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Thread: The Gorilla Position

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    Before I get into the predictions; wow. This was not the card I was expecting; at all. Cena vs Michaels, Triple H vs Foley, Angle vs Flair. Is this New Years Revolution or WrestleMania??

    Official Card for New Year’s Revolution
    08/01/2006 | Albany, New York

    WWE Championship Match:
    John Cena [c] vs. Shawn Michaels
    Really intriguing build up. I don't see Cena selling out, and I don't expect a Michaels swerve to align with Vince. Nor do I see either guy doing the job to one another in this match. Vince doesn’t want Shawn to be champion, and Cena isn’t buying into what Vince is selling. The only way McMahon can make the ‘right thing’ happen is by helping EDGE cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and win the title by either adding himself during this match, or attacking both guys to end the singles match, and cash in after.

    WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
    Gregory Helms [c] vs. Rob Van Dam
    Curveball here. It seems to be a staple of ‘06 threads back in the day (2006 seemed most popular on the other board) to give Gregory Helms a solid mid/upper-mid card push. I’ve never quite seen the appeal, but I will say this; I’m very much on board with what you’ve done with him in this period. That segment where he burned the old Hurricane costume would’ve been memorable for sure. As RVD is just back, it’s hard to see him losing, but Helms is only starting to gain momentum. GREGORY HELMS keeps the title, either by losing the match via DQ or count out, or by cheating to win.
    Women’s Championship Match:
    Trish Stratus [c] vs. Ashley Massaro
    There’s one money match in this division. And it doesn’t involve Ashley. TRISH wins, and the build continues toward the inevitable Trish/Mickie showdown at WrestleMania.
    World Tag Team Championship Match:
    Kane & Big Show [c] vs. World’s Greatest Tag Team
    Again, not something I saw coming was this match. But a welcome return for the Worlds Greatest Tag Team. Sure as hell beats Shelton Benjamins MOMMA coming in. Given the paucity of options at your disposal on Raw, this feud probably continues for another few weeks after this match at least, but I’ll go for the title change and say THE WORLDS GREATEST TAG TEAM pull off the upset.
    Last Time Ever:
    Triple H vs. Mick Foley
    Like I said a few times already; didn’t see this coming. This was the feud that got me hooked on wrestling in 2000. Without it, I’m not sure I’d have stuck around as a fan this long – so even seeing it in a 2006 setting peaks my interest. TRIPLE H didn’t job to Foley in 2000, so he aint doing the part-timer a favour here. Given Foley and Flairs real life issues around this time, I see that feeding into storyline here, with Flair taking offence to Foley confronting Triple H because of what The Game did to Flair. Based on my next prediction, I could even foresee a run in from Flair in this, shaping up to help Foley, then turning on him.
    Singles Match:
    Kurt Angle vs. Ric Flair
    Again; surprised to see this match come together for this show. Flair losing here could be the spark that sees him interfere in the match above, and I think KURT ANGLE could do with a big win after coming out of the title picture.
    Tag Team Turmoil:
    ~ Winners receive a World Tag Team Title opportunity ~
    V-Squared vs. Heart Throbs vs. Cade & Murdoch vs. Gene Snitsky & Tyson Tomko
    Honestly, these last two matches feel like they drag this card down. The top six matches would be good enough for the PPV alone. Anyway, SNITSKY & TOMKO just got themselves a manager, so I’ll say they win this. Outside chance of Cade and Murdoch winning, as they’re still a team worth investing in, but the other two teams are here to job.
    Singles Match:
    Matt Striker vs. Tajiri
    I doubt MATT STRIKER would be featuring here at all if you didn’t have a plan in mind to push him as a mid card heel. Feels like a chance to give him a PPV win, as I don’t envisage Tajiri being much of a priority. Striker could be a fun heel to have around. Looking forward to seeing what he gets up to in this thread.

    This card completely shits all over Armageddon. Those top matches are honestly huge. I’d be buying this show for sure if this was 2006.

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    Official Card for New Year’s Revolution
    08/01/2006 | Albany, New York

    WWE Championship Match:
    John Cena [c]
    vs. Shawn Michaels
    I cannot see John Cena losing the WWE Championship tonight, but I do see Mr. McMahon enlisting Edge to cash in so he gets his way.

    WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
    Gregory Helms [c]
    vs. Rob Van Dam
    With Helms burning his Hurricane outfit and just making his name known as a heel, I see him getting a dirty victory over RVD to retain his championship.

    Women’s Championship Match:
    Trish Stratus [c]
    vs. Ashley Massaro
    Seems like the build took a backseat to the eventual Trish and Mickie match. Trish will get a easy win and focus on Mickie.

    World Tag Team Championship Match:
    Kane & Big Show [c]
    vs. World’s Greatest Tag Team
    The World's Greatest Tag Team is a nice addition to the tag team division and provide some actual competition for Big Show & Kane while you build up some other talent. I have Show & Kane winning.

    Last Time Ever:
    Triple H
    vs. Mick Foley
    Surprised you went with this match, but their feud in 2000 was a ton of fun to watch back on. Can't see Foley beating HHH tonight, but I imagine things may get extreme.

    Singles Match:
    Kurt Angle
    vs. Ric Flair
    This was a tough one because I don't know where either man will go after this feud. I've got Angle winning this one - I think he will go after any nagging injuries from Survivor Series to beat Ric.

    Tag Team Turmoil:
    ~ Winners receive a World Tag Team Title opportunity ~
    V-Squared vs. Heart Throbs vs. Cade & Murdoch vs. Gene Snitsky & Tyson Tomko
    With Big Show & Kane winning, I'd like to see the showdown between them and Snitsky & Tomko especially with Daivari being able to speak for them.

    Singles Match:
    Matt Striker
    vs. Tajiri
    Gotta go with a much more entertaining character Matt Striker getting a cheap win over Tajiri.

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    Had some spare time so thought I'd give this a read. Everything has been very good so far. You've done a great job at explaining what you needed to, establishing the current feuds and mixing the storylines at the time as well as adding your own flavour. Good stuff.

    You've layed out two excellent cards. Honestly, they are A-Show/Top 4 quality, it's a great way to put the smaller shows over. Good mix of using the top wrestlers as well as bringing some of the lower/more underappreciated wrestlers like Taijiri and Helms.

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    Official New Year’s Revolution Results
    Albany, New York
    January 8th, 2006

    In the first match of the night, Kane and Big Show put the World Tag Team Titles on the line against the newly reformed World’s Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas). Our champions had been a dominant force over the RAW tag division for months but tonight they faced stiff competition. Haas and Benjamin were on point with their double team moves and ability to work quick tags into effective offense. Kane and Big Show attempted to slow the pace of the match to even the playing field but the challengers continued to push and make the reigning champions feel the pressure. Towards the end of the match, Big Show was able to catch Haas with a big boot, knocking him to the ground, and allowing the champs to do as they pleased. Kane and Big Show stuck Haas in a corner and proceeded to beat him up with slow and methodical moves. The crowd, loving an underdog as they do, rallied around Haas’ attempts to make a tag to Benjamin in the corner. The finish would arrive as Haas finally made it to the ropes, evading a top rope clothesline from Kane, to bring in Shelton Benjamin. One of the prime athletes in WWE, Benjamin springboarded into the ring and brought the fight to Kane with a flurry of kicks and proceeded to sprint up the turnbuckle into a crossbody for a spectacular sequence. Benjamin would load up a T-Bone Suplex on Kane, the champion elbowed free, went for a chokeslam, only for Benjamin to counter with a superkick and hit the T-Bone Suplex for the titles at 11:01! Post-match, Haas and Benjamin would celebrate as they made their way up the entrance ramp while Kane and Big Show had a slight disagreement over the finish.

    In the second match, Matt Striker and Tajiri competed in singles action after the hot start to the pay-per-view. Striker was given the chance to cut a promo on the way down to the ring. During that promo he insulted the intelligence of those from New York and said that he once taught school children in the bottomless pit known as the ‘Big Apple’ and had never seen a dumber bunch of brats in his life. Tajiri interrupted the rant before Striker could give his full list of places better than New York (only managing to get through Boston and Los Angeles). Tajiri was loading up the green mist on multiple occasions but Striker would roll to the outside or jump behind the referee to avoid it throughout the contest. The keen strikes of Tajiri had Striker on the back peddle for periods of the contest until the former teacher countered with a stiff knee to the mid-section. The match concluded at 06:45 following Striker connecting with the Golden Rule on Tajiri for a three count. Replays would show that Striker had raked the eyes of Tajiri however the referee failed to catch it.

    It was a battle of two legends in the world of professional wrestling here in New York. Kurt Angle and Ric Flair went face to face in the third match of the night at New Year’s Revolution. It had grown into a personal feud between the two men with both wanting to cement their place at the top of WWE once again after suffering defeats back at Survivor Series. It was a standard opening few minutes with Angle executing all his spots and getting the best of Flair. What followed was Flair doing all of his spots and sending Angle to the outside. It was clear that both men still had that top gear they could switch to at any moment. They traded control of the match throughout the contest with each man working over a limb; Angle focusing on the ankle whilst Flair would target the right leg of the Olympian. At one point they spilled to the outside where Kurt Angle nailed an overhead suplex on the Nature Boy, drawing a loud thud on the thin mats around ringside and a groan from the live audience. After a long 14 minutes, Flair managed to apply the Figure Four Leg Lock, and after a strong battle on the canvas, it forced Kurt Angle to submit. On commentary, Joey Styles was noted as saying that Ric Flair showed that his time at the top is not over just yet and we should be taking note of what the 16-time World Champion has his sights set on in the future.

    Up next was the Tag Team Turmoil match with a future shot at the World Tag Team Titles on the line. The first pairing saw V-Squared up against the Heart Throbs in what was a fairly quick match spanning 04:23 minutes in total length. Val Venis and Viscera were highlighted in the first section as the duo totally dismantled the Heart Throbs. The end came after Viscera hit a “running” splash to a downed Antonio for the three count. Cade and Murdoch were next on the list as the third team to enter the turmoil. Murdoch and Cade proved to be a much tougher test for V-Squared than that of the Heart Throbs. These new opponents carried with them a much tougher style of wrestling technique that involved using all aspects of the ring to inflict damage. At one point, Murdoch tossed Val Venis to the outside and smashed his head into the outer edge of the ring apron. Much like the previous encounter, Viscera would prove to be the difference maker as his acted as a brick wall to Lance Cade when he attempted a shoulder block. Viscera responded with an elbow drop, tagged in Venis who then hit the Money Shot off the top rope for the three count at 11:04. The final pair to enter the contest were Snitsky and Tomko. They were joined by their new manager Daivari on the way to the ring. V-Squared had lasted all the way from the start of this process and were now selling the punishment that they taken. Tomko and Snitsky went to work dismantling the depleted team and singled out Venis as the target. With instructions given at ringside by Daivari, who could be heard shouting both by those in the arena and at home, Tomko and Snitsky would score the victory at 16:36. The finish occurred after Tomko hit Venis with the Argentine Neckbreaker while Snitsky blasted Viscera off the ring apron. After the match was over, Daivari shouted at the announce team that his clients were going to be the next tag team champions and they should be shown their due respect.

    Once again it was title time at New Year’s Revolution. On this occasion it was Gregory Helms defending the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Rob Van Dam. The story focusing on Helms being disrespected as champion continued tonight with Lillian Garcia incorrectly identifying Helms as the challenger during the big match introductions. That early misstep sent Helms off the edge and into a tizzy for the opening portion of the contest. Van Dam was able to take advantage with his unique wrestling ability. Helms was sent to the outside to regroup but RVD would fly over the top rope with a front flip taking down both men. The action continued with Van Dam in control until Helms managed to get his knees up to block a moonsault. The former superhero went to work with hard kicks and forearms. He did as little high flying moves as possible so as not to resemble his former character. The crowd sent up chants of ‘Hurricane’ which drew a big reaction from Helms, shouting at the crowd to shut up as he hammered away on Van Dam. The finish saw Helms and Van Dam in the middle of the ring trading punches, RVD struck a surprise head kick which knocked the champion to the canvas and allowed the challenger to climb to the top rope. With RVD perched for the Frog Splash, Helms reached for the ropes as he struggled to move and either on purpose/accident pushed the referee into the ropes. This knocked Van Dam off balance and allowed Helms to hit a superplex from the top rope. Ultimately, Helms would back into a corner and connect with a Shining Wizard for the three count to retain the title moments after the superplex. The celebration post-match was grand, Helms lifted the title high above his head and shouted right in the face of Lillian Garcia, demanding that she remember his name and accolades now.

    The sixth match on the card was the final encounter between Triple H and Mick Foley. There was no better place than New York for these two to finally put to rest an age-old rivalry that had produced many great matches. This contest was pretty standard in comparison to many of their classic encounters since it was contested under traditional wrestling rules. Hunter would mock Foley at the beginning of the contest, slapping the hardcore legend across the face before turning his back on him. Foley jumped at the chance and clobbered away on one of his greatest rivals. The match eventually spilled to the outside where the referee gave both men some room to bend the rules. They each whipped the other into the steel steps and guardrail. Foley catapulted Hunter into the steel post which drew blood from ‘The Game’ and had the crowd popping big time. Another stomach-turning spot occurred when Foley attempted to dig his fingers into the cut, trying to make it worse and make Hunter suffer for all his sins. New York was absolutely in love with Mick Foley on this night and his performance was a good one. However, Triple H would walk away with the victory at 13:28 after the combination of a Spinebuster and a Pedigree. After winning the match and making his way up the ramp, Triple H returned to the ring to deliver another Pedigree as Foley made his way back to a vertical base. In fact, Hunter proceeded to crack Foley across the back of the head with a sledgehammer – mouthing “bang” after the contact with a smug look on his face. This marked the end of Mick Foley’s WWE contract and his final exit from WWE.

    The women were up next as Trish Stratus put the WWE Women’s Championship on the line against Ashley Massaro. It was clear from the opening bell that Massaro was nervous to be in this position as the challenger. Trish, even as a strong competitor, gave the challenger some words of encouragement because of their friendship which has been the focus of WWE TV over the past few months. The match saw Stratus take the lead and really work Ashley around the ring. The challenger had a few spots including a few clotheslines, a suplex and an elbow from the second rope. However, it was mostly the Trish Stratus show and for good reason as she was clearly the superior worker in the ring. The finish was all about the on-going storyline between Stratus and Mickie James which has been building for months. Having been instructed by Stratus to not get involved, James was absent from ringside for most of the match until the very end. Stratus missed a diving cross body from the top rope which opened the door for Massaro. The challenger would climb to the top rope, preparing for an elbow drop, until Mickie James ran down to ringside and jumped onto the apron. It must be made clear that James never touched Massaro – all she did was stand there however the distraction was enough that Stratus had time to move out of the way when Massaro eventually dove for her finisher. What followed was the Chick Kick for the three count at 05:47. Post-match, Stratus was blindsided by a big hug from James; the former not realizing the role that her biggest fan had played in the finish until the replay showed it on the big screen. Stratus confronted Mickie and said that this wasn’t what she wanted. As a result, Stratus apologized to Massaro and promised her a ‘fair rematch’ before walking away; Mickie James could be heard pleading with Trish as they walked up the ramp that all she wanted to do was help and that she never touched Ashley.

    In the main event of the evening, John Cena defended the WWE Championship against Shawn Michaels with Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon at ringside. It was the biggest question of the night; would John Cena pick certainty in retaining the WWE Title by siding with Vince McMahon or would he risk losing everything he had ever worked for? The arrival of Vince and Shane occurred a few minutes into the contest with both men walking down to the ring and pulling up chairs to watch the action. Inside the ring, Michaels pointed to the McMahon men and asked if Cena had invited them as guests. Cena refuted the claim and said that all he was focused on was what was happening inside the ring. The match itself went 23:14 and was a strong showing for both men. It was by far Cena’s best singles match under traditional rules that he has had during his reign as WWE Champion. Big moments in the match included; Shawn Michaels being caught in the STFU very early on and the crowd going wild thinking that perhaps the Heartbreak Kid had been caught, Cena getting faked out by Michaels going over the top when he really landed on the apron of the ring and then produced a beautiful moonsault onto Cena, the pair going counter for counter in the middle of the ring until they both hit a clothesline on the other and a top turnbuckle spot where they smacked each other back and forth until Michaels tossed Cena into the ring and hit his famous elbow drop.

    The biggest moment of the match is of course the decision reached by John Cena when the moment of truth arrived. Honestly, it’s the crux of this pay-per-view and the direction of WWE for the next several months. The referee would get knocked to the floor as Michaels and Cena tussled with each other. The tussle would see Cena hit the FU and make a cover but there was no official to make the count. All eyes turned to the outside as Vince McMahon grabbed the WWE Championship and climbed onto the ring apron. Thrusting the title forward, McMahon demanded Cena use it, cementing himself as a Mr. McMahon guy, and guaranteeing himself a victory. Cena thought it over, holding the title in his hands, the crowd a mix of ‘Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks’ here in New York. In the end, Cena tossed the title to the side and said no! McMahon was furious, he got into the ring and stick his finger in Cena’s face, demanding Cena do as he was told or he’d never hold that title again. In response, Cena lifted Vince onto his shoulders for the FU! Shane McMahon rushed into the ring only to get knocked to the floor by Shawn Michaels with a superkick! Michaels gave Cena a nod, he knew more than anyone the type of deal being offered and what Cena was going through. Cena nodded back, turning to the crowd with the WWE Chairman on his shoulders – it was a decision that would change the landscape of WWE forever.

    And then came the low-blow by the Heartbreak Kid. From behind Shawn Michaels hit Cena low, allowing Mr. McMahon to escape, his eyes filled with rage but his mouth raised in a sinister grin. Michaels stomped his foot on the canvas three times as Cena stumbled to his feet – Sweet Chin Music! Right on the money, Michaels nailed the superkick and fell into the cover. Across the ring, Vince hurried to alert the wounded referee, slapping his face and screaming at him to make the count. A few seconds later it was done – Shawn Michaels had defeated John Cena but had done so by making a deal with the devil. Post-match, Shawn Michaels had the WWE Championship strapped around his waist by Mr. McMahon before they hugged. Shane McMahon would get a hug also; Michaels giving him a playful tap on the cheek where the superkick had landed on the Boy Wonder. Joey Styles was furious on commentary about what happened; “All the talk about what would John Cena do was for nothing! Ladies and gentlemen, when faced with the easy way or the hard way our former WWE Champion chose to do things the honourable way. Well, Shawn Michaels has thrown away all sense of honour tonight to become the WWE Champion!” His broadcast partner, Jonathan Coachman made a vital assessment on the whole situation; “Think back to last year. Eric Bischoff had it out for John Cena. He was frantic about getting the WWE Title away from him. What if it wasn’t just Bischoff’s dislike of Cena? What if the reason Bischoff was so obsessed was that he was answering to Mr. McMahon. It all makes sense, guys!” The night ended with Shawn Michaels, Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon at the top of the entrance ramp looking down at a stunned John Cena. The former champion sat up against the ring ropes, shaking his head, in disbelief at what he was seeing.

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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    Re: The Gorilla Position


    Twenty four hours ago the entire wrestling world was changed forever. John Cena had reigned as WWE Champion for nearly an entire calendar year. He was ‘The Man’ in the WWE, the torch had been passed once again as had long been tradition. However, that same torch was ripped away from John Cena by the very man who many fans felt had chosen Cena to lead the WWE into the next generation. The most powerful man in wrestling; Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr. loomed large over the WWE Championship Match and it was by his hand that everything changed. Former rivals in Mr. McMahon and Shawn Michaels colluded and produced the ultimate blindside on the WWE Champion. Michaels had long been at war with McMahon both in the past during his prime years in the late nineties and also in recent months. That was all pushed aside for the promise of Michaels becoming the WWE Champion. For the fame and glory it would seem Shawn Michaels sided with the boss and in doing so screwed yet another WWE Champion out of his gold. Tonight, we will hear from Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon. Why did Shawn betray the WWE fans? What is next for the new WWE Champion as the Royal Rumble approaches?

    One of the biggest shockers of New Year’s Revolution was the title change in the World Tag Team Championship Match. Kane and Big Show had been unstoppable since becoming the champions in 2005. Their power on show when RAW invaded SMACKDOWN! before Survivor Series where the duo played a vital role in destroying the World Heavyweight Champion Batista. Last night, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas shocked the world when the All-American athletes scored a victory over the champions to once again call themselves champions. Haas returned to the WWE late last year and the World’s Greatest Tag Team quickly set their sights on chasing the titles. They may have achieved that goal much faster than most people expected but there is no rest for the newly crowned champions as they will defend the belts in a rematch from New Year’s Revolution on Monday Night RAW!

    The women’s division continues to heat up and 2006 is set to be a big year for the women in the WWE. Controversy surrounds the WWE Women’s Championship at the moment after Mickie James got involved in the title match at New Year’s Revolution – having a direct impact on Ashley Massaro losing to Trish Stratus. As seen on the pay-per-view, Stratus was not happy about the situation and stormed to the back. On RAW, Mickie James will get her own chance to challenge her idol for the title when she competes in a number one contenders match against Victoria. The winner will go onto the Royal Rumble to face Trish Stratus for the WWE Women’s Championship!

    After winning last night and ridding the WWE of the hardcore legend Mick Foley it has been confirmed that Triple H will address the WWE fans live on RAW! With the Road to WrestleMania fast approaching what will ‘The Game’ have to say regarding his future goals? The same can be said for fellow winner Ric Flair who defeated Kurt Angle at New Year’s Revolution. The future of Monday Night RAW is up in the air and the only way to find out which path we will take is to tune in!

    You think you know him – Edge is back! That’s right. We can officially confirm that Mr. Money in the Bank will make his in-ring return this week on RAW! There is no word on who his opponent will be.

    Confirmed Matches:

    World Tag Team Championship Match:
    World's Greatest Tag Team [c] vs. Kane & Big Show

    Number One Contenders Match:
    Mickie James vs. Victoria (w/Torrie & Candice)

    Edge makes his in-ring return to Monday Night RAW

    WWE Champion Shawn Michaels & Vince McMahon will address the controversy from New Year's Revolution

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    Welcome back broseph! I was just thinking about this project the other day. I really look forward to keeping track of this thing from here on out. I was actually looking over the old WCW booker a few days back as well.
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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    Monday Night Raw | January 9th 2006 | Hershey, Pennsylvania





    The fallout from a historic New Year’s Revolution is about to begin as the camera pans around the arena. We are packed to the brim tonight with fans all around the building holding up signs for their favourite superstars and wearing officially licensed WWE merchandise. After panning around the building, the camera switches to the announce desk; Joey Styles is our lead man with Jerry Lawler and Jonathan Coachman providing colour commentary as always.

    Joey Styles: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to Monday Night RAW! We are hot off the heels of what has to be one of the most shocking nights in the history of the WWE. Two title changes is more than enough excitement for one night however the way we got one of those title changes has thrown a spanner in the works for everything we thought we knew around here.

    Jonathan Coachman: You were fooled, Styles! That’s all that it means. I knew all along that Mr. McMahon would get his way because the boss is always right. The boss never makes a mistake and last night, Joey Styles, you and everyone else, including that thug John Cena found out to not cross the boss!

    Jerry Lawler: Yeah well, I’ve never been one to stick to the letter of the law or cry about foul play but last night was a bit too far for me to handle.

    Joey Styles: It was the biggest talking point coming out of the show, the internet went crazy over it, Shawn Michaels sided with Mr. McMahon and screwed John Cena out of the WWE Championship. The referee was knocked to the ground, Cena refused Mr. McMahon’s offer for an assist and immediately thereafter Shawn Michaels would hit Cena below the belt and ultimately use Sweet Chin Music to become a five-time World Champion.

    Jonathan Coachman: You seem to be leaving out that John Cena had the nerve to put the Chairman of the WWE onto his shoulders for what looked to be the FU. Show some integrity, Joey!

    Joey Styles: If anyone is lacking integrity around here it’s the new WWE Champion.

    **SEXY BOY**

    As if it were on cue… SHAWN MICHAELS begins to saunter onto the stage to a chorus of boos from the live audience. The Heartbreak Kid is dressed in jeans, a black t-shirt and cowboy boots, but the most fashionable item is the WWE Championship firmly around his waist. Seconds later, VINCE MCMAHON appears alongside his newly crowned WWE Champion; the Chairman looking gleeful as he is also booed out of the building. Michaels raises a hand in the air, slowly making his way down the ramp, a smug grin on his face as he approaches the squared circle with McMahon a few steps behind.

    Joey Styles: We had to know it wasn’t going to be long before these two took centre stage tonight. Shawn Michaels is your new WWE Champion beating John Cena last night thanks in part to a massive assist to the man he shares the ring with right now, Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

    Jerry Lawler: I want to hear what Shawn Michaels has to say, Joey. As much as it made me mad last night to see such a great match between Cena and Michaels tainted; I need to know why. What on earth possessed Shawn Michaels to side with Vince McMahon? These two were involved in a heated argument just a few months ago at WWE Homecoming. What changed?

    Jonathan Coachman: I’ll tell you what changed, Jerry. Shawn Michaels saw the error of his ways. He realized that the only way to survive in this business is to be on Mr. McMahon’s good side. I’d suggest you too watch what you say tonight. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself looking for a job like your old pal, Jerry.

    Inside the ring, Shawn Michaels takes a microphone from the corner and soaks in the negative response from the audience.

    Shawn Michaels: I’m sure you all have a lot of questions about what happened last night. Everywhere I went this morning all I heard were people screaming and crying saying that I sold my soul to the devil. I’m a God fearing man, ladies and gentlemen. Make no mistake about it.

    The WWE Champion shares a look with Mr. McMahon.

    Shawn Michaels: This man is no devil. He is the life blood of the WWE and the greatest boss I have ever had! You people should be on your knees thanking him every day of your pathetic lives that he has given you the glorious show that is World Wrestling Entertainment.

    The groans from the audience become louder as Michaels attempts to talk over them.

    Shawn Michaels: I made a decision last night for the betterment of this industry. To save you people from yourselves just as I was saved all those years ago by a higher power. Mine was the man upstairs but your higher power, your saviour, is Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

    Inside the arena the chorus of boos is so loud that Michaels can barely be heard. In response, Mr. McMahon snatches the microphone from the hands of the WWE Champion and berates the crowd for their disrespect.

    Mr. McMahon: Shut up, all of you! Shut your damn mouths right now before I cancel this entire show.

    This only ignites the fire further for those in attendance.

    Mr. McMahon: I demand silence when the champion is talking.

    After a long pause from the men in the ring it allows the crowd to tire themselves out for the moment. Michaels retakes the microphone, patting his boss on the shoulder before turning back to the crowd.

    Shawn Michaels: There are a lot of questions that need to be answered after last night. Some of you feel as if you’re entitled to answers to those very questions… so allow me to say that you people are entitled to absolutely nothing when in comes to the Heartbreak Kid!

    Vince gives his newly crowned champion a nod of approval.

    Shawn Michaels: I’m not standing here explaining myself because I feel obligated to you lot. The only reason I giving this the time of day is because I want the world to know, more specifically, I want John Cena to know that he was played like a fool from the very beginning. I want last night to stick in everyone’s mind for years to come and I want the memory of New Year’s Revolution to torment John Cena for the rest of his life.

    Slowly, HBK begins to walk around the ring.

    Shawn Michaels: It all starts and ends with John Cena. He came to Monday Night RAW in his jean shorts, a baseball cap and a raggedy old football jersey. The flagship show of the worldwide leader in professional wrestling, and our champion looked like a poorly dressed fourteen year old.

    Boos from the crowd whilst Michaels pauses.

    Shawn Michaels: I held my tongue. Perhaps the young man would evolve into a respectable champion. I held out hope but days turned into weeks and they bled into months until I looked around and realised the year had turned… and yet John Cena remained the same reckless youth he had been since he was drafted all those months ago.

    The face of the WWE Champion morphs into a look of disgust.

    Shawn Michaels: So, I did the only thing that was left to do. I gave John a chance to evolve into something more; he had more than enough time to become what this company needs from a WWE Champion. All else had failed so I stepped up to remove the John Cena problem from the WWE Title picture.

    Chants of “Cena” erupt from the crowd only to be ignored by the WWE Champion.

    Shawn Michaels: However, it all wouldn’t have been possible if not for the man who shares the ring with me tonight. I wasn’t the only one who noticed that John Cena had to be dealt with. No, ever the visionary Mr. McMahon realised the moment Cena came to RAW that the WWE Championship had to be removed from his grasp. It may have taken longer than expected but in the end this title is back where it belongs.

    Unclipping the title belt from around his waist, Michaels stares longingly at the gold plate which now bares his name for the first time in four long years.

    Shawn Michaels: This title is everything. It’s the heartbeat of this company and it belongs with someone who acts like a champion. Someone who looks like a champion. The WWE Championship deserves someone who has held a World Championship before, who has carried a company on their back… I broke mine for this damn company and as God as my witness I’ll be damned if I let the likes of John Cena tarnish the legacy I helped create!

    Raising his voice and thrusting the title belt forward; Shawn Michaels looks at the hard camera.

    Shawn Michaels: Make no mistake about it, ladies and gentlemen. I am the WWE Champion because the title deserves to be held by me. I am everything a champion should be and there is nobody more qualified to be WWE Champion than Shawn Michaels.


    Jonathan Coachman: Hang on a second. What in the world is he doing out here?

    Jerry Lawler: I think that the Nature Boy has a thing or two to say about being qualified to be the World Champion.

    Joey Styles: Sixteen times Ric Flair has been the World Champion and he is the only man in history to win the WWE Championship and the Royal Rumble at the same time. For all the talking Shawn Michaels has done tonight, he spoke about what it takes to be a champion, well that man right there is about as a tailor-made for being a World Champion as they come.

    It’s a sight to behold as RIC FLAIR enters the squared circle to face-off against Shawn Michaels with Vince McMahon standing to the side of the WWE Champion. The crowd is fully behind the Nature Boy as he looks Michaels up and down before shaking his head in disapproval.

    Ric Flair: Boys, boys, boys… what are you two talking about?

    Shawn Michaels: Before you get…

    Ric Flair: That was a rhetorical question! I know exactly what you are doing about here. You are trying to convince these people and everyone in the back that you are anything but a gutless coward.

    The camera zooms in on Michaels’ face which sneers as Flair drops the c word.

    Ric Flair: You might have yourself fooled and you might even have the boss fooled but I wasn’t born yesterday, kid. All that talking you just did about being a champion; I was a champion when you were still in school! I was travelling the world beating everybody while you were at home begging your mother to let you watch me on television!

    Flair gets right up in Shawn’s face.

    Ric Flair: Don’t ever talk to me about what it takes to be a champion. Three hundred and sixty five days a year, Shawn. Not Monday or Sunday… every single day of the year and they still couldn’t touch me.

    Shawn Michaels: This doesn’t concern you, Ric. Walk away before you get yourself hurt.

    That doesn’t sit well with the Nature Boy. In an instant, Flair rips off his shirt and raises his voice even further.

    Ric Flair: Like you did to Cena? Not a champion - that’s how you described him? I don’t remember seeing a dress code when I was World Champion. Refresh my memory for me, Shawn. I’ve only held the crown sixteen times!

    Shawn Michaels: That was a long time ago, old man. What is it that you want?

    Ric Flair: I want the WWE Championship and more importantly, I want you in this ring tonight!

    The crowd roars with approval as Flair throws down his microphone and signals that he is ready to fight. Before the WWE Champion can respond it’s the WWE Chairman that sticks a finger in the face of the Nature Boy.

    Mr. McMahon: You don’t get to make demands around here, Flair! This is Monday Night RAW not that cheap imitation from down south. The champion has gone through so much in the last twenty four hours and I…

    Shawn Michaels: With all due respect Mr. McMahon; I can take care of Ric Flair. You want a shot at me, Ric? I’ve got no problem kicking you into retirement… but not tonight. No, I can’t defend the title for free. If the people want to see me put my WWE Championship on the line they’ll have to wait until the Royal Rumble.

    The WWE Chairman smirks with glee at the idea proposed by his newly crowned champion.

    Mr. McMahon: I was just about to suggest the same thing. Yes, I can see it now. Shawn Michaels defends the WWE Championship against Ric Flair at the Royal Rumble!

    Our heelish duo nod in support of the match while Flair looks mildly annoyed that he isn’t getting a shot tonight. The crowd give a mixed response, many supportive of the chance to see Flair get a title shot but a good portion frustrated that Flair’s challenge for tonight was turned down.

    Mr. McMahon: That does leave us without a main event for tonight. However, I have an idea since I am a creative genius. Tonight, here on RAW, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair will compete in tag team action against each other with both of you finding partners later on in the evening.

    Ever so slowly, McMahon turns to Flair and sizes him up whilst smirking arrogantly.

    Mr. McMahon: That is if you can even find somebody willing to team with you.

    The segment comes to an end as McMahon and Michaels exit the ring and make their way up the entrance ramp. Inside the ring, Ric Flair looks up at the pair knowing full well that he is going to be hard pressed to find somebody willing to go against the WWE Champion and WWE Chairman after last night’s antics.

    On commentary, Jonathan Coachman is horrified by the nerve of Ric Flair to make demands of the WWE Champion, calling it disrespectful that Flair would interrupt the most important post-match speech of all time. In contrast, Joey Styles is thrilled that somebody had the guts to call out the alliance of McMahon and Michaels on their drivel that spanned an eternity to kick off Monday Night Raw.



    Commercial Break



    hen Monday Night returns from the break we find CHAVO GUERRERO bouncing on his feet inside the ring ready for his upcoming match.

    Joey Styles: Back from the break and what a big announcement we heard from the WWE Chairman earlier. The WWE Championship will be defended at the Royal Rumble when Shawn Michaels puts the title on the line against Ric Flair.

    Jonathan Coachman: Ric Flair is going to regret ever challenging Shawn Michaels. He doesn’t stand a chance against the man who dethroned John Cena’s nine month reign as champion.

    Jerry Lawler: We’ll have to wait and see how that match goes in three weeks. Right now we’ve got a chance to see the a man who has a very personal history with Ric Flair. Remember it was only a few weeks ago that Gregory Helms shocked the world by defeating Ric Flair for the Intercontinental Championship.

