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Thread: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)

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    The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)

    This will be dedicated to WWF, WCW, and ECW. ECW will join later as this begins in the mid 80's

    The current WWF Roster is

    Hulk Hogan-Heavyweight Champ
    Ricky Steamboat-IC Champ
    Demolition-TagTeam Champs
    Ted Dibase
    Dino Bravo
    Don Murraco
    Randy Savage
    Koko B Ware
    Honky Tonk Man
    The Barber Beefcake
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    Greg Valentine
    Ron Bass
    One Man Gang
    Junkyard Dog
    Big John Studd
    Roddy Piper
    King Kong Bundy
    Ken Patera
    Hillbilly Jim
    Harley Race
    Sam Houston
    Sgt Slaughter

    The Rougeau Bros
    The Heart Foundation
    The Rockers
    The Powers of Pain
    The British Bulldogs
    Strike Force


    Ric Flair-Champ
    Paul Ordnoff-US Champ
    Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard-Tag Team

    Tom Zenk
    Butch Reed
    Lex Luger
    Tully Blachard
    Barry Windham
    Dusty Rhodes
    Kevin Sullivan
    Eddie gilbert
    Mike Rotunda
    Ron Simmons
    Steve Williams
    Terry Funk
    Cactus Jack
    Tommy Rich
    Tracy Smothers
    Paul Roma
    Larry Zybsko
    Johhny Ace
    Bam Bam Bigelow
    Dan Spivey
    Arn Anderson

    Midnigh tExpress
    Rock n Roll Express
    Nasty Boys
    The Road Warriors
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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)



    Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse "The Body" Ventura

    (Show opens with a voice over by Vince McMahon naming all 20 entrants that will be in the Royal Rumble)

    (Camera cuts to Gorilla and Jesse as they talk about the upcoming matches.)
    Jesse:I'm telling you right now Monsoon, that the "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibase is walking out of here as the Royal Rumble winner
    Gorilla:Oh yea? How much dd he pay you to say that?
    Jesse:Get out of here Monsoon!

    (Cuts to Howard Finkle who announces the first match)

    Match 1: Strike Force vs The Rougeau Brothers
    -Strike Force comes out to cheers as The Rougeau Brothers follows with boos
    --Rougeau Bros stall,match starts off slow but then picks up
    --Strike Force gains control
    --Raymond has the ref distracted as Jacque pulls out brass knuckles who strikes Rick Martel with it and Jacque Pins him
    --Rougeau Bros wins in 13:23
    (replay review as Strike Force is arguing with the ref about it)

    (Gorilla and Jesse argue about the result)
    Gorilla: That was obviously a illegal move by The Rougeau Bros
    Jesse: The ref didn't see it though, so it was actually a LEGAL move
    Gorilla: WHAT! Come on Jess

    (Backstage with Mean Gene who is with Honky Tonk Man who will face Ricky Steamboat for the IC Title. Honky Tonk Man says "he will be shakin those hips with the title around his hips tonight")

    (Camera goes back to Gorilla and Jesse, and Jesse says Honky Tonk is his favorite singer, Gorilla shakes his head and takes us back to the ring)

    Match 2:Hillbilly Jim vs Harley Race
    (HillyBilly Jim is already in the ring as Howard Finkle introduces Harley Race to boos)
    --Harley Race removes the padding on the top turnbuckle, He goes to slam Hillbilly Jim's head on it, but Hillbilly Jim blocks it, slams Race's head on it and pins him in 7:43
    --Winner: Hillbilly Jim

    (Backstage with Sean Mooney who is with Demolition with Mr Fuji as they get ready to defend their tag titles against The Powers of Pain. Demolition calls The Powers of Pain a bunch of wanna bees)

    (We go to the ring as both Powers of Pain and Demolition make entrances)

    Match 3: Tag Champs Demolition (with Mr Fuji) vs Powers of Pain
    --Smash has his head on the middle rope, Ax is outside the ring fighting with Barbarian, Mr Fuji takes his cane and bashes Smash over the head as The Warlord pins him to win the title in 12:23. Ax goes to the ring to figure out what is going on. Mr Fuji is walking out with Powers of Pain as Ax looks on angrily
    WINNERS: Powers of Pain (new tag champs)

    (Cut to Gorilla and Jesse)

    Gorilla: I cant believe Mr Fuji did that!
    Jesse: Why not? The Powers of Pain are the future of the WWF. It was a wise move by Fuji!

    (Gorilla and Jesse recap the tag title match as Sean Mooney is interviewing The Powers of Pain (With Fuji), Demolition comes in and a brawl takes place between both teams as officials try to break it up)

    (Howard Finkle is in the ring and introduces Ricky Steamboat
    to a thunderous applause, Honky Tonk Man comes out to boos)

    Match 4: IC champ Honky Tonk Man vs Ricky Steamboat
    ---Steamboats a top rope splash in 20:43 to win the title. After the match Honky Tonk Man grabs his guitar and attacks Steamboat with it, leaving Steamboat unconscious

    (Gorilla says Honky Tonk should be suspended as Jesse says "You sure have gone soft")

    (Gorilla and Jesse talk about Royal Rumble upcoming match)

    (Back stage as Mean Gene is interviewing Macho Man for Royal Rumble preview, Jake the Snake Roberts comes out and attacks Macho Man with a chair but misses and hits Elizabeth, Macho Man goes to help her as Jake runs away)

    (Gorilla and Jesse in the booth with shocked faces)

    Gorilla: What a disgusting chicken move by Jake Roberts
    Jesse: The Macho Man pushed her in the way
    Gorilla: Will you stop! This is nothing to joke about!

    (Backstage Elizabeth is seen being loaded into an ambulance, Gorilla says Jake has left the arena )

    --Winner faces Hogan at Wrestlemania

    Order of Eliminations
    2)Dynamite Kid
    3)Big John Studd
    4)Shawn Michaels
    5)Killer bee 1
    6)Koko B Ware
    7)Ron Bass
    8)Ken Patera
    09)Don Murraco
    10)Junkyard Dog
    11)King Kong BUndy
    12)Dino Bravo
    13)Sam Houston
    15)Sgt Slaughter

    17)Greg Valentine
    18)One Man Gang

    (Show ends with Dibase grabbing the mic and saying after Wrestlemania the heavyweight champion

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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)

    January WCW Saturday Night

    Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross

    (Show starts with Ric Flair already in the ring with J.J. Dillon. Flair announces that at next months Superbrawl, Sting think he will be walking out champion when Sting will actually NEVER be champion. Flair calls Sting a "loser wanna be" who is jealous of Flair because Sting want's Flairs life and can never ever get to Flair's standard. )

    (Tony and Jim Ross talk about the Superbrawl ppv then go down to ringside where Gary Capetta introduces the first match)

    Match 1:"Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert (with Missy Hyatt) vs Steve Williams
    --Eddie Gilbert comes out to boos, while Steve Williams comes out to cheers
    -Williams is in control as Eddie is communicating with Missy Hyatt instead of paying attention
    --Missy Hyatt distracts Steve Williams as Eddie Gilbert rolls him up for the win. Eddie and Missy Hyatt kiss in the ring after the match

    (Sting is backstage with Eric Bischoff)

    Sting: I don't care what Flair calls me because words are just words and I have no respect for Flair's lifestyle and I will use this match tonight as practice as I gets ready to walk out of SuperBrawl as WCW champ)

    (Tony and Jim Ross talk about the Sting/Flair match)

    (Gary Capetta introduces
    Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard (Brainbusters)(With J.J. Dillon) to boos while The Nasty Boys come down to a mixture)

    Match 2:The Nasty Boys vs The Brainbusters (J.J. Dillon)
    ---Rough n raw as Blanchard and Saggs start off
    --Saggs starts bleeding
    ---Arn ANderson comes in and beats over Saggs
    ---Knobbs gets tagged in works over Arn
    --Nasty Boys by dq in 14:21 after J.J.Dillon throws his briefcase to Arn Anderson who hits Sags with it
    --Nasty Boys chase after Arn and Tully

    (Eric Bischoff interviews
    Dusty Rhodes)

    Dusty: I tell you what hard work pays off. For all you kids out there. Get a little, dirty, a little sweaty, and you can live The American Dream!

    Match 3: Dusty Rhodes vs Mike Rotunda
    --Dusty comes out to fans cheering him on.
    ---Rotuna acts disgusted
    --Dusty gets control of match
    --Dusty hits a sleeper hold and wins at 12:43
    --Dusty celebrates after with crowd

    (Tony and Jim preview Superbrawl)

    (Cut to ring where Gary Cappetta announces the main event)

    Match 4:Sting vs Paul Roma
    --During the match Flair, J.J. Dillon and Tully Blanchard come down at ringside to watch. Sting comes off as distracted and starts to lose momentum as Roma takes advantage.Roma misses a top rope elbow drop as Sting begins to work over Roma
    --Sting by dq in 9:23 (Flair Dillon, and Tully Blanchard and interfere beating on Sting as Sting is about to pin Roma. Lex Luger comes out with a chair and chases them off and helps Sting up.)

    (SHow ends with Sting and Luger staring down Flair, Tully Blanchard and J.J. Dillon)
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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)


    Announcers: Vince Mcmahon and Jesse Ventura

    (Show opens with a recap of the 20 man Royal Rumble that Ted Dibase won)

    Vince: So now The Million Dollar Man will face Hulk Hogan at April's Wrestlemania for the WWF Championship
    Jesse: and Ted Dibase will be walking out as the WWF Champion Mcmahon
    Vince: Now what makes you so sure of that?
    Jesse:Ted Dibase has the smarts
    Vince: Speaking of smarts let's take it down to Howard Finkle for our first match

    Match 1: The Rougeau Bros vs The British Bulldogs
    --Davy boy and Raymond start off. Davy Boy in control
    --Raymond his a low blow as ref had back turned
    --Jacque gets tagged in and works over Davy Boy
    ---Jacque misses a elbow drop and in comes Dynamite Kid
    ---Dynamite Kid works over Jacque
    --Raymond goes to interfere but Dynamite ducks, and Jacque gets hit
    ---Dynamite Kid rolls up Jacque for the 1-2-3
    WinnerS: The British Bulldogs in 9:34

    (Crowd cheers)

    Vince: Wow what a opening match here!
    Jesse: yea yea yea, the Bulldogs one with an illegal tag
    Vince: What was illegal about it!
    Jesse: Everything!

