you rose to prominence in the FWA after I had left.

    But what if I'd never left Cy? Would I have cut you down at the knees years ago and left you a shadow of what you are now? This is where you find out if you've been carrying the torch I lit, or if you've already dropped it. This is where every single match you have ever had becomes clearer in its importance. Are you to be Exiled from something else, or do you actually compare to the Divine? Will you be made to bend the knee? Are you what you claim to be, or are you everything you claim to hate?

    This makes or breaks you Cyrus. You act like this is all just a show, some persona I've put on, some facade to fool the masses. But Cyrus I am a Goddess, and my will decides what you are. A Peasant or a Slayer? I can bring your whole World down around you in three seconds. You lose to me Cyrus and these past three years go up in flames. Your battles with Shannon, with Chris, with Bell, and everyone else all go up in flames and you will just be seen as someone who only succeeded when their Goddess left the Mountain. You have so much on the line here Cy, so much to lose.

    You'll walk into our match as on Icon of this Era, as the Standard of this Era, the Bar of this Era. You could walk out a broken man with a broken Legacy. You don't need to worry about the Gabrielle that ended Drew Stevenson's career, you need to worry about the Gabrielle that could shatter yours.

    The smirk upon her face is suddenly more cruel and mocking as she intensely stares into Cyrus's eyes.


    ...Well, that was an unexpected response as Gabrielle's face betrays the faintest hint of a surprise as Cyrus is laughing, as if Gabby had just told him the funniest joke in the world.

    Cyrus's laughter starts to get on Gabrielle's nerves as the crowd is chomping at the bit, sensing the tension in the air. The laughter seems to turn into a more mocking tone as Gabrielle, having had enough, reels back...but Cyrus catches her arm, no longer laughing and glaring down at her angrily. Gabrielle isn't backing down either as the two look at one another, the tension boiling over into anger.



    The two immediately come to blows, trading right hands in the middle of the ring as Cyrus and Gabrielle begin a violent brawl, trading stinging blows, elbow and forearm smashes, and grapples until they both tumble out of the ring onto the floor. The violence doesn't stop as Gabrielle unleashes a blistering series of kicks and grabs Cyrus's head for her trademark DDT...but Cyrus powers out by ramming Gabrielle back-first into the barricade! The Exile continues his onslaught with more forearm strikes, but eventually Gabrielle blocks the blistering assault as the two continue to tear into one another, bringing their fight all the way to the commentary station.

    The brawl, devoid of any wrestling or any structure, is wild and vicious as Cyrus and Gabrielle look ready to tear each other apart before their match...but after a couple of minutes, Fight Night GM Ryan Rondo appears with dozens of security and production agents to split the two apart. Cyrus manages to grab his World Title belt and defiantly holds it out as both he and Gabrielle are struggling to free themselves, wanting to continue to beat the living hell out of one another...

    Tommy Thunder is already walking down the rampway to his theme music when we return from commercial. The fans are mostly silent as the multi-year veteran reaches the ring. "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger's music then hits, and he makes his way to the ring, where The Mops are already waiting. They have long, 80s-era blond hair and handlebar mustaches.

    Tommy Thunder and "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger vs. The Mops

    Mop Bo starts the match for The Mops, and Tommy Thunder does the same for the full-time duo. Thunder lands a hip toss into a side head lock. He then whips Mop Bo into the ropes and lands a shoulder bump on the rebound. Thunder tags in "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger, who lands a kick to the exposed ribs as Thunder holds Mop Bo's arms behind his back. Jagger lands a second kick to the ribs. Then a snap suplex. Mop Bo reaches for a tag from Mop Carl, but Jagger grabs the outstretched hand and snaps the fingers back with one jerk.

    Jagger lifts Mop Bo up and hits The Money Shot finisher. He lays atop Mop Bo and gets the 1-2-3 pinfall. Mop Carl never saw a second of action.

    Winners: Tommy Thunder and "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger

    Tommy Thunder and "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger celebrate their second win together. Everything is roses as Thunder leaves the ring first and Jagger has his arm around his new bro's shoulders. The announcers note that the two seem to be best friends, having yet to face any adversity.


    “Peace Sells” by Megadeath hits and out steps Dominick Armistead to booing from the fans, but Dominick pays the crowd reaction no mind as he arrogantly walks down to the ring.

    Rod Sterling: Dominick Armistead with a big opportunity here tonight, the biggest one yet thus far in his FWA career

    Devin Golden: He’s coming off a win last week over Randy Ramon so he’s got to be feeling some momentum coming into tonight’s match…

    Michael Garcia: Yeah, but believe me he’s going to need a lot more than just momentum if he wants to win tonight…

    The opening to “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold hits and once the song kicks in about 35 seconds in, “The King” steps out with his robe on and crown placed on his head. On his left shoulder is the X-Division Championship, in his right hand is his golden scepter, and around his waist is the North American Championship. The fans show their disdain towards him, although there are a few fans that do cheer him.

    Rod Sterling: After going through a war last week with “The Wildcard” Jason Randall, you’ve got to wonder if Sullivan is one hundred percent going into this match tonight.

    Devin Golden: I would imagine he’s still feeling some of the effects from that match with Randall, if I were Armistead I would take full advantage of that.

    Kurt Harrington: The following match is for the FWA North American Championship! Introducing first, the challenger from Rosseau, MN by way of the Twin Cities, and he weighs in tonight at 234 pounds. He is “The So Called Saviour of the FWA”...Dominick Armistead!

    A smattering of boos from the crowd for Armistead.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent, from Pittsburgh, PA, and weighing in at 219 pounds. He is the current reigning and defending FWA X-Division and FWA North American Champion, he is “The King”...Dave Sullivan!

    Sullivan extends his arms out in a god like pose, still in his crown and robe while his two championships glisten and shine in the lights. Then Sullivan removes his crown and robe as well as his two championships, and hands them over to the referee and orders the ref to “be f*****g careful with these ya putz!”. The referee holds up the NA Championship for all to see before handing it off to ringside and signals for the bell.

    FWA North American Championship
    "The King" Dave Sullivan vs. "The FWA's Savior" Dominick Armistead


    As soon as the bell rings, Sullivan explodes out of his corner and bum rushes Armistead in his corner with a running jumping knee to the chest that knocks Armistead back, and lays into him with several shots to the midsection of Armistead. The referee tells Sullivan to back off, to which Sullivan replies with “f**k off!”. Armistead, still in the corner, and before he can even get out Sullivan nails him with a muay thai kick in the corner.

    Michael Garcia: Sullivan is giving this kid no room to breathe!

    Sullivan spits at Armistead, and Dominick is a little more fired up now and jumps out of the corner and charges at Sullivan looking for a clothesline but he gets nothing as Sullivan wisely ducks underneath, and as Armistead turns around he’s clocked with a roundhouse kick from Sullivan!

    Devin Golden: Something tells me that Sullivan is just toying with him right now.

    Michael Garcia: What gave it away? He hasn’t even broken a sweat!

    Rod Sterling: If he’s not careful, all of this arrogance may come back to haunt him.

