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Thread: Meet the All New FWA Commentary Team

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    Meet the All New FWA Commentary Team

    Weeks ago, reported that the FWA released long time FWA color commentator Piers Gallagher following a series of inappropriate tweets that inadvertently started a social media rivalry between Gabrielle Montgomery and Izzy Van Doren. It was speculated that David Weinstein was leaving the commentary desk to take on a role backstage in line with a senior producer. This only further speculated rumors that Langdon Trafford's now-expired contract wouldn't be extended when FWA returned to TV in January.

    Today it would appear that those rumors proved to be true as the FWA has officially parted ways with Langdon Trafford, ending an era spanning nearly 15 years in the FWA. Piers and Langdon had sat behind the Fight Night commentary desk since it's inception, spanning the Bronze Age, The Golden Age, and the WC Network era. Often times they were joined by a 3rd. During the Golden Age, when Fight Night had a sister show in Crossfire, they were often joined by Lucy Pinder, and then later David Weinstock.

    FWA has released a statement commenting on their departure as well as introducing the all-new FWA commentary team.


    The FWA has come to terms with the release of Langdon Trafford. Langdon was a visionary in the world of play-by-play commentary and we considered to be the voice of the FWA for nearly 15 years. With the departure of Piers Gallagher and the promotion of David Weinstein, this was an unfortunate but necessary step into the evolution of the all-new FWA as we movie into our new prime time slot on NBC with a reinvigorated brand identity.

    With that, we'd like all of our fans to meet the ALL NEW FWA Commentary Team. While their voices are new to play-by-play action, their faces might be quite familiar.

    Devin Golden
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Where you know him:
    -Current NGW General Manager
    -3 Time FWA World Heavyweight Champion

    Devin Golden has had a storied career in the FWA, most notably during his time at the top as one of the most renoun FWA wrestlers of all time. Some remember him for his stint as "The Rotten Gold" or his time trailblazing in the X-division and the Tag Team division. Currently, Devin Golden is being credited for reviving NGW, the FWA's developmental brand that's long been on life support. Golden will have a busy time balancing that role with his his new gig on Fight Night commentary but Devin has already proven time and time again over the years that he's more than capable of handling anything the FWA throws at him.

    Michael Garcia
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Where you know him:
    -Former FWA Tag Team Champion (with Malik Garcia)
    -Historic feud with Drew Stevenson
    -Unwavering ability to be an unlikable shit-bag

    Love him or hate him, though you most likely hate him, Michael Garcia is a heat magnet. He always has something to say about things that have nothing to do with him so he should make for an interesting ingredient to the all new commentary team. Arrogant, delusional, and often tone deaf, Garcia has one of those voices that makes you cringe while at the same time gritting your teeth in anger. He may have never won a singles title in the FWA, but you wouldn't know it by listening to his incessant bragging and boasting.

    Rod Sterling
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Where you know him:
    -The Sterling Report (2011-2013, The PWS Channel)
    -Manager (Managed Mac Michaud, Dinorah Redgrave, Joey Ortiz, Desmond Fox, Daniella Kennedy, and The Syndicate)
    -FWA Senior Producer (2010-2018)

    Interestingly enough, David Weinstock is leaving the commentary team to fill the senior producer void left by this man, while this man takes over David Weinstock's role at the commentary table. It's a perfect swap. As an on-air TV personality, Sterling was a ruthless heel manager, but people would get to know the real Rod Sterling on his FWA associated talk show The Sterling Report, and they'd come to find that he has a heart of gold. Behind the scenes, as a producer, he is credited for bring Chris Kennedy to the FWA and launching his career. He is also the man who initially pushed for the Fight Night/Crossfire merger in 2011. You may not have seen his face too often in recent years, but you've unknowingly felt his impact on the FWA.

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    Re: Meet the All New FWA Commentary Team

    I like that new commentary team.

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