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Thread: FWA REVIVAL announced, FWA Championship match set

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    FWA REVIVAL announced, FWA Championship match set is reporting that the FWA will return on January 4th with an all new, live PPV event, titled FWA Revival. The show marks a new era of the FWA on a new network with new back-end management. FWA issued a statement on the PPV, just moments after WrestlingClique broke the news.

    "While the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance has been in a brief transitional period, the break we have been on has felt like a lifetime and we are eager to be back. For 13 years the FWA has been the recognized leader in combat sports and we are eager to continue providing fans with our patented brand of both sports and entertainment like only we can do, but for new generation of fans as well as the previous ones. In the coming days, the card for FWA Revival will be revealed piece by piece. This is a strong, Back in Business-level card that we want to slowly drop on you so that you truly understand the impact of each match.

    With that being said, we are happy to announce the MAIN EVENT at this hallmark event. FWA Champion Cyrus Truth will defend his FWA World Heavyweight Championship against current Tag Team Champion and two-time world champion Phillip A. Jackson. With this opportunity, Jackson can potentially hold dual gold in the FWA, a feat that is quite rare.

    Also announced, a Tag Team Championship #1 Conteders match will see The New Breed (“The Protégé” Sean Hughes and The Prototype) taking on The Warriors of Virtue (Lord Dog and XYZ), the winners of that matching being awarded a tag team title opportunity at a later date. "

    The FWA has not stated when the rest of the card will be revealed, but with Revival only weeks away, we can't imagine we'll be waiting too long.

    Phillip A.Jackson (FWA) and Cyrus Truth (CWA), San Diego ComicCon, 2013

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL announced, FWA Championship match set

    Gauntlet has been thrown down!
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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