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Thread: Fight Night 01/21/19 Promo Thread

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    Fight Night Fight Night 01/21/19 Promo Thread

    Post your promos here. Promo deadline is 23:59 PST on Saturday, Jan. 26th. This is 2:59 EST and 7:59 BST on Sunday, January 27th. Extensions are available on request up until 24 hours before deadline. Any request made after this WILL be automatically denied unless an emergency occurs. Extensions will also be granted to all participants in a match if one participant receives an extension.

    *If you mention in your promo how awesome Mike Garcia did on commentary this week, you will be looked upon more favorably.

    * - Maybe.

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    Re: Fight Night 01/21/19 Promo Thread

    Exile Chronicles: Chapter 2
    Volume 2: Two Sides of the Same Coin

    A new video uploaded to showcases an empty FWA ring in what looks like the federationís training facility at corporate headquarters. In the middle of the ring are two chairs and two men sitting in them.

    To the left is Rod Sterling, the new ringside commentator and occasional reporter, dressed in a very nicely tailored black suit with a stack of cue cards, presumably loaded with questions for his guestÖ

    Hello, FWA fans! Welcome to a very special interview hosted by yours truly, former manager extraordinaire and newly minted member of commentary central, Rod Sterling. And itís with great honor that I introduce my guest for this interview...your reigning and defending FWA World Champion, Cyrus Truth!

    The camera pans to the right to see Cyrus Truth sitting in the other chair, FWA World Title resting on his shoulder. Cyrus is dressed a bit more casual, in sweats and sneakers. The champion looks like heís just gotten finished with some training and took a minute out of his day to speak with Rod.

    One notable thing is the large bandage on Cyrusís head, a memento from the attack of Bell Connelly after Cyrusís brutal title defense against Phillip A. Jackson. However, itís strange...Cyrus doesnít seem to be in a foul mood. If anything, he looks perfectly content, as if everything in his life is going as it should.

    Cyrus, thanks for taking this time to speak to me and the rest of the FWA audience.

    Not a problem. I normally hate this sort of thing, but after Revival? I felt it was a good time. Plus, you arenít as incapable an announcer as I thought you would be, so I figured youíd be up to the task.

    Rod laughs this off as he shuffles his cards. As he does this, Cyrus digs into the pockets of his hoodie and pulls out a large coin and begins rolling it on his knuckles.

    Speaking of Revival, Iím sure youíve heard this enough from everybody else, but I wanted to congratulate you on a successful title defense against PAJ. It was a hell of a match.

    It was. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. That was not the Phillip I was expecting to face. He actually took it seriously and went out to try and win on his own. There wasnít any deception, and that hulking prick Victor stayed away. It was an honest, hard-fought match. Mind you, I still donít trust Phillip at all...but I have to respect the way he handled his business at Revival, and I want to thank him for a worthy first title defense for my fourth reign as World Champion.

    Thatís fair enough, but I think most fans are talking about what happened after the matchÖ

    Cyrus scoffs at that, cutting Rod off with a derisive chortle.

    And isnít that a shame? FWA Revival, the start of something new and exciting with FWA, an opportunity to set aside old vices and embrace something better, capped off by a scintillating World Title match where Phillip A. Jackson decided to actually fight like a man instead of a coward...and all anybody can talk about is a busted up Chris Kennedy spewing some meaningless words and baring his teeth even though he canít do anything about it.

    ...Well, I meant about the assault after the matchÖ

    Oh, you mean where that Chris Kennedy fangirl jumped the rails and roughed me up a little? Iím surprised FWA let that play on the PPV, but I suppose management took a bit of enjoyment out of seeing me get jumped after all the hell Iíve put them through over the years.

    Rod looks incredibly confused as Cyrus simply shrugs it off. With a bit of trepidation, Rod says:

    ďChris Kennedy fangirl?Ē You mean, Bell Connelly?

    Cyrus cocks an eyebrow as a quizzical look crosses his face. He seems genuinely perplexed when Rod brings up Bell.

    What are you talking about, Rod? What does Bell Connelly have to do with any of this?

    Cyrus...she was the one who attacked you. I mean, you saw her yourself.

    I donít know what youíre talking about, Rod. Bell Connelly isnít here. Sheís not been here for a long time, so why on Earth would she show up now? No, was just a fangirl. Nothing more than that.

    Rodís expression is one of twisted confusion and concern as Cyrus just looks at him like heís the one whoís lost his mind.

    Um, champ? Are you sure youíre not suffering from a concussion orÖ?

    You think FWA would have me fighting Dave Sullivan on Fight Night if I was? Rod, why are you looking at me like Iím insane or something?

    Because you were attacked by Bell, and now youíre sitting here telling me it wasnít her? Forgive me, Cyrus, but Iím just a bit confused!

    You must be if you think that woman who attacked me is Bell Connelly.

    Cyrusís tone shifts from relaxed to intense, his words sharp and pointed as he continues to roll that coin on his knuckles. The very atmosphere of the interview become very tense as Cyrus is glaring at Rod.

    I know you and every fan who was watching at Revival wish that it was Bell Connelly, and you believe that you saw her with your own eyes. But you werenít seeing things clearly enough. You didnít look deep enough. Rod...have you ever, in your time watching FWA and myself, ever hear me lie about anything?

    Everything I say is the Truth?

    I would say so.

    So why are you so confused by this? I know full well that that wasnít Bell. And anyone who understands the Truth knows this as well. Because Bell Connelly is not HERE.

    Thereís Cyrusís eyes. Itís clear that Cyrus isnít deluded or insane, nor is he suffering from some sort of trauma as a result of Bellís attack at Revival. And yet, for some reason, he seems adamant that Bell wasnít there. Why? What is Cyrus trying to say?

    Well, whatever it is, the championís expression makes it clear to Rod that this part of the interview has gotten on his last nerve and that it would be best to drop it. Rod, nervously, tosses a couple cards down (obviously with questions regarding Bell) as he refocuses.

    Right...well, um, you did mention Dave Sullivan before. I believe your match on Fight Night is the first time you and he have ever faced off?

    Cyrusís expression relaxes as he cracks a smile and continues rolling the coin.

    Fairly certain, unless he happened to be in that Carnal Contendership match I won. Either way, itís definitely the first time he and I have gone one-on-one. Heh...I seem to be fighting all the champions of FWA lately. First, one half of the Tag Champions, now the X Champion? FWA seems to really want to make me re-establish where I stand on the pecking order, donít they?

    Rod chuckles as well, letting the earlier tension fade away.

    Now, donít get me wrong. I donít mind at all. Itís a bit of a broken record at this point, but I want to fight the best. And for better or worse, the champions represent the best. I canít even say that Dave Sullivan isnít talented. After all, the manís accomplishments, on paper, speak for themselves, donít they? Sure, heís never been World Champion, but the man does have a fairly impressive resume. Heís been X Champion how many times now? Four? And besidesÖ

    Cyrus, in a flash, takes the coin heís been rolling and rests it on his index finger, using his thumb to flip it in the air. Like it was second nature, he catches it in his palm and holds it up.

    ...Iíd be lying if I didnít acknowledge how much he reminds me of myself.

    THAT seems to get Rodís attention as Cyrus casually fidgets with the coin in his hands.

    I...gotta say, thatís a bit shocking, hearing you say that. You honestly believe that?

    Cyrus chuckles as he resumes rolling the coin on his knuckles.

    A man of humble origins endures a great many trials and tribulations to acquire gold and glory, taking on every challenge and challenger that life throws at him. Sometimes he stumbles, sometimes he looks as if he loses the path, but in spite of everything the man becomes almost synonymous with a certain championship and wins it four times. The man calls himself a king and hold any challengers to his title to a high, some would call unreasonable, standard. Now, Rod...who am I talking about?

    Rod nods in acknowledgement, but his face does suggest he doesnít fully buy it.

    I guess you have a point, butÖ

    ...but you think itís a bit of a stretch, donít you?

    Pretty much, yeah. Near as I can tell, youíre nothing like Dave Sullivan.

