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    Nova Diamond


    Height: 185 cm
    ''That's 6 feet and 1 inch for you, Americans.''

    Weight: 82 kg
    ''Again, that means 180 pounds in imperial measurements.''

    Age: 26
    '' of 3rd of June.''

    Hometown: Manchester, UK
    ''Manchester is still red, by the way. Don't let the oil money fucks tell you otherwise.''

    Face/heel/tweener: Face?
    ''It is now 2020 and it is now really easy to be the asshole around here. When I have ever taken the easy route?'

    Current feuds:

    Non-FWA accomplishments:

    MEW Tag Team Championship x3
    MEW Heavyweight Championship
    GJPW Grand Junior Tournament
    GJPW Junior Heavyweight Championship
    nGw Openweight Championship
    ''Not that they matter now.''

    FWA accomplishments:
    2019 Carnal Contendership Winner
    ''Entered from #2, made my way through to victory. Still have any doubts about me?''

    FWA win-loss record, if you wish to keep one: 10-3-0


    Nova Diamond def. Mac Michaud - Fight Night 26.7.2019
    Nova Diamond def. Jason Randall - Fight Night 16.8.2019
    Nova Diamond def. Viktor Maximus - Fight Night 6.9.2019
    Nova Diamond def. XYZ - Fight Night 27.9.2019
    Nova Diamond def. Mike Parr and Jason Randall - Desert Storm 2019
    Nova Diamond wins Carnal Contendership - Fight Night 15.11.2019
    Nova Diamond def. Gabrielle Montgomery - Fight Night 18.1.2020
    Nova Diamond&Cyrus Truth&Devin Golden&Krash def. Dave Sullivan&Gabrielle&Michael Garcia&Mike Parr - Fight Night 9.2.2020

    Dave Sullivan def. Nova Diamond - FWA World Championship - Back In Business XIV
    Nova Diamond def. Donovan Moore - Fight Night 20.3.2020
    Nova Diamond def. Cyrus Truth - Fight Night 17.4.2020

    Gabrielle Montgomery def. Nova Diamond - Fight Night 1.5.2020
    Michelle von Horrowitz&Kevin Cromwell def. Cyrus Truth&Nova Diamond - Fight Night 15.5.2020

    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.): Technical / Brawler hybrid with lots of theatrics
    ''I am quite proud of my technique but nothing beats a good kick to the face. And I am pretty expressive in the ring too, it's just a bad habit, really, not malicious at all.''

    A minimum of five perfected moves your character does in a match (feel free to separate your moveset into categories ie basic strikes, signatures etc.):

    Flying Elbow Drop
    Reverse Hurricanrana
    Side Slam Backbreaker
    Inverted Headlock Backbreaker
    Reverse DDT
    Lifting DDT
    Jumping DDT
    Rolling Elbow
    Dragon Screw
    Dragon Suplex
    German Suplex
    Exploder Suplex
    Roundhouse Kick
    Supernova Explosion (Twist and Shout)
    Sig / 24K Kick (Trouble In Paradise)
    Sig / Measured In Diamonds (Cattle Mutiliation)
    Sig / The Trivela (PK but with outside of the foot, somehow)
    ''Just like Ricardo Quaresma, but better.''

    A minimum of one finishing move, and a maximum of three:

    Uncomfortably Numb (Emerald Flowsion Kai)
    ''The one that put down many.''
    24K Kneebar (Rolling Knee Bar)
    ''Catches them by surprise.''

    Base pic for your character (please include the name of the base pic): Ezra Miller

    Theme music: Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
    ''A timeless classic.''

    Introduction promo of at least 10 lines introducing your character to us:

    If you have been following FWA recently, then you have certainly seen this video package, hinting at the debut of a new superstar:

    The first few seconds of it is dedicated to display the cozy wooden cabin its filled in. Then a former nGw star greets you, wearing a tight navy-blue sweater and holding a cup of coffee in his hand.

    ''Salutations, dear followers of Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. This is indeed what you are thinking it is. I'm going to assume you know who I am, because if you can afford to watch this then you're not a caveman or something like that. But introductions are never unnecessary, so, hello again: My name is Nova Diamond. I have been wandering around the dumping ground called nGw for quite some time, trying to bring some dignity and quality to that place. But you know, every man has his limits. Mine were tested enough, so I packed my suitcase and left without a second thought. And now that I'm gone, nGw is probably better off doing 8 man Inferno Ladder matches again. But enough about that. Let's forget about the past.''

    Nova takes a sip from the coffee and then places the cup on a table. He walks up to the biggest window in the room and opens the curtains that was blocking the sunshine from entering the room.

    ''It's time to seek out the future. A future that was once dark, but now found its hope again in the name of Nova Diamond. You see this. I have everything that it takes. It's almost scary how good I am. And I pursue even further. Nova Diamond is more than a wrestler, he is also a brand, actively expanding and like every good brand, Nova Diamond also provides the best product you will ever witness. I know you guys were pretty desperate for something like this, even if you don't want to admit it. Let me tell you something that poor blokes that watched the nGw shows already know: You may hate me, you may love me but you will absolutely not deny me. I am quite an ambitious man, not only because I want to be, but also because I had to be. I had to be because whenever I take a look at the wrestling scene here in Fantasy Wrestling Alliance, I see nothing but repetitive, bland, monotone, tasteless 'action'. I know I have the power to change that. I know that I have power. And I absolutely know that there will be people that will try to take my power away from me. There were always people like those, that was out there to get me. Let get this straight, I am pretty easy to demonize, aren't I?''

    Nova can't help but let out a sigh. He scratches his hair and then turns his stare to the camera, giving it an intense one.

    ''Everyone asks how can I do what I do, but nobody ever asked why I do what I do. A lot of reasons actually, but mainly:

    I must.
    I should.
    I can.
    And I want to.''
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