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    A video of fast-fowarded big-city streets at night plays to an instrumental version of "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West.

    The scenes in the video speed up until the lights on both sides of the street become nothing more than blurred neon yellow lines. The camera shots veer left and right, taking sharp turns before finally pulling up on the final destination:

    "Flashing Lights" and the image of the stadium suddenly fades out. As an abbreviated version of "Land of Hopes and Dreams" by Bruce Springsteen plays, a slow-motion black and white video of someone slowly entering an arena with bright lights and visibly hypercharged audience in the arena seats is seen. The person turns around, gives the slightest of head-flicks to clear the hair from his eyes, and gives a sly wink to the camera. We see that the person is Devin Golden.

    ♫Grab your ticket and your suitcase...
    Thunder's rolling down the tracks!
    You don't know where you're goin' now...
    But you know you won't be back!♫

    We see various slow-motion footage from past Back in Businesses, all in a black and white monochrome. We see Daniel Sinclair and Sean Kelleher standing across from each other at BIB 1. We see Ryan Hall, Nate Richardson, and then Matt Boudreau.

    ♫Well darlin' if you're weary...
    Lay your head upon my chest.
    We'll take what we can carry...
    And we'll leave the rest...♫

    We see Ashley O'Ryan and Stu St. Clair, and then Jack Severino. We see shots of Gabrielle standing over Duke Drazin.

    ♫Big wheels roll through fields where sunlight streams....♫

    We see Devin Golden again, standing across the ring from Ryan Rondo at BIB X.

    ♫Meet me in a land of hope and dreams!♫

    The black and white footage is suddenly splashed with streaks of color. We now see full colorized shots of Phillip A. Jackson, then younger versions of Chris Kennedy and WOLF at BIB VII. We then see two people circling each other in a ring, and when one persons back moves away from obscuring the camera, we see that the person standing on the other side of the ring is Cyrus Truth, with the Back in Business XI sign behind him.

    The music fades into a crowd chanting "FWA!! FWA! FWA!!" as bolded words suddenly appear on the screen, over a still-slow-motion scene of Shannon O'Neal and Cyrus Truth in the ring at BIB XII.


    An abbreviated version of "The Adventure" by Angels and Airwaves starts playing as the scene from BIB XII suddenly fades out and is replaced by full speed, full color footage of someone sticking their hand straight into the camera. The shot zooms out a little, and we see that the hand in the camera is making a 'V', and behind the hand stands a smiling Starr in a FWA ring. We see footage of Tristan James Galloway at WGP1, then Christopher Manson and BUCK standing back-to-back with the Tag Team Championships high in the air at Mile High.

    ♫Heyoo.... Here I am....♫

    We see Bell Connelly with the World Championship at Mile High, and then a shot of Jason Randall holding Penny in his arms at the World Tag League.

    ♫And here we go, lifes waiting to begin....♫

    We see Izzy Van Doren standing on a ramp with a broken kendo stick handle, and then we see Tommy Thunder hanging on the top ropes at the World Grand Prix. We see James Hughes makign his FWA return, then we see Deception challenging for the X Titile.


    We see Lord Dog giving XYZ a dubious look at Fight Night OKC, and then a panoramic shot of Danny Toner at the World Grand Prix

    ♫I cannot live, I can't breathe, unless you do this with me....
    I cannot live, I can't breathe, unless you do this with me....
    I cannot live, I can't breathe, unless you do this with me....
    I cannot live, I can't breathe, unless you do this with me....♫

    We see Phillip A. Jackson showing off Viktor Maximus under a titantron. The scene then switches to Risky Douglas putting his arms around Jack Adams in the ring, along with a steamed Mike Parr at ringside.

    ♫I cannot live, I can't breathe, unless you do this with me....
    I cannot live, I can't breathe, unless you do this with me!!!♫

    We see Aaron Kendrick redubuting in FWA at Salt Lake City, and then we see Dave Sullivan walking down the FWA ramp with Penny at OKC.

    ♫Heyooo, Here I am...
    And here we go, lifes waiting to begin!♫

    We see Kevin Cromwell with the X Division Championship, and then WOLF throwing the North American Championship belt high in the air. We see BUCK yelling something at Viktor Maximus while Manson looks on in the background, and then Starr giving Bell Connelly a mock namaste.

    ♫Heyooooooo, Here I am!!
    Here we go, lifes waiting to begin!!!♫

    The final shots of the video show Chris Kennedy with the World GP Trophy, and then shots of Cyrus Truth with the World Championship belt. The final scene returns to a slow-mo shot of Chris Kennedy and Cyrus Truth facing off for the first time at Carnal Contendership 2016, with the crowd chanting loudly in the background, both men sizing each other up, surely without the knowledge of what that first meeting would be the start of.

    Sunday, July 15th 2018
    AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas

    We finally go live inside AT&T Stadium with a panoramic shot of the sold-out building. The camera is going too fast to make out any of the signs, but after a swooping birds-eye view, we quickly move to the ring, where a color guard of American flags stand at the ready for the singing of the national anthem.

    The crowd politely applauds and/or shrugs at the sultry version of the national anthem as Fergie makes her way out of the ring with the color guard. Portly patriots in the crowd furiously tweet on their phones about how our sacred national anthem was desecrated as the camera shot switches from the ring to the tuxedoed-up commentary team of Langdon Trafford, Piers Gallagher, and Dave Weinstock.

    Langdon Trafford: 13 cheers for 13 years!!! Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and pleasure to welcome one and all, anyone and everyone watching this broadcast from every corner of the world, to AT&T Stadium here in Arlington, Texas, the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance is live and we are ready for the most incredible night of pro wrestling you have ever witnessed, this is the spectacle that is BACK IN BUSINESS XIII!!!! My name is Langdon Trafford, and with me as always on this historic evening are my fellow commentators Piers Gallagher and Dave Weinstock!! Guys, theres no way the folks at home don't already know what they are tuning in for, but in case some poor soul really doesn't know, remind everyone about the unparalleled card that FWA is presenting tonight!!

    Piers Gallagher: Just in case you've been living under a ROCK for the past few months, you've tuned in at just the right time!! Because in our main event, a main event for the ages, its Title vs Streak!! The FWA World Champion 'The Exile' Cyrus Truth will put that title on the line against the owner of the 7-0 BIB streak, the first ever World Grand Prix winner, 'Astonishing' Chris Kennedy!!! It doesn't get any bigger or better than this!! The biggest Back in Business main event ever is going down tonight, and the winner walks away with more than just the title, the winner will hold the fate of FWA in the palm of his hands!!

    David Weinstock: But of course, thats not all!!! Tristan James Galloway will challenge WOLF for the FWA North American Championship once again, in a series that has spiraled from a sporting rivalry to a blood feud!!! Both men claim the other has taken something near and dear from them, but tonight, Galloway gets one more chance, perhaps one last chance, to humble 'The Last Legend'!! We also have the Sin City Vultures, the most dominant tag team in FWA history perhaps, taking on Phillip A. Jackson and his new project Viktor Maximus!! Bell Connelly will face Starr in a special singles match!
    All this and so much more, coming your way tonight, the biggest Back in Business in FWA history!

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    As the new X Division Champion returns to the back, the lights dim and a video package introduces the next match. The video is set to the song "Better" by GunsN'Roses.

    The images start in a black and white scene from Fight Night in OKC, where miscommunication between XYZ and Lord Dog likely costs both of them a spot in the X Division Championship match.

    Narrator: In one moment... the dream dies.

    We see XYZ get the last word in the heated post-match conversation between himself and Lord Dog and offer a peace handshake.

    "Do we choose to accept the outcome and move on? Or... is there something that still needs to be excised?"

    We see Lord Dog just shaking his head and getting out of the ring, leaving XYZ hanging.


    The scene switches first to footage of Lord Dogs original FWA run as Tag Team Champion with Ghost, then we fast forward to a slightly-older Lord Dog watching from the background in Tokyo as the World GP trophy is presented to Chris Kennedy.

    "The runt of the litter, a former champion returns to FWA, but with the opportunity for championship gold at BIB lost, Lord Dog must set the record straight to get back to the mountaintop!"


    We see footage from XYZ original run in FWA, then juxtaposed with XYZ being pinned by Kevin Cromwell and then failing to save Lord Dog against Dave Sullivan.

    "The technicolor man of mystery returns to FWA and Back in Business, yet like his opponent, he finds himself on the outside looking in!!"

    The scene returns to Lord Dog rejecting XYZs peace offering at OKC.

    "A situation where two men with many similarities find themselves entangled... where perhaps it would be wise to let bygones be bygones... but on the other hand, the sense of unfinished business is palpable!!

    Sometimes words are not enough... sometimes, perhaps, ideas are better communicated with fists!"



    The lights come up, and the audience sees that on the stage, a large collection of revolving mirrors have been placed. The mirrors are swinging, casting light reflections all over the stage and rampway. The shimmering green figure of XYZ suddenly appears in one of the mirrors, dancing around, visible only have the time as the mirror revolves. Suddenly, XYZs image is in all the mirrors.


    As "One Headlight" plays, the real XYZ finally steps through the curtain in full shiny regalia. As he steps forward and walks down the ramp, some of the mirrors behind him rise up, creating the effect of a multitude of XYZs in various groovy shapes and sizes behind him.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, this upcoming match came about from a misunderstanding, a miscommunication, a costly error which cost both men dearly!! But the stage is still Back in Business, and here tonight, XYZ must concentrate on the task at hand and put the wind back into his sails!!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Ill have you all know that I was against bringing either of these floatsam back to FWA!! If anything, I think this should be a losers leave town match!!!

    XYZ enters the ring and takes a bow, soaking in the cheers. As he readies himself for the match, the lights in the stadium dim again...

    The stadium falls dark, but a sudden lone, naked singing voice suddenly cuts through the PA. The voice sings in acapella, unaccompanied by any music, yet it is beautiful and raw enough that it sounds like an angel having an orgasm.

    ♫Let your mind start a journey to a strange new world...
    Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before...


    As the various stadium shots catch people in the dark looking around for the source of the angelic baritone, a flute, a timpani drum, and a triangle suddenly begin to accompany the voice.

    ♫Floating, falling, sweet intoxication
    Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation
    Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in
    To the power of the music that I write.....♫

    ♫The power of.... the music of the...♫

    A full orchestra is finally heard accompanying the grand finale. The lights in the arena suddenly come up!


    As the crowd lose their collective shit, we see a single figure crouched down, already midway up the stadium ramp, shrouded in a majestic black cape. As he finishes, the figure rises, leaving his mic on the ramp, and throws the cape aside to reveal Lord Dog, dressed immaculately as the Phantom of the Opera, with half-mask and all. The stadium explodes in a standing ovation for him as Lord Dog now strides towards the ring, discarding pieces of his costume one by one until her reaches the ring, ready to wrestle with only his black dress pants and Phantom mask on.

    Langdon Trafford: Another musical masterclass by Lord Dog has shook the audience here at Arlington to its core!!

    David Weinstock: We know he has the voice of Fergie and Jesus, Langdon, but we need to see him wrestle now!! We need to see if Lord Dog still can get it together like the Lord Dog of old always seemed to find a way to, and he really needs to come up with the goods here at Back in Business against XYZ!!

    Lord Dog VS XYZ

    The bell rings and Lord Dog ducks a lock up and hits XYZ with a right to the back of the head. Lord Dog hits XYZ with a series of strikes, backing him into the corner before being pushed away and hit with a big right hand. XYZ hits Lord Dog with a series of rights before hitting a big suplex and trapping Lord Dog in a rear chin lock. Lord Dog fights to his feet and hits XYZ with a bit head butt, but is caught with a huge backbreaker. XYZ kicks and stomps Lord Dog in the back before hitting him with a giant right to the side of the head. XYZ whips Lord Dog into the corner hard and attacks him in the corner, burying his shoulder in Lord Dog’s midsection before hitting him with another big right.

    XYZ hits Lord Dog with a big kick, but Lord Dog comes back and sweeps XYZ’s legs out, taking him down to the mat. Lord Dog brings the fight to XYZ with punches and kicks before grinding his elbow into XYZ’s back, then hitting a dragon screw. Lord Dog hits XYZ with an elbow drop before wrenching his head and neck. Lord Dog lets XYZ stand and clamps on a headlock, tries to transition into a neckbreaker, and is pushed off into a big slam from XYZ. XYZ catches Lord Dog with a big kick to the chest before heading to the top. Lord Dog stops XYZ and attacks for a bit before being pushed away. Lord Dog ducks a flying clothesline from XYZ and hits a flying elbow of his own that’s good for two.

    Lord Dog locks in a modified dragon sleeper before dropping it and clamping on a sleeper hold. XYZ stands with Lord Dog on his back and crushes him in the corner, but then he runs into a back elbow from Lord Dog. Lord Dog jumps from the middle rope and is caught with a fist to the gut from XYZ. XYZ wraps his hand around Lord Dog’s throat, but Lord Dog fights it off, only to eat a boot to the side of the head. XYZ hits a low dropkick to a seated Lord Dog that’s good for another two count. Lord Dog fights back, trying for a sunset flip, but XYZ pulls him to his feet. Lord Dog traps XYZ in the ropes for a huge dropkick that’s good for a two count.

    Lord Dog teases going for the Tight Rope (Old School), but XYZ yanks him down from the top rope, hits him with two big running splashes before connecting with a giant sidewalk slam that’s good for another two count. XYZ heads to the top rope and catches Lord Dog with a big flying clothesline. Lord Dog ducks out to the apron and catches XYZ, snapping his neck over the top rope. XYZ responds with a super kick that sends Lord Dog to the floor. XYZ follows to the outside and Lord Dog slaps XYZ. XYZ responds, hitting Lord Dog with a huge right that drops him. XYZ dismantles the Spanish announcer’s table and grabs Lord Dog around the throat. Lord Dog hits the DDT on the outside, and heads back in the ring, trying to get XYZ counted out, but XYZ slowly stirs and is back in the ring by 9.

    Lord Dog and XYZ lock up. XYZ backs Lord Dog into the corner and shoves him upon breaking. Lord Dog shoves back and XYZ laughs it off. Another lockup and Lord Dog goes behind, but XYZ reverses. Lord Dog takes XYZ down to the mat and ties up his legs before being tapped in a hammerlock. Lord Dog fights to his feet and hits a snap mare to send XYZ to the mat. Another lockup and XYZ locks Lord Dog right into a headlock. Lord Dog pushes him off, but eats a shoulderblock right away. Lord Dog pops right up and delivers a dropkick to XYZ before catching him in a headlock of his own. XYZ fights to his feet and Lord Dog targets the arm before backing XYZ into the corner and burying his shoulder into XYZ’s midsection. XYZ and Lord Dog trade chops before XYZ attacks Lord Dog in the corner and stomps away at him repeatedly. Lord Dog tries for a tornado DDT out of the corner, but XYZ tosses him away and sends him to the outside over the top rope. XYZ hits the ropes and drops Lord Dog with a baseball slide to the outside. Lord Dog gets back to the apron and catches XYZ throat first across the top rope. Lord Dog heads to the top and hits XYZ with a double axe handle smash that’s good for two. Lord Dog traps XYZ in a keylock hold. XYZ fights up and out of the hold with a couple of chops, but runs right into a knee to the gut from Lord Dog that’s good for another two count. Lord Dog continues to work on the arm, trapping it and wrenching away in an attempt to wear down XYZ. XYZ fights over and hits Lord Dog with a series of punches of the side of the head to break the hold. XYZ hits Lord Dog with a big knee, but then runs right into a super kick from Lord Dog. Lord Dog heads to the apron and goes for a springboard clothesline, but XYZ ducks it and Lord Dog crashes to the mat. XYZ hits Lord Dog with a couple of big shoulder block before heading up to the top for an ax handle smash of his own. XYZ plants Lord Dog with a bulldog.

    XYZ goes to the top turnbuckle with Lord Dog down on the mat and flies off for a diving leg drop, much to the enjoyment of the fans. Lord Dog dodges the move, though, by rolling away and to safety! XYZ stays down as Lord Dog rolls toward the turnbuckle and grabs the bottom rope. With the crowd completely engaged with both competitors, the referee begins counting.

    1... 2...

    All the way to six before Lord Dog rises. XYZ gets upright a half second later. Lord Dog and XYZ come eye to eye in a moment that feels bigger than just two people looking at one another. A connection seems to form between these two exhausted competitors. Lord Dog steps forward and says, "I get it." XYZ is now hunched over, his hands on his knees, and nods his head. The crowd is unsure what's to happen next but begins to cheer when Lord Dog steps forward again and slaps the upper spin of XYZ, bends over, and gently places the top of his head against XYZ's own noggin. The moment lasts no more than three seconds before Lord Dog steps back and XYZ lifts his head up.

    "Let's finish it."

    The two men come together in a strong grapple, with the crowd cheering loudly. Barely any energy is left between the two as the referee tries to position himself. XYZ backs Lord Dog against the ropes, but the former tag team champion quickly reverses the grapple. He lands three knife-edge chops into the chest before whipping XYZ across the ring and into the ropes. XYZ flies back with a leg lariat just as Lord Dog goes for a flying forearm. The two me crash into one another in mid-air, causing the ring to shake when they hit at the same time. XYZ lands with his legs on top of Lord Dog's chest, and the referee counts. 1...2...3.

    Here is your winner @ 8:48 - XYZ
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    The next video montage starts up, set to the music of "Judith" by APC.

    The video begins with what seems to be the close up of someones face. The camera slowly zooms out to reveal the contour, defined lines on a face twisted in a look of deep frustration and resentment, alternating between facing downward and looking up at something. The face belongs to Mike Parr.


    Narrator: "The Prodigy has a problem... his road to Back in Business has been upstaged by two young upstarts!!"

    The camera shifts away from Parr to reveal what he is looking up at: two men in a FWA ring, one just casually staring back down with him with a smile, while the other is more jumpy and energetic.



    The scene switches to Jack Adams getting a clean victory over Mike Parr.

    "Not once, but twice, The Prodigy feels as he has been humiliated by Risky Jack!"

    We then see Risky Douglas getting one over Mike Parr as well.

