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Thread: FWA Aftershock 2018 results

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    FWA Aftershock 2018 results



    IRON -MAN!

    As the opening chords of Ozzy Osbourne's Ironman begin to play, we see a video montage of the competitors. various shots of Chris Kennedy superkicking his many opponents throughout the years including Drew Stevenson, Michael Garcia, Devin Golden, Duke Drazin, MC Fromage, Starr, Mac Michaud and many others. THe camera shows Cyrus delivering Journey's End to various opponents such as Bell Connelly, Mike Parr, Starr, Jason Randall, Tristan Galloway, Kazadi, and PAJ. As the music intensifies, so do the moves. The music begins to mellow as the shots begin to show moments from Kennedy and Cyrus' match at Back in Business. The final shot of the montage is of a bloodied Chris Kennedy struggling to stand and then of Cyrus slowly falling to a heap on the mat.




    After the opening video and pyrotechnics display we cut to a view of the fans in attendance holding up various signs in support of their favorite FWA stars.






    The camera then pans over to the commentary where Langdon Trafford, Piers Gallagher, and Dave Weinstock are standing by!

    Langdon Trafford: Good evening fans and welcome to Aftershock! It should be an exciting night of FWA action! We are live tonight in the sold out PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA and boy oh boy is this a stacked show or what?!

    Dave Weinstock: You’ve got that right Langdon! There’s the Brawl For It All match, which is essentially a Falls Count Anywhere elimination match, and the last person left standing is the winner! There’s plenty of names in this match including LIGHTBRINGER, Tristan James Galloway, Jason Randall, Sterling Jagger, LOCKE, James Hughes, Izzy Van Doren and even some mystery participants that have yet to be revealed!

    Langdon Trafford: One duo that was going to be in that match due to The Elite not even showing up tonight was Risky Jack, but unfortunately they have missed their flight and will not be in attendance for tonight

    Piers Gallagher: Bunch of CWA cowards those Elite guys, I knew they couldn’t hang here in the FWA!

    Langdon Trafford: A match we will see is “The Division 1 Superstar” Tommy Thunder taking on “The Great I Am” Aaron Kendrick in what should be a clinic

    Dave Weinstock: Both guys will have a lot to prove in that match and surely Ryan Rondo will be keeping a close eye on that one as well as the Brawl For It All

    Piers Gallagher: What about the X-Championship match?! Our rightful king, Dave Sullivan will dismantle that little twerp Kevin Cromwell and send him back across the pond crying into his little Union Jack jacket!

    Dave Weinstock: I wouldn’t count out Cromwell, Piers. He is a former champion having won it shortly after debuting earlier this year and he’ll be looking to reclaim what Sullivan beat him for

    Langdon Trafford: There’s the special tag team match as The Warriors of Virtue, Lord Dog and XYZ take on former tag team champions The Sin City Vultures

    Piers Gallagher: SPECIAL MATCH! HA! You got that right, it’s special as long as those two goofs XYZ and Lord Dog are in it! The SCV will make quick work of those two tonight

    Dave Weinstock: Lest we forget that Lord Dog is a former tag team champion when he teamed with Ghost, does Ghost Dog ring a bell? As quirky as XYZ is, he’s proven that he can get it done in the ring

    Langdon Trafford: Speaking of quirky, it’ll be Penny taking on Mac Michaud as Penny is seeking out revenge for that heinous assault from Mac just a few short months ago

    Piers Gallagher: Penny doesn’t stand a chance! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Mac is as dangerous as they come, we all have seen and know what he is capable of

    Dave Weinstock: I hate to agree with you but you may be right on that Piers, but Penny is all heart and won’t give up without a fight

    Langdon Trafford: Speaking of a fight we’ll also see the tag team championships on the line as it’ll be the champions The Phillip A. Jackson Project taking on The New Breed

    Dave Weinstock: I think that PAJ and Viktor Maximus may have finally met their match tonight

    Piers Gallagher: Are you doubting Phillip?! I will not allow such blasphemy! I know Phillip better than anyone and tonight I know that he has a trick or two up his sleeve

    Langdon Trafford: He’ll need a lot more than that if he wants to keep the tag team championships with him and Maximus. Another championship on the line tonight in a triple threat match, North American Champion WOLF will defend his title against Starr and Bell

    Dave Weinstock: It’ll be interesting to see what type of mindset the champion is in tonight knowing that we have not heard a peep out of him in regards to this match! If I were a betting man though, I’d have to put all my money on Starr! This is his night

    Piers Gallagher: Don’t be stupid! This is Bell’s night! Bell will walk out with the gold to match her man and they will truly be the FWA’s very own power couple!

    Langdon Trafford: Speaking of which, the main event tonight is a 60 minute Iron Man match. Chris Kennedy defends his FWA Championship against the former champion, the man he defeated for the title at Back in Business XIII, “The Exile” Cyrus Truth!

    Piers Gallagher: It’s time for Kennedy to truly cement his legacy here tonight and rid himself of that annoying pest Cyrus Truth once and for all!

    Dave Weinstock: Cyrus Truth has played the mind games with Kennedy for weeks now leading up to this match, can Kennedy focus enough or will Cyrus’ mind games have done their magic and will he walk out of the building with the gold?

    Langdon Trafford: We’ll find out later tonight, but enough out of us let’s get this show kicked off!

    The sound of Scandal’s “The Warrior” hits eliciting a huge pop from the fans and Penny makes her way out, smiling at the reception she’s getting. She gets serious before making her way to the ring, and she stops at a little girl in the front row that has Fred and Norman and Penny gives the little girl a hug over the barricade.

    Kurt Harrington: Making her way to the ring, from Long Beach, CA and weighing in at one-hundred & fifteen pounds. She is “The Eccentric Dreamer”...PENNY!

    She slides in the ring and waits in her corner…

    Langdon Trafford: Penny faces what has to be her biggest challenge in her FWA career

    Piers Gallagher: That’s an understatement Langdon! This nutjob has no idea what she’s gotten herself into but she’s about to find out the hard way!

    “The Motherload” by Mastodon now fills the arena and super heavy boos from the fans as Mac Michaud slowly makes his way out. He wears a sick, twisted grin on his way to the ring while staring at Penny…

    Kurt Harrington: and her opponent, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and weighing in at three-hundred & twenty-eight pounds. He is “The Malevolent One”..MAC..MICHAUD!

    Singles Match
    "The Malevolent" Mac Michaud vs "The Eccentric Dreamer" Penny

    Mac stops at the ring before entering and turns to face the little girl that Penny hugged. He walks over to her and snatches Fred right out of her little hands, the little girl yells and screams at Mac but to no avail as he cackles at her while holding Fred. He turns to Penny and holds up Fred, squeezing him by the neck and then motions to the crowd that he’s about to rip Fred in two, but suddenly the crowd comes to life and Mac turns around right into a suicide dive from Penny! She knocks Mac several steps making him drop Fred, and she takes Fred and hands him back to the little girl, but when she turns back around she’s met by Mac who throttles her with his hand around her throat like he had Fred just moments before but instead of squeezing the life out of her he drags her over to the ring and choke slams her on the apron with a hard thud that echoes throughout the arena!

    Langdon Trafford: My god! This may be over before it even has the chance to begin!

    Piers Gallagher: I said she’d find out the hard way!

    Dave Weinstock: Not like this though, come on!

    Penny lays on the apron in agony as Mac pushes her near motionless body in the ring, and then he himself enters the ring and referee calls for the bell, officially starting the match…


    Mac nonchalantly puts his boot on Penny’s chest and orders the referee to count…


    Langdon Trafford: Penny with a shoulder up! She’s still in this but how much more can she take? This has just barely begun!

    Piers Gallagher: If she was smart she’d just stay down and end this before it gets worse for her!

    Dave Weinstock: Giving up is something that Penny just won’t do!

    Piers Gallagher: Come on Davey! You saw what Mac did to James Hughes on Fight Night! She’s gonna end up like him, or worse!

    A hint of a sinister grin is on Mac’s face when Penny’s shoulder goes up. He’s pleased that he gets to cause her more pain and suffering. He grabs her by the hair and brings her up and has her in position for a sidewalk slam, but before he can hit it, Penny counters and transitions into Nine Lives! Her octopus submission hold is locked in on Mac in the center of the ring! She cranks back on his arm, pulling back with all her strength bringing Mac to his knees. Eventually he’s able to find a way back to his feet with the hold still applied and all he can do is fall backwards crushing her with his weight against the canvas!

    Mac sits up for several seconds to collect himself. He slowly brings himself back up and has Penny in his sights, looking for The Killshot punt kick, but she manages to roll out of harm’s way just in the nick of time! She then counters with a roll-up from behind!


    Mac kicks out with force and is back on one knee as Penny right back on the exchange connecting with a shining wizard! The big man is stunned but not down yet. Penny continues her assault with repeated roundhouse kicks to the chest of Mac, the fans cheer along with each kick as it connects. Mac grabs her by the leg after one kick attempt but she’s able to counter back with her free leg with an enziguiri to the head! Mac is stunned once more but still doesn’t fall to the mat. Penny jumps on Mac with a guillotine choke wrapping herself around him with a body scissors and slowly brings him down to the mat in hopes to put him out as the fans cheer her on…

    Dave Weinstock: Penny looking to put Mac to sleep! Can she do it?!

    Just when it looks like she may have done it, Mac shows signs of life and slowly brings himself back up while Penny is still on him and with all of his brute strength he brings her down with a spinning side slam followed by a pin…


    Penny stays alive! She gets a shoulder up! Mac wraps his hands around her throat and proceeds to choke her, and screams at her while slamming her head against the canvas until the referee is forced to break it up. Mac reluctantly breaks it up but smiles afterwards. Penny is coughing as she crawls to a corner, and she sits up in a prone position and before she can react Mac hits her with a running face wash! He then yanks her by the hair and whispers sweet nothings to her with a sick smile while doing so.

    He sends her to the ropes and catches her with a big boot! He quickly brings her back up and then sends her crashing back down spine first on the canvas with a thunderous high impact spinebuster! Penny is laying on the mat, motionless now. He has her once more by the hair before transitioning to a german suplex position and executes a release german suplex on Penny, driving her to the mat with force!

    Langdon Trafford: Enough is enough Mac, just end it already!

    Dave Weinstock: This is getting tough to watch now

    Piers Gallagher: Oh quit being babies you two! She asked for this so she only has herself to blame! The sooner she stays down the sooner this will be over!

    Mac has that same sick, twisted grin as he looks at her motionless body on the mat. He’s a sick man finding enjoyment out of this but what else do you expect from a man like him? He brings her up by the throat now, holding her lifeless body while speaking to her…

    “Oh my dear sweet Penelope! It doesn’t have to be this way!”

    Penny tries to swing at him but it’s weak and barely misses him. He laughs at her before hoisting her up on his shoulders in position for the F5KO, but before he can execute it Penny begins to fight back and starts swinging on him while on his shoulders until she’s able to squirm out of his grip, and she manages to counter with a Cat Nap! Rolling cutter to Mac! She manages to drape her arm over him for the cover…


    Mac with a shoulder up! Both competitors lay on the mat exhausted while the crowd is buzzing and firmly behind Penny as they cheer her on...

    Dave Weinstock: Penny with her last ounce of strength in that moment, came back and hit Mac with the Cat Nap!

    Piers Gallagher: He's still in this though! It's gonna take a lot more than that to keep him down, she has to dig down deep!

    Langdon Trafford: These fans showing their support for Penny as they rally behind her and she's getting back to her feet now!

    Penny screams out in a release of frustration as she awaits Mac to get to his feet! Penny sees Mac staggering so she ran towards him and in true lucha fashion, looked to lock in her Nine Lives submission, but Mac countered by spinning Penny out of it and right into a Spinning Sidewalk Slam! Mac seemed to get his second wind as he picked Penny up and delivered his F5KO!

    Mac covered!




    Here is your winner @ 8:10 - "The Malevolent" Mac Michaud
    Michaud's music hits again as he looks down at Penny, who's clearly in pain from the devastating F5KO. Michaud bends down and steps between the middle and top rope, before looking over at Penny and then changing his mind, shaking his head defiantly. Penny seems to be stirring as Mac rolls his shoulders and picks Penny up again, hoisting her on his shoulders and delivering a second F5KO!

    David Weinstock: Aww come on now! What the hell was that about?

    Piers Gallagher: He's a monster, Dave! You expecting a handshake? A bow? This is what monsters do! Monster hurt people! Especially Malevolent ones![

    Mac looked down at Penny and smiled before leaving the ring again. Once again, his music cued up as Mac stood on the apron and dropped down to the floor. Mac began to walk up the ramp, but he stopped when he noticed Penny starting to roll around on the mat on the titantron. Mac seethed as he turned around and angrily re-entered the ring....this time stepping back and looking for his Punt Kick! Mac lined up the kick, when "Gangster's Paradise" blared over the speakers and Jason Randall ran down the ramp, coming to Penny's aid! Randall ran straight at Mac, who quickly exited the ring! Randall screamed at Mac, before turning his attention to Penny. A few officials gathered around Penny and with Randall's help they started to pull her up to her feet. Randall backed away for a moment and then....


    Randall fell to a heap on the mat as Mac Michaud had re-entered the ring with a steel chair! The officials screamed at Mac to drop the chair, but Mac scared them all off by holding the chair towards them! Randall tried to crawl to his feet but Mac buried the chair down into his back a second time, then a third, a fourth, and a fifth! Randall screamed out in agony as Mac continued to drive shot after shot into his back! Randall was absolutely lifeless but that didn't stop Mac Michaud from picking him up and delivering an F5KO onto the steel chair! Mac threw the chair aside and as his music hit, he exited the ring and head up the ramp. Penny screamed at the top of her lungs as EMTs ran out to the ring. The hooked up Randall to a stretcher and very carefully transported him into an ambulance in the back.

    David Weinstock: What a disgusting turn of events here tonight. Jason Randall was concerned for his girlfriend and came out here to protect her, but now Randall may be on his way to a local medical certainly seems that way at least.

    Langdon Trafford: I hate to think of anything other than Jason Randall's health after seeing that, but...we're about to get ready for the Brawl for All match and Jason Randall is one of the favorites in that match, certainly this has to open up opportunities for some of the other competitors in that match, like LIGHTBRINGER or Galloway!

    David Weinstock: And to think... the match is up next! How much of a confidence boost does everyone else now get? What goes through your mind after seeing that?

    Piers Gallagher: They better be hoping that Mac Michaud doesn't show up and kick all of their asses too!

    Langdon Trafford: And now, I believe, it's time to take a look at the official ruleset for the match.

    The arena goes dark as the tron lights up with an explanation of the rules of the BRAWL FOR IT ALL match:

    - All entrants of the match enter the ring at the same time.

    - Entrants are eliminated via pinfall or submission. The match is over when there is only one person remaining.

    - Falls count anywhere and weapons are allowed.

    - Winner receives a special trophy, a future championship match, (and bragging rights)

    David Weinstock: This match is likely going to be absolute carnage.

    Langdon Trafford: And we're about ready to get under-...

    Before Langdon can finish his sentence, the tron changes to showcase a camera backstage that has EMTs running frantically. The camera follows them to their location - there are shards of glass on the ground next to a broken window along with two downed bodies.

    Langdon Trafford: What's going on here?

    David Weinstock: That looks like LIGHTBRINGER and his friend, BoBo! They're completely out cold!

    The medical staff check on both men as Fight Night as it appears LIGHTBRINGER has been found backstage unconscious along with BoBo also laying, lifeless, on the ground next to him.

    Piers Gallagher: Well, suddenly things are a LOT more interesting, boys!

    Ryan Rondo arrives and immediately begins speaking to an EMT - he's seen to be clearly annoyed and storms away in frustration as the camera comes back to ringside.

    Langdon Trafford: I think that means LIGHTBRINGER won't be competing! But just who is capable of doing such a thing?

    David Weinstock: Could have been a sneak attack from someone already involved in the match...

    Piers Gallagher: I like that. That's my sort of person right there.

    Langdon Trafford: It could even be one of our surprise entrants... but, surely, the culprit won't get away with it!

    The camera pans away to show the special BRAWL FOR IT ALL trophy on a pedestal outside of the ring. The crowd perk up as a figure appears to be making his way down the ramp...

    Piers Gallagher: Here comes trouble...

    Langdon Trafford: It's our esteemed General Manager, Ryan Rondo! We just saw him a mere few seconds ago, folks!

    David Weinstock: No music?

    Piers Gallagher: Who wants to waste time with that crap anyway?

    Rondo ignores most of the crowd shouting at him and makes his way around to the commentary desk - he's given a seat by some ring crew and a headset as he appears to become an impromptu fourth commentary team member. He wears a big smirk on his face as he pats Piers Gallagher on the back.

    Ryan Rondo: What's up, fellas? Are we ready for this?

    Langdon Trafford: Sure, uh, Mr Rondo... but we have to ask... what happened backstage?

