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Thread: Fight Night 5/30/19 Results

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    Fight Night Fight Night 5/30/19 Results

    The Fight Night theme and the pyro explodes as the camera pans around the arena, spotlights swirling over the raucous crowd! The energy from the crowd can be felt through any tv screen across the world with fans jumping up and down and others holding their signs high above their heads! Lots of signs for FWA's newest star Krash and as if cue...

    The now-familiar jazzy beat of Matt Dusk’s "Back In Town" begins, causing an immediate reaction within the FWA fans in the arena. Raucous, deafening cheers damn near drowns out the start of the theme, only to get louder as FWA’s latest signee, the last remnant of CWA, none other than Krash, steps out from behind the curtain. He takes a dramatic step back, as if almost blown over by the sheer noise of support from the FWA fans, before throwing one arm up in the air, the other clasped tightly behind his back, posing before the FWA fans. Dressed in a pair of brown trousers along with a white shirt beneath an olive-green waistcoat, Krash runs a hand over his neat, slicked hair, as he walks down the ramp, approaching the ring.

    Krash takes his sweet time, going all over ringside and greeting every fan one-by-one with either a handshake or a high-five, before climbing into the ring, scaling atop the ropes to observe the fans once more, nodding, grinning. He climbs back down, strolling around the ring, before coming to a halt in the middle of the ring. He brandishes a microphone in his hand, twirling it idly in his hand as the audience starts to quieten, finally bringing it to his lips.

    Krash: Oh, I’ve missed that sound.

    Almost immediately, this causes more fans to chant. ‘KRASH, KRASH, KRASH.’ Krash glances around, before pointing a finger at himself and mouthing ‘who, me?’ Unsurprisingly, this eggs the fans on more, and Krash grins as his name echoes throughout the arena once again.

    Krash: To those of you who, for some reason, don’t know who I am and are left scratching their heads while tens of thousands of people next to them holler and shriek the word ‘KRASH’ over and over again, tonight is a wonderful, wonderful day for you. Tonight, your life changes. Tonight, your world gets a little bit brighter. Tonight, is the night, you finally become acquainted with the man, the myth, the legend... The Heartbeat. Maybe you’ve heard snatches of talk about him, about a man who has won every title there is in nearly every promotion he steps in and won fans all around the world. Perhaps you’ve stumbled across various videos of his fabulous feats of high-flying, death-defying, watching-him-is-oh-so-satisfying work, and wondered ‘Gee, that handsome man with the luxurious moustache is pretty rad, I wonder who he is.’

    Placing a hand over his chin, as if in deep though, Krash strolls aimlessly across the ring, before snapping his fingers.

    Krash: Well, today is your lucky day, friend! For the man you’ve heard so much about, who sells out arenas at the mere mention of his name, the man who currently has the entirety of Gainesville, Florida chanting his name - Case in point!

    Maybe it’s the cheap pop namedrop of the town they’re in, but Gainesville Florida reacts just so, once more cheering and chanting Krash’s name.

    Krash: That man... Is here. And you and I, dear viewer, are going to get very, very well-acquainted with each other. So, with that in mind, allow me to do the pleasure of a proper introduction.

    With several dramatic ‘ahems’ and throat clearing noises, Krash continues.

    Krash: FWA. I’ve watched you from afar for a while now, and I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen. You have some of the best wrestlers in the world battling under your flag, but... It’s missing something. It’s missing the perfect showpiece, the magnum opus, the hero of the story... It’s missing me. Luckily, that changes tonight.

    Krash waves his free hand, fingers twinkling in an almost over-the-top fashion.

    Krash: Hi, FWA. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m the White Wolf, the Moustached Maverick, the Heartbeat of CWA, the future FWA World Champion... But you’re welcome to call me Krash.

    With that, Krash performs a dramatic bow to the audience, who applaud, unsurprisingly. He straightens, readjusts.

    Krash: So, we’ve answered the ‘Who’, and now, we must answer the ‘Why.’ It’s been blowing up my Twitter for days – oh, by the way, I have a Twitter now? It’s no Myspace but it’s decent enough. Anyway, yes. Ever since my stunning appearance last week, I’ve been bombarded with variations of ‘Why did you attack Chris Kennedy?’

    The reaction change is instant. While the namedrop elicits it’s fair share of cheers, there’s an undercurrent of booing and jeering at the name, too. Krash glances around, weighing the sound in his hand.

    Krash: Bit of a split crowd he has, that Chris. Now, I must emphasize, that I didn’t wander into the arena last week with the sole intention of punching Chris Kennedy in the mouth, dumping him on his head, and snapping his heart with a Daybreaker. That was not a meticulously planned debut. That, my good friends, was a ‘spur of the moment’ deal. Hell, at the time I hadn’t even signed my FWA contract. It was still in my briefcase as I pondered, ‘Should I get back in the game? It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in a big, mainstream promotion. Do I still have it?’ And FWA management said, ‘Look, think it over for a bit. Why not come to Fight Night, check out the atmosphere backstage, maybe reconnect with some of your old pals who moved on, that sort of thing.’ And I was going to, honest. I was going to track down Cyrus Truth and force him to down whisky shots with me. But Chris Kennedy, perhaps inadvertently, threw a wrench into those plans. I was just watching the show from backstage, wowing at the talent FWA holds, when Chris Kennedy went out and gave his monologue to the masses. And somewhere in that monologue, he struck at something very near and dear to my heart. He disparaged CWA.

    Krash paces around the ring, twirling the microphone in his hand. The namedrop of the maybe dead, maybe not company of CWA brings forth murmurs, some positive, some not so.

    Krash: Now, I’m not delusional. To many of you, CWA was just another company. At best, a rival company that could bring out the best in you. At worst, something you never really paid that much attention to. And that’s fine. But to me, CWA was my home. A home I spent the past eight years of my life in, a home I broke my knee building, a home that... Might no longer exist. But as long as my heart beats, so too does the heart of CWA. And look, you can be as vain and delusional as you wish, far be it from me to stop that. But I’ll be a dead man before I stand by and let some arrogant tool insult my home and get away with it.

    This point is accompanied by Krash climbing onto the second ropes, looking dead-on into the hard camera, and assumingly at Chris Kennedy, watching from somewhere.

    Krash: Chris Kennedy, my friend, you’ve made an unfortunate mistake. You assumed CWA’s heart flatlined long ago, and you could piss on it’s grave without anyone caring. But I have news for you, bud – I’m the Heartbeat, and I ain’t stopping for you. Have a lovely night.

    With that, Krash politely hands the microphone to a nearby ringside attendant, waving to the fans as he exits the ring and begins to head backstage.


    "The Eccentric" Penny is already waiting in the ring when XYZ's music hits. He and Lord Dog, the reigning FWA Tag Team Champions, make their way to the ring with a decent amount of fanfare. They join Penny in the ring while the announcers note their defeat last week when XYZ lost a singles match and Lord Dog lost to James "Eyesnsane" Hughes.

    The New Breed's theme music follows, with Izzy Van Doren right behind "The Prototype" and "The Protege." The heel duo and tweener female get a quiet reaction.

    "The Eccentric" Penny and The Warriors of Virtue vs. "Chicago's Favorite Gal" Izzy Van Doren and The New Breed

    Penny and Izzy start the match with aggressive grapples. They are yanking at one another's hair with the announcers noting the end to last week's match, when they were on opposite ends of a tag team match involving Dominick Armistead and "The Wildcard" Jason Randall. Penny and Izzy fall through the middle and bottom ropes and onto the outside floor. The Warriors of Virtue and The New Breed try separating them, but The Prototype lands a big boot to XYZ that turns this match into a knockdown free-for-all. Lord Dog is double teamed by The New Breed and sent through a table with a double-team powerbomb. XYZ is then sent onto Lord Dog with a spinebuster from The Prototype.

    Penny rolls Izzy into the ring and lands a few chops to the chest. She hits a nice back suplex and tries for a pin but Izzy kicks out. Penny notices it's basically her against all three on the other side, so she tries to keep Izzy away from a tag. Penny does her best and has Izzy preoccupied for around three minutes with corner offense. She tries a handstand elbow drop and misses, though, which allows Izzy to make a tag. The ending is quick as Penny gets hit with The New Breed's finisher, for a 1-2-3 pinfall.

    Winners: "Chicago's Favorite Gal" Izzy Van Doren and The New Breed
    The New Breed celebrates the victory as the Warriors remain outside, recovering from the beating then endured. Rod Sterling and Michael Garcia hype The New Breed as clear-cut challengers to the FWA Tag Team Championships. Izzy sneakily kicks the unconscious Penny in the ribs as she leaves the ring, she decides to go for another kick but Penny instinctively grabs Izzy by the foot and pulls her down and tackles Izzy to the mat! The two women tussle in the ring before being broken up by more officials


    "Peace Sells" by Megadeath hits and out comes Dominick Armistead to some boos from the fans, he looks out at the fans with a sneer before arrogantly walking down to the ring. Soon his music is replaced by "Rise" by Sixx A.M. and Rockstar" Randy Ramon makes his way out to cheers from the sold out crowd, he walks down to the interacting with some of the fans along the way.

