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    Lucian W. Ace

    Lucian W. Ace

    Nicknames: The Blue Dragon, Shiroyasha, Silver Samurai, Lucy-chin

    Hometown: Kyoto, Japan - Born in Juneau, Alaska

    Height: 6 foot 3

    Weight: 210 lbs

    Age: 20

    Hair Color
    : White

    Affiliation: Face

    Theme Song: Ultra Instinct Theme from Dragon Ball Super

    Base Picture: Sakata Gintokiô White-haired Anime/Game characters


    Dracarys - Knee Plus

    Frequently Used Moves:
    -Leg Lariat
    -Dragon Suplex
    Springboard DDT
    -Yakuza Kick
    -Roundhouse Kick
    -Dragon Whip
    -Asai Moonsault

    Return Promo

    We open with a glimpse of a magnificent sunrise, as the glowing orb slowly ascends to the heavens. Where the soft reds and oranges gradually gain strength and change into the warm yellow of the day, and darkness is banished in its wake. As we watch the sun make its way up from the east, we hear the voice.

    Lucian Ace: Masterful, is it not? Something as mundane as a sunrise. Most people take such things for granted, certain in the belief that no matter what may occur in their own world, as sure as it always has in the past, tomorrow morning... the sun will rise. I used to believe this as well. I used to believe that despite the jackals at my door, despite the hardships that I would soon have to face down, when the battle was over, the sun would rise. After surviving the raging fury of the darkest nights, the sun would rise over the lands. I took it for granted, just like everyone else. That was my mistake.

    The sunrise slowly fades away, as we are taken to black and white footage of Lucian Ace as he faces various opponents, each of which ended in losing efforts. We watch as Lucian Ace, despite his best efforts, is defeated time and time again. We see the frustration on his face, the look of disappointment after losing such close encounters. The look of confidence fading from his face. As we watch, we hear the voice.

    Lucian Ace: I put my faith in something I felt would never let me down. I put my faith in something that was both integral to the world we live in, as well as the world that I love. And recently, I have come to the realization that no matter how much I hold my head up, the sun is not rising over me. I remain lost within the darkness. Adrift within a sea of my own torment, tortured by my frustrations as they compound themselves night after night after night. I have been accosted by constant doubts, constant questions regarding my ability, my future in this business. I have been questioned on both a professional and personal level. And in complete honesty I lost it. I lost my smile and I just gave up… on my dreams and I walked away as a sore loser that I was.

    The video fades to black, only to be replaced by Lucian himself. He stands tall with his eyes staring forward, almost deviod of all emotions.

    Lucian Ace: I finally got over myself and came back… not for glory… not for titles… I came back just to have fun.

    Lucian finally smiles and as he does the video fades to black.
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    Re: Lucian W. Ace

    Aaaahhh yissssss

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    Re: Lucian W. Ace

    This is the greatest day.

    Can you feel it folks? We're headed in the right direction.

    Got a few more surprises on the way as well. Stay tuned!

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