    Ryan Rondo: Look, Langdon, it appears that some despicable individual... or individuals... have attacked LIGHTBRINGER and BoBo. An assault with a baseball bat and being launched through a glass window. They're on their way to hospital. Along with Jason Randall. Yeah, we're using alot of ambulances tonight. I don't know who did this but they will be punished accordingly when I do so. I want to pay close attention to this match. I have a feeling that the person I'm looking for may be involved here.

    David Weinstock: What gives you that thought? Is it because they took out the horse you were backing?

    Rondo can be heard laughing.

    Ryan Rondo: No, Dave. I don't have any horse to back - why back a singular horse when you own all of them anyway? I just have a feeling someone wanted to take out the competition. That's all. Now, let's go.

    The camera cuts onto the stage as the arena lights dim down and the first entrant's music plays:

    "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger and his valet, "Sweet" Cherry Lovejoy, make their way down to the ring amongst a shower of boos. They're keen to show each other off for a little bit but Jagger adopts a serious face and begins to make his way, quickly, down to the ring. He stops at the apron and helps his valet into the ring before posing for the crowd and then turning to face the stage. He removes his sunglasses as he does so and it becomes quite clear that Jagger is taking this match much more serious than those earlier in his FWA career.

    LOCKE makes his way out onto the stage and gets even louder boos than Jagger. Rondo notes that this is last chance saloon for LOCKE tonight and immediately, on the spot, decides that LOCKE must score at least one pinfall to stay in the FWA. He then stipulates that the next entrant must do so as well...

    There's a few boos and cheers as James "Eyesnsane" Hughes, a decorated FWA veteran, makes his way down to the ring. Rondo remarks that Eyesnsane has seen better days but his performances have been shambolic lately and he now needs to show that he deserves a place on the roster. There's some tension in the ring as Eyesnsane, LOCKE and Jagger all stare each other down. LOCKE eventually elects to get out and wait at the corner of the ring area. Rondo then teases a last minute surprise entrant...

    nGw superstar, THUNDERHAWK, makes his way down to the ring! The crowd react warmly to the X-BLOOD USA talent - who is clearly excited to be here as he shows off at the middle of the ramp before eventually sliding into the ring. Rondo explains that THUNDERHAWK simply approached him and claimed that he could easily win this matchup... so why not give him the chance?

    The crowd get up onto their feet as Izzy Van Doren appears at the top of the ramp - with a wooden 2x4 - and begins to storm her way down to the ring. The commentary talk about how Izzy is a real dark horse for this match and could potentially go all the way. Rondo remarks that she had beef with Ashley O'Ryan but he's now giving her the chance to prove her worth. If she wins, the sky could be the limit for her. The ring is absolutely packed as it appears the final entrant of the match is due to make his entrance:

    Arguably the favourite for the match, "The Polynesian Powerhouse" commands the attention of everyone as he appears at the top of the ramp. He eyes every single one of them back and begins to storm down to the ring. The crowd are on their feet as it appears everything is about to kick off... but just as Galloway reaches the bottom of the ramp, everyone is suddenly distracted by the sound of some unfortunate theme music...

    The crowd boo extremely loudly as the loathsome trio of "Jiggy John", "Jugem Jugem" and "Jobber Jimbo" appear at the top of the ramp. It appears that Triple J Security have entered themselves into the match! The trio strut, very slowly, down to the bottom of the ramp. Infact, as they do so, the tron lights up and we go backstage. The camera shows the back doors of an ambulance suddenly swinging open and an EMT flying out... with the very injured figure of "The Wildcard" Jason Randall appearing not far behind. The crowd in the arena pop as a snarling Randall begins moving menacingly forward. It's clear he's in pain but he's clearly intent on making it out to the arena. He stops just next to the Gorilla position and grabs a bottle of water, drinking some of it and then pouring it over himself. He then grabs a steel chair and makes his way through the curtain...

    Langdon Trafford: Jason Randall isn't finished yet, Mac Michaud!

    David Weinstock: He's showing a massive amount of courage!

    "The Wildcard" suddenly bursts into a run down the ramp and cracks Jugem Jugem over the back with the chair! The crowd erupt as he suddenly takes on the other two Triple J Security members! He lamps them both with a chair shot to the skull! All hell breaks loose in the ring as LOCKE crawls back in and starts a big fight! Tristan James Galloway watches from the bottom of the ramp, unsure of which fight to join in.

    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall vs THUNDERHAWK vs Triple J Security vs James "Eyesnsane" Hughes vs "The Notorious IVD" Izzy van Doren vs "The Polynesian Powerhouse" Tristan James Galloway vs "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger vs LOCKE

    He watches as Randall dumps the steel chair and then grabs Jugem Jugem before driving him into the chair with the Deuces Wild DDT! Randall makes the cover....1.....2.....3!

    Eliminated: Jugem Jugem

    Incredibly, Randall grabs Jobber Jimbo and does the same... he goes for the pin, again...1....2.....3!!

    Eliminated: Jobber Jimbo

    Randall, still infuriated, picks the chair up and batters Jiggy John with it a ridiculous amounts of time - the chair's crumpled by the end of it. He doesn't even bother with the Deuces Wild and just makes a cover...1...2....3!

    Eliminated: Jiggy John

    Meanwhile, Tristan James Galloway watches on in amusement but is unaware of developments in the ring: Sterling Jagger is fighting with LOCKE whilst Izzy is dealing with Eyesnsane. This leaves THUNDERHAWK - who has spied an opportunity. The ring's clear in the middle as the Jagger-LOCKE and IVD-Eyesnsane brawls occupy a corner - and this means THUNDERHAWK can attempt a suicide dive! He comes flying over the top rope as Galloway notices and turns around... and catches him! He slams the nGw man to the ground before picking him up once more and driving him down with the Carcinogen Crush sitout crucifix bomb! He makes the cover...1...2...3!

    Eliminated: THUNDERHAWK

    Langdon Trafford: The eliminations are coming thick and fast here! Jason Randall has three already... and now Galloway's on the board!

    Ryan Rondo: That was disappointing from THUNDERHAWK... tsk tsk.

    Jason Randall, resting on a barricade, watches from afar - he locks eyes with Galloway as he begins to get to his feet. Randall readies himself as the fans perk up for the upcoming duel. Randall lets out a huge yell before charging at Galloway... but he runs right into a big boot! Inside the ring, Izzy Van Doren begins to use the 2x4 she brought to the ring and leathers all three of LOCKE, Jagger and Eyesnsane with it. She takes a look outside of the ring but doesn't appear interested in dealing with Galloway or Randall. Instead, she gets out at the opposite of the ring and plays up to the fans as she lifts up the apron and clearly begins to look for weapons to use. The fans approve as she manages to slide out MULTIPLE tables to be used! She taunts setting them up but Eyesnsane comes jumping off of the apron with a flying forearm that sends the pair of them towards the announce table! Over on the other side, Randall is having the life choked out of him by the boot of Galloway against the steps. Inside the ring, Jagger and LOCKE slowly begin to. LOCKE lands a few forearms on offense but Jagger suddenly begins to no-sell them and then responds with his own forearms before landing a superkick that drives LOCKE all the way backwards into the corner. Jagger follows it up with yer another superkick that drops LOCKE down. Jagger then plays up to the crowd (and Cherry) as he runs forward to deliver the Mushroom Stamp Bronco Buster! After being humiliated, LOCKE is brought back to his feet in a headlock and then snapped down by the Money Shot driver! Jagger makes a pinfall...1...2.....3!! He eliminates LOCKE in a dominant fashion!

    Eliminated: LOCKE

    Jagger celebrates for a moment - and tries to share a few dances with Cherry on the apron... but he is rudely interrupted by Eyesnsane, who appears to have fought off Izzy Van Doren. Infact, Eyesnsane blindsides with a zig-zag move before delivering a few stomps on the ground. He tries to lock in an armbar submission... Jagger grabs the ropes but it's no use - it's falls count anywhere! There's a great amount of struggle but Eyesnsane finally has to let go as Izzy Van Doren comes back into the ring, drops a chair onto him, and then stomps! The former FWA North American Champion rolls away in agony as Izzy scoots Jagger out of the ring - where Randall and Galloway continue to do battle. Galloway has clearly got the better of him as delivers a few Mongolian chops to his groggy foe before grabbing and lifting him up into a shoulder carry. He's clearly intent on dropping Randall onto the barricade but Randall is able to shimmy off and shove Galloway into, and over, the barricade and into the fans. Back in the ring, Izzy continues to lash away at Eyesnsane with chair shots - taking out a lot of frustration on her rival. It's clear she has no mercy for him. She gets out of the ring and grabs Sterling Jagger and rolls him back in. She begins to slap him and motions him to wake up - she appears to be trying to form a friendship. She points to Eyesnsane before exiting the ring. Jagger, suddenly awake and serious again, gets up and grabs Eyesnsane into a double chickenwing transitioned into a gutbuster! He looks to take the pin... but Izzy Van Doren comes running in, kendo stick in hand, and delivers a huge shot to the dome of Jagger, knocking him out! She then turns her attention to Eyes and begins blasting him relentlessly before making the cover...1...2.....3!!! Eyesnsane is done!

    Eliminated: James "Eyesnsane" Hughes

    Langdon Trafford: Is that the end of James Hughes in the FWA?

    Ryan Rondo: Yup.

    We go back to Tristan James Galloway and Jason Randall. Randall had leaped the apron with a double axe handle and had managed to take Galloway further into the crowd. The duo are in the middle of a slugfest as Randall refuses to back down - only does a big headbutt from the Polynesian calm his offense. But the duo don't seem intent on returning to the ring as they go deeper and deeper into the crowd with Galloway in control. They actually disappear for a small while as they go up stairs out into the venue corridors - the camera's are stuck too far behind as the crowd get in the way. We go back to the ring where Izzy and Jagger are in the middle of a battle. Jagger tries to demand a straight, fair fight as he respects women... but as they lock up, Izzy shows blatant disrespect as he resorts to biting his fingers and then delivering a ridiculous amount of headbutts. But Jagger fights back and begins to establish some kind of momentum as he grounds Izzy with a backtake and transitions it into a german suplex. He tries to lock in a leglock but Izzy grabs at his hair in order to escape. Jagger stomps Izzy a few times once more and drags her to the middle of the ring where he looks to lock on a Boston Crab! He manages to get it fully locked in and Izzy appears to have nowhere to go! She sights her old kendo stick... and begins to crawl.. towards it. However, Jagger slowly becomes tired and loses his grip over time. Izzy doesn't need the kendo stick as he lets go and tries to recover some energy. However, she still decides to go after it whilst Jagger crawls to a corner and receives some encouraging words from Cherry. The pair, at opposite corners, get back to their feet. Izzy runs at Jagger with the kendo stick... she swings... but eh ducks! She hits the turnbuckle and she lets go of the kendo stick due to pain hitting her hands! Jagger clobbers her with a few left arms and then a European uppercut that knocks her to the ground. Jagger teases the Mushroom Stamp Bronco buster once more! He comes running forward and LEAPS.... RIGHT INTO THE RAISED FOOT OF IZZY VAN DOREN! It's the mother of all low blows as Jagger falls to the ground clutching his unmentionables. Izzy rolls him over and makes the cover...1...2......3! Jagger is in too much pain and can't kick out! His valet comes into the ring and tries to help him as Izzy crawls away, happy with her handiwork. Medical staff are on standby for Jagger.

    Eliminated: "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger

    Izzy, meanwhile, looks around and struggles to locate her next opponents. The crowd have no idea until suddenly...

    Langdon Trafford: That's a bit high, guys!

    Tristan James Galloway and Jason Randall re-emerge on a balcony, high above many tables, and brawling. The crowd are on their feet as the duo slug it out - until eventually Galloway gets the upper hand. He delivers a few headbutts that stun Randall backwards towards the stairs. Randall tries to rebound but eventually runs into a massive big boot that sends him perilously close to the edge of the balcony area. Some people in the crowd can barely look as it appears he's about to tumble... but he JUST keeps his balance. Galloways grabs Randall and then hoists him up high into the crucifix bomb position... he walks closely towards the edge... the crowd protest loudly as Galloway appears to be ready to send Randall plummeting below...

    David Weinstock: He'll kill him!

    Ryan Rondo: Anything can happen, Dave.

    BUT Randall is just able to squirm down out of the crucifix position. Galloway turns around, he's caught like a fish out of water, and can only watch as Randall comes storming towards him with a huge knee-trembler! The pair of them go flying over the edge of the balcony and plummeting a large distance onto a stack of tables below! The crowd break into a huge "HOLY SHIT!" chant as the lifeless bodies of Randall and Galloway twitch. However, it appears that Randall has landed on top of his foe... and the referee counts...1.....2......3!!!!

    Eliminated: "The Polynesian Powerhouse" Tristan James Galloway


    Izzy Van Doren looks slightly shell shocked in the middle of the ring as well as many fans at ringside. Even Rondo is slightly speechless.

    David Weinstock: We're down to the last two! And who would have thought it'd be Jason Randall and Izzy Van Doren!?!? What an effort from both competitors!

    Randall slumps off of Galloway and appears to try and crawl his way back to the ring. Izzy waits til the very moment that Randall gets under the bottom rope and begins viciously assaulting him! Izzy drills some forearms into his skull. The crowd boos Izzy for not giving Randall a chance to get to his feet but the reaction doesn't bother Izzy one bit as she continues the attack. Randall does his best to cover up and tries to shove Izzy away, which he does just a bit, but Izzy grabs him by his hair and pulls him to his feet. Izzy grabs her opponent in a headlock, waves to the fans, and calls out for the "Adios, Amigos!" Headlock Driver, but Randall fights out, kicks Izzy in the gut and hooks her up for the Dueces Wild on one of the steel chairs left in the ring from earlier! Randall kicks his leg out but Izzy squirms her way out of the hold, drops to her knees, and hits Randall with a lowblow! Randall is absolutely stunned as Izzy hooks him up and nails him with the Sonic Reducer on the steel chair! Izzy covers!




    Here is your winner @ 11:18 - "The Notorious IVD" Izzy Van Doren!
    After the match was over, the crowd begins to boo the Chicago native, who celebrates by mocking Jason Randall who is unconscious. Izzy leans over the top rope and screams out for the Ring Announcer to bring her her damn trophy, but it's Ryan Rondo who stands up from the announce table and heads over to the trophy table and with the help of Kurt Harrington and the referee, brings the trophy into the ring. At this point, Katie Lynn Goldsmith has also entered the ring, hoping to get a word with IVD. Rondo steps into the ring as Izzy's music begins to play over the speakers for a moment. Rondo puts his hand out towards Izzy for a handshake...but it doesn't seem Izzy is into, but then he raises her hand into the air and they turn to each side of the audience. Izzy eventually pulls her hand away from Rondo's and admires her trophy. Rondo takes the microphone from Katie.

    Ryan Rondo: Ladies and Gentlemen, you saw it... Izzy Van Doren outlasted them all. That display is what the FWA should be all about!

    Rondo hands his microphone over to Katie Goldsmith

    Katie Lynn: Izzy, we know that you've had a rather tumultuous journey here in the FWA. What does this win here tonight in Pittsburgh mean to you?

    Izzy Van Doren: Tumultuous? Really? That's the word you use to describe my time here in the FWA? Honestly, I'm surprised you even realize I've had any time in the FWA. I mean, after all, I'm just Izzy Van Doren, aren't I? An afterthought, right? Someone you can just stick at the bottom of the card, put in a series of match with bums like James Hughes and keep her happy,right? Makes her feel like because she's beating one of the men on the roster that she's valued here. But I'm not....I never was.

    Izzy turns to Rondo.

    Izzy Van Doren: And you... you stand here and raise my hand in victory, but you know deep down in your heart that you never gave me a chance to win this damn thing so don't act like you ever believed in me. And that wasn't just for the FWA's Walter White, nah, that was for all of ya. None of ya have ever believed in Izzy Van Doren. Sure, ya cheered me when I was out there putting my life on the line, letting guys like Zako Wrath take years off my career but I'm done doing what I do to please you people. Starting right here tonight, Izzy Van Doren becomes LEGEND. This, right here tonight, is the launching pad of my career!

    The crowd boos massively at the disrespect being shown by the Notorious IVD.

    Katie Lynn: This is a huge victory, not just for anyone, but being the only woman in this match, in an industry taht is still largely male dominated. In the FWA, we are proud to boast some of the greatest female wrestlers of all time throughout our storied history. Do you believe that Izzy Van Doren is going to be the next name on that list of elite female wrestlers?

    Izzy Van Doren: Not only am I gonna be on that list, Katie, I'm gonna be the top name on the list. Moira Crawfrord, Jillian? Relics of the past,comepting in a time when competition was non-existant. Gabrielle Montgomery? Only got by on who she knew and who she blew to get to her spot. Shannon O'Neal? Fake ass bitch who had to lie about who she was to get people to give a damn about her. Bell Connelly? Flash in the pan that chokes on any opportunity given to her. Penny? She talks to stuffed fucking animals. Is that the list of dominant female athletes that I have to surpass? I've said it before and I'll say it again, women in this company have always been a joke....

    but now, girls, you have a true role model to look up to. The Woman with no Fear is about to stake her claim in the annals of FWA history. Shit's about to get REAL interesting.




