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    "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud

    Name: Mac Michaud

    Height: 6'11
    Weight: 328 lbs
    Age: 26
    Hometown: Edmonton,Alberta
    Nickname: The Malevolent One

    Manager: Daniella Kennedy

    Theme Song

    FWA accomplishments:Former X Division Champ (4/14/12- 7/23/2012), Former 2 Time FWA TV Champion, Most Combined Days As TV Champ, Tied For Most Reigns As Tv Champ(2), Two time FWA Tag Team Champion.

    Non-FWA accomplishments Longest Reigning LoW Tag team Champ In History, 5 Month Reign As X factor Champion, NFL Rookie Of The Year, Defensive Lineman Of the Year 2008
    Type (Face or Heel):Heel
    Style of Wrestling: Powerhouse,brawler,punishing
    Gimmick (i.e. respected, hated, bully, etc.): A Ex Army Member who gave up a lucritive NFl contract To join the force, but returned a violent and changed man causing him to be thrown out of the NFL Forever, So now he has com to FWA where violence is encouraged
    FWA Win/Loss Record:
    Current FWA Fueds:
    Current Associates: NO ONE!
    Finisher(s):F5KO: he grabs him for a F5 but when eh spins him in the air grabs the neck and hits the RKO
    The Killshot: Randy Orton Punt Kick
    The AirStrike: Sitdown Powerbomb from the middle rope

    5 perfected wrestling moves:
    High Impact Spinebuster
    Broski boot
    Big Boot
    Fallaway slam
    snake eyes
    sitout spinebuster
    cross armbar
    delayed vertical suplex
    release german suplex
    suplex powerslam
    swinging side slam
    sidewalk slam
    cross arm breaker
    shoulder breaker

    Introduction Promo:


    The scene opens up to "The One True Monster" Mac Michaud walking up upon a dilapidated white house. The stairs are falling apart and the once white paint is now cracking into chips. The house is damn near falling apart and as Mac takes a step up the stairs and he breaks through, his foot breaking the third step. He keeps up the stairs and enters the house. Mac walks his way into a dark room. You can kind of make out the shape of a light with a string hanging from it in the middle of the room. Beyond that you see a shape of a person appearing to be around 6 feet tall and stocky. Mac reaches for the light and pulls the string, as he does so he prepares to yell out for his former mentor/tormentor Sarge. The light kicks on and Mac lifts his head...

    Mac: Sa...What the hell?

    When the light kicks on all you see is a mannequin, Mac hears a creak and turns around but its too late. CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRACK, The sound of a baseball bat connecting with the back of The Monster's skull echos throughout the room followed behind it by a thud of him hitting the ground

    Sarge: Well hello there Maggot! Tell me, son... what in the hell has happened to you? What happened to the Monster that spread fear throughout the entire FWA, unleashing havoc on everyone in his path?

    As Sarge finishes that sentence, he connects with a stiff kick to Mac's ribs, combat boots the kick lands with a sickening thud. Sarge walks around and grabs Mac by the head.

    Sarge: I knew things were bad but this is pathetic!! You aren't worth the cost of scrubbing your blood off my boots.

    Sarge connects with a soccer kick to Mac's head, sending a cascade of blood against the wall.

    Sarge: This is what your life has become? What happened to your killer instinct? You got fooled by a damn mannequin. What did you think was going to happen when you came in here boy!?! You think I was going to just stand by and let you ruin the legacy that i built for you!!! I thought i could turn you back on the right path. Make you into the feared monster you once was but it is clear to me that THE MONSTER IS DEAD!!

    Mac tries to make it to his feet but Sarge lands another devastating shot to the ribs making Mac crumple up yet again.

    Sarge: I brought you here to resurrect the monster, but all that stands in front of me is a victim. You make me sick to my stomach. All you do is lose, You were one of the first guys out of Carnal Contendership. You lost what 6 title shots for the X title and don't get me started on that abortion of an attempt at the tag titles. A man that got assaulted put up more fight than you did. I remember The Monster that was UNDEFEATED in title matches, now you can't even beat the peons of society. You just don't have it anymore BOY, this was a waste of my time. You will NEVER be the Monster of the FWA that is for damn sure MAGGOT

    Sarge stomps away at a turtled up Mac who hasn't been able to get up since the sick shot with the bat. Sarge stomps away seemingly at will before finally relenting. He hocks a loogy and spits right on the back of Mac.

    Sarge: You are finished! The "Monster" is dead, and he has been for a while now.

    The scene ends with Sarge walking away as Mac struggles to make it back up to his feet, A gash is opened up over his right eye and blood seems to be coming from the back of his head but it is hard to tell with all that hair.


    The next scene opens up backstage with a clearly disheveled and late Mac walking through the backstage area. His cut over his eye shows slight signs of healing but his eye is purple and swollen. Backstage workers look on but avoid contact. A production assistant approaches the monster.
    Production Assistant: Jesus, you look like crap! And you're late, you missed the pre show booking meeting and the run through. Your match is next, clean yourself up and get out there. Jeez!

