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    As pyro rains down from the ceiling, from the stage, to the ramp, to the ring, we soon find ourselves at ringside where the ALL NEW FWA Commentary team is sitting, waiting to welcome us. Rod Sterling and Michael Garcia are both wearing very nice suits, while Devin Golden is wearing a Guns N' Roses T-Shirt and a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap, backwards. They are all sporting smiles.

    Rod Sterling: Ladies and gentlemen, You've been waiting patiently. WE'VE been waiting patiently. Here we are, the time is now! This is...FWA Revival! I'm Rod Sterling, joining me are my broadcast partners. To my left is a man you may be familiar with, former FWA superstar, The Monster Of The Midway, MICHAEL GARCIA! Michael, how are you feeling tonight?

    Michael Garcia: Feels good to be here, Langdon. Err, I mean, Rod. Yeah, feels really good to be here, good to be part of a team.

    Devin Golden: Yeah, well looking back on your FWA Career, you've only ever been successful as part of a time so I get it, Maggle.

    Michael Garcia: EXCUSE ME!?!

    Rod Sterling: Aaaaand on my right is a man who certainly needs no introduction but he deserves one none-the-less. Whether you know him as the multiple time World Champion and FWA icon, or you know him as the current NGW General Manager, fact of the matter is, you DEFINITELY know him. Ladies and gentlemen, DEVIN GOLDEN!

    Devin Golden: Would you look at that. Sterling and Golden. Silver and Gold. We in here, taking over for to 99' and the 2000. Glad to be hear, Roddy. Even being saddled with a waste of space like Maggle Garcia isn't enough to kill my vibe right now.

    Rod Sterling: Well in any event, I couldn't be any more excited about the FWA being back and ready to go. Tonight's main event sees Cyrus Truth defending his FWA Championship against the one and only Phillip A. Jackson!

    Michael Garcia: Let's not forget about Gabrielle Montgomery taking on hotshot up-and-comer Izzy Van Doren in a highly anticipated bout. I'm stoked.

    Devin Golden: That's all fine and all but let's talk about the real reason every is renewing their FWA network subscriptions, and that reason is Shannon O'Neal taking on Bell Connelly in their long awaited rematch. My body is ready.

    Rod Sterling: Really stands as a testament to how big this event is, when you have Gabrielle and Shannon O'Neal both coming out of semi-retirement for this thing. You can feel the energy in the air, you can see it in this capacity crowd. THIS...IS...REVIVAL!!

    No Disqualification Grudge Match
    Jason Randall (w/ Penny) VS The Malevolent Mac Michaud

    The entire arena lights up for a great ovation as Jason Randell slinks out on the stage the confidence in his step/ Clad as always in a black wife beater and jeans. He has a slight smirk as he steps onto the stage and looks around, his head and body swinging around as he takes in his big reaction.

    Devin Golden: Here comes a man who's going to be--oh, hey, what the hell?

    Just as Randall is coming down the ramp, Mac Michaud bursts from a shadowed part of the stage and SMASHES HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM BEHIND!! Randall falls face first onto the aisle, the crowd reaction whiplashing into that of pure heat. Mack isn’t waiting at all he’s bringing the fight right NOW! Mac immediately shows that he wants Jason Randall to be his latest victim by not even waiting for a formal introduction, laying into his opponent right on the aisle. Randall is still bewildered a bit, caught entirely off guard by this monster. He’s being drilled over and over again with hard right hands before Mac steps into his chin and nails a SIDE KNEE LIFT. Randall falls back down, Mac not letting him get any breath and starts laying his vicious boots into the ribs right in the sleeveless t-shirt.

    Rod Sterling: Of all the cheap shots!

    Michael Garcia: Hey, what’s cheap about it?! It’s No-DQ? What did you expect?

    Randall may not be able to breathe at all with those blows as Mac remains relentless on the assault. The fans keep throwing an immense amount of heat at him, which Mac finally acknowledges with a “SHUT UP!” This gets him even more heat, but with it, he grabs Randall and takes him up in a scoop slam position … and SCOOP SLAMS HIM ON THE RAMP

    A sickening THUD sends the crowd reeling, and a slightly evil grin from Mac flashes through. Randall is writhing around until he takes a hand full of hair and walks him down the rest of the aisle before tossing him over the top rope and into the ring.

    Mac takes a moment to sharply stare out over the booing crowd that garners even more heat; Mac waves them off before turning back around to step into the ring himself…but Randall is back up, and uses the top rope to remain vertical … rearing back … AND STRIKES MAC IN THE FACE WITH A MOMENTOUS HEADBUTT!! As Mac reels, he steps away from the ropes, giving Mac enough time and space to take a few steps back …SUICIDE DIVE CONNECTS ON THE RAMP!!


    Mike Garcia: If he doesn't, then he's just as stupid as stupid you are, Golden

    Devin Golden [mocking Garcia]: He'S jUsT as StuPID aS yoU aRE, GLOWDEN

    Rod Sterling: This action has been intense so far, ladies and gentlemen. If you are just now tuning in, Mac Michaud and Jason Randall are putting on a clinic, there bitter feud coming to a head!
    The arena erupts once again, Randall beats his cheat showing he’s certainly not going down without a fight. Already throwing himself at Mac, Randall picks himself up off the aisle to get to his feet, only to be met with all of the crowd chanting his name The Wildcard shows very quickly that he’s happy about that, but his body reminds him of the story of the match and snaps him back into focused and angry mode.

    Randall takes the stunned Mac and strikes him with a hard forearm for good measure before, Randall takes Mac up and lifts him with a scoop lift and takes a few steps to the very edge of the ramp … AND SCOOP SLAMS HIM TO THE FLOOR!! WOW!!

    Mac's spine SPLATS off the padding after being dropped. The crowd is loving that, Randall loving it with them, nodding his head and swiping his thumb across his lips in perhaps some slight cockiness. Getting a bit more comfortable in his own skin is Jason, but he’s not done – payback is clearly on his mind. He again grabs hold of Mac and tugs him up by before grabbing his head … AND BOUNCING IT AGAINST THE RAIL!!

    This softens up Mac even more for Randall to lift him in a suplex position…before setting him on top of the guard rail itself! Mac rather stocky body is dangling – his upper body in the ring area and his feet almost touching some front row fan’s faces. Randall preps himself again, leaping up to the ring apron and looming over his prone prey, looking for an elbow drop …MISSES!! NOBODY HOME!! RANDALL IS STRADDLED ON THE RAILING!!

    The savvy veteran that he is Mac dodges the high-risk move and impales Randall on the steel barrier that separates ringside from the crowd. Mac is actually in the crowd, having avoided the move by shifting his weight and moving into the laps of some fans. With Mac in front of them, the rowdy fans start booing him in his face and at the same time getting away from him, Mac using this to his advantage by actually telling a front row female fan to “get the hell outta your chair!” The female fan scurries out and allows Mac to take her chair…and fold it up. It’s not discernible from any other traditional steel folding chair now; Mac is gearing back … AND BASHING THE STRADDLED RANDALL RIGHT ACROSS THE SKULL WITH THE CHAIR!!!

    Randall nearly flips over himself when he lands on the ring side of the railing. He’s motionless other than slight breathing, the crowd deadening again as Mac takes the chair in his hand and climbs back up over and to ringside. Randall begins to stir just a little bit, trying to get onto his hands and knees. But the Malevolent One catches sight of this and makes Randall pay for his determination with a SICKENING CHAIR TO THE SPINE!!

    Randall yells in pain The Wild Card sprawled out in even more agony. Mac finally drops the chair, slinging it a little ways away. The merciless Mac Michaud is far from finished, now taking the cringing Randall and grabbing a wrist … and IRISH WHIPS HIM RIGHT INTO THE SIDE OF THE RING! As Randall lies motionless with a hand on his spine, all Mac Michard can do is flash a grin.

    The Malevolent One doesn’t let up, even after his satisfying string of offence. He takes the potentially paralysed Randall and pulls him up, forcing him to walk around the outside with him until they get around the announcer’s table. Mac turns Randall around and BOUNCES HIS HEAD OFF THE RING LIP. This is where we get our first real glance at the referee, who can do nothing in this match but record the fall. Randall remains stunned, allowing Mac to wrap around his wrist and then send him running … with a WHIP INTO THE TIMEKEEPER’S AREA!!

    Randall crashes against a series of chairs and forces more people to rush from their seats, this time being the timekeeper and. A cameraman, who wasn’t so lucky to dodge the wild card and falls over and loses some equipment. Mac is dominating here, roaming over to where he flung Randall and taking him back up before smashing him once on the chest for good measure. He then looks down and sees some headphones that the cameraman dropped and grabs hold of it … AND WRAPS THE WIRES AROUND RANDALL’S NECK, CHOKING HIM TO DEATH!! Mac’s choking out Randall with the cameraman’s headphones!!

    Randall’s stretches his arms out in a desperate plea for air, but all Mac does is wrap it tighter. All the while Randall’s face is losing colour, Mac just verbally lets Randall have it taunting him” After the badgering, we can see Randall almost completely lose oxygen, his mouth hanging open and his face turning a deep red-purple. Mac finally mercifully let's go, causing Randall to fall to his knees and then slump to the floor, coughing and trying to find his breath once more. With Randall momentarily incapacitated, Mac looks to do even more damage being the first man in the match to look up under the ring. The proud monster digs for a second before finding … A TABLE!! Mac wants to break Randall by breaking him through a table! There’s a bit of a pop from the crowd, but that’s more from the appearance of the table than them actually wanting to see it. Mac starts playing with the table’s legs, looking to set it up, but he’s only able to set up one side before Randall comes at him with a FLURRY OF PUNCHES!!

    Michael Garcia: Jason Randall is too crazy to know when he’s beat! What a putz!

    Rod Sterling: You may call him crazy, I call him tenacious. I call him persistent, I call him unbreakable!

    Devin Golden: Just don't call him late for dinner.

    Mac is forced to suddenly cover himself up and prop the table on the apron in doing so! He comes to life as Randall breaks out the ol’ fisticuffs on and hopefully fights his way back into this thing. Randall gets several punches in and knocks Mac against the apron, still looking for more. Mac lifts a fist for more punishment … but he’s CLOCKED IN THE FACE BY THE WOODEN TABLE!! Mac uses his surroundings to use the wooden slab itself as a weapon, once again stunning The Wild One. Mac has to drop to his knees and hold himself up by leaning against the announce table,

    Mac takes the table and finishes setting it up, not too far from where Randall is. Before putting Randall on it, Mac takes a few steps over and retrieves his steel chair. He walks up to the kneeling Randal and RAISES THE CHAIR HIGH … NOBODY HOME!! Mac brings the chair down like a guillotine with no one there, Randall moving from his spot at the last minute. Mac drops the chair as Randall looks to fight back once again, more punches being thrown, only for Mac to duck underneath a wild haymaker attempt and PUSH RANDALL INTO AN IRON POST … NO!! Randall is as aware of his surroundings as Mack, stopping himself right before his lips taste steel, but when he turns back around to face Mac, he’s BEHEADED WITH A NASTY SHORT-RANGE CLOTHESLINE!!

    Randall ’s head bounces violently off the padded outside, Mac once again maintaining his control. He takes Mac and shoves him between his legs and turns towards the table, grabbing Randall in a waist lock and looking for a big time powerbomb. Mac hoists Randall up…but Randall grabs the chair from right underneath Mac’s feet … AND CRACKS HIM RIGHT IN THE HEAD WITH THE CHAIR AS HE FLIPS UP!! WOW!! An incredible counter by Randall as he destroys Mac’s head as a powerbomb counter!

    Mac drops to the canvas like a rock in water, Randall getting back in this thing in a huge way! Mac is motionless as Randall tries to shake the cobwebs out of his head. He drops the chair and lifts up Mac’s dead weight, taking him by the head … and sending him FACE FIRST INTO THE IRON POST!! Randall succeeds in what Mac couldn’t do moments ago, further concussing the monster But now it’s Mac’s turn to perhaps looking for something extreme, as he lifts up the ring skirt to rummage around under the ring to find … A LADDER!?!?

    Randall pulls the long apparatus from under the ring, but he doesn’t pick it up. Instead, he ventures back over to a downed Mac and rolls him into the ring. He then takes the ladder and slides it under the ring before following it in, making this the first time in the entire match that both men have been inside the ring at the same time. Randall has to take a moment to gingerly get to his feet, his lower back still feeling the pain from earlier, but he does so with the ladder in hand as Mac starts to groggily get vertical … and TAKES A RUNNING LADDER SHOT TO THE FACE!!

    Mac drops, and his head whiplashes violently, forcing him to roll away in pain. Randall must be feeling more comfortable as himself because he takes a moment to raise the ladder over his head in victory, the crowd reacting appropriately. Mac has rolled all the way across from where Randall is to a corner, using it to get back to his feet. He stays in said corner as Randall gets a look and charges, looking to RAM THE LADDER INTO MAC’S RIBS … NO!! Mac moves away at the very last minute and crunches Randall own body into the ladder. The ladder stays in the corner and Randall grips at his knees for a moment, Mac rolling away to the apron as he escaped. As Randall veers closer to the ropes, Finally grabs hold of Randall – and HITS HIM THROAT-FIRST WITH A HOTSHOT!! Randal’s already tender throat is bounced off of the top rope and sends him to the canvas.

