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Thread: WC Royal Rumble X: Day 20

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    WC Royal Rumble X: Day 20

    We're down to eight! Let's see where the pack has ended up...

    In the north corner, Creeping Death stomps the shit out of Smooth Jazz Wolf. Continuously. Again, and again, and again. What was once a handsome Adonis with the moustache of a god now resembles a handful of spaghetti with a crying face crudely animated on it. Goddamn, Creeping Death, ease up on the guy.

    In the east corner, RainShaker & Jimmy King seem to have called a truce, partially because Jimmy King is too pure of a soul for anyone to raise a fist against, and partially because RainShaker is currently having his contractually obligated smoke break. They both seem to be having a lovely time. We'll check up on them shortly.

    In the south corner, Fuji Vice & Jiggy trade blows! Or, rather, Jiggy throws dozens upon dozens of blows, but Fuji Vice just finished watching all of the Matrix movies, and has stated 'I know kung fu how to dodge wack-ass punches', demonstrating so by essentially converting his upper body into a blur of motion. After a brief few seconds Jiggy decides to stop for a break. Fuji Vice continues to dodge, unstoppably. He might need some help.

    And in the west corner, it's THE BOSS Ed and THE HOST Postman Dave! They jaw-jack each other relentlessly!

    Postman Dave: Your admin ways won't save you this time!

    Ed: Since when have they ever.

    Postman Dave: For I have a secret weapon!

    Ed: Coincidentally, I too have a secret weapon. And his name, is-

    Postman Dave & Ed: NASH!

    Nash: ... huh?

    Ed: Nash! As my partner in admin crime, you're responsible for keeping me in this thing!

    Nash: Like dicks I am.

    Postman Dave: As the commentator you're beholden to assist any and all hosts of the Rumble, both active and not, in ensuring they win!

    Nash: Just get Smooth Jazz Wolf to do it.

    Postman Dave: I don't know whether you've noticed but Smooth Jazz Wolf is currently in the process of becoming a stain on the mat.

    Nash: Yeah, he is pretty pitiful. But who is correct? Do I help Ed, or Postman Dave?

    Postman Dave: I mean, me, obviously? C'mon, I hosted this thing for years, fuckin' let me win one.

    Nash: There's only one choice to make!

    Nash gets up, strolling towards the ring! Ed & Postman Dave scuffle on the apron, shouting for Nash to help them! But Nash instead grabs both, and yanks them to the floor!

    Ed: What the fuck, Nash?


    Postman Dave: Dick.


    thanks Nash.

    Down to six.


    I'm not good at signatures.

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    Re: WC Royal Rumble X: Day 20

    I take my eye off the ball for one day and you fuckers eliminate me?


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    Re: WC Royal Rumble X: Day 20

    theres a special place in hell for people who vote for wolf.

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