    (Vince and Jesse recap the incident at the Royal Rumble between Jake Roberts and Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, Vince says that Miss Elizabeth is still at the hospital and Randy Savage will be appearing at next month's Saturday Night Main Event with a message for Jake Roberts)

    (Down to the ring as Howard Finkle introduces the next match)

    Match 2: Ron Bass vs Koko B Ware
    ---Ron Bass gets a early jump, Koko fights back but misses a splash
    --Bass hits a piledriver for the win
    WINNER: Ron Bass in 6:32

    (Backstage "Mean" Gene Okerlund is with Demolition)

    Ax- Wrestlemania not only will we get our hands back on teh WWF tag team titles but we will also get our hands on Mr Fuji
    Gene- Is it a guaranteed title shot?
    Smash- What are you saying? We don't deserve it?
    Gene- Well no
    Ax- Then say what you mean pimp sized maggot
    Gene- I feel very uncomfortable, let;s take it back to you Vince

    (Cuts to Vince and Jesse)

    Jesse- That Okerlund always causing trouble
    Vince- It's a legit question
    Jesse-No question by Okerlund is legit, Mcmahon

    (To the ring where Dino Bravo is with Jimmy Valliant and a bench press station in the ring)

    Jimmy Valiant: All of you are lucky to be here tonight as the strongest man in the WWF , Dino Bravo, will show you what it's like to be strong
    (crowd boos as Dono lays on the bench ready to start)

    (Ken Patntera's music hits as the crowd roars, Bravo stands up and talks to Valliant angirly)

    Ken Patera: Strongest man ever eh? Who says that? You two idiots! I guarantee I can bench press that more than you Dino!
    Dino: Show me. Now
    Ken Patera: SHould I?

    (crowd cheers)
    Ken Patera: ALright you got it!!
    (crowd cheers)
    Vince: ALRIGHT!
    Jesse: I hope he fails
    (Patera lays on bench , warms up, then starts, he bench presses 5 as Bravo looks upset, Dino then walks up and starts holding the bar down on Pateras chest!. patera struggles and falls off the bench, as Bravo then starts kicking him. Security comes out and hold Dono Bravo back as a stretcher is brought out for Ken Patera)

    Vince: What a disgusting move! Ken Patera could be seriously hurt!
    Jesse: That is what he gets for running his mouth. he should have stayed in the back!
    Vince: There's no excuse for these actions!

    (Gene Okerlund reports that Ken Patera is being taken to the hospital for evaluations)

    (Vince announces that Hulk Hogan will be at next month's Saturday Night Main Event)
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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)

    February WCW Superbrawl

    Announcers:Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross

    (opening into and preview)

    (Gary Capetta introduces us to Super brawl and the first match)

    Match1:Ron Simmons vs Tommy Rich
    ---Ron Simmons has early control. Tommy Rich gets a comeback
    -Simmons stops it then hits running powerslam to win in 7:43
    Winner:Ron SImmons
    (Eric Bischoff interview with Sting who faces Flair tonight for the title.)

    Sting: It's time to bring respect back to WCW and that tonight is the night

    (Tony and Jim Ross preview the next match the U.S. title match)

    Match2:Dusty Rhodes vs US Champ Paul Ordonoff
    ---Ordnoff jumps on Dusty early
    --Crowd cheering and screaming for Dusty
    ---Dusty starts to comeback but Ordnoff cuts it off

    ---Ordonoff is in control most of the match until he starts showboating, Dusty makes a comeback and wins with the "Bionic Elbow" in 16:43

    (Dusty celebrates with fans ringside)

    (Back stage Eric Bischoff is waiting for Dusty. Dusty says “This is for all you blue collar folks. Dusty believes in ya!”)

    (Cut to the ring for the next match)

    Match 3:Eddie Gilbert (with Missy Hyatt) vs Paul Roma
    ---Back and forth match
    --Roma keeps flirting with Missy
    --Gilbert grabs a chair and attacks him
    --ref calls for dq
    --Paul Roma by dq in 12:23
    ---After the match Eddie acts upset with Missy who looks concerned about Roma

    (Flai rpromo backstage with .J.J Dillon. Flair says respect is all he has for the WCW title and that at the hotel tonight they will be partying non stop after he beats Sting)

    (In the ring Gary Capetta introduces the tag teams for the next match)

    Match4:Tag Champs Road Warriors(with Paul Ellering) vs Steiners
    --Flat out braawl
    --action out of ring and in ring
    ---all 4 guys battered and beat

    ---Steiners win the tag titles in 23:41 after Brainbusters come out and trip up Hawk as the ref was distracted

    (The Brainbusters backstage tell Eric they are the greatest tag team ever and they are tired of all the praise The Road Warriors get)

    (Gary Capetta introduces next match)

    Match5: Kevn Sullivan with Woman vsS.D. Jones
    --Kevin Sullivan wins with a superkick in 8:43.

    (Cutto Eric Bischoff who is with The Road Warriors. Hawk says he is pissed about what happened. He respects the Steiners but they know they didnt win it clean. Animal promises payback for The Brainbusters)

    (Gary Capetta introduces The freebirds to a massive pop and The The Brainbusters who are booed)

    Match6:Brainbusters with J.J. Dillon vs Free Birds
    ---Freebirds win 18:43 after Road Warriors come out and stand ringside. Arn and Tully are distracted, as Michael Hayes rolls up Arn for the1-2-3

    (Tony and Jim preview the main event)

    (Sting comes out to massive cheers, Ric Flair comes out to cheers and boos as J.J. Dillon is with him)

    Match7)Champ Flair vs Sting
    ---Back and forth match, Sting gets control
    --Flair tries leaving the ring to get counted oit
    --Sting pulls him back in

    ---Ref is knocked down by stinger splash. Flair tries to use a chair misses,and Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop. J.J. Dillon and The Brainbusters interfere but Sting fends them off. Luger comes out grabs the steal chair and bashes Sting over the head. Ric Flair pins him as the ref awakes and wins in 25:43. After the match, Luger, Flair, Dillon and The Brainbusters all celebrate as The Road Warriors come out to defend Sting

    TonySchiavone: MyGosh! WHy Lex Why?!!?
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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)


    ANNOUNCERS: Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse "the Body" Ventura

    (Show opens with a recap of the Royal Rumble and Ted Dibase announcing that at Wrestlemania he will be walking out as WWF Champion)

    (Camera cuts to Gorilla and Jesse in the booth)

    Gorilla: Welcome everyone to Saturday NIght Main Event, we have an action packed show for you tonight! The contract singing for the WWF title match will be done tonight between Ted Dibase and Hulk Hogan, also a interview with Randy Savage about the condition of Miss Elizabeth after she was hit with that steel chair by Jake "The Snake" Roberts
    Jesse: Boy I tell you MOnsoon, I am in a great mood tonight. Tonight is the LAST TIME we will have to see Hulk Hogan as WWF champion
    Gorilla: Now how do you do know that!
    Jesse: Because The Million Dollar man gets what he wants!
    Gorilla: Maybe he can get me a new partner, lets take it down to Howard Finkle for our first match tonight
    Jesse: You should be honored to have me as a partner

    (Howard Finkle introduces the first match)

    Match 1: Demolition and The British Bulldogs vs The Heart Foundation (with Jimmy Hart) and The Rougeau Bros
    ---Match starts with Ax vs Bret Hart
    --Ax dominates, tags Smash
    ---Smash misses elbow drop, Bret tags in Jacque who takes on Smash
    ---towards end of match, it's Davy Boy vs Neidhart
    ==Jimmy Hart goes to use his megaphone but drops it, Raymond Rougeau picks it up and aims it at Davy Boy but misses and hits Neidhart. Dynamite Kid throws out Raymond. Davy Boy pins Neidhart for the win in 13:21
    Winners: Demolition and The British Bulldog in 13:21
    ---After the match. The Heart Foundation and The Rougeau Bros face off arguing. Heart Foundation leave the ring as they both talk trash

    (Backstage "Mean" Gene Okerlund is with Ted Dibase and Virgil. Ted Dibase says he has been waiting for tonight since he won the Royal Rumble to make this official)

    (Up to Gorilla and Jesse)

    Gorilla: AN announcement has just came in. The Powers of Pain will defend the WWF title against The British Bulldogs at next month's Wrestlemania and also The Heart Foundation will face The Rougeau Bros
    Jesse: The Powers of Pain are facing that weak teams? What a joke

    (Cuts down to Howard Finkle)

    Match 2: "The Outlaw" Ron Bass vs HillBilly Jim
    ---Bass is in control, HillBilly Jim hits a big boot
    ---Hill Billy Jim hits a big boot multiple times and pins Ron Bass
    ---Winner: Hill Billy Jim in 6:32

    (Recap of the Royal Rumble incident between Jake Roberts, Miss Elizabeth, and Randy Savage)

    (Gene Okerlund is in the ring as the Macho Man Randy Savage's music hits as the crowd erupts)

    (macho Man goes up and poses on each 4 turnbuckles)

    Gene Okerlund: Randy I have to ask
    (Savage interrupts and grabs the mic)
    Randy Savage:Don't even ask Okerlund. I'm a mad bad mad right now. Jake Roberts I want you, I want to put my fist on your face Jake Roberts, what you did was take my bone away, yea that's right, I'm like a angry dog and you took my bone away Jake Roberts. You call yourself a snake? I'm gonna put you in my mouth and tear you apart Jake Roberts
    (The titantron goes to an image of Jake Roberts with Miss Elizabeth by him as she is still in the hospital bed)
    Jake: Hey Randy
    (Randy turns to the titantron)
    Jake: When do you want her? You can't have her actually. Come here baby
    (Jake grabs Elizabeth)
    Elizabeth: RANDY HELP!
    (Jake starts kissing on Elizabeth)
    (Randy runs out of the ring screaming)

    (Camera cuts to Gorilla and Jesse)

    Gorilla: My gosh Jake Roberts is a monster!
    Jesse: Jake is gonna be a lucky man tonight
    Gorilla: You are disgusting! Let's take it to Sean Mooney backstage

    (Sean Moooney announces that Ken Patera has recovered from his injuries due to Dino Bravo and that a weightlifting competition is on for Wrestlemania)

    (Howard Finkle introduces the next match)

    Match 3:The Honky Tonk Man vs Koko B Ware
    ---Honky Tonk Man wins in 4:32

    (Recap of Royal Rumble again)

    (Ted Dibase and Virgil are in the ring with Gene Okerlund, a few agents and a table with the contract. Out comes Hulk Hogan to massive cheers)

    (Hogan and Dibase both sign, while Hogan has his back to the entrance ramp, Hercules runs in and beats down Hogan with his chain as Virgil and Dibase join in. Brutus Beefcake and Roddy Piper come out to defend Hogan as Dibase, Virgil and Hercules go to the back. Hogan is bleeding and is not able to get up)

    Gorilla: What does this mean for WRETSLEMANIA!!!
    Jesse: EASY PREY!