    "So at long last, at Back in Business, Mike Parr will call for backup... but his partner is shrouded in mystery, so far little more than just a name and two monikers!!"


    The scene cuts to Mike Parrs many accomplishments in FWA, including holding the NA Championship, fighting against Cyrus Truth, and at Mile High Massacre.

    "Will The Prodigy and his new Protege bring back parity at Back in Business?"

    The scene ends with the same scene as the beginning, with Risky Jack leering over Mike Parr at FN.

    "Or will it be a trifecta for Risky Jack on the grandest stage of them all???"



    As "Giving In" starts playing, a strobelight effect suddenly starts playing in the whole arena. On the stage, we see Mike Parr walking onto the Back in Business under a single spotlight. His figure cuts in and out with the strobelight effect, but it looks like Mike Parr is standing still. The strobelight effect gets faster and faster, until the lights come on, to reveal that Mike Parr has actually been flanked by two people on his left and right the entire time. On Parrs left stands the hulking, unnamed Prototype, with a huge smirk on his face. On Parrs right stands "The Protege" Sean Hughes, who looks nervous and a little jumpy, looking at the huge crowd inside the stadium. Parr turns to Hughes and puts a strong hand on his shoulder to calm his young charge, and then all three of them start marching down the ramp to the ring. The Prototype hands Parr a microphone and the former NA champion begins to speak.

    Parr: Alright, alright, alright...Cut the music!

    The crowd begins to unleash a chorus of boos down on The Prodigy.

    Parr: What? It's Back in Business, right? We're all about the pageantry, the glitz and the glamour, the bright lights and the showmanship...That is what everyone's here for, right? To see the most extravagant and eccentric wrestling show on the planet, right? Have you all be impressed by the entrances so far? A lot of people in the back exerted their time and energy into coming up with some spectacular entrances here tonight, trying to get their Back in Business moment. Pathetic, when you think about it.

    But me? I don't need, nor do I want any gold glittering pyro or a parade with white elephants carrying me down to the ring! Nah, I don't need the sideshow to make a name for myself or to make my Back in Business moment. Five years from now, people aren't going to be talking about Bell Connelly walking out as Wonder Woman or whatever ridiculous over-the-top circus Chris Kennedy has planned tonight to feed his over-inflated ego...No. Five years from now, people are going to be talking about the moment that Mike Parr unleashed his Protege and his Prototype onto the FWA and began his ascension to his rightful place in this company. Five years from now, people will talk about the arrival of the most dominant faction in the history of this company. Five years from now, people will realize that the biggest moment that took place at Back in Business 8 is when Mike Parr unleashed The New Breed onto this company! We are the New Breed and we're here to run this place!

    Langdon Trafford: Ever since his loss of the North American Championship under highly controversial circumstances, things have not all gone right for Mike Parr here in FWA! Yet, this past run-in with Risky Jack may have been the impetus for Mike Parr to pull the trigger on bringing in his long-rumored backup into FWA, and tonight, we finally lay eyes on the first time on The Protege, Sean Hughes!! Will the inclusion of Hughes reinvigorate Mike Parr and lead to a new force to be reckoned with in FWA??

    Piers Gallagher:
    Sean Hughes is an Irish Thoroughbred!! If you haven't heard about him before now, remember the name, I guarantee you this is only the beginning!

    David Weinstock: We've heard rumblings for a long time that Mike Parr knew people back in the old country that fellow Irishman Ashley O'Ryan was also eager to get signed, and it seems that we finally have him! But a debut at Back in Business, a debut at the biggest show of them all!! Are we asking too much of this young lad, or will the guidance of The Prodigy be enough to see him through?

    The lights dim again as Parr and Hughes hit the ring, as the crowd is directed to another video on the big screen.

    We see Risky Douglas, dressed in an immaculate red suit, walk into what seems like a casino floor. He walk over to a blackjack table and throws in a large handful of chips. The dealer dears him in: a Jack and a 7.

    Risky: "Hit me."

    The dealer gives Risky an almost shocked look, to which Risky responds with a smile.

    "Feelin' lucky, thats all."

    The dealer deals Risky his third card. The video suddenly cuts away.

    As "Cold Skeleton" plays, we have returned to the arena where Risky Douglas is out on the arena stage, in the same red suit and holding three playing cards in his hands. After a moment, Jack Adams follows him out, more deliberate than Risky, as if taking in the scene at Back in Business, as opposed to Risky, who is bounding and side-stepping down the ramp already. As Adams savors the loud home-state pop that the fans in Arlington are giving him, Risky throws the cards down by the ramp camera and the camera hovers over them to reveal a Jack of Diamonds, a 7 of spades.... and a 4 of hearts.

    Langdon Trafford: He may be feeling lucky, but I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, there was no luck involved in Jack Adams and Risky Douglas both getting pinfall victories over a former North American Champion in Mike Parr!! No, they are a force to be reckoned with, and now, at Back in Business, Risky Jack enters the ring with the intention of putting one more stamp of dominance to make the rest of FWA take notice, one more W at the expense of Mike Parr!

    David Weinstock: Those wins were in singles competition though! Tag team competition is an entirely different beast, and this is where Risky Jack is really built to shine!! But on the other hand, we don't know much about how much synergy that The Prodigy and his Protege have! This is going to be a fascinating contest, and to the winner surely will go a springboard to challenge for Tag Team gold!

    Piers Gallagher: One could say that The Texas Cowboy has home field advantage in this one as well! Thats gotta count for something, right?

    The New Breed (‘The Prodigy” Mike Parr and “The Protégé” Sean Hughes) vs The Wildcards (Jack Adams and Risky Douglas)

    Parr and Hughes have a quick discussion before Hughes decides to start the match. There’s not much to discuss on the opposite side of the ring as Douglas starts for the Wildcards. Hughes takes a few seconds to get acclimated to his surroundingsbefore he blatantly starts to taunt the crowd. Hughes starts jawjacking with Adams across the ring, as Parr shouts out for him to keep his head in the game. The two men circle each other before engaging in the center. Hughes manages to find a Full Nelson that Douglas quickly escapes into a side headlock. Douglas is quick to be countered into a rear wrictlock by the rookie, but it’s not long before Risky counters into one of his own. Risky is surprised though as Hughes rolls out of the hold and reapplies one to Douglas who quickly moves forward to the ropes for a break.

    The referee counts to 3 before Hughes backs off. Hughes and Douglas again stand on opposite sides of the ring and again lock up in the center, with this time Hughes quickly applying a standing arm wrench before flipping Douglas to the mat and quickly looking for an armbar but again Douglas scurries to the ropes! The crowd begins to boo heavily and many begin to chant “MIKE PARR SUCKS! MIKE PARR SUCKS! MIKE PARR SUCKS!” Both men to their feet as Hughes begins to gain a level of cockiness that some might even call outright cockiness, as he feigns a sign of respect by mockingly offering his hand to Douglas, but Douglas slaps him to the delight of the crowd! Hughes responds by unleashing a series of strikes to Douglas! Douglas grabs his arm and whips The Protégé into the ropes but Hughes ducks the clothesline and comes back on the rebound with a spinning back elbow! Hughes celebrates and raises his arm in the air as Mike Parr points behind him and tells him to turn around as he walks straight into a clothesline from Risky! Risky picks Hughes up and whips him into the corner before charging in with a corner splash! Risky unleashes his frustration with a series of hard knife edge chops before snapmaring Hughes to a seated position and scooting up the to the top rope. Risky goes up to the top rope and delivers a diving knee down into the shoulder of The Protégé!

    The Wildcards make a tag as Jack Adams enters the ring. Risky hits Hughes with an Atomic Drop as Adams crushes him with a Running Big Boot to the skull, completing the double team! Adams covers but only gets a 2 count. Adams reaches down to pick up Hughes, who lunges up and drives Adams backwards into his own corner and makes the tag to The Prodigy! Parr begins to srike Adams with a couple of right hands to the dome before whipping him into the corner. Parr positions himself for a corner splash, but Adams comes charging out of the corner with a clothesline! Another clothesline to Parr! Adams kicks Parr in the gut, and then runs the ropes with a running swinging neckbreaker! Adams covers but again only gets 2. Adams walks Parr over to the far corner and begins peppering him with hard rights and lefts. Parr staggers over to the middle of the ropes as Adams gets ready for a charge but when he does, Parr ducks down and back body drops him over the ropes to the outside! But Adams hangs on to the ropes! Adams skins the cat to a pop from the crowd! Parr isn’t aware that Adams is back in! Parr runs at Adams, who catches him with a Spinebuster! Hughes decides to come in and help and eats a Sidewalk Slam for his troubles! Risky Douglas gets in the ring and the two deliver a Double team Suplex to Hughes as the New Breed are cleared out of the ring! The Prototype goes to check on his faction and pulls them to their feet, just in time for Risky Douglas to take a leaping plancha to the outside, wiping them all out! Douglas gets up to his feet and rolls Parr into the ring, where Jack Adams is awaiting! Adams whips Parr into the corner but Parr reverses sending Adams to the turnbuckle. Parr charges in but eats a boot to the jaw. Parr turns around so that Adams has him hooked up for a Tornado DDT off the top, but Hughes grabs the referee and distracts him as the large hulking Prototype on the outside shoves him off the top and tyo the ground below!

    Risky Douglas is irate as he storms the ring, drawing the referee’s attention as Hughes starts viciously attacking Adams on the outside, bouncing his head off the steps repeatedly and then drilling him with a few uppercuts. Hughes rolls Adams into the ring where Parr begins to stomp away viciously at him and then begins choking him. He walks Adams over to his corner where he slams his head into the turnbuckle and tags in Sean Hughes. Hughes pulls Adams to the middle of the ring where he hits him with a scoop slam and then begins driving his knee into the skull of the Outlaw. Hughes applies a sleeper hold to the seated Adams and its over a minute before Adams gets the crowd behind him enough and starts to push himself up to his feet! Adams fights desperately and manages to get out of the hold, unloading right hands on his adversary but one kick to the midsection stops the momentum. Hughes lifts Adams up for another scoop slam, but Admas floats over lands on his feet and connects with a German Suplex! Both men are down as the crowd is stomping their feet for Adams to make the tag! Adams begins to crawl but Parr enters the ring and knocks Douglas off the apron before grabbing Adams and dragging him back to their corner!

    Parr acts innocent as he outreaches his hand for Hughes to tag out. Parr immediately goes in and grabs Adams by his hair, pulls him up to his feet and drills him with an uppercut! Adams crawls to the ropes and props his body up on the middle rope but that was a mistake as Parr followed him over and just put all of his body weight across the back of the head and neck of The Outlaw, crushing his throat! Parr was laughing at the people in the crowd as the referee counted to 4 and Parr backed off. The Prodigy reached over and tagged in the Protégé. The two of them double whipped Adams into the far corner, before The Protégé whipped Parr into the ropes for a splash but Adams dodged it! Parr collided with the turnbuckle! Hughes tried to help and moved forward but Adams caught him in a drop toe hold that snet Hughes to his knees….and face first into the testicles of Mike Parr! Parr screamed out in pain as Highes repeatedly apologized! Meanwhile, Adams lunged forward and tagged in Risky Douglas!

    Douglas came in like a rabid dog, striking everything that moved! Repeated clotheslines! Risky whipped Hughes into the ropes and delivered a Back Body Drop that put Hughes nearly into orbit! Clothesline attempt by Parr, but Risky ducked and hit a reverse neckbreaker! DDT by Risky onto Hughes!

    Parr broke up the pinfall! Parr gets Risky up and whips him into the ropes but Risky reverses and send Parr into the ropes, where Adams is waiting with a high kick to the back of the head! Parr drops like a sack of potatoes! Hughes literally grabs the referee and begins screaming at him for that as The Prototype grabs Adams by his leg and yanks him out of the ring…literally launches him through the barricade! But Risky nails him with a Suicide Dive to the outside that send the Prototype into the barricade! Risky runs back into the ring but he’s caught completely off guard by a slingblade from Hughes! Asai Moonsault from Hughes to Douglas!

    No! Douglas kicks out at 2!

    Parr get back into the ring and raises his fist in the air, yelling that this one is over, as Douglas ascends the top turnbuckle! Parr hooks Douglas up for the Rolling Cutter, but Diuglas begins to fight out just as Jack Adams comes back into the ring! Douglas counters out as Adams crotches The Protégé up top! Risky with a SUperkick to Parr! Adams hooks Douglas up for a SuperPlex as Risky climbs up the opposite turnbuckle! Adams drills Douglas with the SuperPlex just as Risky comes diving off with the Feelin’ Risky Splash! Risky covers Hughes!

    The Prototype pulls the referee out of the ring! And the referee has had enough as he ejects the Prototype from ringside to the roar of the crowd! But meanwhile back in the ring, Mike Parr sneaks up on Risky from behind and then hits him with a lightning fast Rolling Cutter! Adams, who was watching the scene with The Prototype getting ejected, gets thrown out of the ring from behind by Parr, who then drops down and covers Douglas!


    Here are your winners @ 7:02 – “The New Breed “– Mike Parr and Sean Hughes!
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    The camera cuts away from the commentary desk to a narrated video montage set to an abridged version of "Summer of Love" by Myon & Shane 54.

    Narrator: "What does the X mean to you?"

    The montage opens with old archival footage of Darnell Porter, then Devin Golden, then Ryan Rondo, all with the X Division title in hand.

    ♫We had a summer of love.... we could've given up... on each other....♫

    "Does the X mean you are a future legend? Does it mean hope? Attention? Ambition?"

    ♫Will you remember... will you remember me...♫

    The montage next shows a crazed-looking KAIZEN hugging the X Division belt. The shot then moves to Jason Randall, then Tristan James Galloway.

    "Or does X mean... THE FIRST OF MANY?"

    ♫We couldn't get enough!!♫


    Footage of Kevin Cromwell pushing Penny and then pinning XYZ is shown, and then footage from Salt Lake City where Cromwell pinned Galloway is shown.

    "Kevin Cromwell captured the X Division title within a handful of matches in FWA, such is the prowess of pro wrestlings boy genius!!! And the new champion has made it clear that at Back in Business, its come one, come all, and his mastery over the competition in a ladder match will only be the beginning first stones of his paved road to FWA superstardom!!"


    "Or does the X mean.. Resurrection? Aaron Kendrick has returned to FWA with a bang, and his seemingly disturbed visage has sent a ripple through FWAs X Division! Will The Great I Am pick up right where he left off and tear out the heart and soul of the X Division for himself to possess??"


    "Or perhaps X means... Redemption? Taking the place of his fallen protoge in this X Division Ladder Match, this former X Division Champion unexpectedly finds himself in the Back in Business spotlight once again! Can Dave Sullivan turn this impromptu entry into a golden ticket??"


    "Or will the X mean... Resolve? She has been so close to the title that she could practically taste it, but the dream of being a champion in FWA has yet to be fulfilled! Is tonight, at Back in Business 13, the night where Penny will break through on her own and add the moniker of 'Champion' to her name??"

    The scene switches to a split screen with all four competitors with a ladder in the background.

    "Who will attain FWA immortality at Back in Business 13?? Who will be able to say that they turned back the tide of multiple challengers in front of a record crowd?? Who will be the one to give the X its meaning???"

    The video closes with a close up shot of the X Division Title belt with a block text over it:




    "Black Skinhead" plays unexpectedly, but the fans which turned to the giant titantron on the opulent and long stage at AT&T stadium are quick to see that it is Dave Sullivan coming out to Ty Johnsons theme song. Dave Sullivan, still in his somewhat generic wrestling gear, takes a quick look around the stadium and then jogs down the long ramp as the audience politely cheer him. Sullivan goes past the ladders set up on the outside and slides into the ring, running the ropes a few times.

    Langdon Trafford: And without further ado, we are kicking off Back in Business 13 with the X Division Championship Ladder match!! Dave Sullivan, a late entry into this title match in the place of his client Ty Johnson, and I suppose it shows, seeing as he has no special entrance or anything of that sort. But opportunity knocks here, and Sullivan could make himself a four-time X Division Champion if he can pull of the shocker tonight!!

    Piers Gallagher: The only shock is that Sullivan put up with Thug Johnson for as long as he did!! Thankfully, we can all put that loser in the rear view mirror where he belongs now!!

    David Weinstock:
    Lets concentrate on Sullivan and what an amazing chance he walked into on the last Fight Night to get to this match at the expense of Lord Dog and XYZ! And seeing as this is a ladder match, if the stars align for him, why can't he win the X Division Championship again? In terms of championship experience, he has more of it than all the other competitors combined!!

    The camera pans to the stage as the arena turns dark. A large choir stands on the stage with the band “Ghost” off to the left side of the stage, in their ghoul attires. The only other things that can be seen is that the stage is littered with ladders of various sizes. Suddenly, the ghoulish guitarist begins to play and Tobias Forge begins to sing the soft lyrics of the opening. The choir slowly begins to split down both side of the ramp, all the way to the bottom as the song reaches it's chorus....

    ♫HE IS...



    HE IS....♫

    And as the song reaches the “HE IS”, the spotlights hit center stage as the choir joins in and the words ‘I AM.” display in large letters on the LED stage screen. “The Great I AM” Aaron Kendrick slowly begins to rise up from underneath the stage. Kendrick nods to Forge on the opposite side of the stage and then steps off the platform. Kendrick’s outfit seems to resemble that of Shao Kahn. Black. All black. With his long cape and black mask, Kendrick eerily makes his way down the ramp, savoring every single moment, shaking hands with select choir members as if he were their saviour and walked into the ring before unclipping his cape and taking off his mask.

    Langdon Trafford: His return to FWA has been as mysterious as it has been deadly for those who have crossed paths with him so far, and as he enters into his first BIB, we now see Aaron Kendricks, this, this... messiah complex of his on full display! Is he really comparing himself to Jesus, guys?

    Piers Gallagher: He is the wrestling Jesus, you guys!! Christ has abandoned this place, and the only power that you need to call upon is the Great I Am!!

    David Weinstock: Will that power be enough to carry him to the X Division Title here tonight, though??

    As Kendrick enters the ring, the arena falls dark again as a video plays on the big screen...