    Armistead stumbles to his feet and Sullivan clubs him from behind with a forearm to the back of the head, and then has him in a rear waist-lock before executing Three Rivers! He then goes for the pin but before the ref can even count, Sullivan stops him and laughs. He then stands up and begins willing up Armistead, who can barely stand up but he manages to get up yet he pays dearly for it with an RKO from Sullivan! Sullivan again acts if he’s gonna pin him but gets off and then immediately locks in the Steel Curtain and Armistead has no choice but to tap!

    Kurt Harrington: Here is your winner and STILL the FWA North American Champion, “The King” Dave Sullivan!

    Michael Garcia: You were saying Rod?

    Rod Sterling: Well it seems that I stand corrected.

    Sullivan has his arm raised by the referee but by the looks of it he isn’t done yet. He kicks at Armistead, mocking his challenger. The referee tries to intervene but Sullivan shoves him away, and then once again applies the Steel Curtain kimura lock on Armistead. Armistead is furiously tapping away but it does him no good and then Sullivan applies even more pressure before snapping back in the lock!

    Rod Sterling: He broke his damn arm!

    Devin Golden: Did you hear that snap?! That was disgusting!

    Michael Garcia: He’s sending a message to anyone else in the back that’ll even think twice before stepping to him.

    Rod Sterling: That was totally uncalled for!

    Armistead is writhing in agony on the mat while being checked on, and Sullivan asks for a microphone.

    Dave Sullivan: Next time, give me a f*****g challenge!

    He throws down the microphone and exits the ring, smiling with his handy work.


    Metallica’s “Turn the Page” plays to a heavy mixed reaction as Tristan James Galloway strolls out on stage, stands there briefly before walking down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at 285 pounds, he is “The Polynesian Powerhouse” Tristan James Galloway!

    Rod Sterling: Here comes a young man that has shown a different side to himself recently…

    Michael Garcia: He’s seen the light Rodney, he’s finally realized his true potential. He got sick and tired of being pushed around, honestly I don’t blame him.

    Galloway’s music is soon replaced by the all too familiar sounds of The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” and another heavy mixed reaction but more boos can be heard, the cheers for Kennedy are for respect for all he’s accomplished but I’m sure he doesn’t care either way. He slowly makes his way down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent, from Tampa, FL and weighing in tonight at 238 pounds …”The Astonishing” Chris Kennedy!

    Devin Golden: Chris Kennedy looks like he means business here tonight, but to be fair he always looks like that.

    Rod Sterling: He’s still got to be stewing about last week’s no contest with Starr.

    Michael Garcia: It was a phenomenal match but I don’t blame him for how upset he was over the result.

    "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy vs. Tristan James Galloway


    The bell sounds and right away these two go for a collar and elbow tie up, and it’s the veteran Kennedy gaining the upper hand right off the bat with a side headlock and immediately takes down Galloway to the mat. Kennedy wrenches back some on Galloway’s neck before relinquishing the hold and allowing Galloway a chance to recover. Galloway reaches his footing once more and the two circle the ring for a bit before locking and Kennedy once again gains the advantage with a side headlock, but this time Galloway manages to have an answer for that with sharp back elbows being driven into Kennedy’s midsection forcing to release his grip. Galloway now has gained control and drives a boot to Kennedy’s midsection, doubling him over; and then Galloway clubs Kennedy in the back with a powerful double axe handle sending Kennedy to the mat! Galloway isn’t through yet though as he brings Kennedy back up and whips him to the ropes and levels Kennedy with a big boot off the rebound!

    Devin Golden: I don’t think Chris was expecting this out of Tristan.

    Michael Garcia: Galloway is playing it smart, Golden. He’s got to take it to Kennedy if he wants to win tonight.

    Kennedy sits up after a moment, holding his face and checking his nose for any blood after that big boot from Galloway. Kennedy gets to his feet and goes for a punch but Galloway blocks it, and drives another huge boot to the Kennedy’s gut before taking him down with an inverted suplex straight into a pin!


    Kennedy gets a shoulder up and Galloway brings him back up, but Kennedy begins to fight back with shots to the midsection of Galloway that have him stunned, allowing Kennedy to rise up and drive several forearm shots to the head of Galloway, and follows up with a sharp European uppercut that rocks Galloway back a few steps and Kennedy takes down Galloway with a spinning wheel kick!

    Rod Sterling: Just like that, Kennedy takes the lead.

    Devin Golden: He makes it look too easy.

    This time it’s Galloway’s turn to check for any blood from his nose while he slowly rises up, but Kennedy doesn’t give him a chance to try and fight back as he stomps at the back of his head before bringing him up with a rear waist-lock and brings him with a bridging german suplex!


    Galloway forcefully kicks out and Kennedy just smiles. He takes Galloway and irish whips him to the corner and runs at him full force and nearly knocks the wind out of Galloways with a corner clothesline, and then drives several elbow shots to the head that rock Galloway. Kennedy is ordered to back off by the referee, this makes him irate and begins to argue with the official to which this allows Galloway to recover and clips Kennedy on the back of his knee and Kennedy drops to the mat, holding his knee while Galloway stomps away at Kennedy. Galloway targets that knee and stomps away at it some more, Kennedy is an obvious pain now. Galloway brings him up and chokes Kennedy with his boot in the corner, and then follows up with a massive corner splash that brings down in a slumped position still in the corner, allowing Galloway to drive his foot some more into Kennedy with a choke and then followed up with a running face wash! He drags Kennedy from the corner and hits him with Tear Drop Sunset! His signature saito suplex! Then he makes the pin…


    Kennedy kicks out on instinct. Galloway focuses more on that knee and stomps some more on it before dropping an elbow on it and then transitioning into a leg lock submission, wrenching back some on it but Kennedy manages to reach the ropes to force the break. Kennedy clings on to the bottom rope as leverage to help himself back to his feet but Galloway isn’t through with him yet and stomps on the back of that knee once more. Galloway then lifts Kennedy up with gorilla press slam and drops him like he’s nothing!

    Rod Sterling: I can’t recall the last time I’ve Kennedy manhandled like this.

    Michael Garcia: You must have short term memory in your old age because it’s happened plenty of times, it is possible!