    And I get that, Rod. I do. But the hard Truth is that Sullivan and I are two sides of the same coin. Same desire, same ambition to be recognized as the very best in FWA. But the difference between us is pretty obvious. Care to guess what it is?

    Cyrus looks at Rod expectantly, which unnerves the broadcast journalist a bit. He certainly wasnít expecting to be the one answering questions.

    Címon, Rod...this isnít that hard of a question. guess itís because youíre not a monster who does terrible things just to get ahead?

    The Exile laughs out loud at that, startling Rod. Cyrus gets a hearty chuckle out of it before replying:

    Well, I suppose thatís one way to say it! But youíre on the right track. Dave and I have the same ambition, but unlike me? His ambition isnít tempered by something else. Personal pride, dignity, valor...Dave doesnít have any of that. Heís allowed his ambition to run unchecked at the cost of his humanity, and as such any of his accomplishments have to be framed with the phrase ďYeah, but.Ē Dave Sullivan has done terrible things, and could definitely say without even the slightest hint of hyperbole that Dave Sullivan has become a monster due to his rampant ambition. See, thatís what a lot of people donít understand about this sport of ours. Ambition is good. Itís absolutely necessary if you have any dreams of being a champion...or even THE champion. But victory at any cost? Sacrificing your pride, your valor, and your very humanity to achieve it? What does that prove? How can anyone hold you in regard if youíre willing to sink to those depths for these accolades...or better yet? How can you hold YOURSELF in that regard?

    Dave Sullivan has spend his entire career crossing the line between being on the side of heaven or hell. But even at his darkest, you could look at him and see a kernel of something worth respecting. Now? That kernel of light has been completely swallowed by darkness. Were I any other man? I might even feel sorry for Dave.

    Rod, having regained his composure, looks Cyrus dead in the eye as he asks in a somber tone:

    But, you doní you?

    Cyrusís jovial demeanor shifts at that question, and thereís a twinge in his eye that almost respects Rod for asking that...or perhaps, acknowledging what he already knew.

    No, I donít. Dave Sullivan is beyond pitiable. The things heís done, the lives heís completely ruined to sate his own ambition? Sullivan has crossed a line that cannot be forgiven. Maybe some other World Champion would give him a nineteenth chance to get his act together, but I am not so forgiving. I made that VERY clear at Revival, when I warned Phillip that his preferred brand of scummy tactics would no longer be welcomed in FWA. And while it seems that, if only for an evening, Phillip got the message? I doubt Dave will do the same. Not that itís going to matter, since the end result will be the same.

    Cyrus stops fidgeting with the coin in his hands as he looks directly at the camera. Thereís a raw, seething fury in his eyes as he speaks directly to his Fight Night opponent.

    Fight Night is your last chance at a wake-up call, Dave. I doubt itíll do you any good, because youíve proven youíre more than happy to keep dreaming youíre anything more than human filth. Understand youíre walking into the middle of the most dangerous territory on this planet when you walk down that ramp to enter MY ring. I am not about to let you continue to call yourself a ďkingĒ when FWA is my domain. Just like Phillip, youíll walk to the ring with a strap of leather whose value youíve tarnished yet grossly overestimate. Just like Kennedy, youíll step between those ropes thinking, THINKING you have even the slightest idea of what to expect. And like both of them, and like every last scummy, shady person who seeks to ruin what FWA could become? I will put you down, and keep putting you down until you open your eyes or give up. ďKing of the X Division?Ē Fine. But when it comes to monarchs, none can match the determination and ferocity of the King of Vagabonds. As the man who commands this ship called FWA, this match of ours will be one where I try you for your many crimes. Struggle as you might? This is the part where judgment is delivered and justice is served.

    Cyrus flips the coin towards Rod, who fumbles a bit but catches it. Itís a heavy silver dollar coin, with one side showing a regal portrait. The other side? A shadowed rogue with a dagger in hand. Cyrus stands up as he looks down at Rod.

    Well, this was better than most of my interviews. Iíll see you at ringside for Fight Night, Rod. And hold onto that. Call it an in-pocket reminder of this conversation. After all, you may want to remember what I said today.

    With a smirk, Cyrus turns and heads out the ring, leaving Rod alone to contemplate what the hell just happened, what he had just heard from the champion. The last image we see is Cyrus walking off, World Title slung over his shoulder, face plate showing out from his back...

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    Re: Fight Night 01/21/19 Promo Thread

    Fight night was here. Of course, everyone had their televisions on at nine o'clock on the dot for the start of Fight Night. Fight Night started, as usual, and everything was going swimmingly. After about thirty minutes into the show, the match-up between TJG and Kevin Cromwell was about to begin. Before the match was to begin, the cameras panned to the backstage area as we see Kevin Cromwell's locker room. The fans popped with cheers at the sight of the door that read "KEVIN CROMWELL" on the front; a hand entered the scene, as it knocked on the door. The cameras panned out to reveal Todd Salum, the resident interviewer for FWA. Suddenly, a man yelled "COME IN!" as Salum opened the door. There, we see Kevin Cromwell, sitting on a steel chair, lacing up his boots. As he sat there, staring at his feet as he continued to lace up his boots already changed into his gear his signature jacket hanging up over his locker room. Cromwell looked up and saw Todd Salum and a cameraman, as Cromwell shook his head and grinned as he finished his lacing. Kevin rolled his neck as Todd Salum spoke off camera.

    Todd Salum: "Kevin, may I have a word?"

    Kevin nodded as he stood up as Todd Salum spoke once more, thus asking the first question for this interview just before Cromwell’s match.

    Todd Salum
    "Kevin, in just a few moments you'll be wrestling Tristen James Galloway -- a man you know very well. May we get your thoughts just before this match?"

    Todd put the microphone toward the direction of Cromwell, as he looked at Galloway with a grin and a look of "really?" as he began to speak.

    Kevin Cromwell: Tristen James Galloway huh? Y'know, people are starting to talk, I’m not going to sugar coat it, I’ve haven’t won a major match for a long time, and I thought Revival would be my revival if you want me to get cute about it, but it wasn’t. The only way to turn this type of thing around is by winning, and that’s just what I plan to do

    word's grew with intensity following the opening of his promo, as he continued to pace back and forth backstage as if a lot was on his mind.

    Kevin Cromwell: Y'see, when I first was approached by FWA about an exclusive contract here, I knew what it would mean for me. It would mean more competition and if there's ANYTHING that I love and thrive on? It's competition! And I know that TJG can give me that better than everyone. It's only a matter of time before I get the chance to break everyone in half! And it starts tonight with TJG, the first of many to try their best against me and see if they can hang with the one true Amadeus if this business! They'll soon figure out that there is NO ONE on this freakin' planet that can out-wrestle me! If you want proof, look back a few months ago when I pinned him to the mat one, two three and took his belt from him and wore that moment like a badge of honour There was nothing that meant more to me then that belt when I won it and tonight? You can bet your ASS that I'm not only going to be a winner, but I'm going to make his ass tap out

    Kevin Cromwell rubbed the stubble on his chin, chuckling a bit under his breath as he did. Todd Salum pulled the microphone back to his general direction and asked the next question, which was something along the lines of if Kevin is taking TJG a bit too lightly. Kevin, knowing full-well what TJG is capable of, seems to take that question as a shot toward his character. Kevin respects everyone who shows him respect, and for the most part, TJG has respected Kevin Cromwell for what he has done. Then again, if you show disrespect toward Kevin Cromwell, he will make you pay the only way he knows how -- with a broken limb! Kevin shook his head and spoke once more after Todd asked that question, obviously a bit taken back from what he just said.

