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Thread: The XFL Discussion Thread

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    Re: The XFL Discussion Thread

    I don't think they have to or should try and compete with the NFL

    The CFL Has been around for over 100 years
    They don't try and compete with the NFL
    They just concentrate on doing their own thing

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    There is plenty of room for the Burger Kings & Wendy's of the football world

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    Re: The XFL Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Silk View Post
    I'm aware, I assumed he was talking about the only one that had even a moderate degree of large-term success.

    Best I can tell the IFL is probably the most successful of them now but it's still not really a vision of stability. I disagree with the premise that it's impossible to compete with the NFL but I wouldn't say Arena League ball is doing particularly well at the moment.
    Ahh. Yeah, fair point.

    Maine has an arena team now, and I'm quite happy with it. Mostly because it's something near by that is football to see. So that's neat. But stability is a major issue, and if you look up list of current arena leagues and see the fact there is a combined 34 teams between them....But then look at how young some of those leagues are (Maine's team was founded this year, for example), and then look at the list of "Former Arena teams" and look at how few years the majority lasted? Not very promising.
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