    Gallloway then sends Kennedy to the ropes and catches him with a Double A Spinebuster! The spinning spinebuster sends Kennedy crashing to the mat and Galloway hooks the far leg…


    Instinctively, Kennedy kicks out once more but how much more can he take? Galloway whips him to the corner and comes charging towards Kennedy but Kennedy manages to get a foot up to block him! Kennedy hobbles out of the corner and fires off several forearm shots to Galloway before setting him up on the ropes and drops him down face first on the canvas with a rope hung DDT! Kennedy waits as Galloway gets up and goes for Bittersweet Chin Symphony but Galloway has it well scouted and catches Kennedy by the boot but Kennedy counters with an enziguiri! Galloway is stunned and Kennedy pops back up and takes Galloway for a ride with an inverted headlock backbreaker! Galloways crumbles to the mat and Kennedy applies The Kennedy Curse! This move has put away many opponents in the past, can it do the same Galloway?! Kennedy is wrenching back now with all of his strength while Galloway tries to find a way to stay alive and power through this. Galloway slowly but surely inches his way to the ropes and manages to just barely snag the bottom rope forcing the break. The crowd is unhappy about this and so is Kennedy as he pounds the mat with his fist, but he finds some composure and waits as Galloway is getting up and goes for another superkick but Galloway somehow catches him again and this time drives an elbow to Kennedy’s knee and Kennedy drops to his other knee. Galloway catches his bearings now before bringing Kennedy up in position for the Carcinogen Crush, but Kennedy begins to desperately fight back with everything he has while he’s up on Galloway’s shoulders and he manages to do enough damage to force Galloway to drop him and Kennedy’s last ounce of strength and on his bad leg he finally connects with Bittersweet Chin Symphony! Both men fall to the mat in a heap and a hush falls over the crowd as the referee begins the count…


    Still no movement





    Some stirring from Kennedy



    Galloway begins to stir a little



    Kennedy is stirring a little more but still not up



    Kurt Harrington: This match has been ruled a no contest!

    Boos from the fans at this decision. The referee tries to help Kennedy stand and once he is up, Kennedy pushes him off and wants to walk away on his power but he is visibly irate and starts screaming curses. Galloway starts to come to and he pounds his fist on the mat in frustration.

    Devin Golden: This is the second week in a row that a Chris Kennedy match ends in a no contest.

    Michael Garcia: He’s obviously pissed off about it and he has every right to be, but at the same time Galloway brought the fight to him and you can’t take anything away from that.

    Rod Sterling: Right you are Michael, right you are.


    The show returns from commercial as “The Warrior” by Scandal hits to cheers from the fans and Penny walks out. She smiles at the reaction and soon begins to skip down to the ring while interacting with fans, and singing along to her theme music.

    Rod Sterling: Penny seems to be in good spirits despite what has been happening between her and her former friend Izzy Van Doren

    Michael Garcia: She has never been the sharpest tool in the shed, and she even hangs out with that tool Jason Randall

    Devin Golden: You would know a thing or two about being a tool, wouldn’t you Mike?

    Michael Garcia: Watch yourself Devin! Look, maybe Izzy Van Doren finally realized that Penny was a lost cause and that’s why she ditched their so called friendship

    Rod Sterling: I doubt that’s the case, whatever it is doesn’t really make it right

    Penny is in the ring and has a microphone in hand as her music fades out. She smiles at the cheers and waits for them to die down before speaking.

    Penny: Normally I don’t come out here and do this kind of thing, but lately this whole issue between myself and who I thought was my friend, Izzy Van Doren, has gotten out of hand. I still don’t understand what I did exactly, and honestly I don’t think I ever will. I don’t even know what’s going on in Izzy’s head anymore to be honest, she’s not the same person I once knew…

    Michael Garcia: Oh please, give me a break!

    Devin Golden: Zip it, maggle!

    Penny: I’ve tried talking about but that hasn’t helped matters, so what I’m proposing is that the time for talking is over and how about we finish this in the ring…

    Cheers from the crowd.

    Penny: I spoke with GM Ryan Rondo and he’s given me the okay to issue the challenge to Izzy Van Doren for a match at the Fight Night Anniversary show!

    More cheers from the crowd.

    Michael Garcia: She’s even dumber than she looks! She doesn’t stand a chance against Izzy!

    Rod Sterling: Penny can more than hold her own and isn’t one to back down from a fight

    Penny is about to speak but she’s cut off as “Bad Reputation” hits and Izzy steps out, a mixed reaction from the fans. She has a microphone in hand as she walks down to the ring and her music fades out.

    Izzy Van Doren: I was in the back listening to you Penny and I overheard Michael Garcia say that you must be dumber than you look, and he’s right if you actually think that you stand a chance against me

    She slides into the ring and stands across from Penny.

    Izzy Van Doren: You really want a match with me?

    Penny: Yes!

    Izzy Van Doren: Fine, but it’s your funeral. It’ll be a pleasure to finally put you out of your misery for good. I’ve already beaten you once before, hell I’ve beaten your boyfriend on more than one occasion, but when I’m through with you this time it’ll be for good. There will be no coming back from this Penny, and there will be no one to save you. Not your little fake cat friends, not these fans, and especially not Jason…

    Izzy laughs and drops her microphone before hitting Penny with a sucker punch, but Penny doesn’t back down and jumps back up and tackles Izzy to the mat. The two women begin trading punches being broken up by officials and security.


    Golden: OK, so….this is why I’ve been told this match is happening.. Mac went to our GM Ryan Rondo and told him that he would face all three members of the Cheshire Cat Clan at the Anniversary Show, if he could get one of them, one on one, right here tonight, with the other members banned from ringside. And for some reason, Alice, of all of them, accepted the challenge!

    Garcia: These crazy cat people are absolutely insane! She’s gonna get crucified! And I’m going to love every minute of it!

    Sterling: So, let me get this straight, this four foot elven girl is going to compete against a seven foot human wrecking ball and her backup has been told that they are not allowed to be at ringside?

    Garcia: That is correct!

    The regular schedule of Fight Night is interrupted by the titantron displaying a video.

    ''Salutations, Fantasy Wrestling Alliance.''

    The proud owner of this British-accented voice is standing in the bow of a small, moving ship. He's looking rather fine in a thin black shirt and round sunglasses.

    ''Can you feel it....the winds of change?''

    The wind hits him in the face and blows his hair. He smiles.

    ''I can feel it already, even physically. And if you don't, there's no need to worry. You will soon...''

    The sun is slowly setting, causing the man to take out his sunglasses and turn his gaze into the clear and beautiful sea.

    ''I've been in a lot of places and met a lot of people. And with zero exception, I've seen one particular desire in everybody's hearts. Everybody wants to have control. Everybody wants to rule the world. Leaders, emperors, kings...''

    ''But there is only one man good enough for that particular job.''

    He chuckles.

    ''And you'll get a pretty good idea on who that is...very soon.''


    Rod Sterling: Wow, that was ... interesting. I wonder who this Nova Diamond is. But anyways, the next match is set to go, with Mac Michaud already in the ring and one of the Cheshire Cat Clan members there as well.

    “The Malevolent” Mac Michaud vs Alice (without Nova and Hannibal Crowe)

    Michaud starts out by simply toying with Alice, pie facing her and shoving her away with ease. Alice shakes her head in defiance of the disrespect being shown to her by the Malevolent One. Alice gets back up to her feet and begins to throw forearms and right hands at the chest of the 7 footer who barely flinches at the shots being thrown at him! Michaud takes one shot that almost swats Alice away like a gnat and plants her down to the mat!

    Garcia: One shot fellas. One shot. That’s all it takes…

    Golden: You have to admire the heart of this woman, though. I know you don’t get what it’s like to compete with heart, Maggle, but sometimes it’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, but rather the size of the fight in the dog!

