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Thread: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    I love the concept for the Great American Bash, I definitely enjoyed that opening promo by Steph. Also, the way you’re booking Daniel Bryan is amazing and really showcases how good he can be as a heel. The Rock coming back for one night? The possibility are endless and I hope you have a plan for a young talent to get some type of push from the rock or maybe set up a mania match? Not sure but I can’t wait to find out.

    personally I’m not a big fan of 8-man tag matches unless it was faction vs faction because sometimes it feels a little too much and doesn’t really give everyone a chance to shine but again that’s just me personally.

    what a way to end the show with Bayley just taking a seat while asuka gets was a nice surprise to see her act out of character. I hope this is a slow turn for her because as seen in RL she is a fantastic heel.

    overall a very solid show and I’m such a big fan of Daniel Bryan character. Great job on that.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    …Might as well post this…

    205 Live – June 11th 2019; Sacramento, California

    After an eventful end to Smackdown Live, the transition from the blue brand to the purple brand is made. And with lots of attention on the big match going down on Wednesday night on NXT, 205 Live will do its best to keep things centered in around here with an eventful night ahead of us.

    1Singles Match
    Lince Dorado (w/ Kalisto) vs. The Brian Kendrick
    While their comrade Gran Metalik is in San Jose at the moment, Lince Dorado and Kalisto are out to open the show against The Brian Kendrick. TBK recently picked up a win the last time we saw him three weeks ago against Akira Tozawa and proves to be a pretty tough test for Lince. He is, of course, one of the OG Cruiserweights in WWE, so that surely isn’t much of a surprise. Towards the end of the bout, Lince is on the apron. He slingshots up and springs off and aims to hit a Hurricanrana! NO! TBK hoists him up and goes for a POWERBOMB! NO! Lince rolls through and flows into a Sunset Flip and pinning combo! 1! 2! 3!!! GOT HIM!
    WinnerLince Dorado via pin fall at 9:07.

    2Singles Match
    Tony Nese
    vs. Sean Maluta
    Believe it or not, this is the first match for Tony Nese on 205 Live in over two months! The former Cruiserweight Champion resurfaced to take on former Cruiserweight Classic competitor, Sean Maluta. Nese got back at it in a big way, and scored a rather decisive win over Maluta, ending it with The Running Kneese for the 1-2-3!
    WINNERTony Nese via pin fall at 4:30.

    3Singles Match
    Drew Gulak
    vs. Humberto Carrillo
    This match, set to be the main event, did not last very long. After Carrillo was gaining momentum over Gulak, he was attacked from behind by one Mike Kanellis! That attack rang off the disqualification, which in turn soured the remaining fans in the Golden 1 Center to say the least.
    WINNERHumberto Carrillo via disqualification at 4:05.

    That was until Raul Mendoza came out for the save. This 2-on-2 melee went on until DRAKE MAVERICK made his way on stage. Maverick halted things, and said this would resume as a Tag Team Match!!

    4Tag Team Match
    Drew Gulak and Mike Kanellis
    vs. Humberto Carrillo and Raul Mendoza
    This one certainly gathered more energy after the restart. Carrillo and Mendoza came out like spitfires while Kanellis and Gulak tried to ground and pound and grind them all to a halt. This clash of stiles matched with the obvious intensity and hatred for one another produces a real rock-solid matchup. Towards the end of the match, Gulak has Carrillo up and ready for a Tiger Suplex, but Carrillo spins out and hits him with a Step-Up Enziugiri! Kanellis then goes in to try and take him off his feet, but Carrillo ducks and Kanellis goes flying over the top rope! He lands on the apron, but Mendoza runs up and hits a Running Front Dropkick on him! Kanellis goes FLYING into the ringpost and crashes down, as we see Carrillo then head up to the top rope. He then LEAPS up and off, and hits a MOONSAULT!! He covers! 1! 2!! 3!!! CARILLO PINS GULAK!!!
    WINNERSHumberto Carrillo and Raul Mendoza via pin fall at 12:07.


    …And this…


    This week's episode of NXT UK has been scrapped due to the fact that it had superstars are currently serving suspensions on the program. Instead, a 'Best of NXT UK' episode will air in place of it. Tapings will resume this weekend from the Download Festival in Leicestershire, England.


    …And this…


    World Wrestling Entertainment has to come to terms with the release of:

    • Patrick Clark (The Velveteen Dream)
    • Simon Musk (Ligero)
    • Travis Bligh (Travis Banks).


    And that's that. NXT is nearly done, and I'll be posting it by the end of the weekend, I reckon.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    I completely understand why those 3 superstars were released but it still hurts...such great talent.

    the only thing that caught my eye was Lince dorado getting the win over Brian Kendrick. I always get Lince is so underrated so I’m glad he’s getting the win over a veteran and I hope he continues to move up the card.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    I haven't had a chance to read all of your btb but I have to say what I have read I have really enjoyed

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Instead of me continuously repping and saying 'I need to leave a review', let me actually do it for Smackdown!

    What an opening to Smackdown you put together. I forgot how much I truly enjoyed the New Daniel Bryan, and I think you capture him and Stephanie really well here. I maybe would have enjoyed some sort of dig from Stephanie to Bryan that he was once one of the superstars he is digging into. But besides that, I like Bayley not being able to make physical contact with Asuka here. I think you explained it well and this could be a real interesting slow burning heel turn. And The Rock Appreciation Night is awesome! A great choice to put together something as big as Raw Reunion together.

    Really happy Daniel Bryan got the win here, an early choice to win the whole thing for me. Also like the Mr. Small Package deal haha.

    Wanted to mention here I like this bounty on Becky from Ronda. She has the money and will make for an interesting story for the upcoming weeks.

    Nice spotlight for the women on building Toni into a big deal and giving Sarah Logan some character. I would really like to see some big things from Logan personally.

    Peyton and Nikki fell somewhat short for me, only for the cheap victory that Royce got. Considering Daniel used the ropes and Peyton used the tights back to back - I would have considered a finish following Billie's distraction for a slightly more decisive victory. I think that also could have been used to build for momentum for IIconics or continue this feud if that's what you were going for.

    Liked that interaction from Rush / Bryan. Slightly more edge in terms of seriousness with Rush and a nice reminder that Kofi might not be the champion come Summerslam. Fun little interview with Kevin Owens also that captures the character well. Excited for a take on a heel Finn.

    Big E and Braun Strowman sounds pretty legit, I'm into it.

    As well as Harper and Roman Reigns, that should be a real fun fight.

    Really into this ripple of Charlotte Flair, I don't mind the game respect game story between her and Bayley. Adds some dimension to Charlotte that I think her character has lacked for awhile and could lead to a much larger story should you turn Bayley like real life.

    I still really enjoy The Expat Express, a really good pairing to have together. Definitely a good tag team to have the belts that will lead to more competition, and Andrade only worrying about his team by letting Rusev take the Twist of Fate. Simple story but good stuff.

    Nice win for Black also, nothing much to add there. Although a match I would enjoy seeing IRL.

    I was expecting that New Day / Lashley&Lio match to end the night. But I should've known Bayley would be more like to end the show! Surprised to see Kofi take the win here, I feel like a heel usually wins these stipulation matches. Lio Rush is definitely going to be in a shark cage or whatever they call it.

    Okay to the actual show closing segment.. Really strong passionate promo from Bayley. You sold the intentions, reasons and story of the match all in that single promo. I feel extremely hyped - more than one would already be - because we are likely getting a style of match between the two that we have not seen before. Enjoyed the touch of Bayley willing to take a less than 100% Asuka, and the continuation of Mandy/Sonya acknowledging that one could possibly be champion right now. Great stuff all around.

    Also - F Dream, Ligero, and Banks. Good riddance.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    NXT – June 12th 2019; San Jose, California

    Following a TakeOver: XXV recap, we jump into the SJSU Events Center yet again. Four days after an extremely eventful and epic night, NXT is still here in San Jose as we continue the barnstorming tour through California. And tonight, certainly, will be an epic night again with all in store:



    But first…

    ***NUMBER ONE***

    The HBIC is in the building! MIA YIM stomps out to a nice ovation from the San Jose crowd. Yim, dressed up in her usual attire of baggy pants, a raggedy top and bandana over her face, saunters down to the ramp with business on her mind and a pep in her step. Yim has the opportunity to extract a beating that she’s been desiring to get for the past month or so on one of NXT’s burgeoning talents in the women’s division.


    DEONNA PURRAZZO then steps out. She too receives a hearty reaction, even if she has been playing the role of villainess. The Virtuosa carries a smirk on her face as we get a bit of a recap of the history between Purrazzo and Yim that’s led to this match. The two have yet to have much physical contact with one another, but that is all about to change in a matter of moments. As one would expect, this one’s got plenty of ammunition behind it.

    1Singles Match
    Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mia Yim

    Deonna and Mia tangle in what is a very fun opening matchup on this episode of NXT. Mia fights with a lot of aggression early on, surprising Purrazzo a bit and gets her to rethink her strategies perhaps. But eventually, Purrazzo seizes control of the matchup. That advantage is a little bit short-lived though, as Yim and Deonna soon get into a big back and forth battle. Towards the end, Yim goes for a right hand, but Deonna grabs her by the arm and looks to lock in the FUJIWARA ARMBAR! NO! Yim squirms out and rolls Deonna up! 1! 2! NO!! Deonna kicks out! Yim then gets up and goes for a kick. NO! Deonna ducks it and then rolls Mia up! 1! SHE HOOKS HER PANTS! 2!! 3!!!

    WINNERDeonna Purrazzo via pin fall at 6:50.

    And The Virtuosa steals a W!! She slides out of the ring, as Yim is CLEARLY on to what she just did. But, Deonna carries a smirk and a winning attitude with her up the ramp. She shrugs her shoulders, as Yim just shakes her head in mighty amounts of displeasure. A replay sequence airs, but there is no consequence for the actions of Ms. Purrazzo right now. Whether or not that changes? Time will tell.


    We get a recap video that highlights the victory that ADAM COLE scored over KEITH LEE at TakeOver: XXV. The win of course did not come without plenty of controversy though, as KYLE O’REILLY hit Keith in the back of the head with the Cruiserweight Championship, which led to KOR putting Cole atop Lee, to score the 1-2-3.


    We see the makeshift office for one WILLIAM REGAL.

    William Regal: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight is an eventful night for the NXT brand, and the beginning of a takeover of the state of California for nearly the next two months. And we have quite the show in store for the rest of the night, as I’m excited to present for the first time, the debut of ‘The Archer of Infamy’ Damian Priest, and a Cruiserweight Championship Match between Kyle O’Reilly and Number One Contender, Gran Metalik.

    ~ Regal takes a moment to pause.

    William Regal: However, all that glitters is not gold. Due to unequivocally and indisputably reprehensible actions, the NXT North American Championship was vacated last week and the scheduled NXT North American Championship Match for TakeOver: 25 was cancelled. And in addition to that, earlier today, the NXT hierarchy dismissed that former champion and they will no longer be welcomed here, or anywhere under the WWE banner again.

    ~ Whew… well, there it is, folks.

    William Regal: We pride ourselves at giving you, the NXT Universe, the very best that we have to offer both in and out of the ring. And because of those aforementioned insidious actions, we had to take action. And unfortunately, that resulted in a match being cancelled, and we know that there is disappointment in that. But we hope that the replacement match that took place between Tyler Breeze and Finn Bálor at TakeOver: 25 was a satisfying one.

    ~ Still pulling no punches, whatsoever.

    William Regal: Now the question is, what becomes of the NXT North American Championship? Well, the NXT hierarchy has decided on a resolution. We want to give you, the NXT Universe, a chance to see the best and the brightest compete for that vacant championship. And over the next few weeks, on this takeover of the state of California, we will begin the process of crowning a new NXT North American Champion.

    ~ Do tell, Mister Regal. Do tell…

    William Regal: I have chosen 16 NXT superstars who will be part of a single-elimination tournament spanning the next eight weeks on NXT. And the finals of this tournament will take place on August 10th at TakeOver: Toronto, where we will crown a new NXT North American Champion.

    ~ Boom! There’s the bombshell!

    William Regal: The most unique part of this 16-superstar, single-elimination tournament is that none of the superstars in it are former singles champions in NXT. So whoever this tournament will claim their first singles championship as a member of the NXT roster. And in addition to that, six of these 16 superstars will be making their NXT in-ring debuts.

    ~ Wowzers!

    William Regal: Those six new superstars are…

    From Beijing, China, Boa

    From Adelaide, Australia, ‘The Colossal’ Bronson Reed

    From Burlington, North Carolina, Cameron Grimes

    From Recluse, Wyoming, Dexter Lumis

    From Chicago, Illinois, Joaquin Wilde

    And, from Austin, Texas, Jordan Myles

    ~ That’s quite the field…

    William Regal: And joining these six superstars are…

    Danny Burch

    Drew Gulak

    Humberto Carrillo

    ‘The Limitless’ Keith Lee

    ‘The Finest’ Kona Reeves


    Oney Lorcan

    Raul Mendoza

    The Undisputed ERA’s Roderick Strong

    And ‘Prince Pretty’ Tyler Breeze.

    ~ Loaded! A graphic of the tournament bracket then appears.

    William Regal: The Tournament Bracket can be seen in full here, and next week here on NXT, from Stockton, California, we will see two opening round matchups, as Cameron Grimes will make his debut against Raul Mendoza. And ‘The Limitless’ Keith Lee will take on The Undisputed ERA’s Roderick Strong. Good luck gentlemen, and may the best man win.

    ~ Regal nods and smiles, having dropped quite the bomb on everyone, as we’ll certainly see lots of new faces, fresh matchups and intense encounters along the way.


    We get a recap video of what was the only title change at TakeOver: XXV. BIANCA BELAIR snagged the NXT UK Women’s Championship away from TONI STORM in a thrilling encounter. Belair, who had been snake bitten in two previous attempts at winning a title earlier this year, was able to make the third time the charm.

    After the video package concludes, we are brought to the YouTube exclusive interview with ‘The EST.’