    Langdon Trafford: Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, what a monumental victory for Izzy van Doren! IVD will receive a future title opportunity as a result of that victory but tonight, it is Cyrus Truth that has a title opportunity to regain the title that Cyrus believes is rightfully his. The World Heavyweight Championship. But one man vehemently disagrees with that viewpoint, and that is the World Champion himself, "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy. Kennedy believes in his heart that no man is better than him inside that ring and at Back in Business....he made it a point to prove just that.

    The screen took us to a video recap of some of the highlights of Kennedy vs Truth at Back in Business.

    ♫I'll ride the wave... where it takes me!!!!!♫

    They move over to the announce table where Kennedy grabs a monitor from the Spanish announce table and uses it to bash Cyrus’s head. Kennedy puts Cyrus on the table and mocks Cyrus. Kennedy gets on the table with Cyrus and tries for something, but he took too long as Cyrus transitions right into a suplex through the table and down to the floor.

    ♫I'll hold the pain.... RELEASE ME!!!♫

    Kennedy grabs Cyrus’s head, and hits him with a very crisp DDT, then floating over, and locking in a headlock. Kennedy has Cyrus’s arm locked between his legs, as he pulls on the head of Cyrus, separating the neck from the shoulder. Kennedy pulls hard, favoring his right shoulder only slightly. Kennedy continues to pull, but Cyrus is able to get his hand free from Kennedy’s leg, and begin pushing up.

    ♫RELEASE ME!!!!!♫

    Cyrus fights out of the submission and he’s able to lock an armbar, but Kennedy is able to reverse it in turn, turning it into the Kennedy Curse! The ref counts a bit, but Cyrus doesn’t quit, and turns things around with a Kennedy Curse of his own. Kennedy gets into the ropes and forces the break.

    ♫RELEASE ME!!!!!!!!♫

    As the music turns and becomes darker and a bit faster, the video breaks into a blitz of offensive maneuvers from both men. A Bittersweet Chin Symphony from Kennedy. A Journey's End from Cyrus! A Tornado DDT! A bridging German Suplex! The top rope hurricanrana from Cyrus!

    And then as the music slows and comes to a dead silence, Chris Kennedy hits the final Bittersweet Chin Symphony. The screen goes to black and all we can hear is the sound of the referee's hand hitting the mat three times. The next shot we see is of Chris Kennedy standing tall in the ring with the World Heavyweight Championship in the air as Kurt Harrington says...

    "Here is your winner and the NEW FWA Heavyweight Champion..."The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy!"

    And then the camera fades to black....

    We return to a shot of Cyrus Truth arriving in the building with a time stamp saying it was roughly twenty minutes ago. Cyrus arrived in style, with a long stretch black limo pulling into the lot and a lot of nearby fans and security surrounding him. Cyrus stops to sign a few autographs before security hurries him out of there and into the building.

    David Weinstock: The challenger for the FWA World Heavyweight Championship has officially arrived and guys, it just feels like this is gonna be a special night here, doesn't it? Don't you just get that certain feeling that you get when you know you're about to witness something special?

    Langdon Trafford: Like Ali vs Frazier, Brady vs Rodgers, Mayweather vs McGregor, Cyrus Truth vs Chris Kennedy is a dream match, a spectacle, a true battle of the titans....I don't know, fellas....I simply cannot wait for that match tonight.

    David Weinstock: But next up,ladies and gentlemen, two of the premiere athletes in the world today are about to do battle for another championship, the FWA X Division Championship, and it'd be hard for someone to make the case that anyone has been more successful in that division than it's current champion and hometown hero, Dave Sullivan.

    Langdon Trafford: True, but I'm not sure Dave Sullivan is going to be cheered even by his hometown...he's had some truly despicable things to say about the citizens of Pittsburgh lately! Not to mention just how much the fans have taken to Kevin Cromwell lately!

    David Weinstock: And speaking of Amadeus, it's time for Kevin Cromwell to rock the FWA Universe! Rock us, Amadeus!

    As the beat of the drums gets the crowd going, Cromwell runs out onto the stage, stops at the top of the ramp to do his signature pose, and then throws his fist in the air to get the crowd going. The crowd lets out an audible "ROCKME, CROMWELL!" chant as Kevin bobs his head to the rhythym. Cromwell gets into the ring and climbs up the turnbuckle before throwing his fist in the air and waiting for his opponent.

    Langdon Trafford: And here comes the man that many believe may be the most dangerous man in the FWA, a four time X Division Champion, and a man that calls himself the King of the X Division, Dave Sullivan!

    Piers Gallagher: That's right, Langdon! The King! When's the last time Kevin Cromwell can claim he's even been in the presence of royalty? I mean, real royalty....

    The place erupts with a largely negative reaction with some mixed positive reactions in there as Dave Sullivan makes his way down the ramp. Sullivan is wearing a Le'Veon Bell jersey with pride as he walks with a confident swagger down the ramp, making sure to avoid any contact with the fans at ringside. Sullivan slides into the ring and stares down Cromwell.

    FWA X Division Championship
    "The King of the X Division" Dave Sullivan vs "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell

    The referee takes the title from Sullivan’s capacity and hoists it into the air, signifying that this is in fact for the X title. As he passes it along to the timekeeper, Sullivan begins trying to circle Cromwell. But Cromwell isn’t moving. His eyes are simply following Sullivan as he stands stoically. Dave tries circling in the other direction, but again, all Cromwell does is stand still, hands balled into fists, but just staring Dave down. Sullivan has had enough of that, getting close to Cromwell and waves his hand in front of his face, Cromwell not flinching or even blinking. Sullivan then gets all into the champion’s face, nearly biting his nose off as he says “You gonna do something’? Huh, ‘Anadeus? You gonna rock me? I’m the king; you’re nothing” Cromwell continues to stare directly into Sullivan’ soul, nothing happening but an intense nose-to-nose staredown here. Sullivan shakes his head and flicks his thumb against his nose, turning away before quickly turning back towards Cromwell with an intended right hand, but Cromwell finally makes a move, stopping it, before HEADBUTTING Sullivan SQUARE IN THE FACE!!

    Sullivan backpedals into the ropes, grabbing onto them as he backs up too much. Sullivan looks back at Cromwell after tending to his nose, an expression on Sullivan’ face as though he just witnessed a car wreck. He quickly shakes it off and steps back towards Cromwell, nodding his head, before cocking back with another right hand, but Cromwell stops this one as well, this time firing back with his own right hand, followed by another, and another, Sullivan being forced to take steps back every time, the crowd behind every shot, but Sullivan begins to fight back now, Cromwell not blocking these blows. The fans are all over this opening back and forth exchange – Cromwell begins pulling away with the punches, sending Sullivan backpedalling into a corner, when he starts firing a frenzy of lifts and rights to the cornered Sullivan. Sullivan then takes several steps back, pumping his fist towards the crowd and exalting, the crowd joining, as Cromwell rushes back towards the corner and nails Sullivan with an EXPLODING CORNER DROPKICK!! The crowd is all in now, Cromwell pumped to the max, roaring and pumping his fists. Sullivan has fallen to the canvas and retreated under the bottom rope, getting onto the apron. Cromwell makes his way over to Sullivan, hoping to pull him back in, but Sullivan fights back with a hard elbow shot before kicking Cromwell in the gut through the ropes. With some space now, Sullivan flips over the top and catches Cromwell in a sunset flip, but Cromwell rolls all the way through, nailing Sullivan in the face again with a LOW FRONT DROPKICK! Sullivan goes down hard, Cromwell ready with the first fall of the contest –




    Sullivan isn’t going to give up so easily. Cromwell then gets up and waits for Sullivan to get to his feet, Sullivan feeling around to see if his jaw is still in place. Sullivan looks to find Cromwell, who is now windmilling his arm and doing a few stretches. Sullivan isn’t quite sure what to make of this, Cromwell calls back

    “C’mon! I thought you said you were the best! I’m just warmin’ up!”

    Sullivan scoffs at this, as Cromwell appears to be the one who’s getting under his opponent’s skin, Cromwell now the one circling his opponent who just stares daggers back at him without moving. Sullivan is still trying to shake the cobwebs back, but we see his gaze never really leaves Cromwell. Sullivan cracks his neck using his fist as leverage, making his own announcing gesture. Sullivan and Cromwell are now back to staring holes into each other’s souls.

    Without saying a word, Cromwell and Sullivan finally lock up, both men jockeying for position. Neither man can seemingly get an advantage, so they break the hold, only to never break gazes and furiously go at it again, locking up. This time they’re not so stationary, whipping each other around the ring, each one still trying to get the upper hand. This one’s going nowhere either so again, they disengage and look to go at it again, but Sullivan shoots his way behind Cromwell, getting him in a rear waist lock. Cromwell tries to find a way to break the hold, but can’t find one until he pries Sullivan’ hands apart, but now it’s Sullivan’ turn for a headbutt, as he delivers one hard to the back of Cromwell’s head, prompting Cromwell to let go of his arms and Sullivan to scoop behind Cromwell and pull him into a quick schoolboy cover!




    Cromwell throws his legs up, the momentum causing him to backroll into a corner, but Sullivan is in hot pursuit, following Cromwell with a CORNER CLOTHESLINE, which prompts Cromwell to groggily step out from the corner and steps right into a Sullivan follow-up bulldog! Sullivan with his first cover of the match now –




    Cromwell manages to throw a shoulder up and quickly get to his feet, shakes his head a bit, before swinging wildly at Sullivan, who ducks underneath his clothesline attempt and reaches back, grabs Cromwell’s head and neck, and delivers a nasty neckbreaker! Sullivan doesn’t go for the cover this time, simply getting up and taking a few steps back, cockily letting Cromwell get to his feet. Cromwell does so, gripping his neck, but now it’s Sullivan’ turn to gloat. “Is that all you got?! – I’m better than you! Sullivan caps that off by doing the title taunt, hands wrapping around his waist to a great deal of heat. Cromwell now cracks his neck quickly and without the use of his hands and shrugs it off, he and Sullivan back to focusing on each other. This “I can do better” exchange between the two gives Sullivan a scowl, as his attempts to potentially get into Cromwell’s head seem to be failing. Before either man can initiate anything more, Cromwell offers a hand, raising it above him. A strength test? Sullivan bites, looking to lock one hand with Cromwell, before locking all ten fingers with him. The two struggle for a second before Sullivan starts managing to overpower Cromwell, causing Cromwell to arch back and bridge himself from falling onto the canvas. But as Sullivan struggles to force himself on Cromwell and overwhelm him, Cromwell begins fighting back from his bridged state, but Sullivan catches this quickly, unlocking his hands and nailing Cromwell in the gut with an elbow drop. Sullivan watches Cromwell writhe for a second before running and rebounding off some ropes, dropping again with an elbow drop, but Cromwell quickly scurries to his feet and rebounds off some ropes, and tries to execute his own elbow drop on the still downed Sullivan. Sullivan then quickly gets to his feet and tries to do the same thing, rebounding and attempting an elbow drop to the now downed Cromwell, who gets right back up and rebounds again and attempts an elbow drop again, but Sullivan rapidly rises once more! The crowd is eating up this exchange, both men now returning to their feet, still at a stalemate.

    Sullivan, getting a tad tired of this, rushes at Cromwell, only to be met with a kick to the gut for his troubles. Cromwell uses this to whip Sullivan across the ring, but Sullivan hits Cromwell with a hard clothesline on the rebound. Sullivan quickly mounts Cromwell, pounding him with hard right hand after hard right hand, the referee warned him not to do so, with Sullivan dragging it out as long as he can without being disqualified. He pulls Cromwell to his feet instead, kneeing him in the gut before attempting to toss him into the ropes, but Cromwell resists and winds up pulling Sullivan INTO A STIFF PURO STYLE UPPERCUT!! The sound of the move sends waves through the crowd. It hits Sullivan so hard, he stiffens up, and he drops to one knee, Cromwell seeing an opportunity. He measures up Sullivan and starts delivering A RAPID FIRE OF KICKS TO Sullivan’ STERNUM!! Each kick ups the tempo of the one before it before Cromwell rears back and prepares for one AIMED FOR THE HEAD…but Sullivan ducks underneath it, and the bottom rope going to the outside. Sullivan clutches his chest area, having been kicked red and raw. Sullivan turns away from the ring to lick his wounds, while the referee gets the count going.





    On that count, Cromwell exits through the ropes, staying on the apron and runs along it and leaps, NAILING Sullivan WITH A FLYING KNEE!! Cromwell himself gets pressed against the barricade, but Sullivan, in the long run, doesn’t manage to avoid a blow to the head, face first on the arena floor. Cromwell takes Sullivan and rolls him back into the ring, quickly following him for another cover –




    Sullivan rolls the shoulder, despite his brain being scrambled at the moment! Cromwell takes this opportunity to hook the arm Sullivan threw in the air, the crowd popping for what could be cross armbreaker time, but before that can happen, Sullivan scurries to his feet. But Cromwell adjusts the arm look into a waist lock as he promptly flips Sullivan over himself with a high angle back suplex Sullivan is dropped square on the back of his neck, Cromwell keeping the bridge and getting another pin attempt –




    The king threw his whole body into that kick out, finally undoing the waist lock Sullivan lies on the canvas tending to his neck, Cromwell veering over to him and trying to pull him to his feet, struggling a bit. As soon as Sullivan is vertical, Cromwell gets him in a front facelock for perhaps a suplex, but Sullivan starts pounding away at Cromwell’s midsection to prevent it, breaking the facelock and shoving Cromwell into the ropes. Cromwell rebounds towards Sullivan, ducking under a clothesline attempt and rebounding again, this time Sullivan lying flat for Cromwell to go over him, causing another rebound, where Sullivan leaps over Cromwell, showing some athleticism and causing yet another rebound, but while he does that, Sullivan rebounds off the ropes in front of him and vaults himself back toward Cromwell and nails him in the gut WITH A KITCHEN SINK THAT SENDS Cromwell FLIPPING!! An incredibly momentous move there, Sullivan quickly falling on top of the challenger –




    Cromwell rolls the shoulder, Sullivan stomping on Cromwell a few good times before bringing him to his feet, tossing him towards a corner now, following him, but as he does so, Cromwell leaps and backflips from the corner over the head of Sullivan, but as he’s doing that, Sullivan leaps onto the second rope. As soon as Cromwell’s feet hit the ring canvas again, Sullivan leaps from the second rope FLYING ROADHOUSE KICK! The crowd is loving that transition, getting the big manoeuvre, Sullivan again going for a cover –




    The crowd deflates back after that hot motion, Sullivan getting a little bit frustrated. He grabs Cromwell’s head and grabs around him, looking to swing him over for a belly to back suplex, but as he looks to lift, Cromwell flips completely over Sullivan for a counter, and grapples around Sullivan’ waist from behind. Cromwell charges forward towards the same corner before hitting Sullivan’ sternum against it before rolling back with what looks like a victory roll –


    The referee briefly starts a count, but Cromwell keeps rolling, he and his opponent momentarily getting to their feet, but Cromwell then nails a GERMAN SUPLEX FROM THE ROLL-THROUGH!! The move they call “Chaos Theory” is executed perfectly by Cromwell, keeping the bridge and getting another pin attempt –




    Sullivan manages to twist his body again and throw his shoulder up! Sullivan struggles to get to his feet, Cromwell a little bit in disbelief that he couldn’t quite get the fall there, but right as he turns back towards Sullivan – MUAY TI KICK! WOW!! The smack hits Cromwell’s jaw hard, but Sullivan is still hurting from the German, and he collapses to the canvas himself. The crowd is popping big and on their feet for both men right now, who are undeniably already giving it everything they’ve got. Neither man can roll on top of the other to get a cover, the ref is forced to begin a KO count. Sullivan finally begins to stir, Cromwell slowly following…Sullivan makes his way under the bottom rope and staggers to his feet on the apron, using the ropes to bring himself up. Cromwell is now somewhat vertical, still doubled over and gripped onto the rope beside him to get fully onto his feet before charging over to the apron-clad Sullivan, who sees Cromwell coming and has him run into a hard right hand for his troubles. Cromwell fires back with his own before trapping Sullivan’ head in a front headlock, looking to perhaps suplex him back into the ring. The crowd sees this and starts buzzing, but Sullivan resists the suplex much like he did earlier in the match, driving his fists into Cromwell’s ribs to prevent it. The facelock still in changes grips, as it’s Sullivan now to tries to suplex Cromwell outside, able to lift Cromwell over himself, neither man able to keep the balance of this hold for very long, but we do get the outstanding image of Sullivan holding Cromwell completely vertical for a second while turning around. The off-balance momentum of the manoeuvre starts bringing Cromwell down, at which point, Sullivan leaps from off the apron…AND BRAINBUSTER TO Cromwell ONTO THE OUTSIDE!! WOW!! Both men are again downed, Sullivan tending to his tailbone at the moment, Cromwell out cold on his back. Pitsburg is all over that move, garnering some “HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!!” chants, but they stop once the crowd decides to count-out with the referee –

    Sullivan takes the English man and throws him under the ropes and back into the ring, covering him aggressively, with a forearm in his face –





    Cromwell ROLLS THE SHOULDER!! A great deal of the crowd can’t believe that’s not the end of it, Sullivan in accord with them. His jaw drops open, looking at the referee from his knees, holding up three fingers, but the referee still says it’s only two. Sullivan grabs at his hair and pounds the mat in frustration for a moment before taking Cromwell to his feet, gripping his head and nailing the three Rivers This has to be it now, as Sullivan covers Cromwell and hooks a leg –





    Cromwell WON’T SAY DIE!! Sullivan is almost beside himself at that point, asking himself what does he have to do to put this guy away, much like in their first meeting. Sullivan desperately covers Cromwell again –




    Sullivan throws his beanie off in great frustration!! The look in Sullivan’ eye is pure rage at the moment, but he’s also plotting something. Sullivan takes the still recovering Cromwell and sits him upright, quickly giving him a kick to the spine to stunt him more, the smack of boot to back echoing around the arena, Cromwell’s scream of pain joining the sound waves. With that, Sullivan rushes forward and rebounds off the ropes, aiming for some kind of roundhouse kick…but Cromwell lies flat to avoid it, quickly grabbing the attacking leg from behind and CATCHING Sullivan IN A STANDING ANKLE LOCK!! ANKLE LOCK!! The momentum from the missed kick has Sullivan pressed against the ropes, however, as he’s grabbing onto the top one, but screaming in pain. The referee tells Cromwell that he’s got to let go, but Cromwell has a passionately intense look on his face and screams back to the ref that “I’M GOING TO RIP IT OFF!” The rejuvenated Cromwell doesn’t let go, the referee counting until the disqualification occurs, but before he can get there, Cromwell yanks back hard on Sullivan’ ankle, causing him to lose his grip on the ropes and forcing him to fall onto his stomach, Cromwell keeps the intense lock held, Sullivan desperately reaching for the ropes.