    The montage starts with Penny, jogging somewhere in Philadelphia with a rope attached to her waist. The rope is pulling on a wagon, and inside the wagon sits Sir Fred, with what appears to be a riding crop usually meant for horses in his paw. The scene then switches to Penny doing pushups in a gym while Fred rides on top of her back. The scene switches again to Penny, now outside in the woods, chopping down a tree with an ax, while Fred, dressed in a red flannel shirt, sits on a tree stump behind her, watching on. The montage then switches to Penny inside a meat freezer, punching a pig carcass on a meat hook over and over again, until the music abruptly stops.

    Penny: "Fred, it kind of smells weird in here, can we go train somewhere else?"

    The camera then suddenly zooms in away from Penny and the assorted meats to Freds very serious face.


    The montage ends with Penny on the Rocky steps, jumping up and down with both fists in the air.

    As "The Warrior" by Scandal plays, the scene returns to the arena, where Penny, dressed in full boxing regalia, is being transported towards the arena ring in a mini-ring of her own. Penny shadow boxes a little in her ring, with Fred placed on one of the ringposts with a towel around his neck and a bucket under him. Penny shows off her gloves to the ramp camera, and we see that her gloves have the words "KILLER QUEEN" written on them.

    THE WARRIOR!!!!♫

    Langdon Trafford: The title that her partner Jason Randall held for many months has so far eluded Penny!! So many close calls, but here at Back in Business, will it finally be Pennys time??? She looks fired up and ready to go!!

    David Weinstock:
    She looks ready to go indeed, Langdon, and seeing as Sir Fred is the one who oversaw her training, I have to imagine that her confidence is sky high as well!! This could well be the moment that Penny becomes X Division Champion, but shes got to get through 3 other competitors, including the man coming out next, to do so!!

    Penny reaches the ring and steps into it. As her mini-ring retracts back, she quickly grabs Fred and hoists him into the ring corner with her.

    On the big screen, a greyed-out image of Londons Big Ben suddenly shows. A faded Union Jack then is shown imposed over Big Ben, before the words "I BELIEVE IN KEVIN CROMWELL" superimpose over the images as the guitar licks of "Misery" by Gallows plays.

    After a moment, the images disappear, but the words
    "I BELIEVE IN KEVIN CROMWELL" remain. The music suddenly does a full 180, switching to "Rock Me Amadeus" as Kevin Cromwell emerges on the stage in full black-and-silver wrestling gear, twirling around to the music as he takes his sweet time getting down the ramp.


    Langdon Trafford: The X Division Champion steps into Back in Business for the first time!! He knows that the locker room is gunning for him, he knows that people are itching to throw wrenches and dare i say, ladders into his path in FWA, but Kevin Cromwell has invited this challenge here in BIB so that he could prove himself and show the world what 'Amadeus' is all about! Well, the day is here, and its time for Cromwell to put up or shut up, with the X Division Championship on the line!!!

    Piers Gallagher: You're just a doubter and a hater, Langdon, well I have a news flash for you, Kevin Cromwell doesn't need you!! He believes in himself and thats more than enough!!!

    David Weinstock:
    So young in his FWA career, though, did Kevin Cromwell bite off more than he can chew? A first title defense, in a ladder match, with 3 opponents, at Back in Business???

    Fatal Four Way Ladder Match for the X Division Championship
    “Amadeus” Kevin Cromwell © vs Dave Sullivan vs ‘The Great I AM” Aaron Kendrick vs “The Eccentric Dreamer” Penny

    All four competitors are in the ring as the bell sounds. Kendrick wastes no time in turning his attention to Sullivan and drilling him with a hard uppercut. Kendrick stomps Sullivan out of the ring and follows out after him. Meanwhile, in the ring, Cromwell takes a running charge towards Penny, kicking her hard right in the left knee. Cromwell continues an assault on Penny, as outside of the ring Sullivan reverses Kendrick’s attempt to whip him into the steel steps and sends Kendrick crashing into the stairs! Kendrick quickly hobbles up and tries to limp away but Sullivan nails him with a forearm to the back before stomping aways Back in the ring, Cromwell whips Penny into the corner, who hits chest first before falling to the mat. Amadeus waits for Penny to get to her feet, before grabbing her and whipping her into the opposite turnbuckle, but Penny uses her quickness and springs up, using the middle and top turnbuckle to flip over Amadeus! Penny lands on her feet! When Cromwell turns around, Penny takes him down with a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors Takedown! Cromwell lands in a seated position in the corner so Penny delivers a few stomps before taking a few steps back and delivering a sliding dropkick to Cromwell! Amadeus wisely rolls out of the ring as we see at the same moment that Sullivan and Kendrick have delivered stereo clotheslines to one another! Penny slides out of the ring and grabs the first ladder!

    Penny brings the ladder into the ring and begins to climb! She quickly gets all the way to the top and begins to unhook but Cromwell re-enters the ring and tips over the ladder! Penny falls all the way to the floor below but her fall is broken bySullivan and Kendrick, whoo were both recovering from the double clothesline! Cromwell repositions the ladder and begins to climb the ladder. Cromwell makes it ½ of the way up the ladder when he notices Penny is up and grabbing another ladder, a smaller ladder at that. As soon as Penny gets into the ring with the ladder, Cromwell jumps down from the ladder and delivers a hard soccer style kick to Penny’s head. Cromwell taunts Penny a bit, before grabbing the smaller ladder and propping it up in the corner. Amadeus grabs Penny and whips her into the ladder, but Penny puts on the brakes and then drop toe holds Cromwell into the ladder! Cromwell’s torso is draped over the ladder as Penny begins to climb the larger ladder! Penny makes it up the ladder before again, Cromwell grabs Penny’s leg and yanks on it. Penny falls into a seated position on Cromwell’s shoulders (Electric Chair style). Amadeus looks for an Electric Chair drop face first onto the propped up ladder, but Penny lands on all fours on the ladder! She kicks Cromwell in the face and then steadies herself on the propped up ladder and leaps off with a seated senton to Cromwell! Penny sets up the smaller ladder in the corner again, and turns around to see Aaron Kendrick back in the ring. Penny cuts him off with a series of strikes, but Kendrick shoves her back into the ropes. Penny rebounds, looking for a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT, but Kendrick counters by tossing her mid-move onto the ladder! Kendrick kicks Penny out of the ring.

    Kendrick is afforded no time, however, as Dave Sullivan strikes with a forearm from behind and then viciously lays into him with a series of forearms to the back, head, neck and shoulders of Kendrick. Kendrick falls to his knees with his body laying over the middle rope, as Sullivan takes a few steps back before charging forward with a running knee to the back of Kendrick’s head! Sullivan grabs the large ladder and picks it up to use as a weapon against Kendrick. Holding it so that the rungs of the ladder are facing his opponent, he charges forward but Kendrick delivers a lightning quick SuperKick that takes Sullivan out! Kendrick grabs the ladder and holds it high in the air before tossing it outside the ring, onto Cromwell and Penny on the outside! Kendrick turns his attention back to Sullivan, who he brings to his feet and sets up for a powerbomb, but Sullivan counters into a Sitout Facebuster! Sullivan grabs the smaller ladder and uses it as a battering ram to force Kendrick out of the ring! Sullivan goes to the outside to grab the large ladder once again and send it into the ring. Sullivan sets up the ladder and notices Kendrick trying to force a smaller ladder into the ring under the bottom ropes, so he baseball slides the ladder back into Kendrick’s face! Sullivan goes to the outside and begins brawling with Kendrick before grabbing a table and setting it up at ringside!

    David Weinstock: Hey now, this is just a ladder match, fellas!

    Langdon Trafford: The experience of Dave Sullivan here, knowing the No Disqualification rules still apply. There is nothing stopping Sullivan from bringing other weapons into this match!

    Sullivan walks over to Kendrick and goes to grab his hair but Kendrick stops him cold with a well-places palm strike and then an uppercut! Sullivan crawls away from the table wisely as Kendrick stalks him. Sullivan uses the announce table to pull himself up, so Kendrick slams the Pittsburgh native’s skull off of it and then tosses Sullivan over the table, as the announce team scurries! Penny sees this and rushes over to check on Fred and Norman and then yells at Piers for not moving them out of harms way! Sullivan lands upside down in Trafford’s chair as Kendrick turns around and catches Amadeus coming in with a hard clothesline! Then a Savate Kick to Penny! Kendrick goes over and grabs a table of his own, setting it up at ringside. “I AM” looks around at his chaos and grabs Penny by the hair, setting her up for a powerbomb through the table but Sullivan is back in to break that up! Kendrick, however, merely tosses Penny onto the table, and then attempts to powerbomb Sullivan onto Penny through the table! The crowd is uncomfortable watching this, but luckily Kevin Cromwell prevents it from happening by attacking Kendrick from behind and soon after, all 3 of them are attacking Kendrick! They beat Kendrick down and leave him laying before Cromwell suddenly throws a shot at Sullivan and Sullivan fights back, sending Cromwell into the steel steps!

    Kendrick is back up, however, and throwing strikes at Penny, before turning his attention to Sullivan. “The Great I Am” places Sullivan on his shoulders for a powerslam, but Sully slips out, lands on his feet, and shoves Kendrick face first into the ringpost! Sullivan grabs another table and sets it up at ringside. This time, Penny and Sullivan work together throwing strike after strike at Kendrick, before placing his body on the table. Dave goes into the ring and sets up the larger ladder as close to the ropes as possible, climbing the outside of the ladder so that his back his facing the rungs of the ladder and his body is facing the outside of the ring! Sullivan looks up to the heavens, before muttering something to himself and then leaping off with a body splash from halfway up the ladder inside the ring, through the table outside of the ring! Sullivan and Kendrick both lay motionless on the outside! Penny looks around her, realizes she’s all alone, and goes back into the ring! Penny repositions the ladder and begins to climb, but she’s quickly cut off by Kevin Cromwell! Cromwell pulls Penny off the ladder and then whips her into the corner! Cromwell charges forward and delivers his patented SuperSonic Running Dropkick to the side of the head! Cromwell climbs up to the top rope and looks for a “What’s the story, Morning Glory?”Double Foot stomp but Penny rolls out of the way! Cromwell turns around as Penny gets to her feet, she charges forward and Cromwell pushes her up over his head and shoulders and as Penny comes down….she gets caught with an RKO by Dave Sullivan! Sullivan celebrates as Cromwell looks on in shock!

    FWA Instant Replay: As Cromwell launches Penny into the air, Dave Sullivan sneaks under the bottom rope and pops up at the absolute last second to deliver a perfectly timed RKO to the dreamer!

    Cromwell steps forward and attempts a Spinning Roundhouse Kick but Sullivan ducks..and catches Cromwell with an RKO as well!

    Sullivan sets up the ladder and begins to climb! He gets his fingertips on the belt before Kendrick gets back in and tilts the ladder over, crotching Sullivan on the top rope! Penny and Cromwell are both quick to their feet, and double clothesline Kendrick out of the ring! Kendrick, however, lands on his feet and grabs Penny by the foot, dragging her to the outside and tossing her into the barricade! Cromwell goes to the outside as well to get the same treatment! Kendrick drags Penny to the ramp, where the row of ladders resides. The Great I Am grabs Penny by her hair and tosses her like a ragdoll into the many ladders! Kendrick grabs a ladder and begins using it as a weapon, slamming it into the bodies of Cromwell and Sullivan . As Kendrick attacks the two, Penny slowly climbs the ramp. Kendrick turns his attention to Penny. He grabs a stepladder from the stage setup and stalks the Eccentric Dreamer. Kendrick awaits Penny to get up to her feet, and swings the stepladder as if it were a steel chair, but Penny drops down and rolls out of the way! Penny attacks out of desperation with a series of kicks to Aaron’s knees before Cromwell comes in and delivers a SuperSonic that sends Kendrick into the LED stage! With Kendrick staggered, Penny uses the stepladder as a launch pad to hit a running leaping Tornado DDT on the stage floor to the Great I AM! Kendrick rolls off the stage to the ground below as Dave Sullivan emerges from the ramp. Sullivan looks around and sees Kendrick on the stage, grabbing his knee and Penny in a seated position by the stage wall recuperating, and Kendrick stirring on the ground below…so he takes off in a dead sprint down the ramp below and into the ring! Sullivan sets up the ladder, but Kevin Cromwell is back in the ring! Cromwell looks for a Belly to Back Suplex but Dave lands on his feet and delivers a Muay Thai Kick to the dome! Cromwell falls in a heap! Sullivan sets up the ladder and begins the long climb! However, just as Sullivan gets halfway up the ladder, Cromwell re-emerges and starts climbing the other side! Penny comes back into the ring with the smaller ladder, setting it up directly next to the larger the ladder the other two are fighting on! Penny begins to climb on the same side that Cromwell is on and begins striking him with forearms to the knee and lower back while Sullivan is delivering forearms to the shoulders. Cromwell finally falls off the ladder as Penny shifts over to the larger ladder and continues to climb! She throws a shot at the forearm and then headbutts Sullivan before reaching up for the belt! Penny has her fingertips on the belt, but Sullivan grabs Penny’s arm and pulls it down! Sullivan with a few headbutts of his own as the ladder begins to teeter and suddenly, tips over, bringing both men crashing to the outside! Cromwell’s down on the outside as well! Aaron Kendrick comes limping down the ramp!

    Kendrick gets into the ring and sets the ladder back up! Cromwell in to prevent the climb, but he eats a spinebuster! Sullivan tries to limp into the ring, but Kendrick with a soccer like kick to the head to take him out! Penny in and immediately knocks down the ladder. Kendrick grabs her by the arm and whips her into the turnbuckle. Kendrick charges in but Penny dodges out of the way and goes to the outside, to the apron! Springboard hurricanrana that flips Kendrick on top of the small ladder! Penny climbs up to the top rope and looks to the crowd, who are electric! They know what’s coming and burst out in excitement as Penny delivers the Purrfect Moonsault! Kendrick rolls out of the ring! Penny is all alone! Penny positions the large ladder and begins to ascend, with the toll being taken on her body! Penny reaches up and puts a hand on the belt!!!!!.....just as Kevin Cromwell puts his hand on her foot and begins to pull! Cromwell begins to climb the ladder right behind her, clubbing her in the back, before literally ripping her from the ladder! Cromwell wastes no time in applying the Amadeus Requiem and literally wrenching back, putting as much pressure on as he can! After almost a full minute, Cromwell releases the hold and screams down at Penny before looking up at the huge ladder in front of him. But then he drops down and reapplies the Amadeus Requiem to Penny! Penny is tapping out as Amadeus keeps the hold locked in before releasing it a good twenty seconds later. Cromwell has a smirk on his face as he begins to climb and taunts Penny below. Amadeus is extremely confident as he looks at a motionless Kendrick on the floor, and a still very slowly staggering Dave Sullivan trying to even get to one knee by the announce desk. He looks up at the belt and continues his climb, getting both hands on the belt! But suddenly, the ladder begins to rock! Cromwell looks down to see that Penny is very viciously kicking the ladder from the mat below! Cromwell yells down at her, but one more kick does the trick and Cromwell falls from the top of the ladder all the way down to the floor below onto a couple of ladders used in the brawl earlier!

    Penny manages to get to her feet, and pulls the ladder back up in the center of the ring. She very gingerly and cautiously makes her way up the ladder, with the Amadeus Requiem clearly having played it’s part here. She makes it halfway before Aaron Kendrick gets back into the ring and tries to pull her down, but she kicks him away. Penny steadies herself, turns herself around on the ladder and then leaps off onto the ropes, springboarding into a crossbody on Kendrick…who catches her in mid-air! Kendrick circles the ring, before in an impressive show of strength, shifts her up into position for the TAK ATK, which he delivers with textbook precision! Both competitors are motionless as Kendrick begins to laugh. He pulls himself up and then HE begins to climb the ladder! Kendrick gets a third of the way up the ladder but it’s Sullivan sneaking into the ring with the StepLadder to the back of Kendrick’s legs THREE times that takes him off the ladder and then a leaping cutter that sends him out of the ring! Sullivan swiftly climbs up the ladder and unlatches the X-Title, winning the match.

    Here is your winner and NEW X-Champion @ 18:03 - Dave Sullivan
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    A video introducing the next match plays, set to the thumping beats of "Come Friendly Bombs" by Gallows.

    As the guitar riff plays, we see a shot of Danny Toner standing over Hanz Gruber at the World GP with an odd, satisfied look on his face.


    The shots suddenly slides away from Toner to a shot of another match, this time with Jason Randall standing over Zako Wrath with a similar odd smile on his face.


    Narrator: "Two wild boys of FWA are set to collide in Back in Business!!"


    The scene switches to a montage of highlights from Jason Randalls year, including his long X Division Championship reign and his run in the World Tag League and the World GP.

    "The past year has seen Jason Randall soar to new heights in FWA!! He can now call himself a champion, he made his mark with Mad Kingdom in the World Tag League, and shared the ring with names such as Mike Parr and Chris Kennedy at the World GP!! But at least one longtime FWA luminary is still unimpressed!"

    The scene switches to an outtake from Danny Toner's Weinstock interview:

    Danny Toner: FUCK Jason Randall's challenge!

    We next see a montage of Danny Toners run with Christian Quinn as Tag Team Champion, then his matches in Group D of the World GP.

    "The unpredictable pipe bomb that is Danny Toner returned to FWA with a bang at the World GP, but at Back in Business, he made demands for a big-time opponent! And in a way, Toner asked and he received!"

    The scene switches to Randall answering Danny Toners BIB challenge by attacking him out of the gate.


    LETS GO!!!♫

    "Perhaps Toners indifference towards Randall was a slight that The Wildcard had to rectify... but perhaps also..."

    The video ends with Randall and Toner being pulled apart at the go-home FN.

    "Perhaps wild boys just need to fight!"



    As "Greenback Boogie" plays through the stadium, Danny Toner immediately comes out, and some fans scream in delight as they see Toner in a full Gordon Gekko cosplay, complete with the suspenders, slicked-back hair, and the cigar. Toner whips out a zippo lighter and moves to light the cigar, but then stops. He instead takes out an 100 dollar bill, uses the zippo to light the bill on fire, and then uses the burning bill to light the cigar. As Toner flicks out the bill and gives a deep deep puff, pyro goes off behind him. Toner marches down the ramp, still smoking the cigar and playing with his suspenders.