    Mac, meanwhile, drops to the floor on the move, landing on his feet. He lands a tad off balance, leaning up against another part of the steel barrier But as he leans against it, it buckles a bit. Mac notices this and starts tinkering with the section of railing, until … he completely separates it! MAC’S GOT A WHOLE PIECE OF GUARD FENCE AS A WEAPON!! Mac strolls on back into the ring with his new weapon in hand, Randall is trying to get back up … only to get DRILLED IN THE SPINE BY THE STEEL GUARD RAIL … NO!! Randall swiftly moves out of the way at the very last second, leaping up for a dropkick…Mac instinctively throws up his rail-holding hands in defence… and gets a face full of steel as he dropkicked the rail into his face! A loud “OOOH” comes from the crowd, as Mac is hit so hard, he rolls back under the ring to the outside, flopping to the padding.

    The crowd is again in a frenzy of chants, Randall again having to regain himself slowly and tend to his back. He takes a peek to the outside and sees Mac trying to regain himself. Randall takes a step and sees the guard rail still in the ring, taking it in his hands and suddenly running towards the corner with the ladder in it … CLIMBING THE LADDER LIKE A STAIRCASE AND LEAPING FROM IT … AND LANDS ON MAC WITH THE GUARD RAIL!! A LADDER-AIDED FLYING CROSSBODY WITH THE STEEL RAILING!!

    Rod Sterling: Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!

    Devin Golden: Jason Randall is putting his body on the line all in the name of slaying this monster!

    “HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!” chants immediately start kicking up, but now both men are down and feeling the effects of the completely unorthodox offence of this match. The crowd remains buzzing as The Wild Card rolls off of Mac’s body, taking the guard rail with him and setting it aside.

    Randall is the first man to get to his feet, still a tad wobbly. He once again drags Mac to his feet, pulling him along until they reach the table still set up on the outside from earlier. Randall lays Michaud flat across the wooden slab and clubs him on the chest a couple of times for good measure before rolling into the ring and slowly climbing to the top rope. The crowd is all on their feet, looking for what could be an incredible spot here … but Mac jumps off the table and strikes Randall in the side of the head with a leaping blow.

    Mac then starts to climb to the apron and starts a back and forth battle with Randall, neither man wanting to make the big drop that could decide the difference in the match. Randall starts pulling away, knocking Mac over and over with hard right hands. Mac begins to slump, being forced to hold onto the top rope for dear life with one hand, his other hand dangling lifelessly and getting dangerously close to the table. But just as Randall rears back for perhaps the big blow, Mac’s dangling arm grabs something that we can’t see, concealed by the steel ring steps in front of it. Mac goes for one more punch…but Mac brings up his arm … AND BREAKS A LIQUOR BOTTLE OVER RANDALL’S HEAD!! Glass goes everywhere as alcohol covers Randall’s face, his temple possibly ruptured, as is dead weight takes him forward … AND HE FALLS FROM THE TOP RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE!!


    Rod Sterling: Where did that bottle come from!?

    Devin Golden: I wouldn’t put anything past Mac in a match like this. But Maggle might have a point; this is looking REALLY bad for Randall right now

    The crunch of the table gets the crowd in another frenzy, as buzz consumes the building with Mac looking on the carcass of Randall. Another grin envelops Mac’s face as he drops from the apron to the floor and picks up the decimated Randall rolling his dead weight into the ring. Even though it’s unsanctioned, any pinfalls would have to take place in the ring. But Mac isn’t even going for a pinfall yet. After rolling Randall in, Mac roams back over to around the still untidy timekeeper’s area and bends over to get something. He comes back up to reveal a steel chair is in hand. Mac rolls into the ring with the chair ready for destruction, not even waiting for Randall to drift to his feet. Instead, the still lifeless body of Randall is forced to sit upright, Mac rearing back … AND CRACKING RANDALL IN THE TEMPLE WITH THE CHAIR

    Michael Garica: METS WIN! METS WIN!

    Rod Sterling: “That’s it. It’s over. I hope after a shot like that, this ends right now, but I doubt that’ll happen.

    All air seems to have left the arena r now, as Mac is seemingly making good on his promise to finish his destruction of Janson Randall. Mac was seemingly enjoying this now. Randall’s body has no signs of life as the referee checks on him, but Mac suddenly stops laughing and smiling to actually tug the ref away from Randall’s body. Michaud then goes back outside and throws the top layer of steel ring steps away, revealing the bigger, heavier base ring steps. Mac grabs the big base and throws it through the middle ropes into the ring, soon following it back in.

    There are much more incredibly sinister notions still on Mac’s mind as he gets the huge steel steps base in his grasp, hoisting it up. Randall is only now beginning to truly stir, his drunk body motions now matching the alcohol that’s still being mixed with the sweat on his face. Randall stumbles and struggles mightily, but when the ref asks him if he wants to stop, Randall still has enough in him to shove him away. Randall gets to his feet on spaghetti legs and turns back towards Mac … the monster rushes… AND DRILLS Randall IN THE HEAD WITH THE MASSIVE STEEL RING STEPS!! Randall is cracked right between the eyes and goes down flat, the sickening thud completely deadening the crowd.

    Mac places the steps in a corner after he rushes, but another look down reveals that Randall has been BUSTED OPEN. And even still, Mac isn’t satisfied. He doesn’t go for a pinfall attempt on Randall. He does try to approach him, but the official gets in the way and says he has to check on him. Mac almost throws the ref out of his face to get back at Randall. Mac oddly starts clawing at Randall’s clothing, ripping at his t-shirt until his upper body is exposed.

    Whatever Mac has in mind here, The official again mercifully tries to get in the middle of. Mac again looks to toss the ref aside, but it looks like he’s tugging at the referee’s pants…?? The odd gesture comes to fruition in a moment when we see that Mac has ripped the leather belt holding the referee’s pants up from around his waist.

    Rod Sterling: Oh I don’t like where this is going

    An entirely new ominous wind blows across the arena, everyone knowing what’s coming next, but everyone’s powerless to stop it … as Mac WHIPS RANDALL ACROSS THE EXPOSED SPINE WITH THE LEATHER BELT!! The sickening SMACK of leather on skin makes everyone’s blood curl, especially when Randall’s cries of pain can be heard through the harrowing silence. But Mac rears back and WHIPS Randall YET AGAIN, even more, screams coming now. We can see two long red marks etched in Randall’s back, just marks of the agony he’s going through.

    The cruelty is just raging inside Mac’s eyes, not letting up in the slightest. He finally drops the belt, which the official quickly snaps back up to get it out of Mac’s grasp, as well as to continue to hold his pants up. Randall is a pile of pain at this point, Mac having to kick him around to get him to move where he wants. He gets him out of the centre of the ring, only to go back and grab the steel ring steps and throw it down in the centre. The groaning carcass of Randall is grabbed once again, Mac stepping up and on top of the steel steps. Mac continues to drag the body of Randall up, pulling it on top of the steps with him. He then hosts it up and sends him over the shoulder. The entire crowd is silent, knowing exactly what kind of ominous ending Mac has in mind. Mac grabs hold of Randall’s head … and goes for the F5KO ON THE STEEL RING STEPS. … but Randall shows some miraculous sign of struggle…Mac keeps the grip and looks about to deliver it when he gets hit in the face by...something plush and soft...FRED?! A pop goes through the crowd as Penny has crept into the ring and thrown Fred at the monster, screaming at Fred “SIC ‘EM BOY.”

    Michael Garcia: “Who the hell invited her?! Get out of the ring, there’s room in the hospital for you too!

    With Randall still on his shoulders, Michaud looks utterly bemused by this turn of events and that momentary distraction is all Randall needs to wriggle free!! He barely escapes the death sentence move, Mac quickly turning around to see Randall on weak legs…only for Randall to take the feet from under Mac with a very clutch LOW SPINNING SWEEP!! Mac falls backwards, his head BOUNCING OFF THE STEEL RING STEPS!

    Randall shows the slightest glimmer of hope, Mac now gripping his head in pain as Randall groggily steps over and grabs the chair. And Penny scampers out of the ring. Mac rolls off the steps and to his feet, but he’s immediately met by Randall CLOCKING HIM IN THE SKULL WITH THE CHAIR The crowd goes ballistic as Mac drops to a knee following the blow, but Randall isn’t done. He sees the prone Mac and rears back again … AND SMASHES THE CHAIR ACROSS MAC’S FACE!! THE CHAIR BENDS AND DISTORTS Randall completely destroys the chair and throws what’s left of it away before forcing his body in motion and rolling outside the ring towards Penny, who pouts for a second “Aw, you broke your toy, don’t worry I got you a new fun one! Say Hello to the Monster Masher! Penny throws up the ring skirt. And looks but no one is prepared for what she pulls out. She rummages around for a moment before pulling out a doozy – A STEEL CHAIR – THAT’S BEEN WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE!! Which she hands to Randall

    Rod Sterling: Ohhhhhh Boy.

    Devin Golden: Leave it to Penny to bring that “Toy” down to the ring with her

    There’s no way to sugar coat it. Randall has taken the mother of all beatings, but the moment Penny takes out her secret weapon he looks reenergized, smiling he slidies back under the ring and moves over towards an attempting to recover monster… He lifts “The Monster Masher” … AND SMASHES IT INTO MAC’S SPINE, DRIVING BARBS INTO IT AT THE SAME TIME!!

    Unlike most chair shots, that one isn’t nearly as loud, nor is it easy to get off of the body, as the barbs get caught in Mac’s ring attire as Randall tries to pull it up. It just makes the impact more look more brutal when Randall has to hold Mac’s body steady with a leg... But Randall isn’t done. He doesn’t go for a pinfall either, although he clearly could, looking to make Mac reap everything he’s sown. Mac now grips at his lower back, trying with all his might to get to his feet … only for Randall to SMASH HIM WITH ANOTHER BARBED-WRAPPED CHAIR SHOT!! He aims higher this time, making sure to get more skin than clothing!!

    Randall doesn’t drop the chair, instead of taking this time to perhaps tend to his own wounds. He tries to wipe some of the blood off his face to get him to see better, but there’s still oh so much remaining. He leans against an empty corner to gather his breath, never taking an eye off of the cruel man before him. Mac takes a while to get vertical again, stumbling a great deal and having to tend to his back every second. When he finally gets up, he turns around, only to see Randall waiting with the chair … and TOSSES IT AT Mac – NO!! Mac catches it, but it’s still at face level…HE DROPKICKED THE BARBED WIRE STEEL CHAIR INTO HIS FACE!! THE STEEL AND THE BARBS ARE RIPPED INTO MAC’S FACE!! HOLY SHIT!!

    Mac falls as the crowd roars, his forehead gashed from the impact and causing Mac to now have BLOOD all over his face. Randall wobbles back to his feet and grabs the chair, finally throwing it out of the ring. Randall could once again go for a cover, but all he does is stare blankly into the eyes of a bleeding man who he has wronged him in so many ways. He looks over to Penny and Fred at ringside he mouths “More?” Penny giggles and nods over and over, Randall then drags Mac’s corpse over to a far corner, forcing him to sit against the lower rungs. And goes over to grab the steel ring steps and plants them in the centre of the ring and drags Mac’s prone body up on them with him, under hooking both arms…


    The arena comes to life yet again and knows where this could be going, Randall savors the moment before peeling back. DEUCES WILD ON THE STEEL STEPS OHH MY GOD!!!

    Randall shifts his hips from his seated position and gets back to his feet, still dragging his leg from all the damage he’s taken. But one look at Mac and you wouldn’t know who has taken more, as his crimson mask now taking up more than his face and looking all the more gruesome. But as Randall rests up. Penny starts banging her hands against the apron to get Jason’s attention and starts waving a lone finger in the direction of Jason.


    Randall peers through his blood in awe at Penny…before getting to his feet again. The crowd goes nuts as Randall stands tall once again, but like last time, He stares a hole at the crowd before he points at Penny “ This is for you!” The crowd pops once more for that as Randall delivers DEUCES WILD ON THE STEPS AGAIN

    Mac Michaud looks like he’s been through a bomb explosion, blood plastered all over his dome we can see the ref call for EMTs, Randall having to sit on the steps for support more than a little calm. He makes eye contact with Penny once more who looks like she’s having the time of her life “Has he had enough?” Penny considers it for a moment looking over to Fred in her arms for advice “...Not quite yet”

    Michael Garcia: OH COME ON!

    Devin Golden: You reap what you sow, bitch. Mac has had this coming for a long time.

    Randall smiles like the sick nut he is and takes the ladder and setting it up in front of the corner. Randall approaches the limp body of Mac and pulls him towards the centre ring. Randall isn’t waiting on EMTs, opting instead to CLIMB THE LADDER. The crowd is going nuts at what they’re potentially about to see, the ref begging him to come down and not do this, holding the ladder itself (conveniently, he’s also holding it steady…). Randall doesn’t care, reaching the top and standing as straight as he can without losing his balance, he stares down at Mac. and shouts down at him.


    He leaps off… ELBOW DROP FROM THE LADDER! Randall meets Mac’s body with a THUNDEROUS impact, momentarily throwing himself off of Mac’s body. The bloody and ravaged Randall looks at Penny once more who gives him a big thumbs up, and he crawls over with the little power he has left, wrapping his legs around Mac’s with a double leg hook for the very first pinfall attempt in this entire match –


    Winner: Jason Randall

    X-Title Championship Match
    Risky Douglas (w/ Jack Adams) VS Dave Sullivan (C)

    The crowd gives a mild pop as Risky Douglas's theme song plays over the arena's sound system. Risky comes running out with a big smile on his face, and Jack Adams at his back. Risky's energy is through the roof right now and he rallies the fans to their feet, which sees an improvement in his crowd reaction. He smiles and nods his head before high fiving Jack Adams.

    Rod Sterling: Huge opportunity for Risky Douglas tonight, guys. Could this be HIS revival? Could he take the X-Championship home tonight and re-write his career? It's the question on all of our minds.

    Michael Garcia: That's gonna be a hard "NO" from me, dawg. I don't see Risky dethroning THE KING! Not on his best day.