    Interviewer: Bianca, you’re the new NXT UK Women’s Champion, having defeated Toni Storm tonight at TakeOver: 25. What is going through your mind right now?

    Bianca Belair: I DID IT!!! I! (Claps) DID!! (Claps) IT!!! (Claps) I came, I saw and I conquered. I said that I was gonna come to TakeOver: 25 and win this NXT UK Women’s Championship, and baby I did it! I’m the champ! So what’s going through my mind right now is that I can finally have validation for everything that I’ve said. This title is validation for that, and it’s validation for all the work that I’ve done to get here.

    Interviewer: You showed a lot of respect to Toni Storm, the now former champion, before and seemingly during the match as well. Would that be an accurate assessment?

    Bianca Belair: Look I have stepped in the ring with some of the very best since I got here. Shayna Baszler, Candice LeRae, Io Shirai, Kairi Sane. And Toni Storm? She’s up there as well. She challenged me out there to bring my best. She challenged me to bring out The EST of NXT. She challenged me to be standing here with this title on my shoulder. I respect Toni Storm and if she wants a shot at this title, then all she has to do is pull up. I’d be happy to face her again.

    Interviewer: A lot was said before you challenged for the NXT UK Women’s Championship about you being a defector, a culture-changer in NXT UK, someone who drew the ire of the NXT UK women’s roster. Now that you’re champion, what do you have to say to those people?

    Bianca Belair: Well first of all, you can name the person who felt the strongest about that. I’m talkin’ about you, Rhea Ripley. Yeah, I hope you’re listening right now. You had a lot to say about me and what I was doin’. I’m glad I got your attention and I’m glad I got under your skin. I know you’re gonna be comin’ for this title that you once held. But if you think that you’re gonna take it from me, you’re sadly mistaken. Same with you, Kay Lee Ray. Don’t think I forgot those looks you were giving me last Wednesday. I dropped your ass once, and I can do it again. So if either of you two want this smoke? If anybody on the roster wants this smoke? I’m handing it all out for free. You come and get it, but you ain’t The E-S-T now and you ain’t ever gonna be The E-S-T. Period.


    ***BAD MOTHER A***

    SHANE THORNE makes a rare appearance on the NXT brand! The Aussie marches out to a less than lukewarm reaction from the crowd, naturally. But Thorne definitely seems to be playing the bad guy role here as he smugly looks around at everyone else on his way down to the ring. He hops up on the apron, taunts the crowd again and climbs on inside and continues through that process.


    The lights go out in the SJSU Events Center! ‘LIVE FOREVER’ then appears on the tron, written in fire, and then marching out is one big, bad dude. All 6-foot-5, 248 lbs. of a big, bad dude of Puerto Rican descent with shoulder length black hair. We see he’s wearing a black vest with black tight pants and sunglasses on, as well.

    Alicia Taylor: And, his opponent! From New York City, weighing 248 pounds, ‘THE ARCHER of INFAMY,’ DAMIAN PRRRIEST!!!

    DAMIAN PRIEST, who of course is making his NXT in-ring debut tonight, heads down to the ring and receives a nice hand from the San Jose crowd. Priest then climbs up on the apron, into the ring and ‘shoots a bow and arrow’ at the tron to turn the lights back on. Magic!

    2Singles Match
    Shane Thorne
    vs. Damian Priest

    So yeah, I won’t waste your time too much here. This proved to be a very strong showcase for Priest, who is playing the ass-kicker babyface role right away. Priest bowls through Thorne, who does his job by being a presentable threat, but nowhere near the level that Priest is presented at. Eventually, Priest props Thorne up and SLAMS him down with a SITOUT CHOKESLAM, a. move he calls SOUTH OF HEAVEN (Get it?) and gets the 1! 2!! 3!!!

    WINNERDamian Priest via pin fall at 3:45.

    We move right along…


    A video recap of the match between THE STREET PROFITS and THE WAR RAIDERS airs. Despite their best efforts, The Street Profits came up short in their quest for the NXT Tag Team Championships, as HANSON and ROWE prevailed over ANGELO DAWKINS and MONTEZ FORD. That video package spins us into some happenings for next week, as we learn that Dawkins and Ford will be in action next week!

    After a short advertisement break, we see some news worth mentioning. That being that NXT has signed two big-time talents. The first is Bay Area native and women’s wrestler, SHOTZI BLACKHEART, who has gained fame in EVOLVE and other promotions. The other signee is a big name in women’s wrestling, that being one MERCEDES MARTINEZ. Both of whom, of course, were beside each other at TakeOver: XXV, so you probably knew this information was coming.

    We then wheel our way into a video package highlighting the hotly contested main event of TakeOver: XXV. THE BOSS AND HUG CONNECTION defended the Women’s Tag Team Titles against THE SKY PIRATES, as BAYLEY and SASHA BANKS squared off with NXT Women’s Champion IO SHIRAI and her best friend, former NXT Women’s Champion KAIRI SANE. And after a lengthy and epic bout, Bayley and Sasha retained the titles against Sane and Shirai.

    It is then that we learn that next week here on NXT, Io and Kairi will again be in tag team action, as they face the team of ALIYAH and VANESSA BORNE.



    ADAM COLE (BAY BAY!) is seen wearing an Undisputed Era t-shirt, wind whipping a bit behind him, and the Bay as well.

    Adam Cole: TakeOver: 25 was the most epic TakeOver of all time. And despite all the hype, all the pomp, all of the circumstance there was one man who stole the show. And that was Adam Cole Bay Bay.

    ~ Cole points to himself.

    Adam Cole: Keith Lee, I told you in the weeks leading up to TakeOver: 25 that I was going to humble you. I gave you the honor and distinction of being in the ring with me at TakeOver, an event that I am making more famous each and every time that I compete at one. And Saturday night in San Jose was no different.

    ~ Cole shakes his head.

    Adam Cole: All that anybody is talking about since that night is how Adam Cole picked up the victory. Nobody is talking about you, Keith. Nobody at all. And I know that next week, in the North American Championship Tournament, my good friend Roderick Strong is going to do the same thing that I did to you. He’s going to beat you, and he’s going to send you back out of the discussion, which is where you came from before you dared to step up to me!

    ~ Cole again points to himself, though this time with his thumb.

    Adam Cole: Now with that win, everyone wants to know. Everyone has been asking, “What’s next for Adam Cole? What’s next for The Undisputed ERA?” Well.

    ~ Cole laughs.

    Adam Cole: The goal has never changed. The missions have never changed. What’s next for The Undisputed ERA is for The Undisputed ERA to be dripping with gold. We already have the Cruiserweight Championship, and Gran Metalik, Kyle O’Reilly is going to tear you apart tonight. Kyle O’Reilly is going to methodically dismantle you. And you will go back to irrelevancy with you and the rest of The Lucha House Party. Kyle O’Reilly will have the Cruiserweight Championship for as long as he wants, and that’s bad news for the rest of you, because he’s going to have it for a very long time.

    ~ Quite the ringing endorsement for KOR.

    Adam Cole: Roderick Strong is in the North American Championship Tournament, meanwhile. It is not a matter of “if” Roderick Strong wins that tournament. It is a formality. It is a foregone conclusion. Everyone in that tournament is racing to be runner up. There is no one better than Roddy, and Roddy is going to prove that. At TakeOver: Toronto, Roderick Strong will be the next North American Champion.

    ~ The man is just propping up his guys right now.

    Adam Cole: Let’s cycle back to Kyle. And Bobby Fish. Kyle and Bobby are one of the best tag teams of this generation. Kyle and Bobby have already won the NXT Tag Team Championships two times, so are they going to make it a third time? Yes they will. Street Profits? Let me tell you something, you two stuck your noses where they didn’t belong not too long ago. Don’t think we haven’t forgotten! Don’t think for one second that we don’t have those receipts ready to dish out. And War Raiders? We haven’t forgotten about you two either. Bobby and Kyle are coming for the Tag Team Titles, and they will be the first-EVER three-time NXT Tag Team Champions.

    ~ Adam is just throwing it all out there right now. He then lets out a smirk.

    Adam Cole: And me?

    ~ Adam laughs.

    Adam Cole: Well Johnny? We all know that I should’ve been the number one contender. But Mister Regal wanted to play fan service to the NXT Universe and gave you Sami Zayn instead. Now you beat Sami Zayn at TakeOver: 25. But if that were me? I’d be NXT Champion right now! I’d have ended your little fairytale. But make no mistake about it, that title is coming to me. That title belongs to Adam Cole, Bay Bay!

    ~ Quite the declaration.

    Adam Cole: I’ve scored one fall against you before, and I will do it again. As far as I’m concerned, there is nobody else in NXT who can hold a candle to me. There is nobody else who deserves to be Number One Contender. There’s nobody else who has earned the right to be Number One Contender besides me. So Johnny, if you are this “hero” that everyone makes you out to be, and not just somebody who dresses like one at every TakeOver, then you should do the heroic and honorable thing and face me for the championship that should be mine right now!

    ~ That sounds an awful lot like a challenge!

    Adam Cole: The prophecy will be fulfilled… and that…

    ~ Cole does the UE hand gesture.

    Adam Cole: Is undisputed.

    ~ One final shot of Cole smiling, before cutting away.



    GRAN METALIK is seen backstage, with CATHY KELLEY beside him. And we see that Metalik is all decked out in glimmering red/white/green attire.

    Cathy Kelley: Gran Metalik, in just a matter of moments, you will be going toe to toe with The Undisputed ERA’s Kyle O’Reilly for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. This is your first opportunity at that title since the finals of the first Cruiserweight Classic three years ago. How do you plan on getting this done tonight and becoming the Cruiserweight Champion?

    ~ Metalik nods his head.

    Gran Metalik: Cathy, I will get this done the exact same way that I have gotten everything done in my career. I will show heart, I will show determination and I will guide myself to where I know that I belong. And that is at the top of the cruiserweight division!

    ~ Metalik pumps his fist.

    Gran Metalik: I know there is a lot of pressure on me. I am not an NXT superstar. But I represent 205 Live. A brand that has given me the platform to perform on the world stage. And I know that whether or not I am liked by everyone on 205 Live, I know I have just about everyone’s respect. Especially Drake Maverick’s.

    ~ Quite an interesting subplot being thrown in there…

    Gran Metalik: Kyle and The Undisputed ERA? They don’t do things the way that we aim to do on 205 Live. They don’t play fair. But you know what? That’s fine. Because styles make fights. Their style against my style will cause a fight, but it is a fight that I know that I can win.

    ~ Metalik again pumps his fist.

    Gran Metalik: And to win the Cruiserweight Championship here tonight in San Jose would be amazing. There is so much Hispanic and Mexican heritage here in this city. And tonight? I am going out there and fighting for all of them and fighting to make them all proud. And I will be a proud champion by night’s end.

    ~ Metalik nods his head and then turns toward the curtain.


    And out walks GRAN METALIK! The luchadore receives a huge ovation from the crowd, as there are plenty of fans of his in attendance tonight in San Jose evidently. The camera cuts to quite a few Mexican flags hoisted up in the air by the audience, as there’s certainly a big fight feel in the air. Metalik hops into the ring and points out to the crowd, and he beast his chest and hops right off.



    Strutting out then from the back is KYLE O’REILLY! The incumbent Cruiserweight Champion is wearing that purple belt around his waist with pride. He confidently smirks as he does the TUE hand gesture before going down to the ring. And, of course, can’t help himself as he plays guitar with the title belt on the way down. Kyle then arrives to the ring, climbs up to the second rope in the corner and poses as ‘BOOM!’ goes off in the song. O’Reilly then drops off the corner and comes up to the center of the ring. The spotlights then hit as the lights go down.

    Alicia Taylor: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! And it is for the WWE CRUUUUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

    ~ Cheers.

    Alicia Taylor: Introducing first, the challenger! From Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, weighing 175 pounds, GRANNN METALIIIIIK!!!

    ~ Loud cheers from the crowd.

    Alicia Taylor: And his opponent! Representing THE UNDISPUTED ERA!!! From Vancouver, British Columbia, weighing 199 pounds, KYLE OOOO’REIIIILY!!

    ~ Cheers! O’Reilly taunts Metalik as he holds up the belt and grins. He then hands it off to the official and then takes his shirt off. He looks over at Metalik, who takes off his extravagant jacket and tosses ita side. We see he’s completely decked out in Mexican flag colors, while O’Reilly of course is trimmed up with TUE colors in his gear. And we are ready for this BIG collision and our MAIN EVENT of the evening!

    CW Champ, Kyle O’Reilly DEFENDS AGAINST Gran Metalik

    It is perhaps noteworthy that neither The Lucha House Party NOR The Undisputed ERA are in the house right now. Both of those things could certainly change. But for right now, Gran Metalik and Kyle O’Reilly are out to represent their fellow groups, and that appears to just be that. The crowd doesn’t seem to have a problem with that, even if you get the sense that maybe, juuuust maybe, The Undisputed ERA is lurking around somewhere.

    Gran Metalik and KOR are pretty even steven to start things off. Metalik changes up the pace though as the early moments go by, which flusters O’Reilly quite a bit. Metalik fights him off his feet and sends him to the outside, where O’Reilly chills out for a bit. He cagily enters back, but Metalik keeps up the fury and gets him back to the outside. Metalik runs off to the ropes then, comes up and FLIEEEEES over the top and somersaults down on him!!

    But soon after this, O’Reilly cuts Metalik down low. And he then starts to work on the ankle and knee and leg of the challenger. Methodically at that, and strategically so – what is a high-flyer without his legs? He tries to completely take it out of the equation and unleashes a various amount of strikes and holds on it over the next few minutes to try and ground Metalik completely.

    Metalik’s determination is strong though. He fights through that pain and relentlessly fights Kyle off and away from him. Metalik is able to gather up some momentum that is nearly cut down by Kyle. But, Metalik surges ahead and comes out guns blazing. On one good knee, he climbs up to the top rope, and looks down at O’Reilly and then hits a BIG Moonsault down on him! He hooks the legs, but only gets 2!!