    Sullivan manages to crawl just a bit further towards the ropes, but as soon as this one step is taken, Cromwell goes from standing to the canvas, but he’s still holding onto the ankle. He wraps the weakened ankle underneath his other leg, which he crosses over, before holding them both together with a leg and reaching for Sullivan’ face…IT'S-A REGAL STRETCH!! REGAL STRETCH!! Sullivan has all the weight on his back, his ankle still wrapped in pain now wrapped within itself. Sullivan is still reaching, scratching, clawing his way towards the ropes…HE GOT IT!! Sullivan finally reaches the bottom rope, holding onto it for dear life. Cromwell quickly let's go, not shouting back at the ref this time, instead taking a step back himself, as the adrenaline is starting to wear off a bit and all the blows he took before coming back to life are starting to catch up to him. Sullivan, weak as he may be at the moment, quickly crawls to the back-turned Cromwell and gets him in another schoolboy! The count –



    The count stops! Why? Cromwell is contorting around Dave’s arm, transitioning the schoolboy right into…A CROSS FACE but before it can be synched in completely, Sullivan breaks free and crawls under the bottom rope again, saving himself and trying to catch a breather. The crowd shits on him for it, and Cromwell scorns towards him. Sullivan is trying to catch his breath, limping on the outside, his ankle still in bad shape and not having a moment to pause for several minutes now. Cromwell himself takes this opportunity to shake the cobwebs out of his head, all those hard blows still ringing. Sullivan leans up against a steel ring post, his back on the pole, trying to regain a bit of himself, but Cromwell keeps on keeping on. He reaches through the middle ropes and starts tugging on Sullivan’ head, forcing it to tilt a tad and grabbing hold of it. Sullivan is struggling, to break that, trying to find his way around the pole to his Cromwell. Sullivan looks to just go back into the ring, getting a leg up, but Cromwell takes his free arm and grabs the leg. With both the neck and leg for leverage, Cromwell begins pulling the rest of Dave’’s body laterally, soon grabbing hold of Sullivan’ other leg before finally pulling all the way back…and reveals a BOW AND ARROW LOCK USING THE STEEL RING POST!! Sullivan’ body is wrapped and contorted in ways it shouldn’t be, the crowd popping big for yet another Cromwell submission move. Even if Sullivan taps out, the hold is illegal, but Cromwell is all about the hurt right now. The referee is admonishing Cromwell and begging him to let go, Cromwell keeping his teeth gritted while destroying Sullivan’ spine. Cromwell finally let's go, forcing Sullivan to drop to the outside and Cromwell to get a sizable pop from the crowd. The ref starts the count out for Sullivan –







    Sullivan, holding his back, starts ascending the side of one of the corners…


    He reaches the top rope, but he’s got his profile facing the ring, oddly enough. Cromwell spots this and starts to climb to the top rope, battling Sullivan on the top to try and do something here. Cromwell then joins Sullivan up top, getting a shoulder underneath him and lifting up and shoving a bit, causing Sullivan to go backwards and STRADDLE ON THE TOP ROPE!! Sullivan, almost in the middle of the top rope, sits holding onto his family jewels, the crowd with an “OOOOHHH!!” of sentiment for him. Cromwell readjusts himself on the top rope, his profile now to the ring…leaping…DIVING LARIAT!! DIVING LARIAT TO THE STRADDLED Sullivan!!! WOW!! Sullivan GOES FLIPPING INSIDE!! The angle of which he was hit forces him to conveniently flip inside, but the crowd is all on their feet for the move, getting a great deal of “HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!!” chants. Cromwell, getting a bit exhausted here, drags Sullivan away from the ropes and covers him –





    Sullivan SHOWS RESOLVE!!! Sullivan, possibly not even sure of where he is right now, still has the guts to kick out!! As commendable an action as this may be for a heel, Cromwell is frustrated that that didn’t quite end things. Cromwell, just wanting to try something, brings Sullivan to his feet and attempts to toss him into the ropes, but Sullivan reverses the toss, but holds onto Cromwell’s wrist and brings him back towards himself, wrapping himself around Cromwell…EXPLODER SUPLEX!! Big impact move by Sullivan, but again, this leaves both men laid out

    Sullivan sits up by the ropes, using them to get to his feet again and with the aide of the ropes for the second time, Cromwell now beginning to get to his feet…

    Cromwell is up, but as he slowly situates himself, Sullivan is now on the top rope again, this time completely facing the ring. As soon as Cromwell turns around, he looks up to see Sullivan flying at him, …Gallagher’s Revenge!!! OHH MY GOD! Cromwell catches Sullivan in mid-air and tosses him! Sullivan’ momentum carried him that way, and all Cromwell had to go was to guide him and drive his head into the canvas!! Both men are back flat, Cromwell taking time to crawl on over to the eagle spread Sullivan, only with enough mustered strength to sling an arm over him –





    Sullivan ROLLS THE SHOULDER!!! HE ROLLS THE SHOULDER!! HOW IN THE HELL?!? The crowd is deflated back to their seats, many of them with their hand in their hair or in the air, more than certain that was it, but neither one of these men are going down quite yet. It’s Cromwell’s turn to be incredibly frustrated now, but all we can see of his frustration in his fatigue is his head face down on the canvas, his hands clutching his hair, Cromwell finally pushes himself up, stumbling as he does, before realizing he can’t keep his balance at the moment and just sits down at Sullivan’ head. Both Cromwell and Sullivan keep pushing one another, Cromwell not quite out of options, but certainly needs another moment. Cromwell crawls over to Sullivan again, but this time, he forces Sullivan open with a sitting abdominal stretch it seems, but it all becomes apparent when Cromwell raises an elbow and starts looks to start DRIVING HIS ELBOWS INTO THE HEAD AND NECK OF Sullivan, but Sullivan rolls his momentum forward and traps Cromwell beneath him –




    Cromwell manages to kick out, both men getting back to their feet wearily, but Cromwell’s met with a hard Sullivan forearm, Cromwell countering with a kick to the midsection. As Cromwell then rears back and AIMS A ROUNDHOUSE AT THE HEAD…Sullivan ducks… Cromwell spins around Sullivan gets a burst of life now, Sullivan has enough about himself to strike Cromwell in the weakened knee, causing him to drop to only one. Sullivan, though still somewhat groggy, gets to his feet and quickly rebounds off the ropes and finally NAILS Cromwell WITH THE RKO!! Sullivan scurrying to cover Cromwell, eagle spread, hooking the far weak leg in final desperation, the ref making the dramatic, slow count –




    THE COUNT STOPS! Why? Cromwell has brought his near leg over Sullivan’ holding arm, brought himself forward and upright into position…AMADEUS REQUIEM IS COMPLETELY LOCKED IN!!! The Seated Chicklewing is locked in! Sullivan is struggling, but he has no life left his arms are hooked, the innovative submission, shifting his weight back and forward hoping to get away but he’s locked in and fading fast. Cromwell is selling the intensity of the lock, yelling as the crowd is going crazy, But wait! Dave tilts his weight back and pins Kev’s shoulders to the ground




    Here is your winner and STILL FWA X Division Champion: "THe King of the X Division" Dave Sullivan!

    DAVE STEALS IT! Kev realizes too late what was happening and breaks the hold, Dave rolls out of the ring as fast as possible like the devil was chasing him, Cromwell BARELY missing as Dave escapes and staggers almost drunkenly up the ramp both of them screeching to the ref to “give me the fucking belt” which he clings to like a life preserver leaving Kevin Cromwell to pound the mat in frustration knowing how close he came...

    Langdon Trafford: What a match we just witnessed between two world class athletes! I don't believe for one second that it's gonna be the last we see of those two gentlemen competing over a championship in the FWA! But it is the King of the X Division once again seated at his throne at the helm of the X Division....

    Piers Gallagher: And while you idiots talk about the King of the X Division, I want to talk about the real royalty of the FWA, the First Lady of the FWA, the Queen of Boop Style, Bell Connelly...or as you gentlemen can call her tonight, the new FWA North American Champion, Bell Connelly! We're gonna have a new champion tonight, boys!

    Langdon Trafford: Well, there's two men that may have something to say about that, Piers.One, the current champion, Wolf, who has been nothing short of indestructible since beating Mike Parr for that championship and the other would be Starr, who believes that HE is destined to become the new champion tonight!

    Piers Gallagher: He shouldn't even be in the match! He didn't beat Bell at Back in Business, Bell beat him! She deserves that championship match to be one on one!

    David Weinstock: However, Starr did defeat Wolf in the Gran Prix and that's why he's earned his championship opportunity, but one person agrees with Piers and that's Bell Connelly. Let's take you back to Back in Business when Starr met Bell Connelly one on one.

    Bell finally sits up after looking up at the lights for a bit. She shakes her head and staggers over to the corner her back cover in bruises but she stands on top about to deliver Tinkerbell’s Lament! But Starr moves out of the way leaving Bell prone on the mat. Starr senses his moment, pausing momentarily to wipe the blood over his eye he scales the top ropes. Looks out at the crowd...extends his body out. Takes flight





    A ravaged Bell roll over with the little power she has left, wrapping her legs around Starr’s with a double leg hook –




    Here is your winner @ 19:43 "BeautyXBeast" Bell Connelly

    The camera takes us backstage where another stretch limo pulls into the lot. A man in a black suit, the chauffeur, exits the vehicle and opens the passenger door. A pair of red heels steps out of the limo as the camera pans back to reveal Bell Connelly in a simple yet beautiful red dress stepping out onto the pavement. The crowd lets out an audible "BOOOO!!!!!" for the first half of the FWA's power couple. Bell waits as her husband, the FWA World Champion steps out of the limo, dressed to the nines in a black pinstripe suit, with the FWA Heavyweight Championship dressed over his shoulder. Kennedy uses the championship as a mirror to look at his reflection, before draping it back over his shoulder and kissing his beautiful wife before the duo ignore the fans and make their way inside the building.




    The music of the Sin City Vultures hits the arena and Christopher Manson heads out to the stage with BUCK following close behind. The duo ignores the jeering fans at ringside as the make their way to the ring and do their signature pose and await the Warriors of Virtue.

    Langdon Trafford: This rivalry has certainly heated up in recent weeks, as the Warriors of Virtue are tired of being treated like jokes by the Vultures. XYZ says that the Warriors are on a mission to climb the FWA Tag Team mountain. Sad thing is, I think he actually believes he actually has to climb a mountain. With his tag team partner, Mrs. Lorde’s Baby Boy, Lord Dog and his newfound bff, Al, XYZ is readying to climb Mt. Everest, as the Sin City Vultures are a tall order in the tag team division!

    Piers Gallagher: Mount Everest? This is Mount Kilimanjaro for the Warriors of Virtue! You know what happens when people like XYZ and Lord Dog taste just a little bit of success and start trying to tackle challenges that they aren’t ready for? They die. An avalanche is coming, boys,and the Warriors of Virtue are about to get buried in their own incompetence! I’ve got my popcorn ready, Langdon! I can’t wait for this!

    The music of the Wallflowers plays over the speakers as XYZ arrives on the stage with his green and white leather robe, barefoot, and with Al standing behind him. XYZ whispers something into Al’s ear and AL turns around and walks back behind the stage. The music cuts off and is replaced with “Stir it up” by Patti LaBelle!

    Lord Dog very energetically makes his way out onto the stage and locks eyes with XYZ, as they nod to each other and turn to head down the ramp! The duo slap hands with the fans at ringside and slide into the ring for their match!

    David Weinstock: The fan favorite Warriors of Virtue have been on a roll lately and they look to continue this roll against one of the most dominant tag teams in the history of the FWA, the Sin City Vultures! Make no mistake about it, this will not be easy…and the Warriors of Virtue are clearly the underdogs in this match, but the FWA universe believe in these two men and more importantly, they believe in themselves!

    Langdon Trafford: Lord Dog is certainly not short on confidence, that much is true! But he’s also not short on ability! Let’s not forget, Lord Dog has a pinfall victory over Christopher Manson several weeks back!

    Piers Gallagher: Ancient history, Piers! The Sin City Vultures are not going to allow themselves to be embarrassed by these two looney tunes…no way, no how!

    Tag Team Match
    The Sin City Vultures ( Christopher Manson and BUCK) vs The Warriors of Virtue (Lord Dog and XYZ)

    The four men meet up in the center of the ring and it’s actually the Vultures that extend their hands out for a handshake. XYZ stares at the hand of Manson as if he’s contemplating it before very, for lack of a better word, sensually shakes his opponent’s hand. Lord Dog does the same with BUCK, only in his own Lord Doggy way. He creates his own unique version of a secret club handshake, which somewhat befuddles the big man. Lord Dog smiles the biggest smile you could possible imagine before bowing and discussing with his partner who should start. They decide upon Lord Dogg. Manson decides to let BUCK start the match and the referee calls for the bell.

    Lord Dog confidently floats around the ring, in a dance like fashion, before stopping in the center of the ring to do a little Muhammad Ali – like air boxing. Buck decides to engage and it starts off with a collar and elbow tie up. BUCK clearly overpowers LD and drives him into the corner, before the referee forces a break at the count of 4. BUCK engages again, but this timme LD counters into a arm wrench. BUCK fights out and judo tosses LD to the mat! BUCK grabs LD by the arm, but LD pulls him down and into a submission, but before he can lock it in, BUCK scampers to the ropes! As BUCK lays there under the bottom rope, XYZ creeps up on him and looms over his face with an unsettling smile that startles BUCK. BUCK eases his way back to his feet and goes right back to work against Lord Dog. Another collar and elbow tie up, countered into an arm wrench by the Dogg. LD whips BUCK into the far corner but BUCK counters sending LD into the turnbuckle, only for LD to springboard and flip over top of the charging BUCK. The Vulture stops just short of hitting the turnbuckle but turns around right into an Inside Cradle from LD! 1… Easy kickout from BUCK, LD tags in XYZ and the two perform a Double Team Spin Cycle on BUCK! XYZ does a unique version of a standing splash to follow and goes for the cover!


    BUCK powers out at 1! XYZ wrenches back on the arm of his opponent, almost in a seated hammerlock position as the crowd begins to chant “X! Y! Z!”, which draws his attention. He yells out something in response but the camera couldn’t quite pick up what it was. BUCK manages to fight his way out and the two chain wrestle on the mat for a minute before BUCK ends up on his back, and XYZ starts to…bite his belly? The referee quickly puts a stop to that as the crowd laughs. XYZ pulls BUCK up to his feet, and BUCK delivers a thumb to the eye before tagging in Manson. Manson charges straight at XYZ with a clothesline but the Eccentric One ducks….Manson turns around and charges again only to be stopped dead in his tracks when XYZ suddenly leaps into a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Pose! Manson is embarrassed and furious as he begins to berate the referee about how ridiculous this is. Manson regains his composure and circles the ring, rethinking his strategy. He feigns making a move towards XYZ just to see how he’d respond but gets nothing. He tries the same move again and again, gets nothing from XYZ. Manson takes a step back, but the crowd laughs when XYZ mockingly and much more sensually makes the same move towards Manson and then points to him, saying “Vulture of Sin, thou art no match for me!” Manson calls for a Test of Strength, which XYZ contemplates before outstretching his arms and engaging but Manson stomps on his foot and then pushes down on the Tennessee native, looking down into his eyes and mocking him before XYZ slowly powers himself back up to his feet….but it’’s BUCK that enters the ring and kicks him in the gut bringing him back to his knees. Manson is back in control as he laughs at Lord Dog on the apron. Manson talks some more shit which causes XYZ to power up again and again BUCK enters the ring, drawing the referee over and that allows Lord Dog to come in behind the referee’s back, slid between XYZ’s legs and punch Manson straight in the ribs, which gives XYZ control of the hold! XYZ pushes down onto the palms of the Vulture. XYZ is screaming out some nonsensical things before Manson starts to power himself up but XYZ lets go of the hold and kicks Manson in the gut. The Eccentric One hooks Manson up for a Snap Suplex, and then kips up before delivering an elbow drop to the Vulture! The crowd pops, which causes XYZ to take a bow. XYZ mockingly does a strut of his own variation, before grabbing manson but Manson knees him in the gut and then srenches his arm over his shoulder several times before hip tossing him to the mat and locking in a cross armbreaker! Manson pulls back with everything he has as XYZ writhes in pain, trying to outstretch his arms to the ropes. After a few aganozing moments, XYZ manages to scoot his way just enough that he can get his left foot under the bottom rope, forcing a release from Manson! Manson reaches over and tags in BUCK.