    Devin Golden: I don't know man. I think Risky is cool. I also think Dave Sullivan is a Turd Taco. I want Risky to win this, but will he? Remains to be seen.

    Michael Garcia: A TURD TACO? Have some respect for our X-Champion? What have YOU ever accomplished in your career?

    Devin Golden: I'm still waiting for my big break, hopefully one day I can have a career as esteemed as yours, Maggle.

    *Rod Sterling chuckles*

    Dave Sullivan's theme song hits and he comes out to a very strong reaction, even if it's a mix of boo's and cheers. He holds the X-Championship high above his head for the world to see, while never taking his eyes off of Risky. He struts down the ring as if he's the king of the world because in his mind, he is. He slides into the ring and reluctantly gives his belt to the referee before assuming his corner.

    The bell rings and Sullivan ducks a lock up and hits Risky with a right to the back of the head. Sullivan hits Risky with a series of strikes, backing him into the corner before being pushed away and hit with a big right hand. Risky hits Sullivan with a series of rights before hitting a big suplex and trapping Sullivan in a rear chin lock. Sullivan fights to his feet and hits Risky with a bit head butt, but is caught with a huge backbreaker from Risky. Risky kicks and stomps Sullivan in the back before hitting him with a giant right to the side of the head. Risky whips Sullivan into the corner hard and attacks him in the corner, burying his shoulder in Sullivan’s midsection before hitting him with another big right.

    Rod Sterling: Strong showing from Risky Douglas!

    Michael Garcia: But can he capitalize? Risky Douglas is the Ryan Fitzpatrick of the FWA. Comes out the gate strong, get's gassed out fast.

    Devin Golden: You would be the expert on gas. Light a match every once in a while, Garcia.

    Risky hits Sullivan with a big kick, but Sullivan comes back and sweeps Risky’s legs out, taking him down to the mat. Sullivan brings the fight to Risky with punches and kicks before grinding his elbow into Risky’s back, then hitting a dragon screw. Sullivan hits Risky with an elbow drop before wrenching his head and neck. Sullivan lets Risky stand and clamps on a headlock, tries to transition into a neckbreaker, and is pushed off into a big slam from Risky. Risky catches Sullivan with a big kick to the chest before heading to the top. Sullivan stops Risky and attacks for a bit before being pushed away. Sullivan ducks a flying clothesline from Risky and hits a flying elbow of his own that’s good for two.

    Devin Golden: So close!

    Rod Sterling: This match could have and maybe should have ended there!

    Michael Garcia: Yeah but where's the fun in THAT!?!

    Sullivan locks in a modified dragon sleeper before dropping it and clamping on a sleeper hold. Risky stands with Sullivan on his back and crushes him in the corner, but then he runs into a back elbow from Sullivan. Sullivan jumps from the middle rope and is caught with a fist to the gut from Risky. Risky wraps his hand around Sullivan’s throat, but Sullivan fights it off, only to eat a boot to the side of the head. Risky hits a low dropkick to a seated Sullivan that’s good for another two count. Sullivan fights back, trying for a sunset flip, but Risky pulls him to his feet. Sullivan traps Risky in the ropes for a huge dropkick that’s good for a two count.

    Sullivan teases going for an off the top maneuver, but Risky yanks him down from the top rope, hits him with two big running splashes before connecting with a giant sidewalk slam that’s good for another two count. Risky heads to the top rope and catches Sullivan with a big flying clothesline. Sullivan ducks out to the apron and catches Risky, snapping his neck over the top rope. Risky responds with a big boot that sends Sullivan to the floor. Risky follows to the outside and Sullivan slaps Risky. Risky responds, hitting Sullivan with a huge right that drops him. Risky dismantles the Spanish announcer’s table and grabs Sullivan around the throat. Sullivan hits the DDT on the outside, and heads back in the ring, hoping that Risky would be counted out. Sullivan takes a breather in the corner as the ref counts Risky out. 1...2..3..4..5..Risky is now on his feet. 6...7...He slowly makes his way back to the ring. 8...9...Risky finally makes his way back into the ring at the last second. Sullivan charges at Risky but Risky side steps him. Risky tries to kick Sullivan in the gut but Sullivan grabs his foot and pushes him back a bit. With space between them now, Sullivan hits a RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!

    One... Two... Three!

    Winner and STILL FWA X-DIVISION CHAMPION: Dave Sullivan

    Tag Team Title #1 Contenders Match
    The New Breed (The Prototype and The Protege w/ Mike Parr) VS
    Warriors Of Virtue (Lord Dog and XYZ)

    Devin Golden: Well boys, our next match will certainly have a lot riding on it as it’ll be The Prototype & The Protege of The New Breed taking on XYZ & Lord Dog aka, Warriors of Virtue in a number one contender match for the FWA Tag Team Championship which are currently held by The PAJ Project

    Rod Sterling: You’re not wrong there Devin, there will be a lot riding on this match for both teams. Both will be looking for a win in order to take that next step towards becoming tag team champions

    Michael Garcia: Whoever it is that wins this match I hope they beat the piss out of PAJ and Maximus when that match takes place

    Devin Golden: Take it easy there Mike, try to remain professional here

    Before Garcia can retort he’s cut off by the sounds of “Sick” by Adelita’s Way, indicating the arrival of The New Breed, The Prototype & The Protege accompanied by their mentor Mike Parr. The booing from the fans rain down on the trio, yet they pay no mind.

    Ring Announcer: Making their way, being accompanied by “The Prodigy” Mike Parr. They weigh in at a combined weight of four hundred & seventy five pounds, The Prototype & The Protege Sean Hughes...THE NEW BREED!

    The New Breed waste no time getting in the ring while Parr stays at ringside. Their music fades out and is soon replaced by “One Headlight” by The Wallflowers and XYZ steps out on stage to resounding ovation from the sold out Amway Center in Orlando. XYZ soaks it all in for a moment before his music fades out and is replaced by “Stir it Up” by Patti Labelle, and another resounding ovation as Lord Dog makes his way out and joins his partner on stage before making their way down to the ring.

    Ring Announcer: and their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of three hundred & ninety-four pounds, XYZ & Lord Dog...THE WARRIORS OF VIRTUE!

    Rod Sterling: Well one thing is for sure, The New Breed have the weight advantage over The Warriors of Virtue

    Michael Garcia: I have a feeling we’re going to see these two pipsqueaks get squashed by The New Breed tonight!

    Devin Golden: Oh ye' of little fait, Maggle, I wouldn’t count out XYZ and Lord Dog just yet. They’ve shown before that they’ve got heart and determination.

    Michael Garcia: That can only get you so far Golden, you as well as anyone should know that

    Devin Golden: I don't know, man. I think it got me farther than. say, anyone at this commentary table but this isn’t about me or my past, this is about tonight and these two teams gunning it out to determine who will face PAJ and Maximus for the FWA Tag Team Championship.


    It’ll be XYZ kicking things off for his team taking on “Protege” Sean Hughes of The New Breed. Right off the bat they go in for a lock up and Protege pushes XYZ back a corner, keeping himself locked up with XYZ until the referee is forced to break it up. After doing so however, Protege cheap shots XYZ with a right jab much to the dismay of the fans, and he continues his relentless assault on XYZ in the corner with a lefts and rights as well as some well placed kicks until the referee breaks it up again. This gives XYZ time to recover and regain his composure, but not for long because out of the corner of his eye he catches Protege charging in and instinctively he rolls out of harm’s way! Protege stops himself before taking himself out in the corner but XYZ is still one step ahead of him and connects with an enziguiri kick to the temple that has Protege in a daze as he stumbles out of the corner and XYZ takes him by the wrist transitioned into a leg sweep and then into a front-flip-leg-hook pin but Protege manages to kick out before the count is made in time…

    Devin Golden: Things starting out the right way for XYZ and Lord Dog, possibly catching The New Breed off guard

    Michael Garcia: Give it time Golden, it’s only the first few minutes of the match, what was that you said about not counting anyone just yet

    Rod Sterling: He’s got you there Devin, hahaha

    Devin Golden: It ain't over until Michael Garcia's mom starts singing, fellas.

    Michael Garcia: Hey, now wait just a minute, I got something to say to that.

    Devin Golden: Oh I'm sure you do.

    *Rod Sterling chuckles*

    XYZ makes the tag to Lord Dog much to the delight of the fans and Lil’ WOLF comes into the match as Protege is on his feet, and Lord Dog leaps in the air as he’s running and looks for a superman punch but Protege side steps him and catches Lord Dogg from behind with a waist lock yet LD fights out of it with some back elbows that take Protege off of him. Lord Dog spins around and nails Protege with a backflip kick that sends reeling backwards near his corner, unfortunate for Lord Dog as the blind tag is made by Prototype and the big man charges in with a clothesline attempt but LD ducks underneath it and looks for a pele kick to the big man but Prototype swats him away like an annoying fly and then hoists him position before sending him crashing down to the canvas with a powerful dragon suplex! The tag is made once more to Protege and he comes in off the tag, climbing up top and coming down on Lord Dog with a leg drop! He follows up with a pin…


    Lord Dog with a shoulder up and Protege tags Prototype back in, and the big man comes in and stomps away at LD on the mat, while taunting XYZ and Parr cheers on his men while the fans do not like this. Prototype brings Lord Dog up and hits him with a ripcord knee! Lord Dog on dream street now and the tag is made back to Protege. Protege comes in off the tag while Prototype holds LD up on his shoulders and Protege comes off the top rope with a clothesline knocking LD clean off Prototype’s shoulders and to the mat! Another pin attempt made by Protege…


    Protege applies a head lock to slow down the pace of the match and wear down LD while XYZ is eager to get in and relieve his partner in need. The crowd begins to get behind LD while XYZ rallies them on and it seems to be working as LD shows signs of life and starts to get fired, and slowly rises up and drives several elbows to the gut of Protege until he releases his head lock. LD takes Protege in and hits him with a snap suplex! Lord Dog is fired up now and climbs up top as Protege stumbles to his feet, and once he does Lord Dog comes off the top rope...CHOCOLATE RAIN! Lord Dog follows up with the pin…


    Protege kicks out and Lord Dog rolls off of Protege, and crawls over to his corner where he makes the tag to XYZ just as Prototype is tagged in and connects with a running knee strike!

    Devin Golden: He didn’t get all of that knee strike though!

    Rod Sterling: Can XYZ capitalize?

    Prototype sends XYZ to the corner but XYZ runs up the turnbuckle, back flips over Prototype and once Prototype turns around XYZ hits him with a head-scissors takedown! The crowd is going nuts as the adrenaline is surging in this match and XYZ waits as Prototype gets up...RUNNING TORNADO DDT! He makes the cover, hooking the leg…


    Mike Parr had pulled the referee out of the ring, and they begin arguing but the referee quickly scurries away in time for Lord Dog to come off the top rope...CHOCOLATE RAIN TO PARR ON THE OUTSIDE! Lord Dog hurries back to his feet but on the outside Protege cleans his clock with a superkick! Protege checks on his mentor, Parr, who tells him to get back to the match. Protege re-enters the ring just in time as XYZ is up and ducks a move from XYZ, and nails him with a superkick! XYZ groggily stumbles back into Prototype, who is up and hits XYZ with GENESIS! The pin is made is…

    One…two...THR-KICK OUT BY XYZ!

    Devin Golden: Oh my god, how is this dude still alive?!

    Rod Sterling: The punishment he’s taken and he’s still in this, like you said Devin, heart

    Michael Garcia: Stupidity is more like it, just stay down

    Devin Golden: I don’t believe that’s in XYZ’s playbook, Maggle.

    The New Breed cannot believe, Parr included, who is still recovering on the outside but has seen what has gone down. Parr begins barking orders at his men, telling them to finish XYZ off. Prototype makes the tag to Protege, making him the legal man, and then holds XYZ in a rear waist lock and Protege goes for the superkick but XYZ manages to duck out of the way just in the nick of time and Protege nails his own partner with a superkick! Prototype falls to the mat while Protege is in shock and Parr is beyond irate on the outside. Meanwhile, Lord Dog has recovered and is on the apron, and XYZ manages to make the tag to him. Protege is unaware that the tag was made as he was checking on Prototype, and as he turns around he’s drilled with a superman punch from Lord Dog followed by a kick to the midsection, bringing him down to his knees and Lord Dog runs the ropes...CURB STOMP! HE HITS IT! HE MAKES THE COVER!


    Ring Announcer: The winners of the match, The Warriors of Virtue!

    FWA North American Championship Ladder Match
    Tristan James Galloway VS Kevin Cromwell VS Tommy Thunder
    VS Aaron Kendrick VS Starr (C)

    The bell rings and all five men square off. Kendrick tries to clothesline Thunder, but Thunder ducks and attacks both opponents, tossing Kendrick over the top and out to the floor. Thunder tries for a quick roll up, but hot shots Cromwell into the canvas when that doesn’t work. Kendrick heads back to the apron but Heyman tells him to wait it out. Cromwell recovers and tosses Thunder to the outside and Thunder slams Kendrick’s head into the apron before sending him back into the ring for a pump-handle slam from Cromwell. Thunder comes in to break up a pin and tries for the SCF on Cromwell, but Cromwell shrugs it off. Thunder hits Kendrick with a huge right and Cromwell hits Thunder with a huge kick for a near fall. Cromwell stomps the back of the Thunder’s head before taking him into the corner.

    Starr and Galloway lock up. Galloway backs Starr into the corner and shoves him upon breaking. Starr shoves back and Galloway laughs it off. Anoter lockup and Starr goes behind, but Galloway reverses. Starr takes Galloway down to the mat and ties up his legs before being tapped in a hammerlock. Starr fights to his feet and hits a snap mare to send Galloway to the mat. Another lockup and Galloway locks Starr right into a headlock. Starr pushes him off, but eats a shoulderblock right away. Starr pops right up and delivers a dropkick to Galloway before catching him in a headlock of his own.