    **IT’S TIME**

    Making his way to the ring, GREGORY HELMS emerges from the curtain, the crowd booing loudly, with the WWE Intercontinental Championship around his shoulder and thick black shades on. Helms comes to a stop halfway down the aisle, and raises the Intercontinental Championship high in the air with his right hand, before sliding underneath the bottom rope and entering the squared circle.

    Jonathan Coachman: Now this is a champion of the future, gentlemen. Gregory Helms has taken over Monday Right RAW since winning the title and we saw that on show last night when Helms beat Rob Van Dam. Listen to these fans; they continue to doubt Helms and they’ll pay for that because this man isn’t a silly superhero anymore, he’s the WWE Intercontinental Champion!

    Jerry Lawler: I think you’re forgetting how he retained that title last night, Coach. If not for a suspect shove of the referee into the ring ropes than Rob Van Dam would be standing here as the Intercontinental Champion.

    Joey Styles: We’ve all heard Helms complain that he hasn’t been shown the respect that previous champions have been shown. How about instead of whining about it, go out and prove you’re the best?

    Match 1:
    Chavo Guerrero vs. Gregory Helms
    The opening contest of Monday Night RAW had a quick pace to it with both men wrestling a fast style. In the opening portion of the contest, Chavo got the better of the Intercontinental Champion by backing him into the turnbuckle. A whip across the ring followed by an arm-drag saw Guerrero send the champion spilling to the outside of the ring. Helms was shook around being outclassed in the opening exchange and demonstrated as such by kicking the steel steps. In a totally classless move, Helms grabbed his title belt and attempted to make a run for it only to duck back into the ring when Guerrero gave chase and pounce on the unprepared opponent. Grinding his way to the advantage now, Helms used his knees and strong kicks to work over Guerrero on the mat. At times, Helms looked to the top rope and played to the crowd for moves from his old Hurricane persona but he would ultimately turn against the cheers from the crowd and wrestle a mat based offense. The crowd looked to get into the head of the champion by chanting “Hurricane” throughout the contest but the taunt only seemed to motivate Helms to punish Guerrero further. The finish to the match saw Helms and Guerrero exchange counters; Guerrero executing a neckbreaker before heading to the top rope. While perched, Guerrero dove towards Helms however the champion got both knees up and would rebound off the ropes with a brutal Shining Wizard for the three count.
    Winner: Gregory Helms @ 06:34

    A groan from the crowd echoes throughout the arena as Gregory Helms rolls to the outside of the ring and rips the WWE Intercontinental Championship from the ringside worker who held it. The boos from the crowd are loud; Helms waving them off as he slaps the title belt and reminds them all that he is unmatched in the division. Backing up the ramp with his eyes on the ring, Helms shouts out loud - “I told you all! I’m not the Hurricane; I’m the whole damn storm! I am The Eye of the Storm.”


    Moving to the backstage area, specifically the WWE Women’s locker-room, where MICKIE JAMES is seen pacing back and forth biting her nails. The super-fan looks very nervous right now as she eyes the door of the locker-room. A few moments later, James freezes in his position, her eyes wide, as TRISH STRATUS walks into the frame glaring at her super-fan.

    The WWE Women’s Champion has the title belt over her shoulder. Stratus tilts her head back and forth, trying to make eye contact with James, whilst Mickie dodges with everything she has got.

    Trish Stratus: Anything you’ve got to say to me, Mickie?

    Mickie James: I… I… look Trish… I just wanted to help.

    Trish shakes her head and runs her fingers through her hair.

    Trish Stratus: I get that, Mickie. I know all you want to do is help me but I asked you last week to stay away so that Ashley could have a fair shot at the title.

    Mickie James: I didn’t even touch her, Trish.

    Trish Stratus: That’s not the point!

    Now, James lowers her head even further like a child being scorned by a parent.

    Trish Stratus: I’m sorry for yelling. I’m just frustrated is all, Mickie. I get that you’re excited to be here in the WWE. That’s great; I love the enthusiasm and if I didn’t like you I wouldn’t let you hang around but you need to let me win or lose on my own.

    Stratus reaches over and places a hand on Mickie’s shoulder. Slowly, James’ head rises but not all the way just yet.

    Mickie James: Do you forgive me, Trish? Do you think Ashley is going to be mad at me? I am so very sorry. I’ve felt so bad all night about it. Honestly, I never intended to make you angry. I just want the best for you, Trish,

    Trish Stratus: I know, Mickie. I spoke with Mr. McMahon earlier today and he agreed that Ashley deserves a second chance after what happened. That’s why next week she and I are going to have a match for the WWE Women’s Championship.

    Mickie finally looks up at her idol and breaks into a small smile.

    Trish Stratus: And Mickie, I hope you understand, that you’re not to come anywhere near the ring next week while our match is happening. I won’t ask you again. Okay?

    Mickie James: I understand, Trish. I won’t do anything during your match next week – I promise.

    After a pause between the two women where they stare each other in the eye for the first time during the interaction, Stratus goes to leave only to be grabbed on the arm by James.

    Mickie James: Hey, Trish. I’ve got a match tonight against Victoria for the number one contendership at the Royal Rumble. Would you… I mean… if you aren’t still mad at me… could you be at ringside for me? You know, since Victoria has Torrie and Candice with her all the time.

    Trish Stratus: Fine. I’ll be there, Mickie. What else are friends for?

    And the segment comes to an end with Stratus leaving the room. The camera lingers on Mickie James, the super-fan grinning while twirling her hair at the news that her idol will be at ringside for support later on tonight.


    Elsewhere, KANE and BIG SHOW are shown standing across from each other getting ready for their rematch against the World’s Greatest Tag Team. Kane approaches the Big Show and shoves him in the chest; the two giants standing high and mighty as can be.

    Kane: Last night was a big mistake for Haas and Benjamin.

    The Big Red Machine grits his teeth teeth and clenches his right hand into a fist.

    Kane: I never took kindly to losing.

    After a slight disagreement after losing the titles last night; Big Show and Kane seem united once again. Big Show nods his head and makes a fist of his own.

    Big Show: Losing? I’m seven foot tall and five hundred pounds. Do I look like I have a habit of coming up second best?

    The World’s Largest Athlete slams his fist into the palm of his other hand.

    Big Show: You’re the Big Red Machine. Have we forgotten who we are? We’re the most dominant tag team in the WWE!

    Slapping Kane in the chest and getting up in his face, Big Show smirks.

    Big Show: And tonight, we’re getting our damn titles back.

    Kane: Those boys don’t stand a chance in hell.

    Gripping his black glove and pulling it onto his hand, Kane sneers into the camera and walks off screen ready to kick some ass later tonight. Remaining in view, Big Show cracks his knuckles and mutters to himself that last night was a fluke.


    Commercial Break



    Once Monday Night RAW returns from the break, KURT ANGLE storms from behind the curtain and receives a superstar response in home-state. The Olympic Gold Medalist takes the middle of the stage, biting down on his mouthpiece and raises his arms whilst a barrage of pyro goes off behind him. Afterwards, Angle shakes his head, slaps the sides of his face and lets out a primal yell before marching down to the ring.

    Jerry Lawler: Have you guys ever seen Kurt Angle as pumped up as he is tonight? He’s just walking down to the ring and I can feel the intensity from the broadcast booth.

    Joey Styles: Well, it makes sense when you consider that Kurt Angle was defeated by Ric Flair last night at New Year’s Revolution. Angle has had to sit back during the start of the show and he has seen Flair be named as the number one contender for the WWE Title. A spot that no doubt would’ve gone to Angle had he won last night.

    Jonathan Coachman: Guys, I think whoever drew the short straw as Angle’s opponent tonight should seriously consider not coming out to the ring.


    Rushing out onto the stage, ROSEY has the fans on their feet for the superhero in training – now flying solo since the defection of Gregory Helms. On his way down to the ring, Rosey claps hands with a few of the younger fans.

    Jonathan Coachman: Either of you two ever seen Batman and Robin? The film with George Clooney as Batman?

    Joey Styles: I heard it was a car wreck.

    Jonathan Coachman: This’ll be worse!! You said it yourself, Joey. Angle wants to be World Champion and tonight he has seen his rightful position as number one contender given to Ric Flair. He’s going to tear Rosey in two!!

    Jerry Lawler: I’m with you, Coach. Rosey might be a big man but I don’t like his chances against a frustrated Kurt Angle.

    Concentrated on playing to the young fans in the audience, Rosey falls victim to a blindside by Angle – the Olympic Gold Medalist pounding away with right hands as Rosey steps through the ropes. The referee wastes no time and calls for the bell to start the match; Angle driving a knee into the side of Rosey’s head just as the ‘ding’ is heard around the arena.

    Match 2:
    Kurt Angle vs. Rosey
    The aggression of Kurt Angle is the story of this encounter and the announce team spend a majority of the contest reminding the viewers of Angle’s unsuccessful attempts to recapture a World Title in recent months. It has all been building and last night’s defeat to Ric Flair has seemingly pushed Angle over the edge and into a manic state of wrestling excellence. With the advantage from the opening bell thanks to the sneak attack, Angle hammers away with knees and punches on the much larger man so that he can get it to the mat. Once Rosey has fallen it allows Angle to take his back and apply a body-scissors which gives the Olympian significant control. The match only goes five minutes and the opening portion revolves around Angle smashing Rosey with hard strikes and using his amateur wrestling to subdue the superhero in training. Rosey does provide a slight comeback in an impressive moment when he counters a triangle by lifting Angle off the canvas and slamming him against a turnbuckle. A big boot attempt lands for Rosey, he knocks Angle to the canvas with a clothesline and then loads up a leg drop – which misses!! Angle rolls out of the way, jumps to his feet, rips down the straps and applies an Ankle Lock which gets the submission.
    Winner: Kurt Angle @ 05:21

    Joey Styles: It was total dominance from Kurt Angle tonight and a message has been sent loud and clear. Do not forget about the Olympic Gold Medalist!

    Jerry Lawler: I thought he was going to break Rosey’s ankle!!

    Jonathan Coachman: On the road to WrestleMania there might be no more dangerous man than Kurt Angle. Who is going to stop him from getting back to the World Title?

    Jerry Lawler: It looks like Kurt has something to say, gentlemen.

    On the outside of the ring, Kurt Angle stands with a microphone, barely showing any signs of fatigue, a true representation of his dominance tonight. Angle looks around the arena and mumbles something which isn’t picked up on the microphone.

    Kurt Angle: Five minutes. I didn’t just beat that punk but I broke him in FIVE DAMN MINUTES!!

    Angle shoots a look towards the ring where Rosey is still laying on his back, slowly stirring, grasping at his ankle.

    Kurt Angle: And I’m going to do the same thing to twenty-nine other men in three weeks at the Royal Rumble.

    That draws a loud reaction from the crowd; mostly boos but Angle does garner few cheers as has been the theme in recent months.

    Kurt Angle: I’ve spent the last three months chasing… at the Royal Rumble I don’t have to chase anymore. The Road to WrestleMania goes through me!!

    Angle points to the WrestleMania sign hanging in the rafters.

    Kurt Angle: From day one I said I would be World Champion and at WrestleMania I’ll take back what is mine. Because I am officially declaring myself for the Royal Rumble Match!

    With a look of intensity on his face, Angle glares into the camera.

    Kurt Angle: And I promise that I’ll break any man who dares get in my way.

    The microphone is dropped with a loud thud as Angle begins to make his way around the ring. A wave of boos washes over ringside as Angle refuses to slap hands with the front row, instead he steps to avoid them and hurries up the ramp… until he notices that Rosey has finally gotten to his feet inside the ring.

    Suddenly, Angle turns back around and charges towards the ring. Rosey has no clue what has arrived until he feels Angle slam a forearm into the back of his neck. The Olympic Gold Medalist clubs Rosey hard across the back, stomping his feet thereafter and daring Rosey to come at him.

    With Rosey staggering backwards it allows Angle to hook his side and deliver the ANGLE SLAM! Kurt Angle stands up and looks around the arena – now everyone boos as the wrestling machine spits on the canvas before exiting. He has made one hell of a statement tonight.

    Joey Styles: Was that really necessary?? Kurt Angle won the match, he had his time to speak but he couldn’t leave with dignity could he? No, he had to get one last cheap shot in against a man he already beat.

    Jonathan Coachman: He sent a message to the entire WWE locker-room, Joey. Kurt Angle unleashed an attack tonight that I haven’t seen him posses since he was WWE Champion three years ago. This is exactly what Angle needed to do to get back to the main event that he so desperately seeks again.

    Jerry Lawler: Those were fighting words from Kurt Angle. He’s ready for the Rumble and I don’t know anyone who is going to be able to toss him over the top rope. He might be my pick!!

    Joey Styles: It’s no doubt big news that Kurt Angle is the first man to declare for the WWE Royal Rumble Match. When you talk about favourites he has to be near the top of the list. With three weeks to go who else will join the field and battle for a chance to main event WrestleMania 22??


    Meanwhile, VINCE MCMAHON appears in his office backstage, talking on his mobile phone, chuckling to himself – until the door nearby swings open.

    Mr. McMahon: Ah, I’ll call you back. I’ve got some business to sort out. Alright, goodbye.

    Vince hangs up the phone, placing it in his pocket, before straightening himself up.

    Mr. McMahon: Glad to see that you’ve finally arrived. No need to thank me for tonight. I know, being the WWE superstar that you are, you’ll be thankful that I have given you the honour of teaming with the new WWE Champion – Shawn Michaels!

    Up until this point we have not seen the other half of the conversation. Slowly, the camera pans around to reveal… EDGE! Mr. Money in the Bank is joined by Lita and neither of them looks impressed; Edge scratching his head at the previous statement from McMahon.

    Edge: Mr. McMahon, I understand why you’ve picked me as Shawn’s partner. I’m made of main event material. Just take a look at my last twelve months. I won Money in the Bank, I drove Matt Hardy from RAW, I’ve beaten superstar after superstar… and here I am holding a golden ticket to the WWE Championship whenever I desire. Who else could you have picked?

    Mr. McMahon: Very well then. You know, I don’t just expect you two to win tonight, Edge. No, what I expect is for you and Shawn to humiliate Ric Flair and whoever his partner turns out to be. Make him suffer for the disrespect he showed me earlier. Do we have an understanding?

    Edge smirks, sharing a look with Lita, and nods.

    Edge: Loud and clear, boss. You can count on me. In fact, I want you watch how I humiliate Ric Flair… not Shawn but me!! You’ve thrown in with him, I get it, he was a means to an end because at the end of the day, we all hated John Cena. He’s gone, that problem has been fixed, and now you and I can talk real business. By the end of the night, you’ll see that it’s me who is ‘the guy’ and not Shawn Michaels.

    Mr. McMahon: Shawn Michaels did what no man had been able to do for nine months. He ripped the WWE Title right out of John Cena’s hands. What makes you so confident that you could take it from him?

    The arrogance flows from Edge as he lifts the Money in the Bank briefcase up into the air, presenting it in front of Mr. McMahon, tapping the side with a big grin on his face.

    Edge: What makes me so confident? Call it a lucky hunch. Anytime, any place, anywhere… remember that.

    There is an uneasy level of tension growing in the room. McMahon stares at Edge, both men mere inches away, the threats against his newly crowned WWE Champion not going unnoticed.

    Mr. McMahon: You’ve been here a long time, Edge. You know that I look for a WWE Champion who is willing to do whatever it takes. To make the right choices; are you that type of superstar?

    Edge: Am I? If I’d been healthy I could’ve beaten John Cena with one arm tied behind my back. He only held the WWE Title for nine-months because I was busy being chased by that big red freak Kane for a few months. Then, when I finally got rid of him, I got stalked by Matt Hardy because he couldn’t fulfil his role as a man. But I made it through all of that and now I’m free. I’m free to do what I want whenever I want… and you can be sure that when I cash-in my golden ticket, I’ll do so at the perfect time to become your WWE Champion.

    Once again, Edge shows off the briefcase.

    Edge: It’s not a case of if… it’s a case of when.

    There was awkward tension in the air at the close of the encounter between the WWE Chairman and Mr. Money in the Bank. Both men exchanged a final glance; Edge slowly backing away with his girlfriend Lita by his side. Meanwhile, Mr. McMahon looked on contemplating the possibility that his perfectly laid plan was about to come crashing down whenever Edge deemed it necessary.



    Commercial Break



    When Monday Night RAW returns from the break, TODD GRISHAM is standing by with the former WWE Champion JOHN CENA. The pair are in the interview area with the RAW logo behind them; Grisham holds the microphone and looks across to see Cena obviously deflated after losing his title just twenty four hours ago.

    Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time – John Cena! John, it has no doubt been a rough twenty four hours for you. Have you been able to wrap your head around the events of New Year’s Revolution or are you, like many WWE fans, still in a state of shock.

    John Cena: Shocked? Am I surprised that somebody took a shortcut to try and take the WWE Championship from me? That’s been the case ever since I won it at WrestleMania, Todd. I’ve attracted every challenger on the roster; they’ve all come at me with different weapons but eventually they’ve all looked for a shortcut.

    It’s clear that the pain of last night is still fresh for the man who often referred to himself as ‘The Champ.’

    John Cena: I battle through it all. Over and over… what happened last night didn’t surprise me. I half expected as much when I was facing JBL over on Smackdown or Christian and Jericho with Eric Bischoff putting a target directly on me.

    Cena clenches his fist in anger as he speaks his next words.

    John Cena: They all made it clear they would do whatever it took to steal the WWE Championship from me. So I wasn’t shocked when they took the coward’s way out. Last night, Shawn Michaels walked into that ring with me claiming to be a man. He claimed to be an icon but what the world found out was that he is a coward!

    Todd Grisham: Would you say you let your guard down, John? You’ve said that you expected past opponents to take a shortcut, to try and bend the rules, but does that mean you didn’t expect that same type of action from Shawn Michaels?

    John Cena: That’s a pretty fair assessment, Todd. I fell for the facade, the same facade that fooled the entire world, I never thought that Shawn Michaels would sink so low as to align with Mr. McMahon. Not after everything that man has done. I mistook Shawn Michaels for a man of honour but you can be sure that’ll never happen again.

    Grisham pulls the microphone towards himself as Cena looks around off-screen.

    Todd Grisham: I’m sure you’ve been made aware of the announcement earlier tonight that Shawn Michaels will defend the WWE Championship against Ric Flair at the Royal Rumble. What are your thoughts on that match and the fact that your champion’s rematch has seemingly been wiped away by the Mr. McMahon?

    John Cena: Do you think that Mr. McMahon is going to let me anywhere near Shawn Michaels? Ever since I came to RAW I’ve had Eric Bischoff trying to strip me of the WWE Title. Bischoff has never been a free thinker. He has always answered to someone and let me make this clear… I know it was you – Vince.

    Slowly, Cena turns towards the camera and he glares with fierce aggression.

    John Cena: You two may have taken the WWE Title for the moment but that belt belongs around my waist. Put road blocks in my way, make my life hell… I will never stop coming for you. I hope Ric Flair makes you tap at the Royal Rumble, Shawn. I hope he becomes the seventeen time World Champion and you, the pair of you, will be never more than an afterthought.

    Harsh words from John Cena and his intention has been made clear. He intends to enter the WWE Royal Rumble and attempt to regain his position in the main event scene. Cena exits the interview area with another word leaving Grisham standing alone. Our interview prepares to throw it to ringside when Cena reemerges onto the scene, grabbing the microphone and staring down the barrel of the camera.

    John Cena: By the way; someone let Ric Flair know he has a partner for the main event tonight! I’ll see you in the ring, Nature Boy.

    What a huge announcement! Earlier in the night it was Mr. McMahon who was arrogantly claimed that Flair would struggle to find a partner for the main event tag team match. It would appear that aid has been given by the former WWE Champion! The camera fades to black as we transition back to ringside for the next match on Monday Night RAW.


    Joey Styles: Interesting developments here on Monday Night RAW! We now know who both the partners will be in tonight’s main event tag team contest. You’ve just heard it from the man himself; John Cena will join forces with Ric Flair to compete against, the WWE Champion, Shawn Michaels and, Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge.

    Jonathan Coachman: What a fool John Cena has turned out to be! What kind of idiot would volunteer to team up with Ric Flair after the disrespect he showed the boss earlier tonight. I always knew Cena had a few loose screws.

    Jerry Lawler: That’s a champion’s drive, Coach! Something we know you don’t have any experience with in the world of professional sports. John Cena wants a piece of Shawn Michaels and since it’s clear that McMahon will not grant John his rematch for the title this is the only way he can get some payback for last night.


    Fire shoots from the stage as the entire arena goes red! Here come the former champions ready for their shot at regaining the titles they lost last night. Standing as giants at the top of the stage, KANE and BIG SHOW march down to the ring with scowls on their faces. Neither of them are in good moods and you can understand why after being dethroned at New Year’s Revolution.

    Jonathan Coachman: One of the most dominant tag teams in recent years and now these two are angry. My God, can you imagine the damage that these two could inflict!!

    Joey Styles: If you remember last night it was Kane who brushed aside Big Show after they had lost. That small fracture in the armour of the monsters has seemingly been mended but it is something to keep an eye out for during this contest.

    Jerry Lawler: I don’t think we’ll see anything like that again, Joey. Kane and Big Show have been unstoppable since coming together and I think they realize that last night was a fluke. It was a mistake on their part and tonight they’ll regain the titles. I’m calling it now!!

    Joey Styles: Way to go out on a limb there, Jerry.

    Inside the ring, Kane raises his arms into the air and brings them down with force which sparks pyro from the corners. With his arms crossed, Big Show stares across the ring at his partner, nodding his head.


    The fresh faced World Tag Team Champions rush out onto the stage amongst growing cheers from the crowd. SHELTON BENJAMIN and CHARLIE HAAS are dressed in new gear; classic wrestling singlets with WGTT down the spine and a colour palette of red, white and blue. The newly won titles are around the waists of Benjamin and Haas, the pair fist bump at the top of the ramp before running down to the ring and leaping onto the ring apron. Benjamin climbs the corner on the top left while Haas climbs the one on the bottom left; both men unclipping the belts and raising them high in the air.

    Joey Styles: Two All-American competitors right here in the World’s Greatest Tag Team. They’ve been rolling ever since reuniting when Charlie Haas made his return to Monday Night RAW last month. Perhaps they were the biggest underdogs according to the odds makers but here they stand as the World Tag Team Champions. I’ve got to ask; how do you two see the champions retaining tonight?

    Jerry Lawler: They were underdogs at New Year’s Revolution for good reason. These boys are athletic, perhaps the most athletic tag team I’ve ever seen in the WWE, but physical ability isn’t going to cover all their bases tonight. Haas and Benjamin have to contend with two angry giants, two angry giants who have already been embarrassed by this pair, and they won’t want to let Haas and Benjamin show them up for a second night in a row.

    Jonathan Coachman: I don’t think Kane and Big Show have taken their eyes off Haas and Benjamin since the pair came out here. Here is another thing to consider, in the ultra-competitive RAW tag team division another loss to the World’s Greatest for Kane and Big Show could mean they are on the outside looking in on the tag title picture for the foreseeable future.

    World Greatest Tag Team [c] vs. Big Show & Kane
    Whenever a title match occurs on free television it is a sight to behold. The opening moments of the match saw Kane and Haas starting for their respective teams. It was a bit of a contrast during the opening as Haas and Benjamin decided equally who would start whilst Kane just refused to leave the ring, thereby making the decision for his team without consultation. Kane unleashed hell against poor Charlie Haas from the moment the bell sounded in the background. The thought of losing the titles last night clearly not sitting well with the Big Red Machine. Kane forced Haas into the corner and pounded on him with right hands, slamming him to the floor and dropping some vicious elbows across the chest of the All-American. Tags came quickly, Big Show joining the contest and he continued where Kane left off with big slams and working Haas in the corner. The comeback for the champions would be underway after Haas, who was battling Kane once again, ducked out of the way from a top rope clothesline. Haas found Benjamin on the apron and the champions quickened the pace. For the next few minutes Haas and Benjamin used their athletic ability including; Haas springboarding Benjamin over the top rope onto both Kane and Big Show, Benjamin jumping from the canvas to the top turnbuckle and then backflipping onto Big Show, and Haas hitting a German suplex with a bridge on Kane. It was a fine back and forth contest and the finish came when Benjamin and Kane were both down. The crowd watched on as Kane sat up and Benjamin kipped-up; both gaining a loud reaction from the audience. Both men battled, Kane and Benjamin firing right hands, until Kane grabbed Benjamin around the throat, it all appeared to be over, until Benjamin kicked free and struck with a superkick! Kane stumbled into the ropes and bounced back into the arms of Benjamin who struck with a T-Bone Suplex! A three count would follow to cement the World’s Greatest as the true World Tag Team Champions!
    Winners: And STILL World Tag Team Champions – World’s Greatest Tag Team @ 10:12

    For the second night in a row Haas and Benjamin have scored a win over Kane and Big Show with the tag gold on the line. The champions embrace on the inside of the ring, their challengers making an exit to the outside and up the ramp, and the crowd cheers with appreciation for the great contest they just witnessed. Haas and Benjamin are handed their titles, the two men exchanging a hug inside the ring, before turning to the crowd and raising the titles high – proudly sporting the richest prize in tag wrestling.

    Joey Styles: That is one way to silence the doubters! If you were sitting at home wondering if the World’s Greatest were fluke champions than tonight you have been silenced. Haas and Benjamin went to war with giants tonight and emerged as the victors – well earned, boys!!

    Jerry Lawler: I’ve got to give it up to them. I thought that Kane and Big Show were going to rip them to pieces. What does this mean for Kane and Big Show going forward?

    Before we can get an answer the ring is flooded by GENE SNITSKY and TYSON TOMKO. Snitsky and Tomko have jumped the World’s Greatest after the match and are beating them up. On the outside, Daivari, that sneak of a man, their manager for hire, is shouting instructions to his two new found clients.

    Haas and Benjamin are in no shape to defend themselves are going to battle against Kane and Big Show. They have exhausted themselves in defending their titles and now they are getting the crap beat out of them by these savages.

    Haas tries to takedown Tomko, driving him into a corner, but Snitsky tosses Benjamin to the outside and quickly rushes over to help his partner. A big boot lands to the side of Haas’ head; dropping the champion to the canvas.

    Heavy boos echo from the audience as Tomko grabs Charlie Haas by the head and drives his knee into his temple. Hard knee strikes land, the apparent number one contenders striking like dogs, taking out one half of the World Tag Team Champions.

    Not willing to give up; Shelton Benjamin dives back into the ring and tries to give aid to Haas but the numbers game sends him down to the canvas. Snitsky and Tomko stomping away at Benjamin, crushing his limbs with their boots, spitting down onto his body with venom. Diavari clapping with a smug smile on his face; now holding the World Tag Team Titles.



    Jerry Lawler: I think we just got our answer to who is next!!

    Joey Styles: Snitsky and Tomko became the number one contenders last night at New Year’s Revolution but there was no need for this. They had the title shot locked up. There was no reason to conduct this vicious assault when the champions were depleted after wrestling a match.

    Jonathan Coachman: This was a brilliant tactic by Daivari, Joey. The greatest manager in the business today. He’ll lead this guys to the very top of the mountain.

    Now standing in the ring, the champions laid out on the canvas, Daivari hands the title belts to his monsters and each man raises one in the air as we cut to a commercial break.



    Commercial Break



    **THE GAME**

    When Monday Night RAW returns from the break, TRIPLE H waists no time in making his way out from behind the curtain and heading for the squared circle. Dressed in a full suit and a pair of sunglasses; Hunter has a smug grin on his face after once again defeating long-time rival Mick Foley last night. Having rid the WWE of the hardcore legend, once and for all, Triple H is feeling himself tonight, stepping into the ring and soaking in a tone of heat.

    Joey Styles: It was a war last night between Triple H and Mick Foley but in the end it was the Cerebral Assassin that got the job done.

    Jonathan Coachman: Did you expect anything less? Triple H was never going to lose to a semi-retired, stay at home father like Mick Foley.

    Alone in the middle of the ring, Hunter twirls a microphone in his hand whilst looking around the arena – seemingly without a care in the world.

    Triple H: I’m not one to come out here and gloat…

    The boos from the crowd are instant. Everyone in the arena reacting immediately to the hypocrisy oozing from The Game.

    Triple H: You people may not like it but at the end of the day you will all recognise that I am the best that this business has to offer. I told you last week, I proved it last night and tonight I am giving you all yet another reminder that no matter how many fresh faces walk down that ramp, I am still the guy who makes this whole clock tick!

    More heat.

    Triple H: If you disagree just take a look at what I did last night. I ended the career of the hardcore legend – Mick Foley.

    There is a noticeable chuckle from Hunter after the word legend is spoken. He pauses, removes his glasses and shakes his head.

    Triple H: Am I the only one who finds a problem with that sentence? Hardcore and legend; it simply doesn’t go together. That’s why I’ve had a problem with Mick all these years. I didn’t mind his sock puppet. I get it; the kids need something to imitate. I couldn’t care less about Mick running around with a dyed singlet pretending to be a ladies man.

    Slowly, Hunter clenches his fist around the side of his sunglasses.

    Triple H: But what I won’t stand for, the thing I have always had a problem with, and the reason that I had to drive that vermin from the WWE is that you people put him on a pedestal like he is some kind of wrestling royalty. Being hardcore isn’t something to be proud of… it’s a stain on this business and I refuse to let it breath any longer.

    The respect from the fans and peers for Mick Foley has always been a sour point for The Game. For a purest like Triple H it was the ultimate insult to share the ring with someone like Foley.

    Triple H: Hardcore wrestling – it doesn’t exist!!

    Chants of ‘ECW’ erupt from the crowd.

    Triple H: That isn’t wrestling. What I do inside this scared place, between these ropes, is wrestling as it is supposed to be. I am the evolution of this business in its true form; the likes of Mick Foley and ECW are mistakes that need to be weeded out.

    **ONE OF A KIND**

    This is going to be VERY interesting!! The attention of the crowd switches to the stage as ROB VAN DAM saunters on the stage in his ring gear and a microphone in his right hand. On commentary, Joey Styles reminds the audience that RVD is a proud member of the ECW alumni and someone who lives the hardcore lifestyle when it comes to be a professional wrestler inside the ring – never afraid to put it all on the line.

    Triple H: What the hell do you think you’re doing??

    Rob Van Dam: Did you really think you could talk about “weeding out” without R-V-D?

    The sneer from Hunter could cut through Van Dam if it were a knife.

    Triple H: Very funny. You’ve had your fun now, Rob. Run along because just like Mick Foley, and just like all of these people here tonight, you don’t deserve to share this ring with ME!!

    Rob Van Dam: Well, dude. I’m not out here to share the ring with you; I’m out here to take the ring from you.

    Inside the ring, Hunter and Van Dam begin to circle each other. Neither man breaking the gaze from the other as the crowd chants “RVD” throughout the arena.

    Rob Van Dam: Not so cocky when you’ve got – how did you put it? A mistake? When you’ve got one of those hardcore mistakes standing in the ring with you ready to kick your ass all over the arena! Why don’t you listen up and realise that for every fan that you drive anyway with your boring headlock sessions, I bring create thousands of new fans when I put my body on the line for each and every one of them!!

    RVD nods his head as the crowd offers their applause.

    Rob Van Dam: People like you have always got it twisted. You look down at hardcore wrestling like we’re just a bunch of misfits. Hardcore isn’t just about tables, chairs or thumbtacks. It’s about fighting for your brothers, giving the fans everything you’ve got and proving that it doesn’t matter who you are as long as you give it do your best you’ll get the opportunity to be somebody in this industry!

    From across the ring, Hunter raises the microphone up to his lips and shouts.

    Triple H: You have the nerve to interrupt me and give some lecture about the merits of your trashbag value wrestling? As far as I’m concerned, people like you don’t have a place in the WWE and if I had it my way I’d personally exterminate the lot of you.

    Rob Van Dam: Be all means, Hunter. Try.

    Triple H: You’d love that love, wouldn’t you? From the undercard to the main event for the man they call the best to have never won a World Championship. As I said, guys like me don’t waste time wrestling guys like you. I have bigger things on my mind.

    Slowly, Hunter looks towards the roof and points to the WrestleMania 22 sign hanging in the rafters.

    Triple H: I have bigger goals than you. I have my sights on another World Championship and I’m going to get it by winning the Royal Rumble – AGAIN! I wonder where you’ll be at WrestleMania, Rob?? Perhaps they’ll let you buy a ticket.

    Without warning, seemingly having had enough, Triple H turns his back on RVD and exits the ring. Hunter places his sunglasses back on and adjusts his suit on the outside before making his way up the ramp. The segment is not over however as Rob Van Dam moves towards the ropes and leans on them.

    Rob Van Dam: Hey, Hunter. I’ll happily buy a ticket to WrestleMania but it won’t be for me. Consider it a gift, from me to you, because I’ll be the one in the main event of WrestleMania this year when I win the Royal Rumble.

    The one last jab by Van Dam causes Hunter to pause at the top of the stage. Growling under his breath in anger, Triple H tilts his head around to stare toward the ring once more – scoffing at the idea that RVD could win the Rumble – before storming backstage.



    Commercial Break



    It has been a night of big news with just three weeks until the Road to WrestleMania officially begins with the Royal Rumble event. Our commentary trio can barely contain their excitement and before the upcoming contest have to give us a run-down of what has occurred this evening already.

    We opened the show with the new WWE Champion Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon gloating about pulling the wool over the eyes of the WWE fanbase. They were confronted by Ric Flair who, having defeated Kurt Angle last night, has been rewarded with a title match against Michaels at the Royal Rumble event. Speaking of the Royal Rumble, as of right now, we have three confirmed entrants already; Kurt Angle, Triple H and Rob Van Dam.


    One third of Vince’s Devils makes her way out to the ring for what promises to be a vital match in the WWE Women’s division. The powerful VICTORIA marches down the ring showing no excitement for the major opportunity before her. Her friends, TORRIE WILSON and CANDICE MICHELLE, arrive a few moments later, clapping for the powerful vixen and proclaiming that she has this in the bag. Upon climbing into the ring, Victoria slams one fist into the palm of her other hand and cracks her knuckles.

    Joey Styles: If you were to rank the WWE women in terms of power you’d be on the right track by ranking this young lady at the very top. A former WWE Women’s Champion who has gone a few years without claiming the title for herself. You know that Victoria wants the gold back, she wants to be the one to unseat the dominant Trish Stratus, and if she wins here she’ll book a spot against the champion for the Royal Rumble.