    Kevin Cromwell. Am I taking TGJ lightly? Is that what you really just asked? What are you on mate?! TJG is a lot of things and trusts me there, Todd... I know who he is, but to be someone to be taken lightly? That's not one of 'em and much like myself we both need that one win to turn things around, I’ll give him this; the guy has had some heartbreaking losses and keeps bouncing back still wanting more, and as a competitor, I respect that greatly, but this is a new start and a new chapter in the book for me! This is where things get even more interesting and losing? It's not an option! The only option is winning, and anything but winning is considered a failure and Todd? I will not fail. I have been a winner throughout my entire life! I was a winner in middle school when I beat everyone's ass in Wrestling! I was a winner in High School when I did the same thing and once again in College! Hell, I was a winner in freakin' grade-school, when I took first place in the talent show! What I am trying to say here, Todd is that Kevin Cromwell has been and always WILL BE... a winner. It's in my blood! It's pumping through my veins as we speak and in just a few moments? I'm going to show the World that Kevin Cromwell is everything I say I am. God-given talent just doesn't disappear, and once you mix God-given talent with hard work, determination and the desire to be the absolute BEST? NOTHING can stop me! A train can't stop me; a tank can't stop me and TGJ SURE AS HELL can't stop me! Do you understand what I am saying? TGJ may be one of the best here but in that ring tonight? He'll be staring into the eyes of a hungry wolf! I have spent my entire life dedicated to my craft. I have beaten the best of the best without breaking a freakin' sweat, and my accolades speak for themselves. How many National Championships in Wrestling has he won? Oh, what's that? None? Well, I have two! Count it, Todd! Two freakin' National Championship in Collegiate Wrestling! That makes me the best and TGJ is a great competitor, but he can't hold a candle to me! When it comes to pure technical Wrestling, I am Amadeus. I am a man amongst men and tonight, Todd? The World is going to see a true great in that ring tonight, putting on a bloody' CLINIC! Because that's what I do best, Todd -- wrestle. I dare ANYONE in the back to prove me otherwise, cus' if they have half a brain, they'd stay away or else I might just have to break their ankle in two! When you step into the ring with me, that leaves you two options: you either tap or your bones snaps and for tonight? Tristen will understand the meaning of pain and the "The Polynesian Powerhouse " will understand that you don't have to be the biggest, the strongest or the fastest... but you have to be the smartest, and that's EXACTLY what I am!

    Kevin Cromwell looked at Todd Salum with a look of "you already knew all of that, didn't you?"

    Kevin Cromwell: NO ONE can do in that ring what I can do, and that goes especially for you, Tristen. I respect you. , but when it comes to business? That means nothing because I will do whatever it takes to make sure I walk out of that ring later tonight with my arm raised in victory. Like I said, losing is not an option and if it comes down to it? I might just have to hurt you! My goal is to become the best, and in order to do that, I have to beat EVERYONE that is in my way and unfortunately for you, Tristen... that starts with you! So for your sake, when the times comes because I will not rest until the World knows that Kevin Cromwell is the best-damn Wrestler on this freakin' PLANET! And for you, Tristen? This may be your worst nightmare because if I have my way? I'll not only leave this ring later tonight as a winner, but I'll take your damn leg WITH ME!

    Cromwell looked at Todd once more, as he finished his promo, Cromwell looked at the union jack on his jacket as he kissed it and smiled before slinging it across his shoulders, popping the collar and looking at Todd once more and speaking again

    Kevin Cromwell
    "Now Jog on. I have a match to win!"

    Kevin slipped his mouthpiece into his mouth and began slapping his face over and over, before eventually yelling "YYYYEEAAAHHHH!" very loudly, as it was obvious he was getting pumped up. The cameras fixated onto his face, as Kevin showed his mouthpiece which read, simply: "Machine" and that is what he was -- a machine; a cyborg, if you will.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Fight Night 01/21/19 Promo Thread

    King Silky

    Horse racing is quite an exquisite sport. Every horse starts at the same spot, and they all have to get to the same spot to win. What happens between is all about pure skill, pure talent. The best horse always wins. Which is interesting when you think about the fact that horse racing is one of the most bet on sports there is. When the best horse always wins, how can it be so unpredictable? How is it that one horse can overcome all odds to win it all?

    Dave Sullivan is quite a despicable man in many ways. You can rattle off a list for days of sins he's committed, and it would be longer than Santa Claus' naughty list...the Washington DC version. With all that said, you have to give King Sullivan some credit where it is due. He is a man who has an exceptional eye for talent. He knows how to recognize pure skill when he sees it, pure talent. He was the host of Ground Zero after all, where he scouted and found the eventual winner in Ty Johnson.

    That is why he is here today, across the country from Jacksonville Florida where Fight Night will take place. King Sullivan is at Golden Gate Fields in California, one of the most prestigious racing tracks in America. Dressed to the nines in a three piece suit, King Sullivan is here to look at talent. To observe some of the most natural and skilled performers of any sport. To admire them, and to learn from there. Because say what you want about him, but the man can recognize talent. And maybe going into his match at Fight Night, King Sullivan understands that he finally has an opponent that is equal to him. Maybe, or maybe King Sullivan doesn't believe anyone is equal to him.

    Sullivan is walking through the park where all the horses are being held before a big race, and the look of admiration on his face is that of a child. It's a look of overwhelming awe.

    Dave Sullivan: You know what I love about horse racing? These majestic beasts, they go out here and they perform for themselves. They have no idea what the pressure is behind what they're doing. They just go out here, and they run. They have no idea that million dollar bets are being placed on them, and that whether they win or lose could determine the financial outcome for everyone watching. They get nothing for winning. Yet they go out here, and they give it their absolute all. They get nothing in return. They don't get to understand the glory, or the fame. Their lives are simple, and yet here they are.

    I used to envy that. I used to envy the fact that these horses had no pressure to win or lose. That they did not have to worry about pleasing or disappointing the millions of fans that are cheering them on.

    I used to envy that, until I became it. Until I stopped caring about pleasing these so called fans in the crowd, and I stopped caring about being the babyfaced good guy every week. Like these horses, I care about King Sullivan and only King Sullivan. There's no more pressure. I am the horse, and I do not care about anything else around me but the present. When that gun goes off, the horse takes off and they are in the moment. They go 100% until the race is over. They do not let up.

    I am the horse.

    Cyrus Truth, he is the jockey. I pity him. I pity him because the jockey has to go out every race, and he has to feel all the pressure. You see this is your classic allegory of the cave situation here. Yet in this case the people in the cave, they are the ones at bliss. Cyrus Truth, the jockeys...they are blinded by the sun. They are overwhelmed. Kings do not get overwhelmed.

    Is Cyrus Truth a King? He's the FWA World Champion, but do I think he is a King? The answer is no. Because Kings do not get overwhelmed. Cyrus Truth gets overwhelmed, because he is a jockey.

    Cyrus Truth is a 3x FWA World Champion. On paper an impressive feat. But in horse racing, on paper statistics mean nothing. On paper statistics are what determine the betting odds. And so a betting man might put money on Cyrus Truth, sure. But do you know what is not on paper for this jockey? Every time he got overwhelmed. Cyrus Truth CANNOT handle pressure. And I can prove it. Because yes on paper you see those three FWA World Title wins. But here's the TRUTH about Cyrus Truth. He went into Back in Business with that title every single time he had it.

    At Back in Business XI, he faced off against Ryan Rondo in a title unification match. The main event at Back in Business. Cyrus Truth LOST.

    At Back in Business XII, Cyrus Truth had the challenge of defending his FWA World title against Shannon O'Neal. Cyrus Truth LOST again.

    And at Back in Business XIII, Cyrus found himself in the main event yet again. And yet again he was defending his FWA World title, this time against Chris Kennedy. Just in case you've failed to pick up the pattern on how Cyrus Truth's career has gone...he LOST.

    Three straight Back in Business main events, he goes into the match with the title, and he leaves without it.

    Cyrus Truth gets overwhelmed. Because he is the jockey. He is cares too much about being the good guy, about pleasing the crowd.

    I am the horse. I don't care about the crowd. It has nothing to do with me. It is all just muffled background noise to me.

    You know what I was doing while Cyrus Truth was bumbling away his once in lifetime opportunity that turned into a three times in a row opportunity? I was winning. While Cyrus Truth was getting overwhelmed at Back in Business XI, I was beating a trained boxer in a MMA Octagon to win my X Championship for the record tying third time. And while Cyrus Truth was getting overwhelmed at Back in Business XIII, I was beating three other men in a ladder match to win my X Championship for the record breaking fourth time.