    Gorilla goes over the Wrestlemania card and announces that a tag match between Virgil and Hercules vs Roddy Piper and Brutus Beefcake is now on the card

    (Graphic comes up with teh Wrestlemania card)

    Weightlifting Competition between Dino Bravo and Ken Patera
    Ic title match-- Ricky Steamboat vs Honky Tonk Man
    Tag Title match--Powers of Pain vs British Bulldogs
    The Heart Foundation vs The Rougeau Bros
    Hercules and Virgil vs Roddy Piper and Beefcake
    Demolitions vs Strike Force
    Hulk Hogan vs Ted Dibase
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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)


    (Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross)

    Tony: Welcome everyone to WCW SATURDYay NIGHT MAIN EVENT!
    Jim: Our first show after Superbrawl and a big turn of events as Lex Luger turned on his best friend Sting to help Ric Flair retain his WCW title
    Tony: Thats right and we hope to get an answer tonight on why Lex Luger betrayed Sting but first lets take it to the ring with Gary Cappeta!

    (Go to ring)
    Gary Capetta: Our first match tonight is for one fall introducing first with Missy Hyatt "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert!
    (Gilbert and Hyatt come out to boo's)
    Gary: And his opponent S.D. Jones
    (Jones runs out to the ring to cheers)

    Match 1: Eddie Gilbert with Missy Hyatt vs S.D.Jones
    --Quick Start by Gilbert
    --Gilbert in major control
    --Paul Roma comes down flirts with Missy
    --Gilbert starts yelling at Roma
    --Roma stands on apron, punches Gilbert who gets rolled up by S.D.Jones for the 1-2-3
    WINNER: S.D. Jones in 6:43

    (After the match Gilbert blames Missy, yelling at her)

    (Back to Tony and Jim)

    Tony: How about that! An upset win by S.D. Jones
    Jim: Obviously he got a little help there from Paul Roma but a win is a win
    Tony: As far as Eddie Gilbert goes, I'd be watching the way he has been talking to Missy Hyatt

    (Ric Flair's music hits)
    Tony: Fans we expected it, here we go

    (Out to the ring comes J.J.Dillon, Ric flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Lex Luger)

    Ric Flair: Welcome to the era of the 4 Horseman! WHooo!At Superbrawl I did what I said what I would do. And that was beat the STinger. 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring. I don't lie folks! Sting! Give it up boy, you will never ever touch this beautiful WCW world title. Now let us all hear from the newest member Lex Luger

    (crowd boos, Lex gives a smirk)

    Lex Luger: All I have been hearing is "WHY LEX WHY", well I'll tell you why, all I heard was Lex, are you gonna support Sting? Are you gonna be their for him? never did I hear "Lex is Sting gonna be in your corner?". Sting was never their for me!How many times did I ask for his help? Zero. But yet I always had to be their for him?! It don't work that way Stinger"

    (Sting's music hits as the crowd erupts)

    (Sting comes out looks at the crowd and then stares down the guys in the ring)

    Sting: What I'm looking at is 5 jackasses (crowd cheers) Lex, if you wanna throw away lifelong friendhsip so you can be a ego maniac thats fine, I wont stop you but I'm gonna get my hands on you! (Crowd cheers)In fact why don't we just do it right now! (Crowd cheers)
    Lex: woah woah woah. I have to agree first and to be honest I think we should save it.
    (Crowd boos) How about at July Great American Bash?
    Sting: I love it. More time for me to get even more angry so I can get my hands on you and kick your butt!

    (Sting leaves, 4 horseman follow suit)

    Tony: Wow how about that, a match already made for Great AMerican Bash. Lex luger vs Sting
    Jim: That build up is gonna be something special thats for sure

    (Go to Gary Capetta in ring)

    Match 2: Tag Champs Steiners vs Nasty Boys
    --Scott and Saggs start off
    ---Scott hits multiple suplexxes, tags Rick
    --Rick gets raked in eyes, in comes Knobbs
    --Knobbs in control but misses clothesline, falls out of ring
    --In comes Scott hits frankensteiner for win

    WINNER: Steiners in 12:23

    (BrainBusters come out and attack Steiners, as out comes The Road Warriors, who attack Brainbusters, officals come out to break it up)

    (Promo runs for debut of Sid Viscous)

    Tony: Wow that Sid character seems to be a guy who could cause quite a disruption in WCW
    Jim Ross: Yes he does,you gotta think that WCW title will be on his mind

    (Backstage Eric bischoff intervews Ric Fair who has a non title match with Kevin Sullivan)

    Match 3: Ric Flair with J.J. Dillon vs Kevin Sullivan with Woman
    --Sullivan gets early control
    --Flair distracts ref as Dillon hits Sullivan with briefcase
    ---Flair hits figure four for the win

    Winner: Ric Flair in 7:43

    (After the match as Woman is checking on Sullivan, Flair grabs her and kisses her as she slaps him, Flair just has a smile as she stares him down as he leaves the ring)
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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)


    Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura

    (Preview of matches)

    (Gorilla and Jesse welcome us)

    Gorilla: Welcome to Wrestlemania! The biggest event of the year
    Jesse: The event where Hulkamania dies!
    Gorilla: Of course I have the loud mouth Jesse Ventura next to me
    Jesse: Who you calling loud mouth Gorilla?
    Gorilla: I am! Now lets go to Howard Finkle

    ( Howard Finkle introduces us to The Heart Foundation with Jimmy Hart and then The Rougeau Bros)

    Match 1
    :the Rougeau Bros vs The Hart Foundation (with Jimmy Hart)

    --fast paced match, Bret works over Raymond until a low blow, Jacque picks up the flow, Anvil comes in on a hot tag pounding down Jacque
    ---But then Jimmy Hart uses his Microphone on Neidhart as Bret and Raymond were tied up outside, Jacque pins Neidhart for the 1-2-3
    ---Rougeau Bros in 11:23. Jimmy puts on a Rougeau Bros jacket and leaves with them while Bret and Jim look on angrily

    (Recap of Jake Roberts attacking Macho man at Royal Rumble, and hitting Elizabeth instead and recap of Saturday Night Main Event after Jake went to the hospital to see Elizabeth and kiss her as Randy was in the ring with Gene Okerlund. Gorilla announces that Jake Roberts has been ordered by WWF president Jack Tunney to meet with him in the next couple of week as it is expected a match will take place at Summerslam between Jake Roberts and Randy Savage)

    (We go to the ring where King Kong Bundy is waiting for his opponent. George Steele comes down to cheers)

    Match 2
    :King Kong Bundy vs George Steele
    --King Kong in 4:54 after a splash

    (Mene Gene interviews "Honky Tonk Man" Who tries to get back his IC title tonight against Ricky Steamboat. Honky Tonk promises a win)

    Match 3:
    IC Champ Ricky Steamboat vs Honky Tonk Man
    ---Honky in control, uses cheating tactics, Steamboat uses a smart moves and Honky Tonk flies out of ring
    --Steamboat in control with quick moves, Steamboat throws Honky in corner, ref gets in way and gets smashed
    --Steamboat checks on ref
    --Honky comes up from behind with guitar, smashes over Steamboat's head
    --Honky wakes up ref, after he hides guitar, pins Steamboat for 1-2-3
    WINNER: New IC champ Honky Tonk Man in 13:43

    (Gorilla and Jesse talk about what they just saw, Gorilla wants it reviewed, Jesse says Steamboat deliberately tried to hurt the ref )

    (Powers of Pain interview with Mr Fuji with Sean Mooney about their match with British Bulldogs)

    (Mean Gene interviews The British Bulldogs who say will be taking down Mr Fuji and The Powers of Pain)

    Match 4
    :Tag Champs Powers of Pain and Mr Fuji vs British Bulldogs
    --Warlord and Davy Boy start off, slow paced, hold moves
    --Dynamite come sin, misses a headbutt, in comes Barbarian destroys Dynamite
    --Demolition comes out attacks Fuji, Warlord goes to help, Davy Boy gets a hot tag
    --Bulldogs win tag titles in 17:43 after Davy Boy hits a running power slam on Barbarian after Demolition came out and interfered


    (Honky Tonk Man celebrates Ic title with Mean Gene, and says he will never lose the title again.)

    (Sean Monney is with The Heart Foundation who promises revenge on Jimmy Hart)

    (We go to the ring and have entrances for Demolition and Strike Force)

    Match 5:
    Demolition vs Strike Force
    --Ax and Smash dominate the match, but out comes Powers of Pain for revenge
    ---They attack Demolition
    -Ref calls for a DQ, Demolition wins in 10:34
    --Strike Force also gets involved upset they lost as they attack Powers of Pain and Demolition

    (Gorilla and Jesse recap the matches so far)

    (Dino Bravo interview with Sean Mooney about upcoming weightlifting competition)

    Match 6:
    Weightlifting Competition between Ken Patera and Dino Bravo with Jimmy Valiant
    --Howard Finkle goes over the rules

    --Bravo starts off getting 25 reps in
    --Patera goes gets to 24 before being attacked, again, by Bravo, Bravo powerbombs Patera as Patera's head hits a weight
    ---Bravo piledrives Patera on a weight .
    --Officials come out, crowd is booing Bravo. Bravo gets rough with officials and leaves the ring

    (Gorilla and Jesse are in shock. Jesse says "He cant even crack a joke about that, Monsoon says Bravo should be kicked out of the WWF)

    (Mean Gene interviews Hogan)

    Hogan:Tonight will show that no matter how much money you got, it doesn't buy anything. Ted Dibase you'll have all these Hulkamaniacs coming after you!

