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Thread: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

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    Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    Please post promos here. Promo deadline is 23:59 PST on Saturday 13th October. This is 2:59 EST and 7:59 BST on Sunday 14th October. Extensions are available on request up until 24 hours before deadline. Any request made after this WILL be automatically denied unless an emergency occurs. Extensions will also be granted to all participants in a match if one participant receives an extension.


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    Re: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    Hopefully won't need it, but crazy weekend, so better take an extension

    EDIT; SHIT! wrong thread. move please
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    Re: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    The day before Aftershock the FWA is having a special meet and greet fan event happening locally in Pittsburgh, the home of Aftershock. It’s an event that had several FWA stars, and one in particular is “The Eccentric Dreamer” Penny, along with her two cats Fred and Norman. The event is slowly wrapping up but as Penny is preparing to leave for the day she’s stopped by one little girl and her parents. Penny saw the smile on the little girl’s face and it made her heart melt, and she wasn’t going to turn down anyone despite what she was being told by the crew that was holding the event. She kneeled down before the little girl so she was at her height and smiled back at her.

    “What’s your name?” Penny asked softly and sweetly.

    “Kaitlyn” said the little girl nervously but still smiling.

    “That’s a pretty name, you know who I am?” Penny asks, though she knows the answer.

    “You’re Penny, the girl with the two kitty cats in the FWA. You and your kitties are my favorites!” the little girl Kaitlyn exclaims excitedly, eliciting a smile from her parents and Penny.

    “They are pretty great kitty cats, aren’t they? Do you have kitty cats?”

    “No, we can’t have one because Mommy is allergic”

    Penny frowns at that, while the Mom nods.

    “Yes, I wish we could have one for her because she adores them but we just can’t”

    Penny nods and ponders something, then smiles as if a lightbulb went off in her head.

    “I’ll tell you what, well first will you be going to the FWA Aftershock event tomorrow night?”

    Kaitlyn shakes her head with a frown.

    “Well, okay here’s the thing. How about we turn that frown upside down because I can get you some special front row seats, how does that sound?”

    Kaitlyn’s face lights up with excitement, her parents look happy as well.

    “Good! You guys just go to the box office and I’ll have them there waiting for you, my treat!”

    “Thank you so much!” the father says overjoyed.

    “One more thing, okay? I want you to take care of my kitties for me until then, can you do that?”

    Kaitlyn lights up even more and nods.

    “Good, you take good care of them, please. When I’m in the ring with that mean man Mac Michaud, I want you to cheer me on as loud as you can, okay? Don’t be scared if you see me being different or don’t let that mean man scare you, okay?”

    “Okay, we will cheer for you and we hope you beat that bully!”

    “I hope so too! Infact I know so! I know I will beat him. You just take good care of them and after the match, you can come backstage and you can meet Jason and you can bring them back too, okay?”

    Kaitlyn nods and Penny smiles, gives her a hug and hands over Fred and Norman to Kaitlyn, but not before giving them both kisses. Penny watches the little girl leave with her kitties and waves goodbye as the scene ends.

    Fight Night
    August 3rd, 2018

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: Penny, you came up short in the recent X-Title match at Back In Business. You gave an impressive effort but ultimately, you were unable to obtain the X-Title. That being said, what's next for Penny? What does the future hold?

    Penny: Well Katie, from where I'm standing the future is still bright. One loss isn't enough to demotivate me. I'm only getting started. The thing about mistakes, is that they are actually miracles if you can learn something from them. There is something to be said about the value of wisdom, Katie. I'm not letting the loss at Back in Business effect my future, I...

    Suddenly, Penny is stopped dead in her tracks when Mac Michaud comes up from behind her and starts smelling her hair. He takes a long sniff and exhales before putting one of his rather large hands on her shoulder.

    Mac Michaud: Oh, little girl...You talk about the future, but you have no idea what the future holds for you. I do. I can see it now. Would you like to hear about it?

    Mac turns Penny around so that they are now face to face. Penny looks slightly worried but refrains from backing down in the face of fear. She doesn't break eye contact with Mac.

    Mac Michaud: People Die...Beauty fades...Love changes...And you will always be alone. You will try to be a force of light in this world, Penny, but you will fail. The dark is generous, and it is patient, and it always wins. It always wins because it is everywhere. It is in the wood that burns in your hearth, and in the kettle on the fire; it is under your chair and under your table and under the sheets on your bed. Walk in the midday sun, and the dark is with you, attached to the soles of your feet. The brightest light casts the darkest shadow, and in your heart is a darkness you've yet to discover. I will help you. In time. Run from me, and I'll pursue. From this moment on, Penny, you are mine.

    OUT OF NOWHERE, The Malevolent Mac Michaud grabs Penny by the throat AND CHOKESLAMS HER THROUGH THE CATERING TABLE! Katie Lynn-Goldsmith scurries away in fear as Mac stands over her, breathing heavily and licking his lips. Penny is on the ground, in the wreckage of the table, knocked out cold. Mac kneels down beside her and begins to caress her face as we go back to commercial
    The new scene begins inside of a plain, dimly lit room. Penny soon emerges from the shadows of the room and walks towards the camera looking more serious than she ever has before.

    “August 3rd, that’s a night that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. That was the night I was assaulted for no reason by a man that goes by the name of Mac Michaud. A man that chose to pick on me that night…”

    “After that night I couldn’t sleep for days, I had nightmares that kept me up through the night. I even broke down in an interview with Katie Lynn Goldsmith. All of that, and for what? Why did he attack me? That’s the question I asked myself again and again, why me? It could have been because he wanted to send a message, or it could have been because he wanted to make an impact on his grand return, or maybe he has no real reason at all? Maybe he did it because he’s a bully. A bully that preys on those he feels that are weaker than him. He thought I was weak. He thought I was an easy prey. Little did he know though, that I am not weak. I am not an easy prey”

    “Yes, I may have been naive to believe that there’s good in everyone at one time, but I truly believed that...until I met Mac Michaud. There’s not a good bone in his body. There is nothing good about this man that used to be seen as a monster. He’s not even a monster anymore. He’s just evil. He feeds off the misery of others. I’ve seen it. I’ve studied him in preparation for this and I’ve seen it. He’s trying to get in my head no matter what but I won’t let him. I refuse to let him beat me…”

    She shakes her head furiously.


    She composes herself.

    “Speaking of Jason, he doesn’t want me to go through with this but he’s willing to respect my wishes, although he did come out this past week after my match with Izzy. Then he also had some words for Mac backstage. I know that he means well, and I love that about him but I can do this. I want to do this...I HAVE to do this! I HAVE to face my fears and defeat this evil!

    She faces the camera as it zooms in.

    “Mac, you want to see a new me, well you’re gonna get it. I didn’t want to but in order to defeat you I must unleash this side of me. Trust me when I tell you that you won’t like this side of me. You will regret ever doing this to me once I’m done with you at Aftershock. On August 3rd you not only attacked me for no reason, but you also helped me in a way. You helped me open my eyes. No longer is the naive Penny around. Yes, I will still talk to my cats and carry them around with me everywhere I do, but no longer will I be so naive and easy trusting. You did this Mac and now you will face the consequences…”

    Suddenly the light goes out and there’s nothingness until a sound is heard, like a phone line being picked up, and voice speaks…

    ”I’m sorry, the old Penny can’t come to the phone right. Why? Oh, because she’s dead”

    A flame from a match lights up and all we see is Penny’s face with an evil smile.

    “Mac, at’ll be joining the old me..."

    With that she blows out the match and scene ends.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    The scene opens up inside The Malevolent One’s Mausoleum. The room is dimly lit; a swaying incandescent bulb bathes the room in flashes of light. You can see the room is barely furnished. A rocking chair sits in one corner. As the light sways and shines bursts of light a disturbing fact becomes quite apparent. On one wall is a bunch of pictures of Penny, some with what appears to be blood on them. Some are promotional shots ripped from magazines and others look like they were taken by The Malevolent One himself. Others have obvious stab holes and still others have what appears to be deformed misshaped hearts. The other wall has a flickering old TV that seems to be paused on the fight night after Back In Business where The Malevolent one first picked his target. Mac takes a deep breath and with an almost eager anticipation pushes play and is fixated on the television.

    Chapter One: The Beginning….

    Suddenly, Penny is stopped dead in her tracks when Mac Michaud comes up from behind her and starts smelling her hair. He takes a long sniff and exhales before putting one of his rather large hands on her shoulder.

    Mac Michaud:
    Oh, little girl...You talk about the future, but you have no idea what the future holds for you. I do. I can see it now. Would you like to hear about it?

    Mac turns Penny around so that they are now face to face. Penny looks slightly worried but refrains from backing down in the face of fear. She doesn't break eye contact with Mac.

    Mac Michaud: People Die...Beauty fades...Love changes...And you will always be alone. You will try to be a force of light in this world, Penny, but you will fail. The dark is generous, and it is patient, and it always wins. It always wins because it is everywhere. It is in the wood that burns in your hearth, and in the kettle on the fire; it is under your chair and under your table and under the sheets on your bed. Walk in the midday sun, and the dark is with you, attached to the soles of your feet. The brightest light casts the darkest shadow, and in your heart is a darkness you've yet to discover. I will help you. In time. Run from me, and I'll pursue. From this moment on, Penny, you are mine.

    OUT OF NOWHERE, The Malevolent Mac Michaud grabs Penny by the throat AND CHOKESLAMS HER THROUGH THE CATERING TABLE! Katie Lynn-Goldsmith scurries away in fear as Mac stands over her, breathing heavily and licking his lips. Penny is on the ground, in the wreckage of the table, knocked out cold. Mac kneels down beside her and begins to caress her face as we go back to commercial

    Mac pauses the video; you can tell from the stop lines on the footage that he has stopped it at this same point many times. He slowly clears his throat and wipes the long hair from out of his face and begins to talk.

    Mac Michaud: Oh sweet Penelope, the time is almost upon us. The time for stalking and talking is soon to be over. The war may be at Aftershock but the battles began back at the post Back In Business Fight Night. The biggest Fight Night of the year and that is when I chose to make my return after over a year out of action. I was banged up, no doubt about that but that is not why I was gone for a year. I’ve been watching on TV and in person. Up in the rafters, hiding in plain sight among the FWA universe. I’ve been watching and waiting for the perfect moment. I’ve been watching you for a long time sweet sweet Penny. The week after Back In Business may have been the first time you encountered me but it definitely wasn’t my first time with you. That encounter was a long time coming for me and it resulted in an explosive demonstration. That sound of you going through the table has echoed through my mind since that day. That was the breakdown of the old Penny and the resurgence of a new. A rebuilt Penny, built in my image. For there to be a rebuild, first there must be a complete and total breakdown. Stage one was on Fight Night and stage 2 followed quickly after with your meltdown of an interview.

    Mac pushes play on the remote and gazes excitedly at his television.

    Chapter Two: The Breakdown….

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Well it sounds like you’ve got it all figured out...are you okay? Penny?

    Katie leans in a little as Penny is staring at the floor blankly before she shouts out…


    Penny is rocking back and forth even faster than before while still staring at the floor.


    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Penny, calm down! Please, calm down! No one is hurting you!

    Penny looks up to Katie, wide eyed.


    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Penny, I didn’t mean to, we’re still friends! Please just calm down! Can someone please help me?! Someone find Randall for me, please!

    Katie tries to calm Penny down, but realizes that she probably not touch Penny in this state.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Penny please, I didn’t hurt you!

    Mac pauses it yet gain and you can see a look of pride and happiness on the face of a man where that looks out of place. The incandescent bulb seems to stop swaying when The Malevolent One starts smiling.

    Mac Michaud: Oh penny your hysterical screams were like a choir to my ears. You snapped like a twig and ended up in a more crumpled heap than when I crushed you through that table. Mental anguish is just delicious to me. You have had eyes in the back of your head since that night and you can thank me for that. You see I am preparing you for a life I have lived for most of my adult life. A life of hatred, anger, despair, and solitude. You will soon experience this life as well. You see Penny, even if you win you will still lose. You will have to go to a dark, dark place to muster up the anger and hatred to overcome someone like me. Once you go that deep there is no coming back and the darkness will consume you. You will find yourself just like you were that fateful night at Fight Night…All ALONE! Where were your friends Penelope? Where was Jason? You were left helpless and vulnerable and I took full advantage of that. After Aftershock you will be alone yet again, no one can deal with the darkness that consumes your being but now you won’t be afraid…you won’t be helpless. You may be alone but you will be stronger than ever my sweet. Win or lose, you will never be the same again after Aftershock. The tremors of your actions will shock your body and mind to its very core and you will have no choice but to embrace the dark or else you will perish in the light.

    Mac smirks and starts a slow rock back and forth as the light follows along with him. Mac pushes play once again to resume the video.

    Chapter Three: The End…

    Penny enters the Gorilla Press area/backstage through the curtains, walking with a slight limp. That's when, to her surprise, she comes face to face with Mac Michaud, who is waiting for her. Penny is stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of Mac Michaud.

    Mac Michaud: Hello, Butterfly.

    Penny: YOU!

    Mac Michaud: Yes. Me. You thought you'd seen the last of me, lovely?

    Penny: No. I was actually counting on seeing you again. I'm going to make you pay for what you did to me last week, Michaud.

    Mac Michaud: No time like the present...

    Penny: That's what you are good at. Showing up after I've already had my match, just as you did last week. I had a different time and place in mind. Aftershock. I want a fair match, between you and I.

    Mac Michaud: want to fight me? Interesting.

    Penny: Of course I want to fight you. Why wouldn't I?

    Mac Michaud: Because, Butterfly, why I did to you last week was an act of love. The woods are lovely, dark and deep, and I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. Do you hear me, Butterfly? Miles to go before you sleep.

    Penny: Whatever you say, psycho. You and I, at Aftershock. And if you put your hands on me again before then, well then you are going to see a very different side of me, Mac...

    Mac Michaud: Oh, I'm counting on it.
    As the video went on mac started to rock more violently as he got more and more angry watching Penny’s actions and the light rocked violently along with him. Almost smashing multiple times before a calm fell over the room and both The Malevolent One and the light stopped dead in its tracks.

    Mac Michaud: Oh Penny, it didn’t have to go this way. You had a road to safety but you were blinded to it. Now you issued the challenge and I am not one to EVER back down from a challenge. My feelings about you may be confused but my level of pure brutality certainly is not. I don’t need to go into my track record in this company, this is a new day in the FWA. Just like it will be a new beginning for you sweet Penelope. The world is a scary place, It is no place for sock puppets and kittens. The world is a dark place, but the dark can be comforting. Let the darkness become your reality Penny. It is the only way you will survive this. I will not hold back, to make you truly in my image I can’t do that. Just like iron sharpens iron, hatred fuels hatred. Physically or mentally, you will never be the same again. You can stay true to your goody two shoes ways and be broken down physically. You can embrace the darkness and hatred and come through the match with a career still but be forever broken mentally, forever changed in the scariest and darkest way imaginable. It is your choice Penelope, Embrace the DARKNESS and thrive or stay in the LIGHT and PERISH… the choice is yours. It may be a no lose situation for me…but for you there is no way to truly win. Good luck sweet Penny, your path to salvation is a dark and twisted road…Let’s see if you are strong enough to take it.

    Mac raises his hand and snaps his finger, as the light bulb explodes into pieces. Darkness is all you can see but you can hear The Malevolent Ones twisted laughter before the audio abruptly cuts off as well.