    Jerry Lawler: That’s if Trish Stratus gets by Ashley Massaro next week when she defends the title in a rematch from New Year’s Revolution. There was a time I would’ve said that Victoria was the craziest woman I’d ever seen in the WWE. Now, I’m pretty confident it’s her opponent.


    In stark contrast to her opponent this evening, MICKIE JAMES rushes onto the stage and her emotions are on full display to evening watching around the world. Mickie is jumping up and down, barely able to contain herself, ready for the chance to get possibly meet her idol in a singles contest. James gets halfway down the ramp before she stops – her eyes looking back to the stage… until finally TRISH STRATUS appears as she had promised earlier in the night.

    Jonathan Coachman: You mentioned the word crazy, King. How about totally loopy? Mickie James is as obsessed a fan as I’ve ever seen. Trish better be carefully letting that weirdo hang around her.

    Joey Styles: Mickie is definitely as passionate an admirer as anyone the WWE Women’s Champion has ever encountered. I think she is harmless enough, Coach. The poor girl just has trouble expressing herself sometimes and comes off the wrong way.

    Jerry Lawler: Sounds like you’re speaking from experience, Styles.

    Match 4:
    ~ Winner Challenges for the WWE Women’s Title at the Royal Rumble ~
    Victoria (w/Torrie Wilson & Candice Michelle) vs. Mickie James (w/Trish Stratus)
    With a two on three disadvantage you would’ve thought that Mickie’s gameplan would be conservative. Perhaps it was her general nature of being a little bit wacky or maybe she was inspired by her idol being at ringside during the contest. Either way, Mickie James went full throttle throughout the five minute contest and exploded out of the gate with hard forearms to Victoria. Meeting the powerhouse in a slug fest, James refused to back down and screamed pretty much every time she did a move. Victoria was caught by surprised by the early onslaught and had to roll to the outside multiple times into the safety of the other Devils. A key story point in this match was that Mickie took moments to seek approval from the Women’s Champion. An example was when James performed a diving crossbody, which she landed perfectly, but instead of seeking a pinfall she turned to Stratus and asked if her idol was impressed. This would ultimately prove to be her downfall. James would hit the Mick Kick on Victoria, catching her flush, and immediately turn to Stratus for approval. Even with Trish pleading with her to make the cover, James wanted to impress her idol more and set-up for the Stratusfaction. However, Victoria would counter and turn it into the Widow’s Peak for the three count.
    Winner: Victoria @ 05:11

    Joey Styles: One half of the equation has been solved as we move towards the Royal Rumble. Victoria will challenge for the WWE Women’s Championship but who will she face?? Next week we will see Trish Stratus put the title on the line against Ashley Massaro – and she has demanded that Mickie James remain backstage.

    Jonathan Coachman: I don’t think it matters! You can’t tell me that either Ashley or Trish can stop Victoria from ripping the title away from either of them. You saw her power on show tonight!

    Jerry Lawler: Guys, you saw that Mickie James had the match won. I don’t want to take anything away from Victoria but Mickie hit the Mick Kick!! She had the victory in her hands but she was so focused on impressing Trish that she let the win slip right through her fingers.

    Jonathan Coachman: Did she let it slip or was it that she never had a handle on the win? Mickie James spent all match seeking approval from Trish and now she can go seek some sympathy because she will not be challenging for the title at the Royal Rumble!!

    Victoria, along with Torrie and Candice, stand at the top of the ramp and mock Stratus – the latter holding up the WWE Women’s Championship from inside the ring. In response, Victoria motions to her waist and holds up three fingers – she is signalling that the title is coming her way in three short weeks – meanwhile, Trish checks on Mickie and helps her stand, offering some worldly advice to her biggest fan.


    Cutting to black for a pre-record vignette – MATT STRIKER appears with a blackboard behind him, dressed in a button up shirt and dress pants. He picks up a piece of chalk and writes on the board – MR. STRIKER – and then places the chalk back in its original position.

    Matt Striker: Good evening, boys and girls. My name is Matt Striker and I am here to teach you all a lesson.

    Talking so slowly, as you would to young children, Striker stares directly into the camera.

    Matt Striker: A lesson for not just you at home but a lesson that I will share with every WWE superstar in the locker-room who gets in my way of educating the world.

    Striker forces a smile – it quickly fades.

    Matt Striker: Did you know that America is being overtaken academically by countries in the East? Our children are getting dumber by the second and that’s on you!!

    Pointing at the camera, Striker pulls his hand back and forces another fake smile.

    Matt Striker: But fear not, I am here to educate you all. I will defeat every superstar in my way as I spread the word of education by Mr. Striker. I, and I alone, am the answer to making sure this country remains the very best it can be. Children all across our great land have become mindless zombies by watching the likes of John Cena, Batista, Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio and many more.

    The camera focuses in on Striker’s face as he leans forward.

    Matt Striker: The reeducation of the WWE begins now. Class dismissed!!

    The segments fades to black – the final image being Striker forcing yet another fake smile. The teacher has made a statement tonight – he will no longer sit back and watch the youth of America be twisted by various WWE superstars who he deems as unfit to be role models. Who will the resident intellectual of the WWE set his sights on first?



    Commercial Break




    It is main event time folks! The first man to make his entrance is none other than RIC FLAIR – in a red robe tonight – and he receives a hero’s welcome just as he did earlier in the evening.

    Jerry Lawler: He is the number one contender to the WWE Championship and at the Royal Rumble we will see Ric Flair get his shot at a 17th World Championship! I cannot wait to see if Ric Flair can make history in three weeks.

    Joey Styles: The world will no doubt be watching, King. I just hope that Flair gets a fair shot. After what we saw earlier with Vince McMahon being all in regarding Shawn Michaels’ reign as WWE Champion; I find it hard to believe that the Chairman would let anybody take the title from HBK without a major fight.

    **MY TIME IS NOW**

    The crowd rises for the now FORMER WWE Champion – JOHN CENA! Usually Cena would run back and forth on the stage, kicking up a fuss, but not tonight. Cena is focused – he wants a piece of the Heartbreak Kid. Marching down the ramp with a purpose, Cena tosses his hat and shirt into the crowd, barely looking where he threw them, he enters the ring and shakes hands with Flair before climbing the righthand turnbuckle and posing.

    Jonathan Coachman: I think John Cena is rattled! Just look at the way he walked down to the ring. Where was the fun-loving man that you two have fawned over for the past year?? He suffers one loss and suddenly he can’t function. What a sore loser!!

    Joey Styles: That one loss happened to be for the WWE Championship. The most important title in professional wrestling and it was a total robbery. If anybody has an excuse to tear this place to bits it’s John Cena.


    While Cena and Flair are inside the ring, EDGE emerges at the top of the ramp in his long black jacket and with the MITB briefcase in his right hand. Smoke fills the arena as Edge explodes down the ramp – faking that he is going to rush into the ring but he pulls up just outside the ring apron and signals that he’ll wait for his partner.

    Joey Styles: I’m very interested to see how this match plays out. You’ve got four major players involved. All of them I’m sure see themselves as the top star on Monday Night RAW. How are these teams going to co-exist with each other??

    Jonathan Coachman: If either team was going to implode it’d be Cena and Flair. How can Ric Flair trust John Cena? We all know that Cena wants the WWE Title and Ric Flair is next in line. If I were Ric, I’d watch my back because Cena is more than likely to try and stab the Nature Boy before this night is over.

    **SEXY BOY**

    The final entrant in this contest makes his long-awaited entrance amidst a loud chorus of boos from the fans. WWE Championship around his waist – SHAWN MICHAELS struts onto the stage and does a little twirl before dropping to his knees in prayer. The Heartbreak Kid looks very confident; the camera cuts to the ring where Cena is pacing back and forth like a caged animal.

    Joey Styles: For somebody who is about to share the ring with John Cena, the man he screwed out of the WWE Championship just twenty four hours ago, it would seem that Shawn Michaels is living on cloud nine. I don’t get it, Coach?

    Jonathan Coachman: Do you think Shawn should be worried?? He is Vince McMahon’s handpicked champion. He has the backing of the most powerful family in wrestling. John Cena and Ric Flair cannot touch this man!

    Jerry Lawler: Come on, Coach. Even you must see that it’s a little odd how Shawn is so arrogantly prancing to the ring considering what is waiting for him.

    Main Event:
    Ric Flair & John Cena vs. Edge & Shawn Michaels
    It’s a blockbuster encounter in the main event with all four men being top tier talent in the WWE. Cena stands ready to start for his team – barely able to contain himself with Shawn Michaels standing across the ring – like a lion eyeing his next kill. In the opening moments of the contest it appears that Shawn will start opposite Cena but the second the bell rings we see HBK tag out of the contest – chuckling as he does so. Cena comes out of the gates by throwing bombs at Edge and quickly has him backed against the corner. Furious punches and kicks land from the former champion; Edge tries to escape to the outside of the ring but he eats a stiff clothesline instead. Cena and Flair execute quick tags throughout the contest, both willing to enter the match, while Michaels clearly refuses to tag in when Cena is the legal man opposite him.

    The heels take over the contest when Ric Flair is isolated in the corner. On the apron across the ring, Cena marches back and forth – encouraging Flair to make the tag. During this period we see Michaels taunt Cena with a crotch chop and, to add insult to his opponent for the Rumble, applies a Figure Four Lock Leg on the Nature Boy himself. The finish of the contest occurred after Flair battled through a double team, chopping away with his famous strikes, and got the tag to Cena. The former WWE Champion exploded into the ring and was striking anybody with a heartbeat… but once again failed to get his hands on Michaels – the WWE Champion having escaped to the outside. With Edge in position for the FU it looked like Cena was moments away from securing victory until Carlito and Chris Masters rushed down to the ring leapt onto the ring apron. To protect himself, Cena dropped Edge from his shoulders and charged at the two intruders – forcing them to retreat backwards next to Shawn Michaels. When Cena turned back around he was nailed by a spear from Edge and pinned for the three count.
    Winners: Edge & Shawn Michaels @ 09:24

    Joey Styles: What the hell are Carlito and Chris Masters doing out here? John Cena had the match won until those two rushed down the ramp and caused a distraction. What business do they have out here tonight?

    Jonathan Coachman: John Cena had nothing won, Joey. You don’t count your chickens before they hatched and as saw as I’m concerned we all saw John Cena get beat by Edge fair and square.

    Jerry Lawler: You would have that opinion, Coach. Even Stevie Wonder could see that Cena was about to seal the deal on this match.

    The night is not yet over!

    Inside the ring, Edge gets to his feet and demands his hand be raised by the referee. The crowd boo loudly, showering the ring and Mr. Money in the Bank with heat for what many believe is a tainted victory over John Cena. Edge sneers – he doesn’t give a damn what the crowd thinks about his victory – all that matters is that he just beat John Cena in his first match back in months.

    Our fan favourites have exited the ring at this time. Cena and Flair having made their way up the ramp while Edge goes from turnbuckle to turnbuckle shouting that he is the man on Monday Night RAW.

    His attention needs to be turned elsewhere as Carlito and Chris Masters storm into the ring.

    These two individuals who assisted Edge in gaining a victory attacking like two wolves!

    Masters grabs Edge from behind, holding him in place, while Carlito hammers away with punches.



    The WWE Champion now stands in the middle of the ring, Edge laid out at the hands of Carlito and Chris Masters, basking in his own glory with twelve pounds of gold firmly wrapped around his waist.

    Jerry Lawler: What have we seen here tonight, gentlemen?? Carlito and Chris Masters – are they with Shawn Michaels?

    Joey Styles: I don’t think there is any doubt, King. An image is worth a thousand words and that right there is speaking volumes. Shawn Michaels, the WWE Champion, was so arrogant on his way down to the ring because he knew that he had backup coming. He had support that we knew nothing about. Carlito and Chris Masters have been recruited to the side of Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon. I told you they weren’t going to let the WWE Championship escape from Michaels’ grip without moving heaven and earth.

    Jonathan Coachman: You better learn to love it, Joey. The reign of Shawn Michaels isn’t ending anytime soon!!


    Current Card for Royal Rumble:
    January 29 2006 | American Airlines Arena, Miami FL
    Co-Branded; RAW and SMACKDOWN

    Royal Rumble Match:
    Winner challenges for EITHER brand's Champion at WrestleMania 22:
    Entrants in Alphabetical Order:

    Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam & Triple H

    WWE Championship Match:
    Shawn Michaels [c] vs. Ric Flair

    WWE Women's Championship Match:
    Trish Stratus OR Ashley Massaro [c] vs. Victoria (w/Torrie Wilson & Candice Michelle)

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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    With three weeks until the Royal Rumble it looks like SMACKDOWN! will kick into gear. For the past few weeks, under the orders of Theodore Long, the current World Heavyweight Champion Batista and the number one contender The Undertaker have been kept away from each other. That all changes this Friday. For the first time ever we will see The Undertaker and Batista come face to face three weeks before their epic clash on pay-per-view. For nearly a year Batista has reigned over the WWE as World Champion, battling every superstar put on his path, but at the Rumble he will face his biggest challenge ever. The Undertaker has been a staple of the WWE since 1990, holding numerous titles, yet it has been four years since the Deadman has held the top spot in the world of professional wrestling. Expect the unexpected when these two fierce competitors square off in the middle of the ring.

    Former WWE Champion John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield has been hyping a very special announcement that will rock the WWE to the core. As of this preview nobody has been able to gain any insider knowledge with only JBL and his personal assistant Jillian Hall have full disclosure. It is understood that Layfield will make an address to the WWE fans on SMACKDOWN! before his match later that same evening against The Undertaker.

    The growing animosity between two of Friday Night’s top teams, MNM and the Hooligans, has been well documented ever since Armageddon. In recent weeks, Melina, the manager for Mercury and Nitro, has seemingly shown interest in Paul London. While the feelings have appeared to be one way this hasn’t stopped Nitro and Mercury in accusing London of stalking their manager with lustful eyes and being a creep. This week, London and Kendrick will be interviewed exclusively by Kristal Marshall. In that interview she will ask the hard questions and get to the bottom of the growing tension between the two teams. It is expected that the title match between MNM and the Hooligans will take place after the Royal Rumble. We will also see MNM, the WWE Tag Team Champions, in action this week as they prepare to put the gold on the line.

    Randy Orton has long been a name at the top of the card. After losing to The Undertaker at Armageddon he has been left on the outside looking in on the World Title scene. Rumours have been flying all week that Orton is not happy with his current status on the blue brand and has even sought out legal advice for possibly jumping ship to RAW! Orton will be on SMACKDOWN! this week and is expected to have a heated confrontation with Theodore Long about his future.

    Finally, Mr. Kennedy and Booker T will join forces to take on Rey Mysterio and the WWE United States Champion Matt Hardy. Having won the title at Armageddon, Hardy has said he aims to take on any challenger in his path. It’s no secret that Mr. Kennedy has been eyeing the champion but his partner Booker T would also love to get back in the hunt. It’s going to be a great match for sure with major implications if someone could pick up a win against Matt Hardy.

    Confirmed Matches:

    The Undertaker vs. John 'Bradshaw' Layfield (w/Jillian Hall)

    WWE United States Champion
    Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio vs. Booker T & Mr. Kennedy

    WWE Tag Team Champions MNM will be in action

    JBL makes a "major" announcement

    The Hooligans take part in an exclusive interview with Kristal Marshall

    Randy Orton and Batista are both confirmed for SMACKDOWN!

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    Friday Night Smackdown | January 13th 2006 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania





    Michael Cole: Good evening to all the WWE fans around the world! Welcome back to Friday Night SMACKDOWN! for what promises to be a fantastic night of sports entertainment. Michael Cole here and as always I’m joined by my long-time broadcast colleague, Tazz. We’re just three weeks away from the Royal Rumble – can you feel it in the air??

    Tazz: There’s no doubt, my man. The atmosphere in the WWE changers, there is a noticeable shift in the air, on the Road to WrestleMania. Everyone wants to be involved in the big show and the Royal Rumble is the first place that you can book your spot.

    Michael Cole: We’ve got a lot to cover tonight, folks. News was broken on that The Undertaker, the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, will compete tonight in the main event against John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield. It’s hardly a tune up fight for The Undertaker given by our General Manager.

    Tazz: ‘Bradshaw’ is one of the toughest men I’ve ever shared the ring with, Michael. It’s a smart move by Teddy Long. The Undertaker is going to be up against a younger competitor in Batista. It’s not going to be an easy match so it makes all the sense in the world for The Undertaker to be matched up against top level competition in preparation for the bout.


    The entire arena goes black at the sound of the gong. Smoke fills the top of the stage and cascades down the entrance ramp. The announcers are silent while the chilling tune echoes throughout the arena – THE UNDERTAKER finally emerges and begins his slow walk down to the ring.

    Michael Cole: Speak of the devil himself!!

    Tazz: That’s not the devil, Michael. That’s the most feared man in the history of the WWE. He has claimed more souls than any man I’ve ever seen. He has broken men before they even shared the ring together.

    Michael Cole: While we await to hear from The Undertaker let me just remind the folks at home that later this evening we will see a huge tag team contest from four of the best that SMACKDOWN! has to offer. WWE United States Champion Matt Hardy will team with Rey Mysterio to take on Booker T and Ken Kennedy. That’s sure to be an exciting contest.

    Tazz: Oh, no doubt!! I’m just focused on making sure The Undertaker doesn’t make his way over to the announce desk. You’ll be on your own if the ‘Deadman’ comes this way, partner!

    The Undertaker holds the centre of the ring all to himself. The long black trench coat still on, his black brimmed hat firmly in place and a microphone in his hand – The Undertaker raises the mic up and begins.

    The Undertaker: Batista, you have proven yourself to be a worthy World Heavyweight Champion. All of those who have stood in your path have been met and sent to the bottom of the pit by your own hands.

    Small cheer from the fans. ‘Taker acknowledging that he respects the current Heavyweight Champion.

    The Undertaker: All the way back to your days on RAW where you stepped into Hell in a Cell. You’ve shed blood, sacrificed your body and mind to remain as World Heavyweight Champion. What you have sacrificed you have then claimed back twice over from those who lay at your feet as any champion should.

    Small pause from The Undertaker.

    The Undertaker: For months I have watched as you have ruled over SMACKDOWN! since that faithful night when you were drafted. You have been open to any challenge that has stood in your way. Many have tried to end your reign and they have all failed because you refused to fall.

    It’s clear that ‘Taker respects what Batista has done so far in his career.

    The Undertaker: Batista, you have beaten them all on SMACKDOWN! Legends have crumbled, superstars have faded and they have all been defeated!!

    The Undertaker takes a few steps around the ring, letting that last statement hang in the air, until he follows up.

    The Undertaker: All expect… The Undertaker! You have never beaten me and your reign as World Heavyweight Champion will come to an end when you share this ring with me.

    The crowd begins a slow chant of UN-DER-TAKER.

    The Undertaker: What you have done in your short career is admirable. It is impressive but do not mistake it for enough to save you from the darkness that will come at the Royal Rumble. I am the darkness… and you cannot outrun what I bring to this ring.

    The Undertaker raises his gaze to the camera just outside of the ring.

    The Undertaker: I am your future, Batista. I am your end!!

    **I WALK ALONE**

    The champ is here! Busting out onto the stage in a pair of jeans and shirt, the World Title on his shoulder, is BATISTA. The crowd are on their feet for Batista as he marches down to the ring – eyes on The Undertaker. It’s a big statement for the World Champion to not be afraid of The Undertaker and to actually meet him in the ring sooner than he has to at the Royal Rumble. Batista enters the ring, microphone in his left hand, and immediately gets up in the face of his challenger!

    Batista: You might be my future but you’re not my end. I’ve heard it for nearly a year now. Everyone that has stood across from me has said they were the guy to take this title from me.

    The Animal holds the big gold belt up in the air. ‘Taker doesn’t shift his gaze away from Batista’s.

    Batista: They were all wrong!! You were biggest and baddest of them all, Undertaker. I respect what you have done in the past. You were the top of the food chain around here for a long time.

    Batista lowers the title and hooks it back over his shoulder and takes a few steps back. The crowd produce a loud cheer as we pause for a moment – for the first time ever we have both The Undertaker and Batista sharing the squared circle one on one!

    Batista: But you’re time is done!! This is my SHOW!! This is my RING!! This is MY World Heavyweight Championship and it’s not going anywhere!!

    'Taker is emotionless compared to the intense World Champion. The fire inside Batista coming out as he stands before the Phenom.

    The Undertaker: There is a reason Theodore Long has kept us apart, Batista. He claims it was for our safety. To make sure our match was not derailed by an unforeseen hazard. That is a lie.

    Batista: Why then? What’s the reason we’ve been kept away from each other??

    The Undertaker: It is because those who walk on my road all fall to The Undertaker. I have claimed souls of far better men and you will be another name that falls at the Royal Rumble. The fear that mortal men feel when they step into this ring has broken them long before I threw a single punch. Do you feel it, Batista? Do you feel the terror going up your spine or have you hidden it away until it can no longer be hidden and it arises at the Rumble?

    Across the ring, Batista tenses up and his tone is harsher when he speaks.

    Batista: I'm not afraid!! You think you still rule this yard? Good. I want you to believe that you’re to be just as dangerous as you’ve always been. I don’t any excuses for after the Royal Rumble. AFTER I defeat the man who they say cannot be defeated.

    Batista steps back to The Undertaker. Both men inches away from each other.

    Batista: Because you’re right. I’ve never faced anybody like you before. You’re something different. The Undertaker… the Phenom of the WWE.

    The Undertaker: The sooner you accept defeat the easier it will be. The inevitable is that I will become World Champion and you will rest in pe-

    To the roar of the crowd, Batista cuts The Undertaker off.

    Batista: But you’ve never faced anybody like ME!!

    The crowd awaits a response from The Undertaker… he stands still and eyes the champion. The tension in the ring is high between these two major stars. Batista will not be intimidated by the Phenom. Finally, The Undertaker drops the microphone and does a half turn…



    Michael Cole: I can’t see a damn thing. What the hell is The Undertaker doing out there, Tazz?

    Tazz: You heard the back and forth between The Undertaker and Batista. Both men are ready for their clash at the Royal Rumble. It’s the meeting of two generations, Cole. The past versus the present for the World Championship.

    The lights return to the arena and to the surprise of nobody The Undertaker has long since gone. Remaining in the ring is Batista – World Championship gripped a little tighter to his chest than when he originally arrived.

    Batista looks around the arena, brushing a hand through his hair, before staring down at the World Title in his hand. “He’s not taking this from me.” Batista makes his exit from the ring, slapping hands with a few fans on the way through and begins the long walk up the entrance ramp.



    Commercial Break



    SMACKDOWN! returns with FUNAKI in the corner of the ring, waving to fans around the arena, as he awaits the arrival of his upcoming opponent.

    **TURN IT UP**

    It’s time to get funky on a Friday night! The ever popular SCOTTY 2 HOTTY dances his way out onto the stage and down the entrance ramp to a mild pop from the crowd. The camera pans around the arena to see several fans dancing and clapping along to the beat – Scotty also busting a move as he projects positive vibes everywhere he goes.

    Michael Cole: A fresh match-up here tonight on Friday Night SMACKDOWN! In the lead up to WrestleMania we’re going to see superstars across both brands battling with each other to take that next step up the ladder.

    Tazz: It’s all about seizing the opportunity that is put in front of you, Michael.

    Michael Cole: You’ve got to make an impression in the WWE and you never know who will be watching. We’ve got two veterans of the game – Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty doing battle in what is sure to be an exciting bout.

    Tazz: One good match is all you need. I’m sure Teddy Long is in the back watching carefully to see which fifteen SMACKDOWN! superstars will be rewarded with spots in the Royal Rumble. That last thing you want is to be number sixteen on the list!!

    Match 1:
    Funaki vs. Scotty 2 Hotty
    Two fan favourites going at it to open the show tonight. It starts off with a bunch of counters; Scotty twisting his body and flipping around as Funaki tries to apply several holds. An impressive moment to start sees Funaki whip Scotty into the corner which he counters by running up the turnbuckle and flipping backwards to land on his feet and nail a dropkick on Funaki. To his credit, Funaki gets in a significant portion of offence for himself working over the leg. It’s a smart move as Funaki aims to keep his opponent grounded and lessen the ways that Scotty can counter the various moves performed by Funaki. Another key spot in the match saw Scotty whipped towards the ropes, he flies over the top and lands on the ring apron, steadies himself and springboards back but lands on the bad leg!! Funaki chops it in half and applies a Boston Crab which Scotty powers out of by making the ropes in a tension filled moment.

    The fast pace of the opening minutes is by design because that’s all these two are getting. After a big splash by Scotty 2 Hotty misses, both men down on the canvas for a moment with the crowd watching on, a familiar theme blasts over the speakers within the arena and all the attention turns to the entrance ramp. It’s none other than ~ MARK HENRY! The World’s Strongest Man storms down to the ramp and hits a double clothesline on both men causing a no contest but the attack continues after the bell.
    Winner: No Contest @ 05:02

    Tazz: That’s Mark Henry!! He’s looking to do some major damage out here, Cole!

    Michael Cole: Major damage might be an understatement. He has no business being out here. We had a fine match going on in the ring and Mark Henry is assaulting both men unprovoked.

    Tazz: You go tell Mark Henry he needs a reason to beat people up. Go on, Michael.

    The heat from the crowd oozes into the ring at the sight of the World’s Strongest Man attacking Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty.

    Neither man ever saw it coming and both were caught mid-match by Mark Henry. He grabs Funaki and headbutts him in the side of the head – knocking Funaki to the outside.

    Henry rolls to the outside of the ring following Funaki and grabs him by the arm. After cranking it, Henry uses his grip to launch Funaki into the steel ring post which renders him unconscious.

    The camera zooms in on Henry’s mean mug; he glares around at the crowd and yells at them to shut their mouths.


    Slowly, Henry turns his head back to the ring, cracking his knuckles, before he returns to the ring with his sights set on Scotty 2 Hotty.

    Henry steps into the ring with a fury, smashing Scotty with a shoulder block and following it up with a big elbow drop.

    You’d love to see Scotty 2 Hotty mount a comeback but he has been taken by surprise and cannot muster any resistance. Mark Henry soaks in the heat, he stands over Scotty and places a boot on his throat - “I AM THE WORLD’S STRONGEST! NONE OF YA’LL CAN COMPETE WITH ME!”

    He signals for the end. Henry ducks down and picks Scotty 2 Hotty up off the canvas and positions himself for the World’s Strongest Slam…


    Michael Cole: It’s Bobby Lashley!! The man who has dared Mark Henry repeatedly to pick on someone his own size.

    Tazz: We’re about to see a hoss fight in the middle of the ring!! Somebody call the National Guard because that’s who we’re going to need after this fight is done.

    It’s a big reaction for the youngster – one of the brightest stars on SMACKDOWN! - BOBBY LASHLEY! He comes sprinting down to the ring, looking to stop Henry before things get any worse than they already have and his mere presence sends Henry into retreat.

    The World’s Strongest Man tosses Scotty 2 Hotty to the side and exits the ring in a hurry – just escaping as Lashley sides underneath the bottom rope.

    A furious Bobby Lashley charges around the ring, smacking the ropes, and shouting for Henry to get his ass back into the ring to fight him.

    The veteran shakes his head and wags a big ole finger in the air - “YOU DON’T GET TO TELL ME WHEN I FIGHT. I’LL DEAL WITH YOU WHEN I’M READY.”

    Michael Cole: Talk about a coward’s way out of things for Mark Henry.

    Tazz: Excuse me??

    Michael Cole: You saw it the same as I did, Tazz. Mark Henry had no problem with getting into a fight when his targets were halfway through a match and never had a chance to see him coming. As soon as Bobby Lashley even the odds and wanted a fair fight we all saw Mark Henry run for the hills.

    Tazz: Listen, Mark Henry is a veteran of the ring. He has been at this game for ten years and you don’t last that long in this business without learning a thing or two. He didn’t want to give Lashley a preview when it’s pretty clear they’re going to end up clashing in the ring someday. I think it was a smart move.

    No matter what you’re opinion on it may be the fact remains that we will see no hoss fight between Henry and Lashley tonight. They stare at each other from a distance – Henry at the top of the stage smirking at his handy work while Lashley stands in the ring, offering Henry one last chance for a fight.


    Backstage, RANDY ORTON is not in a good mood (is it a surprise anymore?) as he bustles through a high traffic corridor in the halls of the arena. He is heading for the office of General Manager Theodore Long and judging by the look on Orton’s face it will not be a pleasant conversation.

    Arriving at the door, Orton refuses to knock and kicks the thing open without warning. He steps through to find Teddy Long jumping up from his desk with a sour look on his face.

    Theodore Long: What do you think you’re playin’ at??

    Randy Orton: Me? Playing? You’re the one who has been playing a bit to much around here.

    Theodore Long: Playa, you gotta know by now that I don’t take kindly to those who beat around the bush. Tell me what you decided to barge into my office for, quick!

    The Legend Killer growls – eyeing Teddy with a look of disdain.

    Randy Orton: You best remember who you’re talking to, Teddy.

    The GM doesn’t back down. Orton continues with a venom like tone.

    Randy Orton: I want… you need to correct the mistake you made last month. You saw it earlier tonight, nobody gives a damn about Batista and The Undertaker. You need to make things right. You need to fix the World Heavyweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble.

    Theodore Long: Oh, really? And how would I do that, playa??

    Randy Orton: By adding me.

    A sadistic smile comes over the face of the Legend Killer.

    Randy Orton: I need to be in the World Championship match. It’s unfair that I have been excluded and you need to fix it. Right now!! Put me in the damn match, Teddy.

    Theodore Long: No can do, playa.

    The pop from the live crowd is huge. Orton’s eyes go wide, he takes a few deep breaths before trying again.

    Randy Orton: How about you take a moment to think about what you’re doing and WHO you’re doing it too.

    Theodore Long: I don’t need to think about it, Randy. I agree that you’re one of the brightest stars on SMACKDOWN! There is no disputing that. It’s because of that reason I gave you a spot against The Undertaker to earn the right to challenge Batista at the Royal Rumble… and you lost – fair and square, playa!! There is nothing I can do for you.

    Randy Orton: Do you not remember what I’ve done for this brand? Who was it that was the Sole Survivor at Survivor Series and made sure that Team SMACKDOWN! won the match?

    Orton raises his hands and frantically points to himself.

    Randy Orton: IT WAS ME!! I put this freaking brand on my back. Without me you’d have lost. This show would have lost and who knows if you’d even still have a damn job. It could’ve been you that was thrown in a garbage truck instead of Eric Bischoff. You could've been the one fired. I deserve a reward!!

    Theodore Long: I understand that, Randy. You did play a vital role in our brand’s victory at Survivor Series… so I’ll do you favour.

    Orton sticks his nose up, looking down at Teddy, feeling that he isn’t going to get exactly what he wants.

    Theodore Long: I will not be adding you to the World Heavyweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble.

    Randy Orton: You don’t know what the hell you’re doing!!

    Theodore Long: I wasn’t finished. I won’t add you to the World Title contest however since you were the Sole Survivor I’ll personally see to it that you are rewarded adequately for your contribution by placing you in the Royal Rumble… and I’ll see what we can do regarding your entry position.

    That’s hardly a World Title opportunity and the fact hasn’t been lost on the Legend Killer. He looks ready to argue but thinks better of it – instead he storms out of the office leaving Teddy Long all alone in his office.


    Still backstage, KRISTAL MARSHALL is standing by in the interview area.

    Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen… please join me in welcoming… Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

    The Hooligans saunter onto the screen dressed in casual street clothes.

    Kristal Marshall: Gentlemen, ever since Armageddon we’ve seen the two of you compete in a variety of matches with the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions – MNM. How do you two think you’ve faired against what many people believe to be the best tag team in the entire world right now?

    Kendrick and London share a look before London steps up to answer.

    Paul London: They’re good, Kristal. I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Mercury and Nitro know a thing or two about good tag team wrestling. They’ve got a match later tonight and we’ll be watching to see if they have any flaws that we, as a team, can take advantage of when the time comes for us to get our shot at the gold.

    Brian Kendrick: What he means to say is that Mercury and Nitro are going to get their butts kicked when they step into the ring with the two of us!!

    London tries not to laugh as Kendrick throws up his hands.

    Brian Kendrick: I’m just telling it like it is.

    Kristal Marshall: It’s clear that you two don’t lack confidence as a team. You made mention of it during your answer so I’d like to follow up. You are considered to be the number one contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championships at this time. Are you both ready for that opportunity or would you like more time to scout the champions?

    Kendrick is eyed by London, the latter clearly taking his role more seriously than Kendrick is during the interview.

    Paul London: We don’t have a timetable that we’re chasing. When we get the call from Teddy Long we will be ready. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, a week from now or in a few months. Brian and I are hungry to prove that we are the top team not just on SMACKDOWN! but in the entire world.

    London gets a pat on the back for that comment by Kendrick.

    Paul London: We will go through any and all teams that we need to but make no mistake about it, eventually, sooner rather than later, we will be recognised as champions.

    Brian Kendrick: I’m ready tonight, baby. You can tell MNM that Paul London and Brian Kendrick are taking over the tag team division on Friday Nights. What are they going to do? Send their paparazzi after us with their little cameras?

    Mockingly, Kendrick pretends to take a picture with his hands.

    Brian Kendrick: I just hope those paparazzi are there when we beat them and take those titles home with us. Now that’ll be a picture worthy of the front page.

    Throughout the entire interview something has been burning in the mind of Kristal Marshall. She has waited long enough and has to ask before ending the segment.

    Kristal Marshall: Paul, we’ve seen in recent weeks that you and Melina have been-

    Paul London: Now hang on a minute, Kristal. I don’t mean to be rude, please don’t take it that way, but there is no ‘me and Melina’ under any circumstance.

    Kristal Marshall: But you have been seen with her backstage. Earlier this week posted a picture and it appeared that you two were rather friendly. What do you have to say the allegations that you are flirting with a supposed rival??

    London chuckles, the notion is so ridiculous to him he can barely contain himself.

    Paul London: I haven’t seen the picture you’re referring to, Kristal. All I can say, and I will continue to say, is that I have no interest in Melina. I have never expressed interest in Melina and as far as I’m concerned this is all a ploy by MNM to try and cause some friction between myself and Brian. If you’re finished with your questions-

    Cutting London off is the arrival of a local member of the backstage crew carrying a huge bunch of red roses.

