This Interview was conducted prior to the Quest For The Best PPV.

The first time I met Gabrielle Montgomery aka The Caramel Coated Goddess was a case of pure luck. It was a chance encounter enhanced by the breakdown of an elevator. This time though she actually asked me too interview her for and that is an offer I could never refuse.

I met her on Tybee Island Beach, not far from where the FWA will be hosting the Quest For The Best Pay Per View this weekend. So Gabrielle, a beach, and hopefully some Bikinis as I throw out a few questions. When we met up on the soft sand she was dressed very casually in a pair of shorts and an aqua blue top, so simple yet it displayed so much of that caramel skin of hers. She was all smiles as I approached her and we swapped a few pleasantries before beginning the interview.

Garrett Mathews: Fantastic day to be here, fantastic setting, and you look fantastic.

Gabrielle: Thankyou Garrett.

Garrett Mathews: I’m here today with the one, the only Gabrielle. She only needs the one name like Cher or Madonna. I’m not happy with that…the one, the only Gabrielle. We all know that name, that single name, you don’t need anything else. Gabrielle; it conjures thoughts of a Woman who achieved Greatness, a Goddess who achieved Immortality. A Bombshell with Caramel skin, and World Class abilities in the ring. Today I’m with her here on a beach, days out from the Quest For The Best Pay Per View, and just moments away from her shooting a new advert for the FWA. The suns shining, the water is gorgeous, I see a photographer behind me, a lighting crew, a makeup crew and a collection of Bikinis. So putting all of that together I think I’ve cracked the FWA’s PR departments big idea; Gabrielle in a Bikini on the Beach, am I right?

Gabrielle: Spot on.

Garrett Mathews: It works, it works really well. But whats the message they’re going for here? Is there a script or anything I can look at?

Gabrielle: (Laughing) No…no…I don’t think this sort of thing has ever gone past just “She’s hot put her in a bikini”. I’m not complaining, this is the easiest way I’ve ever made money. Compared too training, competing, cutting promos, interviews, acting in movies and TV shows, lounging around on a beach in a collection of bikini’s given to me by designers desperate to see their latest creation on my body is relaxing, and so easy.

Garrett Mathews: Its simple but effective.

Gabrielle: It pays to just keep things simple at times.

Garrett Mathews: So last time we saw each other, in that elevator you were just days out from competing in a match against Izzy Van Doren. That was late December, now in late April you are just days out from competing in a match against Izzy Van Doren. Is…is this the same match?

Gabrielle: (laughing) No, no, no. This is an entirely different match I promise you. Same opponent yes, but an entirely different match.

Garrett Mathews: I was sure that Pro Wrestlers competed more regularly than other Combat Athletes…but this had me doubting that.

Gabrielle: Izzy and I had too much bad blood for just the one match, the Gods of Wrestling (wink, wink) have seen to it that we get a second match against one another.

Garrett Mathews: FWA Revival was the first Wrestling show I had watched in a year or two and I was impressed how good you looked out there. Three years away from the ring and you didn’t miss a step.

Gabrielle: Honestly I impressed and surprised even myself. I thought I would be rustier than that, I thought Izzy might catch me out somewhere. I mean there’s no replacement, no substitute for actually competing. You can train all you want but actually fighting out there in that ring with the World watching…that’s a completely different beast. It felt just like home though, all the Butterflies were there as my music hit and I made my way down to the ring, but the second the bell rang, everything was calm. It felt like I never left, it felt like it had been just days since I had my last match against Ashley Adams not three years.

Garrett Mathews: As I said you looked great out there, that was an impressive win. So that was Revival, now we’re at the Quest For The Best Final. You beat her in your first match in three years, what’s motivating you here?

Gabrielle: That’s simple, I cant stand Izzy Van Doren. I can begrudgingly respect her talents, her passion, her drive to be successful, but I cant stand her. She’s just like so many others, thinks I’m somehow to blame for her shortcomings, thinks she’ll be able to walk all over me, thinks she’s so much better than me. I beat her fair and square at Revival, her answer to that was to try and break my arm the next time we saw each other. I’d spent three years away from the ring and as soon as I returned she was trying to put me on the shelf. I get her frustrations, she saw me, retired for all those years and thought she could get famous off of defeating me. But I put up a fight she wasn’t ready for, soundly defeated her and she couldn’t handle it. I want to beat her again, I want to humble her, I want to force her to accept that she is inferior to me.

Then on top of all of that I get more than just bragging rights over her. I get bragging rights over everyone else as well. This isn’t just another match between us, this isn’t just between me and Izzy, this is bragging rights over the entire roster. Humble her again this weekend, and I’m the Quest For The Best winner…I’m the Best…as if there was any doubt…

Garrett Mathews: How big is your Trophy Cabinet?

Gabrielle: It’s a Trophy Room, not just a Cabinet. This match, winning it gives me another big accolade to put in there. Just making it to the finals is pissing people off, Sullivan can’t deal with losing to me like an Adult, and Armistead is no better. People still hate losing to me, they still hate losing to a 5’7 woman that could have just been a Model. Coming back and winning this Tournament straight away will feel really good.

Garrett Mathews: I’m pulling for you all the way. This would really cap off an amazing return for you after three years. Now changing gear a bit; this weekend the Clique Wrestling Alliance is running their big special Decade of Decadence event. A show that is rumoured to be the last ever CWA show. There’s a lot of history between the FWA and the CWA, a lot of history you have been a part of.

Gabrielle: Yeah…there is.

Garrett Mathews: You’ve even stepped foot in the CWA ring before, your final match was against a CWA competitor; Ashley Adams. So after everything, and the rumours of CWA closing up, do you have a final shot to take?