    XYZ gets back to his feet but gets absolutely MOWED down by BUCK. BUCK runs the ropes, looking for a splash but XYZ rolls to his stomach….BUCK rebounds but XYZ gets to his feet and leapfrogs the Vulture….another rebound by BUCK as XYZ drops back down to his stomach….another rebound as XYZ leaps back over the big man and this goes on for two more revolutions with the crowd laughing as XYZ was simply wearing out the big man! BUCK started to stumble towards the ends and needed to hold the ropes to catch his breath. XYZ tagged Lord Dog into the h as BUCK still had his hands on his knees. Lord Dog waited a moment before smiling a big cheesy smile at BUCK and giving him two thumbs up, asking him if he was good to go. Lord Dogg went to the big man and tried to whip him into the ropes, but BUCK pulled him into a side headlock. Lord Dog backed into the ropes before shoving BUCK into the ropes and going through the exact same sequence that XYZ sent him through! BUCK staggered a lot quicker though and dropped to one knee before looking back at Lord Dogg, who was smiling ear to ear! Lord Dog allows BUCK to get back to his feet. LD charges towards BUCK but the big man tosses LD into the air, dropping him neck first over the ropes! LD grabs at his neck and then turns around right into a VICIOUS lariat from BUCK! BUCK screams that the games are over, as Manson tags himself in and immediately slides into the cover!



    Lord Dog kicks out as Manson immediately goes to work, mounting his opponent and laying into him with a series of hard right hands. Manson grabs him and hoists him up into the corner, where he lays into him with a knife edge chop and tags BUCK back into the match. The Vultures double stomp Lord Dog in the corner . BUCK lifts him up in the corner and delivers a hard uppercut before tagging Manson back in the match. The Vultures whip LD into the ropes, BUCK drops down to his stomach, LD runs over him but right into the scoop slam of Christopher Manson! BUCK follows it up with an elbow drop and then another elbow drop from Manson! Manson covers but only gets a 2 count before applying a rear chin lock to “Lil’ Wolf”. XYZ yells out words of encouragement to his partner, who tries to fight out of it and eventually pushes his way to his feet and does fight out, but Manson releases the hold and clubs LD in the back.Manson whips LD into the corner and then follows in with a charge but Lord Dog gets his boot up to the face! Headbutt to BUCK! Manson tries for another splash but again, LD with a boot to the face! A back elbow to BUCK! A third boot to the face of Manson! LD staggers out of the corner and reaches out to XYZ, but Manson catches him in a drop toe hold and holds onto the leg, pulling back and tagging in BUCK. BUCK runs in and drops an elbow into the lower back of the WoV and then hits a forearm on XYZ on the apron! XYZ is irate as he charges back into the ring, drawing the referee to stop him as the Vultures both enter the ring to double team LD! They drag LD back over to their corner before BUCK tags Manson back in.

    The Vultures hook “Lil’ Wolf” up and nail him with a Russian Leg Sweep/Clothesline combination. Manson picks LD up and sends him to the corner where the Vultures again make a tag. Manson holds LD up while BUCK takes a few heavy shots at the ribs. BUCK tosses him into the corner and then buries his shoulder deep into the ribs of his opponent and then whips him hard into the corner before following in with a corner splash but LD drops out of the way and BUCK collides HARD with the turnbuckle! The crowd is HOT as LD crawls over towards XYZ! BUCK is down! Lord Dog makes the tag! XYZ rushes in but the referee stops him!

    David Weinstock: WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT THE HELL?

    Langdon Trafford: Christopher Manson had the referee distracted!

    Indeed, Christopher Manson did try to enter the ring, which drew the referee’s attention! As XYZ argued with the referee, the Vultures pulled Lord Dog back to their corner and dumped him out of the ring where Manson beat on him and tossed him into the stairs! Manson tossed LD back into the ring where BUCK covered him for a two count! BUCK tags Manson back into the match and the two go for their Poetry in Motion, but again LD moves out of the way, causing Manson to hit the turnbuckle! BUCK grabs LD b the tights and pulls him into a rear waist lock but LD hits a back elbow and then a straight right hand to Manson! Another Back elbow to BUCK! Manson back to his feet and swings at Lord Dog, who ducks, and Manson strikes BUCK! Lord Dog with an Implant DDT to Manson! Superman Punch to BUCK! The crowd EXPLODES! Lord Dog tags in XYZ!

    XYZ leaps over the ropes with a crossbody that takes out both Vultures! Clothesline to Manson! Forearm to BUCK! Hurricanrana to Manson! Hurricanrana to BUCK! Manson whips XYZ into the corner, and follows in but XYZ flips over top of his opponent, lands on his feet and then leapfrogs a charging BUCK who collides with Manson in the corner!Both men are stacked in the corner, so The Eccentric One delivers a running dropkick to the Vultures! And then Lord Dog follows suit! Both men stagger out of the corner as XYZ climbs up to the top rope and hits a top rope Blockbuster on Manson! Cover by XYZ!



    XYZ puts Manson on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position, and as he struggles to maintain him, BUCK tags Manson and gets himself into the match! BUCK kicks XYZ in the gut, and the Vultures look for another double team but XYZ fights out of it, kicks Manson in the gut and then an enziguiri to BUCK! Spinning Heel kick to Manson! Lord Dog runs into the ring and clotheslines Manson over the top rope to the outside! BUCK climbs up to the top rope but XYZ crotches him! Lord Dog runs the ropes and hits a suicide dive to Manson on the outside! Meanwhile, back in the ring, XYZ with a hurricanrana off the top rope to BUCK! Lord Dog gets back into the ring, just to hit BUCK with the El Nino! XYZ drops down for the cover!



    BUCK kicks out!

    XYZ couldn’t believe it as he held up two fingers, questioning the referee! He was dejected and slammed his nfist down to the mat, but that momentary frustration allowed Manson to slide back into the ring and hit a forearm to the back of the head! Manson grabbed BUCK and dragged him back to the corner, before tagging himself in. Manson delivers a few right hands, before stepping back for a running lariat, only for LD to run in and deliver a forearm to the side of Manson’s head. The Warriors hit a double dropkick on Manson and LD follows it up with a running senton splash! The duo then hit a series of moves, a running legdrop, a springboard moonsault, and then a rolling thunder in succession before XYZ covers!



    BUCK breaks up the pin!

    XYZ with a chop to BUCK before grabbing his arm but BUCK counters and overpowers him, just picking him with a spinning powerslam! BUCK gets up to his feet but eats an eniguiri from Lord Dog as he does! Manson with an Exploder Suplex to Lord Dog! Manson picks up XYZ and drills him with a Falcon Arrow!



    XYZ kicks out!

    Lord Dog gets up so Manson looks for a Lifting DDT, but LD counters with an Implant DDT of his own! XYZ crawls over and makes the cover! 1….2….Manson kicks out! LD delivers a Backflip kick to BUCK, knocking him into the ropes and then takes him out of the ring with a Cactus Clothesline! The referee checks on the two men as XYZ calls for his Running Tornado DDT! The crowd pops but is soon let down as Christopher Manson rakes his eyes and then drops XYZ with a CodeBreaker! Manson covers!




    Here are your winners @ 15:42 – The Sin City Vultures
    Piers Gallagher: What did I tell you? The dominant Vultures show why they are the rightful champions of the FWA Tag Team division! These match was never in question!

    David Weinstock: Were we watching the same match? Manson had to cheat to win!

    Piers Gallagher: Cheat? What? Where?

    Langdon Trafford: That eye rake?

    Piers Gallagher: That wasn’t an eye rake! That was a Russian Nosebreaker, a completely legal hold and a brilliant move by Manson!

    Langdon Trafford: Russian Nosebreaker? Are you kidding me? No such move exists!

    Piers Gallagher: Oh, so now you know more about wrestling than Chris Manson?

    Lord Dog slides into the ring to check on his partner as the Vulture taunt them from the ramp. XYZ yells that this isn't over as we go to commercial.


    It's Cyrus! It's Kennedy! Ironman! In your living room! Buy FWA 2k19 in stores now!


    We cut backstage, where ace interviewer Katie Lynn Goldsmith is standing by.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time...Cyrus Truth.

    A uproarious cheer from the crowd as Cyrus Truth walks into view, dressed in full battle regalia. He looks like a man possessed, focused and razor sharp.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Cyrus, we're not far away from your championship match against Chris Kennedy under Iron Man Match rules. Now, a lot of things have been said by the champion leading up to this rematch, and coming off the heels of one of the most amazing matches in Back in Business history...

    Cyrus, without saying a word, puts his hand up and silences Katie. He then looks at her with that piercing glare of his as she, as if on instinct, brings the microphone up to the challenger's lips.

    Cyrus Truth: Katie...Back in Business is over. It doesn't matter right now. And what matters even less is what's been said leading up to this. All of that is gone now, and the only thing that does matter is what happens tonight. Now, I don't mind telling you that I've been less than enthralled by what Chris has been spewing ever since he won the belt, because it's been nothing but a river of diarrhea. Honestly, you think with all the time he wasted fighting Ryan Rondo last year, he would've learned a bit from him about what not to do when facing me a second time.

    Cyrus turns away from Katie and looks directly into the camera.

    Cyrus Truth: Look at me, Chris. LOOK AT ME. You realize this story's been told once before, right? The champion, having vanquished the Vagabond King, stands atop the mountain and crows for all to hear about his superiority. He points to the one lone victory he has as proof enough that he and he alone should reign. He acts as if the vagabond is so far beneath him and that victory is all but assured. You know, Chris...for as much as you like to talk about how you're one of a kind, you sure do like to act like a bitch just like Ryan Rondo did when he unified the World Titles. Now, I know it's probably asking a lot of you to pay attention to anything that doesn't involve you, but trust me...this does. Do you recall what happened to Ryan Rondo the second time he faced me?

    A small smirk shows itself as Cyrus's tone becomes more pointed.

    Cyrus Truth: You have made the same mistake he did, Chris. You chose to dwell on the win, whereas I have moved on from the loss. You have remained stagnant...I have continued to press forward. And tonight? What happened to Rondo will happen to you. Because you are no god. You are not untouchable. I've taken your measure at Back In Business, and though I lost I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could push you to the edge. Tonight? I push you OVER that edge. I want my title back. I want to beat you. And there's not a force of nature or gods or devils that's going to stop me from accomplishing both. Tonight, you learn just as Rondo and so many others have learned that I am damn near impossible to beat a second time. You will learn that in the face of that impossibility just how inadequate you are to the task. And I will take back what was taken from me and continue my journey towards true immortality. Not the kind that you boast of...but true, unquestionable immortality that will etch my name in stone for all who follow after to look upon and TREMBLE!

    Understand something, Chris. You chose this match. And I am going to make you regret that decision. Because no matter how hard you want to hit, no matter how low you want to stoop...there's nothing, NOTHING you can do that's going to stop me from beating you to within an inch of your life and taking back what's mine, what's BEEN mine for over two years! I am not leaving that ring until you are beaten or I'm dead, because you're going to have to kill me in order to stop me. And if the last couple of weeks are any indication? You don't have the stones to go that far...and you sure as hell can't kill me with words.

    Cyrus turns back to Katie with that same fierce, focused glare.

    Watch, Katie. Watch as yet another 'god' crashes and burns at the feet of an Exile...a man who's nothing special at all.

    Cyrus lets that settle for a minute, just staring at Katie before turning to walk off. Katie looks a bit shaken by the intensity of the Wayward Warrior as we cut back to ringside...


    David Weinstock: Unsettling words from the ever confident challenger, Cyrus Truth. Another God will fall...

    Langdon Trafford: And speaking of Gods that shall fall, that was also the promise made by Tommy Thunder, who aims tonight to expose the man that Thunder says is a false prophet here in the FWA, Aaron Kendrick!

    Piers Gallagher: Kendrick is anything but a false prophet. This man is everything he says he is!

    Langdon Trafford: And what exactly is that, Piers?

    Piers Gallagher:, He is "The Great I AM", Langdon! And that's all that needs to be said!

    “Start Movin” by Lions hits and out comes Tommy Thunder to a negative reception from the fans as he makes his way out and down to the ring. He poses along the way, and trash talks some fans in the process.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring from Colorado Springs, CO, and weighing in at two-hundred & twenty-seven pounds, he is “The Division 1 Superstar” Tommy Thunder!

    “Scorched Ops” now fills the arena and Aaron Kendrick comes out while the fans still jeer, but some in support of the man as he makes his way to the ring not paying any mind to the fans or their reaction.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent from Star City, AR, and weighing in at two-hundred & forty pounds, he is “The Great I Am” Aaron Kendrick!

    Langdon Trafford: This is going to be a showcase for both competitors here tonight as they look to work their way back up the rankings

    David Weinstock: Both of them will be looking for that much needed win tonight. I have no doubt that this will be highly competitive

    Singles Match
    "The Great I Am" Aaron Kendrick vs "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder


    The bell sounds and both men circle around each other briefly before locking up, and Thunder manages to trap Kendrick in a side headlock looking to take him down but Kendrick has an answer for that and shoves Thunder off of him towards the ropes yet Thunder clings on to the rope just as Kendrick was about to strike with a dropkick. Both of them stare each other down before going in for another collar and elbow tie up, and this time it’s Kendrick with the advantage as he applies a side headlock and attempts to take down Thunder yet Thunder is quicker on the exchange and blocks the attempt and drills Kendrick in the back of the head with a forearm before taking him down with a hip toss!

    Thunder keeps himself in control with a sleeper hold applied now while Kendrick struggles to break free, and he somehow manages to do so as he brings himself back to his feet while Thunder tries to keep the sleeper hold applied but to no avail as Kendrick fights back with several back elbows that force Thunder to relinquish the hold. It’s now Kendrick’s opportunity to strike and he does so with a pele kick that has Thunder stunned on his feet, and Kendrick is sure to follow up with a spinning wheel kick and then a whip of Thunder to the ropes and off the rebound he’s driven to the mat by Kendrick with a bone rattling spinebuster!

    David Weinstock: Kendrick is doing his best hear to quicken the pace and turn the tide in his favor while Thunder wanted to slow it down and keep it methodical

    A pin attempt is made by Kendrick now…

    One...TW-NO! Thunder with a shoulder up!

    Now Kendrick keeps it mat based momentarily with a headlock before transitioning himself onto Thunder with grapevine of his legs and applies a sleeper hold of his own. The referee is asking Thunder if he wants to give up but Thunder refuses and struggles to break out, and just manages to snag the bottom rope to break it up.

    David Weinstock: Great ring awareness by Thunder just barely grabbing hold of that bottom rope in order to keep himself alive in this match

    Piers Gallagher: Not so great ring awareness by Kendrick keeping him too close to the ropes!

    Thunder uses the ropes as leverage to bring himself back up, but from behind he’s clubbed by Kendrick with a forearm until Kendrick has him in the corner where he wants him. From there Kendrick fires off more forearm shots that rock Thunder with each shot until the referee breaks it up, giving Thunder a moment of reprieve. Kendrick doesn’t want to waste another second though and charges in at Thunder, but Thunder moves out of the way in time causing Kendrick to crash into the corner chest first! Thunder has Kendrick in his sights now and collides with him with a corner clothesline followed by a bulldog out of the corner and into a pin…

    One...TW-NO! Kendrick with a shoulder up!

    Kendrick sits up prone, holding his head and chest after rocking himself in the corner but not for long as Thunder strikes with several shoot kicks to the lower back! Kendrick cringes in agony as each kick connects with his body and he tries to bring himself up but Thunder has bigger ideas and sets him up in position...EYE OF THE STORM! THIS COULD BE ALL SHE WROTE!

    ONE...TWO...THR-NO! Kendrick kicks out just in time!