    Crew Worker: Ah, sorry to interrupt. I have a deliver for… let me see here… yes… Paul London.

    Paul London: That’s me, thanks. Um, what are these?

    Crew Worker: Special order, sir. Seems you have someone special out there looking to spoil you. Have a good evening.

    The roses are handed over to London as well as a card with a big love heart on it. Seemingly baffled by the arrival of the gift, London opens the card and the camera moves around to catch a glimpse of the message inside. It reads…




    Brian Kendrick: Ah man, Joey Mercury is sending you flowers now too?? I never get a damn thing.



    Commercial Break



    **BOOYAKA 619**

    Coming out of the break with the arrival of REY MYSTERIO, rushing out onto the stage to an uproar of cheers.

    Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night SMACKDOWN! and what a night we’ve had so far with multiple major developments. We kicked off the show with a confrontation, the first time ever, between The Undertaker and World Champion Batista. Then, just before we went to the break we saw Randy Orton trying to worm his way into the match but instead he now finds himself in the Royal Rumble with a promise of adequate compensation for his role in earning SMACKDOWN! a victory at Survivor Series.

    Tazz: We’ve got all night to wonder about that, Michael. How about this tag team match we’ve got lined up between four of the very best on SMACKDOWN!? Rey Mysterio was seconds away from being World Champion last month at Armageddon, don’t forget about that.

    Michael Cole: You can never count out Rey Mysterio. He might be smaller than everyone else but he has battled the very best. The likes of Big Show, Kurt Angle, JBL, Eddie Guerrero and so many more have all been taken to the limit by the luchador.


    MATT HARDY, the current United States Champion comes out onto the stage, receiving a big pop from the audience, and raises a hand in the air. Hardy bounces back and forth on his feet, unclips the title and raises it in the air on his way down to the ring.

    Michael Cole: It’s been a long journey for Matt Hardy on his path to his first major singles title in WWE. Think about this for a moment, folks. Matt Hardy has been in the WWE for over seven years and it was just a month ago that he FINALLY achieved his dream of earning a major singles title. A title he can call his own.

    Tazz: He didn’t just beat some chump either, Cole. Matt Hardy beat a five time WCW Champion in Booker T on a major stage. People have doubted Matt Hardy for years and at Armageddon he shut everyone up.

    Michael Cole: Remember the year Matt has had. Last year, Matt lost everything. He had a major injury, he lost his girlfriend and he lost his job!! To comeback, to pick himself off the canvas and walk into 2006 as the WWE United States Champion is as impressive an achievement as I can remember.

    Tazz: He just better not rest now that he is at the top of the mountain. He needs to stay on his toes, stay ready for a fight, because there is a whole locker-room in the back ready to strip Matt of the gold.

    **RAP SHEET**

    BOOKER T takes the stage now, still seething about failing to become United States Champion, and has his eyes set on Matt Hardy in the ring.

    Tazz: This man feels that he should be the WWE United States Champion. I wasn’t entirely supportive of the way Teddy Long treated Booker T with the departure of the former champion. Booker T did have a valid case to being awarded the title.

    Michael Cole: Booker T wanted the belt handed to him, Tazz! That’s not how a champion thinks nor is it how things work in the WWE. You don’t just get championships handed to you.

    Tazz: At least not on this show...


    It must be noted that Booker T has not made his way down to the ring. Instead, he opts to wait at the top of the entrance ramp for the arrival of his tag team partner. We watch on as the arena lights dim – MR. KENNEDY appears and a single spotlight takes fire at the stage focusing on Ken Kennedy. Slowly a microphone drops down from high above.

    Mr. Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen if you would all kindly shut your mouths while greatness stands before you!!


    Mr. Kennedy: Tonight, I weigh-in at an incredible two hundred and forty one-half pounds.

    Kennedy chews his gum as obnoxiously as possible, right into the microphone, sending the disgusting sound echoing around the building to the millions at home.

    Mr. Kennedy: I am the fastest rising star in sport’s entertainment and I am the NEXT WWE United States Champion.

    Big heat from the crowd; Kennedy chuckles as the camera flicks to Matt Hardy shaking his head and slapping the title belt with his hand.

    Mr. Kennedy: And I hail from GREEN BAY, WISCONSIIIIIIN!!

    Waiting for silence, Kennedy leans down and slowly brings arches back up as he shouts into the mic.


    Pause. Wait for it. Just wait a second longer.

    Mr. Kennedy: KENNEDY!

    … … …

    … … ...

    Match 2:
    Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy vs. Booker T & Mr. Kennedy
    It’s your standard WWE tag team contest formula for this outing between four valuable names for the Friday Night brand. One of the things that Cole picks up on commentary is Ken Kennedy’s trash talking throughout the contest and his constant jabs at Matt Hardy. The cocky young trash talker gets a very good showing during this contest with Booker T guiding him along as the smart veteran of the game. The heels took control of the match a few minutes in by isolating Rey Mysterio. They were able to tease small comebacks by Mysterio throughout the ten minutes that this match lasted. Each time we saw Booker T cut it off – Kennedy often being overwhelmed whenever things started to crumble for the heels.

    The crowd were totally into the contest from the get go. This allowed the finish to be white hot with the audience when Mysterio executed a hurricanrana on Kennedy – creating separation for the long crawl across the ring. The hot tag was made to Matt Hardy and the WWE United States Champion came rushing into the ring and cleaned house. The champion looked strong (crazy booking, I know!) and attempted to go after Kennedy but the brash trash talker tagged out to Booker T for the finish. The contest concluded after Hardy hit the Side Effect for a close two count. Booker would look to the corner for a tag only for Ken Kennedy to clutch his back on the ring apron, stepping off the ring apron, faking that he was hurt. This allowed Hardy to hit the Twist of Fate on Booker T for the three count.

    Winners: Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy @ 11:24

    Post-match, the focus turns to Ken Kennedy and his supposed injury that forced him from the ring apron. He doesn’t waste a moment in making for the hills, brushing past an infuriated Booker T, and zooming to the back.

    The commentary from Tazz and Michael Cole puts over the effort of Mysterio and Hardy tonight – highlighting their ability to work as a makeshift team whereas Booker T and Mr. Kennedy couldn’t. Tazz argues that we should believe Kennedy’s injury and have a doctor look at it before calling him a liar. In contrast, Cole calls Kennedy a liar immediately and says he hopes someone teaches the loudmouth a lesson in respect.

    The celebrations in the ring have come to an end now. Matt Hardy holds the WWE United States Championship over his shoulder, and together with Mysterio, has his hand raised in the air by the referee. Hardy and Rey shake hands – and in a funny moment – Mysterio taps the United States Champion before pointing to himself. Matt nods his head and can be heard saying, “Anytime, my friend. Anytime.”


    Cutting to a pre-recorded vignette now, SIMON DEAN and SYLVAN are standing behind a table with a bunch of workout supplements. In the background we can see a huge workout contraption and a few large posters with before and after posters of previous users of the Simon System.

    The man himself, the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, smiles broadly at the camera and is wearing a headset microphone.

    Simon Dean: Are you overweight?

    Obnoxious camera cut to the side; Dean turns and looks directly into the camera again.

    Simon Dean: Chances are you’re part of the growing population around the globe that are struggling to stay healthy. Be honest with yourself; do you cry yourself to sleep at night? Do you wear a shirt to be the beach?

    Another sharp camera cut and this time Simon Dean is holding what looks to be a protein power with his face on the bottle.

    Simon Dean: Well, I’ve got the answer for all your problems. Your life might be pathetic right now, it may have been pathetic your entire life – but that all ends tonight!

    ORDER NOW – CALL 1900-234-785”

    Simon Dean: With just one phone call you too can get on your way to looking like this…

    Simon Dean points to Sylvan’s oiled six-pack; the latter flexing and posing to show off his muscles.

    Simon Dean: So get up off the couch, put down those potato chips, change your life today and purchase all five levels of the Simon System! Because for a small fee of $499 even a loser like you can look like a champion.

    One final cut, Simon Dean now holds the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in his hands. In the background, Sylvan is doing push-ups.

    Simon Dean: As always, Simon says - “don’t be the best version of YOURSELF you can be; be the best version of SIMON you can be.”

    The camera zooms in on the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and fades to black.



    Commercial Break



    Back from the commercial, REY MYSTERIO is walking through the backstage area, exhausted from his earlier match, heading for the locker-room. After taking a right turn around the corner, Mysterio comes to a halt, he smiles and waves someone off-screen over to him.

    The camera begins to turn and reveals… EUGENE! The man who was traded from RAW to SMACKDOWN! recently is making his first appearance as a member of the blue brand.

    Eugene: Y-Y-Y-You’re Rey Mysterio!!

    Rey Mysterio: And you’re Eugene, right? It’s your first night on SMACKDOWN! Right?

    The newbie nods his head frantically and holds up a single finger.

    Eugene: This… is my… f-f-first week on SMACKDOWN!

    Rey Mysterio: Well, let me be the first to say congratulations and welcome. I know that coming from RAW it can seem scary but believe me, there is a place for everybody on SMACKDOWN!

    Eugene: If you ever need help you can count on me! We could be like a tag team – HULK HOGAN and MACHO MAN! Watcha gonna do?!

    Happy as can be we see Eugene start posing like the Hulkster. It’s hard to Rey to keep it together, he nods his head and reaches down to the back of his pants.

    Rey Mysterio: I’ll keep that in mind, Eugene. Anyway, I’ve got to go and see the trainer. I’m a little banged up after my match but I want you to have something.

    From behind his back Mysterio reveals a second mask! He hands it to Eugene who can begins to jump up and down. He is overjoyed with the gift.

    Rey Mysterio: Consider it a welcome gift.

    Eugene: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Without warning, Eugene grabs Mysterio and gives him a bone crunching hug. The young has found a new home on Friday Nights and possibly a new friend in Rey Mysterio. After the hug concludes, though it lasts a little too long for Rey’s taste, Eugene takes his gift and runs off to try it on.


    Back into the arena, HARDCORE HOLLY enters the squared circle before climbing the second turnbuckle to pose for the audience, receiving a smattering of cheers, but it’s few and far between.


    BOO ~ the heat flows freely inside the arena for the Legend Killer as he makes his way out to the ring. RANDY ORTON walks about as slow as somebody possibly could and by the time he enters the ring it’s almost as if his song has to be run a second time. A few fans hold out signs disparaging the Legend Killer, and to those within reach, Orton snatches them and rips the signs to bits.

    Michael Cole: The last thing Mr. Orton wants to do right now is compete, ladies and gentlemen. In case you missed it allow me to give you all an update. Orton is displeased with not being involved in the World Championship match at the Royal Rumble. He proceeded to threaten and throw what was akin to a hissy fit about it in the office of Teddy Long. Randy Orton did not get his way and I have to applaud our General Manager for holding firm.

    Tazz: He may have held firm on keeping Orton out of the World Championship match but what about the compromise??

    Michael Cole: That’s a fair point, Tazz. We heard Teddy Long say that because Orton was the Sole Survivor at Survivor Series he would be granted an automatic spot in the Royal Rumble.

    Tazz: Not only that but Teddy Long promised Orton fair compensation in terms of an entry position. What does that even mean? Can Teddy Long give Orton a specific position in the contest or is Orton going to get a redo if he draws a low entry number? It’s going to put a cloud of mystery over the Royal Rumble until we see where Randy Orton enters the contest.

    Inside the ring, Orton saunters past Hardcore Holly and ascends the turnbuckle to stretch his arms out wide, soaking in the boos, all the while smirking.

    Match 3:
    Hardcore Holly vs. Randy Orton
    It’s a total showcase match for the Legend Killer tonight against the hard nose veteran. Orton is slow out of the gate, keeping to the corner and stalling where possible within the guidelines of the rules. Hardcore Holly’s eagerness gets the better of him, he rushes forward towards Orton in a corner, the Legend Killer thumbs him in the eye and proceeds to beat and batter a blinded man. A stiff clothesline knocks Holly to the canvas where Orton proceeds to drive his boot into every unprotected inch of his opponent – doing so with a sick grin on his face.

    Of course we get a quick rest hold because Orton does as Orton will always do. This gives Holly a chance to provide a comeback but a backbreaker puts a stop to that by the Legend Killer. Randy Orton grabs Hardcore Holly by the head and tosses him through the ring ropes, keeps hold of his head and arm – positioning Hardcore Holly for the elevated DDT. After waiting until a count of four Orton spikes Holly head first into the canvas. It’s academic at this point; Randy Orton drops into his hunting position, pounding the canvas, ready to strike as Hardcore slowly rises… RKO! Orton nails it and goes for the pin without hooking either leg.
    Winner: Randy Orton @ 04:01

    The result was never in doubt and Randy Orton wants to make sure that everyone knows it. For added insult to injury, Orton grabs Holly to the head and throws him to the outside of the ring. That’s it! He claps his hands together, signally that it was an insult for him to share the ring with lesser talent, before climbing the turnbuckle to pose again.

    With this showcase win under his belt we hear Tazz and Michael Cole discuss the possibility of Randy Orton winning the Royal Rumble. It’s a solid prediction according to Tazz; he believes that Orton will be more focused and motivated than ever since falling short against Batista with the title on the line a few weeks ago. Both men conclude that it all depends on his entry position and the big question hanging over the head of the entire WWE Royal Rumble Match now. Just how will Randy Orton be rewarded?



    Commercial Break




    The ringside area has been cleared from the previous match allowing for the arrival of JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD and his personal assistant JILLIAN HALL. Being driven out from the back in his white limo, Layfield steps out of the car first and is followed by Hall – the latter carrying her clipboard as always.

    Michael Cole: If you’ve been keeping up with than you would know that JBL has been promoting a major announcement all day. It looks like we’re finally about to hear from the man himself.

    Tazz: You talked about Rey Mysterio being seconds away from being World Champion at Armageddon; that man right there was just as close as anybody during the fatal four way. The longest reigning champion in the history of SMACKDOWN! and he has promised an announcement that will impact the entire WWE.

    Michael Cole: Any announcement from JBL would, as far as he was concerned, shake the WWE to its core. He thinks he is the centre of the universe after all.

    Tazz: JBL was WWE Champion this time last year, Cole! This year he’s on the outside looking in on the World Title picture. That cannot be sitting easy with a guy like JBL.

    Standing in the middle of the ring JBL holds in his hand a microphone, dressed in a full suit and tie with his cowboy hat, and Jillian Hall watching from the corner.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I want to tell a story tonight. A story that none of you ignorant people want to hear but one that you need to hear.

    Some heat from the crowd.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I have come to this godforsaken part of the country not by choice but by necessity. This story, my story, must be told for the good of the entire WWE.

    It’s becoming very clear that JBL is going to milk this announcement for everything it’s worth. He takes a long pause; his assistant clapping in the background.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ten years ago, I made my debut in this company and I was just as ignorant as all of you people. I had no idea how the world worked or my greater part in it.

    Another pause.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: See, someone of us are born at the bottom and work our way up to the top – I did that. The rest of you remain as pigs in the mud because that is all you could ever see yourselves being. I knew I was better than those hicks down in Texas. I knew I was born better than my parents and the rest of my stupid family.

    The smugness of Layfield radiates around the arena. He takes a few steps around the ring, surveying the crowd, loving all the attention.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I saw myself as someone who would make something of himself and I thought just getting to the WWE would be enough. I was wrong!

    Not often we hear JBL admit he was wrong about something.” ~ Cole, mutters.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I realised simply getting here means nothing. So, I did what any intelligent individual does. I cut ties with anybody who I didn’t need.

    At this point, Layfield approaches Hall and pats her on the shoulder. He reaffirms with her that he does in fact need her.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I sent Ron Simmons, the man who I had tagged with for nearly five years, I sent him to the retirement home where he belongs because he didn’t fit in my world anymore. I had no use for him. That’s what this world is all about. It’s what this business is built on.

    More heat from the crowd.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: What can you do for me? I found the tools needed, I found the people I need to manipulate – those Basham boys and Orlando Jordan – and I become WWE Champion. Not only did I win the title but I kept it – I became the longest reigning champion in SMACKDOWN! history.

    He’s never going to let people forget that. Layfield raises his left hand in the air and points to himself.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: From a small town in Texas to being the WWE Champion and one of the top businessmen on Wall Street.

    The tone of voice begins to rise from Layfield. He points towards the camera, his face going a little red, as he shouts.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: My story is one of triumph. My story is a legend for a legend. I have accomplished more in my life than all of you idiots combined and now I stand here as not just a wrestling. I stand here not just as a former WWE Champion. I stand here as a WRESTLING GAWD!!

    Both arms are spread out, JBL in the middle of the ring, soaking in the heat, basking in his own glory.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But my journey isn’t over. I deserve to be on the biggest stage with the brightest lights and that is WrestleMania. So, the next part of my story, the next chapter in this tale, is that I – John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield – will be competing in this year’s Royal Rumble!!

    That’s the announcement we were waiting for! JBL will enter the WWE Royal Rumble and compete for a chance to return to the main event. The crowd offers “YOU SUCK” chants in return for the announcement.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I’m going back to the main event for a World Championship and that’s a JBL guarantee.

    Said with a grin on his face, JBL drops the microphone and waves his hat in the air to a chorus of boos. Together we see Layfield and Hall exit the ring after delivering his sermon. It is big news; John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield will compete in the Rumble and that’s yet another World Champion added to the field which is quickly becoming one of the most stacked events of all-time.

    Michael Cole: I cannot believe we just had to sit through JBL preaching for what felt like an eternity. This man has totally lost the plot!!

    Tazz: You weren’t inspired by his story, Cole?

    Michael Cole: Layfield came out to the ring and spent the entire time basically saying that he needed nobody to get where he is in life. I’m sorry but if you think that being successful is a total individual feat and you didn’t need help at any point than you’re delusional. There have been people who helped JBL throughout his ten years in the WWE and for him to gloss over a legend like Ron Simmons as he did is absolutely disrespectful.

    Tazz: I get where you’re coming from but you’ve got to be selfish in this business. The attitude JBL displayed tonight might not be what you’d like to hear but it’s that kind of attitude which grows champions.



    Commercial Break




    Time for another tag team contest and on this occasion we will see the WWE Tag Team Champions in action. All over the entrance ramp a large contingent of paparazzi scurry into place as a red carpet is rolled down from the stage. The cameras begin to flash as MNM – Mercury, Nitro and Melina – strut their stuff. All three begin to pose, the titles hanging from the waist bands of Mercury and Nitro, with Melina front and centre.

    Michael Cole: It’s always a show when the champions make their way down to the ring. MNM have proven to be one of the top teams in the WWE since their debut on SMACKDOWN! last year. What we have seen in recent weeks is a somewhat underhanded attempt by Melina to cause friction between the number one contenders to those titles – Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

    Tazz: It takes two to tango, partner!! Paul London is trying to keep it on the down low but I’m sure that the rumours are true. He’s been the one reaching out trying to get himself a date with Melina.

    Michael Cole: Oh stop it!! Paul London has shown no interest. He is focused on winning the WWE Tag Team Titles with Brian Kendrick. Not trying to impressive Melina. You saw it earlier, Melina sent London a bunch of flowers. It’s an attempt by the champions and their manager to try and undermine The Hooligans. To put it into the head of Kendrick that perhaps London won’t be totally focused. Luckily, both men can see straight through it!

    Already waiting in the ring is a duo from the local area – CHRIS CAGE and JOHNNY JETER.

    Mercury and Nitro hand their titles to Melina for safe keeping. They enter the ring and mock their opponents, showing that they don’t see them as equals, dismissing the team from the developmental system as nothing.

    Match 4:
    MNM vs. Chris Cage & Johnny Jeter
    In keeping with the on-going storyline we have a split screen at times during the contest which shows The Hooligans watching from the locker-room. The developmental team from OVW gets a few shots in during the opening exchange but are quickly knocked down when Nitro hits a STO on Jeter. Mercury and Nitro pound on whoever the legal man is for the opposition; tossing Cage and Jeter into the opposing corner allowing them to make a tag on multiple occasions. Mercury and Nitro execute various double team moves including; a double vertical suplex, a high/low sweep with Mercury hitting a clothesline while Nitro kicked the legs out from under Cage, a double dropkick and finally a backbreaker across the knee of Mercury (which he held in position) while Nitro jumped off the second rope with a knee across the throat of Jeter. The finish of the match came as Nitro was the legal man, he and Mercury would combine to hit the Snapshot! Both legs hooked gave MNM the victory.
    Winners: MNM @ 04:32

    A convincing victory for the WWE Tag Team Champions and they have gained momentum as they prepare for the eventual clash with London and Kendrick.

    Michael Cole: They continue to dominate every tag team that is put in their way. The question remains; can Nitro and Mercury do the same to London and Kendrick??

    Tazz: We saw them watching in the back. Did they find something in this contest that they can exploit? Have The Hooligans got the right gameplan to dethrone MNM as champions? There is only one way we can find out, Michael!

    Michael Cole: I cannot wait to see them go at it, partner!! We don’t know when but I’m sure SMACKDOWN! General Manager Teddy Long is in the process of getting that contract signed. It’s going to be one of most anticipated tag team matches we’ve had in a long time on Friday Nights.



    The video package opens to a green field in Ireland. Soft and calming is the sound of the ocean’s breeze. A blue sky is hanging above as the camera slowly comes around… to reveal FIT FINLAY standing in the field.

    My name is Finlay… and I love to fight.”

    The mere mention of the word ‘fight’ brings a smile to the Irishman’s face.

    And I’m coming to SMACKDOWN! next week looking for a fight. Cause I’ve heard for a long-time that the WWE is where the real men are. Huh, well I’m coming to test that out.”

    Finlay turns to look over at the ocean’s waves crashing against the rocks.

    I don’t care who steps into the ring with me. Some people are born to sing, some are born to play but I’m Irish… and I was born to FIGHT!!”

    He turns back to the camera.

    My family and I have been through it all. The bloodshed in the streets, the riots breaking down communities, men turned to violence to protect the ones he loved. I didn’t grow up and learn to fight in a fancy gym with trainer’s and gloves. I learnt to fight in the streets; bare knuckle on bare knuckle. Blood for blood. An eye for eye.”

    Finlay smirks.

    Do you really think any of you can worry me?”


    **END VIDEO**


    Moments before we take the final commercial break of the evening the camera switches backstage. A monitor is set up with a chair across from it – a few moments pass before BATISTA enters the frame and takes a seat. He unclips the World Heavyweight Championship from his shoulder and places it on his lap. The World Champion will watch carefully as his opponent at the Royal Rumble – The Undertaker – takes on JBL in the main event.

    Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, do not going anywhere because coming up right after the break is a main event you cannot miss. The Undertaker, the number one contender for the World Championship, takes on John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield with the Batista watching on from the back.

    Tazz: After the confrontation between those two earlier in the night I can’t imagine what is going to happen the next time they come face to face!!



    Commercial Break




    Unlike earlier tonight the long white limo does not make an appearance. Instead, JBL walks out from the back in his wrestling gear and cowboy hat. To the surprise of nobody JBL has his assistant, Jillian Hall, by his side as he makes the long walk down to the ring for this main event.

    Tazz: After delivering his blockbuster news tonight I bet that JBL is 100% ready to make an even bigger statement with a victory over The Undertaker.

    Michael Cole: In case anybody missed it, JBL announced earlier tonight that he will be a competitor in the Royal Rumble this year. He will enter the field of thirty for a chance to main event WrestleMania and compete for either brand’s championship.

    Tazz: JBL better be on his a-game tonight because if he is looking past The Undertaker he could end up in a casket rather than the Rumble. Keep an eye on Jillian Hall at ringside. She’s not just a pretty face, Michael. She’s a valuable investment in Layfield’s return to the main event.


    The lights go out in the arena – smoke filling up the entrance way - for the arrival of THE UNDERTAKER. His slow and methodical walk to the ring draws the attention of everyone. Even JBL inside the ring has come to a stop, his gaze on The Undertaker, waving Hall to the outside of the ring before the Deadman enters his yard.

    Michael Cole: In three weeks time The Undertaker will compete for the World Heavyweight Championship against Batista! It’ll be the very first time they have ever had a one on one match against the other. It’s a clash between the past and the present – according to the current World Champion. While Batista is as dominant a champion as I’ve ever seen – do not forget the man who will stand across the ring from him. The Undertaker has evolved more than anyone over his fifteen year career in the WWE and in three weeks we could see yet another evolution if he captures the World Championship.

    Tazz: How long has it been since The Undertaker held a World Championship, Michael? Couple of years, right??

    Michael Cole: 2002. The Undertaker hasn’t been World Champion since his days as the American Badass. It has been four years since The Undertaker has laid claim to a Heavyweight Championship!!

    Tazz: Well, you heard what Batista had to say! He wants the very best version of The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble. As a former competitor I can safely say that the hunger for being the World Champion is real, Michael. When I lost the ECW World Championship I tossed and turned at night thinking about getting it back. It consumed me. I couldn’t think about anything else. Now, The Undertaker has been going through the same thing for four years!! Mark my words, we’re going to see a motivated Undertaker like nothing we have ever seen before in the WWE.

    Main Event:
    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield (w/Jillian Hall) vs. The Undertaker
    The action is slow after the bell sounds. JBL doesn’t make a move to cross the ring; he sends looks from The Undertaker to the referee and finally to Jillian Hall on the outside. He escapes the ring and says that he needs a timeout before the match gets underway. JBL discusses the game-plan with Jillian Hall, the assistant showing her boss a strategy from the clipboard and reassuring him that this is a certainty. While all this is happening The Undertaker exits the ring and comes up behind JBL – nailing him with a big right hand. A brawl on the outside ensues, Taker battering Layfield around ringside. JBL attempts to make a run for it through the crowd but The Undertaker pulls him back and slams him head first into the guardrail.

    The action turns as JBL is tossed back in the ring. The Undertaker grabs JBL by the head; JBL swiftly sticks a thumb in the eye and smacks Taker to the canvas. Layfield spends the next few minutes working over the Deadman with big power moves. A huge elbow drop by JBL lands and he follows up with straight-jacket neckbreaker for a close two!! On commentary, Tazz gives props to Jillian Hall for her strategic mind. JBL takes a moment to gloat, Taker down on the canvas, before he blatantly chokes The Undertaker with two hands around the throat.

    A comeback by The Undertaker begins; JBL holds him in a sleeper but Taker elbows out and fires off some punches. Snake eyes by The Undertaker lands and he goes for a big boot but JBL catches him with a scoop slam for another two count! For the next couple of minutes JBL takes control of the contest – beating down The Undertaker and trying to put this contest away. We move toward the finish now, JBL raising his arm in the air looking for his Clothesline From Hell. He assists The Undertaker in standing, pulling him up to his knees, before rebounding off the ropes – big swing by JBL – it misses!! Taker ducks, runs off the ropes himself and jumps through the air with a flying clothesline. The Undertaker signals for the end, doing a throat slash to the roar of the crowd, before planting JBL with a Tombstone!! Taker crosses JBL’s hands onto his own chest and gets the three count.
    Winner: The Undertaker @ 11:03

    The cheers in the arena are as loud as they have been all night. The Undertaker rises from the canvas and in doing so signals for the arena to darken. All the lights go purple, the crowd chanting his name – The Undertaker standing tall tonight over JBL.

    While The Undertaker looks out over the audience in the building the camera shifts backstage. We’re back at the monitor and Batista is still seated with the World Championship in his lap. With the match concluded, Batista stands up and puts the title over his shoulder. He rubs his chin, looks at the World Title, and says, “I’m ready, Taker. Bring everything you’ve got.”

    Returning to the arena, The Undertaker has come to a stop inside the ring and it is clear that he did in fact see Batista’s response to the match. As the WWE logo appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, The Undertaker rolls his eyes into the back of his head… and we cut to black.


    Current Card for Royal Rumble:
    January 29 2006 | American Airlines Arena, Miami FL
    Co-Branded; RAW and SMACKDOWN

    Royal Rumble Match:
    Winner challenges for EITHER brand's Champion at WrestleMania 22:
    Entrants in Alphabetical Order:

    John 'Bradshaw' Layfield, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam & Triple H

    WWE Championship Match:
    Shawn Michaels [c] vs. Ric Flair

    World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    Batista [c] vs. The Undertaker

    WWE Women's Championship Match:
    Trish Stratus OR Ashley Massaro [c] vs. Victoria (w/Torrie Wilson & Candice Michelle)

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    When you took this direction at NYR, I was really excited about the prospect of this Vince/Shawn alliance, but the promo to kick off Raw left me fairly cold to it all. It started off amazingly, with Shawn playing up being a God fearing man and decreeing that Vince was no devil. I loved that, and I wished you’d leant more on that rather than some standard heel tropes. Shawn putting over how great Vince is throughout was just way too much for me and didn’t ring true at all, but the positives here was the motivation from Shawn as to why he wanted to dethrone Cena.

    The idea of this older HBK – the anti-authority figure for most of his heyday – now becoming an older corporate shill is a really intriguing idea that definitely has legs, and I hope in the coming weeks you tap into some more of Michaels motivation, comparing the DX version of HBK to the controversial Cena and why he’s so against that anti-establishment act now… but it got off to a rocky start here for my money.

    And the Flair stuff. Whilst, the Flair/Shawn chemistry is always there, I hated the way the match was made for the Rumble. Just thrown out there without any real rhyme or reason – really cold way to announce what should be a massive match.

    Can see Gregory Helms being a big project for you in this thread. Already the I.C Champion, he’ll be treated like a big deal. Solid and expected win over Chavo here to keep him ticking over, but that line as he left the ring was awesome. Loved that.

    Could we be seeing you put a spin on this Trish/Mickie angle by having Trish be the heel in the end?? Just an observation on my end, with Trish snapping at Mickie there. At the same time, you can’t really blame Trish for getting angry at Mickie either. Still, this rivalry could do with that kind of spin on it to differentiate the angle from real life. You’re sort of stuck here, as you HAVE to run the angle one way or another, and it’s one that you’ll find hard to top from real life.

    Tough to get a good promo out of Kane and Show. This is about as good as it gets.

    The Angle/Rosey match was about two and a half minutes too long for my liking. Without Hurricane, Rosey has zero upside, and Angle with that added intensity off his loss at NYR should’ve just ran through the big guy. Right result in the end though, and a strong promo from Angle afterwards. Obvious name to put in the mix for the Rumble match, and that line about the RTWM running through him was tremendous.

    Edge sure is an interesting wildcard in the mix here. With time ticking down on his MITB contract, he HAS to cash in soon, but I can’t see a way for him crashing the scene here. I’ve a theory as to what MIGHT happen, but I’ll hold that off until a predictions post for the Rumble … unless things change my mind before then.

    Surprised Cena didn’t announce any intentions of entering the Rumble here. He came across very downbeat for the most part, and I would’ve liked a bit more fire out of him earlier, and show some desire to get his title back – which is why I’m surprised he didn’t mention entering the Rumble at all here considering he’s not getting a rematch. Him announcing himself as Flairs partner was to be expected though. Nice announcement there.

    Tough spot to navigate in getting Show and Kane out of the title picture. Two big wins that though now for TWGTT, knocking off that super massive former champions. It’s hard then to get excited about ANY challengers after WGTT have beaten two former World Champion monsters, but with the addition of Daivari as their manager, I think you can make Snitsky and Tomko a legit threat going forward. Hoping there’s plans for some more dynamic teams in the future to feud with WGTT though, and this is merely a place holder until you can put better teams together.

    Triple H’s anti-hardcore promo was the perfect way to bring in RVD for the interruption. I liked Van Dams description of Hardcore wrestling, giving it a different meaning, and I can see this developing into a feud to bridge both guys to the Rumble before heading off into their WrestleMania programs. Liking the importance and focus being put into the Rumble so far.

    Poor Mickie. She looks like a bit of an idiot here, more interested in impressing Trish when she had the match won, but if it ends up in Trish using that aspect of Mickie’s character and making her do things to ‘impress’ her in the future, it could be a good thing to build on.

    This Striker stuff should be lots of fun. Enjoyed this promo.

    Definitely a blockbuster main event. Given how you kept Michaels and Cena apart, it feels as if there’s a reason for that, and I can only guess it’s because this is the WrestleMania direction. Finish was a shock, as I thought it would’ve been important for Flair to look like a big deal but he wasn’t even involved in the finish.

    Post match was weird too. Cena and Flair just accepted the loss and left the ring without any fuss despite being screwed?? Given how the show ended, there probably wasn’t any other way to get there without Cena and Flair just leaving if you didn’t want them getting laid out too … but it just felt really odd. Carlito and Masters aligning with Michaels also feels like an unnatural alliance at first sight, but I’ll see where you go with it.

    Onto Smackdown.

    Despite being hampered with The Undertaker being Undertaker, I really dug the opening promo for the most part. Just a few grammatical errors (faithful night should’ve been fateful night, and all expect should’ve been all except) but aside from that, I fully enjoyed this tense face off between two larger than life characters. Taker being positioned as this ‘final boss’ almost from a computer game with all the guys haven already fallen to Batista except for Taker makes me want to see this match. Promo felt like a build up almost for a WrestleMania match and not a Rumble title match tbh. Really good hype for that showdown at the Rumble.

    Had to know that a Funaki/Scotty match in 2006 wasn’t getting a finish. Loved Tazz’ line to Cole telling him to tell Henry he needs a reason to beat people up. Gave me a chuckle. You’ve been inactive for so long that I’ve forgotten if Henry and Lashley were already feuding here or not … but it’s a solid HOSS feud that I can get behind either way.

    Orton being in the Rumble is a no brainer, and the match is filling up nicely already. Nice run down of his accomplishments here too for the brand, at least giving him an argument for why he should be rewarded as opposed to just asking for things. Wonder what could be cooking here with Teddy potentially hinting at Orton getting a late entry number. Have to believe there’s something in that.

    Again, given the long delay in shows, I’m having to try and refresh my memory as to what you’d set up here previously, but I’m a big fan of these angles, making the most of the manager in this tag feud, setting up a question of whether Melina is using London or if perhaps there is something genuine happening between them. Makes the feud stand out more than just Londrick chasing the titles. You got a laugh from me on that closing line from Kendrick, making a joke out of the flowers. Does seem weird that the girl would be sending the guy flowers, but I can look past that for the pay off with that Kendrick zinger.