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    Re: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    PPG Paints Arena
    Pittsburgh, PA

    “The Wildcard” Jason Randall is seen backstage prepping for his match just hours before the show. It’s a big Brawl For It All, falls count anywhere elimination match with the last person standing as the winner. He’s familiar with some of the opposition in this match that awaits him but there are those that are a mystery, but he isn’t worried at all. He’s focused and ready for whatever is thrown his way. He knows that it won’t be easy but nothing in life ever was and he likes a challenge. He doesn’t want things handed to him with ease, he wants to earn it and winning this match will earn him a brighter future.

    Right now though, he decides to sit down on the bench in the locker room and take it easy for a bit. Soon he lays down on the bench, propping up a towel behind him as a pillow and soon enough he dozes off in a slumber….

    He wakes up and to the sound of a voice, but a voice to no one he knows yet he’s heard it somewhere before. Maybe in a movie? He opens his eyes and standing right before him is filmmaker Tommy Wiseau. Tommy is known for his cult hit and infamously so bad it’s good film, The Room. He stands before Randall, well technically not standing, more so dancing…

    “Wake up! You don’t want to sleep through your big match!”

    Wiseau says to Randall, and Jason stands up from the bench looking dumbfounded.

    “Are you Tommy Wiseau?”

    Suddenly his voice changes to that of a normal voice with no accent that Wiseau is known for.

    “No, not really. This is just your imagination, part of your mind. I could be anyone you want me to be, like for instance...Batman?”

    He snaps his fingers and suddenly he changes to Batman. Randall rubs his eyes in confusion and does a double take.

    “Seriously, what is going right now? Am I dreaming?”

    The image switches back to Tommy Wiseau and nods his yes.

    “Of course you are dreaming, why would Tommy Wiseau actually be here? He’s probably off making a sequel to The Room or something, The Room 2: The Roomening

    “You don’t sound like him though”

    “Well of course I don’t, I just said that I’m not really him. This is all a part of your imagination. This is in order to prepare you for your match and help you grab a hold of that prestigious brass ring”

    Jason looks at the image of Tommy, still a bit confused.

    “Why Tommy Wiseau though?”

    “Don’t act like you haven’t seen The Room more times than you can count on your fingers, I’m here as someone that you’re familiar with”

    Randall shrugs, accepting this.

    “Fine, are you going to take me on some spiritual journey now or something?”

    The image laughs.

    “That’s up to you, this is your dream. I’m just here because of you”

    “I really gotta stop letting Penny talk me into having some of those brownies she likes”

    “Haha, what a reference!”

    Randall is confused again but ignores it and moves on.

    “Well, I am in this big match where the winner earns...well I don’t know exactly”

    “The brass ring!”

    “Brass ring?”

    “Yes, this brass ring that one must achieve in order to grant them the success that they so wish to desire. It's a cliche used by wrestlers and other athletes”

    Randall thinks about this newfound information.

    “It ain’t gonna be easy though, there’s others in this match that want this just as much as I do”

    “You yourself has said nothing in life ever comes easy, you said so yourself in the opening monologue before you took a nap”

    Fourth wall breaking in a Jason Randall promo? SHOCKER! Technically it hasn’t happened in awhile but whatever.

    Randall shrugs again.

    “I don’t know what monologue you’re talking about but whatever man. All I know is that I’m more than ready for this match, no matter who stands in my way”

    “That’s the spirit!”

    “I don’t have to be from Japan or some Polynesian Powerhouse, or some former porn star with an absurd amount of chest hair, some guy’s name that it’s in all capitals and hasn’t said a word since his return, an FWA legend that has had a string of bad luck as of late, or some chick from Chicago that is the friend of Penny…”

    “That is oddly specific, and strange that you didn’t mention any of them by name”

    “LIGHTBRINGER, Tristan James Galloway, Sterling Jagger, LOCKE, James Hughes, and Izzy Van Doren”

    “Don’t forget about ????”

    “There’s five ???? how could I forget? Those are usually the most toughest to prepare for because I don’t know what to prepare for actually…”

    The image nods.

    “Focus on what you know”

    “You’re right, but knowing Rondo he probably has a trick or two up his sleeve and dug up some returning legends, or for all I know it could just be some jobbers. All I know for sure is that none of them, NONE of them stand a chance. I want this more than any of them. They’re hungry, well I’m hungrier. I’ve beaten, I’ve been battered, and I’ve been bruised fighting my way back to the top, and now that I’m one step closer there’s no one that will stop me or stand in my way. All of the blood, sweat, and tears, all of the bruises and beatings I’ve taken to get to this point will not have happened in vein. This is MY time and I will take that brass ring, even if it means having to nearly kill myself to get it...then so be it”

    “That’s the spirit! That’s the sound of someone that knows what they want. You want that brass ring? Take it! Don’t let anyone stop you!”

    “That’s basically what I said, but okay then.

    “Whatever man, this is your dream, and speaking of which I think it’s time for it to end”

    Just like that the image fades away and soon enough Randall wakes up. He stands up from the bench and goes over to a mirror, he looks at himself in it and smirks. Soon enough the scene comes to an end.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    The camera opens but the second it opens what's noticable is the sound, rather than the view. The sound of water falling from a long height is definitely loud and it stands out for seconds before we can see the full scenery of this beautiful-looking waterfall. It especially looks beautiful in the middle of the night with the full-moon in display with no air pollution, which allows the stars to also show themselves in the clear air. The moon is also bright enough to at least make the flora look visible....oh and it also makes the contrast between the grass and two silhouettes easy to look.

    ''Maybe, you're right Chris. This place looks beautiful and this might what we need for at least getting past the virtue guys.''

    Christopher Manson and BUCK slowly walk to the edge where the grass and water cross. They are wearing their...swimsuits, Manson has a plain black one while BUCK wears a striped blue and red one. BUCK sits by the edge and instantly puts his feet into the water while Manson is still standing and watching the streaming water.

    ''Think about it. We wanted to bring chaos into Fantasy Wrestling Alliance...and we did, for a while. But after all that, who would have thought that eventually we would need some peace as well.''

    BUCK shows a visible confusion by his expression.

    ''Wait, I thought you wanted to do some studying or getting into the mindset of those two or something like that. Isn't that why we're here?''

    ''Yes...but that is not the only reason.''

    ''You wanted to do some swimming as well?''

    Manson chuckles at this, realizing how true this is.

    ''When was the last time we went for a swim? Can you remember?''

    BUCK tries to count to whatever number with his fingers but realizes he can't remember either.

    ''No...I guess I can't.''


    Manson turns his back on the water and measures something with his hands

    ''Is this how Connelly does that shit?''

    Manson awkwardly splits his legs, jumps and Moonsaults himself into the water. Seeing his attempt, BUCK starts to laugh very loudly.

    ''There's a reason we don't usually do high-flying moves.''

    Manson sticks his head out of the water. His hair is all down and wet and his eyes are closed. He spits the water that he had gulped.

    '''re right. I still have the better Codebreaker though.''

    ''Whatever you say.''

    After that, BUCK slowly gets into the water as well.

    ''Enough of the fluff, partner. We still have Warriors of Virtue to talk about. It's almost like they named their little team in spite of us. We are the sinners, and therefore they are the virtuous ones. It's funny how they still resist after all we had said about them. But of course, you can't force anybody to accept an idea. You just plant the seeds and it is up to them if those seeds will grow into forests or not.''

    BUCK slowly moves his hands inside the water, making very small waves.

    ''Well, I think it's safe to say there will be no recruitment plans about them any longer.''

    ''Yeah, it's a shame. They had several, several. But every week we got no, after no, after no. They had one last chance and they didn't accept that either. So we had to show them they wasted their last chance. At last Fight Night, we had to show them what was in store for them. And so we did. When it came to two versus two, we dominated. And that's what we have to do in Aftershock.''

    ''It's pretty weird to think about our current situation, to be honest. A few months ago, could you imagine XYZ or Lord Dog being a threat to us? We were at the fucking top, swinging against Ryan Rondo's, Chris Kennedy's and now we deal with these two.''

    ''I'm not happy about it either, partner. But you can't underestimate anybody. We did that a lot in our short career.''

    ''Yeah, you're right. But...but it's so frustrating.''

    Manson puts his head inside the water and after a second he gets it out again, softly shaking his head.

    ''Look, I know you miss the old days. When we had tag titles on our shoulders and trophies on our shelf and we were the de-facto team in the wrestling world. Quite frankly, I miss those days, too. But sometimes, you need to take a step back to move five steps forward. We needed more than the tag division. And this is our way. We're not in the title scene, that means we can focus on other things. Warriors of Virtue are just a beginning. It's our way of showing the rest of the FWA that our days of being a tag team for the sake of chasing tag team glory is over. We were always more than that and we're free now. Our shoulders may be bare and those trophies may not mean shit anymore, but you can't have your cake and eat it too. We ate our cake, but it's time for a different meal and this time, we are going to go for the biggest meal. Tag division, tag titles, tag tournament? Been fucking there, done fucking that. Now, we are going to conquer the whole FWA as two friends, two comrades with the same interests in their minds. And in order to do that, we have to start somewhere. You may not like being in the same level as the likes of XYZ or Lord Dog, but sooner or later, we are going to leave this level and go wherever we belong.''

    BUCK turns his head to the moon and watches it glow.

    ''It looks beautiful.''

    ''Yeah, that's what happen when you find a spot like this. This place is a goldmine. The air is clean, the water is clean, there's no Connelly to pop-up from anywhere. I mean, what else can a man ask for?''

    ''A victory against Warriors of Virtue.''

    Manson gives a look to the BUCK that clearly reads '?'.

    ''We can ask for a victory against Warriors of Virtue. Can't we do that?''

    ''Of course we can. But we have to do more than just ask. We have to....''

    Manson splashes a huge chunk of water at BUCK.

    ''...prepare. ''

    BUCK splashes a bigger amount back and causes Manson to lose his balance a little bit.

    ''It looks like I'm not the only one who needs to do some preparation.''

    BUCK laughs loudly again. Manson frowns at first, but then smiles again.

    ''Glad to see you're having fun. I mean, XYZ and Lord Dog also like to have fun. It brings colour to their lives. Lord Dog sings, dances, does funny things. XYZ is calm, relaxed and all that stuff. But, we are serious about our ambitions. We've always been since day one. And notice this, I said ambition. Ambition is something they both lack. What was XYZ even doing before facing me? Same goes for Lord Dog too. They were wandering around to river, directed by the waves. They didn't know what to do. They were just in FWA, facing whoever the authorities put in front of them. Then one day, they put me in front of XYZ and it was the moment I knew there was going to be something special with it, be it positive or negative. My intentions were entirely positive at the beginning. I tried to direct XYZ to our way. To think, act and feast like a Vulture. So that he would find a direction with his career, maybe even with his life. I think everybody knows who XYZ is inside. He is lost. He is unstable. His emotions, his feelings...all over the place. He is just confused. The sad thing is, he knows it as well. He recognizes what all this stuff is. Yet, he still refuses our offer because our way is...maybe too dark? Maybe too scary? Morally wrong? Either way, XYZ doesn't want to go in our way. What is the alternative, you might want to ask him that but the answer you're going to get is definitely 'I don't know.' He has no fucking alternative. And the fact that there is no alternatives? This, is the sad core of our little rivalry, if you can even call it that.''

    ''What do you mean?''

    ''I'll get to what I mean. It's not hard to find out, you just have to think wisely.''

    ''Alright, I'll try.''

    ''He refused, for whatever reasons. We gave him time to think again. We tested him, he disappointed but undeterred, we tried it again. He could've saved himself from himself. All he had to do was understand, shake our hand and come with us. But that obviously failed. So this special thingy was going to be negative. Then came the beatdowns. Then came the goddamned Lord Dog. Why did he do that? I know. He thought we were 'bullying' XYZ. Just because Lord Dog was bullied in his entire life, he decided to stand up against bullies in the most unnecessary moment. Where was this bravery before, I want to ask. He could've done this to his bullies when he was a child and all of his problems could've been solved but of course not. He decided that exact moment because he is just like XYZ. Lost, confused, needing something or somebody to lead him to a certain way. He used to have that particular somebody before. When he was the goddamned tag champion, he had Ghost on his side. He was a mentor to him, he showed him the ropes and all that shit but it seems he never put some fucking sense in his fucking mind becau-''

    Manson's rant about Lord Dog is cut off when BUCK splashes him some water again.

    ''You were getting really worked up about that. Just calm down Chris. Isn't this the reason we came here? To calm down and find some peace.''

    Manson starts to play with water to calm down.

    ''Yeah, you're right. But what am I trying to say is that this entire situation between us and them could easily be avoided if some common sense was used. But Lord Dog, he chose to stand against 'bullies' in that exact moment because he needed direction too. XYZ chose to not be with us, and that meant he would be against us. This is also a direction, you know. A temporary one, like they always cling on to. Being against the Sin City Vultures made sense to them because being with them was scary and by eliminating that option, they had to be opposed to us. There's no other way. They needed us. See, this is what I meant earlier. They needed us to be the waves to direct them. We are Sin City Vultures. We are the greatest tag team in wrestling history. Our reign was historic. A former tag champion like Lord Dog definitely knew what that meant. He tried to cover it by saying things like 'dead tag division' but that never changed the fact that we had victories over former -and current at that time- world champions and all they had was wins against fucking Garcia Brothers or Executive Excellence. They never had to endure a tag tournament or anything like that. They faced Garcias a thousand times and then they tried to be lapdogs for Chris Kennedy. They are not even a stain in history, not even that. So of course, Lord Dog tried to clinge to us. XYZ was never his concern. XYZ is not his friend. Lord Dog is not a warrior of virtue.''

    ''I never thought about it that way.''

    ''Of course. I didn't either before. Because all we talked before was about being outcasts or being bullied or psychological shit like that. But that was never about that. We were naive to think about that. I thought we could persuade them into being against the society that discriminated against them so much, but we never could manage it. Our efforts or methods were on point, too. We always tried to warn them but they never listened. Because, there was never a goddamn thing they needed to listen to. XYZ never thought about our offer because he loves this society so much. He knows he is different and by being different he knows he stands out. Rest of the society laughs at him, laughs at his differences. XYZ knew all along, but went along with them because he wanted that goddamn attention. He feels important whenever somebody mocks him or laughs at him because he is the center of their attention. And Lord Dog never cared about XYZ. He wanted to pick some fights with important guys so he could also be important for 15 minutes.''

    ''What a load of hypocrites. After all we have done for them...they hearts was never in the same direction, let alone the same place.''

    ''Exactly. They call themselves 'Warriors of Virtue' because it meant to be the opposite of our name. Here's the fact though. We do actually commit sins but we have yet to see any virtues from them.''

    ''After listening to your thoughts about this situation...yeah, I think I can take this seriously as you do. I'll be honest. I never saw them as capable of opposing us. But your words do so much sense that I know this is serious. I know we tried so much to make them saw something. But I always thought they were just blind. Now I see that they weren't, but just using blindfold to intentionally not see the truth. We wasted time and effort on a thing that never supposed to succeed.''

    Manson smirks at that, knowing he is right once again feeds his ego, even if the compliment was from his best friend.

