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Thread: Harper Requests WWE Release

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    Re: Harper Requests WWE Release

    Harper is a guy with all the talent in the world. He should of been added to wwe title match vs orton and wyatt at wm. The guy is one of the best big men i ever seen.

    I wish Harper nothing but the best.


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    Re: Harper Requests WWE Release

    Always liked Harper. I can't fathom why WWE would be asking him to do a southern accent. It dreads me to think what ridiculous gimmick they had in store for him. I was always cool with him beig a silent character, and a man of few words, despit the fact that I know he can cut a great promo. I think his in-ring prowess will be the biggest thing missed though. How many 6"5', 275lbs men can move like he does? Not many is the answer.

    So much wasted potetial with Harper, though he has also been unfortunate that he's perhaps been overlooked in favor of younger talent. I've said before that there's a lot of talent in WWE that will be overlooked because of the sheer amount of talent they have and their inability to utilize them all to the best of their potential. Harper is just the latest in a list of guys that are in this position.

    Where will he go next? He certainly won't be short of options. He'll fit right in at New Japan, ROH or indeed the newly formed AEW. AEW in fact seem to have a lack of big men signed u so far so Harper could fill that void for sure.
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    Re: Harper Requests WWE Release

    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    How many 6"5', 275lbs men can move like he does? Not many is the answer.
    Honestly? Probably loads. This isn't 1999 with Mike Awesome being the one near giant that can fly like a Cruiserweight. I think the only brand without someone like that is likely just 205 Live. That's not taking away from Harper as I do love him, but him being able to move around at his size isn't quite a feat in 2019.

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