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Thread: Fight Night 5/10/19 RESULTS

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    Fight Night 5/10/19 RESULTS

    The Fight Night theme and the pyro explodes as the camera pans around the arena, spotlights swirling over the raucous crowd! The energy from the crowd can be felt through any tv screen across the world with fans jumping up and down and others holding their signs high above their heads! The most notable of those signs include “I know how many licks it takes to get the center of Sterling’s lollipop!”, “Rock my world, Randy!”, “Shut the hell up, Maggle!”, and “Sully 2 Belts!” The camera finally settled in on the announce trio at ringside, as we began our broadcast!

    Sterling: The aftermath of Quest for the Best is being felt all across the FWA as we begin our latest edition of Fight Night! Hello everyone, I’m Rod Sterling, sitting alongside my broadcast colleagues….former FWA Champion Devin Golden to my right and to my left…

    Garcia: To your left, Rodney, is the Reflection of Perfection, the Suntan Superman, the Personification of Greatness, Michael Garcia! But also, Rodney, to your left, is a man that is incredibly excited to be sitting here tonight,as the rumors are true, ladies and gentlemen….Chris Kennedy is back on Fight Night! It’s only a matter of time until things are back to the way they should be, and The Astonishing One is World Champion yet again!

    Golden: I’ve got all the respect in the world for Kennedy, but tonight is about the Winner of the 2019 Quest for the Best Tournament, Gabrielle Montgomery! She gets an Championship opportunity against The Exile and with the momentum that the Goddess has behind her, Cyrus Truth needs to be worried because the Goddess is on a mission to take back that FWA Championship.

    Sterling: And speaking of championships, we’ve got a new North American Champion and he’s no stranger to gold! The X Division Champion Dave Sullivan has added some new hardware to his collection and The King can now claim that he reigns over two territories! But somebody surely has something to say about that….the question is who is going to step up and try to take the crown off the King’s head?

    Garcia: Great question,there, Roddy. A lot of people say Starr, some say Izzy Van Doren, I’ve heard Galloway, Randall, Michaud….who knows? Maybe I’ll even throw my hat into the frey!

    Golden: God, I wish you would Maggle. Just to see Sullivan rip your arm straight from your body and shove it down your throat just so I never have to hear a damn thing you say again. But hey, here’s someone I do wanna hear from…It’s Gabby!!!!

    In the ring there’s a few telltale signs of a Pro Wrestling party, or celebration. A red carpet in the ring, balloons, streamers, and confetti. The classic theme of the FWA’s Caramel Coated Goddess,“Envy”, then hits the speakers and much of the audience, especially the men get to their feet and cheer loudly. Gabrielle saunters out atop the entryway with a warm smile upon her face and a tight cleavage baring blue dress hugging her body. She high fives a few fortunate fans on her way down to the ring before stepping through the ropes and just taking a moment to take in all the cheers from the arena full of fans.

    Gabrielle: Thank you, thank you. That warm reception means everything to me. You have all welcomed me back so happily, you have all motivated me and inspired me on to winning the Quest For The Best Tournament.

    Another loud cheer goes up from the FWA faithful as Gabrielle tussles her dark brunette hair over her shoulders.

    Gabrielle: I returned to the ring for selfish reasons. I returned because I had that desire to compete. I returned because I thought I could accomplish more than I already have in a new Era with new faces. But it’s not that simple anymore, it’s not just me, it’s about us. I mean that, the support I have received is making me want this success in a whole new way. I haven’t always been the most lovable person…I’ve done some things in the past…

    But that’s the past, now I’m the Goddess the FWA has always wanted and deserved. We won Quest For The Best, and soon enough We will win the FWA World Championship. Because as great a moment as beating Izzy Van Doren a second time was, beating Cyrus Truth will be even greater.

    The celebration is cut short by the sound of "Subconscious." All attention is focused at the top of the entrance ramp as the FWA World Champion, Cyrus Truth, emerges with a look of purpose. There's some confusion in the ring and on commentary as The Exile heads down to the ring and slides in. He looks at the scene in front of him as he motions for a microphone, which a bewildered stagehand hurried hands off to him. The World Champion stares down Gabrielle as he tilts his head quizzically.

    "My...SINCEREST apologies for interrupting whatever the hell this is. But I am a bit confused. This all seems like a huge celebration, but I couldn't help but interject because I have to know...why exactly are you celebrating?"

    Gabrielle simply smiles that sultry smile of hers as Cyrus continues.

    "I get it. You won Quest for the Best and now have a shot at my title. That's worth commending, but celebrating? I fail to understand why. Quest for the Best wasn't the prize. That distinction belongs to my title. So doesn't this seem a bit premature to celebrate when you and I still have a long Road to go?'s almost as if you expect to beat me or something. And given what I've done since planting my flag atop the FWA mountain, that kind of thinking seems a bit...foolish."

    Gabrielle bites down on her bottom lip as she looks upon the FWA Championship, and then the Champion himself.

    Gabrielle: Cyrus, honey I expect to beat everyone I'm ever in this ring with. You're impressive, very impressive don't get me wrong. You're a Champion everyone can be proud of, but you've been able to do everything you have, planting your flag and so on while I wasn't around. So many of these people you have been dealing with are just slightly lessor versions of me, or they found success like you did when I wasn't around anymore to be the standard bearer of Greatness.

    Cyrus rolls his eyes at that.

    "Right. I keep hearing that from all my opponents as of late. 'So-and-so isn't in my league, you've been beating nobodies,' etcetera. Either way, it seems a bit premature to be breaking out the streamers and the balloons when you and I still have business to settle. That's not even taking into account tonight's match with Phillip and the Russian Yeti he's been leading around.

    "There's a LOT I can say about you, but nobody will deny you're not extremely talented when you're motivated to be. I just hope you're wise enough to realize just who the hell you're dealing with. Since the day I arrived, all of your 'peers' have looked at me and saw nothing more than a vagabond who dared to dance with queens and kings, and sought to tear me down. You speak of being impressed by me...I wonder how much of that is true. I wonder how much this talk of 'we' is actually just 'I' trying to hide itself. You are confounding, Gabby...but you won't be for long.

    "No matter what anybody says, there is one undisputed fact when it comes to chasing after me, fighting me, trying to take what I've earned. The Truth always comes out. The Truth about just how good you really are. The Truth about who you're really are."

    Cyrus cracks a wry smirk as he leans down right in Gabrielle's face.

    "I wonder, Ms. Montgomery. What will you see when you have to face that mirror? I'm curious as to that answer myself."

    Gabrielle steps forward getting in Cyrus's face as she looks up at him.

    Gabrielle: What will I see? That's simple a Goddess, a Revolutionary, an Icon, a Mother, Daughter, Friend and Lover. You wont change any of that Cyrus. Things I've done in the past...things I will do in the future, wont change any of that. My legacy is already secure.

    Gabrielle then runs her tongue slowly across her bottom lip.

    Gabrielle: I know you want this Cyrus, I know you've thought about this. Before you became the FWA World Champion for the first, then second, and now third time I was the one ruling the roost around here. I was the one that everyone looked up too. I was the one you had to beat to prove yourself in the FWA. You've done great things in my absence...but how do you compare to me?

    Gabrielle smirks proudly as she looks up into Cyrus's eyes.

    Gabrielle: That's the question that burns away at you Cyrus and I know it. You have been impressive, and I mean that. You are even a worthy World Champion. You wouldn't be standing here in front of me, holding that Championship belt if you weren't. But all your great success came in my absence, I left...and you Cyrus Truth, you placed your flag at the top of the Mountain.

    To truly be Great, to be Special, to be Legendary, you have to go through me. I'm the Bar you have to meet. I don't lose to just anybody, and I have brought so many crashing back down to reality. Where do you stand truly Cyrus? Are you Great, or just Ordinary?

    Cyrus stares at her for what seems to be an uncomfortable amount of time before chuckling.

    "Great...Ordinary...please, don't insult me. I am Cyrus Truth. I simply AM. Also, you may want to get the narrative straight. You're not the bar that I have to match. You're talented, decorated, and a dangerous opponent if underestimated. But I don't have to measure up to you to prove I belong.

