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    Fight Night January 21st RESULTS




    Rod Sterling: Are you kidding me?

    Michael Garcia: GOOD! Give ‘em another one! Cripple that bastard!

    Golden: I agree, if for no other reason than maybe we can get him on commentary other than you!

    Michael Garcia: Watch it, Golden. I’m still capable of putting you through another car windshield!

    Cyrus’ eyes grew as wide as they could with his jaw hanging in complete disbelief! Cyrus began to yell and scream at the referee, somewhat uncharacteristically, as he simply couldn’t believe that he hadn’t put Phillip away yet! Cyrus looked out to the crowd, before grabbing Phillip and looking tolock in the Long Road to Nowhere, but Phillip grabbed him and pulled him into an inside cradle! Cyrus kicked out just before 2, and stumbled back into the ropes! Phillip charged forward, but again Cyrus back bod dropped him over the top! Phillip landed on the apron, springboarded off the top and into a Tornado DDT! Phillip once again covered and again a strong 2 count! Phillip once again, looked incredulously at the referee before pulling the champ up to his feet, and then again signaling that it’s over! That's when, out of nowhere, Cyrus Truth comes alive out of nowhere and hits the Journey's End on Phillip A. Jackson, before dropping to pin him.


    Winner and STILL FWA World Heavyweight Champion: Cyrus Truth

    Rod Sterling: CYRUS DID IT! HE'S RETAINED THE FWA CHAMPIONSHIP. Several times there it seemed like PAJ was about to grab the FWA Championship but Cyrus Truth did what he does and he WON!

    Michael Garcia: Didn't see it happening any other way, to be honest.

    Devin Golden" Credit where it's due, both of these men put on a hell of a bout.
    Cyrus Truth stands in the center of the ring, catching his breath while PAJ and Viktor make there way up the ramp. The referee raises Cyrus Truth's hand in victory before handing him the FWA World Championship belt. PAJ climbs the nearest turnbuckle and proudly raises the belt high above his head. Suddenly, his music is cut off and he doesn't really think anything of it until...

    "It's a Bittersweet....Symphony this life..."

    The crowd lets out a tremendous pop as Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve plays and The Astonishing Chris Kennedy walks out, his arm in a sling and a microphone in his free hand.

    Rod Sterling: CHRIS KENNEDY!?! What's HE doing here? He hasn't been cleared to return, has he?

    Michael Garcia: Your guess is as good as mine, Rod, but judging by the sling on his arm, I'm not so sure.

    Chris Kennedy: Bravo, Cyrus. Congratulations are truly in order. And well, I never formally congratulated you for defeating me at Aftershock and taking the FWA championship from me. I wish that I could say that I truly harbored no ill will against you, but then I'd be a liar, like you.

    Cyrus Truth just smirks and shakes his head, before pointing to the FWA Championship.

    Chris Kennedy: Now see, I'd love to come in there and kick your ass from here to the moon but the fact of the matter is that you just went through the ringer with ol' PAJ there and hell, even with one arm I am twice the man you are so it just wouldn't be a fair fight you see. I will give you a helpful bit of advice, Cyrus. This ones for free. WATCH. YOUR. BACK.

    Cyrus dismisses Kennedy, laughing to himself and shaking his head UNTIL BELL CONNELLY COMES UP BEHIND HIM AND HITS HIM WITH A LOW BLOW!


    Devin Golden: Yo, is she...Is she wearing Brass Knuckles?

    She was. Bell Connelly was wearing Chris Kennedy's diamond studded brass knuckles. As Cyrus Truth collapses to the floor in sheer agony, Bell Conelly mounts him and starts hammering away at his face with the brass knuckles.

    Michael Garcia: THERE is the Bell Connelly I was talking about earlier.

    Rod Sterling: Something must be done, someone needs to stop this! What is Bell Connelly doing to Cyrus Truth!?!

    Michael Garcia: Is she acting as an instrument to Chris Kennedy or is there something more to this?

    Bell Connelly is crazed, bringing the brass knuckles down onto Cyrus Truth's face with lightning fast quickness, cutting him open. Cyrus is bleeding profusely and his blood is all over Bell Connelly.

    As security rushes down the ramp, Chris Kennedy just smiles at the ordeal and turns around, disappearing though the curtain as Revival goes off the air.

    “Subconscious Entry Version” blasts through the arena as “The Wayward Warrior” Cyrus Truth walks out onto the stage, World Heavyweight Championship proudly placed over his shoulder and a microphone in his hand. Truth looks down at the gold before taking it off of his shoulder and raising hit high above his head, to a huge pop from the crowd. Cyrus nods and begins walking down the ramp with a confident swagger, before entering the ring. Once his music dies down, he waits a bit longer for the fans to calm down before addressing the crowd.

    Cyrus Truth: Last Sunday the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance held it's inaugural "FWA Revival" event, a company wide re-branding that was to not only see a change in FWA Management but also a change in the overall FWA product, from it's approach to booking to it's atmosphere and presentation. With all of that being said, you'd think I'd be surprised that Chris Kennedy resurfaced to reignite this thing between us, in the main event where he would ensure the entire world was watching. I'm not surprised though, not in the slightest bit. I wouldn't be very bright If I thought for one second this thing between Chris Kennedy and I was going to stay in 2018. Right now, Kennedy and I are 1-1, we've each beaten each other for this championship and I know that split sits about as well with Kennedy as it does with me, admittedly. So after that little beatdown last week from Chris Kennedy's #1 Super-Fan Bell Connelly, I wen't into Ryan Rondo's office fully ready to give Kennedy what he wanted. His rematch for the FWA Championship, EFFECTIVE TONIGHT. I can imagine that what Ryan Rondo told me ALSO didn't sit as well with Kennedy as it did with me. "Chris Kennedy isn't cleared to compete. The match can't happen, not yet."

    The crowd boos and Cyrus Truth nods in agreement.

    Cyrus Truth: So then I asked for the next best thing. If I can't get my hands on Kennedy, then I'll break his instrument. Any animosity, aggression, and discontent I hold for Chris Kennedy, and trust me, there's plenty, will be taken out on Bell Connelly. Rondo didn't think that was a bad idea at all. That's why, at Quest For The Best, I'm defending the FWA Championship against Chris Kennedy's fangirl, Bell Connelly.

    The crowd comes alive at the thought of Cyrus Truth VS Bell Connelly. Suddenly, "I ain't weak" by Imagination plays and out walks Bell Connelly, to tremendous reaction that seems to be 60/40 boos over cheers. She smiles maniacally as she heads down the ramp, stopping halfway down, opting not to enter the ring.

    Bell Connelly: Oh Hai, Cyrus. How you holdin' up after last Sunday, Champ?

    Cyrus Truth: Well It looks this all new, post-Revival FWA is cutting costs on security if we're just letting fan-girls strut down to the ring and get mic time. I at least expected to hear from Kennedy, not his #1 fan.

    Bell Connelly: Super cute, Cy. You are developing a quite the sense of humor out of nowhere, man! Must be when I knocked you silly last Sunday, turned you into a real Adam Sandler. He's still someone that stupid people think is funny, right?

    Cyrus Truth: What I actually find funny is the fact that your sweetheart came out and muttered a bunch of meaningless nonsense before sicking you on me, and is now nowhere to be found. That's something I think is a real knee-slapper to be honest with you, Bell.

    Bell Connelly: Yeah, no I totally get that. Thing is, Chris Kennedy is not here tonight. The way he says it, if he's not getting paid to compete, then these idiots in the crowd and a few million more at home don't deserve to see his face and Cyrus, if you or any one of these fat, ugly parasites want to hear Chris Kennedy's voice, the FWA Network is only $9.99 and Kennedy makes 9 cents every time you stream one of his matches or promos so there is your free tip of the day. I am feeling super generous so I'll give you another freebie in the way of reeeeeeally smart advice. Pay attention, funny-man. Yes, I'm a BIG fan of Chris Kennedy. He believed in me when all of THEM turned their backs on me. He stood by MY side with the whole world said "Hey, maybe you aren't as good as we once thought you were, you probably never should have been champion and maybe it was a fluke." Kennedy was there to reassure me that they were wrong. When Shannon destroyed my will to live, Chris Kennedy reignited it and made it stronger than ever. I love my life, and that's partly because he is a big part of it. But understand this: As much of Chris Kennedy fan I am, I'm an even bigger fan of Championship gold. You see, what I did to you at Revival may have been me doing a favor for my bae, but you can bet your hairy ass that I did that for ME, not Chris Kennedy. YOU are the one that has what I want, the FWA Championship. It's about time I've gotten it back and I'm prepared to take it from you. Last week was me sending a message, and that message is that not only I'm afraid of you...