    “The Saviour of the FWA” Dominic Armistead vs “Rockstar” Randy Ramon

    The bell rings and the two men quickly circle the ring, each man cautiously slithering around the ring. Ramon tries to reach in for a grapple, but Armistead retreats back to his corner. Armistead again cautiously goes in but plays defense as Ramon tries to lock up and finally does manage to pick the ankle, dropping Dom down to his knees before Ramon transitions into a side headlock. Armistead up to his feet and counters out of the headlock but Ramon is ready and puts DA back to the mat and applies a leg lock that Dom quickly gets out of. Both men to their feet with Ramon applying a side headlock this time but Dom shoves him off into the ropes and catches him with a hard shoulderblock on the rebound! Ramon rolls underneath the ropes, which stops Armistead from taking advantage. Armistead takes a step back, as Ramon gets back up and cautiously circles the ring…before suddenly charging forward with a burst of speed and a running dropkick to Armistead that caught the Saviour offcuard and sent him crashing back first into the turnbuckle!

    Golden: WHOA! Where did that come from? Ramon was just suckering him in, I guess!

    Garcia: I can’t believe you’re condoning this type of cheap ass shenanigans, Golden! Then again, looking at the some of the tactics you’ve used in the past, maybe Im not surprised, but still…this is the guy you champion every week?

    Ramon follows in with a corner splash and then a barrage of rights and lefts as Armistead desperately spins around, trying to somehow get away from this offensive onslaught but not having much luck. He does manage to get some separation eventually and kicks the Rockstar in the gut before delivering a knife edge chop and then whipping him into the ropes. Ramon counters and back body drops Armistead on the rebound! Dom tries to get back up but eats a couple of right hands each time for his troubles! Armistead retreats to the far corner, with Ramon following him in and blasting him with hard right hand after right hand, followed by a nasty uppercut to the jaw. Ramon whips DA into the near corner, but Dom reverses and follows with a corner splash as Ramon gets a boot up! Dom stops short and catches the boot but Ramon flips out and then delivers a leaping high knee to the jaw of the Saviour! Ramon boosts himself up to the top rope, only for Dominic to realize what’s happening! Dom leaps to his feetclimbs to the middle rope, but Ramon shoves him down! Ramon sees his opponent laying on the mat and leaps off with a Diving Legdrop…Armistead moves out of the way! Ramon crashes on his posterior as Dominic rolls to his feet and quickly takes advantage and delivers a Shining Wizard to the seated Ramon! Armistead takes a moment to collect himself before dropping to his knees and drilling Ramon with a series of well-placed right hands.

    Armistead gets back to his feet and stomps away at Ramon’s ribs a few times before dropping some knees into the abdomen. Ramon gets to his knees and tries to fight back by throwing a right hand at the gut of the Saviour but Armistead stomps at his knee and then at his head before pulling Ramon up to his feet, whipping him into the corner,and beating on him some more. The Rockstar begins to fight back, but a drop toe hold and some more calculated strikes put Ramon back down to the mat. Armistead keeps the punishment going with a brutal looking Camel Clutch! With his knee buried firmly in the back of the Rockstar, Dom reared back, putting as much pressure on the neck and lower back of his opponent as possible. Ramon screamed out in agony as he struggled to loosen his arm and after almost 60 agonizing seconds, he manages to squirm free! Ramon fights his way back to his feet and throws a few shots to the ribs of the Saviour but Armistead ends the comeback by swinging around and connecting with a bridging German suplex to Randy!



    Ramon kicks out! But he’s not out of the woods as Armistead applies another submission hold, a seated Abdominal Stretch, to the Rockstar. Dom places his elbow right up against the temple of his opponent as he keeps the left arm locked behind him and the right arm pinned behind his knee. After several painful moments, the crowd gets Ramon back to life and he fights out of the hold and back to his feet! Headbutt by Ramon! A second headbutt by Ramon! Dominic is rocked! Jawbreaker to the Saviour! Spinning reverse elbow to Armistead as he tries to fight back, but then Armistead spins right back with a Reverse elbow of his own! Ramon falls back to the corner, where Armistead throws another uppercut and then a knife edge chop. Armistead places Ramon up on the top rope and then hooks him up for a Superplex but Ramon pushes him off! Armistead doesn’t go away as he runs right back to the corner and throws a right hand, hooking Ramon up for a Superplex again! But Ramon counters and sends Armistead down to the mat, face first! When Dominic gets back to his feet, Ramon leaps off and delivers a leaping back elbow from the top rope! Both men eventually get to their feet and start exchanging blow for blow! Eventually, Ramon blocks a shot and gets the upperhand! He backs Armistead into the corner and hits some big time shots that knock Armistead down to a seated position in the corner! Ramon pulls him up and whips him into the corner before following in with a Stinger Splash and then an Exploder Suplex! Ramon leaps to his feet and then delivers a Standing Shooting Star Press! Ramon covers but Armistead kicks out at 2! Ramon picks Dominic up in a Fireman’s Carry but his back gives out and Dominic gets out, putting Ramon in a Fireman’s Carry into a Pop Up Powerbomb, but Ramon counters into a Hurricanrana! Armistead gets back up and looks for a quick clothesline, but Ramon ducks under and delivers a Half Nelson Suplex!

    When both men get back up, Ramon looks for a Tiger Bomb but Armistead powers out, flips him over, and Ramon lands on his feet! Randy looks for the Remix!, but Armistead catches the boot, spins him around, and delivers his patented Reverse DDT! Dominic covers but Randy kicks out at 2! Armistead is getting a little weak but manages to pull Ramon to his feet, he goes for his Snap Suplex but Ramon blocks it,delivers a knife edge chop and then tries for his Remix! But Dominic ducks underneath, rolls Ramon up and grabs the tights!




    Here is your winner @ 8:10 –“The Saviour of the FWA” Dominic Armistead

    Sterling Jagger is seen admiring himself in the mirror as he talks to himself his leather black jacket with his name on the back in red with a rose and thorns down it.

    Sterling Jagger: If I do say so myself you Sterling Jagger are looking damn fine today. Look at those pecs... look at those arms...look at that ass. Ant -Man was wrong, Capt America doesn't have America's ass you do and you know it! God I could just stare at myself all day and it would be the best day of my life. Sadly though, you are God's Gift To FWA" and you must give these people what they paid to see.


    Sterling Jagger walks away roaming the hallways of FWA Arena he looks at the board and sees that once again he is off the card. Jagger takes the shades he has on his face and pulls them off he cleans them stating that there is no way they left him off the show again.

    Sterling Jagger: Yea there's no way I am off this show again. No Way! This is absurd this is offensive this is a tragic turn of events my day is ruined. I say ruined!

    Sterling Jagger begins to yell and states, "Nope!" He takes off in a fit of rage down towards the general manager's office as he runs into Tommy Thunder.

    Sterling Jagger looks at Tommy Thunder sizing him up before brushing him off and goes to barge into office when Tommy begins to speak.

    Tommy Thunder: Wait! I need to speak with the general manager first! I'm not on the card AGAIN and ...

    Sterling Jagger: I'm not either, so I'm going in to demand a match.

    Right then, the general manager's door opens, and an assistant emerges. Both Jagger and Thunder begin yelling incoherent speech at the assistant, who puts up his hand in a formal manner. He's dressed to the nines with a suit and tie.

    Assistant to the General Manager: Listen, I am the Assistant General Manager ...

    An unknown voice from inside the office shouts, "Assistant TO the General Manager" ... and the assistant blushes and his face drops momentarily.

    Assistant to the General Manager: ... I am the Assistant to the General Manager, and it seems you two have the same complaint. So how about tonight ... you two are in a match, a tag team match.

    The assistant to the general manager pumps his fist and mouths softly to himself, "I'm good at this!" Sterling Jagger and Tommy Thunder are silent as they eye one another up, wondering if their new partner is reliable.


    Aaron Kendrick is already waiting inside the ring as we return from commercial break. The announcers begin hyping "The Debut" without speaking the wrestler's name. The crowd is buzzing with excitement and a small chant begins for the newcomer, as everyone knows who it is without even hearing the person's name or seeing his face. There's just a sense of "lift" in the arena, as described by Rod Sterling.

    Matt Dusk's "Back In Town" hits and the crowd screams with joy. Hands and fists are raised in the air, and cell phone cameras flash in microseconds throughout the arena. Krash appears to rabid fanfare as the FWA universe welcomes the CWA transplant with figurative and literal open arms. Literal in that as Krash walks down, the fans in the front rows have their arms open wide and reach out to grab him and slap his bicep.

    Rod Sterling: Krash made his mark last week when he interrupted Chris Kennedy. Now ... in his first match ... he has to live up to the hype he got from the last few days.

    Krash enters the ring without saying a word or showing any emotion. Aaron Kendrick is waiting and ready to spoil "The Debut" that everyone anticipated for a week now.

    "The Great I Am" Aaron Kendrick vs "The White Wolf" Krash

    The bell rings and the first few moments are spent circling the ring. The crowd loudly chants "WELCOME KRASH!" Then a "Krash" chant emerges. Finally, the two lock arms in the middle of the ring. Krash twists Kendrick into a rear waist lock, and Kendrick lands a quick elbow to the nose. Krash then hits a nice arm drag and wrist lock. He bends the fingers back until Kendrick rolls backwards and reverses into his own wrist lock. Kendrick's holding his own ends there when Krash lands a kick to the stomach and whips Kendrick into the ropes for a back body drop quickly into a standing elbow. Krash hits a snap powerslam and goes for a pinfall, but Kendrick kicks out.