    "Nice try, though. I know this is how you like to operate. Bolstering yourself up to such an astronomical level that it seems's not a new tactic, as your ex-husband clearly demonstrated. I imagine it must feel really good, believing you're on top of the world. But that's the thing about being above makes the fall that much harder when you hit the ground.

    "This conversation isn't getting anywhere, so instead I'll just wait until the main event to take your proper measure. Who knows? You may just measure up to me. Don't disappoint me now."

    Gabrielle: In one way or another I am what everybody wants Cyrus. You think I'm just talking a big game. You are when it all comes down to it just another World Champion, while I am Revolutionary. You will see this tonight, I'm a bigger deal than anyone else you have ever faced...

    The two of them go face to face, neither one backing down as Fight Night goes to a commercial break.


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    Lord Dog vs James "Eyensane" Hughes

    The bell rings and Eyensane goes to work on Lord Dog with right hands and takes it to the corner. Lord Dog turns it around with a clothesline in the corner and a big right hand. Lord Dog works over Eyensane and grabs him for a DDT. Eyensane fights out of it and clubs away on Lord Dog. Eyensane beats Lord Dog to the mat and starts stomping. Lord Dog blocks the DDT and takes control of the match. Lord Dog works over Eyensane and gets a 2 count before keeping him on the mat. Eyensane tries to fight back but Lord Dog cuts him off. Lord Dog charges in the corner and Eyensane hits him with a big boot. Eyensane comes out but Lord Dog catches him with a big side slam for another 2 count. Lord Dog continues to control the match. Lord Dog hits a long vertical suplex on Eyensane for another 2 count. Eyensane finally makes a comeback and goes for a kick. Lord Dog comes up from the mat and suplexes him. Somehow Eyensane kicks out at 2 to Lord Dog’s surprise. More back and forth.

    They wrestle with each other to start the match under Lord Dog gains control and punches and kicks Eyensane and whatnot. Stomps on Eyensane in the corner. The ref threatens to DQ him. Eyensane slaps Lord Dog but Lord Dog starts punching Eyensane in the corner. Ref threatens DQ again. Eyensane then turns Lord Dog around and fires away at him with a series of lefts and rights.

    Eyensane stands on the apron, Lord Dog in the ring. Eyensane hits a suplex on Lord Dog from the apron to the outside. Eyensane goes for pin, kickout. Eyensane with a backbreaker, followed by sleeperhold. Working on Lord Dog’s back. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, kickout.

    Lord Dog finally starts to fight back after a few minutes of Eyensane working on his back. High knee by Lord Dog in the corner. Goes for bulldog but Eyensane pushes him off and goes for a leg drop but Lord Dog blocks it. They both spring up and Lord Dog ccharges for Eyensane. Eyensane ducks and then nails Lord Dog with a Double Armed DDT for the pin.




    Winner Eyensane

    The member of Over the Edge celebrates while one half of the FWA Tag Team Champions takes a tough loss. Eyesnsane looks on and motions for the belt around his waist.


    We are in the POV of Sterling Jagger as he walks on backstage. He is getting looks by everyone around the arena. He has his headphones in as Staying Alive plays. The camera goes up and down as he does a pointer figure to a number of people. He goes down the hall dancing around and in his head you can hear him singing the song. He goes to the whiteboard to look at the music stops.

    Sterling Jagger: How the bleep is Sterling Jagger *bleep*... *bleep*.... This is some *bleep*in'...

    God *bleep* it! Who the *bleep* is in *bleep*in' charge?!

    Sterling Jagger is the best *bleep*ing thing in FWA!This place will fall without me!

    Security comes in and grabs Jagger pulling him away.

    Sterling Jagger: What are you doing?!?!?!?!? Get your hands off of me!!!!!!

    Guards: You are NOT Sterling Jagger!

    Sterling Jagger: Oh wait can you guys not tell its me. Ok... ok... look I got a nose job I am sorry if you think perfection stays perfect but I needed it ok. My doctor said it was a naval thing ok. So yes lets get it out of the way Sterling Jagger got a nose job, I really didn't think anyone would notice shame on me though.

    The camera goes out of the POV as we see Sterling Jagger as he looks way different.


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    The sound of “The Motherload” by Mastodon hits and Mac Michaud walks out paying no mind to the reaction he’s receiving from the sold out crowd. Mac looks pissed off and all he cares about right now is unleashing the burning rage inside him and inflicting as much pain as possible to the poor soul that tries to stop him.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and weighing in at three-hundred & twenty-eight pounds…”The Malevolent One” Mac Michaud!

    Devin Golden: You know Mac better than any of us do Rod, what is going on with him right now?

    Rod Sterling: You’re right I do know him better than most, but even I don’t have the slightest idea what’s going on with him right now. What I do know is that he’s looking to bounce back after being in a bit of a slump as of late, and I pity whoever stands in his way

    “The Motherload” is soon replaced by the creepy sounds of the Cheshire Cat Song as the trio known as the Cheshire Cat Clan make their way out. The crowd is unsure of what to think of this unusual group of individuals as they walk to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent being accompanied by Alice and Nova, from The Dark Forest and weighing in at two-hundred & forty-five pounds, representing the Cheshire Cat Clan...Hannibal Crowe!

    Michael Garcia: Alright, who let these three nutcases out of the looney bin?

    Devin Golden: Don’t look at me!

    Rod Sterling: They’re an odd bunch, I’m not sure what to make of them and neither do the fans. Mac doesn’t seem at all phased by them though...

    Singles Match
    "The Malevolent" Mac Michaud vs. Hannibal Crowe w/Alice and Nova


    Right off the bat Crowe wastes no time charging in at Mac and pummels him in the corner, but Mac fights back and turns the tables on Crowe with him now in the corner and Mac drills him with several huge rights! Crowe groggily stumbles out of the corner right into a big boot from Mac! Crowe goes down immediately and rolls out of the ring to his Cheshire Cat Clan cohorts, who check on him with concern but back off as Mac storms outside and chases them off a little, yet the distraction bites Mac as he’s clipped from behind by Crowe who then whips Mac shoulder first into the steel pole! The referee is counting and Crowe throws Mac back in the ring and makes the cover but not even a one count as Mac gets a shoulder up!

    Alice and Nova have returned back to ringside while in the ring Crowe brings Mac up, but Mac tries to fight back yet Crowe has it scouted this time and drives a knee straight into Mac’s kidney area! This doubles over Mac allowing Crowe to whip him to the ropes and off the rebound he uses his strength to catch Mac and sends him crashing down with a thunderous swinging sidewalk slam! He then hooks the far leg…

    One...NO! Mac manages to kick out at one and Crowe now mounts Mac and swings wildly at him while Alice and Nova on the outside look on with glee. Crowe then applies a rear chin lock, keeping Mac grounded but Mac finds the strength to fight out of it and levels Crowe with several back elbows to the midsection. Both of them up on their feet now and Mac goes for another big boot but Crowe dodges it and slips behind Mac and clubs him in the back. He spins Mac around and whips him to the ropes but this time Mac reverses it and sends Crowe to the ropes and levels him with a big boot! Mac wastes no time dragging Crowe back to his feet before hoisting him up on his shoulders looking to end it with the F5KO, but while Alice has the referee distracted Nova slips in the ring and rakes Mac’s eyes blinding him and allowing Crowe to squirm out of Mac’s grip and slips behind him before rolling him up!


    Winner via pinfall: Hannibal Crowe!

    Garcia: WHAT?!?!?!?! Are you kidding me? CALL THE JACKSONVILLE POLICE! We got a group of thieves out here! They just stole a victory! And now…now….look at this….how exactly is this fair? How do you condone this? They’re assaulting Mac!

    Sterling: The mysterious Cheshire Cat Clan is certainly making their mark here in the FWA, and I unfortunately have to agree with Mike here, Devin!

    Golden: Look, when your opponent has a significant size advantage and the experience edge…you gotta do what you gotta do to survive! People would do the same against you if anyone actually found you intimidating Maggle!

