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Thread: Fight Night September 21st results

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    Fight Night September 21st results


    The latest edition of FWA Fight Night kicks off in the usual fashion - a grand pyro on the stage before panning around the raucous crowd in attendance at the Moda Center. As is custom, the camera makes sure to stop on a few noticeable fans in the crowd. An XYZ and Lord Dog cosplaying duo jump up and down excitedly as the camera focuses on them before shifting to a female fan holding a sign up that proclaims that she is the queen of the X division. Another fan holds up a sign that projects their hopes for a Cyrus victory against Bell Connelly once more. "VIKTOR MAXIMUS IS MY DAD" is held up by another excited fan whilst another few fan signs shown are for The Elite. The camera finally makes it way to the commentary table where we are welcomed by the regular commentary team of Langdon Trafford, David Weinstock and Piers Gallagher.

    Langdon Trafford: Good evening, FWA fans! It's the final stop before Aftershock tonight... and as always, we have a promising show ahead!

    David Weinstock: You got that right, Langdon. Big matches everywhere... the number one contender to Chris Kennedy's title, Cyrus Truth, faces Chris Kennedy's love, Bell Connelly... there's tag team warfare...

    Langdon Trafford: And those aren't even the main event! We have a non-title showdown between the aforementioned FWA Champion, Chris Kennedy, and Bell Connelly's rival... Starr! Could we see a shock!? Starr is the man for these kinds of moments!

    Piers Gallagher: He's got nothing! If you ask me, I'm looking forward to seeing what Mac Michaud is up to... and The Elite!

    Langdon Trafford: Both entities will be looking to make a statement tonight... after all, this is all there is before Aftershock! The Elite have been issuing Open Challenges... who will answer tonight!?

    David Weinstock: Speaking of Mac Michaud, I'm sure he will be keeping a close eye on Jason Randall and Penny's matches tonight. He has a weird interest in the duo right now. Penny in particular.

    Langdon Trafford: Jason Randall features tonight in an 'Aftershock preview' according to our General Manager, Ryan Rondo. As does Tristan James Galloway... and we have ANOTHER preview match featuring Japanese sensation LIGHTBRINGER and the eccentric Sterling Jagger. And well, Penny will get face Izzy Van Doren... who I suppose could teach Penny a few things about violence, who knows? But up first, guys, we're kicking off Fight Night with some X tag team action! The champion, the self-proclaimed 'King of the X Division' will team up with 'The Division One Superstar' Tommy Thunder and do combat with 'Amadeus' Kevin Cromwell and 'The Great I Am' Aaron Kendrick!

    "Start Movin'" by Lions begins playing and the crowd turns toward the entrance way, where "The Division-One Superstar" Tommy Thunder walks out with his trademark strut and arrogant attitude.

    Langdon Trafford: We saw last show, two weeks ago, when Tommy Thunder got himself INVOLVED in the match between "The King of the X Division" and "The Great I Am." He interfered on Dave Sullivan's behalf, which is a shocker considering their history. But his activity caused Kendrick to lose, and then we heard THIS.

    Fight Night Flashback

    After the match was over, Dave Sullivan rolled out of the ring and immediately walked over to the timekeeper and snatched his X Division Championship and left ringside. However, back inside the ring, Tommy Thunder slowly walked into the ring and took off his jacket very carefully. The crowd began to boo heavily as Thunder handed his jacket to one of his minions at ringside. Thunder looked down at the motionless man in front of him, before carefully removing his sunglasses and handing them to another minion. Aaron Kendrick began to stir as a smirk began to form on Thunder's face. Thunder took a few steps back as Kendrick managed to get to a knee but he quickly got put back down as Thunder connected with a Shining Wizard! Kendrick was out cold as Thunder let his long blonde hair flow back with pride, admiring his handy work. Thunder grabbed a microphone from the timekeeper before going back to Aaron Kendrick.

    Tommy Thunder: You seem confused, Aaron Kendrick, so allow me to clear some things up. My name is Tommy Thunder and I am The Division One Superstar. ...

    I was giving these people everything they wanted, but what was I getting in return? Not a damn thing. NOT A DAMN THING! Where was my X Division championship match? Where was my Golden Opportunity? ...

    I work my ASS off for this company and I get Deception at Back in Business? ...

    Aaron Kendrick comes in here and talks his good game, and has you all spell bound and put under this illusion that he's "special". But you know what Aaron kendrick is? ...

    Aaron Kendrick is a fraud. Aaron Kendrick is a nothing, a nobody, an ordinary person. And at Aftershock, I'm going to expose him for the liar that he truly is!

    Thunder drops the microphone and pushes his way through his cultists as he leaves ringside and leaves Aaron Kendrick broken in the ring.
    Thunder takes his spot in the ring, and "The King of the X Division" appears next. Sporting the X Championship around his waist, Sullivan shoots daggers toward Tommy Thunder, his former rival, before finally entering the ring and coming within inches of his tag partner. Piers and Langdon talk about how they are likely to not coexist. Right as...

    "Supersonic" by Oasis begins playing and the crowd cheers for the arrival of "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell.

    Langdon Trafford: Another newcomer who has been exceptional Cromwell has been mighty impressive. He defeated Izzy Van Doren last show and now could pick up a win against the X Champion and a big-time contender in the division.

    Cromwell steps up to the apron but doesn't go in. He'd rather wait for his partner, and his music stops to give way to... "Scorched Ops" by Warner/Chappell Productions! "The Great I Am" Aaron Kendrick appears and sprints down to the ring. Langdon talks about how he sorely wants both another shot at Sullivan AND to get revenge on Tommy Thunder! Both Sullivan and Thunder leave the ring when Kendrick slides into it. The crowd is ready and the ref is set.

    Tag Team Match
    "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder & "The King of the X Division" Dave Sullivan vs "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell & "The Great I Am" Aaron Kendrick

    Sullivan and Thunder slowly take their spots up on the apron as Kendrick demands to start the match for his team. Cromwell argues him, and now both teams are in a bit of a pissing contest about who will get the opening bell. Cromwell pretends to allow Kendrick to start but then yanks him into the turnbuckle by the shoulder when Kendrick turns to face his opponents. This gets a loud hissing from the crowd, but the referee finally orders "The Great I Am" into his corner. Sullivan begins for the heels.

    Langdon Trafford: I thought we'd never get started.

    Cromwell and Sullivan dance around the ring for about 50 seconds. Nothing really happens. When Sullivan loses a wrist-lock battle, he stomps on the foot of Cromwell and escapes. Then he force-tags in "The Division-One Superstar," who mocks the X Champion by laughing in his face. When Thunder enters, he shouts, "WATCH ME TAKE CARE OF THIS!" at Sullivan. But when he turns around, Cromwell makes him eat it with a "Penalty Kick" right into the sternum. Sullivan has a good chuckle at the expense of his tag partner.

    Langdon Trafford: Dave Sullivan really enjoys it when Tommy Thunder gets his due.

    Piers Gallagher: Old rivalries die hard, I suppose.

    Cromwell hits a northern lights suplex next and tries for a quick pin, but Thunder kicks out. Cromwell whips Thunder to the ropes but misses a forearm smash. Thunder hits a knife edge chop to the chest and runs off the ropes for a running dropkick but Cromwell explodes toward him and lands a big running knee through the stomach. Thunder flips over and Cromwell immediately locks in the Cromwell Clutch I chickenwing. Sullivan breaks it up, through, with a stomp into the head. The ref is agitated and Cromwell eats a low blow from Thunder afterward. Thunder then tags in Sullivan, who lands a jab to the throat and then a clothesline to Cromwell.

    Piers Gallagher: Look at Thunder and Sullivan working like a well-oiled machine!

    The heel team continues to work well together. Sullivan lands his patented ground-and-pound move. Thunder hits a snap scoop powerslam. The announcers notice that Kendrick hasn't made it into the action yet and that he's antsy. Cromwell turns the tide with a Judo throw into a flash pin, then a Gallagher's Revenge exploder suplex. Rather than tagging in Kendrick, he fakes a tag and turns back to the heels. That's when Sullivan surprises him with a roundhouse kick to the head. Kendrick force tags into the match and hits the ring with a flurry of rights and lefts to "The King of the X Division." Kendrick whips Sullivan to the ropes, hits a spinning wheel kick, and then does a fast leg drop. When Tommy Thunder enters, Kendrick catches him with a spinebuster as the ring shakes and crowd cheers!


    Kendrick contineus to attack Thunder, but that allows the X Champion to recover. He lands a running forearm blow to the upper spine of "The Great I Am." Then Sullivan whips Kendrick across the ring but dodges a corner attack. Thunder catches him out of the corner, though, with a "Storm Effect" maneuver! The referee finally pulls Thunder to the heel corner and then orders Cromwell there. Sullivan is able to kneel next to Kendrick and cover, but Kendrick kicks out at a quick two!

    Sullivan tags in Thunder and the heels again work on their foe, this time wearing Kendrick down in the corner. Kendrick is double whipped to the ropes and receives a double back body drop. Thunder lands a jumping stomp into the chest five times. Then he tags in Sullivan, who locks in a side head lock. Kendrick shoves Sullivan to the ropes but eats a shoulder block. Sullivan runs off the ropes but Kendrick lands a back elbow to the nose. Then a superkick attempt but Sullivan dodges it. Tag made to Thunder, who goes to the top turnbuckle but gets a mid-air superkick from Kendrick! The crowd goes wild with "OOOOOOOH" as Thunder lays on the mat and Kendrick covers!


    The tag is broken up as Sullivan realises the danger and makes the save. Cromwell is about to get into the ring but Sullivan runs over to the apron and boots him to the outside. The referee tries his best to calm things down as Sullivan refuses to get out of the ring. Sullivan backs to his corner as Kendrick rises to his feet and walks over to him - they exchange words. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Thunder performs a roll up attempt on Kendrick and the referee quickly makes the count..1....2....NO! Kendrick pushes out and sends Thunder into the turnbuckle - Sullivan makes the sneak tag. Thunder comes stumbling forward and Kendrick plants him with a spinebuster... he admires his work for a second too long though as Sullivan bursts into the ring and hits an RKO out of nowhere! Kendrick is taken by complete surprise and is out cold! Sullivan rushes over to the apron and stops Cromwell from getting into the ring again and then scurries to make the cover...1...2....3!!!!

    Winners: "The King of the X-Division" Dave Sullivan & "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder

    Almost immediately after the match is called, Sullivan is handed his X-Title and makes his way up the ramp - laughing as Cromwell recovers but too slow to be able to come after him. He slams the mat in frustration before pointing at Sullivan and having some words for him.

    Langdon Trafford: Dave Sullivan has stolen another win.

    Piers Gallagher: That's why he is the champ!

    As Sullivan continues to goad Cromwell, Thunder stirs in the ring and begins brutally assaulting the still out Kendrick!

    David Weinstock: Someone stop that man! The match is over!