    The match continues on, as we barrel towards the finish. The crowd is getting hotter, and Metalik is feeding off of them. The King of the Ropes is up on the top rope again, and he looks down at O’Reilly and leaps off and hits a HUGE Cross Body! But O’Reilly rolls through! 1! HE HOOKS THE TIGHTS! 2! NO!! Metalik floats over and pins KOR!! 1! 2!! NO!!! KOR kicks out!! The two men get up and Metalik hits him with a Mongolian Chop! O’Reilly hits the ropes and comes back with a Clothesline! NO! Metalik dips down and tries to hoist Kyle up!!

    But he struggles with the bad knee!! He tries to keep a balance and then goes for the METALIK DRIVER!! BUT NO!!! O’Reilly lands back on his feet and trips him up and locks in an ANKLE LOCK!!! And KOR is QUICK to bring him down to the mat and GRAPEVINE the ANKLE! A nod to KURT ANGLE!! Metalik fights but Kyle wrenches it in even FURTHER! He’s got him completely CLAPSED! And that is why Gran Metalik eventually has NO CHOICE but to TAP OUT!!!

    WINNERKyle O’Reilly via submission at 14:11.

    KOR gets it DONE!! Kyle’s FIRST successful title defense since winning the Cruiserweight Championship last month at Money in the Bank comes at the hands of an IMPRESSIVE effort by Gran Metalik! Working on one bad leg, Metalik fought as hard as he could. But that bad leg wound up being his undoing, as he had no choice but to tap to the pressure.

    We get our replay sequence, and then come back to see O’Reilly strumming the championship like a guitar as he backs up the ramp. There’s no extra taunting, and surprisingly enough, The Undisputed ERA wound up trusting KOR to get the job done because there was no sign of them whatsoever. Well, that is until O’Reilly gets up to the top of the entranceway. BOBBY FISH walks on out, and KOR’s tag buddy for the last decade embraces with him. KOR holds up the title belt again, taunting Metalik with it, as The King of the Ropes came oh so close to winning the Cruiserweight Championship again. For now though, it remains a close but no cigar situation.

    And that… is undisputed.



    Confirmed Matches for NXT TV (6/19/19)
    Stockton, California | Alex G. Spanos Center

    NXT North American Championship Tournament First Round Match
    ‘The Limitless’ Keith Lee vs. Roderick Strong

    NXT North American Championship Tournament First Round Match
    Cameron Grimes vs. Raul Mendoza

    Tag Team Match

    The Sky Pirates vs. Aliyah and Vanessa Borne

    Tag Team Match
    The Street Profits in action!

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    New name, who dis?

    RAW PREVIEW - JUNE 17TH 2019

    Becky and The Bounty

    A shocking conclusion to last week's episode of Monday Night Raw still has the sports entertainment world talking. Ronda Rousey made her shocking return to WWE television to deliver a decree that shook Raw Women's Champion and archrival Becky Lynch to her core. Rousey, in the company of Shayna Baszler and Natalya, informed Lynch that she placed a $1 Million bounty on The Man's head. If it weren't clear before that there was sizzling hatred between Lynch and Rousey, placing a bounty that any woman in the sound of Rousey's voice should be enough to allude to that.

    Becky is set to be on Raw in Los Angeles, California. But there are plenty of questions in the air. How is Lynch doing mentally after racing out of the building a week ago? Will anybody attempt to strike her and take her out to collect the bounty? And if so, who will be the ones to do it? And given that Raw will emanate from Rousey's hometown of The City of Angels, could we see The Rowdy One turn up?

    Great American Gauntlet Qualifying Matches to Begin!

    Stephanie McMahon made many major announcements on Smackdown Live last week, and one of them has a major impact on the Raw brand. At The Great American Bash, the First Annual 'Great American Gauntlet' is set to go down. The Great American Gauntlet will feature four Raw superstars and four from Smackdown Live, who will compete against each other for a major prize: a shot at either the WWE or the Universal Championship at SummerSlam! We already know that 'The New Daniel Bryan of Smackdown Live will compete in this match, as the former WWE Champion won the opening qualifying match against Rey Mysterio last Tuesday. On Monday's episode of Raw, another budding rivalry will present itself an opportunity for both sides to get into this match, as Elias is set to square up with the burgeoning Cedric Alexander! Who will punch their ticket to The Great American Bash? Time will tell.

    The Viper is Back!

    We have not seen Randy Orton since he won the Kansas City Street Fight against his rival, 'The Phenomenal' AJ Styles. But after a three-week hiatus, The Viper is set to make his return to the Raw brand Monday night! Although Orton and Styles are evened up at one win apiece dating back to WrestleMania, we have not seen 'The Phenomenal One' since his loss in Kansas City. So it is a question of whether we will see Styles anytime soon. But what we do know is that the 13-time World Champion will be around in L.A., and it could be a very interesting situation no matter where he strikes.

    MizTV with special guest Sami Zayn

    Eight days after losing his match to Seth Rollins at Backlash, The Miz will be returning to the Raw brand. The A-Lister, who was unsuccessful in his quest to become Universal Champion, will host his talk show 'MizTV' and will have quite the guest. Former NXT Champion, and the man who was attacked by 'The Beastslayer' and his associate Dominik Dijakovic last week, Sami Zayn will be joining The Miz. There could be plenty of fireworks here, as the Universal Champion and his new pal may have their eyes on this one.

    United States Champion Pete Dunne in action!

    Pete Dunne has been making waves the last two weeks. Last week, Dunne successfully retained the United States Championship in a hard-fought encounter with Sami Zayn, and of course Dunne's upset win over Samoa Joe two weeks ago caused quite the stir. Now, 'The Bruiserweight' is set for his third match in three weeks on the Raw brand. And his opponent is certainly no stranger to him. Dunne, in a non-title match, will be taking on 'The One and Only' Ricochet in a match that will open the Raw telecast! You won't want to miss what is going to be a very exciting contest.

    Update on Alexa Bliss' Condition

    Last week, 'The Goddess' Alexa Bliss was mysteriously attacked and sent to a local medical facility. While the caper hasn't been caught yet, we can tell you that Raw's Renee Young has received an update on Bliss' condition and will be announcing it to the WWE Universe on Raw. Tune in to find out just how 'The Goddess' is coping after what appeared to be an absolutely heinous attack brought on her.


    Great American Gauntlet Qualifying Match
    Cedric Alexander vs. Elias

    Non-Title Singles Match
    US Champ, 'The Bruiserweight' Pete Dunne vs. 'The One and Only' Ricochet

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Managed to get caught back up in here and things are going pretty well at the minute. Love the Great American Gauntlet idea, heaps of fun. That topped with a Dunne/Ricochet match which should be terrific, as well as the return of Orton, MizTV and the epic nature in which you book the women and Raw is looking pretty damn tasty. Bounties in wrestling are amazing and this women's angle has already been tremendous, looking forward to seeing where it progresses from here.

    Raw should be a good one, I'll be sure to check it out.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Been a while since I dipped in here with a few comments! Meant to do so a few weeks ago after the 'Bounty' angle kicked off, and then kept meaning to come back to it ... until now.

    Feels like you're definitely going to be turning Bayley heel sooner rather than later. That's been building up nicely from pretty much the beginning of the thread, as I recall the Womens only Smackdown where she was getting desperate trying to beat Asuka. Her doing absolutely nothing to help Asuka on Smackdown and the way she earned her title shot both indicate the heel turn is coming, and you've done a nice job of laying that foundation for the eventual turn to the dark side.

    Honestly, I couldn't buy into the Rollins angle at Backlash with the metal plate. Was he wearing the plate the previous week on Raw too? Otherwise, he still should've been selling the ankle at the PPV, even with the plate inserted. The Rollins heel turn threw me off a little completely, as it feels really soon to be turning him having only won the title in his big crowning achievement at WrestleMania a few months earlier. It probably means another Rollins/Miz match in the future too, and I'm not too sure there'd be a great demand for a Rollins/Miz PPV trilogy in 2019.

    Good for you getting rid of Dream btw.

    But the big angle I wanted to comment on, obviously, was the close to Raw last week. The writing of that segment - the building tension right at the end as the clock turned to the top of the hour, and Becky jumping at the sight of anyone she passed as she made her getaway was tremendous. Really tremendous. Gives you so many storytelling possibilities moving forward, and I'm really excited to see what you do with this angle.

    While my only reservation is that the reaction of Becky Lynch was a complete and total diversion from 'The Man' she'd been for the previous 6 months or longer, I guess that's the point of the whole thing. That though is the only thing I would be 'iffy' about on the whole segment. As an idea, it's brilliant, and again, the writing of the segment, and the impending sense of doom and dread was top quality.

    It's still the women killing it in this thread! The Hug Life/Role Model trademark!

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Raw – June 17th 2019; Los Angeles, California

    "I am doing things right, and I will keep doing things right until my last breath because I am all heart and nothing else!!"


    Raw is in the City of Angels tonight, which just so happens to be the location we centered in on at the conclusion of last week’s episode. A recap video of last week’s epic ending to the show airs, focusing on BECKY LYNCH and the ongoing saga between her, BAYLEY and SASHA BANKS and the other folks that call themselves The Four Horsewomen. Specifically, NATALYA, SHAYNA BASZLER and RONDA ROUSEY are dialed in on, of course. The Rowdy One made her first appearance on WWE TV since the main event of WrestleMania 35. And Rousey had a lot to say, but most important of all was her declaration that she put a BOUNTY on Becky Lynch’s head! And not just any bounty, no, this one was worth ONE MILLION DOLLARS! That’s a lot of coin! And that’s a lot of hatred running through those bones, too.

    As the broadcast begins, we’re outside STAPLES Center here in sunny Los Angeles. And the cameras follow a car driving through a security checkpoint and into the underground parking garage. The car eventually finds the first spot it can and drives into it and then shuts down. We soon hear the voice of Michael Cole, who welcomes us to the show, bringing us up to speed on the fact that this is a live shot. And soon enough, that car door opens… and it’s none other than BECKY LYNCH! The Raw Women’s Champion is her, and she knows that she’s a marked woman. You can see it in her eyes, and in her actions. And noticeably, she is very alone right now too. No sign of Sasha Banks. No sign of Bayley. No sign of anyone quite frankly. The Man is a lone wolf tonight. She looks over her shoulder and carries her Raw Women’s Title with her along with her bag as she takes a deep breath.

    She takes a few steps forward, but she is suddenly AMBUSHED!!! SOMEONE WAS LYING AND WAITING FOR HER AND HAS STRUCK!!!



    A woman who hasn’t been seen since WrestleMania either, Tamina is trying to claim the bounty!! She cheap-shotted Becky and sent her to the ground, and she’s since picked her up and thrown her into the back of the mid-sized SUV that Lynch was driving!! She grabs her and throws her against it again and grabs her and LAUNCHES her into it this time and down she goes!!

    This has thrown everything into a frenzy, as we see Tamina start to stomp on Lynch repetitively! And we know those ribs that she’s currently stomping on are damaged goods! She then goes and digs into Lynch’s pockets, perhaps searching for the car keys! But Becky suddenly bites her hand!! Tamina lets out a cuss word that is bleeped by the censors and grabs the hand. Lynch then crawls away and then opens up the rear driver-side door. She digs in there as we see Tamina go back in pursuit. She grabs Becky by the hips and pulls at her, but Becky then SWINGS SOMETHING and HITS TAMINA!! It’s a PIPE!!

    Becky’s brought some protection!! A weapon of choice for Lynch, who then hits Tamina again with the pipe!! She blasts her in the back with it and brings Tamina down to her knees. She then goes over, grabs her Raw Women’s Championship and then looks over. As Tamina is crawling back up, holding her sides, BECKY RUNS UP AND COLD COCKS TAMINA IN THE BACK OF THE DAMN HEAD WITH THE RAW WOMEN’S TITLE!!! AND TAMINA IS OUT LIKE A LIGHT!!!

    Becky looks back at Tamina, who’s laid out face first on the concrete. She is not moving an inch now after Lynch absolutely waffled her with the title belt. Becky knows that she just did what she had to do, and while she’s been a chief ass kicker, it feels different here. Tamina was trying to go at her for money, and she had to neutralize that threat. And well, she sure did that.

    Lynch clutches her title tightly and gets up. She turns around and walks away, as she’s won one round of survival tonight… but how many more rounds are coming?



    A strong pop from the LA crowd greets the incumbent United States Champion! PETE DUNNE strides out, clad in his gear, as he is ready to start up the in-ring portion of this episode of Monday Night Raw. Dunne heads down to the ring, US Title now on his shoulder after being in his mouth just a few moments ago. He is set for what will be non-title action to begin the program, and he is set to face somebody who may certainly give him a run for his money.

    “ONE… AND… ONLY!”

    ***ONE AND ONLY***

    For the second straight week it’s RICOCHET who is kicking off the in-ring portion of the program! Ricochet certainly is looking to change his fortune, especially after falling to GRAN METALIK last week. And of course, his interaction last week with MVP has to be fresh on his mind too. Speaking of which, the cameras fly backstage and we see MVP looking on from inside his locker room at this match. He obviously has some investment in this match, as does the rest of this crowd, who seem ready to get it rolling.

    1Non-Title Match
    US Champ, Pete Dunne
    vs. Ricochet

    So, this one turns out to be as good as you might expect it to be. Dunne and Ricochet partake in a dazzling opener for the broadcast, as it’s quite clear that both have brought their A-games tonight to LA. Dunne takes quite the early advantage on Ricochet, snuffing out the high-flyer quite a bit to begin things around here. But soon enough, Ricochet is able to turn the tide towards his favor. And his high-flying arsenal soon comes into play.

    Things are pretty balanced as we travel through this match, but Dunne is certainly doing his damnedest throughout it to shine through. The new US Champ, who certainly beat no scrub to earn that championship, keeps motoring along as the match progresses. And he NEARLY takes Ricochet down for the count, but Ricochet is able to show off some strong resiliency as the match goes along.

    Towards the conclusion of the matchup, Ricochet and Dunne are sparring in the middle of the ring. Ricochet ducks a shot and hits him with a Spin Kick! He knocks Dunne clean off his feet, and then runs forward and hits a Running SSP! NO!! Dunne brings his knees up and Ricochet is left gasping for air! Dunne gets up to his feet and then goes for THE BITTER END, but Ricochet elbows free before he can even lock it in!

