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Thread: New Rocket City Fantasy Football Team Logo

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    New Rocket City Fantasy Football Team Logo

    Hey guys!

    I've been working on this logo for a long time, and I've finally completed it today. Here's it is:

    This is my logo for my fantasy football team in WC. I've downloaded the image of skyscrapers of Huntsville (close to where I live) and incorporated inside the logo and made it powder blue. The bottom of the skyscraper though, I didn't have any ideas of what it should be so I've decided to make it blank unless I change my mind. Maybe I could have added water waves or grass, but the grass would take the colors of the logo away if I made it green. As for the rocket, I've actually designed it using polygonal and elliptical tools to design parts of the rocket. After that, I've added some shade on half of the parts of the rocket to give it a more professional image. Around the circle, I've added a bit of white lines, to give it like a shiny-like look.

    I've put good effort in designing this.
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