    Fans unleash boos as Thunder beats Kendrick down without remorse. However, Cromwell turns his attention back to the fracas in the ring whilst Sullivan stands at the top of the ramp - watching with interest. Thunder is on his knees and laying into Kendrick with vicious punches until Cromwell decides to sprint at him and land a vicious shoot kick of his own! Thunder holds his back in agony as the crowd begin to cheer Cromwell's actions. He continues to school Thunder with kicks and looks at Sullivan as if to send a message. He grabs Thunder up and plants him with a Champagne Supernova dragon suplex before getting to his feet and sharing one last face off with Sullivan - who simply smirks, raises his title and walks away.

    Langdon Trafford: Kevin Cromwell... maybe not standing up for Kendrick but clearly wasn't going to allow such villainy to happen under his watch!

    David Weinstock: I think he was sending a message too.

    Piers Gallagher: ...and I'd say it's fallen on deaf ears.




    The instrumental for Pantera “10’s” hits causing the fans to roar with cheers as Izzy Van Doren makes her way out looking ready for action. She wastes no time as she briskly walks down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: Making her way to the ring, from Chicago, IL and weighing in at one hundred and twenty-one pounds. She is “Chicago’s Favorite Gal”...IZZY..VAN..DOREN!

    “10’s” fades out and as Izzy waits in the ring with a focused look, her music is soon replaced by that of Scandal’s “Warrior” and the familiar battle cry at the opening of the song sends the fans into even more cheers as Penny skips out on stage. She stands on stage briefly, smiles slightly and nods before walking down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: and her opponent making her way to the ring, from Long Beach, CA and weighing in at one hundred & fifteen pounds. She is “The Eccentric Dreamer”...PENNY!

    Langdon Trafford: Both of these woman familiar with one another, best friends, or at least I think they were at one point…

    Piers Gallagher: Who needs friends in this industry?!

    Dave Weinstock: We’ve seen a change in Penny in recent weeks, more serious than usual, and she doesn’t even have Sir Fred out here with her!

    Piers Gallagher: Well, thank god for that! Another thing, she still needs her head checked if she thinks that she actually stands a chance against Mac Michaud at Aftershock!

    Langdon Trafford: That’s later on down the road for Penny but tonight she has to focus on Izzy Van Doren, who has been on a tear in recent weeks, especially in regards to James Hughes but tonight could be a different story with Penny!

    Penny stares across at Izzy from her corner and waves at her but then gets serious in a hurry. Izzy doesn’t return the gesture however and means business as the referee calls for the bell.

    Singles Match
    Penny vs Izzy Van Doren


    Before the lock-up, Penny offers a handshake to Izzy. Hesitant to do so at first, Izzy reluctantly returns the gesture but she keeps her grip on Penny’s hand and pulls her in and strikes her with a headbutt! She follows up with multiple headbutts until she feels that’s enough and Penny is knocked for a loop early on and this allows Izzy to strike once more with a running single leg dropkick taking Penny right off her feet!

    Dave Weinstock: Izzy taking full advantage of Penny’s naivety and it allows her to gain early control of this match

    Piers Gallagher: I see that she still isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed!

    Penny tries to crawl to her feet but Izzy grabs her by the hair and helps her up to feet before placing her in the corner. Izzy follows up with a several stiff forearm shots that rock Penny, and then Izzy backs up to gain some speed and comes roaring back with a running forearm strike in the corner that has Penny rocked on her feet! She drags Penny out of the corner and hits a suplex and then a float over into a pin!


    Izzy keeps Penny grounded and wrenches in a side headlock, trying her best to wear down Penny, but Penny isn’t going to give up so easy as she begins to fight free with a little help of a rally by the fans. She powers her way back to her feet while Izzy still maintains the headlock, but Penny strikes back with repeated back elbow shots to the midsection that eventually forces Izzy to relinquish the hold and it allows Penny to gain some momentum for the first time in this match. She wastes no time striking with a spin kick that has Izzy stunned and she follows up with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown that sends Izzy to the canvas and Izzy instinctively rolls to the outside, but Penny is not through just yet and launches herself through the ropes with a suicide dive that knocks Izzy back against the barricade! The fans getting behind this as Penny takes Izzy and gets her back in the ring, and Penny hops up on the apron and as Izzy is stumbling back to her feet, Penny propels herself off the rope with a springboard cross-body into a pin on Izzy!


    Penny rolls off of Izzy and sets up Izzy in her sights for what looks like a shining wizard, but Izzy avoids it and has answer for it with a surprise roll-up!


    Both women back to their feet at the same time and Izzy strikes first a low roundhouse kick that doubles over Penny, and it allows Izzy to strike with the Kick and Snare! Penny falls to the mat after the elbow smash to the face and Izzy falls on top of her for the cover…


    Langdon Trafford: Penny is managing to stay alive in this match, showing that heart and resiliency!

    Piers Gallagher: She’s gonna need all of that and more at Aftershock with Mac!

    Dave Weinstock: That’s then and this is now Piers, and these two ladies are putting on a show for these fans!

    The fans behind both women now as Izzy brings Penny back up and looks to end it all with ¡Adios Amigos! Headlock driver, but Penny fights out of it with several back elbow strikes to Izzy that knock her back some before Penny looks for the Cat Nap yet Izzy finds a way out of that in time and now has Penny set up for a reverse DDT, but again Penny somehow is able to counter that into a Nine Lives! The submission hold is applied by Izzy was close enough to the ropes to break it up! Penny releases the hold and brings Izzy up, and is about to attempt Cat Nap again but Izzy escapes her clutches and pulls her in close by the arm and sets her up...DEAD END! BACKDROP DRIVER! PENNY MIGHT BE DONE FOR! IZZY IS BARELY ABLE TO MOVE AS WELL AFTER HITTING THE MOVE AND BOTH LADIES LAY ON THE MAT IN A HEAP! FINALLY IZZY DRAPES A SINGLE ARM OVER PENNY!


    Both ladies lay on the mat, motionless as the fans rally behind them both before the final push of the match. Izzy gets up first with a sudden jolt of energy and seems to be the more 'with it' of the two as Penny sluggishly gets to her feet, keeld over. Van Doren lets out a primal scream and nails her with an axe kick to the back and then a follow up forearm smash! The Kick and Snare combo! Before Penny can drop to the mat, IVD grabs her into a headlock and drives her down with the ¡Adios Amigos! She makes the cover...1....2.......3!!!

    Winner: Izzy Van Doren
    After the match, without notice, "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud begins to storm his way down the ramp. The fans immediately boo this development.

    Langdon Trafford: A hard fought win for Izzy Van Doren... but I'm afraid there may be a storm brewing...

    Izzy is too busy celebrating victory to even notice as the behemoth gets into the ring and immediately grabs her by the throat - she tries to swing and punch but it's fruitless. Mac smiles at her but instead of doing anything, he tosses her aside. He turns his eyes to the fallen Penny... The crowd's boos grow even louder.

    David Weinstock: We don't want to see this...

    Piers Gallagher: I mean... speak for yourself!

    Izzy, still hurt, has the referee checking on her as Michaud walks over to Penny and lifts her up by her hair... before grabbing her and lifting her up into a gorilla press position. He proudly poses for a moment but the fans boos suddenly turn to cheers as "The Wildcard" Jason Randall comes running down the apron! Michaud dumps Penny by throwing her at Van Doren and bows out of the ring, laughing, just as Randall gets in. Randall runs to the ropes as if to go after Michaud but stops himself in order to check up on his loved one. The trio of Van Doren, Randall and Penny are stared down by a smirking Michaud as he makes his way to the back.

    Langdon Trafford: The games continue... ?


    "Yo, you want this last chicken leg? They gave me an extra one."

    "What?! A chicken leg? I don't eat chickens. I save them."

    "What you saving them from?"

    "The wolves of the world. The wolves are all around us. You're eating a chicken leg. Are YOU a wolf?!"

    XYZ is leaning forward, staring across a plastic white foldout table to the other side, where "Big Al" sits. The large black man, nearly 7 feet and weighing more than 300 pounds, has a box of Popeyes food in front of him. But all we see are two bones sticking out from the corners and one uneaten, beautifully crisp chicken drumstick leg in his left hand. XYZ has a scolding expression and Big Al looks like a child who was just called out for lying to his parents.

    "No. I can throw this one away."

    Big Al puts the drumstick back in the Popeyes box and XYZ's expression changes to a smile. The box closes and Big Al sits back in his chair, looks at the box, and then restrains from opening it back up and eating more by bombarding XYZ with questions.

    "So ... what are we doing again?"

    "Helping people, Big Al. Helping people who are too afraid to help themselves."

    "Help people from what?"

    "Bullies. Tyrants. The government. Anxiety. Depression. Dissociative personality disorder. Bipolar disorder. Poverty. Ageism. Stigma against nerds. Taxation without representation. Storm clouds. Extraterrestrials, the ones who are violent."

    "There are two types of aliens?"

    Piers Gallagher: Don't you know, Al?! Jesus! Get with the damn program!

    "Of course there are. Peaceful ones and violent ones. And both are coming here. We have to be ready for the violent ones and also be accepting of the peaceful ones. They need our help just as much as we need theirs. They're running from their own bullies and tyrants."

    All of this is too much for Big Al. He sits back with a befuddled look on his face.

    "Shouldn't you be ... like ... going to the White House with this or something? Why are you wrestling?"

    "Because revolutions start in small spaces. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. started his revolution in a wrestling ring. Abraham Lincoln. Ken Griffey Jr. Obama. ..."

    Langdon Trafford: Ken Griffey Jr.?!?!

    "Umm ... no they didn..."

    "I understand. You don't recognize the faults in the stars. You can't see them yet. You're ... BLIND. You don't have ... the sight. The Matrix said ... there's a red pill and a blue pill. That's a lie. No red pill and blue pill exists."

    XYZ looks down and Big Al finally seems to be recognizing some sort of sense from his ... is he a friend? Whatever XYZ is to Big Al.

    "Good, because I was thinkin' you'd say it's all true. The Matrix 'n all."

    "The Matrix isn't real, no. Skynet is, though. And no red pill and blue pill.

    Yellow and green, rather, is what's out there."

    Big Al's mouth drops as XYZ gets up from his chair and begins to walk away.

    "Wh... Where are we goin' now?"

    "Too many people need our help. We're off to climb mountains, Big Al. Rocks aren't anything but pebbles to people like us."

    XYZ's voice trails off at the end and Big Al gets up. He then looks down at the Popeyes box, still closed, and then switches his glance to the nearby trash can. But instead of tossing it, Big Al scoops up the box and carries it with him. A snack in a few minutes could give him the energy he needs to help XYZ in whatever he's going to do.


    “Kick in the door” by the Notorious B.I.G echoes throughout the arena, signaling the arrival of the FWA’s newest tag team, The Elite! Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke exude a confident swagger as they make their way out onto the stage, dressed for combat. Trevor mocks the crowd as Noahmakes an elaborate crotch chop towards the other side of the crowd. They both do their signature pose at the top of the ramp as Kurt Harrington introduces them. The duo fake hand slaps all the way down the ramp, laughing at the foolish fans who fell for their trick. Ocean and Stocke duck under the ropes and enter the ring before posing on the top rope.