    Langdon Trafford: Eclectic and never one to hide his New York swagger, of course Danny Toner wouldn't tone things down just because its Back in Business!!! But when he steps through those ropes, I hope Toner realizes that its not all pageantry and pizzazz here in Arlington, because he can fully expect Jason Randall to bring him a war!

    Piers Gallagher: Toner is someone who is well known as loving the finer things in life, and he has no problems flaunting it around!!

    As Toner gets in the ring and the ref asks him to put the cigar out, the lights suddenly dim again in the stadium. After a moment, a single spotlight comes back on and is focused on the arena stage, where a grand piano has been wheeled out on the screen. Seated at the piano is a large, human version of Norman the cat, down to even having whiskers and a nose drawn on his face. The NorMan starts playing the piano and accompanies himself on vocals.

    ♫And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad
    The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had
    I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take
    When people run in circles it's a very very

    Mad world, mad world....

    Mad world...

    Mad world♫

    "Gangsters Paradise" starts playing on the stadium sound system as Jason Randall marches out onto the stage. Randall walks over to the piano and offers a fist bump to the piano player, who obliges him. Randall slaps himself a few times in the face and then sprints down the ramp amid cheers and phone camera flashes.

    Langdon Trafford: Its been a banner year for the Mad King, ladies and gentlemen, but above all he wants to keep that momentum going beyond just now!! And what a way it would be to cap it all off and make himself an undeniable marquee name for the future if he can defeat Danny Toner here at the grandest stage of them all, Back in Business!!

    David Weinstock: Jason Randall wasn't going to take no for an answer with Toner guys, and to be honest, I'm really looking forward to this match! Because Randall showed he would not stand to be shunted aside, disrespected, and now this is his prize! The chance to make his mark at Back in Business and make a scalp of Danny Toner!

    Special Singles Match
    Danny "F'in" Toner vs "The Wildcard" Jason Randall

    After the bell rings, both men pace around each other furiously as if trying to gauge one another but the pretense is suddenly dropped as each man charges at each other. They clash in the middle with clubbing forearms back and forth - the crowd beginning to get louder as each man throws caution to the wind with neither showing relent. They eventually begin to slow down for a moment but both perk up quickly and another onslaught seems likely... but Toner cuts it short with a well placed knee to the gut into that keels Randall over with Toner getting a headlock. He tries to apply a quick sleeper hold to Randall but it's read and Randall is able to dig a sly elbow into the ribs and sneak out to reverse the position. He has the head lock now but Toner throws a few punches to the side of Randall before throwing him at the ropes. "The Wildcard" rebounds back towards the middle of the ring and ducks a forthcoming hook from Toner before bouncing back and running straight into a superkick! He stumbles backwards to the ropes, stunned, and appears to almost fall out of the ring but he rebounds with the pendulum lariat to Toner! For the first time in the match, the pair hit the deck!

    Langdon Trafford: A frantic start from Danny Toner and Jason Randall! Just what we expected!

    David Weinstock: And just what we wanted for Back in Business! This is going to be a barnburner! Neither man willing to give the other an inch so far!

    Both men take a small breather on the canvas before getting back to their feet and already going straight back to it - this time the pace is a little slower as they exchange shots with each other. Toner is able to fire off a few uppercuts before blocking a responding forearm from Randall and then throwing a monster headbutt that wobbles Randall backwards. He stumbles toward Toner and is hoisted into the air and receives a big spinebuster from his opponent - Toner covers..1...2....NO! Randall gets the kickout just as the referee makes the count for two. Toner immediately gets back to his feet and tries to grab a hold of Randall's leg but "The Wildcard" kicks out and pushes Toner away before trying to get back to his feet. Toner's on it though and threatens with a running knee attempt... but Randall is able to roll out of the way and then launch forward with a Thesz press followed by a series of punches! The crowd cheer for the comeback but let out boos as the referee forces Randall away from his opponent. The camera pans on Toner sitting up after the assault and shows him wiping away a small trickle of blood from his mouth. He then lets out a tiny smile which is returned from Randall as the pair of them clearly understand what the other's game is going to be.

    David Weinstock: Neither man is going to let the other get away from this match unscathed!

    Randall storms forward and grabs Toner before whipping him back towards the corner - Toner lands right into the corner and cries out in pain as his back connects hard with the turnbuckle. Randall chases after him but Toner gets a boot up and forces his opponent backwards before lifting himself up onto the middle turnbuckle. He jumps off and looks for the double axe handle but Randall dodges it with a forearm to the gut before grabbing Toner from behind and looking to end things early with the 'Drop Dead' headlock driver! Toner shows quick reactions to reverse it into a Saito suplex! He goes for the cover again...1.....NO! Randall powers out of it easily and rolls to safety which allows both men to take a quick breather. There's a small split in the crowd as both men appear to garner support with each vocalising it as much as possible. Randall leans on the ropes as he gets back to his feet and has to watch out as Toner comes rushing in - he manages to get low and send Toner flying over onto the apron. It's a battle of reaction times as both men adjust to the situation and Randall appears to come out on top as he slugs a left hand at Toner's jaw before grabbing him and running him towards the steel post. He tries to throw Toner face-first into the post but Toner is able to prevent it before switching the situation around and hoisting Randall's face into turnbuckle on the inside of the ring. Randall stumbles backwards as Toner gets up top and hits a big missile dropkick that sends the former X-Champion flying backwards!

    Langdon Trafford: Toner has a chance to do some serious damage here! Randall's guard is down!

    Randall gets to his knees as Toner gets back into the ring and runs forward with a running knee strike that connects this time and cleans Randall's clock completely! Toner makes the cover and looks as if he might have the match won...1...2....NO! Randall is able to come to his senses just in time to make the kickout. Instinctively, he rolls out of the ring and is able to stumble, on all fours, towards a barricade for some safety. Toner appears to be weighing up his opportunities as Randall is slowly able to pull himself up using the barricade... but he's barely focusing as Toner hits the ropes and then comes flying through with a suicide dive! Randall meets the barricade back first as the crowd react with excitement to Toner's moving up another gear! Randall falls against the barricade, clearly hurt, and Toner takes the chance to deliver a few boots to his opponent's face. The referee tries to get both men to get back into the ring but Toner's having none of it as he continues to stomp on Randall... but "The Wildcard" begins to willingly take each boot as they come before grabbing one and keeping a hold of it. He suddenly gets to his feet and keeps Toner hopping on one leg before throwing the other leg right into the ring post and causing Toner to fall down in pain! Randall takes the initiative and pays the favour back to Toner by stomping his leg multiple times! Toner tries to crawl to safety but Randall is right after him whilst the referee shouts a warning regarding a count out.

    Piers Gallagher: Shut up ref! Nobody here gives a damn about a count out! Let them fight!

    David Weinstock: I agree with you Piers. This is fun!

    Langdon Trafford: It seems like the momentum may be shifting slightly as Toner is struggling now after being so close to putting Randall away!

    Randall takes Toner up the ramp and throws him into a few barricades for good measure - the fans get close to the action with a few trying to will Toner the strength to get back up. As he stumbles back to the middle of the ramp, Randall delivers a boot to the gut of Toner before grabbing him and trying to hoist him up for a vertical suplex... but Toner is able to wriggle free and Randall is forced to let go. Toner battles furiously with a few forearms and uppercuts before drilling Randall with another headbutt that forces him backwards. Toner falls to one knee, injured and spent, and takes the chance to have a breather as some space is created between both men. The referee begins to start a ten count after having had enough of shouting at both men to get back into the ring. Toner takes a second too long to recover though and Randall gets the jump by running forward and landing a sling blade right on the ramp! Randall is not unscathed from the landing either as he gingerly gets back up and begins to slowly walk towards the ring. The referee count reaches six as Randall reaches the apron but he stops and turns back... grabbing Toner and ensuring he makes it into the ring as well.

    Langdon Trafford: Jason Randall wants to win this one in the middle of the ring!

    David Weinstock: A ferocious sling blade on the ramp appears to have given Randall the clear advantage! Toner is hurt and he knows it!

    As soon as he gets back into the ring, Randall makes the cover..1...2....NO! Toner is able to make the kick out just in time. Randall knows he is getting there and backs away into a corner and waits for Toner to recover. He gets the crowd pumped up and does a gun pointing taunt which signals the Kill-shot knee trembler... Randall tries to go for it but Toner is able to get out of the way just in time! Randall turns around as Toner comes flying in with a superkick attempt... but it's caught! Randall drives an elbow down into the already injured knee of his opponent before grabbing him and landing a DDT to the mat. Toner's in for a world of more hurt as Randall turns him around and applies the cross legged arm trap STF! Toner writhes around in pain as Randall applies more and more pressure - the crowd get to their feet as they begin to expect a tap. Toner appears to inch ever closer to the ropes and becomes more and more frantic as Randall does his best to elicit the tap. The referee keeps a close eye on it as Toner looks to be within moments of giving up!

    David Weinstock: Toner is in a world of pain right now!

    Randall's grip starts to slack and Toner appears to be fighting through the pain before eventually making it to the ropes with a fair few fans in attendance sighing in relief. Randall appears to admit defeat in this small battle as he lets go. Toner tries his best to make it back to his feet but Randall looms over him and lifts him back to his feet in a headlock. Toner is dragged to the middle of the ring where Randall seems to be setting up the Drop Dead headlock driver but Toner, showing impressive heart, hits a few short forearms to Randall's ribcage which distract him. Toner uses this small distraction to send Randall running towards the ropes before bursting into life with a spear! The pro-Toner members of the crowd explode as their man shows signs of a comeback as he drives Randall to the mat.

    Langdon Trafford: Jason Randall had a small lapse in concentration and Danny Toner took advantage! The comeback is on!

    David Weinstock: Toner is not going to give up that easy! He was wounded and pretty much cornered... and that's when he's going to be at his most dangerous! Randall needs to stop Toner from clawing back any more momentum!

    Toner makes an extremely slow recovery back to his feet but just about manages to beat a dizzy Randall there. Randall, still clearing the cobwebs and using the ropes to get up, is unable to scout Toner using a quick burst of energy to storm forward and land 'The Equalizer' V-Trigger knee out of nowhere! Randall turns with his back to the ring and falls lifeless onto the middle rope which rebounds him back to his feet and right into the clutches of a grateful Toner who lands a bridging german suplex just for good measure!

    David Weinstock: Danny Toner just went huge! He's giving it his all and that just might do it! Randall doesn't know what hit him!

    The referee jumps down for the count...1...2......NO!!!! JASON RANDALL MANAGES TO MAKE THE KICK OUT!!

    Langdon Trafford: Jason Randall is still alive! So close to an out of nowhere comeback victory for Toner!

    Danny Toner lets go of the bridge and both men lay lifeless in the middle of the ring as a result - Randall looking completely out of it whilst Toner wears an expression of sheer disbelief. Neither men seems much for moving but eventually Toner crawls his way over to Randall and tries his best to lift both he and his opponent back to their feet. It doesn't appear likely to happen as Toner's injured knee gives out under him and both men end up kneeling infront of each other in the ring. Both of them are clearly exhausted but appear to perk up as they realise the situation. First, Toner throws a right hand and Randall repays the favour. The sequence becomes faster and faster until both men are able to get back to their feet and eventually start simultaneously windmill punching each other before they begin to slow down again. Randall perks up first and delivers a boot to the midsection before whipping Toner towards the corner. Toner lands in the corner and then lifts a boot to the face of the oncoming Randall and causes him to step backwards. Toner tries to climb up onto the middle rope but Randall refocuses quick enough and delivers a forearm to the gut that causes Toner to end up taking a seat. Randall now climbs up onto the rope and hammers Toner with punches - the fans counting along with each one in succession. However, Toner suddenly hulks up and stands up from the seating position and begins to furiously headbutt Randall in hopes of knocking him to the canvas... and he comes mighty close after landing one last headbutt... but Randall shows tenacity to stay up there whilst dazed. Toner also has himself dazed from the headbutts and tries to recover quickly but a forearm is blocked from Randall and then Randall lands a headbutt of his own! The loud thud gathers a loud reaction from everyone in the stadium whilst the camera pans to show both men busted wide open! Toner's wobbly as Randall drives another headbutt home before ducking under and grabbing Toner into a fireman's carry and launching him from the top with a neckbreaker!

    David Weinstock: The blood's flowing and Jason Randall just killed Danny Toner!

    Langdon Trafford: This could be it! Jason Randall might have finally put him away!

    "The Wildcard" makes the cover and the referee jumps down to count...1.....2.....NO!!!! TONER IS ABLE TO MAKE THE KICKOUT!!!! It's Jason Randall's turn to wear an expression of disbelief... but he quickly resets himself and gets back to his feet. He knows this is his chance to finish the match off! He signals again for the Kill-Shot knee trembler... but Danny Toner is JUST able to get of the way! He delivers a last gasp combination of punches to Randall before drilling him with another vicious headbutt and then grabbing his opponent and hitting a quick snap suplex! Toner appears to be hinging his hopes on this quick burst of energy as he runs straight at Randall and connects with a running knee strike that almost knocks Randall out! Toner goes for another pin attempt...1......2......NO! It was slightly hopeful but Toner knows this is his chance to finally end it as he measures Randall up.... he comes running forward with an attempt at a punt kick! BUT RANDALL MOVES OUT OF THE WAY JUST IN TIME! Toner is caught off guard as Randall gets to his feet, delivers a kick to the gut and then drops Toner with the Deuces Wild snap double underhook DDT! Randall excitedly gets back to his feet with jerky movements and does the gun pointing taunt! This time he's successful and catches Toner with the Kill-shot knee trembler! Toner's completely out as Randall makes the cover..1....2.....3!!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: It's finally over! Jason Randall has defeated Danny Toner in a war of attrition!

    Here is your winner @ 14:01 "The Wildcard" Jason Randall

    After the match has ended, Randall gets to his feet and celebrates excitedly with fans applauding and cheering his effort. The referee raises Randall's hand as he tries to keep balance. Toner, on the mat, is unconscious and being tended to by EMTs who eventually help him leave the arena. Randall stays in the ring for a while longer and soaks the moment in before eventually making his way to the back.

    As Jason Randall disappears through the stage entrance, a sudden hush falls over the arena as a lone man walks out onto the arena stage. The man stands there for a moment, then sudden whips out an electric violin from behind his back and starts playing...

    Piers Gallagher: Please tell me this isn't what I think it is...

    After a riveting 45 second electric violin solo, Paulie the Safety Parrot, shimmying and shaking and convulsing in his red leather number, gyrates his way onto the arena stage. The violinist gets a note in his earpiece and returns backstage, but a surprising number of the fans in attendance sing Paulies theme song, keeping the vibe going.

    Langdon Trafford: I guess miracles do happen, huh guys? Who would have seen this coming that at Back in Business 13, Paulie the Safety Parrot seems to be getting a Back in Business moment!

    Piers Gallagher: Can we stop wasting valuable PPV time on this thing???

    Paulie looks almost moved to tears as he surveys the entire crowd at BIB ironically singing his theme song, and then looks behind him to see the words "YEAOH!" in big bold letters on the AT&T Stadium supertitantron. He slowly reaches behind himself and pulls a microphone. Paulie slowly lifts the mic to his mouth-beak, and some younger fans already start yelling "YEAOH!" in anticipation...

    But suddenly, Paulie is cut off by ominous choral music! As the lights suddenly dim a little, Paulie turns around...

    ... and sees that the "YEAOH!" on the screen has suddenly morphed into a different word...


    Langdon Trafford: LOCKE??

    Piers Gallagher: Is he, is he back???

    David Weinstock:
    LOOK OUT!!

    Benjamin Locke suddenly charges out from under the titantron and strikes Paulie right in the face with a forearm!! Paulie immediately gets up and screams 'YOURE RUINING MY BACK IN BUSINESS MOMENT!!!!!!!!!' and flings a wild clothes-wing at LOCKE, but LOCKE easily ducks it and smashes Paulie with a clothesline of his own!! LOCKE, with a sadistic smile on his face, grabs Paulie, raises Paulie up high with both hands, and crushes Paulie with a sickening backbreaker across the knee!!!

    LOCKE looks down at the writhing Paulie wide-eyed with a sick smile, his chest visibly heaving up and down as though inflicting pain on Paulie in front of so many people is driving him into a state of euphoria. LOCKE then lifts Paulie up to his feet, and then lifts Paulie again up high!! LOCKE holds Paulie in a vertical suplex hold for a few moments, and then flings Paulie back down and gives him a vicious Star Destroyer (Suplex GTS) which crumples Paulies face!! Paulie falls on the stage, completely KO'ed as LOCKE looks down at Paulie, and then to the now-booing crowd at Back in Business and starts smiling again. The ramp camera gets closer to LOCKE and catches him saying out loud "Yes, yes, yes, yes..." before LOCKEs music plays again. Finally satisfied, LOCKE turns around and strolls to the back, leaving FWA staffers to quickly roll Paulie off of the ramp and to the side stage pit.

    Langdon Trafford: Benjamin Locke is back!! Ladies and gentlemen, LOCKE is back in FWA, and he has absolutely destroyed Paulie the Safety Parrot and ruined Paulies BIB Moment!!

    Piers Gallagher: Thank you LOCKE!! I've never been more happy to see LOCKE in FWA!!!

    David Weinstock: My,my... what a way, what a stage to announce a comeback huh?
    It might have been an unsuspecting Paulie tonight, but LOCKE really doesnt look like hes messing around...

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    As the FWA ring crew scramble in to quickly construct the Lions Den Pit, we cut away to another video package, set to "Live For This" by Hatebreed.

    The video starts with an shot of the gorilla position by the curtain of a FWA show. We see FWA road agents and staffers talking with each other and one of the agents talking to someone on a wearable walkie-talkie. Suddenly, someone runs right past the group of people at the curtain and charges outside. The camera quickly follows, sticking the lense out the curtain, quickly enough to see the back of Izzy Van Doren slamming a kendo stick into the back of James Hughes. We see that the show is the World GP Final in Tokyo. We see that thanks to Izzy, Paulie the Safety Parrot is going to pick up his first FWA victory.

