I can't believe I haven't made this thread previously.

Obviously I'm a high man on the Black Country lads, but I think it's fairly universal that Trent has turned into a great tag wrestler in the last year and a bit with the MM/Undisputed Era tags being tremendous and MM are one of the only things on NXT UK with a pulse. His ceiling as a singles competitor is lower than Bate and Dunne's, but I still think he's really good as a singles wrestler. Yesterday I watched Water/Seven title Vs title from the last Progress weekend and it's a legitimately great match and he's just as good as Walter in it, he shows a lot of desire to prove himself in it as a top level singles wrestler. They had a great match last year as well. He'll need more of that and more Takeover MOTNs to probably get into my top 50 (because comedy Trent shows up way too much in Progress and that's a negative with me), but he's a possibility to make my list for sure.