    David Weinstock: Last week, our new Fight Night General Manager Ryan Rondo showed off a big signing, stealing away one of the top tag teams in the world, champions of another promotion, and while right now it seems The Elite are just having fun, this team is DANGEROUS when they face serious competition!

    Langdon Trafford: And serious competition may not have been what they got last week, when they absolute demolished their opponents, but we did get a glimpse of the killer instinct that this team possesses. My question is…Why are they out here right now?

    Piers Gallagher: They’re probably out there to demand their FWA Tag Team Championship match! I say we give it to them…TONIGHT!

    Trevor and Noah look to Kurt Harrington for a microphone.


    The crowd gives a mixed reaction to the obvious douchebag.

    Noah Stocke: Yeah, I don’t give a damn how any of you are doing. Let me tell you all how THE ELITE are doing. Last week, we issued an Open Challenge to any team in the back to challenge us and prove us wrong when we say that we are the best tag team in the FWA today! And what happened? Did the PAJ Project answer our challenge? Did we get the respect of the Sin City Vultures?

    Trevor Ocean: We got…a couple of nuts. A couple of god damn peanuts. The Peanut Men. Of all the tag teams in the FWA that run their mouths, they were the ones to step up to the challenge, Well…here we are….yet again, defying any team in that locker room to beat us but the truth of the matter is…NO ONE CAN BEAT US.

    But who wants to give it a try?”

    Nothing happens.

    The crowd gets a little antsy, anticipating the challenge.

    And then…the music hits.

    David Weinstock: WAIT A MINUTE!

    Langdon Trafford: IS IT? COULD IT BE?


    Piers Gallagher: Good on 'im.

    The crowd groans audibly as two scrawny pasty white jobbers make their way to the ring, “Shake” Connors and Methhead Matt make their way down to the ring. Matt is trembling all the way down to the ring, twitching and tweaking as Shake appears to take a pill bottle from his tights, and downs a couple of whatever he was taking. “Shake” screams out that “They’re Prescription!” before rolling into the ring.

    The Elite Open Challenge
    The Elite (Noah Stocke & Trevor Ocean) vs Methhead Matt & "Shake" Connors

    Stocke and Connors start the match but it’s all Stocke from the get go. A series of hard kicks to the knees and then a Bees Knees completely incapacitates Connors. Connors falls to the mat, which allows Stocke to move on to the Dagger Strike. Stocke looks out to the crowd before lifting his opponent up and drilling him with a Saito Suplex that sends him halfway across the ring! Connors tags in Matt, who immediately runs into the ring and attempts a clothesline on Stocke, who ducks and drills Matt with a Release German Suplex! Stocke tags in Ocean!

    The two men notice Connors getting to his feet and they deliver a Tandem Superman Punch to him! Methhead Matt to his feet and he stumbles right into a Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker/Leg Drop combination from the Elite! The duo waste little time in delivering the Young Boy Killer to Matt! Trevor Ocean with the cover!




    Winners: The Elite (Noah Stocke & Trevor Ocean)

    As Matt and Connors reel on the mat, The Elite grab a microphone.

    Noah Stocke: THAT…was a joke. THAT….was a disgrace.

    Trevor Ocean: Are you serious? That’s what you give us! A couple of users? Not gonna happen! We want competition! REAL competition! And we ain’t leavin’ here until we get it!

    Just then, “Cold Skeleton” interrupts the newcomers and the fans pop for the arrival of Risky Douglas, Mark Merriweather and Jack Adams! Risky is in a jovial mood, dancing out onto the stage as Merriweather steps out with a T-shirt gun, shooting the new Risky Jack T-Shirts into the crowd! Jack Adams takes center stage with a microphone in hand and smile etched on his face.

    Jack Adams: I hate to interrupt ya fellas, but well, quite frankly, the ratings of this show have dropped so far in the past three minutes that people are actually choosing to watch CBS sitcoms right now, I mean, really. It’s terrible. You boys are literally killing the show right now!

    Risky Douglas: But fear not, friends, because Risky’s feelin’ frisky and if you boys are looking for a challenge, well, I know a couple of brothers that would love nothing more to put some boots to asses!

    Mark Merriweather: So, text your friends, get in their DMS, and watch social media light up because you the ass-kickin’ we’re about to put on you boys is gonna go viral! You want a fight? You’ve got one!

    Just like that, Mark Merriweather and Jack Adams runs down the ramp with Risky cheering them on! The four men begin to brawl inside the ring as the referee tries to get some semblance of control!

    David Weinstock: Is this a match? What’s going on here?

    Adams tosses Trevor Ocean out of the ring as Merriweather lowbridges Stocke to the outside! The Elite feign going back into the ring, but decide better of it as they grab a microphone and head back up the ramp.

    Trevor Ocean: You think you losers are worth our time? We wouldn’t sully our name by stepping into the ring with a couple of jokes like you!

    Noah Stocke: Just proving our point, Trevor. If this is the type of talent that the FWA brags about, we’re better off going back where we came from!

    Jack Adams: So then WHY DON’T YA?!?!?!

    The crowd pops hard for the cowboy’s statement.

    Jack Adams: If you two think you’re so much better than this company and you two want to act like you’re above us all, then either back up those checks that your mouths are writing or get the hell out of this place, choice is yours! So if you’re really that big and bad, get your asses into this ring!

    Stocke and Ocean look at each other and shrug their shoulders before he gets on the mic,

    Trevor Ocean: Alright….We pass. You just aren’t worth our time.

    The Elite turn around and walk up the ramp where Risky stands in their path. The duo stop and stare down Risky... they smirk at him and pat him on the shoulder before slowly edging past. Fans want Risky to make a movement but there's none there.

    Piers Gallagher: This Risky clown and his band of geeks are back! Wondrous! But looks like they showed up a little too late for a slice of the action! Rightfully ignored! Go to Rondo and beg for the damn match!

    We fade out to the backstage area...

    Just as it always seems to be, the walls are dark, the area is very open – which is drastically enhanced by the never-ending concrete floors, and there is an array of FWA staff all frenzied as the camera continued to roll. Of course though, this camera wasn’t focused on FWA staff; and of course, though, these anxious audience members weren’t on their feet, screaming and cheering for the concrete floors. No, standing directly in the middle of the screen, walking towards the camera was none other than the FWA North American Champion, WOLF! ‘ sporting a cigrette in his mouth and scratchy beardwhich didn’t work well enough to hide his face, a face frozen with rage. His eyes were set on one location before him, and with each step, they crept in more and more. When WOLF has become as focused as he is now, only a fool would dare interrupt him.

    The camera continued to focus on WOLF as he slowly walked past corners, through doorways and a long hallway, with no interruption. Staff would freeze as he walked past them. The fear he set in many, was soon to be overlooked by one. As soon as WOLF had walked past a corner, out from behind the corner popped none other than Bell Connelly! Bell had a smile stretching from ear to ear, her eyes bugged, and he continued to walk with ‘WOLF, down his long and lonesome road. Bell was wearing a pink outfit (Of course) With bright blue round glasses with no lens in them. As she continued to walk with WOLF, who didn’t even take a look in the direction of Bell as she walked merely inches from his body, she began to feel more comfortable. She turned his head up towards WOLF and began to walk, pointing in towards WOLF, as a child does with his father.

    “Wassup, dawg?! Can I call you dawg? I mean a Wolf is kind of a dawg! Plus I’m kind of trying to be more street. I’m kind of on a mission to bring back the ninties one phrase at a time; I think that’s Phat. What do you think? All that and a bag of chips?


    “Word! Word!

    Both of them walk in silence Bell trying to keep step

    So where are we going? Or do you just always stomp this intensely around backstage for no reason? I like it! I can get behind it! Something to get the energy pumping. I can see why you do it; big scary scarred almost seven foot tall monster stomping towards you. That’ll frighten the daylights out of people. Bet when you come into a Starbucks you get your order pretty fast huh?

    Bell’s smile continued to grow larger, However, there was no response from WOLF, he simply continued to walk, with his eyes still focused on one target

    “Aw, come on, pal! Ok, so we’ve had some...Stuff go on. You’ve said some mean things about me, and I knock you out and pinned you-hows your nose by the way?- Let’s bygones be bygones. Y’see, I know we've said a lot of hoochiekooch about each other that we don’t mean, but it don’t mean that it gotta get in the way of our budding friendship...I really feel like that’s where THIS might be headed. BeautyXBeastXBeast what do you think?


    So lemme break this down for you’ real quick. I mean, I hate to break it to you but, Aftershock?.you’s probably not gonna win. C’mon man, you are like fifty, I see through your front, pal. But I won’t tell Starr. Y’know why? It's 'caused since we friends, I ain’t gon’ sell you out. I ain’t going to STARR you.


    I see why you ain’t talkin’, you probably goin’ senile. But that’s ok; You don’t need to talk, just gotta open up those fluffy wolf ears, because I think at Aftershock. Me. You. You and me, we should team up on Starr. Hit him hard. Hit him fast, take him out early and then it’s just me and you, how it’s supposed to be. Because let's be honest, STARR doesn’t deserve this title match just for getting involved in our business. I’m just thinking of you, you know? Which would you rather deal with? One opponent? Or Two? I know what I’d pick! Besides after what happened the last time we were in the ring, I bet you can’t WAIT to rip me about and just….just…

    Bell moves her fist in a spatic manner like a 1920’s boxer

    “Give me what for? Rip me apart? Teach me a lession, right pal?”

    Bell ‘friendly’ elbowed WOLF in the arm, who suddenly stopped his walking. He turned his face towards Bell.

    “Oh hey! That got your attention! I knew it wo-ARGH!

    Bell’s words died in his throat as suddently WOLF grabs her by the throat and forces her against the wall and pins her against it. Bell’s eyes bulge out of her head in shock as WOLF leans his entire body weight against Bell, his face inches from hers as Bell tried to twist her head aware from his glare

    “.....Fresh Meat”

    And with that Wolf suddently moves away, releashing Bell from his grasp and continues to move forward leaving her to cough and slutter on the ground.

    “I’ll take that as a maybe”




    We come back to Fight Night where "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud has already entered the ring - along with his opponents, the fabled Triple J Security. Before the match gets set to begin, we are shown a brief 'During the Break' vignette:

    Backstage of the arena the cameras find Katie Lynn Goldsmith standing by with Mac Michaud just moments before his match with a mystery opponent.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Good evening fans, I'm here with "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud... who you've already seen tonight. Now Mac, are you worried at all about who your mystery opponent may be?

    Mac looks at Katie and smiles.

    Mac Michaud: That's funny Katie, very funny. Me worried? Did you not see what I did to James Hughes last week? An old foe of mine and I completely decimated him in seconds. I ended James Hughes just like I will end whatever poor soul that Ryan Rondo dug up for me. That is not what matters to me right now, because what matters to me is what I will do with Penny at Aftershock and show the world the real Penny...

    He closes his eyes as Katie looks rather uncomfortable.

