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Thread: Fight Night Promo Thread for 5/10/19

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    Fight Night Fight Night Promo Thread for 5/10/19

    Please post your promos in here. The promo deadline is 23:59 PST on Thursday May, 9th. This is 2:59 EST and 7:59 BST on Friday, May 10th. Extensions are available on request up until 24 hours before deadline. Any request made after this WILL be automatically denied unless an emergency occurs. Extensions will also be granted to all participants in a match if one participant receives an extension.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread for 5/10/19

    = = I’m everyone’s friend, except to my enemies = =

    I was calm on the outside, but thinking all the time...
    Now it was to be Gabby the General, saying what we should do and what not to do...
    And FWA as her mindless greeding bulldog...
    But suddenly, I viddied that thinking was for the gloopy ones...
    Now, it was lovely music that came into my aid. There was a window open with the stereo on, and I viddied right at once what to do...

    A camera opens to black before being blinded by fiery orange neon lights lining the walls of this dark, grungy hallway. The camera travels further down as we hear a rendition of the Funeral of Queen Mary. At the end of the long corridor, a single spotlight shines down on a figure sitting in a chair surrounded by men and women lying at their feet. The camera trails in closer and we see the inked, pale skin belonging to one individual on the FWA roster: Izzy Van Doren. She’s wearing a Clockwork Orange inspired outfit with all white shirt, skirt, and suspenders and a dark pair of heels. The one eye with long eyelashes stands out against her ivory white skin. She stands up with the assistance of a cane. The camera getting a worm’s eye view sees a new maniacal grin forming with her ruby red lips. Sounds of static interrupt as we cut back to Izzy staring blankly into the camera. Her raspy, monotone voice breaks the silence.

    I see it… I saw it… The FWA World Championship in my hands… and I let it slip out of my fingers one more time. I realized quickly that life isn’t always fair. Sadness.. Loneliness… Pain are all something I’m akin to. I realize that the only thing that brings me joy is inflicting misery on others. Because is it better for a person to willingly choose evil, than to have good forced upon them? It may be wrong to some, but how many of you are perfect, sinless people? Because I have the balls to stab someone in the front rather than their back, I am the bad guy. Despite me being vilified and hated for saying the right thing, I have never lost my passion for this business. I still love to fight, scratch, claw someone’s eyes and eat them like grapes. I will do a-ny-thing to get the job done and I don’t care who I offend along the way.

    Does that make me a sociopath? Does that make me crazy? I must be a maniac, but let's stop pointing fingers. Half the world lives in poverty but here you are on the internet with a roof over your head and food in your fridge and you are still judging me for being a bad person. Because people want to live in a world with rose petals and pay no attention to the thorns… It's funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you watch them on a screen.

    We see a quick glimpse of Izzy in full color before quickly switching back to black and white. She grimaces at the camera.

    Penny… You and I really are destined to do this forever, aren’t we? I was looking back to last year when I had my first match in FWA against you. And I won. And then the next week was Back in Business. And I won. And the next week we teamed together. And we won. Teaming with you was pretty great, Penny. Time of my life really. I gave you that cat because you meant something to me. You carried it around with you and I saw you week after week with your “family”. I thought it was cute that you carried a piece of me with you. But then… I got suspended. I thought I’d be welcomed back into FWA, but everyone kinda turned their backs on me. And I didn’t hear from you anymore, and then we grew apart…

    I didn’t have anyone back there to be my friend, I had to rely on myself…

    And I started to hate you. You abandoned me. You threw me away just like everyone else in my life has done. We’ve faced each other on multiple occasions. We traveled together. We were the best of friends…

    Static shakes the screen as we see Izzy screaming into the black room and deep primal roars come from her body.

    YOU… you…

    Izzy points at the camera, somewhat laughing to herself and sucking on her teeth.

    You threw all of it away, Penny… You left me by myself in this world when I offered to take you along with me. Now I know you’ve had your own trials and tribulations yourself. You’ve been off fighting your own demons and giants, and when the going got tough, Penny, what did you do? You crumbled. You had Jason as your knight in shining armor. Meanwhile, I rose to the top of FWA and like that *snap* I had it taken away. People think that after breaking into James Hughes’ house, trying to break Gabby’s arms, I am not fit to be in that ring anymore. But if you honestly think that I’m not stable enough to compete, then you have no idea of what I am capable of.

    Static returns as we see Izzy laughing like a mad woman to herself before screaming into the camera.

    The thousand yard stare you’ve acquired says insecurity about your career. You’re anything but stupid, You have to see the writing is on the wall. You have a tactician’s mind the devil’s tongue. So really Penny, where does it go from here? Another X Championship contendership opportunity? How many of those have you come up short on? I offered to take you out of this life and you turned me down? I asked to ride with you again and you said no… Part of me thinks that that was Jason in your ear, but like I keep telling you Penny, he’s the one keeping you down there with him. Jason will do anything in his power to “protect” you… but he can’t save you from me. I will do EVERYTHING in my power to hurt you, to show no mercy. Because that’s what you deserve Penny. A beating within an inch of YOUR life at MY hands. Don’t get me wrong, my motivation isn’t to just hurt you, but you will simply be just an example. An example of what I do to people that cross me. An example of what I do to the backstabbers and cheats of this world. An example of what an FWA under my thumb would look like.

    LOOK INTO MY EYES, PENNY!! LOOK INTO MY EYES AND DO YOU SEE ANY REMORSE?! NO! BECAUSE IT’S LONG GONE! I pulled every punch I ever threw on you and it only made you think less of me! I tried being your friend, Penny. I tried so hard, but now these will be the eyes you look into when I make you tap out… These are the eyes you see as you SCREAM, CRY, AND BEG me to let go of the Coral Fang. THESE will be the eyes you look into as I rip sinew and tear your shoulder from its socket. And I won’t. let. go.

    Izzy grits her teeth as her maniacal laughs are intercut with her staring dead eye and angrily into the camera.

    When you tell me to stop, that will be the moment of bliss that I should’ve had a long time ago. What I should’ve had when I laid out Gabrielle. What I should’ve had when I raised that FWA World Championship.

    Izzy’s hand lifts into the air, forming a finger gun along the way.

    Now, I’m going to shoot you out of the sky, little bird.

    ...She cocks her gun and takes her shot. A gleaming success.

    And then, you’re going to fall right into these tender caring arms of mine... And you learn there are three inevitabilities in life: death… taxes… and Izzy Van Doren beats Penny…

    Izzy laugh bellows out of her. Her laugh growing more crazed and fanatical and turning more demonic in effect. Static cuts to Izzy pummeling both Jason Randall and Penny. Izzy seething and pacing in front of the camera looking more disheveled in the time away.

    Jason… you pathetic little man. You try to ruin everything I put together. I won’t forget about you. If you try to interfere in my systematic beat down of your little psycho bitch girlfriend… I promise you won’t be able to protect your little girlfriend... because You think you're such hot shit, but you don't stack up in my book. I’m going to break every single one of those bones in your body. I’ve beaten you so many times before and this time will be no different. You think fighting in the X Division is bad, wait until you get a load of my new… viewpoint...

    Izzy is seen sitting back down in her chair as her voice continues under the footage.

    And Dominic, just stay out of my way… You are not a savior of anything. You're so new around hereTo be honest I could do this shit all by myself because I’ve beaten both of these LIARS, these TRAITORS and when the “Mad Kingdom” comes crashing down at MY feet, I will stand over them. And I’m not coming to Jacksonville to battle… I’m there to settle a war… There’s nothing like a good old blood feud to get you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence...

    Izzy holds a glass of probably some alcoholic drink. She gulps it down in one sitting before smashing the glass on the floor.

    A symbol of our understanding… An understanding between two…

    ...friẹ̷͚͚̐̋͋̍̈̔̈̑̐̎͛n̸̢̡̬͇̫̒́̃̈́͌̀͛͂̀̆̌̏̉ḑ̷̠̤̱̦̪̹͚̟̪̋s̶̨̢̛͇̬̺͖̜̠̳͐̈́͌̎̀̒̀̈́̆̔̊̀͒͝.̷̡̠͓̭͙͎͍̞̺̪̥̦̯̑̆̄̈́ ̶̯̺̭̙̜̩͙̱̘̯͛̓́͑̆͑͆̽̚ͅ.̵̻͈͎͈̙͚̺͖̰͈̻̟̱̰͈̃̄̌̂̌͒͛̓̉̕͝ ̵̢̨̰̭̭̺̻͎͙̖̎̉̚.̸̼̳̥̐̐͘ ̵̧̼̫̍͒̽̈́͠͝͝͠

    The camera closes in on her face as she winks at the camera with the trademark Alex DeLarge one eyelashed eye. Smash cut to black as we hear more of Izzy’s laugh and thunder rolling in the distance.
    𝖍𝖚𝖗𝖙 // 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖑

    x x x x x x x x x

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread for 5/10/19

    Welcome To The Dark Forest

    We open up inside The Dark Forest which is the home for Crowe, Alice, Nova Cheshire Cat Clan. Alice runs into the screen.

    We see Crowe and Nova who are seen dancing around a fire with a purple smoke coming from the tip of the flame. They stop as the begin to play rock, paper, scissors as the winner of it is Crowe.

    Crowe: Oh What fun to be have.

    Nova: Stars just didn't aligned

    Alice: He did not want us to play.

    Crowe: It is ok there is always next time.

    Alice: We wanna play.

    Nova: Early bird gets the worm.

    Crowe: But, the Crowe always knows dusk before the dawn of day.

    Crowe looks into the flame warming his hands he smiles as his two siblings dance around him singing about the Cheshire Cat. The music plays in the background as we see him look into the flame.

    Crowe: They think we are crazy. They want to throw us in the padded room lock the door turn off all the lights and toss us away. We were broken, we were lost, we were forgotten, we were unloved, we were an island of misfit toys with no purpose, no home, just faces in the crowd.

    Alice: They told us that. They brainwashed us told us how to act , how to talk what was up and what was down.

    Nova: They said we lived in a fantasy world, take this pill, talk to this doctor, tell us why momma and daddy said that we weren't like the other kids that the stars didn't align and that we needed to wake up from our fantasies.

    Crowe: He told us we were special, he told us to follow the path into The Dark Forest. In a place where we weren't the freaks but, we were the normal. That all our wants, all our needs would be answered that we would get the one thing that we always wanted.