    Narrator: "The target was chosen at random... and struck down from behind with purpose!"

    We see Eyes being help out of the ring after Izzys assault.

    "A volcanic situation always destined to erupt and take with it, collateral damage..."

    The scene changes to Izzy arguing with Ashley O'Ryan, and then being led away by security prior to the World GP.


    "Someone must shoulder the blame... some must pay!!"


    Footage of Izzys proficiency with the kendo stick over the past months in FWA is shown.


    "The Hardcore Princess of FWA has decided that she will not be ignored, that she take what is hers with extreme measures, and that FWA is now her hunting grounds!...

    But in the Lions Den, will the hunter... become the hunted?"



    Footage of various points in Eyesnsanes FWA career is shown, including him with Alana Allure, with the North American Championship, and then the Tag Team Championships.

    "A veteran of many a war in FWA, this former champion has been trying to plant his feet on the ground in the new FWA, but has this unprovoked attack by Van Doren awakened the sleeping Lion inside??"

    The scene switches to the Lions Den structure, showing a cage with 6 slanted sides and chairs, tables, trash cans, kendo sticks, chains, and other weapons inside.

    "At Back in Business 13, there will be no escape! There will be no DQ! As soon as these two warriors enter the Lions Den, all rhythm and reason will be discarded!! Only a pinfall or submission will determine who walks out the winner!!"

    The video ends with a split screen of Izzy staring at the kendo stick in her hand on one side, and Eyesnsane looking furious at FN Salt Lake City on the other.

    "Dishonor demands justice...


    Justice demands retribution...


    Retribution demands... A SACRIFICE!!"



    We cut back to the arena, where the Lions Den cage has been fully erected. As advertised, it is a 6-sided chain fence cage with slanted walls affixed, and inside the cage are an assortment of weapons. At the door of the cage, two refs stand at the ready, one to enter the cage with the competitors and one to lock the Lions Den doors once both competitors have entered.

    "Dark Horse" plays and he steps out onto the BIB stage with a determined look on his face. Before he takes a step though, two lines of young men and women in red and black wushu uniforms come out of the stage curtain to his left and right. The students form a line on both sides of Eyesnsane and raise their arms to their chests in a clutch salute, forming an honor guard which Eyesnsane walks through.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, theres an old saying that goes sometimes its better to just let sleeping dogs lie. Well, Izzy Van Doren did not heed that saying when she chose to make and example out of Eyesnsane in Tokyo, and the result now is this heinous structure you see before you here at Back in Business!! The Lions Dens cage is going to witness a war, and its a war that when brought to his doorstep, James Hughes would not say no to!!

    Piers Gallagher: Look out ladies, Langdon the Hater is back, always trying to keep good women down! You should be happy that Izzy Van Doren found herself in Japan, and Eyesnsane shouldn't have taken it personally!

    David Weinstock: Come off it Piers, do you take Eyesnsane for someone who would just take that assault lying down? Thats not the Eyesnsane that FWA has known over the years, and we're about to see how loco Eyesnsane can get!!

    Hughes stops outside the Lions Den and takes a glowering look at the structure. He then motions to the referee that hes ready, and the ref opens the door for him to enter.

    As Hughes enters the structure, the lights in the arena dim. The stadium screen and the smaller screens behind it suddenly take on the motif of a weathered and cracked brick wall. We then see that its actually a video, and a slender figure steps in front of the wall with a can of spraypaint. She spraypaints a message on the wall and then walks back offscreen. The message, in greyish-white paint, reads:

    They say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.

    A fog machine suddenly go off on the arena stage as "10s" by Pantera plays. Out of the fog and vapor steps Izzy Van Doren, almost unrecognizable as she is wearing a tattered teal hoodie with the hood up, but also because she is wearing a graffiti-style gas mask painted mach black in the style of the jaws of a spider. In one hand she holds her trusted kendo stick, in another she holds another can of spray paint. As the ramp camera tries to get close to her, Izzy reaches out her hand and almost without looking, spraypaints the ramp camera into oblivion. The shot quickly changes to an overhead view of Izzy walking down the ramp.

    Langdon Trafford: Well, the boys did an excellent job of getting the Lions Den up quick, and now they're going to have to switch out that camera real quick! Izzy Van Doren is a changed woman, ladies and gentlemen, ever since the World Tag League and then her suspension by FWA, she has had a vendetta, a chip on her shoulder, a score to settle with what she sees as the decrepit old guard of FWA!! And now tonight, the target that she laid on Eyesnsanes back comes full circle inside the Lions Den!!

    Piers Gallagher: Lets face facts here, Izzy Van Doren awoke for the better once she broke away from that Interstellar Shroom Picker Starr!!

    David Weinstock: There have definitely been some.. interesting side effects that came from her Tag League run and her suspension guys, but we have to remember this, as Izzy steps into the Lions Den to meet James Hughes, we have to remember that this is a war of Izzy Van Dorens choosing! She chose to target Eyesnsane, she chose to hurt him with a kendo stick, she chose to attack him from behind, and she better be ready to face the consequences right now!!

    Izzy points the kendo stick at Eyesnsane inside the Lion Den, then uses it to rattle the walls of the Lions Den from the outside. She strips off the hoodie and her gas mask, barks at the ref to open the door, and then when the door opens, jumps right into the Lions Den structure.

    Lion's Den Match
    Izzy Van Doren vs. Eyesnsane

    The circular ring and chain-linked cage surrounding it offers the setting for this encounter. The bell rings and Izzy quickly learns the space is very limited when two people are inside. Eyesnsane corners her near the cage and quickly bumps her body and face into the chain links. Izzy crumbles to her knees and Eyesnsane quickly grabs her by the hair and flings her across the ring, then pounces for a side head lock. The crowd boos as Eyesnsane smiles out to the hateful fans and shushes them in a mocking manner. Izzy tries to pry the hands loose, but her strength just isn't enough. Eyesnsane lands a side head lock takedown to the mat and re-positions himself to a side arm lock.

    Izzy reaches for the nearby chain-linked fence but Eyesnsane has her too far. He again re-positions, this time to a rear waist lock, and lands a belly-to-back takedown. Eyesnsane then presses his formearm into Izzy's throat and grinds it back and forth. Izzy is kicking her feet and legs and flailing her arms but it's to no help. Eyesnsane springs up and hits a leaping lariat when Izzy pulls herself up to meet him. Eyesnsane then lands a leg-hook reverse STO and covers, but Izzy kicks out at two.

    Eyesnsane lifts Izzy up and flings her back first into the cell. He tries to hit a forearm but Izzy finds life by avoiding it and striking Eyesnsane with repeated kicks to the shins. Then she lands a big uppercut to the jaw. Izzy runs to the opposite side of the ring, not much room, and tries a leaping forearm move but EYesnsane sidesteps and sends Izzy flying into the side of the den cage. Izzy bounces backwards, flips, and looks to be busted open. Eyesnsane hits a leg-hook reverse STO and again covers, again getting a two count.

    Eyesnsane continues to manhandle Izzy with close-range strikes, grapples, head locks, and takedowns. He once again sends Izzy face first into the den cage and presses her face against the chain links. Right as Eyesnsane seems to be hitting the end, he has Izzy set up for a DDT, but Izzy lands a right hand into the sternum, maybe a little lower, and then a knee up into the ribs. Izzy lands a headbutt and then a low roundhouse kick. The follow-up is a Headbanger's Ball series of headbutts as Eyesnsane leans against the den cage. Izzy hits her Kick and Snare combination hits a bulldog. She covers, but Eyesnsane kicks out.

    Izzy grabs Eyesnsane around the neck but the former North American champion fends her off by shoving her into the den cage. He follows with a Spinning backfist, but Izzy moves and it hits the den cage. Izzy hits a low-angle dropkick and Eyes crumbles to his knees. Izzy then climbs up the side of the den cage to the top. When Eyes is up, Izzy is behind him and leaps off for a suicide dive into a tornado DDT!!! The crowd goes WILD as Izzy connects and Eyesnsane is laid out. Izzy covers!


    Here is your winner @ 6:52- Izzy Van Doren
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    The next video package begins, set to the song "Goodbye" by Army of Anyone and opening with footage of Deceptions quest to get to the X Division Championship over the past year in FWA.


    Narrator: "One man, a quiet force for justice..."

    We see Deception taking to the sky against Penny and then against Hanz Gruber.

    "... holding strong in his convictions, focused towards his goals..."

    We see a slow-mo shot of Deception gazing towards the X Division title before his match against Jason Randall.

    "But sometimes..."

    The scene suddenly distorts...

    "...the ghosts of the pasts suddenly meld themselves into the present and future!!"


    We suddenly switch to a downed Deception in the ring in Tokyo, with a furious looking Tommy Thunder standing over him, before Thunder tries to wrench of Deceptions mask.

    "The ultimate humiliation, the ultimate show of disrespect... was not taken lying down!!"

    We fast forward to Deception challenging Thunder to their BIB match at FN Salt Lake City.

    "Two men with a frayed history... two men who have shown they belong in FWA... now set upon each other, with the loser to suffer the ultimate ignominy!!"

    The words "HAIR vs MASK" are superimposed over a split screen of both men.

    "Who will enjoy a defining victory at Back in Business 13??"

    The video ends with a scene of both men brawling first in Tokyo, then in Salt Lake City.

    "And who will be condemned to leave Back in Business forever changed??"



    We cut back to the arena from the video package to see that the stadium has been dimmed, but all around the stadium, flashes from cameras can be seen. After a moment, it becomes apparent that these flashes arent coming from the audience, but rather the multiple LED light effects which surround AT&T Stadium. Amid all the flashing, we suddenly see that a ramp has been lowered on the side of the arena stage and that a stretch humvee-limo is pulling up onto the stage.

    As the faux-cameras continue flashing and "Start Movin'" plays, Tommy Thunder suddenly climbs out of the sunroof of the humvee-limo. He stands tall on the roof of the vehicle and soaks in the atmosphere and the strobe-light-like effects that the stadium is adorning him with.

    Langdon Trafford: An entrance fit for a Division 1 Athlete, one might say! But the match we are about to witness is deadly serious! Either Deception will lose his mask or this man, Tommy Thunder, will leave Back in Business bald!!

    Piers Gallagher: He didn't pick up any points in the World Grand Prix, but he's still oozing with confidence, just like a true purebred would and should!!! That's not the look of a man whos coming home bald, is it??

    Thunder hops off the car in one jump and strides down the ramp. As the ramp camera gets close to him, Thunder turns towards the camera and screams "TONIGHTS THE NIGHT!! TOMMY THUNDER WINS AGAIN, AND THE WORLD SEES DECEPTIONS UGLY FACE, AND THEN PROBABLY WISHES IT HADN'T!!!"

    As the humvee drives off a ramp on the other side of the stage and Thunder gets into the ring, the arena darkens again.

    As the mournful guitar and violin of "Don't Fear The Reaper" plays, words on a still-black background suddenly appear on the stadium screen:


    The lights suddenly come up, and we see that there is a whole group of people standing on the stage, all dressed in identical black jackets and black pants, and all with the same identical red masks and red hoods. The camera shot switches to a confused-looking Thunder in the ring before switching back to the stage. The whole group of Deceptions take a few steps forward, while in the ring, Thunder screams at the ref to "STOP THEM!!". After a few steps though, one Deception steps forward, except this Deception is dressed in inverted colors, with a red jacket and pants, black mask and hood. This Deception gives the rest of the Deceptions a nod, and all the other Deceptions raise their right arms and fists into the air. The Black Deception then charges down the ramp and towards the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: Well its been quite a journey for Deception in FWA this year, but amid all the highs and lows, all roads have brought him back here, at Back in Business 13, against a very familiar foe! But the stakes have never been higher! Should Deception lose tonight, he will be forced to unmask in from of the FWA Universe immediately!! And then who knows what would be left of Deception if that happens?? Could Deception ever really be just a face in the crowd?

    David Weinstock: Say what you will about Deception, but the one thing I've never heard anyone say about Deception is that he is tentative!! This was the challenge that he needed to get Tommy Thunder to the table, and if I know anything about Deception, its that he isn't focused on the prospect of losing his mask, he is thinking of exacting vengeance on Tommy Thunder!!

    "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder vs Deception


    Tommy explodes out of his corner; bum rushing Deception and pummels away at him some more in the corner, but not before Deception fights back as he shoves him away. This just angers Tommy as he angrily stomps back to Deception, but Deception trips him up causing Tommy to fall in the corner and Deception delivers rapid fire forearm shots to Tommy. Then Deception backs up before charging in and hits Tommy with a corner dropkick! Tommy stumbles out of the corner, tripping in his steps as Deception climbs up and comes down directly on Tommy’s back with a mushroom stomp! Tommy cringes in agony but Deception isn’t through yet...leaping reverse STO! He makes the cover…


    Tommy with a shoulder up and rolls away to gathers his bearings while Deception lies in wait. Tommy is up once more and Deception runs at Tommy and tries to go for the Sense of Justice, but Tommy was ready for it and counters that into an elevated boston crab submission before transitioning into a full on boston crab submission! He keeps the hold locked in tight but Deception is somehow grabs the ropes and breaks the hold. Thunder releases the hold but proceeds to stomp on Deception’s legs; looking to wear down the high flyer. He brings Deception up and hurls him to the corner with an irish whip where he then follows up with a corner clothesline/bulldog combination! Tommy brings Deception up and hits a northern lights suplex with a bridge!


    “COUNT FASTER YOU IDIOT!” Tommy screams at the referee. He then applies a surfboard submission hold to Deception before transitioning into a dragon sleeper! Tommy yells at the referee some more to check on Deception and just when it looks like Deception is out of it he shows signs of life! He raises his arm up after the referee checks on him a third time and he breaks free after fighting Tommy off of him forcing the hold to be released. Both men lay on the mat in exhaustion, but Deception is up on his feet first and backs into the corner as Tommy is on all fours in perfect position...MALICE INTENT! CURB STOMP FROM DECEPTION! Tommy driven into the mat face first and Deception hooks the far leg…


    TOMMY KICKS OUT JUST IN TIME! Deception can’t believe it! He thought for sure he had it won there. Tommy is slow to his feet this time, and Deception this time is looking for Double Cross but Tommy has an answer for it as he slips away in time and shoves Deception into a nearby corner! Deception bounces off chest first where Tommy catches him...EYE OF THE STORM! Tommy with the pin…


    Tommy thought for sure that he had it and he’s visibly irate at this point. He berates the referee some more now, telling him to learn how to count faster and saying that should have been a three count. This momentary distraction has allowed Deception time to recover and as Tommy turns around he walks right into DOUBLE CROSS!Deception hits the spinning neckbreaker and goes for the pin…

    One...two...NO! TOMMY’S FOOT IS ON THE ROPE!

    Deception is distraught now and curses himself for such a mistake. He signals for the end however and looks to put Tommy away with DNR, but Tommy spins out of it and counters with a STORM EFFECT! Tommy is up now and beckons Deception up, who is on his knees now before Tommy nails him with a shining wizard!



    Deception kicked out of the Shining Wizard! Thunder can't believe his eyes as he begins to freak out in the center of the ring! Thunder begins to scream at the referee at the top of his lungs before taking off his shirt, ripping it in two and tossing both pieces into the crowd! Deception managed to crawl to the corner turnbuckle, trying to use the ropes to pull himself up. Thunder looked over at his opponent with a maniacal gleam in his eye as a sick smile formed on his face. He walked over to Deception, and then viciously began stomping Deception's head into the bottom turnbuckle! Thunder repeatedly kept stomping away as the referee got involved and had to physically force Thunder off of Deception, but in the struggle, Thunder knocked referee Jimmy McCaffrey to the floor inadvertently! Thunder didn't care though as he just kept stomping away! The Division One Superstar stopped the assault for a moment, just long enough to untie the top turnbuckle pad before dropping down to pick up Deception. He grabbed Deception by his hair and if he had been possessed by a demon....began slamming Deception face first into the exposed turnbuckle as if he didn't give a single damn about his opponent's well-being! Thunder finally stopped as Deceptions lifeless body hit the mat. Thunder looked down at the unmoving, unconscious body on the mat, and then dropped to his knees, as if he were going for a pin...but instead he reaches into his tights, and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles! Thunder places them on his hand and then goes absolutely nuts just BLASTING Deception with about 20-30 straight shots with the brass knuckles until Deception's mask....broke. It literally broke. The exposed, bloodied face of Deception hit the mat as Deception finally let up just in time for the referee to roll into the ring. Sickened by the sight of all the blood that was on the mat, plus the broken mask of who we once knew as Deception, the referee called for the bell.

    Kurt Harrington: Your winner of the match by referee stoppage, Tommy Thunder!

    His music plays but he isn’t finished yet as he continues to attack Deception. Punching away at him while the bell rings and the referee tries to stop him but Tommy pushes him away. Tommy rips off the rest of Deception’s mask and uses it to rip open the wounds that already existed . Eventually more referees enter the ring and manage to break Tommy away from Deception but the damage is done. He holds the broken mask in his hands, looking at the blood it’s covered in before he throws it on the mat and steps on it, breaking it even more..

    Langdon Trafford: Tommy Thunder won the match but he took it too far, that attack was absolutely uncalled for!

    Piers Gallagher: Will those lousy referees move out of the way?! I wanna see his ugly mug!

    Langdon Trafford: Will you stop?!
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    A video montage plays, set to an acoustic and abbreviated version of the song "Simple Existence" by State Champs.

    The video switches from the official match footage to fan-taken footage of Bell and Starr both leaving the ringside area. The scene then switches to a still photo taken backstage after the match with four people, all with verious degrees of smiles on their faces: from left to right, Shannon O'Neal, Bell Connelly, Starr, and Anna Alexis.

    Narrator: "Once seemingly on the same road..."


    The scene suddenly changes to various shots of Starr, morphing from a once arrogant playboy to the Interstellar Shaman. We see a shot of Starr hanging out with Izzy Van Doren, giving namastes to fans, being acknowledged by fans at airports, and on set during his guest star appearance on an MURICA Network TV show.

    "Was that moment in time just an illusion?"