    Ricochet then runs up, jumps and grabs Dunne. He tumbles back and looks to Monkey Flip Dunne away, but Dunne lands on his feet! But Ricochet kicks him in the head! Down he goes, and Ricochet then walks over and goes up to the top rope. He ascends up, LEAPS into the air and goes for the 630º!!! NO!!! DUNNE MOVES AWAY! Ricochet lands on his feet and tumbles forward, and then turns around and walks in as Dunne grabs him! And sends him up and DOWN with THE BITTER END!!! 1! 2!! 3!!! HE GOT HIM!!!

    WINNERPete Dunne via pin fall at 11:02.

    Dunne gets it done again! Three weeks on the main roster, three matches and three straight wins for The Bruiserweight, who has claimed Ricochet as his latest victim to The Bitter End. He gets a pop from the crowd as he pops himself up. He gets his hand raised, and we then go to our replay sequence afterwards. It of course showcases both men throughout the course of this opening contest, and when it ends, we return to Dunne in the ring.

    Dunne is by himself now, with Ricochet having relocated… somewhere else. Dunne has the US Title in his hands, and he looks at it for a moment and then holds it up. He lets out a cry and looks into the camera screen. He keeps it up in the air but then, in a flash, SOMEONE SWOOPS INTO THE RING AND BRINGS PETE DUNNE DOWN!!!




    LA loses their MINDS as ‘The Viper’ has struck!!! We heard last week through the video package that the former 13-time World Champion would be making his return to Monday Night Raw. But we just didn’t know the ‘where!’ But now we know, as Orton has apparently made Pete Dunne his latest target!

    And what’s more… is that Dunne is not the only thing that Orton is staring down at now…

    It’s the United States Championship as well!

    Does Randy Orton have championship intentions??


    We come back on the air, and a replay sequence of the events that just transpired before the break airs…


    …And naturally, that’s where we see RANDY ORTON again! Orton, having just struck with an impact in the ring, is walking confidently backstage. CHARLY CARUSO then enters the scene.

    Charly Caruso: Excuse me, Randy Orton, we knew you were set to retain but what was that all about there? Why did you give the United States Champion Pete Dunne an RKO?

    ~ Orton looks at Charly… and then smirks.

    Randy Orton: Isn’t it obvious?

    ~ Caruso blankly stares while Orton shakes his head.

    Randy Orton: Charly… see, a few weeks ago I beat AJ Styles all over Kansas City. And I’ve bided my time since then and I couldn’t wait to strike again. And with AJ Styles out of the picture, that means that I can go back to doing what I do best. That’s win and more specifically, that’s win championships.

    ~ Well, the man does have a point.

    Randy Orton: I am a Grand Slam Champion in WWE. I am a 13-time World Champion. I’ve won the Intercontinental Championship, I’ve been a Tag Team Champion and I’ve also been the United States Champion before. Not too long ago, in fact.

    ~ About a year and a half ago. Give or take.

    Randy Orton: And what’s the name of the champion? Who’d you say it was?

    Charly Caruso: Um it’s Pe—

    Randy Orton: It’s not important. He’s a rookie. A nobody compared to Randy Orton.

    ~ Wow. Arrogance on display. Orton looks at the camera.

    Randy Orton: Kid, you’ve got a long way in this business. I’m sure that your future’s bright. But while this Great American Gauntlet that’s going on sounds enticing… I am not a man who has ever wanted to do anything tedious. Work smart, not hard, as they say.

    ~ Self-Awareness: 99.

    Randy Orton: So as far as I’m concerned, I’d rather take the easy way. I’d rather take the easy path to being a champion, and that’s by getting a one on one match. So kid, at The Great American Bash, I am challenging you for that United States Championship.

    ~ Well, THAT’s something!

    Randy Orton: But just like tonight, come The Great American Bash, you’re going to be hit with the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment… R… K…

    ~ “O!” goes the crowd while Orton smirks. He looks over at Charly.

    Randy Orton: You heard the rest.

    ~ Orton walks off, having said… quite the mouthful to say the very least. But it’s quite the declaration – ‘The Viper’ is BALKING on The Great American Gauntlet and INSTEAD, he’s going for the United States Title!


    ***OMEN IN THE SKY***

    KARL ANDERSON makes his way out onto the stage. Anderson receives a nice hand from the LA crowd, and he’s no stranger to this place, of course. It was, after all, right here three years ago that Anderson made his WWE debut. Nevertheless, Anderson is far removed from that point and is now set for a singles match tonight.


    And who is that singles match against? None other than BOBBY ROODE, who has resurfaced tonight herein Los Angeles. Roode goes through the motions of his entrance, which the crowd has no problem partaking in the fun with. Anderson keeps his eye on Roode the entire way here, looking pretty focused to say the very least.

    2Singles Match
    Bobby Roode
    vs. Karl Anderson

    This match gets some decent time, as Anderson’s singles run continues here on Raw. He certainly has the crowd behind him, as evident from all the chanting in his favor that is tossed around. Roode provides a stiff test for Anderson, as the former NXT Champion and United States Champion more than proves his worth. But towards the end of the matchup, Roode goes for the GLORIOUS DDT on Anderson, but Anderson lands on his feet and rolls through! 1! 2! NO!! Both then get up to their feet, as Roode runs up but Anderson POWERS him up onto his shoulders! He then steps forward and SPINS HIM AND HITS HIM WITH A GUN STUN!! Anderson then covers! 1! 2!! 3!!!

    WINNERKarl Anderson via pin fall at 7:15.

    A big win for Karl Anderson!! The crowd reacts with a pop for what was no doubt an emphatic win for KA, who is certainly feeling good about it. We get our replay sequence of the finish, in which Anderson showed off his strength on the road to victory. But as Anderson celebrates, the attention turns backstage…

    …to the sight of SETH ROLLINS and DOMINIK DIJAKOVIC watching on?



    Upon return from the break, we get a recap by our announce team of the chaos between DREW MCINTYRE and SAMOA JOE last week. A tense encounter between the two on the Raw stage eventually led to Joe putting Drew Mac to sleep, of course. The Samoan Submission Machine was able to get a measure of revenge on The Scottish Psychopath after Drew gave him the goods a few weeks before.

    We then learn that this week’s scheduled match between Drew McIntyre and Samoa Joe will not be happening, but we will hear from Samoa Joe right now. And so, we then cut away…

    A video plays.

    The sun is shining. The ocean waves are rolling along calmly. The sand on the beach is soft and comfy. And SAMOA JOE appears on the screen! Joe, wearing a black button-down shirt, khaki shorts, sunglasses and sandals is walking along the beach, puffing a big ol’ fat cigar.

    Samoa Joe: Y’know it’s not often that we are out here on the west coast. It’s not often that we are in my home dwellings. And when we are, I like to take everything in. I like to enjoy myself and I like to appreciate things just a little bit more than usual.

    Joe continues his walk after taking a puff.

    Samoa Joe: Which is why I’m not at Raw tonight.

    Oh, phooey. Joe takes another puff.

    Samoa Joe: Last week, I sent a message directly to the man that calls himself The Scottish Psychopath. Last week, I let Drew McIntyre in on a horribly kept secret. And that’s that when you mess with Samoa Joe? Then your ass will get put right to sleep.

    Joe continues his stroll as the water cruises through his feet.

    Samoa Joe: Many have tried to unseat me. Many have tried to take me out. Many have tried to say that they are the baddest son of a b*tch in the world of sports entertainment. And yet, nearly two decades later, here I am. Still standing. Still working. Still kicking every ass that comes into my orbit.

    Joe puffs his cigar again as the intensity is brimming.

    Samoa Joe: I may not have 15 pounds of gold in my possession but make no mistake. I am the king of this jungle. I am The Samoan Submission Machine. I am The Destroyer. I am Samoa Joe and I will hurt every single son of a b*tch who dares to test me.

    Emphatic with his words is Joe, who continues his spiel on his walk.

    Samoa Joe: Drew, you are no different. Whatsoever. I do not care how big you are. I do not care how many hours you put into the gym. I don’t care how long you work at the Performance Center. I don’t give a damn how many moves you know and I sure as hell do not care if you call yourself a psychopath. I said what I said last week. That you are a paper tiger. You are a fraud. You are not on my level. I said what I said and I damn sure meant it.

    Joe stops his walk and takes off his sunglasses.

    Samoa Joe: You challenged me to a match last week and I had no problem accepting. But while I enjoy these sunny beaches today, I won’t hesitate to enjoy beating your ass all over the state of Washington next week.

    Well, there’s a development, eh?

    Samoa Joe: You’re a habitual line stepper, and last week you paid the price for that. Next week? Same thing’s gonna happen. You will get in that ring. You will think you have it all figured out. But just when you think you have all the answers… I’ll change the questions, and before they can be answered, your ass… will be put… to sleep.

    Joe puffs his cigar once more and blows the smoke into the screen. Coincidentally enough, we fade away from those sunny, sunny beaches…


    Hey, we finally see BECKY LYNCH again!

    The embattled Raw Women’s Champion is traversing through the hallways of STAPLES Center here. Lynch holds onto her title, and perhaps her sanity and more, as she trudges along. But behind her, we see that someone is charging up on her! AND THAT SOMEONE AMBUSHES THE MAN!!

    That someone is—


    The desperate Dana is going right after the Raw Women’s Champion!! After blindsiding Lynch, Dana keeps going for cheap shots as she punches the back of Becky’s head and neck over and over again. Dana then walks away from the scene as we see Becky hold the back of her head and neck as she grimaces and groans a bit.

    Then we see Dana come back into the picture, rolling a CHEST in her direction and she CRUSHES BECKY UP AGAINST THE WALL!!

    The Man is HURT! But as Dana goes to pick up the scraps SHE IS SUDDENLY TACKLED STRAIGHT TO THE GROUND!!!



    THE BOSS HAS COME TO THE AID OF THE MAN!!! “Are you kidding me!?” she shouts at Dana as she POUNDS away at her, fighting in defense of The Man. The crowd is certainly eating this exchange up, and in the background meanwhile, we see—


    ‘The Hugger’ is capable of good deeds (crazy how that happens around her best friend, eh?) you see, and we see that she’s pulled Lynch into a room and has closed the door shut. Meanwhile, the fight continues with Sasha and Dana, that is until security decides to break it up. Sasha mouths off to Dana, who was obviously looking out for herself and her bank account only. But unfortunately, she learned the hard way that despite $1 Million on The Man’s head, Becky Lynch still does have some allies.



    As fate would have it, the room that BAYLEY took BECKY LYNCH into was her and SASHA BANKS’ locker room. We see Lynch, banged up, sitting on a chair while Bayley, calm and reserved (crazy how that’s happening around Sasha) while Banks is, well, quite the opposite, as she goes up and down the room. Banks then turns around.

    Sasha Banks: Can you believe her? The nerve of that b*tch!?

    ~ Whew.

    Sasha Banks: She’s gonna pay for that. I’ll whoop her ass all over this arena tonight. Tamina too as far as I’m concerned.

    ~ Sasha shakes her head.

    Bayley: Sash, easy.

    Sasha Banks: No, no, no.

    ~ Banks shakes her head.

    Sasha Banks: The time to be easy ended last week. I want a piece of Dana. I’ll take Tamina. Hell, where the hell does Ronda live?

    Bayley: Sash.

    Sasha Banks: I’ll kick her ass. I owe her from the Rumble. Fake ass bi—

    Becky Lynch: You can’t.

    ~ The Man has finally spoken.

    Becky Lynch: You can’t fight them like that.

    ~ Lynch shakes her head.

    Sasha Banks: I want to.

    ~ Bayley goes up and tries to calm Sasha down, putting her hands on her shoulders gently.

    Bayley: Sash, deep breath. You can beat up Dana. But—

    Becky Lynch: But you can’t go after Ronda like that.

    ~ Sasha clearly isn’t happy. About, well, anything really. But she’s listening.

    Becky Lynch: They’ve always got a plan. They have from Day 1. That much is clear and that much was revealed last week. They might have a plan tonight and hell they probably do. They wanna destroy me and take my championship. And they wanna destroy you two and…

    ~ Lynch knows how she wants to end that statement. But, she struggles to.

    Becky Lynch: But we can’t fight them like that. We could walk into a trap. We’ve gotta fight back differently.

    Sasha Banks: And what do you suggest?

    ~ Lynch looks away, struggling. Clearly struggling. She then looks at Sasha.

    Becky Lynch: I don’t know yet.

    ~ An honest answer, even if it’s the one no one wants to hear…


    ***I’M COMIN’***

    The music of MVP hits for the first time in… well, quite a long time! And out comes the man to a pretty strong reception from the LA crowd. MVP is dressed in a tailor-made black suit with a gold tie, and naturally, has a microphone in his hand.

    MVP: Thank you for that warm reception, LA!

    ~ Cheers.

    MVP: MVP is back in the WWE, and you know what that means. Big things poppin’, and lil’ things stoppin’!

    ~ MVP’s enthusiasm is off the charts.

    MVP: Now LA, I know that all y’all are no stranger to franchise players. Some of the very best athletes have come through this city and made a living of coming through in the big time. You’ve seen guys like Magic Johnson…

    ~ Cheers.

    MVP: Kobe Bean Bryant…

    ~ Louder cheers.

    MVP: Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar…

    ~ Plenty more cheers for the Laker greats.

    MVP: I could go on and on, but I don’t wanna be here all night. Business has to be tended to. And right now that business involves a man who I believe is a franchise player in WWE!

    ~ This seems all too familiar.

    MVP: So would you please come out’cho seats, LA, and give a warm welcome to THE Franchise Player in WWE… APOLLOOO CREWS!!!


    And out walks APOLLO CREWS, who much like last week has quite a lot of energy behind him. Crews is wearing gold trunks tonight with black boots and kneepads, matching his new mentor right down to a tee. MVP talks him up as Crews gets down to the ring, where we see that CURTIS AXEL is standing while BO DALLAS is at ringside. The B-TEAM surfaces! They have not soon been forgotten around these parts.

