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Thread: The Alternate History of The National Wrestling Alliance

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    Re: The Alternate History of The National Wrestling Alliance

    Still reading this mate, still enjoying it. It's really, really different from anything else on here, and the fact that there is no fixed time for when it's happening just adds to the somewhat bizarre nature of it (in a good way!) You definitely have a reader in me, good luck with it.

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    Re: The Alternate History of The National Wrestling Alliance

    In Tonight's Episode We Have:

    Kevin Sullivan - recent loser of the National Title to Austil Idol

    Les Thornton - veteran British grappler with decades of experience

    Rock n Roll Express - current NWA Tag Team Champions

    Rip Rogers & Pistol Pez Whatley - recent tag combo

    Dusty Rhodes - Challenger for the NWA World Title

    Stan Hansen - Challenger for the NWA World Title

    Roddy Piper - "new" talent debuting in ring

    Gary Royal - he tries real hard

    Tim Horner & Brad Armstrong - new exciting young tag team

    Kelly Kiniski & Rocky King - new young tag team for at least tonight

    Curt Hennig - Challenger for the NWA World Title

    Harley Race - Challenger for the NWA World Title

    Double H: Welcome to another National Wrestling Night! We have a lot to get to including us having the show expand to 2 hours starting tonight. More importantly, we have some footage that just happened in the parking lot. Let me throw it to Jim Ross whose up in the control room.

    Jim Ross: Thanks Double H…we have some shocking footage to show you fans. As you all know and for a lot of you the reason you’re tuning into the program tonight is to see former NWA World Champion Dusty Rhodes take on rough and tumble, Stan Hansen. Let’s go to the video footage…

    You’ll see Dusty pull into the studio parking lot in his rental car. He got out of the car, went to the trunk to grab his bag when two masked men attacked him. His head was slammed into the trunk of his car and they repeatedly punched and rubbed his face into the pavement. Both men were run off by a handful of wrestlers who had already arrived. He’s currently being treated for his injuries and his availability is in question for tonight’s match. Back to you Double H!

    Double H: I don’t know what to say about that horrible attack on Dusty. We hope he’ll be alright for his match tonight, but that’s less than an hour away. Also tonight, Harley Race takes on Curt Hennig in the other NWA Tournament match. We’ll have NWA Tag Team Champions the Rock N Roll Express in action and the in ring debut of Roddy Piper among other matches. Let me turn it over to Gordon Solie who’s at the interview area. Gordon we’ve got quite the show tonight.

    Gordon Solie: Indeed we do Double H…

    Gordon’s suddenly interrupted by a half bandaged, black eyed, forehead bleeding and still in torn street clothes...

    Dusty Rhodes: I’ve got something to say Gordon!

    Gordon Solie: It’s all yours Dusty!

    Dusty Rhodes: I’m not exactly sure who you are or who sent you, but I’ve got an idea. I’ve wrestled hundreds of matches in my life and just about everyone that matters worth a spit in this business. I know we’ve met before in the ring. Some things you can just tell, you just never forget lock’n up with people. I know I got someone real scared. You only get jumped like that if somebody is trembling in their boots Gordon. Someone don’t wanna get in the ring with me. I don’t mean tonight, because Hansen wouldn’t do that. He’s a Texan and he’s too much of a man to send people to do his dirty work, he’d show up all by hisself, if you know what I’m saying. What I’m also saying is I’m gonna be ready for Stan later tonight. This means you failed! Then after tonight, win or lose…I’m coming after you masked men and then I’ll get to your boss. I may have a lot of enemies, but I also got a couple friends too. This ain’t over by a long shot daddy!

    Gordon Solie: That’s a fired up Dusty Rhodes fans. Let’s head to the ring for tonight’s first match.

    Kevin Sullivan
    Les Thornton

    Gordon Solie: This will be the first time we see Sullivan in the ring since losing the NWA National Title to Austin Idol. Les Thornton’s a crafty veteran not to be underestimated.

    Kevin is walking around inside the ring, but refuses to lock up with Thornton. He’s obviously playing mind games with the British grappler. Les goes to start the match, but Kevin backs off or puts referee Tommy Young in the way. Young warns him, just as Thornton tries to get to Sullivan for the third time, he gets caught with a thumb to the eye, Sullivan now takes over. He knows Thornton is the better mat wrestler, but doesn’t have a devious mind like Sullivan. Sullivan really takes control, but Thornton refuses to give up and gets a few moves here and there. The match comes to an abrupt end.