    The scene switches to Bell Connelly looking devastated in the aftermath of the NA Championship tournament after being woken up ringside. The scene the switches to Bell kicking Starr down and grabbing the World Championship belt, then to slow motion footage of Bell Connelly raising the World title, with Starr holding his head in his hands in the foreground outside the ring, while a gobsmacked Shannon O'Neal stands in the background.

    "Days that at once seem both just like yesterday and also a lifetime away... now, who will take that next step foward, and who will fall behind?"

    We see a rapid-fire montage consisting of Bell destroying Shannon O'Neal, then partnering with Chris Kennedy to destroy Cryus Truth at the World GP. The montage is intersped with scenes of Starr competing in the World Tag League with Izzy, then with the aftermath of Starrs shock win over WOLF and then his shock loss to Christopher Manson at the World GP.

    ♫I'm coming for you!♫

    The montage ends with a shot of Bell whispering something to Starr during the NA Championship tournament.

    ♫I'm coming to make sure everything I heard is true!♫

    The scene changes again to Mile High where Starr and Bell are the last two wrestlers fighting for the World Heavyweight Title.

    ♫What's it like to be the one who waited long enough to see the day that I could feel again?♫

    The video ends with a slow-motion black-and-white scene of Bell and Starr staring each other down on Fight Night after Starr foils another sneak attack on Cyrus, with both of them firmly locking eyes on each other.

    ♫I'm coming for you...
    I'm coming for you and your simple existence!♫




    Bells old theme song suddenly fades out as the crowd directs their attention to the stage. The arena lights suddenly change color and the floodlights only shine in hues of ice blue and grey.


    The sound of what sounds like distorted audio suddenly pipes into the arena.

    "me and Shannon are 100% on the same page...."

    "I am blaming Bell, but I should be blaming myself..."

    "She took that from me. How could she?"

    "She took that from me. How could she?"

    "How could she??"

    "How could she??"

    "How could she??"

    As the ice blue lights shine on the ramp, Bell Connelly suddenly walks out with little or no stagecraft on the ramp. But even within the giant sounds in the cavernous dome of a stadium, some gasps and 'wow's are clearly heard as fans lay eyes on Bell. The right side of Bells body, her right arm, her right leg, the right side of her face split right down the middle of her forehead and half of her nose and mouth, is scribbled with jutting black ink text, making her from afar look as if half her body is possessed by a mesh of barbed stitches. As she slowly walks down the ramp, the ramp camera stops taking shots of the audience members shocked at her appearance and gets closer to her. we finally catch some of the phrases scrawled on Bells face and arm as she makes her way down to the ring:


    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, to say that the past year has been full of twists and turns for Bell Connelly would be an understatement... on one hand, she can finally call herself FWA World Champion after her victory at Mile High, but on the other, her partnership with Shannon O'Neal imploded spectacularly and ended up costing her that championship against Cyrus Truth. And while the obvious advice is that she needs to put that in the past for Back in Business, it doesnt look to me like Bell Connelly has done so!

    Piers Gallagher: She doesn't have to, because shes wrestling this interstellar dork!! She is now aligned with Chris Kennedy, and her rage and frustration will be channeled to even greater heights! Why can't you be happy that shes finally finding herself!!

    As Bell gets in the ring, the blue and grey lights suddenly turn off, leaving the arena in darkness once again. After a moment, a groovy sitar solo plays for a few bars before an electric guitar joins in.

    As a full band starts playing, the stage suddenly lights up in a wave of bright orange lights. The camera catches Bell in the ring staring daggers towards the stage before turning back towards the stage. A giant orange lotus flower slowly rises from below the stage into full view, with the bright lights behind it making the effects seem like there is a holy fire raging on behind the rising lotus.

    ♫And I get so high that I just can't feel it....♫

    The lotus finally is fully on the stage and suddenly opens in full bloom... to reveal Starr, in a traditional orange monk shawl with large prayer beads around his neck, sitting inside the lotus flower cross legged, eyes closed and hands clasped together.

    ♫And I get so high that I just can't feel it....♫

    Starr suddenly opens his eyes and hops out of the lotus flower, accompanied by a blast of pyro from behind him.

    ♫In and out my brain, runnin' through my vein...
    You're my sunshine,
    You're my rain!!♫

    The crowd cheers wildly as Starr sheds the prayer beads but walks down the BIB ramp with the orange monk robes still flowing behind him.

    Langdon Trafford: The Interstellar Shaman enters the grandest stage of them all, and FWA has, in this moment, achieved peak enlightenment!!

    Piers Gallagher: He jumped out of a flower!! How stupid is that? And these hippies are eating it up?? Why???

    David Weinstock: Its only stupid because you're unenlightened, Piers, but you being you aside, this is the culminantion for what has been a career-defining year for Starr!! Hes shared the ring with Cyrus Truth, he has a victory over WOLF!! Can Starr place himself firmly in line for a title shot with a win over Bell Connelly at Back in Business??

    "BeautyXBeast" Bell Connelly vs "The Interstellar Shaman" Starr

    Starr and Bell take a moment to take the other one’s presence in before Starr steps into the center of the ring…and offers a knuckle bump to Bell? The normally boxing and kickboxing custom catches a few in the audience by surprise, the commentators included. Bell giggles at the gesture for a moment, some in the crowd egging her on. Instead of sharing the bump, Bell grapples Starr by the wrist and pulls Starr in with an immediate short arm clothesline!! A rude welcoming indeed for Starr, as Bell immediately starts garnering heat with that cheap move, perhaps solidifying where she stands. Starr springs back to his feet using the ropes to recover, as he rubs his jaw with a very offended look on his face towards Bell, who simply throws her hair out of the way and stares back at Starr.

    The two take another moment before stepping towards the center ring and getting in a lock-up, Bell taking Starr over in a headlock takedown. After a moment or so, Starr gets the headscissors on Bell and forces her to let it go, both returning vertical. As they do so once more, Bell catches Starr in the headlock takeover, this time Starr is quicker to get the headscissors to break the lock, once again bringing both to their feet. The two then quickly go back at one another, this time, Starr the one wrapping up the headlock takedown. Bell stays underneath Starr for just a few seconds before getting some headscissors of her own, but she keeps Starr in them. Starr doesn’t rise immediately, keeping his head in the scissors and trying for a sudden jackknife cover – 1…2…NO!! Bell wraps her arms around Starr and lifts herself up before performing a full gutwrench and pulling out a backside pin – 1…2…NO!! Starr slides off and backs away, as does Bell, getting an early stalemate and some crowd appreciation.

    The two approach one another once again, this time Starr looking for a strength test. Bell hesitantly obliges, the two locking fingers with both hands before trying to force the other down. It’s Bell to begins to pull away here, using those powerful legs to push Starr down until he’s forced to bridge, showing off some flexibility. Bell tries to force the issue, but as she does, she’s clocked in the side of the head with a Starr kick, forcing Bell off. But even as Bell stumbles away to tend to her wounds, Starr stays in the bridge before turning his hips and spinning to his feet, almost in capoeira fashion. The crowd is wowed, Starr popping back vertical mock namastaying and tells Bell to “bring more than that,!” Bell is unimpressed and is more than happy to oblige, charging at Starr, but the savvy Starr grabs her arm as she goes by, whipping her into the ropes. On the rebound, Starr lies flat, forcing Bell to rebound once again, which Starr leaps clean over, and on the third rebound, cleanly leaps that one as well. On the fourth rebound, Starr seemingly hovers above the ground as he nails Bell with a ridiculously momentous dropkick!! Starr with a cover – 1…2…NO!

    Bell keeps the match going by pulling herself up, Starr trying to be the aggressor, but getting met with a spinning back heel kick to the gut for his troubles. Bell then takes Starr this time and chunks him towards the ropes with a whip, but it turns out to be a deke, only for Bell to pull Starr back in for a short arm forearm. She keeps a grip on the wrist and pulls Starr back in for a back elbow shot, before yanking Starr past him and nailing a nifty ending combination neckbreaker!! Bell going for her first cover here – 1…2…NO!! Starr throws some leg up, but Bell catches it and forces him to turn over before jumping on his head, locking him in a grounded headlock. The two stay in the rest hold for a little while, only for Starr to lift Bell up for a back suplex, but Bell backflips out of the move, impressing a few. Starr uses Bell’s balancing time to rush and rebound off the ropes in front of him before charging right back at Bell…and HITTING A SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK THAT SENDS BOTH TUMBLING OVER THE TOP ROPE!! STARR THROWS his body to the wind and both are wiped out but surprisingly it's Bell who recovers first, Bell and Starr are still on the outside, She gets on the offensive once more, dodging under a wild Starr right hand and delivers a backhand CHOP(Wooooo!) that sends Starr reeling. But Starr counters back with a hard right hand. Bell then counters with a right hand of her own, the two continually exchanging blows. Just when there seems to be a rhythm to their punches, Starr completely upsets it with a hard straight punch right to Bell’s nose that sends her backpedaling against the iron post. The Referee is already to a count of six, but Starr looks for another straight punch here…NOBODY HOME, Starr PUNCHES STEEL!! Starr’s knuckles crunch against the unforgiving post, the kickbox-esque nature of Starr comes to bite him on that one. Bell sees a big opening on that one, now catching the reeling Starr with another back kick, but then quickly spins behind and lifts him…and DRIVES STARR’S SPINE INTO THE RING LIP WITH A BACKDROP!!

    A brutal move and Bell now rolling Starr in before the count out ends it and shifting gears for a cover – 1…2…NO!! Starr somehow still has the back strength to torque his spine to throw up a shoulder. Bell enters a feral state, however, taking the shoulder Starr threw up and starts bending back the fingers on the very hand Starr crashed against the post moments ago. Starr is at Bell’s mercy for several excruciating moments, his thousand watt smile turned into a brilliant teeth-clenched grimace. Starr grits through the pain and gets back vertical, socking Bell with his good hand before delivering a vicious kick that sends Bell into a corner and off his fingers. Starr, perhaps on instinct, socks Bell with a hard right hand again, but reels as he does so, having to shake it off. Bell takes advantage of the slight yet again, popping out of the corner and nailing a jumping enzeguiri that sends Starr reeling into the ropes and following to a corner.

    Bell takes several steps back from the recovering Starr before charging with a running corner elbow smash, the contact echoing around the stadium The crowd “oooos” with it as Starr damn near collapses out of the corner, gripping onto the top rope with his bad hand. As Bell steps back, she realizes this and gets a leg high up, trapping Starr’s knuckles between her boot and rope. The Ref begins the count of five, Bell torturing Starr until a count of four. Bell then lets her foot down before getting in the ref face. The Ref backs away from the crazed look in her eyes as Bell has gone full feral. Bell turns back towards Starr and charges again, perhaps looking for another impact strike…Starr dodges by sitting through the middle ropes, sending Bell chest first into the post before springing up…pendulum kick from Starr! It’s Bell’s turn to go reeling, as Starr climbs back in and springs off the second then top rope…SKY HIGH CROSSBODY!! He lands square on top of Bell with a cover – 1…2...3-NO!!

    The explosive Starr doesn’t appreciate that kickout, the crowd appreciating Starr’s hangtime, but he drags Bell to his feet regardless. Bell springs back to life and surprises everyone with a hurricanrana! Starr’s whipped across the ring from that move, going right back at Bell, but being met with a back leg sweep that takes his legs from underneath him and gets Bell a quick cover – 1…2…NO!! Starr springs back up and nails Bell with a series of sway chops before rushing and nailing a hurricanrana of his own! His flings Bell all the way through the ropes and back onto the floor! Starr starts looking around the arena before building himself up, feeling it as he rushes through the ropes with a TOPE CON HILO…NOBODY HOME!! Bell sees the move coming and darts out of the way, sending Starr crashing to the arena floor! Bell quickly rolls back inside and waves her finger at the downed Starr before rebounding off the ropes…and leaping onto the top rope and towering over the recovering Starr for a moment…before LEAPING WITH A PLANCHA SHOOTING STAR PRESS RIGHT ON TOP OF Starr!! WOW!! These two young wrestlers are leaving absolutely nothing on the table at the biggest show of the year ! The entire crowd is in awe at that, Bell wobbling to her feet, almost seemingly reaching for the announce table that’s not there. Starr is kept down by Bell, who does reach her feet and plants a boot firmly in Starr’s ribs before chunking him back in the ring. Bell doesn’t immediately go for the cover, instead now going towards the top rope. She takes a moment to get her balance, but it costs her when Starr comes to and leaps cleanly onto the top rope The crowd is back in awe at Starr now, but he’s not done…FRANKENSTEIR!! A top rope Frankensteir! Bell goes tumbling to the canvas, flopping onto her face in a little bit of overselling. Even so, she’s covered three-quarters of the ring in that regard, Starr slowly crawling over to her position. But with every inch Starr crawls, the ring-aware Bell rolls away from him before stopping in a corner. The unprepared for a lengthy match Starr drags Bell from out of the corner and finally is able to go for a cover – 1…2…3-NO!! Bell WITH THE GUTS!!

    Starr awaits for Bell to get back to her feet before hitting her again with a trifecta of sway chops and trying to get a feel back, Bell coming at him with a hard clothesline, but Starr ducks and turns it into a quick belly to belly with a kipup!! Starr folds his foe for a hopeful count here – 1…2…3-NO!! The unique move still doesn’t put Bell away! Starr shows some frustration by pounding the mat with his good hand, trying to drag Bell back up to his feet, when Bell surprises him with a sleeper hold!! Bell realizing the quick paces work in Starr’s favor looks to perhaps slow him down here! Bell even leaps onto Starr’s back, forcing him to bear her own weight. It doesn’t take long for the withered Starr to start falling towards the canvas, Bell adds some bodyscissors to her hold, Starr beginning to fade fast, but now it’s his turn to show some resiliency as he refuses to be put to sleep here, getting back to his feet. Bell is ready for this, however, as she unhooks the sleeper hold on the still drowsed Starr…AND DELIVERS A SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD!! WOW!! Starr drops like an absolute stone in a move that would make Jose Aldo damn proud. This possibly KOs the spiritual wonder here, but the commentators mentions Bell’s mistake in not covering Starr here. Instead, Bell drags the dead weight of Starr back to his feet before looking to hit him with footloose Bell now has to shoot the half and drag over Starr’s dead body – 1…2…3…NO!! Starr has something in him following those two blows to keep going!

    Bell throws some hair back out of her face, not happy that Starr keeps going on her here. Bell then looks very sinisterly down at her opponent before delivering an insurance stomp to his bad knuckles. As a smile comes to her face Bell then steps back and appears to be stalking his prey here, Starr is groggily getting to his…only to be met by a Paradise City Kick!! A WAVE OF HEAT comes down on the not so subtle nod to Shannon O’Neal that damn near tears Starr’s head off and doesn’t help his possible concussion. Bell takes a moment to laugh at the reactions Bell goes for another cover now – 1…2…3-FOOT ON THE ROPES! Starr might not have his head screwed on straight by this point, but he still knows where he is! Bell again throws her hair out of his face in frustration before throwing Starr’s foot off the ropes. We can see by the look in Bell’s eyes, she’s running through all the moves she’s done and all the moves she still has in her repertoire. She has an ‘aha’ moment and brings Starr back up and looks to pull him up for a powerbomb, but Starr gets out by dropping behind Bell…Bell turns around..fireman's carry..LIGHTS OUT…BELL FLOPS THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPES TO THE FLOOR!! Starr, who looks on in a bit of frustration himself that Bell has flopped to the floor. He tries to shake the cobwebs out of his head and takes a moment to gather himself before looking down to see Bell on the outside, using the barricade to get to her feet after being knocked out. Starr then rushes towards the opposite ropes, leaping through the middle rope…SUICIDE DIVE CONNECTING STARR A MISTLE INTO BELLl!! Both are laid out yet AGAIN!! The crowd is giving both of these two their utmost respect.We see a close up of Bell's glassy stare as Starr shakes the cobwebs and uses the barrier to get up Starr roams over and grabs Bell by her drooping locks and barely has the strength anymore to throw Bell back under, but attempts to do so anyway. Bell stunts him by delivering a backhand blow to his gut before taking his battered hand and drives it against the ring lip! Starr reels as Bell climbs onto the apron and looks to get back in, but Starr keeps pace and leaps back into the apron, the two having another back and forth. Starr counters one of Bell’s punches and wraps her arm…hip toss from the apron back into the ring!! Bell tumbles back into the fray, Starr now impatiently and excitingly waiting for Bell to get back up before springboarding and soaring…RIGHT INTO A GLITTER KICK!! Bell knocks the aerodynamic Starr right out of the air, going for another cover – 1…2…3-NO!! Starr stays alive even longer!!

    Bell doesn’t cry over this spilt milk, as she takes Starr and drives a knee into his gut before whipping him hard into a corner. Starr’s spine bounces hard off the post, sending him back towards his foe, who waits with a trip to neverland! Bell flings Starr a good bit as he lands flat on his face and chest, prompting him to coil in pain for a moment. Bell doesn’t way for Starr to do much else as she falls back flat on his face, as she drives a knee drop into the back of Starr’s head! Again Bell going for the possible concussion, rolling Starr over once more – 1…2…3-NO!! Starr still has enough in him! Bell again starts wrenching back Starr’s fingers then, causing him to yelp in pain. Starr still gets vertical, but as soon as he does, he’s thrown back towards a corner by Bell. The athletic Starr counters by leaping onto the middle rope and jumping right back at the pursuing Bell…AND NAILS A FLYING ROUND HOUSE!! WOW!!

    Both wrestlers lie absolutely flatlined and eagle spread, the only thing even remotely looking like life is after a dramatic moment of motionlessness, Starr grabs at his hurt fingers and tucks them under his body, only for the entire audience to start chiming up in a “THIS IS AWESOME!” chant. The two lie almost perfectly still for more than a minute until Starr crawls to life, and slings an arm across the body of his opponent – 1…2…3-NO!! Bell ROLLS A SHOULDER!! These two are literally pulling it all out, Starr now getting vertical and shaking his wrist, trying to wake up his hurt knuckles before running at the ropes and coming back to Bell’s body and shifting his shoulders before a gooba stomp This gets one last excited gasp from the crowd as Starr rolls away after impact and takes his turn to stalk Bell now, as Bell slowly begins getting to her feet as Starr goes for The Kennedy

    Bell DUCKS, wary of the blow. Bell goes for what looks like the SUPERSWEET SYMPHONY but Starr ducks the spinning reverse roundhouse That flash dodge turns into ANOTHER KENNEDY ATTEMPT. BELLTRIX DODGE by Bell. She arches her back out in a display of desperate flexibility but Starr stops his forward momentum and Rolls Bell up and almost gets a three. What a sequence!