    It doesn’t take long for Alice and Nova to join their comrade in the ring, and they both begin stomping and kicking away at Mac while Crowe watches on before joining in on the fun. Crowe drags Mac up and looks to put him away with Lost Page but Mac fights out of it with several elbows to Crowe’s head knocking away. Alice goes for a Black Mass kick but Mac catches her and takes her down with a big boot! He turns his attention to Nova, who runs at Mac but he’s caught by the throat and Mac sends him crashing to the mat with a chokeslam! Crowe tries to pummel back from behind but to no avail and Mac knees him in the gut before lifting him up on his shoulders...F5KO! Alice gathers her cohorts motionless carcasses out of the ring while Mac remains in the ring even more pissed off than before…

    Garcia: That, Devin….THAT is what happens when you poke a bear too many times. Remember that, son.

    Golden: I think we just saw a switch flip in the Malevolent One….the losing streak is starting to get to Mac. Make no mistake about it, when Michaud is on his game and got some fire in his eyes, you don’t want to be in that ring with him!


    Tristan James Galloway is spotted walking down the hallway. His black top hat matches his black vest. His long, stringy hair dangles from under the hat and around his ears and neck. When a camera crew and interviewer approach him, Galloway looks agitated.

    Interviewer: Tristan, you've had a run of defeats since you were North American Champion here. How do you plan to respond and get back to winning ways?

    Tristan pauses, taking a few seconds to look into the eyes of the question-asker. Then he takes a deep breath and looks to the other side, off in the distance, wondering how to respond.

    Tristan James Galloway: I almost ... ALMOST ... gave my usual line. I'll keep my head up and fight through it. That's how I've treated it externally and how I've handled disappointment. But ... I'm just tired. I'm tired of being asked this. I'm tired of losing matches I should win and putting on a smile and brave face. I see so many others, now and in the past, who have done that. And they got nowhere. They slowly fizzled away, at the expense of someone else's rise.

    I don't ... want to be the person who fizzles away. I don't want to be someone else's target, their stepping stone. I've beaten people who are no longer here, no longer in wrestling. I was on the good end of that. So now what? Am I about to get that treatment from someone? Is "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell going to use me as a launching pad, while I slowly fade into irrelevancy?

    Galloway pauses, letting his rhetorical question sit for a second on the ears and minds of those watching and listening. People trying to predict what Galloway will say next have no clue.

    Tristan James Galloway: I don't want to put on a brave smile and stay positive through this when I know where that road likely leads. So ... I'm going to use this ... awareness ... to my advantage.

    Galloway walks off, leaving his final words a cliff-hanger for the audience and interviewer. The announcing team breaks the mini silence with their input.

    Devin Golden: Cryptic, party of one. Your table is ready.


    Camera’s cut backstage to Gabrielle Montgomery with a broad smile upon her face. The arena full of FWA fans cheer loudly until Gabrielle is stopped in her tracks by the sound of clapping. The camera pans back out, and the fans mostly boo the Champ, Champ himself; Dave Sullivan.

    Dave Sullivan: Well, well, well. Look who it is.

    Gabrielle: I cant sign any autographs right now.

    Dave Sullivan smirks and then adjusts the X and North American Championships which rest on his shoulders.

    Dave Sullivan: You never took me up on my offer. The seedy Hotel…a trip down memory lane.

    Gabrielle: You used to be Charming Dave.

    Dave Sullivan: Well now the Double Champ does whatever the fook he wants. I mean after all Gabs I’m standing here holding two Championships you never have.

    Dave smirks from ear to ear as he adjusts his Championship belts again.

    Gabrielle: Well Dave that might be, but I have to go celebrate my shot at the WORLD Championship.

    Gabrielle brushes past him and continues on her way as Sullivan looks down at his two Championship belts and grins.

    Garcia: How dare Gabby disrespect the dual champion like that? Last time I checked, two was greater than one!

    Golden: That was the last day of school you ever attended, wasn’t it Maggle?

    Sterling: Alright, fellas, put it on simmer for a bit, okay? Speaking of disrespect, someone who feels he’s been getting a lot of disrespect around here lately is ‘The Great I Am” Aaron Kendrick and tonight he’s been saying that he’s going to make a statement to the FWA Universe!

    Golden: And as much I like the Rockstar, Randy Ramon has been out of action for quite some time! This may be the perfect opportunity to seize!

    "Rise" by Sixx: AM begins and the crowd EXPLODES with cheers. "Rockstar" Randy Ramon comes out with his Brett Michaels-esque hair and sunglasses, perfectly chiseled abs and long black biker pants. Ramon smiles for the fans and pops open a heavy beer, drinking half of it and then tossing it to the nearest hot female he can find.

    Michael Garcia: I'll never understand why the crowds still cheer for people like Randy Ramon and Danny Toner. Has-beens who hardly even had a moment of relevancy. What is it with these guys?

    Devin Golden: You'll never understand because you've never received a cheer from a crowd in your entire career. "Rockstar" Randy Ramon has a presence, an IT factor, and the crowd feels it. He's a magnet for attention. You can't find that anywhere else.

    Ramon struts to the ring, where Aaron Kendrick is already in and waiting. Ramon enters for his first FWA match in multiple years to reverberating "ROCK-STAR-RAN-DY! ROCK-STAR-RAN-DY!" chants.

    Singles Match
    "The Great I AM" Aaron Kendrick vs "Rockstar" Randy Ramon

    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon shows a little rust to begin. Kendrick locks in a side head lock and plants Ramon with a shoulder bump. However, Kendrick sizes up his offense a second too long and gets tripped up when he runs to the ropes. He face plants into the canvas and "Rockstar" immediately throws and hits a discus punch when Kendrick turns. Ramon seizes control and never relinquishes it. He grabs Kendrick around the neck for a snap DDT and then goes to the top turnbuckle for a flying leg drop!

    After connecting with his leg across Kendrick's chest, Ramon soaks in the cheers from the fans for about 20 seconds. He's loving the atmosphere before him, one unlike anything seen on the show so far. Ramon whips Kendrick to the ropes and hits him on the rebound with a spinebuster. The crowd explodes on the impact into the canvas, and "Rockstar" steps toward the turnbuckle. Giving him space, Kendrick presses up to his feet and Ramon hits "The Remix" superkick. Kendrick falls like a sack of potatoes and "Rockstar" covers.

    Crowd: ONE........TWO.........THREEEEE!

    Ramon smacks his hand down into the canvas emphatically and rolls off Kendrick. He fist pumps the air and rises quickly, his hair flopping around behind and to the side of his head.

    Winner: "Rockstar" Randy Ramon

    The crowd cheers wildly for Ramon, who immediately goes to the turnbuckle for a pose with his sunglasses on. He then hops down and is greeted in the ring by an announcer, "The Golden One" Devin Golden. Microphone in hand, Golden stands next to Ramon and smiles.

    Devin Golden: Rockstar ... good to see you.

    The two, who once were on the roster together, shake hands while the fans all cheer. Then a loud "WELCOME BACK! WELCOME BACK! WELCOME BACK!" chant emerges.

    Devin Golden: Tell me ... what inspired you to come back after YEARS away from the FWA?

    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon smiles as the fans all increase their cheers' volume. He motions to the crowd and shrugs, smiling the whole time. Then he says off mic to Golden, "This is awesome. This is why I'm back!" The fans saw it and reply with more chants of "ROCK-STAR RAN-DY!" Finally, Ramon moves his mouth to the microphone for an answer.

    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon: I missed this place, man. And I hope retirement is treating you right but whenever you decide to stop being an old man — BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT OLD — I'll be ready and waiting to tear the house down with you.

    The crowd explodes for Ramon's answer. Golden blushes and smiles, and "Rockstar" points at him while looking at the crowd, as if to say, "amirite?" The fans begin a "ONE MORE RUN! ONE MORE RUN!" chant. Golden waves them off and Ramon continues his answer.

    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon:Honestly ... I miss this place. I'd never go anywhere else to wrestle. And I had an itch. And honestly ... I still have an X Championship title match in my back pocket.

    The crowd cheers AGAIN! Michael Garcia scoffs at Ramon's claim and exclaims that it's been half a decade since Ramon won that contendership match.

    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon: I hear Garcia over there spoutin' off, out his ass. Or maybe that was his dinner. I dunno. But what I do know is yeah ... it has been like five damn years. And yeah ... I know that's probably the butt of a joke now. But ... hey, let's just say I'm a genius and biding my time. I hear the X Champion is also the North American Champion. Sounds to me like somethin' needs correcting, amirite, Golden?