    She climbs up the ropes and steps in the ring, getting nose to nose with Cyrus Truth.

    "...I'm Better than you."

    "Fells Like The First Time" by Foreigner plays and out walks Shannon O'Neal, who has massive approval from the crowd as they come alive and on their feet. She struts the ramp of all the confidence in the world. She wastes no time getting into the ring, which doesn't sit well with Bell Connelly--who just a few short moments ago was coming off confident and intense, is now fuming from the ears with a frown on her face that extends all the way to the floor. Shannon winks at Bell before making eye contact with Cyrus, but not offering him so much as a respectful nod. Her music fades and it's her turn on the mic.

    Shannon O'Neal: Bell, you want to talk to Cyrus about what happened at Revival, remind him how your little exchange ended, but it seems to me you are cherry picking certain moments from that night and ignoring the others. A little bit of revisionist history there, y'know? Like, okay go ahead and harp on your little non-consequential interaction with Cyrus Truth on your boyfriends behalf, but what about your actual match at Revival? I don't think I need to remind you or the FWA fans what happened between you and I at Revival but because I know how much you hate hearing it, I'll go ahead and do it anyway. I BEAT YOU. I beat you cleanly in that ring, 1-2-3, and now the first thing we see on Fight Night is that you are getting a title shot at the next PPV? See that just doesn't marinate with me. I am not necessarily saying I deserve an FWA Championship match, what with only having one match under my belt since returning, but if Bell is getting one then I DAMN SURE have something to say about that, since y'know I DID beat her and all'at.

    "Guys, guys...wait a moment..." Ryan Rondo says, appearing on the titantron from his office.

    Ryan Rondo: Shannon actually brings up one hell of a point but it's not one I didn't already think of so I'm a step-or-two ahead of her it would seem. See, when Cyrus asked for the match with Bell, I was almost hesitant because we already had a match in place for the Quest For The Best main event. That match would have been Cyrus Truth defending his championship against Shannon O'Neal, based on her performance at Revival. But man, Cyrus was pretty adamant about getting his hands on Bell Connelly. So I says to him, I say "sure, you can have Bell." Afraid I wasn't entirely honest with you, Cyrus, and that's my bad. At Quest For The Best, you WILL get your hands on Bell Conelly, it's true. But you'll also have to contend with Shannon O'Neal as well, as it's a Triple-Thread match. Good luck everyone.

    Cyrus nods approvingly as Rondo cuts out from the titantron and the screen goes back to the FWA logo. Bell Connelly is livid, throwing a temper tantrum in her corner of the ring while Shannon just stares intently at the FWA Championship, looking past Cyrus Truth. OUTTA NOWHERE Bell Connelly hits a GLITTER-BOMB on Shannon O'Neal! Shannon is out like a light and the ravenous Bell Connelly just screams at her while pulling her own hair. Cyrus Truth raises an eyebrow and shakes his head at the exchange and when Bell Connelly turns around, CYRUS TRUTH HIT'S THE JOURNEYS END ON BELL CONNELLY.

    Cyrus Truth looks down at the unconscious Bell Connelly, then over to Shannon O'Neal who is also zonked. He picks his FWA Championship back off the mat and raises it high above his head as we cut to commercial.

    The screen goes blank for a moment as a narrator introduces an exclusive interview segment originally aired on

    The camera turns on to give us a shot of Katie-Lynn Goldsmith backstage in some area of the arena's interview section as she is standing next to an indistinct figure, she gives a wide smile and begins speaking, introducing us to the current segment.

    Goldsmith: Hello everyone of, I'm Katie-Lynn Goldsmith and I'm joined at this moment to the newest signee of the FWA family, one Dominick Armistead-

    ???: Yep, the greatest thing you've ever seen.

    The camera pans out to give us a good look at Dominick Armistead, who just now rudely cut off Katie-Lynn Goldsmith. His hair is slicked nicely and his face slightly unshaven to give us that idea he "doesn't care about how he looks" but in actuality spends about an hour in front of the mirror trying to look like that. He's wearing an expensive looking jean jacket and a blood red t-shirt emblazoned with the words "Born to Rule" in white and a depiction of the Reichksrone behind the lettering. His wrestling tights are an onyx black with grey knee pads and his boots are also blood red with white boot strings.

    Goldsmith: ... Okay? W-well, Mr. Armistead, why don't you familiarize the FWA Universe and the fans with yourself by telling us a little bit about you.

    Dominick's face grows confused as if he couldn't believe what he's hearing. How dare she not know about him. He puts a hand up and interjects, like an asshole, but without a care in the world.

    Armistead: Hold up, hold up. Do you even realize who you're talking to?

    Goldsmith, goes with an impromptu answer as she is unsure what to say.

    Goldsmith: I'm talking to you, yes?

    Dominick can't help but give a chuckle and an exasperated smile, his eyebrows rising damn near to his hair line.

    Armistead: Aha- You are talking to the man who is here to save the FWA from the shit gimmicks they've had over the last couple of years. You're looking at the apex of wrestling, sugar. I am the "Saviour of the FWA", and the first order of business is to prove my greatness by kicking the ass of some scrub. What's his name? Aaron Kendrick, yeah?

    Goldsmith: "The Great I Am" Aaron Kend-

    Dominick cuts her off by waving her off dismissively.

    Armistead: Never heard of him. He's probably the next in the line of the many lame ass gimmicks FWA have been trying to push through to the fans over the years. I'm no gimmick, hon. I'm here to prove to FWA that they should have given me a chance far earlier.

    Dominick Armistead turns to begin walking away, but Katie-Lynn taps him on the shoulder to get his attention again.

    Goldsmith: Excuse me? Could you run that by me one more time?

    An audible groan and sigh comes from Armistead as he turns back to her with a raised eyebrow and a visible scowl drawn across his mouth.

    Armistead: I thought I explained that enough, but I see you're just not getting it. FWA did me wrong by not signing me years back. They made me wallow on the independent scene like low grade garbage and CWA wasn't any better; they rejected me too. That hurt me bad. I could have taken them to new heights and instead they stuck to their damn guns and protected the old guard like the cowards they were. They new if I were signed, nobody would ever be able to touch me in that ring. I'm the greatest thing since Matt Boudreau, god dammit, and when I get in that ring, you'll see; the fans will see too, and maybe, just maybe, FWA will take notice. Ciao.

    Dominick Armistead cracks his knuckles before making a beeline off the screen as Goldsmith pauses, confused and slightly miffed as she feels she was just disrespected in some way.

    Goldsmith: (What the hell was that? I feel like I just got insulted without realizing it-) Uh, thank you for your time, then. Thanks to the FWA Universe for tuning in and we'll see you in the next exclusive interview!


    As we return from the brief FWA.COM highlight, "Ambition and Vision" hits through the arena PA system and the fans get to their feet in anticipation of the arrival of the FWA's General Manager, Ryan Rondo. He stands, suited, at the top of the ramp for a brief moment and observes the reaction of the fans. Some cheer and some boo but Rondo simply smirks before walking down to the ring. He eventually gets to the stairs and enters before beckoning for a microphone to be handed to him.

    Eventually the music dies down and the crowd quieten. The general manager speaks with a friendly tone.

    Ryan Rondo: Firstly, let me just say that I'm glad that the FWA is back!

    There are fans who begin to cheer in response but Rondo lifts his hand.

    Ryan Rondo: But... let's not carried away here. There's still so much more the FWA can give. Revival was just a beginning... it's something we're going to take and run with. Now is the time for everyone to be a part of something special. Cyrus Truth deserves his place as the FWA champion after his performance... and Phillip A. Jackson, no matter my personal opinion, put up an exceptional performance. But now... we have to look ahead. I'm hellbent on pushing everyone to their limit. Based on what I've seen at Revival... and earlier... As I already said earlier tonight, I think that at the upcoming Quest for the Best finals, Cyrus Truth should defend his belt against Shannon O'Neal!