    Starr quickly steps off of Bell and waits for her to get back to her feet once more, Bell somewhat drunkenly stepping back to the center ring and getting nailed in the calf by a shoot kick! Bell take it, but shrugs it off a bit before nailing Starr in the calf with a shoot kick of her own!! Starr then retaliates with another calf shoot, only of Bell to retaliate with another! The crowd is getting into this vengeful battle of one-upsmanship!









    Bell abandons the kicks and suddenly comes around with a hard haymaker, aimed right at Starr’s eye –




    Starr bounces off the opposite ropes and rushes at the rope-leaning Bell…who lifts him over her and plants him on the apron! Starr is now right on the platform entrance aisle, he and Bell continuing this duel with straight punches with the ropes between them –








    Bell has Starr somewhat groggy, taking that chance to run behind him and rebound off the rope and go for a big move…


    Starr counters with a beautifully timed kick to the midsection through the middle rope!! It forces Bell to double over, Starr shaking a cobweb out before reaching over the top rope and getting Bell in a double underhook and beginning to take his momentum backward…and brings Bell over the ropes … WITH A BUTTERFLY SUPLEX FROM THE RING RIGHT ON TOP OF THE ELEVATED AISLE!!!

    Very faint “HOLY SHIT” chants can be heard as Bell splats against the hard platform. The move takes a little bit out of Starr too, his back taking a flat bump against the platform as well. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much as Bell’, giving Starr all the strength he needs to roll to his feet. Bell is hurt so much, she rolls off of the platform aisle, slumping to the floor below. Starr watches Bell try to get away and recover, just watching her as he pulls herself up using the ring lip. Bell has to prop her ailing back up against the ring post on the floor, Starr suddenly flying into the frame … AND SANWICHING BELL’S SKULL BETWEEN THE STEEL POST AND A FLYING KNEE!!

    The crowd “ooooohs” with the absolute ferocity being shown here by Starr, the knee clacking against Bell’ skull. Starr lets out a yell when he gets back to his feet, the crowd joining in with him. Starr then takes Bell right back in his clutches and once again slides her underneath the bottom rope before following in pursuit, but Bell keeps on rolling, getting farther away from Starr as he slides in. This forces Starr to crawl a few extra feet and force Bell onto her back for another cover –




    Bell throws up a shoulder somehow!! Getting her skull damn near fractured on the post and getting her back repeatedly warped isn’t demotivating Bell in the slightest! Sheemay or may not be positively dead, but she’s not going down but Starr isn’t pleased she’s not going down. Instead of griping, Starr wraps up both of Bell’ legs and then grabs both wrists and starts rocking back and forth, forcing Bell’ body to go with him, setting up for a surfboard stretch…but Bell rips her arms away from Starr’s clutches, forcing Starr to fall back against the canvas with no leverage.

    Starr springs back up to his feet from the slight setback, Bell groggily getting to his feet much slower, but when Starr approaches Bell, he gets a surprise when BELL HEADBUTTS HIM RIGHT IN THE ORBITAL BONE!! Starr is immediately taken aback and clutching his face in pain, Bell creating an opening for herself and keeping it open by taking Starr and throwing his face into a turnbuckle, further damaging the targeted region. Once Starr’s face bounces off and reveals itself for a moment, we can see that his is indeed bleeding from the eye a tad.

    Bell hits Starr with a CHOP(Wooooo!) that backs him back into the same corner before Bell yanks Starr out, gets him in a backdrop position … and then throw Starr into the canvas with a WHEELBARROW FACEBUSTER!! Bell keeps blatantly going after the now bleeding eye of Starr, but he doesn’t give much of a shit if it’s a cheap strategy because now it’s getting her a fall attempt





    THIS MATCH KEEPS GOING! Starr, taking a great deal of abuse, Bell slumps off of Starr’s body in disbelief, laying completely flat and throwing he hands over her face. Starr hasn’t moved since the rolling of the shoulder, still on a side. The crowd are on their feet for the display both are putting on here, Starr’s heart winning over on that fall attempt.

    Bell finally sits up after looking up at the lights for a bit. She shakes her head and staggers over to the corner her back cover in bruises but she stands on top about to deliver Tinkerbell’s Lament! But Starr moves out of the way leaving Bell prone on the mat. Starr senses his moment, pausing momentarily to wipe the blood over his eye he scales the top ropes. Looks out at the crowd...extends his body out. Takes flight





    A ravaged Bell roll over with the little power she has left, wrapping her legs around Starr’s with a double leg hook –




    Here is your winner @ 19:43 "BeautyXBeast" Bell Connelly
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    The arena falls dark again for the next video introduction package, set to abridged version of "Brother" by Dark New Day.

    The video starts with pictures of a huge tree trunk of a leg. Then another... then the camera moves to a mammoth torso, and then finally a face, towering far above the camera and the cameraman... it is the face and figure of Viktor Maximus, but just as Viktor looks down at the camera, the arm of Phillip A. Jackson pushes the camera away.

    Narrator: "The Phillip A. Jackson Project evolves to its true and final form... behold, the architect and the new colossus!!!"



    Footage of Viktor Maximus steamrolling everyone in his path is shown, with PAJ always in the background, at times looking very calm... the scene switches to Viktor dispatching of Izzy Van Doren in Japan, and this time the camera zooms in on PAJs face, a face that is finally unable to contain its glee.

    "Under the mentorship and guidance of the Immortal One, The Project looks to be an unstoppable force set to dominate the FWA... but for every unstoppable force, there is an immovable object!"


    ♫I'd trade it all!!!!
    To have you all here with me!♫

    Footage of SCVs legendary run is shown, from their match at BIB 12, capturing the titles, then defeating Bullets and Bubblegum, then finally defeating Rondo and Kennedy.

    "As dominant of a tag team has FWA has ever seen, this well-oiled machine seems to feed off of each other in a way that has made them untouchable within the FWA Tag Team division! Their mixture of brute power and uncanny synergy has made them a big-match puzzle that even the biggest superstars of FWA have been unable to solve!"

    The scene suddenly goes to static and breaks away from SCVs highlights to showing Viktor Maximus and PAJ standing over SCV in Tokyo.

    "Will the championship pedigree of Phillip A. Jackson and the monster of a man he has unleashed upon FWA be the ones to solve that puzzle in Arlington??"

    The scene then changes to BUCK baiting Viktor into hitting PAJ ringside.

    "Or will the Vultures be treating the FWA Universe to their biggest feast yet at Back in Business???"

    The video then switches to a close-up shot of the FWA Tag Team Titles.

    "The table is set!! The guests have all arrived! Possession of the FWA Tag Team Titles is on the menu!!"


    "The bigger they come..."

    The video ends with a splitscreen of the Project on one side and SCV holding the titles on another.




    The scene returns to the arena as the the fans inside the stadium are treated to lightning effects which shoot from one end of the arena to the other. As the eyes of the FWA Universe are directed towards the arena stage, a figure dressed in dashing white wrestling gear and what appears to be a long lab coat appears on the stage with a cackling smile.

    As the thumping beats of "Gojira" by Vacuity reverberate through AT&T Stadium, we see that the figure in white is none other than Phillip A. Jackson. PAJ takes his sweet time sauntering to both sides of stage before walking over to a lever on the side of the stage and screaming out "ITS ALIVE!!!". PAJ pulls the lever, and slowly, an operating table slowly rises from the stage below. Strapped onto the table by both wrists, both ankles, the waist and the forehead is Viktor Maximus. The lighting effects keep looping around the whole stadium LED screens before suddenly all meeting and melding on the big stage screen and crashing down onto the spot where Viktor Maxiumus lies.

    this body for a lifetime!!♫

    The table finally comes to a full stop at about a 45 degree angle, but Viktor doesnt even wait a second more before using his neck strength to rip free of the strap binding down his forehead. As PAJ nods in approval, Viktor then easily rips his arms away from the table, tears away the waist binding, and almost casually steps out of the ankle bindings, almost tearing the table along with him. Finally free, Viktor lets out of a triumphant roar as PAJ steps behind him and with a knife hand beckons his Project forward.


    Langdon Trafford: He is alive indeed, and ladies and gentlemen, as we see the Phillip A. Jackson Project march to the ring at Back in Business, I think we all have to ask ourselves, what has PAJ really unleashed upon FWA?? We have literally never seen anyone, anything, like Viktor Maximus before!!

    David Weinstock: Size, power, agility... that man has it all. He really has it all, guys, and whats more, what he doesn't have in experience, he has the championship tutalage of PAJ at his side. Everything about this tag team screams danger, and we're about to find out whether they have enough right now to dethrone the FWA Tag Team Champions!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Let me tell you two and the whole world something right now, Phillip is not only an all-world talent in his own right, he has also always, always!! Had an eye for true talent as well!! His choice of Viktor was not a fluke, it was not a mistake, it was destiny!!! And it is Phillips destiny tonight, along with Viktor Maximus, to be a champion once again!! The Vultures are cooked, mark my words!!!!

    Viktor enters the ring and paces around, almost look a bit restless. PAJ calmly directs him to the outside of the ring and says something inaudible to him as the lights fall on the stadium again.

    A radio crackles, and barely-audible audio, as if someone is speaking through a distant bullhorn, starts to play through the darkened arena.

    “Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.”

    Helicoptor rotor blades are suddenly heard chopping overhead, but the arena remains dark.

    “What is an anarchist? One who, choosing, accepts the responsibility of choice.”

    Suddenly, a few bright yellow spotlights start shining around in the stadium, but they are not directed towards the stage or the ring and seemingly are just whirling around at random.

    “I die, as I have lived, a free spirit, owing no allegiance to rulers, heavenly or earthly.”

    Suddenly, a bunch of objects drop from the railings above the ring into the ring directly. The spotlights all wheel around and focus on the ring, where the objects are revealed to be: smoke grenades. They all go off, enveloping the ring in smoke.

    SCVs theme starts playing in the arena, with the sound of helicoptors still blazing overhead. Members of the crowd gasp and thousands of phone cameras start flashing in the audience as for a few precious moments, two figures are seen rope-rappelling military-style down from the rafters directly into the smoke. The two figures land in the ring and for a few moments, nothing can be seen within the cloud of grey smoke. Eventually, two shadows emerge. As the smoke clears, we see that the men are none other than Christopher Manson and BUCK, both sporting commando tactical belts around their waists and with the FWA Tag Team Championship belts strapped diagonally across their torsos like bullet loops. Manson is sporting a skull-themed black bandana around the bottom half of his face, while BUCK is wearing a full-face ski mask with a skull pattern as well. Christopher Manson looks at PAJ and Viktor on the outside of the ring and makes a gun-point motion with his fingers towards Viktor.

    Langdon Trafford: A fearless, shock entrance into Back in Business 13 for the Sin City Vultures!!! No doubt that they planned this to intimidate the PAJ Project and perhaps to throw Viktor Maximus off his game!!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Well its not going to work!! Its going to take more than just cheap stunts to rustle Phillip!!!

    David Weinstock: SCV doesn't need stunts! They are the most dominant tag team in FWA history in my view!! Every big gun FWA has to offer has lined up against SCV and they have all fallen short!! But now SCV has to do it once more, against the biggest threat they've ever lined up against, and they have to do it under the bright lights of Back in Business!! We all know PAJ has been here before, but how will Viktor, how will Manson and BUCK, how will they hold up now that the spotlight is on them??? The fate of the FWA Tag Team Championships is whats at stake!!!


    The bell rings and here we go. Maximus and Manson start things off. Maximus punches Manson so hard that fans all the way in the cheap seats feel it. Maximus continues to hammer away with punches, but Manson drops him and tags in BUCK. BUCK picks up where Manson left off, putting the boots to Maximus. BUCK and Manson take turns delivering punishment to Maximus until he finally makes the tag to PAJ. However, as soon as PAJ enters the ring, he eats a big boot from BUCK which is followed by a pinfall attempt. One... Two..

    PAJ kicks out and BUCK springs up, going back to work on PAJ with a serious of hard stomps to the head, chest and gut of PAJ. BUCK tags Manson in and Manson picks up where BUCK left off, delivering additional punishment to PAJ. Lefts, rights, hooks, jabs, uppercuts. This continues for a while until PAJ stumbles back to Maximus, making the tag. Maximus comes in and immediately school-boys BUCK for a quick pin attempt but it only gets him a two count. Maximus picks Buck up but Buck pushes Maximus off of him and steps back towards Manson.

    BUCK tags in Manson who starts going to work on Maximus, running into the ring delivering a kick to the shin of Maximus, getting him the big man down to his level so he can treat him with a barage of quick punches followed by a DDT. He tries a quick pin attempt after delivering some punishment, but Maximus manages to kick out at two. Manson tags in BUCK and BUCK beats Maximus down some more. BUCK and Manson continue to dominate Maximus until Maximus finally scores a break when he moves out of the way from a big high-spot attempt by Manson. He makes the tag to PAJ. PAJ takes the hot tag and is now flying all over the place, hitting anything that moves, including some big dives to both BUCK and Manson on the floor.

    Back inside the ring, PAJ hits a big cross-body splash off of the top rope onto BUCK for a believable near fall. BUCK and PAJ exchange punches in the center of the ring until PAJ blasts BUCK with a spin-kick to the back of his head. Both teams battle back-and-forth a bit inside the ring until PAJ is knocked out to the floor, leading to a huge dive spot from BUCK. After BUCK hits the big dive, the fans break out into a “this is awesome” chant. Back inside the ring, BUCK is blasted by Maximus on the floor, straight into a roll-up pin attempt from PAJ inside the ring. BUCK, however, manages to kick out at two. Moments later, BUCK hits his big clothesline for a pin attempt, but PAJ somehow shockingly kicks out at two and three-quarters. The fans chant “this is awesome” again after that. Manson surprisingly goes to the top rope, but misses with a big splash attempt. PAJ follows up with a big splash off of the top for a near fall that pretty much everyone in the arena bought as the finish.

    PAJ looks stunned that he didn’t get the three count. PAJ goes to the top for another splash attempt but is nailed by BUCK from the apron. Manson beats on PAJ on the top rope until the Maximus blind-tags himself in. Both PAJ and Maximus are in the rings, but Manson hits a diving crossbody on both guys. He goes for the pin but Maximus kicks out at two. The fans bought into that as the finish as well.

    Manson tags BUCK back into the match. BUCK and Manson double-team PAJ until PAJ manages to get away. BUCK goes for the big clothesline on Maximus, but Maximus nails him with a big boot. BUCK falls back into the ropes and Maximus delivers a kick to BUCK but BUCK catches the leg, pushes him away and then blasts Maximus with his huge clothesline. He tries for the pin but Maximus somehow kicks out. Maximus hits another kick to the face of BUCK and then PAJ tags in. They double team BUCK and then clear Manson from the ring. Both PAJ and Maximus go to the top of opposite corners and hit a double leg drop onto BUCK. Maximus covers BUCK as PAJ returns to his corner. It's only good for two. Maximus picks up BUCK and begins yelling strait into his face before taking him down to the mat with a series of rights. Maximus takes BUCK down with a big shoulder block. Maximus hip tosses BUCK and the crowd pops big for that. Maximus delivers a big leg drop for a two count. BUCK kicks Maximus in the gut and takes him into his corner to tag in Manson. Maximus tries to fight off both men but Manson takes him down to the mat with a big right.

    Manson clamps on a front face lock and takes Maximus down to the mat when he tries to fight out. Maximus is able to surprise Manson with a spinning elbow, and tag in his partner. PAJ comes in and takes Manson off his feet after a flurry of offense. PAJ leaps up and hits a roundhouse kick. He readies himself for his finisher, but he’s distracted by BUCK and that allows BUCK to roll to the outside. PAJ follows and he’s distracted by BUCK again, allowing Manson to hit a big clothesline and lay PAJ out. Manson rolls PAJ into the ring and gets a quick two count. Manson slams PAJ down to the mat for another near fall before tagging BUCK into the match. Manson suplexes BUCK into PAJ’s back which is good for another two count. BUCK locks on a body scissors and PAJ struggles to fight out of it. BUCK tries for a belly to back suplex but PAJ reverses it. BUCK is able to come up with a powerslam that’s good for a two count. Manson tags in and stomps away at PAJ. PAJ tries to fight back with a series of rights, but he’s caught in an abdominal stretch.

    PAJ is able to fight out of the hold, but Manson catches PAJ. He goes for a slam, but PAJ counters into a DDT and both men are down. Both make the tag and Maximus comes in with a couple of big clotheslines for BUCK before hitting a spinning press and a sit out front suplex. Maximus goes for the pin but it’s broken up by Manson. PAJ heads in and he’s tossed over the top by Manson. PAJ skins the cat, sends Manson from the ring, and leaps over the top to take out Manson. BUCK tries to roll up Maximus, but Maximus kicks out at two. Maximus hits the chokeslam, and he pins BUCK for three.

    Here are your winners and the NEW FWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS @ 12:02 - The Phillip A. Jackson Project

    Langdon Trafford: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I CAN'T!! The historic tag title reign of the Sin City Vultures has come to an end!

    Piers Gallagher:
    On the grandest stage of them all, no less! What an incredible match this was!

    David Weinstock: SCV fought tooth and nail against a former World Heavyweight Champion and a 7 foot monster but at the end of the day, The Phillip A. Jackson Project came out victorious! I still stand by my statement, the Sin City Vultures may just be the most dominant tag team in FWA history and no one can take that from them!

    Langdon Trafford: What an phenomenal Back in Business this has been folks, but it ain't over yet! Up next, Wolf defends the North American Championship against one of the most imposing adversaries he's ever faced in Tristan James Galloway.

    David Weinstock: Match Of The Night candidate coming at us, folks!
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    The next video plays, signalling the beginning of the co-main event. The crowd cheers in anticipation before the live audio fades out, replaced by the song "No Problem" by Chance the Rapper that the video is set to.