    Alice: Love.

    Nova: Something To Believe In.

    Crowe: A Family.

    Crowe smiles as he hugs Alice & Nova but, the begin all shaking there heads as the music speeds up and everything begins to spin.

    Crowe: See when they put people in front of us, its like that are trying to break up the family, they are trying to hurt the family. Mac you are in our way, you are trying to hurt us. We are not going back to being alone.

    Alice: He told us, you were coming.

    Nova: He said you would try and take this all away.

    Nova hugs his family as they begin talking to one another. The words seem deranged but, serious thought out as if they were being told to say.

    Crowe: Mac Michard you are just another person afraid of the dark and act like we are the monsters. We are not monsters...We ARE NOT FREAKS. We are just trying to get that happy ever after we were promised. You are going to fall down the rabbit hole and you are going to find yourself lost in The Dark Forest and you are going to be in our world.

    Alice: In our Wonderland, in a place where people like you...people who don't understand who haven't seen what we saw who hasn't open there eyes, minds, and hearts to the wisdom to the sermon from The Cheshire Cat will fall and who will see what the true face of evil really is when it stares you directly in the face.

    Nova: That no matter how hard you try, how hard you wish, you are not the hero of the story. You are a villain.

    Crowe: Under False Pretense, set to exile, what we hold true.

    Alice: That makes us Blue.

    Nova runs in screaming I got a idea as he smiles spinning around looking up into the night sky counting the stars as he speaks.

    Crowe: Speak tell us your plan

    Alice: That idea in your head.

    Nova: Have you ever looked upon a star, you notice that they are not alone. They are all one and one for all. A family that extends no matter how far the go apart. What if we showed Mac the way? What if we was brought to us not to perish but join us on our hunt to make our family great? What of we brought him to you know who

    Crowe: What if he doesn't wanna come. What if he is like what thought he was.

    Alice: Crowe & Nova we can never tell so we will beat him over and over until he wakes up and we all become one.

    Crowe: Mac we are coming do not be scared, embrace your new family, welcome yourself to our ways.

    Nova: If you play hide and seek we will find you no matter where you are.

    Alice: Sooner or later you will be found.

    They begin to sing as the camera pans out away into The Dark Forest the flame growing dimmer and dimmer as a evil laugh is heard as we fade to black.

    Come play be the fire
    Mac we wont attack unless you shoot upon
    What is up what is down
    He showed us that The Dark Forest has the answers that need to be found
    Walk one by one
    See the family whose hearts beat as one
    We will play our favorite game
    Ring around the rosie
    Until He says our names


    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    Brayden Bridges

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread for 5/10/19

    “You know when they called me here to talk about someone I barely knew… and actually, hold on. Who calls people anymore? Everyone texts, or pings, or tweets or whatever… but no one calls people. I should have known not to answer the phone – now look what I mess I’m in. Anyway, when they called me here to speak, I was confused. We never really had a relationship, we never texted, and in fact I’m not really sure we ever actually met. So you can understand the confusion.”

    Randy Ramon stands tall, rocking a snazzy three piece suit and sunglasses with his hair back in a ponytail. The wall behind him – the only other thing that can be seen – is a dark shade of beige.

    “But here I am – and what can I say. Oh! This reminds me of something my Grandma used to say all the time when we were growing up. Whenever one of us had the chance to help someone, she would perk up and get the cutest little smile. She would say: ‘Kindness can be the greatest gift that you can give a person; especially when they are not expecting it.’ You know, that’s always stayed with me. She passed away back in ninety-eight, but those words have stayed with me. So then, what is kindness?”

    A cough echoes throughout the room.

    “Is it holding the door for someone? Is it picking up the bill for a single mother of two when you realize she can’t afford her groceries? Is it being a shoulder to cry on when someone else is in need? Sure, yeah, I suppose you could say that all of these things are acts of kindness… but to me, the strongest act of kindness one person can do for another, is to put them out of their misery, and send them onto their next life with a bang. That’s why we’re here today. This person has moved on to a better place, and we need to celebrate that.”

    The shot pans backwards and shows a closed casket. Flowers surround the burial box, while little trinkets adorn the lid, representing things that must have been important to this person during their life. Butterflies, Unicorns, and Ponies cover the wooden case.

    “I suppose then, that’s why I was called. I… actually you know, I’m stuck on this calling thing. Who does that? They invented caller ID in 1995, and people stopped answering the phone! They turned Alexander Graham Bell’s greatest invention into a glorified god damned popularity contest and you know what it proved? No one likes anyone! The only people who actually use the call function of these little pocket-computers anymore are people over the age of fifty, telemarketers and scammers! So why the hell did I answer that call?”

    He takes his phone out of his pocket and lays it on the lectern. He stares off into space for a minute, trying to recollect his thoughts.

    “Oh! I remember… I had just ordered a Stromboli from Luigi’s, and – have you ever been? Best Stromboli this side of the Mississippi. The trick is: they give you the sauce on the side. So when you get to the corners, you have this cheesy-doughy glob of amazingness that isn’t watered down by shitty marinara. Anyway… uh, so I had just ordered this Stromboli – on Grubhub, no I didn’t call – but half the time they call right away to confirm. So when the phone went off, I instinctively answered before I knew what I was doing. Some guy named Devin was on the other line.”

    “He said that he knew someone who needed buried, and thought I would be the perfect person to send them off. I don’t know who Devin is, but he offered a substantial sum of Stromboli buying utensils to be here. So here I am, in Jacksonville. Why? I still don’t really know. He said to come to Jacksonville and I would know what to do. So I grabbed by best suit, shined my shoes, hopped on a plane, and here I am; and today, in a way that I know would make my Grandma proud, and in a manner that will honor our deceased, we will bury our friend Aaron.”

    Audible gasps fill the quiet room, before murmurs become the mode of communication between its inhabitants.

    “What can be said about young Aaron? Gone before his time; Candle in the Wind; hell, Ten Thousand Candles in the Wind! We can say all the words we want to say, and pray all of the prayers we can pray, but none of it will bring him back. He’s in a better place now. We’re the ones that are stuck on this godforsaken planet with all of these phone-call-making-shitty-marinara-Stromboli-eating-millennials! We’re the ones who are left to toil, every day, until we taste the sweet, sweet release of nothingness. So gathered loved ones and friends, join me as we celebrate the fact that our friend Aaron has moved on to a better place.”

    A voice calls out from the crowd.

    “Who is Aaron?”

    Randy looks flabbergasted.

    “That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out! Like I said, I was asked to come here and bury-“

    “No, WHO is AARON?”

    He points to the coffin.

    “This person; Aaron Kendrick; The Great I Was? Isn’t this-“

    He turns to see the name “George Finklestein” plastered on the coffin, the Mass cards, even a nice picture display that overlooks the setting. From the looks of it, George was a 70 year old Naval War Hero, gone too soon.

    “I’ve made… a huge mistake. I’m so sorry.”

    He pauses, gathering himself.

    “Well, I’m here… did you want me to-“


    Cries the crowd. Randy grabs his phone and ducks out as quickly as he can.

    “I need a better agent…”


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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread for 5/10/19

    Black. We hear a person take a deep weighted breath and sigh.


    We see black and white footage of Starr looking through photos of him and his North American Championship. Including plenty of him smiling with fans, signing autographs for children, and taking to the skies in the ring. He looks on them fondly as the lyrics continue.

    All my troubles seemed so far away.
    Now it looks as though they're here to stay
    Oh, I believe in yesterday

    Starr is shown in fan shot videos posing for photos and videos backstage of him smiling with other FWA talent.

    I'm not half the man I used to be
    There's a shadow hanging over me
    Oh, yesterday came suddenly...

    Another sigh, presumably from Starr, cuts to black again.

    = = = = = =

    Starr is seen sitting in a metal folding chair in front of a plain black backdrop. He’s in his ring gear. No fantastical wonderland with bright, vibrant colors. Nothing special this time. He stands staring into the camera with a blank expression on his face. He takes a deep breath and sweeps his hair back. He stares off camera as his voice breaks the tense silence.

    I’ve been a lot of places with my time here in FWA. I’ve had my lows, but then I’ve had meteoric rises to the top of this company. I was in PPV main events by the time my first year lapsed. I held the North American Championship and defended it with pride. I put my blood, sweat, and tears into that championship. My time as champion is something I am personally proud of. I see it as a career highlight. No one will or can defend it as hard as I did.

    To have that championship is to have a platform and I used it to its fullest. I challenged authority, I said what I wanted to say, and I told everyone to think for themselves. I had to be the way. As it stands currently, I’ve lost my championship… my identity… my heart and soul. Change is hard to accept especially when the things you love dearly slip away. The North American Championship chose Dave Sullivan as its new avatar. That championship speaks for itself with its history. Many have wondered where my head is at mentally. To be completely honest, I have one thing on my mind.

    Since losing my North American Championship, life has felt empty, like an impossible obstacle. I walked along the path towards enlightenment and found pain and suffering. At Quest for the Best, I didn’t just lose my championship… I lost an identity. Am I really “Starr” if I have nothing to show for it?

    Starr looks down at his hands. The look in his eyes questions everything he's done so far.

    Then, I realized something...

    Starr looks into the camera with a renewed smile and confident glare.

    The moment the ref's hand motioned to ring the bell, the two halves of my soul collided with each other and they had a conversation.

    My human side kept pitying itself "Oh what am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?"

    While my spirit self, my astral form told my human side "You are weighed down with finite data. You are not your ego. You should not fear death because you are a field of infinite awareness."

    And I achieved my goal. I extinguished the ego. I let go of the one thing that held me back and I experienced enlightenment and I wish I could describe its astounding beauty but it is without words. What I lost: was my own clouded perception of life. I lost a material thing. Being a champion is a finite way of life. I’m not angry about what I lost. As a matter of fact, I am glad. Because now that the championship is off me, it only makes me hungrier. I realized that yes sometimes, evil must prevail. That yes, sometimes the good-hearted, strongest, and bravest bodies suffer the pain of loss. I suffered that loss and I realized that the fire in our hearts is something that becomes kindled consciously. Now, I am driven to prove every doubter wrong and soar even higher. Now I know most wrestlers would come out here and say ‘It was a triple threat and I was never pinned for the championship’ and yeah they’re right. I am entitled to a rematch at some point for that championship, and I could cash it in now. I could cash it in a week from now. I could cash it in a month, year, decade from now and the result would be the same.