    The crowd react with cheers in response but again, Rondo lifts his hand.

    Ryan Rondo: and Bell Connelly!

    Rondo lets the crowd react to the news for a moment before lifting the mic once more.

    Ryan Rondo: I was happy to announce this match earlier tonight and I really think that Cyrus Truth will relish the challenge. Shannon and Bell seem to think they're destined for great things. Prove it.

    The GM feigns leaving the ring before quickly turning around...

    Ryan Rondo: Oh, that's right. That's what I said, that's what this is all about. "Quest for the Best!" I've long said that I'm all for giving chances for people to step up and prove they belong and that's why the Quest for the Best tournament will be returning. Eight FWA superstars will get to compete for the right to a FWA World Championship match! The time and place? I'll keep that to myself for now.

    Rod Sterling: Whoah! an FWA Championship opportunity up for the taking?

    Devin Golden: This is legit, y'all. Big opportunity here.

    Ryan Rondo: So, how about this then? We'll have the returning "Goddess, Gabrielle, take on someone who has been crying out for the big stage... Kevin Cromwell! Not only that, but I think it's time that others get the chance to go through hell to prove themselves... and that's why Tristan James Galloway will get to face off with Izzy Van Doren... and Jason Randall gets to try and take out Dave Sullivan. How about that? A quest for the best tournament featuring a clash of many different styles... and full of people eager to stamp their mark on the new era of FWA! Of course, I forgot the last match... Well, I believe you've already seen one entrant introduce himself earlier tonight... so how about I make it official? Facing off next Fight Night is also a first round match in the Quest for the Best and it features rising star Tommy Thunder taking on the FWA's latest signing... Dominick Armistead!

    As Rondo finishes speaking, he briefly applauds and turns to the stage as "Peace Sells" hits the PA system...

    Out walks the FWA's newest signing, Dominick Armistead, mic in hand and a smug smirk on his face. He stops at the ramp and nods his head

    Dominick Armistead: Ryan Rondo, what's up? You know, earlier as I was coming into the arena, you and I saw each other. Made a little bit of eye contact. We were on opposite escalators, you were going down and I was going up. How symbolic, I thought. You, a relic of the past, on your way down in this business. Me, the FUTURE OF THIS BUSINESS and the savior of the FWA, on the way up. At first I couldn't help but think about how unfortunate that was for you, what with you now being in the twilight of your career. But then, I thought about it a little bit and I began to envy you because now that you are on the other side of that velvet curtain, you find yourself in a timeline where you'll have never had to face Dominick Armistead and that's a relief every one of your employees will never know. Yeah, go ahead and throw me into this thing, give me Tommy Thunder, give me Gabrielle, give me Izzy Van Doren, Cyrus Truth, Chris Kennedy or even YOU, Rondo. I'll beat everyone who comes across my path and when I'm FWA Champion, just a few short weeks into my FWA career, you and everyone else will know that I am truly the SAVIOR of the FWA!

    Dominick Armistead drops his mic and walks off, his theme music playing behind him. Rondo offers a condescending round of applause, and smiles amusingly.

    "The Destruction" Viktor Maximus w/ Phillip A. Jackson vs "Lord Dog" Jarvis Lorde w/ XYZ

    Lord Dog's music blares over the PA system and out walks The Artist Formerly Known as Lord Dog, Jarvis Lorde. At his back is his friend and tag team partner XYZ. The crowd pops wildly for the Warriors Of Virtue, who both nod approvingly at their fans as they make their way down the ramp.

    Rod Sterling: Here come The Warriors Of Virtue, the Number One contenders to the Tag Team Championships. "The Lord Dog" Jarvis Lorde and XYZ are strong fan favorites around the FWA and as of late, they've had their sights set on tag team gold, and they seem determined to capture it.

    Devin Golden: That's right, Rod. It was at FWA Revival where The Warriors Of Virtue defeated The New Breed to earn the #1 contender status and tonight is somewhat of a preview, as we'll see Lord Dog taking on Viktor Maximus.

    Michael Garcia: The smallest guy in the FWA against perhaps the biggest guy in the HISTORY of the FWA. Lord Dog is going to learn first hand that David and Goliath was just a myth.

    Suddenly, Viktor Maximus appears from behind Lord Dog and XYZ on the ramp. He grabs XYZ from behind and throws him off the ramp. XYZ screams out in agony as his ribs land on the steel barricade at ringside. Lord Dog turns around and comes face to face with Viktor Maximus. They trade lefts and they trade rights but Lord Dog is clearly no match for Maximus who winds a hard fist back and cold-cocks Lord Dog, laying him out right on the steel ramp.

    Phillip A.Jackson walks out, both tag team championships hanging from each of his shoulders. Viktor looks back at Jackson and Jackson nods and gives Viktor a thumbs up. Viktor picks Lord Dog up, OVER HIS HEAD, and walks over to the edge of the stage, where we see electrical equipment on a table.

    Devin Golden: Holy...

    Michael Garcia: Oh wow...
    Rod Sterling: NO VIKTOR! DON'T DO IT! DON'T DO IT! You'll end his career, maybe his life!

    And like that, Viktor Maximus throws Lord Dog into the the table, 20 feet away, and Lord Dog crashes through it. Phillip A. Jackson motions for Viktor to come on back, and their music plays as they exit through the curtain.


    "The Polynesian Powerhouse" Tristan James Galloway vs "Kevin "Amadeus" Cromwell

    TJG takes the downed Cromwell and starts pummeling him with hard right hands before starting to stomp on him to keep him down. After the boots are lain into several times, TGJ actually backs away and extends his arms, looking for Cromwell to get to his feet. As Cromwell does indeed stand up, he’s immediately caught from behind by some kind of full Nelson But before he can lock it in properly, Cromwell forces his momentum forward, causing TJG to roll over his shoulder and across the ring.Cromwell tries to get back to his feet and recover a little bit, but as he tries to knock those cobwebs out, TGJ comes charging at him with hopes of a clothesline, but Cromwell quickly grapples the arm and turns it…into the cross armbreaker! But Cromwell doesn’t have it locked in completely either, allowing TGJ to squiggle away.Both men now appear somewhat stalemated, but after a moment of a breather, TJG steps centre ring and offers the smaller, weaker Cromwell a strength test. Cromwell stares at him for a second, wondering whether to accept the bait, but does anyway, locking fingers with one arm before doing it yet again with the other arm. TJG, predictably, starts overwhelming Cromwell before using his strength to hoist him into a Powerslam , showing off his strength before flipping Cromwell all the way over, Cromwell selling very much. TJG takes the spine-gripping Cromwell by the skull and bashes it into a corner before whipping him hard into the opposite corner and meeting him with a strongman stinger splash on the other side, forcing Cromwell to collapse on the canvas. TJG covers – 1…2…NO! Cromwell won’t go down.

    TJG pulls Cromwell to his feet but Cromwell shows resiliency by nailing several kicks to TJG’ midsection, getting him room to run into the ropes. On the rebound, Cromwell dodges a boot attempt and rebounds again, looking for something, but TJG catches him in a nasty sitout spinebuster!!! Another cover from TGJ – 1…2…3-NO!! TGJ’ frustration is only added to at this point, taking his opponent and bringing him into a bearhug, squeezing the life out of Cromwell. But Cromwell starts delivering repeat elbow shots to TJG’ skull, breaking the hold.Cromwell attempts to gain a head of steam, but TGJ lets loose with a Polish hammer, but Cromwell ducks under it and rebounds, shooting back with a dropkick-style knee to the face of TJG!!!

    Cromwell gets to his feet, his back still ailing from its punishment earlier, and starts to size TJG up. As TJG gets back to a vertical base, Cromwell swings with the roundhouse, but TJG ducks and winds up behind him, tries to execute a backdrop, but Cromwell backflips out of it, gripping TJG around the waist and nails a flawless German suplex on the big man!... Float over….Amadeus Requiem! TGJ has no choice but to tap

    WINNER: Kevin Cromwell

    "The Great I AM" Aaron Kendrick vs "The So-Called Saviour of the FWA" Dominick Armistead

    Aaron Kendrick is already in the ring after Fight Night returns from a brief word from our sponsors…

    Lucy Pinder: Introducing first, already in the ring, from Star City, AR...Aaron Kendrick!