    Ramon smiles and slaps Golden on the shoulder. The Hall of Famer and retired legend tilts his head and smirks, as if to say, "Hey, I'd want to see that." Ramon leaves the ring to enormous fanfare and departs with the FWA community wondering if "Rockstar" will soon challenge for Dave Sullivan's X Championship.


    Katie Lynn Goldsmith is backstage with Mad Kingdom just moments before their match against the team Dominick Armistead and Izzy Van Doren.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Jason, Penny, in just a matter of moments you two go out there to face newcomer Dominick Armistead and Izzy Van Doren. What are your last minute thoughts before going out there?

    Penny opts to answer first.

    Penny: Look, I know Izzy is upset, for what reason I have no clue but she’s upset at me. I didn’t do anything to her but all of the sudden she hates me. I guess I get it though, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it in this business even if it means turning on a friend. Maybe when this is all over we can hopefully patch this up and be friends again…

    Jason takes over now.

    Jason Randall: I don’t get her issue with me either, she’s already beaten me. Twice as a matter of fact, but there won’t be a third. I’ve given her credit where it’s due, she’s one tough bitch but I’m equally as tough, equally as pissed off, and equally eager to go in there and kick the crap out of her. As for Armistead, for someone who talks a big game, he sure hasn’t said a whole lot in regards to this match. Maybe he’s second guessing himself, who knows? What I do know is what I already said, I’m pissed off and I’m raring for a fight!

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: One last thing, what does the future hold for Mad Kingdom?

    Jason Randall: We haven’t really given much thought to what lies ahead for us, but for me personally I’ve given it some thought. There seems to be this “King” running around, not gonna name names, that thinks he’s some sort of hot shot now. I’ll give him credit where it’s due he's good, but once upon a time there was another King that ran roughshod around here and he’s looking to reclaim his throne...if you catch my drift Katie

    He winks at the camera and the two of them take off for their match.




    We return from commercial break with the next matchup ready to go, Izzy Van Doren and Dominic Armistead in the ring. Jason Randall and Penny are on the other side for this mixed tag team match.

    Izzy Van Doren and "The Savior of the FWA" Dominic Armistead vs. "The Wildcard" Jason Randall and "The Eccentric Dreamer" Penny

    Beginning: Armistead and Randall start the match. Armistead gets early offense in with a snap suplex and reverse DDT. His diving elbow misses and Randall uses brawler tactics to get some wear on Armistead. Randall hits a fireman's carry beckbreaker and a thez press after a whip is reversed. His wildly thrown punches have Armistead rolling for freedom, but Randall follows with mudhole stomps in the corner. He tags in Izzy and Armistead does the same with Penny. The two females trade offense, with Izzy hitting low roundhouse kicks and a running single-leg dropkick. Penny does a swinging neckbreaker after a belly-to-belly suplex to counter a whip to the ropes.

    Middle: Penny gets the first pinfall try after a jumping DDT, but it's just a two count. She tries a tilt-a-whirl head-scissors takedown but Izzy counters with a single-leg boston crab submission with stomps into the back. Penny counters by bending back and yanking Izzy's hair and head backwards, toward her own upper body. Izzy finally releases and Penny lands a hair-grabbing roll-up that only gets a two count. Izzy finally lands a headbutt after a whip to the ropes and plants Penny with a modified Russian leg sweep. She tries the pinfall but Armistead breaks it up. This ignites a brawl as Randall enters and attacks Armistead with wild punches.

    Ending: The men re-enter the ring upon a tag from Penny to "The Wildcard." Armistead follows when Izzy tags him in. Randall hits a DDT and covers but Izzy breaks it up. Penny now enters and takes Izzy down with her own thez press.

    Armistead rolls to the apron and out of the ring. Randall chases him outside the ring. Armistead fights back briefly but Randall dodges a tackle and Armistead goes shoulder and head first into the announcer's table. The ring count is now at 6 and Armistead is down from the bad luck. Randall sees Armistead rise up and motions to Penny, who does her Suicidal Tendencies suicide dive-DDT combo from inside the ring to the outside! Armistead is down and Randall and Penny celebrate when the ref reaches 10.

    Winners via countout: "The Wildcard" Jason Randall and Penny

    Jason Randall celebrates with Penny in the ring. Izzy Van Doren quickly comes from behind and levels Penny with a forearm. She then shouts, "What now, bitch?!" The crowd is all about it, but "The Wildcard" steps in. Izzy backs off but "The Savior of the FWA" Dominick Armistead re-enters the ring. When Izzy points to behind Randall, he turns and meets the "Herculean Killer" crippler crossface submission.

    Rod Sterling: It's the Herculean Killer submission! Randall is caught in the middle of the ring on it!

    The crowd boos as Izzy leaves the ring and Armistead keeps the hold applied to Randall. Penny finally realizes what's happening and defends Randall, but Armistead easily brushes her aside with a push. Armistead continues but Penny is right back at it, forcing "The Savior of the FWA" to release and turn his attention solely on Penny. Armistead grabs Penny by the hair but she lands a kick to the shins. Randall rolls over and Armistead quickly leaves the ring before it's a 2-on-1 situation.

    Michael Garcia: Smart. Smart move by Dominick Armistead to leave. He got the shots in.

    Devin Golden: He wasn't happy with how that match ended. Not at all. But "The Wildcard" Jason Randall seems more interested in the North American and X Champion than anyone else. What does this mean for Armistead?




    “The Seeker” by Rush hits to a huge pop for the man known as Starr! He sprints out on stage and soaks it all in, nodding his head before making another sprint towards the ring and slides in underneath the bottom rope

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring from Cleveland, OH, and weighing in at two-hundred & ten pounds...he is Starr!

    Rod Sterling: Starr came up short in his title defense at Quest for the Best and tonight he’s looking to bounce back

    Devin Golden: He seems to be in good spirits despite it all, and to be fair to him the deck was stacked against him in that match…

    Michael Garcia: All that sounds like is excuses Devin! The man lost to a better man and let me tell you right now that man will kill any good spirits left inside of Starr right here tonight!

    As if on cue “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold starts to play and already the crowd begins to boo heavily, with very few select cheers can be heard but they get drowned out. Once the song kicks into high gear, “The King” Dave Sullivan struts out with a swagger in his step, and wearing both title belts on each shoulder as he cockily walks to the ring taking in all of the hate he’s getting from the fans…

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent, making his way to the ring from Pittsburgh, PA and weighing in at two-hundred & ten pounds. He is the current FWA X-Division Champion and he is the NEW FWA North American Champion, he is “The King”...Dave Sullivan!

    Sullivan has entered the ring and stands in the center of the ring, his arms outstretched with both of his title belts on each shoulder as he looks at Starr, jaw jacking with him and motioning towards the NA title belt.

    Michael Garcia: These Jacksonville idiots should learn how to show the duel champion some respect, hell it’s probably the first time they’ve ever seen championship gold in this dump!

    Devin Golden: You need any more chapstick there Mike? How much is Sullivan paying you?

    Rod Sterling: I think what Michael is trying to say is that no matter what you think about this man, you cannot deny his talent.

    Sullivan hands over both titles to the referee but not before telling him to take it easy with them. He then tells Starr to look at the NA title and says, “look familiar?” before laughing at Starr, who doesn’t seem at all phased by Sullivan’s antics.

    Non-title Match
    "The King of Everything" Dave Sullivan vs "The Interstellar Shaman" Starr


    Sullivan begins the match running around Starr, taunting him while laughing. Starr attempts to grab Sullivan, but Sullivan sidesteps him and laughs out loud and turns his back to Starr and looks at the crowd and asks, “can you believe this guy?!”, yet all this does is fire up Starr as Sullivan turns around and he’s met with a dropkick that sends him toppling over the ropes to the outside! He gathers his bearings but before he can really react he’s taken down by Starr with a springboard tope con hilo! The crowd comes alive for this display of athleticism from Starr, who is more fired up than ever before and he tosses Sullivan back in the ring and props him on the middle rope before drilling the champ with an apron knee smash to the dome! Sullivan falls off the middle rope and on to the mat in the ring and Starr makes a cover…

    One...NO! Sullivan gets a shoulder up before two!