    I would regain the North American Championship, but really... it doesn't need me anymore. I've raised its level to a satisfactory height and I have a new goal. Now, my mission has become clear, and that is to show Dave Sullivan and everyone in FWA "The Way". It is my duty, my obligation to enlighten all beings on this glorious planet Earth. And to do that, I start by with you, Dave Sullivan. I don't need to mentor you much because you already understand the power of reinvention. You have been quite successful in your rebirth. Of course it came at the cost of your... "trainee". Tyrone, was it? Remember how he was your meal ticket back to stardom until he was *ahem* forcibly removed from FWA? That's just one of many ways you've proven yourself to just be a manipulator, Dave. You want to lead everyone and I see that's what makes you think you're "The King". You come around here claiming to be "The King" and that everyone has to bow to you. Quite frankly, Shamans don't consider the opinions of "kings". I lead the people you think you rule over. Those people know my struggles, they know everything I've been through, and they also get a front row seat to you being a total jackass.

    I faulted at Quest for the Best, and it cost me greatly, but I will awaken your soul and open your third eye as this is only one on one. Hey, to your credit you have beaten the FWA World Champion and that's a heavy task. It's something even I have yet to do, but I don't care about who you've beaten, until you've beaten me. You want everyone to believe your hype, Dave? You think this time will be the right time. Too bad because your hype dies at my hands. Sullivan, you keep claiming you’re the king of the X Division, but quite frankly, that’s been dead in the water for the past year and a half. Hopping from person to person. It is not a championship, it's a belt. It's become meaningless. Ashes, is what you’re the king of. You are nothing more than a little paranoid man with a plastic crown...

    Starr’s words become emblazoned with righteous fury. A small underscore begins to play.

    Dave Sullivan wants to live in a material world with his third eye closed. A king of nothing. I live in an organic landscape and I have my realm to walk in and breathe in its life. I walk the dharma to nirvana because I am destined for Shangri La. No matter how hard life becomes, Dave Sullivan’s throne will crumble and break and he will fall. My organic life continues cycle after cycle. So, no matter how many times I am “buried”... I rise back up.

    Honestly, I should thank you, Dave Sullivan. You reminded me of who I am. You've awakened a new fire in my soul. A new fighting spirit. My third eye is open even wider and I realize true enlightenment comes from within and I am the guiding hand that leads to the promised land. An arrow must be pulled back before it hits a bullseye. I have removed my fear, my own ego, and the things that kept me from being successful previously. And with my open third eye, there is no challenge that I cannot overcome. I know exactly what I am capable of and I have a whole lot more surprises left up my sleeve. So don’t call it a comeback FWA fans, because I’ve been here before. But you see life is about cycles. So allow me to reintroduce myself…

    I have traveled the world by sleeping on floors, on couches, and in cars. I've chased a dream to be here, Dave. I’ve been training to be ready. I trained to be one of the best of the best that this company has to offer and now I have the perfect opportunity to remind all the people that think I’ve stumbled, that I was just getting into starting position.
    People always get these ideas of who I am wrong. They think I'm just one being, but I am many things. I am unparalleled. I am the conglomeration of ideas and ideologies that form my world and they way I think. I am a boundary breaker. I transcend divisions. I traverse planes of existence. I shatter glass ceilings.

    I am The Interstellar Shaman.

    The Intergalactic Grappler.

    I am not Starr anymore... Now… I’m Ian Hathaway.

    Ian presses his hands together as the music climaxes and mouths “Namaste” to the camera and blinks out of the frame.

    𝖍𝖚𝖗𝖙 // 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖑

    x x x x x x x x x

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread for 5/10/19

    'Strange Bed Fellows'

    The sensual and sultry stylings of Rihanna’s “Skin” opens the scene.

    “The mood is set.”

    We’re in what is a rather glamourous bedroom. Everything is elegant and soft, it conjures thoughts of heaven and seems like the perfect place to sleep.

    “So you already know whats next.”

    And that’s what two people are doing right now while they’re cuddled up with one another.

    “TV on blast.”

    A lovely young woman with A Caramel Complexion, and her male companion.

    “Turn it down, turn it down.”

    She stirs from her slumber, the white silk of the bedsheets eagerly clinging to the curves of her body as she moves.

    “Don’t want it to clash with my body screaming now.”

    She grasps at her phone and hits “dismiss” on her alarm as a delicate little yawn escapes her lips. She stretches her body, clasping her hands together and pushing her arms out. Those simple little movements pull at the bedsheets and expose a little bit more of Her Soft, Caramel Skin. Her long dark brunette hair is a little unkempt and messy but still in a way perfect. Her deep brown eyes are wide now as she wakes up more and more. The white bedsheets fall away from her skin a little bit more as she sits up against the bedhead. A playful little smirk kisses her soft, full lips as she gazes into the eyes of her audience, gazes into the lens of the camera with a piercing stare. A signature pair of gold hoop earrings frame either side of her face delicately. Those soft, white bedsheets tease at the body they hide beneath them. A body blessed with the curves of a Goddess and a Demon rolled into one. She glances down besides herself upon the figure of a man also under the bedsheets. She runs a hand through his hair and he quickly stirs from his own sleep and turns to face her…

    …only it’s a little unexpected as it’s a man wearing a print out of Cyrus Truth’s face as a mask. She, our Goddess, our Gabrielle glances back up into our view into her bedroom and raises an eyebrow before slowly running her teeth teasingly along her bottom lip.

    Well this is strange bedfellows isn’t it…

    A mischievous little giggle escapes her lips.

    Cy…you exceed expectations I have to give you that. I mean I hoped for the best, I even expected the best, really I did…but I’ve been disappointed before by those who talked a big game and I couldn’t help but think you would do the same to me here.

    The man in the Cyrus mask goes to respond but Gabrielle presses a solitary finger to his lips.

    Be quiet for me Cy. I’d heard so many great things about you, and seen enough to definitely pique my interest and look for ward to “this”…were it ever to become a possibility. I mean just look at everything you’ve done in the past few years Cy…very impressive.

    She playfully runs a hand across the chiselled chest of her partner.

    I mean that, you have impressed me from afar, and so far you have lived up to expectations. Lived up too even my lofty expectations and standards. And I am a Goddess who has seen so much, I’ve seen it all, and I have done it all. So to give me what I want…what I need…what I yearn for, well that makes you someone special indeed. So many people have disappointed me in the past. They’ve talked a big game, made so many promises, made my body anticipate something that never…quite…comes.

    A delightful little giggle escapes her lips as she looks down upon the face of Cyrus Truth beside her, but then she glances up into our vantage point into this scene and rolls her beautiful brown eyes.

    That disappointment is always a tough one to swallow, and there’s always those bevy of excuses; there was a fast count, you cheated, blah, blah, blah…

    Those excuses that roll off tongues so easily that I just know they were rehearsed and locked away in preparation for when they fell…short. But so far Cyrus I have liked what you have delivered, you have been as good up a little closer as you were from afar on my TV screen. You have impressed me, you have made it so I cant deny that there is an exhilarating night in store for the two of us, a night where you wont let me down, you wont disappoint me, you’ll give me what I have been craving for those three years I was away from this World.

    She runs a hand through her Cyrus masked companion’s hair and smiles warmly, happily, teasingly.

    But I’m getting ahead of myself aren’t I, that night is still a ways off. For now we’ve got something else to get through first.

    There’s a loud knock at the door.

    That must be them. That must be Phillip and Viktor. They’re what tonight is all about…

    She caresses her muscular companions chest again.

    Without those two, things would just be incomplete and ultimately pointless here between us wouldn’t they? I mean Cy you didn’t bring your shiny Gold Belt, and the occasion doesn’t exactly feel right either does it. I mean sure…I’ll be up nice and close to you, watching you, studying you, taking notes of the way you move. But it just doesn’t feel quite right. Phil and Vick are here, demanding our attention…

    Knock. Knock. Knock.

    Pulling our attention away from each other. Pulling our focus away from each other. I just want you Cy, just you. Too only care about you and what you can give me, but those two divert my gaze, and yours. Those two make me have too turn away from your body and focus upon theirs.

    They’re going to come between us, and we’re just going to have to deal with that, aren’t we…

    Its not as exciting, its not as enticing or alluring letting those two into what we have here. I’ve dealt with Phillip before. I would imagine he’s less than thrilled to see me back, as I’ve given him some of the most embarrassing moments of his life. Viktor though, well he’s a new face, and a new body to me, a gigantic body at that.

    Gabrielle glances into the lens of the camera for a moment and then looks down upon that still image of the Cyrus’s face.

    You think he’s trying to make up for something there…

    A devious little giggle dances forth from her lips.

    I mean lil Phil going out and finding himself the biggest henchman he could possibly find. Maybe I’m reading into that a little too much. But I tend to always be right about these kind of things. And in every dealing I have ever had with Phillip Alexander Jackson he has talked such a big game, made grand promises, and just generally told me all about what he will do to me…but he has always disappointed in that department. Does he do all the talking now and then Viktor handles the real business?

    That would make sense wouldn’t it?

    It suits you Phil, I’m happy for you, you have found something that works so well for you. You now have a way to hide your short comings, your foibles and your insecurities. Sorry Vick…that’s kind of your role in all this, but hey you get to have all the fun though…

    Gabrielle sits up a little straighter, an excited twinkle in her deep brown eyes. The soft white bedsheet cradling Her Caramel Coated Body slide away…lower…and lower. Cleavage for days. No baby would ever be malnourished. No man would ever be bored. But then in a defiance of everyone’s desire and the laws of physics themselves the sheet stops falling away…just. Just retaining her modesty and delicacy and preventing the FWA suffering from a barrage of complaints about seeing a woman’s nipples.

    Phil does all the talking, Phil makes all the grand statements and claims, Phil promises so much…and then Vick has to make those words mean something. I can picture it now, you two standing there on the other side, Phillip building you both up, making you both seem so fantastic…and then sending you in here to try and make those words become true.