    ''Everything needs to be seen in the right perspective. XYZ and Lord Dog played with their best interests and I really can't blame them for it. They did what they thought they can. But they failed to broaden their horizons and see the truly best option for them. This is something I can blame them for it. Oh, and I do blame them. I blame them so much that I will beat them so hard at Aftershock. Beat them very hard until they realize they have nothing but themselves to blame. I want to smack Lord Dog with his own Hannibal mask. I want to choke XYZ out with his own dream so it can die along with him. As I said before, they are just a beginning but what a beginning will it be...We have to make it an unforgettable one. We should make an example out of them so hard that nobody here in FWA would feel safe anymore. They will know. They will know that our wrath won't be exclusive to tag teams who play for tag titles anymore. The feast will expand and expand until it covers the whole FWA roster on our table.''

    ''It should taste good.''

    ''Oh, it will taste like God's nectar, or maybe even better. Regardless, we..shall..feast.''

    Manson gets out of the water and tells BUCK to do the same. They grab their towels when suddenly a ringing sound can be heard. Manson and BUCK looks at each other and they both nod. Manson goes behind some tree while BUCK gets closer to the camera and eventually closes it for good.
    Worker bees can leave.
    Even drones can fly away.
    The Queen is their slave.

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    Re: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    Van Doren Diaries: Dream Warrior
    I think of what the world could be

    A vision of the one I see
    A million dreams is all it's gonna take
    A million dreams for the world we're gonna make

    Open to a dimly lit back alley scene. The Chicago night sky shines down and glistens off the wet ground. A single light looks down on the scene. We see a figure sitting on a metal chair, their hair covering their face. We inch closer and come to realize that the figure seated is that of Izzy Van Doren. She brushes back her long dark hair behind her ear. She licks her lips and takes in a deep breath.

    We are now just 24 hours away from what might be the biggest event of the calendar year for FWA, Aftershock. We are just 24 hours away from the epic conclusion to the Kennedy and Cyrus Truth saga. 24 hours away from the show stealing North American Championship Triple Threat match. It certainly is an exciting time here in FWA. I’m sure that some of you FWA fans are predicting your winners and are clamoring for what is sure to be a spectacle that will be put on. But the excitement and anticipation you feel can’t compare to those of us who are in the Brawl For It All.

    Izzy stutters out a laugh and turns her body towards the camera.

    We are just 24 hours away from the Brawl For It All. Where I will be in the same ring as eleven other people and we fight 'til one of us is left standing. Only one lucky person is going an unspecified “big opportunity” if they survive the night. But, of course, you don’t need me to tell you all that… But I do need to tell all of those that are expecting a show stealer at the end of the night, you need to keep their eyes peeled to this match. Because it’s not just gonna be some run of the mill fight. No, this is the biggest opportunity any of us have gotten this entire year.

    Izzy’s head turns and looks out into the night sky. Her lips pursed as she shakes out another breath. Her breath is visible in the night sky. She turns to the camera once again but this time with a more intense stare.

    And the fact of the matter is that Izzy Van Doren will be the last one standing in that ring! I know to some of you that will sound like a joke.Izzy herself chuckles out another laugh.Some of you are probably laughing right now behind your keyboards, because some of you think that there is no way that I can or will come out with the victory… because to those people I’m still that punk kid... They don’t know- They don’t realize that in 2018 I have damn near beaten everyone that’s stepped foot in the same ring as me. James Hughes, LOCKE, Tommy Thunder, the list goes on and on and on… I have got this shit figured out.

    It wasn’t long ago when I showed up in this company with the stars in my eyes, ready to conquer the world. I took on all comers, I walked into an arena, and I fought with my heart to take down my enemies. I played everything by the book.
    FWA gave me the pedestal and push that I needed to have to become the ass kicking, hardcore bitch that I am today. I have been there to take on any opponent whenever and wherever, under any circumstances. I’ve fought for everything I have with pride, honor, and a champion’s heart... Then when I least expected it, I had no one to turn to. I had no one to fall back on. I had the door slammed back in face, kicked to the side, and left for dead in the alley.

    "But I came back... not just for me... but for the fans..."

    "It took me awhile to realize that... Without them, without their acceptance, I wouldn't have made it this far in FWA. I wouldn't be in FWA to cause that mayhem and bedlam that everyone loves me for. It took me awhile to realize that I have to be the bigger person. It took me awhile to awhile to see that I have to let go of what is holding me back. I have to because like all the kids that went through what I've gone through, they need a hero to look up to when adversity hits their doorstep. I will be the example to all the outcasts, to all the teenage rebels, to all those punk kids that 'wouldn't amount to anything'. Ya see I say, do, and think, my own thoughts! I am not anyone's property! I'm the first person to fight, and the last person they think about. But I'm going to change that by being the last person in that ring at Aftershock."

    "Now, I look into the eyes of my opponent, or in this case opponents, and I can tell I have already won.

    You wanna know how I know that? Because I am the dark horse in this race. For 23 years, I have been on this Earth. I have been wrestling for nearly 5 of them yet all my life I was told that I’m a nobody. To some degree that’s correct. I’m a terrible sister, a horrible daughter, and I can only use one hand to count my friends on. I am some reject, and I’ve had my face shoved in the dirt and told that I’m just some punk kid from Chicago who by no means should’ve made it this far…

    Izzy’s emotions are starting to boil over. Her face switching between sadness and anger just means she’s reaching the truth.

    ...but I did. All I have had for the past 5 years is myself and wrestling. And I have broken down doors, broken down barriers, and I have broken bodies. Since I set foot in FWA, I have carved my own path. I have had doubter after doubter come to me and say ‘You’re just some backyard deathmatch kid that should be putting on shows at the bingo halls’. And yeah, they’re not wrong. I am some reckless youth that definitely walked into this with her head underwater. But in my time in wrestling here, I have proved that me and my dream are so much more. Ya see, despite everyone pushing me down and spitting in my face... my dream never died. My dream was to become a champion someday so that I could finally show people that it doesn’t matter the background you come from, you can do anything.

    Izzy’s words are spoken with plenty of heart and passion. She’s practically speaking from the very soul of her existence. She looks back at the single light shining down on the alley. Cascading her in pale blue light. She takes another deep breath; however, this one is packed with a more emotion.

    And I want each and everyone of you in this match to push me to my absolute limit. Not just for me, but for all the FWA fans. I’m going to give back every single bit acceptance they’ve given me over the year, for all the cheers, for all the boos, I need to prove something to everyone. Randall and Galloway, I want you to bring out that former X Division champion craziness that everyone expects out of you two. Lightbringer, I want you come out and show everyone of the FWA fans what got you here. Hughes, LOCKE, prove to everyone that you’re not going quietly and will showcase everything you’ve got. And Sterling Jagger... just sit back and look pretty... And to those mystery opponents, whatever you have up your arsenal. Bring. It. On! Think about the things your willing to sacrifice to get this opportunity. How long have you been without that X Division title, Randall?"

    A dramatic slow zoom in on Izzy’s face reveals a slight sparkle in Izzy’s eye. She takes a shallow breath and turns her frustration into anger. Izzy's extremely heartfelt cry to prove herself hits close to home.

    "How much are you willing to give for what you want most? But before you think about all of that, think about the things that Izzy Van Doren is willing to do to take that opportunity… and accomplish her dream. And I’ll tell you... I will risk it all. I have been all in with everything I do! And at the end of the night I will have my hand raised and I’ll walk back and hold tight to this dream night after night... I will do anything I have to do to keep this dream alive.
    In just 24 hours, I walk through that curtain and into that ring with some of the most underrated talent in FWA. To Randall, Galloway, LOCKE, Hughes, Jagger, and those mystery opponents… be prepared to face mayhem and carnage like you’ve never experienced before. Because even though I’m the only woman on the field so far revealed, I guarantee you I will fight with everything I have. I hit just like every other man. I will take whatever this opportunity holds and use it to it’s fullest potential and prove to everyone that I am someone. I can and will prove everyone wrong about me. And just like all of those doubters, I’m going to prove you all wrong too.

    Izzy gets out of her chair and walks farther into the night. The camera catches her with a look of intense determination. Out of the alley, she travels down the streets.
    𝖍𝖚𝖗𝖙 // 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖑

    x x x x x x x x x

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    Re: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    - Blurred -

    Viktor Maximus, with his huge frame, is just waking up in a bed he just about fits in. There is confusion on his face. He rubs his eyes and looks around a room he has never seen before. It is a poorly lit, motel room. The carpet blander than bland despite its vibrant pattern. The wall paper barely hanging on a tube television sits just beyond Viktor’s feet at the bottom of a weirdly huge bed. Viktor manages to regain his focus and starts to understand where he is…

    Что за черт (What the fuck)

    Viktor looks around bemused at his surroundings. He has no memory of last night. He looks down and see he is wearing a tie dye t-shirt. Viktor quickly rips that off and sees his phone on the barely standing beside table. He pushes his mammoth finger to unlock it. It takes a few attempts because of the size of his hands. He has ‘1 New Voicemail’.

    "Good morning, Viktor. It is Phillip, as you probably have guessed. That was the lesson about what we have been through. You probably have zero memory of what happened last night. That’s okay. It is a good story. I’m outside whenever you get this message. I would imagine somewhere between 11am and Noon. Oh, and I left you a change of clothes. Come out when you’re ready."

    Viktor looks around on the floor and see a black tank top with a camouflage jacket, black jeans and a pair of boots. Viktor changes as quickly as his back allows. He glances at the clock. It is 4pm. Viktor grabs his phone and his wallet and walks out of the small motel room. Viktor is on the bottom floor. Parked outside is a limo. Completely out of place. Even in the few seconds that Viktor has been outside it has been given a few looks by other patrons. Viktor doesn’t see Jackson outside but taps on the glass on the back door.


    The window rolls out down. Jackson is wiping his lips and yawning.

    ‘Oh Viktor, get in’

    Jackson opens the door from the inside and moves over to allow Viktor in.

    Viktor: Did I wake you?

    Jackson rubs his eyes.

    Jackson: No, I was just resting my eyes. Anyway, where the hell have you been it’s 4 o’clock.

    Viktor shrugs.

    Viktor: How the hell am I meant to know? What happened?

    Jackson’s eyes widen. He stares at Viktor and pulls him closer to tell him what happened. Jackson in his groggy state.

    Jackson: They did it. They actually did it. Mike Parr has blurred everything. Reality is not black and white. It is now grey because of Mike Parr and his gang of merry men. Last night, I showed you that. I showed you what happens when reality gets blurred. The project exposed. They saw flaws and we were weak.

    Viktor backs away, slightly confused.

    Viktor: I mean why the hell did I wake up in some shithole motel? Where are we anyway?

    Jackson smiles and imitates a TV game show voice.

    Jackson: In the cheapest motel I could find in the middle of nowhere in beautiful Ludlow, California. You got an all expenses paid trip to see the sights. Including the world famous petrol station across the road and never ending views of Route 40.

    Viktor stares blankly at Jackson. Jackson still has a cheeky smile on his face staring smugly at Viktor. Viktor clenches his fist and pretends to punch Jackson but his movement is slightly restricted by his back so Jackson doesn’t move. Viktor slowly sits back.

    Viktor: You’re a dick.

    Jackson: The very best in the world. Yes. So you wanna know what happened?

    Viktor stares at Jackson and shrugs at Jackson as if he is dumb.

    Jackson: Talk over some food. I guess you want breakfast?

    Jackson pushes on the intercom in the back

    Jackson: Driver, can you take us somewhere to get food, preferably breakfast.

    Driver mumbling through the intercom.

    Driver: Yes, Phillip.

    Jackson sits back and leans back into the back seat.

    Jackson: I’ll explain why I did what I did, then I will tell you exactly what happened last night, okay?

    Viktor nods

    Jackson: Then we eat?

    Viktor nods again. Jackson nods in return. Viktor carefully sits back

    Jackson: So, we both know what has been happening to us. Getting attacked from behind. Having opponent switched. We are painted with a target because we are the FWA Tag Team Champions. We have every team trying to knock us down. Sin City Vultures will want to make a point. They will want revenge. The Warriors of Virtue, they stood up for us. The good guys stood up and protected us but there will be a time they may come for us. The New Breed, they have made it interesting. They attack us. They get disqualified every single week. They are playing a cup game with us, like we are sucker walking through a park. It doesn’t stop. Week after week they punished us. Week after week we walked into the ring. We were the good guys. People were cheering us because we didn’t stoop to their level. Black and white became grey. That is what I meant earlier. How did you feel when you woke up? Groggy, slightly confused and drained? That is what I have felt these last few weeks. I’ve watched The New Breed shift the needle. I watched them take control and what did I do? Nothing. I let them come waiting for a mistake. It never came. I waited for people to stop cheering us. We are not good guys but they seemingly hate them more than they hate us. It has fucked things up and made everything complicated. This is part of the lesson. The belts come with a catch, everyone is the enemy. It is a prestigious honour but also a burden. The belts are heavy. Not in weight but in mental and psychical toughness. A target is not easy to carry and we can no longer sit on a perch and watch. Everyone is coming. The New Breed came for us. We can no longer do nothing. We can no longer be sitting ducks. Did I lose control? Yes. Should I have done more? Yes. I have let you down. I wanted us to be above reacting. To be above cheap shots. To be above chair shots. To be above all the mucky shit that The New Breed have tried to make us crawl through. No more. It is time for a change and I began that change last night. No more reacting. It is time to be proactive. Lets stop things from being blurry. Lets stop things from being grey and go back to black and white, good versus bad. Not something in the middle because America loves extremes. So Viktor I wanted to show you what things are like when they are blurry, messy and entangled in some weird mess, okay. So, as you probably saw when we left, we are in the middle of nowhere. We went on a quest last night. Well, more specifically, you went on a quest. I oversaw your progress and made sure that you survived.

    Viktor looks bemused.

    Viktor: Like a vision quest from the Family Man?

    Jackson: It’s fam…ya know what never mind...yes, sort of.

    Viktor: I love that episode, I watch it many times before my parents found my tape. They do not like American television.

    Jackson: Crazy Russians…Focus. My lesson will be clear and it will prepare you for what is coming. Are you ready to hear the tale?

    Viktor: What is coming?

    Jackson: We will get to that when it becomes important.

    Viktor smiles and nods. Jackson acknowledges his reply…



    Phillip A. Jackson is guiding a blindfolded Viktor Maximus forward. He is being assisted by a man holding Viktor and helping guide him. Jackson has bought Viktor out into the middle of nowhere. Off the road in a desert somewhere. Jackson guides Viktor to exactly where he wants him.

    Jackson: Ok, were here. Take it off.

    Viktor pulls off his blindfold and looks at Jackson with a look somewhere between bemused and angry.

    Viktor: All that bullshit for the middle of nowhere. I thought we were going to a secret underground bunker or something.

    Jackson: Not today, maybe soon. This is exactly where you need to be Viktor. Here we have nothing to distract us. We can see everything coming to us or going away from us. Here we are safe. Here we cannot be surprised. No-one can jump us from behind with chairs. Here we can be in control of our environment. Here I can show you what we are facing. The environment we are in, has snakes waiting to pounce with enough venom to kill even you. Vultures ready to pick the bones of those who fall and your greatest enemy. You. This is a place where you cannot lose your head. A place where reacting smartly is important and sticking to your plan is also important. You have to be smart but adaptable. Every step is a decision. Mike Parr is snake. Mike Parr is the venom that will kill you. The New Breed are circling the skies and they are ready to pick up the scraps and be satisfied with a victory handed to them on a plate. This is how they exposed us. They did not allow us to see them coming. Here we see it all. We are exposed to the elements but we don’t fall victim to the things we are missing. Now it is about 11 o’clock in the morning. I’ve paid the drive to wait for us at the next road straight ahead. That is about 10 miles. It’s about 5 hours. This test is for your benefit. This will be hell. You will want to quit but this will rock you to your core so that nothing you ever face again will be worse. This did a similar test when I broke through but mine was in the pouring rain in a marsh. Nothing has been worse. Now, here is a bag full of stuff you will need to, ya know, live and there is a radio as well as a last resort. Any questions?