    Cromwell lays Thunder on the top turnbuckle and kicks him in the gut. Thunder tries to mount a comeback, but Cromwell catches him with another stiff kick to the gut. Cromwell cuts Kendrick off from coming back into the ring, but the distraction leads to him getting hung up on the top rope when he misses a kick. Kendrick heads into the ring and avoids a neckbreaker from Thunder, hitting a big dropkick. Kendrick takes Thunder into the corner and kicks and punches away at him. Kendrick takes Thunder out of the corner and hits a flipping snapping neckbreaker to a seated Thunder that’s good for a two count. Kendrick hits Thunder with a knee to the gut for another two count.

    Galloway fights to his feet and Starr targets the arm before backing Galloway into the corner and burying his shoulder into Galloway’s midsection. Galloway and Starr trade chops before Galloway attacks Starr in the corner and stomps away at him repeatedly. Starr tries for a tornado DDT out of the corner, but Galloway tosses him away and sends him to the outside over the top rope. Galloway hits the ropes and drops Starr with a baseball slide to the outside. Starr gets back to the apron and catches Galloway throat first across the top rope. Starr heads to the top and hits Galloway with a double axe handle smash. Starr traps Galloway in a keylock hold.

    Kendrick puts his boot on Thunder’s face and grinds it in before picking him up and hitting him with a big right hand. Kendrick slams Thunder’s face into the canvas. Thunder tries to fight back, but Kendrick hits him with a series of clubbing blows to the back. Thunder comes back with a series of rights and kicks, but Kendrick comes up with a giant side suplex that plants Thunder on the back of his head. Cromwell comes in to break up the pin and attacks Kendrick in the corner, viciously stomping away. Cromwell whips Kendrick into the corner, but runs into a big clothesline from Thunder. Thunder catches both men with clotheslines and kicks before tossing Kendrick into Cromwell. Thunder hits Cromwell with the corner clothesline and catches Cromwell with a shoulder to the gut. Thunder hits a double axe handle to Cromwell. Thunder tries for the figure four on Cromwell, but Cromwell kicks him away and hits the winds of change.

    Galloway fights up and out of the hold with a couple of chops, but runs right into a knee to the gut from Starr that’s good for another two count. Starr continues to work on the arm, trapping it and wrenching away in an attempt to wear down Galloway. Galloway fights over and hits Starr with a series of punches of the side of the head to break the hold. Galloway hits Starr with a big knee, but then runs right into a big boot from Starr. Starr heads to the apron and goes for a springboard clothesline, but Galloway ducks it and Starr crashes to the mat. Galloway hits Starr with a couple of big shoulderblocks before heading up to the top for an axe handle smash of his own. Galloway plants Starr with a bulldog.

    Cromwell and Kendrick break up each other’s finishers on Thunder, but Kendrick hits the perfect-plex on Cromwell. Thunder breaks up a pin at two. Thunder avoids a back suplex from Kendrick and hits The Eye Of The Storm . Cromwell tosses Thunder from the ring and goes for the pin, but Thunder drags Cromwell out of the ring. Thunder traps Kendrick’s leg in the corner and hits a running dropkick before trying to the figure four. Kendrick kicks him off into Cromwell’s arms. Thunder reverses Cromwell and tosses Kendrick out of the ring. Thunder traps Cromwell in the middle of the ring in the figure four.

    Galloway misses a legdrop and Starr capitalizes in a flash, hitting him with series of kicks. Starr hits Galloway with a knee to the gut before sending him into the corner and following with a knee to the face. Starr goes for the bulldog, but Galloway pushes him off and hits the lionsault for a two count. Galloway kicks Starr in the shoulders, then the ribs. Starr gets up and shoulders Galloway but Galloway fights out. Galloway tries for a Boston Crab, and he’s able to turn Starr over. Starr shakes his head and reaches for the ropes, but he’s in the middle of the ring. Starr rolls through and grabs Galloway around the head, pulling himself and hitting a couple of rights before hitting his finisher!

    Thunder is back in with a ladder. Kendrick and Thunder drop the ladder exchanging shots. Thunder with big elbows. Cromwell nails a ladder against the back of Thunder. Kendrick pushes Cromwell away. Starr with a shot on Kendrick. Thunder scoop slams Starr over a ladder. Galloway , now back on his feet, with a neckbreaker on Thunder over a ladder. Kendrick clears house and throws a ladder at Starr. Kendrick sets up a big ladder. Cromwell and Thunder throw him off. Blue Thunder Bomb by Thunder on Cromwell. Kendrick with a high back body drop on Thunder. Thunder lands back first over a ladder against the ropes. Galloway drops Kendrick and starts setting up the ladder. Galloway is near the top when Cromwell cuts him off. Starr pushes over the ladder crotching Galloway and sending Cromwell off. Thunder throws Starr off the ladder and over the top rope. Thunder clears house. Starr off the ladder springboarding himself off taking out Cromwell, Kendrick and Galloway at ringside. Thunder eats a superkick from Cromwell at ringside. Kendrick eats a superkick inside the ring. Starr eats a superkick as well. Galloway is in next, gets launched into a ladder head first and eats a superkick from Cromwell. Cromwell is climbing up the ladder when Kendrick cuts him off. Cromwell and Kendrick both land a superkick at the same time.

    Starr, with ladder in hand, clears house on Galloway, Cromwell, and Thunder inside the ring. Kendrick cuts it off and hits a bulldog on Starr over the ladder. Kendrick drops Thunder over the ladder. Kendrick throws one of the ladders out and gets in a shot on Starr as another ladder was being brought in. Thunder jumps and throws big rights at Kendrick. Kendrick cuts off Thunder. Thunder falls over a ladder. Kendrick comes off the top and connects with a frog splash on Thunder over the ladder! Kendrick got some serious height on that jump. Kendrick with a Pop Up Powerbomb on Cromwell. Galloway takes out Kendrick, climbs up the ladder, gets to the other side and drops a flying elbow over Kendrick from the top of the ladder! Cromwell and Galloway are brawling back at the top of the ladder. Cromwell pulls Galloway off connecting with a facebuster. Cromwell favors his knee immediately.

    Cromwell hops up the ladder on one leg. Kendrick pulls Cromwell off the ladder connecting with a Pop Up Powerbomb. Starr with a twisting neckbreaker on Kendrick. Starr is kicked back onto a ladder that was propped up over the ring apron and ring barricade. Starr is near the top of the main ladder by the title. Kendrick tilts the ladder over. Starr jumps and crashes over Starr bending the other ladder in half. Kendrick is climbing up the ladder. Thunder cuts him off. Kendrick and Thunder exchange rights. Thunder drops Kendrick’ face off the ladder. Kendrick with a thumb to the eye. Thunder falls off. Kendrick reaches up. Thunder pulls Kendrick down and connects with an overhead suplex dropping Kendrick over a ladder on the mat! Thunder is now climbing up the ladder. Thunder is at the top. Kendrick pushes the ladder over and Thunder crashes through the ropes to the outside. Kendrick is climbing up now. Kendrick has the title in his hand smiling. Starr jumps up and knocks Kendrick off the ladder which gets a huge pop from the crowd. Galloway climbs up the ladder and starts to exchange jabs, back in forth, until Starr hits him with a strong right that sends him crashing back down to the mat. Starr reaches up and pulls the title down.

    Winner and STILL North American Champion: Starr

    Era VS Era
    Gabrielle VS Izzy Van Doren
    Devin Golden: Our next match is all about respect, past vs present, new era vs old era. It’s the returning caramel goddess herself, Gabrielle, taking on the young upstart with a chip on her shoulder and something to prove, Izzy Van Doren

    Rod Sterling: We are all well aware of what Gabby is capable of in that ring but it’ll be interesting to see if she can hold her own against someone like Izzy Van Doren, who has been a tear recently in FWA

    Michael Garcia: The same can be said for Izzy if she can hold her own against a legend like Gabby, this will be a tough test for Izzy, and yeah she’s done some great things as of late but honestly I think she’s biting off more than she can chew here

    Devin Golden: Well we won’t have to wait long to find out, let’s not waste anymore time!

    “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett hits and a wave of support from the fans as the music hits and Izzy makes her way out. She looks out at the sea of fans, showing her their support. She begins her way to the ring, looking ready and focused.

    Ring Announcer: Making her way to the ring, from Chicago, IL and weighing in at one-hundred & twenty-one pounds, she is “The Woman Without Fear”...IZZY VAN DOREN!

    Soon Izzy’s music fades out and is replaced by “Envy” by KHZ, and as the song plays Gabrielle struts out and the fans go wild. Gabby stands on stage, soaks in the adulation from her adoring audience, and begins walking to the ring. As she walks to the ring her eyes focus on Izzy, who is also zoned in and focused on Gabby.

    Ring Announcer: and her opponent, from Auckland, NZ and weighing in one hundred & twenty-five pounds, she is “Your Caramel Coated Goddess”...GABRIELLE

    Gabby stands in her corner staring at Izzy while Izzy returns the stare with a glare. The fans going wild in anticipation for this one.

    Rod Sterling: It doesn’t seem like Gabrielle has aged at all since we last saw her

    Michael Garcia: Age has been kind to her that’s for sure

    Devin Golden: This crowd is split right down the middle, both women have their supporters in full force here tonight in Orlando!


    Izzy and Gabby step up to each other in the center of the ring, staring each other down. Then right away out of nowhere, Izzy strikes with a headbutt! It rocks Gabby but before she can react Izzy is right on her with more headbutts as she holds Gabby by the head and follows up with rapid fire forearm shots that back Gabby in the corner and Izzy’s fans showing their support while the Gabby fans do not appreciate this. Izzy continues her relentless assault with Gabby in the corner and delivers Headbanger’s Ball to Gabby!

    Devin Golden: Multiple headbutts from Izzy to Gabby in the corner! Izzy wasting no time getting right to business and bringing it to Gabby!

    Izzy drags Gabby away from the corner and goes for an overhead chop, but Gabby avoids it and counters with some stiff forearm strikes of her own! Izzy is getting rocked now and backed into an opposite corner. Gabby strikes Izzy in the corner with a step up enziguri and Izzy stumbles out of the corner now in a daze, and Gabby strikes with a savate kick that takes Izzy down! Izzy lays on the mat in still somewhat of a daze but holds her mouth after getting her teeth nearly kicked down her throat. No time to recover for Izzy though as Gabby brings her up and right back down with a snap suplex! Izzy crawls away to a corner looking to recover but Gabby is showing no mercy and delivers several stomps to a prone Izzy in a corner before following it up with a running hip attack! Gabby drags Izzy out of the corner and makes the cover…


    Michael Garcia: I told you, Izzy bit off more than she can chew. She can’t handle Gabby, who hasn’t lost a step it seems

    Devin Golden: Izzy isn’t out of this fight just yet Mike, there’s still time

    Gabby brings Izzy up to her feet and right away Izzy comes back at Gabby with another headbutt! Izzy follows up with a low roundhouse kick and then runs the ropes and comes back nearly taking Gabby’s head off with a running single leg dropkick! Izzy is starting to get amped up now as Gabby is back on her feet and Izzy follows up with Kick and Snare!

    Rod Sterling: What a wicked combination of an axe kick and elbow smash from Izzy! Gabby might be in trouble now, which could spell good news for Izzy

    Izzy follows that up with a suplex float over into a pin attempt!


    Gabby kicks out before two and she rolls away underneath the bottom rope, and eventually to the outside to catch her bearings. Izzy isn’t playing around though and catches her with Suicidal Tendencies DDT! A sick combination of a suicide dive into a DDT on the outside floor! Izzy took a little bit of herself out with that as she’s slow to her feet and the referee is making the count. Izzy takes Gabby by the hair and tosses her back inside, and then Izzy hops up on the apron and lands a perfectly executed springboard senton followed by another pin attempt!


    Gabby gets a shoulder up this time! Izzy takes Gabby by the arm, bringing her up and strikes with several forearms to the temple that rock Gabby, and then Izzy is looking to set up Gabby for iAdios Amigos! But before Izzy can hit it, Gabby fights her off with back elbows knocking Izzy off of her and Gabby hits a jumping heel kick that knocks Izzy back but Gabby grabs her in position and hits Izzy with a split legged hangman’s neckbreaker! Gabby quickly follows up with a split legged moonsault and into a pin!


    Gabby climbs back up top and waits as Izzy is up...HEAD OVER HEELS! Diving hurricanrana takes out Izzy, sending her flying to the mat! Gabby isn’t through yet though and brings Izzy up...GaBuster! Reverse lungblower by Gabby and Izzy collapses to the mat in a heap and this might be it for Izzy as Gabby makes the pin…


    Izzy stays alive! She’s still in this and her fans are fully behind her, rallying her on!

    Rod Sterling: I thought for certain that Izzy was done for there!

    Devin Golden: She seems to some fight left in the tank!

    Gabby now applies a lotus lock on Izzy, applying pressure on it and looking to make Izzy tap out, but Fearless Woman will not give up so easily as she tries to fight the pain and fight out of this hold and she’s eventually able to just barely get her foot on the rope to break it up! Gabby brings Izzy and looks to put her away with The 34 Double D-DT but Izzy wriggles her way out of it and spins Gabby around and plants her with a reverse DDT! Both women lay on the mat absolutely spent with the crowd in a fever pitch and on their feet now. Izzy is the first to stir and she’s up and brings Gabby up to position...SONIC REDUCER! Cradle piledriver on Gabby! This has to be it! Izzy drapes her arm over Gabby!


    Devin Golden: How on earth is Gabby still alive after that?!