Gabrielle: Its…its sad. I mean yeah things between the CWA and the FWA haven’t always been great. When the PWS Network folded and the WC Network became the new home for the FWA there was a lot of hostility there. The CWA was WC’s crown jewel, it was their Wrestling show, and suddenly it had the competition of the FWA on the same network. The Bosses of CWA, Jimmy King in particular didn’t want to lose anything out to the FWA so he sought too make the FWA just a feeder company to the CWA…and I understand that. At the time it was terrible, but years later I get it. He wanted to make sure the CWA was top dog on WC.

But all that is long in the past. The FWA and CWA co-existed for years now. If it wasn’t for the WC Network picking us up, the FWA could have died off then and there. Even recently, when I first started talking about returning to the ring the FWA was going through a few issues that led to the big Revival show. So I have nothing but sympathy for everyone involved with the CWA if this is indeed the end. They’ve enjoyed a decade of success regardless of what happens and produced a lot of incredible Competitors and Moments.

I always had thoughts of stepping foot in a CWA ring full time. Challenging myself there against different faces, but it never happened, and now it probably never will. I hope they can pull through their financial issues and become what it used to be.

Garrett Mathews: CWA World Champion Gabrielle has a nice ring to it.

Gabrielle: It does…it really does.

Garrett Mathews: But lets move on from the potential end of the CWA, and onto what was for a few years at least the end of your career. We’ve touched on it already, you retired in early 2016 for several years; when you hung your boots up back then did you envision yourself ever getting back in the ring?

Gabrielle: Not at all. I hit a point where I just didn’t feel the same about competing and devoting my life to this business anymore and thought I was done. I hit a wall where I fell out of love with Pro Wrestling. I did stay involved just long enough to be a part of the FWA vs CWA Supershow, as people felt like it was a more fitting send off for me, but I didn’t really want to be there honestly. There was a big money offer from the organisers of the Black Widow Classic, which in hindsight may have been part of the reason they ran out of money and the Classic never concluded. I did enjoy that though, it was simpler, more relaxed and laid back just taking it a match at a time. But still I was there for the money…they paid upfront…

But something I’ve never publically spoken about was that, it wasn’t just a case of being burned out and wanting to be able to sit back and enjoy life with friends and family more. It was so much more than that. Back then I was consumed with the idea of getting my name in the History Books, the Record Books as much as possible. I had achieved so much more than I ever thought was possible…and I saw that I could be a true Icon. An Icon with a Legacy that would see me remembered forever.

So I was so focused on being World Champion, so focused on remaining World Champion and defeating everyone put in front of me. Every day I was Champion, was another footnote in the Record Books. Every person I beat was another footnote in the History Books. I did some terrible things in the name of all that, I ended a career of someone I once considered a colleague and friend. But I also did something even worse…

Something I’ve never forgiven myself for, something I never will forgive myself for. But to beat Chris Kennedy and remain World Champion I was willing to do absolutely everything it took. I cant even say what it was…but we all know what happened on that night with my sweet little Carmella in the ring…

(at this point we took a brief break from the interview so Gabrielle could compose herself.)

Gabrielle: Feuding with Chris (Kennedy) really took its toll on me. That was a match I had thought about everyday for five years. After he betrayed me and cost me my first FWA World Championship we split up, we got back together, we had our daughter together, we got married, we divorced, we got back together…and we split up again. Through all of that I’d always find myself thinking about how good it would feel to get him in the ring one on one, and defeat him. For five years and all that relationship turmoil I waited for that match, it meant everything to me to just get my hand raised against him no matter what.

And I did the worst, most evil thing I’ve ever done to make sure I beat him, and that really broke me mentally afterwards. Its one thing to make up a plan when you’re preparing for the biggest challenge of your life. Its one thing too execute that plan when the adrenaline is pumping. But when you go to hug your daughter and she looks at you differently and cries…or when you’re alone with your thoughts and reflect on what you had to do…that’s different.

Pretty quickly I realised what I had done, but didn’t want to face it. The damage was done though, I’d hurt my family and myself, including my passion to keep going on. There was a real moment of clarity where I knew for the benefit of myself and everyone I care about I had to step away from it all. I had to step away from that environment, from the people I’d surrounded myself with and better myself, as a person. I think, I hope Carmella has truly forgiven me and moved passed that night, but I don’t think I ever will. There’s a line that I crossed that I wish I never did.

(At this point we again took a brief break so Gabrielle could compose herself)

Garrett Mathews: Lets go for something a little lighter, lets do some word association.

Gabrielle: Okay, nice and easy. Shoot.

Garrett Mathews: 2019?

Gabrielle: Mine.

Garrett Mathews:
Bell Connolly?

Gabrielle: Deranged.

Garrett Mathews: Shannon O’Neal?

Gabrielle: Respect.

Garrett Mathews: Cyrus Truth?

Gabrielle: Elite.

Garrett Mathews: Chris Kennedy?

Gabrielle: Hypocrite.

Garrett Mathews: Dave Sullivan?

Gabrielle: Me.

Garrett Mathews: Okay…explain that one?

Gabrielle: I see a lot of myself in him. The bravado, the swagger, the take no shit attitude, and take no prisoners mentality.

Garrett Mathews: I see that. Izzy Van Doren?

Gabrielle: Cliché.

Garrett Mathews: Sterling Jagger?

Gabrielle: Overcompensating.

Garrett Mathews: Really, you think?

Gabrielle: More than likely, guys like that usually are.

Garrett Mathews: And on that note lets wrap things up here. Gabrielle it has been a pleasure, once again and much more laid back than last time.

Gabrielle: Indeed, this was a much better setting. You should conduct more interviews on the beach and less in broken elevators.

Garrett Mathews: I’ll keep that in mind. Until next time.

-Garrett Mathews,