    Rod Sterling: Kendrick looking for a much needed win here tonight

    Michael Garcia: I had no idea that this guy still worked here

    Devin Golden: Funny, I thought the same thing about you Maggle

    “Peace Sells” by Megadeath plays and newcomer Dominick Armistead steps out and the crowd a bit unsure of how to react, but after hearing what he had to say before the match there are those that boo this man.

    Lucy Pinder: and his opponent, from Rosseau, MN by way of Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN. He weighs in at two-hundred & thirty-four pounds, he is “The So Called Saviour of the FWA”...Dominick Armistead!

    Rod Sterling: Dominick Armistead, a young man that feels like he should have been signed by the FWA sooner, is looking for something to prove as he takes on Aaron Kendrick tonight

    Michael Garcia: I guess you could say he’s got a chip on his shoulder and honestly I don’t blame the guy, being overlooked by the FWA for guys like Aaron Kendrick

    Devin Golden: It sounds like you two would get along well Maggle, so when’s the date?


    The bell rings and before Kendrick can even react, he’s blindsided by Armistead in the corner who is delivering a flurry of strikes to Kendrick before the referee can break it up. Kendrick is given some reprieve; Armistead however has no intentions of letting Kendrick take a breather and continues his assault with more corner strikes. Armistead drags Kendrick out from the corner and hits a sharp looking snap suplex! Kendrick holds his lower back in agony from the impact of the mat

    Michael Garcia: Armistead showing no mercy towards Kendrick! That’s what you’ve got to do in order to make it in this business

    Rod Sterling: I don’t necessarily agree with that Mike but it didn’t ever steer you wrong in the past

    Armistead grabs Kendrick by his hair and sets him in position; then plants him with a reverse DDT! Armistead is lying in wait now while Kendrick struggles back to a vertical base; then Armistead strikes with a Clock Shot! Kendrick is out flat on the mat but it seems like Armistead isn’t through yet and locks in the Herculean Killer! He has the crossface submission applied and Kendrick has no choice but to tap out!

    Lucy Pinder: Your winner of the match, Dominick Armistead!

    Rod Sterling: Impressive debut for Dominick Armistead tonight

    Michael Garcia: Kendrick had a zero percent chance of winning

    Devin Golden: Just like you have a zero percent chance of ever wrestling again

    Michael Garcia: You’re lucky for that Golden or else I’d put your sorry ass to sleep

    Devin Golden: Yeah well your commentary already puts me and everyone else to sleep

    Rod Sterling: Why don’t we take a brief timeout with another word from our sponsors?

    WINNER: Dominick Armistead

    The InterStellar Shaman” Starr vs “The Division One Superstar” Tommy Thunder

    The match starts with Thunder kicking Starr in the gut, striking him in the head and then slamming his head repeatedly off the top turnbuckle, and then viciously striking him with blow after blow until Starr falls to the mat where Thunder keeps viciously stomping him. Starr extends his foot under the ropes which causes the referee to call for a break. Thunder pulls Starr up by his hair, drags him to the center of the ring where he whips him into the ropes and looks for a clothesline, which the champion counters into a backslide for a 2 count! Starr quickly transitions into a La Mahistrol cradle pin for another 2 count! Both men get to their feet, with Starr whipping The D1 superstar into the ropes and looking for a spinning wheel kick but Thunder holds on to the ropes and drops down and out of the ring.

    Michael Garcia: Tommy's bringin' the Thunder tonight, ya'll!

    Devin Golden: Ladies and gentlemen, the comedic stylings of Maggle Garcia are on full display tonight.

    Rod Sterling: As corny as that may have sounded, Garcia may have a point, here. I don't think Starr was ready for a fully game Tommy Thunder tonight. Tommy's is out here with something to prove!

    Thunder regroups outside the ring as the fans begin to chant for “STARR! STARR! STARR!” Thunder screams out that he’s the real talent around here as he begins to verbally berate a fan at ringside. Tommy slams his hands on the steel steps as he turns around and slowly slides into the ring. Starr moves in, but Thunder slides back out of the ring and quickly grabs Starr’s foot, yanking him out of the ring. The D1 Superstar grabs The Shaman by his arm and tosses him into the steel steps before sliding him back into the ring. Thunder applies a seated Full Nelson, wrapping his legs around the sternum of the champion! Starr tries to fight out of it, but Thunder leans forward, applying more pressure. Starr stretches forward, looking for the ropes but they are too far away! Starr eventually presses his hands to the mat and pushes himself up, giving himself a chance to fight out of the hold! The champ begins to wriggle and fight ands starts throwing elbows to the skull of Thunder! Starr runs the ropes, and Thunder looks for a knee to the gut but Starr rolls through into a pin for another 2 count! Both men up and Thunder delivers a dropkick that takes Starr down! Baseball slide to the outside gets Starr out of the ring!

    Thunder claps his hands together, proud of his handiwork so far as Starr lays on the outside! Thunder yells at Starr to get up and when Starr is able to roll into the ring, Thunder pounces! Tommy mounts him and starts drilling him with hard right hands! Thunder drags Starr to the center of the ring, before picking him up for a vertical suplex, which Starr counters into a crossbody into a pin! Another strong two count for the stunned Thunder! Starr gets back into the fight with a kick and a chop, but Thunder kicks him in the kneecap and whips him into the ropes, but this time, Starr connects with a Spinning Wheel kick on the rebound! Leaping knee to the jaw by Starr! Thunder stumbles back into the corner where Starr hits a running back elbow tha sends Thunder to a seated position in the corner! Running dropkick to the seated Thunder! Pin by Starr gets 2! Springboard Tornado DDT by Starr! Another pin and another two count by Starr! Both men to their feet, with Starr hooking up Thunder for a suplex but Thunder blocks it and delivers a Double Underhook Backbreaker to Starr! Thunder with the cover this time, and this time Thunder gets a long 2 count!

    Thunder looks down with disdain at Starr as he punt kicks him in the ribs before picking him up and delivering a backbreaker over his knee. Thuner holds Starr there and presses the palm of his hand over the jaw of the champ, pressing down! Thunder yells at the referee to “ASK HIM!” as the crowd begins to buzz in support of the champion. Starr manages to get a leg up and kicks Thunder in the skull, once, twice, three times! Both men staggered around the ring with Thunder heading to the corner. Starr charged in, but ate a back elbow for his trouble. Thunder climbed up to the top rope and went for a Double Axe Handle but Starr leapt up to the middle rope and then leapt up again with a Top Rope Hurricanrana! Starr rolls in to the cover!



    Thunder kicked out!. Thunder rolled out of the ring, looking to escape the aerial attack!

    Devin Golden: The InterStellar Shaman nearly left orbit!

    Michael Garcia: Tommy Thunder is seeing stars!

    Rod Sterling: The cliche's are running wild tonight, and so is STARR! Look out!

    Thunder dropped next to the apron and slowly got to his feet as Starr was reading himself for a suicide dive to the outside, but when Starr went in between the ropes, Thunder swung a steel chair straight as his head, hitting Starr at a nasty angle! Starr dropped on the outside as Thunder began to seethe with a psychotic look in his eyes! The referee had no choice but to call for the bell!

    WINNER: 'The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder!


    Mac Michaud looks like he’s been through a bomb explosion, blood plastered all over his dome we can see the ref call for EMTs, Randall having to sit on the steps for support more than a little calm. He makes eye contact with Penny once more who looks like she’s having the time of her life “Has he had enough?” Penny considers it for a moment looking over to Fred in her arms for advice “...Not quite yet”

    Michael Garcia: OH COME ON!

    Devin Golden: You reap what you sow, bitch. Mac has had this coming for a long time.

    Randall smiles like the sick nut he is and takes the ladder and setting it up in front of the corner. Randall approaches the limp body of Mac and pulls him towards the centre ring. Randall isn’t waiting on EMTs, opting instead to CLIMB THE LADDER. The crowd is going nuts at what they’re potentially about to see, the ref begging him to come down and not do this, holding the ladder itself (conveniently, he’s also holding it steady…). Randall doesn’t care, reaching the top and standing as straight as he can without losing his balance, he stares down at Mac. and shouts down at him.