    (We go to Howard Finkel who introduces Hercules and Virgil to boo's and then Roddy Piper and Beefcake to cheers)

    Match 7:
    Roddy Piper and Beefcake vs Hercules and Virgil
    --Beefcake and Virgil start off, Virgil gets Beefcake backed in corner, Hercules works him over as Piper and ref are screaming at each other
    --Beefcake gets dominated by Hercules but gets to Piper who goes crazy
    --Piper Pins Hercules in 9:43 after Virgil comes in and accidentally hits Hercules with briefcase

    (Sean Mooney interviews Dibase which gets broken up as Virgil and Hercules are arguing)

    Match 8: Champion Hogan vs Dibase with Virgil
    --Hogan wins in 19:43 after Hercules hits Dibase with briefcase by accident. Piper knocks down Virgil and Hercules and celebrates with Hogan
    --Hogan and Piper pose
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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)

    APRIL WCW Saturday NIght

    Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross

    (Show starts with a recap of last month's Main Event)

    (Jim and Tony kick it off to Gary Capetta who introduces the first match)

    Match 1:
    Paul Roma vs Steve Williams

    ---Williams attacks before bell rings
    --Williams in control
    --Roma makes quick comeback,crowd fully behind Roma, but then Eddie Gilbert comes out, distracts Roma who walks into a pile driver
    WINNER: Steve WIlliams in 8:43

    ---Missy Hyatt comes out and checks on Roma, Gilbert grabs at her and yells at her and carries her out as she is kicking and screaming

    (Promo with Sting about Lex Luger turning on him, says Luger has been influenced by the root of all evil))

    (Jim and Tony talk about the Sting/Luger feud)

    (Vignette runs for Sid who debuts next month)

    Match 2
    -Ron Simmons vs Mike Rotunda
    ---Rotunda cheats by going for eyes
    ---Simmons regains control
    --Simmions hits a running powerslam on Rotunda
    --Rotunda puts hands up and walks out as Simmons is confused

    --Ron SImmons by countout in 7:32 after Mike Rotunda walks out

    (Eric Bischoff is backstage saying that The Nasty Boys have a title shot against The Steiners now since it was announced as non title before the match was made)

    (Steiners come out to cheers, then Nasty Boys to boos)

    Match 3
    Tag Champs Steiners vs Nasty Boys
    --Saggs and Knobbs do dirty trick to keep control
    --Scott gets tagged in clears house with forearms
    Knobbs gets knocked out of ring

    --Steiners in 11:45 after Rick Steiner hits Jerry Sags with flying bulldog
    ---After the match The Freebirds come out and issue a challenge for July Great American Bash
    --Steiners accept the challenge

    (Eric Bischoff is with Flair and J.J. Dillon, Flair said theres a "WOMAN" he wants by his side and mocks Kevin Sullivan)

    Match 4: Kevin SUllivan with Woman vs Lex Luger
    ---Luger in control
    --Luger tells Woman she needs a ride on space mountain
    --Sullivan rakes the eyes goes for the legs
    --Flair comes down flirting with Woman,who acts disgusted
    -Sullivan attacks Flair--Luger gets Sullivan in torture rack
    --Luger wins by submission in 8:45

    Sting comes out attacking Luger and Flair as crowd goes crazy.Brain Busters run out and Sting escapes through the crowd

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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)


    ANNOUNCERS: Vince McMahon and Jesse "the Body" Ventura

    (Camera cuts to Vince and Jesse)

    Vince: Welcome to WWF Superstars!I'm Vince McMahon along with my partner Jesse "the Body" Ventura
    Jesse:Yea Yea.. What a disgrace last month at Wrestlemania as Hulk Hogan used illegal tactics to remain the WWF Champion!
    Vince: Illegal? What was illegal?
    Jesse: He ordered Virgil to use the briefcase on Dibase
    Jesse: Everybody saw it but you McMahon
    Vince: Alright, while Jesse makes up more rumors let's go to ringside

    (Cuts to Howard Finkel)

    Howard: Our first match tonight is a tag team battle for one fall! Introducing first THE ROCKERS!!!
    (Out comes The Rockers to cheers)
    Howard: and their opponent The Killer Bees!
    (Killer Bees come out to boos)

    Match 1: The Rockers vs Killer Bees
    ---Shawn and Bee #1 start off--fast paced mat battle
    ---Shawn gets control, tags in Marty
    --Shawn and mart double team #1
    ---Ref orders Shawn out
    --Bee #1 hits Marty with low blow, tags BEE #2
    ---Bee #2 works over Marty's back
    ---Bee #2 goes fo rtop rople spalsh
    --Marty moves, tags Shawn
    --Shawn takes out Bee #2, Bee #1 comes in gets thrown out
    ---Shawn and Marty hit rocker drop for win

    WINNER: THE ROCKERS in 11:23

    The Rockers celebrate

    (Camera cuts to Vince and Jesse)

    Vince: What a action packed first match
    Jesse: Yea and an illegal move by The Rockers
    Vince: Is that all you do? Complain?!
    Jesse: I call it how I see it Mcmahon

    (Backstage with Gene Okerlund)

    Gene Okerlund: Thank you Vince, as you may know Jake Roberts and Randy Savage have been going back and forth after Roberts assaulted Miss Elizabeth at the Royal Rumble back in January. Well that has been finalized. WWF president Jack Tunney met separately with BOTH Jake Roberts and Randy Savage this week and has placed a match at Summerslam between these two which should be quite a battle. Also Dino Bravo has been suspended for 30 days due to his actions at last months Wrestlemania in the weight lifting competition with Ken Patera. Patera is expected to be back in action within a month, so I expect revenge will be on Pater's mind. Back to you Vince

    Vince: Thank You Gene and i think we can all say good riddance for Dino Bravo after his disgusting actions, which you even found disgusting Jesse
    Jesse: Your right McMahon I did, but I think Patera is a chicken and won't go for revenge

    (Cut to Howard Finkle in ring for next match)

    Match 2:King Kong Bundy vs Sam Houston
    ---Sam Houston tries knocking Bundy down but fails
    --Bundy gets control
    --Bundy hits top rope splash with the win
    ---WINNER:Bundy wins in 4:32

    (Backstage promos run for Heart Foundation, Rougeau Bros,)

    (Vince announces that Heart Foundation will face The Rougeau Bros at Summerslam, after Jimmy Hart turned on The Heart Foundation)

    (Vignette runs for Mr. Perfect Curt Henning)

    Match 3: Haku with Bobby Hennan vs Jim Duggan
    ---Haku attacks Duggan before bell
    -Haku works over Duggan
    ---Hake misses a elbow drop from mat
    ---Duggan works over Haku
    ---Hennen trips Duggan
    --Haku hits Tongo Death Grip
    WINNER: HAKU in 6:45

    (Back to Vince and Jesse, Vince announces that at next month's Superstars, Ted Dibase will be making a challenge to Hulk Hogan again)
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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)


    Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross

    (Camera cut to Tony and Jim)

    Tony: Hello everybody and welcome to WCW Staurday NIght along with my partner Jim Ross
    Jim: Thank You Tony, I expect a real exciting night of WCW wrestling tonight and from what I understand we are ready to kick it off right now
    Tony: Alright lets take it to Gary Capetta!

    (Cut to Gary Capetta in ring)

    Gary: Thank you and welcome to WCW Saturday night. Our first match is one fall, introducing first accompanied with Missy Hyatt "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert

    (Gilbert comes out to boo's)
    Gary: And his opponent Johnny Ace!
    (Ace comes out to cheers)

    Match 1: Eddie Gilbert with Missy Hyatt vs Johnny Ace
    ---Gilbert jumps Ace
    --Gilbert works on Ace's legs
    --Gilbert gets a figure four on
    ---Out comes Paul Roma, Gilbert chases him around the ring
    ---Gilbert is counted out
    ---Roma runs backstage as Gilbert chases him.

    WINNER: Johnny Ace by countout in 6:43

    (Cut to Tony and Jim)
    Tony: Well Jim, it looks like Roma surely has gotten under Gilbert's skin
    Jim: It sure does and it seems like Missy Hyatt has had some distracted eyes

    (Backstage with Eric Bischoff and Kevin Sullivan with Woman)
    Eric: Kevin Sullivan over the last few weeks Ric Flair has made multiple attempts at flirting with Woman, what do you have to say
    Kevin: Ric Flair is a animal. The guy needs to be put in his place and Bischoff I'm standing here right now telling you and the whole world I want Ric Flair at July's Great American Bash!
    Eric: Is that a challenge?
    Kevin SUllivan: Your damn right it's a challenge!
    Eric: Well I'm sure we'll hear from Ric Flair soon about this, meanwhile let's take it to the ring for our next match

    (Gary Capetta in ring introduced the debut of Sid Viscous who comes out with Paul E Dangerously)

    Match 2: Sid Viscous with Paul E Dangerously vs S.D.Jones

    ---S.D Jones goes to clothesline Sid who doesn't budge
    --S.D.Jones runs to ropes Sid boots him to the face
    ---Sid hits powerbombs for the win
    WINNER: Sid in 1:23

    (Tony and Jim)
    Tony: Wow what a debut performance by Sid Viscous
    Joe: Tony I feel like Sid is gonna be a force in the WCW ,and might just be a world title holder here soon

    (Cuts to ring where Butch Reed is waiting for Dusty Rhodes)

    Match 3: Us champ Dusty Rhodes vs Butch Reed
    ---Tie up, Reed gets control works on Dusty's arm
    ---Dusty struggles gets crowd behind makes comeback
    ---Reed misses a elbow drop
    ----Dusty gets control ramming his shoulder into the ribs in the corner
    ---Dusty avoid a clothesline, hits the Bionic Elbow
    ---Dusty pins Reed
    WINNER: Dusty Rhodes in 9:32

    (While Dusty celebrates, Paul Ordnoff comes out from backstage and hits Dusty with a sleeper hold from behind, Dusty passes out. Ordnoff takes the belt and smashes Dusty with it in the head, blood trickles out from Dusty's head)

    Tony: What a disgusting act by Paul Ordnoff
    Jim: Tony, I tell ya i expect Dusty to not back down and to come back fighting after that

    (Back stage Eric Bischoff announces that The Freebirds and Steiners officially signed the contracts for July's PPV for the tag team belts, Sid and Paul walk by and Bischoff tries to get a interview, Sid knocks microphone out of Eric's hand)

    (Tony and Jim Ross recap the night)

    (Gary Capetta announces main event for tonight)

    Match 4: The Road Warriors vs Nasty Boys
    ---Total slug fest
    --stiff shots
    --Road Warriors in control when Brainbusters come out
    --Arn and Tully both have chairs, they use them on everybody in ring
    ---Arn and Tully walk out leaving everyone in the ring

    (camera cuts backstage where Eddie Gilbert and Paul Roma are brawling as Missy Hyatt screams)

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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)


    ANNOUNCERS: Vince Mcmahon and Jesse "The Body" Ventura

    Vince: Welcome everyone to WWF Superstars, I am Vince McMahon along with Jesse Ventura
    Jesse: Get it right McMahon, It's Jesse "the Body" Ventura
    Vince: More like egotistical, anyway we have a GREAT night for you WWF fans, as on tap we have Dino Bravo making his return to the WWF after his 30 day suspension, Ted Dibase is here to make a challenge to WWF Champion Hulk Hogan and WWF Tag Team Champions The British Bulldogs have their first title defense tonight against The Powers of Pain, now let's take it down to Howard Finkle

    (Cut to Howard Finkle)

    Howard Finkle: Hello everyone and welcome to WWF Superstars, to start off the show I introduce to you Dino Bravo and his manager Jimmy Valiant!
    (crowd boos as Bravos' music hits)
    Jimmy Valliant:Yes Yes I know, I understand why you are booing us. But listen Dino has had 30 days to think , 30 days to understand the pain that he caused Ken Patera, all Dino wants to do is look Ken Patera in the eye and say he's sorry. That's all
    (Dino grabs mic)
    Dino: Ken , hey man I'm sorry, I feel bad man, let me apologize
    (Ken Patera's music hits and comes out)
    Dino:I'm gonna look straight in your eye's and say I'm sorry
    Ken Patera: I'd love to accept your apology but how do I know you actually mean, come on man you almost killed me
    Dino: Look
    (extends hand, Patera looks)
    Dino:I'm telling ya man, I'm sorry
    (Patera looks at crowd who encourages him, Patera shakes it, as crowd cheers)
    (Patera turns his back and Bravo attacks,crowd boos, Dino beats Patera down and leaves the ring with Jimmy Valliant)

    (Go to Vince and Jesse)
    Vince: what a disgusting move!
    Jesse: Why? Patera is the one who wouldn't accept the apology
    Vince: What are you talking about? Patera shook his hand!
    Jesse: It was a limp wrist handshake
    Vince: oh come on!!

