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Thread: Hiromu Takahashi

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    Hiromu Takahashi

    Been meaning to make this thread since Steve posted some Kamaitachi matches in VIP.

    I'm in the process of organizing my list of the top 100 wrestlers in the world in 2018 at the moment, and even though he was injured for half the year I have the boy Hiromu remarkably high on my list, pushing top 25. Last year he was a top 25 guy too and when I put that together with him having the feud of the last 4 years with Dragon Lee and putting on some of my favourite matches from Mexico then this dude has one of the most stacked resumes that we'll be looking at. His BOSJ last year was one of the strongest MVP performances of a tournament I've seen in a while, he was outstanding. Only downside which has him sliding down the rankings is the obvious, the injury. Who knows if this guy is gonna return in 2019, and even if he does is he going to be the same wrestler he was before?
    He'll have to make my list because he's been one of my favourite wrestlers of this era, but chances are he'll have to settle for bottom 25 if he doesn't wrestle this year.


    EVERY Dragon Lee match you can get your hands on
    EVERY Kushida match you can get your hands on, even the 2 minute one.
    Vs Maximo Sexy - CMLL January 1st 2016
    Vs Ryusuke Taguchi - March 6th 2017
    Vs Will Ospreay - New Beginning 2018
    Vs El Desperado - 2018 BOSJ
    Vs Taiji Ishimori - 2018 BOSJ Finals
    Vs Will Ospreay - Dominion 2018
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    Re: Hiromu Takahashi

    I think he would have been my top rated NJPW guy if he hadn't of gotten injured. If he misses the whole year it'll be tough, that's nearly 1/3rd of the time missed and there's just so much competition on my list it'll be hard to justify that for me. But the matches are there, he's a fantastic wrestler, legit one of the best in the world. If you value peak more than overall he can be as high as you want. Will never not love the Ghost Weasel.

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    Re: Hiromu Takahashi

    Really enjoyed his Mexico run and though he was a refreshing act in CMLL at the time. I have little to no interest in NJ juniors scene, what are his top matches there I need to see?

    EDIT - should hav eread Ed's post. doh
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