    Mac Michaud:
    Thinking about it now just makes me so...excited! I simply cannot wait until Aftershock... I had a chance earlier tonight... but I w...

    Before Mac can continue he's interrupted by the arrival of Jason Randall.

    Jason Randall: You're a real sick son of a bitch, you know that? That's coming from me, the guy that held Katie here hostage at one hard feelings Katie

    Katie shakes her head, brushing it off.

    Jason Randall: I digress, what I came here to tell you is that whatever you do to Penny, whatever it is you're planning in that warped mind of yours...just remember that there will be consequences. I told Penny that I'd let her fight this battle, but just know that I will be watching and if you go too far, well there's going to be no stopping me from coming down to that ring and beating the shit out of you... Tonight was a warning.

    Mac is just smiling as he chuckles to himself while backing away. Randall watches him and shakes his head in disgust as we cut back to ringside.

    Handicap Match
    "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud vs Triple J Security (Jobber Jimbo, Jugem Jugem & Jiggy John)

    Not going to Lie; This one is ugly people. Bless their heart there was an attempt, The Trio try and surround Mac with their numbers but After two minutes in,They’re still trying to to fight for an advantage and not be thrown around like a rag doll, but when Jobber Jimbo tries to whip Michaud, he gets whipped into a corner himself. Michard rushes at Jimbo, only to get a BOOT TO THE FACE.

    Jimbo has some separation finally, but when he tries to set up something on the second rope, with AMAZING speed for a man his side Michard jumps forward and CLUBS HIM OFF!! Jimbo falls face-first into the corner, giving Michard time to take a few steps back…AND HIT THE MODIFIED FACEWASH!!Jimbo goes limp instantly he could possibly have a concussion as he fell lifelessly to the ground outside Jiggy John tries to rush him from behind but just turns right into a DEVASTATING CLOTHESLINE!! John drops like a stone and nearly flips over himself.

    Michard stops for a moment to let in all the the reaction he’s getting Jugem tries to use this space to rush at Michard…only to get A SNAP OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX…RIGHT INTO A CORNER!! HE IS FLIPPED RIGHT INTO A TREE OF WOE!! An absolutely devastating move that keeps Jugem pinned right up in the corner, but Michard is stopped when he tries to go back after him. Like a dog having to be pulled by his leash, the referee gets between Michard and his play things, telling him to back away. While that happens, Michard just winds up a fist and HITS JUGEM SQUARE IN THE UPSIDE DOWN FACE WITH A LOW CLOTHESLINE!!

    Jugem falls over from the tree of woe, flat on the canvas. Michard is back on the prowl, his focus completely on Jugem again, picking him up…and blatantly HEADBUTTING HIM BETWEEN THE EYES. This causes Jugem to drop down to a knee. Michard takes Jugem and reaches down and just hammers him into the mat with a power Bomb.Michard roars out clearly enjoying himself before he turns into some weakshots Jiggy John, which barely moves the monster and Michard just CHUNKS HIM ACROSS THE RING!! Jiggy lands on his tailbone and slowly rises back up…only to be SPEARED IN HALF BY MICHARD!! FUCKING HELL!! Jiggy is absolutely DESTROYED by the spear, leaving him effectively dead. But to really pour the cement on things, he drapes Jiggy across his shoulders…AND NAILS HIM WITH THE F5KO !! Jiggy is motionless as Michard drags the prone body of Jugem beside Jiggy and emphatically covers them both. 1...2….3

    Winner: "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud

    With absolutely no emotion, no remorse, Michard lifts himself off their bodies . He completely scares the ref away from raising his hand just by glancing over at him. He just casually climbs out of the ring towards where Jobber Jimbo lay prone As Michard stands over him like a mechanical man, Michard bends over shaking his head. We can see him mouth something…it looks like…‘don’t go to sleep yet…’? While unclear, what this means quickly becomes apparent, as Michard lifts up the limp body of Jobber Jimbo, F5KO ON THE FLOOR! Jimbo could effectively be dead as Michaud just looks over the destruction he’s caused with a grin.


    The camera cut backstage, however it wasn't that familiar industrial-esque backstage. Instead, the camera cut to one of the many hallways where the locker rooms were located for the night. The lights were bright as snow; which greatly matched the pale white walls, and the white tiled floor. It was a prison in here. Still, the squeaking of shoes was all that could be heard, though nobody could be seen. The shpes began quiet but were now getting louder, and louder, until finally both the shoes and the mumbling of a certain wrestler could be heard greatly as she made her way from around the corner.

    Of course, after hearing the superstar mumble to herself, the crowd already knew who they'd be facing.For the second time tonight, Bell Connelly As Bell had turned the corner, many questions were raised. For one, why was she walking throughout the locker room, reading the nameplate on each door? And secondly, why was she carrying a large, retro boombox in her right hand? This was, after all, the men's locker room. Surely she wasn't going to dance and rap around in the men's locker room...Even though that wouldn’t be out of charecter. Finally, after passing handfuls of doors in this never-ending hallway, she found the one in which she was looking for and walked directly up to it. The door was locked, so she knocked. One knock. Two knocks. Even a knock in the tune of "She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain", but still, nobody answered. So Bell sat the boombox beside her, backed all the way to the wall behind her, and CHARGED AT THE DOOR! However, her shoulder was no match for the steel door, and instead, she was sent flying back a few feet. She continued to mumble to herself as she made her way back up to her feet, and stood face to face with the door

    YOU KNOW IT’S RUDE NOT TO ANSWER THE DOOR WHEN YOU GOT SOMEONE RAP-TAP-TAPPING AT IT. IAN! I know you’re in there Starr! Watta doing? Meditating? Are you like...naked in there or something? Oh come on, the worst I’ll do is point and laugh, and you must be used to that reaction by now! Come on, and it’s your ol’ buddy Bell. You know. Cute. Adorable. The woman whose been standing over you every time we met? Ringing any bells?

    No answer.

    Ok, you know what? You don’t have to answer, but I’ve come with a peace offering; Ok, you don’t like me, and I don’t like you, but you know who we BOTH don’t like? WOLF! I think we can both agree that out of the three of us; HE’S the meanie in this situation. So, if we want to get this friendship back on track, I think we should gang up on WOLF. Take him out quick and early and just leave it between us, the way it SHOULD be. I mean who would you rather have to deal with? Me? Or the big bad wolf?

    Bell waits for an answer but after a moment continues

    “...And you know WOLF is going to have a few tricks up his sleeve if we don’t, I mean...I HATE to tell you this; I REALLY do but a few minutes ago WOLF came up to me with his big intense stomps, and he was all like “Hey Bell you’re so pretty and REALLY good at wrestling. There’s no way I can beat you; we should come together and fight Starr” That’s what he said. But you know what I said? I said; NO. Because I want to win things the honourable way….by ganging up on him! Perfect right?

    Bell thought she heard the doorknob shake, so she clenched it tightly, and tried to open it up. However, it was still locked as it was before. Angered, Bell went back and grabbed the boombox, and placed it in front of her feet.

    Ok, you ask for it, If you nothing I can say, can repair our friendship I gotta bring out the big guns

    She reached down, and with one large index finger, she smashed a button on the boombox. The familiar sound of a cassette getting ready to play was heard as the previously cheering fans now died down to listen to exactly what Bell was going to play for Starr. Repetitive piano chords could be heard, as many of the 'fans' instantly knew the song.

    Of course, this was none other than WAR’s “Why can’t we be friends?", a song that was such a hit in the '80's. Bell lowered her head as if she was being pushed through some sad memories, as the song blared on, crackling the terrible speakers of the boombox. The crowd was hysterical even if some did not know the song.

    Look you're my friend..The only person who's had your back since day one….think about it

    And with this, Bell walked out of camera view, a look of terrible pain on his face.


    And the glorious voice of WAR was quickly overpowered by the thousands of fans in attendance singing along to it. It was a great time for them. However the same could not be said for Bell. All good things must come to an end, and even the song was faded out, as the scene fades back to the arena and commentary team.

    Langdon Trafford: ... Bell Connelly is up to something mischievous tonight...

    David Weinstock: You'd think she doesn't have a match to prepare for!

    Piers Gallagher: Pfft. Let her do what she wants, Dave! You're not her real dad!

    The team are then interrupted as "Dark Horse" starts to echo throughout the arena and the fans give a lukewarm reception for James 'Eyesnsane' Hughes as he begins to make his way down the ramp - making sure to interact with as many fans as possible as he does so.

    Langdon Trafford: James Hughes hasn't had a great run of it as of late... but this is the chance to turn it around!

    David Weinstock: I wouldn't put money on it, Langdon. I think he's run out of gas. He's facing younger, hungrier opponents. But... who knows... this match and Aftershock could be his moment.

    As Eyesnsane begins to warm up in the ring, his music fades away and is replaced by the now-familiar theme of 'Tokyo Kisai' LIGHTBRINGER - which draws a big reaction from some fans. He appears on the stage, dressed in his usual entrance robe, and makes the walk down to the ring alongside BoBo, his manager. He doesn't waste any time in getting to the ring whilst BoBo lags slightly behind.

    Langdon Trafford: So far, LIGHTBRINGER hasn't tasted defeat inside a FWA ring but that could all change tonight... or even at Aftershock?

    David Weinstock: The chances seem low on him losing tonight and you'd have to say that LIGHTBRINGER is one of the favourites going into the Aftershock match... but this is the FWA. Things can change in an instant!

    Piers Gallagher: Someone's gonna beat this guy. And I'm going to enjoy it.

    LIGHTBRINGER gets into the ring and offers a small glance at his opponent, a brief acknowledgment, before getting up onto the ropes and posing for the fans whilst BoBo claps over-excitedly. His music cuts out whilst he poses and instead turns into "I'm Not Your Boyfriend" as one of the FWA's newest talents, "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger, makes his way down to the ring alongside his valet, "Sweet" Cherry Lovejoy. The pair take their time as they frolick around and show each other off. Inside the ring, BoBo can be seen getting extremely heated whenever Jagger and Lovejoy touch each other.

    Langdon Trafford: An... interesting couple... but Jagger will have to fight this match alone tonight. Despite a shaky start to his career, I think he will be looking to pick up the win first and foremost tonight...

    David Weinstock: Are you sure? He seems more keen on... showing off.

    Langdon Trafford: Well he is the self-proclaimed "Sexiest Man Alive", Dave.

    Eventually, Jagger gets into the ring and the match seems ready to start.

    Aftershock Preview Match
    James "Eyesnsane" Hughes vs "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger w/"Sweet" Cherry Lovejoy vs "Tokyo Kisai" LIGHTBRINGER w/BoBo

    The Beginning: Almost immediately at the start, Sterling Jagger tries to come in between LIGHTBRINGER and Eyesnsane as he demands that the duo lay down for him. He's met with a double right hand that sends him flying out of the ring and into the clutches of his valet. With BoBo shouting instructions on the outside, LIGHTBRINGER begins to attack Eyesnsane and, easily, is able to get the upper hand on his opponent. The duo share a number of striking exchanges in which Eyesnsane's stirkes are easily countered. He's eventually cornered but LIGHTBRINGER's attention is drawn away as he sees BoBo on the outside - he's arguing with Jagger... clearly regarding Lovejoy. The Japanese superstar exits the ring and tries to grab his friend away but he's suddenly drawn into the confrontation. As all four bicker, Eyesnsane takes a moment in the ring and then hits the ropes before leaping over..... and missing everyone as they scarper away! The crowd wince in pain as Eyesnsane lays completely flat on the outside whilst Jagger demands LIGHTBRINGER enter the ring with him for a... sword duel.