    (Cut to recap of Wrestlemania when Hogan beat Dibase)

    (Vince teases a challenge that will be made tonight by Dibase)

    (Cut to ring)

    Match 1: Strike Force vs Demolition
    ---Tito and Ax start off, Ax pounds away
    --Tito uses quick movements to get advantage
    --Martel gets tag attacks Ax's leg
    ---Martel gets distracted by Smash
    ---Ax tags Smash who takes out Martel
    ---Demolition hits the Decapitaton on Martel in 11:34
    WINNER: Demolition in 11:34

    (Afterwards Powers of Pain comes out and attacks Demolition, Fuji takes his cane and gives Demolition multiple shots)

    (Backstage "Mean"gene is with The British Bulldogs as they ready for their first title defense against The Powers of Pain)

    (Vince announces that "Macho Man" Randy Savage will be in action at next month's Saturday Night Main Event)

    Match 2: Tag Champs British Bulldogs vs Powers of Pain with Mr Fuji

    ---Davy Boy and Warlord start off
    --Strongest man test
    --Warlord in control
    --Missed elbow drop
    --Dynamite Kid comes in quickly subdues Warlord
    --Fuji on apron, distracts Dynamite
    ---Barbarian comes in, big boot to Dynamite
    ---Davy Boy chases Mr Fuji outside of ring
    --Demolition runs in ring, hits Barbarian
    --Dynamite kid pins Barbarian
    --Winner: The British Bulldogs in 14:23

    (Demolition looks on talking trash to Powers of Pain who chases after Demolition)

    (Backstage "Mean"Gene announces a few matches for AUgust Summerslam, Dino Bravo vs Ken Patera, Demolitions vs Powers of Pain w/ Mr Fuji(handicap match). IC title Honky Tonk Man vs Koko B Ware, The Heart Foundation vs The Rougeau Bros)

    (Vignette runs for Mr. Perfect)

    (Go to Howard Finkle who introduces Ted Dibase who comes out with Virgil and Hercules)

    Ted Dibase: What happened at Wrestlemania was luck for Hogan, If Virgil here wouldn't have failed me, I would be standing here as WWF champion. Unfortunately I',m not and that disgusting vile Hulk Hogan is champion. With Summerslam 2 months away, I got a challenge for you. You, ROddy Piper and Brutus Beefcake against Virgil, Hercules and a special surprise. Letss see how tough you 3 are)

    (Cut to Vince and Jesse)
    Vince: What a challenge! WHo could the special partner be?
    Jesse: Well I'll tell you what Mcmahon who ever it is I'm sure Hogan has no challenge for it

    (Vince says see ya next month at Saturday Night Main Event)
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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)


    ANNOUNCERS: Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross

    (Start off right to the ring as Sid Vicious is in the ring with Paul Dangerously awaiting his opponent, out comes Johnny Ace)

    Match 1:Sid with Paul Dangerously vs Johnny Ace
    ---Johnny Ace charges Sid moves
    ---Johnny Ace flies out of the ring
    --Sid goes out throws him in, clothesline to corner, pulls out johnny Ace, hits with the big boot
    --Sid hits powerbomb
    --WINNER: SID IN 4:32

    (After the match Paul Dangerously gets on the mic and issues a challenge for the entire WCW)

    (Cut to Tony and Jim)

    Tony: Well what an exciting start to WCW Saturday Night
    Jim: Well I tell ya Tony that Sid is one dangerous man, whoever is WCW champion at the time better be careful
    Tony: Well we are glad for you at home to join us, remember next month is JULY Great American Bash, where Ric Flair will defend his WCW title against Kevin Sullivan,The Steiners have their tag team titles on the line against The FreeBirds, a triple tag team tornado match between The Nasty Boys, The BrainBusters and The Road Wariiors, Dusty Rhodes defends his US Title against Paul Ordnoff, and Sting will face his former best friend Lex Luger
    Jim: I tel ya that's a great card and I figure we might have a few more matches put on their after tonight

    (Cut backstage to Eric Bischoff who is with Jim Cornette who manages the tag team the Rock n Roll Express who debuts tonight)

    Jim: I tell ya Eric, WCW has no idea what is about to him them Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton are gonna rock n roll their way to the WCW tag team titles!

    (Cut to Gary Capetta in ring who announces match #2)

    Match #2:Ron Simmons vs Paul Roma
    --back and forth match
    --Eddie Gilbert comes out
    ---distracts Roma
    --SImmons hits piledriver
    WINNER: Ron Simmons in 8:43

    (Tony and Jim recap the Luger/Sting feud)

    (Backstage Eric Bischoff is with Sting)

    Sting: Lex Luger,last night i saw a picture of us together, smiling laughing, being best friends. I took that picture and ripped it in half. Lex next month I promise you I will not take it easy on you

    (Cut to Tony and Jim)
    Tony: Wow, as you can see Sting is really affected by this
    Jim:L Tony, I have never seen that look in the STinger's eyes before. I had chills

    (Tony announces that Eddie Gilbert vs Paul Roma has been announced for Great American Bash)

    (Backstage Eric is with Ric Flair)
    Ric Flair: Kevin SUllivan, you have 30 days. 30 days till I ruin your career and your life! That beautiful black haired "WOMAN" you have by your side will be taking a ride on SPACE MOUNTAIN after I am done with you! WHOOO!!

    (Gary Capetta announces match # 3 , our main event)

    Match 3:Rock N Roll Exoress with Jim Cornette vs The Nasty Boys

    ---Saggs and Ricky Morton start off
    --Morton in control
    --Robert Gibson comes in takes control of Sags
    --Knobbs comes in and interferes
    --Morton and Knobbs end out of ring
    --Cornette throws his tennis racket to Gibson who bashes Sags
    WINNER: Rock n Roll Express in 12:23

    (Tony and Jim Ross preview the GREAT AMERICAN BASH)

    (Camera cuts backstage where a brawl is taking place between The BrainBusters and Road Warriors)

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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)


    ANNOUNCERS: Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse" The Body" Ventura

    Gorilla: Hello everyone, and welcome to WWF Saturday Night Main Event! I'm your host Gorilla Monsoon and I'm here with my partner Jesse "The Body" Ventura
    Jesse:I tell ya Gorilla it's hot outside and it's hot here inside, and boy do we have a heck of a show tonight
    Gorilla: That's right we sure do. We have Hulk Hogan here tonight to either accept or deny Ted Dibases challenge, we have tag team action as The Rockers face the team The Rougeaus Bros. , and we have Greg Valentine in action against Jim Duggan, so now let's take it down to Howard Finkle!

    Howard Finkle: Our first match is for one fall, introducing first The Rockers (come out to cheers), and their opponent managed by Jimmy Hart, The Rougeau Bros (come out to boos)

    (Gorilla recaps how Jimmy Hart is now managing The Rougeau Bros)

    Match 1: The Rockers vs The Rougeau Bros

    ---Shawn and Raymond start off
    ---Fast paced match
    --Mart Janetty in with Jacque
    --Jacque gains control with elbows
    ---Marty down as Jacque flaunts
    --Heart Foundation come down
    --Rougeau Bros distracted
    --Marty tags Shawn who superkicks both Brothers
    --Shawn picks Jacque
    WINNER: The Rockers in 12:32

    (Rockers celebrate with Heart Foundation as The Rougeau Bros and Jimmy Hart look on upset)

    (Backstage "Mean" Gene Okerlund announce that the match at Summerslam between Jake Roberts and Randy Savage will be a cage match)

    (Gorilla and Jesse recap the Savage/Roberts feud)

    (Backstage Sean Mooney is with The Rougeau Bros who promise payback at Summerslam for The Heart Foundation)

    (In the ring "mean" Gene is standing as "Real America" hits as the crowd erupts and Hulk Hogan comes out,who then stops, points at the curtain and also come out Roddy Piper and Brutus Beefcake)

    "Mean" Gene: Hulk Hogan what a reception for you tonight!
    Hogan: I tell ya what "Mean" Gene, these Hulkamaniacs are something else
    (Hogan looks at crowd as they erupt)
    Gene: As you know, Ted Dibase issued you a challenge last month, a match of Virgil, Hercules and a surprise against you, and Roddy Piper and Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
    Hogan: You know Mean Gene, I was training in the gym when I heard the challenge and it just motivated me to work harder, I called up Roddy , I called up Brutus and I told them Hulk Hogan needs you, the Hulkamaniacs need you two brothers, and you know what they said? WE ARE RIGHT BEHIND YOU BROTHER!
    (Crowd erupts)
    Gene: So are you accepting the challenge Hulk Hogan?!
    Hulk: Why dont I just let Mr. Roddy Piper answer that
    (Crowd erupts)
    Roddy:Dibase, Virgil, Hercules, Mr. Surprise, yes we do accept. Us 3 standing here, we fight for what is right and we never back down!. We will see you at Summerslam!!
    (Hogan's music hits as crowd erupts, all 3 men pose)

    (Back to Gorilla and Jesse)
    Gorilla: Well look at that, looks like we got our main event for Summerslam
    Jesse: I just wanna know, who the surprise entrant is, if I;m those 3 men I would be very nervous

    (Vignette runs for "Mr. Perfect" Curt Henning)

    (Backstage "The Brain" Bobby Hennan walks by Sean Mooney, as he is in a great moon

    Sean: Bobby Hennan, why , why are you in such a great mood?
    Bobby: because I just got the most perfect news, and youll find out at Summerslam!