    Viktor looks at Jackson and ponders for a while, on a few occasions about to speak but holds it back.

    Viktor: Actually, I will ask it. What does this have to do with wrestling? Are you punking me?

    Jackson shakes his head.

    Jackson: I need…I…hmmm…How do I put this? No-one has seen your limit. I don’t think you know your limit. I need to see your breaking point because I know that The New Breed are chipping away at you. They are slowly breaking your resolve, just like they are breaking mine but if I know where it is you break and how you break. I can make a plan. I can make sure that The New Breed suffer for what they have done to us. This Project is about burning the fat from our souls. This is a journey. Now it is actually a journey. I believe that you can do better than I did. I gave up after 5 miles because I hated every second. I broke but I knew that nothing inside the walls of an arena could ever break me. So Mike and his pals can keep attacking us and I will keep getting back up with a smile because I will never stay down for them. They are not even that much better than me. They cannot face you head on and if you don’t break when they come at you from behind then they will have to walk right at you. They will have to look you in the belly button and try to fight you on your terms. They won’t because they are weak and soon they will not be able to break you. This test will or you might be the one not too. So get ready. I will see you soon.

    Viktor watches Jackson stroll off with a driver and get into a luxury limo. Viktor sighs and looks in the bag. He has one small bottle of water and a small towel. Viktor throws the bag on his back.


    Jackson: Then you know what happens next?

    Jackson takes a sip of his coffee, as Viktor stacks up his 5th plate off to the side.

    Viktor: I have no idea. I cannot remember anything.

    Jackson bursts out laughing.

    Jackson: You did exactly the same thing I did, you took so many gulps of water and fainted before you made it a mile.

    Viktor’s jaw drops.

    Viktor: Why was I wearing a tie dye shirt then?!

    Jackson: Oh right, that. Yeah while we were getting you back in the car a bunch of hippies, real old school types drove past and stopped to help. I got them to make you a shirt. I even got one. It’s in my bag. Thought it would be funny.

    Viktor: So what was the point of the lesson?

    Jackson: That not everything lives up to the hype. That things aren't always a big story and that you don’t always see who a threat is. Did you suspect that it wasn’t water? Because it wasn’t, you trusted me blindly. That can also be dangerous. What I wanted to see is how you responded to obstacles and losing a clear sight because people worry too much about making everything clear. The Prototype and Sean will continue to make it blurry. We had a clear path but they obscured it. They have put a big hurdle in our way. We lost sight of The Project. We lost control. Everything we worked for is on the line from a couple of lackeys to a guy who couldn’t break through the glass ceiling like I did. Now he is allowing his jealousy to rule him. He is being ruled by an irrational emotion. That is is downfall. He knows he cannot control and that is why he cannot ever break the glass ceiling and why he cannot be in the match and has to stand at ringside. If he steps into the ring, he would snap. He would lose it. He doesn’t have the balls to face you for starters and I don’t think he wants to recognise that I have done everything he has dreamed of doing. So he has to rattle our cages to make us try and be like him. That is why I didn’t want us to react. It is why we retreated time after time. It made us look weak but we can survive that. We have inflated not just Mike’s ego but The New Breed’s as well.

    Viktor: So now we will crush them. They do not expect us. This time though they cannot hide from me because I see them coming. They get into the ring the same way we will. They cannot hit me from behind. They have to face me. They will have to fight me. He calls himself The Prototype, but was is he The Prototype of? cowards? chickens? He is a small man who cannot comprehend being facing a man like me.

    Jackson: I think he is just what Mike Parr wishes he could be.

    Viktor: HAHA! He thinks too small. The Prototype is the bigger of the two but he lives in my shadow. He relied on me having my back turned because as a team they fear confrontation. When they got confronted last week they ran like chickens. They are not men. I am even ashamed to look down on them. They are not even a team. They are just guys. We are brothers. We have grown together. You have given me the gift of knowledge. You have given me your years of experience in just a short time. You are weird in your teachings but I have fun and I’ve learned a lot. They cannot share our experience. They cannot be as good a team as us. We started at nothing. You did not know me two years ago but we have been great since day one. We grew quickly and we are tag team champions. That is something that they have not experienced. It does change you. We might be targets to everyone else but we are united forever. The Prototype does not understand. Sean Hughes does not understand. Mike Parr does. Mike cannot show them if he is not in the ring with them. He does not believe in them because he does not stand alongside his men. He is a distraction while they hide in the shadows and attack from there. He is not a leader. He is, like his men, cowards. A general reflects his army. Ours is strong and united because you stand alongside your man. Mike stands at the top of stage and lets The Prototype and Sean Hughes do his dirty work.

    Jackson: Essentially, they are janitors who have been thrust into our laps. They are now in the eye of The Destruction. The worlds strongest man and the worlds smartest man is what you called us. That is spot on. That is exactly what we. We are perfect partners. We run our own show. We don’t have someone telling us what to do. We don’t clean up someone else’s mess. However, they have done well with what they have been asked to do. They are a threat us, Viktor. They have been targeting you for a reason because you are the one they need to take out. You had a target on your back without the titles because you are a statement. If they destroy you what does that say about them. They knew who they were after. They did their homework, they scouted us well but how much of that was Mike Parr? And how much of that was them? They surprised with how good they have been, how they executed Mike’s plan and with how well they have blurred the reactions and how people see us. I was a bit jealous before the sneak attacks. We have to be smart, ok? We are outnumbered. Outmanned. We cannot lose our heads. We cannot allow Mike to be a distraction and we cannot let them pull some bullshit. Keep them in front of us and they have nowhere to go. If they are forced to face us fairly they will crumble because when we know what is coming, we can beat them. I am expecting some form of bullshit to take place. Do I have something up my sleeve? Maybe. Maybe I will stoop to their level. Maybe, just maybe they have poked the bear and the lion one too many times. It is all show. They cannot see themselves. They are delusional. They don’t live in reality like we do.

    Viktor: They live in Mike Parr’s delusion. They cannot look at themselves in the mirror and know who and what they are looking at. You taught me to always be aware of yourself. Never allow yourself to live in a delusion. Never allow yourself to live in someone else’s delusion. They just throw you overboard the second something goes wrong. Anyway, Phillip, I have not eaten for like ten minutes. I am starving.

    Jackson laughs as Viktor shoves a giant forkful of food into his mouth.

    Jackson: It’s okay. I know how much you love to eat but you need to be ready to feel uneasy. I cannot bail you out every time that you need to take a break because you cannot smash something into submission. Be ready to be confused but be ready to not change a damn thing. These boys are just two lackeys. They have no self-respect. They have no decency. They cannot fight like men and they cannot look their opponents in the eyes and know just by looking at them they will win. I will look both of them in eyes, you can look at the top of their heads, and we can show that they cannot and will not break us. Deception cannot break us. ONLY we can break us but we are brother and we are the FWA Tag Team Champions and it is about time they learned that.

    Jackson and Viktor cheers their cups and Viktor continues to decimate food at an alarming rate. Jackson sits back and enjoys the show as the pair begin to make their final preparations for their title defence at Aftershock.

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    Re: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    Redemption, noun; the act of retaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment or clearing a debt.

    As our scene opens, we are backstage at an FWA Live Event, and we see Kevin Cromwell sitting in a chair with his mind clearly on the match ahead of him., his hair slicked back and with Kevin is seemingly unaware that the camera has fallen on him, but it appears that Kevin Cromwell has a lot to say.

    Kevin Cromwell: “Respect.

    Kevin utters the word with authority

    Kevin Cromwell“ From day one, that’s what Kevin Cromwell has been striving for. From the moment that I stepped into this company a few months ago, Kevin Cromwell has been about one thing, and that is respect. Respect from the fans, respect from FWA Management and most of all, earning the respect of everyone in that locker room. The moment that I came to FWA, Kevin Cromwell has had a reputation to uphold as being one of the best in the world when it comes to professional wrestling. For MY ENTIRE LIFE, Kevin Cromwell has worked and grafted his way up the ladder in Professional Wrestling, and I’ve been in the ring with boys, and I’ve been in the ring with MEN. When I say that I’ve been striving for respect since day one, I don’t mean when I came to FWA and was put on NGW. I mean the very minute I stepped into that ring as a spotty kid at the age of sixteen; Kevin Cromwell has been working to gain respect.”

    Kevin pauses for a split second.

    Kevin Cromwell“ Because that’s what I was told from the minute I started to work to become a professional wrestler. I was taught how to do a suplex, but the very first thing I was told is that this business is founded on the basis of respect and that without respect, this absolutely NOTHING! So when I came to FWA with the weight of expectation on my shoulders, I knew I had to earn the respect of everyone here in FWA and I’ve worked to earn just that.”

    Kevin rolls his neck.

    Kevin Cromwell “This past year, I’ve experienced a lot of ups and a lot of downs. So, despite all my success, despite all the accomplishments that I’ve achieved this year that would earn me respect; there’s always just that something that manages to make those accomplishments mean that little bit less. Instead of using those accomplishments as a springboard to the very top here in FWA Why? Respect.” Respect for men who have deserved their opportunity, respect for men who have worked their asses off just to get to where they are right now. I sat back, and I did what I had to do just to get back to where I was before Back In Business. I had to sit back, grit my teeth and wait because I knew that I was better. I could have
    went out into that ring and told the world the reality, and that is that I am BETTER, but I didn’t. Why? Because I have respect for those, who deserve it. Unfortunately, it seems that there aren’t many people who are going to offer me the same respect in return. “Ever since Dave Sullivan became X Champion there has been one constant that I've heard. Every time I walk into an arena or into that locker room, I've heard the same thing over and over again, and that is that I don't deserve to walk into this match at Aftershock as the challenger. I've had to listen to people claim that I haven't earned the right to become the X Champion in the first place and that this is nothing more than a handout. A hand out that has been given to me in order to keep me quiet. Since the day I arrived I’ve said it time and time again, I said that when given the opportunity, I could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m as good as I say I am. All I wanted was the chance to show that I am on par with the best that FWA has to offer. You want the truth? I really don't give a damn what you think you deserve and I don't give a DAMN what you think I deserve because, at the end of the day, this match is mine and this match is where I prove to everyone that I DESERVE to be the X Champ. At Aftershock, I prove to the entire world why everyone that comes to those arenas night after night calls me the Amadeus. And I don't say that from a place of insecurity because I am more than willing to walk up to the likes of Chris Kennedy or Cyrus and tell them that I deserve this. and at Aftershock, all I need is ONE CHANCE!” All I need was one chance to prove that I'm every bit as good as I say that I am. That's what I get to do this Sunday when I face Dave for that X Championship, and I can’t wait

    For the first time since this video began, there is a smirk on Kevin’s face. He works his neck and forward before continuing

    Kevin Cromwell: “At Aftershock, I walk into the ring against one of the most dangerous men in the history of his business. While some might be looking at this match as the night where Kevin Cromwell is exposed as the minor league player they all think he is; there are others that are looking at this as the night all their faith in Kevin Cromwell is rewarded. How do I see Aftershock?. “Kevin Cromwell looks at this match as a means to an end. Kevin Cromwell looks at this match at Aftershock as the chance to solidify his standing as the single Most Dangerous Man in FWA and to do that, he has to do something that he has NEVER been able to do a few years ago, and that is to defeat Dave Sullivan In order to become a champion, you have to BEAT the champion. To become the must beat everyone living and at Aftershock, in order for Kevin Cromwell to forever be known as FWA' most dangerous man...I have to beat the man who people have called a KING. I have to beat a man who has won this belt on four different occasions, Kevin Cromwell has to defeat, perhaps, the Greatest X Wrestler in the World today and that is a challenge that I will NEVER turn down.”

    That fire in Kevin's eyes is burning fiercer than ever.

    Kevin Cromwell “This match on Sunday, the challenge ahead of Kevin Cromwell is one that is the greatest of his career, and I RELISH that challenge. For my entire life, there has been one goal in my career, and that is to face the BEST IN THE WORLD. My goal has always been to BEAT the Best in the World, and I can think of none better than Dave. “What more can be said about Dave Sullivan that hasn't already been said? He is the biggest challenge that any athlete in this business can ever consider being in the ring with. Dave is the greatest challenge that I have ever been in the ring with; there is NO doubt about that. Of all the men that I've faced in my career, few can match the intensity and ferocity of him If you wanted the blueprint for a perfect wrestler, then you would have Dave as the prime candidate for that blueprint.”

    Clearly, Kevin can't speak any more highly of Dave as an athlete, but there's more to this.

    Kevin Cromwell“ To say that I respect Dave Sullivan e as a wrestler, as an athlete, is an understatement. Dave Sullivan not only deserves respect for his accomplishments but is ENTITLED to it. As an athlete, Dave has the respect of every single man and woman in this company, including myself but as a man? As a man, Dave doesn't deserve respect., the man, doesn't deserve a shred of respect and this isn't because he stole my belt from me., Kevin Cromwell doesn't deserve my respect because he is LYING to HIMSELF!” Dave is lying to himself because, for the past few weeks, he has been telling the world that he doesn't think that Kevin Cromwell deserves to be in this match with him at Aftershock
    .Ladies and Gentlemen, Dave is lying to himself because he believes that he is facing a Kevin Cromwell that is going to roll over and die for him

    He chuckles to himself and shrugs his shoulders.

    Kevin Cromwell
    “That is your choice to make, but you forgot; there isn’t a man who has even come close to beating me. Every man over the past few months that I have come up again, I have beaten, and every man that has been hit by me has STAYED DOWN! What makes you think you're any different, Dave? What makes you think when I grab him by the arm and wrench you won’t scream for mercy? “You see, Dave for all your talk...all your bravado, you need to understand the simple truth that is in front of you at Aftershock, and that is you're not dealing with a man coming off a monumental loss. You're not facing a man who's looking for a means of bouncing back from defeat. The man you're dealing with Dave is a CHAMPION! An uncrowned champion who is riding the momentum and you're facing a man that KNOWS, that BELIEVES he is going to walk out of that ring with the X Championship. Of course, you're not going to accept that, Dave. You're not going to accept that reality.”

    Kevin shakes his head. Running his hands through his messy hair Kevin glares into the camera and is going to expand on all of this.

    Kevin Cromwell “Dave, there is one major, serious reality that you're not willing to accept heading into Aftershock. You're not willing to accept that there is one truth that is just how you really feel about going into this match with me, Dave, You're not honest with yourself and you're not accepting the truth that the moment that you found out that Kevin Cromwell was the man that would be challenging you for that X Championship you've been wearing on your shoulder. You see, for all the talk, I've seen beneath this little mask of yours, Kevin and it's not anger that you're feeling. You're not angry at the fact that you having to face someone who you think I don't have the right to step into the ring with you. Dave, the feeling that you're experiencing is one that you're not going to admit to. What you're experiencing, Dave is FEAR!” The actions of Dave Sullivan over the past few weeks aren't the actions of a man who is confident in his abilities. They aren't the actions of the man who feels like the X Championship is staying in his possession after Aftershock. Dave, your actions over the past few weeks, have been those of a very...desperate man! The actions of a desperate man who has looked into the eyes of his opponent and realised that there is nothing that he can do to stop him from taking the X Championship at Aftershock. Dave, the reality you're facing is that you...can't...beat Kevin Cromwell.”

