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Thread: WWE Stomping Grounds Discussion

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    Re: WWE Stomping Grounds Discussion

    This show really delivered for me, aside from the unneeded Shane involvement in the Reigns/Drew match, as Roman won anyway. Going to be thinking about this one for the year end awards.

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    Re: WWE Stomping Grounds Discussion

    WWE Cruiserweight Title Triple Threat Match: Tony Nese (c) vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak

    Super match. At first, Nese felt like the odd man out but he grew into the match by the end. Gulak and Tozawa totally shined through this match with their great chemistry. A big chunk of the match was them going back and forth, and it was so fun to watch. Hyped for a future singles match between the two.
    Gulak winning though! Finally.

    WWE RAW Women's Title Match: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Lacey Evans

    This was so aimless with tons of random stuff strung together so poorly. Lacey works on the arm for a few minutes then never goes back to it. It’s so odd. Lacey is good at the character stuff but she is far too awkward to be in this spot at the moment. It doesn't help that Becky is equally as awkward. I did like Lacey tapping instantly for the dis-armer though. It put over the move as very damaging. I just wish that they did a better job of building to the move.

    Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. The New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods)
    This was another good match for the night. Love the urgency at the start with Owens getting rid of Big E and him and Sami trying everything to beat Xavier as quickly as they could. Big E had a fun hot tag as always. Would love to see more from these two because they got more in them.

    WWE United States Title Match: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Ricochet

    Pretty disappointed by this. The dynamic of the two wrestlers were very good on paper but it didn’t deliver. Or Joe didn’t, at least. He was very slow and sluggish all match. Didn’t dig his work on top at all. Ricochet was fun though. He took some nasty bumps and I liked his comebacks.

    WWE SmackDown Tag Team Title Match: Daniel Bryan & Rowan (c) vs. Heavy Machinery (Otis & Tucker)

    People like the shout the praises of Otis but I thought that Tucker was far the better of the two here. The way he ate Bryan and Rowan’s offence was so good and the timing of his brief (very brief) comebacks was so good. Love what he brought to the match. Bryan and Rowan were very good too.

    WWE SmackDown Women's Title Match: Bayley (c) vs. Alexa Bliss

    These two have zero chemistry together. Bad finish.

    Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns

    This was good but it was lacking that extra spark that it needed to take the extra step. The start was good with the two brawling on the ramp before Roman ran after Shane leading to the awesome spot where Roman leapt over the Barricade and met a McIntyre punch. The middle section where Drew worked on the arm was mind-numbingly boring and it didn’t fit the match they had. The finish was good though.

    Didn't watch the last two matches.

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    Re: WWE Stomping Grounds Discussion

    Everything from the CW title match on the pre-show to the SD Tag Title match with Mr. Small Package was at minimum really good with a couple of great matches in between I thought. The undercard really delivered and was a case where the wrestlers themselves were doing all they could in the ring to make up for this terrible period of WWE creative we're in. The last 4 matches on the show dipped in quality and couldn't escape the position bad booking had got them in.

    Alexa/Bayley didn't really work for me. The ring work was average at best, but the issue was more the set up was all wrong. Bayley's the SD champion, but facing Bliss who is on Raw. Bliss literally turned babyface a few weeks ago tagging with Nikki and Becky, but now she's positioned as a heel again. Also, we're rehashing the Bliss manipulates dumb babyfaces story again by pretending to be Nikki's friend. Nikki costing Bayley the match was the start of this show overusing WWE tropes. The win does Bayley no favours because she only won due to Nikki trying to interfere and costing Alexa the match, and now the Alexa/Nikki partnership is already on rocky ground. Alexa/Nikki Vs iiconics was the direction to go in and give Bayley someone from SD.

    Roman and Drew had a match that was better than their Wrestlemania match, so I'll give them credit, but they still had to deal with sweaty, red faced, can't take his jacket off without a struggle, 50 year old Shane McMahon buzzing around them all match like an irritating wasp. He added nothing positive to the match, and Drew who before mania looked like a guy on the rise, is now 0-2 to Roman AFTER Shane McMahon tried to help him in this one, and Shane has a victory over Roman. Again, this program his helping absolutely no-one, Roman's won 2 matches against Drew and his feud with Elias, but is in a worse position than he was before Wrestlemania. Move the fuck on from this nonsense.