    He’s never quite been able to do that with me though. I hope Vick knows that. I mean the last few times with Phillip Jackson have ended with him holding nothing in his hand, while I had it all. While I had the World and everything else he ever dreamed of. Even Phil’s darling wife left him for me. She was cute enough, but not really much fun, I could tell she had been around Phillip for far too long and he’d rubbed off on her.

    Bang! Bang! Bang! There’s a thunderous knock at the door.

    But here’s where things get really interesting.

    Is bigger always better?

    Is Viktor the biggest I’ve ever had to deal with?

    Gabrielle tussles her dark brunette hair as she quizzically glances upwards.

    Well on that first point, not always. Cy you’re not the biggest guy around…and neither is Dave Sullivan but both of you can hold your heads up high and be proud of yourselves. But is Viktor my biggest…well I think he might just be. I guess that’s kind of special, a nice little footnote, I mean I’ve been around for a long time, I’ve done it all, I’ve seen it all, I’ve been with them all, and Viktor could in fact be the biggest of them all.

    But those inches don’t mean anything if you cant use them. If P…A…J is steering you around then I wont hold my breath. I wont expect much.

    Because ultimately Viktor and Phillip you two are just interrupting something special…

    The Caramel Coated Goddess with a wicked smile kissing her lips glances down upon the emotionless face of Cyrus Truth.

    What do you say Cy, should we show them there’s levels to this?

    Gabrielle raises an eyebrow as the man in the Cyrus Truth mask sits up and nods his head.

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    SD Live Re: Fight Night Promo Thread for 5/10/19

    Exile Chronicles (Chapter 2)
    Volume 5: Assertion

    Our scene opens inside of a hotel room. Nothing too fancy or upscale, but clean and simple...or at least, it would be if there wasn't a mess of sheets and bedding strewn about the room, along with various empty beer and liquor bottles.

    Laying in a bird's nest of sheets and blankets on the only bed in the room is the FWA World Heavyweight Champion Cyrus Truth, who's only just beginning to stir. He's shirtless and it's clear that there's some definite bruising on his torso, which clearly came from the previous night's Quest for the Best main event, which saw Cyrus retain his championship against Bell Connelly and Shannon O'Neal in Shannon's last match with FWA (and eliminating "fair and impartial guest referee Chris Kennedy" in the process). However, the bruising doesn't seem to hurt Cyrus as much as what appears to be an enormous hangover from a long night of drinking.

    "Ugh...the fuck was I thinking? Trying to out-drink her...I should've known better."

    Cyrus shakes his head as he tries to massage his temples with his hands as he looks around the room, seemingly looking for something...or someone. He quickly realizes that he's all alone as his gaze falls onto the nightstand and what appears to be an oddity: a neatly folded piece of hotel stationary sitting there. Cyrus seems confused as he grabs the paper and unfolds it, reading it quickly. His grimace falls away to a knowing smile as he chuckles to himself.

    "Heh...that figures."

    As he laughs somewhat morosely to himself, he once again winches in pain as The Exile rises from bed and heads to the bathroom, presumably to take a long soak in a hot shower to try and ease the aches, pains, and splitting pounding in his head. We cut back in presumably 15 minutes later as Cyrus emerges from the bathroom, still shirtless and wearing a pair of simple slacks. He looks quite a bit more like his normal self minus the welts from the Triple Threat match the night before as he has a seat at the foot of the bed. Cyrus digs through the mess of blankets on the floor to find his boots as he turns the TV on to the Wrestling News Network.

    Currently airing is "Curtain Jerk," a popular morning news/opinion show that discusses a variety of different wrestling federations; though with FWA being one of, if not the, largest promotions in the world, much of the discussion is regarding FWA. Currently, the host (a dapper-looking chap called Luke Order), is running down the main story of the day which is...what else? The Quest for the Best PPV.

    "FWA since Revival seems to be hitting on all cylinders, and they capped it off at Quest for the Best with a barn-burner of a main event. Despite it being Shannon O'Neal's swansong and Bell Connelly's attempts at manipulating both competitors, it was Cyrus Truth who ended up with his hand raised in yet another successful title defense. With me to discuss Quest for the Best as a whole and the ramifications of the main event is Shake Metzer."

    Noted wrestling journalist Shake Meltzer is shown on screen as we get some split screen action between Luke and Shake.

    "Shake, I'm sure you have plenty of thoughts regarding Quest for the Best."

    "I do. As you said before, FWA seems to be hitting a stride lately since Revival and there's been a lot of moving and shaking as we begin to see where FWA wrestlers are finding themselves in terms of the hierarchy. Honestly, it's Dave Sullivan becoming a rare dual-titleholder that has me the most intrigued moving forward for the next couple of months, and he's been at the top of his game with one of the capstones being a rare pinfall victory over Cyrus Truth."

    "Definitely. Speaking of Cyrus Truth, what were your thoughts about the main event and Cyrus's retention of the World Title?"

    "Honestly, I was expecting Shannon to pick up the win. She had a lot of momentum and emotion behind her regarding this being her quote-unquote retirement match, but Cyrus wouldn't be denied that night. It was a hell of a showcase for the champion who, while he hasn't had the kind of presence on Fight Night, continues to show that he's right where he belongs at the top of the card."

    "With that in mind, it appears as if Quest for the Best Tournament winner Gabrielle Montgomery is next on the docket for Cyrus Truth."

    "Looks like it. Make no mistake, Gabrielle is on a hot streak since her return and has been building momentum for months. Not only that, the fans seem really excited for her and are likely going to fuel her towards reclaiming the title. This is going to be a tough challenge for Cyrus to overcome, especially having dealt with Chris Kennedy, Phillip Jackson, Bell Connelly, and Shannon O'Neal in 3 consecutive PPVs."

    Luke and Shake continue talking about other Quest for the Best tidbits and predictions moving forward, but Cyrus has clearly heard everything he wants to hear as he mutes the broadcast and finishes tying his boots before reaching for a discarded plain-black T-shirt, sliding over his torso. He stands up, cracks his neck to loosen up...and takes a glance over towards the night stand and that note. Shrugging, he grabs the note and slides it into his back pants pocket before shuffling through the mess, grabbing a nearby bag that contains his ring gear and the World Title belt, and heads out, presumably to catch his flight for the next episode of Fight Night.


    FWA's announce team seems a bit surprised at the sound of "Subconscious" blaring as the FWA World Champion makes his way out from the back, standing at the top of the ring in his wrestling gear, holding the World Title belt over his shoulder with the face plate facing behind him. As the fans roar at the presence of the champion, Rod Sterling scrambles a bit as he says:

    "This is a bit of a surprise, folks! We were unaware that Cyrus Truth, the FWA World Heavyweight Champion, would be coming out tonight to address the crowd tonight, but it seems that The Exile has something he feels he needs to say!"

    As Cyrus makes his way to the ring and holds up the World Title belt for the world to see, a stagehand slides a microphone to him as the music dies down and Cyrus allows the crowd's cheers to quiet a bit. Returning the title belt to his shoulder, Cyrus raises the microphone to his lips.

    "A lot...and I do mean a LOT has happened since Revival and there's been a lot of muttering and scuttlebutt among the wrestlers in the back. And to be fair, that's not wholly unexpected. FWA is transforming and moving forward in a direction unlike any other time in its history, so it's natural for there to be some confusion as to where this Long and Winding Road's going to take us. But there's one thing that I feel needs to be cleared up before we get too sidetracked, because there are certain individuals on the roster who might want to spin you all a lie and mask the Truth. So let me make one thing perfectly clear, right here...right now."

    Cyrus holds up the FWA World Title belt and, with a fierce look in his eyes, very pointedly declares:


    The crowd erupts with a roar and a chant of "Cyrus Truth!" as The Exile lets them chant for a minute or two before putting the title belt back around his waist and fastening it securely, basically reiterating his earlier declaration with the simple action.

    "I say this not as a king or as a tyrant, but as a simple declaration of Truth. For the past three years, legends and rising stars alike have attempted to take control of FWA for their own purposes, some noble and others self-serving. For three years, FWA has seen the very best of the best rise up and challenge for the throne that I currently sit on. And for three years, I have beat back them all. Despite the best efforts of Shannon O'Neal and the worst efforts of Bell Connelly and Chris Kennedy, despite being put into a match that I, by all rights, should've lost? I endured. Because that's the kind of man I am...the kind of champion I strive to be.

    "Chris, you're going to come out here and spew some nonsense about how unfair it was that I took you out of that match and how I don't deserve to be the World Champion. And you know what? Go right ahead. Say what you're going to say, because at this point your words mean exactly nothing. I've called your bluff and all you've been able to do since then is continue trying to reclaim the illusion of your invincibility that I shattered at Aftershock. And believe me, when I say that? I know this is far from over between you and I. As it stands, we each have a win over the other, and for men of our station? That can't be allowed to stand. So whenever you're ready to stop talking and actually do something about it? I'll be right my ring. I won't be hard to find. Just follow the glint of the gold that's been around my waist."

    There's a faint chant for Chris Kennedy that's quickly drowned out by more chants for the champion. Cyrus, meanwhile, has not relaxed from his determined posture as he continues.

    "However, it seems based on recent events that the rubber match between Chris and myself will have to wait a bit longer. Because at Quest for the Best, the eponymous tournament concluded and we now have a winner and my new #1 contender. And honestly? I was a bit surprised at the outcome even though conventional wisdom says I shouldn't be. After all, there's not anything in the world that could keep one Gabrielle Montgomery from the spotlight..."

    Cyrus's sentence is cut off by an uproarious cheer for the Caramel Coated Goddess as a loud, mostly male, contingent starts up a "Gabrielle!" chant. Cyrus, despite his fierce visage, looks almost amused as he cracks a small smirk.
    "Hey, you like what you like, guys. I'm just saying, she's not my type."

    That gets a bit of a chuckle from the crowd as Cyrus continues grinning as he speaks.

    "Honestly? I don't know what to say about Gabrielle. I could look at everything she's accomplished and give her credit for that. And it's not as if I'd have to try hard for that, as she's accumulated quite a treasure trove of accolades, with Quest for the Best being the latest in that long line. I can also bring up the barriers she's helped to shatter, the legions of fans who love or are in love with her..."

    Cyrus pauses for a minute before making a motion with his free hand, a slight wave to help punctuate his next sentence.