    The finish happens after music has begun to be played over the sound system at the studio. The song being played is “Do You Wanna Touch?” which is Austin Idol’s theme song. Sullivan is looking for Idol, but can’t find him. He’s scanning the crowd, but it doesn’t look like Idol is really there. Sullivan is caught from behind with a side back breaker over Thronton’s knee. Thornton quickly rolls him up for the pin.

    Winner: Les Thornton 5:23

    Kevin Sullivan doesn’t even care that he just lost, he’s hot. He marches over to the interview area to talk with Gordon Solie.

    Kevin Sullivan: Where is he? Where is that blond bimbo?

    Gordon Solie: He’s not here as far as I know, Kevin.

    Kevin Sullivan: Right, I don’t believe you…who’s up in the booth?

    Gordon Solie: Jim Ross is there tonight, let’s see what happened? Jim, can you fill us in on what’s going on.

    Jim Ross: Gordon, we have a visitor.

    Austin Idol: Hey, Clown of Darkness…all I have to do is play my music and you lose. (Idol’s laughing)

    Kevin Sullivan: I’m gonna kill him…nobody makes a fool outta me...

    Austin Idol cuts him off: Except you, yourself!

    Jim Ross: There he goes out of the studio and into the night.

    Sullivan arrives just seconds after Idol has left the building.

    Kevin Sullivan: Where’d he go, Ross?

    Jim Ross just points out the door as Gordon Solie throws it to a commercial.

    Gordon Solie: We’ll see the Tag Team Champions, Rock n’ Roll Express after these messages.

    Rock n Roll Express
    Rip Rogers and Pistol Pez Whatley

    The Express were working on new tag team maneuvers, using this match as a glorified training match. Precious Paul Ellering came out to take notes for a future title match. Also out was another manager, but one that wasn’t known by the average viewer. This man was headed over to the interview area while the match was still going on.

    Gordon Solie: Sir, are you lost? There are no tennis courts around here sir.

    Mystery Manager: Very funny Mr. Solie, I’m here to introduce myself. I’m James E. Cornette, Esquire, please call me Jim. And I represent a tag team, a tag team that will transcend the world of professional wrestling. This duo will appear next week in that very ring. Everyone will have the honor to watch what a real tag team can do. They’re a finely tuned machine, better than these schlubs. A team that works together so smoothly you won’t know where one ends and the other begins. It’s like they read each other’s minds. All these other teams here in the NWA will be playing second fiddle to The Midnight Express! Thank you for your time and it’s certainly been your pleasure!

    Gordon Solie: I guess that’s the news according to Jim Cornette folks. After the commercial, Stan Hansen vs Dusty Rhodes in our first tournament match.

    Winners by Double Dropkick: The Rock n Roll Express 6:18

    Dusty Rhodes
    Stan Hansen

    The meeting of two men who know one another extremely well as opponents. As soon as the bell rings, Hansen runs across the ring with his cow bell attempting to blindside Dusty, but Rhodes was prepared for it and slides out of the ring to his adoring fans. Tommy Young takes away Hansen’s weapon and warns him that next time will result in a DQ. After Rhodes gets back in the ring, both men refuse to give an inch. The two men pummel one another, Hansen with his trusted Lariat clothesline and Dusty with his Bionic Elbow. Both have each other scouted well; the two brawlers surprise the audience with their wrestling skill…A suplex by Hansen, followed by a drop kick from Rhodes. After 15 minutes of battle the finish comes.


    Hansen sends Rhodes into the ropes for one last Lariat, but Dusty ducks it, hits the ropes on the other side and shocks Hansen with a flying cross body block that floors Stan. Rhodes makes a quick cover and gets the 1-2-3.

    Winner: Dusty Rhodes 15:37

    We head to commercial break

    As we come back from the commercial, Jim Ross is speaking with Ric Flair in the control room.

    Jim Ross: How’re you feeling Ric?

    Ric Flair: Every day is better than the day before. I walked 2 miles on the treadmill today. I’m still using the chair, because I get tired, but I’m getting there my man. Bundy’s been a BIG help. Ric laughs, (The big man just nods). What a match we just had and free on TV. Jim what’s up next?

    Jim Ross: Our second hour of great wrestling will be starting off with the debut of Roddy Piper. Let’s get to the ring.

    Roddy Piper
    Gary Royal

    Piper grabs the microphone from Double H the ring announcer. He taps the mike, “This on? Okay good…look, I know I have to start at the bottom, but I’m wrestling this guy? He chuckles, alright, but if he gets hurt…you can’t blame me.” He tosses the microphone outside.

    Piper makes short work of a game Gary Royal, but even when Piper let his opponent get a couple of punches in, it made no difference. Piper hits an atomic drop and then quickly puts him in a sleeper.