    3Singles Match
    Apollo Crews (w/ MVP) vs. Curtis Axel (w/ Bo Dallas)

    This proves to be a bit of a short contest. Axel definitely works pretty hard to thwart Apollo Crews’ momentum. But, the new and invigorated Crews has plenty of energy and burst in this match. With MVP encouraging him at ringside, Crews blows through Axel towards the latter stages of the matchup. And soon enough, he puts himself in position to pick up the victory. He picks Axel up, showcasing his strength and SLAMS him down with THE CHARIOT!! He keeps the shoulders down! 1! 2!! 3!!!

    WINNERApollo Crews via pin fall at 6:15.

    And Crews gets it done! Clean as a whistle, for the second week in a row Apollo has knocked a veteran off his feet and onto the mat for the 12-3. Bo looks on with some disappointment from ringside for his partner, but the story of course is Crews getting the W under the guidance of MVP. MVP, of course, is quite elated with the proceedings, as he claps and pumps his fist from the outside.

    After our replay sequence, we see MVP hoisting up Crews’ arm. “Do you see this?!” he says into the camera. “THIS is your franchise player!” MVP shouts into the camera, pointing at Crews, designating him with that title again. Crews is looking much more confident these days as well, as we see him talking himself up, obviously happy with how he’s played all this out.





    ***I CAME TO PLAY***

    makes his entrance here in Los Angeles, his adopted home and he receives a babyface reaction from the LA crowd. Miz understandably doesn’t looked to be in the best of moods and is looking a little beaten up. This after things went sour for him in the main event of Backlash eight days ago. Wearing a spiffy red suit with a black tie though, The A-Lister is, at least, dressed well for the occasion. He climbs into the ring and takes a seat in his director’s chair here on the set of MizTV, and brings the mic up.

    The Miz: Welcome to the most must-see talk show in WWE, welcome to…

    ~ “MIZTV!”

    The Miz: Miz…T…V.

    ~ Miz nods his head as he looks around.

    The Miz: Now while I will say that it is great to be here in my adopted home, The City of Angels, Tinseltown, Los Angeles, California…

    ~ Cheap pop, Mick Foley style!

    The Miz: I would be lying if I said that I was in the best of moods right now. Because after Backlash last Sunday night, I am most certainly not all smiles.

    ~ Boos. Miz, discouraged, shakes his head.

    The Miz: And while I think that I could take a victory lap after saying that Seth Rollins couldn’t be trusted; while I think that I could take a victory lap for saying that Dominik Dijakovic was working alongside Seth Rollins this entire time; while I could say that I knew Seth Rollins was nothing more than a fraud… I am not in the mood for moral victories.

    ~ That much is clear by Miz’s tone.

    The Miz: I made it my quest to become the WWE Universal Champion. Nine years have gone by since I have been the top champion on a brand, and I didn’t get the job done. I am disappointed in myself. I am disappointed in how I performed. That is not how The A-Lister is supposed to perform, and for the last eight days, I have simply not felt great.

    ~ Brutal honesty on display here. Miz takes off his sunglasses.

    The Miz: You see, I have made it my mission to become a better man this year. I have already welcomed a daughter into the world with my beautiful wife, Maryse, and I have another child coming along the way later this summer. And I wanted to make them proud by becoming the Universal Champion. I wanted to make it all seem worthwhile, because if I talk a big game then I have to play a big game. And while that snake Seth Rollins and his henchman Dominik Dijakovic prevented me from doing so, I have to recognize that I am also at fault for my own efforts.

    ~ Whew. Miz is taking a deep reflect here.

    The Miz: I am one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time. I have won nearly every championship available. Whether you have cheered me or booed me, loved me or hated me over the course of my career here in WWE, I have held myself to a standard. And that standard is as one of the very best, and I couldn’t get the job done not once… but twice.

    ~ Miz holds up one finger, then two of course.

    The Miz: And that has made me restless. That has made me uncomfortable. That has made me ask a lot of questions. But I am back tonight here on Monday Night Raw, and I am here to host MizTV, and I am also here to tell you Seth Rollins and to tell you Dominik Dijakovic that this thing between you… and me… is far from over!

    ~ Some cheers there for Miz, who is very much impassioned right now.

    The Miz: And fittingly enough, it certainly seems like my guest tonight on MizTV has a score to settle with both of you after last week. So, ladies and gentlemen of the WWE Universe, get up on your feet and welcome my guest – none other than SAMI ZAYYYN!!

    ***WORLDS APART***

    And sure enough, out comes SAMI ZAYN who is geared up to go here on MizTV. Zayn is wearing casual attire, including a new t-shirt of his – red with a black logo of ‘SZ’ embroidered on the front of it by the heart, with ‘ALL HEART’ written on the back of it in black. Zayn is also rocking jeans and Vans slip-ons and he climbs into the ring and takes a seat.

    The Miz: Sami, welcome to MizTV.

    Sami Zayn: Thank you, Miz—

    ~ An “OLÉ” chant starts up a few seconds later to Sami’s delight.

    Sami Zayn: Thank you, Miz. Merci beaucoup, as it were.

    The Miz: Y’know, I’ve heard that one a few times.

    Sami Zayn: I imagine you have. And y’know, you are right in what you say. I do now have a bit of a score to settle with Seth Rollins and Dominik Dijakovic.

    ~ Zayn’s mentions get some boos from the crowd.

    Sami Zayn: I think it’s clear to everyone why that is. Last week, Seth confronted me backstage in my locker room. And he offered his assistance in my match with Pete Dunne. And I told him that, quite frankly, I didn’t want his help, because I’m a man who doesn’t want to associate with somebody like Seth Rollins.

    ~ Cheers.

    Sami Zayn: And y’know, Miz, I will give you credit. You and I, you know, we’ve had some history before. I’ve been on your side, I’ve been against you. A couple years ago even, I fought you for the Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series. I didn’t win, but I will say, years later, I can affirm that you certainly are one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time.

    ~. Cheers. Miz smiles.

    Sami Zayn: And I will give you credit right now because you were and are right about Seth Rollins. His history goes a long way, but, I mean, you called it. You were right. A snake will always be a snake, and Seth Rollins is a snake. Seth Rollins used his position of power and his privilege not for the greater good, but for his own self-interests. And there are a lot of people in the world who are just like Seth Rollins, and none of them represent any type of good no matter which way that you slice it.

    ~ Hey, I mean… man’s got a point…

    Sami Zayn: So when I see Seth Rollins, I see a snake but you know what I also see, Miz? I see a conman.

    ~ Miz nods his head, seemingly in agreement of Sami’s assessment.

    Sami Zayn: I see somebody who conned the WWE Universe. Because not too long ago he had everybody on his side. He had everything going for him. He was Monday Night Rollins. He was getting worldwide praise from fans and pundits alike for what he was doing in the ring. He was reformed from who he was several years ago. He had everyone behind him when he won the Royal Rumble and when he beat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania.

    ~ Yet to tell a lie has Zayn.

    Sami Zayn: But old habits, you know what they say about those. It seemed like Seth realized that he had everything behind him, and now suddenly he comes out here. He talks about how much of a fighting champion that he’ll be. He talks about how prideful he is. But what you see isn’t always what you get and Seth was preying on these people.

    ~ Miz nods his head, once again in agreement.

    Sami Zayn: He was saying all the buzzwords and phrases. “Fighting champion,” “loyal,” “committed.” He knew how the former Universal Champion operated, and he just wanted to act the opposite. He wanted to play everyone like a fiddle, and all the while he was plotting. All the while he was scheming and something about that doesn’t sit right with me. If you are going to go these lengths, just be honest. Just be brutally honest. Don’t sit there and lie to these people about what you really are and then act like you’ve pulled off the big con. Everybody could and should’ve seen right through the bastard!

    ~ Whew. Miz nods his head once again.

    Sami Zayn: And so I didn’t want to associate myself with that man, or his buddy. Then last week comes along. I came up short in becoming United States Champion. And Seth and Dijakovic, they come out here, and they kick my ass. And all Seth is saying, “Where is this getting you?” “I gave you the opportunity and you failed yourself.” Well Seth, let me explain this to you, because I know you have to be listening right now. I know that you can hear me, where that’s getting me? Where that is getting me is to have a clear conscience. Where that is getting me is knowing that even if I am coming up short, even if I am failing to accomplish my goals, I am going down on my own. I am not selling out and I am not going against my laurels. I am doing things right, and I will keep doing things right until my last breath because I am all heart and nothing else!!

    ~ Hey, he said the thing.

    Sami Zayn: So if you two wanna try and gang up on me just because I didn’t take your offer? Seth, Dominik, by all means. I will fight, and I will fight, and I will fight some more—



    Welp… speaking of the devils themselves, SETH ROLLINS and DOMINIK DIJAKOVIC make their way out onto the stage. The Universal Champion and his hired gun come out, both in casual attire as well, with Rollins holding the Universal Championship on his shoulder now. And, of course, he’s got a mic in his hand.

    Seth Rollins: Y’know there are so many losers in that ring and inside STAPLES Center tonight. So many that I’d swear this wasn’t Monday Night Raw but an LA Clippers game instead.

    ~ I mean, burn, Seth. Burn. But… this is a Laker town, pal.

    Seth Rollins: And make no mistake about it… There are no bigger losers than the ones that I’m looking at between those ropes right now.

    ~ Rollins points over to Sami and Miz, who shake their heads.

    Seth Rollins: I’m glad that you two seem to be getting along so well right now. I’m glad that you two are finding so much common ground. In fact, Dominik and I almost felt bad about coming out and interrupting this blossoming friendship here.

    ~ That statement is laced with sarcasm. Laced.

    Seth Rollins: You two getting buddy-buddy is telling me all I need to know about your futures around here. Last week I said that when it comes to Monday Night Raw, you are either with us or you’re against us. Clearly, the two of you seem to take no issue with being against us. Despite the fact that the two of you have gotten your asses kicked on at least one occasion, and in your case Miz, multiple times over the last month and a half!

    ~ Miz rolls his eyes while Rollins points out to him.

    Seth Rollins: But see, that’s fine, because it’s telling me about your futures. And in reality, it’s telling me that the two of you have no future here on Monday Night Raw.

    ~ Boos. Rollins nods his head.

    Seth Rollins: Neither of you will be Universal Champion anytime soon. Neither of you will be prospering in any capacity anytime soon. In fact—

    ~ Seth suddenly lets out a noticeably wide smirk.

    Seth Rollins: Neither of you are going to be prospering right now.

    ~ Well that’s an ominous thing to say—


    Two men have slid into the ring, both wearing two of Rollins’ T-shirts, and are beating the heck out of Miz and Zayn!!

    And a clear look of the two men can see that they are—


    Blake and Cutler – who are only and specifically noted as a ‘tag team from NXT’ – have arrived here on Raw and seem to have aligned themselves with The Beastslayer right away!! And speaking of Rollins, he and Dijakovic are looking on with great delight from up at the top of the stage. Blake and Cutler continue to pound away at Miz and Zayn, as they stand back after stomping the holy hell out of them and look at each other.

    They nod at each other and then look over at Seth, who calls them over. Blake and Cutler then leave the ring and walk up the ramp. Rollins is seen applauding their efforts, and the two of them seem pretty pumped up to be doing the job. They reach Rollins, who greets them with firm handshakes. Rollins can be heard saying, “Job’s not done” and the two of them nod their heads, and we see the quartet looking over at the wounded Miz and Zayn in the ring, as quite the force is being built here before our eyes…


    After a replay of the dramatic events that just occurred, we learn that later on tonight – The Miz and Sami Zayn will join forces to take on the newest faces of Monday Night Raw, Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake!


    ***SKY’S THE LIMIT***

    And LA makes some noise as it’s BOSS TIME! SASHA BANKS struts out onto the stage, and while Banks goes through her usual motions, it is clear that she is very much set off. And additionally, the Women’s Tag Team Champ is by her lonesome, as we cut and find BAYLEY hanging out backstage and protecting BECKY LYNCH, the Raw Women’s Champion. Banks, who’s wearing red gear with white boots, is certainly looking and feeling as aggressive as her attire looks. And that could spell trouble for her opponent…


    , whose unsuccessful attempt at claiming the bounty on Becky Lynch directly influenced this match happening, makes her way out to the stage. The Boss, in the ring, doesn’t make her emotions hidden as she stares a hole through Brooke as she makes her way to the ring. Brooke may have plenty of ‘Flex Appeal’ as it were but… well, you have to wonder what her future may hold here given the emotions of her opponent.

    4Singles Match
    Dana Brooke
    vs. Women’s Tag Team Champ, Sasha Banks

    So… yeah, this one goes as you might expect. Banks makes mince-meat of Brooke, who feels the repercussions of punching above her paygrade. $1 million is a lot of money, but if going after it is dealing with this Sasha Banks? Well, who knows how that will deter others. The Boss eventually wraps things up tidily after beating the heck out of Brooke. She eventually plants her with the Backstabber and locks in the BANK STATEMENT, which ultimately leads to Brooke tapping out!

    WINNERSasha Banks via submission at 3:37.

    Banks holds onto the hold for good measure for a couple of seconds after forcing the submission victory. She lets go and shoves Brooke’s face into the mat as she looks down at her fiercely. The camera cuts backstage, as Bayley is very much enamored with her tag team partner’s performance. Becky seems to be in good spirits because of it as well, as it’s apparent that Banks has her back and is willing to go for broke to keep her intact.

    We get a replay, and then cut to Sasha going up the ramp. She glares back at Brooke, who felt her wrath and then some to say the least. Commentary notes that not only is this an emotional Sasha Banks, but also a driven one. She spoke at length recently about paving her own path, and she has gotten off to a great start in doing that to say the very least.


    As Bayley and Becky continue to watch on TV, there’s a knock at the door.

    Tension expeditiously rises. Lynch looks over at Bayley and guards up. Bayley puts her hand out, assuring her that she has the door. ‘The Hugger’ then gets up to her feet, but not before grabbing the chair she was sitting on. She folds it up and walks over with it and stands by the door. She looks at the door as she leans against the wall.