    Krash whips Kendrick to the corner and follows with a kick to the throat. Kendrick falls to a seated position and Krash hits his sliding dropkick to the corner, with much fanfare from the crowd. Krash then lands a stalling suplex with Kendrick held upside-down for approximately 7 seconds. The fans love every second of it, and finally Krash puts up a finger — just one — and mouths, "One man down. One and OH." Krash hits the "Overdose" killswitch into a reverse roll-out dropkick. He then goes airborne with the flying elbow drop finisher, which he calls "Daybreaker." The pinfall is ceremonial.

    Winner: Krash
    After the match, Krash holds up the one finger and then leaves the ring. The crowd cheers loudly seeing his debut and victory. Aaron Kendrick is left a helpless pile of jobber in the ring, overmatched by Krash's technical abilities.


    "Turn the Page" by Metallica begins and the arena darkens to only one light and the array of camera lights and flashes. Tristan James Galloway, the former North American Champion, comes to the ring with his usual attire of black top hat, black vest and some chains.

    Rod Sterling: Talk about turning a page. Tristan James Galloway seems to be turning a page here in the FWA. Once a good guy, who did things by the book, he's entered a bit of a grey area now. He may have ended "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell's career last week!

    Michael Garcia: Sometimes careers have to end for you to get where you need to go.

    Devin Golden: I never once ended someone's career to become a Hall of Famer. So I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

    Galloway enters the ring, and the music turns off for Danny "F'n" Toner's music. The crowd welcomes him back to the FWA, as does Sterling and Golden on the announce booth. Both talk of Toner's talents and hype both Toner and Ramon returning around the same time. Danny F'N Toner makes his way to the ring with the usual chant happening. HOWEVER ...


    Tristan James Galloway lands a cheap-shot running big boot right when Toner enters the ring, but had his head turned to the fans. The crowd boos LOUDLY as Toner is on the canvas with blood slowly tricking from his nose.

    Rod Sterling: WHAT A CHEAP SHOT!

    Devin Golden: No grey area now for Galloway. He's completely turned.

    Galloway shouts, "He was taunting me!" as Toner lays on the mat with his hands covering his possibly broken nose. The replay shows the boot connecting directly on the nose, pressing it in, and rearranging its shape between the sole of the ribber boot and the face bone structure. No one believes Galloway's reasoning as the referee pushes him back to his corner. Toner wants to fight anyway and the referee rings the bell once he rises up.

    Danny F'N Toner vs "The Polynesian Powerhouse" Tristan James Galloway

    Galloway quickly charges but Toner fends him off with ferocious right hands. Toner has Galloway backed into the turnbuckle with aggressive, revenge-sought fists coming at him. Finally, Galloway puts up his hands to block and Toner yanks them down. The momentary pause in punches allows Galloway to headbutt Toner right in the injured nose. Galloway then clotheslines Toner to the ground and immediately halts the offensive burst from the fan favorite.

    Galloway hits a big scoop powerslam as Toner is reeling from the boot before the match began. Galloway continues working, with his hand pulling at the nostrils of his opponent. Then he lands a big open-fist punch to the nose and Toner falls through the ropes. Galloway follows and hits a running forearm to the back of Toner. He lifts Toner and drops him face first into the guard railing. Then slams his face into the ring apron. Galloway begins pummeling Toner with fists into the face and nose, with the crowd booing LOUDLY as the referee tries to corral the action back into the ring. Galloway finally complies but only after doing a lot of damage.

    When Toner rolls back in, he springs to life and lands a dropkick to Galloway. He follows with a running clothesline that sends Gallway stumbling into the corner. Toner places his boot into the throat of Galloway and holds for three seconds before finally relinquishing to the ref's orders. Galloway pulls himself up using the ropes but Toner lands more of the ferocious punches. Galloway pushes him backwards and Toner falls but back rolls. When Galloway steps out of the corner, Toner spears him back into it. He delivers repeated shoulder thrusts into the stomach, about five of them. Then he backs off a step and tries a discus punch! Galloway dodges it and hits a spinning spinebuster that shakes the ring on impact! The crowd groans as Galloway places his boot into the face and nose of a fallen Danny Toner. Galloway then steps on the face, with all his weight on it for a half second. The fans boo relentlessly as Galloway smiles in an evil fashion.

    Galloway tries his Black Rainbow pumphandle suplex but Toner slides off the back. He lands high knee lifts into the face and chest. For a moment, Toner seems to be coming back. He tries a jumping DDT but Galloway drives him into the turnbuckle. Toner locks his legs around Galloway's neck and pulls him into the turnbuckle with his whole body over the ropes. Galloway finally uses his strength to pull Toner back into the ring and drop him for a powerbomb! Toner's legs remain wrapped around Galloway's neck, and he's slowly fading. Galloway does the same powerbomb move a SECOND time and Toner's legs finally loosen. Galloway picks Toner up in the same powerbomb position, only this time transitions to a crucifix setup, and finishes the match with his Carcinogen Crush sitout crucifix powerbomb.

    Winner: Tristan James Galloway


    We return from commercial break with the impromptu-made team of Tommy Thunder and "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger on one side. Al and Bert, two local jobbers, are on the other.

    Rod Sterling: [/FONT]Tommy Thunder and Sterling Jagger asked for a match tonight and they were put in a tag team match, with one another as partners.

    Devin Golden: I don't think they expected to be teaming together but they both had the same complaint! So why not?

    Al takes his spot as the lead for the non-full time team, and the full-timers start squabbling about who will begin. Michael Garcia snarks, "Not off to a good start."

    Tommy Thunder and "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger vs. Al and Bert

    The match starts with Thunder & Jagger arguing about which one of them should start the match as Al waits across the ring. Thunder and Jagger both have there back turned as Al tries to take advantage rushing in but, being met by the two of them with a in stereo superkick as the two go back to arguing. Bert rushes in as well and he then eats a double superkick as well. We finally get Thunder as the man who starts and the match begins with a few strikes and a nasty chop before sending him into the ropes going under a miss clothesline attempt and hitting Eye Of The Storm which Thunder then goes to the corner begging for Al to get up he goes for a Shining Wizard but, Jagger slaps his back tagging himself in.

    Thunder still connects with a Shining Wizard afterwards to Al stating he soften him up for Sterling. Jagger looks on unamused before Al slowly begins to get up. Jagger runs full speed leaping up in the air hitting a Rough Ryder before turning to Thunder telling him you wish you looked as good doing this. He tosses Al into the corner and Bert tags in.

    Bert tries to get an attack however Jagger hits Mustache Ride and we see Bert gasping for air. Thunder looks on from the apron unimpressed as he pretends to look at his watch. Jagger tosses Bert into the corner and tags in Thunder. Jagger says lets see you do better as Thunder comes in with a clothesline/bulldog combo before climbing to the top rope and dropping a elbow. Al tries to attack Thunder from behind but Jagger makes the save and hits a single knee facebuster as Al goes to the outside.

    Jagger & Thunder then look at each other and for a moment look on the same page stating you hit him high I will hit him low. Jagger bounces off the ropes before they hit a Rough Ryder/Chop Block combo that sends Bert's body crashing to the mat. Thunder places his foot on the chest of Bert as the official counts 3.

    Winners: Tommy Thunder and "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger

    [I]Tommy Thunder and "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger celebrate their victory in the ring. A handshake is the manner of respect as the two seem to be on the same page in this early inception of a new FWA tag team.


    "The Cheshire Cat Song" played over the speakers signaling the arrival of the Cheshire Cat Clan! Alice came out first in her blue and silver attire before signaling her boys, Hannibal and Nova to join her. Nova comes out with a burst of energy as Crowe walks menacingly behind him. The three strike their signature pose at the top of the stage, to a surprising pop from the crowd! The trio make their way down the ramp, but suddenly Hannibal gets clubbed from behind by " The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud! Mac throws Nova into the barricade, before turning his attention to Hannibal and leveling him with a running boot to the skull! Mac walks Hannibal up the stage and chokeslams him onto the steel! Mac turns around to see a screaming Alice trying to get Mac's attention, so Michaud gives it to her and slowly stalks her down the ramp. Alice falls backward, which gives Mac the opportunity to stand over her and grab her by the throat but Nova jumps onto his back! Mac swings from side to side trying to get Nova off his back, but finally does when he runs back first into the ring post! Nova slumps down to the ground as Mac rolls into the ring and gets in the ring, awaiting his opponent!

    Garcia: Good! After last week, after that travesty that occurred with Mac losing due to their deception and trickery, Big Mac is doing what he's got to do! I applaud this!

    Golden: You applaud Mac chokeslamming someone on a steel stage for no reason? You applaud a man imposing his physical power over a woman?

    Garcia: I'm all about equal opportunity, Devin! Last week, Alice put her hands on Michaud! This is the FWA! And yes, if you sign up to compete against the baddest of the bad, then you sign up for everything that comes with it! And don't act like this is your first day on the job or that your some goody two shoes, Rotten Gold! You trying to say that you never attacked someone that wronged you? That's constantly antagonizing you? I sure as hell have and I'll do it again!

    Sterling: Tempers flaring here at ringside but it's nothing compared to the rage flaring in the heart of Mac Michaud right now!