    Michael Garcia: I’m sure it’s not the first time she’s been piledriven

    Rod Sterling: Jesus, Mike

    Izzy can’t believe it and thought she had it, she pounds the mat in anger and frustration. She regains her composure though and is back up, and drags Gabby up with her and is looking for her headlock driver again, desperately wanting to put away Gabby and end this once and for all. She has Gabby set up but Gabby strikes with a reverse headbutt that rocks Izzy, releasing her grip and quickly and seemingly out of nowhere Gabby hits GaBuster! Izzy’s face driven to the canvas with force and Gabby drapes an arm over Izzy…


    Rod Sterling: I can't believe it! I can't!

    Devin Golden: I wouldn't either if I didn't see it with my own eyes, man.

    Gabby goes to pick Izzy up but Izzy slaps her in the face! This angers Gabby, understandably enough. Gabrielle beats her down to the mat before chasing her to the outside and tossing her over the Spanish announcer’s table. Gabrielle drags Izzy back into the ring and hits her with a right to the back of the head, before delivering a series of blows to the same spot. Izzy heads to the outside and runs from Gabrielle, catching her with a boot to the face on her way back into the ring. Izzy laughs and tosses Gabrielle back into the ring for a quick two count. Izzy chokes Gabrielle against the middle rope before pulling her back down for another two count.

    Izzy locks Gabrielle in a cravat, but Gabrielle fights to her feet and out of the hold. Izzy hits Gabrielle with a flying back elbow to drop her back to the mat for another two count. Izzy picks Gabrielle up to her feet and drops her with two consecutive neckbreakers for another two count. Izzy talks smack to Gabrielle, who shoves her away and receives a kick to the gut for her troubles. Izzy locks Gabrielle into a sleeper hold, bringing her down to her knees.

    Gabrielle fights to her feet and knocks Izzy off her back in the corner, but Izzy knocks Gabrielle right back down to the mat for another near fall. Gabrielle begins mounting a comeback with a nice dropkick, followed up by a clothesline, back elbow, and running shoulder block. Gabrielle goes for the cover but only gets two. Gabrielle pulls Izzy to her feet, but Izzy catches Gabrielle with a crucifix pin. Gabrielle fights out and stands with Izzy on her shoulders, tossing her to the mat. Gabrielle drags Izzy into the ring while she’s grabbing the apron, ripping off her belt in the process. Izzy uses the belt to blast Gabrielle with a right hand while the ref is distracted, but Gabrielle is still able to kick out of a pin attempt.

    Izzy is frustrated and she heads to the top for a cross body, but she’s caught by Gabrielle. Izzy turns it around and traps her in an octopus hold. Gabrielle fights out of the hold and hits Izzy with a giant spear. Gabrielle grabs Izzy and blows her a kiss before slamming her head to the mat. Gabrielle goes for the pin, but Izzy kicks out at two. Gabrielle crawls over to Izzy and pulls her up to her feet, putting her on her shoulders. Izzy fights out of it and avoids a spear in the corner. Gabrielle crashes head first into the turnbuckle. Izzy locks Gabrielle in the octopus hold again and Gabrielle drops to a knee. Gabrielle almost fights out of it, but Izzy won’t let go and Gabrielle is nearly forced to tap out but she juuuuuust barely grabs the rope, forcing the ref to break the hold.

    Izzy tries to fight out of it, but Gabrielle drops her down to the mat and Izzy begins to fade. Izzy slides over and gets her feet on the ropes to force a break. Gabrielle gets to her knees and calls for her finisher. Gabrielle shoulders Izzy, but Izzy blocks it and counters, trying for a Boston Crab. Gabrielle shoulders Izzy. Gabrielle hits Izzy with a wild kick and both women are down. Gabrielle reaches down and Izzy catches her with a reverse neckbreaker for two. Izzy hits Gabrielle with a series of rights to the side of the head before picking her up for a series of rights. Gabrielle begins to fight back with rights and kicks before sending Izzy into the ropes for a heel kick to the face. Gabrielle hits the running knee in the corner before sending Izzy to the mat and heading to the top rope. Gabrielle looks over her shoulder before pointing to the sky and dropping the elbow. Gabrielle calls for 34DDT and then immediately hits her finisher, but Izzy kicks out at two and a half!

    Gabrielle can’t believe it, and the fans are asking for one more time. Gabrielle looks like she agrees as he nods her head. Gabrielle sets up Izzy and Izzy fights out of it. Izzy tries for the ¡Adios Amigos!, but Gabrielle avoids it. Gabrielle clotheslines Izzy over the top rope and hits a suicide dive through the ropes. Gabrielle sends Izzy back into the ring before heading up for a springboard move. Izzy catches her in a ¡Adios Amigos! and goes for the pin, but Gabrielle still kicks out at two and a half!!

    Izzy hits Gabrielle with a series of rights to the back of the head before trapping Gabrielle’s arm and hitting him with a series of elbows. Izzy tries for a boston crab, but Gabrielle counters with a small package. Both women get to their feet and trade strikes. Gabrielle tries for a hurricanrana, but Izzy counters, stopping her and transitioning into the boston crab. Gabrielle is trapped in the middle of the ring again. The fans are totally behind Gabrielle. Gabrielle turns and beats at Izzy, forcing Izzy to turn it into a single leg crab. Izzy almost goes into the ankle lock as Gabrielle stands and beats on Izzy with a series of rights. Gabrielle hits the bycicle kick and Izzy hits the ropes and bounces back. Gabrielle hits the 34DDT again and Izzy drops for the three count.


    Ring Announcer: The winner of the match, Gabrielle!

    Devin Golden: Gabby has done it! A successful return for the Caramel Goddess!

    Rod Sterling: I won’t take anything away from Izzy, she put up one hell of a fight and has nothing to be ashamed of!

    Michael Garcia: I’ll give her credit where it’s due, she held her own in there, but there’s a reason why Gabby is a legend and a Caramel Goddess

    Gabby is helped to her feet by the official, while Izzy is just starting to come to and a deflated look on her face is seen as Gabby exits the ring and soaks in the adulation from the fans.

    The Next Chapter
    Bell Connelly VS Shannon O'Neal

    Once the bell rings, Shannon takes a step forward… and Bell immediately rolls out of the ring grinning and taking a walk. Waitwut?! Getting a look of bemusement from Shannon whose chomping at the bit to get going The crowd boos as Bell milks the occasion for all it’s worth still laughing while, Shannon complains to the official, who can only count. Bell, smiles like the glitter-clad lunatic she struts around the ringside area, running her fingers through her hair.

    Coming perilously close to a count out Bell eventually returns to the ring and joins Shannon in a FIERCE collar-and-elbow. The lockup goes nowhere except Bell clearly pulling Shannon’s hair as she does and yes, she still can’t stop laughing, perhaps that’s what motivates her to take control and force her into the corner and INSTANTLY Bell ducks her head between the top rope and middle rope causing the ref to ask Shannon to back away. As again Bell stalls laughing Shannon keeps her cool and backs off while Bell takes the entirety of the five count. Looking terribly amused by something before she slowly back out of the corner. Her arms out in a wrestling stance as if finally ready to lock up. Shannon doesn’t need a second invitation as she moves forward about to lock up, but at the last possible moment, Bell backs away towards the ref. Gesturing frantically towards Shannon demanding that the ref checks Shannon’s gear for any foreign objects. The crowd is awash with boos at yet more bizarre stalling tactics from Bell and Shannon looks like she’s on her last nerve and her hands form into fists trying to keep her cool. The ref tries to have Bell move on, but she INSISTS that she saw something on Shannon’s person. So the match comes to a grinding halt once more as a reluctant Shannon is taken to a neutral corner and patted down by an apologetic ref. While a light bullshit chant was coming up from the crowd and who can blame them? Five minutes into this match and not a single punch has been thrown. Shannon doesn’t look anymore happy about it as the ref carefully pats down her knee pads, her boots and her elbow pads and -of course- he found nothing. We see Shannon ask the ref “Satisfied?” The Ref gives the signal that everything was on the up and up and looked set to continue- WHEN FROM NOWHERE BELL FLIES INTO THE SCENE AND SMACKS SHANNON IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD WITH A FOREARM!. It doesn’t knock her to the ground but it’s enough to rattle her, Recovering fast from that cheap shot, Shannon moves forward to give the receipt, but AGAIN! Bell rolls out of the ring! This time Shannon gives chase, but the moment she does, Bell rolls back in the ring again! So naturally, Shannon follows suit but Bell rolls out again. Shannon slaps her hands on the canvas in sheer frustrating from Bell’s quite frankly annoying tactics, and shouts at her to get back in the ring refusing to play any more of Bell’s games while Bell still wears that Cheshire cat expression from ear-to-ear on the floor, “I’m down here! Come on I thought you wanted to fight me,l!? Don’t you wanna fight me!?”

    Devin Golden: Well, this is just annoying now! I thought Bell was the one that wanted this match! And she’s been avoiding Shannon all match! If Shannon doesn’t smack her, I will!

    Rod Sterling: Bell Connelly might be nuts. But she might also be a genius!

    Devin Golden: How do you figure that?

    Rod Sterling: We all know how obsessive Bell has been over Shannon O’Neal the last few months, but Shannon hasn’t come for a fight, she came here with a calm mindset; a professional mindset, she has a game plan, and she’s sticking to it. Bell is trying to turn this into a fight. She’s trying to bring her down to her level and wrestle the match she wants, by getting under Shannon’s skin.

    Bell takes another walk around the ring taking up the full ten count and gets some annoyed heat from the crowd, While Shannon puts her hands on her hips, shakes her head, and gives Bell the space demanded by the ref.

    Eventually, slowly. Bell gets in the centre of the ring and Shannon steps forward to the centre. Shannon barely sets foot towards the middle before BELL SLAPS SHANNON SQUARE IN THE FACE!! A SMACK FROM NOWHERE!! A universal “OOOOH” as Shannon flinches from the blow. Bell doesn’t look cocky after the blow. Instead, she seems even more upset then Shannon is Shannon vehemently gets in Bell ’s face teeth gritted, but Bell is unfazed and practically roars in Shannon’s face.

    “This isn’t you. Where are you, Shannon?”


    “Where is the real Shannon?? I WANT TO SEE HER!

    ANOTHER SLAP…STOPPED!! Shannon catches Bell’s third attempt at a physical wake-up call and counters with a sock to the jaw! Drawing a massive pop from the crowd! Finally! And Bell is stunned, taken entirely by surprise, with Shannon going on the offensive, snapping Bell back to the ropes with a flurry of knife edge chops... until she rears back... and a BIG CHOP KNOCKS BELL OVER THE TOP ROPE! Looking like a woman possessed, Shannon doesn’t give a second thought about following Bell outside, as she steps through the ropes and catches Bell as she stumbles back to his feet... ANOTHER STINGING CHOP TO THE CHEST! Bell cries in pain and tries to cover up, walking around the ring to distance himself, but Shannon follows again, spins Bell around... ANOTHER STIFF CHOP TO THE CHEST! Bell’s cries grow louder as she still tries to walk away, heading towards the announce desks in a vain attempt to recover... but Shannon stays on her.. grabbing Bell from behind... AND LAUNCHING BELL CONNELLY INTO THE TIMEKEEPER’S TABLE!! And the crowd is loving it!

    Devin Golden: Well, be careful what you wish for!

    Rod Sterling: Bell wanted a fight, and now she’s got one! No one can brawl quite like Shannon O’Neal.

    The referee shows leniency in not disqualifying Shannon, although he does plead for Shannon to take the action back into the ring. Shannon is having none of it though, the passion clear on her face as she fights through the debris to get her hands on Bell, drilling her with well-placed right hands to the forehead in a furious assault.

    Again the referee asks Shannon to take it to the ring, but O’Neal is unrelenting, continue to tag Bell with the big right hands, before he finally drags Bell free, With a handful of hair, Shannon walks Bell towards the announce desk... and SMASHES BELL’S FACE FIRST OFF IT! But Shannon soon has her back on her feet, rolling Bell under the bottom rope to the relief of the ref. Shannon slides in after, but as she stands back up, Bell crawls on her knees to the corner, holding her hands out, pleading, begging with Shannon to take it easy on her changing her tune totally!. Shannon turns and looks at the crowd, who urge Shannon to go in for the kill... Shannon looks Bell dead in the eye with a smile on her face loving being back in the ring for the first time.. and simply yells “I’M BACK MOTHER FUCKERS!” .. before she smacks a stiff boot to the face! Shannon goes on the attack with stomp after stomp, with Bell again covering up, wrapping her arms and legs around the bottom rope, prompting the ref to step in and drag Shannon away for the break.

    Bell uses the break to reach up and grab the top rope, trying to pull herself up... but Shannon barges past the ref... then catches both of Shannon’s ankles... LIFTING HER UP INTO THE AIR AND LETTING HER DROP TO THE CANVAS! Bell grabs the back of her head and kicks her feet in pain, but Shannon moves quickly for the first pinfall of the match... 1... 2... Bell kicks out easily. Looking to continue the punishment, Shannon yanks Bell up stings the chest with one more chop to the chest... then grabs the foot, DRAGON SCREW! Shannon targets Bell’s left knee as she hangs on and takes Bell up for a SHIN BREAKER! Bell staggers away, struggling to walk, and it gets worse as Bell takes her down from behind with a CHOP BLOCK! Bell’s knee gives way as she slumps to the mat, with Shannon pouncing, grabbing the ankle, winding up the leg, then dropping an elbow across it. Shannon then holds the leg flat, jumps up in the air and drives her knee into Shannon. Again Shannon jumps up and drives the knee, but when she stands up and looks to twist the knee around, Bell kicks out... sending Shannon hard into the turnbuckle!