    While I was tying records and breaking records, Cyrus Truth was losing. Cyrus Truth hasn't won once at Back in Business, and yet I am undefeated there. Why does the man who cannot handle pressure at the biggest show of them all constantly get every damn shot in the world while guys like me are still down at the bottom being passed goddamn over?

    Sullivan starts to lose his breath as he works himself up, angry over the fact that Cyrus Truth is where he is at and Sullivan is where he is.

    Why Cyrus Truth has been in the main event scene since debuting in the FWA, and Sullivan has been at the other end of the spectrum. Both champions, but yet one overwhelmingly respected over the other.

    The King comes across a plaque in Golden Gate Fields. He kneels down in his three piece suit, and he bows his head. He bows his head with respect, the same respect he desires from his organization.

    There is a horse buried here. Not just any horse, but a horse I have every right to say I am related to. That Silky Sullivan.

    Silky is like a brother to me, and yet we are so identical in so many ways. His name is used often in sports. People are compared to my brother Silky when they overcome all the odds. When they fall so far behind in their competition that it is improbable that they can win. Against all odds that they can win. Yet somehow they do it.

    Silky always did. He always fell behind, and he always beat the odds.

    December 7th, 1957 Silky was racing in the one mile. He fell behind 27 lengths. He won.

    I can stand here and I can rant about how Cyrus Truth doesn't deserve to be where he is at today. How he has had everything handed to him since coming into the FWA. The Carnal Contendership match, the three straight main event matches at Back in Business that he blew. Every title shot he has ever gotten. He did not have to work his way up the ladder at all. He came into the FWA, and he was a main eventer. While me? I have been grinding at it since 2012.

    I can rant about that sure.

    But the fact of the matter is, I am 32 years old and I am still where I am. I've hit my road bumps along the way, I've been out of the game for years at a time. That is all on me. I'll take credit for that. I spent time in a county prison, I spent time suspended from the FWA.

    I put myself 27 lengths back.

    Yet I am the horse. And I am not just any horse, I am Silky Sullivan. And here we are in 2019, and King Silky here has finally entered his prime. I am competing at a main event level, and I am flying past the competition. I am flying past everyone else at Silky goddamn speed. At 32 years old I will overcome the odds, and I will win.

    And I am going to do it on my own. I am going to do it without any fans, and without any support. Just like Silky did. Because I am the horse. I am not going to get overwhelmed, because I have nothing to get overwhelmed about. Cyrus Truth is the one who gets overwhelmed. Cyrus Truth is the one who is 0-3 at Back in Business, while King Silky here is undefeated.

    King Silky is a grinder. King Silky hasn't had everything handed to him like Cyrus Truth. Silky works his way from the back of the pack, to the front! Cyrus, you have no idea what it is like to be on the bottom. You have no idea what it is like to be Silky Sullivan. You should envy that, just like you should envy everything about me.

    You should envy my ability to win at Back in Business.

    You should envy my personality.

    You should envy the fact that I have earned everything I have accomplished, while you have blown it all away on the big stage time after time.

    You are no greater than me. You could easily have been in my shoes. If you are where I am at the right place and the right time, maybe it's you who has your entire career stalled because you're sent to county prison. Maybe it's me who wins Carnal Contendership, and gets a one way ticket to the main event after walking through the FWA doors for the first time?

    I will tell you one thing. I wouldn't trade places with you. I am King Silky Sullivan, and you...

    You are no one.

    You are the wrestling equivalent of a trust fund baby. A guy who's FWA career was kickstarted with a silver spoon in his mouth. But you know the truth. Deep down I know you know. But the biggest difference between you and I? You are the jockey, and I am the horse. Now if you choose to some day understand that to win in this company you have to be the horse...well then I would have so much new found respect for you. But until then...

    You will always be the jockey.

    You will always get overwhelmed.

    And you will always lose at Back in Business.

    Sullivan one time catches his breath.

    He reflects once more at the memorial plaque in service to Silky Sullivan. Like it's been said before, say what you want about Sullivan...but the man respects what deserves respect. Silky Sullivan was certainly a horse that deserved respect. An underdog in so many ways.

    You don't have to like King Sullivan, but you have to respect him. He is a King after all. And like Silky, he will find a way to overcome the odds that are stacked against him.

    I have been going around calling myself the King of the X Division for some time now. My X Championship reigns are something I take great pride in. It is a title I have single handedly brought prestige to.

    Yet I am more than that. I am the King of the X Division, yes. But that is not how I am going to define my career anymore. Like Silky, I am coming from the back to finish in the front.

    I am coming now. The is mine.

    I will always be the King of the X Division. But what you people don't realize is, things are about to get so much bigger. Because...

    I am also the King of the FWA.

    I am the King of Kings.

    I am the King of the People.

    I am the King of the Ring.

    I am the King of the World.

    I AM the Vagabond King.

    I am the King of everything that gets in my goddamn way, and everything that doesn't. I am the King of Everything.

    I am...The King.

    You will all bow down. You will bow down as you see me zoom past everybody on this goddamn roster. And that is all going to start when I beat Cyrus Truth in front of the goddamn nation.



    Out of the gate like a bullet of red,
    Dropping behind as the rest sped ahead,
    Loping along as the clubhouse fans cheer,
    Leisurely stalking the field in first gear.

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    Re: Fight Night 01/21/19 Promo Thread

    ďIs it 2018 again? After the nightmare of the last few months, I suppose itís possibleĒ

    Mike faces Protťgť and Prototype Ė addressing them whilst also conscious that there is a camera in the room. Why wouldnít he be conscious of the camera crew? After all, he was the one who invited them. Parr is much less erratic than the last time we spoke with him, the enforced breaks seems to have allowed him to take stock and regain some of the composure he used to be renowned for. The short, staccato sentences and the lack of ability and awareness to maintain a steady tone have been replaced by a consistent and measured volume admittedly lacking the reassuring and self-confident qualities that it once had.

    ďWe know it hasnít gone as expected MikeÖ.I think we didnít expect it to be this difficult. The kidÖwe know he is a work in progress and that he was going to make mistakesÖbut I donít think we ever foresaw the fact that you would be stepping away from the ring and that I would hit a dip at the same time. Itís been the perfect storm, the perfect combination of elements that mean that we just havenít done what we are capable of.Ē

    The camera pans around to Protťgť, whose face is the picture of someone who doesnít like being referred to as the kid or being referenced as someone who makes mistakes. The camera knew what the money shot was in this situation. Sean goes to open his mouth, but pauses, reflecting on whether he can say anything that will improve his current situation. His decision is soon taken out of his hand as Parr cuts him off.

    ďStepped away? The problem that we are having is not that I decided to step away but that there wasnít sufficient ability for either of you two to step up. I thought there was. I knew there was potential. But to say that Iíve been disappointed is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Iíve forged a reputation hereÖ.sureÖsome people still need work but I am the longest reigning singles champion this company has had for a number of years and people have already forgotten it? Iíll take part of the blame but to be so criminally underappreciated is just thatÖ..itís criminal. And you?? I thought better of you, blaming your failings on me stepping away. I wasnít in the ring last weekÖÖ..I wasnít beaten by PAJ and Maximus prior to that. Thatís on you. And maybeÖÖjust maybeÖÖ.itís about time you realized that. Because I am not going to risk any further damage to my reputation and my legacy by standing by and watching you show the world your inadequacies. Maybe itís about time you let the world know what I saw in you and what you are actually all about.Ē

    With that, Mike turns and leaves camera shot, the abrupt slam of a door telling you that he has left the room out of sight. Prototype is a bit stunned by the outburst, but the dawning realization that a lot of what Prodigy said being true hurts more than the fact that he actually came out and said it. Protťgť is still hung up on the earlier comment, and with Parr out of the way temporarily, isnít going to sit back and take it anymore.

    ďDo I have as much experience as everyone else? No. Thatís plain to see and itís easily identifiable. I speak without thinking things through, I make a move without considering the all the potential pitfalls and the fact that I can stare down this camera lens and tell you that should scare you. It should particularly scare the Risky and his crew because knowing what I am doing wrong means I know exactly where and what to improve. And when I improve, Iím going to walk through not just this tag division but Iím going to blast through this entire company. Make sure that is recorded because one day you are going to play that back and think about how even at a young age, how right I was from the beginningÖ..Ē

    Protťgť backs off, leaving the camera shot largely filled by Prototype.