    Solid mid card tag match to carry the in-ring stuff on the show. Kennedy taking the easy way out, leaving Booker high and dry at least gives Booker an ‘out’ for the loss. Expecting all four of these guys to be in the Rumble, and I don’t see much else developing for them in the mean time. Rey making advances to the title sounds good, and another series of matches between him and Hardy could be fun, especially with both positioned as faces.

    Much like the Striker promo on Raw, the Simon Dean promo here seemed like a good set up for some future fun. “Small fee of $499” lol.

    Not much to say on Mysterio/Eugene. Just seemed like a way to introduce Eugene on Smackdown, and of course he’d be delighted to get a mask off Rey.

    Orton over Holly was a no brainer, and the continued talk about his ‘compensation’ has to be leading to something other than simply getting #30. Feels like it could end up being something different imo, just due to the talk around it so far … or maybe I’m just reading way too much into things.

    By the numbers JBL promo. Again, not a whole lot to say here. Just seemed to be a vehicle for him to announce his participation in the Rumble.

    Johnny Jeter making an appearance as a jobber here suggests there wont be a Spirit Squad in this Universe and you won’t hear any complaints from me on that. Straightforward win for the champions, which felt more like an opportunity to put more focus on the Melina/London angle, which is no bad thing.

    Yes!! Get Finlay called up!! He’ll be a great addition to the roster.

    Think it might’ve been better to position the JBL promo just prior to the main event, rather than have him come out, cut that brief promo then leave, and have a match before having JBL walk out again for the main event. Just feels like we only saw JBL a few minutes ago. Solid main event anyway, and Taker shouldn’t be losing at this point if he’s gearing up for his title shot at the Rumble. Doesn’t do a whole lot for JBL though to lose this soon after his rousing promo earlier.

    Thought Smackdown was much better than Raw, but a lot of that is probably down to my issues with that opening promo on Raw which just left me pretty cold toward it. The Taker/Batista program feels like a special match between two HUGE stars, and feels like a major confrontation coming up at the Rumble. That one is being built up perfectly in my eyes, and the Rumble match itself is being filled up nicely with star names.

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    I believe I was one of the biggest fans of your last BTB but I must say, I am happy that these shows are a tad bit shorter than your Nitros it seems.

    Just to touch on some of the recent happenings -

    I was a Simon Dean mark in the day. I really appreciate you breathing new life into his character and giving him a meaningful place on the card. Writing for someone like Dean can be tons of fun, even more fun than writing for your main eventers. If nothing else, it's a good break from the norm.

    Now on the flip side of that... yeah, I would love to see Eugene sacked. Horrible gimmick and even putting the offensive nature of it aside, I just don't think he's good comic relief. The real tragedy is that Nick Dinsmore is a talented guy. Fingers crossed maybe you let him shed the gimmick down the road.

    Lashley vs. Henry is something I'm unsure of. You'll get me interested in it by the end, but it's not a match that would command my interest irl.

    Orton's Rumble dilemma is one of the most interesting things going. I have many theories as to how this could play out but bottom line is that I'm very intrigued to see what you pull out. Beyond that, I am interested to see what Orton does at WrestleMania. It's tough for me to call whether you're positioning him for a monster push or if you're going to use him as more of a fringe main eventer.

    Main event was a good way to keep Undertaker red hot approaching the Rumble. Batista is playing this whole thing serious as a heart attack. The build is nice as they prepare to clash for the first time. For his part, I think JBL had a good enough showing to keep him in the conversation as a dark horse for the Royal Rumble. It's a long shot to have him back in another World Championship match at WrestleMania so I'm far from betting on him to win, but I am a big JBL mark so I hope he gets to be a major player.

    Looking forward to the next week of TV and really excited for the Rumble and the race to WrestleMania!
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    Watching TNA's monthly PPVs from the start
    WC's Greatest Superstars in WWE History

    Burn It Down!: The Top 25 Matches of Seth Rollins' Career

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    Ok…so head’s up to start this review.. I havnt read any of your other shows in this thread, but I was a big fan of ur WCW thread… I’m a tad disappointed that its not still alive bc we would have had the Death of the NWO and the Birth of the NWO in the same forum, but I wont hold that against you haha.

    Thank you for dating your show b/c I realized as I started to read… I have no idea the time frame on this show at all… now I know where I am at and what was going on IRL WWE. Really good promo from Taker here; it really sounded like him and I loved the way you had Undertaker build up Batista before putting himself over as the man that hasn’t fallen to the Animal. Good fire from Batista, I feel you’re a lot more comfortable writing for Taker than Batista, but honestly, there is a lot more that can be done with Taker than there is Batista when it comes to the gimmicks. Face vs. Face is really hard to do and I like how you built this up as a big fight for the Rumble. Good stuff here, especially the end with the Taker mind games.

    When I saw Funaki in the ring, I instantly thought “who is he jobbing to.” Then Scotty came out and I was really confused. I do like that you had commentary explain that this is a way to help narrow the field for the Rumble. Essentially this match was a way to have two guys in the ring for Mark Henry to mow down and show his dominance, which is pretty awesome. Bobby Lashley making the save is great and I think him taking out Henry when that eventually happens will be a great thing to behold. I do love the way you use commentary to tell a story… very good job there as I know how difficult that can be.

    The Orton promo was really well done. Orton having a valid reason to want to be rewarded is really great, but I like that Teddy didn’t back down. I hate when GMs are pushovers, so this was a home run for me, especially with Teddy being fair about Orton presumably saving Teddy’s job. I believe I smell Orton as the #30 man in the Rumble

    So, I was ready to not really comment much about this Hooligans promo other than to say it was generic, but not in a bad way as London and Kendrick didn’t have great mic skills. However, the introduction of the Melina angle is brilliant. I really love this as a potential sticking point with London and Kendrick. This reminds me of the Ashley Massaro angle that was done with the two of them. Not sure if that was after or before the time period ur working with here, but I know it didn’t go far b/c she got hurt, so this can be fun to see played out. I’m assuming at the end, Kendrick knows its from Melina, but isn’t playing into MNMs hands by selling the flowers.

    Great use of the Tag Team match to establish the US title picture and I LOVE that you had Kennedy as the biggest heel by faking the injury. The tap of the title by Mysterio was all that was needed to show that he was in the running for the belt and Booker is the former champ so he is in the hunt. Only thing missing is something to get Kennedy on the bad side of Hardy and into the picture a little deeper. I am sure that is to come as I think Kennedy is going to be the next US champ whenever a switch happens.

    Time-out – Simon Dean is the Cruiserweight Champion… Clearly Bruce Prichard has been fired ( pls tell me u listen to his Podcast to get that joke) like holy shit, Simon Dean is the Cruiserweight Champ… mind blown… I love the vignette…. I have an idea and feel free to steal it… Simon should NOT make the weight for the CW division… like do some angle where he has to get weighed in and he is over the limit… the pop that would get with the guy calling everyone overweight actually being Overweight would be amazing…

    Eugene on Smackdown could be lots of fun.. I really loved the Eugene character… Also, the fact that Mysterio just randomly has another mask with him at all times just makes me smile.

    Easy squash win for Orton here… keep building him up

    I loved, loved, loved this segment with JBL. It was written beautifully and sounded just like JBL. The fact that he took all that time just to announce he was in the Rumble and had everyone thinking it was some MAJOR announcement was awesome. Yes, the Rumble is a big deal… but I just feel that its not in the category of MAJOR announcement for someone, but the smugness that JBL has made this moment special. Great Job!!!

    Nice little win here for MNM and I like the attention to detail to say that the Hooligans are watching from the back. Effective booking for this segment.

    God damnit Pal, Finlay loves to FIGHT!

    I like the tease of the main event with Batista watching it from the back. Good way to get into a commercial break. Nice little match… I’m glad that you had Taker go over clean as he is in need of the win more than JBL, who can hang his cowboy hat on the fact that he is in the Rumble match. Nice subtle message from Batista at the end. Again, babyface vs. babyface is so hard to do, but I like the way you are handling it.

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    Re: The Gorilla Position


    Only two weeks away from the WWE Royal Rumble and already the battle lines have been drawn for many of the top stars on Monday Night RAW. After his victory against Kurt Angle at New Year’s Revolution, Ric Flair has stepped up to challenge the newly crowned WWE Champion Shawn Michaels. The latter now siding with Mr. McMahon seemingly turning his back on both the WWE fans and his rebellious ways. The confrontation between Michaels and Flair got heated last week and ended with a championship match between the two being made for the pay-per-view event. This week, Ric Flair will be put to the test against top tier competition while Shawn Michaels is given the week off. RAW will open with a blockbuster tag team match consisting of Ric Flair teaming with Rob Van Dam versus Kurt Angle and Triple H.

    The inclusion of Rob Van Dam and Triple H into the tag team match is not to go unnoticed. One of the biggest talking points coming out of last week was the back and forth war of words between the two men. Basking in the glory of his victory over hardcore legend Mick Foley from the night before, Triple H would call-out anyone who claimed to be hardcore – citing it as a poor imitation of the traditional technique he uses within the squared circle. Van Dam would take issue with that statement as a vital member of the former ECW organisation which thrived as an alternative presenting hardcore wrestling to its audience. Tensions are sure to be high when these two men share the ring.

    The WWE Women’s Championship is up for grabs this week in a rematch from New Year’s Revolution. While the stage is set for Victoria to challenge for the title at the Royal Rumble we must first determine who her opponent will be. Long standing WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus will step into the ring with her close personal friend Ashley Massaro for the second time. Stratus has dominated the division since January 2005 and has not been dethroned for over 365 days. Her challenge this week is Diva Search winner Ashley Massaro who will be looking to become the first Diva to ever win the Diva Search contest and become WWE Women’s Champion. This match comes a direct request from Trish Stratus after Mickie James influenced the rest at the PPV in Stratus’ favour. As a result, Stratus has demanded that James stay away from ringside during the contest as to give Massaro a fair chance. Will this show of sportsmanship cost Trish her title or is the six-time WWE Women’s Champion about to show why she is the greatest of her generation?

    Edge returned last week and he wasted no time in making a major impact. In his return match, Edge would pin John Cena with a spear in the main event of Monday Night RAW. Afterwards the scene turned ugly as Mr. Money in the Bank fell victim to a three on one assault by Shawn Michaels, Chris Masters and Carlito. It’s safe to say that Edge has plenty to say and for the past seven days he has been waiting for a live microphone to speak his mind. He gets it on RAW! Edge will be in the building and he has a lot to get of his chest.

    Finally, WWE Intercontinental Champion Gregory Helms will be in action. Helms took part in an interview with where he blasted the RAW locker-room for being afraid of him. He cited the apparent lack of contenders willing to challenge him whilst every other champion has people knocking down their doors. Helms believes that he is such a feared champion, the roster knowing they cannot defeat the Eye of the Storm, that he has been relegated to the bottom of the barrel in terms of competition. Expect to hear a word or two from the Eye of the Storm before he wrestles this week.

    Confirmed Matches:

    WWE Women's Championship Match:
    Trish Stratus [c] vs. Ashley Massaro

    Ric Flair & Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle & Triple H

    Gregory Helms is set for in-ring competition

    Edge has demanded television time to express his thoughts regarding his return last week and his Road to WrestleMania

    John Cena & Mr. McMahon are both confirmed for RAW

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    Monday Night Raw | January 16th 2006 | Raleigh, North Carolina





    Joey Styles: We are live from Raleigh, North Carolina for Monday Night RAW!! Joey Styles coming to you alongside Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler and Jonathan Coachman. We are just thirteen days away from the Royal Rumble. Thirty men will compete for a chance to main event WrestleMania and to challenge for either brand’s champion. Speaking of our champion, Shawn Michaels will defend the WWE Championship against sixteen time World Champion Ric Flair!! Both of those men are in the building tonight so who knows what is going to go down.

    Jerry Lawler: We do know that Ric Flair will be in action to kick off Monday Night RAW in his home state. Get ready for this, gentlemen. It’ll be Ric Flair teaming with Rob Van Dam against the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and Triple H!! Talk about a blockbuster tag team match and that’s coming up in mere moments.

    Jonathan Coachman: Don’t get me started about Ric Flair. This guy has the ego the size of the entire state. He’s lucky to even be employed by this company after the disrespect he showed Mr. McMahon and Shawn Michaels.

    Joey Styles: Don’t even go there, Coach. We would be amiss if we didn’t mention that later tonight we will see a WWE Women’s Championship match between Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro. It’s a rematch from New Year’s Revolution where Massaro was subject to interference at the hands of Mickie James. Trish demanded this rematch take place because of Mickie’s involvement – and has ordered Mickie to stay away during the contest.

    Jonathan Coachman: Another amazing decision by Mr. McMahon. Truly a creative genius!!

    **MY TIME IS NOW**

    It appears that chaos is already in order for RAW as JOHN CENA comes charging onto the stage. We were supposed to start the night with a tag team match but it seems that Cena has other plans. Cena moves to the centre of the stage, looking out to the fans, and adjusts his shirt before sprinting down to the squared circle.

    Jerry Lawler: Usually at this point I’d be shouting that the champ is here… but John Cena isn’t the WWE Champion anymore and he’s not even supposed to be in the ring at the moment. What’s he doing out here??

    Jonathan Coachman: Your guess is as good as any other, King. This whiner has no business in the ring to start RAW!! We have a tag team match specifically made by Mr. McMahon and it’s by his orders that it was to start Monday Night RAW. John Cena has no authority to hijack this broadcast!!

    Joey Styles: This is the man who was robbed of the WWE Championship by Mr. McMahon and Shawn Michaels. It has not been a good two weeks for John Cena. First he has the title taken from him and then last week Cena was the victim of a planned assault by Carlito and Chris Masters, resulting in him being pinned by a returning Edge.

    Jonathan Coachman: Security!! Somebody get security out here, right now. We can’t have Cena undermining the orders of Mr. McMahon.

    Cena takes a moment to ready himself – microphone in hand – whilst the crowd takes a seat following his entrance into the ring.

    John Cena: It hasn’t exactly been the best time for me lately. I know, some of you might be pleased that John Cena has gotten his ass kicked for the past two weeks.

    Mixed reaction but it’s mostly positive in this part of the country.

    John Cena: I come out here week in and week out talking about hustle, loyalty and respect. I try to do the right thing not just for myself but for the people who have my back and support me. And as I sat back and looked at my last two weeks I realised that all of it, everything I’ve been through, is exactly what makes someone a better man.

    Nodding his head, Cena walks around the ring to address the various sections of the area.

    John Cena: It’s adversity that makes a champion, ladies and gentlemen.

    Cena points to the canvas.

    John Cena: What happens when they get knocked to the ground? What do they do when they get dirt kicked in their face? Have their teeth kicked down their throat?

    He looks down at his free hand – spreading his fingers.

    John Cena: What happens when they take everything away? When they strip a man bare of everything he has worked for in his life. Whether by the rules or unjustly, it makes no difference, it still results in the same outcome – a champion left without his life’s work. What happens then??

    Looking directly into the camera Cena holds up two fingers.

    John Cena: We’re left with two choices. A man has two choices when everything is taken from him. One, he can either crumble and throw away every value or belief he has ever held. He can turn his back on everyone that has ever supported him and hide like a coward!!

    A look of determination appears on Cena’s face.

    John Cena: Or, option two, he can FIGHT!!

    The crowd roars with cheers and Cena pans around to look at the fans.

    John Cena: And I’m not about to throw everything that I stand for aside. To anybody that has ever rode with me know that John Cena doesn’t quit. Shawn Michaels, Mr. McMahon, and whoever else they’ve got running with ‘em now, have no idea what is coming for them.


    John Cena: They think all they did was take the WWE Championship and hand it to Shawn Michaels. Here’s a news flash; the WWE Championship isn’t just a belt to me. It’s my whole freaking life – AND YOU BASTARDS TOOK THAT FROM ME!!

    Focused on the camera now – Cena points.

    John Cena: Know that I am coming. I will not back down no matter how many men you send after me. Put every roadblock in my way, pass me over for another, it doesn’t matter because I will walk through it all to get back my WWE Championship. Nothing matters as much as that title and nobody, not a god damn soul in this business, lives to be WWE Champion more than me!!

    Another pause by Cena as he paces inside the ring. The crowd chants his name – our commentary team silent, letting Cena tell the story and allowing the crowd to set the atmosphere.

    John Cena: But I don’t have to wait, do I? I’m the former WWE Champion and that means that I am the holder of a championship rematch!!

    Nodding his head furiously, Cena back peddles and points to the entrance ramp.

    John Cena: Don’t worry North Carolina – your boy will still get his shot at the Royal Rumble. However, instead of it being Ric Flair versus Shawn Michaels it’s going to be John Cena defending the WWE Championship against Ric Flair! So, Shawn – get your ass out here right now because I want my rematch and I want it tonight!!

    **NO CHANCE**

    The buzz in the area is growing at the thought of a possible WWE Championship defence tonight – unadvertised mind you. Out walks VINCE MCMAHON and he looks none to pleased at this entire situation. The Chairman struts onto the stage, microphone in hand, and waves his hand in the air to demand silence.

    Mr. McMahon: Alright, alright, enough of this crap!!

    Heavy heat from the crowd.

    Mr. McMahon: You come out here and make demands of me? Huh?? That’s not how it works, Mr. Cena. I would suggest you come to understand how things work around here if you wish to continue to be employed by the WWE.

    Inside the ring, Cena rolls his eyes.

    Mr. McMahon: Now, as for your silly demand about a title rematch with Shawn Michaels. I would say that’s a firm… NO!!

    Cena throws his arms up in the air, shouting ‘WHY’ as the McMahon continues.

    Mr. McMahon: Let me make this clear, Mr. Cena. I, as WWE Chairman, am under no obligation to grant you a damn thing. I already have a WWE Championship match set for Shawn Michaels, that contract has been signed by both parties, and will take place at the Royal Rumble. To grant you a title shot would be in violation of that existing contract.

    McMahon struts a little bit and stops, chuckling to himself.

    Mr. McMahon: And frankly, I don’t care to give you a title shot. Sure, you might have a legal case. Take me to court, Mr. Cena. Sue me and I’ll have you wrapped up in so much ligation that you’ll be waiting years before you even sniff a WWE ring let alone a WWE Championship opportunity. I beat the Government and I can sure as hell beat you! No, consider your championship rematch as good as dead!!

    The Chairman has made his official decision – JOHN CENA WILL NOT RECEIVE A CHAMPIONSHIP REMATCH!

    John Cena: I figured as much. That’s fine. I told the world that I would walk through any roadblock. I may not get the next shot but I will get a shot at the WWE Championship. And I’m going to get it at WrestleMania because I am officially entering myself into…

    Mr. McMahon: Now just a minute, Mr. Cena. I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, you’re about to announce your intended involvement in this year’s WWE Royal Rumble??

    John Cena: Of course. Why??

    Vince smirks – an evil smile engulfs his face.

    Mr. McMahon: See, this is where you and I differ. This is why you never could’ve worked as WWE Champion. You expect everything to be handed to you. No. You have to earn it. Just like you have to earn a spot in the Royal Rumble. You, John Cena, do not get to just throw your name into the pile and get in – NOT ON MY WATCH!!

    From the ring, Cena shrugs his shoulders.

    John Cena: Fine. Who you got, Vince? I’ll earn it, tonight!! I don’t care who it is, give me a shot to earn my spot in the Royal Rumble and then I’m coming for the WWE Championship.

    Mr. McMahon: You want a match to earn it? I’m a fair man, no problem.

    Taking a moment to think it over, Vince has a lightbulb moment and speaks with glee.

    Mr. McMahon: Tonight, in the main event of RAW!! John Cena will face Carlito…


    Mr. McMahon: And Chris Masters in a handicap match! If he wins then, and only then, will he earn a spot in the Royal Rumble. You lose – then you’ll be watching the pay-per-view from your couch like everybody else. Good luck!!

    The WWE Chairman departs the arena and heads to the back with a feeling of victory coming over himself. He has stuck it to the former WWE Champion – rejecting his claim to a rematch and stacking the odds against Cena for gaining entry into the WWE Royal Rumble. The man subject to this, John Cena, remains in the middle of the ring for a moment – hands on his hips contemplating what lays before him for the main event. He must defeat two men who have seemingly aligned with Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon. If Cena is defeated he may never get another chance to challenge for the WWE Championship so long as this power alliance remains on RAW.



    Commercial Break



    Back from the commercial break, KURT ANGLE marches down to the ring with gritted teeth and an elevated level of intensity. The crowd chants “You Suck” at the Olympian as he enters the ring – Angle yells at them to shut up as he climbs a turnbuckle to pose.

    Joey Styles: One of the favourites for the Royal Rumble in thirteen days is Kurt Angle. He had an impressive performance last week when he defeated the big man Rosey in five minutes. I wasn’t a fan of the post-match antics of the Olympic Gold Medalist but we cannot deny that he is one of the top competitors looking to secure their spot at WrestleMania in the Rumble.

    Jerry Lawler: Kurt Angle has done it all, Joey!! He has won everything this company has to offer except the Royal Rumble. Remember, last year was the first time in three years that Kurt Angle did not compete for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. He has grown accustom to being in the main event on the biggest stage.

    **THE GAME**

    The heat reigns down from the rafters as TRIPLE H casually makes his way onto the stage. With a water bottle in his hand, Hunter slowly steps down the entrance ramp and heads towards the ring.

    Jonathan Coachman: You want to talk about favourites for the Royal Rumble – you better start with this man!! Four years in a row this man has competed for a World Championship at WrestleMania. Three out of the last four events have been main evented by The Game. Do not think that he is about to let a chance for a fifth pass him by.

    Jerry Lawler: It’s such a stacked field, Coach. We haven’t even got a third of it yet. Who knows who will end up joining the group. By the end of the night we could have John Cena in it. Imagine that!!

    **ONE OF A KIND**

    Next out is ROB VAN DAM – appearing to a massive cheer from the crowd. He stages on the stage, awaiting his partner, noticing that inside the ring Triple H is shaking his head with annoyance.

    Joey Styles: While the two of you praise the WWE guys allow me to give a shout out to an ECW veteran. A man who I believe, as do many others, is the greatest athlete to have never won a World Championship. This could very well be his year to finally win the big one. And I respect what he did last week – standing up to Triple H’s rant against the legendary Mick Foley and hardcore wrestling in general. Thank you, Rob!!

    Jonathan Coachman: Aw, shut up! Rob Van Dam stuck his nose where it didn’t belong. Triple H was right about Mick Foley. He isn’t a legend and all that hardcore junk is a waste of time. Your little ECW guys do not deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as an elite sports entertainer like Triple H.


    Jerry Lawler: Could we be looking at the next WWE Champion??

    Joey Styles: We only have to wait thirteen days, King!! In thirteen days at the Royal Rumble we will see Ric Flair go for number seventeen when he meets Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship. Tonight, in his home state, Flair is looking to build up some important momentum after suffering a defeat in the tag match last week.

    Match 1:
    Kurt Angle & Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam & Ric Flair
    Kicking off the night with an action packed match between four great workers in the ring. The home state atmosphere adds to further the support given to Ric Flair. Already a legendary figure, Flair’s actions are joined by loud cheers of support from the crowd – every basic move gaining a huge reaction. It’s a basic tag team formula for this match. RVD and Flair start off with the early advantage with the odds fair. A few quick tags keeps the good guys in control – Flair working the legs of both Angle and Triple H when paired up with them. We find that Angle and Triple H will not be outworked and they take control following some bending of the rules. Hunter and Angle isolate Van Dam in the ring; keeping him in their corner. This allows the crowd to slowly build up their anticipation for their boy – Ric Flair – to eventually make the save for his partner.

    A few close calls occur – Van Dam getting inches away only to be thrown back across the ring. In a heart stopping moment, Angle is able to apply the Ankle Lock on RVD and in the struggle, RVD is a finger tip away from Flair and the latter can be heard pleading with him to make a tag. Eventually, Ric Flair would get the tag and clean house to a rockstar applause from his home state fans. Angle attempted to cut it off, Hunter now legal, but RVD hit a spin kick to send the Olympian to the outside. A suicide dive by RVD eliminated Angle from the finish – bringing it down to Flair and Hunter. The Game countered Flair, kicked him in the gut and hooked the Pedigree. However, Flair swept the leg and applied the Figure Four Leg Lock in the middle of the ring and scored the submission.

    Winners: Rob Van Dam & Ric Flair @ 10:43

    A huge win for Ric Flair and Rob Van Dam in what was one of the most exciting openers in recent memory on Monday Night RAW!

    Joey Styles: Momentum is everything in sports and right now Ric Flair has to be riding high after getting a huge win tonight. He was in front of his home state fans. The pressure was on the Nature Boy to deliver and he did just that.

    Jerry Lawler: He didn’t just win, Joey. He made Triple H tap out!! After all the battles those two have had in recent months it has to feel good for Ric Flair to see that man tap out.

    Jonathan Coachman: Every dog has its day, gentlemen. Ric Flair better soak in the applause he is receiving tonight because it will not last long. These people will cast him aside at the Royal Rumble when Shawn Michaels beats him!! The same goes for RVD. He wants to carry the flag for ECW?? Well, ECW is dead and that type of nonsense has no business in the WWE. He’ll learn. You just wait and see.

    From the ring, Triple H rolls to the outside and storms up the entrance ramp selling his leg. He is furious, cursing under his breath, shaking his head – completely embarrassed that he was forced to submit on RAW.

    Meanwhile – Ric Flair and RVD have their hands raised in the ring to a massive round of applause. A camera catches a shot from ringside where Angle is sitting, seething at the loss, and it’s clear this will not be something the Olympic Gold Medalist forgets anytime soon.


    Backstage, MARIA KANELLIS is joined by the current World Tag Team Champions, SHELTON BENJAMIN and CHARLIE HAAS, both men holding their respective belt on a shoulder.

    Maria Kanellis: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, they are the current World Tag Team Champions – Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Charlie, tonight you’ll compete against Tyson Tomko. After Tomko and Snitsky attacked you guys last week what’s the game plan for tonight??

    Charlie Haas contemplates the question for a moment.

    Charlie Haas: It’s simple, Maria. Those two guys jumped us from behind after we defended, successfully for the first time, the World Tag Team Championships. We weren’t ready. Fair is fair. They got their shots in but tonight I know that I’ve got a fight on my hands. I know that Tomko is going to be looking to do exactly what he did last week. This time, I’ll be ready. This time I’m going to put my head down and drag that oversized meathead to the mat and out wrestle him!

    Haas slaps the title on his shoulder, eyeing the camera, sending a message to opponent.

    Charlie Haas: They may call us the underdogs after what happened last week. I’ve seen it all over the place. You two left us flat on the canvas and I bet that makes you two think you’ve accomplished something?? Think again. We are the World’s Greatest Tag Team and we didn’t get that name by quitting at the first sign of a fight.

    Haas points at Benjamin and then back to himself.

    Charlie Haas: When one of us goes to fight we always have each other’s back. Can you say the same, Tomko and Snitsky?? That manager you’ve got has jumped from talent to talent trying to find success. I’d say he’ll jump ship the moment things get rough. That’s what makes us different. We will rise and fall together. We leave no man behind because we are Americans. We are All-Americans; and that means we work hard, we never back down and we always stick together. That is, and always will be, our game plan.

    A strong statement has been made by Charlie Haas on behalf of the World’s Greatest Tag Team. They will not be intimidated by the much larger team of Tomko and Snitsky – along with their sinister manager Daivari. As All-American athletes, sporting the red, white and blue, they will meet any challenge that stands before them without fear or thought of failure.



    Commercial Break


    A makeshift classroom has been setup in the backstage area – it looks to be near the catering section. A few tables and chairs have been huddled together with various wrestlers including; VAL VENIS, VISCERA, ROMEO and ANTONIO. A group of other geeks fill a few seats to the side.

    Standing up front is none other than MATT STRIKER, dressed in typical teaching attire, giving a lecture to his fellow WWE performers.

    Matt Striker: “Our will became the servant to defect; Which else should free have wrought.” Now, that is directly from Shakespeare. Who here can tell me what message he is trying to send to the audience??

    Nobody raises a hand. Striker groans, slamming down his book onto a nearby table.

    Matt Striker: Are you lot incapable of focusing for more than a second? Surely you bunch can do more than walk to the ring and punch each other in the face? I am trying to raise you neanderthals up from the pit to a world of higher knowledge.

    Striker has a look around at his possible students and spots Val Venis reading his copy of Macbeth intently.

    Matt Striker: Thank heavens!! Mr. Venis, you have seen the light about the importance of education. Look here, everyone.

    Proudly Matt Striker walks over to Val Venis and gives him a round of applause.

    Matt Striker: This is the example you should all be following. As should the rest of those ignorant fools in the audience from this backward state. I doubt most of them can even read. No, you are a fine example of what I’m doing here Mr. Venis. Through my teaching, my spoken word, even a degenerate like yourself can be taught to act proper.

    He glances down to Venis… and notices something. Striker snatches the copy of Macbeth that Venis was reading and finds that behind it was a copy of WWE Magazine with Torrie Wilson on the front cover!!

    Matt Striker: You ingrate!! What is this filth??

    Val Venis: I wasn’t finished with that.

    Matt Striker: Oh, it’s finished. You’re finished.

    In a rage at being disrespected, Matt Striker rips the WWE Magazine into pieces and throws them on the floor. This sparks a fight from Val Venis – he jumps to his feet and nails Striker with a right hand.

    The brawl is on backstage with tables and chairs flying all over the place. Striker gets in a few punches as well; the struggle has both men up against a wall until the nearby competitors jump in to break things up. As they are pulled away from each other, Venis and Striker continue to shout insults back and forth.

    Mr. McMahon: What the hell is going on here?

    The camera swings around to reveal MR. MCMAHON standing alongside CARLITO and CHRIS MASTERS. He has an angry look on his face – frustrated with the chaos backstage – and immediately looks to restore order.

    Mr. McMahon: You two have a problem with each other, huh? Well, I say we get this sorted because I won’t have my place of business turned into a mad house!

    Vince points at Striker and then at Venis.

    Mr. McMahon: Next week it’ll be the two of you in the ring – one on one – to sort this out. For further motivation I’ll put the winner of the match into the Royal Rumble! Now get out here before I change my mind and fire you both for pissing me off!!

    Like rats on a ship the wrestlers scattering from the nearby area. That leaves Mr. McMahon, Carlito and Masters standing for a moment. After Vince takes a moment to recompose himself, he taps both men on the shoulder and they resume their walk to wherever they were heading.


    Into the arena we go…

    **IT’S TIME**

    Before the camera moves to the entrance ramp we catch a glimpse of the inside of the ring where TAJIRI is already waiting to compete in this upcoming match.

    When the camera refocuses to the entrance ramp, GREGORY HELMS appears with the WWE Intercontinental Championship around his waist. In an updated set of ring gear Helms now has the nickname “Eye of the Storm” on his trunks and kick pads. Truly growing more arrogant the longer he remains champion it’s like he believes that the entire world now revolves around him – thus why he is the Eye of the Storm – he is in the middle of everything and it all revolves around him. To further the growing self-appreciation of Helms, during his entrance he has a microphone with him and demands that his music be stopped so he can make a statement.

    Gregory Helms: Stop the music! I’ve got something I need to say. Did you people see what has happened the last two weeks? Every champion on RAW has been hunted by someone.

    The walk to the ring for Helms is now at a snails pace while he speaks.

    Gregory Helms: Whether it’s the WWE Champion, the World Tag Team Champions or even the Women’s Champion. They have all had a contender step up to try and take the title from them.

    Helms looks down at his title.

    Gregory Helms: But nobody has dared step up to challenge the champion of Monday Night RAW!! Do you know why that is?

    Helms looks to the crowd mockingly, asking them for an answer, before continuing.

    Gregory Helms: Everybody is afraid of getting into the ring with me. Ever since I bloodied Ric Flair and took the Intercontinental Championship I’ve been unbeatable. You all saw it. I outworked Rob Van Dam two weeks ago on pay-per-view. I ran through Chavo Guerrero last week – I was basically untouched. Nobody in the back has the guts to try and take my title – instead they’ll go for every other belt they can because I am that damn good!

    Boos from the crowd.

    Gregory Helms: So, I want to challenge any former Intercontinental Champion to a match next week on Monday Night RAW!! I want to find somebody who has the guts to fight me and honestly, I don’t think anybody is going to show up but I’ll put out this open challenge to silence the doubters. To silence the idiots who still chant my former name. You people will recognise that I am the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time and that this show revolves around me!

    Chants of “Hurricane” flood into the arena as Helms steps into the ring. He unclips the title belt and hands it to the referee, ready for action, as we await the sound of the ring bell.

    Match 2:
    Tajiri vs. Gregory Helms
    A huge pre-match announcement coming from Gregory Helms in that he will (potentially) face a former Intercontinental Champion next week on RAW. Coming off the heels of that announcement, Helms works to quickly put Tajiri away and send a major message to whoever he faces next week. While Helms takes control of the contest in the early going our commentary team discuss possible options for next week’s open challenge. Tajiri has a few moments in the contest where he takes control – especially when he uses his speed and those educated feet. Helms takes a break on the outside and during this spot we hear chants of “Hurricane” which sends Helms over the edge.

    He throws a fit at ringside, kicking the steel steps and rushing wildly into the ring and getting caught by an arm-drag from Tajiri. The Coach is disgusted with the audience for using a slur against the Intercontinental Champion and argues that they should have a little more class about themselves. The match reaches a conclusion, Tajiri goes for a spin kick only for Helms to duck underneath and shove his opponent toward the referee. Following up, Helms rushes forward and squashes the referee between the turnbuckle and Tajiri. Taking advantage of the situation Helms drops to his knees and punches Tajiri in the groin! A roll-up follows and the referee, having been obstructed in the corner, never saw the illegal shot, slides into position and makes the three count!
    Winner: Gregory Helms @ 05:32

    Joey Styles: Aw, come on!! Helms just stole this match with the use of an illegal punch. For a guy that claims to be this great champion he sure doesn’t mind to bend the rules a lot. What kind of example is that setting?

    Jonathan Coachman: It’s an example of winner, Styles! That’s what Gregory Helms does each and every night when he enters that ring. It’s like Helms said, nobody in the WWE has stepped up to challenge him for the Intercontinental Championship. We’ve got champions all over the place being challenge and yet he remains the one champion without anybody having the guts to take on him. It speaks to how great a champion he is.