    Bell tries to shake her knee loose as she heads for the corner, rearing back to drill Shannon with a pair of right hands before he lines up... and DELIVERS A EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! Bell smirks as she feels like she’s back in control which only angers Shannon... as when Bell turns... SHANNON EXPLODES OUT OF THE CORNER WITH A MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE! Shannon continues the assault, hitting punch after punch that backs Bell to the opposite corner. Shannon winds up... An Irish whip sends Bell hard into the corner... and he staggers out into a HUGE BACK BODY DROP! Bell hits the mat hard and instantly rolls back outside, looking for a chance to regain her composure. But once more, Shannon is in no mood to allow Bell to recover, stepping through the ropes, grabbing Bell by the hair... then SMASHING BELL FACE FIRST OFF THE STEEL STEPS! Bell stumbles away, but Shannon catches and shoves her against the barricade... ANOTHER STIFF UPPERCUT ... AND ANOTHER... AND A THIRD!! The crowd is loving it as Shannon continues the assault with a pair of stiff rights to the jaw.

    Devin Golden: IT’S A GOLD OL’ FASHIONED SHANNON O'Neal BEAT DOWN! This is what we paid for bitches! Well, not me. I'm actually getting paid to be here, but you know, this is what YOU all paid for, amirite?

    Rod Sterling: Bell made a grave error here guys! She wanted a brawl, and a brawl plays right into Shannon’s strength. She’s being trampled here!

    Michael Garcia: Yeah, whatever. We'll see. This is far from over.

    Bell is yanked back into the ring, and Shannon slides in after, moving in... only for Bell to punch her right in the eye. Favouring her left knee, Bell comes off the ropes... and finally scores solid offence as she bowls Shannon over with a shoulder block. Bell now looks to quicken the match to her signature pace as she again comes off the ropes... but Shannon lays flat as Bell runs over her... then springs to her feet to catch Bell with a hip toss! Bell just can’t get anything going as Shannon stays on the attack, more chops and right hands driving Bell to the ropes. Shannon winds up... hard Irish whip sends Bell across... Shannon lowers her head for a back body drop... but she lowers it a second too soon... and Bell connects with a SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Bell finally gains a measure of control, and after shaking off the cobwebs, Bell starts to unload with a series of stomps to the chest She looks frustrated as she paces the ring, circling Shannon and watching her recovery; this was meant to be HER moment, not Shannon’s but Shannon has shown how efficient she can be, and Bell doesn’t like that. As Shannon puts her hands on the ropes and begins to get up, Bell moves in, putting her harsh grip around Shannon's jaw and forcing her neck back to a nasty angle. She throws a couple of left hands across the face, really trying to send a message to her about tough she can be when she turns it on… and now she hauls her up, throwing her into the corner. Shannon takes a moment to breathe, facing out of the ring and wincing after her chest collided with the buckles, but Bell grabs her by the hair and HAMMERS her face off the turnbuckle to boot! He gets a few more of those shots in, spitting “YOU… ARE NOT… BETTER… THAN ME.

    Bell seems to be getting much more comfortable in her skin, as Bell tries to take Shannon up again, but Shannon fights back. She nails Bell in the temple with a forearm, causing Bell to reel. This gives Shannon some space to lean against the ropes, but Bell comes back charging…AND SHANNON LIFTS BELL UP AND OVER ALL THE WAY TO THE FLOOR!! SHANNON CRASHES HARD ON THE OUTSIDE!!

    Bell may have landed on a joint, as Bell immediately starts clutching at her the knee Shannon has worked over. After the fall. Shannon takes a moment to catch her breath and watch Bell limp back to her feet, only to look up and see Shannon flying within a suicide dive

    The crowd pops big as Shannon stumbled to her feet. Shannon gets patted on the back by some of the lucky front row fans as she ventures to pick up the one-legged Bell. Shannon throws Bell back into the ring and quickly follows suit, covering Bell ONE… TWO… THR-


    Bell has more to give, sits up, only for Shannon to shove her back to the canvas. Shannon then drops a hearty elbow drop right across Shannon’s sternum, hooking the weakened leg on another attempt –



    Bell easily kicks out, but she has to shake some feeling back into her left knee. As she hobbles back to a vertical base, Shannon grabs Bell by the wrist and whips her into a corner. Shannon charges for perhaps a CORNER FOREARM, but Bell moves out of the way, BELL SMASHING INTO PADDING! The impact causes Shannon to stagger away, Bell taking advantage with the ROLLING LEGSCISSORS PIN –




    Shannon kicks her legs free! Bell shows her knee is possibly healing as Shannon recovers, swinging wildly, only for Bell to duck underneath and behind Shannon…BACK SUPLEX…NO!! Shannon flips out and lands on his feet, grappling Bell from behind…underhooking the arms…coiling…GERM – NO!! Bell jams the move attempt by pulling back her arms, shoving Shannon towards the corner. Not wanting to collide with it again, Shannon stops herself right before impact. Bell rushes towards Shannon to push the issue, but she gets a swift BACK KICK right to the gut, doubling him over. Shannon then leaps to the second rope…CORNER SPRINGBOARD SUNSET FLIP!! Shannon with a crafty pin now –





    Bell escapes!! Bell is quickly back to her feet, pouncing on Shannon before she can get up, grabbing her legs, and bridging over for a JACKKNIFE PIN –





    Shannon kicks out!! The pace might be quickening here, both once again rapidly making it to their feet. No sooner than they’re standing does Bell greet Shannon with a punt to the gut. Bel then grabs Shannon by her trunks and neck, spins around, and SLINGS HER THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPES TO THE FLOOR.

    Shannon gets the wind knocked out of her, but she begins recovering quickly. The crowd can start to sense something cooking, as Bell peers to the outside, sizing up her rival. Bell then runs and rebounds against the ropes, looking for a high-risk move…but Shannon slides in the ring right as Bell rebounds…AND NAILS A RUNNING LOW DROPKICK RIGHT TO THE KNEE!! Excellent scouting by Shannon!

    Rod Sterling: That right there, is almost four years worth of knowing the Connelly playbook and cut her off at the past!

    Shannon narrowly escapes danger there, but she seems to want to put herself in more danger now. Instead of covering or perhaps even working over the bum knee, Shannon begins ascending to the top rope. Her back is to the ring, possibly setting up a moonsault of some kind…but Bell springs to her feet, rushes over, and shoves Shannon off, sending her FLYING RIGHT ONTO THE GUARD RAIL!! SHANNON FACE BOUNCES OFF THE BARRICADE RAILING!!

    A collective “ooooh” goes out as Bell now averts disaster. After feeling the pain with Shannon, the crowd starts delivering heat to Bell, who looks around to take it in. However, unlike most times, Bell doesn’t just smirk it off. She actually looks….excited?

    As Bell takes in her crowd reactions, Shannon is groggily getting to her feet and holding her jaw, which may be broken. Bell snaps out of her gaze to see Shannon back up, prompting Bell to bounce off the ropes and nails Shannon with a BASEBALL SLIDE TO THE FACE!! The blow almost definitely hits Shannon in the same spot she landed on because it hits Shannon so hard, she FLIPS OVER THE RAILING AND INTO AN AISLE IN THE CROWD!!

    The ref is ordering Bell to get Shannon back in the ring because her count-out is actually at five. Bell knows she doesn’t want to win by, so she rolls out…then rolls back in? This obviously resets the count, but why isn’t Bell going to get Shannon?

    We see why in just a moment, as Bell once again looks around at the people who are booing her but that heat immediately turns into an arena full of positive buzz as Bell climbs a turnbuckle and gets to the top rope.

    She looks out over the crowd and into the crowd, seeing Shannon recovering in one of the aisles. She preps himself as the entire arena stands to watch her…leaping…SUMMERSAULT PLANCHA OVER THE BARRICADE INTO THE CROWD!!

    The crowd is deafening, Both women are laid out on a concrete floor, their bodies crumpled, and eagle spread from the impact. The ref even leaves his post in the ring to rush by the barricade and check to see if both are alright. Neither woman moves for a good bit, but no one seems to care because they’re still popping their heads off. Inevitably and predictably, the rabid crowd begins to chant something “Holy shit!”

    The supposed heel of this entire situation is sending the arena into an absolute frenzy,. When both women begin actually to show signs of life, The ref begins a count, though we’re not entirely sure if it’s a ring-out or KO count…





    …Bel struggles to her feet, holding onto a guard rail for support…


    …Bell takes Shannon and starts dragging her back to the ring…


    …The Ref heads back to the ring, continuing with her count-out…


    …Bell puts some pep in her step, trying to drag Shannon’s dead weight with her


    …Shannon’s body is dumped over the barricade, Bell following it…


    …Bell throws Shannon’s body in…


    …BELL SLIDES BACK INTO THE RING!!! Shannon still knocked out, some of the replays showing that she might have hit her head flush on the concrete in the aisles. While Shannon tries to recover with what might be a legitimate concussion, Bell starts feeling the crowd, which is suddenly energised.Bell doesn’t question it, opting instead to bounce up…and head to the top rope. Shannon’s on her back and Bell’s up top, the crowd standing and roaring in anticipation. Tinkerbell’s lament?!- NO! No, because Shannon, possible injury and all, has the wherewithal to roll away at the booming sound of crisis.

    Shannon rolls to the opposite corner, way too far, even for someone of Bell Connelly’s athleticism capabilities, to leap for an elbow. Shannon is on all fours, trying to regain some feeling in her noggin, but Bell isn’t deterred, jumping and landing with a front roll looking for some kind of modified cartwheel moonsault...CAUGHT AND TURNED INTO A POWERSLAM!!

    Bell is feeling all the damage she’s taken thus far, unable to follow up immediately. Shannon focuses on getting back to her feet, which she can only do when she rolls to the apron.

    Shannon struggles to get back up, slowly ascending the top rope and awaiting the revival of his foe…MISSILE DROPKICK!! SHANNON WITH A PERFECT MISSILE DROPKICK!! Shannon connects and sends Bell head over heels, having to grab at him and shoot the half –





    BELL KICKS OUT!! SHE ROLLS A SHOULDER!! It’s Bell ’s turn to roll exhaustingly to the apron, one of her arms hanging over the ring lip a faraway look in her eye Shannon is still trying to shake some life back into her system, leaving both women laid out for a few seconds. It’s Shannon who recovers first, roaming over to try and take up Bell. Bell fights back, using her educated feet to KICK SHANNON SQUARE IN THE TEMPLE!!

    That forces Shannon to reel enough to give Bell the room to roll onto the apron and climb back to his feet. Shannon groggily re-approaches the ropes, only or Bell leap over the top rope…AND CATCH SHANNON IN A TORNADO DDT!! A SLINGSHOT TORNADO DDT!! OH MY!! It takes a lot out of HER as well, but she gathers enough of herself to roll over and hook the far leg of Shannon –





    SHANNON ROLLS A SHOULDER!! Bell is struck with a sense of disbelief, looking back at the man in stripes to make sure the count was that low. She confirms that it was only two, forcing Bell to keep going. Bell drags Shannon to her feet, knocking a few blows off her forehead. Shannon then whips Bell towards a corner, but Shannon hops up onto the middle rope as Bell comes rushing in...THE DIVING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!! Shannon still has life as she scrambles to cover Bell –





    BELL STAYS ALIVE NOW!! The momentum has suddenly shifted, however, as Bell has to go right back on the defensive. Shannon has to regain her breath as Bell drunkenly gets to her feet.

    Shannon pulls on Bell and catches her in a front headlock and leads her towards a corner, going for the TORNADO DDT…but Bell jams it, halting the spinning momentum…AND TURNING IT INTO A NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!! A beautiful counter that Bell miraculously keeps the bridge on –





    SHANNON KICKS OUT!! The momentum shifts once again, Shannon now stumbling to her feet. She’s felled by a Bell dropkick, but the champ springs back up only to be hit with another stiff Dropkick! Shannon still won’t stay down, getting up once more…to eat a third dropkick! Shannon reels off the canvas for the fourth time, met by Bell Irish whipping her across the ring. On the rebound, Shannon hits a LOW DROPKICK TO BELL’S WEAK KNEE…NO!! Bell sees the move coming and leaps up and spins to avoid it…AND TURNS IT INTO A STANDING DISCUS LEG DROP!

    A crafty counter As Shannon curls up and tends to his ailing upper body, Bell measures up her downed prey. Bell rebounds off the ropes right back at Shannon…HURRICANRANA…NO!!

    Shannon catches Bell in hurricanrana position, now stuck on Shannon’s shoulders in a powerbomb position. Bell tries to get herself down from her higher plane…POWERBOMB TO FACEBUSTER!! Shannon turns the rana to powerbomb to a facebuster!! Bell’s nose is crushed by Shannon and the canvas, but on the impact, Shannon is too tired to take an immediate cover! It’s Shannon to shows some sign of life first, once again roaming to the apron and lifting herself to the top rope. Bell has still not recovered from getting her face planted, having rolled back over once more onto his stomach. Shannon is looming over Bell up top…FROG SPLASH TO BELL’S SPINE!! FROG SPLASH CRUSHING BELL’S LOWER BACK!! The FWA faithful erupt, as Bell instinctively, almost involuntarily, rolls to her back for the pain, making it easier for Shann to cover –



    BELL ROLLS A SHOULDER!! HOW IN THE HELL…?! It’s Shannon’s turn to be shocked beyond belief, putting her hand through her sweat and her hair.