    Garcia: Talk about heart all you want, Devin, but when you’re barely 5’0 and going up against a man that’s over 7 feet tall, and 3 times your weight, well, the only time we should be talking about heart is when it’s no longer beating at the hands of Mac Michaud!

    Mac just lifts Alice up with ease and then drops her down with a gutwrench powerbomb! The Malevolent One forces Alice up and then puts her in position for a pendulum backbreaker! Alice rolls to the ropes, looking for some reprieve, but after the actions of the Cheshire Cat Clan, Mac was having none of it! Alice was going to pay for her actions! Michaud grabbed her by her hair and ran her face first into the turnbuckle! Not letting go of her hair, Michaud pulled her up again and again, Alice tried desperately to fight back but her shots were having little affect on The Monster and he simply tossed her to the opposite side of the ring as if she were a rag doll!

    Again, Mac stalked his prey and grabbed Alice by the hair, but Alice grabbed Michaud’s arm and tried to pull him down into a submission but Mac justoverpowered her, grabbed her by the throat and launched her back up to her feet before leveling her with a big boot to the face! Michaud began to laugh as Alice cradled her headand rolled back and forth in the center of the ring. Michaud waved his finger at her as if to say “Don’t even try to fight…”. She crawled over to the ropes and got back to her feet before running straight at Michaud, who catches her with a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam, but Alice tries to counter to a DDT! Michaud blocks it and Alice hangs on with a front chancery, her legs wrapped around Michaud’s body! She pulls down, trying to get the blood to rush to Mac’s head, but Mac’s power comes back into play, as he just counters into a bearhug and begins to squeeze the life out of Alice! Alice manages to throw some desperate knees to the ribs, while in the hold, so Michaud just slams her down to the mat with a sort of a spinebuster that nearly puts Alice through the mat! Mac drops to a knee and grabs Alice by the throat,choking the life out of her! Alice tries desperately to kick at the ribs, before managing to wrap her legs around the back of Michauds neck….only for Michaud to lift her up in position for a powerbomb! Mac has her up in the air, but Alice desperately fights causing Michaud to stumble towards the ropes! Alice grabs Mac’s arm and leans back towards the apron, pulling Mac’s arm over the ropes and pulling down with all her body weight! Michaud frantically tries to free himself but Alice has to let go at the count of 5 per the referee’s orders.

    Mac starts to shake his arm, trying to get the feeling back in his arm as Alice tries to regain herself on the apron! Alice climbs up to the top rope but Mac makes sure that doesn’t happen by grabbing Alice by the skull but Alice desperately fights back! Mac doesn’t let go so Alice drops down, grabs Mac by the head and delivers a Tornado DDT that spikes Michaud on his head! Alice covers but Michaud kicks out at 2! Michaud gets to his knees but is quickly taken back down by a kick to the side of the skull! Alice again covers and again gets a 2 count! Alice charges forward but Mac catches her with a quick snap powerslam! Mac picks her up and quickly plants her back down with a chokeslam! Alice rolls out of the ring as all of a sudden the music of the Cheshire Cat Clan plays and the lights dim! Alice has the referee’s attention as she’s claiming that she may have injured her neck! Crazy spotlights float around the arena as Mac begins to look around but laughs, knowing that the CCC can’t come out to help. He taunts the stage, daring them to come out but little does he know that behind him Nova and Crowe have cut a hole in the canvas and climbed into the ring! When the lights come back up and the music stops, Michaud turns around, Nova and Crowe deliver a double superkick and then deliver the Go Ask Alice! The CCC quickly disappear down their rabbit hole as Alice pops back up to her feet and slides into the ring! Alice goes up to the top rope and delivers a moonsault! Alice covers and gets the 1…2….3!

    Winner: Alice (match time: 6:31)

    “Sick” by Adelitas Way interrupts the crowd from their general chit chat and discussion on the latest conspiracy theories about who deserves a push and a championship run – instead this talk stops and is replaced by a vicious reception for the man who has just emerged at the top of the Fight Night stage. Now, whilst he is usually smartly dressed, there is something even more refined about him tonight. “The Prodigy” Mike Parr extends his arms out into the crucifix position, closes his eyes and tilts his head back as he enjoys the reception many would say he deserves after last week.

    Rod Sterling: And here he is, the leader of the New Breed, former North American Champion and the man who, quite frankly, was responsible for one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen on Fight Night last week, Mike Parr.

    By now, Prodigy has made it to the ring. He adjusts his black tie so it is tight against the white collar of his shirt. He is otherwise dressed head to toe in a tailor made black suit. His hair is slicked to the side with a handkerchief hanging in the breast pocket of his suit jacket. This is a step too far, even for someone who values their appearance as much as Mike does. In what is a clearly pre-arranged signal, he raises his left hand as he receives the microphone in his right. At this point, the lights in the arena cut out completely leaving only a bright white spotlight focusing on Mike’s face illuminating the building. The camera zooms in so close that you can see a trickle of sweat work its way down every small crevice on his forehead. Since the reduction in lights, Parr has not broken his glare down the camera lens and the crowd have not stopped booing him.

    Michael Garcia: I don’t think everyone here is respecting what Mike Parr did last week. It was BRILLIANT.

    Mike raises the microphone to his lips, which serves to do nothing other than draw further ire from the crowd. His poker face finally breaks as he lets out a wry grin – he is clearly not about to repent for his actions last week. Satisfied at last, Mike lifts the microphone once more and begins to address not just the crowd but anyone that may be watching down the camera lens.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, last week you bore witness to a moment in FWA history. In fact, you were a part of history. And you know what? I’m the type of guy that is just going to keep on making history so far be it from me to rest on what I have achieved….no, tonight. Tonight, again, there will be a LIVE SACRIFICE.”

    Rod Sterling: NOT THIS AGAIN.

    The crowd haven’t stopped booing and still don’t at this juncture, although there are some audible gasps from some in the crowd.

    “Today, my countdown has ended.”

    In a further throwback to the events at the end of last weeks Fight Night, the word “z3r0” appears on the big screens once more.

    “Today is day z3r0. Welcome everyone to day z3r0.”

    Partial light is restored to the ring, as now we can see lurking behind Mike is The Prototype, and facing the crowd on his knees with his arms outstretched and eyes closed is The Protégé. Prototype hands Mike a steel chair, which he accepts.

    “It is time. This is my destiny. There is no success without sacrifice.”

    Rod Sterling: This son of a bitch, how is this becoming the norm on this show?

    Michael Garcia: I don’t know Rod, I’m thinking you might need to be offered up if we are going to have some success as a team out here. I could watch this all day!

    Parr raises the chair high into the air as Protégé remains unmoved, before slamming it back down into the mat just to the right of Hughes. Parr then starts to chuckle, before doubling over into a full laugh as the crowd begin to appreciate the full extent of what is going on here and return to booing with even more wrath than they did when Parr emerged from the backstage area. Sean and Prototype join Mike as all three salute each other before the New Breed make their way backstage once more through the darkness, the lighting still not restored in the entire arena and subsequently the rampway.