    That is a bold claim from Kevin that he's directing at Dave.

    Kevin Cromwell“What's the matter, Dave? Does the truth hurt? Dave when we were in that ring together a few weeks, I looked into your eyes, and I saw fear. I saw doubt in your eyes. I saw more doubt than any other man I've ever stepped into the ring with. I didn't see the ferocity or the intensity that Dave is famous for, because I saw that fear in your eyes. You're living in fear, and you know you can't beat Kevin Cromwell. Now, there are plenty of reasons as to why you should be scared of me, Dave. There's plenty of reasons I could give, to sum up why you're so afraid to step into the ring with me that you'd jump me from behind and try and put me out of action. See, I am what I say I am and I do it better than anybody else. But you're not scared of that. You're not scared of the fact that you're a walking doctors note of injuries and barely healed bones. A walking target for someone like me to exploit, ”Your biggest fear this Sunday, Dave is that for the first time in your career, you are utterly...POWERLESS. Why else would you steal pins in our tag matches? Are those the actions of a man who looks at his opponent and KNOWS that he can win? No, those are the actions of a COWARD and at Aftershock, with nobody in the world to save you and nothing to keep that X Championship from me but your skills inside that ring. Nothing in the world can keep that X Championship from Kevin Cromwell, but your ability, Dave and I KNOW that isn't enough. You know that it won't be enough and at Aftershock, the WORLD is going to know that the King Of The X Division today ...wasn't good...enough!” The last time I was in that situation, me and TJG NOBODY gave us a chance. NOBODY gave us a shot and what happened?! I left with that belt. All I needed was one second and ONE SECOND was ALL...IT...TOOK! Ever since that night, it has only taken one second. second. One second to bring everything that you have worked for to come crashing down around you and one second to make good on my promise that it only takes ONE CHANCE for me to become the BEST...IN THE WORLD.” “And that's what you're scared of most, Dave. You're scared that one mistake is going to cost you the Championship. You're scared there is nothing you can do to stop me, and you're right. There is nothing you can do because inside that ring, all I will need is and's over.”

    Kevin stares into the camera, not taking his gaze off the eyes of Dave who is surely watching this. Not taking his eyes off the worldwide audience who have tuned in to see this. No. Kevin wants the world to know that he believes every single word of this to be true. He wants the world to know that everything he says in this video is what he believes and there is nobody in the world that can change it.

    Kevin Cromwell: You may be one of the all-time great truth be told, there are days where I probably would never be able to beat you in that ring. But this Sunday? It isn't one of those days. Aftershock is the ONE day where the stars align and everything is going to go the way that I say it's going to go. At Aftershock, Dave Sullivan and Kevin Cromwell are getting locked inside a match, the X Championship on the line and only ONE man is leaving with that title. Dave, this Sunday at Aftershock, it will be the ONE night where ONE second is all that's going to matter, and I promise you, Dave, Aftershock is where Kevin Cromwell is going to make his ONE... chance matter. Why?”

    Kevin pauses for a moment and smiles.

    Kevin Cromwell “Because I am Amadeus. I hurt people, and I am your NEXT X CHAMPION!
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    Exile Chronicles: Volume 36
    “Dust to Dust”

    As our scene opens, the sounds of wind howling and scraping sand against stone set the scene. Here, we find ourselves in a desert, with huge dunes as far as the eye can see. There’s absolutely nothing for miles and miles...aside from a small cluster of stone columns out in the far corner of the desert. It’s the only sign of civilization in this harsh environment, and it’s clear even at this distance that it’s a civilization that no longer exists.

    There, traversing one of the dune alone and on foot is Cyrus Truth, wearing a lighter, silken variant of his ring gear, presumably to keep the heat off. He’s also wearing a pair of goggles to keep the sand out of his eyes, but as evidenced by the collection of silt and grime caked with sweat on his face, Cyrus has been traveling for a while now. Still, there’s a look of grim determination in the eyes of The Exile as he continues trudging through the sand towards his destination.

    It takes some time and a lot of effort pushing through the dunes, but eventually Cyrus manages to reach the ruin as the sun continues beating down. Upon closer inspection, the only thing visible are the pillars sticking from the sand, most made with some kind of marble or smooth granite. Any markings on the pillars have been worn down due to the blowing sands, and several have started to lean over in odd angles. Cyrus, hood still up and goggles still on, scours the crooked pillars for several minutes before he catches a glimpse of something metal that’s just barely poking out of the sand.

    Cyrus immediately heads for that shining metal as he moves sand away from it, revealing a more modern, if somewhat ramshackle, wooden hatch. Upon realizing it’s not locked, Cyrus swings the hatch open and heads inside, down a makeshift ladder.

    The hatch leads to what appears to be a cavern or makeshift cellar, and it’s completely dark until Cyrus strikes a match and lights a lantern. The walls are made of sandstone and there’s a small table and chair set up down here next to a small, but deep, well of water. Seeing this, Cyrus lowers his hood and takes his goggles off, setting both the eyewear and lantern on the table. He then immediately cups his hands and uses the water to clean the grime and sand from his face. After a few minutes, Cyrus’s face is more or less clean minus a bit of sand in his hair. Refreshed, Cyrus sighs as he takes a seat on the stool and enjoys the relative coolness of this subterranean shelter.

    “Aftershock’s right around the corner, huh? My rematch against Chris Kennedy for the World Title, and another war on my hands. A much more punishing war than last time, to be sure. One doesn’t simply walk into an Ironman Match with the same mindset in other matches. This isn’t about securing one decision, but multiple victories while preventing your opponent from gaining any of their own. This is the very definition of a war of attrition, and I step into the ring against the very best that FWA has ever produced.

    “Does that surprise you, Chris? To hear me say that you’re the best? I’ve said it before...I am dedicated to the Truth above all else. And the Truth is, you are the best. To deny this is to allow myself to be deluded, and I refuse. However, before your proverbial and literal dick gets all erect, allow me to ask you one simple question. Considering all the bullshit you’ve spewed about me since we’ve started down this path and you continually trying your best to wear my resolve down, I think you owe me an honest answer instead of this fairy-tale “I am God” crap you love to spout as of late. So for once? How about you drop the act and be honest for once in your life?”

    Cyrus grabs a waterskin from his belt and takes a long drink from it.

    “So, Chris...what are you afraid of?”

    There’s no sound, but Cyrus immediately perks up as if he heard something...or rather, someone.

    “Stop! I can hear you laughing that insipid laugh of yours. Thinking that it’s a stupid question, aren’t you? Just...stop. Enough. Enough with the ego, enough with the crowing of your vaunted superiority. Yeah, I said you were the best, but even an idiot like you should know that such a designation is fleeting. After all, I was never “produced” by FWA, and for the longest time I was the absolute, undisputed best. And you want to know the craziest thing? You may be the best right now, and perhaps even the best that FWA has ever seen...and you are still nowhere NEAR as good as you could be. I see you, and I see every single ounce of wasted potential that you squander every time you open that sewer of a gob of yours. You think you can proclaim your greatness and somehow I can’t see through you like I can everybody else on this roster?! As good as you are a wrestler, you are just as pathetic as a man. And you don’t get to realize your full potential in this business of ours just by what we do in the ring. You know have to know this! And yet, still you want to keep presenting this story that you have reached the very pinnacle of perfection in our sport, and you honestly expect me to buy that? Yes, I want to beat you at Aftershock. Yes, I want to be the very best. And you can be certain that I want my title back. But if Back in Business taught me anything, it’s that you’re not invincible. I might have lost, but you won only by a razor’s edge. And considering that Aftershock’s not going to be just one fall to a finish? Come on...I am more than capable of beating the man that’s been parading around with the title like he’s the one true Almighty.

    “But even that’s not enough for me, Chris! You have said time and again that you think all my words about honor and pride are nothing but words on the wind, and not the Truth about the man I am. Chris...we both know that I’m not the one hiding anything here. When I speak, gods tremble, and while you’ve done a better job of hiding it than others?”

    Cyrus shakes his head and clicks his tongue, dismissing Chris’s supposed attempts to hide his true thoughts from the Wayward Warrior as a fool’s errand as he takes another swallow of water.

    “I have been nothing but honest about my goals and my intentions since I’ve arrived at FWA. I have never hidden anything from FWA, its management, or my peers in the locker room. What I am is all that I am, nothing more or less. It’s a trait that seems to be solely mine and mine alone, as everybody on this damned roster seems to be afraid of. I’ve said it before...true evolution comes from looking at yourself and accepting your limitations. You can’t surpass your limits until you acknowledge them. It’s not just the physical, more often than not, it’s the limitations of the mind that truly hold us back. And there’s no greater limitation than deluding yourself into thinking you don’t have any. Sound familiar, Chris?

    “But, fine. Maybe part of what scares you is admitting your fears first. Maybe you need somebody to start off before you can feel brave enough to face yourself. So...okay, then. Allow me to let my guard down for a second and tell you what scares me, the one thing I’m afraid of. Will that make you feel more comfortable, Chris? Maybe make you feel like you can be a bit more honest and we can all get past this “God” phase you’re going through?”

    Cyrus sighs as his voice starts to reverberate through the chamber as the pool starts to ripple a bit. Whether it’s due to something happening up top in the sandstorm, or from Cyrus’s voice? It’s unclear. However, there’s a solemness to Cyrus’s tone that wasn’t there. Not fire and fury, but cold and direct.

    “You know where this is? Know anything about the people who lived here...who they were and the works they created? It was certainly a very advanced culture for its time based on what we can see. Their stonework was exquisite, so they weren’t unskilled laborers. These people were craftsman, maybe even artists. They may well have created wondrous works that sit in any number of museums. So, Chris...who were these people? And what civilization was this? Do you know?”

    Cyrus smirks a bit as he retorts:

    “Because I don’t.”

    Cyrus leans back in his chair as he lulls his head back, with one hand on his waterskin and his gaze focused squarely on the ceiling.

    “Nobody does. There’s little places like this strewn about this desert here and there. Hidden from all but the most prying of eyes. They were once thriving villages...cities, even! Full of talented and capable people able to do great things. But nobody knows anything about them, and their works have been lost. What few remain? Nobody even knows who made them, so what does it matter? They might as well be the sands themselves for all they’re worth. But why? Why do we know nothing about these people, or these cities? What stopped them from sharing their works, their culture, their philosophies before it all ended? The answer is pretty simple: they didn’t think there’d be a end.”

    Cyrus leans down on the table, his tone almost a whisper. The camera only sees his lips curled into that vicious smirk as he says in a hushed voice:

    “Want to know a secret, Chris?’re going to die.”

    The camera zooms out as more ripples emerge from the pool.

    “The main reason why I hate it when wrestlers call themselves “gods” or “immortal” is because refusing to accept your own mortality is a path that leads to nowhere. By thinking there’s no possible way your life or your career can end, you hold yourself back from taking those risks, accepting those dangerous challenges, and pushing themselves to the limits of what they’re truly capable of. But we all have a time limit on this planet, and an even shorter one in the ring. And I lay awake at night sometimes wondering if I will become like these ruins...nothing but dust with nothing to remember me by.

    “When I talk about building a legacy that will endure and stand above all others, understand that I am deathly afraid of falling short of that goal. The reason I continue to press forward, and the reason I refuse to be content with whatever I achieve? It is because I don’t want to be forgotten. I want to be more than just a memory. I want my name to be remembered...because people like me don’t have a family legacy or the right genetics to be remembered by. I am the dredges of humanity, pulled up by my own bootstraps to become something more. A warrior...a wrestler...a champion. And I won’t stop until I not only earn the title of “Legend,” but I become the legend that stands above all others. Anything less than that? Unacceptable. I can’t afford to be anything less than the absolute best when all is said and done, and everything else becomes dust and echoes. And the very fact that some half-assing bastard like you could stop me from achieving that scares me to death.

    “But let’s make things as a wrestler? As an opponent? You don’t scare me in the slightest. Because I can beat you as you are. It’s the wrestler you refuse to let yourself be that would make me scared. But enough about me. Let’s get back to you, shall we? What scares you, Kennedy? What fear creeps into the back of your mind and makes you shudder to think about? Because I know you’re scared of something. You hide it well for the majority of the plebians, but not from me. And to be honest, there’s a lot you could be scared of…”

    Cyrus scratches his chin as he stands up and heads back to the pool. He kneels down and runs his hands through the dark water.

    “...However, I have a few guesses. With you, Kennedy? It’s about being exposed as mortal. It would explain why you feel the need to proclaim your superiority on a weekly basis. You try so goddamn hard to convince us that you’re untouchable, that you are a literal god among feeble men and women. You want so badly for us to believe that we aren’t worthy of being in your ring and that we shouldn’t even bother trying to take your World Title from you. But what scares you, I think, is when you have so many people buying into your shit and you’re feeling like your story is becoming fact? The second one person speaks up to call you out, you start to panic. You start to puff your chest out just a bit more and try to tear down the person refusing to bend the knee. And for most people, your skill in the ring is enough to shut them up. know by now, don’t you? I’m not like those people.

    “Whatever happens at Aftershock doesn’t mean I’m going to stop haunting you, Kennedy. I’m not going to just back off and be, not until I’ve proven just how mortal you truly are. You present the best opportunity for me to prove my mettle and become the legend I so desperately want to be. Not because you’re a legend yourself. Certainly not because you’re the undisputed best. But because you can be forged into something more. Something more than the rank and file members of FWA. You’ve not had anybody push you to be better for a long time, Chris. But with me...oh, I will force you to be better than you ever thought possible. I will press you to become as legendary as you claim yourself to be. So that when all else is reduced to ashes and dust, I can finally beat you at your very best and cast aside all doubt, all debate, that I am the absolute greatest. I’m going to force you to try, Chris...and doesn’t that just scare you?

    “The first step is the Ironman Match, where you and I will test our endurance and show the world that we can go the distance. We’re going to have ourselves a hell of a match, Chris. One I am looking forward to. But it’s not one you’re going to win. I took your measure at Back in Business, I took your best shots...and I learned. I evolved. And now? I am more than prepared to advance to the next level. Can you say the same thing? Can you honestly say that you’re better now than at Back in Business? Because the Chris Kennedy I see now is not even in that Chris Kennedy’s league. I brought out the best in that Chris Kennedy, but he only made an appearance at Back in Business. Now, you’ve grown far too prideful, too sure of yourself. Why challenge me to an Ironman Match if you weren’t so arrogant about your superiority? It’s something I would do, because I thrive on such challenges. But that’s not why you’re doing it. You think one loss to you at Back in Business and I’m suddenly your bitch? Fuck off.

    “That title is coming back to me, Chris. Because I am brave enough to face my fear and accept that there’s more work to be done in order to be truly great. And I know that I can overcome the Astonishing God. So begins the hard, arduous journey that you and I will be walking down the Long and Winding Road. Come what may? You and I are destined to fight each other until someone else can stand on our level. Not “your” level. “Our” level. You can talk about being better all you want, but at Aftershock I prove that “your” level isn’t a high enough level. You’ve let your arrogance hold you back from greatness for too long, and have been coasting on talent and verbal diarrhea. Well, that stops now! This time, I know what I’m facing. This time, I’m determined to surpass the limits I had at Back in Business and take that next crucial, agonizing step towards greatness...TRUE GREATNESS! I won’t allow myself to be forgotten like these ruins. No...when I become dust, my legacy, my example, everything I have and will accomplished in this sport will be remembered forever! My fourth FWA World Heavyweight Title will be the start of the next chapter of my story, one that will be etched into the memories of generations of wrestlers to come. I am committed to proving my worth, my value, my greatness. And I will not allow my fear to hold me back; rather, I will let it fuel me towards the prize that awaits me at Journey’s End. The prize that you are standing in the way of, Chris Kennedy. Being the roadblock between someone like me and the glory I seek, the glory I am more than prepared to die and kill for? Yeah...I imagine that scares you to death.”