    Winner: Roddy Piper 1:52

    Piper stops by the interview area briefly.

    Roddy Piper: Okay, one down…I hope next week’s opponent is better than him. At least let me break a sweat.

    Gordon Solie: See you next week Roddy?

    Roddy Piper: Yeah, they tell me I gotta wrestle every week until I earn my contract. I’m a little unexpected, so they’re making me go through the motions. Do you believe that? Me…haha, Gordon…it’s always a pleasure to see you.

    Gordon Solie: After the break, we’re going to have our younger wrestlers in a tag match. That’s up next, after these messages. This will also be our last commercial break until the end of the show.

    Tim Horner & Brad Armstrong
    Kelly Kiniski & Rocky King

    Both teams are pretty evenly matched, but it looks like the team of Horner and Armstrong have a bit more chemistry. After some back and forth, Brad Armstrong hit a Side Russian Leg Sweep and pin King for the 1-2-3.

    Winners: Horner & Armstrong - 4:55

    Curt Hennig
    Harley Race

    While it looks like a mismatch in every way possible, there’s a reason why Curt Hennig was sent to be in this tournament from the Portland territory. He’s wise beyond his years, his style combines the new with the old and grown up in the business as his father was one of the great when he was active. Harley Race is that grizzled veteran that Hennig looked up to years ago, so while he respects Race, he knows Harley will do all he can legal or otherwise to win this match. As both men are announced, the first masked man makes his presence known, standing up from the 2nd row. He looks at both men, sits down and crosses his arms. The match begins with both men looking at each other, but also making sure they know where that masked man is at all times. Is this one of the guys that jumped Dusty?

    Harley approached the match as nothing more than a warm up, but the young Hennig quickly let him know that he’s not like most of the wrestlers he gets in the ring with and there’s a good reason why he’s in this tournament. It’s far more even than Race thought it would be. Hennig is quicker, technically sound and expects all the short cuts that Race tries to use. As the match enters its 18th minute, it could be anyone’s to win. Then we get our finish.


    Both men collide and hit heads. The masked man gets up from his seat and makes his way toward ringside. Security rushes over to prevent the man from jumping the barricade. Both Race and Hennig are lying prone on the mat as Tommy Young administers his 10 count. As Young reaches three he sees the commotion near the ring and takes his eyes off both wrestlers. Another masked man off camera throws a small chain in the direction of Harley Race. Race is able to pick the chain up as both he and Hennig get to their feet. Hennig spots the chain in Race’s hand and manages to beat Race to the punch literally as he blocks the shot and counters with a shot of his own, which knocks the chain out of Race’s hand. Hennig picks the chain up just as Tommy Young tells security to take the masked man out of the studio. Young turns and sees Race on the mat and Hennig with the chain in his hand. He immediately calls for the DQ on Hennig.

    Winner by DQ: Harley Race 18:10

    Hennig is pleading his case to Young and the fans are backing him up. Race leaves the ring holding his face for added emphasis, but before he goes through the curtain, he smirks, knowing he outsmarted the youngster.

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    Re: The Alternate History of The National Wrestling Alliance

    In this weeks episode:

    Roddy Piper is as ornery as ever
    Rocky King is humiliated
    The Road Warriors are a run away truck
    The Mulkey forget to look both ways crossing the street
    Bret Hart is an executor or excellence
    JYD brings the crowd to its feet
    Austin Idol defends the title
    Kelly Kiniski wants the title
    Brad Armstrong feels entitled
    Jim Cornette is still talking somewhere
    The Midnight Express debut
    Nelson Royal and George South say ouch
    Tommy Rich catches fire
    Bob Backlund shakes everyone's hand

    Double H:
    Good evening wrestling fans, it’s your buddy Double H here to give you the quick rundown on tonight’s show.

    We have two more NWA World Title Tournament matches with…
    Bret Hart from Calgary taking on The Junk Yard Dog from Mid-South

    Former NWA World Champion Tommy Rich looks to regain his title and starts with former WWF Champion Bob Backlund

    Austin Idol is here to defend his NWA National Title for the first time

    The Road Warriors are here again, so hide your children! Let’s go down to Gordon who will tell us about our first match…Gordon!

    **Backstage Brad Armstrong watches the closed circuit monitor of the live TV broadcast**

    Brad Armstrong talks out loud to himself: I was supposed to be the first challenger for the Austin Idol’s National Title. Did he forget me?

    Unknown Voice: He doesn’t respect you; he never has and never will. Be more aggressive!

    Jim Ross was walking by and waves at Armstrong

    Brad Armstrong: Jim, did you say something to me?

    Jim Ross: No Brad just wanted wave hello. Are you okay?