    THunder rolls to the outside as Kendrick lays motionless in the ring! Thunder looks under the apron for a steel chair and finally finds one. Thunder goes to slide the chair into the ring but Kendrick is no longer in the ring! Thunder turns around to see Kendrick running towrads him and spears him into the barricade! The two men almost disappear into the wreckage at ringside as the crowd chants "Ho-ly Shit! Ho-ly SHIT!" The referee has no choice but to count! The referee reaches 8 as Aa ron Kendrick begins to emerge from the wreckage! Kendrick stumbles towards the ring as the referee yells out Nine! Kendrick takes one final leap...but a masked individual jumps the barricade and attacks Kendrick as the referee counts out "10!"

    Match ends in a Double Countout!
    Langdon Trafford: What the? Who the? What is going on here?

    The masked person rips up the mat on the outside of the ring and DDTs Kendrick onto the concrete! Tommy Thunder gets up from the wreckage in the barricade and locks eyes with the masked man. The man dares Thunder to make a move and Thunder does contemplate it but slowly backs away and leaves through the crowd. The masked person turns their attention back to Kendrick, dropping to their knees and just relentlessly wailing on Kendrick with hard rights and lefts! Suddenly, a crew of officials comes running down the ramp, and the masked intruder takes off through the crowd!

    Langdon Trafford: Who the hell was that? And why attack Aaron Kendrick? Did Tommy Thunder have anything to do with this? What is going on here? Another mystery attack?


    Now Todd Salum is standing by with Chris Kennedy and Bell at his side.

    Todd Salum: Earlier tonight I spoke with your challenger, Cyrus…

    Chris holds his hand up.

    Chris Kennedy: I’m going to stop you right there Todd. I heard what that chump had to say and his empty threats mean nothing to me. He can tell himself whatever he wants to believe if it’ll make him feel better but let me tell you the TRUTH, Cyrus…

    Chris smirks at that and Bell giggles.

    Chris Kennedy: The truth is that you can’t beat me, Cyrus. You see this championship right here, I beat you for this back at BIB XIII, and I know it’s been eating away at you ever since. That’s why you jumped at the first opportunity to throw a wrench in my celebration but I’ve got news for you pal, if you actually think that you’re going to beat me tonight and reclaim this championship, well then you’re dumber than you look…

    He adjusts the title on his shoulder.

    Chris Kennedy: Better men than you have tried to beat me and they all failed. They all thought that they could beat me but it just wasn’t meant to be. You know why Cyrus? Because I’m Chris Fucking Kennedy. I’m the best in the fucking world and holding this belt further cements that. I am better than any one of those losers you had to face back in CWA, and I am certainly better than you and tonight I prove that when I beat you.

    He looks at the title and then at Bell before turning back to the camera.

    Chris Kennedy: When it’s all said and done, when you’re lying on the canvas in the center of the ring as I stand over you triumphant in my victory, I want you to take solace in the fact that you were beaten by the best and there’s nothing that you can do about it except deal with it…

    He laughs and walks off with Bell as we go back to ringside.


    DON'T MISS THE AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOW HOSTED BY Lucy Pinder, Dan Ward, Michael Garcia, and Sam McDonald!


    “Sick” by Adelita’s Way blared over the arena speakers as the crowd began to unleash a deafening amount of boos towards The New Blood, who walked out onto the stage with a cool and confident swagger. “The Prodigy” Mike Parr led the trio down the ramp, trying to psych up his protégé and Prototype. The Protégé seemed to be full of energy, as the Prototype seemed far more focused on the task at hand. Parr whispered something in the Prototype’s ear before the two entered the ring, with Parr hanging around at ringside. Prototype spoke a bit of strategy with the Protégé before they were interrupted by…

    Langdon Trafford: The New Breed have entered the FWA with one goal, one purpose in mind, to dominate the FWA Tag Team division and ever since their arrival, they’ve done just that!

    David Weinstock: They’ve annihilated Risky Jack and so far, they’ve been one step ahead of the current Tag Team Champions at every single turn!

    Langdon Trafford: Under the tutelage of “The Prodigy”, these two men…”The Protégé” Sean Hughes, at 20 years of age, a quick striker and high flier…and his partner, the menacing powerhouse known only as “The Prototype”, they’ve been as dominant a new arrival as I can remember here in the FWA! Mike Parr certainly has an eye for talent, eh?

    Piers Gallagher: What can’t Mike Parr do? Longest reigning North American Champion, talent scout and mentor of the future FWA Tag Team Champions…. but he's going against my best friend... and that means he won't win!

    “Vacuity” by Gojira, which brought a pop to the crowd! The FWA Tag Team Champions Phillip A. Jackson and “The Destruction” Viktor Maximus wasted no time in setting foot onto the stage with Phillip running out in front of him, trying to calm the big man down. Maximus makes a bee line down the ramp, looking to lay a beating on the New Breed. PAJ manages to talk his partner down, knowing that Maximus’ temper couldlead to mistakes, and the two make their way into the ring. Maximus paces back and forth as PAJ wants to start the match!

    David Weinstock: Look at the fire in the big man! Viktor Maximus is FURIOUS after the savage attacks by The New Breed in recent weeks!

    Langdon Trafford: Indeed, he is and who can blame him? Phillip A. Jackson though knows that Maximus’ anger could be their downfall! The Destruction needs to harness that anger and be careful not to be overly aggressive and create opportunities for The New Breed to take advantage!

    FWA Tag Team Championship
    The PAJ Project © (Phillip A. Jackson and “The Destruction” Viktor Maximus) vs The New Breed (“The Protégé” Sean Hughes and The Prototype) w/”The Prodigy” Mike Parr

    Just as Maximus ducks underneath the ropes, The New Breed blindside the Project and begin clubbing the two men repeatedly until Viktor falls out of the ring. Prototype grabs PAJ and tosses him out of the ring on the opposite side. Prototype hits a running big boot on Viktor as The Protégé holds his legs out side of the ring. Prototype picks up The Destruction and sends him into the ring with Hughes following him in. PAJ reemerges and begins attacking with knife edge chops to Protottype on the outside! Back inside the ring, Viktor has regained control and tosses Hughes to the outside like a rag doll! The fight between the four continues all around ringside, with it just being a massive brawl. Maximus picks up Hughes and sends him crashing into the barricade before stomping away at him! Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the ring, Prototype grabs PAJ and sends him crashing him into the steel steps! The Prototype wastes little time in going to his partner’s aid and attacks Maximus from behind! The New Breed take control by double stomping Viktor on the floor, before Prototype grabs his feet, holding him in place, as Hughes executed a double food stomp right into the ribs of the Tag Team Champion! Hughes walks over to the “Immortal” one and delivers a hard kick to the ribs, knocking him back down to the floor. The referee begs for the four men to get into the ring, but since there were no legal men established, technically the match never started.

    Langdon Trafford: Somebody needs to get control of this! These men are fighting all over the arena!

    Piers Gallagher: Shut up, Langdon! The match hasn’t started yet, there is nothing the referee can do!

    Parr applauds the handiwork of his recruits, as they take a moment to survey their damage. Maximus tries to get to his feet, but eats a soccer style kick to the dome. Prototype grabs PAJ by the arm and tries to whip him into the barricade again, but PAJ reverses and sends the Prototype into the barricade! Back on the other side of the ring, Hughes is keeping Maximus off his feet by continuing to attack the ribs with his kicks. Hughes, however, goes to the well once too often, catches The Protégé’s foot and flips him backwards! Macximus with a hard knife edge chop to Hughes and then a series of forearms to the back! Maximus sends Hughes into the steel guardrail but then eats another hard running boot from The Prototype! The Prototype sends Viktor over the rail and into the crowd, before climbing over himself and kicking him in the skull again! Prototype posed in the crowd but not before PAJ launched himself from the announce table over the barricade, onto Prototype, wiping him and the referee out! Both men get to their feet and the two of them begin brawling into the crowd! Elsewhere at ringside, the brawl has resumed between Hughes and Maximus, with Maximus in control. Maximus literally picked Hughes up in position for a Scoop Slam, instead he tossed him spine first into the steel ring post! Maximus began clearing off the announce table as the crowd popped for the potential table spot! Prototype comes back over the barricade and tries to blindside Maximus, but Viktor catches him and slides him into the ring! Viktor joins him in the ring and delivers a knife edge chop, but the Prototype responds with one of his own. Another knife edge chop from Maximus, gets another response from Prototype. A final knife edge chop from Viktor, but this time Prototype responds with a Pump Kick to the skull that staggers Viktor but the Russian responds with a headbutt that sends Prototype into the ropes! The Destruction clubs down on the back of the Prototype as Hughes and PAJ continue to fight on the outside. Prototype shoves Maximus back and follows up with another Pump Kick to the face that causes Viktor to fall into the ropes!

    Meanwhile, on the outside, Hughes has sent Phillip into a row of folding chairs! Back inside the ring, Maximus blocks a right hand from Prototype and delivers a neckbreaker to The New Breed member. Prototype’s body spikes off the mat before he rolls out of the ring. Maximus looks to the outside before turning around and getting hit by a running front dropkick and then a double stomp to the ribs! PAJ enters the ring, and Hughes tries to catch him with a Superkick, but PAJ evades, then a leg sweep, then a Roundhouse kick but PAJ evades them all and manages to catch him in a Crossface! Hughes is in trouble but not for long as Prototype comes back and breaks the submission hold. Maximus gets back in and gets right in Prototype’s face! Hughes gets into the face of PAJ! The referee gets in between to start the match and the four men begin to brawl, but in the midst of it all, the referee actually eats a superkick from one of the competitors! The referee is out! Maximus throws a few punches, backing Prototype to the corner before kicking away at the gut of The New Breed Member. The crowd counts along as Maximus starts to stomp a mudhole in his opponent. Maximus picks Prototype up by his hair and whips him into the ropes, before drilling him with a hard Spinebuster on the rebound! PAJ tags into the match and picks The Prototype up, but Prototype explodes up with an uppercut! PAJ falls to one knee as Prototype backs up and tags in Hughes. Sean enters the ring and goes right to PAJ, but gets kicked in the gut and then eats an enziguiri! PAJ tags Viktor back into the match and the two whip Hughes into the ropes and then hit stereo running high knees to The Protégé. Maximus covers Hughes but only gets a short two count. Maximus once again tags in Phillip, who pulls him up to his feet, drags him to his corner, and gives a few knife edge chops before whipping him into the opposite corner and following in with a charge! But Hughes gets his foot up and knocks PAJ away! Hughes goes in for a clothesline but PAJ ducks and looks for a PAJle kick, only for Hughes to evade! PAJ gets back to his feet and eats a Crescent Kick from Hughes! Maximus comes in and clubs Hughes in the back, which draws Prototype back in the ring, hitting a huge uppercut on Maximus!

    The two teams just randomly exchange strikes on each other as the referee tries to regain order yet again. Eventually, The New Breed members manage to hit a Running Boot/Superkick combination on Maximus, leaving PAJ to face the two alone! PAJ puts up a fight, but eventually eats a kick to the face from Hughes and then a sitout powerbomb from Prototype! Prototype pushes PAJ away and then Hughes delivers a soccer style kick to the dome! The New Breed looks proud of their actions, that is until they turn around and eat a double clothesline from the Destruction! Maximus grabs Prototype and begins chopping away! Hughes back to his feet, so Viktor grabs him and holds him in a Fireman’s Carry position…but Prototype connects with a boot to the face that staggers Maximus! Hughes slips free and the New Breed hit a Total Elimination on Maximus! The duo keep working on Viktor with strikes and kicks and chops, refusing to let the big man get any momentum going. the camera shows the referee finally coming to and sliding into the ring as Hughes rolls back out to the apron to his tag post. PAJ finally pulls himself up to his post as well, but only for a moment before Prototype turns and knocks him off the apron with a back elbow. Maximus tries to use the ropes to pull himself up, but Prototype blasts him with a hard right hand that sends him over the top, to the apron. The big man tries to go over to Maximus, but the referee warns him to back off as Maximus is under the ropes, but the distraction allows Hughes to Double Stomp him on the apron and then kick him back into the ring! Prototype covers but only gets 2! Prototype takes a few steps back before running forward and hitting a body splash on Viktor but again, only gets 2! Prototype does it again, for another 2 count! Prototype tags in Hughes!

    Hughes stays on the offensive with his vast array of kicks to the grounded monster before hitting a lightning fast running knee to the side of the behemoth’s head! Another cover, another two count for the New Breed! Stomp to the back of Maximus before applying a rear chin lock, trying to keep Viktor off his feet. Hughes manages to pull back to the ground and gets his legs wrapped around the torso of the Russian as the referee begins to check Maximus! After a few agonizing moments, Maximus is able to roll and push his way to the ropes. Maximus desperately tries to hurriedly crawl to PAJ but Hughes cuts him off by knocking Phillip off the apron and then delivering a sliding dropkick to the face of the monster! Both men to their feet, but Maximus basically spears Hughes into the New Breed’s corner..but that allows Prototype to tag back in! Prototype grabs the Russian and holds him in a Full Nelson, as the Protégé superkicks him! Prototype covers and gets a 2 count! Stomp by Prototype as the crowd begins to clap along for the tag to PAJ! Prototype positions himself between the two but Viktor awakens and starts to hit some chops to the sternum! Prototype fires back with a Pump Kick which staggers Viktor, who yells out “Come on! Do it again!” so Prototype obliges and then tries for a Hangman’s neckbreaker but Viktor counters into a backslide attempt! The two struggle to gain the advantage in the backslide and eventually Prototype pulls Maximus over his back but Viktor flips over….AND LANDS ON HIS FEET! Prototype moves forward but eats a back elbow and Viktor gets the tag to PHILLIP!

    David Weinstock: Look at the agility of Viktor Maximus! That’s something we would see from PAJ!

    Prototype runs forward with a Running Boot but Phillip ducks and hits a running dropkick to Hughes on the apron! A series of left hands to Prototype, who shoves Phillip away into the corner! Prototype charges into the corner, but Phillip springs up into a sunset flip into a kick to the head! Prototype rolls to the far corner but this time, Phillip charges forward for a corner splash, but Prototype sends him over the top rope! Phillip lands on the apron and then springboards off with a Springboard Inverted DDT! Prototype rolls to the apron, where he gets up, so Phillip joins him out there and superkicks him! Hughes charges towards Phillip, but PAJ pulls down the top rope, causing The Protégé to fall to the outside! Hughes gets to his feet but is immediately picked up and powerslammed down on the floor by Maximus! Running knee strike by Prototype to the Maximus! PAJ with a running senton to Prototype! The crowd is HOT for Phillip, who begins to feed off their energy! PAJ picks up The Prototype and rolls him into the ring! PAJ gets on the apron and looks to springboard but Prototype cuts him off! the Prototype hooks PAJ up and DRILLS him down with a Brainbuster! Both men are down! The Protégé tries to get back into the ring, but Maximus grabs his foot, only to get kicked off by Hughes. The Protégé tries to help his partner but Maximus enters the ring as well! Both big men hit stereo chops on their smaller opponents, before staring each other down. Again with the chops and another stare. This time, they each hit boots to the face of their opponents! They each grab their opponents and set them up for powerbombs, but both men flip out of it and land on their feet, immediately turning around to strike each other and then find themselves back in their original spot of getting powerbombed by their bigger opponents! Prototype, however, is the legal man and tries to cover Phillip but Maximus breaks it up! The referee orders Maximus to the outside as Prototype tags in the Protégé. The New Breed set up PAJ for the Doomsday Device! Hughes dives off the top but PAJ ducks down and rolls though on the Prototype! Hughes runs forward and attempts a Superkick, but PAJ ducks down and Hughes connects with The Prototype! Phillip with a Heel Kick to The Protégé and then follows it up with the Amazing Splash!

    Here is your winner @ 19:35 and still the FWA Tag Team Champions – The PAJ Project!
    PAJ is in the ring celebrating but not for long as Parr enters the ring and jumps him from behind before hitting him with Rolling Cutter! Prototype knocks Maximus to the outside momentarily while Protege jumps the referee and now Prototype helps Protege in attacking the referee, stomping and kicking away at him! Meanwhile, Parr is barking orders and he has his team hold down PAJ and Parr hits him with X Marks the Spot! Just then Maximus is coming to and re-enters the ring as Prototype and Protege take the belts and scurry off with Parr in tow. Maximus checks on PAJ and scowls at The New Breed and Parr as they make their way up the ramp.

    Piers Gallagher: This should be a great night for Phillip! Instead, Parr's a jackass! He's a thief! He's just lost a match and stolen the titles!




    Cut to backstage… Where we see Starr taking up the full frame of the camera. He exhales deeply. We see two heeled feet walk into the shot. Rotating 180 degrees, we Starr in another one of his odd yoga/meditation poses.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Uhh… Starr?

    The camera pulls back revealing Katie Lynn Goldsmith. Starr flips over and hops to his feet. He adjusts his gold and royal blue wrapping. He smiles brightly as he looks at Goldsmith.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Now, Starr… up next... you have an opportunity at the North American Championship, but in your way is Bell Connelly and the current champion, WOLF. How do you feel?