    Cyrus takes a final swig from his waterskin, emptying it. He then dips it into the water to refill it as he pulls his hood up.

    “Death or glory. Victory or annihilation. You may just see this as a chance to stroke your ego, but Aftershock is everything to me, and I will rise to the occasion like a vengeful storm. For you? It will be the beginning of the end of your foolish pride. I will rip the World Title from your grasp after proving time and again in that match that not only can you be beaten, but I am the one who can do so where so many others have failed. I will not let Back in Business define me as you have let it consume you. I am Cyrus Truth, you dumb motherfucker. I don’t yield, I don’t bow...I RULE. At Aftershock? The Vagabond King takes back his crown over the broken, battered body of a god. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Memento mori.”

    As Cyrus finishes refilling his waterskin, he tucks it away and puts his gottle and heads up the ladder, pushing the hatch open. It has gotten darker, as the sun has begun to set over the dunes. However, the sandstorm is over and the skies are clear, turning into a hue of oranges and reds. The Exile smiles as he makes sure his hood is pulled up and heads off to the west, towards the sunset.

    For Cyrus, this is the start of something new...a challenge that will define him like no other. And if Cyrus has his way, Aftershock will be the sunset of the reign of a so-called God. As Cyrus’s silhouette begins to fade into the sunset, the tone is set for a clash of titans beyond what Back in Business provided. And only one will the Iron the World Champion...

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    Re: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    With only one more night's rest left before she set her sights on the North American championship, she found herself back in her birthplace of Phoenix Arizona, on this peaceful, magnificent night. It was typically a solitary and deserted land, and tonight would be no different; however, that could be attributed to the location of Miss Connelly: the local cemetery. The sun proceeded to descend below the horizon, and the impending moonlit night became highly anticipated by the hundreds of Southerners living in this quiet community. But one belle (Ha) in particular began her journey down the dirt-filled path in the eye of the cemetery, with each passing step increasing in pace. As she passed by many gravestones of the deceased, a single red rose was visibly seen being carried in her hand, and she often sniffed its wonderful fragrance. Once the trees started to sway and the wind began to howl, it quickly became your typical nightmare of being trapped inside a graveyard. Darkness began to consume everything around her, but Bell Connelly wasn't faltering. She had a purpose of being in this cemetery, and it Her pace began to quicken, and her expression began to brighten; at last, the tombstone she had so long travelled to see was only a few yards away. The wind rustled through her ravishing blond locks, but her baseball cap kept it from blowing in her face. Keeping her nice and warm on this chilly Saturday evening was her tight leather jacket and blue denim jeans. In an instant, crows began to flee, for the petite blond let out her patented ear-piercing shriek and began running excitedly towards a particular tombstone. Inside the dungy cemetery, she knelt in front of a black marble gravestone, with the red rose resting gently on her lap. With a warmhearted smile on her face, the bubbly one pecked her fingers and gently placed them on the memorial dedicated to the memory of her close family member.

    Bell Connelly: GRANDPAPPY! I've finally come to ask for your forgiveness. I've been totally mean to you and our relationship! Never again will there be any secrets between us! I promise you, Grandpaps! It's been a while since I've visited you, Grandpappy, and like, from the bottom of my heart, I'm truthishly sorry about my lack of drop-ins. I know, I know things between us were a little….you know.I mean, I don’t remember much from that time, but I probably said some stuff that maybe was a little harsh And you said things you didn’ mean, About Momma, about me. “Oh, your mother isn’t fit. She’s a drug addict. As long as you live under my roof, you live by my rules.”Regardless, I know you're always with me in spirit no matter where I am in the world, you and mom….at least when I can remember you and that's all that matters, right? Right! Of course! Yeah, totally! You may have passed on, but you're always in my heart.

    She smoothly placed her hands over the left side of her chest.

    Bell Connelly: I can feel ya' there right now, and it's 'cuz of the awesome bond we share. After all, you were always there when I needed you; you were someone I could always count on. Our fondest memories of you and I, Grandpaps, was us watchin' our rasslin' every Monday night! You remember, right!? On that small ten-inch television screen!? OMG! Those were the days! We used to call them fightin' spirits, The peeps we wanted to be when we were all grown up! Well... I did at least; maybe you were just playin' along, but whatevs! Don't interrupt!

    A nutty giggle followed through with her crazed demeanour. Clearly today she was in one of her “good” moods

    Bell Connelly: BUT... my lil' special ancestor you! You were my hero too, Well I have a list of them, but you’re on it. Grandpaps. 'cuz you taught me about the most important gift of all: life. You were like, the best Grandpappy EVER!

    Her radiant expression suddenly changed into a disappointed look.

    Bell Connelly But... there came a point where I couldn't be completely honest with you, and secrets started to sprout. Secrets that had the potential to make you hate me because of what I was becomin'

    Bell went forth in looking saddened with what she was about to say.

    Bell Connelly But then... it happened. I was like an inch away from starrin' on that television screen in your livin' room when... when you suddenly had to leave me! After years and years of hard work and dedication, I was finally given the opportunity to be your hero, Grandpappy, but you were taken away from me without even a kiss goodbye! God! How could you do that to me!?

    Out of frustration, she slapped her hands against her lap.

    Bell Connelly: See. See. This is what always gets me...If people just…. Stay where they’re meant to, things would have worked out ok. But then mom left and then you left and then Shannon! I ain't in the mood for this kind 'a talk, though, Grandpappy!

    She cautiously ran her hands over her face, trying to hold back her emotions.

    Bell Connelly: that's why I'm here today so that I can clear the air with you about everything! I got news, this week everything is finally going to go back to normal. This time next week, I’m going to lie down right next to you with the North American championship, and I’m not going to let anyone stop me. Not WOLF. Not STARR. No one!

    All of her pent-up anger was starting to come out, and it was especially coming out now because of the thought that her cherished loved one was disappointed in her. Bell Connelly took a moment to admire the delicate red rose in her hands. She slowly twirled it around and tried to contain her rage

    Bell Connelly: “ I know you’ve been watching, granddad from; you know...up there?

    Bell jabs a finger toward the sky.

    Bell Connelly: Mamma wouldn’t, but I know you do, So you know, what I’ve been going through So you of all people should believe me when I say that I honestly couldn't be happier that it's finally time to end it all tonight, one way or another. I mean, this whole thing with Starr and Wolf has all been a blur

    . She waves her hand rather vaguely before a sly smile appears on her face.

    Bell Connelly:A blur where I always have my hand raised in victory at the end, naturally... but a blur all the same…

    Bell tries and fails to contain a self-satisfied smirk

    Bell Connelly: “ Now I know what you’re thinking Grand Pappy, But, don’t worry I'm not going to run through all the matches I've had with WOLF and Starr, because honestly, you have better things to do, you’re a busy guy playing golf on clouds and hanging with Elvis... all the times that I've beaten them both in an FWA ring... because that would just be classless. Well, and also because it would take forever to cover that many victories, and there's only so long I can stand out here talking before I might as well bring a casket right beside you….Well...Beside mama. Wait, no scratch that; I figured that out years ago, I want to be cremated and my ashes tied to a firework. Fly that sucker over Disney world and then….kaboom

    Bell fans her hand out slowly as if to mimic a slow acting explosion her eyes dreamy and spread to the sky before she snaps out of it.

    Bell Connelly: “..What was I talking about? Grandpappy you keep distracting me...This ol’ noodle can only stay on tact for so long. Oh right! You know what I find funny….not like “HAHA” but something I find really interesting about STARR in particular? Something that I'm really thrilled will be coming to an end after tonight, is a pattern that I've noticed has developed after all of my run-in's with both of them? It's not the matches themselves, not the wins and losses... it's the way that the two of them can't just graciously accept defeat. They can't seem to man-up and admit that there's no shame in being beaten by the best in the world. No... they seem to be competing in a private in-joke to see who can come up with the wildest excuses for losing to me!

    She shrugs her shoulders.

    Bell Connelly: Hey, I'll admit, it was kind of funny the first few times STARR clutched at straws and tried to save face after I beat him? But by now? I'm over it. All of the excuses are starting to sound the same. All of the petulant whining about being "cheated" or "screwed"... Wah. Wah Wah. Starr wants his bottle.

    Bell rolls her eyes, as she starts to run through a list of specific instances that have apparently stuck out in her memory.

    Bell Connelly “I mean...what do I have to do? Because this is just kind of silly now; Take Back In Business. On the biggest stage this company had, I stood in the middle of the ring, and I said “Come on Ian. Give me your best shot” And I stood there, and I took his best and pinned him in the centre of the ring. No shortcuts. No cheating. FAIRLY. And then fast forward to the next week, and he interrupted me when I was talking, which just in general...that’s rude; and you’d think he’d come out to the ring and do the honourable thing and say “Hey Bell I don’t like you personally, but you know what? We had a hell of a match last night, and you beat me fair and square, and I respect that. Namaste.” I would have been fine with that! It would have ended right there. I would have respected that, but no. He went down to the ring and LAUGHED at me. He MOCKED me. He called me a freak and evil. This is the actions of someone with inner peace? That’s zen? Being a sore loser and name calling? And he has the nerve to act like he has the higher ground?!

    A wet sound escapes Bell’s mouth that somewhere between a bitter laugh and sigh.

    Bell Connelly: This thing between Star and me? It’s been going on for months now...and I still don’t know what his deal is. I can understand hard feelings, I can appreciate grudges….but why does Starr have a grudge? What did I ever do to him, what was so horrible, that he refuses to leave me alone? You know what I’m glad you asked Grandpappy. Because he wants to make a name off mine. Because he wants to be a star, because he wants to prove that he can be in my league, that he can thrive and swim with sharks and he thinks if he can beat me, he’d prove that, but he can’t accept failure, so he makes excuses. He lost because he was distracted or he ... or he hadn't managed to have a hearty bowl of their morning Wheaties... or the moon of Venus was passing into Uranus which messed up their mental flow…

    Bell smirks, clearly exaggerating a little, but standing by her point.

    Bell Connelly: So tonight, I'm looking forward to FINALLY putting an end to the excuses. If one more victory is what it takes. Then that's EXACTLY what's going to happen. And then when it's all over when I'm the last one standing with the North American title belt in my hands? I don't want to hear excuses. I don't want to hear the kind of childish name-calling and petty insults from him I just want him to finally... finally... admit that he was beaten by the better athlete, the better champion, the better man! As if that's really too much to ask…

    Bell ruffles her brow noticeably almost thoughtfully as she sinks down to her knees to get herself comfier.

    Bell Connelly: Why can’t people just be know? Is that really too much to ask?”

    She looks at the grave momentarily as if searching for some kind of answer, but after a moment stares back to the ground.

    Bell Connelly: You know what’s worse than being harrassed….being ignored, And that’s a pattern, I noticed a lot with the Ol’ guard of FWA. Because I don’t consider myself a vet. Oh no no. I’m just a beginner; I’m just warming up. I’m talking about the Ryan Halls. The Drew Stevensons. The Devin Goldens. Stu "The Snake" St. Claires….

    Bell stutters a little, freezing her words momentarily her face turning sour before she spits out the name.

    Bell Connelly“Even the Shannon O’Neal’s. They all follow the same trait...and that’s once they got want they wanted? Buh Bye, out they went. Never once looking back. Because why would they? Why should they bother trying anymore? They’re legends, and everyone else is beneath them. They have money. They have the accomplishments. Why would they need a passion for wrestling for? WOLF is the same. He feels his past defines him. His rep speaks for himself, why does he need to try anymore?

    Bell’s eyes flicker toward the grave.

    Bell Connelly: “You wanna know how I know that? The instant he grabbed me by the throat and pinned me against the wall. I stared right in his eyes, and you know what I saw? Not anger? Not rage. Nothing whatsoever. The lights were on, but no one was home. Think of it like this; how many times, he’s had someone in that same position. He made sure they never walked again. He could have taken me down right there. But he didn’t, you know why? Because he just can’t bring himself to care any more. Can’t he bring himself even to consider putting an effort in any more? After all, he’s done, he doesn’t want to wrestle, but he can’t go without being the big bad wolf. He thinks he can get away with winning just through the fear he creates...but what happens when no one fears the big bad wolf? Here's a man... no, a legend... who's dominated this industry for decades. He's been on top for longer than any of us care to remember, but everything comes to an end eventually. Time stops for no-one, not even him. And he can feel the end coming. No matter how strongly he denies it... how much he rages against it... or what bargains he tries to strike... he can't stop time from marching on, and bringing his career to a close. And that feeling of helplessness, that no matter what he does it's not going to make a difference has got to be a killer for someone like him. , who's always been the one making everyone else feel insignificant when they stare at him It's eating away at him, and every defeat he's suffered in these past few months has only cemented that feeling of helplessness. Of inevitability. And the lack of success that he ’s had in his recent matches has made him a desperate man, ready to do anything to prove that the end hasn't arrived and that he can still be the force he believes himself to be. But with a setback... it gets that much easier to believe that it, WOLF CAN'T win. Not because he doesn't still have what it takes. Not because I'm the kind of mean-spirited jerk because he doesn't DESERVE to win! He doesn't deserve the Championship, because he has NO IDEA what it takes to be a champion! He carried that belt around like a trophy, like the simple fact that he held it for as long as he did mean a damn thing! Remind me, what exactly did he do to raise the profile of the North American title? What battles did he fight? Who did he beat?! All I remember from his ENTIRE reign is the whole Donald Trump thing I spent MY time as champion actually... oh, I don't know... BEING A CHAMPION! I defended my title with pride, in any kind of match, against any kind of challenger! Ladder matches... triple threats... for an entire year!.. while all WOLF has are the memories of NOT seeking out any worthy challengers... of NOT keeping the championship in the spotlight... and doing NOTHING but letting it fester in that darkness that he loves so much! Well, he might love to play in the shadows... but I prefer to stand proudly in the SPOTLIGHT! Everyone knows what I brought to my title reign; everyone knows what kind of champion I've been! And everyone, including him, knows that I was a better champion than he could EVER be! I brought more prestige, more excitement, more fun, and in a single week of holding that gold than WOLF has in his entire reign.

    She took the red rose and prepared to lay it on her Grandpappy's grave

    Bell Connelly: And now, Grandpappy, before I lay this beautiful red rose on your grave I want to promise you somethin'. Tomorrow night at Aftershock, I know you'll be watchin', cheerin' me on from the clouds above! And while you're watchin', I want you to fully realise that….I’m not anything they say I am, I’m something much much more..and at Aftershock, I’ll prove it.

    In that moment, she slowly blew a kiss towards the gravestone of her late grandfather.

    Bell Connelly: And, it will be all for you.

    Now, it was time to lay the red rose to rest on top of her Grandpappy's grave, even amidst the harsh weather she visibly had no clue of. It appeared she was so involved with visiting her Grandpappy's graveside that everything else in the outside world became non-existent. The blond went forth in placing the rose on top of his grave; however, as soon as the rose was placed on the grave, it immediately blew away in the wind and was soon out of sight in a matter of seconds. Shocked, sad, and heartbroken, Bell screamed theatrically at what just occurred and began sobbing incoherently.