    Bell’s invigoration does the same for the crowd, igniting some and deflating others. Shannon tries not to let it overcome her, opting to get to her feet…and backs into the corner, and starts stomping her boot. The crowd begins buzzing immensely as Shannon slowly rises to her feet, her ailing back towards Shannon.PARADISE CITY! NO! BELL-TRIX! Bad back and all,! Bell grabs Shannon by the waist and rolls Shannon back…ROLLING PRAWN PIN!! BELL IS CAUGHT IN A SURPRISE ROLL-UP –



    SHANNON BARELY FREES HERSELF!! Shannon rolls to her feet quickly after almost losing. Bell is not nearly as brisk to get to his feet, once again tending to her lower back. Shannon rushes back at Bell, who catches her…GLITTER KICK!! Bell catches Shannon in a huge move, keeping her shoulders pinned to the mat –





    SHANNON ROLLS A SHOULDER AGAIN!! Bell doesn’t let it get to her, opting instead to grip at her lower back and head to the top rope. She knows if she’s willing to never give in, then Shannon’s resolve will match it. Looking for a big move, Bell waits for Shannon to get to her feet. Shannon takes a moment, but Bell calculated his leap…DIVING SIDEKICK!! NO!! Shannon catches a leg…CLOVERLEAF!! SHANNON CATCHES BELL IN A CLOVERLEAF!! Shannon O’Neal not known for her submissions busts out a big one for the big occasion

    The damage to Bell’s knee and her back comes right back to haunt her! There’s nowhere for Bell to go, caught in the middle of the ring! Bell finds herself contorted in all kinds of ways a normal human being shouldn’t be in. Bell grits her teeth, all the determination that’s been in her system pouring from her face and forcing her to crawl on her forearms to get to the ropes, Shannon wrenching back harder and harder…

    …BELL GETS TO THE BOTTOM ROPE!! MY GOD, BELL GETS THE DAMNDEST ROPE BREAK OF HIS CAREER!! Shannon let's go almost immediately after the referee alerts her. Although she follows the rules, Shannon is left with her hands on her hips and is not sure what she’s gonna have to do to take down her determinator of a foe.

    She decides that she like Bell had to needs to pull off a huge move. Shannon stumbles over and grabs Bell’s head, pulling her back to a vertical base. She bangs Bell’s head off some corner padding before hoisting her up onto the top rope. However, before Shannon can go up top with Bell, Bell uses her skilled legs to knock Shannon in the jaw. This loosens up Shannon’s grip enough for Bell to actually stand up on the middle rope…AND CRACK SHANNON IN THE HEAD WITH A TAE KWON DO KICK!!

    Shannon’s eyes go completely glazed over as she falls flat to the mat with the crowd roaring. Bell plays to her back for a moment before leaping and turning around in one motion to the top rope…DOUBLE JUMP ODE TO TINKERBELL…BUT SHANNON ROLLS AWAY…NOT FAR ENOUGH!! BELL GETS NAILS IN THE SPINE BY THE SPLIT-LEGGED MOONSAULT!! Turnabout’s fair play as Bell rolls Shannon over –





    SHANNON ROLLS A SHOULDER!! But Bell, thinking quickly, leaps onto Shannon’s back…AND LOCKS IN A CAMEL CLUTCH!! GENUINE TURNABOUT HAS BELL’S SPINE IN A PINCH NOW!! Shannon’s neck is being cranked all the way back to put all the pressure on her vertebrae, her arm extending and trying to prolong her time in this match. The crowd is white hot, begging Shannon not to tap out. Shannon takes the words of the people who believed in her and uses that to energise her resolve, but can she get out of Bell’s surprise hold?

    Shannon alleviates the pain by getting to her knees, Bell desperately keeping the hold. Shannon gets a jolt of life, jumping to a vertical base and backpedalling…RAMMING BELL CONNELLY BACK FIRST INTO THE CORNER!!

    This ignites the crowd once more and gives Shannon some much-needed space. But Shannon closes this space up very quickly by RUSHING AT BELL IN THE CORNER…NOBODY HOME!! Bell lifts her body up and over athletically and SHANNON'S SHOULDER IS DRIVEN RIGHT INTO STEEL!! The crowd “oooohs” in pain, but Bell feels no mercy, rolling down and taking Shannon over for a SUNSET FLIP PIN –





    SHANNON ROLLS OUT!! Bell gives Shannon a toe kick to the gut and whips her towards the corner, but Shannon has enough in her to reverse the whip and sling Bell over instead. Bell rushes towards the ropes and leaps up, forcing Shannon to look up at a SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY…SPEAR!! SPEAR!! SHANNON SPEARS BELL OUT OF MIDAIR!! The crowd is on fire for that unbelievable counter, but Shannon can’t immediately cover because she hit Bell with the hurt shoulder! Shannon sucks it up and slings her body over her rival.



    BELL CONNELLY ROLLS THE SHOULDER!! SHE WILL NOT QUIT!! Bell is dead on the canvas, but she somehow keeps the contest going! Shannon is shocked, gripping at her tender shoulder. She shakes some life back into her appendage and nods her head, knowing just how much Bell wants this. Shannon then tries not to waste any time, again taking Bell up and catching him in an INVERTED DDT…NO!!

    Bell still has enough in him to spin out of the big blow, then pull Bell in for a trip to neverland…NO!! Shannon spins out of that creating space...…coiling…PARADISE CITY. THE PUMP KICK CONNECTS OUT OF NOWHERE! The crowd is on their feet popping the roof off the building, Shannon’s shoulder still giving her fits. But she musters up the strength to shoot the half and collapse on top of Shannon for one last definitive cover –



    SHE ROLLS THE SHOULDER!!! BELL ROLLS THE SHOULDER!!! HOW IN THE BLUE HELL DID SHE DO THAT~!?! The incredible resolve of Bell Connelly will not allow her to be pinned here tonight!

    Shannon again is gripping at her injured shoulder, which causes the commentators to wonder if it was the weakened joint that took some of her power away.

    Whatever it was, Shannon pounds the mat in frustration, not sure if she has anything left. She’s done everything she possibly can, and she still can’t put Bell away.

    Shannon looks to go for broke and drags Bell to her feet, thrusting her into a corner. Shannon takes another moment to take in a big breath before setting Bell up on the top rope. Shannon knocks a pair of forearms off of Bell’s face , Bell’s lifeless body reacting like a limp crash test dummy with each blow.

    Shannon climbs on up and catches Bell in a front headlock, throwing an arm over. Shannon leaps up and sets up for a variation of the SUPERPLEX…BUT CONNELLY FIGHTS BACK!! Bell’s resolve re-inspires her body, which tries to jam Shannon’s move, but Shannon has a lot more left in the tank than Bell. Shannon tugs away…but Bell still won’t go. Bell keeps going…And kicks Bell down to the canvas but Shannon lands on her feet. She takes a moment to balance herself, and move for-GLITTER BOMB! OUT OF NOWHERE! FROM THE TOP ROPE! A DIVING VARIATION. Bell sells her overall damage and the damage to her midsection from the big blow, but quickly wraps up both of O'Neals legs, pulling back as hard as possible for maximum leverage –


    Bell can't believe it. She thought she had this one in the back, but Shannon manages to give the last of what she had to kick out. Bell slams her fists onto the mat in frustration as she grabs a handful of Bell's hair and pulls her up off of the mat. She Irish Whips Shannon into the ropes BUT ON THE REBOUND, SHANNON NAILS BELL WITH THE PARADISE CITY!

    Rod Sterling: PARADISE CITY! PARADISE CITY! This is it! This is it!

    Devin Golden: Call it!

    Shannon drops to her knees and collapses on top of Bell. The referee makes the count.




    Winner: Shannon O'Neal

    Both women lay face down on the mat. Bell is totally unconscious, while Shannon lays almost motionless, apart from her heavy, labored breathing.

    Rod Sterling: These women gave EVERYTHING they had. I can't believe what we've just witnessed.

    Michael Garcia: It was a hell of a match, I'll admit. I didn't see it going this way, I thought for certain Bell would walk out the victor. Wow.

    Devin Golden: Not for nothing, Bell Connelly put up a hell of a fight. This isn't a loss for her, not in my book. And something tells me this thing between these two is far from over.

    ???: Pah...

    The young man sneers at the news from, and the intensity can be felt in his eyes, as he leans back into his leather desk chair. He has a disgusted look on his face from seeing the news, for some reason. This man here is Dominick Armistead, a professional wrestler still in the early years of his career. Rumor has it three years ago, he was snubbed from joining the FWA's very own development territory nGw following a dark match. Not even a contract offer. To a man with the "talents" of Dominick, it was a grave error. He couldn't handle the fact that a big name company like FWA wouldn't want the next big thing on their roster. His career stalled and he had to stick to those garbage indy shows to make ends meet.

    Dominick: So they're coming back... and just when I thought they were going out of business. Those no good bastards, all of them; ignoring my talents for crap like Dameon Osborn, Locke, and those idiots "El Taco Hombres", yet where is "The Next Big Thing"? I'm right here, FWA. You should have signed me, instead of those idiots... What have we here?

    His face lights up as he scrolls the page down with his mouse and few more words are highlighted in big letters.

    Tickets Available Now!

    Dominick: I just had a thought... If FWA won't come to me... I'll just have to come to FWA... by force! I'll make the whole damn world notice me. This is your time to shine, Dominick. This is the beginning of the Armistead Era...


    The So Called 'Saviour of the FWA'

    Dominick Armistead

    FWA World Heavyweight Championship
    Phillip A. Jackson w/ Viktor Maximus VS Cyrus Truth (C)

    “Vacuity” by Gojira played over the arena speakers, signaling the arrival of one half of the FWA Tag Team Champions, Phillip A.Jackson! Without the Destruction by his side for the first time in months, Phillip confidently walked down the ramp, stopping halfway to take a deep breath and take everything in. The crowd seemed to be behind Phillip on his journey to reach the top once again. Phillip slapped hands with a few fans at ringside before running into the ring and doing his signature pose.

    “Subconscious Entry Version” interrupted the challenger as “The Wayward Warrior” Cyrus Truth stepped out onto the stage, with his reacquired World Heavyweight Championship placed firmly over his shoulder. Truth looked down at the gold before walking down the ramp with a confident swagger. Truth smiled as he ducked under the ropes and stood face to face with PAJ, before extending his hand. Phillip looked down at the olive branch in front of him, before shaking hands with the champ! The two men turned to their respective corners as Kurt Harrington gave the proper introductions.

    Rod Sterling: I tell ya, boys…the energy in this arena right now…..This just feels like we’re about to see something epic, doesn’t it?

    Michael Garcia: Sure does, Roddy. All personal feelings for Phillip aside, speaking as someone who trained with the man for months, I can tell you firsthand that Phillip has been a new man and right now, Phillip A. Jackson is as good as he’s ever been. And I don’t need to remind you two, Phillip A.Jackson is a former World Heavyweight Champion.

    Devin Golden: Never thought I'd find myself agreeing with you Maggle but everything you said right there is the truth, but during Phillip’ A. Jackson's reign as World Champion, there was no Cyrus Truth to stand in his way. Cyrus Truth has been a dominant force since his arrival a few years ago and while I believe Phillip A. Jackson can knock off Cyrus Truth, the fact of the matter is…he’s never had to do it yet. This is gonna require Phillip to go to places he’s not yet gone.

    FWA World Heavyweight Championship
    “The Exile” Cyrus Truth © vs “The Reborn” Phillip A. Jackson

    The two engage in the center of the ring with Truth taking Phillip down quickly with a judo throw. Cyrus takes a step back to gloat, showing how easy that was. Cyrus calls for another meeting in the center of the ring, where the two of them engage in a collar and elbow tie up. Phillip maneuvers his way to a side headlock and shoves Cyrus into the ropes, but Cyrus rebounds and drills Phillip with a shoulder block that sends PAJ crashing to the mat. Truth runs the ropes again, but Phillip pops to his feet and ducks a clothesline! Truth turns around and steps right into a knife edge chop and then a second and a third before PAJ whips Truth into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the gut on the rebound. Phillip follows it up by kicking Truth in the gut as he tried to get to his feet and then catching him with a dropkick that sent the champ out of the ring to the outside! PAJ looked out to the fans before running up to the top rope and then leaping off to Cyrus on the outside!

    Truth was reeling on the outside, trying to regain his composure as Phillip got back to his feet and took a few steps back away from the champ. PAJ awaited The Exile to get to his feet before hitting a few knife edge chops and then sending Truth back inside the ring. Phillip stepped up to the apron where Truth met him with a right hand. Phillip ducked down and delivered a shoulder to Truth’s ribs and then grabbed his head and dropped it down over the top rope! Truth gasped for air as Phillip launched himself over the top rope with a body splash inside the ring! Phillip covered and got himself a short 2 count! PAJ again waited for Truth to get to his feet, kicked him in the gut, ran the ropes and went for his one handed bulldog but Truth countered by sending him into the far corner! Cyrus rolled to the apron and tried to get some separation, but Phillip went back to him and pulled him to his feet! Truth countered by burying his shoulder deep into the ribs of his opponent, and then dropping his neck down over the top rope, much like Phillip did to him earlier! Truth looked to copy his opponent as he went for the same body splash maneuver, but PAJ got his knees up! Phillip climbed up to the top rope as Truth staggered around the ring! Phillip with a missile dropkick off the top and then a clothesline that sends Truth back to the outside! Truth landed on his feet and pulled at his hair as frustration began to set in.

    Michael Garcia: Phillip A. Jackson has come to play tonight, boys!

    Backstage, we see General Manager Ryan Rondo watching the action unfold. He seems pleasantly suprised with the way the show is turning out so far and how great the main event is turning out.