    Singles Match
    Nova w/Hannibal Crowe and Alice vs “The Malevolent One” Mac Michaud

    Michaud starts off by charging straight at the Luchadore, who just leaps right over him! Mac collides with the turnbuckle, but quickly turns around and fires back with a clothesline that Nova ducks! Nova with several kicks to the knee of the Monster before rocking him with a spinning mule kick to the midsection! Michaud is in trouble as Nova connects with a leaping crescent kick to the skull! Nova grabs Mac by the arm and tries to whip him into the ropes but Mac won’t move! Mac simply overpowers Nova and thrws him full force into the corner, but Nova leaps over the ropes and lands on the apron! mac goes towards him but eats a kick to the side of the head! Nova climbs up to the top rope and leaps off with a front dropkick that stagger Mac! The crowd is firmly behind Nova at this point, as he runs towards mac with a running hurricanrana but Mac catches him with a devastating sit down powerbomb! Michaud immediately mounts his prey an delivers hard right hand after right hand, bludgeoning the Cat Clan member, as referees are checking on Hannibal Crowe on the outside!

    Michaud grabs Nova by the hair as Alice gets up on the apron! Mac throws Nova to the mat, and walks towards her but she drops from the apron. Michaud turns his attention back to Nova, but Nova pulls him down into an inside cradle! 1…2….! Michaud powers out and when both men get back to their feet, The Monster buries his knee deep into the gut of the high flierand then pushes him back into the ropes, putting all his weight down onto the neck of his opponent. Big Mac whips Nova into the ropes, looks for a clothesline which Nova ducks but on the rebound gets caught in a Tilt-A-Whirl slam….that Nova counters into a hurricanrana! Michaud is down! Mac pulls himself up, just in time to see Nova springboarding off the ropes and RIGHT INTO HIS HANDS! Two handed chokeslam from Mac! Mac doesn’t release his hands, pulls Nova back up and violently throws him into the turnbuckle! Irish whip into the turnbuckle but Nova stops short and moves out of the way of a Mac splash! Superkick by Nova! A second superkick by Nova but Mac is still standing! Nova sees that Mac is staggering so he hooks him up for the Off With Your Head! He hoists him up for the move but Mac is too much for him! Michaud simply overpowers him and hooks him up for the F5KO! Mac hits it! Nova is out!

    Michaud with the cover!




    Garcia: What the….HEY!!!!!!

    Alice had snuck around the corner and placed Nova’s foot on the ropes!

    Golden: The referee didn’t see it, Maggle! And don’t act like you’ve never cheated before, ya hypocrite!

    Mac’s eyes grew wide with rage as he lifted Nova up by his hair and violently tossed him across the ring before leaving the ring and setting his eyes on Alice! Alice sent him on a chase around the ring twice before finally sliding into the ring where…you guessed it….Nova was waiting, perched on the top rope! As soon as he slid into the ring, Nova flew off the top rope with a crossbody, but Mac caught him in midair and transitioned him into a Fireman’s Carry and from there delivering another DEVASTATING F5KO!!! Mac dropped down to his knees and again covered, but this time Alice got on the apron, distracting the referee! After forgoing the cover, and confronting the referee, the ref ejected Alice from ringside! Alice threw an absolute fit as she began picking up any items she can find and tossing them all around, casuing the referee to follow her to the ramp as Mac waved goodbye from the inside of the ring. Mac turned around, hoisted Nova on his shoulders one more time, and delivered a THIRD f5KO! But suddenly Hannibal Crowe showed up from behind Mac, spun him around and delivered a Happily Ever After to Mac! Crowe placed Nova on top as Alice ran to the back, freeing up the referee!




    Here is your winner @ 6:56 – Nova!!!!

    "The Seeker" by Rush hits and the crowd turns to the stage. Smoke rises from the entrance way as Starr's theme marks his appearance soon. Fans begin clapping and cheering. Starr emerges from the smoke his hands pressed together and bows to the audience. He walks in time to the music down the aisle and into the ringside area. He approaches the stairs, he jumps up to the top rope and gestures out to the crowd "✌".

    Rod Sterling: There's the classic Starr hand gesture. Even with the losses lately, he hasn't lost sight of his personality.

    Devin Golden: You can't say the same for others. Even Galloway has turned away from his usual self in the face of struggles.

    Starr jumps down and goes to the opposite corner and taunts towards the people. He removes his flower crown and smiles at the fans with his slightly pale skin tone, five o'clock shadow and brown hair completing the look.

    "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve begins and the fans begin buzzing loudly. Mostly boos resonate as "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy comes out in his astonishing manner. He slowly walks to the ring with an aura that everyone is simply beneath him, with no exception made to his opponent. Kennedy looks as if he won't be out here for long, saying he won't even remove his jacket.

    Rod Sterling: Chris Kennedy apparently doesn't think he'll be wrestling for too long tonight.

    Michael Garcia: He has the feeling of someone who doesn't think highly of his opponent.

    Starr looks inspired and motivated. He's crouched in the corner leaning forward, ready to go and antsy for the bell to ring. Kennedy looks lackadaisical on the other side and even tosses a fake cigarette to the side with a two-finger flick. The fans continue booing but the females are silently desiring him.

    Starr vs. "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy

    The bell rings to begin the match, and Starr shoots out of his corner like a cannonball. He tackles Kennedy to the mat and begins throwing wild right forearms at the multi-time World Champion and one of only two Grand Slam Champions in the FWA's cherished history. Starr receives praise from the fans and continues throwing right hands at Kennedy while mounted atop him. Starr gets off and quickly kicks Kennedy in the ribs, making the champion feel even more agitated. Starr whips Kennedy to the opposite turnbuckle and misses a corner clothesline when Kennedy moves. But Starr ducks in time to miss the Bitter Sweet Chin Symphony superkick finisher. Starr then sweeps the feet and quickly hits an elbow to the chest.

    Rod Sterling: Starr is coming out HOT tonight against Chris Kennedy.

    Devin Golden: He sees an opportunity to rise back up and isn't letting it go.

    Starr tries a whip to the ropes but Kennedy counters. Starr then hits a head-scissors takedown on the rebound. Kennedy is dizzied, allowing Starr to clothesline him over the ropes and out of the ring! Starr hits ropes with Kennedy up on his feet outside, but Starr rolls back to the middle on the rebound. He then lies on the canvas "french girl" style and throws up a peace sign in Kennedy's direction. The World Champion sneers and immediately removes his jacket. Michael Garcia shouts, "Uh oh. Starr shouldn't have done that."

    Kennedy steps up to the apron but Starr dropkicks him in the chest, sending him backwards immediately. Kennedy falls to the ground and Starr steps to the apron and leaps off for a forearm. Kennedy lands an elbow to the stomach and throws Starr aggressively over the announcer's table. Kennedy then motions, "We're done!" with his arms crossing. He grabs Starr and throws him back into the ring. Kennedy slowly re-enters himself but Starr hits an apron knee smash when Kennedy sticks his body halfway through the middle and top ropes! Starr then hits a backstabber and goes for a pinfall!

    ................1...................2....Kick out

    Starr doesn't wait. He quickly applies a side head lock, which Kennedy powers out of with a whip to the ropes close by. Starr bounces off and ducks a clothesline. He turns in time to duck another Bitter Sweet Chin Symphony attempt! Starr then hits a springboard back elbow to the jaw, sending Kennedy downward! Starr again covers! And again it's a two-count kickout from "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy.

    Rod Sterling: Kennedy is here to fight now but Starr is meeting the challenge!

    Starr whips Kennedy to the ropes but is met with a European uppercut and then a snap scoop powerslam. Kennedy bends over momentarily and then shouts, "YOU'RE SMALL!" at Starr. He's had enough. Next is a release German suplex. Then an inverted headlock backbreaker. Kennedy steps back and tries for a third time his superkick. Starr dodges it barely and Kennedy is able to hit a running STO before Starr does anything. Kennedy covers.

    .................1....................2.........Kick out

    Kennedy slowly breaks Starr's will. He starts with a rolling armbar. Then it's a lateral keylock. Starr holds on but Kennedy does a lot of damage. The former World Champion applies a dragon sleeper next, which has Starr nearly go unconscious twice. This allows Kennedy time to rest as he holds Starr in these submissions for about two and a half minutes total. Kennedy then smashes the back of his head with a forearm and covers. Another two-count kickout. Kennedy whips Starr to the turnbuckle and places a boot against his throat for five seconds. Starr's gasping for air and Kennedy hits a rope-hung DDT. He hooks both legs.

    ..................1.....................2..................KICK OUT

    Rod Sterling: Chris Kennedy is now in complete control, and Starr is reeling. But he's refusing to quit!

    Kennedy grabs Starr by the hair and flings him out of the ring. Kennedy then places his arms on the ropes and barks at the referee to count. "ONE!" and the crowd begins booing Kennedy and trying to will Starr up with chants supporting him. "FOUR!" and Starr is only starting to move. "SIX!" and Starr finally is up on his feet. Kennedy runs off the ropes on the opposite side and tries a suicide dive!!! But Starr slides into the ring right as Kennedy flies out! The crowd EXPLODES as Kennedy goes face first into the padded flooring! Starr now is sitting in the middle of the ring Indian style with legs crossed, and when Kennedy gets to a kneeling position, he sees Starr waving at him from inside the ring. Kennedy shakes his head and grunts, wiping sweat off his lips and around his nose. Kennedy slowly enters the ring as Starr watches intently. When he finally gets in, Starr charges. Kennedy sidesteps and Starr is against the ropes. Kennedy backs up quickly and AGAIN tries the Bitter Sweet Chin Symphony but Starr dodges it. Kennedy's foot goes through the middle and top ropes, and Starr takes him down with a reverse kick to the face. Kennedy falls onto his back and Starr covers!