    (Gorilla and Jesse preview Summerslam)

    Back to ring for match 2
    Match 2: Greg Valentine vs Jim Duggan
    ---slow podding match
    --Duggan gets crowd into it
    --Valentine rakes the eyes
    --Duggan can't see
    ----Valentine tries to lock figure 4 but Duggan gets out of it
    ---Ref get sknocked down by Valentine
    ---Duggan gets 2x4 and uses it
    --Ref waked up and counts the 1-2-3
    WINNER: Jim Duggan in 7:43

    (Back to Gorilla and Jesse)
    Jesse: That was a cheating move by Jim Duggan
    Gorilla: Its an eye for an eye, did you not see what Greg Valentine did
    Jesse: No I didnt because you were in my way
    Gorilla: Oh come on now, we are out of time, we will see YOU at Summerslam!

    (Camera fades as Gorilla and Jesse argue)

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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)



    (Voiceover by Eric Bischoff previewing the matches)

    (Cut to Tony and Jim)
    Tony: Welcome everyone to WCW GREAT AMERICAN BASH, a Show that might be the most exciting event WCW has EVER had!
    Jim: You're right about that Tony, I feel like there's gonna be alot of surprises tonight
    Tony: fans we have such an action packed show we need to get it started right away, Gary Capetta, take it away!

    (Cut to Gary Capetta)

    (Crowd cheers)

    Gary: Our first match tonight is a tornado 3 tag team match, introducing first, Jerry Sags and Brian Knobbs, The Nasty Boys! (Crown cheers and boos), out next isHawk, and Animal, The Road Warriors!(Cheers) and finally Arn ANderson and Tully Blancahrd, The Brainbusters with their manager J.J. Dillon! (crowd boos)

    Match 1: The Nasty Boys vs The Road Warriors vs The Brainbusters
    --All 6 men in the rings are going at it
    ---Hawk, Arn and Saggs end up outside
    ---2 refs are assigned to keep control
    ---Hawk, ARn and Saggs are in the crowd'
    --Tully and Knobbs team up on Animal inside the ring
    ---Animal gets momentum and takes out Tully and Knobbs
    --everyone ends up in the ring
    ---Nasty Boys are both outside taken out
    ---J.J. Dillon enters the ring hits Animal in back of the head with briefcase
    ---Out comes Paul Ellering to massive cheers who nails Dillon with the cane, throws it to Hawk who uses it on Tully and Arn
    --Hawk pins Tully
    ---Road Warriors win in 17:32
    --Road Warriors celebrate with Paul Ellering

    (Cut to Tony and Jim)
    Tony: Wow, certainly an action packed 1st match for tonight, I don't know if we can top that!
    Jim: I agree, but boy do we have some great matches tonight, including Sting vs Luger, the battle of the year!
    Tony: And speaking of Luger let's take it to Eric Bischoff who is with Lex luger

    (Backstage Eric is with Luger)
    Eric: Lex tonight is the night you face your former best friend, Sting. Are you nervous?
    Lex: Nervous for what? That I'm gonna kick his ass? Do you not understand how lucky he is, to enter the ring with me? I'm "The Total Package"
    Eric: What is your strategy for tonight?
    Lex: Strategy? To kick his butt
    Eric: As you can see Lex Luger is VERY confident tonight , back to you Tony

    Tony: Boy I tell you what confidence is one thing, but I feel it could be too much
    Jim: I agree with you Tony, if he takes The Stinger lightly we could be in for a quick match
    Tony: back to action!

    (Gary Capetta announces next match)

    Match 2: Paul Roma vs "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert (with Missy Hyatt)

    --Gilbert jumps Roma
    ---Gilbert goes for Roma's leg
    ---Gilbert screams insults at Roma
    --Gilbert looks at Missy and screams" This is what happens when a guy flirts with you!"
    ---Roma gets up and knocks Gilbert over the rope
    ---Roma drags Gilbert in
    --Roma goes for a elbow drop but misses
    --Gilbert orders Missy in to give Roma a low blow
    --Ref tells Gilbert it'll be a DQ
    --Gilbert says he dont care
    --Missy refuses
    --Roma rolls up Gilbert for 1-2-3

    WINNER: Paul Roma in 12:23

    (AFter the mach Gilberts is upset screaming at Missy, Gilbert grabs her, Roma attacks Gilbert, helps Missy up and they kiss
    (Crowd cheers)
    Roma and Missy leave the ring as Gilbert looks on upset

    (Back to Tony and Jim)
    Tony: I think you and I both agree Jim. It wa stime for Missy to leave Gilbert
    Jim: I agree, completely disrespectful to her, she deserves so much more and she will get that with Paul Roma

    (Backstage The Road Warriors are with Paul Ellering)
    Paul: I am back and ready to take The Road Warriors back to the top of WCW!

    (Gary Capetta introduces the next match)

    Match 3:Sid Viscous with Paul Dangerously vs Butch Reed
    ---Reed attacks Sid as Sid had his back turned
    --Pummels Sid as crowd roars
    ---Reed goes for corner splash but misses
    ---Sid grabs Reed and gives a chokeslam
    --Sid hits 2 powerbomb for the win


    (After the match Sid powerbombs Butch Reed again as medics come out)

    Tony: Jim, I think we have found a very dangerous mad in Sid
    Jim: I agree Tony, I do not wanna be in his way

    (recap of Superbrawl where Luger turned on STing)

    (Backstage Eric Bischoff says he tried to get an interview with Sting, but he declined as he is very focused)

    (Gary Capetta introduces Lex Luger to boos, and Sting to cheers)

    Match 4: Lex Luger vs Sting

    --Both guys scout each other out
    ---Trash talking
    --Luger goes to punch Sting, but Sting blocks it and starts going off on Luger (Crowd goes Crazy)
    ---Luger exits the ring, as crowd erupts, Sting says "COME ON BABY!!"
    --J.J. Dillon walks out to be in Luger's corner (crowd boos)
    --Luger goes back in
    --Charges Sting, who moves
    --Sting rolls up Luger, almost gets a 3 coungt
    --Goes right for Luger's arm
    ---Sting whips Luger in teh rope who kicks Sting
    --Sting works over Sting's neck taunting him
    --After a few minutes Luger misses a clothesline and Sting hits a sunset flip
    --Sting locks on Scorpion death lock
    ---J.J. Dillon distracts the ref as Barry Windham comes from the crowd and knocks out Sting with Dillon's briefcase
    Luger pins Sting for 1-2-3


    (Crowd boos as Windham disappears)

    (Tony and Jim say match should be under review)

    (Backstage Flair is seen celebrating and hugging Windham)

    (Tony and Jim debate on if Windham has joined forces with the 4 Horseman)

    (Backstage with Dusty Rhodes)
    Dusty: I have said it once and I'll say it again, you fight, you fight for what is yours, you look fear in the eyes and say "COME ON BABY, BRING IT TO ME", Paul Ordonoff , tonight I look you in the eyes and say "BRING IT TO ME"

    Match 5: US Champ Dusty Rhodes vs Paul Ordonoff

    --Back and forth match
    ---Both guys exhausted
    --Mr Wonderful goes to apply sleeper hold but Dusty slips out
    --Dusty hits Bionic elbow
    WINNER: Dusty Rhodes in 18:32

    (Crowd celebrates with Dusty)

    Match 6: TAG CHAMPS Steiners ve Freebirds

    ---Rick and Garvin start off
    --Rick uses amateur moves
    --Garvin gets Hayes in who cant get the advantage
    --Scott comes in who hits multiple suplexes
    ---Steiners stay in control all match
    --Scott hits frankensteiner

    (Backstage Flair and Kevin Sullivan give promos)

    ("Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert walks by Eric Bischoff screaming about Missy Hyatt betrating him)

    MATCH 7: World champ Ric Flair with J.J. Dillon vs Kevin Sullivan with Woman
    --Flair jumps SUllivan
    --Flair mocks SUllivan, blows kisses to Woman
    --Sullivan gets a second wind attacks Flair
    --Flair is in trouble as Sullivan is going for his legs
    --Woman enters the rings as J.J Dillon has ref distracted and low blows Sullivan
    -Flair with figure four
    --Flair wins in 13:32
    --Woman celebrates with Flair and Dillon
    --Flair and Woman attack Sullivan

    TONY SCHIAVONE: WHAT A disgusting sight. Ric Flair you are one vile human being!
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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)



    (Show opens with a intro previewing the matches with a voice over by Vince Mcmahon)

    (Camera cuts to Gorilla and Jesse)

    Gorilla: Welcome to the hottest event of the year, SUMMERSLAM!
    Jesse: Are you sre it's not just hot in here because I am in the building Monsoon?
    Gorilla:I don't know about that Jesse but we have an action pack show for you all tonight
    Jesse: That's right, a special main event where we don't even know one of the opponents!
    Gorilla: That's right a 6 man tag team match between Hulk Hogan, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Brutus "the barber" Beefcake against Virgil, Hercules and a mystery opponent
    Jesse: and Let's not forget the debut of the new WWF superstar "Mr Perfect"
    Gorilla: That's right I am sure we will here from him later on, but first let's take it to Howard Finkle

    (Cut to Howard Finkle)
    Howard: Welcome to WWF SUMMERSLAM (Audience cheers) Our first match of the night is a handicap match. Introducing first their manager Mr. Fuji, it's Warlord and The Barbarian, THE POWERS OF PAIN!! (crowd boos, Gorilla and Jesse recap the past few months of the feud between Powers of Pain and Demolition), and their opponents AX and SMASH, DEMOLITION!! (massive cheers)

    Match 1: Demolition vs Powers of Pain and Mr Fuji (Handicap match)
    --Brawl starts off right away, Warlord vs Smash, Ax vs Barbarian with Mr Fuji giving cane shots
    --settles down, Ax vs Barbarian in the ring, Barbarian works over Ax
    --Barbarian goes for top rope clothesline but misses, Ax tags Smash
    --Smash comes in on fire working over Barbarian
    ---Barbarian hurries over and tage Mr Fuji(crowd goes crazy)
    --Fuji stalls, but gets in, Smash grabs him, sidewalk slam (crowd cheers), Warlord runs in and attacks Smash, Ax comes in attacking Warlord
    --Barbarian , finally alert, grabs Fuji's cane and bashes Smash in the back of the head as ref was arguing with Ax
    --Fuji has SMash pinned
    ---Ref counts 1-2-3

    WINNER: The Powers of Pain and Mr Fuji in 12:23

    ---Smash runs in arguing with the ref. Barbarian and Warlord attack him, Fuji uses cane
    --Powers of Pain and Fuji leave

    (Cut to Gorilla and Jesse)
    Gorilla: What a disgusting sight. That wasn't even fair!
    Jesse: Well hey Demolition accepted the challenge so how can we sit their and say that was cheating when Demolition knew that could happen!
    Gorilla:Well Jesse I'm sure they didn't expect it to happen
    Jesse: and that's the problem!