    Joey Styles: Yeah, well we’ll see what happens next week when Gregory Helms holds an open challenge. I can’t wait to see someone step up and hopefully they knock this kid down a peg or two. His attitude is really starting to irritate me.

    In his post-match celebration, Helms holds up the Intercontinental Championship before exiting the ring. He slaps his chest and tells the world that next week he will embarrass whoever answers the call. Fans boo as replays are shown on the big screen of the dirty finish – to which Helms shrugs his shoulders and claims he was aiming for the kidneys.


    Cut to TRISH STRATUS walking through the hallway of the backstage area with the WWE Women’s Championship over her shoulder. She’ll put that belt on the line later in the evening.

    The champion comes to the stop outside of the Diva’s locker-room. She is about to head in when the door opens and out walks ASHLEY MASSARO! Champion and contender come face to face – the first time since their match at New Year’s Revolution.

    Trish Stratus: Hey, Ashley. I just wanted to say that you really deserve this chance tonight.

    Ashley Massaro: Thank you, Trish. It means a lot. You’ve helped me since day one and I appreciate you going to bat for me with Mr. McMahon last week.

    Trish smiles.

    Trish Stratus: I didn’t have to go to bat for you. You’ve earned this opportunity to be the WWE Women’s Champion. I’ve seen you get better each time you step into the ring and tonight I want us to go out there and give these people a match they’ll remember forever.

    A small pause by Trish.

    Trish Stratus: After what happened at New Year’s Revolution I owed you this, Ashley. I want you know that I’ve spoken to Mickie...

    Ashley Massaro: Don’t worry about it, Trish. I get that you had nothing to do with what happened last time. She’s nuts. I’m not worrying about Mickie. My attention is solely on becoming the Women’s Champion – tonight!!

    After her performance on the pay-per-view it would seem that Massaro has an elevated level of confidence.

    Trish Stratus: Well then, I guess that all we have left to say is good luck.

    Ashley Massaro: Good luck, Trish. And thank you.

    The competitors shake hands and Ashley leaves the area to further prepare for the biggest match of her life. Meanwhile, Stratus remains at the door of the locker-room and is about to enter when, from afar, we hear…

    Mickie James: Trish!! Oh my god, I’ve been looking for you everywhere. How are you??

    Trish Stratus: I’m fine, Mickie. How are you??

    Mickie James: I am so excited to watch you defend the WWE Women’s Championship tonight. I can’t believe I get to watch the greatest women’s wrestler of all time in a title match on RAW!! It’s going to be so awesome.

    As if flicking on a light switch, Mickie James’ tone changes and she becomes sad.

    Mickie James: I just wished last week had gone differently because it could’ve been me facing you at the Royal Rumble and not Victoria. You were impressed with my performance, though? I did good, right??

    Trish Stratus: Sure thing, Mickie. You nearly had it. Look, I’ve got to go and prepare for my match with Ashley. I’ll talk to you later.

    Trish goes to leave but Mickie snatches her by the arm and pulls her back. A manic smile appears on her face.

    Mickie James: I know you said last week that you didn’t want me at ringside but you’ve changed your mind, right? I can come to the ring with you. Oh, please!! I want to watch the match up close.

    With a stern look on her face, Stratus grips the title belt and locks eyes with Mickie.

    Trish Stratus: No. I told you already, Mickie. You are not to come to the ring tonight. I appreciate your support but tonight is not about you and I. It’s about Ashley’s shot at the Women’s Championship. You messed it up once – do not come to the ring under any circumstance. Do you understand, Mickie? For one night just leave me be.

    Stratus pats Mickie on the shoulder, offering some warmth after the cold words, then walks away, turning her focus to the championship match later this evening.



    Commercial Break


    On the return from the commercial break, TRIPLE H is still fuming after his loss in the opener tonight. And why wouldn’t he be? The Game was forced to submit to long-time rival Ric Flair and to further add to the embarrassment it took place in Flair’s home state. Storming through the walls, dressed in a tracksuit with his gym bag over his shoulder – The Game looking to exit the area – he is approached by Todd Grisham.

    Todd Grisham: Excuse me, Triple H? Any chance of a quick comment about what happened earlier tonight?

    Triple H: Get out of here!! I’m in no mood for your stupid questions.

    Grisham continues to follow The Game as he heads towards the exit and parking lot.

    Todd Grisham: I understand your frustration having just tapped out to Ric Flair.

    That stops Hunter in his tracks.

    Triple H: What? Do you think that’s funny, Todd??

    Todd Grisham: Not at all. I’m just stating facts and earlier tonight you did submit to Ric Flair. You’ve announced your intention to enter the Royal Rumble. Ric Flair is the challenger for the WWE Championship at that same event. Does it concern you that the very man you tapped out to this evening could end up as WWE Champion and may be a roadblock for you if you are successful in winning the Royal Rumble.

    Triple H: Let me consider that for a moment.

    Hunter lunges at Grisham, grabbing him by the shoulders, and throws him against the wall. Todd is suspended in the air, being held by Triple H, terror on his face as The Game shouts at him.

    Triple H: I told you to leave me alone. You had to keep poking. Well, are you happy now?? I tapped, sure. It won’t happen again. You and everyone else can tell Ric Flair that he and I are done. If he wins the WWE Championship it’ll be the worst decision of his life. I have let that old man go. I’ve moved past our issues. If he becomes WWE Champion, and when I win the Rumble, I’ll have no problem opening old wounds on that old dog.

    Hunter hoists Grisham up a little further.

    Triple H: I’ll tell you this, next week I’m going to send a message to the entire WWE. I am sick of this industry glorifying those who don’t deserve. I’ve sat by for too long while an individual has been given a golden ticket to this business. Next week I will take it away and send this misfit out of the WWE for good.

    He leans closer now.

    Triple H: Just like I did to Mick Foley!!

    Finally, Hunter drops Grisham and he crumbles to the ground below. Triple H picks up his gym bag and makes for the exit again. The camera lingers long enough to see Hunter reach the door and not only does he exit but he kicks the damn thing open. The question that our commentary team raises is one that we’ll have to wait until next week. Who is the individual that Triple H has promised to send packing from the WWE?


    Back to ringside, TYSON TOMKO is making his way down the entrance ramp along with his associates, GENE SNITSKY and DAIVARI. Replays of the assault by Snitsky and Tomko are shown on the titantron while the trio enter the ring.

    Joey Styles: You can see the damage that was done last week by Tomko and Snitsky. They wanted to make a clear statement against the reigning champions. I think everyone heard it loud and clear.

    Jerry Lawler: It’s the management of Daivari, Styles. Both Tomko and Snitsky have been in the WWE for awhile but they have never been as focused as they are now. Both men have always been that step below where, judging by their physical traits, they should be on the ladder.

    Jonathan Coachman: I’ve got to agree with you, King! I saw it last week when those two monsters destroyed Benjamin and Haas. They are a force to be reckoned with under the vision of Daivari. The greatest manager in the business today!! I for one am not surprised at all that Tomko and Snitsky are looking as good as they have been. That’s what a visionary will do for you like Daivari. I should know, we all work for a visionary – VINCE KENNEDY MCMAHON!!

    Joey Styles: Oh shut up, Coach!! Quit sucking up.


    Ready to deliver a receipt for the blindside last week, the WORLD’S GREATEST TAG TEAM enters the arena to a solid cheer from the audience, both men holding a World Tag Team Championship. Benjamin and Haas interact with the crowd on their way to the ring however they keep one eye on the trio in the ring, both men weary of the danger that awaits them in the squared circle.

    Jonathan Coachman: Is that a bandage around the ribs of Charlie Haas??

    Joey Styles: It looks to be some kind of protective bandage around the ribs for Haas, yes. That’s got to be a wound from the attack last week. We’ll have to keep an eye on that throughout this singles contest to see if it plays a factor.

    Jerry Lawler: If I were Tomko I’d target it right away. That’s a big ole target!!

    Match 3:
    Tyson Tomko (w/Gene Snitsky & Daivari) vs. Charlie Haas (w/Shelton Benjamin)
    The bandage around the ribs of Charlie Haas drives a significant portion of the discussion from the commentary team during the contest. It’s a clear target and plays a major factor in the wrestling style employed by Charlie Haas. As an amateur wrestler Haas needs to be able to use his core to execute vital moves against his opponents. The injury from last week causes Haas to work with limitations in what he can do. Usually he’d bring the big man to the canvas with a takedown but Haas’ attempts are stuffed; Tomko able to fight them off and follow up with stiff knees, a suplex and a DDT at one point.

    To the pleasure of his associates on the outside, Tomko dominates the contest against the injured champion. He uses his power advantage to slam Haas all over the ring and often works him in the turnbuckle with punches and chokes. A few times throughout the contest, Daivari trips Haas and other subtle distractions which only the competitor picks up. Finally, Benjamin catches the interference and he explodes around ringside, jumping off the steel steps onto both Snitsky and Daivari. A brawl breaks out at ringside, the referee turning to try and restore order – which results in him missing Haas cradling Tomko for a three count. By the time the zebra turns around, Tomko has escaped and picks Haas up for the Argentine Neckbreaker. A three count follows giving one half of the contenders a big time win.
    Winner: Tyson Tomko @ 07:46

    With the conclusion of the contest, Tomko and his associates do not stick around ringside for any extended celebration. They have achieved everything they wanted to and have nothing to gain by hanging around now. The champions have been wounded and the contenders have proven that they can beat the World’s Greatest – at least in singles competition.

    Daivari has a smirk from ear to ear at the result. He declares that it is only a matter of time before his men have the titles around their waists. In fact, Daivari grabs an arm of Snitsky and Tomko – raising them in the air as a sign of things to come and this draws some big heat from the crowd.

    Inside the ring, Benjamin helps his partner to a vertical base, Haas clutching at ribs and grimacing when he lifts his arm. Frustration appears on the face of Charlie Haas as he explains to Benjamin that he had a cradle for at least four seconds but the referee missed it.


    Hurrying to the back it’s pure chaos as crew workers are sent flying into walls. One stagehand tries to run away but he is grabbed and gets sent head first into a vending machine.

    The camera man is watching from afar, we hear screams and shouts, until KANE marches from around a corner dragging an unconscious ORLANDO JORDAN (welcome to RAW, bud!).

    Joey Styles: THAT’S KANE!! That big red machine is tearing up the backstage area!!

    Jerry Lawler: We’re going to need security back there to stop this maniac.

    Jonathan Coachman: Good luck getting somebody who can stop Kane. He has absolutely lost the plot, guys!!

    Kane is unhinged after suffering back to back defeats at the hands of the World’s Greatest Tag Team last week.

    Nobody in the WWE is safe from his wrath!!

    Continuing to make his way down the hallway, Kane swats at anything with a heartbeat including ROB CONWAY – the man was simply walking through and he gets hit with a big boot.

    Kane drops to his knees and begins to choke Conway. He screams in his face – the big red machine is out for blood tonight.

    Jerry Lawler: Where the hell is the Big Show?? He has got to come and calm Kane down.

    Joey Styles: If you were the Big Show would you want to deal with a rampaging monster like Kane?

    Jerry Lawler: Somebody has to do something. Kane is likely to burn this place to the ground in his current state.

    A group of security guards rush onto the scene from around the corner and they order Kane to get up slowly. He does so, standing back up to his feet before charging at the security.


    Jonathan Coachman: Get the damn cops!! Kane is a hazard to us all. That freak is going after the security in the arena. What are we going to do if that thing comes out here?

    Jerry Lawler: You’re on your own if he comes out here, Coach.

    Having battered the group of security guards, laying them out on the floor, Kane steps over there bodies and marches forward. He passes the cameraman without incident… only to turn back and CRACK THE CAMERAMAN IN THE FACE WITH HIS BOOT.

    The feed cuts out and we head to a commercial break.



    Commercial Break



    Everyone is a little flustered after the scenes before the commercial break and it takes a few moments before our announce team acknowledges the arrival of Mr. Money in the Bank! EDGE, along with LITA, makes his way down to the ring, cockily bobbing his head and parading around with his briefcase.

    Joey Styles: I do apologise if we seem a little distracted, ladies and gentlemen. Before the break we saw footage of Kane destroying everyone in his path backstage. No doubt a result of losing twice last week and failing to regain the World Tag Team Titles with his partner the Big Show. We’ll try and keep you updated in case we get any further word on the status of Kane.

    Jonathan Coachman: Look, Kane is going to be taken care of. Mr. McMahon will get the cops down to the arena and he’ll be arrested for what he has done tonight. Right now, we have one of the best and brightest of Monday Night RAW on show!

    Entering the ring, Edge climbs a turnbuckle, raising the briefcase high in the air to a chorus of boos. He is dressed in jeans and a black shirt; Edge not set to compete this evening after defeating John Cena last week. Walking to the middle of the ring Edge is handed a microphone by Lita, his girlfriend now holding the briefcase and brushing her hand against its surface.

    Edge: I am awesome!!

    Boos from the crowd.

    Edge: No, really I am awesome. My entire career has been one injury after another. You would think that would make me a hero you idiots. I fall and yet, every single time, I get back up and I prove that nobody on this roster is better than me!!

    Edge nods his head arrogantly.

    Edge: My neck was hanging by a thread and I still could’ve beaten the people you all raise on a pedestal. Late last year, I sustained another injury and I was sidelined… again. I watched from my couch, from the hospital bed as this company passed me by. As the likes of John Cena took a position that I knew was rightfully mine. I saw Shawn Michaels make a deal with the devil himself and become WWE Champion.

    He stops. Brushing his hair out of his face; turning to the camera and glaring.

    Edge: I am done watching the WWE pass me by. I will not be forgotten any more. Oh, you doubt it?? You think that my time has passed? Don’t be stupid! Just take a look at what I did to John Cena last week.

    The titantron lights up with a replay of the tag team main event last week. We see a clip of Edge hitting the spear on Cena and pinning him 1-2-3!

    Edge: Did you see that? I pinned John Cena all by myself in my first night back. That’s how awesome I am. I did on my first night back in this ring what every member of the RAW roster failed to do for nearly an entire year.

    YOU SUCK” chants from the crowd. Edge frantically looks around at the arena, rushing to the sides of the ring and shouting.

    Edge: I BEAT JOHN CENA!!

    Lita reaches out and massages her boyfriend’s arm. He raises a hand in the hand, taking in a deep breath, calming himself as Lita continues to seductively display the briefcase.

    Edge: Not Shawn Michaels but me, Edge, Mr. Money in the Bank. I speared him and put him down just like I said I would. I told Mr. McMahon last week that I am the future of this business. Shawn Michaels might hold the WWE Championship, and he may have a duo of goons to do his bidding, but it’s me you should all be worried about.


    Edge: I hold the golden ticket. I hold all the power. In that briefcase is a title shot in the hand of any other. However, in my hand it is a promise. It’s a promise to my twelve year old self that I would be the WWE Champion.

    Edge was in attendance at WrestleMania to see Hulk Hogan versus the Ultimate Warrior at the Sky Dome as a child.” ~ Joey Styles pipes up.

    Edge: If anybody doubted that I was 100% back than what I did last week has silenced you all. I am back!! And that means that my road to the WWE Championship is on. Shawn Michaels, you are on borrowed time – because that title around your waist is coming to me. You know it!!

    Lita encourages her man, telling Edge that he is more man than anybody else on the roster.

    Edge: That’s why you had Carlito and Masters jumped me after our match. I’ll give you a hand for that; I would’ve done the same thing. In fact, until you did that I was looking to use this briefcase, smack it into your skull and take the WWE Championship right then and there. But… you struck first. You had a backup plan that even I wasn’t aware of. Well, consider yourself lucky because that will never happen again. No, I will never be caught unaware… ever again.

    Edge paces around the ring for a moment. He comes to a stop, turns his head up and stares at the WrestleMania sign hanging from the rafters.

    Edge: So, for the past seven days I’ve thought about my future. I’ve thought about how am I going to become the WWE Champion. Last night I figured it out. In two weeks I will enter the WWE Royal Rumble… and I will win it!!

    Big heat. Edge repeats that he’ll win the Rumble – arguing with the fans who protest against it.

    Edge: I will win the Rumble but, here is where I change the game, I will not headline WrestleMania. Instead, Edge versus the WWE Champion, whoever it might be, will OPEN WRESTLEMANIA!!

    WHAT?” ~ Styles exclaims.

    The Royal Rumble winner will open WrestleMania? That’s not right!” ~ King answers, sounding very confused.

    Edge: We will open the show and the world will watch as I become WWE Champion. However, should by some miracle, I be robbed of a victory, whether it be Shawn’s little groupies or Flair’s oh so famous dirty ways, then I will get a do-over!

    Thinking of himself as a true mastermind, Edge smirks – turning his attention to Lita or more specifically the briefcase she holds in her hand.

    Edge: If I lose in the opener than I will cash-in my Money in the Bank contract for later that same evening in the main event of WrestleMania.

    The plan has been revealed! Edge will enter the Royal Rumble – the injustice pointed out by Styles that Edge is being allowed in while Cena is forced to EARN his spot tonight – and then Edge will open WrestleMania. If something goes wrong in the contest Edge will cash-in his MITB later in the main event. It’s a brilliant ploy!

    Edge: This way, even if something goes wrong at first, I will get a second chance – I will make history and I will become the WWE Champion!


    OH MY GOD!!

    The arena is filled with smoke and fire as KANE comes lumbering down to the ring with a mean look on his deadly face.

    Jonathan Coachman: Get out of there, Edge!! That monster is here!! Kane coming for blood tonight!!

    Joey Styles: Edge and Lita have a history with Kane. They know the pain he can cause.

    Kane enters the ring and is jumped by Edge who attacks with a bunch of punches. He is fighting with everything he has got tonight. He must have seen the horror movie that Kane has made in the back.

    The strikes by Edge seemingly have no effect ~ Kane hits an uppercut and knocks Edge backwards. Kane keeps coming forward and hammers away with punches of his own, backing Edge up into the corner and blasting him in the face.

    The crowd are going wild for the unhinged monster that stands in the ring. They love it! Kane is as dangerous as he has ever been and nobody is going to stop him. He has lost everything and the big red machine is looking to take a pound flesh here on RAW!

    From behind, Lita rushes up and slams the Money in the Bank briefcase into Kane’s back.

    Joey Styles: Oh no… she didn’t just do that.

    Jerry Lawler: Run, Lita!! Get out of that ring!!

    The gasp from the audience is audible for the misguided attempt to save her boyfriend by Lita. After being smacked repeatedly, Edge slumps into the bottom of the turnbuckle. Slowly, Kane turns around – no selling the strike by Lita – and he smiles.


    This monster looks happy that Lita struck him first. Exploding out of the corner, Kane rushes up to his former bride and grabs her by the hair. The fans are cheering loudly now as Kane looks around at the arena. Lita struggles, scratching at his arms, trying to get away but Kane refuses to let go.


    In a last ditch attempt, Edge rushes from the corner and hits Kane below the belt. It forces him to drop Lita and together, Edge and Lita escape the ring and rush up the entrance ramp.

    Jonathan Coachman: Oh, thank goodness. They got away. Now, get the damn cops for this freak.

    The low blow stuns Kane for a moment but once again he smiles. This time he even laughs, standing up and grinning. From the entrance ramp, Edge and Lita shake their heads in disgust – both looking mortified at what they just went through.

    Inside the ring, Kane slowly lifts his arms up, still laughing, and brings them down – FIRE ERUPTS FROM THE RING POSTS AND THE STAGE JUST BEHIND EDGE AND LITA!!

    The laughter now stops, Kane now stands in the middle of the ring, a path of destruction left in his wake tonight, and nobody was able to stop it.


    Inside a private locker-room we get a glimpse of the power alliance on RAW. Four men are standing around discussing the events of tonight; MR. MCMAHON, CARLITO, CHRIS MASTERS and SHAWN MICHAELS.

    Mr. McMahon: I’ve set it all up for the two of you. All you have to do is make sure Cena doesn’t win. Beat him!! I don’t give a damn how you do it. Just make sure that punk doesn’t get anywhere near the Royal Rumble.

    Chris Masters: You don’t have anything to worry about, Mr. McMahon. Carlito and I are going to have no problem a one way ticket back to Boston. He’s not going to the Royal Rumble; not if he has to go through us.

    Carlito twirls an apple in his hand.

    Carlito: Let us do our thing, Vince. You saw how we got the job done last week. You two made the right decision bringing us in. You don’t get any better than Carlito… and Chris Masters too.

    Mr. McMahon: Hang on a minute. I want to make one thing really clear. You are here because I allow it. Everything in this building, in the WWE, is of my design. I think I’ve earned the right to be called Mr. McMahon, don’t you agree??

    Carlito bows his head a little.

    Carlito: Of course… Mr. McMahon. No disrespect intended.

    The WWE Champion chuckles off to the side. Michaels is playing with the WWE Championship, spinning it round and round, while keeping a keen ear on the conversation.

    Mr. McMahon: Something you’d like to add, Shawn?

    Shawn Michaels: Me?? No. I think they’ve got it handled, Vince.

    The use of ‘Vince’ doesn’t go unnoticed and it was intentional from the Heartbreak Kid – he smiles.

    Shawn Michaels: Look, tonight all we have to do is keep the momentum going. John Cena is crashing to the ground. He lost the WWE Championship, he lost last week to me and now, he has all his eggs in one basket.

    Michaels looks up now and approaches the trio.

    Shawn Michaels: They beat him tonight and we don’t ever have to deal with him again. Send him to SMACKDOWN! for all I care. All that matters is that he’ll have no claim to the WWE Championship.

    Chris Masters: What about Ric Flair? Should we be worried about him?

    Carlito: That old dude does like to get involved in business that doesn’t concern him, Shawn. I personally don’t play that game but Flair is a pest. I know, he stole the Intercontinental Championship from me.

    The thought of Flair brings a tone of seriousness to Michaels’ voice.

    Shawn Michaels: You leave Flair to me. I’ve got something special planned for the Nature Boy – live in his hometown of Charlotte next week.

    I wonder what that’ll be? Michaels smirks again, looking at the WWE Championship.

    Shawn Michaels: I didn’t struggle for four years to win the WWE Championship only to lose it four weeks later. Ric Flair is trying to ride a wave that crashed against the rocks over a decade ago. What Flair did in WCW doesn’t count. It means nothing because he was here and he was here for two years before he ran back to the minor leagues. He could never hang in the WWE and that is why he wrestled for so long elsewhere.

    Mr. McMahon sticks out his chest with pride – his champion putting over the WWE as the most important thing in the world. This is exactly the type of thing McMahon was looking for – especially at the expense of a legend like Flair who is linked to a rival promotion rather than WWE for his peak.

    Shawn Michaels: I never wanted to be anywhere else – I lived for this company. Do you think that Ric Flair really stands a chance against a man who has taken what he did and made it better? Ric Flair was famous for wrestling for sixty minutes... I'm one minute and fifty two seconds better.

    Mr. McMahon pats Michaels on the back and grins.

    Mr. McMahon: I love it!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I think we need a celebration but after you guys get the job done. After you expel Cena from the Rumble and we catch the private jet out of this garbage dump of a town… we can celebrate to our impending victory.

    The heels all nod in approval having laid out there plans for tonight. Masters and Carlito will seek to block Cena’s attempt to enter the Rumble. Next week, Michaels will call-out Flair for a confrontation in his hometown just six days before they wrestle for the WWE Championship.



    Commercial Break


    **LIGHT A FIRE**

    Back from the break, ASHLEY MASSARO is halfway to the ring, interacting with fans at ringside, before her big title opportunity in a rematch from New Year’s Revolution. The bright eyed diva receives some loud cheers from the audience, climbing the turnbuckle and waving her hands in the air, clearly excited for what awaits her in a few minutes.


    Perhaps the greatest women’s wrestler in the history of the business, TRISH STRATUS to a chorus of cheers, steps out onto the stage with the WWE Women’s Championship in her right hand. As Stratus makes her way down the ramp it’s noticed that she turns her head back toward the stage, checking for Mickie James no doubt, but there is no sign of the crazed fan.

    Joey Styles: It is important to note that Trish Stratus asked for this match. In fact, she demanded that Ashley Massaro be given a second chance after, shall we say, a disruptive first encounter due to Mickie James.

    Jonathan Coachman: I don’t agree with this move by Trish at all. She has been WWE Women’s Champion for over a year now!! That’s very impressive but you don’t stay the champion by giving out second chances. She beat Ashley. That should’ve been the end of it. Trish will have nobody but herself to blame if she loses the title tonight because this was her doing.

    Jerry Lawler: Come on, Coach. To be the best you’ve got to be able to take on every challenger out there. Ashley and Trish had a back and forth match at New Year’s Revolution and tonight, with Mickie James being kept away, I think this gives young Ashley a great opportunity to cause the upset.

    Trish Stratus [c] vs. Ashley Massaro
    After the opening bell it is Trish Stratus, acting as the veteran, that takes the lead in this match against Ashley. A basic lock-up favours Stratus, the champion pushing Ashley against the corner before backing off, clapping her hands together and goading the challenger in. Matrix move by Trish surprises Ashley and leaves her open to a neckbreaker by the champion for a two count. Trish keeps the control of the contest for the next several minutes. However, as the match progresses, Trish begins to look towards the ramp – seemingly keeping an eye out for Mickie James.

    These little spurts give Ashley an opening and she takes advantage with a big crossbody off the top rope for a close two count. Ashley digs down deep, knowing she cannot out wrestle the champion, and has to throw caution to the wind. They spill to the outside after a spear, or something closer to a tackle, by Massaro. A brawl on the outside favours the challenger, Ashley slamming Trish against the announce desk before throwing her back into the ring. Another close count for the challenger.

    Coachman is blasting Stratus on commentary for this match happening – as he argued in the pre-match commentary. Ashley is proving to be a steady challenger and has had clear chances to win the title tonight. The heart of the champion is on show as she begins to fight back, the crowd fully behind Trish, the most popular female competitor in the WWE today.

    The match reaches its conclusion after both women go down with a double clothesline spot. Doing his job, the referee begins a count of 10 and reaches eight before both women are up. They slug it out, one punch after the other until Trish snaps back with the Chick Kick!! Out of nowhere, right on the temple, Ashley crumbles and Stratus falls into the cover for the three count to retain her title.
    Winner: And STILL WWE Women’s Champion – Trish Stratus @ 06:29

    A loud cheer explodes over the arena from the fans after the final three count. The longest reigning champion will continue to reign in the WWE. Trish Stratus is still the Women’s Champion and she has righted a wrong by giving Ashley a second chance. It was close but in the end it was Stratus who found the next level to pull the final trigger needed – a devastating Chick Kick.

    Fighting to her feet, Stratus has her hand raised by the referee and is presented with the WWE Women’s Championship. She is overcome with emotion, her year long reign extended, and another challenger has been seen off. Trish waves to the fans, thanking them for their support, before raising the title high in the air.

    Our commentary team praise the effort of Ashley Massaro - specifically Joey Styles who says that she left it all out there in the ring for her chance at the gold. For someone who is still new to the business she did not embarrass herself against one of the best ever. In a show of respect, Stratus helps Massaro up to her feet and raises the challenger’s hand in the air. That gets a big cheer and the two women embrace in a hug – Trish telling Ashley she did a great job and was, as shown by her fingers, “this close” of capturing the title.

    The good times do not last however as VICTORIA, CANDICE and TORRIE blindside the duo inside the ring. The heat is loud throughout the arena, fans pissed that this moment has been ruined by these three vixens. Victoria, the number one contender, the woman who will meet Trish Stratus for the title at the Royal Rumble, leads the charge.

    Victoria targets Trish, stomping on her head, dragging her around the ring and slamming her to the mat. It’s a show of power by Victoria, a former champion, dismantling the reigning champion. Ashley and Trish are completely out matched by the three women. Candice and Torrie mauling Ashley on the outside of the ring, throwing her into the guardrail, leaving her down on the cold floor outside. Meanwhile, in the ring, Victoria orders Candice and Torrie to hold Trish still as she screams in her face, shoving the WWE Women’s Championship into her face.


    Staying true to her word, Victoria yanks Trish onto her shoulders, positioning the champion correctly… WIDOW’S PEAK!! Victoria has put down the WWE Women’s Champion and made a huge statement ahead of the Royal Rumble. It’s a grim image compared to the scene we had before. Ashley is down on the outside, smashed against the guardrail, while Trish is clutching at her neck as Victoria stands over the top of her holding the title belt.

    And as Jonathan Coachman correctly points out - “Mickie James did as she was told. She never came to the ring… under any circumstance. Just like Trish told her backstage.”


    Before the final commercial break of the evening, RAW cuts to the back where JOHN CENA is walking down a hallway, dressed in his gear, prepared for his MUST WIN situation coming up next.

    Cena comes to a halt, a smile appears on his face, and he removes his hat.

    John Cena: Real recognises real and it doesn’t get any more real than ‘the man’ himself. What up, Ric??

    Stepping into view, RIC FLAIR approaches Cena and they shake hands.

    Ric Flair: You know, for someone who has been pushed around as much as you have these last two weeks I’m surprised you’re still upbeat.

    John Cena: Do you really think I’m going to let Vince, Shawn and the rest of the jokers get me down? Tonight, I’m going out to the ring and I’m going to screw up all there plans. I’m going to be in the Rumble, Ric. And then, I’m coming for the WWE Title at WrestleMania.

    Cena taps Ric on the chest.

    John Cena: No matter who holds the gold.

    Ric Flair: I’d expect nothing less.

    Flair smiles.

    Ric Flair: I want you know that I respect what you did last week. We may have lost but you stepped up when McMahon thought that he could scare everyone away from helping me. For that, you earned my respect. And I don’t give that out easily. Not in this business, I’ve seen them all come and go, but you are something special, John.

    John Cena: Thank you, Ric.

    Ric Flair: Just know, that when the time comes, I’ve got your back just like you had mine.

    Another handshake ends the encounter between two of the biggest names in wrestling. A meeting of the past and the present. Cena heads down the hallway, ready for his handicap match, while Flair turns back towards the locker-room to watch tonight’s proceedings.



    Commercial Break


    ~Cena MUST WIN to enter the WWE Royal Rumble~
    John Cena vs. Chris Masters & Carlito
    The odds are even further stacked against John Cena than they already were because before the match begins, to the surprise of everyone, WWE Champion Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring and joins the commentary team. He will watch from ringside as Cena takes on two members of this alliance – an alliance which Shawn Michaels names on commentary for the first time since their reveal last week. From this point on the foursome of Michaels, Carlito, Masters and McMahon will be known as the Heartbreak Foundation– a swipe at the legendary stable and long-time rival of both HBK and McMahon.

    Cena squares off against Masters to start the contest and takes part in a test of strength. It goes the way of Cena, the former champion shoving Masters across the ring, sending Masters scrambling into the corner. The crowd are fully behind Cena tonight; cheering the former champion on with a loud roar. Cena stands in the middle of the ring, slapping his chest, waving either Masters or Carlito forward, challenging them to try and stop him from getting to the Royal Rumble.

    The match would continue with Carlito and Cena going at it inside the ring. A rivalry renewed, Carlito using a rack of the eyes to trap Cena in the corner. Masters and Carlito used quick tags during the match to beat Cena down and get a few near falls. The two youngsters saw this as a huge chance to make an impressive statement to the boss. Masters using a bearhug against Cena and wrapping those large arms around the waist to squeeze the life out of Cena.

    Cena’s attempts at comebacks continued to be cut off during the contest. A backdrop on Carlito had the fans on their feet, Cena trying to rally but Masters would jump into the ring illegal and stop Cena cold. On commentary, Styles began to doubt if Cena could truly overcome these odds. Shawn Michaels was furious at the notion that this was an unfair contest – citing that he himself had faced multiple opponents previously and that it wasn’t uncommon for people to have to win matches to enter the Royal Rumble.

    The conclusion of the match arrived when Cena began to rally. Masters’ smug attitude fuelled not only himself but also his opponent. Cena would strike with punches, battering Masters into the ropes before slinging him across the ring – SCOOP SLAM!! Cena rises, charging at the Carlito, knocking him off the ring apron to the floor, before hitting the SPIN OUT POWERBOMB. All the momentum is with Cena, he raises a hand in the air, then he looks towards Michaels at the announce desk and taunts him - “YOU CAN’T SEE ME!” The Five Knuckle Shuffle follows and Cena stalks Masters, looking for the FU, prepared to strike. However, on the outside, Shawn Michaels rushes from behind the announce desk… and HBK SUPERKICKS CARLITO IN THE JAW!! The referee sees it, he looks back to Cena, who has just hit the FU and is in the cover, waving over the official, and the referee tells him sorry… before calling for the bell!
    Winners: Carlito & Chris Masters @ 08:12

    Jerry Lawler:What the hell just happened?? Shawn Michaels just superkicked the hell out of Carlito. I thought they were friends?

    Jonathan Coachman: Look at the big picture, King. It’s a brilliant ploy by the WWE Champion and I have no doubt that Mr. McMahon had a hand in it too. Shawn Michaels superkicked Carlito and therefore gave the victory to the Heartbreak Foundation. Carlito and Masters have won – John Cena is OUT OF THE RUMBLE!!

    Joey Styles: This arena is absolutely stunned, gentlemen. John Cena had the match won. He had overcome a two on one disadvantage. Cena had fought back against all the odds and yet it has once again been ripped from under him by Shawn Michaels.

    The damage hasn’t been finished for tonight as John Cena stares in disbelief at what just happened. He cannot contain his emotions, rushing out of the ring and jumping on top of Shawn Michaels. Cena and Michaels are brawling on the outside, punches are flying and Michaels is on the back peddle heading into the ring.

    Cena follows, knocking Michaels down with a clothesline before raising his hands in the air. If he can’t be in the Rumble he’ll take what he can get tonight against the men who have screwed him. Cena picks HBK off the mat and positions him for the FU!!

    At the last moment, Carlito and Masters make the save and it becomes a three on one assault against John Cena.


    Joey Styles: Haven’t they taken enough from this man?? Get out of there!!

    Jonathan Coachman: This is what going against the boss gets you, Styles. Watch your mouth before you get fired. John Cena did this to himself and the Heartbreak Foundation, great name by the way, are delivering beating to remind the entire RAW roster that they run this show.


    It might be a WWE Universe but this is FLAIR COUNTRY!!