    Devin Golden: Starr bringing the fight to the champ champ right now!

    Michael Garcia: Champ champ?! That’s gotta be the most absurd sounding thing you’ve ever said Golden!

    Devin Golden: Oh, you’re through kissing the champ champ’s ass then? Please, tell me what you would call him

    Rod Sterling: Can you two please focus on the match and keep the bickering to a minimum?

    Starr isn’t deterred yet though and delivers a goomba stomp to Sullivan followed by a springboard basement blockbuster! Another pin attempt by Starr on the champ…

    One...T-NO! Sullivan manages to kick out again!

    Starr has Sullivan up for the Lights Out but as he brings him down Sullivan manages to slip out of dodge and counters with a wrist-lock lariat that turns Starr inside out! Sullivan doesn’t waste a moment and starts with the ground and pound on Starr, delivering deadly lefts and rights as Starr does his best to protect himself with his arms up all the while Sullivan trash talks him. Sullivan removes himself and turns to the crowd, and has his arms outstretched still talking smack as the crowd boos him heavily bringing a cocky smirk to his face and he flips the bird to one fan in the front row. He taunts Starr, goading him into getting back up and as Starr manages to get back to his feet he’s met by a vicious roundhouse kick! Sullivan makes the cover hooking the far leg…

    One...TW-NO! This time it’s Starr’s turn to kick out!

    Rod Sterling: Sullivan spending too much time turning to the crowd may come back to bite him

    Michael Garcia: He knows what he’s doing!

    Sullivan laughs at Starr kicking out and goes for more ground and pound, keeping Starr glued to the mat and off the top ropes. He then applies a guillotine choke, with a grapevine wrapping his legs around Starr’s body. Starr has nowhere to go and begins to slowly fade away as Sullivan barks at the official to check on Starr…



    THR-NO! Starr shows signs of life! He begins to shake his arm about, much to the dismay of Sullivan who grabs his arm but Starr has an answer for that with several back elbows to Sullivan’s head before using his other free hand and manages to stretch out to reach the bottom rope to break the hold! With Sullivan in a daze momentarily, Starr uses the ropes as leverage to bring himself back up and as Sullivan sits up he’s drilled by a running busaiku knee smash from Starr! Could this be it?! Starr makes the cover…



    NO! Just before three Sullivan throws his shoulder up, still showing some life left in him even after getting rocked from the running knee but his eyes look a little glazed over. Starr brings him up and hits him with an overhead belly to belly suplex followed by kip up! Sullivan still feeling the affects of that suplex but manages to get up and runs at him but Starr ducks underneath a clothesline attempt and runs the ropes and off the rebound goes to the mat and lies on the mat french girl style and throws up a peace sign at Sullivan!

    Michael Garcia: Now is not the time to be joking around kid!

    Devin Golden: It was okay when Sullivan was doing it though, right?

    Sullivan looks irritated and goes for a kick but Starr avoids it and catches Sullivan with a surprise roll up!




    Sullivan kicks out and rolls underneath the bottom rope on the apron, but Starr is one step ahead and runs around the ring and catches an unsuspecting Sullivan with a hurricanrana from the apron to the outside! Starr takes Sullivan and tosses him back in the ring but Sullivan manages to roll back up and is one knee and Starr comes at him looking for a kick but Sullivan catches his foot and immediately traps him and takes him down with a leg lock! He cranks back on the knee of Starr!

    Michael Garcia: Starr fell right into Sullivan’s trap!

    Rod Sterling: Now he’s got to keep him grounded if he wants to win this match.

    Sullivan continues to focus on Starr’s right leg with several stomps on it, all the while taunting him. Sullivan brings up Starr and irish whips him to the corner, and there he delivers several muay thai kicks to him in the corner. He brings Starr out of the corner, spins him around and is about to go for the Three Rivers consecutive german suplexes, but Starr manages to backflip out of it as Sullivan goes for it and Starr lands gingerly on his knee, favoring it as he lands. Both of them run the ropes, and Starr psyches out Sullivan and catches him with an inverted frankensteiner! Starr climbs up top now, still favoring that knee as he does so, taking his time…

    Rod Sterling: Starr looking to end it with his Shooting Starr Press

    Devin Golden: That knee of his though…

    Starr motions to the crowd before leaping off...BUT SULLIVAN POPS UP AND CATCHES STARR MID-AIR WITH AN RKO!

    Rod Sterling: MAMA MIA!

    Devin Golden: BAH GAWD WHAT A COUNTER!

    Michael Garcia: OH MY GOD!

    Sullivan makes the cover hooking the far leg…




    Here is your winner: "The King of Everything" Dave Sullivan

    Garcia: Fellas, I gotta tell ya….Between Sullivan and Michaud tonight, the FWA is in good hands. These losers like Starr, I mean, Ian Hathaway, and the Cheshire Cat Clan….they learned valuable lessons tonight. Don’t tug on Superman’s cape! Don’t write checks your body can’t cash! Don’t swing at the hornet’s nest! Ya’ll got STUNG tonight!

    Sterling: Hard to argue that when you look at the results here tonight…


    THE FWA POWER 25 – Hosted by Duke Drazin – Wedensdays at 9 PM/8 Central!


    "Turn the Page" by Metallica begins and the crowd turns to the entrance way, where Tristan James Galloway appears. He walks down to the ring wearing his black hat and vest. "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell is already in the ring.

    Devin Golden: The words of Galloway from earlier tonight stick with me. He seems ready to be more proactive with his career, which is interesting. I don't know what it means, honestly. I mean, I have guesses.

    Galloway enters the ring with his usual confident expression while Cromwell looks unfazed.

    Tristan James Galloway vs. "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell

    Galloway begins with a strong grapple and backs the smaller "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell into the corner. Galloway uses repeated elbow thrusts into the throat to stymie Cromwell. He then whips Cromwell across the ring and lands a big clothesline. Galloway has complete control with a scoop powerslam right in the center of the squared circle. He kneels for a quick cover but Cromwell kicks out, as expected, at a quick two. Galloway whips Cromwell into the ropes and telegraphs a back body drop, allowing "Amadeus" to land a running punt-like kick to the chest. Then a Pele kick to the arm and rib area. Then a leg lariat after taking a step back. Cromwell hooks the leg but Gallway kicks out at one and a half.

    Cromwell tries to continue the offense with a whip to the ropes but Galloway reverses it. he misses the boot as Cromwell evades with a baseball slide and lands a leg-hook belly-to-back suplex with surprising power. Galloway kicks out nearly immediately and Cromwell meets him with an uppercut and then a penalty kick to the exposed stomach. Cromwell tries a double underhook suplex but Galloway blocks it and Cromwell switches his tactic to a knee up into the face.

    Cromwell then steps back but Galloway explodes with a gigantic boot to the face. He places a boot down into the back of Cromwell's spine with his hand on the bottom rope. The referee counts to three .... four .... and finally Galloway relinquishes. A few boos come down and the announcers note Galloway's aggressive and line-pushing action. Galloway continues the aggressive offense with a spinning spinebuster in the middle of the ring after whipping Cromwell to the ropes. He hooks the leg but Cromwell kicks free at two and a half.

    Galloway whips Cromwell to the ropes and hits a big sidewalk slam. Galloway leans Cromwell back a bit on the drop and nearly goes head and neck first when coming down. Cromwell's head bounces off the canvas and the referee immediately notices he might be unconscious. Galloway is forced to back up as a hushed tone comes over the arena. Galloway makes a few movements like he wants to continue the match, but the referee holds him back. He then puts up the X sign to notify a medical team member, as Cromwell hasn't moved.

    Devin Golden: Scary moment. Has to be a concussion or some sort of head injury for "Amadeus".

    Michael Garcia: Galloway looks fierce out there tonight.

    Galloway again tries to end the match but the referee backs him away. Galloway finally brushes the ref to the side and grabs Cromwell. The match hasn't yet ended and Galloway shouts, "I'M GONNA END IT FOR HIM!" The "Carcinogen Crush" crucifix powerbomb rocks the canvas, and Galloway kneels next to Cromwell. Rather than going for the pin, though, he yanks the foe up a second time and does the "Shattered Symphony" jackhammer. While he has Cromwell in mid-air, Golden and Rod Sterling shout that "this is enough" and "pin him and end the match already!"