    "However, I could also bring up the multitude of horrible things she's done. I can bring up all the times she's outright robbed others of the glory they fought so hard for, all the times she used others to keep what she was unwilling to fight for. Gabrielle's history is a clash of two completely different worlds, all wrapped up in a woman who, let's be completely honest, has always been driven by her ego and this perception that she is...well, that's she's a goddess.

    "So for tonight, I'm not going to talk about any of that. You all know how I feel about those who want to liken themselves to divinity and there's going to be plenty of opportunities to get to the heart of just who the hell Gabrielle truly is. Instead, I'll just say this. Tonight, Gabrielle? You and I team up to take on Phillip Jackson and that giant ape he keeps on a leash. While I expect you to pull your weight in this match, there's no reason why this should be all that difficult. I've had Phillip's number since I came to FWA and it's not as if Viktor has done anything noteworthy except be tall and imposing. By all rights, this shouldn't be that challenging for us. But what you have is a rare opportunity that your ex-husband squandered just to feed his own vanity. Something that Bell refused to do, that Phillip Jackson had no real hope of understanding.

    "When we fight tonight, I want you to watch. I want you to understand just exactly what kind of man I am. The kind of champion I have become and why, for the last three years, I have endured and thrived. As much as you may wish it was, this is NOT the FWA you left behind all those years ago. This is not the same environment where you were allowed to rule unchecked and unbound. The game has changed. FWA has evolved...because FWA is MINE."

    Cyrus cracks a knowing smirk as he surveys the crowd like an emperor gazing over the vastness of his realm.

    "I am not here because of a family legacy or because I look a certain way. I have reigned as World Champion not because I play the game of politics and certainly not because somebody high up on the corporate ladder wants me to be. I am here because of a will of iron and a willingness to suffer greatly for the prize that I seek. That might have been Phillip at one time. That might well be Gabrielle, but there's plenty of reason to suspect otherwise. Tonight, I show both of them what they may well have forgotten...and just how frightening it can be. Phillip Jackson needs to recognize that his place is not at the upper echelon in this new era, and that to get back to that level he has a far longer and more dangerous Road to walk. Viktor Maximus needs to see that strength alone isn't enough, and will get that message when I wrench his neck and twist his spine into a pretzel just enough to make him beg for mercy.

    "As for you, 'Gabby?' Pay very close attention, because continuing your wave of recent successes may well depend on it. And understand one thing: if you think you know how this Road that you and I are about to embark on is going to go? You clearly haven't been paying attention. Vae Victis."

    A simple, but direct message to both The Phillip A Jackson Project and the woman who's next to step up to the plate: "Come and get it, if you can." Cyrus's theme blares as he stands on the corner turnbuckle, standing tall as the World Champion...and making sure his claim of FWA being his was heard loud and clear...

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread for 5/10/19

    Part 1 – Downfall




    That moment there. That was it. The downfall. The end. The reign as Tag Team Champions ended.

    Jackson mutters to himself in his home. Jackson sits alone in his video room, the walls covered in photos of his success, his title belts in cases in each corner on the room and a TV dominating the wall in front of Jackson. Back and forth Jackson plays and rewinds the pin fall. Jackson leaves the video paused where he can see him down on the mat, beaten. Jackson stares at it for what seems an eternity. Jackson sits forward in his seat and looks closely at the paused screen. Jackson slumps back in his seat.


    His eyes catch something on the wall. Jackson points as he sits upright. Jackson gets to his feet, his eyes locked on something. Jackson walks to the corner of the room, to his title belt cabinet and pulls out the FWA Championship. He stands with it in his hands. Jackson looking at it. Jacksons stare slowly turns to a scowl and Jackson takes the belt back to his seat.

    You consumed my thoughts. You distracted me. You teased me and you made me do the one thing I promised I would never do. Make me, one just 1 night, lose focus on what mattered. That is all it took to break me. How weak and pathetic am I? Still lusting for something that is now beyond me. Did I ever really have chance to be re-united with you? The ONLY thing I ever really cared about…until Viktor came along. Was it worth it? All I found out from doing this, is that I am not good enough anymore. I am slower. I am worse. I am not the man I used to be. That is not a good thing. These belts use to be a point of pride. They used to be something I wanted to celebrate but now I am not so sure.

    Jackson drops the FWA Championship and is suddenly aware of all the belts around him.

    They are just symbols for what I used to be. They are all around me. Mocking me. Laughing at me. Reminding me that I used to be laser focused. That I used to be a man to be feared but now I am just an empty shell who loses focus at the chance to make one last ride at the top.

    Jackson sighs and takes a deep breath.

    What should have been important was the FWA Tag Team Titles and The Project but once I lost to Cyrus Truth, I lost focus. My thoughts started to wander about what could have been and not what is going to happen next. All things end and maybe, just maybe, I need something new. Something new to drive me. Something new to light a fire underneath me but for now I have to focus. Not on retaining a title. Not on beating Cyrus Truth and Gabrielle but on regaining the trust of my ally. My friend, my brother. Viktor Maximus because our journey together is not finished, I still have something important to teach him, but we will only see that when z3r0 comes.

    Jackson fumbles around in his pocket and takes out his phone. Jackson starts to dial but looks at all the belts around him. Jackson quickly exits the room and stands behind the door in the hall. Jackson dials his phone.

    Part 2 – Drowning out the voices

    BZZZ! BZZZ! BZZ! Viktor’s phone vibrates in his pocket. The man mountain pulls out his phone and sees who is dialling. Viktor sighs and lets the phone ring to voicemail. Viktor dials to his voicemail.

    ‘Hey Viktor, I was just thinking about how I let you down. Call me when you can and we can talk about our match, I have something I need to show you.’

    Viktor lowers the phone from his ear and shakes his head. Viktor still dripping in sweat from the gym sits in the locker room. He wipes the seat from his forehead and stares down into the towel. Viktor opens up the locker and stares into the mirror he has left there. Viktor is visibly tired with bag under his eyes but he powered through his work out, as this was his normal routine. Viktor nods.

    ‘У вас есть это! У вас есть это!’
    (You’ve got this!)

    Viktor takes a deep breath and gets his phone out. He scrolls through and get to ‘Phillip’ in his phone. Viktor just before dialling changes his mind and puts his phone away again. Viktor sits and thinks.

    Over and over he says the same thing. It is all about The Project. He is one hundred percent committed to this. Our tag team titles mean everything and he is fully invested. Those lessons have not done a thing but drive me mad. He acts like I am a child. He made me learn English because he didn’t want to learn Russian. I have given everything to him and he acts like I am a 6 year old boy. He is the child. I won the tag team titles. It was me who took apart the Sin City Vultures. It was him who lost them. Here I am working to improve and once again he is somewhere watching video and obsessing over small things he can’t control. I fear that the man I was promised has self-destructed. He has lost control of who he is chasing a dream. He threw away what we had worked for, and for what? To chase a dream he will never again fulfil? How dare he?! And now he is ringing me to apologise. Well, I suppose that is what he should be doing. I need to speak to him. I need to let him know how I feel. I want to have a voice. I don’t want to hear the same thing over and over about The Project and how much he believes in me. I want him to show it. I want him to do something for me. He owes me that much. He gave me my dream but maybe that isn’t enough anymore. Maybe it is time to drown out the voices. Maybe it is time to focus on my dreams. My desires.

    Viktor stops himself.

    NO! That is crazy. Phillip got us here. Phillip made me a champion. That is all we ever wanted. Why should I want more? But maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to hang on every word. I am an adult. I need to start acting like one.

    Viktor picks his phone back up and decisively dials Phillip.

    ‘Hi, Phillip.’

    ‘Hey, Vik.’

    ‘We need to talk.’

    ‘Yea, I know, Vik. Where do you want to meet?’

    ‘There is a park near the arena. Meet there usual time?’

    ‘Ok, cool. See you soon, it’s good to hear fro-‘

    Viktor hangs up the phone and quickly starts undressing to clean up and head out to his meeting with Phillip.

    Part 3 – Division.

    Jackson is the first to arrive in Metropolitan Park at about 7am. Jackson sits at a bench under the Gazebo in the park. Jackson sits with his phone in his hand and he is messaging away to someone, when a car pulls up outside the park. Viktor Maximus and his giant frame emerge from the car and the pair stare at each other. Jackson doesn’t move an inch and invites Viktor to sit with him on the bench.

    Jackson: It’s good to see you, Vik.

    Jackson stands up and offers his hand. Viktor stands looking at Jackson for a few seconds before shaking his mentor’s hand. The pair sit down.

    Viktor: It is good to see you, too, I hope it is much better than the last time we saw each other.

    Jackson smiles and looks down slightly ashamed.

    Jackson: I hope so too. I wanted to put this behind us. We have been distant with each other. It is because we are both disappointed in losing the tag team titles.

    Viktor: No. I am disappointed because you have been distracted since you had a carrot dangled in front of you and you being distracted cost us the Tag Team Titles. I want to get back to where we were. I want us to rule again.

    Jackson: So do I. I want us to be a well-oiled machine. The one we used to be. We are good friends; we are not good enemies and when we go over to the arena. We need to be. It is a big challenge. Cyrus Truth and Gabrielle. Two who have ruled this company.

    Viktor nods in agreement. Jackson puts his phone out in front of him on the bench.

    Viktor: You are right it is a challenge and one where we are the underdogs, but words don’t show me we have been fixed. I need you to understand what has happened. What you did and then we can move on.

    Jackson looks at Viktor quizzically and very subtle smiles.

    Jackson: You are starting to find your voice. You are starting to know. I know what I did Viktor. I lost it. I became consumed with a prize that I thought I would never get to try for again. That is why I wanted to show you something.

    Jackson picks up his phone and scrolls through to his photos and shows Viktor a picture of the title cabinets that are now empty.

    Jackson: I am no longer consumed by the pursuit of glory. No longer shackled by the past that I used to hold myself too. I have had to become a man who is focused again and that needs to return back against the man where the focus was lost. Against Cyrus Truth. I let him get to me. I let the shiny jewel on his shoulder blind me. I lost sight of what we were building and now we have fallen from grace. That is my fault and you should never have to apologise to me for that. I don’t want you to start now. I’ve been waiting for you to show me your voice.

    Viktor nods.