    The Nature Boy, wielding a steel chair, rushes down to the ring and the heels scatter but not fast enough. Flair gets in a chair shot to Masters and one to Carlito… but Michaels goes for a SUPERKICK!!

    Flair catches the boot, sweeps the leg and goes for the FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. The crowd is going mental as Flair attempts to apply his most famous hold… only for Michaels to be dragged from the ring by his goons.

    Jerry Lawler: Shawn Michaels is on the run. He didn’t like it when Flair brought that chair to the party.

    Joey Styles: We all saw what happens when the Heartbreak Foundation have to face some odds of their own. They ran for the hills and Shawn Michaels grasped the WWE Championship a little bit tighter when Ric Flair got into the ring. My god, I hope that we see the Nature Boy turn back the clock at the Rumble.

    Monday Night RAW comes to an end, Shawn Michaels and the Heartbreak Foundation at the middle of the ramp, WWE Championship safely with HBK, while Flair and Cena look on from inside the ring.

    There is a clear look of disappointment on the face of Cena. He had a chance to enter the WWE Royal Rumble, a chance to main event WrestleMania and get a WWE Championship opportunity, but now that is dead in the water. Flair and Cena share another handshake, Cena’s mood clear as day, he shakes hands and turns away, putting his head against the turnbuckle, devastated at the result.


    Current Card for Royal Rumble:
    January 29 2006 | American Airlines Arena, Miami FL
    Co-Branded; RAW and SMACKDOWN

    Royal Rumble Match:
    Winner challenges for EITHER brand's Champion at WrestleMania 22:
    Entrants in Alphabetical Order:

    Edge, John 'Bradshaw' Layfield, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam & Triple H

    WWE Championship Match:
    Shawn Michaels [c] vs. Ric Flair

    World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    Batista [c] vs. The Undertaker

    WWE Women's Championship Match:
    Trish Stratus [c] vs. Victoria (w/Torrie Wilson & Candice Michelle)

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    You knocked this Cena promo out of the park for my money. Sounded very authentic to the type of ‘serious’ promo Cena would cut in the near future talking about the adversity he’s currently facing having lost the belt and the challenge that awaits him. Really awesome face promo I thought, though the ‘bastards’ bit didn’t fit for me, and Cena calling for his rematch didn’t work so much after basically admitting he knows he’s going to have the rug pulled out beneath him and have to jump through hoops to get it. Might’ve been preferable if he’d simply challenged Shawn to do the right thing and give him his rematch, rather than demand it.

    With Cenas reaction to Vince turning him down it sort of backs up my previous point. Thought Vince felt a lot more natural this week too with the way you scripted him and him explaining why Cena would never work as champion for him adds some context to this vendetta at least. Handicap match sure does stack the deck against Cena.

    To me, Trips tapping to Flair felt weird. I mean, yeah, it absolutely helps Flair, but does he really need it? And by submission too? He just beat Angle at NYR, and he’s Ric Flair. At this stage of the game, he only needs to cut a promo to be taken seriously. Cools off Trips as a contender for the Rumble for me if he’s losing to the Figure Four without a serious injury. If Flair HAD to win this, a bit of sneaky dirtiest player in the game shit would’ve served as a much better route to take.

    Not a bad Charlie Haas promo that certainly got patriotic toward the end, which made a tonne of sense given the gimmick Daivari has been running with. You’re going to have a tough time making Tomko & Snitsky a team to get readers invested in, but these are the cards you’re dealt with in 2006.

    As with last week, I loved this Striker segment. Brilliant writing and some harmless mid card fun. Not sure we should really have to wait a week for the match though...

    Well, if Gregory Helms is calling himself the greatest IC Champ of all time and throwing out a challenge to any former champ next week ... gotta be Honky!! Also, Helms calling himself the champion of Raw = Money. Helms needing to cheat to win struck me as odd, as I’d assumed this was going to be a bit of a showcase for Helms, but I guess there’s no harm in him bending the rules all the time.

    Everything moving along as expected with Trish and Mickie. Leaves the question of whether Mickie turns up at ringside and defies Trish or not.

    The balls on Grisham!! Lol. The Triple H promo didn’t click for me, I’m afraid. Could be a knock on from the match earlier, but this just all felt a little off and I can’t really put my finger on why. Top class feedback right there!

    I think you could add a little more excitement to the match write ups. Things like when Haas has the visual pin off the cradle could be emphasised a little better, imo. As for the match itself, seven minutes feels a little long for a Tomko match on Raw, but it had the desired effect. Nice touch with Haas having that open target as a knock on effect from last week, and the rib injury could be a good ongoing story tool for this tag feud.

    That was a wonderful segment of pure anarchy from Kane. Got a giggle out of your “welcome to Raw bud” line for Orlando too. Kane looks like a psycho killer here. Nice job.

    Not the opening I expected from Edge, putting a spotlight on the fact he’s injury prone. I’d have probably cut that stuff tbh, because it didn’t serve much of a purpose in the end. But the premise of Edge having two bites at the cherry at WrestleMania sure is an intriguing one. Don’t think it’ll happen but it’s a fun carrot to dangle in front of the audience and gives Edge a reason to be taken seriously as a Rumble contender.

    I can really get behind this Kane on the rampage gimmick. Already it’s the most I’ve been into anything Kane has done anywhere outside of Keefs thread. That was great.

    Some bits of this meeting felt off. After all but bowing down at McMahons feet last week I didn’t really understand why Shawn would tease him by calling him Vince. Even the playing with the belt didn’t feel like something I’d expect this version of HBK that was presented last week to do. As an aside, Shawn dumping the toy belt is maybe something to consider. If he’s anti-Cena it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for him to keep an untraditional belt. I am looking forward to seeing what Michaels has in store for Flair next week though. That sounds promising.

    Nice finish to the Women’s title match. Made Ashley feel like a real threat in the end, with Trish only just being a little better, which is no mean feat. Post match was clever too, and opens up the possibility that Mickie purposely didn’t come out to make the save because she’s angry or because she’s just doing as she was told, and taking that request WAY too literal. Very nice angle here.

    Good, natural conversation between Cena and Flair I felt.

    Okay, so before talking about the match ... The Heartbreak Foundation. I can’t tell if I love it or hate it yet. It’s clever; VERY clever, in fact... I just don’t know if I can take the group seriously with that name. It’s probably something I’ll have to get used to before making my mind up which side I come down on. One thing I disliked though was the name being dropped in on commentary during the match. Save that reveal for an in ring promo imo for the maximum heat. Also, with that reveal, anything other than HBK with Vince in his corner vs Cena with Bret in his corner at WrestleMania is going to be a disappointment.

    Anyway, interesting move in the main event. I don’t believe for a second that Cena isn’t getting into that Rumble one way or another, but this was a interesting twist in the tale- and a necessary one. Carlito and Masters shouldn’t be losing a 2 on 1 match against anyone, even Cena, so I think Cena could’ve survived an actual loss by succumbing to the numbers game.

    The screwy finish is okay though, and is probably an ever more bitter pill for Cena to swallow, I guess. Closing moments of the show were good (though Carlito recovered way too quick imo) in having Flair get a piece of Shawn and letting the faces stand tall.

    Definitely a step up from last weeks Raw. Cenas promo was really excellent, Kane was awesome rampaging like Jason Voorhies or Michael Myers, and the Striker bit was great too. The progression of the women’s story took a nice turn here too, and you’ve some solid if unspectacular stuff going on with Helms and the tag division.

    Angle feels ice cold right now though, and no one on Raw feels like a major contender for the Rumble. Basically just a case of guys being scheduled for the match, outside of Edge, who has a firm story going into the Rumble. That’s the one disappointment really.

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    First time actually getting round to this I believe. 2006 was when I first got into wrestling so I LOVE this kind of booker. I'm just jumping in from after New Year's Revolution and I have only read the Raws, so if I'm missing anything crucial I apologize

    John Cena Promo: Really REALLY good promo to kick off Raw. I can imagine Cena in my head cutting this promo after being screwed and you've basically got him spot on here. I quite liked the bastards line, although I think assholes probably would have fit Cena's verbiage for back then. Thought Vince was portrayed well here too, I loved thge "I beat the government" line, made me legit laugh. Cena vs Carlito/Masters is SUCH a 2005/2006 Raw main event haha, expecting Cena to win.

    Flair/RVD vs HHH/Angle: I didn't really like this at all to be honest. The match was fine, but I don't get why Flair was teaming with RVD other than they're both faces. Like if Ric was in the Rumble then I'd get it, but he's challenging for the title, why is he getting involved with guys qualifying for the Rumble? Also agree with Wolfy that HHH tapping I REALLY didn't like. Yes, Flair is challenging for the belt, but couldn't he have made someone else tap in his own match seperate from this? HHH feels a bit weak coming out of this imo. Not really a fan of the whole "I hate Hardcore" feud with RVD, especially considering Hunter has had some REALLY good brawls in the past. Angle as well feels like he's just treading water at this point, either something big needs to happen with him or he should jump to SmackDown. I have faith you'll do something good with him though, he's Kurt freakin Angle after all Sorry I'm being too whiney here mate haha.

    WGTT Promo/Striker Skit: WGTT promo did what it had to do, god I feel bad for you needing to use Snitsky and Tomko about this time, big Gene was never good & Tomko wouldn't be good until he joined TNA so yeah....Unlucky mate. Enjoyed the Striker segment, although the legistics of hiding a copy of WWE Magazine, usually in A4 paper, in Macbeth, which I assume is on A5 paper.....Yeah am nitpicking . Predicting a Striker win for next week.

    Helms vs Tajiri: Pretty good match from these two, Like Wolfy, I was expecting a squash-like match for Helms to get the easy win but I'm glad I was wrong & Tajiri got some good offence too. Hope The Buzzsaw gets used in this, I'm a HUGE Tajiri mark so it'd be nice to see him form a tag team or something. Looking forward to Gregory's open challenge, I don't think you should use Honky TOO early and blow your load too quick. Maybe drag it out 2-3 weeks before bringing Honky back. That's of course assuming you're intending to use him.

    HHH Interview: Todd..... Mate...... Whit you doin man? Thought Hunter's promo was a bit.... I dunno, weird. It might just be me, but him calling Flair a dog & RVD a misfit just doesn't seem like the insults he would use y'know?

    Tomko vs Haas: Decent enough considering who was involved. Always thought Tomko's Argentinian Neckbreaker looked cool for him, so yeah, glad you're using it.

    Kane Mayhem/Edge Promo: Best part of the show imo. Like, everything about it, from Kane dragging Jordan through the hall, to Edge's promo in the ring, to the Edge/Kane brawl in the ring. Just, perfect. Only thing I can really say is when Kane came out to fight Edge, there was NO way I was gonna cheer him in kayfabe, since, y'know, the whole storyline reasoning for Lita & Kane being married was because Kane forced her to & was basically a rapist, who WWE tried to make the audience sympathise with. But that isn't your fault, other than that slice of reality this overall was fantastic.

    Heartbreak Foundation: Just want to say now, I LOVE that name. It's simple but it's SO clever. Please don't change it pretty good heel plotting stuff, As mentioned before, I'm not really interested in the Flair/HBK match, then again it's just starting so we'll see what HBK has planned for next week. Vince making Carlito call him Mr McMahon was a nice touch as well.

    Trish vs Ashley: Nice wee match between Trish & Ashley, putting an end to their competitive feud, if you could call it that. Candice & Torrie are heels? With Victoria? Damn that's weird. Trish vs Victoria should be a good match though, and I love that Trish shot herself if the foot by telling Mickie to stay backstage no matter what. I think the Mickie/Trish stuff is the best thing about Raw in this atm, and I'm REALLY interested on your take on the story.

    Cena vs HBF: Damn, I'd never have thought of that as an ending, fair play sir. I think the Superkick was probably a bit much, they ARE stablemates after all. Like a punch probably would have done haha. Carlito defo recovered too quick as well, as Wolfy mentioned. Flair coming out to save John was a nice way to try build their feud, although I'm more interested in what you have planned for them next week....

    Overall Thoughts: Thought the show was enjoyable overall, although it definitely feels like no one really has much momentum right now. As mentioned, Hunter feels weak, RVD is a bit hot but not enough where I would go "Yeah he could win the Rumble," Angle is just existing, and as much as I think Edge winning the Rumble would be cool, I don't see it happening. Kane as well while he looked great here, doesn't scream Rumble winner at me. Thought the Cena/Heartbreak Foundation feud is bubbling nicely and the Women's division is looking really interesting. Looking forward to SmackDown sir.

    Impact 2014: Re-Branding When It Mattered
    In the BTB Section!

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    Re: The Gorilla Position


    Randy Orton has been a name on the tip of everyone’s tongue for the last seven days. Orton has unsuccessfully to this point attempted to worm his way into the World Heavyweight Championship Match at the Royal Rumble. The growing frustrations of the Legend Killer were on show last week on SMACKDOWN when he and General Manager Teddy Long were involved in a heated debate backstage. Orton has been promised compensation for his role in securing Team SMACKDOWN’s victory at Survivor Series, the details of which are still unclear, and a place in the Royal Rumble Match. It’s clear that Orton is not satisfied and he will appear on SMACKDOWN this week to deliver what he is calling a formal complaint against Theodore Long.

    Speaking of the WWE Royal Rumble Match, a preview of sorts will kick-off SMACKDOWN this week for those who may never have experienced it before. A ten man over the top rope battle royal will deliver an explosive start to the hottest show on Friday Night. Competitors from all divisions across the SMACKDOWN roster will take part with the winner securing their spot in the thirty man over the top rope battle royal. Those will lose will have to wait and see if they will be selected by Theodore Long as potential competitors. While all ten haven’t been confirmed we can reveal that Super Crazy, Eugene, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro will take part in the match. Which SMACKDOWN superstar will take the next step to securing their spot for a golden opportunity?

    They met in a tag team match last week and now Mr. Kennedy, Booker T and Rey Mysterio will collide once again. The sharks are circling for WWE United States Champion Matt Hardy. A triple threat match between those three men will main event SMACKDOWN this week. While not officially a number one contender’s contest it would be a major statement victory for all three men. Controversy follows Mr. Kennedy after sustaining an “injury” last week during the contest and was unable to help Booker T in the final moments. Many have doubted the validity of Kennedy’s injury including his partner last week Booker T.

    The Royal Rumble can be a kickstart to a main event run for any WWE superstar who has the ability to win the match. It has seen superstar after superstar springboard to the top of the mountain in hopes of becoming World Champion. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield has his sights set on winning the Royal Rumble and using it to return to the main event where he feels he belongs. JBL is the longest reigning WWE Champion in SMACKDOWN history and last week nearly defeated The Undertaker in a back and forth contest. This week, JBL will face Bobby Lashley in what is no doubt going to be a hard hitting brawl. Lashley has had his own issues lately with the veteran Mark Henry. Will Lashley be able to focus on JBL with the shadow of the World’s Strongest Man looming over him? Are we on the verge of yet another JBL run in the main event?

    Confirmed Matches:

    10 Man Battle Royal:
    Eugene, Super Crazy, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro & TBA

    John 'Bradshaw' Layfield (w/Jillian Hall) vs. Bobby Lashley

    Mr. Kennedy vs. Booker T vs. Rey Mysterio

    Randy Orton will make a formal complaint against Theodore Long

    Batista and The Undertaker are both confirmed for SMACKDOWN

    Fit Finlay makes his WWE debut

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    Friday Night Smackdown | January 20th 2006 | Florence, South Carolina





    The show opens up with a shot of the ring where seven men are waiting on the inside, dressed to compete, ready to start Friday Night SMACKDOWN! with a bang. The individuals in the ring are; PAUL LONDON, BRIAN KENDRICK, WILLIAM REGAL, PAUL BURCHILL, HARDCORE HOLLY, SUPER CRAZY and EUGENE!

    Michael Cole: Welcome back everyone to Friday Night SMACKDOWN! We are less than two weeks away from one of my favourite WWE events of the year – I’m talking about the Royal Rumble. And in the ring right now we have seven men, soon to be ten, who will compete in a preview of sorts for what we can all expect at the Rumble.

    Tazz: A ten man over the top rope battle royal to kick-off the hottest show on Friday Night. I think I can spot some alliances already forming, Michael. You’ve got London and Kendrick in that ring, the number one contenders to the WWE Tag Team Titles, but in a match like the Rumble it becomes every man for himself. We could see partners turn on each other all for the chance at main eventing WrestleMania.

    Michael Cole: We will see the final three men to enter the battle royal in a moment. While we have a chance lets run down what else we have on offer for tonight. How about this for a main event – Mr. Kennedy vs. Booker T vs. Rey Mysterio!!

    Tazz: Hot off the heels of the tag team match last week which included WWE United States Champion Matt Hardy. I can’t wait to see what happens when Booker T and Kennedy get together because it was Mr. Kennedy who suffered an injury last week which left Booker without a partner. A terrible turn of events.

    Michael Cole: I think that injury was awfully convenient for Mr. Kennedy. We’ll see how it all plays out later in the main event. A match that I’m sure Matt Hardy will be watching closely because there is a very good chance that the winner of the triple threat could cement their spot as the next challenger for the WWE United States Championship.


    The head turning entrance of MNM – the WWE Tag Team Champions – is cut short by the mass of humanity in the ring already. Melina leads her boys down to the squared circle, kissing them on the cheek, before moving over to the front of the announce desk to watch how this thing plays out. While walking around the ring, Melina waves at Paul London, once again trying to stir up trouble.

    Michael Cole: It’s a star filled battle royal tonight with Mercury and Nitro taking part. The growing tension between MNM and the Hooligans is sure to explode during this contest. All four men involved are sharing the ring but for how long?? You’ve got to think that London and Kendrick will immediately go after MNM.

    Tazz: That’s if London can keep his eyes off the beautiful Melina. She is staying out here, Cole. London might lose his focus. You’ve seen how he keeps flirting with her over the past month.

    Michael Cole: I’ve seen no such thing! That’s what MNM would have you believe. Melina has been planting seeds trying to cause disfunction within the Hooligans but neither London or Kendrick has fallen for it. Anyway, we’ve got nine men in the ring right now. This is a ten man battle royal. Who is the final entrant??


    It had been announced last week – FIT FINLAY is coming to SMACKDOWN! and the Irishman has arrived. In his classic attire, Finlay marches onto the stage with a shillelagh in hand, eyeing the wrestlers in the ring and greeting them with his famous mean mug.

    Tazz: This is huge, Cole!! Fit Finlay isn’t just in the building, I knew he was coming this week, but he is in the battle royal competing.

    Michael Cole: Your eyes do not deceive you ladies and gentlemen. One of the toughest and most respected veterans in the business. Fit Finlay has fought all over the globe against the toughest competition he could find. He has finally arrived in the WWE and he has decided to make SMACKDOWN! his home for the foreseeable future.

    Tazz: What a time to debut. The Royal Rumble is approaching and we are on the Road to WrestleMania. It’s the perfect time to make an impact in the WWE!!

    Michael Cole: And folks do not underestimate the importance of this battle royal. It might be a preview but with limited spots in the Royal Rumble this will determine at least one of the entrants. Yes, I’m getting word right now that Theodore Long has declared that the winner of this match will gain entry into the WWE Royal Rumble as part of our fifteen allocated spots.

    Tazz: To know you’ve got a spot in the Rumble locked up could be a major factor in who wins. You look at the field already, it’s stacked, and those men can prepare without worrying about qualifying or being given a spot based on their last twelve months. Winning this match means you’re set until the Rumble. Sit back and watch others risk everything while you prepare.

    Brian Kendrick vs. Eugene vs. Fit Finlay vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Joey Mercury vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Paul Burchill vs. Paul London vs. Super Crazy vs. William Regal
    It’s pure chaos to start the match with all ten men going at it. A few key points in the early going include; London and Kendrick targeting Mercury and Nitro, Eugene mimicking various legends that he has seen in the past, Super Crazy diving off the top rope and Fit Finlay just being an utter badass while beating the crap out of Hardcore Holly. Bodies begin to fly after about five minutes with Burchill and Regal being tossed first and second respectively. Nitro has a few close calls, dangling from the top rope and having his feet just miss the floor. The referees are vigilant and keep an eye on the near misses around the ring.

    The feud between the Hooligans and MNM takes a step into the next chapter tonight. Mercury and Nitro attempt the Snapshot on Kendrick but they are cut off by London, saving his partner, and together the Hooligans send both members of MNM over the top rope. London and Kendrick eliminate the WWE Tag Team Champions. In response, Mercury and Nitro storm the ring and toss London and Kendrick out of the ring, eliminating them in the process illegally, before running up the ramp with Melina trailing behind.

    We get down to the final two; Fit Finlay and Eugene. A stark contrast in styles between the two competitors and I would hazard to say a stark contrast in world view. Eugene is jumping with excitement, he has a chance to guarantee himself a spot in the Rumble, while Fit Finlay wipes a trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth, gritting his teeth and scowling at Eugene. They battle it out, Eugene wrestling like The Rock to a series of cheers, and Fit Finlay is put on the back foot. After a variety of counters, Finlay snatches control with a kick that is awfully low. Finlay attempts to throw Eugene over the top rope but he gets countered and Eugene throws him over!! The celebrations begin for Eugene but he doesn’t notice that Finlay landed on the apron, he isn’t eliminated, and now Fit Finlay returns to the ring… shillelagh in hand. It’s academic, Eugene never sees it coming, Fit Finlay cracks him in the skull with the weapon, knocking the man out cold. Finlay hooks Eugene around the head, dragging him over to the ropes and dumps him to the outside for the victory.
    Winner: Fit Finlay @ 10:42

    Michael Cole: What a debut on Friday Night SMACKDOWN! for Fit Finlay! He has come to the WWE and made an impact right off the bat.

    Tazz: Did you really think the Irishman was going to wait around before he gave these people something to remember. Fit Finlay has been all over the world looking for a fight and tonight he found one with nine men and he came out victorious.

    Michael Cole: Well, this means that Fit Finlay has qualified for the Royal Rumble. He has locked in a spot in the thirty man match. You want to talk about a strong dark horse pick this could be the one that shocks the world.

    A strong debut for Fit Finlay, he has come to SMACKDOWN! and defeated nine WWE superstars in a major match. In his left hand Finlay holds his weapon of choice, the devastating shillelagh, which has kept Eugene down this entire time.

    The damage could be long lasting as Fit Finlay exits the ring and makes his way around ringside, kicking poor Eugene for no good reason, before exiting. The camera lingers around ringside the moment, focusing on Eugene, as he starts to open his eyes, clearly still in a dazed state after the head shot.


    Commercial Break


    When SMACKDOWN! returns from the break, SIMON DEAN is walking through the halls of the backstage area in a huff. The WWE Cruiserweight Champion has his belt firmly around the waist, brushing past people in his way, as he looks for Sylvan. Dean turns a corner and ends up at the catering area with various superstars having some food and refreshments but one stands out amongst the rest. NUNZIO is sitting at a table with VITO and both have huge plates of freshly made pasta in front of them along with an assortments of breads.

    Simon Dean: Is that pasta??

    Nunzio: Is it pasta? This isn’t just pasta. Are you kidding me? This is my mother’s home made spaghetti. You don’t just call it pasta. Come on now!

    Simon Dean: That is absolutely disgusting!! Do you know what you’re putting into your body? Those carbs will stay in your body and cause your blood sugar to spike. Is that what you want? Pasta will ruin any athletic ability that one possesses. You need to throw that out, right now. Just having it in the same building as me is making me feel ill.

    Nunzio lowers his fork, placing it down on the table, before turning to Vito and speaking to him directly.

    Nunzio: Did he just insult my mother?

    Vito: I believe he said the pasta was disgusting. He not only insulted her but he insulted her cooking.

    Nunzio: He comes over here, uninvited, and questions the quality of my mother’s spaghetti. You insult her cooking, you insult the woman herself and therefore you insult me. Nobody insults my mother, Vito. NOBODY!!

    Turning back as he stands up, Nunzio steps around the table and gets in the face of Simon Dean.

    Nunzio: You listen up, punk! That’s my mother’s cooking you just insulted and I don’t take kindly to people insulting my mother. I’m Italian. We love our mothers and I’d do anything for that woman including kicking your ass all over this arena tonight. The way I see it you’ve got two options. Either you can apologise, take a bit of the pasta and admit that you love it or you go find your lapdog and meet Vito and I in the ring tonight.

    Simon Dean: Alright, fair enough. I apologise. Bring the pasta over here and let me try it.

    Nunzio: You gonna love it. My mother makes the best spaghetti you’ll ever taste. No protein shake you’ve got taste anything like this right here.

    Nunzio carries over the plate of spaghetti. He licks his lips as the smell rises up into his nose. A big smile appearing on Nunzio’s face as he pushes the plate towards Dean. Twirling a fork in his hand, Dean scoops up a bit of pasta – he smells it and takes a delayed bite.

    Nunzio: It’s good, right?? Taste the flavours. Nothing like an Italian woman’s home-cooking to warm the soul.

    A chewing for a moment, Dean smiling at Nunzio signalling that he likes it, the WWE Cruiserweight Champion spits the food into the face of Nunzio!

    Simon Dean: As I said, keep your mother’s vile spaghetti away from me. I’ll see you and Vito in the ring later tonight. Maybe I’ll be able to beat some of the carbohydrates out of your system.

    The agreement has been made between these two parties. Simon Dean wipes the edge of his mouth, cleaning up a droplet of sauce, and makes his exit. Remaining behind, Nunzio takes both hands and scoops the pasta off his face, shaking in rage at the disrespect not only he was shown but most importantly the disrespect his mother was shown by the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Nunzio has to be held back by Vito – the latter telling him that they’ll get their chance later tonight for retribution.


    Into the arena now...


    The future is now and will be on show tonight according to Michael Cole, hyping up BOBBY LASHLEY as he makes his way down the ramp, as one of the next superstars in WWE. Built like an absolute tank, Lashley leaps onto the apron of the ring in an impressive athletic feat, he then ascends the turnbuckle stretching his arms out wide to a big cheer from the fans.


    A staple of Friday Night’s for years now, JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD arrives in his limousine to a chorus of boos from the live crowd. Stepping out of the limo first is JILLIAN HALL – she holds the door open and demands the attention of the crowd as JBL steps out in his wrestling gear. Tazz recounts the major announcement from JBL last week and all the promotion he did beforehand – pulling a bait and switch as he positioned it like he was going to retire on SMACKDOWN! Cole calls it a total ego move by JBL and a clear example of the Texan turned New Yorker thinking that the world revolves around him.

    Match 2:
    Bobby Lashley vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield (w/Jillian Hall)
    A big time clash between a long-standing member of the main event scene on Friday Night SMACKDOWN! and a young upstart looking to make an impact in the WWE. The power game of Lashley is on display during the open sequence as our competitors lock-up centre of the ring. After a shoving match, Lashley explodes with a rush of power and tosses JBL across the ring to a huge cheer. A shocked look appears on the face of Layfield, flustered by the power on display, so he slides to the outside of the ring and consults Hall. The action continues on the outside of the ring, Lashley chasing after JBL only to be countered with a drop-toe-hold! Lashley falls head first into the steel steps, rattling his head, and allowing JBL to go on the attack.

    JBL proceeds to work Lashley over in the ring with a few power moves of his own. He keeps Lashley on the canvas as much as possible and after exerting himself physically we see Layfield apply a headlock to recharge. Even as he controls the contest, JBL cannot help himself but to run his big mouth. He slaps Lashley in the back of the head - “Come on, son!! You don’t belong in the ring with a wrestling gawd!!” The tide begins to turn as Lashley counters a powerbomb, hitting a backdrop on JBL and connecting with a combination of shoulder blocks.

    Lashley storms back into the match hammering away with strikes and scooping JBL up for a powerslam. The crowd have rallied behind the youngster and Lashley is thriving under their support. He tosses JBL over his head with a suplex… and Layfield’s body spills to the outside of the ring. Lashley stomps his feet, hyping up the crowd, before going to the outside after JBL. To cause a distraction it’s Jillian Hall who jumps between both men, waving her clipboard at Lashley, ordering him away, giving JBL enough time to charge forward for a sneak attack! Lashley ducks – and clobbers Layfield with a knee to the stomach before throwing him into the ring. Jillian Hall hurries into the squared circle after her boss and begins to check on him which draws the attention of the referee. As Lashley attempts to the enter the ring he is jumped from behind by MARK HENRY! The World’s Strongest Man pulls Lashley from the apron and squashes him against the hard edge of the ring. Then Henry picks Lashley up onto his shoulder and darts forward – SLAMMING LASHLEY’S HEAD INTO THE RING POST!

    Lashley falls from the shoulder to the floor below as the referee finally removes Hall from the ring. The official has seen none of the involvement from the World’s Strongest Man and Cole is going off about it on commentary. This issue between Lashley and Henry has been building for weeks now. Nevertheless, the referee begins a ten count from inside the ring, JBL slowly getting to his feet and more than willing to claim this win via count-out. At a count of nine, against all odds, Bobby Lashley makes the count to a huge wave of cheers. Cole praises the young man for not quitting even though he must have no clue where he is right now. It’s only a few moments later when JBL charges forward and clocks Lashley with the Clothesline From Hell for the three count. Lashley could’ve stayed down but he didn’t! He didn’t quit.
    Winner: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield @ 08:36

    While the three count may have been made it’s clear to anyone with a brain that the night is long from over for Bobby Lashley. JBL refuses to leave the ring until he has his hand raised by the official – only then does he, along with Hall, make their exit.

    The World’s Strongest Man makes his way up the steel steps, stepping through the ropes and clutching Lashley around the throat with his big right hand. Henry picks Lashley up and pulls him over to a corner, eyeing him up and down, before hitting a headbutt.

    Lashley crumbles to the bottom part of the turnbuckle. Cole is outraged by the assault and he calls Henry a coward for not facing Lashley man to man like he wanted to last week. Tazz argues that this is a life lesson for young Bobby Lashley about the world of the WWE. Henry is a veteran and this is his role – to make sure the up and comers know their place in the industry.

    Henry backs up across the ring, his back against the turnbuckle as he looks around the arena, the fans booing loudly, as lines up his target. Charging at full speed Mark Henry crushes Lashley with a knee to the face.

    Cole and Tazz can only watch so match as this future star in the WWE is getting beaten worse than ever before. Henry doesn’t appear done either – he steps to the outside and yanks Lashley from the ring with force. The announcers are forced to scatter as Henry RIPS THE ANNOUNCE DESK TO BITS!

    The crowd all rise to their feet in anticipation of what is to come. Lashley, as if from some animalistic instinct, begins to fight back to a roar of the crowd. He can sense that he is in danger but Henry flatters him with a clothesline and a few clubs to the back of his spine. Henry looks at the announce desk, back to Lashley, and then he smiles a sickening grin.

    Henry bends down and lifts Lashley up – he steps towards the announce desk… AND HITS THE WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM ON LASHLEY THROUGH THE FREAKING ANNOUNCE DESK!! Henry has struck back tonight against Lashley. He has sent a major message – he will not be intimidated by a youngster. He will decide the terms of war and it is clear that war has been declared by the World’s Strongest Man. A final image of Mark Henry standing to the side of the wreckage, Lashley’s body on top of the destroyed table, burning into the minds of fans everywhere.


    Commercial Break


    When the show returns, BATISTA is arriving to the arena dressed in a suit with the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. He walks through the parking lot with a suitcase being dragged behind him. Batista reaches the door into the backstage area…

    And standing right there is RANDY ORTON with a smug look on his face. His eyes are locked on the World Title the entire time – it’s eating away at the Legend Killer that he will not be challenging for the belt at the Rumble even after his demands to Theodore Long last week.

    Batista: Can I help you, Randy?

    Randy Orton: I just want you know that you’re lucky that Teddy Long is incompetent at his job. If he had any clue about how to run this show than he’d do the right thing and put me in the World Title match at the Royal Rumble. Instead, I’m stuck competing with twenty nine lesser talents for an opportunity that I’ve already earned.

    Batista shakes his head.

    Batista: That’s what I’ve never understood about you, man. You’ve got all the tools to be great. Yet all you do is whine and bitch. You had your shot at the title and I beat you! Teddy Long gave you a second chance to EARN another title shot and you lost to The Undertaker. Now, he’s giving you a spot in the Rumble – and from what I hear it’s going to be one of the top picks – and yet you’re still complaining??

    Randy Orton: I shouldn’t have to be in the Rumble!! I put SMACKDOWN! on my back at Survivor Series. Where the hell were you?? Oh, that’s right. You got eliminated and taken to back while I was the Sole Survivor. I should’ve been put in the main event every damn day until I got that title because of what I did for this show.

    Batista: Did you ever stop to think that the reason you’re not in the main event is because you expect it?

    Tensions rise between these two former friends – now turned rivals.

    Batista: You expect everything to be yours like you don’t have to fight for it. Just listen to yourself, Randy. You’re actually angry that you’re being given a spot in the Royal Rumble. Do you realise that there are guys on not just this show but on RAW and across the entire world that would give anything for a shot like you’re getting at the Rumble?

    Randy Orton: I don’t give a damn about what the losers beneath me want!

    Batista: Well you better start caring because those same losers are coming for your spot, Randy!! You are so disrespectful to them and to everyone who has ever fought to earn one shot at their dreams. You are going to get a harsh reality check, Randy. One day, one of those losers is going to come and smack you in the mouth.

    Batista pulls the title down and shoves it forward near Orton’s face.

    Batista: You want it?? Go out there and earn your way back to it. Then, I’ll happily kick your ass again. You don’t deserve anything in this business, Randy. You’re only as good as your last match and nobody is above any opportunity. The longer you take these things for granted the longer your wait to being World Champion will be.

    Orton sneers.

    Randy Orton: I’ll keep that in mind for later tonight when I call Teddy Long out to the ring so I can deliver a formal complaint about how this show is being run. You need to take your own advice, Dave. You don’t deserve anything except what you’ve got coming to you at the Rumble.

    Looking up and down, Orton takes a step away from Batista.

    Randy Orton: You forget, I’ve been in the ring with both you and The Undertaker. I’ve beaten The Undertaker – TWICE!! I speak from experience. Trust me, you don’t stand a chance in hell at leaving with the World Title – I guarantee it.

    Batista: We’ll just have to wait and see, Randy. Now, get out of the way.

    They exchange one final stare between each other – the animosity at a fever pitch. Batista brushes past Orton, their shoulders bumping, but nothing overtly physical occurs after their sharp war of words. Orton turns, watching Batista as he walks away, pondering the assessment of himself delivered by the World Champion.