    The Middle: After getting into the ring, LIGHTBRINGER did not put up with Jagger's nonsense but was also unable to take any tactical advantage as Jagger constantly dipped out of the ring in order to save himself. After dipping out once too many times, he is attacked and crotched on a barricade by Eyesnsane. This seemingly takes him out of the match as he falls behind the barricade and Cherry rushes to administer some medical attention. BoBo tries to get involved in the action but is shouted at to keep his focus on the match. Eyesnsane is eventually able to get into the ring but it's clear that he's no match for LIGHTBRINGER - possibly due to an injury sustained.

    The Finish: Despite his best attempts, Eyesnsane just isn't able to keep up. There's no sign of Jagger on the outside until it's too late. After catching Eyesnsane from a crossbody attempt, LIGHTBRINGER hoists him up onto his shoulders and hits a reverse neckbreaker. He then picks up Eyesnsane and nails him with the LIGHTBRINGER lariat just as Jagger seems oiled enough to get back over the barricade. He clearly re-injures himself as he gets over and struggles to get into the ring as LIGHTBRINGER eventually gets the three count.

    Winner: "Tokyo Kisai" LIGHTBRINGER

    After the match, LIGHTBRINGER's hand is held aloft by BoBo in the ring whilst Jagger seems to have somewhat perked up and makes his way up the ramp with Cherry. He still clutches his groin area and states that he needs to "protect the merchandise" to any heckler's along the way.

    David Weinstock: I think Sterling Jagger didn't plan on being involved too much after the assault on his giblets...

    Piers Gallagher: It's like he's saying, Dave.... He needs to protect the merchandise. Smart move.

    Langdon Trafford: ... He's an interesting individual. I'm sure there will be another day where he and LIGHTBRINGER clash... and James Hughes won't get in the way.

    David Weinstock: I don't know if Eyesnsane will be getting in anyone's way anymore after tonight...




    The eerie sound of “I Ain’t Weak” fills the arena and the booing begins as Bell Connelly saunters out on her way to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: Making her way to the ring, from Phoenix, AZ and weighing in at one-hundred & two pounds. She is “BeautyXBeast”...BELL..CONNELLY!

    Langdon Trafford: Bell once again facing one of her biggest foes in FWA tonight

    Dave Weinstock: Cyrus is right up there with Sha-

    Piers Gallagher: Watch your tongue Davey! Don’t you dare mention that name!

    Bell’s music soon fades out as she stands in the ring in her corner, staring intently at the entrance area.

    Soon enough “Subconsious” hits and the fans erupt into cheers and Cyrus steps out with a stern look of determination and no fear whatsoever.

    Kurt Harrington: and her opponent making his way to the ring, from The Long and Winding Road, and weighing in at two-hundred & thirty-two pounds. He is “The Exile”...CYRUS..TRUTH!

    angdon Trafford: Cyrus looks ready and prepared for what awaits him tonight

    Dave Weinstock: It’s an all too familiar scene for Cyrus as he once again faces an old rival. One that he usually has a number for

    Piers Gallagher: This is a different Bell Connelly though, Davey! Don’t count her out just yet before it’s even begun!

    Cyrus enters the ring and his gaze never leaves Bell, who is staring right back at him. The referee then calls for the bell as Cyrus’ music fades out.

    Singles Match
    "The Exile" Cyrus Truth vs "BEAUTYxBEAST" Bell Connelly


    The crowd is buzzing with excitement and anticipation to see these two bitter rivals face off, and Bell wastes no time at all charging in at Cyrus like a madwoman and wildly swings rights and lefts his way. Cyrus does his best to block any incoming shots by putting up his shoulders and then he manages to block a shot, and grabs Bell by the wrist and slowly bends it back eliciting a howling scream from her. Cyrus then releases and transitions into an elbow smash that knocks Bell back as she cradles her wrist. Cyrus takes this opportunity and runs at Bell and sends her stumbling back to her corner with a dropkick! Bell is trying to compose herself as Cyrus comes barreling in, but Bell was faster on the exchange as Cyrus hits nothing but turnbuckle allowing his back to be turned and giving Bell the opening she needed with a kick to the back that stuns Cyrus! She turns him around and lays into him with several more stiff kicks to the chest before backing up and running back at him, and takes him for a ride with a monkey flip out of the corner! Cyrus is up however, though only on one knee leaving him open for attack as Bell strikes with a low running dropkick! Cyrus falls to the mat and rolls away to the ropes and uses them for leverage to bring himself back up, but he gets no chance to recover as Bell sneaks up behind him with a rake to the back! He grits his teeth from the pain as Bell spins him around and sends him to the ropes and off the rebound she catches with an arm drag! Followed by another and then another!

    David Weinstock: Bell doing her best to try and wear down Cyrus!

    Piers Gallagher: It seems to be working too!

    Bell brings him back up once more and he’s looking a little groggy as she looks to send him to the ropes, and she does whip him to the ropes but he comes back with a discus punch! Bell is rocked now and Cyrus takes this time to follow up with several more elbow smashes to the face followed by a bridging fisherman suplex!


    Langdon Trafford: You may have spoken too soon Piers because Cyrus is back in this one!

    Piers Gallagher: Yeah, yeah for now he is!

    Cyrus quickly applies a headlock on Bell, keeping her grounded and slowing the pace a little. He cranks back some on the pressure as Bell yelps a little in agony while reaching out. She’s trying to free herself from his vice like grip but he’s overpowering her for time being until eventually she does manage to find a way to roll through and over with the hold still locked, but his shoulders to mat for a pin!


    Cyrus forced to break up the hold and gets a shoulder up! Bell uses this time to catch her breath and relieve the pain from her neck. Bell notices an open as Cyrus is on his knees now and she pelts him with a kick straight to lower back! She follows up with RINGING THE BELL! She hits all of it on Cyrus, is this it?!


    Cyrus with a shoulder up in time and Bell is starting to show slight signs of frustration, but she doesn’t let it deter her. She brings him and whips him to ropes once more but Cyrus is one step ahead and tries again for another discus punch counter, but Bell evades it like the Matrix and with Cyrus just barely distracted enough allows Bell to hit him with FOOTLOOSE! He stumbles back some though instead falling back on the mat and eventually falls through the ropes. This gives Bell an idea and she delivers three suicide dives in quick succession! Nearly wearing herself out she drags him back into the ring and she goes for Ode to Tinkerbell, but Cyrus just manages to get his knees up in time and she hits them ribs first! Both competitors lay on the mat, trying to catch their breath. Eventually Cyrus is up first, stumbles a bit but finds his footing as Bell was able to find her way to one knee and before she can react Cyrus drills her with WANDERER’S WRATH! He finishes it off with the knee drop followed by a pin!


    Bell kicks out! Cyrus remains calm however and attempts a Long Road to Nowhere crucifix neck crank, but Bell is somehow able to escape it and rolls back to her feet, and Cyrus is back up...GLITTERKICK! SUPERKICK OUT OF NOWHERE! BELL COLLAPSES TO THE MAT AFTER HITTING IT AND CYRUS FALLS TO THE MAT AS WELL! BOTH OF THEM LAY FLAT ON THEIR BACKS! THE CROWD IS GOING WILD! BELL SLOWLY SLIDES OVER.....1....2.......NO!!!!! CYRUS KICKS OUT JUST IN TIME!

    Piers Gallagher: This is it, guys! Cyrus Truth is finished!

    Connelly gets to her feet and makes her way to the top! The fans get to their feet as she readies herself and leaps off looking for the Tinkerbell's Requiem Elbow Drop! BUT CYRUS MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND BELL CONNECTS WITH THE RING CANVAS!

    Langdon Trafford: Shoot and a miss, Piers!

    The FWA's alpha female rolls around in complete agony and clutches at her elbow as Cyrus slowly uses the ropes to steady himself up. It's now his turn to go on the offense as he hits the Wanderer's Wrath knee strike out of nowhere! Connelly isn't able to defend the follow up knee drop - which ends up connecting with her arm also. "The Exile" goes for a pin attempt but Connelly is able to labour a kickout at two but it's clear that her arm is causing her some issues now. Cyrus stands on it as she tries her best to explode up to her feet - she's unable to move. Cyrus shows no mercy to Bell as he stomps on her arm before delivering a nasty boot to the face. He grabs her and lifts her up into a fireman's carry before landing the Journey's End sitout piledriver! Bell's lifeless as the referee jumps down to count the pin....1....2.....3!!!

    Winner: "The Exile" Cyrus Truth


    David Weinstock: Don't be stupid, Piers. Cyrus won legitimately. It's unfortunate that Bell sustained an injury going for the finish... but Cyrus took advantage of it.

    Piers Gallagher: He got lucky! Bell had it!

    Cyrus rolls away from the lifeless body of Connelly and the referee lifts his hand in victory. Rather than pose to the crowd though, Cyrus turns around and faces towards the stage area with his arms raised. The man's expression is stoic but it's clear that he's signalling a message to someone....

    The camera cuts away to a message from the FWA's sponsors.







    When we come back from the quick break, we see Locke already standing in the ring, awaiting his opponents for this upcoming match.

    David Weinstock: Welcome back, Ladies and Gentlemen, and we are back and ready for Triple Threat action here on Fight Night with the ever dangerous and mysterious Locke ready for action!

    Piers Gallagher: Dangerous is right! Especially after what that Pompous Polynesian Galloway did to him last week! I can’t wait for Locke to make him tap, tap, tap tonight! I’m calling it! Tonight is Locke’s night!

    “Shoot to Thrill” hit the arena speakers as the fans exploded in an uproar for one of the biggest fan favorites in the FWA, Jason Randall! Randall briskly walked down the ramp, just itching to get into a fight due to his altercation with Michaud earlier. Randall is not in a good mood as he quickly ducks under the ropes and gets right into the face of Locke!

    Langdon Trafford: They call him the Wildcard, and at Aftershock, he may indeed be the Wildcard in the Brawl for All! Jason Randall will join Locke, Galloway, LIGHTBRINGER, James Hughes, Izzy van Doren and a few others that we’ve not yet been made aware of in the Brawl for All match!

    David Weinstock:And momentum is going to be key in a match like that…none of these men want to walk into the Brawl for All on a losing streak! Jason Randall is well aware of this!

    “Turn the Page” by Metallica was the last song to play as Tristan James Galloway set foot onto the stage to a chorus of cheers! LOCKE brushed by Randall in the ring, and walked right up to the ropes, yelling a bunch of obscenities at The Polynesian Powerhouse who didn’t take his eyes off of Locke for one moment. Galloway reached the bottom of the ramp, but then sprinted into the ring, sliding under the bottom rope…where Locke immediately began stomping away at him!