    (Cut backstage to Sean Mooney who is with Bobby Heenan)
    Sean: Bobby Heenan, my sources have been telling me that you will be with Mr Perfect tonight as he makes his debut
    Bobby :Your sources? Your sources? let me tell you something Mooncake, the only source you need is me, and I'm telling you the WWF is about to become Perfect because of one guy, just one guy and I can not wait
    Sean: So are you confirming what my sources told me?
    Bobby: Listen Moonpies, you listen to me

    (Cut to Gorilla and Jesse)
    Jesse: How does Mooney have a job?
    Gorilla: How do you have one?

    (Cut to ring where Dino Bravo and Jimmy Valliant are awaiting Ken Patera)

    (Finkle introduces Patera to massive cheers)

    Match 2: Ken Patera vs Dino Bravo with Jimmy Valliant
    --Tie up, strongman competition
    --Patera wins, crowd cheers
    --Bravo charges, Patera with a knee to stomach, double ax handle to back, Bravo falls, German suplex
    --Bravo scoots out of ring as crowd goes crazy
    --Bravo walks in slowly, wants a strength competition
    --They go at it, Bravo cheats rakes the eyes, works over Patera's chest
    --Slower paced
    --Bravo gets a bit arrogant
    --Patera gets up attacks Bravo from behind
    --Valiant jumps on apron, Patera blasts him
    ---Patera hits a running power slam for the pin

    (Crowd erupts as Patera celebrates)

    (Backstage "Mean" Gene Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan, Beefcake and Piper)
    Gene: Hulkster, Rowdy, Brutus, tonight a important match for all 3 of you, how are you guys feeling
    Hogan: Well let me tell you something Mean Gene, We know we have a challenge, we know we have't really been able to game plan since we don't know the mystery opponent, but with my buddies behind me I feel very confident that we can overcome the odds and win
    Piper: THAT'S RIGHT!! Virgil, Hercules, Dibase and whatever ugly mystery opponent is out there. WE ARE NOT SCARED!
    Gene: But not knowing who the mystery opponent is, surely you have ideas
    Beefcake: Surley we have talked about who we think it could be but it doesn't matter. We are a team, we have each others backs

    (Cut to Gorilla and Jesse)
    Gorilla: Wow a lot of confidence from those 3
    Ventura: I cant wait to see it shoved back in their face

    (Howard Finkle in the ring)
    Howard: Our next match is for the INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE, the challenger KOKO B WARE!! (cheers) and his opponent THE HONKY TONK MAN(massive boos)

    Match 3: IC champ Honky Tonk Man vs Koko B Ware
    ---Koko jumps teh gun, rapid punches at Honky who flies over top rope
    --Koko flies over for a splash, but Honky moves
    ---Honky throws Koko into ring post outside
    --Honky rolls in
    ---Koko B Ware counted out
    WINNER: Honky Tonk MAN in 2:32

    (Koko B ware loaded up on stretcher as he hurt himself on splash, Honky Tonk grabs his guitar and bashes Koko B ware with it, out comes Ricky Steamboat who attacks Hinky Tonk Man, officials come out to break it up)

    (Gorilla and Jesse)
    Gorilla: What a disgusting move by Honky Tonk Man, Koko B Ware was seriously injured!
    Jesse: what the heck is Ricky Steamboat doing here?
    Gorilla: Clearly he's helping his friend Koko
    Jesse: Koko doesnt have friends!!

    (Backstage Sean Mooney tries to get a word with Dibase, Virgil, and Hercules to see who the mystery tag team partner is but is roughed up and scared away)

    (Recap of the Savage/Roberts Feud)

    (Gene Okerlund is with Randy Savage backstage)

    Gene: randy in just a few moments you will walk down the aisle to get in the big steel cage to have your match with Jake Roberts, how do you feel
    Randy: I've been waiting for this moment sine January when Jake Roberts decided to be a tough guy,you see Jake Roberts is a coward, oh yes he is and tonight I'm gonna show everyone how big of a coward he is as I destroy him, now gte the microphone out of my face!

    (As Randy walks down the hall we see Ron Bass with a steel pipe, come out from behind a door and bash Savage in the back. Savage falls down and out comes Jacke Roebrts kicking Savage, Bass hits Savage again with the pipe as Gene runs in to interfere, Jake Roberts pushes Gene Okerlund away. Roberts continues beating up Savage as officals come in to break it up, Savage and Bass walk away)

    Gorilla: Oh mY gosh what a disgusting sight! How did Ron Bass get involved!
    Jesse: Randy Savage might be done for now, did you see those shots that he took!
    Gorilla: You have to wonder if Savage will eb able to get to the ring, oh wait lets take it back to Gene Okerlund
    Gene: Gorilla, I have some scary news to report, Randy Savage has been loaded in an ambulance and is being taken away. The match has been cancelled
    Gorilla: Well certainly our thoughts are with Randy
    Jesse: My question si where is Miss Elizabeth
    Gorilla: Well surely she is in a safe location where Jake Roberts can't get to her

    (We go to ring with a shaken up Howard Finkle)
    Howard: Our next match if for one fall, introducing first The Rougeau Bros, Jacque and Raymond! (BOOS, Rougeau Bros milk the boos in the ring) and next is their opponents Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart, THE HEART FOUNDATION (CHEERS)

    MATCJ 4: THE Rougeau Bros vs The Heart Foundation
    (Gorilla points out how Jimmy Hart is not in the corner of The Rougeau Bros and he must be scared)
    --Bret and Jacque face off, Bret asking where Jimmy is, turns to Neidhart, Jacque strikes Bret's knee.Jacque works over knee, Bret holding on to it like he's hurt
    --Jacque stand sup and laughs and turns his back to Bret who was playing possum, Bret gets up and hits a neckbreaker, tags in Jim who hits a few elbow drops on Jacque
    --Raymond comes in for a clothesline , Jim ducks and Bret clobbers Raymond
    ---Later on it's Bret and Raymond in the ring, Jacque goe sto the other side of the ring, outside, and eggs onNeidhart who chases Jacque to the back, The ref has his back turned to the Bret and Raymond as out comes Jimmy Hart from under the ring!. Jimmy throws his megaphone to Raymond who blasts Bret with it
    --Ref turns--1-2-3

    Winner The Rougeau Bros in 16:41

    Jimmy Hart and Raymond celebrate and leave the ring
    Bret gets up looking on angrily
    --Out comes The British Bulldogs (Davy Boy and Dynamite, tag champs) who talk to the ref about what happened, another ref comes out and they discuss the situation
    --Ref reverses the call

    WInner by dq-The heart Foundation(crowd cheers)

    Raymond comes in the ring arguing with the refs as he slowly realizes he is surrounded by The Bulldogs and Bret, Raymond screams for Jacque and Jimmy. Bulldogs hit a double clothesline, and Bret locks in teh sharp shooter, Bret and the Bulldogs embrace

    (Backstage Sean Mooney is with Honky Tonk Man)
    Sean: Honky Tonk Man, you retained your IC title earlier tonight but don't you think you went a little overboard
    Honky tonk Man: Overboard? For what?
    Sean: Well Koko B Ware was laid out on a stretcher and you took your guitar to him
    Honky: Who cares about him. What about me? WHat about Ricky Steamboat coming down and attacking me. Who invite dhim
    Sean Mooney: Well I don't know,
    Honky Tonk Mna: Well I'll tell you what ain't no one gonna let him near me again

    (Gene Okerlunhd with Demolition)
    Gene: Ax, Smash, can you give your side of the story tonight
    Ax: I'm mad! Warlord, Barbarian, Fuji, this ain't over
    Gene: When do you think you will get your revenge
    Smash: It's not think! It's i know! It doesnt matter m it'll happen when it happens

    (Cut to Gorilla and Jesse as they recap the show)

    (In the ring is Bobby"The Brain" Heenan)
    Bobby: Welcome to the most perfect moment of tonight's show(crowd boos) May I introduce to the most perfect superstar ever , "MR PERFECT" CURT HENNING
    Out Comes Mr: Perfect, who is smiling , who has a towel. with him. Mr Perfect hops over the top rope and high fives Bobby Heenan
    Mr Perfect:WELL HELLO ALL OF YOU IMPERFECT IMBECELS (crowd boos) Look at me, I have Mr Perfect, My goal isnt just the WWF championship, It's to be absolutely perfect
    Bobby: But you already accomplished that!
    Mr Perfect: Ha thats right! I am perfect. Take a good look everyone, you're gonne bve seeing alot of me

    (Mr Perfect and Bobby Heenan leave the ring)

    (Gorilla and Jesse talk about upcoming main event)

    MATCH 5: Hogan, Piper and Beefcake vs Virgil, Hercules, and mystery opponent with Ted Dibase
    (all 6 guys in the ring)

    Dibase: Alright you all ready? here he is, the mystery opponent

    (Music hits and out comes KING KONG BUNDY!!)