    .Mac doesn't even respond, he just stares at the P.A seemingly staring through him as he continues walking to the backstage entrance to the ramp. The P.A looks to one of the enhancement talent in for the night and shakes his head.

    P.A: What happened to that guy, it's a damn shame he used to be somebody here.

    "I stand alone" blares over the loudspeakers as Mac makes his way down the entrance ramp. His white wife beater has a few dried bits of blood from the vicious assault by his one time mentor Sarge. Mac stumbles down the ramp and steps over the top ring rope. In classic Mac style he drops himself down into the corner and beckons for the microphone.

    Mac: The one true monster....that's what I've always gone by here in the FWA. At one point that actually meant something. People would show up at the arena and the first thing they would do was check the booking sheet. They would hope and pray that my name wasn't opposite theirs. They would quiver in fear at the thought of squaring off in this very ring with me. More than one talent all of a sudden had a nagging injury that would prevent them from making it to the ring after checking the sheet. I don't know exactly when that changed, but it is clear to everyone that it has. When I came to the FWA, I would tell people that I was here to shake things up. That I was here to eliminate those that hung on to past glory. The guys like Cameron Cross, Alexx, Clay Reitimer. The guys that talked a big game but hadn't achieved anything of note in years. I took great pleasure in taking these old vets behind the woodshed and putting the killshot through their brain. I had a lot of fun ending these veteran's illusions that they could still hack it. Now what I came here to destroy is what I have become. In all my time in the FWA I would take pleasure in destroying people. Even when Chris Kennedy and myself started The Syndicate, together we helped eliminate the old guard that was running this place. For the better part of 2 years I ran roughshod through this company. Where did it all go wrong?

    The Monster wipes his hair out of his eyes, you can see some pain and anguish in his eyes as he struggles to continue.

    Mac: I have become what I came here to destroy. Funny when you think about it, eh? WELL I'M NOT LAUGHING. Worse yet I have gone from claiming victims, to being one myself. Michael Garcia will be the first one to tell you that, because god forbid he doesn't pass up the chance to get you to notice him. Thing is, Garcia is right. They are all right. What happened earlier this week would never have happened to me before. I would have seen right through Sarge's plan. I would have known it was a trap, instead I walked right into it. Sarge was always good at breaking people down and rebuilding those he deemed worthy. He did it to me on more than one occasion. Fast forward to earlier this week and his ambush assault, He said I was nothing...that The Monster was dead and I have to say I can't really dispute that. Maybe the business has passed me by, Maybe the people are just bigger and faster than they used to be. Tonight I am part of a 6 man tag team match and I am here willing to fight but after this I'm not really sure there is a place for The Monster anymore. If this is indeed the end I just want to say..

    "Warrior" by Kimbra and Foster The People plays and out walks Mac's former Syndicate stablemate, Daniella Kennedy.

    Langdon: Daniella Kennedy?!?!?! What is she doing here?

    Piers: Isn't obvious? She is here to laugh at this pitiful "Monster" that is left in the ring.

    Daniella makes her way down to ringside and Mac seems as confused as everyone else. Daniella grabs a microphone and circles Mac for a bit before finally speaking up.

    Daniella Kennedy: You know, Mac...I'm sitting in the back, I'm listening to you throw this pity party and I'm wondering the same things you are. What happened to my Syndicate stablemate? What happened to my Monster? I watched you destroy competitor after competitor, I watched your enemies cower on the way to the ring, and I watched you pick your victims apart. A lot has changed since then, hasn't it? You were given X-Title shots on Crossfire regularly, you blew every single one. You had a shot at the tag team titles and not only did you blow that, but you cost Parr his shot as well. What happened? Well I'll tell you what happened. You believed in your own hype. You believed that you were a MONSTER and you rested on your laurels and assumed you would get the same results with minimal effort.

    Daniella pushes Mac, and he seems surprised.

    Daniella Kennedy: Something HAS to change! Sarge turning his back on you, that was the best thing that could happen to you. Sarge is a relic of a different time. You are trying to reclaim the persona you had 3 year ago, but that's not you, it was never you. You need to move on from trying to intimate everyone, you need to stop focusing on "hurting' your opponents, and start focusing on BEATING your opponents. You have to understand that.

    Mac Michaud: You think I like losing? You think I like not being taken seriously by the same people who feared my name?

    Daniella Kennedy: Well, if you like winning, you could have sure as hell fooled me. You need an overhaul, Mac.

    Daniella rips Mac's grungey tanktop right off his abdomen, revealing his chest and stomach and throws it into the crowd.

    Daniella Kennedy: First, lose the dirty clothes. DRESS like a wrestler if you want to be respected as a wrestler.

