One of the most maligned world champions for his run lasting back a decade at this point, somewhere along the line grew into a pretty darn great worker and a very complete performer as well. I think it started at the end of his AJPW run, with him winning the Triple Crown and having a spectacular defense over Kento Miyahara (sadly lost to the interwebs for all intents and purposes, like much of 2015 AJPW, the dark times.) and then subsequently forming a team with him. After a tumultuous breakup he wound up in one of the worst places to go for anyone, smack dab in the middle of the absolutely dreadful Suzuki takes over NOAH run and he had good matches through 2016 and even winning the GHC Title at one point, but it wasn't until NOAH got the hell away from all that and was Reborn, that he REALLY got in his groove, although it largely came through him being a largely ancillary player in his matches, with things being more about other people (Kotoge, Kiyomiya), he has also shown an ability to step up big as the featured performer in singles matches as well. I think his past will always hold him back from being any kind of main guy or really even that interesting on his own anymore from a storyline perspective, what he has actually brought to the table has been top notch stuff as a versatile worker with heavy hitting offense and provides better selling than most of his NOAH main event peers of his generation. I think he deserves a long look.