    Michael Garcia: Nothing wrong with this! The match isn't over! Galloway is just going for the win. He's doing what he SHOULD do.

    The referee calls for the bell as Galloway has Cromwell coming down for the jackhammer, and the fans boo. However, Galloway tells the referee he did nothing wrong. "The match wasn't done," he says. The referee acknowledges this as true and then says, "It is now. So leave."

    Winner via Knockout: Tristan James Galloway

    Galloway puts his hands up and backs away, but before leaving says, "I won, right?" The referee nods and Galloway's smile emerges.

    Rod Sterling: Not sure what to make of THAT. All he seemed to care about was whether he won or not. Galloway doesn't have any remorse for hurting Kevin Cromwell? He might've ended his career for all we know!

    Those words resonate for the viewers at home. Galloway does not look to be a likable person in this moment, but he simply holds up his hands and keeps saying, "I was just trying to win. I was just trying to win."

    He steps over the ropes and leaving to a few scattered boos from fans for their dislike of his pseudo-harmful actions during the match.

    Golden: I….I have no idea what we just saw…

    Garcia: I’ll tell you what we just saw! The theme of the night, Goldy! Everyone’s eyes are becoming opened to the realization of what happens when you play with fire! Cromwell got burned! And he…

    Sterling: Oh dear….this isn’t good…Medical personnel are coming out here….okay, Ladies and Gentlemen,we’re going to cut away from this scene out here and take you back to uh….anything else….literally anything else. This is disturbing.


    Phillip A.Jackson is pacing around backstage muttering over and over.

    PAJ: One. One. One. One. One.

    Jackson scratches his head viciously as Viktor walks up on his mentor. Viktor is immediately concerned.

    Maximus: Phillip? Are you okay?

    Jackson stares at the floor, before realizing he is being addressed.

    PAJ: One. Viktor. One. I mean, yes I am fine. Stop being concerned about me. Next week, Viktor. I want you to meet me in the ring. Okay? I will be out there and I will summon you. This is the most important thing you will ever need in your career. Just do that for me.

    Viktor looks at his mentor.

    Viktor: Phillip, what the hell is happening? Since the park you’ve been weird as shit. Tell me what’s going on? Stop this madness

    Jackson slowly raises his head and shakes his head.

    Jackson: Stop? That is out of the question. It is not the right time. I don’t have a choice but like I said. One week. One Moment. One destiny. It will explain everything. I promise. I will make sure of that. Okay?

    Jackson sighs.

    Jackson: Just please do as I say.

    Viktor nods in response and is met by Jackson nodding and he quickly scurries away continuing to say One over and over thinking hard about it as he walks down towards the locker rooms, with the staff and wrestlers looking bemused at Jackson.


    Gabrielle Montgomery vs Cyrus Truth at the Anniversary Show? For $9.99?
    Exclusively on the FWA Network!


    "One Headlight" by The Wallflowers begins and the crowd applauds the entrance of XYZ, one half of the reigning FWA Tag Team Champions. XYZ has a crazed expression as he walks to the ring with a dark green jacket that hangs down to his shins. XYZ walks to the ring with the championship around his waist and receives a few cheers from the fans along the way.

    The New Breed's theme music begins and "The Protege" Sean Hughes comes to the ring. The crowd mostly jeers the cocky, arrogant star and member of "The Prodigy" Mike Parr's faction. XYZ waits in his corner with his jacket off and black pants with streaks of light green along each pant leg. "The Protege" is a clean-cut, clean-shaved youngster with a smirk that says a thousand words about what he thinks of everyone around him.

    Singles Match
    XYZ vs "The Protege" Sean Hughes

    XYZ and "The Protege" Sean Hughes circle the ring once before locking arms. They struggle for a few seconds trying to overpower the other, with each teasing to do so before giving back their edge. Hughes finally stomps on the foot of XYZ and overpowers him into a front head lock. Hughes tightens around the neck and XYZ finally pries the hands apart before kicking Hughes into the gut.

    XYZ yanks Hughes toward him with both hands and hits a back body drop while keeping his lock on the wrists. XYZ turns 180 degrees and stomps into Hughes' chest while holding the wrists up in the air. XYZ tries a cover but Hughes kicks out at one. Hughes is sent into the ropes and fires back with a running blockbuster. Hughes hits a standing plancha to the fallen XYZ after a clothesline. Then he goes for the quick cover, but XYZ kicks out at one.

    Hughes whips XYZ into the far-away turnbuckle and lands a running jumping back elbow into the face. The New Breed member tries a hammerlock DDT but XYZ lands a double leg takedown into a front-flip leg-hooking bridged pin! But Hughes kicks out at a short two. XYZ bounces up fast and lands a spinning heel kick. Then he runs off the ropes but is met with a quick overhead belly-to-belly suplex from Hughes.

    Hughes grabs the tag team champion and backs him into the ropes with repeated forearms to the chest. Whip to the ropes and XYZ ducks a clothesline. Hughes runs to the ropes and XYZ jumps to the top rope and back flips over a charging Hughes. He lands and hits a head-scissors takedown when Hughes turns! The crowd cheers the athleticism and XYZ quickly hits a hip toss on Hughes and a slow falling knee drop. XYZ then covers.

    ...............1..................2........Kick out!

    The action continues between the two, in an evenly matched contest. XYZ uses his athleticism to hit a snap suplex and kick-up to an elbow drop. Hughes hits a corkscrew moonsault after a big suplerplex to stymie XYZ's top-rope move.

    Hughes goes for a cover but XYZ kicks out at two and a half. Hughes tries a whip to the ropes and superkick but XYZ dodges it and hits a hurricarana, much to the fans' delight. XYZ grabs Hughes around the neck and whips him to the ropes. He teases the Tornado DDT finisher but Hughes counters with a back body drop/snake eyes sending XYZ face first into the turnbuckle. Hughes turns and hits a superkick right under the jaw. XYZ falls and Hughes jumps to the turnbuckle and hits Perfection Personified elbow drop. He covers with the far leg hooked and it's an easy 1-2-3 pinfall for Hughes against one half of the FWA Tag Team Champions!

    Winner: "The Protege" Sean Hughes

    After the match, "The Protege" Sean Hughes motions for a championship belt around his waist. He then points to the FWA Tag Team Championship belt and says, "Ours soon!" XYZ is still laying in the ring and Hughes chuckles to himself amid the sweat he built from the match. He then says, "IT'S A MATTER OF TIME, WARRIORS. IT'S A MATTER OF TIME."

    Garcia: Ya hear that, boys! It’s a matter of time! The New Breed, FWA Tag Team Champions! I like the sound of that! Even if it does benefit that punk ass bitch Mike Parr…

    Sterling: Big time statement from the Number One Contenders here tonight! The Warriors have got to be better than that if they want to take down the New Breed!


    Don’t forget to catch FWA Superstars on Family Feud this week! Cyrus Truth leads a team of Gabrielle, Wolf, Lord Dogg, and Penny against Chris Kennedy, Bell Connelly, Dave Sullivan, Mike Parr, and Izzy Van Doren! All week on GSN!


    Vacuity - Gojira begins and the crowd turns its attention to the entrance ramp. "The Immortal" Phillip A. Jackson, a two-time World Champion, appears with the crowd cheering loudly. Jackson soaks in the cheers, a rare experience for the oft-disliked FWA veteran. He looks around and then is joined by "The Destruction" Viktor Maximus, his protege.

    Devin Golden:Phillip A. Jackson, what a stable force in the FWA.

    Michael Garcia:His legend is dwarfed by Viktor Maximus, though. That dude is something to look at.

    Devin Golden: Didn't know you tilted your hand that way, Mike.

    Maximus stomps down to the ring while Jackson walks right in the middle of the aisle. Maximus looks to be a perfect bodyguard. The former tag team champions hop up to the apron and Jackson steps through while Maximus goes over the top.

    Devin Golden:There are many layers to this matchup. First, how will the PAJ Project respond after a disappointing loss at Quest for the Best. The Warriors of Virtue won the tag team titles and we've already heard rumblings of Jackson and Viktor asking for a rematch. Who knows if that'll happen or not with the crowded tag team division. You have to think The New Breed is in the mix after Sean Hughes' win against XYZ earlier tonight.