    Aftershock Preview Match
    “The Polynesian Powerhouse” Tristan James Galloway vs “The Wildcard” Jason Randall vs Locke

    Galloway shoves Locke off and gets to his feet, looking for a clothesline on Randall, who ducks! Galloway turns around and gets hit with a dropkick from Locke! Galloways staggers into the ropes as Randall delivers a lariat that sends the Polynesian over the top rope to the outside! Randall and Locke turn towards each other with Randall doing a bit of jawjacking before the two just start throwing rights and lefts in the center of the ring! Locke gains the advantage and puts Randall into a side headlock. Randall backs himself into the ropes and then pushes forward, shoving Locke off and into the ropes but Locke comes back with a hard shoulderblock. Locke backs into the ropes, looking to rebound with a Knee Trembler but Galloway reaches into the ring from the outside and pulls Locke out of the ring! Galloway nails him with a hard right hand before tossing Locke into the barricade but Galloway turned around right into a suicide dive from The Wildcard! All three men went down on the outside of the ring!

    Randall was the first to his feet as he went over to pick up Galloway only for Locke to blast him in the back of the head. Randall turns around and ducks a clothesline attempt from Locke and goes for a clothesline of his own but Locke had the same idea and both men take each other out! Locke and Randall lay motionless on the mat outside the ring. Galloway gets up to his feet and delivers a running back senton onto his two opponents! Galloway stomps away at both men before rolling Locke into the ring and then going back for the Wildcard! Randall, however, begins to fight back but Galloway delivers a knee to the gut and then drives Randall into the barricade before rolling him back into the ring as well. Locke meets Galloway as he gets back into the ring but takes him back down easily with a running Big Boot before turning back to Randall who is pulling himself up to his feet. Galloway whips Randall into the ropes, but Randall holds on and lowbridges The Polynesian Powerhouse to the floor below. Randall turns around and gets clotheslined over the top to the outside by Locke! All three men are back on the outside again with Locke kicking away at Galloway and the three men begin fighting on the ramp and take it all the way to the stage! Galloway takes control on the stage and then knees Locke in the gut before tossing him into the LED stage! Galloway locates Randall and does the same thing to him! Randall is crawling as Galloway stomps away at locke before turning his attention back to Randall, pulling him up and hooking him up for a powerbomb off the stage! But Locke comes in at the last second and drills Galloway with a Superkick! Locke and Randall take Galloway by the shirt and both toss him off the stage to the floor below, before turning back to each other and just engaging in a fist fight on the stage yet again!

    The two men fight all the way down the ramp until Locke tosses Randall into the steel steps and then into the ring. Randall does his best to quickly retreat to the corner for some reprieve but Locke follows in with a corner splash! Locke tries to follow up with a Spinning Neckbreaker but Randall spins out and transitions into a back suplex into a sitout facebuster! Randall covers and gets a 2 count. Randall climbs up to the top rope but has trouble balancing himself which gives Locke enough time to sprint up the turnbuckle, looking for a Superplex! Randall tries to fight out of it, and does so just long enough for TJG to come back in, put his head up underneath Locke and hoist him up in an lectric Chair position! Randall steadies himself back up on the top rope looking for a Doomsday Device but Locke slithers his way off of Galloway’s shoulders and superkicks Randall’s right ankle, crotching him on the top rope! Locke turns around and walks right into a Double A Spinebuster from TJG! Randall falls down from the top rope, just as Galloway falls to the mat for some recuperation. Locke and Randall get to their feet as Galloway rolls to the outside. Randall goes to the far corner with locke looking for another splash but eating a hard boot to the face! Randall once again goes up to the top rope but again, Locke leaps up to stop him and this time connects with a Top Rope facebuster! Locke covers but Galloway grabs Locke’s foot and pulls him to the outside! Galloway tosses Locke into the steel steps and then rolls into the ring and covers Randall!



    Randall kicks out!

    Galloway pulls Randall to his feet and pulls him into a short arm clothesline before staggering for a moment but then getting caught off guard by Locke who leaps onto his shoulders with a Sleeper Hold! Locke fights desperately to keep it locked in as Galloway tries to fight it off. He backs himself into the corner, trying to crush Locke but then he just drops down with a ton of force, the impact causing Locke to release the hold! All three men are struggling on the mat before Galloway starts to pull himself up! Galloway sees Locke starting to stir, grabs him by the hair and LAUNCHES him shoulder first between the top and middle turnbuckle with Locke’s shoulders hitting hard! Locke collapsed to the outside of the ring. Galloway picks Rnadall up with ease and drills him with a Saito Suplex! Galloway covers and gets a strong two count!

    Galloway rolls to the outside and delivers a Tear Drop Sunset to Locke! Galloway goes back into the ring and stalks Randall as he gets to his knees. Galloway executes a well measured punch to the skull and then a second and a third as Randall begins to smile and then SLAPS Galloway across the face and motions for more! Galloway begins to brutally club forearms down to the back of Randall’s head and then deliver 6 vicious knees to the guts before whipping him into the ropes but The Wildcard holds on! TJG follows him but eats a hard back elbow! Randall goes for a Lariat, Galloway ducks and turns around but right into a Dueces Wild! Randall doesn’t even get a moment to rebound as Locke is right there, and delivers a Star Destroyer!

    Locke covers!

    David Weinstock: Locke hit his finisher! It’s over!



    NO! Randall kicked out!

    Locke gets back to his feet and signals for the Locke and Key. He awaits Randall to get to his feet and when he does, he grabs Randall in position for the German but Randallpushes forward, grabs onto the ropes and hangs on! Locke pulls back but lands on his back, rolls to his feet and then superkicks Galloway to the outside! Locke turns around but walks right into the Snake Eyes Stunner from Jason Randall!

    Randall covers!




    Here is your winner @ 9:25 – “The Wildcard” Jason Randall
    Randall tilts his head as he surveys the damage done. Locke is out cold but it’s Galloway on the outside who seems to be the most affected by this outcome. Galloway, overwhelmed with frustration, picks up one part of the steel steps and launches it onto the ramp and then lets out a scream of frustration before pulling away at his hair and walking up the ramp, ignoring the fans that he usually slaps hands with.

    Langdon Trafford: A rare moment of frustration setting in on Tristan Galloway there, but I guess that just shows exactly what this match at Aftershock means to these superstars!

    David Weinstock: I think, Tristan Galloway knows that the sky is the limit for him here in the FWA. He just needs to find that one thing that’s keeping him from reaching that next level! But Jason Randall has a big win tonight! Speaking about reaching the next level... He might be on his way there!


    A small promo is played which hypes up Aftershock whilst also displaying the full card - this also includes the lineup for the 'every man for himself' match:


    "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy vs "The Exile" Cyrus Truth

    WOLF (c) vs "BEAUTYxBEAST" Bell Connelly vs "Interstellar Shaman" Starr

    The PAJ Project (c) vs The New Breed

    Special Singles Match
    "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud vs Penny

    Special Tag Match
    The Warriors of Virtue (Lord Dog & XYZ) vs The Sin City Vultures (BUCK & Christopher Manson)

    "The King of the X-Division" Dave Sullivan (c) vs "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell

    Special Tag Match
    The Elite vs Risky Jack

    Special Singles Match
    "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder vs "The Great I Am" Aaron Kendrick

    'Every Man For Himself' Match - Winner receives special trophy
    "Tokyo Kisai" LIGHTBRINGER vs "The Polynesian Powerhouse" Tristan James Galloway vs "The Wildcard" Jason Randall vs "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger vs LOCKE vs James "Eyesnsane" Hughes vs "Chicago's Favourite Gal" Izzy Van Doren vs ???? vs ???? vs ???? vs ???? vs ????


    The vicious-sounding theme music of the Sin City Vultures is halfway done, with BUCK and Christopher Manson slowly strolling down the entrance aisle, when the feed returns to the main part of the arena. Langdon Trafford and Piers Gallagher note the recent rivalry brewing between the Vultures and the team of "Lil' Wolf" Lord Dog and XYZ. When the lights return, "Giving In" by Adame hits and Mike Parr's well-known theme music is met with a mixed reaction. The New Breed, comprised of "The Protege" Sean Hughes and The Prototype," head to the ring with "The Prodigy" in tow right behind them.

    Langdon Trafford: "The Prototype" made a massive impact on the last show with a victory against Viktor Maximus. Imagine getting a pinfall win against one half of the reigning Tag Team Champions. And now being in an 8-man tag match against the full tag champion team and the former champs. What an opportunity for The New Breed.

    Piers Gallagher: This assembly that Parr has put together is quite impressive and if I was ANYONE else in the FWA, I'd be worried that they could dominate the tag team division AND a singles championship division here soon.

    There's no theme music for XYZ and Lord Dog. Instead, then enter from the crowd with a roaring approval and hit the ring, going 2 on 4 just to get a few shots in at the Sin City Vultures!

    Langdon Trafford: XYZ and Lord Dog are on a suicide mission!!!

    The two babyfaces are overmatched, though. And as the Vultures corner Lord Dog while The New Breed traps XYZ, the crowd roars with the start of Gojira- Vacuity. Viktor Maximus and "The Immortal" Phillip A. Jackson come out with the tag championships around their waist. Jackson goes to one side of the ring and Viktor to the other. Both men hop up to the apron as the four heels opposing them huddle together in the middle of the ring. When Jackson and Viktor both enter, they're joined by a resurgent XYZ and Lord Dog!!!


    Piers Gallagher: Viktor and Jackson having XYZ and Lord Dog on their side is like having two kittens on your side in a fight with four lions.

    The all-out brawl leads to bodies going wildly over the ropes. Lord Dog and Phillip A. Jackson have taken BUCK and Sean Hughes to the floor. The Prototype and Viktor Maximus again are at one another. That leaves Christopher Manson and XYZ, who are locked in a tight grapple against the ropes and changing positions in a sort of dance-like turntable sequence. The bell rings, and despite all of the ruckus outside the ring, we are off with two legal competitors inside.

    Eight Man Tag Team Match
    The Sin City Vultures (BUCK & Christopher Manson)/The New Breed ("The Protege" Sean Hughes & The Prototype, w/ "The Prodigy" Mike Parr)
    The Phillip A. Jackson Project ("The Immortal" Phillip A. Jackson & "The Destruction" Viktor Maximus)/"Lil' Wolf" Lord Dog & XYZ

    XYZ and Christopher Manson continue to try and overpower one another, an opener that finally closes when Manson shoves XYZ into the ropes as hard as he can but gets shoved backwards by a motivated XYZ! The crowd cheers XYZ's tenacity, and he follows up with shoving Manson into the ropes and hitting a nice hip toss maneuver!

    The superhero-persona face character grabs Manson around the neck and locks in a tight head lock. It transitions to a side head lock as Manson then reaches behind his back and BUCK reaches over the ropes and makes the tag. BUCK hits XYZ with a clubbing forearm to the back of the head. BUCK follows with a running shoulder tackle. His whip toward the ropes results in a big overhead powerslam and a two-count pin try.