    Bayley: Who is it?

    ~ No response. This annoys Bayley.

    Bayley: I said… who is it?

    ~ Once again… no response. This annoys Bayley further.

    Bayley: Either somebody says something, or—

    ???: It’s me, b*tch.

    ~ That voice is ever so familiar. It’s NATALYA! Bayley glares and keeps the door locked.

    Bayley: If you think that I’m opening this door right now Nattie, then—

    Natalya: Oh, I don’t want you to open the door, Bayley.

    ~ Bayley clenches her fist and looks at the door.

    Bayley: Then what do you want?

    ~ Nattie lets out a laugh.

    Natalya: I want you to let your friend in there know that I applaud her on escaping the first two attempts at claiming the bounty. Very impressive—

    Bayley: Get to the point, Nattie.

    ~ Nattie lets out a laugh again.

    Natalya: You’re very frantic these days, Bayley. This isn’t the Bayley that I know. You’re always so on edge. Y’know… you could always let that anger out. I mean, I bet you have a weapon in your hand. I know Becky’s in there. Wouldn’t be the first time.

    ~ Woof. That angers Bayley quite a bit.

    Bayley: I am not falling for your game. I am not claiming any bounty. I am not betraying my friend. I never will.

    ~ Nattie lets out a laugh again.

    Natalya: Well if you’re not going to claim the bounty, then someone else will. In fact… maybe it’ll be me. Because I’m outside here to let you know, and to let Becky know… that she has a Raw Women’s Championship Match. Tonight.

    ~ Oh snap.

    Natalya: Against me.

    ~ Ohhhhhhhhh… snap. Bayley looks over at Becky, who closes her eyes and exhales.

    Natalya: And just so we’re clear, whether Becky wants it or not, that match is happening. Unless of course, she doesn’t feel like being the Raw Women’s Champion anymore.

    ~ Oy…

    Natalya: I understand. There’s a lot of pressure. She’s feeling it from every angle. So, she could just… forfeit and give the title to us.

    ~ Bayley glares at the door, but suddenly, Becky emerges onto the screen. Bayley looks at her and backs off a bit as Lynch stares into the door.

    Becky Lynch: Ya got a lot of damn nerve.

    Natalya: Oh, there you are—

    Becky Lynch: I might be protecting myself right now but I ain’t no quitter and I ain’t no damn coward.

    ~ Cheers for ‘The Man.’

    Becky Lynch: I’ll see you out there. Bring your best. You’re gonna need it.

    Natalya: Hahaha… so noble, Becky. So very noble.

    ~ Nattie’s footsteps are heard walking away, as the defiant Lynch has accepted the challenge to defend her Raw Women’s Championship TONIGHT! With all that’s going on… is it a good idea for her to embark on this quest? We shall soon find out.



    We see MVP and APOLLO CREWS walking along backstage. Crews is still feeling it to say the least after his win over CURTIS AXEL earlier tonight. He’s pumped up, fired up and all the other types of superlatives. And MVP is hyped for his guy too naturally.

    MVP: I’m tellin’ ya. We need to go celebrate tonight.

    Apollo Crews: You think so?

    MVP: Man, we’re in LA, and we need to make the most of it. Yeah, I think we need to party. You’ve earned it.

    Apollo Crews: Man, you know what? I think you’re right. Actually, I know you’re right. We do need to go celebrate.

    MVP: Damn right we do.

    ~ They reach Apollo’s locker room.

    Apollo Crews: Lemme go get changed and we’ll head out.

    MVP: You got it, boss.

    ~ The two dap up and Crews heads into his locker room. MVP then looks down the hallway and he spots RICOCHET. Seemingly a theme. They just seem to be in the same place at the same time a whole lot. MVP then marches on over. Ricochet, noticing, gets up and shakes his head.

    Ricochet: I don’t wanna hear it tonight.

    MVP: Wait a second.

    ~ MVP catches up to him.

    Ricochet: I said I don’t wanna hear it tonight.

    MVP: Now just hold on—

    Ricochet: No, no, no. I don’t need to hear it from you tonight, P.

    ~ MVP looks on at Ricochet, who’s is just fed up right now.

    Ricochet: I don’t need you to pour salt in the wound. I know the deal. “You lost tonight, Ricochet. What the hell are you doing? Why don’t you come join me? You’ll just end up like Apollo.” I don’t wanna hear it.

    ~ MVP shakes his head.

    MVP: This is the type of response I get for lookin’ out for you brother?

    Ricochet: I’m si—

    MVP: No, no. No, see, all I’m doing is offering you the opportunity to be a franchise player like myself. I’m trying to give back. I’ve been where you’ve been and I want you to succeed like me. I want you to succeed like Apollo Crews is succeeding right now. He’s reignited. He has new energy. He has new feeling. He’s gaining confidence. You see it. I KNOW you see it. I know you pay attention.

    ~ Ricochet puts his hands on his hips and looks away for a moment.

    MVP: Look at me when I’m talking to you.

    ~ Ricochet turns his head around and glares.

    Ricochet: Or what?

    MVP: I’m not sure you wanna find out.

    Ricochet: I’m pretty sure I might—

    ~ “Hey, hey, hey.”

    Ricochet and MVP look over. APOLLO CREWS has reentered the frame. MVP sizes Ricochet up as he backs away. Ricochet stares at him as Apollo looks at both of them.

    MVP: It’s no big deal, Apollo. It’s no big deal. I was offering Ricochet a chance to join you and me, but he said he didn’t wanna end up like you.

    Apollo Crews: What?

    ~ Oh… MVP… you sly…

    Apollo Crews: What the hell’s that supposed to mean?

    MVP: Aye.

    ~ MVP puts his hand out in front of Apollo’s shoulder and brings him back.

    MVP: He’s not worth it. Let’s go.

    ~ MVP leads Apollo off, but not before letting a wide smirk on his face out of Apollo’s view. It’s very clear that he just planted a seed and feels good about it. Ricochet, meanwhile, is left in a bit of anger. “Son of a bi…” he lets out before stopping himself, and he shakes his head and walks away.



    ***LUCHA, LUCHA***

    THE LUCHA HOUSE PARTY make their arrival into STAPLES Center. Though GRAN METALIK fell this past Wednesday to KYLE O’REILLY, he and LINCE DORADO are about to get right back on track here. Or at least attempt to. The two of them, accompanied by KALISTO will have their hands full tonight as they’re being gifted a very big opportunity. The high-flying duo get into the ring and receive some sparse cheers from the LA crowd.


    That opportunity? Well, Lucha House Party is set to face the Raw Tag Team Champions, CURT HAWKINS AND ZACK RYDER! These two, of course, have been skating by over the last 2+ months ever since winning the Raw Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania. They’ve undergone attitude changes and as pointed out by our commentary team, we’ve yet to even hear from them. Renee says that they’ve declined every opportunity to speak so their tactics and underlying reasons for them are still unknown. Of course, it’s pointed out that they ran away from AOP last week, and we’ll see if they make their presence felt tonight.

    5Non-Title Tag Team Match
    Raw Tag Team Champs, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder vs. The Lucha House Party (w/ Kalisto)

    The Tag Champs work pretty strongly through the first portion of the matchup. However, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado eventually pepper Hawkins and Ryder vigorously with their fast-paced high-flying arsenal. So much so, in fact, that Hawkins and Ryder grow more frustrated with the proceedings as time passes along. In fact, a bit after the five-minute mark, the two of them are seen on the outside. They grab their championships and then go to hightail it out of the area!

    They walk away from the scene, eliciting boos from the crowd while they do so. But Hawkins and Ryder soon find out that their trip to the back will not go as planned. That’s because THE AOP ARE BLOCKING THEIR WAY! AKAM AND REZAR are seen walking out from the back. After missing out on fetching them last week, they have the Tag Team Champions in their sights! Hawkins and Ryder beg them off as they back away. And Ryder then taps Hawkins on the shoulder and pulls him along!

    They head towards the barricade and go to hop over! However, they soon find out that THAT plan has gone up in smoke too! Why? Because THE USOS are blocking their way!!! JEY and JIMMY USO are seen in the crowd, taunting Hawkins and Ryder as they too have felt their wrath in recent weeks! Hawkins and Ryder don’t seem to know what the hell to do now, as they go and turn around but run into Metalik and Dorado!! And the two of them knock Ryder and Hawkins on their heels, and they toss Ryder, the legal man into the ring. Dorado then climbs up onto the top rope and LAUNCHES off, hitting a big time Cross Body Block!! And Metalik then scoops him up, puts him on his shoulders and PLANTS HIM with THE METALIK DRIVER! He covers!! 1!! 2!! 3!!!

    WINNERSThe Lucha House Party via pin fall at 6:32.

    And The LHP pick up the win! Not without the help of some of their fellow comrades, it would appear that they have common ground in the ranks here in the tag division. Everyone appears to loathe Hawkins and Ryder, and they’ve suffered their first loss since winning those Tag Team Titles back at Mania tonight. We get a replay sequence, as we see AOP and The Usos looking on from their spots after the sequence. LHP, meanwhile, are celebrating in another corner, but they surely have their eyes on the champs as well.



    We’re back live… and the lights in STAPLES Center are down…

    Mike Rome: Ladies and gentlemen, Elias…

    ~ And now, we understand why! ELIAS is seen in the ring!

    Elias: Hello, I am Elias.

    ~ Some cheers, of course. Then, strumming his guitar, Elias plays the noticeable tunes of "Under the Bridge" by The Red Hot Chili Peppers for about 45 seconds, which draws applause and singsonging clapping from the fans. Then, he sets his sight on the mic.

    Elias: And I have one question for everybody here tonight…

    ~ A pause from Raw’s resident vagabond.


    ***WON’T LET GO***

    Well THAT won’t be appreciated! But CEDRIC ALEXANDER cares not apparently for Elias’ performing abilities. The Charlotte native, decked out in Hornets-colored attire, marches down to the ring with mighty intentions on his mind. After all, he and Elias are about to compete in a Great American Gauntlet Qualifying Match, so the stakes truly couldn’t get any higher than they are right now.

    Cedric Alexander
    vs. Elias

    This one goes a bit of ways here, as Alexander and Elias, both worthy competitors and budding foes, empty out a lot of that burgeoning animosity on each other. Cedric’s fast pace controls the opening portion of the matchup, leaving Elias flat-footed often and oftentimes watching Alexander zoom on by him. He can’t quite keep up with Ceddy, who is a man on a mission tonight for sure. He wants to get to The Great American Bash, and perhaps be next in line to challenge for the Universal Championship.

    But Elias is no slouch, and he eventually finds a way to ground and pound Cedric. He goes after his legs, perhaps smart for a variety of reasons. And after cutting him down he digs in and goes into control mode. Cedric doesn’t go away, as he shows off his fighting spirit. But Elias is definitely able to strum himself a strong tune here, theoretically of course. And it is a humdinger of a tune to say the least, one perhaps great enough for the nearby Hollywood Bowl.

    We barrel towards the end of the contest, and Cedric is gaining momentum again. But it is cut down by Elias, who thwarts the speedy Alexander with a harsh Powerslam to the mat! He covers, but Ceddy kicks out at 2! Elias then goes up and aims for a Scoop Slam, but Cedric slides off his shoulders and rolls him up! 1! 2! Kick Out! Elias gets up to his feet and goes for a Clothesline, but Alexander ducks and Superkicks Elias! Elias stumbles into the ropes and Cedric spins him around, and props him up and HITS THE LUMBAR CHECK!! Elias flies in the air and crashes to the mat, and Ceddy goes for the cover! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNERCedric Alexander via pin fall at 12:42. Alexander QUALIFIES for The Great American Gauntlet.

    Got him!! Ceddy got him!! CEDRIC ALEXANDER HAS QUALIFIED FOR THE GREAT AMERICAN GAUNTLET! The LA crowd lets out a round of applause for Alexander, who has leveled up and then some to say the very least over the last few months. And now, he’ll have the opportunity to get a WWE or Universal Title match at SummerSlam! Alexander is elated to say the least, as he’s caught smiling and pumping his fist on the outside. We get our replays, and afterwards we see Alexander straddling the barricade, pumping himself up as the fans are cheering around him. This is quite the moment for The Queen City’s Favorite Son, and he could be on the precipice of an even bigger one…



    RENEE YOUNG is seen in the ring, wearing a black vest, close-fitting pants and black shoes.

    Renee Young: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night Raw. What a show it’s been tonight huh guys?!

    ~ Cheers.

    Renee Young: It’s been a great show so far, but right now I wanna level things off. I’m here to provide you guys with an update on the condition of former Raw and Smackdown Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss. Last week, Alexa was found unconscious outside of her locker room. Now she was transported to a local medical facility up in San Jose, where she was treated for blunt force trauma to the back of her head.

    ~ Renee pauses for the moment.

    Renee Young: Now, I can tell you all that Alexa is feeling fine now.

    ~ Cheers.

    Renee Young: She is not here tonight, but she has been able to be transported back at her home in Columbus, Ohio, where she is currently resting comfortably. Luckily, she did not suffer a concussion following the incident. She passed several IMPACT tests, but does still have the wound on the back of her head that was treated.

    ~ Cheers again.

    Renee Young: Now, it is my job to report and to be professional. But I do want to extend my best wishes to Alexa on her path to recovery and I—

    ***WE RIOTT***

    Renee looks over, puzzled and a bit startled. The crowd is a bit startled as well, and RUBY RIOTT is seen walking through the curtain. Riott, wielding the MITB briefcase of course, walks out with a grey camo vest, black ripped pants and some Chucks on. She trots down to the ring with her black hair, coated with red highlights tonight, as she’s in a great looking mood. Now… whether it’s appropriate for her to be in this mood is up for grabs. Though the majority would probably lean towards, “Yes, it is inappropriate.” Cole and Graves, on commentary, would seem to agree.

    She then goes over to the timekeeper’s area and takes a mic off the table. She then grabs a chair, sets it up and then takes a seat. She crosses her legs and puts the briefcase on her lap and looks up at Renee. Renee, who is still befuddled, looks over. And Ruby shrugs her shoulders.