    “This is day zero, alright. This is the start of Mike Parr reminding everyone who the hell he is. This is the start of a new era for the FWA. The New Breed, we took out Over the Edge. We took out PAJ. We are taking out each and every relic that is standing around making the place look like it’s in need of an overhaul. “

    “And sacrifice? In order for you all to remember me and what I can do, I have had to sacrifice Sean and Prototype. I have had to sacrifice the New Breed and let them go in hunt for those tag team championships. I hate the tag team division. And you know what else I hate? I hate big, strong Russians trying to eek out another couple of years from a broken down has been like PAJ just to try and make a name for themselves. I hate PAJ hanging on the coattails of someone who is younger and stronger than him because he wasn’t ready to admit that whatever talents he once may have had are long gone. But I love making those Russians cry like little bitches and I love feeling Philip’s skull crush as I drive a steel chair straight through it.”

    Parr loosens his tie and collar as he now sports less of a wry grin and more of a full smile as the crowd continue to let him know exactly how they feel about his actions.

    “Enough sacrifices for one night, I’m not going to sacrifice any more time out here as there isn’t a fee large enough that would make me want to stay out here any longer than I was required, so I’ll sign off on day zero of my rebirth and end wishing Philip a speedy recovery as he eats through his straw in the hospital and I’d like to wish Viktor a speedy recovery with his broken little heart.”

    Mike sarcastically waves down the camera lens.

    “The PAJ Project may be over but the PARR Project is just beginning.”

    With that, Mike drops the microphone and chuckles to himself once more before dropping to the canvas and rolling out of the ring.

    Rod Sterling: I’m thinking the PARR project doesn’t have that long a shelf life. I wouldn’t want to be Mike when Viktor gets his hands around his neck!


    “Sick” by Adelitas Way hits to massive heat from the fans as The New Breed step out with Mike Parr at their side.

    Rod Sterling: These fans letting The New Breed hear it after the actions of them and of course Mike Parr, who took out Phillip A. Jackson in what can only be described as despicable

    Michael Garcia: Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy

    Devin Golden: If I were Parr, I’d have eyes in the back of my head with Viktor Maximus lurking about looking for payback for his fallen mentor

    Michael Garcia: Pfft, what is that big goon going to do?! Nothing! PAJ had what was coming to him, good riddance! I wish I could have done it myself but Mike Parr beat me to the punch

    “One Headlight” by The Wallflowers now plays and the crowd’s mood changes to that of loud cheers as the FWA Tag Team Champions, The Warriors of Virtue make their way out!

    Rod Sterling: It is an unusual pairing but that have had their fair share of success

    Michael Garcia: The losses have racked up for them as well, maybe the pressure of being the champs is too much for them

    Devin Golden: I hate to agree with Maggle here, but I also wouldn’t count them out just yet they may surprise us

    Kurt Harrington: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the FWA Tag Team Championship! Introducing first the challengers, accompanied by “The Prodigy” Mike Parr. The team of The Prototype & “The Protege” Sean Hughes...The New Breed!

    More heat for the challengers and Parr.

    Kurt Harrington: Their opponents, they are the current FWA Tag Team Champions, the team of XYZ and Lord Dog...The Warriors of Virtue!

    FWA Tag Team Championships
    The Warriors of Virtue (c) vs. The New Breed


    Hughes of The New Breed kicks off the match with XYZ and immediately they lock up and dance around for a bit, but then Hughes manages to take down XYZ with a side headlock and pops back up showing off for the crowd that respond back with booing. XYZ thinks that anything Hughes can do, he can do better and does so by popping back to his feet with a kip up much to the surprise of Hughes. Hughes charges at XYZ but XYZ counters by throwing Hughes to the ropes and off the rebound catches Hughes with an arm drag takedown! The crowd pops for XYZ pulling one over on the cocky “Protege”, but Hughes finds nothing amusing about it as he pops back up and tags in the massive Prototype. XYZ looks none too intimidated by Prototype and charges at him only to be taken down with a shoulder block, and Prototype didn’t move a muscle at all! XYZ scampers back to his feet and gathers himself only to be leveled by Prototype with a devastating lariat!

    Rod Sterling: The challengers are through playing around and mean business

    Michael Garcia: This isn’t a clown show, XYZ belong in a circus with the rest of the clowns

    Prototype drags XYZ up by his hair and then brings him in position before slamming him to the mat with a dragon suplex followed by a pin! One...NO! XYZ with a shoulder up and Prototype drags him over where he makes the tag back to Hughes, and Hughes comes in off the tag and instantly stomps and kicks away at XYZ while taunting him as Parr watches on from ringside with a smile. Hughes takes XYZ up and then down with a vertical suplex! He taunts him some more while kicking away at him before bringing him up and drives him head first to the mat with a hammerlock DDT! Hughes then climbs up top taking just enough time to where after he leaps off looking to connect with a corkscrew moonsault he only hits canvas as XYZ rolled out of the way in time! Hughes is feeling that one now as he winces in pain as he crawls to a corner and XYZ charges in with a splash! XYZ then has Hughes in wrist lock as he walks along the ropes with Hughes before leaping off and connecting with a forearm smash to the face! XYZ then tags in his faithful companion, Lord Dog! The crowd roars in delight when Lord Dog comes in fresh as a daisy and he climbs up top and waits as Hughes finds his footing and lands a perfectly executed missile dropkick! He makes the cover on Hughes!


    Hughes quickly rolls away to his corner allowing Prototype to make the blind tag, and Prototype comes in and runs at Lord Dog with a running knee strike but Lord Dog side steps him averting disaster momentarily and uses this opening to jump up and connect with a jumping neckbreaker on Prototype taking the big man down! The crowd has become unglued for this now and is on their feet as Lord Dog is more fired up than ever and after some time he goes for a springboard clothesline but Prototype was ready and catches him in mid air and sends him crashing down to the canvas with a running powerslam! The air is sucked out of the building as control goes back in favor of The New Breed. Prototype has Lord Dog where he wants him and hits a ripcord knee that stuns Lord Dog, and as he stands on spaghetti legs, Prototype sets him up and sends him crashing down to the mat with a sick looking tiger driver! Prototype makes the pin! One...TW-NO! Lord Dog somehow finds a way to stay in this after taking such a brutal looking move and Prototype tags in Hughes and has Lord Dog on his shoulders while Hughes climbs up to the top turnbuckle and leaps off hitting the doomsday device on Lord Dog! Lord Dog has got to be out of it as Hughes makes the cover! One...two...THR-NO! LORD DOG STAYS ALIVE! Hughes then applies a crossface submission hold and wrenches back on Lord Dog with pressure on the neck and it looks like Lord Dog may be fading away but XYZ refuses to let it go down like this and starts to rally the fans behind his partner. It works as Lord Dog begins to show signs of life and manages to grab the bottom rope to break the hold! Hughes is upset to say the least and begins to berate the referee allowing Lord Dog to regain his composure as he rises up and Hughes turns around just in time for Lord Dog to hit him with a running cutter! Both men lay on the mat now while their respective partners desperately want in the match.