    He leaps off… ELBOW DROP FROM THE LADDER! Randall meets Mac’s body with a THUNDEROUS impact, momentarily throwing himself off of Mac’s body. The bloody and ravaged Randall looks at Penny once more who gives him a big thumbs up, and he crawls over with the little power he has left, wrapping his legs around Mac’s with a double leg hook for the very first pinfall attempt in this entire match –


    Winner: Jason Randall

    "The Malevolent" Mac Michaud and "The Perfect 10" Sterling Jagger vs The Mad Kingdom ("The Wildcard" Jason Randall and "The Eccentric Dreamer" Penny

    This is a pretty quick match that is over before you know it. Mac and Jagger are already in the ring when we return from break. Jason Randall's music hits and The Mad Kingdom come out to a pretty big pop. Jason Randall is looking like a million bucks following his match with Mac Michaud at Revival.

    The bell rings and our match is underway. Penny and Jagger start things out. Jagger controls the match early on until Mac Michaud hot tags himself in. He rushes towards Penny with a clotheline but she ducks, tags in Randall and then before we know it The Wild Card is in the ring with Mac Michaud and the two are trading lefts and rights in an explosive exchange.

    Mac Michaud irish whips Jason Randall into the ropes and hits him with a clotheline on the way back. Mac Michaud begins stomping away at Randall, until Randall catches his foot and pushes him back. Randall springs to his feet. Mac goes for a big boot put Jason Randall sidesteps him and hits the finisher OUTTA NOWHERE, dropping to cover Mac for the quick pin. 1....2....3

    WINNERS: Jason Randall and Penny

    “Is it 2018 again? After the nightmare of the last few months, I suppose it’s possible”

    Mike faces Protégé and Prototype – addressing them whilst also conscious that there is a camera in the room. Why wouldn’t he be conscious of the camera crew? After all, he was the one who invited them. Parr is much less erratic than the last time we spoke with him, the enforced breaks seems to have allowed him to take stock and regain some of the composure he used to be renowned for. The short, staccato sentences and the lack of ability and awareness to maintain a steady tone have been replaced by a consistent and measured volume admittedly lacking the reassuring and self-confident qualities that it once had.

    “We know it hasn’t gone as expected Mike….I think we didn’t expect it to be this difficult. The kid…we know he is a work in progress and that he was going to make mistakes…but I don’t think we ever foresaw the fact that you would be stepping away from the ring and that I would hit a dip at the same time. It’s been the perfect storm, the perfect combination of elements that mean that we just haven’t done what we are capable of.”

    The camera pans around to Protégé, whose face is the picture of someone who doesn’t like being referred to as the kid or being referenced as someone who makes mistakes. The camera knew what the money shot was in this situation. Sean goes to open his mouth, but pauses, reflecting on whether he can say anything that will improve his current situation. His decision is soon taken out of his hand as Parr cuts him off.

    Stepped away? The problem that we are having is not that I decided to step away but that there wasn’t sufficient ability for either of you two to step up. I thought there was. I knew there was potential. But to say that I’ve been disappointed is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I’ve forged a reputation here….sure…some people still need work but I am the longest reigning singles champion this company has had for a number of years and people have already forgotten it? I’ll take part of the blame but to be so criminally underappreciated is just that…’s criminal. And you?? I thought better of you, blaming your failings on me stepping away. I wasn’t in the ring last week……..I wasn’t beaten by PAJ and Maximus prior to that. That’s on you. And maybe……just maybe…….it’s about time you realized that. Because I am not going to risk any further damage to my reputation and my legacy by standing by and watching you show the world your inadequacies. Maybe it’s about time you let the world know what I saw in you and what you are actually all about.”

    With that, Mike turns and leaves camera shot, the abrupt slam of a door telling you that he has left the room out of sight. Prototype is a bit stunned by the outburst, but the dawning realization that a lot of what Prodigy said being true hurts more than the fact that he actually came out and said it. Protégé is still hung up on the earlier comment, and with Parr out of the way temporarily, isn’t going to sit back and take it anymore.

    “Do I have as much experience as everyone else? No. That’s plain to see and it’s easily identifiable. I speak without thinking things through, I make a move without considering the all the potential pitfalls and the fact that I can stare down this camera lens and tell you that should scare you. It should particularly scare the Risky and his crew because knowing what I am doing wrong means I know exactly where and what to improve. And when I improve, I’m going to walk through not just this tag division but I’m going to blast through this entire company. Make sure that is recorded because one day you are going to play that back and think about how even at a young age, how right I was from the beginning…..”

    Protégé backs off, leaving the camera shot largely filled by Prototype.

    “Do you know why we even came here in the first place? We came here to put Risky Douglas and Jack Adams back in their place. Who are they? What have they actually achieved? And they tried to make a name off of Mike. They attacked him and beat him down at every juncture – they cheated him out of wins and devalued his victories. So this…..the fact that we are here, is at its very core down to them. We beat the hell of Jack Adams and told them should they ever come back from where we beat them down to that we would end them permanently. New company. New start. That’s all I’m hearing when I walk around backstage or have a look on social media. But what really has changed? This company still has the same people in the same positions, the same overhyped pets of management getting preferential treatment and the same average workers having their egos inflated by being surrounded by less than average workers. We still have people blowing smoke up the ass of anyone who used to be here in the ‘good old days’. Well……..there is a reason why those days have passed and the reason is because there are guys like Sean Hughes ready to replace them. There are guys like Mike Parr that should have already replaced them. But I get it. I know what you are all thinking. You want proof? Well. Fight Night. See what happens to the Wildcards. See what happens as I crush Jack Adams again. See what happens when the Protégé shows exactly why he has the pedigree to be the future of this business and see what happens when Mike steps up from the side of the ring to the side of the apron. On Fight Night, there is nothing unexpected coming from the wildcards but you will all bear witness to the new breed of professional wrestler……….and the old breed had better make way.”

    Instead of indicating to the crew that their services are no longer required, Prototype slaps the camera at the side of the lends, sending it flying to the ground and the scene as a consequence suddenly cuts to black.

    Six Man Tag Team Match
    The New Breed (Mike Parr/Sean Hughes/The Prototype) vs The Wildcards (Risky Douglas, Jack Adams, Mark Merriweather)

    “Cold Skull” plays and out comes The Wildcards and Mark Merriweather to a nice reception from the fans. Adams looks stern and focused while his partners seem a bit more laid back yet focused as well.

    Lucy Pinder: Making their way to the ring the team of The Wildcards Jack Adams & Risky Douglas, and Mark Merriweather!

    Rod Sterling: Risky coming off a big loss at Revival in a match with Dave Sullivan, and he along with his comrades are looking to make a bounce back in the win column

    “Sick” by Adelita’s Way now plays and boos rain down on The New Breed led by Mike Parr. The trio make their way out, Parr going over a game plan with Prototype and Hughes as they walk to the ring.

    Lucy Pinder: and their opponents the team of “The Prodigy” Mike Parr, “The Protege” Sean Hughes, and The Prototype...The New Breed!

    Rod Sterling: Prototype and Hughes also coming off a loss at Revival at the hands of The Warriors of Virtue; look to bounce back as well with their mentor Mike Parr at their side

    Michael Garcia: I’m sure Parr didn’t enjoy watching them lose to those geeks at Revival; no doubt Parr has a plan up his sleeve

    Devin Golden: How could he have a plan up his sleeve if he’s not wearing a t-shirt?

    Michael Garcia: It’s a figure of speech, dingus!

    Devin Golden: Relax Maggle, you’ll live longer!


