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Thread: Phillip A. Jackson speaks to after Revival

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    Phillip A. Jackson speaks to after Revival

    A story just breaking but took place immediately following FWA Revival

    On his thoughts on the match:

    “I came close to being the FWA Champion. I came close to being a three time world champion but it was not meant to be. I gave everything to this opportunity and the outcome will give me a lot to think about. I am proud of my performance. I took a great athlete all the way. I have nothing but respect for Cyrus. He was just better on the night. He will dominate this company for a long time, they should do everything they can to keep him.”

    On Chris Kennedy’s return:

    “Not one that I saw coming. Chris obviously has to close a show like that. Can’t let the moment stand on its own unless it is a Chris Kennedy moment. It was a classic Kennedy move. Strike when the enemy has just been through hell and strike in a way that your enemy doesn’t see coming. One of the first things he taught me in The Syndicate. Worked ok for me sometimes too.”

    On the new commentary team:

    “Rod is good commentator. Devin is knowledgeable. They are a good pair of commentators. They’ll find their flow. Not sure why we changed to two announcers though? Should probably bring back Piers, so we have three announcers again.”

    On re-focusing to being a Tag Team Champion again:

    “It’s just part of the business. Tag Team Champions is a hell of an achievement. My partner is my friend. My partner is my student. We are united in our goals. He understands why I had to do what I had to do.”

    At that point Jackson was interrupted and he stood up to greet the intruder. It was Viktor Maximus. Viktor shoved the Tag Team Championship into his mentor’s chest and walked off.

    On what just happened:

    “He’s just in a mood. He understands, okay?! Now get out…No seriously leave. You think you can just interview me. Did you see what I just went through?! Can you even comprehend me? HUH. CAN YOU?! I AM F****ING IMMORTAL.”

    The interview concluded with the door slamming back in our faces. We could hear the screaming carrying on from the hallway before we were ushered away.

    UPDATE: Phillip A. Jackson later apologised for his actions at the end of our interview and very graciously admitted we didn’t deserve this and promised us that he would by us dinner to make up for it.

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    Re: Phillip A. Jackson speaks to after Revival

    PAJ doesn't like being upstaged.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Phillip A. Jackson speaks to after Revival

    Gotta love PAJ no-selling Michael Garcia on commentary

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