    Lord Dog begins crawling to the corner as Hughes does the same. Hughes gets to his partner first, though, and The Prototype quickly grabs Lord Dog around the waist and flings him backwards with a nasty german suplex! The Prototype then hits a violent big boot and kneels down for the cover. Lord Dog flipped onto his stomach after receiving the boot to the nose, which is busted open and possibly broken!


    Winners and NEW FWA Tag Team Champions: The New Breed

    The New Breed celebrate the victory while the crowd mostly groans. The announcers hype the win and mention The New Breed as a force, with the hardware to show for it.

    Suddenly, the lights in the arena go out and the video screen flickers.

    We’re brought to the scene of an empty, dark, dusty looking locker room with one small window letting in just a little sun. We then can hear Mexican acoustic guitar strings being played.


    The camera pan of the locker room halts when we see a man, back towards the camera and face in the shadows, in front of a bench, lacing up his boots on top of his tights as a soft chant begins to pick up in the background


    The same man slips on another piece of tights, this one over his head like a shirt,… as the chant gets louder


    The man pulls out from his locker, we see in his hands is a luchador mask as we can hear the whispering get louder to the point where we can actually make out the words, or rather the chant-


    The man slowly slips the mask over his face, finally allowing us to see the faced, albeit masked….

    And the screen suddenly cuts to black before a booming Hispanic accented voice echoed.


    The screen suddenly bursts to life, with a highlight reel and in the background, we can hear triumphant mariachi trumpets as we see clips of the man in years gone by as a unknown wrestler approaches him only to get hurricanranaed


    We then flash to a wrestler standing outside the ring, with Maravilloso leaping through the middle ropes with the torpedo suicide, a head-first suicide missile.


    It then flashes to him rebound off ropes, spinning around and around and around and around the body of another wrestler before nailing a luchafied Russian leg sweep.


    Flash to two more men outside the ring, as Maravilloso springboards off the top rope and free falls, back first, onto both wrestlers


    One final flash sees one man flat on his back on the canvas with Maravilloso on the top rope. As we come to a close on the package, He is standing centre ring, head cast downward...Until the camera panned over to reveal a younger man wearing a mask. sitting on one of the turnbuckles.

    Marvelilloso Jr: Leyendas, no te mueras. Sólo crecen.

    The vignette ends, leaving the crowd buzzing and The New Breed slightly confused. The announcers conclude that a new tag team is set to join the FWA. However, the two new FWA Tag Team Champions don't seem bothered much by it.



    When we return, cameras are backstage where a commotion has started. Rod Sterling is recapping by saying, "There is violence going on in the back and no one knows why yet!"

    The cameras show a large figure standing over a broken table, some discarded paper cups and more debris. Finally, we see a black top hat and vest on the man standing tall. Tristan James Galloway hovers over the fallen figure, which the cameras reveal to be Starr!

    Devin Golden: Starr has a match coming up and it seems like he was blindsided by Galloway! We know Galloway has had verbal issues with Starr and his lackadaisical attitude about his career. Now we are seeing Galloway be violent toward Starr!

    Galloway grabs the unmoving body of Starr and slams him back first into the nearby wall. Then he knees Starr right into the stomach with ferocity and lifts him on his shoulders and throws him into the other nearby wooden table, causing it to topple over! Finally, officials get in Galloway's way and medical staff come to Starr's tend.


    “Rockstar” Randy Ramon vs “The Wildcard” Jason Randall

    Randall rubbed his hands together as the cocky and confident Ramon posed on the top turnbuckle. Ramon dropped down to the corner as the referee called for the bell. The crowd didn’t have to wait one second as a fired up Randall charged straight at Ramon and the two began exchanging blows. Randall got the better of Ramon and backed him into the ropes, before delivering a nasty looking headbutt and then whipping him into the ropes but Ramon reversed! Randall off the ropes but came back with a Lou Thesz press that led to several more hard right hands to the skull of the Rockstar! Randall rolled off his opponent and both men reached their feet, with Ramon connecting with a hard back elbow, followed by a well placed right hand that sent The Wildcard back into the corner. Ramon followed in with a series of boots to the abdomen that brought Randall to a seated position. From there, Ramon started viciously stomping at him until the referee called him off, giving him the 5 count, at which Randy stopped at 4. When Randall got back up, Ramon dropped him with another hard right that sent Randall to the mat against the ropes. Ramon stood over him and slapped him across the face a few times, mocking him and then turning to the crowd, but Randall quickly pulled himself up and delivered a standing front dropkick that sent Ramon out of the ring! Randall fllowed him outside of the ring and tossed him into the barricade….and then picked him up and sent him OVER the barricade, into the crowd! And then Randall followed!

    Ramon heads down an aisleway, with Randall following, throwing a right hand anytime he gets within range. As they near an open area near the stage, Randall throws a knife edge chop that Ramon responds with a right hand and then the two begin to strike up a brawl. Randall throws a right hand that rocks Ramon hard, and then launches Ramon onto the stage. Randall continues trying to take the fight to Ramon on the stage, but the Rockstar starts to fight back with a knee to the gut and then several strikes to the jaw! Randall fires back with an uppercut, and then looks for a suplex attempt on the steel that Ramon floats over. The Rockstar kicks Jason in the gut, lifts him up for a powerbomb, but Randall counters out and then connects with that suplex on the steel! Ramon cringes in pain as Randall swings his arm, smiles at the crowd, and screams some trash talk at Ramon. Randy gets to his feet and immediately eats a headbutt that sends him staggering down the ramp. Randall follows in tow, as Ramon grabs a hold of the apron but Randall grabs him by the tights and sends him into the ring….and then looks under the apron..which gets a huge reaction from the fans! Randall unloads a couple of steel chairs and tosses them aside…and then grabs a kendo stick! He swings the kendo stick around a bit but then looks down at the chairs. He mulls it over for a hot second, before tossing the stick aside, grabbing the chair and sliding it into the ring! Randall gets in the ring, grabs the chair that Ramon desperately tries to get his foot on, and hits Randall right in the ribs with it and then smashes it over his back! He then holds the chair against the Rockstars back, scoops him over and slams him down, delivering a scoop slam onto the chair! Randall places the steel chair on top of Ramon, and then climbs up to the top rope! The cameras come out in the crowd, as Randall leaps off with an elbow drop onto the chair, crushing Ramon! Randall covers Ramon and he kicks out at 2!