    Prototype starting off with Merriweather and the two size each other up; Merriweather looking for an opening on the much larger Prototype. Merriweather holds his hand up and motions for Prototype to do the same so Prototype obliges him, and Merriweather acts as if he’s going for a test of strength but instead looks to take the big man down with an arm drag; Prototype however is able to block it and takes Merriweather down with a shoulder block! Merriweather looks up at Prototype in a bit of shock before he makes the tag to Jack Adams! Adams comes in off the tag and right away squares off with Prototype and the two lock up. Adams manages to get Prototype in a side headlock; Prototype sends him off towards the ropes but Adams comes back with a running shoulder tackle that nearly takes the big man off his feet leaving him stunned allowing Jack to hit him with a suplex! The ring rattles off the impact from Prototype’s back slamming the canvas and Jack makes the tag to Risky now; Risky comes in off the tag and catches Prototype with a dropkick that sends him stumbling back towards his corner and a blind tag is made by Sean Hughes.

    Hughes and Risky now square off and they lock up with Hughes taking the upper hand and transitions himself in position to connect with a hammerlock DDT on Risky! He goes for a pin but Risky gets the shoulder up before one and Hughes makes the tag back to Prototype, who comes in and stomps away at Risky on the mat much to the dismay of the fans while Merriweather and Adams want in and begin to rally the fans behind Risky. Prototype laughs off the fans reaction and lifts up Risky and hits a dragon suplex! Another pin attempt…

    One...two...OH NO! RISKY KICKS OUT! He’s beginning to feel it now; he’s showing signs of life and as Prototype is bringing him back up, Risky elbows him in the midsection and strikes him with a hard right! Risky has Prototype stunned and plants him face first to the mat with a DDT! Both men lay on the mat and crawl to their respective corners and make the tag! Merriweather is in for his team and Hughes is in for his, and the two begin duking it out with Merriweather gaining the upper hand! He has Hughes stunned and runs off the ropes and comes back with a running single leg high knee! He follows that up with a backhand chop that stuns Hughes and Merriweather looks to end it as has Hughes in position for the Final Cut but Hughes finds a way out of it and looks to counter with an irish whip but Merriweather reverses it and sends Hughes to his corner! It’s there that Parr makes the tag but Merriweather isn’t aware of that yet and as Merriweather charges in he’s struck by a superkick from Prototype out of nowhere! Adams comes in but he eats a superkick for his troubles as well! Risky then comes in but pays for it with a superkick from Hughes! Parr enters the match finally and takes a groggy Mark Merriweather and lays him out with rolling cutter followed by X Marks the Spot! He makes the pin…


    Lucy Pinder: Your winners of the match, Mike Parr & The New Breed!

    WINNERS: The New Breed

    Non –Title Match
    FWA World Heavyweight Champion vs FWA X Division Champion

    “The Exile” Cyrus Truth vs “The King of the X Division” Dave Sullivan

    The two men engage in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie up with both men exchanging control. The two continue to struggle over control until they tumble through the ropes to the outside, breaking up the hold. The two men stare each other down at ringside, with Cyrus showing a little surprise at the challenge in front of him. The two men both roll back into the ring with Sullivan walking up and getting right into Cyrus’s face and bumping into his chest. Cyrus doesn’t back down as he presses his face right into the eyes and forward of the X Champion. The referee gets in between the two and backs them up before they begin to circle the ring once more. The two engage in another collar and elbow tie up, this time with Cyrus quickly transition into a side takedown and then floating over into a front chancery. Sullivan counters but Cyrus floats over again into a rear waist lock but a quick thinking Sullivan rolls to his back, trying to get Cyrus into a pinning predicament but Cyrus powers back to the original position. Sullivan again fights out and tries to lock in the Kimura Lock right away but Cyrus scurries to the ropes, getting his hand on the bottom rope! The referee calls for the break which the X Champ obliges at the count of 4.

    Sullivan backs off as Cyrus gets to his feet. Sullivan mouths something that the cameras couldn’t quite catch due to his mouthguard, and Cyrus responds with raised eyebrows and a “You ain’t at my level, boy…” The two men circle the ring again, this time with Cyrus going low with a Double Leg Takedown and grappling his way back into a rear waist lock that Sullivan again keeps trying to counter out of by rolling through but Cyrus holds on and transitions into an attempt for the Long Road to Nowhere submission but this time it’s Sullivan who quickly outstretches his hands to the bottom rope! Sullivan hangs on to the rope as he gets to his feet, making sure the referee forces the World Champ to keep his distance as he’s still in the ropes. Cyrus smiles confidently at the King as Sullivan looks a bit frustrated. Again, they circle the ring before engaging in a collar and elbow tie up with Sullivan quickly wrenching the arm behind the neck of the Wayward Warrior. He pushes Cyrus back before Cyrus counters to a hammerlock that Sullivan tries to snapmare his way out of, but Cyrus hangs on which puts Sullivan in a worse position on the mat! Sullivan pushes himself up to his feet, before rolling his way out of the hammerlock, wrenching Cyrus’ arm, who counters with an arm wrench of his own and into a side headlock. The King pushes Th Truth back into the ropes and pushes him off with Cyrus coming back with a hard shoulder block. Cyrus runs the ropes, as Dave rolls to his stomach, Cyrus runs over Dave on the rebound before Sullivan pushes himself up,catches Cyrus on the rebound, hooking his arm for the Kimura! But Cyrus counters of it, hoists SDave on his shoulders for the Journey’s End but Sullivan slides out into a rollup!



    Cyrus pushes out and quickly stacks himself onto Sullivan!



    Sullivan counters back into a pin of his own!



    Both men change pin attempts two more times before Cyrus ends up bridging himself over Sullivan and the King powers up into the classic backslide power struggle! Neither man gets the advantage, but Cyrus unhooks himself and quickly turns for a clothesline but Sullivan ducks, grabs Cyrus’ arm and takes Cyrus down with the Kimura! But again, Cyrus was too close to the ropes and the referee had to force the break. Cyrus rolled to the outside of the ring, as Sullivan stared him down and held his index finger and thumb a quarter of an inch apart…saying “That close, Champ!....That close.” Cyrus regroups as he seems a bit taken aback by the skill level of the man in front of him. He cautiously steps in between the ropes before again going across the ring from each other and circling. Another collar and elbow tie up, this time with Cyrus going right into a front headlock but Sullivan counters out into a crossface attempt but Cyrus frantically blocks it and Sullivan tosses Cyrus through the ropes to the outside! The King follows him to the outside and delivers a few shots to the back of the head and then sends the Exile into the barricade, and then dropping him chest first over the barricade before rolling him back into the ring.and delivering a few well placed kicks to the ribs. Dave grabs Cyrus by the hair, before picking him up and slamming him down over his knee with a gutbuster that he followed up with a pin for a strong two count. Sullivan wraps his legs around the sternum of the Wayward Warrior and wraps his strong grip around his ribs, pressing in, causing extreme pain and squeezing away at th Truth. Cyrus tries to break the grip of the X Champion, both his hands and his legs but it’s to no avail, until he does manage to separate his leg grip! Cyrus shifts his body weight to grab the exposed ankle of the King and tries to wrech away at it, which causes Dave to break the hold!

    Both men up to their feet with Cyrus kicking him in the gut, whipping Sullivan into the ropes, who counters and on the rebound, Sullivan delivers a knee to the ribs, sending the champ down to the mat! Dave yanks Cyrus up by his hair, drags him over to the turnbuckle and slams his head into the turnbuckle before delivering a few right hands into his sternum and then driving his shoulder deep into the chest of the Exile several times before whipping him hard into the opposite turnbuckle and following him in with a missile of a shoulder thrust but Cyrus moved and The King went shoulder first into the turnbuckle at full speed! Sullivan fell to the mat, as Cyrus kept one hand on his ribs and the other on the ropes, taking a few moments to recover. Both men up, with Cyrus kicking Dave in the kneecap and then driving him shoulder first into the other ringpost! Cyrus hoists Sullivan up with a High Angle Back Suplex into a pin that gets two. Cyrus pulls Sullivan up and then yanks him into a Short Arm Clothesline. He pulls Sullivan up to his feet and delivers several knees to the ribs before looking for another short arm clothesline that Sullivan counters by ducking underneath and into a rear waist lock. Sullivan counters out, but finds himself in position for an overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! Both men lay on the mat…this match taking a huge toll on them!