    Kennedy kicks out at two and four-fifths, and Starr is now breathing heavily and wondering how to win this match. This contest has now reached the 11-minute mark. Starr grabs Kennedy around the hair and leans him against the turnbuckle. Starr steps up and begins doing a 10-count punch. He gets to 7 when Kennedy grabs him and carries him three steps before dropping him backwards for a snake eyes counter. Kennedy then hits a northern lights suplex. Starr rolls to his stomach to prevent a pinfall try, which is a big mistake because Kennedy applies a single-leg Boston crab submission! The crowd begins cheering Starr on further, but he's in the middle of the ring. His leg and lower back are in severe pain as Kennedy leans back further with more pressure. Starr finally begins crawling toward the ropes and reaches it with his finger tips. Kennedy yanks Starr back to the center but Starr kicks Kennedy in the back before he can reapply the hold! We are now at the 14-minute mark!

    Starr crawls to the ropes and tries pulling himself up, but Kennedy is immediately there and yanks him backwards. Kennedy then stomps hard into Starr's chest and mounts atop with repeated smacks across the face. Kennedy shouts, "DON'T TRY ME, KID!" He gets up and begins toying with Starr. Light smacks to the head cause the crowd to boo again. Kennedy then flips the crowd off and stands Starr up after a minute of toying with him. He yanks him into his body for a shoulder thrust. Then a second one. Kennedy says, "YOU WANTED TO BEAT ME?! LET'S DO IT! LET'S SEE YOUR BEST!" Kennedy lets Starr stand upright before trying another superkick finisher! The fifth try...


    Starr lifts Kennedy onto his shoulders and does his fireman's carry into a roundhouse kick! Kennedy gets a kick to the face on the drop and both men are down on the canvas!!! The crowd is going WILD with Starr support as the announcers hype this match as the best of the night. Finally, the referee begins counting after seven seconds of no movement from either person.


    Rod Sterling: Starr has somehow battled his way back into this match.


    Rod Sterling: And Chris Kennedy is having one of the more difficult matches of his career.


    Devin Golden: Win or lose, this is certainly one of Starr's best showings in a long time.


    Rod Sterling: Certainly. He can be proud! And now Starr is showing signs of life, rolling to his stomach.


    Michael Garcia: Kennedy is now on his stomach and Starr is to one knee!





    We are now at the 19-minute mark! Starr lands a flurry of chops that has Kennedy backing up to the ropes. Kennedy fires four consecutively of his own. Starr ducks one and tries a springboard cutter but Kennedy sidesteps and Starr goes down hard. Kennedy then goes for his SIXTH try at the Bitter Sweet Chin Symphony! And Starr does a leg pick. He rolls away as Kennedy pulls himself up using the ropes. Starr charges but Kennedy shoves him backwards. Starr tries a hurricarana but Kennedy counters into another single leg Boston crab! Starr snakes his way free through Kennedy's legs and pulls his head backwards! He has Kennedy rolled up near the ropes! But Starr's shoulders are down as well!


    Rod Sterling: DID STARR JUST WIN?!

    Michael Garcia: I think his shoulders were down, too! It's all about what the referee saw!

    Starr and Kennedy roll away from one another, both expecting a win. But they turn to the referee amid the silence, wondering why the other is so happy. The time count on this match was 22 minutes, 21 seconds, easily the longest of the night.

    Match Result: ???

    The ring announcer hasn't made a sound. He finally says, "The winner, by pinfall..." but the referee stops him. He leans through the ropes and gives the decision in a whispered form. Starr is sitting on the canvas catching his breath while Kennedy is leaning against the turnbuckle with sweat beads all over his face.

    Ring Announcer: The referee has ruled that BOTH competitors had their shoulders on the mat at approximately the same time and both stayed on the mat for all three counts. The ruling of the match is a DOUBLE PINFALL and no contest.

    The crowd loudly boos the decision, and both competitors are visibly upset. Kennedy begins barking at the referee, who tries to calm him down. Starr simply hangs his head, knowing he was so close to a win and now must deal with a "tie" to one of the all-time greats. The crowd finally changes its tune to cheer for Starr, who pulls himself up to his feet. Kennedy has exited the ring to continue arguing with the FWA's match referee. He then blows him off and walks to the side, not before kicking over one of the speakers in his way.

    The crowd continues cheering for Starr's effort.

    Rod Sterling: Starr is hanging his head, but he shouldn't. He has NOTHING to be sorry for or upset about with regards to his performance. He can be upset at the result but he did everything he could to win. Now he must use this showing in the future and ...

    Devin Golden: What ... what now?

    "Turn the Page" by Metallica plays, and the crowd begins booing. Tristan James Galloway appears on the stage with his black vest and hat. His stringy hair dances next to his ears and neck. He has a microphone in hand.

    Tristan James Galloway: Congratulations, Starr.

    Boos rain down. The crowd senses the sarcasm in his voice.

    Tristan James Galloway: Congratulations on ALMOST beating Chris Kennedy. That surely was one of the best performances of your career. And I know you're proud.

    More boos.

    Tristan James Galloway: Problem is, you shouldn't be proud. No ... you shouldn't be. You DIDN'T win. What? Just because the fans cheer you, you get to be PROUD? No. You ... didn't ... win. And that's the problem with people like you, Starr. With people like ... who I used to be.

    See ... I was OK with moral victories and doing things the right way for so long. Now? I'm taking control of my career. And I'm going to be STRONGER. I won't be weak. And I won't care which weak people I go through to get to where I want to go. Weakness is being proud of coming close to winning. Strength? That's actually winning. And me? I would've won this match. So I sit back there and watch you come close. I listen to these fans cheer you. I watch you smile. And it makes me sick, because I used to be JUST ... LIKE ... YOU. Now? Now I have a problem with you, Starr. I won't let weak people just be weak and get away with it. I won't let people believe YOU are strong when you're not. I won't let the crowd chew up and spit out another person to make themselves feel better. YOU are an image I shed, Starr, and now I'm going to show you what evolution looks like.

    "Turn the Page" hits again and Galloway leaves the stage. Starr is a bit confused but still is standing tall after the hellacious 22-minute match. The crowd cheers for him and his music hits sending us to commercial.

    [B]Backstage we see a Gold star with the name “Gabrielle” upon it. This causes an immediate cheer from the FWA fans in attendance. The camera pans back to reveal the bubbly Katie Lynn Goldsmith with microphone in hand. She knocks on the door, pauses for a moment, and then steps inside. The fans cheer wildly again as the Caramel Coated Goddess stretches in her lockeroom. She nods at Katie, and then does one final stretch of her back as the FWA’s lone interviewer approaches her.

    Katie: Gabrielle, later tonight you once again step into the ring with the FWA World Champion; Cyrus Truth by your side. Last week it was the PAJ Project, this week Over The Edge. Is it a distraction having to team with the man you will soon face for that Championship?

    Gabrielle: It definitely is a distraction. I respect Cyrus, but I also have to have eyes in the back of my head in these matches and cant completely rely on him. I’m sure he has a similar mindset. We both hate losing, we both want to win, but we both want to get the upper hand over one another. I upstaged Cyrus last week when I snatched our victory from the jaws of his defeat. That will be in the back of his mind all night tonight, after all I’m gunning for the World Title that he currently holds. We’re not going to be able to just go through these matches being civil to one another and acting like a well-oiled machine. This is about showing up one another, this is about out doing one another.

    Katie: So…can you two coexist?

    Gabrielle: I’m willing too, I’m happy too. I’m all about going out there tonight and getting the victory. But if Cyrus doesn’t play well with me, I’ll happily deal with that too.

    Katie: This match should be fireworks. Thank you for your time Gabrielle. Back to you Devin.

    "Kill em All" by Jevon hits and the crowd turns to the stage. TED and Killemall, with James "Eyesnsane" Hughes behind them, come to the ring. TED and Killemall lead the way and enter. A few fans loudly chant "OH-TEE-EEE" over and over but it doesn't gain enough traction to sweep up the entire arena. TED and Killemall wait in their respective corners while the announcers mention Over the Edge as a tag team championships contender.

    The violin accord hits and the crowd turns to the stage yet again. The arena lights dim for the entrance of the reigning FWA World Champion. Cyrus Truth slowly walks to the ring with the championship belt around his waist. He paces slowly with his eyes fixated on his two foes. The fans provide a mixed review of Cyrus, who has largely had a hot-and-cold following since coming to the FWA three years ago.

    "Envy" by KHZ is next, and the crowd cheers loudly, the best reaction of the group. Gabrielle Montgomery comes to the stage with all smiles. Cyrus glares back at her with a stoic face, and Gabrielle slowly trots to the ring. She reaches the ring and Cyrus steps up to the apron. The champion and top contender again team up, for a second consecutive show, and this time they have no pre-match discussion. Cyrus takes the lead against Killemall.