    When we come back to the ring, Cyrus Truth has Phillip in a sleeper hold that Phillip is fighting out of. A few elbows by Phillip frees him up before he tosses Cyrus with a Judo Hip Toss. Cyrus gets to his feet and gets met with a hard right, then a second one! Shoulder block by PAJ! A second shoulder block! Irish whip into the corner for Cyrus! PAJ follows in but Cyrus gets the boot up! Cyrus charges out of the corner but runs right into an Overhead Belly to Belly from Phillip! Cyrus retreats to the corner, again with Phillip following in but this time, The Wayward Warrior ducks down and sends Phillip over the top rope to the apron. Cyrus staggers out of the corner as Phillip readies himself on the apron and looks for a springboard clothesline, but Cyrus catches him in a Belly to Belly Suplex of his own! Cyrus awaited his opponent to get up and hoisted him up for a Journey’s End, but Phillip slid off the shoulders and delivered a discus clothesline! Phillip covered and got a 2 count! Phillip picked up Cyrus for some sort of piledriver, but Cyrus countered out with a catapult that sent Phillip into the turnbuckle! PAJ bounced out backwards and right into a German Suplex and immediately followed up with the Wanderer’s Wrath! The two men took a few moments before either one started to move but Cyrus was the first up to his feet. Truth waited for The Reborn to get up and when he did, he hooked him right up into the Journey’s End, but again, Phillip slid out! Cyrus instinctively turned around for a clothesline but Phillip ducked underneath and went for his PAJle kick on the turnaround! Cyrus had it scouted though and caught the foot, transitioning it into an ankle lock! Cyrus tried to lock the hold in, but Phillip rolled through it into a pinning predicament!



    Rod Sterling: Phillip A. is known for his high flying style, which often makes people overlook the fact that he’s one of the most cerebral, cunning, strategic names in the game. He seems to have Cyrus incredibly well scouted tonight!

    Michael Garcia: I can back ya on that, Roddy. As much as I despise that little weasel, I’d be lyin’ if I ever said that I didn’t learn a hell of a lot from that man. Definitely one of, if not the smartest men in the FWA!

    Devin Golden: I won’t disagree with you guys there, but in my experience, there is NO smarter man in the FWA than Cyrus Truth. As a great man once said, “Just when you think you’ve got all the answers, he changes the questions!”

    Cyrus kicked out! The Truth got back to his feet and charged towards PAJ, who ducked a clothesline and delivered his PAJle kick for real this time! Again, PAJ with the cover!


    Phillip whipped Cyrus into the ropes and followed in with a corner splash but The Exile moved out of the way, causing Phillip to his face first! Phillip bounces out of the corner, and stumbles backwards into an Exile’s Edge by the Truth! Cyrus covers!



    Phillip kicks out at 2 as well! Both men to their feet and it’s Cyrus who hits a hard uppercut on Phillip, before whipping him into the ropes but Phillip counters midway downand sends Cyrus into the ropes. Cyrus hangs on, Phillip charges forward but The Truth ducks down and sends Phillip over the top rope to the apron! Cyrus turns around and eats a springboard crossbody! Phillip looks out to the crowd before climbing up to the top rope! The tag team champion steadies himself on the top rope and measures his leap, but Cyrus takes a running leap up there and knocks him off balance! The two men struggle for a bit before Phillip shoves Cyrus down below and tries to reposition himself but as he’s trying to get himself back to both feet on the top rope, Cyrus springboards off the middle rope into an enziguiri that catches Phillip in the skull! Phillip drops down to one knee but Cyrus pulls him up and sends him backwards with a bridging Dragon Suplex! Cyrus goes for the cover!



    PAJ kicks out!

    Cyrus stalks his prey as Phillip uses the ropes to pull himself upto his feet. The exhaustion starting to set in, Phillip stumbled backwards and right into a Journey’s End from Cyrus, but Phillip again slides out and looks for a release German Suplex but Cyrus lands on his feet! Cyrus stumbles back right into a rear waist lock for Phillip who tried to hit another German! Standing switch by Cyrus though puts him in a position where HE can deliver a release German Suplex to Phillip, and he does! Cyrus covers and again gets a 2 count! Frustration begins to reach the champ as he looks out to the crowd as if to ask “What am I supposed to do here?” Cyrus stalks his opponent again, looking for the Journey’s End, and for the fourth time, Cyrus avoids it, lands on his feet and delivers a staggering PAJle kick to the Exile! Cyrus drops down to his knees and then collapses to the mat! Phillip covers! 1…. 2….No!

    Devin Golden: Phillip A.Jackson is bound and determined to not get caught in that Journey’s End! He knows if he does, it’s Game Over!

    Michael Garcia: I don’t know if you’ve ever felt that Journey’s End, Devin. I have, and it is a game changer! I want absolutely nothing more than Phillip to feel several of those bad boys tonight!

    Phillip pulls himself up to his feet and grabs Cyrus by his long drk hair, yanking him up. Phillip gets him to his feet, but Cyrus powers forward and drives the tag champ to the near corner, pushing his shoulders into his opponent’s abdomen and then delivers four more shoulder thrusts before whipping him to the far corner but Phillip reverses and sends the champ in! Running splash by Phillip misses as Cyrus moves out.Phillips crashes and bounces out, right into a clothesline! Both men to their feet with Cyrus looking for the Wanderer’s Path but PAJ avoids it and connects with a clothesline of his own! Phillip up first and he grabs Cyrus, leading himover to the far corner. PAJ climbs to the middle rope and begins repeatedly delivering right hands to the skull of the champion as the crowd counts along! Cyrus slips between the legs of the tag champ after the eighth punch, and looks to sweep the leg, but Phillip avoids it, kicks Cyrus, and flips over for a moonsault but Cyrus ducks under! Cyrus turns around as does Phillip, but it’s the champ that catches him with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex into the turnbuckle! Phillip lands on his head as the crowd lets out an audible “OHHHH!” Cyrus covers but Phillip again kicks out at 2! Cyrus slams his fist into the mat several times before collecting himself and putting his hands on his knees, pulling himself up and then Phillip. Cyrus drives Phillip to the corner and then lifts him up onto the top rope. Cyrus with a hard right hand, and then a second, before Phillip blocks the third and then delivers one of his own! Cyrus stumbles backwards, which gives PAJ all the room that he needs to leap off and deliver a leaping hurricanrana! Cyrus does a complete flip from the momentum and hits the mat hard as PAJ signals that the time is up for this one! PAJ climbs through the ropes to the apron, where he calls for his finisher! Phillip leaps off the top rope and delivers his Springboard 450 splash! But Cyrus rolls out of the way and Phillip hits the mat hard! Cyrus sees the opportunity and gets to his feet, gets himself in position, awaits Phillip to rise to his feet and this time, FINALLY connects with a Journey’s End! Cyrus covers!!!!




    Rod Sterling: Are you kidding me?

    Michael Garcia: GOOD! Give ‘em another one! Cripple that bastard!

    Golden: I agree, if for no other reason than maybe we can get him on commentary other than you!

    Michael Garcia: Watch it, Golden. I’m still capable of putting you through another car windshield!

    Cyrus’ eyes grew as wide as they could with his jaw hanging in complete disbelief! Cyrus began to yell and scream at the referee, somewhat uncharacteristically, as he simply couldn’t believe that he hadn’t put Phillip away yet! Cyrus looked out to the crowd, before grabbing Phillip and looking tolock in the Long Road to Nowhere, but Phillip grabbed him and pulled him into an inside cradle! Cyrus kicked out just before 2, and stumbled back into the ropes! Phillip charged forward, but again Cyrus back bod dropped him over the top! Phillip landed on the apron, springboarded off the top and into a Tornado DDT! Phillip once again covered and again a strong 2 count! Phillip once again, looked incredulously at the referee before pulling the champ up to his feet, and then again signaling that it’s over! That's when, out of nowhere, Cyrus Truth comes alive out of nowhere and hits the Journey's End on Phillip A. Jackson, before dropping to pin him.


    Winner and STILL FWA World Heavyweight Champion: Cyrus Truth

    Rod Sterling: CYRUS DID IT! HE'S RETAINED THE FWA CHAMPIONSHIP. Several times there it seemed like PAJ was about to grab the FWA Championship but Cyrus Truth did what he does and he WON!

    Michael Garcia: Didn't see it happening any other way, to be honest.

    Devin Golden" Credit where it's due, both of these men put on a hell of a bout.

    Cyrus Truth stands in the center of the ring, catching his breath while PAJ and Viktor make there way up the ramp. The referee raises Cyrus Truth's hand in victory before handing him the FWA World Champiosnhip belt. PAJ climbs the nearest turnbuckle and proudly raises the belt high above his head. Suddenly, his music is cut off and he doesn't really think anything of it until...

    "It's a Bittersweet....Symphony this life..."

    The crowd lets out a tremendous pop as Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve plays and The Astonishing Chris Kennedy walks out, his arm in a sling and a microphone in his free hand.

    Rod Sterling: CHRIS KENNEDY!?! What's HE doing here? He hasn't been cleared to return, has he?

    Michael Garcia: Your guess is as good as mine, Rod, but judging by the sling on his arm, I'm not so sure.

    Chris Kennedy: Bravo, Cyrus. Congratulations are truly in order. And well, I never formally congratulated you for defeating me at Aftershock and taking the FWA championship from me. I wish that I could say that I truly harbored no ill will against you, but then I'd be a liar, like you.

    Cyrus Truth just smirks and shakes his head, before pointing to the FWA Championship.

    Chris Kennedy: Now see, I'd love to come in there and kick your ass from here to the moon but the fact of the matter is that you just went through the ringer with ol' PAJ there and hell, even with one arm I am twice the man you are so it just wouldn't be a fair fight you see. I will give you a helpful bit of advice, Cyrus. This ones for free. WATCH. YOUR. BACK.

    Cyrus dismisses Kennedy, laughing to himself and shaking his head UNTIL BELL CONNELLY COMES UP BEHIND HIM AND HITS HIM WITH A LOW BLOW!


    Devin Golden: Yo, is she...Is she wearing Brass Knuckles?

    She was. Bell Connelly was wearing Chris Kennedy's diamond studded brass knuckles. As Cyrus Truth collapses to the floor in sheer agony, Bell Conelly mounts him and starts hammering away at his face with the brass knuckles.

    Michael Garcia: THERE is the Bell Connelly I was talking about earlier.

    Rod Sterling: Something must be done, someone needs to stop this! What is Bell Connelly doing to Cyrus Truth!?!

    Michael Garcia: Is she acting as an instrument to Chris Kennedy or is there something more to this?

    Bell Connelly is crazed, bringing the brass knuckles down onto Cyrus Truth's face with lightning fast quickness, cutting him open. Cyrus is bleeding profusely and his blood is all over Bell Connelly.

    As security rushes down the ramp, Chris Kennedy just smiles at the ordeal and turns around, disappearing though the curtain as Revival goes off the air.

    Poster (Jiggy)
    Alternate Poster (ONAMStarr)
    Matchup Card GFX (ONAMStarr)
    Booking/Staff (Jiggy, Sayer, Jimmy King)
    Match Writers (Jiggy, Jimmy King, Sayer, An Original Name)
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    Hell of a show, from top to bottom. Kudos to my fellow match writers and Jiggy as well for putting this together.

    Randall nearly died! He made good on his promise though
    Good showing from Dave and Risky there, he may have lost but Risky has nothing to be ashamed of
    Warriors of Virtue could be a lock for next tag team champs
    Hell of a showing from all competitors on the NA title match
    Izzy was so close but Gabby prevailed! Close call for me personally, I thought you both had great work in the promo thread
    Shannon and Bell nearly killed each other but Shannon just barely squeaked out the victory
    Another close call with Cyrus and Phil, really solid work

    The future is looking bright, let’s keep it up.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    I can imagine the pressure putting together the new FWA has had. The previous team did a very good job. But what I see here is your own touch. with the graphics and such and the effort has been amazing.

    Great job by everyone who promos for the first time in I think... ever... I was able to read all the promo.

    All the matches were well written and set up the future nicely even though I have liked to have seen some segments or vid packages or entrances to break up the matches. Food for thought.

    Much respect to TGO for winning. Always a pleasure and an honour. That being said though; Another massive lost on another massive stage another bout of AON's fav post lost hobby;

    I am looking forward to who claims that Undisputed title shot. Lots a new fresh match ups. ETC

    Let's rock it in 2019
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Oh man, what a comeback from FWA. The effort that put into this show is huge and I've enjoyed reading every bit.

    The only complaint I have is the new format (the show being in a frame) is sort of difficult to read on mobile.

    Other than that, the new team looks really promising and makes me really impatient to come back.
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    I'll give a better review later, but I have to say this truly was a show that felt big from start to finish. It felt as special and important as the Revival name is to the FWA at this point in time.

    Great work to everyone involved.

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    Loved this show. Congrats to Starr for defending the NA title for the first time. Let's see if you can pull off similar the incredible run WOLF had over the course of this past year.

    I agree that the only thing I didn't like was the formatting issue. As mentioned, it comes out a tad weird on mobile and it forces me to scroll over to read everything.

    The last two matches lived up the to hype. Those four may be the top four on the roster right now. Favorite part was the ending though. I can't wait to see how Kennedy vs Cyrus plays.

    I have bitter sweet feelings on Bell as a heel still. AON plays it so well, but I will always look at Bell as that sweet bubbly girl. So it's hard seeing her like this. Kennedy has certainly corrupted our sweet innocent Bell. That's what makes her heel turn honestly one of the more unique ones I've ever read, because she was a character you'd never imagine as a heel.

    Great show, and an awesome way to kick off the revival.

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    I’ll give a further review later... but did I read that a 6’7 monster did a lionsault?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gambit View Post
    I’ll give a further review later... but did I read that a 6’7 monster did a lionsault?!
    I think I had intended that spot for Kendrick I'll fix it

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    Mike Garcia could have done it. Full results here shortly. Working on this week's card right now.

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