    The replays are shown as Randall starts to show some frustration before taking the chair and wedging it between the top and middle turnbuckle! Ramon tries to use the ropes to pull himself up, but Randall grabs him by the belt, turns him around and whips him into the corner…but Ramon counters at the last second and sends Randall head first into the chair and steel post! The replays are shown again as both men are down and out in the ring. Ramon grabs Randall by the arm, pulls him toward the center of the ring, lifts him up and DDTs him back to the mat before covering and getting another 2 count! Ramon goes to the outside, grabs the kendo stick and begins wailing away at The Wildcard! He hits him several times over the back and then takes several shots at the arms and legs before tossing it aside and dropping down for another cover and another 2 count! Ramon immediately grabs the stick and applies a version of a seated crossface with the kendo stick pressed against Randall’s nose and mouth. Randall manages to get an arm and starts to force the kendo stick away from his face, and pushes himself up to a knee but Ramon snatches the stick away and then swings it full force at Randall’s right arm! Ramon starts to stalk Jason, waiting for him to get to his knees and then swings it again over Randall’s back! He starts to poke Randall in the arms as he screams at him to get up and yells “Do I still look broken down to you?”! He takes one more swing, but Randall catches the stick under his arm and stares a hole straight through Ramon! Ramon tries to yank the stick free but Randall uses his free arm to throw some bombs at Ramon, who lets go of the kendo! Randall raises the stick high but Ramon connects with a leaping enziguiri! Then a kick to the ribs, a running knee to the skull, and a dropkick that sends Randall staggering through the ropes, but firing right back with his Penduluum Clothesline! But Ramon ducks and hits a Crescent Kick to the side of the head! Ramon covers for another 2 count!

    Ramon scoots out of the ring and grabs one of the chairs that Randall tossed aside earlier. He tosses it in the ring, then slides in and grabs it as he watches Randall use the ropes to pull himself up in the corner. Ramon charges in with a corner splash with the chair, but Randall moves out of the way and Ramon hits the chair! Randall boosts himself quickly up to the top rope and connects with a Tornado DDT for a 2 count! Randall starts to slam his fists into the mat. The crowd starts to get behind Randall as he waits tfor Ramon to get to his feet and calls for the Snake Eyes, but Ramon shoves him off into the ropes and looks for a Remix on the rebound but Randall catches his boot, spins him around, ducks a clothesline on the rotation, and both men run the ropes and catch each other with a crossbody on the rebound! Both men roll to opposite corners of the ring. They each get to their knees with Ramon diving forward to throw a right hand at Randall, who fires back with one of his own., The brawl continues as each men get to their feet with Ramon getting the advantage, landing shot after shot until Randall drops back to his knees! Ramon grabs Randall by his hair and hooks him up for a DDT, but Randall starts to fight back with a series of strikes only to get caught with a reverse spinning heel kick! Ramon goes back to get the kendo stick and steps forward, but Randall with a doubleleg takedown catapults him into the turnbuckle! Randall grabs the stick, and as if it were a Louisville Slugger, swings it at the ribs and then over the back before using the stick to deliver a Side Russian Leg Sweep! Randall covered and got another strong two count!

    Suddenly, a sick demented smile formed on Randall’s face as he rolled to the outside, and raised up the apron and one by one, tossed about 12 steel chairs into the center of the ring, several of them hitting Ramon! Each men go to grab a chair but Randall opts to stop Ramn from rabbing his instead and then throws a hard right hand before setting Ramon up on the top turnbuckle! He hooks him up and tries to superplex him off the top rope onto the pile of chairs, but Ramon blocks it! The crowd is buzzing as Ramon fights back and nails a couple of strikes before leaping over with a sunset flip Running Powerbomb onto the pile of chairs! Ramon covers!!!!




    Ramon pulls at his own hair before rolling to the outside and again, lifting up the apron and pulling out a table!! Ramon slides the table into the ring before grabbing the kendo stick and slamming it over Randall’s back one more time. He goes back to the table and sets it up close to the corner before grabbing Randall and dragging him over to the table.. Ramon grabs The Wildcard and lays him on the table,while screaming”You think I’m washed up? You think I’m done? Do I impress you now?” He climbs up to the top rope, and calls for a Frog Splash but Randall gets up from the table and crotches Ramon on the top rope! Randall climbs up to the top rope and superplexes Ramon through the table! Randall covers! 1…2…

    Sullivan pulls the referee out of the ring!

    Garcia: Where did he come from?

    Sullivan gets up on the apron and starts to get into the ring but Randall drops him with a Snake Eyes as he steps into the ring! Sullivan literally bounces to the outside, as Ramon rolls Randall up from behind for 2! Both men back up to their feet but Randall sends Ramon over the top rope to the outside! Randall takes a running leap and delivers a suicide dive to Ramon and Sullivan on the outside! He plays to the crowd for just a moment, before picking Ramon up by his hair and sliding him back in the ring! Randall goes back over to Ramon, who catches him offguard with a Remix out of nowhere! Ramon covers….



    Armistead pulls Ramon off of Randall!

    Golden: What in the hell is going on out here?

    Garcia: This is just a TASTE of what’s going to happen at the Anniversary show, guys!

    Armistead grabs Ramon and whips him into the steel steps but Ramon reverses an sends Armistead crashing shoulder first! Armistead pulls himself up and eats a Remix of his own! Randall back up, charges toward Ramon, who sends Randall flying over the barricade into the crowd! Remix to Sullivan! Ramon yells at the announce crew to get up, ashe stands on the announce table, and then takes a running leap off the announce table, over the barricade, to Randall on the other side! Ramon picks Randall upand tosses him over the barricade, back towards the ring before slamming his head into the announce table and then clearing the table! Ramon picks Randall up and tosses him on the table! Ramon sets him up for a piledriver, but Randall drops down and low blows Ramon! As Ramon is in the most excruciating pain, he drops down and gets struck with a Dueces Wild! Randall picks up Ramon and slides him into the ring! He sees the pile of chairs still in the center of the ring, stacks them up a little, and then grabs Ramon, before drilling him with a Wildcard Special on the chairs! Randall lays across for the cover!




    Here is your winner @ 11:36 – “The Wildcard” Jason Randall

    Rod Sterling: Starr was supposed to have a match with Danny F'n Toner but now we're hearing that match is cancelled! Wow.

    James "Eyesnsane" Hughes' theme music begins and the crowd turns its attention to the entrance rampway. The former X Champion, Tag Team Champion, Young Lions Champion, and North American Champion heads to the ring with a focused look.

    Rod Sterling: We are now hearing of two title matches for the Anniversary Show. One, James "Eyesnsane" Hughes along with Killemall and Ted as part of Over the Edge will compete in a three-team match for the FWA Tag Team Championships. The other two teams are the champs, The New Breed, obviously, and The Warriors of Virtue, the former champs.

    Devin Golden: And there will be another three-way match! Both the X Championship and North American Championship will be on the line in a two-fall match, one fall for each title. "The King" Dave Sullivan defends against "Rockstar" Randy Ramon AND "The Wildcard" Jason Randall.

    "Eyesnsane" reaches the ring and his music halts. "Back in Town" by Matt Dusk hits and the crowd explodes with cheers. Krash is next out and the fans welcome him for the upcoming main event match against a long-time FWA veteran.

    Rod Sterling: And we know who Krash is facing at the pay-per-view. He will go against "The Astonishing" Chris ... Kennedy.

    Krash enters the ring and meets the glare of "Eyesnsane." The crowd is hot and many fans stay standing.