    "The Exile" Cyrus Truth & "The Caramel Goddess" Gabrielle Montgomery vs Over The Edge (TED & Killemall) w/James "Eyesnane" Hughes

    Cyrus Truth starts the match with a strong grapple. Killemall uses his strength to battle back until Cyrus twists and immediately kicks Killemall in the ribs. He is overpowered into the ropes in a matter of seconds, and Cyrus lands a hard knee into the ribs. He whips Killemall across the ring but it's reversed, sending Cyrus to the ropes. Cyrus tries a shoulder block but Killemall hardly moves. Cyrus tries again and Killemall catches him with a scoop slam. Killemall grabs Cyrus and flings him intot he turnbuckle, but the World Champion immediately charges and somehow tackles Killemall to the ground, and relentlessly punches with forearms into the face.

    Cyrus follows with a rear choke hold but Killemall reaches up and TED tags in. Cyrus releases right after, seeing TED enter, and ducks a right forearm. Cyrus hits a neckbreaker and quickly stomps into the ribs of TED. Cyrus whips TED into the turnbuckle and tags in Gabrielle, who enters and tries to show up Cyrus with aggression of her own. Gabrielle whips TED across the ring to the opponents' turnbuckle and runs into a kick to the gut. Then a step-up enzuiguri forces Killemall to tag himself in. Gabrielle hits a jumping heel kick to the chest and Killemall stumbles backwards. Gabrielle tries to whip Killemall into the ropes but it's reversed and flings him over the original ropes to the outside of the ring.

    TED goes outside to check on his partner and Gabrielle backs up. Cyrus tags himself in and says, "I'll end this." Gabrielle glares at the World Champion, who ignores the darting eyes. He slides out of the ring quickly and lands a double clothesline to Over the Edge. Cyrus grabs TED and flings him into the fan barricade, but Killemall body bumps Cyrus from behind and the World Champion stumbles and hits the fan barricade face first. Killemall begins throwing Cyrus around like a loaf of bread, first into the ring apron and then into the barricade. He finally rolls Cyrus back into the ring and follows with a release German suplex. Killemall covers but Cyrus kicks out.

    Killemall grabs Cyrus around the neck and flings him into the ropes. Cyrus reads the back body drop coming and running flips over Killemall. Then he delivers a running knee when Killemall turns. Cyrus tags in Gabrielle and Killemall tags in TED, who ducks another jumping heel kick and hits a palm strike and then a step-over spinning heel kick. Gabrielle is down and TED flies off with an elbow, which misses the mark. Gabrielle then hits her 34 Double D-DT finisher and wins the match.

    Winners: Gabrielle and "The Exile" Cyrus Truth

    Gabrielle Montgomery celebrates the win and Cyrus Truth simply exits the ring area and walks to the back with his championship. There's little showing of respect or acknowledgement. Cyrus simply heads backstage as Gabrielle stands in the ring smiling.

    "Shoot to Thrill" by AC/DC hits and the crowd turns its attention to the stage. "The Wildcard" Jason Randall appears with his fists taped up. He's a no-nonsense person, quickly walking to the ring in sort of a "boom, boom, boom" motion. Randall reaches the ring, where fans cheer for the brute-force wrestler. He has sort of a pouted-lip face but everyone knows it's more of a content expression. You'll know when he's upset.

    Rod Sterling: Dave Sullivan, the King as he calls himself, must defend the X Championship in a match that fits his challenger's style. Extreme Rules.

    Michael Garcia: I don't like Sullivan. Never have, never will. But you have to admit this is skewed against him. Jason Randall lives for hardcore-style matches.

    "Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold hits and the crowd turns back to the stage. The reaction is largely mixed, but large nonetheless. "The King" Dave Sullivan appears with a king's robe around his neck, a the X-Championship serving as a crown, sitting atop his head instead of around his waist. The North American Championship is now around his waist. Sullivan's royalty robe is dark with fur on the brim. He slowly walks to the ring as the fans can't look away, casting their eyes on one of the biggest stars in FWA.

    Devin Golden: That's the X Championship. That's the way it is. Sullivan has held it many times. He knows all about it. He's done this dance before. Look, he's a double champion. He has to know he'll defend the titles A LOT. We'll see how it goes for him tonight. This is certainly more to Randall's style, BUT ... Sullivan has done these matches before. He knows the landscape.

    Sullivan reaches the ring and removes the robe/cape. He then hands the North American title belt to the referee, who doesn't know what to do with it. He simply lays it on the apron. Sullivan barks at the referee to take better care of his prized possession, and Sullivan grabs the ref by the collar. Rod Sterling denounces Sullivan's attitude, but the referee gives in.

    Sullivan then gently removes the X Championship belt from atop his head and slowly hands it to the referee. He hesitates for a second before releasing his grip and allowing it to leave his fingertips. Sullivan watches as the referee walks hastily to the ring attendant. Sullivan shouts, "CAREFUL!" to the referee. Then he says, when the ref turns, "Don't EVER ... EVER ... be so careless with my crowns again."

    Jason Randall barks something back to Sullivan about being a pussy, and "The King" shoots him a glare without saying a single word.

    Rod Sterling: I think we've reached the point in the night when this is no longer TV-14 and is now TV-MA, for mature audiences.

    Sure enough, about a minute ago, a "TV-MA" logo appeared on the bottom right corner of all television broadcasts. Just in time.

    X Championship
    Extreme Rules Match
    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall vs. "The King" Dave Sullivan (c)

    When the bell rings, "The King" Dave Sullivan is ready to circle the ring for a general grapple-wrestling start. "The Wildcard" Jason Randall plays along for about 10 seconds, making one complete rotation around the ring. Then he simply rolls under the ropes and to the outside. The announcers all inquire what Randall is up to, but the answer comes soon after. Randall walks over and folds a nearby steel chair. He flings the chair into the ring, nearly hitting Sullivan in the head. Randall grabs a second chair and folds it, flings it, and nearly hits Sullivan. Now it's like a bombing, with Randall folding a third chair and flinging it into the ring. Sullivan is dancing to avoid being hit by these flying steel saucers. Randall finds a kendo stick and chucks it over the ropes, into the ring. He grabs a trash can and launches that bad boy into the ring. The fans are all screaming for Randall to litter the ring with weaponry, and "The Wildcard" obliges. He completes a full walk around the ring, ending by sliding in a wooden table and leaning it against the middle rope from the inside. Sullivan looks around and spots three chairs, a wooden kendo stick, a table, and a trash can.

    Randall then shouts, "There's more!" while pointing down to the ground and toward the bottom of the ring. Sullivan's eyes widen a bit.

    Rod Sterling: I know Sullivan has been in these matches before, but I don't know if he's ever done anything to prepare him for THIS match against THIS wrestler.

    Sullivan arms himself with the kendo stick before Randall re-enters the ring. When "The Wildcard" sees "The King" with the stick, he smiles. Randall grabs the steel chair and blocks the swing from Sullivan, snapping the stick at the middle, rendering it useless. Sullivan drops the stick and quickly falls to avoid Randall's first chair shot try. Sullivan then kicks Randall in the shins twice to stop him again, and scoots away backwards. Sullivan grabs the nearest steel chair and blocks Randall's next swing, denting the chair. Randall swings a second time but Sullivan drives his chair into the ribs of the challenger. Randall doubles over and Sullivan smashes his steel chair into Randall's spine, driving "The Wildcard" down to the mat.

    Rod Sterling: These two have faced just one other time. Sullivan won the match, his first following losing the X Championship to a Thomas Jordan. Remember him?

    Devin Golden: That was Randall's third ever match in the FWA. And it wasn't contested under X Rules. So it's a different animal.

    Sullivan smacks the chair over Randall's back a second time. Then a third time. The chair is now dented so badly that Sullivan tosses it aside. "The King" grabs Randall and rakes the eyes. Then he lands a Muay Thai kick to the head. Randall is down quickly and Sullivan covers him amid a ring full of weapons.

    ..............1.................2.Kick out

    Sullivan quickly goes back to work. He jabs Randall in the throat and tries a scoop slam onto the nearby trash can. However, Randall slides off the back and lands a flurry of open-palm strikes. Sullivan backs into the corner, where Randall stomps a mudhole furiously into his stomach. Randall grabs the nearby trash can lid and when Sullivan gets upright, Randall smashes it over his head!!! The sound is sickening, but elicits cheers from the fans watching live. Sullivan is dazed, possibly concussed, and Randall smashes it a SECOND TIME before tossing the dented can lid out of the ring.

    Rod Sterling: All I can think is Sullivan has to win this match from a wrestling standpoint. Randall has to brawl it out.

    Randall hits a snap suplex where Sullivan actually lands on the steel chair laying in the middle of the ring. Randall then covers for his first try at winning, but Sullivan kicks out at a quick two. Garcia notes that Sullivan's quick kickout is impressive after getting smashed on the head with a trash can lid and looking to be out of it. Randall quickly whips Sullivan into the nearby turnbuckle and mudhole stomps him AGAIN. Sullivan is now crouched down in the corner, and Randall grabs the steel chair and wedges it into the turnbuckle, right in front of Sullivan's face!

    Michael Garcia: Oh God. What is this maniac about to do?!