    Daniella gets in his face.

    Daniella Kennedy: Ditch the stupid Godsmack themesong. You don't even like Godsmack, for the love of christ.

    Mac scoffs. Daniella circles Mac for a bit before chiming in again.

    Daniella Kennedy: Stand up straight when you are cutting your promo. Act like you give a shit. Drop the MONSTER gimmick, you need to be more than a monster, because in every story worth telling, the monster dies in the end. True evil, that never dies, so yes, you DO need to be more than a monster. You need to be MALEVOLENT. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO DEFEAT THE BLACKHEARTS!?!

    Mac Michaud: I....

    Daniella Kennedy: No, don't say it to me, say it to THEM.

    Mac pauses a bit then takes a breath before turning to the camera.

    Mac Michaud: I have nothing left to lose Daniella. Do you think you are telling me things I haven't already told myself? You say it's just a pity party but this is MY LIFE! But don't think for a second that I am just going to roll over and die. The Blackhearts are a formidable opponent, there is no doubting that anymore. You are right though, the monster is an antique of a forgotten time. I have always been malevolent and malicious. I go to a dark place in the deep parts of my mind to find the sadistic anger that fuels my destruction. I haven't been doing that lately but damn you sure sparked that fire again. NO ONE talks to me the way you just did, that in itself shows me just how far the monster has fallen. You are right it is time for a rebirth, a baptism in blood.

    The sick smile that used to crease the monster's face has now returned.

    Mac Michaud: It has been spelled out many time before, the long history I have with The Blackhearts. The past is the past for a reason. I've won some battles, they have won some battles. None of that matters now. Malik Garcia, you are the enigma of the Blackhearts. You seem to have all the potential in the world, yet it never seems to amount to anything. You talk a big game, but when the chips are down you run and hide behind Michael. Are you scared to be your own man? Are you worried that alone you are nothing? I think that is what it is. Michael Garcia may be a pompous piece of garbage, but he gets the job done in the ring. What have you ever done Malik that was ON YOUR OWN!!! What have you accomplished without your safety net? Everyone saw it at winter wasteland that the key to defeating the Blackhearts is to neutralize Michael. Once Michael is out of the picture, Malik you fold like a cheap hooker. You may have all the athleticism and physical attributes in the world, but this sport is as much about the space between your ears than the strength you have. Malik you are definitely the weak link, a weak link I intend to exploit tonight.

    The he fire is back in Mac's eyes as he keeps rolling on.

    Mac Michaud: James Hughes, man we go way back. Even further than Michael and I. We have been friend and foe, spilled blood from Cali to Hawaii. Everyone knows all about over the edge, everyone knows about our titanic wars. Like the titanic however, talk of those must sink away into oblivion. It is a new day in the FWA. I don't like the current landscape of the FWA. All that gold was sitting with you and the Garcia's, something had to change. Ryan Rondo started the charge and I damn sure will carry it on. The North American division needs some fresh blood, and I will get my name in the mix by spilling yours James. You want to be victorious tonight, I NEED IT! I have laid dormant for so long I just needed a push to make me remember who the hell I am! I am Mac Michaud, I was one of the greatest Television champions of all time. That's what I was! That me is dead and gone, there is no telling what I will become now. Tonight is my put up or shut up moment and I damn sure intend on making some waves. Whether that is via catching Malik off the top rope and nailing him with my F5KO, Kicking Michael Garcia's lights out with The Killshot or a combination of the two to take out you James. It doesn't matter to me, I know I need this victory to get my redemption and I will fight with every ounce of willpower this MAN has. The boogeyman and the monster are myths, I am the real deal!!

    Mac is fired up now, as he brushes the hair out of his face and looks right at Daniella.

    Mac Michaud: THAT Daniella is how I am going to defeat the Blackhearts. I am willing to do things that no other man in this company is capable of. It is reaching the limits of my capabilities that will lead me to victory. I think everyone is aware I haven't reached anywhere near that in a long time. Michael Garcia has made sure to point that out to anyone and everyone who would listen. I may have lost my path, but you have brought me back from the brink. I need to embrace who I really am, not just play a part. Like you said in the end, The Monster always dies. It was inevitable that this day would come and I was a coward, holding on to something that just wasn't there anymore. I've been so worried about trying to live up to my past, that I've neglected what I could TRULY become in the future. No more dumb catchphrases to try and be "marketable". No pandering to the fans or to anyone in the back, IT IS MY TIME!!! It is time I show the world just who the real Mac Michaud really is. The Malevolent Mac Michaud is here to stay. Talk is cheap and I am ready for some action, so let's go Blackhearts. My road to redemption begins NOW!

    Mac paces around the ring like an animal in the cage as Daniella looks on with an approving smile.
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    Re: "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud

    Immmmm baaaaaaaaack lol. Looking forward to rping with the new blood and old guard of the fwa

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