    Krash vs. James "Eyesnsane" Hughes

    The two men circle the ring once before locking in the middle. Krash gets a wrist lock to the side of "Eyesnsane" and walks his foe around the ring. Krash then kicks Hughes in the shins twice before twisting the wrist again. He whips Eyesnsane to the turnbuckle and charges but Eyesnsane lands an elbow to the nose on a block. Eyesnsane steps up to the second turnbuckle but Krash lands a side kick to the stomach that shoves Eyesnsane over the ropes and tumbling to the outside floor!

    Krash catches a second as Eyesnsane regroups on the outside floor. Krash steps through the ropes and with Eyesnsane hunched over, he leaps off the apron for a flying knee to the ribs. Eyesnsane goes flying into the fan barricade as Krash grabs him around the neck and rolls him back into the ring.

    Krash tries a springboard crossbody upon re-entering the ring, but Eyesnsane dodges it. He lands a knee to the stomach and a quick DDT. Eyesnsane tries a cover but Krash quickly kicks out. Eyesnsane then works the arm of Krash with a wrench hold. Eyesnsane then whips Krash to the ropes but gets an enzuiguri on the rebound. Krash goes to the top turnbuckle and lands a beautiful moonsault and tries a cover!


    Krash tries a German suplex but Eyesnsane grabs hold of the rope with desperation. He then tries an elbow behind but Krash ducks and hits a back suplex! The crowd cheers as Krash points to his elbow and removes the pad. He goes to the top turnbuckle but Eyesnsane meets him with a few right hands, causing boos from the fans. Eyesnsane steps to the second turnbuckle but Krash lands four consecutive stiff punches to the forehead. Then he tackles Eyesnsane off the turnbuckle and down to the canvas! The crowd cheers as Krash quickly steps to the other side of the ring and spears Eyesnsane when he rises!!!

    Krash then points to the turnbuckle again and this time hits his "Daybreaker" finisher!


    Winner: Krash

    As Eyesnsane rolls out of the ring, disappointed in defeat, Krash remains in the ring, taking the time to congratulate himself with an adoring bow to the sea of fans. He points at the retreating Eyesnsane, applauding him for the good fight, but Eyesnsane doesn’t respond, and merely continues his way up the ramp, dejected.

    Rod Sterling: A show of respect, however minor, from Krash to Eyesnsane. Eyesnsane fought like a champion, but tonight, the night belongs to Krash.

    Michael Garcia: He got lucky.

    Devin Golden: Who?

    Michael Garcia: I don’t know. Both of them. If it was the likes of Chris Kennedy in that right now, neither man would be walking out under their own power.

    Devin Golden: Speak of the devil.

    A sea of boos and jeers, as The Astonishing Chris Kennedy appears on the stage! Expression unreadable, stoic and even, Kennedy marches towards the ring, unblinking. He passes Eyesnsane, not even giving the accomplished competitor a passing glance. Within the ring, Krash lets out a breath of – Relief? Trepidation? Annoyance? Who’s to tell – and slouches in a corner, still recovering from his hard-fought battle previously.

    Michael Garcia: It’s about time! Krash is about to pay for putting his hands on a FWA Legend in Chris Kennedy those weeks ago!

    As Chris Kennedy climbs onto the apron, Krash sits on the second rope, lowering it for the Astonishing One, affably motioning him into the ring. This seemingly-welcoming action halts Chris Kennedy, who glances at the ropes, then at Krash. The stoic stare flickers ever so briefly into an insulted glare, before he shakes his head slowly. Krash surrenders his sportsmanship-like welcoming tactic, resignedly stepping away and raising his hands as if to say ‘have it your way.’ Chris Kennedy enters the ring, finally approaching the CWA refugee, the faceoff many were waiting for since weeks ago.

    Devin Golden: I can appreciate Krash’s attempted show of sportsmanship, as it were, but Chris Kennedy doesn’t appear to be even in the slightest of moods for Krash’s-

    Michael Garcia: For his mockery and grandstanding! What kind of a man attacks someone, then tries to play off a friendly façade a few weeks later? He dug his own grave, now he has to lie in it.

    A microphone is handed to Krash, who paces slowly, purposefully, as he locks eyes with Chris Kennedy, who stands, motionless, watching. Krash smiles an unfortunate knowing smile, suspecting exactly where this will be going, and grimaces barely, still feeling the aftereffects of his match with Eyesnsane. This grimace does not go unnoticed by Chris Kennedy, and his lips curl into the slightest of smirks.

    Krash: Mr. Christopher Kennedy! So lovely of you, to grace us with your presence. Why, I was beginning to wonder whether our little ‘incident’ a few weeks ago ha-

    BAM! With a right hook as quick as lightening, Chris Kennedy lashes out and punches Krash flush in the jaw! Caught by surprise, Krash stumbles to a knee, and before he can begin to mount a defence, Chris Kennedy cracks him right between the eyes with a bone-shattering knee! Krash collapses facedown into the mat, but that’s not enough, as Chris Kennedy boots and shoves him out of the ring, to the floor outside. He climbs out after him, and stalks his downed rival, motioning for him to get up.

    Rod Sterling: This isn’t right. Krash just came off a match with Eyesnsane, he’s spent, he surely wasn’t expecting Chris Kennedy to appear and get some retribution.

    Michael Garcia: Clearly he should’ve.

    With Krash being too slow to get to his feet, Chris Kennedy gives up the waiting game, and kneels down net to his rival, grasping a fistful of hair. He drags him up to face level, the two rivals face-to-face once more – the steely-focused glare of Chris Kennedy, and the ragged, blearey-eyed gaze of Krash. Words appear to be said, but they go unheard by the microphones, before Kennedy pounds Krash’s face onto the cold, hard floor! Once! Twice! Three times! He transitions into the Kennedy Curse, locked tightly on the ramp outside the ring! Krash is weakly flailing, trying in vain to pry Kennedy’s grip off and escape the hold, but Kennedy has the deadly submission locked in tight and he’s not letting go!

    Devin Golden: This is a bit much, isn’t it? Yeah, Krash put his hands on someone he probably shouldn’t’ve in the heat of the moment, but this? This is going beyond that.

    Michael Garcia: You ever hear the phrase ‘what goes around, comes around’? Krash had this coming the second he interrupted Chris Kennedy all those weeks ago.

    After holding on for what feels like far too long, Chris Kennedy finally breaks the hold. Krash slumps, his face distorted in pain, while Kennedy sits beside him, a satisfied smirk upon his face as Fight Night fades to black.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: Fight Night RESULTS 06/14/2019

    Great show. Well worth the wait
    Something Witty!

    Cyrus Truth
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    Re: Fight Night RESULTS 06/14/2019

    Very good show.

    I'm really looking forward to the PPV. Feel like we've got more hype going into this one than we have had in awhile. A lot of great build up all around.

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    Re: Fight Night RESULTS 06/14/2019

    Solid show all around, well done.

    Anniversary show is going to be one hell of an event, we can’t wait to bring it to you all.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
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    Re: Fight Night RESULTS 06/14/2019

    We've got some fuuuuuuuun stuff coming up!!!!

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    Re: Fight Night RESULTS 06/14/2019

    This was a great show to lead into the PPV. Really set the stage for everything.

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