    ďDo you know why we even came here in the first place? We came here to put Risky Douglas and Jack Adams back in their place. Who are they? What have they actually achieved? And they tried to make a name off of Mike. They attacked him and beat him down at every juncture Ė they cheated him out of wins and devalued his victories. So thisÖ..the fact that we are here, is at its very core down to them. We beat the hell of Jack Adams and told them should they ever come back from where we beat them down to that we would end them permanently. New company. New start. Thatís all Iím hearing when I walk around backstage or have a look on social media. But what really has changed? This company still has the same people in the same positions, the same overhyped pets of management getting preferential treatment and the same average workers having their egos inflated by being surrounded by less than average workers. We still have people blowing smoke up the ass of anyone who used to be here in the Ďgood old daysí. WellÖÖ..there is a reason why those days have passed and the reason is because there are guys like Sean Hughes ready to replace them. There are guys like Mike Parr that should have already replaced them. But I get it. I know what you are all thinking. You want proof? Well. Fight Night. See what happens to the Wildcards. See what happens as I crush Jack Adams again. See what happens when the Protťgť shows exactly why he has the pedigree to be the future of this business and see what happens when Mike steps up from the side of the ring to the side of the apron. On Fight Night, there is nothing unexpected coming from the wildcards but you will all bear witness to the new breed of professional wrestlerÖÖÖ.and the old breed had better make way.Ē

    Instead of indicating to the crew that their services are no longer required, Prototype slaps the camera at the side of the lends, sending it flying to the ground and the scene as a consequence suddenly cuts to black.

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    Re: Fight Night 01/21/19 Promo Thread

    Double Tap
    Fight Night
    Mad Kingdom vs. Mac Michaud & Sterling Jagger
    Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena - Jacksonville, FL

    A shaky camera feed buzzes on screen as we appear to be in a vehicle with none other than ďThe WildcardĒ Jason Randall. Randall is still wearing his wounds from his war with Mac Michaud at FWAís Revival show, and even though he may look like it, he came out the winner. In the front seat of the car is ďThe Eccentric DreamerĒ Penny, who appears to be writing something down on a notepad, not even paying any mind to her surroundings. The driver is no one in particular, possibly a FWA crew member being paid for this, hopefully the poor sap is paid. Anyways, the vehicle comes to a stop but Randall remains seated, looking out the window at the location; which is blurry to the viewer right now and Randall turns to face the camera.

    Revival has come and gone, and here I sit victorious over one Mac Michaud. I may not look it but I did indeed defeat that big bastard, and of course with a little help from a certain someone.

    His eyes motion to the front seat; where Penny still has her head buried into whatever it is she is writing on the notepad.

    It appears though that my work isnít finished with one Mac Michaud, you see the FWA has apparently thrown Mac a bone. Theyíre giving him one last shot, or so it seems. The way I see it is that I didnít completely finish the job. I didnít beat that son of a bitch enough so now I have the opportunity to inflict even more harm to him until heís not breathing. He can throw whatever he has at me, I can take it, as evidence by the fact that whatever he threw at me in our match at Revival I fought back even harder. Iím not lying when I say youíll have to kill me in order to keep me down, I donít say it to sound cool, I say it because I mean it. Mac damn near did kill me, yet Iím still here, unfortunately for Mac and the poor soul that is being forced to team up with him, Sterling Jagger.

    Penny makes a gagging sound at the mention of that name.

    My thoughts exactly, you see Iíve dealt with Jagger before and while he put up a fight, well honestly he was nothing to write home about. He may talk the talk and walk the walk, but when it came time to fight he was more concerned with showboating and gyrating his hips for some odd reason. Basically, what Iím saying is; he isnít a threat. Of course Iím not trying to underestimate the poor bastard, but itís kind of hard not to.

    He smirks at that before continuing.

    Now before I carry on any further, youíre probably wondering where we are today. Well, a good old fashioned shooting range of course! Youíre probably asking yourself right now: ďWhy are we at a shooting range?Ē Well, if youíll follow me, Iíll show you. You ready Penny?

    Penny finishes up whatever she was writing and puts it away.

    Yep, ready as Iíll ever be

    What were you writing there anyway?

    Just, um, doodling is all...nothing to worry about

    Randall shrugs and exits the vehicle along with Penny and the cameraman.

    Now, weíre going to turn this off for now because I donít know how they feel about cameras being in here.

    The camera is back on and we find Randall and Penny all set up at the shooting range.

    As it turns out, they didnít really care about a camera being in here. Anyways, here we are and now I can continue on with Mac and SterlingÖ

    Um, if you donít mind, could I say something?

    Randall nods and allows Penny to speak.

    The last time I faced Mac Michaud, he beat me. He didnít just beat me; he humiliated me and tortured me. Itís something that I havenít forgotten unfortunately. What happened at Revival was just a little bit of my revenge when I threw Fred at Mac, to show him the same humiliation and pain I felt from his hands. It didnít feel so good, did it Mac? I usually find the the good in everyone, but not you Mac. You donít refer to yourself as a monster, but in my eyes youíre still that same monster that you claim you arenít anymore. Well, that was until I saw what Jason did to you at Revival, when he beat you within an inch of your joy, and even though it may sound twisted I found joy in watching him do that to you. It allowed me to open my eyes and see you for who you really are, a coward. Youíre just a coward that preys on those that you feel are inferior to you and you deserved every bit of what happened to you at Revival.

    Jason smiles at that.

    I couldnít have said it any better myself. We should probably get to why weíre here exactly, instead of wasting any more timeÖ

    He retrieves two sheets of paper, but upon further inspection itís pictures of Mac Michaud and Sterling Jagger.

    I figured that today weíd do a little target practice in preparation for our match with Mac and his new found friend SterlingÖ

    He hangs up the pictures and then moves them back far enough with the machine. They both put on protective equipment for their ears and eyes, and Jason goes first firing a shot at the picture of Mac, hitting him in the chest. He allows Penny to take a shot and she fires a shot at the Mac picture, hitting square between the eyes. They then do the same for Sterling Jagger, but Penny fires at a specific region of Jagger. They bring the pictures back up and admire their handy work, Penny having fired a shot at Jagger nether regions. They remove their equipment and look at the camera.

    It seems that when fighting Mac, I may have forgotten an important rule from Zombieland. Now Mac may not be a zombie, but you must always double tap. Which means, this is the last shot, the kill shot that will put you away for good Mac. This is it Mac, after this we're finished. You're probably thinking to yourself that while I won the battle, you'll win the war, well you're wrong. I'm going to finish what I started and finish what I should have done at Revival, and I'm going to put you out of your misery for good.

    As for you Sterling, you may want to wear protection for the first time in your life.

    Randall laughs and the two of them leave, with the last shot of the scene on their shot up pictures as the scene fades out.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 01/21/19 Promo Thread

    Chapter I
    A Beginning

    The camera turns on to give us a shot of Katie-Lynn Goldsmith backstage in some area of the arena's interview section as she is standing next to an indistinct figure, she gives a wide smile and begins speaking, introducing us to the current segment.

    Goldsmith: Hello everyone of, I'm Katie-Lynn Goldsmith and I'm joined at this moment to the newest signee of the FWA family, one Dominick Armistead-

    ???: Yep, the greatest thing you've ever seen.

    The camera pans out to give us a good look at Dominick Armistead, who just now rudely cut off Katie-Lynn Goldsmith. His hair is slicked nicely and his face slightly unshaven to give us that idea he "doesn't care about how he looks" but in actuality spends about an hour in front of the mirror trying to look like that. He's wearing an expensive looking jean jacket and a blood red t-shirt emblazoned with the words "Born to Rule" in white and a depiction of the Reichksrone behind the lettering. His wrestling tights are an onyx black with grey knee pads and his boots are also blood red with white boot strings.

