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Thread: WCW 1996 - The Birth of the NWO

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    Re: WCW 1996 - The Birth of the NWO

    Okay, bud, let's get caught up here. I'd fallen a couple of shows behind which meant catching up was easier said than done, especially as I didn't just want to skim and miss anything (especially when my favourite parts of this thread are often the small touches). I'll summarise my overall thoughts as no-one wants to read 3 shows of feedback in one go...

    Firstly, the announcer stuff at the start of the shows is still fantastic, and an easy highlight of the whole thread. In fact, I don't think anyone is doing them better than you on here. The way you set up so much without really setting up anything concrete is just excellent. The only minor slip I saw was in having Bischoff kinda give away he knows more about the NWO than he's admitting to, which is a twist we don't need... yet. But then it had Heenan get concerned and set up the final angle of Nitro, so I won't complain too much.

    The closing angle on Nitro was great. It's one of those awkward situations where it's (imo) one of the greatest angles ever done. Usually I want people to come up with their own stuff rather than just re-writing stuff that really happened, but this angle was such a big part of making the NWO a threat that I get why you kept it. I honestly didn't love the tweak of having Bagwell's comedy bit in there, as it didn't feel like the time for a joke. I thought it was GREAT as as line and a piece of characterisation, just the timing was off for me. That said, having Rey go through a WINDOW was a spectacular decision. Excellent stuff.

    And as always, your ability to make Saturday Night entertaining without losing it's sense as a B show is second-to-none. Making it a preview show was great, and I love that the card is changing for the PPV because of that attack, makes it so much more important. And showing it again on the pre show is exactly the kind of thing you want. Intentionally ruining a PPV is ballsy, but you picked a good PPV as there isn't a paying audience, and you picked the right matches with the right changes to mean it doesn't matter too much. There's nothing which will make me appreciate a BTB more than having actions have consequences, and between the Saturday Night stand in match after the Steiner/Harlem Heat segment, and now this, you're doing it as well as anyone.

    You've been getting the characterisation of your promos sounding great as well, I have to say. You must have been listening to people's promos to get them sounding so good, right? The Arn one in particular was simply fantastic, and I really loved fired up Sting on Saturday Night. And Savage is always great in this. As a quick thing on that Sting promo I just mentioned - Larry doubting him as a leader was brilliant.

    Really liked the NWO paid advert, thought you made it work really well. I don't think you needed to air it twice (it's not like the Hogan heel turn where it's worth showing it over and over), but the actual content was good. I loved the Hogan "Giant is dumb" line too. There's never been anyone as terrible (and therefore great) at heel insults as Hogie.

    Honestly, there wasn't really anything to comment on that I didn't like. I'm still not feeling the Blonds, but I've already shared that feedback so I wont bother repeating. There are a couple of tiny things, like Saturday Night being all in bold, or having one tag team called Yung 'n' Reckless and one called Rough 'n' Ready, but it's tiny stuff really. I'm still really enjoying this thread, I'm pumped for Hog Wild (even with the change in some of the matches - if anything that makes me like it even more), and I hope the addition to the family doesn't get in the way of you posting too much! Really glad I caught up before sending Wolfy my end of year awards votes as this thread is still one of my faves on here. Keep it up dude.

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    Re: WCW 1996 - The Birth of the NWO

    Some quick thoughts on Saturday Night. Really glad for you that you’re finally on the heels of Hog Wild. I know how much of a bitch writers block and life in general can be, so I’m glad you’re back writing. Now onto the show.

    Really good start with commentary here. As always, it seems to be the standard bar that the commentary is REALLY good to kick things off. Bischoff adding extra security gives this show an authentic feel. JJ addressing everything at the start of the show was a nice touch too. You’ve done a great job building up the atmosphere for Hog Wild the night before.

    Cool decision to add Chavo to the match. An Eddie/Chavo pairing not only adds to the tag team division, but will make for a great feud down the line.

    Glad to see Eaton still on television, picking up a win. He is a guy you can plug and play anywhere in your lineup, and he always makes for great matches.

    Great recap package, really hammering home how dangerous the nWo is. You’ve really done a great job setting the stage for the nWo to be a legit threat to the safety to everybody in WCW. I know it must be hard seeing that in real life, it was probably one of the best storylines ever done. However, adding you own personal spin on things has been nothing short of amazing so far.

    Glad to see The Thrillseekers still seeking them thrills haha. A very solid tag team (obviously) that has a ton of potential. Very excited to see where they turn to next after tearing through the under card over the past month.

    Overall man, this was a perfect hype show for Hog Wild. JJ Dillon making last minute changes was very well done and made everything feel real authentic and realistic. Really solid booking throughout, and I’m super pumped for Hog Wild. Awesome job on the show man!

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    Re: WCW 1996 - The Birth of the NWO

    Saturday Night being treated as a kick off show for the PPV makes sense. Right off the bat, as usual your commentary addresses exactly what it needs to in an enjoyable manner. Heenan fearing for his safety, only for Bischoff to mention the extra security and what not is a terrific way to sell the brutal ending of Nitro.

    Following through on the events with JJ Dillon having to make the changes to the card is awesome as well. Duggan filling in for Konnan in the US Title match makes sense, and it’s smart booking in the sense that Konnan chases longer, in what has been a fun mid card angle. I honestly don’t know if the crowd would pop being all happy to see Konnan out and Duggan in though. Anderson getting the choice as to who will fill in for him is interesting. I’m assuming he won’t choose Benoit which will drive Benoit nuts after he was already pissed on Nitro. And the final change to the card, Eddie choosing Chavo makes sense, even if once again it’s a bit of a down grade. This segment needed to happen though, and you polished off perfectly with the Bagwell stuff. Hilarious that this guys trying to fake the minor sprain as a major injury. Very good stuff here.

    I like the added detail of constantly mention the bikers. You’re really making this feel like Hog Wild, although I’m happy as fuck that I don’t have to hear that shit. Two people that nobody really cares about opening up the preshow is probably to be expected. Good win for Eaton.

    ANOTHER segment dedicated to the crazy ending of Nitro with the video package… Awesome. You sure know how to make things feel like a big deal.

    And a solid enough main event, and good to keep The Thrill Seekers ticking along. Not much else to say really, although I did enjoy their slight change of behaviour to cater to the biker audience. That’s gold.

    Obvious not much here which is to be expected but I’m definitely still doing my best to keep up with this one. Looking forward to the PPV.

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