    The referee reaches a count of eight before both men reach their feet. Dave goes for a clothesline that Cyrus ducks and goes into a German Suplex! He rolls over and goes for a second German! He rolls through and goes for a third, but Sullivan with a standing switch and he delivers a German of his own! This time, Sullivan rolls through and delivers a second German Suplex! The King rolls through and looks for a third but Cyrus fights out and delivers a third German! Cyrus rolls through and goes for a fourth, but Sullivan counters out and delivers a third of his own! Sullivan rolls through and looks for a fourthand connects! Sullivan again rolls through and delivers a fifth with a release! Sullivan stalks his prey and awaits for Cyrus to get to his feet and when he does, he strikes with an RKO, but Cyrus shoves him off and connects with the Broken Path! Cyrus screams out to the crowd, and says that it’s over, before lifting Sullivan up for the Exile's Edge! Sullivan, however, slides off his shoulders, and when The Exile turns around….Sullivan strikes with a Roundhouse kick and then a SuperKick that connects! Sullivan turns around as Cyrus is close to the ropes and rolling out of the ring! Sullivan dives and frantically tries to keep him in the ring, but just misses! Sullivan slams his fist into the mat several times, before rolling out of the ring, grabbing Cyrus by the hair, and rolling him into the ring! Sullivan reaches down for the cover, and when he does, Cyrus reaches up and grabs him in the Long Road to Nowhere! Sullivan quickly counters into the Kimura, but Cyrus blocks it!Both men to their feet and Cyrus kicks The King in the gut, and delivers a Double Underhook DDT! Cyrus lets out a primal roar as he picks up his fallen prey, and lifts him up for the Journey's End! Cyrus has him on his shoulders when....

    *It's a Bittersweet...Symphony, this liiiiiife*

    "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy's theme song plays but Chris Kennedy doesn't come out. Instead, wearing Chris Kennedy's white leather jacket, with the words"BeautyXBeast" bedazzled in diamonds instead of "Astonishing", is Bell Connelly. She mimics all of Chris Kennedy's mannerisms and quirks on her way down the ramp, drawing a confused eyebrow from Cyrus. After smiling and winking at Cyrus, Bell is making a bee line down to the ring! Cyrus stops as Bell circles the ring. Suddenly, Sullivan takes advantage of the distraction slides off of Cyrus' shoulders and looks for an RKO but Cyrus shoves him off! The King turns around and walks right into a neckbreaker attempt THAT SULLIVAN SPINS THROUGH INTO AN RKO!!!

    Sullivan drops down into the cover! 1-2-3!!!

    WINNER: "The King of the X Division" Dave Sullivan
    Michael Garcia: WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

    Rod Sterling: What an upset! The King of the X Division has just sent a HUGE message to the QFTB field! He beat the World Heavyweight Champion!

    Devin Golden: This is a huge victory for Sullivan, I agree, but let's not act like he didn't have an assist from the FWA's Bell Connelly!

    Michael Garcia: Whoa, whoa, hold on a second there, Silver. That was no assist. You can't claim a distraction when he had the awareness to dodge the first RKO! That was skill!

    Devin Golden: This may be a foreign concept for you because you've never claimed a clean win in your life, Maggle, but the mere presence of those two at ringside is enough to get inside anyone's head! he had to have one eye on Connelly, one on Sullivan and a third on Kennedy, should he show up!

    Michael Garcia: As a champion, you got to have eyes in the back of your head....

    Devin Golden: Yeah because you'd know all about being a champion, right?

    "BEAUTYxBEAST" Bell Connelly and Shannon O'Neal vs "The Caramel Goddess" Gabrielle Montgomery and "Chicago's Favorite Gal" Izzy Van Doren

    Back from the break, the arena breaks out in a wild pop when “ Envy by KHZ” breaks out across the area and only grows when Gabrielle comes through the curtain one more time, making her way down the ramp with a great deal of focus, but basking in the limelight

    Not too long after Gabby gets partway down the ramp, “Bad Reputation” roars to a mixed reaction, and IVD comes through the curtain looking damn pissed off. Her leather jacket is as black as her intentions and hair still slick with gel but now rolling into the ring and taking off her jacket.As she and Gabby share a somewhat intense staredown before the next sound goes over the system…

    …in that being “Feels Like The First Time” and the booming round of cheers that comes with it. Shannon O’Neal pokes through the blood-red curtain now, as she thunders down the ramps just smirking at the reactions before getting in the ring.

    Shannon doesn’t really wait for “I ain’t weak” to sound, jumping in the ring anyway, but she's equally peeved Bell Connelly flaunts her stuff down the ramp. Twirling in place and skipping down the ramp the false innocence radiating off of her. She steps into the ring with a small smirk on her face.

    It’s fair to say; that the overarching feeling in this match is weird and tense considering that each team spent revival trying to murder each other, so it’s understandable that not everyone is on their game with one eye focused on their opponent and the other looking out for the knife in their back. So tensions were high to say the very least….Well from three out of the four at least; Bell surprisingly enough -Or unsurprising considering this is Bell Connelly we’re talking about- Isn’t the least bit aggressive or even hostile to Shannon. Quite the country. Bell has supportive of her longtime foe, Constantly calling out for hugs and high fives, and screaming out motivational phrases in an over the top manner all the while avoiding getting physical with Gabby at all costs, constantly tagging out whenever Gabby was in the ring,

    Regardless all four of these big names have shown their worth when we cut into the action around the seven-minute mark where Izzy drives Shannon spine-first into an empty corner, furthering her assault by driving her shoulders repeatedly into Shannon's gut. Izzy steps back and looks like she wants to sock Shannon with a corner clothesline, but Shannon spins out of the corner and traps Izzy instead, now hitting Izzy with a classic CHOP Izzy curls up a bit, but Shannon forces her open and delivers another CHOP Izzy steps out of the corner in pain, right into one last CHOP that floors Izzy

    But almost the second Izzy hits the canvas, the ring presence master that she is forces a leg behind Shannon and takes Shannon’s s own legs from underneath her, causing her to fall now. The surprised Shannon clutches the back of her head for a moment, but then springs onto Izzy’s body and starts punching her with precision! She’s getting an admonishment from the ref, but she doesn’t seem to care, only coming off when Izzy forces her to roll off and gets up, catching the aggressive Izzy with a NASTY CHASING CLOTHESLINE!!

    Shannon pulls Izzy into a seated position by her hair, socking her with her forearm and elbow and trying to wear her down, but when she gets up and takes too many steps back, Shannon blind tags herself in. Shannon turns around to stare sharply at Gabby as she climbs in, the caramel goddess telling Izzy to get out. Izzy doesn’t stop staring at Gabby until she has to step back out, Bell takes her time walking a slow circle around Izzy and delivering some hard fists of his own to her. When Izzy lays out, Bell demeans her by kicking her in the face, taunting her with ‘Awwwwww, did you fall down, no no don’t get up”’ before reaching down to trap Izzy in a modified sleeper. Bell doesn’t even let her lock it in before getting to her feet, quickly turning around and catching Bell with the INVERTED ATOMIC DROP!! Before Izzy bounces off the ropes behind her, only for the ever quick Connelly to follow her and knee her square in the gut, doubling her over, and forcing Izzy’s face into the canvas with the ONE-HANDED BULLDOG!! Bell now has a turn for a cover – 1…2…NO!! Izzy still has life!

    Bell disrespectfully kicks Izzy in the spine for good measure before taking Izzy in her grasp and successfully applying a chinlock, doing his best to wear her down, but Izzy gets back to her feet, only for Bell to knee her in the kidney before whipping her into the ropes…WITH A STIFF ROUNDHOUSE Izzy starts getting all recharged from her big counter, but as she blindly roams around the ring to pump herself up, Gabby SLAPS her on the back to blind tag herself in! Sticking it right to Izzy there, Gabby stalks Bell as she struggles to get to her feet. Just when she looks close enough, Bell notices who is her legal opponent and knocks her away with her legs, springing towards her corner and tagging in Gabby, wanting to have absolutely no part of Gabby, much to the crowd’s dismay.