    Randall is about to low-angle dropkick the chair into Sullivan's nose and face. When he starts charging, Sullivan's eyes go big and he slides out of the ring. Randall doesn't see that in time and dropkicks the chair into the vacated turnbuckle. No damage to Randall but the chair is dented now. Sullivan is outside the ring with his hands over his head, knowing he was a second away from a massive injury. The crowd begins a "WILD-CARD" chant as Sullivan looks at his challenger and knows he's in for a brutal fight.

    Devin Golden: I think "The King" just realized how close he was to losing his crown, much more the head where the crown sits. Hahahaha. Get it???

    Sullivan re-enters the ring slowly and grabs the yet-to-be-used trash can. Randall cocks his fists in fighting position. Sullivan slowly comes forward but Randall begins punching the trash can, denting it with each blow! The scene is amazing, as Randall shows off his brawler tactics and completely eradicates all use of the trash can. Randall's hands are slightly cut, a little blood showing, but he simply smiles at the shocked Dave Sullivan.

    Randall charges with a punch to Sullivan this time, and the champion evades. Randall turns and meets a roundhouse kick from the X Champion. Randall stumbles, hits the ropes, and Sullivan uses the last ounce of usefulness from the can and swings it like a bat into the stomach of Randall. Then he smashes the dented can over his head. Randall is now bleeding from the forehead, and Sullivan clotheslines Randall out of the ring!

    Rod Sterling: Sullivan answers the call here with his own extreme style!

    The action continues in brawl form. Sullivan runs Randall around the exterior of the ring with strikes. Randall counters with his own strikes and now runs Sullivan around the outside of the ring. Randall then slams Sullivan into the barricade. He grabs another steel chair, this one from under the ring, and scrapes the edge over Sullivan's forehead. Now the champ is bleeding, and Randall smashes Sullivan over the head with the chair! The smacking sound causes a dent, and Randall drops the chair before rolling Sullivan back into the ring. The only item left is the wooden table leaning against the middle rope on the far side from the TV camera view. Randall grabs Sullivan around the neck and leans him against the table. Sullivan seems out of it.

    Rod Sterling: Randall looks ready to tackle him through the table!!!

    Sullivan notices, too, and rolls away. Randall stops and turns, and Sullivan tries a clothesline. Randall ducks and when Sullivan stops, he's right next to the table. He turns but Randall hits a thez press that tackles Sullivan through the table!!!


    The crowd chants "HOLY SHIT!" as Randall delivers the thez press punches atop Sullivan and the broken table. Sullivan is now bleeding heavily, and Randall rolls off with his own forehead bleeding. His fists are still slightly cut, but Sullivan works worse for wear.

    Randall grabs Sullivan by the foot and goes for the pinfall. But Sullivan AGAIN kicks out at two, this time a little closer to three. The crowd lets out an "OOOOOH". Randall grabs Sullivan for another suplex, but Sullivan counters and flips Randall over the ropes and onto the table. Randall lands an open-fist strike to the forehead. He then tries a springboard forearm but Sullivan blocks it with his own forearm. Then Sullivan does the ground-and-pound tactic before raking the eyes and kicking Randall in the groin (and the place just below to the groin). Sullivan has had enough and finally goes for a pinfall, second of the match, but..

    .................1.....................2..............Randall kicks out!

    This triggers "The King." He unties the turnbuckle, exposes it, and smashes Randall's face into the now-harmful turnbuckle. Sullivan then grabs the dented chair and drives the edge into Randall's stomach. He lifts Randall's face upward and amid the blood going down his cheeks says, "Nice try, but I'm the King, mother fucker." Sullivan then goes for the RKO finisher but Randall quickly locks in a choke hold. He then sits atop Sullivan and begins throwing strikes at Sullivan. The crowd is going wild as Randall shows signs of life. Randall lets Sullivan rise and hits the Deuces Wild double arm-trap DDT! "The Wildcard" goes for the pinfall!

    .................THR...SHOULDER UP!!!

    The crowd lets out a VOCAL "OOOOOH" as Randall thought he had it. Blood stains the canvas and Randall rolls off Sullivan looking for his next move. He grabs Sullivan around the neck and does The Wildcard Special over-the-shoulder belly-to-back piledriver. The ring shakes on impact and Randall lays atop Sullivan for the pin after about five seconds in between. But this time Sullivan's feet, both of them, are under the ropes! The referee immediately calls that, and Randall pulls Sullivan into the middle of the ring. Sullivan finds a way to roll Randall up surprisingly in a small package!

    ................TH...KICK OUT!

    Randall springs up but Sullivan kicks him right in the groin, a legal move in this match. Sullivan then hits the RKO finisher but cannot immediately pin! Randall rolls to the apron, away from pinfall danger, after about 10 seconds between the move and then. Sullivan turns and can't find "The Wildcard" for a moment. Ten he pulls Randall back into the ring, a good 20 seconds after hitting the finishing move!

    .................THREE....NOOOOO!!! SHOULDER UP!


    Sullivan grabs Randall around the neck and backs him into the nearby turnbuckle. He lands repeated, slow, almost-tiresome punches into Randall's bloody forehead. "The King" pulls Randall into the middle of the ring and teases the "Three Amigos" finisher! He hits the first snap suplex and holds the lock around the neck. Then he lands the SECOND snap suplex. But when he pulls Randall up for the third one, "The Wildcard" counters. He locks his knees and falls to the canvas. Sullivan uses all his strength to pull Randall upright, and the challenger uses this opportunity to kick Sullivan in the gut and hit the "Snake Eyes" stunner finisher!!! The crowd EXPLODES when Randall lands the move, but both men are down for about 15 seconds with no movement.

    Finally, Randall crawls over for a pinfall.




    The crowd thought it was over, as did Rod Sterling, but the referee's hand swoops to the side JUST before hitting the canvas. Randall can't believe it, and he quickly pulls Sullivan to his feet. He tries a second Snake Eyes finisher but Sullivan counters by raking the eyes and hitting ANOTHER snap suplex, this time dropping Randall onto one of the fallen steel chairs left in the ring amid the carnage. Sullivan rolls up and hits a second snap suplex on the chair. Then he completes his "Three Amigos" finisher set with a third one, and the ring shakes on impact.

    Sullivan takes about four seconds of a breather before crawling over and laying on top of his challenger.


    Winner and STILL X Champion: "The King" Dave Sullivan

    Avenged Sevenfold's "Hail to the King" plays, and Sullivan lays next to Jason Randall amid a blood-stained, weapon-filled ring. The fans all rise and cheer for the hellacious match put on by them. The referee hands both belts to Sullivan, who yanks them from the official in the striped shirt. He somehow pulls himself up with aid from the middle and top ropes and leans against them for standing support. "The Wildcard" remains laying in the middle of the ring, face up, and Sullivan looks down at him and shakes his head, a signal of superiority and inkling of respect.

    Rod Sterling: I'll tell you what: There's no doubt. "The King" is glad to be done with this match. He's a bloody, sweaty, tired mess. And he BARELY escaped with the X Championship.

    Michael Garcia: BUT ... and I can't believe I'm saying this much positive stuff about Dave Sullivan ... he DID escape.

    Sullivan rolls through the middle and bottom ropes and sort of stumbles his way out of the ring area and toward the backstage. "The Wildcard" Jason Randall finally stirs in the ring, receiving a standing ovation from the fans. Randall leaves the ring in a blood-stained mess as the announcers hype his performance.

    Devin Golden: Jason Randall is worthy tonight of being X Champion. He just went up against a double champ and fell just short. Nine times out of 10, he's walking away with the belt. I feel for him, but he should be proud of how he competed.

    Michael Garcia: Wins and losses, Devin. Wins and losses.

    Vacuity hits and here comes Phillip A. Jackson. Jackson comes out from the back wearing a black suit with a black tie with a microphone in hand. Jackson has a smile on his face, looking out into the crowd and nodding his head. Jackson stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks at the ring in front of him and reflects for a moment. Jackson climbs up the steel steps and into the ring through the middle rope. Jackson is met by a mixed reaction from the crowd.

    Jackson: Ladies and gentlemen. Tonight you will bare witness to a moment in FWA history. Tonight, in fact, right now, you will be apart of history but first I have something I want to get off my chest. I have been in FWA a long time. I am one of the old guys in FWA. A pillar that holds up this company. I am a living, breathing legend.

    Some fans start cheering. Jackson smiles and holds his index finger up

    Jackson: But, at what cost? Look at me when I started in this company. I was happy, even through ignorance, I had a happy marriage. I was the hottest free agent in wrestling because I had no fear. I had nothing to be afraid of because I wanted to prove everyone wrong. That is what drove me. That what was made me great. Now I have a burden, a legacy and a reputation to maintain. It is a weight on my back that has slowed me down. Gone are the nights where I have no fear and in comes the nights where I don’t sleep because fear of failure consumes me and on nights where I do sleep, I wake up and wonder is it worth it? Scared that I am not the man I used to be. Can I really be the Phillip A Jackson I want to be? I have high standards and every day I punish myself for not meeting them. I have been scared for a long time and I can hide this no longer. I’ve hidden my fear through change but when I have, I never committed because I knew I had a formula that worked for me and I wanted to always stray back to it. Until one night, where I came up with a grand design. The Phillip A. Jackson Project but there is one thing about The Project that to this day I have revealed to no-one. Tonight, you see the ultimate goal of The Project. I said to Viktor at the start of this, there is no success without sacrifice and tonight. There will be a live sacrifice.