    Switching elsewhere to a locker-room, BOOKER T is preparing for his role in the main event later this evening. He has his boots on and is wrapping his wrists with athletic tape. Booker T comes to a halt all of a sudden, looking up from his chair and clenching his fists.

    Stepping into frame is MR. KENNEDY taking a very hesitant approach after presumably faking an injury last week and leaving Booker high to fend for himself during their tag match. Booker T is clearly still angry about the situation, standing up, and raising his voice at Kennedy.

    Booker T: You got a lot of nerve coming in here, man!! After what you did last week to me. I don’t play that game. If we’re partners out there, on the battlefield, in that ring than you stick it out. Tell me why I shouldn’t beat your ass right here?

    Cautiously, Kennedy waves his hands out in front of himself.

    Mr. Kennedy: I can understand why you’d be a tad bit angry. Injuries are unfortunate but luckily for you and I it was only minor and I’ve made a full recovery.

    Booker T: Full recovery… you weren’t hurt, sucka!! Don’t try to play me for a fool. I know a fake injury versus a real one.

    Mr. Kennedy: I didn’t exactly bring a doctor’s note with me. I was hurt, alright? No matter what anybody else has to say. Believe me, Booker. I could barely breathe last week.

    Booker T isn’t buying it one bit. He takes a seat and returns to wrapping his wrists, muttering under his breath, whilst Kennedy inches forward with a proposition.

    Mr. Kennedy: Look, that was last week. It’s in the past and we can move on. The fact that I’m here ready to compete is good for the both of us. We need each other tonight, Booker. You and I, we can achieve something tonight, we can work together.

    Booker T: What are you on about? It’s a triple threat tonight not another tag team match.

    Mr. Kennedy: Yes, exactly!! It’s a triple threat match. The two of us versus Rey Mysterio and I see it as a perfect opportunity for you and I to get back together and work as a unit. If we stick together we can eliminate Rey Mysterio for the match, toss him to the side and then we can battle it out. You know as well as I do that this triple threat is going to be a major factor in deciding who gets the next shot at Matt Hardy and the WWE United States Championship.

    While not officially a number one contenders match there is no doubt this triple threat will grant the winner a key position at the front of the herd.

    Booker T: Let me get this straight. You want us to work together, beat down Mysterio and then we fight, one on one, to decide who gets next against Matt Hardy? Is that what you’re proposing, sucka??

    Mr. Kennedy: You got. One night only. You don’t have to like me, Booker. I’m not overly fond of you but for tonight, considering what is at stake, I’d rather fight one man than have to fight two. Do we have a deal?

    Mr. Kennedy extends his hand to Booker T.

    Booker T: Yes.

    Booker T accepts the hand and they shake – CONFIRMING THE DEAL!! Booker T and Mr. Kennedy have made a pact to destroy Rey Mysterio during the triple threat before battling each other. Surely that cannot go wrong, right?


    Match 3:
    Full Blooded Italians (Nunzio & Vito) vs. Simon Dean & Sylvan
    During the entrances for this contest, Cole and Tazz discuss the interaction between Nunzio and Dean backstage. It was a major sign of disrespect by the WWE Cruiserweight Champion to spit in the face of Nunzio and to insult his mother’s cooking. Emotions are running wild for Nunzio tonight as he comes right out of the gates looking to engage with Simon Dean. Unfortunately, Dean turns him down and elects Sylvan to start the contest. The prototypical user of the Simon System, Sylvan overpowers Nunzio and works him over in the corner. Dean only enters the ring when he knows for sure he’ll have the advantage and quickly darts to the outside whenever things don’t go his way.

    It’s a short tag team match overall, a lot still to come tonight in terms of wrestling. The FBI battle back into the match, Nunzio and Dean finally coming together and the Italian unloads everything he has into the champion. A few near falls has the champion looking for an escape but Nunzio refuses to give it to him. A wild exchange between the two smaller men, Nunzio on a tear looking for revenge. Dean takes a swing at Nunzio, it gets caught and Nunzio springboards off the second rope into the arm breaker – ARRIVEDERCI! Nunzio scurries into the cover and scores the three count.
    Winners: Full Blooded Italians (Nunzio & Vito) @ 05:02

    Michael Cole: A lesson in respect has been taught tonight by Nunzio. He wasn’t going to let Simon Dean get away with what he did backstage earlier and I must that I’m very impressed by Nunzio’s performance. He took it right to the WWE Cruiserweight Champion in this tag team contest.

    Tazz: The division is wide open right now, Cole. We very well may have seen Nunzio jump to the front of the line. He now holds a victory over Simon Dean and while it may be in tag team action it’s still a pinfall. A win is a win no matter how you do it.

    Michael Cole: I can’t think of anybody who would be ahead of Nunzio in the pecking over after he beat Simon Dean.

    Tazz: I suspect we’ll be hearing from Teddy Long in the coming weeks about a future match between Simon Dean and Nunzio.

    That one is for MUMMA NUNZIO!! Jumping to his feet in celebration, Nunzio pumps his fist in the arm to a series of cheers from the fans. He did this one not only for himself but for the respect of his mother. Vito enters the ring and lifts Nunzio onto his shoulders, parading him around the ring, whilst Nunzio signals to his waist that he wants the WWE Cruiserweight Title.

    Meanwhile, Sylvan pulls Simon Dean from the ring and slings him over the shoulder. The WWE Cruiserweight Title in the hand of Sylvan as he carries Dean up the ramp – fans chanting “Nunzio” as they exit.


    Commercial Break


    Upon return from the break, TODD GRISHAM is standing by in the interview area with FIT FINLAY.

    Todd Grisham: Hello and welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. I’m joined by the newest signee to Friday Night SMACKDOWN! and the man who won a spot in the Royal Rumble earlier tonight – Fit Finlay!!

    The crowd boos.

    Todd Grisham: Finlay, earlier this evening we saw you make a major impression on all the WWE fans when you made your debut during the ten man over the top rope battle royal. How did it feel to be out there as a WWE superstar?

    Finlay has a hardened look upon his face. He clearly is no fan of having to do interview duty.

    Fit Finlay: Let me make something perfectly clear to you and everyone else. I came here to fight. I chose to come to the WWE because I saw a bunch of wimps and crybabies running around this company from the outside. Just walking in the backstage area I saw more whining from a locker-room of grown men than you’d see at an all girls high school. If that’s what a WWE superstar has become than do not compare me to the rest of them.

    Grisham feels intimidated by the harsh tone of the Irishman.

    Todd Grisham: Um… so… you made your debut in a winning effort. That secures you a spot in the WWE Royal Rumble. How does it feel to know that you’ve locked up a spot with two weeks to go until the big event?

    Fit Finlay: Does it look like I care?? Tonight, I was told I had the chance to fight nine men. I didn’t care if it was for a spot in the Rumble or if it was for nothing but the love of the game. I enjoy hurting people, Todd. Now, I plan on taking what I earned tonight and taking full advantage of it. A spot in the Rumble is just what I needed. Twenty nine men all lined up in a row for me to beat up. This is what I came to the WWE to do.

    Todd Grisham: We saw you really target Eugene during the battle royal and there was an incident afterwards. What’s happening there??

    Finlay gives Todd a sharp look sideways.

    Fit Finlay: How about you mind your own business? All you need to know about Eugene and I is that as far as I’m concerned we’re not done just yet. I came here to clean out the WWE of all the whiners, the crybabies and the pretenders. Eugene belongs in those categories. He isn’t a real wrestler and I will not stop until I rid this company of the likes of poor little Eugene.

    Todd Grisham: What has Eugene done to make him a target of yours?

    Fit Finlay: That's enough questions for now.

    There is a layer of mystery to the interview’s ending this week. Fit Finlay simply walks away after making it clear he wants to fight as many people as possible. However, he has a specific interest in Eugene... what could it mean?



    Into the arena we return for the arrival of RANDY ORTON! The Legend Killer saunters down to the squared circle, sticking his nose up at the fans, all the while being showered with boos from the crowd. Orton is in casual clothing tonight, knowing full well he does not have a match, wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

    Michael Cole: From what I understand Randy Orton is coming out to the ring to issue a formal complaint against the General Manager Theodore Long. This all stems from Orton being refused entry into the World Title match at the Royal Rumble. Because Teddy Long wouldn’t break and adhere to the demands of the Legend Killer it has resulted in Mr. Orton throwing yet another hissy fit.

    Tazz: If that’s what you say, Michael. Randy Orton did put the SMACKDOWN! Team on his back at Survivor Series. There is no debating that fact. He has earned a reward for that service to the brand. Teddy Long has given him a spot in the Rumble but we need to discuss entry position and things of that nature. At least, I would if I was in Orton’s position.

    Michael Cole: He got rewarded, Tazz!! That’s the part I don’t understand. Randy Orton was given a World Heavyweight Championship match against Batista for his part in the Survivor Series victory. He lost! He was then given another chance against The Undertaker and he lost. It’s as Batista said earlier, Orton wants to keep getting opportunities because he believes he deserves them based on his third generation status and legacy alone. That’s not how it works. You have to keep fighting for everything – you have to earn everything here in the WWE. Orton continues to want things handed to him.

    Orton holds a microphone in his hand as he paces towards the middle of the ring. Before he speaks the crowd is loud with boos that flood the ring. Orton cannot help but smirk – he loves being hated by the common folk.

    Randy Orton: There has been a lot of talk lately about what I deserve.

    Orton pauses.

    Randy Orton: A lot of people giving a lot of opinions about me and what I am or am not entitled too.

    A look of disgust appears on the Legend Killer’s face as he contemplates other people’s opinions.

    Randy Orton: Whether that be Michael Cole, Batista or even you people. Fans… the ignorant masses judging me. That doesn’t sit well with me at all. Especially you people – you pay money to see me compete in this ring. That does not give you the right to tell me what I am entitled to.

    Big heat from the crowd.

    Randy Orton: You pay your money to buy that ticket and that means you can sit there and shut up. You don’t get to dictate my career.

    He rubs his chin, growing increasingly annoyed, fighting back the urge to lose control.

    Randy Orton: Let me tell you people what I am entitled too. I’ve been stuck listening to others give their opinions for weeks now. Everybody has an opinion as to what I should or should not get. It’s now my turn!!

    Orton holds up his free hand and shows one finger.

    Randy Orton: I am a third generation superstar. My father and my grandfather before him stood in this ring and blazed a trail which I have followed. I have taken the name ‘Orton’ further than either of them had before. I have made our last name known across the globe. People in every country, in every household, know the name ‘Orton’ because I have made it famous.

    A second finger extends.

    Randy Orton: In my time in the WWE I have become the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history. That means I ascended faster than anyone. Hulk Hogan – not as good as me. Steve Austin – couldn’t tie my boot laces. The Rock – there is a reason that he ran off to Hollywood and it’s because he saw Randy Orton coming. He just like Brock Lesnar ran for the hills when the Legend Killer came knocking. Do you people get it now??

    Orton clenches his fist and stares at the hard camera.

    Randy Orton: I am entitled to whatever the hell I desire. I am the future of the company. The World Heavyweight Championship is not a reward for me. It is not a goal. To me, unlike any other superstar, the World Heavyweight Championship can be summed up in a single sentence for me.

    Taking a moment to pause – Orton chuckles sinisterly to himself.

    Randy Orton: The World Heavyweight Championship is my birthright. Like it or not I am destined to be World Champion for a long, long, time and there is nothing any of you can do about it. As my birthright I don’t have to earn it. It is given to me because I am born better. I born to be the champion of the WWE.

    Orton points to the back.

    Randy Orton: They all know it. All of ‘em in the back know that I am better than them. No matter how hard they train it’s all for nothing. Some of us are just born to be champions. It’s in my DNA and as my birthright it should not be denied. In fact, those in charge should move heaven and earth to get that title around my waist. Yet, instead they would pass judgment and deem me unworthy of my birthright.

    The camera pans around Orton. Fans jeer heavily at the notion of Orton’s birthright being the World Title instead of actually earning it like everyone else.

    Randy Orton: The most sickening of all those who are passing judgment comes from our own General Manager. Mr. Theodore Long… he has the nerve to decide that I am not entitled to my birthright?? That’s why I am out tonight. I want to register a formal complaint. I want my grievances documented for the world to see. Teddy Long should be terminated from his position as General Manager and somebody far more competent should be put in place.


    Here comes the boss! Theodore Long is in no mood to be threatened tonight and he shows it by marching down to the ring to confront Orton face to face. The GM enters the ring, microphone in hand, and calls for his music to cease.

    Theodore Long: Now listen here, playa. I’ve heard you run your mouth all week since the decision was made to not include in the World Championship at the Royal Rumble. Let me restate for the record that you will not, under any circumstance, be added to that match. Got it, playa??

    Randy Orton: And you’re proud of that? You’re proud of denying me what I deserve? This is why you should be fired. You don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

    Long does not back down.

    Theodore Long: You keep saying that but judging by the full house here tonight I’d say my job is pretty secure. You can threaten formal complaints all you want but when the Board of Directors does my job evaluation they’ll see that I’ve helped guide SMACKDOWN! to being the hottest brand in sport’s entertainment today. Unlike you I’ve got no problem putting in the hard work, playa.

    Randy Orton: My birthright…

    Theodore Long: If you mention your birthright one more time I’ll see to it that you find yourself out of the Royal Rumble match itself! Now listen here, playa. I’ve given you a spot in the Royal Rumble. I’ve told you that it’ll be fair compensation for you being the Sole Survivor in terms of entry number. I will not have you trying to undermine my authority on this show. I let you get it all of your chest tonight. That’s the last I want to hear of it.

    Orton can barely contain his rage. He paces back and forth until coming to a stop, reaching back into his pocket, and revealing a stack of papers.

    Randy Orton: Do you know what this is, Teddy??

    Theodore Long: Can’t say I do.

    Randy Orton: This right here is a contract straight off the desk of Mr. McMahon. A contract for Monday Night RAW which would become active the moment I signed. Now, do you want to lose the biggest star you’ve got on this show? How about you rethink your attitude towards me and you do the right thing and PUT ME IN THE DAMN TITLE MATCH!!

    Teddy Long takes a moment to pause. He is at risk of losing, whether he likes him or not, a major name for the blue brand. After a few moments, Long begins to smile and he pulls a pen out of his pocket – he throws it to Orton.

    Theodore Long: Sign away, playa. It’s been good having, Randy.

    Randy Orton: I’ll sign it! Don’t think I’m bluffing!

    The GM is overly happy for the current situation with a big smile on his face.

    Theodore Long: The whole point of this is that you want to be World Champion, Randy. You can sign that contract for RAW but last time I checked it was Shawn Michaels who was WWE Champion over there. Handpicked by Mr. McMahon himself – the same man who gave you that contract. Why would you think you’d get anywhere near the WWE Championship if Mr. McMahon already has his chosen champion??

    Orton’s face drains of all colour as his fist begins to crush the contract in his hand.

    Theodore Long: Face it, playa. This place is the only home you’ve got and if you want to be World Champion than you’re going to have to earn it like everybody else.

    It was a tension filled segment and it has finally come to an end. Theodore Long drops the microphone and exits the ring to a big cheer from the audience. They hated the way Orton spoke and the level of entitled he has displayed recently. The GM put him in his place. Orton will not jump the line, he will not be gifted a title shot and he will not jump ship to RAW!

    Cole and Tazz call that a reality check for Mr. Orton after he came to the ring feeling like he had all the power in the world. He knew he had a RAW contract in his back pocket and he was planning to use it as leverage to worm his way into the World Title match. It did not work. Instead, Orton has used his final bullets. He will have to work for it if he wants to go back to the top of the mountain. Tonight, Randy Orton found out that there is no easy road to being World Champion… even for a third generation superstar.


    Commercial Break


    When we return to the broadcast, KRISTAL MARSHALL is standing by in the interview area.

    Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the WWE United States Champion Matt Hardy!

    MATT HARDY steps into the frame of the shot with a big smile on his face. The WWE United States Championship hangs over his shoulder.

    Kristal Marshall: Matt, tonight Theodore Long has booked a triple threat match between Mr. Kennedy, Booker T and Rey Mysterio. This comes off the heels of the tag team match that you were involved in last week. This very well could decide who your next challenger will be for the United States Championship. What’s going through your mind regarding the potential challengers?

    Hardy takes a glance at the title belt before looking back to Kristal.

    Matt Hardy: They all come with a different set of challenges for me to overcome, Kristal. First off I want to commend General Manager Teddy Long for putting together the match and giving the main event spot. This title means the world to me and everyone who has ever held it. From time to time the United States Championship has been lost in the shuffle of the crazy world that is the WWE and it means a lot that Teddy Long sees and respects this gold enough to put those chasing it in the main event.

    Cheers from the live audience.

    Matt Hardy: As for the competitors themselves – I’m ready no matter who wins. Booker T and I have already fought. We went to battle and he found out that I don’t ever stop coming forward. I’ve jumped off ladders, climbed cages and given my body for this business. I worked years to get this title and Booker T, if he wins and wants another shot, knows that I’m more than willing to throw down yet again.

    Hardy pauses.

    Matt Hardy: Ken Kennedy is a dime a dozen in the WWE. I’ve been here a long time and I’ve seen many come and go. Do you think Kennedy is the first loud mouth I’ve had come after me?? He and Booker can make all the deals they want. At the end of the day, only one will face me for this title and I think those two are in for a rude shock when Rey enters that ring.

    Kristal pipes up.

    Kristal Marshall: Is that a prediction, Matt?? You think that Rey Mysterio is going to be able to overcome the alliance we saw formed earlier this evening?

    Matt Hardy: We have all seen Rey Mysterio overcome giants of this world. We have seen him do incredible things when nobody gave him a shot. I refuse to count out Rey before the match begins. If I had to bet, I’d pick him.

    Kristal Marshall: Any final words before we let you go, Matt?

    Matt Hardy: All I’ve got to say is that whoever wins tonight; I’m ready. Know that winning title doesn’t give you the title. It gets you a chance to take it from me. And that is harder than anything else you’ve ever done. Matt Hardy will not back down. Matt Hardy will not surrender. Always remember that Matt Hardy… WILL – NOT – DIE!!

    A powerful statement made by Matt Hardy tonight. The WWE United States Champion will be keeping a watchful eye on the main event tonight because, more than likely, the winner will be his next challenger. Cole and Tazz discuss the intensity showed by the champion here and how this long journey to singles success has made Matt a better competitor.


    Back into the arena…

    **I WALK ALONE**

    It must be a weird feeling for BATISTA because he isn’t in the main event tonight. The World Champion emerges from back dressed to compete – which is rather odd considering he doesn’t have a match.

    Tazz: Do you know something I don’t, Cole? Batista isn’t supposed to be wrestling tonight. What’s going on?

    Michael Cole: I’ve heard that Batista has been talking all day about issuing a challenge to the entire locker-room for anybody who wants to have a match. He didn’t compete last week so I could see Batista not feeling having two weeks off in a row. The World Champion wants to stay active because he knows he’ll have to be at the top of his game when he faces The Undertaker.

    Stepping into the ring, Batista unclips the World Championship and throws it over his shoulder. A referee is at ringside, looking confused, as Batista tells him to get into the ring. Batista then grabs a microphone from ringside, pointing to the back and demands an opponent.

    Batista: I know I’m not supposed to have a match tonight but I sat on the sideline last week and I’ve had just about enough of that.

    Big cheers from the crowd for the World Champion willing to compete for them.

    Batista: The Undertaker says that I should feel fear. I don’t fear a damn thing and I’m going to prove. I want somebody – I don’t care who – to make their way down that ramp and have a match with me tonight. Come on!! Who wants to step up?


    It’s not one man it’s a pair of DICKS!! Making their way down to the ring to answer the challenge are CHAD and JAMES DICK. The arrogant tag team are talking smack on their way down to the ring – pointing at Batista and mocking him. They both enter the ring, Chad and James informing the referee that it’ll be both of them against Batista.

    The referee looks to confirm with the World Champion about it being a handicap match. Batista refuses to quit now – nodding his head before handing the title belt over to a ringside worker. As he turns his back it’s Chad Dick that jumps him from behind with punches!

    Match 4:
    Batista vs. The Dicks (Chad and James Dick)
    The World Champion is blindsided by the attack before the opening bell. Chad whips Batista into the opposite corner of the ring, James waiting on the apron, and he charges forward for a leaping forearm. Batista moves out of the way and scoops Chad up for a slam. It’s a total squash and the rules of a handicap match breakdown within sixty seconds. Batista is soon fighting off both members of The Dicks. He tosses Chad to the side with one hand and clotheslines James with the other. The crowd roar with cheers as Batista grabs both men and slams them head first into each other.

    Even with a two on one advantage it would seem that The Dicks are no match for the World Champion. They try to double suplex him but Batista counters and turns it into a double suplex of his own – lifting both men off their feet. The finish of the match occurs after Batista hits a spear on James Dick. The legal man, Chad tries to come off the top rope but he is caught in mid-air for a Spinebuster. Batista listens to the audience, soaking in the cheers, and hypes them up even more by shaking the top rope in his classic taunt. Thumbs up and thumbs down follows as Batista picks Chad up and nails the Batista Bomb onto his tag team partner. Batista makes the cover thereafter for the pinfall victory.
    Winner: Batista @ 02:41

    An emphatic victory for the reigning World Heavyweight Champion against not one but two men at the same time. Batista stands up inside the ring, the title belt handed to him by the official, and has his hand raised. The crowd cheers as Batista goes from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, raising the title in the air, giving everybody a chance to see him and for him to see them.

    As Batista steps down from the turnbuckle and begins to make his way out of the ring… the titantron lights up. The rest of the arena darkness and on the big screen appears THE UNDERTAKER surrounded by darkness.

    The World Champion cannot help but to stop in his tracks and stare up at the screen. His opponent in less than two weeks at the Rumble has appeared and apparently has a message for the champion.

    The Undertaker: Batista, you have proven yourself to be a man who will take on any challenge.

    Taker takes a long pause.

    The Undertaker: Last week when we shared the ring I felt your fear. I felt the terror building within you and even as I look out to the ring tonight I can see the darkness slowly creeping into your eyes.

    Batista shakes his head and yells that he does not fear the Deadman.

    The Undertaker: Deny it to yourself all you want but you cannot deny it to The Undertaker. The darkness exposes our greatest fears and while you have beaten many none of them walk the path of The Undertaker.

    The lights in the arena go completely out and members of the crowd let out screams.

    The Undertaker: At the Royal Rumble I will claim not only the title but I will claim your soul. You were brash last week, Batista. You stared into my eyes and did not buckle…for that you gained my respect. It does not change that at the Royal Rumble I will strip you of what you hold most dear, I will take the World Championship and in the end you will… REST – IN – PEACE!

    On the titantron, The Undertaker rolls his eyes into the back of his head before the feed cuts out. When the lights in the arena return we hear the roar of the crowd because Batista is no longer alone inside the ring.

    THE UNDERTAKER is standing in the ring behind the World Heavyweight Champion. The fans try to alert Batista but it’s too late. Batista turns around and gets grabbed around the throat by the hand of The Undertaker.

    Cole calls this a warning shot ahead of the Royal Rumble from The Undertaker while Tazz argues that the Deadman does not take it well when others claim to rule his yard. With a hand around the throat, The Undertaker lifts Batista off the canvas and nails a devastating CHOKESLAM!!

    They were kept away from each other for weeks and now, just a seven days after coming face to face, The Undertaker and Batista have gotten into a physical altercation. The Undertaker has put down the World Champion and in doing so has set himself apart from every other challenger that Batista has faced.

    It’s a powerful image as The Undertaker exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp. He put down Batista with a chokeslam – something many have attempted and failed to do for nearly a year. When The Undertaker reaches the top of the ramp he turns back around and sees Batista, ever defiant, pulling himself off the canvas via the ropes.

    The final image of the segment is The Undertaker looking over his shoulder, down to the ring, as Batista grips the World Championship in his hand while leaning against the ropes.


    Commercial Break


    Returning from the break, JBL and JILLIAN HALL are on their way through the parking lot as TODD GRISHAM rushes up to grab a quick word. It should be noted that JBL has a bottom of champagne in his hand and is taking large sips on the way to the limo.

    Todd Grisham: Excuse me. Excuse me, JBL!

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ah, hell. Can’t you see I’m celebrating, kid. Why do you have to come and ruin my time?

    Todd Grisham: I just want a quick word about your match tonight and what it means going forward as you prepare for the WWE Royal Rumble?

    Layfield hands the champagne bottle to Jillian Hall.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I took that young kid to the woodshed tonight. Bobby Lashley has been hyped more than anyone I’ve ever seen and it makes me sick. This isn’t football, basketball or baseball. This is professional wrestling and what you did before stepping into the WWE doesn’t mean anything as far as I’m concerned. That punk needed his head caved in and I made sure that I left him out cold on that canvas.

    Todd Grisham: What happen the involvement of Mark Henry? It wasn’t exactly a fair fight.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Are you kidding me? What do you think I had something to do with Mark Henry coming down to the ring? No, Mark is just as sick of seeing guys like Bobby Lashley come into this company and be praised above legends like us. I agree with what he did tonight and I hope it sends a message to every rookie who thinks about coming into the WWE. I don’t want to hear them being praised before they shed blood, break their bones and sacrifice everything in that ring.

    JBL takes the champagne bottle back and pours some of it over his head.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I fixed that tonight. And I’ll go a step further when I win the Royal Rumble and return to the main event for the World Championship. Now, I’m going to get in that limo and be driven away. You are going to stay right here, got it, Todd?

    Not even waiting for an answer JBL shoves Grisham away, causing him to stumble onto his backside, and walks away towards the limo. Grisham picks himself up off the ground, brushing the dust off his suit, and lumbers back towards the backstage area as JBL’s laugh is heard echoing over the parking lot.


    Main Event:
    Booker T vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy
    We have seen the seeds planted for this match all evening long and with Matt Hardy on commentary for the contest it is a hotbed of tension. During the entrances for this match it’s announced by Cole that all three men involved in the triple threat along with Matt Hardy will be participants in the WWE Royal Rumble Match. That means we have a third of the field announced so far in what is going to be the most stacked Rumble in history. The beginning of the match kicks off with Booker T and Kennedy keeping true to their word from earlier. The duo go after Mysterio from the opening bell, shaking hands one more time to confirm their alliance, and the chase is on. Mysterio has to use his speed to strike at one man and then dodge the other. He is able to send them running around the ring – hitting a dive to the outside onto both at one point for a big pop.

    Eventually, Mysterio is caught by Kennedy and he works the masked man over. Booker T soon joins and the double team work begins for the heels. It’s an interesting dynamic as Kennedy thinks he knows what the best form of attack is but his suggestions are pretty much entirely ignored by the veteran Booker T. The heels of course begin to argue – Kennedy shoving Booker T in the chest and they begin to brawl. The alliance has been cut off now, Booker T and Kennedy wrestling against each other while Mysterio recovers on the outside of the ring. The damage done by the heels was significant and lays Rey out for a good deal of the contest.

    On commentary, Matt Hardy expresses his support for Mysterio and is willing his friend to get back into the ring. The conclusion of the match sees total chaos take over. Booker T has the advantage and goes for the Book End but Kennedy elbows free – forcing a break and he plants Booker with a spike DDT. As Kennedy taunts Matt Hardy from the inside of the ring, Mysterio springboards back into the ring and executes a hurricanrana. Believing that the masked man is back with a shot to win, the crowd is on their feet, Rey slapping his chest in defiance of the alliance that was formed to see him lose. Booker T and Rey battle it out now, Kennedy having fallen to the outside, and the wheels are in motion for a Mysterio victory. He forces Booker T onto the ropes hits the 619 and prepares to launch back into the ring… only to get yanked off the apron by Kennedy!! With both hands around the head of Mysterio it’s Kennedy who tosses him against the guardrail. Kennedy then hurries up the turnbuckle and nails the KENTON BOMB on Booker T for the three count!!
    Winner: Mr. Kennedy @ 10:23

    Michael Cole: He stole the damn match! Ken Kennedy has ducked in the back door and ripped a victory right out from under Rey Mysterio. They had designed an alliance to keep the man down. He fought back from it all and had the win set… yet in the end Mr. Kennedy is the one having his hand raised.

    Tazz: Rey was so close, Michael. He was three seconds away from winning this triple threat but we saw Kennedy wait on the outside and come in at the last second. Brilliant move when you think about it.

    Michael Cole: I just have a hard time buying into the fact that Kennedy and Booker T decided to take the cheap way out of this match. They targeted Mysterio together as a unit from the opening bell and Rey still had their number at the end of the match. It shows just how amazing an athlete Rey Mysterio is and what a valuable member of the roster he is to SMACKDOWN!

    Tazz: There’s not much we can do about it now. All I know is that Mr. Kennedy has cemented his spot at the front of the line for a shot at Matt Hardy and the WWE United States Championship in the near future.

    The stunned silence of the audience is as loud a reaction as we have heard. They can only watch on as Mr. Kennedy ascends the turnbuckle with his arms raised in the arm and shouting that he is the next champion of the United States. The titantron replays the final seconds; Mysterio hits the 619 to Booker T and then Kennedy pulls Mysterio off the apron, tossing him into the guardrail, before connecting with the Kenton Bomb for the win.

    The current WWE United States Champion is no longer at the commentary table. He stands up and enters the ring to come face to face with his next challenger. Kennedy spots Hardy in the ring, arrogantly smirking to himself, as he gets off the turnbuckle.

    Standing only inches away from each other – Kennedy and Hardy exchange some words back and forth that isn’t picked up on the audio. The crowd chants for Hardy as you would expect. It’s a veteran versus an upstart – an age old story which is sure to be a hot feud on SMACKDOWN! for the foreseeable future.

    Cole and Tazz express their excitement about the match-up – with Cole beginning to sign off for the show. Our final image this week is a shot of Hardy and Kennedy squaring off in the middle of the ring – Hardy holding the WWE United States Championship high in the air.


    Current Card for Royal Rumble:

    January 29 2006 | American Airlines Arena, Miami FL
    Co-Branded; RAW and SMACKDOWN

    Royal Rumble Match:
    Winner challenges for EITHER brand's Champion at WrestleMania 22:
    Entrants in Alphabetical Order:

    Booker T, Fit Finlay, John 'Bradshaw' Layfield, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam & Triple H

    WWE Championship Match:
    Shawn Michaels [c] vs. Ric Flair

    World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    Batista [c] vs. The Undertaker

    WWE Women's Championship Match:
    Trish Stratus [c] vs. Victoria (w/Torrie Wilson & Candice Michelle)

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    Strong start to Finlay’s career. I admittedly don’t see him as a high ceiling guy, especially in 2006, but he is a rock solid hand to have and I could see him as a US Title contender as he was in real life. Not sure what to make of his problems with Eugene. Hopefully he puts him in a coma that he wakes up from, remembering his name is Nick Dinsmore and that he can wrestle. Also, does this mean no one else from the battle royal will make it into the Rumble?

    JBL vs. Lashley was well booked to protect two main event level guys and of course progress the story going between Henry and Lashley. The post-match beatdown was needed to take this thing up a notch and I thought it was a very accurate portrayal of Taz trying to say Henry is teaching Lashley a lesson about the business. That’s definitely the type of thing I expect him to say in a situation like this.

    The segment between Batista and Orton gave me the strong impression that Batista vs. Orton could be going down at WrestleMania which I think is a great idea. They only ever had a couple of PPV matches against each other which were forgettable, so I think those two in a singles match, with Batista arguably at his peak, at WrestleMania is a money match we never got to see in real life. Orton has felt like a favorite for the Rumble the last couple of weeks, but now I’m ready to commit to saying he’s my pick to win the thing.

    I haven’t made much note of Kennedy and Booker so far but I like what’s unfolding here. The two of them could have some really great interactions. I hope Kennedy goes far in this project. Not sure if I want the title off Hardy just yet though. Just a word of advice, “What are you on about?” isn’t really a commonly used phrase in America, at least not in my experience.

    I continue to love the work you’re doing with Simon Dean. He’s a great piece of comedic relief, even though he doesn’t necessarily do are say anything funny. He’s just a great, unique character that is a break from the norm. I guess Nunzio is on his way to challenging for the Cruiserweight title after the win in the tag match. Sounds good to me. I look forward to seeing how the division evolves throughout this project because looking back at the final years of that title… it was pretty bad.

    Another solid show in the books. Way to keep pumping out the hits, EZ3. I am truly anxious to see how Royal Rumble turns out.
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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    Quote Originally Posted by The EC View Post
    Strong start to Finlay’s career. I admittedly don’t see him as a high ceiling guy, especially in 2006, but he is a rock solid hand to have and I could see him as a US Title contender as he was in real life. Not sure what to make of his problems with Eugene. Hopefully he puts him in a coma that he wakes up from, remembering his name is Nick Dinsmore and that he can wrestle. Also, does this mean no one else from the battle royal will make it into the Rumble?
    No, not at all. The concept behind the battle royal was that only the winner would be 100% secured in knowing he had a spot in the Rumble locked up. Smackdown only had 15 spots available and the roster consists of over 30 people. Therefore a lot are going to miss out. This was an opportunity for someone to make sure they had a spot locked up by winning the match rather than having to hope that Teddy Long deems them worthy when he is allocating entries to the various superstars. So, Paul London could very well be in the Royal Rumble even though he lost the battle royal. It just means that London doesn't know for sure. This might have been his only chance to get in the match because he's number 16 on Teddy Long's list of top Smackdown talent. I wanted the match to mean something so that it was an important moment for Fit Finlay when he won it.

    Thanks for the feedback as always. Bit of house keeping for everyone, RAW is complete and I've started SMACKDOWN which is the final show before the Royal Rumble. Hopefully will have the go home show finished within the next week and then I can start on the first big PPV of the thread.

    I'm also going to be putting Heat and Velocity taping results before RAW and SMACKDOWN now. In the first couple of weeks I've found that I've got guys I want to keep active but don't have time for them on RAW/SMACKDOWN so I'll be using those two shows for the lower card guys and some of the mid-carders to! It won't be a lot of detail as the only thing of note will be that they are still wrestling and who is winning/losing. It'll be super basic as in "Hardcore Holly defeated Funaki by pinfall in 05:02" with about three to four matches each show but it'll help in the long run. That'll start from RAW next week.

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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