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Thread: CWA: A Decade of Decadence - New York City, New York (Preview)

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    CWA CWA: A Decade of Decadence - New York City, New York (Preview)


    \~ Opening Contest - Money Makes The World Go Round ~/
    $10,000 Invitational Battle Royal

    Superstars from both past and present battle in an Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal, with the winner receiving a $10,000 reward. Ten names have been confirmed, but who knows who else may decide to enter?

    \~ Last Chance For Gold ~/
    No.1 Contender Triple-Threat Match
    Johnny Vegas vs Mark Merriweather vs Peter Jacobs

    With no clear contender for Nate Savage's CWA Pure Championship, three names stood out as potential final opponents. For Johnny Vegas & Mark Merriweather, it's a last chance for a shot at Championship Gold, and finally etch their names in CWA's storied history. For Peter Jacobs, an experienced veteran who appeared on CWA's first show back in 2008, it's an opportunity to show that this ageing superstar still has a lot left in the tank.

    \~ Unforgiven, Unforgotten ~/
    Chubby Carlos vs Billy Hatcher

    The rivalry of one of CWA's most lovable men, Chubby Carlos, and it's most infamous, Billy Hatcher, takes one final step in CWA's history. Can the merciless mercenary Billy Hatcher score one over his foe, the former CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Chubby Carlos?

    \~ Past Sins ~/
    Dan Maskell vs Twista XL

    The feud between Dan Maskell & Twista XL spans several feds, and now, it bleeds into CWA. Dan Maskell, arguably one of CWA's most accomplished stars, takes one of the most organically popular talents in a rivalry that spans multiple companies. Who will achieve the final nail in their rival's coffin?

    \~ Full House ~/
    CWA Tag Team Championships Match

    The Elite (c) vs The Echo vs The DiMiacos

    The top team will prevail. The teams of Noah Stocke & Trevor Ocean and Ethan Connor & Drew Connor are both highly-regarded as two of the greatest tag teams of the modern era, but the addition of Joe & Paul DiMiaco could surely throw a spanner in the works. Will The Elite cement their claim as one of the greatest tag teams of today? Will The Echo regain the gold that was theirs for a long, long time? Or will the wildcard, The DiMiacos, make the most of the opportunity of the year?

    \~ Always Time For New Scars ~/
    Hardcore Match
    Humanity vs Krash
    Two stars who have never faced despite being in CWA for a long time simultaneously, Humanity & Krash, face off on Humanity's turf - a No-Disqualification, Anything Goes, Hardcore Match. Despite Krash's success in CWA, he's never competed in a match quite like Humanity's forte, at least not on CWA turf, and who knows what vile machinations are stewing within the mind of Humanity, ripe for a violent finale like this one.

    \~ Blast From The Past vs Glimpse Into The Future ~/
    Ultimate Pain vs Jackson Fenix

    One of CWA's most legendary names, Ultimate Pain, makes his return to CWA for the Ten-Year Anniversary, and the two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion is set to face off against Jackson Fenix, a rising star within the professional wrestling scene. The brash and arrogant Fenix has the chance of a lifetime to cement his name in history, to dethrone an absolute CWA Legend. Past vs Future, Legend vs Rising Star. Who will win?

    \~ Savagery ~/
    CWA Pure Championship Match - Pure Rules
    Nate Savage (c) vs ???

    Whichever lucky - or unlucky, one could say - superstar from the earlier triple-threat goes on to face Nate Savage for his treasured CWA Pure Championship, and certainly a tough mountain to climb. The 'Nasty' one aims to keep that Pure Championship firmly where it belongs - around his own waist, opponent be damned. Could we see a new champion?

    \~ A Final Ride Through Hell ~/
    CWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Two out of Three Falls
    Brayden Bridges (c) vs Lilith

    The major storyline of CWA must be resolved. No General Manager, no Screwjobs. One on One, 'The Bastard' Brayden Bridges defends his CWA World Heavyweight Championship against his embittered rival, the dark and devious leader of the Dark Watch, Lilith, in a best 2/3 Falls match. There must be a winner.


    - The RP deadline is Midnight April 2nd, AEST. That's exactly two weeks from this post plus 1 1/2 hours for posterity's sake. So look at the date this card was posted, add fourteen days, there's your deadline.
    - RPs are to be sent to myself via Private Message. It's likely I'll get a trusted hand to help me judge things.
    - Extensions are available upon request.
    - This card went through several re-writes, some of which was based on advice from others, but I think this is the best result.
    - Shoutout to Comeback Kid for the kickass poster.
    - If you've signed up but don't see your name on the card, it's probably because you're in the battle royal. Expect a PM from me shortly confirming this. There's ten names confirmed for the royal, and while I'd like to keep those names a secret until the show for the surprise factor - and in case anyone else wants to be a part, they can be thrown in the battle royal easy peasy - if people wish I can publicly reveal the names but you can probably get most of them from the Role Call thread.
    - Additionally, if you want to contribute with a promo but not a match, that's also good! Send your promo in to me and I'll find space for it.
    - If you want to write a match, send me a PM. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    - RPs will be publicly posted before the show.
    - Any questions, concerns, or comments can be posted either below or privately messaged to myself.
    - Depending on how turnout goes, this will either be the final show or the start of something new. That's out of my hands.
    - Uhhhhh
    - Should I add anything else?
    - Idk I don't have much experience in this
    - It's been fun I guess?
    - Love you.
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    CWA: A Decade of Decadence
    Maybe the end of something great.
    Maybe the start of something new.
    Stay tuned.

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