    Viktor: That is much better. Now you are also right that we face two former World Champions. A man and a woman who will live forever in the history of FWA. Gabrielle is a woman who beat you for the World Title. She always seems to get her way. She has had a spell over FWA for as long as I can remember, she has always bought out the worst in people through her own expertise in sin. She made you out to be a pretty bad guy before.

    Jackson Smirks.

    Jackson: The guy I used to be isn’t everything, but you are right, Vik. She draws you in with her beauty for you to be blinded by the ugliness and hate she has within. She is a modern version of Medusa. Drawing you in and destroying you when you get close with her dark side. She is not a Goddess, she is a predator, preying on the weak and at one point in my life, I was weak enough to let her draw me in. To let her get the better of me, but I was young, I was arrogant, and I was stupid because I thought being the World Champion was everything and I got complacent by my words that night sparked something special. My words sparked a new women’s revolution in FWA. Not bad for a “woman hater” and now maybe my words can, again, spark something special but this time we get to reap the reward. We have no reason to fear anymore. There is no pressure on us. It is time for us to call our shot and go for the upset.

    Viktor smiles and is pleased with what he has seen so far from Phillip.

    Viktor: Why not us. Gabrielle may know all about you, but she has never met The Destruction. She will not draw me in because I am too strong to be drawn into stupid little games, played by stupid little girls. They know they have all the pressure to win. All the expectation is on them and they have to work together, knowing that one day very soon they will stand on opposite sides of the ring with the FWA Title on the line. Maybe that is where we take advantage.

    Jackson nods and smiles at Viktor like a proud father before looking down at his phone as it flashes. Jackson notices a 0n3 on his phone. Jackson ignores it the best he can.

    Jackson: Cyrus is dangerous, but I took him to the bring before. His new foe is stood in his corner. We can crack them. We can defeat our enemy with one simple tactic. Division. Good idea, Vik. Plant the seeds of doubt in their heads and strike while we have the advantage. We have had our ups and we are in the middle of our first down. Let’s make a big push and show Cyrus and Gabrielle that we are still a team that can be dangerous. Now let’s go do our thing.

    Jackson and Viktor fist bump. Viktor gets up from the bench after struggling to get out from underneath it. Jackson grabs his phone and looks at the screen. Viktor starts heading back towards the car, for the short drive to the arena.

    Viktor: You coming?!

    Jackson is wide eyed staring at his phone. Jackson looks up at Viktor, trying to keep his cool.

    Jackson: I’ll catch up with you in a minute, I just gotta make a call quickly.

    Viktor nods and walks towards the car. Jackson puts his hand through his hair and is wide eyed again staring at it…


    Jackson: No, no, no, no F**K! It cannot be there already. When did that happen?! What happened? Not now. I owe Viktor my focus.

    Jackson takes a deep breath and stuff his phone away and puts on his best poker face and walks to join Viktor in the car heading towards the arena.

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread for 5/10/19

    The following is a chronicle of events involving Jason Randall and Penny that transpired from Quest for the Best in Atlanta, to the May 10th edition of Fight Night in Jacksonville, FL.

    Quest for the Best
    Atlanta, GA

    An FWA camera crew catches up with Penny and Jason following their match at Quest for the Best against the team of Mac Michaud and Sterling Jaeger. Penny is all smiles as she hugs on to Jason, who also has a smirk on his face.

    How are you two feeling at this moment right now?

    The person behind the camera asks, Jason obliges with an answer.

    To say we are both happy right now would be the mother of all understatements at this moment in time…

    Penny nods in agreement.

    It just felt so good to finally get some revenge on Mac one more time after all he had put me through last year, and part of this year as well…

    Revenge never tasted so sweet as it does right now I’ll tell you what...and Sterling Jaeger...well I warned him not to quit his day job...maybe he should have listened

    Penny giggles

    That’s it’s time we move on from this chapter in our life...close it up for good and move on to the next

    Penny is right...whatever challenge lies ahead in front of us next is waiting...and we’re ready for whatever gets thrown at us…

    The happy couple takes off together as the scene briefly fades out.

    On April 30th, two days later, Penny and Jason find out what that next challenge will be when they are at home in San Diego...

    Well, the next Fight Night is set in stone and it seems as though we’ve got our next challenge; and it’ll be Dominic Armistead & Izzy Van Doren vs Mad Kingdom

    Penny looks at Jason as he tells her this and she looks surprised.

    To find out that I’m going to be facing Izzy in this match, after all her and I have been through in careers here in’s not the first time we’ve faced each other before...but it’ll definitely feel like it because Izzy...well she’s not the same Izzy that I once knew…

    The camera pans to a shot of Fred the Cat sitting next to Penny on the couch as we hear a voice over of Penny.

    She’s not the same Izzy that gifted me with Fred, she’s not the same Izzy that I once knew as a friend...I don’t know what it is but something about her...she’s different

    Now we see Jason standing by watching Penny speak.

    She’s become more of a hardcore, stone cold bitch basically. Take no shit attitude, talk shit get hit kind of person. Now, I can relate to that because I see a lot of myself in Izzy, and she’s talked a lot of shit and now she’s gonna get hit with a Snake Eyes the next time I see her…

    It’s Thursday, May the 9th. Jason and Penny are in Florida now, doing promotional work for FWA before an FWA live event later that evening in Tallahassee. After their promotional work they arrive to the arena and interact with several fans waiting outside. They go into the arena and find out what they’ll be doing that night. Jason is seen preparing for his match for the evening...

    Tonight at this live event I get Dominic Armistead one on one, this young punk is gonna get a taste of what’s really to come when we meet at Fight Night in Jacksonville. He talks a lot but tonight I get to see what it’s all about…

    Later that evening…

    Well, I’ll give him credit where it’s due. He’s one hell of an athlete, he showed me that he’s not just all talk. He also showed me that he is willing to take the easy way out and got himself disqualified, that’s fine though but come Fight Night tomorrow night, there will be no easy way out…

    It’s Friday, May the 10th in Jacksonville at the Veterans Memorial Arena and the camera crew catches up with Jason and Penny one last time before their match.

    Last night I faced Armistead one on one and like I said, he showed me that he’s not just all talk but he also showed that he’s a coward. He proclaims himself to be this Saviour of I haven’t heard that before...many more just like him have said that and tried and look at where that got them...didn’t Aaron Kendrick say something similar about himself? Comparing himself to some sort of god? Whatever it was, look at him now. That got him absolutely nowhere except being fodder to bigger and better names…

    Are you saying that the same will happen to Armistead if he keeps this up?

    The camera person asks Jason, who just sighs.

    Basically, yeah. He’s got a couple of wins under his belt, good for him but those were bottom of the barrel names, such as Aaron Kendrick. Now he’s up against something he’s never faced before, myself and Penny. He’s going to realize that he’s bit off way more than we can chew…

    Penny nods in agreement.

    He’s not going to know what hit him, and same can be said for this new Izzy Van Doren. I said before that she’s different, and I’ve heard the things she’s said about myself and Jason in the past when she’s spoken about us and quite frankly none of it is true. I don’t know where she gets off speaking like that about us but I guess this is part of her new attitude. I know she’s probably fed up after coming up short against Gabby not once but twice, that’s gotta hurt, doesn’t it? Still, that doesn’t give her the right to say what she said about us…

    It’s not our fault that she just couldn’t hack it against Gabby. I’ve given Izzy credit before, after all she’s beaten me twice, she was the better competitor on those occasions but tonight will be a different story. She can take out all of her anger and aggression she has on us, but it will not be enough to keep us down. Whether it’s me laying her out with a Snake Eyes or Penny laying her out with Cat Nap or putting her down with the Nine Lives, it doesn’t really matter.

    I can be just as strong and just as mean as you are Izzy, you can say whatever you want about me or Jason. None of it will matter though when I’m the one that pins your shoulders to the mat tonight for that one...two…


    Jason finishes it for her and the couple walks off together, preparing for what lies ahead.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread for 5/10/19

    Clouds, grey clouds, have now covered what once used to be blue skies. And those clouds have started to shoot out in rage, bolts and flashes attacking anything below with no thought for consequence and no care for the victims below. And then there is the underlying grumble that, if you were to look up an audible definition of discontent, this would be it. Everyone below that was bathing and looking admiringly upwards when the blue sky was bearing its underbelly is now scurrying and jostling for position in some form of shelter. At least that’s what it looks like from up here. Even those tin pots that are used for transport have started to accelerate and try and weave their way out of what is to follow. And we haven’t even mentioned the precipitation, lashing against any surface as if it’s trying to wear it down and work its way inside with inside feeling its aggression and vigor as it tries to force its way into any small gap or opening that it can trickle its way in to.

    Detracting from the general trend of those down below, there is one man. One man who 40 stories high in the penthouse suite has decided to embrace the challenge, embrace the elements, embrace the change in conditions. He lifts one foot and firmly plants it on the surface, protecting that one area from the pummeling rainfall by directing in unto what appears to be the most expensive shoe that has ever stepped foot in Jacksonville although admittedly the factual accuracy of that sentiment could rightly be questioned. This is followed by the alleged joint most expensive shoe that has ever stepped foot in Jacksonville planting itself onto part of the surface, protecting it from the rain by direct it unto itself. It’s a bad day for allegedly expensive footwear so far. Frankly, as if this tragedy was not enough to contend with, what is rumored to be the most expensive suit to ever be worn in Jacksonville is now getting dampened by the elements. For fans of a silver lining out there, the shirt is white and is exposing one of the more chiseled physiques that FWA has to offer at present. For those of a different sexual persuasion, be it male, female or otherwise, guess you are shit out of luck right now.

    The rain continues to beat down, the previously perfectly styled hair drooping down as the product to keep it in shape trickles down his face, some of it leaving an awful taste in his mouth. That is probably why he has a face akin to an ugly dog trying to chew a wasp.


    The Protégé Sean Hughes exclaims this, as previously mentioned, 40 stories in the air. So his target audience in these conditions is absolutely nobody unless there are some similarly seemingly mentally challenged people with a lot of money nearby. Sean has extended his arms wide, at a ninety degree angle so as to almost make the shape of a capital T. In what is probably not a surprising turn of events, there is no sign of his New Breed brotherhood. They likely didn’t fancy this particular excursion for one reason or another. Sean tilts his head backwards to stare up into the grey clouds and lets the water crash down onto his face. But now…now he’s smiling. Now he is almost in his element.