    Bell Connelly:W-WHAT? NOO! Grandpappy, how could you!? That rose was for you! I can't believe you would throw it away as if it meant nothin' from me! It was from your little angel! OH MY GOD!

    She cupped her hands over her face, unable to contain her tears any longer.

    Bell Connelly: What does this mean, Grandpaps!? HUH!? Have you turned you against me too?!, is that it!? WAS IT REALLY TOO HARD FOR YOU TO TAKE THE ROSE?! First the fans, then Shannon now you?! Tomorrow all this ends. One way or another I'll get all your love back, Grandpaps! I'LL MAKE YOU PROUD OF ME!

    With that chilling final statement, Bell Connelly ran out of the cemetery with tears strolling down her face. It was blatantly obvious that her mental condition made her dangerous to not only herself but to everybody around her. Her rose was clearly thrust away from her Grandpappy's grave due to the harsh weather conditions, but of course, Bell saw it as something far more greater than that. To her, her family didn't accept this peace offering of forgiveness, and she blamed her foes at Aftershock...
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    King's Lesson

    Since taking his throne as King of the X Division, we have seen the almighty in many of extravagant locations. Expensive churches, expensive cars, and expensive suits have all been a signature part of Dave Sullivan's new lifestyle. Yet now we find our four time legend quite out of character. We find him somewhere entirely unbecoming of a King. You may even be mistaken in thinking this was old heroin addict Dave Sullivan. The King is in a dark and dirty attic. The wood has the resemblance of the wood you would imagine an old pirate ship to have. And the smell? Much like a dark and abandoned asylum for the criminally insane.

    It is quite fitting for this spooky month of October...not only because of the cobwebs, but also because the entire attic just seems to look like a murder took place in it. Abandoned would be a great word to describe it, if the ceiling fan hanging from the crickety wood was not still running...and the lights weren't still on.

    Laying on his back upon the dirty floor of the attic is the King himself. But he is not dressed in a luxury suit, or even in his Kingly robes. Instead he is wearing a pair of jeans, and a tight black t-shirt. His face is dirty, and gets even dirtier as the sweat drips from his forehead down through his thick unshaven beard.

    Sullivan is starting straight up into the light of the ceiling fan, but it's not his light that has his focus. What has his focus is a fly...a small little fly that keeps buzzing around the cold dark attic.

    This fly, as simple as it is, is having the time of its life. A short life, but a life nonetheless. It's being lived in this dark and moldy attic. Yet as the fly continues to so carelessly enjoy itself, it has no idea how close it is to extinction. With every buzz in the air, the fly gets higher and higher...Sullivan chuckles as he continues to watch the fly.

    Dave Sullivan: I am home. I am finally home, and it is god damn good to be back. In my lustrous six year career as an FWA legend and King, I have had many nicknames. It is a little thing to pay attention to, but yet something Kevin Cromwell will never get the chance to. He will not wrestle for six years. In fact, he may not even complete one year when I am done with him. Just like Thomas Jordan, just like Aaron Kendrick, just like Ty Johnson...I will destroy whatever enthusiasm he has for this business.

    How am I so certain of this? When I started my career here, I was not the King of the X Division. No, instead I was something much different. A persona I have much evolved from. I was "The Pittsburgh Native" pride for the city of Pittsburgh is what motivated me. It is what made me strong, it is what made my worshipers strong. Now I have grown way past that. I do not need the city of Pittsburgh to help me win. I win on my own, and I always will.

    Yet...I will never let this rookie snot nosed punk come into MY city, and take MY title away from me.

    This is my Kingdom.

    This is my land.

    The pure audacity of you, to think you can come into my own land and take what is mine? My entire career I have fought like I had nothing to lose, and I have won because of it. Because I would do whatever it takes because that's all I had left. Yet, I never realized how much different things would be when I did have something to fight for. Something to defend. Now that I have everything to lose, I have so much more passion to fight.

    Contrary popular belief however, I am not on the defense here. You may be coming into my land of Pittsburgh, but it is I who will be launching the assault. That assault is on the very thing I emphasised earlier...your career. Your enthusiasm. Like I have to so many others, I will give you the gift of clarity. The gift of knowing you do not have what it takes. The gift of showing you exactly what your ceiling is.

    The best part of it all? I have home field advantage. This isn't England, chap. That old dirty Queen of yours is nowhere to be found in my Kingdom of Pittsburgh. The only royalty you will me. And when it is all said and done, you will bow down at my feet.

    Sullivan takes a break in his talking to once again focus on the fly in the attic. It keeps buzzing and buzzing around, getting higher and higher. It is attracted to the light of the ceiling fan. To the fly, the light represents success. It represents a goal that it is striving for. The fly does not know exactly why, but it craves the light. It is addicted to the light. As the fly gets closer and closer to this light, it can feel itself getting more motivated. The fly bounces off the dirty light bulb over, and over again. It can feel it's success, it's ambition.

    The fly is feeling confident.



    Cromwell, I have a lesson for you. It's a lesson I taught Ty when I coached him all those months. It's a lesson I taught Aaron Kendrick just recently, and it's a lesson I have even taught myself.

    We all have a ceiling. We come into this business, and we think we are the absolute shit. We win a couple matches against some jobbers, then win a few more against some Vincent Blackbirds and some Tommy're on a nice little 4-0 winning streak, and you think you're on track to win the FWA World Championship by the end of the year. Then, all of a hits you. That brick wall. The ceiling.

    The realization that you aren't the next FWA World Champion. The reality. The clarity. To some, it is absolutely devastating. Thomas Jordan left this business for good when I showed him his ceiling. Ty Johnson didn't quite get the message exactly, but he was dealt with in other ways. Yet, for some it's really quite blissful. My advice to you Kevin is this...after our match, when you are sitting in the locker room beaten and defeated...take bliss in the clarity I have given you.

    Take bliss in the fact that you now never have to stress about whether you will win or lose a match. Take bliss in the fact that you now know that you will forever be a a loser. You will never win this X Division Championship back, because it does not belong to you. It is high above your ceiling.

    You are not a king.

    I beat you on the grandest stage of them all Kevin, at Back in Business. And then I beat you and Kendrick a second time just last week, by myself I might add. And now, for the third straight time I will beat you again.




    Sullivan pauses again, to once again focus on our ambitious friend the fly. The fly continues to bask in the warmth of success he has found with the light.

    It is quite a euphoric feeling really.

    The fly and the light.

    The light and the fly.

    Buzz buzz goes the little fly, as he enjoys the peaceful glory of the light.

    Yet the fly has forgotten one thing...the ignorance of ambition's deadly consequences will prove fatal. As the fly gets closer and more comfortable to the light, the ceiling fan's dangerous blades get closer...but the fly keeps buzzing.

    And the blades get even closer, and again the fly keeps buzzing.

    And once more the blades get even closer, and still the fly keeps buzzing...

    And SPLAT goes the fly, and the buzzing has stopped.

    Sullivan smirks, as the fly's dead body slowly falls to the dirty attic floor. The ambitious fly has hit it's ceiling. It flew just too close to the light, and it met it's own peril because of it. As we all eventually do.

    It was Icarus who once taught us...when you fly too close to the sun, your wings will melt. You will fly no more. Kevin Cromwell, let this serve as your final warning. Consider me not only your king, but your own Daedalus. I am telling you right now, not too close to the sun. For when you get too close to the sun, the wax on your wings will melt...and you will fly no more.

    You have the ambition of young Icarus, that is so. It is admirable really, like a little kid who wants to grow up to be President. But like Icarus, that ambition will send you to your inevitable doom.

    Do not fly too close to the sun, Kevin.

    As we go into Aftershock, as we go into my hometown, my will finally receive the sweet bliss of clarity. You will be overwhelmed by my glory as King, and you like all the rest will...



    The sun is near, Kevin. Your wings will melt at Aftershock.

    The bliss is near.

    Greek myths are heroic, noble and tragic; but the American Dream is heroic, comical, and uplifting. Americans are a people in whom overweening ambition is rewarded, not punished. The Wright Brothers did not have their wings melt when they flew too high. Perhaps their wings were more soundly built than those of Icarus."

    -John C. Wright

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    Re: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    “The definition of insanity is completing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” Mike proclaims, as he rocks back and forth on his chair, carefully adjudging the point where gravity will take over and send himself and his chair tumbling to the ground. It’s that sort of level of detail and accuracy that used to make him one of the best wrestlers in the world.

    I know exactly what you are thinking.

    What do you mean used to? What is for certain is that if you were to pin Mike down and ask him what he thinks, he will tell you he is still the best, but why do I say used to make him? Simply because he is not exercising that part of his skill set as of late. Mike isn’t participating in matches – he isn’t playing to the crowd – he isn’t stretching himself in his contracted personal appearances. In short, he is a ghost of the man who used to walk around with the swag associated with The Prodigy.

    “Do I look insane to you?”

    That is a loaded question. Firstly, there is nobody else present in the room. Secondly, with the way in which Parr has conducted himself over the past number of weeks, it would not be much of a stretch to consider the fact that indeed, he may be brushing with insanity. There is another line of thought, however, and it is one that classifies insanity as flawed genius. I think Parr would definitely prefer to be remembered and acknowledged in this manner.

    “So I had the choice of going, week by week, busting my ass and sacrificing everything that I have to sacrifice to try and get back to where I belong in this company…only to be shit on over and over again only to get back up and try once more. I could’ve kept going, kept plugging away like the little engine that could, until we reached a point where it became clear that whilst the little engine may have been propelling the train the track stopped before it arrived at the station. So I chose option 2….”

    Parr pauses for breath, lets out a small cackle that he has become renowned for over the past few weeks with his sudden change in character, before regaining some of the composure that has been missing in his last few public appearances.

    “Option 2 wasn’t popular, it wasn’t going to endear me to management and it wasn’t going to make me popular with the fans…but do you know what it was going to do? It was going to get me my f-------“

    Again, another couple breaths in a concerted attempt to try and regain his composure. Clearly he has either viewed it himself, somebody has advised him or he simply is in a better mental state after the past few weeks, but he is trying to reign in his unstable tendencies although it is admittedly taking a lot of restraint to be able to do so.

    “It was going to get me the respect that I earned and the respect that I DESERVE”

    Prodigy avoids dropping the f bomb but also says the last sentence with such volume and bitterness that if you listened closely you probably could hear the door shake on its hinges. The door thunders open not more than a second later, however, and into the room arrives The Prototype, flanked by The Protégé.

    Prototype: “You know, we might actually finally be getting somewhere Mike. People look at me and you know what they see? They see your lackey. They see someone who is slightly too big and too bulky to be a wrestler, they see someone that is not built for this business. And I’ve been doing this a long time Mikey, as you know, and the minute that they see me move and they watch me do what I do – they understand. And leaving the Fight Night arena last week, every single person in that building should walk away with the understanding that this sham of a project and the monster from it is nothing more than an overhyped, underdeveloped oaf.”

    “We are supposed to fear Phillip A Jackson? What is there to fear? I’ve seen you go head to head with him a few times and then I’ve seen what he has become? Back when you knew him, and when we used to have stories of how to break it in America, PAJ was the acronym that was associated with success. He was either the World Champion or he was on his way to it. He was either the best or he was challenging the best? And now what does he spend his time doing? He spends his time and puts his energy into trying to develop Maximus into something. Into what exactly I don’t know – except for the fact that Maximus is not, nor will he ever be, a patch on what I am.”

    “If there are any questions, if there are any doubts or if there is anyone that thinks that they may know differently then I welcome the opportunity to crush them like I was about to Maximus on Fight Night a few weeks ago…”

    That is quite the distorted version of events from that week. Whilst he did technically get the win, it wasn’t exactly a dominant showcase of all his skills. It’s fair to say that he may have got an assist on the way. But nevertheless, Prototype’s FWA singles record is 1 win and 0 losses, and Maximus was on the end of a defeat.

    Protégé: “And this week is when we show them again guys. We show them that the New Breed is not to be messed with. Mike…you brought us both in because you say you were sick of the same stuff happening over and over? Well unlucky for you that all you are going to see over the next number of weeks is the same thing…over and over…and that same thing is the hands of the New Breed going up in the air as we stand over those useless bastards each and every night where I hold our gold high above our heads and I have their respect!”

    An energetic burst form the youthful member of the group, who raises his hands in the air expecting some sort of fist bump in solidarity to those remarks. Instead he is met with Prototype turning his back to him and Prodigy shooting him a look that shows that he is far from impressed with the demeanor of his young Protégé.

    “Until I have their respect? Is that what you are really looking for Sean? Is that really your focus? I’ve got an idea for you….how about you focus on regaining mine?”

    Sean looks understandably crushed as Prodigy shakes his head ruefully, as if he already is regretting what is about to say.

    “Why are you here Sean? You are here because of me. Because of him. You are NOT here because of you and you are not just here to serve your own needs? Do you still remember what we can accomplish if we stick to what I have planned? You are one single victory away from the tag team championship…..and yet all you seemed determined to do is to throw it all away by getting distracted. You walk out there and you get one of the biggest reactions of each night, by my side. And sure, whilst that reaction is everyone shouting all sorts of shit at you, at least they know who you are. They know who you are and they know what we are capable of. It wasn’t that long ago that you came in to help me deal with Risky Jack….Risky Jack. That was the level that I had fallen to and that was the level that you came in to serve your purpose. It was the perfect introduction. But then Risky didn’t have enough about them to stand up to the pressure that the New Breed provides….so then instead of going on the defence and fending off attacks from the likes of Risky Jack, we went on the offence and now we are this close to lifting the veil and exposing the secret bullshit known as the PAJ Project.”

    Prodigy pauses once more, Prototype has turned back towards his stable mates as Sean has gone from looking crushed to looking motivated…maybe Mike actually understands someone other than himself. Do you want a motivated Protégé walking into Aftershock or do you want an overconfident one out to just make a name for himself? Overconfidence leads to mistakes and mistakes do not lead to championship gold.

    “The thing about tag teams is that you have to depend on a partner. I don’t believe in tag team wrestling, never have. I don’t believe in the concept of losing a match when you are not directly responsible. I don’t believe in placing faith in another human being to measure up to the standards that I set and not screw it up. But you two…you aren’t just tag team partners. We are brothers. We fight, we fall out, we challenge each other and we push boundaries. We sometimes go too far and we sometimes don’t know when enough is enough. And sometimes we make concessions. The reason I’m telling everyone this is because when he got rid of Risky Jack, we sat down and it was made clear to me that we needed to get the tag team championships. People look at us from the outside and think that I am the only one with a say in how we operate…this match…this opportunity that these two have is because that is precisely not the case. I hate tag team wrestling and I never wanted to shine a spotlight on the shit show that is the tag team division…I think the last time I had a decent look at James Hughes was walking around with the damn belts on his own….but I’ll stand behind these two as they go to try and make their mark in FWA.”

    Parr rises from his seat and stares down both Prototype and Protégé in front of him.

    “Philip. A. Jackson. You heard Prototype earlier…but I want you to sit down and listen to me. I don’t want the tag team championships, I just want you to not have them anymore. I want you to have nothing but that tattered remains of whatever grand plan or project that you had in mind when you back to this company. This isn’t an irrational hatred, this is a deep seeded hatred that has festered within me since I first heard of PAJ many years ago. I’m not going to bore everyone with the details other than to say it pisses me off that there is a small dark corner of this universe where some people think of PAJ as in any way superior to Mike Parr. No matter what I accomplished before I got to FWA, somehow the conversation always revolved back to how it would stack up to the achievements of the mythical PAJ. And now in FWA, you hide yourself in the tag team division where you think it is safe and that you think you can deceive everyone and add to your false legacy. I’m here. I’m here to ensure that dream is shattered and that legacy is a myth so that if I never step foot in a ring in a another match I can do so in the knowledge that there isn’t a single soul that will even think that PAJ can stack up to Mike Parr.”