    Goldsmith: ... Okay? W-well, Mr. Armistead, why don't you familiarize the FWA Universe and the fans with yourself by telling us a little bit about you.

    Dominick's face grows confused as if he couldn't believe what he's hearing. How dare she not know about him. He puts a hand up and interjects, like an asshole, but without a care in the world.

    Armistead: Hold up, hold up. Do you even realize who you're talking to?

    Goldsmith, goes with an impromptu answer as she is unsure what to say.

    Goldsmith: I'm talking to you, yes?

    Dominick can't help but give a chuckle and an exasperated smile, his eyebrows rising damn near to his hair line.

    Armistead: Aha- You are talking to the man who is here to save the FWA from the shit gimmicks they've had over the last couple of years. You're looking at the apex of wrestling, sugar. I am the "Saviour of the FWA", and the first order of business is to prove my greatness by kicking the ass of some scrub. What's his name? Aaron Kendrick, yeah?

    Goldsmith: "The Great I Am" Aaron Kend-

    Dominick cuts her off by waving her off dismissively.

    Armistead: Never heard of him. He's probably the next in the line of the many lame ass gimmicks FWA have been trying to push through to the fans over the years. I'm no gimmick, hon. I'm here to prove to FWA that they should have given me a chance far earlier.

    Dominick Armistead turns to begin walking away, but Katie-Lynn taps him on the shoulder to get his attention again.

    Goldsmith: Excuse me? Could you run that by me one more time?

    An audible groan and sigh comes from Armistead as he turns back to her with a raised eyebrow and a visible scowl drawn across his mouth.

    Armistead: I thought I explained that enough, but I see you're just not getting it. FWA did me wrong by not signing me years back. They made me wallow on the independent scene like low grade garbage and CWA wasn't any better; they rejected me too. That hurt me bad. I could have taken them to new heights and instead they stuck to their damn guns and protected the old guard like the cowards they were. They new if I were signed, nobody would ever be able to touch me in that ring. I'm the greatest thing since Matt Boudreau, god dammit, and when I get in that ring, you'll see; the fans will see too, and maybe, just maybe, FWA will take notice. Ciao.

    Dominick Armistead cracks his knuckles before making a beeline off the screen as Goldsmith pauses, confused and slightly miffed as she feels she was just disrespected in some way.

    Goldsmith: (What the hell was that? I feel like I just got insulted without realizing it-) Uh, thank you for your time, then. Thanks to the FWA Universe for tuning in and we'll see you in the next exclusive interview!

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    Re: Fight Night 01/21/19 Promo Thread

    Itís seven am in Jacksonville, Florida. The sun peaks through the blinds of Tristan James Galloway hotel room. The alarm on TJGís phone goes off, alerting him its time to get up, but Galloway is already awake- heís been awake for quite sometime now. Tristan shuts off the alarm, releases a heavy sigh as he rises to he sits up on the age of the bed. Heís slow to get up, shuffling his way into the bathroom and turns on the warm water to wash his face. Tristan takes a long look at himself in the mirror.

    Youíre losing your edge.

    A man with long black hair slicked back in a black suit appears in the door way of the bathroom. Galloway sees him through the mirror. He quickly turns around, startled.

    Tristan James Galloway: What the hell?

    At first, youíre never say die attitude was admirable. Almost inspiring. Now? Itís rather sad.

    Tristan James Galloway: It happens. Iíll bounce back. My time is coming.

    The man scoffs.

    The Man: How long have I heard that one? ďMy time is coming!Ē My time is coming! Please! When? When all the competition in FWA is gone? Even the elite talent who are here now are gone, there will be better ones to come in and still beat you. Youíll be a perennial guy who is a sympathy booking at this point.

    Tristan grips the edge of the sink tightly as he tries to keep himself composed. Heís on the verge of exploding at the manís taunts.

    Tristan James Galloway: What the hell do you know?

    The Man: I know youíve lost every North American championship match youíve been given.

    Tristan James Galloway: It happens. Itís apart of wrestling.

    The Man: Yet it happens to you all the time. I mean, seriously? You havenít held a championship since the X-Division championship. You had aspirations of being a double champion. Kevin Cromwell took the X title

    Tristan James Galloway: With WOLFís help.

    The Man: And he still has the belt. Speaking of WOLF, how many matches did you have against him and lost? Practically every time you guys met. You lost to him in the tournament to face the World champion. You beat Cyrus Truth.. which is a sign of your potential, if you could get yourself togetherÖ but I donít think you will.

    Tristan James Galloway: So Iíve had a rough go of things.

    The Man: Every. Single. Time.

    TJG walks up to the man, who begins to back peddle a bit.

    The Man: Am I wrong?

    Tristan James Galloway: Oh, so that entitles you to be a dick about it?

    The Man: Itís just a dose of reality,my friend. Whereís the lie?

    Galloway balls his fist up, but relaxes and goes back into the bathroom, going back to taking a long look in the mirror. The man walks up.

    The Man: How many North American championship opportunities did you get, Tristan? Five? And every time you lost. You came close, but lost. What good is a good showing? What does it really do for you? What have you learned from it? Do you see what FWA has done with you? They keep trying and trying to get you over that hump. Theyíve given you the easy matches to build your confidence. They throw you out there against the top talent and they expose you for what you are. Middle of the road. Maybe less than that.

    Tristan James Galloway: Shut up.

    The Man: You excel against the lesser than wrestlers of FWA. And thatís all you'll ever be good at, Tristan.

    Tristan exits the bathroom and heads towards the man again.

    Tristan James Galloway: I said shut up.

    The Man: So many opportunities wasted.

    Tristan James Galloway: SHUT UP!!

    Galloway swings at The Man, but he side steps him. The Man laughs, putting up his ducks taunting The Polynesian Powerhouse.

    The Man: Always swinging, Tris. Yet always missing. Much like your championship opportunities. You know, the FWA used to have such high hopes for you, yet look at them now. They soured on you. They barely put you on the show. Barely promote you. They talk about your heart, dunno what good thatíll do for you in the long room. But hey. Thatís something!

    Tristan James Galloway: It means I never give up. I never will. Iíll always keep fighting for what I want.

    The Man: Something youíll never get it.

    The Man keeps back pedaling away from Galloway, whoís stalking him like an angry bear- lumbering around the room trying to get his hands on him.

    The Man: Youíre going to be remembered as the guy who never made it. We both know that. No matter how hard Romeo Rollings or the FWA pushed to make you something special. Accept that fact.

    At this point, thereís a knock on the door before it opens. Itís Romeo Rollings. He has a big smile on his face until it fades into a look of confusion and disbelief as he watches Tristan Galloway alone knocking over furniture and talking to himself.

    Tristan James Galloway: Do you know how many times Iíve been doubted? How many people that Iíve proved wrong? Itís apart of my life. It always will be. Thereís always going to be people like you who will say I canít do something. I may not have won at Revival, but Iíll be back. I always do. And my time will come. With patience and effort, it will come.

    The Man: (laughs) You sound like a hallmark card.

    Galloway tackles the man and they begin to roll around jockeying for position, but to Romeo itís just his client rolling around on the floor- tipping over of the desk in the corner.

    Romeo Rollings: Um, TristanÖ buddy?

    The Man: If you would have put forth this much fight in the ladder match, you may be the North American champion!

    TJG punches the Man, repeatedly in the face. Romeo watches as he pummels thin air.

    Romeo Rollings: What are you high right now?!

    Tristan James Galloway: Are you always such a smart ass?!

    Romeo Rollings: Are you always this crazy?!

    Galloway is steadily punching at the ground.

    Tristan James Galloway: Not you!

    Tristan goes back to his onslaught.

    Tristan James Galloway: Iím talking about this guy here! Who (smack!) somehow (smack!) got (smack!) inÖ my room!

    Romeo Rollings: (muttering) Thereís literally no one there!

    The Man is bloody and dazed with his head cocked back belly laughing.

    The Man: I bet you Kevin Cromwell will beat you at Fight Night, too. After all, he took the X-Division championship from you.

    Tristan grabs ahold of the manís shirt.