    “I don’t have children. I mean, I don’t have any children that I know about. I’ve been careful but those things are never quite 100% foolproof. And I don’t exactly live the type of life where I can go the local bar and run into the girl and see she’s expecting. There could be an army of devilishly handsome guys running around there somewhere with this talented blood running through their veins. But who knows? Life is too short for thinking about what if’s from the past. You know what I think about? I think about the what if’s that are still to come.”

    “Why do I mention children? Because this is the equivalent of any parent in the country putting the schoolbag on their shoulders, kissing their child on the forehead and sending them through the school gate for the first time. At least that’s what Mike just sort of said to me…..he said it’s time for me to pack away all the lessons I’ve learned and walk through those gates. I mean, he didn’t mention kissing and said curtain instead of gate…but that’s Mike. The important thing is that I know exactly what he means. It’s time for me to take everything that I’ve been learning, in training, in the ring, on the apron and apply it as I walk through that curtain in a singles match for the first time. It’s time to prove that I am The Protégé. And the unlucky guy?”

    Sean finally tilts his head fully forward, and he now has the black streak of mascara running down his face. Hughes subtlety moves his head to make the smearing of said mascara more pronounced so staring him in the face now takes on a distinctly more emo type of feel. He maintains his what you would assume to be forced grin as some of the liquid slides down across his lips and landing in his mouth. Protégé whips back both his arms in a fashion that discards his suit jacket to the ground, leaving just the white shirt remaining covering his upper body, which with the rain still hammering down from above is basically fully on display. Again, very much a good news/bad news situation depending on who is watching.

    “The unlucky guy is XYZ, who somehow thinks being different or doing things that are unorthodox is something to be proud of? Something that basically beats their opponent down before they even step foot into the ring. Unorthodox is one word for it…I call it easy. I call it stupid. Do you see me standing out here while the rest of the world cowers away? Unorthodox you might say? I call it moronic. Do you see me putting this shit on my face to make myself stand out and appear different? Stupid. And when you wash it away……”

    Hughes takes his hand and begins to wipe away the trails of mascara from his face.

    “When you wash it all away what are you really left with? You’re left with the man underneath, and you know what I know about the man that is underneath it all? I know that he isn’t worthy of wiping my ass. Because I’m still learning from Mike Parr, I’m learning from the Prodigy. Even if I manage to retain a tenth of what he has told me so far, that is still a tenth too much for you to handle with. I’m not walking into my first singles match to go toe to toe with you…I’m going there to get to the man behind the stereotype and beat that man until he truly will be different from the rest of us. And the best part is, when you realize this and don’t want to be different any more, I’m probably just going to continue because that is what I can do. That is what I have trained for. That is why I am here. I’m here to learn, to listen, and I’m here to step up when it’s my turn to step up and show everyone that those lessons have not been wasted.”

    Hughes slowly paces across the rooftop patio that has lead out from his penthouse apartment. A flash of lightening overhead doesn’t deter him. He lifts the white shirt that is now clinging to his body and peels it over his head, pausing mid motion to wipe his face, before discarding the shirt to the ground. The shirt that was formerly the most expensive shirt to ever be worn in Jacksonville has met a sad end.

    “I am not here to mess around and I am certainly not here to be messed with. Me and Prototype at Quest for the Best showed those relics from Over the Edge that the business has moved on since they were moderately relevant in their prime. They might make a nice trivia question one day. But I’m not here to lose to XYZ. I’m not here to lose to Lord Dog. I’m actually not here to lose to Cyrus Truth, just for the record. But this chance to show the world on my own isn’t something that I’m going to let pass and I’m not going to lie down for or tap out to XYZ.”

    “When I talked about children earlier, do you know I don’t really remember being sent off, bag over my shoulders, through the school gates on my own for the first time. What I remember is staring at the departure gates in the airport, trying to read where I’m going but tears filling my eyes making that improbable. I remember looking back at my parents who were both there at the zone where only those travelling could pass by. I’m sure there were tears there. I had my passport in my hand and over my shoulder I had my own bag packed with my wrestling gear and some clothes so as I wasn’t walking down the streets in my wrestling tights. In my pocket I had limited cash and a bank card with as much savings as you could expect a 17 year old to have at that point in his life. As I walked and left my parents there, and with every step further away that I got, I promised myself that it would be worth it. Every step, every tear that left, every dark moment or bad thought, it would all be worth it. It was worth it when I was sweating to the point of exhaustion in the training ring and it was worth it when I’m sitting and watching Prototype and Prodigy at work because that’s something I could not have got had I not walked away on that day in the airport.”

    “Do you think that I am going to let you make that sacrifice mean nothing? Do you think I am going to sit here next week when I get out of this city and look back and think whether or not I made the right decision? No. HELL no. F#!k NO. I know it was worth it and I’m going to be sitting here one day soon looking at your belt with those tears filling my eyes again, this time with pride. Pride knowing that I made the right choice. That I’ve listened. That I’ve learned. And that I’ve beat the holy shit out of you.”

    Hughes lets out a laugh as he again extends his arms out and tilts his head backwards as the rain slowly subsides and a break in the dark grey clouds begins to appear, the ray of the sun shining down and putting essentially a spotlight on the next bright star in the FWA.
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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread for 5/10/19

    King's Therapy

    Tick...tick...tick goes the clock. The sound of a clock ticking is like the universal auditory symbol for life passing by. In this small office, many lives have passed on by. It is a therapy office after all. On the walls are several motivational posters, and several frames holding various certificates and academic degrees. Masters degrees in counselling, certificates in forensic psychology, bachelor's degrees in social work. Each degree has the same name...Dr. Francis Soloman.

    Dr. Soloman has had a lot of experience with therapy over the years. 25 years of experience in fact. He has treated many different patients, with just about every disorder you could read about in the DSM V.

    Today, in Dr. Soloman's office, is a new client. He is sitting on Dr. Soloman's Freudian style couch, with his one leg crossed over the other. He is wearing a three piece gray suit, with a dark blue tie. Uniquely, on the couch, are two wrestling championships. On the left side of him is a title that reads "X Division Championship" and on the right side of him is a title that reads "North American Championship".

    There is only one man who could possibly be achieved enough to have both of these titles. One man who is worth of being called a king.

    That man is Dave Sullivan.

    But Dave Sullivan is alone in this office. There is no Dr. Soloman.

    So tick tick tick goes the clock. Each tick signifies not only that previously mentioned passing of time, but also the passing of the King's patience.

    Until finally enough ticks have gone by. Dr. Soloman opens the door, and rushes into his office. He looks to be about in his mid 50s. He is wearing a red sweater, and a pair of khaki pants. He has thick black plastic glasses on his face, and little bit of a gray stubble right below them.

    Dr. Soloman: I am so sorry Mr. Sullivan for my tardiness. Both today, and last week. It is very rare that I have ever no showed on a client...usually it is the other way around...but our appointment last week was surrounded by some hecticness in my life. I hope we can put that behind us, and start on a positive rapport building process.

    Dave Sullivan: ....

    Dr. Soloman: ...So, is my understanding that you are mandated by the courts to come see me. For that reason, I must inform you that it is the court who is my client, and not you. Which means in relation to privilege, the information we discuss today will not be private. Do you understand this?

    Dave Sullivan: ....

    Dr. Soloman: Would you like to tell me what happened that led to you being here today?

    Dave Sullivan: ....

    Dr. Soloman: It is my understanding that you got into an altercation with a police officer during a traffic stop. Why don't we start there?

    Dave Sullivan: ....

    Dr. Soloman: You know Mr. Sullivan, this is a lot less painful when you play along. Trust me, these things go way faster once we start to talk.

    Dave Sullivan: Dr. Soloman, is it? You know Dr. Soloman, I was all ready to talk. Today, when I walked in here. On time. And you know what else, I was all ready to talk last week too, when I was came in here. Because I was mandated to be here. But do you know who wasn't here, Dr. Soloman?

    You know don't you?

    It was you. You weren't here. Because YOU decided to not show up. You decided to leave me on my own. What a great therapeutic way to start a relationship with a client. Did they teach you that in your doctorate program?

    I'm sorry, normally I might have patience with this, but what you did last week just got under my skin. I put a lot of work and a lot of effort into what I do. And for you...for you to just not take that seriously at all, it is rather insulting and offensive. In fact, it shows to me a whole lot about your character as a person all together.

    As a result, I have absolutely NO respect for you. None at all. You had an opportunity to earn my respect, last week during our appointment, but you blew it. And now? Now there is no earning it back for me. Because clearly you do not take me seriously, or your JOB seriously. So why should I EVER take you seriously again? I can't. YOU didn't show up. That happened, and there is no fixing it. You have lost my respect, and quite honestly everyone else who knows you should decide the same.

    Dr. Soloman: You are entirely right Mr. Sullivan, and I apologize. The ball is in my court to make things right here, as I put a lot of value into having a positive relationship with my clients. With that said, I want to get to know you. Who you are, and what you do. Can you tell me about yourself?

    Dave Sullivan: Tell you about myself? I'm a wrestler, a fighter. I get in the ring every day, and I kick ass. Take a lot at me. What do you see? I'll tell you what everyone else sees. They see a king. I am royalty, and I have earned every bit of it. Unlike some of my coworkers, who have everything handed to them, I had to fight my way to the top of the hierarchy. 7 years I have been in my company, crawling my way to the top. But when people like you, people like Starr, give me absolutely no is quite offending to someone of my status. Kingly status.

    But take a look next to me. Do you see these titles? You're not seeing double, doc. Your eyes are working perfectly well, you are seeing two championships. Do you know who else on the roster holds two championships right now? Nobody. Not a single person. In fact, there's only four championships you can even earn in our company.

    I have HALF of them. That is how good I am. I am single handedly carrying this company on my back. So much so that I hold half of the titles, because there isn't anybody on our wrestling brand that can do what I do day in and day out.

    For seven years, I have been disrespected. Just when I think people are starting to worship their King like they should, I get insulted or disrespected in an entirely new way.

    Do you want an example? Here's one. They released a Power 20 for our roster, ok? A ranking of everyone who is active. Guess where I landed? Number two. Number fucking two.

    Dr. Soloman: Well, that is pretty impressive. Were you happy with that?