    BUCK sends XYZ toward the turnbuckle but the face dodges a corner splash and makes a tag to Lord Dog, who hits a springboard leg lariat immediately upon entering the ring. Lord Dog follows with a swinging neckbreaker and tries for a pin, but BUCK flings Lord Dog off of him like a slice of bread being tossed into the air. BUCK tags in "The Protege" Sean Hughes, who blocks a forearm from Lord Dog and fires his own offense with backhand and knife-edge chops until Lord Dog's chest is beat red. Hughes whips Lord Dog into the ropes and lands a backbreaker. He tags in his partner, The Prototype, and The New Breed tandem pull off a double vertical suplex. The Prototype covers for a pin but Lord Dog kicks out.

    The Prototype misses on a big boot after a whip to the ropes and Lord Dog lands a low-angle kick to the shins. Then a tag to Phillip A. Jackson, who immediately lands a backslide pin for a two count. Then a school boy rollup for a two count. Then a small package for a two count. Jackson has The Prototype dazed and hits a knee to the stomach and a face-drop onto his knee. Tag made to Viktor, who clotheslines The Prototype to the ground immediately and covers!

    .............1................2......Broken up by Hughes!

    This causes Jackson to tackle Hughes to the mat. When the Sin City Vultures enter the ring, so do Lord Dog and XYZ. All four are brawling and flinging themselves around the ring, through and under the ropes, and away from the action, leaving Viktor and The Prototype as the two legal men. Just as it looks like they are about to do battle, Mike Parr runs into the ring and crushes a chair shot into the spine of Maximus! The crowd lets out a loud volume of boos as the referee has no choice but to disqualify The New Breed and The Sin City Vultures!

    Winners via DQ: The Phillip A. Jackson Project & The Warriors of Virtue
    Parr continues to smash the chair into Maximus as he eventually crumples to the ground - also assaulted by Prototype. The duo boot away until Phillip A. Jackson bursts into the ring and attacks them both in an effort to save his partner.

    Langdon Trafford: Mike Parr is ruining everything!

    Piers Gallagher: I know! It SUCKS! Get him, Phillip!

    Jackson fights valiantly against the Prototype and Parr but he is eventually outnumbered as Hughes joins the fray. It's three against one and Jackson has nowhere to go -- but the Warriors of Virtue get into the ring and even the odds up. Before a full scrap can begin, Parr drops his chair and then signals his boys back. Clearly, they're happy with what they've accomplished as Parr points at Jackson, shares a few words, and smirks as the trio leave the ring and begin to back up the ramp. The crowd can't help but let out vicious boos at Parr and his crew as they do so. Lord Dog and XYZ help Jackson move Maximus out of the ring -- Jackson and EMTs tend to his friend on the outside as medical attention is clearly required. In the ring, Lord Dog and XYZ are blindsided by another assault...

    David Weinstock: The Sin City Vultures are still here! And I don't think they care much for heroism...

    BUCK delivers a hellacious big boot to the back of Lord Dog's head that drives him forward into the ropes and then back into the clutches of BUCK. XYZ tries to make the save but Manson interrupts him mid-run and hits him with a Flapjack. BUCK then lets go of Lord Dog and throws him towards Manson - who crushes him with a huge roundhouse kick to the skull. "Lil Wulf" flops to the mat, lifeless. On the outside of the ring, Jackson, the EMTs and Maximus appear to have disappeared during the commotion. Potentially due to Maximus needing to be backstage.

    Langdon Trafford: Haven't we had enough violence already!? Stop this madness!

    David Weinstock: This is about setting down a marker for Aftershock...

    XYZ does his best, upon seeing his fallen friend, to attack both BUCK and Manson as he goes back and forth landing strikes on the duo. But each strike appears to have less and less impact as BUCK finally takes control and vaults him off of his feet with a discus clothesline. The Vultures waste no more time as BUCK grabs XYZ up and lifts him into a Gory Bomb position whilst Manson connects with a codebreaker! The Feast of Vultures lands! Both BUCK and Manson stand tall in the ring as the fans continue to pour down boos.

    Langdon Trafford: Aftershock awaits...


    Cut to backstage where we see Starr staring blankly into the camera. His expression looks a little labored, but he tries his best to look focused and intense.

    “Before me… is the opportunity of a lifetime.

    Before me… is the one thing I’ve been chasing for so long.

    But an astonishing hurdle has been placed before me as well…

    Chris Kennedy, one of the longest standing members of the FWA roster. One of the greatest to step foot in an FWA ring. An absolute genius and technician in the ring as well. Undefeated at Back in Business. Back to back wrestler of the year. Current FWA champion…

    Chris, your reputation precedes you. I’ve seen you. I’ve watched you dominate for years, man. When I think I know what you’re capable of, you change my mind and make me think differently…

    Chris, it’s no secret I think highly of you and that you are one of the best in the sport.”

    Starr lets out a deep, labored sigh. The camera zooms out to reveal Starr was in a neck bridge the entire time. He steadies his hands, and he puts his feet high in the air, almost getting a perfect 180° headstand. He brings his feet in and out, hopping up to his feet. Starr turns back to face the camera.


    If I want to be the absolute best… If I want more than just an opportunity… If I want to be FWA World Champion…

    Then I have to be ready for hurdles like this…

    Chris Kennedy! You want to categorize me as just some punk You will not stop me! I WILL NOT lose today! Oh no… I won’t lose because I can’t. Because opportunities like this aren’t handed out like Halloween candy. No. No. I’ve had to dig deeper, push hard, and fight harder than I ever have before. And don’t get me wrong I appreciate the fact that you want to challenge me one on one. But you... You have everything I’ve ever wanted in your hands…”

    Starr looks into his hands. A long mala bead necklace sits in them. He closes his fists with an intense stare into the camera. His deep breaths almost looks like fire is about to come out of his face.

    “...And I hope you’re ready to fight like hell to keep it.”

    Starr stares directly into the camera and presses his palms together.

    We come back to the arena ringside where the fans perk up to the sounds of "Guru" blasting out through the speakers. Some smoke begins to rise from the sides of the stage...

    Langdon Trafford: It's time, ladies and gentlemen, for our main event of the evening! And the sounds you're hearing right now... that's Starr's theme song! The 'Interstellar Shaman' is on his way to the ring!

    David Weinstock: This is a big chance for him. He needs to take it. We discussed this earlier... but this is the sort of match that Starr should thrive in. Nobody's expecting him to win.

    Piers Gallagher: That's because he won't. He's facing CHRIS KENNEDY! OUR CHAMP! HE HASN'T GOT A CHANCE!

    The smoke at the entrance begins to clear as the familiar shape of Starr emerges - hands together and bowing. He makes sure to throw up the peace sign to fans as he makes a purposeful walk to the ring. He gets in and poses on the turnbuckle for them before exiting the ring as "Bittersweet Symphony" takes over the sound system - and the cheers turn into thunderous boos.

    Piers Gallagher: Here he comes!

    Again, everyone's on their feet as "Astonishing" Chris Kennedy and "BEAUTYxBEAST" Bell Connelly appear at the top of the stage. Of course, Kennedy has the FWA title on his shoulder also. The duo make their way to the ring, hand in hand, and blissfully ignore the sounds from around them.

    Langdon Trafford: You really do have to wonder what goes on in the head of these two individuals. They once used to be the fan favourites... but now? I don't know what to think. I'm sickened.

    David Weinstock: They're a power couple, Langdon. I guess... they can do what they want.

    Langdon Trafford: Well... we'll see about that! Chris Kennedy has a match tonight... and the duo have high stakes matches at Aftershock!

    Piers Gallagher: It's easy, Langdon. Kennedy always wins. And Bell will win too.

    Eventually, the couple get to the ring and step through. Kennedy makes a point to go over to the part of the ring that Starr stands near, on the outside, and lift his belt as high as he possibly can. He also makes sure that Bell gets a chance to show off before planting a kiss on her.

    Main Event
    Non Title Match
    FWA Champion“The Astonishing” Chris Kennedy w/ Bell Connelly vs “The Interstellar Shaman” Starr

    Starr walks right into the ring and gets right up in Kennedy’s face. Kennedy gives off a cocky smile as he looks into Starr’s eyes and then holds up the FWA championship. Kennedy hands the championship to Bell, arm seemingly no longer injured, with the care he would give a small child and then kisses her on the cheek before turning back to Starr. Kennedy scoffs at his opponent as he reaches towards the center of the ring for a collar and elbow tie up but backs away just as Starr tries to engage. Kennedy laughs before motioning back to Bell, who jumps up on the ring apron and gives another kiss to her man. Kennedy turns back around with a confident swagger but walks right into a Spinning Heel Kick from Starr! Completely caught off guard, Kennedy slides back into the ropes with Bell running to his aid and checking on him. Kennedy puts up his hands and nods his head as if to say “Okay, you got me once…” before regaining his confident smile and getting back to his feet. This time, Kennedy charges forward at Starr, who quickly catches him with an arm drag/hip toss and then quickly gets him in a rear waistlock. The Astonishing One pushes forward to the ropes, looking for a German, as Starr pulls back for a rollup, which Kennedy rolls through into a rollup of his own for a one count.

    The two quickly get back up with Kennedy whipping Starr into the ropes and then sending him back down to the mat with a hard shoulderblock. Starr gets back to his feet, and retreats to the corner. Kennedy follows in and just starts striking him with forearms to the face and the back of the neck and then a series of knife edge chops before taking Starr down with a snapmare takedown and then a soccer kick to the spine! Kennedy delivers a few soft kicks to the skull before slapping Starr across the face and then shoving him back into the corner. Kennedy begins kicking him in the gut and then stomps a mudhole in his adversary. The referee forces a break after the count of 4, which causes Kennedy to intimidate the ref. Starr is grimacing in pain as Kennedy smirk and slowly walks back in. Kennedy grabs the Shaman by his arm and whips him into the opposite corner, but Starr springboards off the ropes and then FLIPS over Kennedy, lands on his feet and then backflips again into the corner! Kennedy comes charging in for a corner splash, but Starr gets a boot up, leaps OVER the top rope onto the apron! Kennedy goes in to grab him by his hair, but Starr ducks down and drives his shoulder into the abs of the Astonishing One, flips over Kennedy and the top rope and runs the ropes and one the rebound catches Kennedy with a Running Busaiku Knee Smash! The impact sends Kennedy rolling to the outside! But Starr isn’t done yet as he follows Kennedy outside with a Tope Con Hilo! Bell comes running around the corner but Starr takes off and slides into the ring! Bell checks on the champ, who has clearly underestimated the Interstellar Shaman here!