    Tristan James Galloway: Kevin Cromwell ainít getting anything tomorrow night, but an ass whipping! Iím not going down like that again. Iím not going to let you be right! Everyone wants to see me fall! But I wonít! I wont!

    Romeo Rollings finally steps in, slapping Tristan across the face. This gets his attention, but not the kind of attention Romeo Rollings wants right now. He tries his best of calm down the massive man who is ready to rip his head off.

    Romeo Rollings: Hey, hey! Relax, man. Take it easy. Deep breaths.

    Galloway composes himself and his breathing. He glances back at where the man should be, but he sees nothing. He looks back at a puzzled Romeo Rollings, who looks around in disbelief.

    Romeo Rollings: NowÖ do you wanna tell me what in the hell is going on here?!

    Galloway lowers his head in embarrassment. Heís trying to sort through his thoughts to give an explanation.

    Tristan James Galloway: ÖNothingÖ

    Romeo Rollings: Nothing?

    Romeo glances at the destroyed room.

    Romeo Rollings: Are you okay, man? Should I call someone?

    Tristan James Galloway: Iím fine.

    Romeo Rollings: Are you sure?

    Tristan James Galloway: I said Iím fine!

    Romeo Rollings: Alright, alright. If you say so.. I was going to talk with you about the Cromwell match, but.. I think weíll talk later. Sound good?

    Tristan nods dismissively as Romeo nods in agreement before leaving the room. Tristan sits back on the bed, burying his head in his hands.

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    Re: Fight Night 01/21/19 Promo Thread

    Following its general pursuit, the beloved FWA Exclusive logo transitions its way amongst millions of computer screens worldwide. Sitting still in its silent, black surrounding we’ve been left nothing to do, but wait. This is it; this is where we’ll see what’s about to happen tonight, the excitement suffocates the FWA Universe as a collective whole. After a moment’s hesitation, the original video is displayed … or is it? This can’t be right. Everything is dark, abandoned. With the only viable source of light beaming from a grand FWA logo hanging above, only petite portions of this room can be seen through it doesn’t take a keen eye to realise exactly where we are. With the large FWA logo above gleaming down onto a pair of ruby red curtains, it’s obvious to everyone as a whole, we’re backstage, post Revival. Our camera slowly transitions across the room, attempting to pan everything in sight, to the hustle and bustle of the backstage workers running back and forward packing things up as our camera slowly begins to pan across the hallway, do you see it? Do you see her? Standing very still below the grand FWA logo is Bell Connelly, whose appearance sends a chill through the collective systems of the workers not just because of her actions at the end of the show, but also her appearance that is quite frankly chilling. Still in her wrestling gear she was drenched in sweat, her normally gleaming hair matted and covering her face in a messy fashion and of course there was the fact that she was still covered in the blood of Cyrus Truth Breathing heavily, she looks around her eyes shifting back and forward walking forward zombie-like as the many backstage workers did their best not to notice him. Slowly cocking her chin towards her shoulder, cracking her neck, lost in her own little world. Until she suddenly stopped her slow march and gently tilted her head towards a worker sweeping the floor trying very hard not to look unnerved by the black stare Bell was giving her right now, eerily calm she moved towards the worker gently looking her up and down, her expression not betraying how she was feeling for a second. The worker tries to ignore Bell and focus on the floor in the hopes she’d move away, but Bell just got closer and closer until she was practically kissing the poor young woman’s cheek.

    Bell Connelly: “Why won’t you look at me?”

    The question came almost like a hushed whisper that lingered in the air with no emotions behind it whatsoever. The worker doesn’t answer trying to look anywhere but the blood-soaked maniac and focus on her work

    Bell Connelly: Look at me.


    Bell Connelly: Look. At. Me.

    Like someone had flicked a switch in her brain the blank swear turned into an abused, an enraged glare, burning a hole through the workers head,


    As her voice raises and as her eyes continue to bug, what choice did the worker have? Like a deer in the headlights, the worker looks up and meets Bell’s eyes...which causes Bell to snap backing off rapidly


    The worker did the only thing that made sense; She ran, not that it seemed Bell noticed she was too busy ripping at her own hair and retreating into the corner gently rocking back and forward jibbering to herself.

    The following is an extract from Bell Connelly's Journal; marked 20/01/2018, for the benefit of the reader,
    black text has replaced the colouring pencils Bell originally used to write

    Dear, Me, Myself And I

    ....Now comes the part; where I tell you; What’s next for me as I move on to pastures new. , I don't know what the hell is going on, and I’m not sure how much more I can take of this….

    I’ve been here so many times in the past. More than anyone else in the roster. I went out there with the intent to steal breaths away and to most importantly, steal the show… but I couldn’t do that. I I fought my hardest out there, I gave it my all. and you know what I did? I screwed up again. There’s Bell Connelly, right? Always screwing up, always falling to the pressure because she can’t handle the heat when it gets too hot. As I was being escorted out of the ring. The fans just kept praising Shannon and just looked at me with so much shame present on their faces. Is this what I deserve for shedding everything I had left to shed in that ring? I gave these fans everything, hell – I gave Shannon everything I had earlier, and obviously, it wasn’t enough. Should I feel disappointed in myself? Got that right – I failed tonight, and I have to deal with it now. People couldn’t even look me in the eyes as I stared at them with a look that can only beg for help, and not ask for anyone’s pity. I guess you can say that I now hate, I mean HATE Shannon. That woman stole my life away. I lived my life living for the moment, always at the edge of my seat, and always wanting to be on the crazy side of things. As I did that, I had thousands of fans to back me up on EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I managed to do, and what happened? The fans decided to leave me when I needed them the most. I stole that match but the fans were only able to see Shannon making her comeback and me being the loser.

    I don't know what to believe anymore. I don't know who to trust and honestly; I don't know where I can go to. I don't know anything, anymore. My world keeps spinning in a circular
    movement and it isn't going to stop. My world keeps twisting and turning rapidly as the days go by, and that isn't going to stop. My life has become a roller coaster full of ups and downs - and that certainly isn't going to end. . What I possess is a curse. I’ve tried to break,

    But I can’t.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it; I don’t like this person you see in front of you. But I can’t; help that. The demons are ruling my head. Constantly talking never ending. Every second of every day, they just get louder and louder, and it hurts. It physically hurts, and it never stops, and I have to take that out on everyone else to get momentary relief

    That’s what that match was about. At Revival, it wasn’t about pinning Shannon. It wasn’t even about beating her. It was about something more than titles; It was about finding Bell Connelly again; Where is she? Where did she go? She’s drowning in a river of Shannon O’Neal’s betrayal and that what this match was about; Saving my life! I was slaying my demons, finally getting my penance. It was the single most crucial moment of my life. But to Shannon? She didn’t care; this was just her first match back nothing else. I heard the way she was talking. I saw the way she was looking at me. I read the body language. I could have been anyone. I could have been Tommy Thunder or Starr or anyone in between. To her, this was just a standard match. To me? I was fighting to save my soul...I don't think anyone knew that, After I watched that match back all I kept focusing on was what Devin Golden said afterwards

    "This isn't a loss for her, not in my book. And something tells me this thing between these two is far from over.”

    So after that me and Sh-



    I’m not going to drop that. Let’s talk
    about Mr Golden for a second, shall we? Let’s really zero in on that, because I get the things; they say about me. I really do, but the fact that Devin Golden.

    Devin. Golden. Said. That.

    Devin Golden.

    The man who treated Ryan Rondo like a brother and got a knife in his back and got branded Rotten Gold for it.

    ...and now he wants to do the same dance that everyone else does?

    "Man, you were so close Bell!"

    "You looked great out there kiddo!"

    "Golly Gee Bell, You’re great! You lost, you chocked, you weren’t good enough. But don’t give up. You’ll get there one day buckaroo. "

    He spits in my face, and I would spit it right back in his eye if I were sure that line came to him,

    but it didn’t.

    Someone in his ear told him to say that. Someone in the office;

    Oh she lost! But it doesn’t matter, don’t pay attention to wins and losses, keep buying her merch. Keep milking this golden cow.