    Dave Sullivan: Happy? No. I wasn't happy. Why would I be happy that my company still refuses to acknowledge that I am the best there is. That I am literally carrying their entire show. That I am single handedly filling the arena seats each week. No, instead they list Cyrus goddamn Truth number one. Cyrus Truth, as usual. The guy who walks into our company from that crapshow CWA, and jumps right into the main event. My two titles I have? He hasn't earned either one. Those are accomplishments he has never had, and never will.

    Instead he gets handed World Championship opportunities like a little girl in an Elsa dress getting handed candy on Halloween.

    Yes, he's the FWA World Champion. But does that make him better than me?

    I'll tell you why it doesn't. Because I beat him. We fought one on one, and I proved I was the better wrestler.

    The only guy on that Power 20 that was ranked ahead of me, I am undefeated against.

    The way I see it, that makes me Numero Uno in the company. That makes me The King.

    Dr. Soloman: I see. You clearly have a lot of disrespect for a lot of people. Me, this Cyrus Truth there anyone else you have disrespect for?

    Dave Sullivan: I am glad you asked, doc. There is one guy I not only have disrespect for, I have NO respect for. You see this North American Championship I have sitting here? You have no idea what this baby has gone through.

    Have you worked with foster kids, doc? Adopted foster kids? Kids taken out of homes, put in foster care or an orphanage? You've seen it, doctor. I know you have. The trauma is real. Some little kids go through some of the saddest most abusive childhoods. They are beaten and abused...until finally someone comes along and they rescue them. They take them away from the unfit parent, and they find a home for them. A home where they are loved and taken care of. A home they deserve. A home where they are worthy.

    Well this North American Championship of mine, it is the abused kid. It was mentally abused, physically abused, hell it may have even been sexually abused. For so long, it got disrespected. The perpetrator? A creepo man named Starr. The unfit parent who held my baby in his arms for way too long. He didn't take care of this baby. He didn't love it, he didn't cherish it. He sure as hell didn't deserve it.

    I could not just sit idly by and watch this horrible man do this to an innocent championship belt. I saw it way too many times before. So guess who swoops in for the I am the Child Protective Services caseworker in this story. I bust into Starr's home, and I take the baby away. He wasn't taking care of it, and he didn't deserve it.

    Now? The North American Championship has found a loving and worthy home. Away from the abusive Starr. And I will never let that man get close to my baby again. In fact, there is a restraining order place. A no contact order between my title and Starr. He is not allowed within 500 feet of my title.

    Dr. Soloman: Wow...that is quite a vivid analogy. So what is next for you?

    Dave Sullivan: Next? Next is, I am going to bring this title back to the glory it deserves to be at. Heal it from all the damage Starr caused it. And I'm going to start that therapeutic healing process for my title in my next fight, against its abuser. It's going to get to watch, as I start produce some trauma of my own. Blunt force trauma. My fists on Starr's face.

    Because like I said, I have no respect for Starr. I think he is overrated, untalented, and unworthy. Ruining the prestige of a championship is a crime, as King, that I cannot forgive.

    You see when I fought Starr the first time, I showed mercy. My top priority was rescuing my title from the grimy hands of that weasel, and keeping it away from that snake Kevin Cromwell. Now that I've accomplished that and my title is safe, my number one priority now is retribution. Retribution for crimes committed.

    Because when it comes to crimes against titles...

    I am the judge.

    I am the jury.

    I am the executioner.

    I AM the King.

    This next match, there are no titles on the line. The only thing on the line, is mercy, and I will show none of it. When I am done with Starr, he is going to have to take the T out of his name, and replace it with a motherfucking C. Because that's what his face will be covered in, scars. In fact, you probably won't even recognize him when I am done with him. He'll have to get his photo for the Megan's Law registry taken all over again.

    Dr. Soloman: Wow. I am definitely seeing a lot of pent up aggression. Can you see how this led to your incident with the police officer? Let's try to brainstorm some healthy ways of coping with this aggression.

    Dave Sullivan: I have healthy ways. Destroying my opponents in the ring. Destroying everyone who gets in my way. Destroying the entire roster. And by the looks of things, I am doing that quite well.

    I do not need therapy, doctor. You can take that to the courts.

    I am a King. I am the one who decides who does what. You won't tell me what to do, and neither will a judge.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready for my retribution.

    With that, Sullivan stands up and straightens out his suit. He gives Dr. Soloman a cocky nod, and struts out of the office...leaving his therapist stunned. The therapist jots some notes down on his note pad in amazement. Mostly just simple words like "Anti Social personality", "Machiavellianism", and "Narcissism". This might prove to be Dr. Soloman's most interesting client yet.

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread for 5/10/19

    We see Eyesnsane seated on a bench, the planks of the seat are tan wood and the back of the bench that can be seen has an ad for an accident lawyer on it. The phone number is blocked by Eyesnsane. There is no building behind him, just wide open blue sky with only a light wisp of a cloud. The bright sun of the day is shining down on him as he sits there wearing a black T-shirt that reads “Respect All” across the front and his blue denim jeans. There is a loud buzzing sound and Eyesnsane reaches into his pocket and produces his phone. Taking a moment to look at the screen he taps his phone as he places the black earphones that are attached into his ears.

    Eyesnsane: Hello how are things over there?

    Eyesnsane: Yeah, yeah its always business with you.

    Eyesnsane: What do mean the analytics, I’ve not been back a month yet! You are tripping.

    Eyesnsane: Yes, I’m sure about this and of course I’m ready.
    Eyesnsane: I’m where I am supposed to be, no Ted’s not here yet. I got here early so I could just breathe some fresh air and soak up some of this sun.

    Eyesnsane: I know I’m not on vacation, Jesus you act like I’ve never lost a match before. I’m looking right now, the sky is not falling, the world is not ending. They are not making me fight a robot, or dick the clown or some local yahoo waiting for his big shot.

    Eyesnsane: Look I get it ok. What I need is for you to just relax. You know I got this, I would not have come back if I could not still do this and while I have every intention of my career ending in the FWA, there is still plenty of gas in this tank and I got miles to go before I’m done.

    Eyesnsane: Hey, let me stop you there, I see Ted coming now. Thank you for being concerned. I’ll talk to you later ok.

    As Ted walks up to Eyesnsane, Eyesnsane stands up and the two men shake hands and give one another a bro hug…

    Ted: Yo whats good?

    Eyesnsane: Everything is everything..

    Ted: Where Kills at?

    Eyesnsane: Now you know I have no idea. He’s always come and gone as he pleases. I just know that whenever I need him, he’s there.

    Ted: Word.

    Eyesnsane: How are you liking Florida?

    Ted: I prefer Miami, that’s for sure.

    Both men laugh for a minute…

    Ted: Hey, before we get to the shoot, can I ask you something?

    Eyesnsane: You can ask.

    Ted: Sup with you and Gabrielle?

    Eyesnsane: We cool. You know from time to time we just chill have a drink or three, nothing major, why?

    Ted: I was just wondering, she gives me that bad candy vibe.

    Eyesnsane laughs a bit…

    Eyesnsane: A what? What is a bad candy vibe?

    Ted: She’s like that candy that you love to have but you know is the worst thing for you.

    Eyesnsane: Come on man, you been talking to Dinorah? You don’t even know her like that, besides we are cool and she gets me, we clique but like I said it ain’t nothing major. Where is this coming from?

    Ted: Well I was talking to Alana and….

    Eyesnsane: Yo hold up. Don’t get me wrong, Alana tries to look out but she is halfway around the world and has been for a while. I got me.

    Ted: Alright man, I hear you. So how bout we get down to business?

    Eyesnsane: Sounds good to me, we can even go get a workout in afterward.

    Ted: I was thinking a drink but we can hit the gym.

    A bird flies near them and Eyesnsane turns to look toward the sky as Ted takes a camera out of a tan backpack he had on his right shoulder. Ted lifts the camera up and finds Eyesnsane in the view getting a nice profile shot of Eyesnsane looking toward the sky.

    Eyesnsane: Fear is the result of uncertainty when facing the unknown. Faith is blind trust in the absence of the unseen. Faith brings results, you just have to believe.

    Eyesnsane folds his arms in front of himself as he turns to face the camera.

    Eyesnsane: I’ll just be honest, I don't know much about Lord Dog. He’s a fighter and a former tag team champion. Other than that he is the next man I am going to step into an FWA ring with. I can only assume that he is the kind of man who will do everything in his power to win this match. Maybe not really knowing him is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong each opponent I have faced in this business has been different and held their own motivations so to that extent, this man is no different.

    I’d be foolish to take him lightly, holding a title in FWA is no small feat, it’s not something easy to just do. I know of the Ghost Dog run and what they were able to accomplish and frankly. I’m looking forward to stepping in the ring with this man. I’m looking forward to the challenge that he will bring. I’m looking forward to the reaction of the fans here in Jacksonville. In the end I believe just what I said a moment ago.

    I don’t have to know Lord Dog. I know who I am. I know what kind of wrestler I am. I know what kind of competitor I am, I know what drives me. I believe I am not just another wrestler to walk through the door of this company. I believe that my name should be mentioned in the same breath as the greatest this company has seen, hell this world has seen lace up boots. I’m beyond a point of listing accomplishments like I would be reading my own resume. Each and every fan of the FWA knows who I am and what I can do. So, now I’m back. Once again I’ve come home. Sure the grass has grown, the locks may have been changed and it looks a bit different as I walk the halls backstage.

    The thing is, I have faith in me. I have faith in my training and in my skills. I have faith in my decision to return to the place where my wrestling career started. Oh and my conscience is crystal clear. I have no regrets and not even one doubt. Call this whatever you want. A new day, a new era in the FWA. It does not matter, I know what it’s like to be new in this company I was once right where I am now, square one. Circumstance may change but position really does not. There are some who will look up to me, some will look down on me, while others still could care less that I am here, but none of that has any bearing on the path I am set upon. I have an unwavering faith in my ability to create more moments that make the fans of FWA sit on the edge of their seats. I have faith that this journey will lead to more success. Lord Dog is just the next page in my book of faith.

    Eyesnsane places his hands in his pockets allowing us to see the front of his shirt once more which reads, “Respect All”. With his hands in his pockets Eyesnsane turns his back to the camera and we see “Fear None” on the back of the shirt as the shot slowly fades to black.

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