    Kennedy gets back into the ring and Starr immediately goes back on the attack but Kennedy catches him with a thumb to the eye and then immediately executes his patented Inverted Neck/Backbreaker combination! Kennedy wastes little time in going right into the Gator Roll, rolling Starr back and forth several times before locking in the Anaconda Vice! Starr starts to frantically push his way to the bottom rope, but Kennedy has it locked in good. Starr tries to push his way out of it, but Kennedy keeps the hold in. Connelly waves to both Starr and Kennedy, though it’s unclear if she’s waving at her man or mocking Starr. Connelly blows a kiss towards them and then smiles, as Kennedy nods his head. The crowd begins to stir and stomp their feet, with a strong “STARR! STARR! STARR!” chant building! Starr outstretches his hand, as if he’s looking to tap out but instead he pushes himself up and over, rolling Kennedy onto his back!



    Kennedy releases the hold to get his shoulder up but quickly rolls to his feet and stomps at Starr before pulling him up and quickly dropping him with a Double Arm DDT! Kennedy covers



    Starr gets the shoulder up! Kennedy gets himself up and climbs up to the top rope, looking for his perfected Moonsault! Starr gets to his feet, just as Kennedy leaps off, but Kennedy sticks the landing! Starr turns and runs towards Kennedy but gets caught with an STO! Kennedy covers…



    Starr gets the shoulder up and Kennedy starts to show some frustration. Kennedy goes back to those stomps to the back and head as Starr desperately reaches for the ropes. The Astonishing One takes advantage by putting Starr’s head on the bottom ropes and then pushing himself up, placing his boot firmly on the head of his opponent. The referee reaches four before Kennedy takes the pressure off. Starr rolls to the opposite side of the ring, trying to get help from the ropes, where Kennedy does the exact same thing until the count hits four. Bell cheers her champion on as Kennedy looks down at his handiwork. Starr slides to the corner, where Kennedy goes after him but Starr pushes his foot up into the sternum of the champion. Kiennedy backs away before going back in and suffering the same fate. Again, Kennedy goes back in to the corner but the third time, Starr begins unloading with a series of rights and lefts to the sternum of the champion! Starr gets to his feet and keeps taking shots at the ribs and chest of the champ before Kennedy kicks him in the gut and whips him hard into the corner…so hard that Starr bounces out and hits the mat! kennedy drops a few knees into the head and neck area before applying a Guillotine Choke! Starr struggles in the hold for a few moments before his right foot finds the bottom rope!

    The Son of No One pulls Starr away from the ropes and then locks in a sleeper hold. After a few moments, Starr’s leg begins to shake violently before he starts to really fight out and to his feet, with a few shots to the ribs that gets him separation! Again though, Kennedy cuts off the comeback with a kick to the ribs and a whip into the ropes. Kennedy looks for a clothesline but Starr ducks under, runs the ropes, and slides between the open legs of the champ on the rebound! Starr hooks Kennedy into a rear waistlock, but Kennedy pushes forward to the ropes as Starr drops back for a German Suplex, but Kennedy held onto the ropes! Starr rolled back to his feet and walked right into a Spinning Wheel Kick from Kennedy! Starr hit the mat like a ton of bricks!



    Starr kicks out at 2! Kennedy begins to seethe this time as he stares out into the crowd. Kennedy gets up and begins to berate the referee about his slow counts before turning his attention back to Starr. Kennedy grabs Starr by his hair, and whips him into the ropes but follows him in with a running knee to the gut. Kennedy does the same thing on the opposite side of the ring. Kennedy grabs Starr by the arm and begins to wrench at it before going for the same move one more time, only Starr drops down and rolls up Kennedy!



    Kennedy kicks out and quickly gets up and knocks Starr back down to the mat before dropping own to his knees, mounting him and drilling him with hard rights and lefts. Kennedy begins slapping away at him, telling him that he’s not even in his league. Kennedy gets up and paces back and forth for a moment before going back to a few clubbing blows to the back and then reapplying the Sleeper Hold. Starr seems to be lifeless for a while before the crowd gets him back into it. As the crowd gets hyped, so does Starr, who finds one last gasp and begins to fight! Starr pulls himself up and throws some jabs for separation but Kennedy stops the comeback again with a blow to the back of the head and then hooks Starr up for a Back Suplex, but Starr lands on his feet and then connects with a jawbreaker! Kennedy is stunned, which buys Starr some time!

    Kennedy goes back in, looking to grab Starr by the hair, but Starr frantically begins fighting back! Kennedy again knees him in the gut and whips him into the ropes but this time, Starr comes firing back with a leaping forearm! Then a second one! Spinning Mule kick to the knee by Starr, followed by a straight kick to the chest, and then another spinning mule kick to the kneecap that takes Kennedy to his knees! Starr runs the ropes but Kennedy gets back up and does as well, and catches him with a running dropkick! Another cover by Kennedy, and another two count! Kennedy grabs Starr by his hair and begins taunting him before slapping away at his face. Starr had enough and took one giant HARD SLAP TO THE FACE OF THE ASTONISHING ONE! Kennedy stumbled backwards to the ropes before kicking Starr in the gut and hooking him up for a powerbomb, but Starr countered into a hurricanrana that sent Kennedy facefirst into the turnbuckle! Kennedy was starry-eyed as he pulled himself up and staggered around the ring, right into a Spiritual Guide from Starr! Kennedy bounced back lifelessly as Starr wsasted no time in picking up Kennedy and drilling him with a Lights Out! Starr climbs up to the top rope as the crowd goes berserk! Starr calls for the Shooting Starr Press, but Bell gets on the apron and tries to grab Starr’s foot but he kicks her away and off the apron! but the distraction was all Kennedy needed. Just as Starr started to leap, Kennedy got to his feet. Starr managed to leap over him and land on his feet, as Kennedy tried to catch him off guard with the Bittersweet Chin Symphony, but Starr slid underneath his leg and rolled him up!



    Kennedy kicked out!

    Both men up quickly with Kennedy looking for another Spinning Heel Kick, but Starr ducked, and springboarded off the rope but Kennedy caught him with a Bittersweet Chin Symphony out of nowhere!




    Here is your winner @ 14:45 – “The Astonishing” Chris Kennedy

    As the final bell sounds, Bell slides into the ring and passes Kennedy his title whilst helping him to his feet. He puts one arm around her and then lifts his title into the air - proud of his accomplishment.... but the crowd aren't too happy at all and voice their displeasure.

    Langdon Trafford: Nobody is happy with this! When will it end!?

    David Weinstock: Starr did all he could...

    Piers Gallagher: Told ya!

    Kennedy, hearing the crowd, seems annoyed and he hands his title to Bell and then taunts the crowd by going over to Starr and delivering a few boots! He then gets down and begins to pummel Starr with left and right punches! The referee does his best to try and stop it and eventually Kennedy relents.... but Bell has escaped the referee's sight line. Kennedy distracts the referee as Bell looks to measure Starr up with the belt....

    Langdon Trafford: The match is over! Stop this foolishness!

    Just as everything seems to be going to plan for Bell/Kennedy, the fans perk up and let out a load of cheers as "The Exile" Cyrus Truth comes storming down the ramp! Bell tries to hit him with the belt but he ducks under and hits the ropes before planting Bell on her back with a lariat - the belt goes flying as she rolls out of the ring. Kennedy breaks free from the referee....

    David Weinstock: Here we go! We're not waiting until Aftershock!

    Cyrus and Kennedy begin an explosive trading of shots before Cyrus starts to get the upper hand - the fans grow in volume as the number one contender takes it to the champion! Cyrus tries to whip Kennedy into the ropes but Kennedy reverses.....NO CYRUS HITS A DISCUS PUNCH! He grabs Kennedy and plants him with a German Suplex before looking to apply a neck crank... but Bell grabs Kennedy and gets him out of the ring before Cyrus can do anymore damage.

    Langdon Trafford: A whole new meaning has been brought to 'Saved by the Bell!' But I don't think Bell will be there for Kennedy at Aftershock...

    Kennedy is able to retrieve his title as he and Bell begin a slow retreat up the ramp. Cyrus checks on Starr for a moment before helping him to his feet - the duo stand tall in the ring as fans chant their support for the duo. In response, Kennedy raises his title and points at the two - shouting some hostilities.

    David Weinstock: At Aftershock, it'll all finally be settled.



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    Re: Fight Night September 21st results

    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Fight Night September 21st results

    Card for Aftershock will be posted today, as will promo threads.

    What did you all think of Fight Night?

    Deal of the day: Anyone who leaves a PROPER review of the show (What they like/What they hated) will be guaranteed a promo review at the PPV.

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    Re: Fight Night September 21st results

    Quote Originally Posted by Sayer View Post
    Card for Aftershock will be posted today, as will promo threads.

    What did you all think of Fight Night?

    Deal of the day: Anyone who leaves a PROPER review of the show (What they like/What they hated) will be guaranteed a promo review at the PPV.
    I don't want you to review my promo. I'll still review the show.

    Edited: I don't need you to review it. I'm fine w/o a review. If you want to, go ahead.

    For a go-home show, it was fine but there was a massive lack of narrative. It felt like things were sort of randomly dropped in there. Like, to me, the Bell-Starr-Wolf feud is the biggest thing going on right now. Then you have the Bell segment later and her ending the show by interfering for CK against Starr. This feud has the most depth and Bell's character is really bringing it all together. I honestly think that the Bell-Wolf interaction should've started the show, then you have the segments in the middle with Bell and Starr, and then the end with the match. As it is now, the show feels unbalanced. There are like 2 or 3 quick matches and the only thing in there is little bits about the history of the X Championship. Then the XYZ segment, which was comedy and not real substance. The first hour or hour and a half sucked, basically.

    The matches were well done. Again, there was a no-finish on the match involving XYZ/Lord Dog and SCV. That's pretty frustrating as someone who has a character who is part of that foursome. Everything else was fine. The only real narrative explored on this show was Bell-Starr-Wolf and I think that narrative should've been the focus since we didn't get any Kennedy-Cyrus stuff until the very very very end.

    The matches were good and all but the general story of the show was not good. In the end, the show was average. More depth, more development, more drama. Right now the FWA shows are missing that. Maybe this is a desirable direction for the rest of the FWA members but for me it just feels hollow.
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    Re: Fight Night September 21st results

    Star making performance for my boi. Pun intended.

    Bell persistently trying to get people on her side was a treat as well.

    Right now, I'm really only confused on is with Izzy. I'm guessing plans w/ Eyes fell through? And with her standing with Penny and Randall, would that indicate that she's a face? Especially after being bullied by Michaud. (shrug) Just lost on the direction you're going with her, but I'll roll with whatever you give me.

    I still enjoyed this show for all it was. Pretty good go home. Looking forward to Aftershock.
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    Re: Fight Night September 21st results

    Mac's destroying anything in his path. Heel or face.

    Yeah, its no secret Hughes is done. Eyes hasnt promoed the last few shows.

    But don't worry...I'll get with you tomorrow on what we've gor planned for Izzy. I think you'll like it.

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    Re: Fight Night September 21st results

    Well, I think this was a decent enough show, when you stand it alone, Matches, good. Segments good. Nothing to fault, but as a go home show....I don't know, I thought the system we had going for the last year where we had a easy going segment only show to really promote the ppv. And this show...just felt, it had a lack of promos and segments to get REALLY excited about the show.

    But that's just my two cent.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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