    Michael Garcia: For me, it's whether Gabrielle and Cyrus Truth will work together. We saw them earlier in the show. They don't seem to be best friends. How will tha...

    Devin Golden: Great analysis, Mike. Riveting stuff.

    Cyrus Truth's music hits with the opening violin chords. The reigning FWA World Champion heads down to the ring with his title belt around his waist. He walks to the apron and steps up, mostly getting stern looks from the fans with a few boos sprinkled in. Cyrus doesn't care, at all.

    The mood changes when "Envy" by KZH hits. Gabrielle Montgomery slowly walks out in her elegant style. The crowd cheers wildly for the multi-time World Champion, one who knows Phillip A. Jackson well from their feud over the belt a few years ago. Golden and Garcia comment on that history during her entrance, and Gabrielle enters the ring from the opposite side of Cyrus. She immediately takes a spot on the apron and lets Cyrus go first, much to the champ's surprise.

    Michael Garcia: If you think these two aren't gonna play mind games with one another tonight, then think again.

    "The Exiled" Cyrus Truth and "The Caramel Goddess" Gabrielle Montgomery vs The PAJ Project (Phillip A. Jackson and Viktor Maximus)

    "The Exiled" Cyrus Truth and Phillip A. Jackson start it out. The bell rings and the two circle the ring twice before locking arms around the neck. Cyrus lands a big knee up into the stomach and backs Jackson into the turnbuckle. Cyrus then whips Jackson across the ring to the opposite corner. He lands a big clothesline and follows with another whip across to the original turnbuckle. Jackson dodges this clothesline and hits a falling neckbreaker to reverse the momentum.

    Jackson grabs Cyrus around the neck and locks in a side arm twist. He tags in Viktor, who lands a clubbing blow into the exposed shoulder where Jackson was twisting. Viktor follows Cyrus around the ring with more clubbing forearms, these landing in the middle of the World Champion's spine. Viktor whips Cyrus into the ropes and hits a military press drop, showcasing his brute strength in a match against peons.

    Devin Golden: Viktor Maximus is the PERFECT compliment to Phillip A. Jackson. That's partly why they've had such great success in the tag team division.

    Viktor whips Cyrus into the ropes and tries another military press drop, but Cyrus slides off the back before Viktor can get him in a good grip and the World Champion lands a backstabber-esque move. Cyrus quickly tags in Gabrielle and Jackson tags himself in on Viktor's shoulder. Gabrielle enters slowly and Jackson enters fast. The two eye one another up for about 10 seconds as the crowd cheers. Gabrielle begins circling the ring and Jackson follows suit. They lock up after a half orbit and Jackson quickly gets a rear waist lock. Gabrielle smiles with a dirty smirk as Jackson is hip to hip behind her. She then grabs Jackson's wrist and twists, then transitions into a wrist-lock arm drag. She rolls with Jackson to keep it applied and begins bending the fingers back. Viktor reaches and makes the tag on the hurting Jackson, who quickly leaves the ring. Viktor tries a clothesline but Gabrielle ducks and counters with a kick to the stomach and a step-up enzuiguri!

    Gabrielle quickly hits a split-legged leg drop and goes for a cover, but Jackson breaks it up at one. Cyrus was too slow getting into the ring, and Gabrielle immediately turns to him and does a "what are you doing?" shoulder and hand expression. Cyrus blows it off and Viktor uses the distraction to level Gabrielle with a running forearm.

    Viktor continues the offense with a running powerslam and fallaway slam to the former champ and the current No. 1 contender to the FWA World Championship. Viktor hits a big Samoan drop and then goes for the pinfall. Cyrus doesn't come in to break it up and Gabrielle kicks out at two and three-quarters on her own!

    Devin Golden: Gabrielle played some mind games to begin and now Cyrus is doing it. He didn't come in to break up the pin!

    Viktor whips Gabrielle into the ropes and the Hall of Famer ducks a big clothesline and hits a Head Over Heels diving hurricarana after running up to the ropes! What a move, and now Jackson tags in while Gabrielle goes over and SLAPS the chest of Cyrus Truth, obviously upset he didn't come in to help her earlier when she was being pinned.

    Michael Garcia: Things are getting testy now!

    Cyrus eyes Gabrielle for about 10 seconds and turns in time to be on the receiving end of a brutal running knee from Jackson. Cyrus rolls to the apron and Jackson backs up and takes a spot in the middle with the ref standing between he and Cyrus. The Truth charges forward with a clothesline which Jackson ducks and connects with a PAJle Kick! Gabby runs in to get involved but eats a heel kick to the jaw! Gabby rolls to the outside as PAJ turns his attention back to Cyrus, and drills him with a lightning fast DDT! Meanwhile, on the outside, Gabby uses the barricade to pull herself up as Viktor Maximus charges straight at her full speed ahead! But Gabby moves out of the way at the last possible second and Viktor goes CRASHING through the barricade! A “Holy Shit” chant breaks out as Gabby begins to stumble back over to her corner! But back in the ring, Phillip has slid out of a Journey’s End and lands on his feet in a rear waist lock! Cyrus with a standing switch into a rear waistlock of his own, but PAJ counters one more time and connects with a release German Suplex! Phillip drags The Truth to the center of the ring and climbs up to the top rope! PAJ leaps off the top with the Amazing Splash! His momentum causes him to bounce off the cover (ala RVD) so he crawls back over….

    But Gabby quickly picks him up and delivers the Caramel Coated DDT! Gabby covers PAJ!





    Golden: Wha…I’m not totally sure I understand how that happened….Was Gabby the legal competitor?

    Here are your winners @ 13:45 – “The Caramel Goddess” Gabrielle Montgomery and The FWA World Champion Cyrus Truth!

    Sterling: Well, we’re going to take you back to Instant Replay here, and as you’re going to see, when Phillip sent Cyrus back in that Release German, Gabby reached in and just caught the back left shoulder of the FWA Champion!

    Garcia: No ring awareness from Phillip, Sterling! That’s all I saw!

    Gabby basked in the love from the crowd for a few moments before looking down at the champ with a disappointed look upon her face. She shook her head before rolling out of the ring and walking up the ramp. She looks back into the ring to see that Cyrus has rolled to the corner, trying to get back to his feet, as Phillip now sits in the center of the ring with a blank look on his face. Viktor gets back into the ring, putting together what just happened, and offers a hand to Phillip,who shakes his head and leaves the ring on his own. Viktor looks out at his dejected partner with some visible concern as we go to commercial break!

    Sterling: Well, folks, when we come back, “The Astonishing One” Chris Kennedy is here! But what in God’s name does he have to say tonight? Stay tuned! The Son of No One returns! NEXT!



    "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve plays and out walks "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy, to a big pop from the crowd, an even ratio of boos and cheers. He isn't smiling, his face is very serious and stoic. He struts down the ramp, ignoring the few fans that do reach out for high fives. He slides into the ring, microphone in hand, to address the crowd.

    He enters the ring, microphone in hand. He waits for the crowd to die down a bit before speaking.

    Chris Kennedy: At Quest For The Best, I vowed to officiate the World Title Match fairly and justly. That opportunity was taken away from me by Cyrus Truth, much like so many opportunities in this place since he crawled out of that garbage fire that was the CWA. Where is Bell Connelly? She's at home nursing an injury. Surprise surprise, the same man who injured me, injured my girlfriend. Cyrus Truth keeps taking and taking and taking, I started to ask myself what I have left to give. Day in and day out, I wake up and I look at myself in the mirror, look myself dead in the eyes and tell myself "You are the greatest. There is no one like you and there never will be again. I believe it. You people used to believe it. Deep down, Cyrus Truth believes it. Cyrus rests cozy knowing that he has it all, the whole world in his hands. But what about me? What about Chris Kennedy? THERE WOULD BE NO FWA IF NOT FOR ME! I MADE THIS PLACE WHAT IT IS AND WITHOUT ME, THIS PLACE WOULD HAVE BURNED DOWN TO THE GROUND BACK IN 2012, JUST LIKE CWA NOW.