    Making it personal is usually something that Prodigy tries to avoid, however, with him not directly competing, there is no game plan or tactic that he specifically needs to focus on. He just needs to make sure that Prototype and Protégé don’t fall into the same trap.

    Prototype: “Aftershock is where the Project falls. You can rally behind them all you want because you really can’t stand us, but the truth is that what all you people cannot stand is someone else being right. You cannot stand someone else being better than you could ever possibly dream of. If I wasn’t’ as good as I am, I’m sure I would quite like the Project if I was watching from home. But knowing what I know and seeing what I see, they are the antithesis for anything that I like. Viktor thinks that the broody and silent thing works for him because he has the size to be intimidating. PAJ thinks his brain and his mouth compensate for the fact that he has neither of those things. Aftershock is where the new breed of wrestler reigns supreme over some old dated way of getting things done. The Project falls at Aftershock.”

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    Re: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    Close up on a golden throne covered in ruby jewels. We pull back to reveal Tristan James Galloway, dressed in torn blue jeans, a black vest, and the famous tattered fedora style hat he’s accustomed to wearing. Galloway stares at the throne in admiration.

    Take a look at this.

    Tristan circles around it, never shifting his attention from the throne.

    For us today, this is just a chair. A very uncomfortable looking chair, but an important piece of furniture none the less. The throne. The one who sits upon it, controls everything. Their word is law, and you would be wise to obey whatever commands of whoever sits upon this chair. It’s not just for leisure. It’s a symbolism of power and control. It demands respect. Much like the World Heavyweight champion in modern times. Championship titles are our equivalence of a throne for a king or queen.

    Galloway moves away from the chair, descending down the steps. Every move echoes through the large throne room. Which we have come to learn is empty besides from Galloway himself. He takes a moment to survey the scenery, momentary staring at the red banners with a lion embroidered on it.

    To me, The World Heavyweight champion is the one who sits on the throne. They are the king of the land. The X-Division champion would more than likely be a duke or some equivalent. Those without a championship? Actually, not ones without a championship, but those who will never could even fathom being in contention for a championship. Well, I guess we could just consider them peasants.

    Now that I’ve laid out a hierarchy of sorts. I must begin some deep introspective look at myself. Where does “The Polynesian Powerhouse” Tristan James Galloway fall? I am no king. I do not rule the entirety of the land. Am I a peasant?

    Tristan flashes a sly smirk as he slides the loose long hair of his behind his ears.

    No, I can stake a claim to a contendership should I decide. I am nothing more than a lord, waiting in the wings to ascend to the throne as king- much like everyone else in this Brawl For It All match up.

    Tristan removes his hat and takes a seat on the bottom step on the dias. He twirls the hat several times before placing it beside him, interlocking his fingers as he stares down at his weathered boots.

    For the last couple of months, I have remained silent. I have began to think about my place in FWA, and where exactly my career is headed. My loss to WOLF, my true loss to him, has weighed on my conscious. Subsequently, the double count out with LOCKE and the loss to Jason Randall has caused me to further think about my current trajectory. Some could claim I am on a downward trajectory. After all, everyone believed my war with WOLF was supposed to have been my coming out party. My chance to climb the ranks of the FWA and secure the North American championship, a title everyone thought I had every right to hold. Obviously, things didn’t turn out like they had hope. Losing was not on my to do list either. It was a nasty pill to swallow, but swallow it I did. The double count out was another mighty hard pill to swallow. But the one that hurt the most to swallow was my recent loss to Jason Randall in the triple threat match. A man who’s number I have had multiple times in the past. A man who on his best day shouldn’t be able to beat me even on my mediocre day, yet he was the one who got his hand raised. Fair play to Jason Randall. I shall admit my defeat. You were the victor on that day. At Aftershock, you will be no such thing, Jason. I took the X Division championship from you before, I shall take this from you as well. But was is the Brawl For It All?

    Silence fills the room as Galloway ponders this question. While his mind his focused on his words, his hands refuse to remain idle, twirling the laces round his fingers or tracing the stitching in his boots. Tristan’s eye, full of conviction and purpose, look into the camera as we tighten in on his face.

    General Manager Ryan Rondo proclaimed this bout to be a way to catch everyone’s eyes. To raise your stock in the organization. A chance to prove your worth. All the individuals involved are young, hungry, and eager for a chance in the spotlight. They’re all looking to prove their worth. Some of these wrestlers, I have wrestled before. Jason, who I mentioned before; LOCKE, Eyesane, Izzy Van Doran. All who I have faced and beaten before. Then there’s the unknown in LIGHTBRINGER and Sterling Jagger. Two individuals I haven’t had the pleasure of competing against. I know LIGHTBRINGER has been around in both FWA and CWA. My manager Romeo Rollings knows LIGHTBRINGER all to well as he took Elijah Edwards’ High Voltage championship from him. So I’m well aware of the competitor he is even if we haven’t locked up. And then there’s the unexpected variables of the mystery participants. Who are they? Are they someone who are known to the FWA world? Or are they new comers seizing an opportunity presented to them? Should I be concerned of this unknown? Maybe. But I’m not.

    Tristan shrugs.

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter who is placed before me as an adversary. It’s me against me. It’s always been a war against myself. It’s about how far I’m willing to push myself. How much am I willing to sacrifice to achieve my end goal. It’s about being better than my previous self. They are obstacles in the way of my goals. I will remove those obstacles from my path. Because I see the throne in the distance. At first, it was blurry indistinguishable from its surroundings, but now it’s become more clear. I can focus in on it. I can account for every marking and indention in the chair.

    Galloway stares back at the throne, briefly. His gaze averts back to the camera as he resume his speech.

    Earlier, I spoke about where it is my career was headed and what would define Tristan James Galloway as a wrestler within FWA. I am where I need to be. I am alway knocking on the heavy doors, readying to come in a moments notice. My losses do not move me back, they only bring me closer to what it is I hope to achieve. Lessons that must be learned for the betterment of my career. I have learned those lessons and improved upon my mistakes. I am not on the sidelines waiting to get in the game. I am on the front lines, waging war with everyone who dares to oppose me.

    Tristan rises to his feet.

    When it comes to myself and the competitors who oppose me, I am a conqueror. Sure, you may have won battles against me, but it was me who won the wars. Every. single. time. Jason Randall, I am the one who ended you’re lengthy X title reign. Izzy Van Doran, I am the one who dashed your dream of being the number one contender. You’ve circled the outside of the gates, but never have stepped foot inside the kingdom like I have. Eyesnsane, the same goes for you. A squabble with you bares no significance in my memory I’m sorry to say, but the outcome will be me beating you. LIGHT BRINGER, your return will not successful so long as I have anything to say about it. Sterling Jagger, you’re here today and you'll be gone tomorrow. For the mystery men, your inclusion will not matter either.

    I am Tongan, I come from a long line of warriors. It’s in our blood. It’s our existence. War is all we know. War is all I have known. I have waged a physical war and I have waged a mental war. I will survive and I will endure. This match is nothing new. Nothing has changed for me because I will not let it. I will be the locomotive moving forward and not stopping for anything. Should you get in my way? Bad move for you.

    Tristan scoops up his hat, holding it firmly.

    No matter your course of action. You will sing the tune of the shattered symphony.

    Tristan James Galloway’s trademark grin appears as he puts on his head before nodding his head exiting the scene.

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    Re: Aftershock 2018 Promo Thread

    “Knowing others is intelligence;
    knowing yourself is true wisdom.
    Mastering others is strength;
    mastering yourself is true power.”
    ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


    An all too familiar cymbal ring causes a bright flash of light that fills the screen. A single green dot appears in the center. Deep, low voiced chanting is heard causing the lone green dot to rumble and shake. We zoom in closer as a voice over plays over top the chanting.

    I have traveled the world. I’ve experienced its beauty, its vibrance, its wonder… I’ve played in nature. I’ve done it all to not just ReStarrT myself, but evolve into something greater. To give you all knowledge about the spirits beyond, the earth, and enlightenment. Over the past year, I have evolved and grown closer to my goals. And I realize that I’ve done so much internal work on my body, my mind, my spirit. I’ve gone through my fair share of trials and tribulations both personal and professional. I’ve had to do so much all to get to where I finally can breathe again and be comfortable. Each day I walk through life the wanderer on the spiritual conquest...

    The green dot begins to bloom. A figure clad in orange wrappings is visible, Starr has made his presence known. Starr continues to meditate inside the lotus as the voiceover continues.

    Now, I’m in a good enough space, where I feel like… to really continue on my path. I have to eradicate my ego, break down the final barriers, and open my third eye even wider. To be what I want to be. To finally get in touch with what I essence truly is. I have to delete my prior ideals of what I think I am and what I think I’m capable of. Deleting all that does not serve my mission, that doesn’t serve my dharma, that doesn’t serve my soul. I have to do all that I can to finally accomplish my goal. Return to my wholeness…

    Starr’s face is in full view of the camera. Starr’s third eye begins to open as the camera continues to zoom in. Eventually, we are sucked into the third eye’s realm. A vastness of bright colorful galaxies one after another. Many of Starr’s influences including Buddha and Ganesh are briefly seen in constellations. The chanting has suddenly grown louder, enough to finally make out what it’s saying. "Om vajrapani hum", a chant used to remove hatred from a being. It fades away as the voiceover continues.

    When you are at that point after a near death experience where, that point of where you break the barrier and you think you’re going to die… An interesting thing happens. One thing, time grinds to a halt. Your mind races at a supersonic speed, but the world around you completely slows down… A fraction of a second can pass by and you are washed in the overwhelming, humbling power of acceptance. No resistance, no fear, the ego will eradicate itself.

    Death is a terrifying thing. Death scares most mortal men and women, but I am not your average everyday normal person. I am the Interstellar Shaman. I accept death, I welcome it, because I know in its arms I am reborn. Death is not something to be afraid of to me. Death is going to be my transition. Because with the death of my former self, I am made into a new enlightened being. And my being can do anything… I can climb the highest mountains, I can battle the stormiest of seas, and I can win the FWA North American Championship at Aftershock…

    Another cymbal clang and bright white flash brings us back to the real world. We see Starr sitting on top of a stone pedestal. Incense and candles burn around him. His eyes slowly roll open. His stoic expression turns to that of a calming smile. Starr stands slowly. His orange robe flows to the ground as he gets to his feet. Starr looks to the camera.

    Once… twice… three times… I’ve come close to gold here in FWA. Mile High, I walked into my first pay per view main event and my first FWA World Championship match and I made myself a star. I was at the top of the ladder. I had my fingertips on the gold. When out of my blind spot came a certain pixie, bent on proving everyone wrong came and plucked me from my moment… I fell 15 feet to the canvas unable to determine where I was. I watched as the pixie took the championship down in front of her friends and family. Inside, I felt pain for awhile… but very quickly, like a fraction of a second, I felt overwhelmed with love and acceptance. Because I realized quickly when I knew I should, that it simply wasn’t my time to win that championship yet. The next opportunity that came my way was when I battled Cyrus Truth in an all out brawl and though the FWA Championship wasn’t on the line, I cemented myself as being on that doorstep to the King’s Palace. I lost that battle, but the war wasn’t over. I did battle again but this time with Chris Kennedy and again I gave it everything I had! I gave it all and through one way or another Kennedy came out with victory… People believed I should’ve won that match, people think that if it wasn’t for a certain individual the results would’ve been different. Who knows? Regardless, I have this third opportunity at a championship here in FWA. At Aftershock, I go up against Bell Connelly and the current champion WOLF…

    Starr looks at the ground. His expression changes from that of welcoming to that of a much more sombre tone. He looks away.

    I’ve been wrestling for about 5 years now… and I’ve come so close to success so many times. I try to do everything right, I have worked my whole life to get to this point, and each time something stopped me from reaching the finish line. But when I walk into that ring at Aftershock… I finally reach my redemption. Redemption from never truly believing in myself... doubting my abilities… being a horrible person. There’s no way Bell Connelly or WOLF are going to stop me from finally taking the gold. Because I am tired of letting people down. I am tired of letting myself down... At Aftershock, I will walk out of Pittsburgh the North American Champion and I will finally achieve enlightenment and this burden of life will finally be released.

    Starr’s voice growls with intensity and ferocity. His breathing becomes heavier and heavier as he transitions from the Shaman into some other animal like being. The orange garb on Starr slowly begins to turn black. His eyes grow wild and his teeth are bare.

    Bell, you have been there every single time I came close to the championship and you were always there to take it from me. Dating all the way back to Mile High, that’s why I follow you like the sins of your past. Try as hard as you want, there’s no shaking me. I am the demon that haunts you at night. Because while you’ve been there by one means or another picking up wins, I’ve come back to you, meet you face to face, because you can’t get rid of me. Try as much as you want, I will always be there to haunt you. I don’t break, Bell Connelly! I just bend like the blade of grass that still stands when the storm passes, I stay strong. I hold tight. All the big trees, the buildings have crumbled but me... I am still standing. Because nobody wants to see you fail more than me at my hands. Because when you took my dream away from me… I felt that I had only one course of action: beating you.

    , the champion, has been a silent, but violent behemoth in the background watching over the competition. Did I expect any different? No, because WOLF is nothing more than a coward. WOLF likes to pretend he’s the beast in the night and hide behind his walls and throw his stones, but when I walked right up to him and called him out I proved that WOLF is all talk… no action. I beat WOLF at his own game, and I made it very clear who is in charge. Yeah, I got the wind knocked out of a couple of times at your hands. I felt that numbness from my body out to my fingertips, but I got back up and fought my heart out. You’re a big strong grizzled old man, but I don’t fear you. I don’t fear anyone. I beat you and at Aftershock, I do it all over again. I thought I earned WOLF’s respect, but I never did. Legend or not, there is absolutely no way I’m going to let you walk out of Pittsburgh with that title still around you.

    Starr begins to shake violently. He grabs at his chest. And begins pull... something… out. A black ooze. It falls to the ground and burns. His third eye opens up for a split second and stares at the thing on the ground. Quickly, Starr gasps for air. His robe and wrappings return to normal. Whatever dark evil that was lurking in Starr has left. A bead of sweat drips off Starr’s face and to the ground. He stands back up, collects himself, and breathes deeply. His focus returns.

    What the FWA fans can expect from FWA Aftershock… is a show of epic proportions. A show that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Fans are going to get the hard hitting action and unpredictability live. This is going to be special. The tension in the air, I can feel it. And the FWA North American Championship is coming home with me. To the Interstellar Shaman. Because I’ve deserved this for so long now. I've said all along I will purge FWA of the evil within it. No one and nothing is going to take this moment away from me. Because I will finally reach my goal...

    Pure enlightenment.

    Free your mind. Free your soul. Free yourself. Namaste.

    Starr signs off returning to the pedestal holding up the victory hand sign as he slowly goes back into his meditation stance. The camera backs away leaving the Shaman to his duty. Exiting the shrine, we see a lovely green landscape overlooking a bright orange sunset. Fade to black.
    𝖍𝖚𝖗𝖙 // 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖑

    x x x x x x x x x

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