    Brad Armstrong: Yeah, I’m fine. Just heard something a little weird…I’m good Jim, thanks. See you around.

    Gordon Solie: Thanks Double H, our first match is with oh, dear…Rocky King and Roddy Piper. Both men are already in the ring.

    Roddy Piper grabs the microphone: Are you not paying attention in the booth? I told you last week, that you keep having me wrestle the green guys, someone’s gonna get hurt and it won’t be my fault. I won't be held responsible for my actions. Where's Ric this week?

    Piper flips the mike to the attendant outside the ring and as soon as the bell sounds he’s all over Rocky King.

    Rocky King
    Roddy Piper

    Piper backs King into the corner and just unleashes chops, jabs and hooks until King looks nearly out on his feet. Piper lands a boot to his gut that doubles over Rocky. Piper hits a massive knee lift to send King down to the mat. Piper goes for the cover

    Piper lifts his head off the mat, signaling to the fans that he’s going to continue the beating. He smiles and shakes his head. Piper smacks King across the face and his head falls back to the mat. Piper covers once again.



    Winner: Roddy Piper by humiliation in 1:47

    Roddy Piper jumps to the floor and makes a beeline to the interview area and Gordon Solie.

    Gordon Solie: Here he is folks, another impressive victory

    Roddy cuts him off: Excuse me Gordon…but, don’t do that. We both know Mr. King is not in my league. I should at least be in a match on the 2nd hour, you know something important. Maybe take on one of the guys from the NWA Tournament that isn’t wrestling tonight. I see those guys walking around…eating dinner…trying to be big shots…while I take on Ricky, the sixth member of the Jackson 5.

    Gordon Solie: I believe there were only five Jacksons and they’re all brothers…

    Roddy Piper: Gordon, he failed his audition right there in front of everyone and if
    you open your eyes or clean your glasses, you know they’re all “brothers.” Oh, you mean siblings…how dare you Gordon? Anyways, next week…if I’m in the opening match again…my opponent gets hurt…yet another warning!

    Gordon Solie: After the break…The Road Warriors in action…we’re not sure for how long…don’t miss it!

    The Road Warriors w/ Precious Paul Ellering
    The Mulkey Brothers

    The Road Warriors hit the ring with the speed and ferocity of a charging rhino. They lay waste to both the Mulkeys. Randy is quickly dispatched to the floor, while Bill is propped up by Animal so Hawk can deliver a standing dropkick. Bill falls to the outside, Randy is grabbed by Animal. He’s forcefully brought into the ring by an Animal power slam, quick tag to Hawk who climbs to the top turnbuckle, while Animal has Randy sitting on his shoulders while he stands up. Hawk flies through the air with the grace of a much smaller man. He connects with his clothesline and Randy just falls to the mat. Hawk makes the cover.



    Winner: The Road Warriors by car crash in 2:33

    Gordon Solie: Paul, can we get a word…what’s the name of that move?

    Paul Ellering: Generally, it's called victory but, that’s called the Doomsday Device
    Gordon Solie: Guys, Animal or Hawk…do you have anything to say?

    Hawk and Animal both flex and grunt, spittle comes out of Hawk’s mouth as he sticks his tongue out while flexing. Paul has them walk off, as he smirks.

    Gordon Solie: I guess that’s our answer, up next the NWA Tournament continues with Bret Hart vs The Junkyard Dog.

    Bret Hart
    The Junkyard Dog

    A complete difference in styles, you have Bret Hart who is very smooth, calculated and educated in many forms of wrestling from training with his father, the legendary Stu Hart. JYD, is a more emotional wrestler, he feeds off the fans at ringside. A better than average wrestler, but his true strengths come when those fans get behind him, as he’s been known to show some amazing feats of strength or pull a surprising move out of thin air.


    Just like every tournament match so far, they’ve been very evenly matched. Just as Hart would gain the advantage, JYD would rally due to the cheering fans and get Bret in trouble. The younger competitor got frustrated as JYD the wily veteran kept coming back no matter what Hart did to try and put him away. Then when it looked as if this could go on for a while the finish came. Hart decides to switch gears and speed up his offense using a quick strike attack on the much larger JYD. Bret varies his brawling, which he knew was the style JYD preferred to wrestle by including quick clotheslines and low dropkicks to the legs. JYD starts to slow down. Hart buries a knee in JYD’s gut and then hits a bulldog.

    Hart immediately rolled him up for the 1-2-3.

    Winner: Bret Hart in 12:47

    Gordon Solie: We’ll be kicking off our 2nd big hour of wrestling with the NWA National Title defense by Austin Idol! Just after these messages.