    Kennedy's hair is disheveled and his face turns beet red. He stops to collect himself and catch his breath, before continuing.

    Chris Kennedy: Ungrateful, all of you. Every single one of you inbred parasites, the ones that used to chant myself, you all chant for him now. I get it man, you like what's new and exciting. Your attention span is too inadequate for you to ever commit to anything for the long haul. Well I'll tell you this, right here and right now. It doesn't matter if you like me or don't like me, it doesn't matter if you like him more, and I'll be goddamned honest, it doesn't even matter that Bell Connelly couldn't get the job done and is holed up in a hospital. All that matters is that I am back, and I'm coming for that FWA Championship. It was mine, and I want it back.

    The crowd begins booing Kennedy heavily and this gets him to crack a smile for the first time.

    Chris Kennedy: You can boo all you want, you know I'm telling the truth. Every time I set my sights on the FWA Championship, I acquire it. FIVE TIME WORLD CHAMPION. More than anyone in the history of this company. I achieved all of that through hard work and loyalty. What the hell do you people know about loyalty? The first bit of CWA trash that comes walking through those curtains, you all worship the ground he walks on. What happens now, that the CWA is folding? Are you going to cheer every loser that walks down that ramp? Go ahead, that's fine. The entire CWA roster can march down that ramp and I'll treat them like I did Cyrus Truth when we first faced because I AM CHRIS KENNEDY AND I---

    Matt Dusk's "Back In Town" plays over the PA system and out walks CWA's very own KRASH! The crowd goes absolutely nuts. The announcers have to SCREAM to be heard through the raucous crowd noise as Krash appears in the FWA for the very first time.

    Rod Sterling: WHAT THE HELL!?! That's KRASH!!!

    Michael Garcia: He's from CWA, isn't he?

    Rod Sterling: YES!

    Devin Golden: Ask! And you shall receive!

    Krash makes his way down the ramp to a huge pop from the crowd. The fans begin a loud "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" chant. Krash never wavers in staring right at Chris Kennedy inside the ring, though. He enters the ring and comes face to face with Chris Kennedy.

    The tension is palpable for about 15 seconds. Kennedy is silent and Krash just stands in front of him with no microphone or way of speaking. Cell phone picture flashes are going off all around the arena as the camera pans out to view Krash and "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy from afar, with the crowd all standing and watching, making them feel like gods and ants all at once.

    Finally, after about 30 seconds and once the cameras close in on the two again, the silence breaks.

    Chris Kennedy: Who the hell are you?

    Krash says nothing. The crowd begins a loud "KRASH! KRASH! KRASH!" chant. Kennedy simply ignores them, the plebeians that he views them as.

    Chris Kennedy: I asked you a question, idiot. Who the hell do you think you are to interrupt me!?! I am The ASTONISHING CHRIS KENNEDY. I AM THE GREATEST---


    The crowd loses its collective mind! The cameras inside the arena showing the feed is now shaking. Cups and trash is flying through the air like its the 2013 era of FWA. This moment before their eyes is history in the making and they all seem to be aware that they are a part of it. Cell phone flashes continue, albeit fewer than before as the fans now are just in a state of delirium.

    Krash nods at the crowd before running up the turnbuckle.

    Michael Garcia: No no no...

    Devin Golden: Yes, Yes, YES!

    Krash launches off the top, hitting Kennedy with his finisher "Daybreaker" aerial finisher. The crowd pops wildly yet again. Everyone is going nuts. Another "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT" chant begins. Then a "THANK YOU, KRASH!" chant follows and Krash gives a head nod and solo chest bump to acknowledge the crowd.

    Michael Garcia: We've just seen the DAYBREAKER in the FWA, this is...

    Devin Golden: It's incredible, is what it is!

    Krash smiles at the fallen Kennedy, who is knocked out cold. He looks back at the crowd and nods, but still says nothing as his theme hits and he exits the ring. The fans' cheering has simmered but remains as a vocal force as the camera remains focused on the face and posture of Krash.

    The final image is Krash looking down at Kennedy, who is off screen, and then looking up around the arena while the fans shower him with cheers.

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    Re: Fight Night 5/10/19 RESULTS

    May I be the first to welcome Smooth Jazz Wolf to the FWA?

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    Re: Fight Night 5/10/19 RESULTS

    I’m just bummed that Krash’s theme isn’t “The Kill” anymore This new theme fits though so it’s okay.

    Welcome aboard Woflie/Krash!

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 5/10/19 RESULTS

    Backstage, Cyrus Truth sees all of this happen and he just smiles.

    Good to have you back, Wolfie.
    Something Witty!

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    Re: Fight Night 5/10/19 RESULTS

    Here comes the GOAT.

    Great show over all, developing stories, people coming out of their shells. good stuff all around
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Fight Night 5/10/19 RESULTS

    Sup lads.

    Good to be back in the RPing mix. Been reading along with FWA from the sidelines here and there, so I'm happy to join this FWA universe. I'll still be updating the CWA show in the meantime (and when I'm not studying. Free time is a rarity.), so rest assured that'll get taken care of in time. Props to Sayer who reached out to me to gauge interest months ago, and understood at that time I was too busy to add FWA into my life at that time. Now it's slightly less busy, so I can accommodate FWA, but Sayer helped bridge the gap between me and FWA, so to say, so props to him. I've missed being able to create and build stories in the e-fedding universes, so I'm happy to be back in the groove of things.

    Fun fact: FWA will be the first fed I join without a tag partner to ease me in or bounce ideas off of. Let's see if I can find my footing without that. (worst case scenario, I'll just bring in Dreyer too for the tag division)

    Now to try and find where I saved my FWA profile...


    I'm not good at signatures.

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    Re: Fight Night 5/10/19 RESULTS

    Fun show all around.

    I'm not familiar with Krash, but he seems like a big deal.

    And its about time that Kennedy guy got off his ass...

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    Re: Fight Night 5/10/19 RESULTS

    I know I'm a mod now but I can still do the in-depth reviews.

    • Krash is here. This is big, and it's a massive jolt of energy to the FWA. There are so so so so so many enticing feuds involving him. Props to Sayer for getting him on board. That's a big win for Sayer.
    • I love the development of some of the mid-card guys. Galloway had a good, interesting segment on this show and the incidents from his match are foretelling of a character change, which is probably much-needed. But it'll be interesting how it happens.
    • To add on to the previous point, Randy Ramon is back in action and got a W, plus had a cool segment.
    • Randall also got a W in a tagger and was relevant on this show. Armistead and Randall having a little thing there is cool. Interesting to see how Armistead, Randall, and Ramon all fit into the mid-card scene. Speaking of...
    • Sullivan looking strong is great for the FWA mid-card division. Whoever beats him will look awesome and be deserving.
    • The Cyrus-Gabrielle segment was really really good and a great kick-off to the next run of shows leading to a PPV.

    • Starr needs a win and he took a tough-luck loss against Sullivan. That's just tough for Starr, honestly.
    • Mac losing to one of the Cheshire Cat Clan people sucks but at least he brutalized them afterward.
    • The tag team division took a back seat a bit on this show.
    • A lot of the matches felt unimportant or just filler/bridge. As a booking team, we should push for more interesting and meaningful matches on Fight Night. Title matches, contendership matches, stipulation matches. Something to fire up the roster.
    • Not a con but more so a point that could be a con for next show if it continues: Krash not speaking can only work for so long. I like the silent debut. It's different than most people when they come to the FWA. But he needs to talk on the next show. I wanna know why he's here, and I wanna know why Kennedy.

    Or it's a Sting Crow gimmick and he NEVER talks, like ever. But you have to commit to that and it's tough to write a promo for that type of gimmick.

    This show was one of the best in a while from a standpoint of relevant segments and character development, especially in the mid-card. The matches didn't feel important, though. Just feels like everything is filler on the road to the PPV when matches "matter." 7/10 from me.
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    Shannon O'Neal
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    Re: Fight Night 5/10/19 RESULTS

    so much hype in this thread. did kazadi come back to fight sullivan?

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    Re: Fight Night 5/10/19 RESULTS

    Wouldnt be a bad thought now would it, Jon?

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    Re: Fight Night 5/10/19 RESULTS

    The midcard in FWA is so good right now, there's such a strong group of characters there.

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