    Kofi and Dolph tried hard, but there's no match in WWE I hate more than the SLOW STRUGGLE TO EXIT THE FRONT DOOR OF THE CAGE STEEL CAGE MATCH. More WWE tropes. I never want to see that match style again. This wasn't good, other than the suicide dive finish from Kofi. A feud that has done Kofi no favours and I assume now that Ziggler is gonna fuck off for 6 months until he's #28 in the Royal Rumble 2020. Also fantastic communication between the brands to run a cage match here, then we've got a cage match on Wednesday for NXT and it's Extreme Rules in 3 weeks.

    The main event was more WWE tropes with diminishing returns as we get heel special guest referees, and chair shots, and table bumps. The action wasn't too bad between them, but once you see Lacey come out, you know the finish is going to be Becky coming out to even the odds so you're just waiting for her to run out all match. Wanting to put Becky and Seth together on screen together is fine, but imagine doing that with a good act against them. Seth Vs Andrade and Becky coming out to beat up Zelina, that would of worked much better. Again, how did any part of this Corbin feud do any favours for Seth? He was better off just putting on great matches with AJ. My biggest worry coming out of this is they are now going to start a mixed tag feud with Becky and Seth Vs Lacey and Corbin, but these are two dead feuds, both heels are 0-2 against the babyfaces. A lot of these wrestlers can overcome bad WWE creative, but when they are put against the same dead end opponents in programs no-one wants to see anymore, it's too big a challenge. Dolph, Becky and Seth need new opponents asap, but Extreme Rules is a PPV ripe for rematches with stipulations.

    Up and down show, but better than what I was expecting.

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    Re: WWE Stomping Grounds Discussion

    Agree with the general thoughts - first half and hour/two hours were pretty strong, main events tanked.

    Marked for Gulak winning and title. CW match was a fun match without reaching the heights of the fatal fourway which set it up.

    Lacey-Becky had some awkward moments but was still better than their first match and exceeded expectations. Lacey has some potential if they continue to develop her.

    Enjoyed New Day vs Owens/Zayn though it kinda needed a bigger finish to take it to another level. Dug the layout with them isolating Woods early and building heat on him. Could have done with an extra 5 minutes but there we are.

    Joe vs Ricochet was awesome. My only complaint was I thought Ricochet could have done with maybe one more offensive run before the finish as Joe dominating him all match, but otherwise I thought Ricochet was excellent here. Tremendous bumping, great selling, all his offense was on point and felt like a guy fighting from beneath. Very good match.

    Team Green vs Heavy Machinery was tonnes of fun. Have to imagine this would have been better in a different state where the crowd were into the babyfaces, but they all still worked hard. Otis is a blast, really enjoyed all his stuff with Bryan and the big super heavy showdown with Rowan. Tuck also did some crazy athletic shit for a guy his size. Great finish also. Probably MOTN.

    Enjoyed most of the Roman vs Drew match, but just way too much Shane McMahon. This had the makings of a really good match, lots of stiffness, steadily escalation to the big moves, decent brawling at the start, but the constant focus on Shane kills it. Shane is beyond X-Pac heat for me at this point.

    Only skimmed though the two world title matches and they both looked bleh. Main event outcome was painfully obvious the moment Evans was announced thanks to them beating the Seth-Becky relationship over the head all night in typical WWE fashion.

    Overall a good show, three very strong matches on it, with a stinky main event. Shane McMahon and Baron Corbin are the two biggest drains in the WWE today.

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    Re: WWE Stomping Grounds Discussion

    I thought this show was a lot better than expected, every match was solid and fun in their own way and I found them entertaining. If I had to pick a match of the night it would probably be Bryan & Big Red vs Heavy Machinery, but the cruiserweights rocked the pre show too.

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