    NWA National Title

    Austin Idol ©
    Kelly Kiniski

    Austin Idol wore the title proudly to the ring, slapping hands with all the kids and kissing the ladies, whether they wanted one or not. Kelly Kiniski never had a chance as we saw him quickly verbally submit to the Las Vegas Leglock.

    Idol came over to speak with Gordon at the interview area.

    Winner: Austin Idol in 2:03

    Austin Idol: Gordo, my main man! It’s so, good to be here and seeing your wonderful face. I have to tell you that the match I just had was more difficult than it looked. Kiniski comes from wrestling royalty, his dad was World Champion.

    Gordon Solie: Yes, Austin…Gene Kiniski held the NWA World Title for over 3 years.

    Yelling from off camera, as Brad Armstrong storms the interview area.

    Brad Armstrong angry: Hey, Idol!

    Austin Idol, not realizing the level of anger Brad has: Hey Brad, how are you man?

    Brad Armstrong: Keep the niceties to yourself; you know why I’m here?

    Austin Idol: Nope, I have no idea?

    Gordon Solie: A couple of weeks ago, you told Brad that he’d be the first title defense for the National Title if he gave you his spot against Kevin Sullivan. You just wrestled Kelly Kiniski for the title.

    Austin Idol: Aww man, I’m so sorry. Next title match…it’ll be you and me. I promise. I won’t forget. If you’re anything like your dad, I’ll have my hands full. Is that a deal?

    (Idol holds out his hand and Brad with lots of trepidation, shakes it.)

    Brad Armstrong: I felt like you were overlooking me and didn’t respect me.

    Austin Idol: Me? Disrespect an Armstrong, never gonna happen.

    Unknown voice: Lies...Brad...these are all Lies...

    Gordon Solie: The debut of a new tag team after these commercials.

    Jim Cornette in the ring: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…feast your eyes on the prize of professional wrestling tag teams. Everyone man’s nightmare, but everyone woman’s dream…Loverboy Dennis and Beautiful Bobby…The Midnight Express!

    The Midnight Express w/Jim Cornette
    George South & Nelson Royal

    What a team the Midnight Express is…they follow every order that Jim Cornette barks out. They show just enough to display each members talent, but not too much to give away all their tricks.

    They do however have a finishing maneuver that has to be seen rather than explained. The finish comes after this move.

    Winners: The Midnight Express in 4:12

    They join Gordon in the interview area.

    Gordon Solie: What do you call that do-hickey?

    Jim Cornette: Gordon, it’s called the Double Gouzzel, the opponent doesn’t know if they’re coming or going, if you catch my drift.

    Gordon Solie: It’s a great finishing move…

    Jim Cornette: It’s one of many; we’re and equal opportunity tag team. It’s whatever the boys feel like doing on any given night. Next time we’re here they’ll wrestle a completely different match. They’re that good a team. All those teams vying for the NWA World Tag Titles need to get in line behind us. We’re coming for those Rock n Rollers, they got nothing on us.

    Gordon Solie: What about teams like the Road Warriors who we saw earlier?

    Jim Cornette: What about ‘em? We fear no team. Teams should fear us, because there is no team more together than we are. There’s no team better here, there or anywhere! Time for us to leave, it’s definitely been your pleasure Gordon Solie!

    Gordon Solie: The Main Event is up next with Wildfire Tommy Rich vs Bob Backlund in a tournament match, after these messages.

    Wildfire Tommy Rich


    Bob Backlund

    Bob Backlund insists they shake hands before the match; Tommy Rich looks around at the crowd and very tentatively obliges. Backlund immediately dives for Rich’s legs, Tommy is prepared for that. Backlund outwrestles Rich for the next couple of minutes, showing off his amateur background and pure strength.

    Rich bails to the outside, taking a bit of time to figure out a way to get an advantage. Backlund allows Rich to get back into the ring without a challenge; he even holds the top and middle ropes open for him.

    Rich is starting to look frustrated and overwhelms Backlund with offense, hitting a Thesz press out of nowhere, but instead of pinning Backlund he starts working him over. Bob is trying to reverse out of the move but he’s covering his face from the strikes. He gets to the ropes finally. Wildfire has ignited and still has the advantage.


    The finish comes when a pumped up Rich jumps off the top turnbuckle for a diving fist drop, but Backlund had this scouted and rolls at the last minute. Rich is shaking his hand due to the pain of punching the mat, Backlund transitions into his Crossface chickenwing. Rich has to verbally submit rather than risk permanent injury.

    Winner: Bob Backlund in 15:44

    Gordon Signs off: Next week...Ted DiBiase vs Rick Martel and Barry Windham vs Terry Funk

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