    Shannon rushes across the ring at the recovering Gabby, sending her back down with a running clothesline. Gabby springs back to his feet only for Shannon to aim with a second clothesline…NO!! Gabby ducks underneath and manoeuvres herself around Shannon’s s lower body to pull her down for a ROLL THROUGH SCHOOL BOY…`1…2…3-NO!! Shannon throws her legs up and gets out of the move quickly, only for Shannon to catch her on the recovery with a hard European uppercut. Shannon reels, but quickly shakes it off before pulling Gabby in and showing her a much harder European uppercut. It’s Gabby’s turn to reel, bouncing off the ropes behind her and coming right back with a hard right, Shannon responding with a right of his own. Gabriella and Shannon start going at it in exchanging blows here!! Gabby is matching blow for blow with the greatest female brawler in FWA history. It’s Gabby who starts pulling away, wearing Shannon down enough to try and whip her into a corner, which gets reversed by Shannon, knocking Gabby ’s spine against an empty ring corner. Shannon charges, but Gabby gets a boot up and rakes Shannon across the face, Gabby pulling herself up to the second rope…Dropkick!! Gabby's looking for a more definitive cover – 1…2…3-NO!!

    Gabby waits for Shannon to get to her feet before punting her in the gut for good measure before pinning her in her corner, looking up and SLAPPING IVD across the chest for the tag in. Once again, the tag partners just cannot do things benevolently, IVD stepping in after shrugging off her chest shot and delivers a blow to Shannon’s head. IVD grabs Shannon by the wrist and tries to whip her out of the corner, but Shannon reverses the momentum and comes back at IVD with a SHORT ARM LARIAT!! Shannon puts her entire body behind the clothesline, covering her – 1…2…3-NO!! IVD stays alive!! IVD gets back to her feet, but is almost drunk from the hit, roaming right into Shannon’s clutches as she hoists her onto her shoulder and hits a rolling fireman’s carry! IVD is pancaked on the canvas. Shannon picks her up, looking for a suplex, but IVD SPINS IT INTO DDT! They both take a moment before collecting themselves, and IVD and Shannon begin the crawling game, each one trying to get to their corners for the hot tag…IVD GETS THERE FIRST AND TAGS GABBY…LEADING BELL TO JUMP OFF THE APRON!!

    Once again Bell avoids Gabby as well as probably just screwing over Shannon some more! This gives Gabby the leeway to jump on the still downed Shannon, stopping her in her tracks. Shannon fights Gabby off until both get to their feet, Shannon now going for a snap suplex, but Gabby hits a drop toehold on Shannon…AND LOCKS IN AN LOTUS LOCK!! Gabby has Shannon caught in the middle of the ring!! Will Shannon have to tap out here…? NO!! The ring-aware veteran is able to grab onto a bottom rope and force Gabby to stop the hold!

    Both get back to their feet, Shannon having to clutch onto the ropes to do so, but Gabby rushes right at her. Shannon surprises her with a counter Samoan Drop. Shannon found a target and starts picking at the shoulder now, knowing from experience where the weak points in Gabby’s game is as she hits a jumping stomp on Gabby’s shoulder. Shannon beats on Gabby’s head as she gets back to her feet in frustration, reaching back for a clothesline…but gets wrapped around…REVERSE DDT !! Gabby with a cover now – 1…2…3-NO!! Shannon stays alive!

    Gabby almost doesn’t believe it but knows she’s got a tough foe in front of her looking for the finishing blow. She grips her right shoulder, trying to shake some life back into it as she stalks Shannon trying to recover. The crowd is starting to light up, knowing what’s coming next 34 DOUBLE DDT NO!! Shannon jams the move on the twist, pushing Gabby into the ropes…RIGHT INTO BELL’S FACE! Gabby stops herself before hitting Bell, finally coming face to face with her in this main event…but then Bell SLAPS GABBY ACROSS THE FACE!! This ultimately sets off the Goddess lunging at Bell now, who drops off the apron and out of Gabby’s grasp. Gabby doesn’t let that stop her, just about to go through the ropes and after Bell, but the ref stops her from doing so. Before turning to admonish Bell, but not keeping an eye on Shannon…WHO NAILS GABBY IN THE AILING SHOULDER WITH A STRAIGHT STIFF KICK!!

    Gabby goes down in a heap, gripping at his injured appendage, And now Bell happily returns to the apron with a little skip in her step. Only to be met by a pissed off Shannon O’ Neal shouting at Bell if she came here to play games or fight. To which Bell feigns shock overdramatically pointing to herself open-mouthed as if to say “Who Moi?!” Meanwhile Gabby takes the moment to crawl over to IVD...Who instantly drops off the apron and flips Gabby off to a wash of boos. The Caramel Coated Goddess slaps her hand against the mat in frustration knowing that this is pretty much a handicap match now. For the record, Shannon O’Neal doesn’t look any more happy about it, between Bell’s antics and IVD unwillingness this match has been a farce of a tag team match, but she is a pro. So Shannon goes in for the kill picking up Gabby by the hair softens her up with a few right hands and goes for the Irish whip but Gabby reverses it, and it’s Shannon who hits off the ropes right beside Bell which causes the ref to slap his hands together randomly. Odd. In any case, Shannon tries to use that momentum to hit Paradise City! But Gabby ducks. Shannon instinctively turns around. Kick to the gut. 34 Double DDT. She nails it! To a massive pop, Gabby shoots the half and hooks the leg. But the ref doesn’t count?! In confusion Gabrielle looks up in frustration, looking for answers, but the ref just shakes her head gesturing to Shannon trying to explain something to Gabrielle. Clearly annoyed Gabby turns in the opposite direction...AND WALKS RIGHT INTO A SUPERSWEET SYMPHONY! THE SPINNING ROUNDHOUSE HOUSE KICK LANDS PERFECTLY. Gabrielle’s hair and neck whip violently on impact and drops like a stone. Without missing a beat. Bell suddenly grabs Shannon’s prone body and HURLS her from the ring! Before going for the pin on Gabby AND THE REF STARTS COUNTING!


    Winners: Bell Connelly and Shannon O'Neal

    WHAT THE HELL?! Confusion and a tidal wave of boos courses through the arena as a wide-eyed Bell Connelly giggles in an unhinged manner as the ref raises her hand

    Devin Golden: Well, I don’t get this at all! Gabrielle had the match won! But our official refused to count the pin, and then Bell Connelly runs into the ring and gets the pin!

    Rod Sterling: Well, the guys in the truck are queuing up a replay here, that hopefully explains what’s happening here.

    The scene cuts to an instant reply of what we just saw standing at the moment where Gabby whipped Shannon into the ropes, but from this angle, we see that when Shannon hit the ropes, Bell as subtly as she could manage she slapped the back of Shannon O'Neal in full view of the ref getting the blind tag, and staying on the apron until Gabby was distracted

    Michael Garcia: You can call her crazy all you want, but she was the smartest person in the room tonight! She played Shannon and Gabby off each other. She wound up Gabrielle like a clock. She picked her moment and at the right time she struck, and she’s the one standing tall tonight! Statement made!

    Rod Sterling: Well, maybe if Gabby had a partner willing to fight in her corner.

    Michael Garcia: Oh come on! Why should IVD help Gabby! We all know if the roles were reversed she’d do the same thing! Good for her I say!

    Bell admires her handiwork at ringside peering over the top rope to look down at the crumpled form of Shannon O’Neal, sticking out her tongue and blowing a raspberry down at her before making her exit making sure to blow a kiss to Gabby whose slowly coming to, glassy-eyed wondering what the hell just happened!

    Right before IVD rushes into the ring and kicks her straight in the face, taking a moment to take it all in, before grabbing Gabby’s arm and forcing it, into a cross arm breaker wrenching it for all it’s worth

    Michael Garcia: She told us she was going to break Gabby and that’s just what we’re seeing!

    IVD cracks back as hard as she can, with Gabby trying to force herself away knowing that a break is eliminated, screaming in pain…..UNTIL Shannon O’ Neal of all people kicks Izzy off her. Shannon O’ Neal coming to Gabriella’s aid! Shannon grabs Izzy by the hair and throws her out. The camera switches back and forward frantically…

    From the defiant Shannon standing in the middle of the ring…

    ...To Gabrielle sitting in the corner nursing her arm and staring daggers at Izzy.

    ….Izzy Von Doren pointing at both, backing up the ramp making a cut-throat sign…

    ….And Bell Connelly standing on the stage watching this scene play out, grinning like a wild hyena. It;s chaos all abound as Fight Night goes off the air.

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