    The most significant loss of my career and they treat it as meaningless. Like it doesn’t matter. Shannon didn’t care. Devin Golden didn’t care.

    But I do.

    So here I sit, and I wonder….is it worth it any more?

    After all; it should tell me something right when a match that you treat as personally and passionately as you ever treated a match losing to someone who just wanted to use it as a stepping stone, clean as a whistle. I’m so tired of climbing that mountain only to be sent spiralling down again...So tired. So what now?

    Guess, I’ll just have to kill her.




    The moment that bell went my mind about to implode plagued with emotion but with that; came a realisation that the last year of my life.ol. I've been controlled. I've been programmed. And I've been forced to get myself into predicaments that ultimately I didn't want to be in. The fans controlled me. I’ve been pathetic. I’ve been clinging on to the vain hope that I can get them to love me again, but the simple fact is; they don’t want me to recover. They don’t want me to be happy. Because the more I'm happy. The more they resent me, the more that makes me like them - it makes me normal, and they HATE that. So now, the shackles have been removed.

    Now I say no more. ...

    We roll on...

    Ever since Revival people keep asking me the same question.

    Why Bell? Why do what you did against Cyrus Truth, was that you're doing? Did Chris Kennedy tell me to do it?

    I'm lying, by the way.

    Nobody's asked me anything.

    They make assumptions. They always do. No one ever sees the line in the sand.

    But I do.

    But that’s then, and this is now.

    Or rather that will be now, and this will be then, but for now; this is now and not then….right now.

    And right now, the world spins madly on; and this week, I’m in a tag match;

    With Shannon.

    Guess that’s put a damper, on the whole, killing her thing.

    You ever have that moment when you feel like you’re missing something but don’t know quite what it means? I feel like I’ve lost something who'd have figured it'd be so hard to find, huh?! It's not a nice feeling to lose something. You know, that pit in your stomach type deal?! I feel like Michaelangelo minus his nunchucks. The Power Rangers without Zordon. Like Ash Ketchum without his Pikachu! In fact, that comparison - although, I totally feel his pain in such a predicament - is pretty much an understatement. I mean, I like to think I'm a strong person but I honestly can't imagine how people deal with the feeling of loss on a day-to-day basis.

    Oh wait, I know what it is; It’s that back strain, I’ve had for the last one years, from carrying Women’s wrestling on my back.

    Me and Shannon were building toward special, a new beginning for woman wrestling, and we had one more woman on the roster than any time in our history and than round about the time Shannon stabbed me in the back it was me, Izzy and Penny and...well’ that’s it.

    Gabby and Shannon will tell the world, lie to their faces that they love women’s wrestling. That they’re passionate about wrestling, but where were they during the hard times? Where were they when I had to carry the banner for women in professional wrestling all on my lonesome?

    They’re in the main event because of me, and they know it

    I dread to think what’s that like for Gabby especially since that silly, little thing somehow managed to lose the thing most important to her. Dignity

    ...Gosh, that's a little harsh. Don't you think?! But Dignity is an easy thing to lose. Losing your panties now-and-again... it happens. On street corners. But that totally wasn't where I was going with this. Get your mind out of the gutter diary. Then Gabby was a pillar of the female rostershe had established herself as one of the go-to girls; the face of the company; the one who stood out from the rest because of her - keywords here - dedication. So what happened, I hear you ask? She sold out. That's right! She fell victim to the one thing she had strived to be and unfortunately became a product of her own success. If we were in Snow White right now, she'd be the bad apple that's for sure.

    I mean don’t get me wrong, despite this weird vendetta she has against me from the whole Carmel thing, we’re great friends. Of course, we are, why wouldn’t we be? Because of that little girl, we might as well be family, but...She’s here because...well Izzy kept on push, push pushing her buttons. Kept challenging her ego, and I think it’s fair to say that’s a big ol’ button and she left retirement and hey presto; She won! Yay and such.

    But now what?

    I think everyone has forgotten why she left in the first place; She didn’t have that fire in her. She had nothing to prove; she STILL has nothing to prove. She was over it, and she was moving on to movies. We all know what she is. We all know she’s one of the greatest of all time….What else is there for her? What is she fighting for? What I guess the harsh reality is, is that there is nothing. She has nothing to fight for any more, other than clawing frantically for their own legacy. The only cause she should be fighting is against herself. I totally have a PhD in transparency detection, and the conflict is easy to see. I'm the Queen of it. Yet here she is; in the ring again because someone even lightly challenged her ego. Putting her legacy on the line and forcing herself in the spotlight. That's not helping FWA. That's not helping the female roster or women's wrestling in general... it's just proving to the rest of the world exactly why nobody invests their time or energy into it anymore.

    ...And that what it comes down to isn’t it? It's a joke. The women’s division is a joke. Because of people like Shannon O’Neal. Because of people like Gabby putting their egos ahead of what’s right. When I was the woman’s champion, I didn’t run or hide. For nearly two years I made sure every woman who earned a shot at that belt got a shot to prove themselves. I didn’t take shortcuts like Gabby or stab people in the back like Shannon So, congratulations! We don’t even have a belt anymore.

    What a legacy they left behind! Does that make them happy?! Would they like a badge?!"

    If unoriginality were a disease, we'd be in special measures right now. I mean, me personally? I'm already on high alert. I'm a nervous wreck. I feel like I have to look over my shoulder every two case one of them comes along and forces me to submit my individuality. It's like an attack of the clones. I'm Obi-Wan, and I totally know their secret. Each and every one of them may bear a different name, yet they are the same. Izzy...Shannon….Gabby. There's no substance... no ingenuity... just hot air and a penchant for flapping their gums. Say what you will about Izzy at least she backs her words up.'

    I think most people would think, I hate Izzy Von Doren, just because...they think that’s my M.O these days, but I don’t. I really like her. I still have the X-mas gift she sent me I have nothing against her, as such. I'm just not a fan of her skewed idea of a mission statement, it confuses me and trust me, I'm a smart cookie. If I were Izzy, I would be inclined to decipher where her loyalties indeed do lie. What role is she playing, exactly? It makes me wonder exactly, I mean she says she wants to demolish the old school and prove just how badass she is and now she’s teaming with someone she wanted to cripple...I mean….mixed messages much? Going back and forward, flip-flopping at least to my eyes

    "Then again, it could be my 20/20 vision. I don't know; I really should get it checked out.

    "But, I understand she ’s a busy lady. She doesn't have time for lil' ole' Bell! In fact, it must suck. To be teaming with someone you verbally smacked on twitter for months and you got beaten by. Yikes. And considering she ’s in the ring with three former world champions. People may start to believe that the name 'Izzy' is clearly a code word for 'after-thought', no?! And that’s what she fears most, to be an afterthought. So the big question is; like any other tag teams are Gabby and Izzy really out to support each other? Or use each other as a stepping stone? However, there's a much more pressing issue at hand right now. I honestly couldn't care less who or what you associate with. That's your choice. But if there's one thing that I don't like, Izzy, if there is ONE thing that presses my little button it is sheer disregard for other people's work... quite plainly a show of rudeness. I don't like to see people undo the work that I have so bravely fought for these past two months and I'll be damned if you even ATTEMPT to reverse it. I can't describe how much it irks me. It's almost like losing a PS2 memory card. They know. A lot of blood, sweat an tears went into everything on there. Only to have to start over again. Izzy talks about her evolution, but all I see is a regression. You want to be powering forward, but I guess that little name of yours didn't specify the direction you were going in, no? Left, right, up down, backwards... because from what I've seen it clearly isn't forwards. It’s the same as the other two. There's no vision to see the women's division thrive in Izzy, only greed and power-hungry desires. If my crystal ball serves me correctly - which, for the past two matches it has -

    Pop goes Gabby’s arm. Pop. Pop.Pop

    You know, I was one of the first to declare change around here. "And you know what the funny thing was? Is that I made a vow that I was going to be the last. "I don’t need to stab my friends in the back or rely on others like Shannon and Gabby, to do their work for me... they want to see a real movement,? They want to see fighting for a cause is?? You want to see what a real revolution looks like?

    "I'll show them how it's done."


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    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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