    (Hogan, Piper and Beefcake look shocked, Gorilla and Jesse are going crazy while Dibase has his manical laugh)

    (hogan has a worried look along with Piper and Beefcake but they amp up)

    Match starts off with virgil and Beefcake
    --Beefcake takes control, has arm bar on virgil, then back body drop
    --Virgil escpaes tag in Hercules, who charge sin pounding on beefcake, hits a suplex
    --Hercules stands their and lets Beefcake tag Hogan(crowd erupts)
    --Hercules gets instructions form Dibase to tag in Bundy
    --In comes Bundy, Hogan is ready, but as Hogan goes ot get him, Bundy tags Virgil
    --Hogan points at Bundy saying did "you see that"
    --Virgil hits a standing dropkick to Hogans back , who falls down
    --Hogan gets his necked work on
    --Virgil tags in Hercules who works on Hogans neck

    --Hercules goes to punch Ppiper who blocks it, grabs Hercules head, and bites it
    --Hogan tags in Piper who goes to work on Hercules

    Later on, It;s Bundy vs Befcake with Bundy destroying Beefcake
    --Bundy tags Hercules who locks in full nelson, Piper interferes, and so does Virgil
    --Hogan come sout and goes for Bundy (crowd erupts) Hogan and Bundy are outsid efighting as Dibase has the briefcase and nails Hogan over the head. The ref gets knocked down, Bundy and Dibase enter the ring. Dibase hits Piper and Beefcake with briefcase
    --Bundy splashes both Piper and Beefcake, then Virgil and Hercules drag Hogan in teh ring and he gets splashed to.
    --Dibase wakes up ref who slow counts, due to being groggy the pin on Piper by Hercules

    WINNER: Herciles, Bundy and Virgil in 18:54

    All 4 celebrate. Bundy takes Hogans WWF title and lifts it up and drops it next to Hogan

    (Cut to Gorilla and Jesse)
    Gorilla: This might be the end of HULKAMANIA

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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)


    Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross

    (Show opens with The 4 Horseman standing in the ring, Flair, J.J. Dillon, Brainbusters, Luger, and Woman)

    J.J. Dillon: Will all of you please be quiet so I don't have to shout (crowd boos)
    (4 Horseman just stand there, waiting)
    (Flair grabs Mic)
    Ric: I'll take this J.J. Last month, once again the 4 Horseman showed their dominance. We took out Sting, we took out Kevin Sullivan, and well yea The Brainbusters may not have won but damn did they cause some damage at least. You see when you have 4 of the strongest men in wrestling nothing can stop us. NOTHING!
    (Kevin Sullivan music hits, crowd erupts)
    Kevin Sullivan: Flair, you are a piece of garbage. Woman, how could you? How could you leave me for him?!
    Ric Flair: Because she needed a ride on space mountain WHOO!!
    (Sullivan starts to charge the ring but stops)
    Ric Flair: Come on midget boy, bring your butt in here
    Kevin Sullivan: Wait one of you is missing. Where's Windham
    Flair: Where's Windham? He's not a part of us, I can't speak for why he attacked you last month
    Sullivan: I just find it funny that I had you down Ric. That title was mine until Barry Windham and that whore (points to WOman) cost me the title
    (Woman grabs the mic)
    Woman: Don't you dare call me a whore! You couldn't be a man like Ric here
    Sullivan: A man? A man who cheats? A man who is the dirtiest player in the game?
    (Flair grabs mic)
    Ric Flair: You know I am about tired of listening to you yap, why don't you bring your chubby little self to the ring right now so I can kick your butt (crowd cheers)
    (Sting's music hits, crowd erupts, Luger starts grinning and laughing, Sting stands next to Sullivan)
    Sting:Kevin, I know we don't really know each other THAT well, but I wanna tell you I'm here in your corner
    Ric Flair: Well look who it is, the Stinger, the man who cries himself at sleep over losing his best friend Lex Luger (Luger laughs)
    Sting: Hey I'll admit I lost, I mean sure it was due to cheating but yea I lost, but I'm gonna get my payback...TONIGHT! (crowd erupts) You see, I talked to Bill Watts and he signed off on a tag team match for tonight. Sting and Kevin Sullivan vs Lex Luger and Ric Flair!! (crowd erupts, Flair and Luger look pissed)
    Ric Flair: Alright alright, champ gotta compete again? No problem. Lex and I look forward to embarrassing you both again tonight!
    (Sting and Sullivan leave, followed by the 4 Horseman)

    (Cut to Tony and Jim)
    Tony: Wow, certainly a great way to start the show tonight
    Jim: Absolutely, that's something you can always expect from WCW, a busy show full of impact
    Tony: Speaking of busy we are ready for our first match of the night! Let's go to Gary Cappetta

    (Cut to Gary Cappetta)

    Gary: Welcome to WCW Saturday Night, our first match is for one fall introducing first Johnny Ace (boos) and his opponent accompanied to the ring by Missy Hyatt, Paul Roma! (crowd cheers)

    (Tony and Jim recap how Missy Hyatt is now with Paul Roma)

    Match 1: Johnny Ace vs Paul Roma with Missy Hyatt
    ---Missy distracts Johnny, Paul Roma goes for attack
    ---Roma hits a top rope elbow drop
    ---Eddie Gilbert runs out, starts talking to Missy
    --Roma leaves the ring and attacks Gilbert, they start brawling outside
    ---Ref counts out Roma

    WINNER: Johnny ACe in 7:43

    (Roma and Gilbert continue to brawl outside, Gilbert whips Roma into the steel barrier but Missy Hyatt was in the way and gets knocked down, Paramedics come down and load her on stretcher as Roma and Gilbert argue about who's fault it was, security breaks it apart)

    (Cut to Tony and Jim)
    Tony: Certainly a scary situation their, we hope Missy Hyatt is ok
    Jim: You gotta believe both Eddie and Paul are blaming themselves

    (cut to backstage with Eric Bischoff)

    Eric: Tony, Jim, I just wanna report Missy Hyatt was conscious as they loaded her in the ambulance, both Eddie gilbert and Paul Roma are going to the hospital to make sure she is ok

    Jim: Well you gotta think that hospital staff will have their hands full

    (Cut to backstage with The Road Warriors who challenge The Brainbusters at Halloween Havoc)

    Match 2:Ron Simmons vs Dan Spivey
    --Hard shots, very stiff
    --Spivey hits 2 powerbombs on Simmons
    ---SPivey pins SImmons

    Winner: Dan Spivey in 8:32

    (Backstage Flair and Luger are game planning, Bischoff tries to get an interview but gets thrown out)

    (Cut to Tony and Jim)
    Tony: I have just heard the Brainbusters have accepted the Road Warriors challenge for Halloween Havoc
    Jim: Well you know that will be a brawl
    Tony:Also fans, I just wanna inform you that at Halloween Havoc Dusty Rhodes will be defending his U.S title against Mr Wonderful Paul Ordonoff
    Jim: Tony we need to kick it to Gary Cappetta for our Main Event!

    (Gary introduces Flair and Luger, who come out with J.J. Dillon and WOman, and then Sting and Sullivan)

    Match 3:Ric Flair and Lex Luger, with J.J. DIllon and Woman vs STing and Kevin Sullivan
    --Flair and Sting start off
    -Sting in control
    --Flair tags Luger who stands face to face with Sting, they exchange punches
    ---Luger gets control, until Sting hits a desperation splash, tags Sullivan who goes for the knees of Luger
    --Luger tags in Flair, Flair points to Woman gives her a kiss, Sullivan charges but misses, Flair beats down Sullivan
    --Later on J.J. Dillon distracts ref as Woman throws briefcase to Flair who nails Sting and Sullivan
    --Out comes Barry Windham from the crowd who takes a steel chair and bashes Lex Luger and Flair, he places Sullivan on top of Flair
    ---Ref counts 1-2-3


    J.J. Dillon and Woman are beside themselves, Windham looks on from the entrance laughing

    (Camera cuts, show ends)

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    Re: The Wrestling Wars (WWF, WCW, ECW)


    ANNOUNCERS: Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura

    Vince: Hello and welcome to WWF superstars, I'm your host Vince McMahon along with Jesse" The Body" Ventura
    Jesse: And let me tell you McMahon, it's the start of a new era here in the World Wrestling Federation, Hulkamania is dead!
    Vince: What do you mean it's dead?! Hulk Hogan is still the WWF champion!
    Jesse: But he has met his match with King Kong Bundy! You saw what happened at Summerslam
    Vince: Well yes I did, but I know Hulk Hogan is not going to just lay down and give up with all these HULKAMANIACS cheering him on!
    Jesse: You think what you want McMahon
    (Vince gives annoyed look)
    Vince: Alright, well folks we DO have a show to put on tonight, as we speak we have The Powers of Pain in the ring as they await their opponents THE ROCKERSSSSSSS

    (Cut to the ring as The Rockers make their way to the ring as the crowd cheers)

    Match 1: The Powers of Pain with Mr Fuji vs The Rockers
    --Warlord and Jannetty start off, Warlord over powers him, hits a hip suplex
    --Warlord drops a few elbows, takes his time and goes for another but Jannetty moves and tags Shawn Michaels
    -Michaels comes in keeping Warlord on ground
    -Barbarian comes in from behind takes out Shawn
    --Barbarian comes in throws Shawn over top rop
    --While ref counts out Shawn, Demolition runs out, steals Fuji's cane and nails both Warlord and Barbarian
    --Shawn Michaels comes back in looks confised
    --Shawn pins Barbarian


    (The Rockers celebrate heading to the back, Demolition congratulates them)

    (Cut to Vince and Jesse)

    Vince: Look at that a huge upset win by The Rockers!
    Jesse: A upset win by cheating!
    Vince: oh like The Powers of Pain haven't been benefited by Mr Fuji before!

    (Backstage Sean Mooney announces that Jack Tunney has signed off on a Survivor Series match of The Heart Foundation and The British Bulldogs vs The Rougeau Bros and a surprise team)

    (Vince plugs Survivor Series)

    (Backstage a promo with Ted Dibase, Virgil, Hercules, King Kong Bundy)

    Ted Dibase: How about that! I told everyone that I had a man that could defeat Hulkamania, Hulkamania is on it's last breath, Hulk Hogan, you and your friends, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and Roddy Piper, you find a 4th person! We will see you at Survivor Series)

    (Jesse and Vince talk about Dibase's challenge)

    (Cut to the ring as Howard Finkle introduces, for his first match, Mr Perfect Curt Henning along with Bobby "THE BRAIN" Heenan)

    --Mr Perfect comes out, cocky looking, spits his gum and slaps it at someone in the stands

    Match 2: Mr Perfect with Bobby Hennan vs Koko B Ware

    ---Koko charges and gets a few quick punches in, Perfect grabs him, chops him, throws him in the corner
    ---Perfect hits a leg drop, then top rope elbow drop
    --Perfect hits the "perfect plex" and wins in 4:35

    WINNER: Mr Perfect Curt Henning in 4:35

    (Vince announces that Jake Roberts and Ron Bass will be appearing at next month's Saturday NIght Main Event, Jesse asks where Randy Savage is, Vince notifies he is at home recovering from his injuries suffered by the hands of Ron Bass and Jake Roberts)

    (Recap of The Honky Tonk Man, Ricky Steamboat confrontation at Summerslam)

    Match 3:Ricky Steamboat vs Don Murraco

    ---Muracco tries to slow it down, Steamboat hits quick kicks
    ---Steamboat hits a top rople splash for the win in 7:45


    (Cameras cuts to Jesse and Vince who argue about the supposed ending of Hulkamania as the show ends)

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