    Starr: How do I feel? How do I feel, Katie? I feel… amazing. From Day 1, I’ve been on my mission to make my name synonymous with some of the best wrestling today. Mile High, I came into that Massacre and proved that the kid could hang. Against Cyrus Truth, I proved that the kid could hang. Against Chris Kennedy, I proved that the kid could hang. And tonight, at Aftershock, I prove that the kid can not only hang, but I can be the best in this company. Let me ask you a question, Katie… Do I look like I’m scared?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: No you look the opposite actually!

    Starr: Exactly. I thrive off that feeling of competition. That competition is what fuels me. I gave it to Truth, I gave it to Kennedy, I’ve given it to WOLF and Bell. So tonight, I’m not scared. Because come hell or high water, I’m walking out with the North American Championship on my shoulder… And that is enlightening…

    Starr puts his hands together and bows towards Katie who doesn’t know how exactly to respond to such a gesture. Starr exits to the right. Cut to ringside.

    “I Ain’t Weak” by Imagination Upgraded blared over the speakers of the arena, signaling the arrival of “The Queen of Boop Style” Bell Connelly. Bell usually comes down to the ring wearing one of her many colorful outfits but this time, this time, being in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania..she donned the Black and Gold. Bell flaunted her Steelers jersey, which wuld usually draw a positive reaction from the fans but this time, it drew a harsh reaction. Probably because she was wearing a Le’Veon Bell jersey. Bell slid into the ring and did her signature pose with the camera catching a good shot of the Bell jersey with Bell’s pose . Bell feigned innocence and ignorance in not knowing why she was met with such a heated reaction before she was cut off by..

    Langdon Trafford: A former FWA World Champion, FWA Women’s Champion….Bell Connelly wants to add the FWA North American Championship to her impressive resume her in the FWA.

    David Weinstock: But several obstacles stand in “The Glittered One’s” way tonight. A man she’s had several encounters with lately, “The Interstellar Shaman” Starr, and the embattled, grizzled Beast of War, Wolf.

    Langdon Trafford: And believe me, this is every bit as much about proving her superiority over Starr as it is about gaining that FWA North American Championship to that young lady. Bell Connelly is annoyed that Starr believes he’s even “capable” of beating Bell.

    Piers Gallagher:As she should be, Langdon! This is the First Lady of the FWA! She’s the Queen to Chris Kennedy’s King! It’s an insult to Bell Connelly to even THINK Bell and Starr are on the same level!

    “Guru” begins to play over the speakers next as smoke rises from the entrance way as Starr's theme marks his appearance soon. Fans begin clapping and cheering. Starr emerges from the smoke his hands pressed together and bows to the audience. He walks in time to the music down the aisle and into the ringside area. He approaches the stairs, he jumps up to the top rope and gestures out to the crowd "✌". He jumps down and goes to the opposite corner and taunts towards the people. He removes his flower crown and smiles at his Bell.

    David Weinstock: And to “Interstellar Shaman”, this match is about proving that he’s going to take advantage of every opportunity given to him! On could argue that Starr took a giant step forward, even if it was in defeat, when he faced Chris Kennedy last week and took the FWA World Champion to the absolute limit.

    Piers Gallagher: Oh, come on, David! Kennedy clearly wasn’t focused on that match, he was looking at the challenge he has tonight in Cyrus Truth! Starr proved nothing in that match!

    “Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden means the FWA North American Champion is making his way to the ring. “The Beast” Wolf wastes no time in heading down the ramp, in his trademark war attire, as he’s all business for this one!

    FWA North American Championship – No Disqualification Triple Threat Match
    “The Last Legend” Wolf vs “BeautyXBeast” Bell Connelly vs “The Interstellar Shaman” Starr

    The three competitors start off in a Mexican standoff, with each of them cautiously looking for the other to make the first move. Wolf and Starr look across the ring at each other and nod, both turning towards Bell and going at her with a Double Clothesline but Connelly rolled underneath the attempt and popped right up to her feet. Wolf swung again and Bell ducked out of the way and came PERILOUSLY close to getting cracked in the jaw by a spinning wheel kick from Starr! Bell embraced in her inner contortionist to avoid that kick! Connelly dropped out of the ring! Wolf walked over to the the ropes yelled for the “BITCH!” in his words to get her ass back in the ring, but when he did, he got rolled up by Starr! Wolf kicked out at 1! Wolf was irate as he got back to his feet and shoved Starr! Starr stumbled into the ropes and on the rebound, Wolf caught him with his Double A Spinebuster! Wolf immediately bent down, grabbed Starr’s leg and looked to lock in the Wrath of the Beast! As Wolf was bent down, Bell Connelly flew into the ring and leaped OVER Wolf’s body with a Sunset Flip pin! Wolf kicked out but in the process of getting back to his feet, he was met with a HARD kick to the head from Starr! Wolf slowly rolled to the corner as the crowd let out an audible “OOOHHHHH!”! Starr stood over the stunned Wolf, as even Bell Connelly was shocked by the intensity of the kick. Starr took Bell down with a sharp kick to the ribs and then a snapmare, before following it up with a standing moonsault!



    Bell kicked out at 2. Wolf got back to his feet and began throwing right hands at Starr! Starr fought back with a series of right hands of his own as Bell pulled herself up across the ring! The two were trading right hands as Bell tried to take advantage by jumping in but Starr and Wolf both took a moment away from their brawl to deliver a Double Back Elbow and then a Double DDT to Bell! Wolf dropped an elbow into Bell’s heart followed by a leg drop from Starr! Wolf shoved Starr off and tried to cover Bell! The champ scored a short 2 before Starr dove back in and pushed him off. An irate Wolf got back to his feet and just decked Starr with a hard right and whipped him into the far corner! Wolf followed in with a corner splash but Starr ducked down and back body dropped over the ropes, to the floor below! Starr looked down over the ropes before turning around, right into a leaping flying forearm! Wolf tried to get back up on the outside but Bell Connelly delivered a sliding dropkick, wiping him out! Connelly went back to work on Starr, with a stomp to the groin and then a Shining Wizard to the skull. Connelly posed over top of the Shaman, before pointing almost to the beat of a “Let’s Go Starr!” chant! The Glitter Queen picked up Starr and delivered a picture perfect Snap DDT and then she covers Starr for a quick 2 count!

    Bell awaits Starr to get to his feet and when he does, she whips him into the ropes but Starr reverses! Bell avoids the rebound by hanging on to the ropes so Starr charges towards her but she hangs on and pulls down the bottom rope, causing Starr to tumble to the outside, right next to Wolf! Wolf pulls Starr to his feet, looking to do some damage, as Bell runs the ropes looking to fly! Bell with a somersault dive! However, both men backed away in time and Bell lands on her feet! Starr charges at her with a clothesline, but Bell does her matrix evasion and Starr clotheslines Wolf! Starr turns around and eats a Confetti Cannon on the outside! Bell kips up and then raises both hands in the air, before turning his attention to Wolf, stomping away at him. Wolf grabs Bell by the arm and whips her towards the ring apron, but Bell leaps up onto the apron, looking for a springboard but Wolf grabs her leg and pulls her down, sending her head crashing to the side of the ring! Wolf grabs Starr and begins leveling him with rights and lefts up the rampway! Wolf with a knife edge chop and then another hard right hand! Bell tries to follow them but Wolf throws Starr towards Bell…only for Bell to leap over Starr! Wolf tried for a forearm but Bell ducked under! Starr meanwhile, winside the ring, flew to the outside with a suicide dive that wiped out Wolf! Starr celebrated as the crowd went wild!!!!

    That is, until Bell Connelly laid Starr out cold with a Paradise City kick! Once again, Wolf and Starr were down and out with The Queen of Boop Style standing tall!

    David Weinstock: We knew Bell Connelly was athletic but her dodge and weave game is absolutely on point tonight!

    Bell brought Starr into the ring and hooked him up for a swinging neckbreaker! Connelly covered but Starr kicked out after 2. Both competitors to their feet….an irish whip by Bell….reversed by Starr…Bell rebounds off the ropes…Starr connects with a leaping hurricanrana! Bell gets back to her feet and is hit with a Downward Dog! Starr covers but only gets two! Starr picks Bell up and puts her on the top rope, before climbing up top looking for a Superplex! Bell begins to fight out of it, but Starr begins to fight back absolutely leveling her with a series of right hands. bell starts to slither down the opposite side of the turnbuckle, to the ring apron, where she pulls out Starr’s leg, causing him to crash down on the mat! Connelly quickly climbs back up top, before delivering a perfect Bellsault! Bell covers and gets to 2 before Wolf pulls her out of the ring! Wolf stands Bell up against the apron and just delivers a series of brutal knife edge chops before tossing her into the barricade, not once, not twice but three times with the third time being so brutal that it sent her into the crowd! Wolf quickly went back to the ring and climbed up to the top rope, calling for his MoonAssault! Wolf stood up top and taunted the crowd, which gave Starr time to kip up and deliver a leaping kick to Wolf’s right leg, crotching him on the top rope! Starr went outside the ring before climbing up the same turnbuckle, positioning himself correctly and delivering a Sunset Flip Powerbomb to Wolf! Starr crawled over to the corner, pointing to the top rope, but Bell slid back into the ring and covered Wolf!



    Starr broke up the pin with a sliding kick to the skull! Starr kicked The Glitter Princess in the chest and then pulledher up to her feet, picking her up in a Fireman’s Carry for his Lights Out!, but Wolf Rolled him up mid-move!



    Kickout! Bell snuck up behind Wolf and rolled him up!



    Starr broke it up and rolled Bell up!



    Starr kicked out! All three competitors moved to the center of the ring and got in each other’s faces as the frustration began to set in. The three took turns delivering knife edge chops to the other, almost making it a contest to see who could hit the hardest. Bell landed one on Wolf that could be heard across the street, but it only served to anger Wolf who began laying into both Bell and Starr with a series of hard strikes! Wolf grabs Bell and begins striking her relentlessly! Starr grabs Wolf by his left arm, by Wolf just levels him with a right hand that knocks him to the mat before going right back to the strikes on Connelly! Bell’s skin is bright red from the chops and she manages to grab the referee and holds him in front of her, using him as a shield from Wolf! Bell shoves the referee into Wolf but Wolf sidesteps! Bell charges forward for a clothesline, but Wolf ducks under and Bell clotheslines the referee! Starr rolls over to join in the fray, but he and Bell both get MOWED OVER by a charging Wolf with a Double Clothesline! Starr gets back to his feet and charges towards Wolf with a Tilt-A-Whirl move but Wolf transitions it into a Spinning Sidewalk Slam! Samoan Drop to Bell! Wolf goes to the outside and starts searching under the ring…until he finds a…a…Singapore Cane! Wolf rolls back into the ring and begins with a devastating shot to Starr and then one to Bell! The crowd is booing mercilessly as Wolf throws the kendo stick aside and goes back to the outside and coming back in with a Steel Chair! Wolf comes in and just cracks Bell with a chairshot to the skull! Bell falls to the mat as Wolf drops the chair and calls for the Final Howl! But Starr sneaks up from behind Wolf, grabs his hair, and springboards off the ropes, driving Wolf face first into the chair….completing a Springboard Spike DDT on to the chair!

    Starr covers!

    David Weinstock: STARR’S GOT IT! HE’S GOT IT!

    But there’s no referee! Starr holds his head in his hands as he realizes the referee is still outside, out cold. Starr slaps Wolf lightly, checking for a reaction as EMTs rush the ring bringing a stretcher down with them and into the ring. The officials slowly stabilized Wolf,taking extreme caution. After a few minutes of pause in the action, the EMTs get Wolf out of the ring and begin carting him up the ramp! Starr holds his hands on his hips, with a clear show of concern on his face as he gazed at what was going on! But Bell Connelly was focused on the match as she slipped into the ring and rolled up Starr! 1…2… Both competitors up! Bell looking for a clothesline but she ate a Roundhouse kick from Starr! The Shaman covered! 1…2… Kickout by Bell! Bell retreated to the corner, as the camera cut backstage to the EMTs wheeling Wolf down a hallway. Back to the ring, Bell ran to the center of the ring, where she got caught with a flapjack that Starr transitioned into a single leg Boston Crab after impact! The cameras cut back to the backstage area where Wolf was being loaded up into an ambulance. Back in the ring, Bell had gotten to the bottom rope. Camera cuts back to Wolf as the EMTs began to go back to work. Back to the ring, Bell has just completed her Rainbow Road to Starr and then follows up with a Footloose! Bell celebrates in the ring as the crowd boos heavily at the Goddess of Glitter. Bell pulls Starr towards the corner, calling for her Tinkerbell’s Requiem but Starr rolls out of the way! Bell crashes to the mat, but somehow gets back to her feet and runs right into an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex from Starr! Bell rolls to the outside and Starr follows her out with a Suicide Dive! Starr rolls Bell back into the ring and picks her up for a Light’s Out, but Bell slides down and rolls him up while holding on to the middle rope!



    Starr kicked out!

    Belll began to scream out in massive frustration! She ran towards Starr with a basement dropkick and then started laying into him with a series of forearms to the skull before slamming his skull off the mat! She took a step back and called for the SuperSweet Symphony! Starr staggered and stumbled, but managed to duck under the attempt! Bell turned around and Starr caught her with a Superkick of his own! Bell didn’t fall as she fell backwards into the ropes, which pushed her back to the center of the ring, where Starr hit her with a Springboard Stunner! Starr covered!



    BELLE KICKED OUT! Both Bell and Starr got up to their feet with Starr looking for another Superkick! Bell ducked and when Starr turned around, she nailed him with a SuperSweet Chin Symphony!




    David Weinstock: Wolf’s BACK! What the hell is it gonna take to put this man down?

    Langdon Trafford: He was on a stretcher headed to the hospital! I don’t believe this!

    Wolf sent Bell crashing into the steel steps and then went back into the ring looking to finish it! Wolf stalked Starr, waiting for him to get up and then ran forward for his spear! However, Starr dodged it and Wolf speared Bell, who had just entered the ring! Wolf was stunned but not upset as he slowly backed up...

    but backed right into a Free Your Mind from Starr! Starr covered Wolf!




    Here is your winner and NEW FWA North American Champion - "The InterStellar Shaman" Starr
    David Weinstock: Starr's done it! Starr's done it! The highflier from Cleveland, Ohio has defeated Wolf for a second time and this time, he gained the FWA North American Championship! What a night for this young man!

    Piers Gallagher: He attacked an injured man from behind! Are you really celebrating that?

    David Weinstock: Wolf was a competitor in this match,who chose on his own to get back into the war! Nothing cheap about it! Starr won this one fair and square!

    Piers Gallagher: If Starr were half the champion you claim he's gonna be, he would've never won that way!

    David Weinstock: Legally? Cleanly? You're a moron, Piers. You sit here and hang off the nuts of Chris Kennedy, every time he hits someone with a pair of brass knuckles but this...this is where you draw the line?

    Piers Gallagher: Don't even mention Starr in the same breath as Chris Kennedy....

    Langdon Trafford: I'll do it....Starr and Chris Kennedy have something in common...both have now held the FWA North American Championship!

    Starr celebrates in the crowd with his new championship and members of the FWA universe hoisting him in the air and beginning to bodysurf him through the crowd! Starr's music is almost completely drown out from the buzz from Starr's win. The crowd sets him down near a walkway where Starr gets back to the ramp. Tears can be seen in the eyes of the new champion as he looks out to the crow and holds his belt in the air with pride. Wolf gets back to his feet and is absolutely irate as he bends over the top rope, screaming obscenities at Starr. The shaman remains unfazed as he backs up the ramp and through the curtain and just as he does...

    BELL CONNELLY HITS WOLF WITH A GLITTERBOMB! Wolf hits the mat with a thud as Bell looks absolutely enraged. Bell begins pulling at her hair as she paces around the ring before dropping to her knees and viciously slams Wolf's head off the canvas!


    Bell immediately got up and began pacing again as a majority of the crowd popped for this vicious side of the Queen of Boop Style. She paused, looking out at the stage and seeing a graphic of the North American Championship on the titantron, which caused her to go into a rage again! Grabbing two handfuls of her hair in sheer disbelief, she pulls him up halfway and hits him with a series of Daniel Bryan style kicks. The crowd boos her. She exits the ring and grabs the ring bell. Places under the side of his head and curb stops him, his head making a big DING on the bell. She pulls him outside the ring and hits him with a second glitter bomb and then just stomps away at him until EMTs run down! Security follows down behind and pulls Bell away from the injured Wolf as she is kicking and screaming, trying to get away to do even more damage!


    Langdon Trafford: This girl needs help! Surely there will be consequences for this!

    Before any more commentary is heard, the screen cuts to a promo.



    *Season 4 of Total Henhouse*
    * Pimp my Trailer with Duke Drazin*
    * Fake News with Yodakkey West Virginia*
    * Life on the Street starring Ryan Rondo*
    * FWA 24/7 (features on Cyrus Truth, Starr, Phillip A. Jackson, XYZ)*
    * FWA Pop! with Lord Dog


    Langdon Trafford: The time has come fans, the wait is over. It’s about to be sixty minutes of what I expect to be an absolute war between challenger and former champion Cyrus Truth, and the man that dethroned him to become your World Champion, Chris Kennedy

    Piers Gallagher: I could not have said it any better myself, oh wait I could have! Chris Kennedy is OUR World Champion, get it right Langdon! He defeated Cyrus Truth to remain undefeated at Back in Business and now he will defeat Cyrus Truth once again and reign supreme as OUR champion!