    Ruby Riott: No, no, Renee. Please.

    ~ Ruby motions over to her.

    Ruby Riott: Do go on.

    ~ Renee, obviously troubled by Ruby’s presence, looks on and tries to talk.

    Ruby Riott: It’s fine, really. Go on. Pretend I’m not even here.

    ~ Renee awkwardly looks around for a moment. She then turns to the camera and brings the microphone back up.

    Renee Young: Um… well. Alexa, I just wanted to say that on behalf of myself and the entire WWE Universe that we hope that you make a full recov—

    Ruby Riott: Pretend I’m not even here like you’re all already doing.

    ~ Oh dear. Ruby, having stood up, interrupts Renee with quite the jealous-sounding remark.

    Ruby Riott: I mean, what do I have to do to stand out? I look different. My hair is red. My look is unique. What do I have to do?

    ~ Ruby reaches down and grabs the briefcase.

    Ruby Riott: I have this. I have the Money in the Bank contract. I am one match away from becoming champion. What do I have to do?

    ~ Ruby then walks over to the barricade. She then steps UP onto it and, balancing herself, looks out at everyone.

    Ruby Riott: Do I have to stand up on here, looking at all of you idiots, just to get some attention?!

    ~ Jeers. This… is not redeeming in any sort of way.

    Ruby Riott: Because I’m just wondering what the hell I have to DO to get the attention that I DESERVE!

    ~ Ruby angrily looks on.

    Ruby Riott: Nay actually. Not deserve, EARNED! You know why I’ve earned attention? Because I’m a WINNER!!

    ~ Ruby continues to angrily look on, as she’s rather fired up.

    Ruby Riott: I was a winner eight days ago at Backlash. Wouldn’t know it though. Is anyone talking about my win over Naomi? No, of course they’re not. Because why would they talk about Ruby Riott? Why would you all spend your time talking about me? Someone who’s successful, someone who minds their own business, works hard and gets the job done. And that’s the problem with all of you, ESPECIALLY all of you here in Los Angeles!

    ~ Boos.

    Ruby Riott: All of you here in L.A. are obsessed with “stars.” You’re obsession has created a culture where you’d rather gab and gossip instead of paying attention to the people who just do their FREAKIN’ jobs!

    ~ Riott sneers at everyone.

    Ruby Riott: You’re so obsessed with talking about, “Ooooh! Did you see that Ronda Rousey put a bounty on Becky Lynch!? I wonder what’s gonna happen on Raw!”

    ~ Hello…

    Ruby Riott: “I wonder if Bayley and Sasha Banks are gonna still be the bestest wittle fwiends here in WWE, or if their precious titles are gonna be taken fwom them by someone! And then they won’t be able to team again! I have to tune in!”

    ~ Whe…w…

    Ruby Riott: “Aw, poor wittle Awexa. Her head hurts and she got knocked out. I hope the poor little white blonde girl, WWE’s little sweetheart, is okay! I need to hear what Renee has to say at the top of the hour! That needs my attention!”

    ~ Zoinks.

    Ruby Riott: This is all on YOU! I win my match, I beat a former Smackdown Women’s Champion, and I nearly be-COME the Smackdown Women’s Champion! And NOBODY talks about it! More people talked about a woman like Alexa Bliss who LOST at Backlash! She lost in a match that wasn’t even a CONTEST! It wasn’t COMPETITIVE! And yet, it was, “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it! Alexa was done so dirty!”

    ~ Ruby makes a ‘sobbing’ gesture with her hand under her eye.

    Ruby Riott: “I can’t believe she—”

    Renee Young: Excuse me. Ruby?

    ~ Ruby turns her head around. Renee, looking on rather sternly, keeps her mic up.

    Renee Young: I’m—you know what? I’m not sorry. You’re acting extremely inappropriately right now.

    ~ Cheers. Ruby rolls her eyes as she hops down from the barricade.

    Renee Young: Y’know, this is my job. I’m obligated to be impartial. But in certain situations, I have to speak my mind. You’re not acting in anyone’s best interest right now.

    ~ Renee is letting it fly!

    Renee Young: You were extremely rude in interrupting this segment, a segment that was dealing with a very delicate subject about somebody’s personal health. You rudely interrupted me out there, and you’ve gone on a tirade that to me is only showing to me that you are a selfish, inconsiderate woman. And there is NO place for ANY of that here!

    ~ WHEW!! Let her have it, Renee!

    Renee Young: So I think for speak for everyone when I say that I would like for you to wrap it up here and get to whatever point that you have to make. Because the sooner that we do that, the sooner that we don’t have to listen to you complain about your status on Monday Night Raw, then this show will go on and we will all be better for it.

    ~ Renee has not shown this much fire, well, ever! But points were made. Riott scowls as she goes up the steps and climbs into the ring. She brings the mic up while walking up.

    Ruby Riott: Or what?

    ~ Riott gets up to Renee.

    Ruby Riott: What are you gonna do, Renee?

    ~ Young doesn’t back down, although menacing presence is quite tangible obviously. Ruby sizes her up and gets close to her, as she grits her teeth.

    Ruby Riott: You want me to get to the point? Are you sure you do? Because I’m not certain that you or anyone else here in the WWE Universe can handle the point.

    ~ Threatening is Ruby’s voice, as are her words. She continues to glare at Renee and shakes her head a few moments later and backs off.

    Ruby Riott: You’re a reporter. Your privy on investigations I’m sure. Have you ever given it a thought as to who it was that attacked Alexa Bliss?

    ~ A pause from Ruby brings a pause in the crowd.

    Ruby Riott: Let me spare everybody some time spent and plenty of resources here. Let me spare everyone the drama of a whodunnit. Let’s not stand on ceremony, Renee. You wanna know who attacked Alexa Bliss last week? Me!

    ~ Oh… wow…

    Ruby Riott: I did it.

    ~ Ruby evilly smiles.

    Ruby Riott: (Points to herself) I attacked Alexa Bliss… and it felt good.

    ~ Geez.

    Ruby Riott: For too long, I have seen people like Alexa Bliss get more attention than me. For too long, Alexa Bliss has dominated the discussion. Alexa Bliss always has everybody talking. About her talk show; her comeback story; that she’s turning over a new leaf; all of this while someone like me SHOULD be dominating the discussion!

    ~ Riott is getting on a lot of people’s nerves right now, but she don’t care one bit.

    Ruby Riott: I keep fighting and I keep winning. What’s my reward? Where are my winnings? All I keep seeing is Alexa Bliss on the WWE Shop advertisements. All I keep seeing is Alexa Bliss on the banners on I keep seeing Alexa Bliss on cups and on banners. On the production trucks. And all Alexa Bliss has done this year is LOSE!

    ~ Riott is seething right now as she glares at Renee, the victim of her verbal attack right now.

    Ruby Riott: Yet all I’ve done is win. I keep finding ways to win. I keep finding ways to get it done. Alexa Bliss didn’t even compete at WrestleMania, but she gets all the attention as the host. Alexa Bliss didn’t win Money in the Bank, yet everybody just talked about her match with Shayna Baszler at Backlash. A match that, once again, she LOST! I BEAT Naomi and where does it get me? I nearly win the Smackdown Women’s Championship and where does that get me?

    ~ Riott is nothing if not obnoxious right now. But, hey, isn’t that the point?

    Ruby Riott: I am sick and tired of being second fiddle to somebody who’s a loser. So I went after Alexa last week, I injured here, and now? Ha, now I get what I am owed. Now I get what I have earned. Now I get what I deserve!

    ~ Heat. Riott doesn’t care though. She nods her head through the boos and turns to the camera.

    Ruby Riott: Alexa… if you’re watching at home in Columbus, and if you can hear me okay, I want you to know something. I want you to listen carefully to this too, because it’s important.

    ~ Riott continues to look right into the hard camera.

    Ruby Riott: What happened last week was a long time coming for you. You were always going to run into somebody who was sick and tired of seeing you take their opportunities from them. Take their spotlight from them. Sick of your act, sick of seeing you as the golden girl of WWE.

    ~ Riott shakes her head as she looks on still.

    Ruby Riott: And I want you to think real long and hard if you want to come back. Because I promise you that I’m capable of much worse. You might be everything that they say that you are… but my arms… aren’t too short to box with you, Goddess.

    ~ Hey now!

    Ruby Riott: And if you don’t believe me? Hun, just reach up and feel your head for me.

    ~ Riott smirks and then turns around and walks away. She climbs out of the ring, having dropped a bomb on Renee and the rest of the WWE Universe. Having attacked Alexa Bliss, for what can only be described as selfish and self-serving reasons, Ms. Money in the Bank has made it clear that she is sick of not getting any attention that she feels is due. Those actions may have consequences in the future. But for right now? Ms. Riott has caused quite the ruckus, and it’s being felt in a big way.


    Following our break, we come back and get a clip of some of Ruby Riott’s words from the last segment; her admission that it was her who attacked Alexa Bliss last week as well as the fact that she’s sick of seeing her as the ‘golden girl of WWE.’

    Afterwards, we go back to the commentary desk, as Renee Young quite frankly is shocked and appalled at the words and actions of Riott and Cole and Graves share similar sentiments here.


    DREW MCINTYRE makes his way out onto the stage to a pop from the crowd. McIntyre may not be competing against SAMOA JOE tonight as scheduled. However, it does seem that Mac is gonna get his hands dirty tonight anyways. As he walks to the ring, the camera pivots over and we see ERIC YOUNG is standing inside the ropes. This match might make an… impact, if you will, on the show. Or, well, it may not. Time will tell. (Had to do it, no apologies)

    7Singles Match
    Drew McIntyre
    vs. Eric Young

    So… yeah, this one’s pretty academic. EY gets in a little bit of offense in on Drew Mac. But it is very clear who the man in control of this match is. McIntyre dominates Young, perhaps trying to send a message to The Samoan Submission Machine in the process. And, soon enough, McIntyre absolutely DRILLS EY with the CLAYMORE KICK! And then he covers! 1! 2!! 3!!!

    WINNERDrew McIntyre via pin fall at 2:27.

    And it’s a wrap! McIntyre gets the W here as he stands up and gets his hand raised. Following a sequence of replays, McIntyre is seen on the second rope in the corner. And he looks right on into the camera.

    “Joe… next week, you won’t be able to run from me. You won’t be able to take me out from behind. Joe, next week, your ass is mine!”

    Emphatic, short and sweet is McIntyre, who makes it clear that next week, these two are gonna get it on! And Mac wants nothing more than to take it to The Samoan Submission Machine, as things are set to erupt between these two superstars in the Seattle area!

    A video plays.

    We get a look at the newest superstar coming to the Monday Night Raw brand – ISAIAH ‘SWERVE’ SCOTT! Swerve is seen at the summit of a mountain, looking to be in the Washington area.

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: People have seen a lot of amazing things over the years in WWE.

    Highlights of aerial feats in WWE rings over the last few decades inter-cut with the image of Swerve.

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: And when I come to Monday Night Raw, I wanna give the WWE Universe something that they’ve never ever seen before.

    More images cut in, but the beat behind the video package picks up and we continue to see Swerve. And we see him taking flight in the ring.

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: There’s a lot of great athletes in WWE. Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, Apollo Crews. Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Drew McIntyre. Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton. The list goes on and on.

    Plenty of images of those superstars roll through.

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: And I know in my mind that I can be in that company.

    Swerve pats his chest, as we see him fly again.

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: I’m not expecting to be welcomed from Day 1. I know I have a lot to prove. I don’t want to be remembered as that dude who came in with a lot of hype and no substance. I don’t want to be all bark and no bite.

    Swerve shakes his head feverishly.

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: I want to be known as somebody who puts on a show. I want to be known as somebody who takes everybody’s breath away. I want to marvel everybody. I want to put everyone in awe. I wanna be somebody’s superhero.

    More spots of Swerve flying in the air.

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: My goal is to succeed here. I want to entertain. I want to make people excited, man. I want to excite the WWE Universe. I want people to be excited that Swerve is coming to their city. But again, there ain’t no way to do that besides making it happen.

    We come back to Swerve, on the mountaintop.

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: Next week is a big week for me. The biggest week, the biggest day of my career thus far. Arguably of my entire life. I can’t fail. Am I scared of failure? You’re damn right. But in my heart of hearts, I know I’m good, I know I can thrill people, and I know I can succeed.

    Swerve walks up to the camera as he’s on the mountaintop.

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: Monday Night Raw, get ready. Next week, ‘Swerve’ is comin’, and I’m gonna give you a show that you’ve never seen before.

    Swerve nods his head and puts his sunglasses on. And then the video concludes…



    We’re tracking along the hallway here and we see SETH ROLLINS, the Universal Champion! And Rollins is leading his group of DOMINIK DIJAKOVIC and the newest friends, STEVE CUTLER and WESLEY BLAKE, along here. The group is all smiles, and we’re likely about to see the looming tag match between Cutler and Blake against THE MIZ and SAMI ZAYN! The quartet then come by and we see KARL ANDERSON!

    Anderson, who of course was observed earlier by Seth, is lacing up his sneakers and probably on his way out of the arena. But that doesn’t stop him from getting the Universal Champion’s attention.

    Seth Rollins: Hey, Dom. Lead these guys out. I need to take care of something.

    ~ Dijakovic nods his head and brings Blake and Cutler along. Rollins then comes up to KA.

    Seth Rollins: Karl.

    ~ KA looks up.

    Seth Rollins: Hey man. Great win earlier tonight against Bobby Roode. You looked impressive.

    ~ Anderson nods his head as Rollins sticks his fist out. And KA bumps it.

    Karl Anderson: Yeah thanks, champ. I appreciate it.

    Seth Rollins: And y’know, a couple weeks ago, I know we were supposed to have a match with each other. Heck, that was supposed to be in your hometown, man.

    Karl Anderson: Yeah I know. I know, I’m… I’m still pretty disappointed about that. I’m still pretty disappointed I haven’t gotten that shot at you.

    ~ Rollins nods his head.