    Rod Sterling: A WHAT?!

    Jackson: Now when the clock strikes Zero we will began. Welcome one and all to Day z3r0. Where darkness creates a light and I will bring out the most important piece of the sacrifice.

    On the big screen the word appears ‘z3r0’. Jackson smiles.

    Jackson: VIKTOR! IT IS TIME.

    Jackson screams down the microphone. Viktor walks out to the ramp with no music and down towards the ring. Viktor looks confused and sick of his mentor's games. Jackson with gets another microphone from the ring crew and tosses it to Viktor.

    Viktor: What is this about? Phillip.

    Jackson: Day z3r0 is here, Viktor. I said from the start that from the very beginning that we are all trying to stop zero coming for us. Right now, I want you to do something for me. Turn around and face away then I will get us ready, okay?

    Viktor: Okay?!

    Viktor slowly turns around and leans against the ropes and waits patiently as Jackson rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair.

    Michael Garcia: I’ve seen this before. The son of a bitch is gonna do it again, isn’t he?!

    Jackson rolls back into the ring with a chair in hand and stares at Viktor’s back. Jackson looks at the chair and the crowd let out an audible ‘nooo’. Jackson throws the chair down and falls to his knees.

    Jackson: Turn around.

    Viktor turns around and see a chair in front of his mentor and Jackson with his arms spread out.

    Viktor: What is this?!

    Rod Sterling: Jackson is on his knees?

    Jackson takes a deep breath.

    Jackson: Do it. This is your destiny. There is no success without sacrifice.

    Viktor gets upset.

    Viktor: Do What?!

    Jackson stares up at Viktor

    Jackson: The chair, Viktor. For your career. End mine. Zero has come, Viktor. My countdown has ended. DO IT.

    Viktor shakes his head.

    Viktor: Never.

    Jackson climbs to his feet and beckons Viktor to squat down and he whispers something in his ear. Viktor shakes his head.

    Jackson: Viktor, I thought something like this would happen. That is why I will be honest with you. I never needed you. I needed a partner for this to work. I did choose you, Viktor but let’s finally reveal why.

    Jackson asks for something from ringside and is handed a clipboard.

    Jackson: Viktor Maximus from Grozny, Russia. A student in the Phillip A. Jackson Wrestling Academy. Powerful, Strong, Explosive but Extremely Raw, lacks confidence, will need a lot of work. That is your assessment from the trainers. That is not your first assessment. That is you FINAL assessment. They didn’t believe in you but let’s look at the most important part of the assessment. Now Strong, Power and Explosive they seem pretty good but the most important thing and the reason I chose you. Lacks confidence. You were easy to manipulate and I needed someone who would hang on every word. Who finally gets the father they were looking for. Who would not question me for a long time. I chose you because you would do what you are told and now, at this point, you deify me? DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD VIKTOR.

    Jackson falls back down to his knees and spreads his arms out. Viktor looks away from Jackson as a mix of sadness and rage form on his face. Viktor shakes his head. He thinks long and hard about it but still refuses. Jackson is enraged and jumps to his feet.

    Jackson: Don’t make me beg, Viktor. I am not a man of this world anymore. My time has come. Day z3r0 is here and you cannot benefit without this sacrifice. You need to do this. You are the one I have chosen to do this. I didn’t want some cocky asshole like I was. I wanted someone who would be different. Who would create their own legacy and not try to be me. YOU DON’T NEED ME ANYMORE. YOU KNOW THIS IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO! DO IT! I AM NO LONGER SCARED.

    Michael Garcia: If Viktor doesn’t want to do it, then I’ll jump up and do it without hesitating.

    Rod Sterling: This is the end of a legend, Michael, show some respect.

    Jackson pushes Viktor, Viktor slowly fights the rage that has built. He picks up the chair and swings but stops just before connecting and throws it down again. Completely conflicted. He looks out into the crowd who are chanting a mix of ‘Noooo’ and ‘Do It!’ Viktor looks at Jackson as the pair both fight back tears. Jackson nods to Viktor. Viktor throws the chair down and shakes his head.

    Rod Sterling: Viktor, can’t do it.

    Michael Garcia: I’ll be right back then, folks.

    Before Garcia gets the chance Viktor is blindsided from behind. Jackson tries to get to his feet but is stopped from getting up by a knee to the back of the head. Parr ties Jackson’s hands behind his back.

    Rod Sterling: Who the hell is this?!

    Devin Golden: The New Breed and Mike Parr

    Rod Sterling: What the hell are they doing here?!

    Michael Garcia: Answering my prayers! This is just getting good!

    Viktor is overwhelmed by The New Breed. The pair beat him down in the ring. Viktor starts to fight back and lands a blow and starts to get to his feet. He lands a blow on both members of The New Breed that staggers them but he is overwhelmed by the three men. The New Breed roll out the ring and Parr handcuffs Viktor to the ring. Viktor rips his handcuff free from the rope and hits Parr in the face with the handcuff around his wrist. Jackson is still down in the ring. The New Breed hit the ring again and nail Viktor with multiple chair shots.

    Rod Sterling: This is getting gruesome now. Viktor has tried to outfight three men but he has been overwhelmed again.

    This time they sit Viktor down in the corner and handcuff his too the ring post and tie has hands together to keep him down. The New Breed keep hold of Viktor’s arms as Jackson starts to come too in the ring. Mike Parr sees this and stands over Jackson as he wakes.

    Rod Sterling: This is about to get even more gruesome.


    Jackson looks up with disgust on his face and Mike Parr looks him in the eyes. ‘THIS IS MY DESTINY’ screams Parr as he leans into Jackson’s face. Jackson spits in Parr’s face and can audibly be heard screaming ‘FUCK YOU’ at Parr. Parr laughs as he wipes away the spit and starts hammering away at helpless Jackson with fist after fist. All but one commentator is stunned into silence.


    Parr starts the beating and looks at the steel chair. Jackson is bleeding and down in the ring. Parr smirks. Parr places a chair underneath Jackson’s head and quickly grabs another as Viktor tries to break free to save his mentor. Jackson is just about lucid in the ring and he catches Viktor’s eyes and he mouths ‘It’s ok.’ Viktor wells up with some tears and Jackson has tears in his eyes but a smile on his face. Jackson closes his eyes as Parr rolls into the ring.


    Jackson lies motionless in the ring. Viktor behind the tears has fury in his eyes as Parr and The New Breed leave satisfied with their work. Viktor shouts to someone for help for Jackson. As the arena are in a stunned silence as the career of Phillip A. Jackson appears to have ended as the show comes to a somber close.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 5/30/19 Results

    Pretty awesome show. Galloway is awesome right now and a feud with Starr could be really good. The Sullivan-Randall match was the one I put the most time into of any FWA match in about three years. Sullivan is an awesome character to write in the show.

    The Tommy Thunder/Sterling Jagger tag team thing is interesting, and Krash's segment was pretty awesome. The Jackson/Viktor segment at the end was just brilliant and I'm blown away with how well Tom did writing it. When I first heard about it, I was skeptical how it'd turn out and if it'd make sense. But that skepticism was misplaced, for sure.

    TBH, everything was awesome except the tag team division. That seems to be spinning its wheels in the mud. Gabrielle and Cyrus really need another big in-ring segment or something to raise the intensity, and Kennedy needs some mic time. The silence following Krash's arrival needs to be broken next show.

    Right now, Galloway, Sullivan, Starr, and Krash are the most interesting characters, with Sterling Jagger, Viktor and Mike Parr close behind. It's awesome to see people other than Cyrus in that list.

    The show was an 8/10, surprisingly better than last week's show, if nothing else because of Tristan James Galloway.

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    Re: Fight Night 5/30/19 Results

    Various thoughts:

    - I absolutely love the - what's the word - miscellaneous work, that gets put into FWA. A dedicated opening video montage is rarely seen in e-fed circles, and the various Network-esque shows being advertised between matches makes it feel like a massive universe, bigger than what just happens in the show threads. It's a minor touch but it shows a supreme amount of dedication by the writers and it's fantastic.

    - Sterling Jagger & Tommy Thunder could be a cool 'odd couple/strange bedfellows' tag team to help fill out the ranks if they do so wish.

    - Pardon the pun, but... Star-making performances for Starr and Jason Randall. While Kennedy & Sullivan are top of the food chain, I'd say that Randall & Starr based on their respective performances are not too far behind them, so to say. Great matches, those ones.

    - That final P.A.J/Victor Maximus/New Breed/Mike Parr segment was... Good lord. Prime Game of Thrones-eqsue, in it's writing and story. Straying from disturbing, to heartwarming, then right back into disturbing territory. Fantastic cinematic ending for Phillip A. Jackson.

    Overall, a great show. The love and care that goes into FWA is phenomenal.


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    Re: Fight Night 5/30/19 Results

    Dave Sullivans star continues to shine very brightly.

    That final segment was beautifully written. A real emotional and strong segment.

    The little things like the FWA Network show advertisements really add so much. Break things up a bit and make the FWA feel bigger.

    The midcard of the FWA definitely stood out on this show, the World Title feud cooled right off with no segment.

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    Re: Fight Night 5/30/19 Results

    Great show, glad you all enjoyed the final segment, it's something I've been thinking about for a long time so I'm glad it delivered.

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