    David Weinstock: Piers obvious bias aside, we shouldn’t take anything away from Cyrus Truth. It was a minor slip up for him at Back in Business and now he looks to right that wrong by defeating Chris Kennedy, and regaining the FWA World Heavyweight Championship here tonight in Pittsburgh

    Piers Gallagher: This city should be used to champions, but not ones that are the caliber of talent that Chris Kennedy is!

    Langdon Trafford: Well that’s enough out of us for now, let’s get to this match!

    The familiar sound of the beginning of “Subconscious” plays sending the fans into a frenzy of cheers, and once the song kicks into high gear “The Exile” himself, Cyrus Truth steps out.
    He walks down to the ring with a strong look of focus and determination set in his eyes. Once he reaches the ring he enters through the ropes and goes to his corner, and while standing there he looks out at all the fans that are cheering and chanting his name as his music fades out…

    Langdon Trafford: The fans clearly in support of the challenger tonight

    Piers Gallagher: These Pittsburgh idiots have no taste!

    After a few moments the opening of “Bittersweet Symphony” plays and the fans erupt into boos, and once the song kicks in “The Astonishing” Chris Kennedy walks out with his prized possession, the FWA World Heavyweight Championship wrapped around his waist. He holds out his arms to allow the fans to bask in his glory while the championship glistens in the lights, he takes it all in. Then he finally walks down to the ring, not paying any mind to the hate being thrown his way. He reaches the ring and slowly enters through the ropes, and once again poses for the fans that respond with more vitriol towards him.

    Piers Gallagher: There’s a champion to be proud of right there! Look at him! He was born for this! He was made for this! He’s a man that was built to carry this company, HELL he has carried this company on his back for several years and look at how the fans repay him! It’s disgusting, they’d rather cheer on and support someone like Cyrus Truth!

    David Weinstock: Is Chris Kennedy one hundred percent focused or is Cyrus Truth in his head?

    Piers Gallagher: Don’t you dare doubt this man Davey! Everyone doubted him at Back in Business and he proved every single one of those doubters and naysayers WRONG! He will do the same tonight and walk out STILL as OUR World Heavyweight Champion, mark my words!

    Langdon Trafford: If you can pipe down for a moment, I know it’ll be difficult, but Kurt Harrington needs to make the announcements!

    Kurt Harrington approaches the center of the ring, standing between both competitors. Cyrus staring across at Kennedy stoically, his gaze never leaving the champion with no sign of fear in his eyes while Kennedy returns the gaze along with his signature smirk.

    Kurt Harrington:Ladies and gentlemen, this is your main event of the evening! A 60 minute Iron Man match for the FWA World Heavyweight Championship!

    Huge pop from the fans.

    Kurt Harrington: Introducing first to my right, he is the challenger and tonight he weighs in at two-hundred & thirty-two pounds, he hails from The Long and Winding Road. He is “The Exile”, “The Wayward Warrior”, and “The Vagabond King”!

    The fans rabidly cheer for the challenger.

    Kurt Harrington: And to my left is his opponent, he weighs in tonight at two-hundred & thirty-eight pounds, he hails from Tampa, FL. He is “The Astonishing”, “The Shark from Jaws”, “La Muerta Blanca”, “The Son of No One”, and most importantly he is your current FWA World Heavyweight!

    Booing rains down on the champ, but some fans can actually be heard cheering for the champ but they are drowned out by the hate

    Langdon Trafford: The time for talk is over, this is it fans

    The referee takes the championship away from Kennedy and holds it up high, and then he signals for the bell.

    FWA World Heavyweight Championship
    Ironman Match
    "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy (c) vs "The Exile" Cyrus Truth



    The timer begins and the two competitors stands toe to toe, Kennedy with the height advantage but not by much, and not much of a weight difference either. These two are as evenly matched as you can get. The fans roaring and buzzing in excitement, waiting for something to happen. Kennedy holds out his hand with a sly smirk, waiting for Cyrus to accept his gesture, but the challenger can see right through Kennedy and as he grabs his hand he violently pulls him in and looks for a clothesline, but Kennedy manages to duck out of the way in time and spins around and attempts a Bittersweet Chin Symphony on Truth, yet Cyrus sensed it coming and caught him by the boot leaving Chris hobbling on one leg. Kennedy pleading as Truth holds on with a hint of an evil grin, and releases Kennedy. Chris thanks him but then goes for a clothesline, yet Truth ducks it once more and behind Kennedy he stomps the back of his knee and then follows up with a running big boot finalizing the BROKEN PATH! Kennedy doesn’t go down though so Cyrus follows up with a dragon suplex that takes Kennedy down!


    Five minutes have already passed and Cyrus is in control after taking down Chris with an impressive dragon suplex. However, Kennedy has taken it upon himself to roll to the outside to gather his bearings while ignoring the referee’s count. He shouts some obscenities at some fans in the front row that had the audacity to boo him before attempting to re-enter the ring, but scolds the referee and tells him to make Cyrus back off.

    David Weinstock: Kennedy just wasting time here, not wanting any part of Cyrus Truth

    Piers Gallagher: It’s a sound strategy, why should he get in there?

    Langdon Trafford: Well for one, if he’s not careful he could get counted out and Cyrus will have the lead on him early on and I don’t think Kennedy can afford that

    Piers Gallagher: Did I ever tell you that Chris Kennedy is generous man? He’s giving this first notch to Truth as a token of his generosity!

    David Weinstock: I seriously doubt that

    Kennedy eventually gets back in the ring and Cyrus bum rushes him, and begins stomping and kicking away at him while Kennedy tries to squirm and crawl away but Truth grabs him by the hair and yanks him up while Kennedy howls in pain from the hair pulling. Truth delivers a flurry forearm strikes while holding on to Kennedy’s golden locks, rocking his head back with each strike. Kennedy stands there, stunned with a near glazed over look in his eyes and Truth delivers a bridging fisherman suplex!


    Kennedy rolls over on his stomach as he lay on the mat, trying to recover, when Cyrus grabs him again by the hair and brings him up but somehow Kennedy manages to strike back with shots to the midsection that force Truth to relinquish his hold on Kennedy’s hair. Chris takes this brief moment to swipe his hair back before raking the eyes of Truth, temporarily blinding his challenger allowing him to drill Cyrus with a strong european uppercut that rocks Truth, and Kennedy with another on that has Truth reeling now and he falls against the ropes and off the rebound Kennedy catches him with a snap scoop powerslam! The cover is made by Kennedy…



    Kennedy keeps Truth grounded and slows the pace with a chinlock applied on his challenger. He wrenches it in and applies more pressure but Truth shows no signs of giving up. He waves off the referee while trying to fight his way free, and just when it seems like he’s about free himself, Kennedy drives an elbow straight to his chest to break his own hold. Cyrus is down on the mat and Kennedy stomps away at him viciously. He brings Cyrus up and the two are face to face, he begins mocking Truth and slaps him to the dismay of the fans, and then releases Truth. He taunts the fans that boo him, but all this does is allow Cyrus to recover and as Kennedy goes back to him he’s caught by Cyrus with an inside cradle!


    Kurt Harrington: The first fall of the match goes to Cyrus Truth!

    Piers Gallagher: WHAT?!

    Langdon Trafford: Kennedy was too busy showboating and jaw-jacking with the crowd!

    Kennedy himself is in complete shock and is furious, he berates the referee for a fast count while Truth lies in wait behind him and as Chris turns around he’s nailed with a roundhouse kick to the dome! He’s stunned now allowing Cyrus to get him in position...MEMENTO MORI! CAN CYRUS MAKE IT 2-0?!


    Kennedy stays alive! He doesn’t allow it Cyrus to make it 2-0 in his favor! Cyrus lays on the mat before rising to his feet and brings Kennedy up, but Chris shoves Cyrus away into the referee, knocking him down temporarily. Cyrus briefly checks on the referee, but as he turns around he’s kicked right between the legs by Kennedy and Kennedy follows up with a Bittersweet Chin Symphony! Cyrus falls flat on the mat and Kennedy drops on top of him, hooking the leg while the referee slowly makes the count having seen none of what happened just moments before…


    Kurt Harrington: Your winner of the second fall, Chris Kennedy!

    Langdon Trafford: Chris Kennedy resorting to cheap, underhanded tactics to secure a pinfall and just tied this up!

    Piers Gallagher: The referee never saw it Langdon!

    David Weinstock: That’s because Kennedy blatantly shoved Cyrus into the official!

    Piers Gallagher: How do you know it was blatantly done?! It was an accident!

    David Weinstock: Likely story!

    Langdon Trafford: Will you two quit bickering and focus on the match, please?!

    Piers Gallagher: He started it!

    Langdon Trafford: ENOUGH!

    The fans jeer loudly at Kennedy’s cheap tactics but it paid off for him, so he doesn’t care what they think. He laughs at them and mocks the fans that are booing him. He turns back to Cyrus, still laid out on the canvas. He smirks at his downed foe and soon applies The Kennedy Curse! Cyrus not even responding and Kennedy knows this, it’s why he locked this in and the referee calls for the bell signaling another fall to Kennedy

    Kurt Harrington: Chris Kennedy now takes the lead 2-1!

    Piers Gallagher: That’s how it’s done boys!


    Thirty minutes left and Chris Kennedy has the lead. He re-applies The Kennedy Curse again, this time cranking back even more on Cyrus with even more pressure, and begins telling Cyrus to just give it up now. “The Exile” isn’t out of this just yet though, his eyes wide while Kennedy keeps the submission applied and Truth reaches, desperately trying to grab the bottom and just barely does so managing to break the hold. Kennedy doesn’t believe it and berates the referee, telling him to give him his third fall. Truth uses this time to regain his senses and wherewithal, and sneaks up behind Chris for a surprise small package!

    One...two...THR-NO! KICK-OUT BY KENNEDY!

    Kennedy can’t believe that he almost got caught again as Cyrus regains his balance on his feet, and Chris runs at him but Cyrus catches him with an arm drag followed by several more! Kennedy is on his knees now and Cyrus hits him with Wanderer’s Wrath! He follows that up with a snap DDT and a pin!


    Cyrus grabs hold of Kennedy’s arm and transitions himself and wraps himself around Kennedy before applying The Long Road to Nowhere! The crucifix neck crank is applied with nowhere for Kennedy to go! Kennedy is trying to desperately break free…


    Kennedy is close to fading away and before he does so he taps!

    Cyrus Truth - 2
    Chris Kennedy - 2

    It’s all tied up again, just like Kennedy is at the moment but Truth relinquishes the hold. He stares down at Kennedy, what a worthless maggot he thinks to himself as he look at the champion. The champion is broken right now, or so Cyrus thinks as he brings up Kennedy in position for Journey’s End but Kennedy finds some strength and fights out of it and slips behind Truth and stomps the back of his knee and delivers an inverted headlock backbreaker! Cyrus crumbles to the mat and Kennedy drops down too, both of them spent. Kennedy doesn’t stay down long though and brings himself back up to his feet. He drags Cyrus up and near the ropes, positions him, and drops him with a rope hung DDT! Spiking him head first on the canvas!


    He then applies an anaconda vice submission hold and wrenches back, keeping a tight grip on it. Truth manages to grab the nearby rope to break the hold though, and Kennedy is growing frustrated by the minute. He brings Truth up in position for what looks like Truth’s own finisher, Journey’s End, looking to add salt to the wound by beating him with his own move but Truth frees him and is behind Kennedy and shoves him to ropes and off the rebound he catches Kennedy with a tiger suplex!


    He goes for the cover…


    It remains tied up and Cyrus attempts another submission win with Long Road to Nowhere, but Kennedy manages to escape it and rolls to the outside. He grabs his title and looks like he’s about to leave but Truth won’t have that and chases after him and clubs him behind before dragging him back to the ring and tosses him back in. Cyrus is distracted though as he sees Bell Connelly standing at the entrance area, battered and bruised from her match earlier in the evening, but not enough to keep her from watching her man and Cyrus shakes his head at her before re-entering the ring...BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY! CYRUS FALLS DOWN TO THE MAT IN A HEAP AND BELL IS ECSTATIC AT THE ENTRANCE RAMP! KENNEDY DROPS DOWN ON TOP OF CYRUS…



    He screams at Cyrus…


    Five minutes to go!


    It’s still all knotted up at two a piece with five minutes left and Kennedy is furious. He looks out at Bell and says “This is for you baby!”, and Cyrus can barely stand but he’s on his feet as Chris runs at him looking Bell’s Glitterbomb finisher, but Cyrus has that well scouted having faced Bell on numerous occasions and stops Chris in his tracks and reverses it into a monkey flip right into the turnbuckle! Kennedy bounces off of it and groggily turns around into Cyrus who brings up in position...JOURNEY’S END! HE DROPS KENNEDY TO THE MAT LIKE A BAD HABIT WITH TWENTY SECONDS LEFT! HE FALLS BACK ON KENNEDY!


    Cyrus Truth - 3
    Chris Kennedy - 2

    The timer buzzes and the bell is rung! Here is your winner and NEW FWA World Heavyweight Champion...CYRUS TRUTH!
    Cyrus Truth is barely able to stand but with the help of the official, he manages to use the ropes to get to his feet. Kurt Harrington hands the FWA World Heavyweight Championship to the official, who hands it to Cyrus, who still at this point is unable to stand without using the ropes for assistance. The referee raises Cyrus' hand in the air, before letting it go as Chris Kennedy slowly rolls to the outside and falls to a seated position next to the ring apron. The crowd is at a fever pitch and couldn't be more happy to see the humbled Chris Kennedy. Bell Connelly runs down the ramp and cautiously turns the corner of the ring as she keeps one eye on the new World Champion. Bell drops down to her knees and begins to console her man,who has his head in his hands.


    Piers Gallagher: How can you be so callous, Weinstock? Do you not see how upset Chris Kennedy is right now? And why aren't you talking about how Cyrus Truth used an illegal object, that turnbuckle, to put away that greatest of all time?

    Langdon Trafford: Piers, are you....I mean, I seriously can't....Look, the truth is The Truth is once again the World Heavyweight Champion! What a night here in Pittsburgh, and what is going to be the fallout from having a new North American Champion, the first ever Brawl for it All Winner, and a new World Heavyweight Champion? The winds are changing here in the FWA and don't think that those two individuals, Chris Kennedy and Bell Connelly are going to take this lying down! I've got a feeling we're about to see some REAL fireworks now!

    The final shot of the evening is of Cyrus Truth standing at the top of the ramp, looking down towards the ring where CHris Kennedy is starting to come out of his daze and Bell is just seething and screaming obscenities at the champ! Truth raises his championship in the air, as we go off the air!



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    Re: FWA Aftershock 2018 results

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to the show as well as everyone else for having the patience!

    I will be posting an explanation of some things that went down during this show cycle tomorrow. For now, please enjoy the show.


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    Re: FWA Aftershock 2018 results

    𝖍𝖚𝖗𝖙 // 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖑

    x x x x x x x x x

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    Re: FWA Aftershock 2018 results

    Congratulations to all winners but most especially to Cyrus, and a HUGE night for ONAMStarr capturing his first FWA gold, as well as a big victory from IVD that looks like its about to launch a new character direction and storyline for Izzy!

    Make sure you all come back and check out Shake's explanation tomorrow. It's a must read!

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    Re: FWA Aftershock 2018 results

    Phenomenal show from top to bottom, each match delivered but MOTN is Sullivan vs Cromwell for me.

    I loved how Randall was booked in the brawl for it all, making him look like a completely deranged lunatic willing to risk his own health and well being in order to win.

    Congrats to all the winners, and big congrats to Starr for winning the brawl and winning the NA title. Massive props to Sayer, Shake, and Jiggy for making this show possible.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: FWA Aftershock 2018 results

    Considering the circumstances, This show worked out well

    I think that the opener was very appropriate. These two are obviously very talented and I could see either walking away winning at the PPV. Nothing too drawn out but definitely got the point across. Nice job.

    Mac is a monster. That is all.

    I enjoyed it greatly the battleroyal greatly, fun times!

    I have always thought that Izzy is done incredibly well, So I'm glad she's getting a push

    OHHHHH MYSTERY! let's see what happens.

    Congrats to the winners this week, particularly Starr for winning the NA title. No one has worked harder and deserves it more then him. Let's see what happens now

    All hail Truth. Truth then. Truth now. Truth forever. the GOAT.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: FWA Aftershock 2018 results

    As said above, considering the obstacles this show turned out really good, a great read and plenty to ponder going forward.
    I'm keen to get back on the horse and ride by actually getting some RP work in. Determined to make.more of an effort going forward.

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    Re: FWA Aftershock 2018 results

    Are the averages gonna be posted?

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    Re: FWA Aftershock 2018 results

    I doubt it as I dont think I saved them. I will see if I can find them though.


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