    Seth Rollins: Hey, hey. I know. I know you’re disappointed. I can see it. I can see it and I’ve seen it in how you’ve been working. You’ve been working hard. Real hard. I’ve taken notice, and I just wanted to tell you that next week, I was able to finesse something.

    Karl Anderson: Yeah?

    Seth Rollins: Yeah, next week, I was able to get you a match with the champ.

    ~ Oh? Well then. KA’s eyes widen a bit.

    Seth Rollins: Yeah. It’s not for the Universal Championship, but the match a few weeks ago wasn’t supposed to be for it either. But next week, you and me, Karl. One on one. Sound good?

    Karl Anderson: Sounds great.

    ~ KA nods his head and Seth offers his hand. Anderson nods his head and shakes it and then heads off. Seth looks on and lets out a smile… and then a smirk. Something is clearly on the Universal Champ’s mind, but what exactly is it?




    DOMINIK DIJAKOVIC leads STEVE CUTLER and WESLEY BLAKE out, as the newest tag team on Monday Night Raw is set for their first match. Dijakovic brings them on down the ramp, as we get a replay of the events that took place earlier this evening. There is obviously plenty of confidence all around this camp, and for good reason too.

    As the trio gets to the ring, SETH ROLLINS walks out to some heat. Rollins then goes and walks over to the announce table where, evidently, he’ll be joining the broadcast team for this match.



    ***I CAME TO PLAY***

    THE MIZ makes his way out onto the stage. And needless to say ‘The A-Lister’ is really in no mood to go through his usual pre-match motions. No, instead he just walks out in his gear, glares over at Seth and then down at the trio in the ring. Miz is pretty pissed, calling it like we see it here, and after the last month or so, who could really blame him?

    ***WORLDS APART***

    And out walks SAMI ZAYN who is sharing similar feelings to his partner. This unexpected pairing has a common enemy and, well, they are frankly all over the place at the moment. But that won’t stop Zayn and Miz, who bolt down the ramp towards the ring. Blake and Cutler stand and await them, as Zayn and Miz slide on in! And away we go!!

    8Tag Team Match
    The Miz and Sami Zayn
    vs. Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake (w/ Dominik Dijakovic)
    *Universal Champion Seth Rollins on Commentary*

    Miz and Zayn work rather furiously with each other to try and cut the new upstarts down. It’s evident that they are affected by the earlier attack and want to strike back with a vengeance here. The presence of Dominik Dijakovic and Seth Rollins, while in two different places, is doing the most here to try and get underneath their skin further. And what’s evident and apparent is that they all know it too.

    It's clear that Cutler and Blake are a well-oiled machine and they prove as much in the ring. They show off their savviness and their veteran standing as a tag team over the ragtag team they face. While Miz and Zayn are certainly a cut above in some areas, their teamwork is a cut below that of Blake and Cutler’s standing as a unit. And they can just tell as they work this match and as it proceeds on.

    Towards the match’s conclusion, Dijakovic is trying to worm his way into things. Zayn, the legal man in the matchup, is working with Blake, but Dijakovic gets the official’s attention. As that happens though, Miz gets off the apron and goes after him!! He pulls him down and strikes him, sending him back towards the barricade! But as this happens, Zayn goes for the tag… and realizes Miz isn’t there! He is then hit from behind while Miz pays too much attention on Dijakovic, who has obviously gotten under his skin over the last few weeks! Blake ambushes Zayn and then tags in Cutler, and the two of them DROP Zayn with a Double Spinebuster! Cutler then goes for the cover! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNERSSteve Cutler and Wesley Blake via pin fall at 8:35.

    And it’s over!! A big upset on Monday Night Raw! Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake have defeated Sami Zayn and The Miz! The new tag team on the scene here on Raw have made an impact, and it’s one that delights the Universal Champion. Seth applauds them from his spot at the top of the stage. His recruits are serving him quite well here, and Miz has realized the error of his ways in the meanwhile.

    Our replay sequence rolls on, and we come back to see Rollins, Dijakovic, Blake and Cutler standing united at the top of the stage. Miz, meanwhile, looks on with disdain. Zayn, on the other hand, is disgruntled and frankly his emotions look all over the place. It’s yet another loss, it’s that he was ambushed from behind, and also that his partner for the night was too occupied elsewhere to aid him. How that plays out? Well, time will tell.


    BECKY LYNCH is taping up her hands with her gear already on. The camera zooms out as SASHA BANKS is to her left, and BAYLEY is to her right. Lynch looks up at them both as she stands up.

    She looks at the two ladies and nods her head at them. They nod back, and trio then leaves the locker room.

    This Raw Women’s Championship match is NEXT… but with so many circumstances surrounding it… what all will play out?


    The broadcast returns on the air on USA Network. As it does, we learn that it’s now been made official! PETE DUNNE will defend the UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP at THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH against RANDY ORTON!

    Then, we get the rundown of the looming events for next week’s Raw from Everett, Washington

    ~ The awaited debut of ISAIAH ‘SWERVE’ SCOTT!


    ~ ‘THE VIPER’ RANDY ORTON in action!

    ~ SETH ROLLINS vs. KARL ANDERSON in a Non-Title Match!


    And then…


    NATALYA then makes her way out with SHAYNA BASZLER closely following. ‘The Queen of Spades’ follows ‘The Queen of Harts’ down to the ring, as this duo is deadset on achieving at least one goal tonight. They certainly want the Raw Women’s Championship away from the incumbent, but putting her on the shelf may also be a goal of their own, as well. Nevertheless, the challenger gets into the ring with Shayna on the outside, waitin’ and wanderin’ around.


    And STAPLES Center goes UP! BECKY LYNCH strides out to a booming reaction from the LA crowd. SASHA BANKS and BAYLEY are closely following her to the ring, as The Man has some big backup tonight. She looks sure of herself, but given all that’s gone on, one has to wonder if for once, that’s just a front. Becky nods her head at the two of them and they stand at ringside while Lynch gets into the ring.

    Raw Women’s Champ, Becky Lynch (w/ Bayley and Sasha Banks)
    DEFENDS AGAINST Natalya (w/ Shayna Baszler)

    LA is hot for this main event, to say the least. Becky and Nattie work in what’s really an elongated fight. It becomes clear early on that Nattie is trying to hurt Becky as she goes on the attack in a methodical way. And somewhat early on in the matchup, as Bayley and Sasha look on, they are AMBUSHED from behind by MARINA SHAFIR AND JESSAMYN DUKE!! Becky sees this and goes to head outside, but right away, SHAYNA goes to cut her off. Becky, seeing this all for what it is, has a quandary. And before she can solve that, Nattie ambushes her from behind!

    Following a commercial break, we hear that Bayley, Sasha, Jessamyn and Marina are currently fighting in the back. And meanwhile, Nattie and Becky are still picking each other apart in the ring. Baszler continues to patrol ringside, as we can see that Marina and Jessamyn’s work has tipped the scales for this one. It’s clear that Becky’s basically working a 2-on-1 situation. But the battle-tested champion won’t go down that easily. No, Lynch fights hard against Natalya, even as The Queen of Harts continues to slice and dice her up.

    Late in the matchup, Becky is angling to get back in control. She does seize the upswing, and chugs along. Even while Shayna is traversing, Lynch fights aggressively with The Queen of Harts. Lynch then goes for a BIG Running Dropkick. However, Nattie grabs her by the legs! She slams her down and then puts on the SHARPSHOOTER!! Lynch lets out a cry as Natalya gets it cinched in. Becky crawls away towards the ropes, as Nattie just continues to apply pressure and torque her. Lynch makes a break for the ropes, as Nattie just keeps it applied anyway. And soon enough, The Man reaches the ropes!!

    Nattie is called off by the official, but she won’t give up the hold!! Shayna walks over towards the two of them as Nattie keeps it applied! The referee calls her off again, but she refuses to relent! So the referee starts up the five count as we see Baszler smirking at Lynch, who is holding onto the ropes ever so tightly! 1! 2!! 3!!! 4!!!! 5!!!!! NATTIE WON’T LET GO AND THE REFEREE CALLS FOR THE BELL!! SHE’S BEEN DISQUALIFIED!!!

    WINNERBecky Lynch via disqualification at 12:07. Lynch RETAINS the Raw Women’s Championship.

    It is ABUNDANTLY clear now that Nattie has no intention of winning the Raw Women’s Championship! No, instead she wants to claim that bounty!! And perhaps Shayna does as well as Baszler starts to punch Becky over and over again in the head!! The referee goes to the outside and calls her off, and Baszler cracks a smile as she backs up and puts her hands up innocently. Meanwhile, in the ring, Nattie has pulled Becky to the center of the ring and REAPPLIES THE SHARPSHOOTER!!!

    Becky SCREAMS out in pain, and Shayna from a distant takes a great pride in that sight. The referee then goes back in and tries to get The Queen of Harts off her. Nattie then suddenly throws Becky’s legs down on the mat and goes over AND SHOVES THE REFEREE DOWN! Nattie screams at him, as Shayna delightfully looks on. Baszler climbs up onto the apron and then into the ring, and while that’s going on—

    The camera cuts to the back!

    To the parking lot!
    Where the night started and the camera picks up the fact that TWO BODIES ARE LAID OUT—



    And nearby, BAYLEY AND SASHA BANKS are sitting against a car, looking to be more than a bit wounded themselves. They look at each other, seemingly having won the battle, but there’s still a war going on!

    The camera cuts back to the arena, as Nattie and Shayna are WHOOPING Becky Lynch. They have her set up in the corner and are just going STOMP for STOMP on her. Nobody seemingly is coming to Becky’s rescue – her only two allies are all the way out in the parking lot and are beaten up quite a bit. The Man gets plenty of chants pelted her way. But she’s seemingly only got so much time left!

    The UNRELENTING beatdown continues on—


    Nattie SHARPLY turns her head around! Shayna does as well!

    LA goes up…



    The crowd is CERTAINLY shocked to see The Glamazon! Phoenix, wearing a plain black T-shirt – that looks a bit noticeably stretched out – and jeans and black boots stomps down the ramp. Nattie looks on, happy at the moment that her tag team partner is around. Shayna looks at Nattie and lets out a slight smile herself. Phoenix powerwalks up to the ring, steps up on the apron and climbs inside.

    Phoenix’s music cuts and she looks over at Nattie and Shayna. She then glances at the beaten and broken-down Becky Lynch, lying in the corner helplessly. Phoenix then looks at Nattie in the eyes for a few seconds. Nattie lets out a smirk, and The Glamazon nods her head. Beth then parts through them and takes a couple steps forward. But before that, Becky speaks up, as she now has a microphone in her hand.

    Becky Lynch: Wait a second.

    ~ Lynch, huffing and puffing after her lungs took a beating from the boots of Nattie and Shayna, looks up.

    Becky Lynch: If I’m gonna go down, I want one last word.

    ~ Phoenix stares down at her. Nattie tells Beth not to listen to her, but Shayna puts her hand out in front of her. “Let her speak,” Baszler says. “I wanna hear this.”

    Becky Lynch: Nattie… … … Shayna… … …

    ~ Becky breathes hard and looks up.

    Becky Lynch: I got one question for ya.

    ~ Nattie and Shayna look on over.

    Becky Lynch: Did ya think… … … that I was stupid?

    ~ Well, that’s an interesting question to ask.

    Becky Lynch: Did ya think… … … that The Man… … … didn’t see something like this coming?

    ~ Oh…? Nattie and Shayna look on at each other and shake their heads and Nattie then tells Beth to “break her.”

    Becky Lynch: Whether it was either of ya… … … trying to take me down… … … or that stupid b*tch Ronnie trying to do it… … …

    ~ Well, that draws a reaction from the fans. Becky takes a huge breath and gasps.

    Becky Lynch: It don’t matter.

    ~ Lynch grabs at her mid-section and scoots back. And she looks over at the two women.

    Becky Lynch: And whenever… … … ya expect damage, and you take damage… … … ya always want… … …

    ~ Lynch inhales and exhales again. And then, suddenly, a smile forms on her face.

    Becky Lynch: A little insurance.

    ~ Lynch lets that smile grow. The camera focuses on Becky, and then the crowd lets out a loud cheer!



    Nattie and Shayna suddenly look at each other and Nattie shouts at Beth to break her again. Beth looks down at Becky, who is grinning. Beth then looks back at Nattie.

    “Oh, I’m breaking something.”



    Shayna stands there in shock as Nattie is down and out! The crowd goes bonkers as Beth then picks her tag team partner up and flings her across the ring!! Baszler is STILL frozen and Nattie then gets up to her feet. But as she does, Beth runs over and CLOTHESLINES HER OUT OF THE RING!!!

    Oh how the tables have turned! Shayna then looks over at Becky, who is still smiling.

    “How’s that ya little b*tch?”

    And Beth then turns around and walks up to Shayna! And Shayna goes for a strike BUT BETH STRIKES HER DOWN TOO!!!

    Beth then lifts Shayna up to her feet and then MILITARY PRESSES HER UP INTO THE AIR!!! A TREMENDOUS FEAT OF STRENGTH! And Beth walks over and then TOSSES HER DOWN ON TOP OF NATALYA!!!

    The dastardly duo has been taken down! And it seems as though The Man has taken out a HELL of an insurance policy – in the form of ‘The Glamazon!’ And not only that, Becky has made things very personal by doing so, as she’s apparently ripped Natalya’s tag team partner and best friend away from her!

    Beth walks over, grabs Becky and holds her up. She checks on Lynch while her music hits, and Beth hoists up the arm of Lynch, drawing a big time reaction from the crowd.

    The drama between these two entities has just hit another apex. And there’s no telling what’s coming next!



    Current Card for WWE The Great American Bash
    Date: July 14th 2019
    Event Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Wells Fargo Center
    Event Music: Denzel Curry; Ricky

    The FIRST ANNUAL Great American Gauntlet
    {Winner Receives WWE OR Universal Championship Shot at SummerSlam}
    Cedric Alexander vs. Daniel Bryan vs.
    3 Raw Superstars vs. 3 Smackdown Superstars

    WWE United States Championship Match
    ‘The Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne © DEFENDS AGAINST ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton
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