    You don't want no problem, want no problem with me!♫

    The video begins with old footage of WOLF and Chris Kennedy standing across the ring from each other at Back in Business VII.... before suddenly fading out to a near identical shot, but instead of Back in Business, its WOLF and Chris Kennedy standing across the ring from each other in Tokyo at the World GP finals.


    Narrator: "The hunger for retribution, the hunger for revenge, the hunger for the chance to rewrite history...."

    The scene suddenly switches to a scene of WOLFs arm failing him in the finals, before we see ringside footage of WOLF being helped out of Budokan Hall after losing to Kennedy.

    "The hunger consumes The Last Legend!!!"

    We then see a scene from FN where WOLF comes out with the North American Championship belt in tow, and then just tosses the belt high into the air, letting it fall to the ground with a clang. The camera focuses on WOLF charging down the ramp, then stopping midway, then sneering with supreme satisfaction.

    You don't want no problem, want no problem with me!♫

    The camera finally switches to shot of the ring, where Kevin Cromwell is celebrating and another man is sitting up with a looking of confusion which slowly twists into anger.


    The scene rewinds to Galloway and WOLFs first meeting at the Champion vs Champion match.

    "The hunger for greatness, the hunger for achievement, the hunger to be a Champion with honor and respect drives the Polynesian Powerhouse forward!!"

    The scene then returns to the World GP, where Galloway hits WOLF so hard that WOLFs arm is jolted. We then see Galloway trying to get at WOLF after WOLF gets Galloway counted out.

    You don't want no problem, want no problem with me!♫

    "But when it comes to WOLF, respect and honor is never enough!!!"

    We see WOLF destroying Zachary Kazadi, then shots of WOLF raising the North American Championship. We then see shots of Galloway defeating Jason Randall in the X Gauntlet and various scenes of him raising the X title. The scene suddenly changes to a split screen of WOLF being helped out of the WGP ring on one side and Galloway losing the X title on the other.

    "Both men have lost something near and dear to them!! Both men blame the other for keeping them from quenching their thirst, sating their hunger!!"

    Bolded text superimposes over the video:


    You don't want no problem, want no problem with me!♫

    The scene switches to Los Angeles, where WOLF charges out to brawl with Galloway post-main event.

    "This is the final chapter!! This match will be no disqualification!! This match will be for the FWA North American Championship!!!"

    The scene then changes to FN OKC, where WOLF and Galloway brawl again, with Galloway getting the better of WOLF.

    You don't want no problem, want no problem with me...♫




    Teu to ki he tupe! Ko e 'aho! Ko e 'aho mavava mo e tangi! Teu mate maa Tonga Hii!!!

    The scene returns to the stadium where the arena is dark except for 5 flames on the arena stage. After a moment, a backlight on the titantron screen reveals five Tongan warriors, in full warrior dress and face paint, performing the Kailo with a torch in hand.

    !Tonga 'e!Ta ke hu ki ai! Katoa pe! Taha! Mo e to kotoa! Teu fetau folau Hii!

    Haa! Mo e peje! Mo e lea! Otua ke tau! Tau malohi!' Ai Malohi!

    As the warriors dance along with their flames, a giant sixth warrior suddenly emerges from the back and steps in front of the original line of 5.

    Tau Fefeka!'Ai Fefeka! Tau ki Tonga! To'o mo e hii!

    We can see that the last man is Tristan James Galloway, in full warrior dress as well but without the torch. He leads the line of stomping and and chanting warriors into their final stanza.

    'I 'olunga moihulo! Feinga te tau 'ikuna! 'Ikuna kotoa Hii!

    All 5 torches and the backlight suddenly goes out. The arena is throwing into a pitch-black darkness...

    Until pyro suddenly goes off behind the stage, forming a sparkling waterfall-effect of light.

    Tristan James Galloway gives the warriors a nod and then marches down the ramp by himself as "Turn the Page" plays. Phone cameras flash all around him from the rapt audience as he makes his way into the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: Tristan James Galloway, ladies and gentlemen, has truly been there and done that this year... he inserted himself in the X Gauntlet and became X Division Champion, he has a victory over the World Champion Cyrus Truth, he made the semifinals of the World GP, and now here he is the co-main event of Back in Business vying for the North American Championship, but there is one man, one peak, one mountain that he has yet to conquer, and tonight he faces down that man one more time, on the grandest stage of them all!!

    David Weinstock: It can't be overstated what a pivotal moment this is for Galloway, guys. The first two matches between these two were marred by controversy, then WOLF did what he did to cost Galloway the X Division title, but this is it, this is Back in Business, this is the time to settle this once and for all, no DQ, no countout, no nothing, there must be a winner, and that winner will be the North American Champion!!

    Piers Gallagher: Look, I know I've been tough on Galloway in the past, so let me say on air that I get it, hes a talented up and comer, but the way he screwed WOLF, the way he disrespects WOLF, he is going to pay for all of that tonight!! Galloway is still 10 years too young to be tangling with the likes of The Last Legend!!

    The arena suddenly falls dark again, and in the darkness, "Number of the Beast" by Iron Maiden starts playing.

    I left alone my
    mind was blank
    I needed time to think to get the memories from my mind!!

    What did I see? Could I believe?
    That what I saw that night was real and not just fantasy!!!

    A sudden rumbling comes from the arena stage, and suddenly a bright light starts shining from the stage out into the ring and the audience instead of the other way around. Spotlights suddenly come on inside the arena and we see WOLF riding down the arena ramp in a huge, custom, shining mach-black 2-wheel Gladiator American Chopper motorcycle. WOLF drives the chopper all the way to the ring, and as the referee approaches that side, WOLF revs the engine loudly a few times. The lights come on and we can see the bike is customized with giant iron plates on all sides as well, giving it the look of a warmobile.

    Langdon Trafford: A few years ago, Adrian Wolf left FWA, no doubt feeling that he had given all that he had to give and that there were no more worlds left to conquer here... but ever since his return, WOLF has surely found that the FWA landscape has changed by leaps and bounds!! And here tonight, at Back in Business, WOLF is stepping in to tell one of the young guns of the future that even after all this, its still WOLFs time, its still WOLFs FWA, and seeing as what happened at the World GP, WOLF definitely wants to show the world what the consequences are when you take food away from the Last Legends table!!

    David Weinstock: WOLF hasn't conducted himself like an honorable vet since his return, guys, but he would tell you that honor is worthless! But at the same time, WOLF has held that North American Championship in a death grip! Can Galloway be the one here to wrench that title loose at Back in Business?

    Piers Gallagher:
    Wah wah wah, Dave, get a grip!! WOLF has become the legend, the destroyer, the warrior that he is by ignoring all your pitiful whining for trivial things like honor and respect!! The facts are simple!! Tristan James Galloway stole from WOLF!! Tristan James Galloway screwed over WOLF!! And now Tristan James Galloway wants to steal from WOLF again and take the North American Championship?? I don't think so, not over WOLFs dead body!!!

    As the ref tells WOLF to get into the ring, WOLF ignores him and instead stares at Tristan James Galloway. WOLF leaves the bike ringside, gets up on the seat and jumps from the bike to the ring apron.

    North American Championship
    "The Last Legend" WOLF vs "The Polynesian Powerhouse" Tristan James Galloway

    Kurt Harrington: And his opponent standing 6’8 and weighing in at 290lbs he is reigning and defending North American Champion, Woooooo …

    He doesn’t even have enough to time to finish Wolf’s name before this one is off and running. As Wolf just reaches the edge of the ring a suicide drive through the middle ropes stops him in his tracks. The two men hit the ground and begin throwing lefts and rights. Despite Wolf being underneath TJG he’s still giving as good as he’s getting. Wolf flips TJG over and a headbutt levels the Powerhouse. Wolf slides to his feet and walks away. Obviously not expecting such explosion from TJG. When he turns around TJG has gotten to his feet and both men stare off. TJG shoulder tackles Wolf into the ring post and drives his shoulder twice against Wolf’s stomach before missing the third attempt and ramming his shoulder into the ring post. TJG drops to the steps into the ring and Wolf drives his head into the steps, twice for good measure. Wolf goes to the crowd but the fans in the row seem to be unbecoming with their weapons they brought to help Galloway beat Wolf. Wolf gets in the face of a fan before grabbing table leg he brought with him and turning on TJG with it. The distraction is all the time TJG needed however and is ready for Wolf when he turns. A kick to the gut and TJG rams Wolf against the railings. A fan passes TJG a tv remote and TJG smashes against Wolf’s head until its in a thousand pieces. TJG smirks and tosses Wolf into the ring. TJG gets slides in beside Wolf. He pulls Wolf to his feet but sends him straight back down with a short-armed clothesline, using Wolf’s momentum against him.

    David Weinstock: These two are really goin’ at it.

    Piers Gallagher: And they just started.

    Langdon Trafford: That’s right Piers; This could get really ugly, really fast.

    TJG gets out of the ring and goes to the crowd. A fan passing him a sixer of beer as Wolf gets to his feet in the middle of the ring. TJG throws one of the tins at Wolf, hitting him on the back. Wolf picks up the beer and turns around and he’s clearly pissed as TJG lounges on the railing, sipping at a fresh beer. Wolf goes to the ropes and both men throw insults at each other. No love lost between these two. TJG takes a couple of steps too close to Wolf who slams the beer tin against his face. Wolf acts quickly and jumps out of the ring, bringing the fight to TJG. TJG still hasn’t regained his head as Wolf throws right and lefts at TJG’s face. Wolf laying TJG out with a well timed DDT. The fans get in Wolf’s face but he grabs a 2x4 off one of them anyway. He turns back to TJG and hits him square in the back with the 2x4. TJG rolls over in pain and Wolf goes for a shot to TJG’s forehead. TJG kicks out at Wolf in desperation to stop the attack. Wolf stumbles back before clocking TJG around the head with the 2x4. Wolf covers but TJG kicks out easily after two. Wolf gets in the referee’s face demanding he count faster. TJG springboards to his feet and cracks his neck. Getting Wolf from behind he lands a big german suplex. TJG gets back to his feet and starts looking through the crowd for something to hit Wolf with. A teenager passes TJG a ashtray and TJG, checks it for weight before driving it at Wolf’s temple. Wolf takes the hit but immediately after hitting the ground he raising himself up. TJG hits him again with the same result. Wolf back on his feet after no time at all. TJG cocks an eyebrow before hitting him again. TJG can’t believe it when Wolf gets to his feet. He’s just staring at Wolf as Wolf comes closer to him. The two standing toe to toe, Wolf clearly saying ‘that all you got?’ before a brawl erupts between the two. Wolf getting the better of TJG and grabbing a baseball bat from the crowd hits TJG twice in the stomach before choking TJG with the bat.

    David Weinstock: It’s all legal folks. Anything goes here tonight.

    Piers Gallagher: You think Galloway regrets this match

    Langdon Trafford: I don’t think Tristan is a man with regrets, Piers.

    TJG goes to his knees as Wolf continues to apply the pressure. TJG is almost out when the fans start up a ‘TJG’ chant. TJG rouses slightly and pushes his way to his feet. Hitting Wolf with a few shots to the midsection before Wolf clubs him on the back, sending him back to the ground. TJG brings the fight to Wolf and he is on retreat. TJG beats Wolf all the way to backstage area! TJG bounces Wolfs head off the tiled walls giving him a few gut punches every now and then keeping him worn down They stop outside an office as TJG rams Wolf into the door practically knocking the door off it's hinges as they fall inside. The office is that of Ashley O' Ryan as TJG grabs his desk placard and hits Wolf in the head with it repeatedly until Wolf gives TJG a crotch kick and a DDT onto the tiled floor finally mounting a comeback,. both men laid out now in the office as Wolf slowly leans over TJG grabbing the desk name placard and beating it down into his face with vicious ambitions. Wolf finally stops and hooks the eg 1...2...NO! Wolf gets back to his feet slowly a small wound opening on his head which starts to bleed as he touches it. He places a briefcase over the face of TJG climbing on the mahogany desk and jumping off with a leg drop onto the case; grabbing TJG by the hair he starts to pick him up as he goes to nail a suplex onto the hard wood desk TJG stops and reverses dropping the front suplex onto his own shoulders so Wolf now lays across them as Wolf elbows him in the side of the head blocking it slipping down his back and nailing him with an inverted neckbreaker. Wolf grabs TJG and puts him in a swivel chair sitting him in the there as he starts to choke away at him with the telephone chord, beginning to wrap the chord around the chair some more.

    Piers Gallagher: TJG is going for a ride!

    Wolf pushes him out of the door and into the hall he takes a run and starts pushing TJG down the hall and bam TJG collides legs first and head first into one of the loading cages backstage. the chair topples over and TJG groans in pain. Wolf grabs one of the beer kegs from inside and picks it up and drops it down on the knee of TJG starting to beat at him with it and bend his knee around the keg really taking the vertical base out from under the challenger.

    Wolf leaving TJG there with his leg wrapped around a keg he grabs a near by steel chair folding it up coming back and slamming it down hard against the shin of TJG as he goes at TJG with vicious intent picking TJG up again out of the mess of chord as he kicks TJG in the midsection and calls for it and nails a FINAL HOWL right in the center of the hall way. Wolf calls to the ref and covers TJG 1....2.......TJG KICKS OUT, Wolf can hardly believe it he slams a hand into the floor and stands back up bringing TJG back to his feet he goes to nail under but TJG reverses and hits him with a fall away slam tossing him a little down the hall way as he gets back to his feet noticeably favoring the leg Wolf's been working on, as he limps after the champ who is starting to crawl down the hall slowly getting back to his feet. TJG runs and nails Wolf in the back with both fists knocking him back down again. Backstage workers are getting well out of the way of both men as TJG grabs Wolf and picks him back up once more ramming him hard into the wall so much so that plaster board holes. Before Wolf can fall down TJG has hold of him once more leading him down the hall taking as best a run as he can he sends Wolf flying into a glass window as Wolf hurtles through and into the room which is the photography studio.

    TJG enters the room instantly picking up one of the tripods and bringing it down on Wolf's back, once more and again Wolf laid in a pool of shard glass his upper body bleeding from various cuts some deeper than others. TJG covers and the ref starts the count 1.....2......NO! Wolf hardly gets back to his feet.Both men are in an exchange of lefts and rights both physically tired as they throw careless punches at one and other, TJG misses his hit but locks on a headlock onto Wolf, giving some pretty effortless punches to his skull hooking his head and deliver a DDT into the floor. Both men now laid out on the floor as on stand by EMT's run in and start pouring water into the mouthes of both men keeping them hydrated through the match as they both lay there Wolf with cuts all over his upper body and one on his face which has made his face covered in blood due to it's mixture with sweat.They both lay there actually accepting the water from the EMT's but Wolf is quick to push his EMT away as he struggles to roll over onto TJG grabbing a shard of glass from the window as he goes to stab it into TJG dragging it down his arm with aggression on his face. He goes to jab it down again but TJG grabs his hand and fights it back using any ounce of strength he has left in him moving over he now on top as he unleashes hell fury lefts and rights on the face of Wolf.

    Langdon Trafford: Tristan digging down and finding some other energy tank!

    TJG falls back after unleashing all that fury. They both struggle back to their feet down the hallway to the parking lot. They stare each other down as the fans chant in anticipation the two men lock up, Wolf whipping TJG to the front of the truck as he bounces off the grill turning around and he's hit by a spear from WOLF. TJG falls to the ground and Wolf walks away grabbing a lead pipe. Wolf brings the pipe down on the back of TJG's head, there's a group of fans who left early and are outside the parking lot behind some barriers watching and cheering for TJG as Wolf beats him down again with the pipe giving a couple of nasty looking head shots

    Langdon Trafford: This is sick... STOP THIS DAMMIT!

    TJG head is pouring with blood by this point as Wolf drags him out in front of the few fans who have gathered to watch the number of fans growing all the time as Wolf picks up TJG delivering FINAL HOWL, pointing at the fans yelling things to them. TJG looks barely conscious with a vacant look in his eyes the lights are on but sure enough nobody is actually home.Wolf takes a step back before running and kneeing TJG in the head knocking him back down now in the middle of the parking lot ramp the fans are starting to yell things back at Wolf like 'leave him alone' and 'get off him' them even finding it wrong what he's doing. The ref calls for one minute remaining as Wolf rears back with the lead pipe looking to bring it down like an executioners axe on TJG when all of a sudden a fan jumps the barrier and comes in standing in front of TJG with a stern look on his face Wolf yells at him to move but as he does so more fans jump the barrier as they start to block Wolf from getting anywhere near TJG who is a mess by this point

    Piers Gallagher: What the hell are they doing? why aren't security throwing them out?

    The fans stand tall together in front of TJG as Wolf yells at them to move but they refuse to his face!

    David Weinstock: They're actually protecting Tristan

    Piers Gallagher: This is an amazing moment!

    Wolf is beside himself as he looks around, taking a deep breath, knowing there's nothing he can do. He gently lays down the pipe, raises his arms in the air, mouthes the words "Okay. You win." and begins to back up. A few of the fans begin to let their guard down as they back up towards Galloway, still not taking their eyes off of Wolf. Suddenly, Wolf grabs one of the fans by the shirt and pulls him in face to face, threatening him! The fans begin to scatter as Wolf presses the fan up against a rail and holds his fist high in the air, but out of the corner of his eye, he sees Galloway sprinting towards him! Wolf is unable to move out of the way in time and Galloway catches him with a spear that takes Wolf to the concrete! Tristan and Adrian both hit the concrete and neither man is moving as the fans in the background watch on in awe, unleashing a small but powerful "HO-LY SHIT!!!" chant! Moments later, Galloway desperately crawls over top of his opponent!



    Somehow, the bloodied and broken Wolf kicks out! Galloway uses a nearby car to pull himself up and hobbles over to Wolf. He grabs the NA Champ by the hair and pulls him to his feet, beginning to walk back up the ramp into the arena. he makes sure to slam Wolf's head off the arena door and any nearby walls, as he screams out "You're done, you washed up old man! You're one last hoorah is over!" Galloway walks past a large crate on wheels and smashes Wolf's skull into it before opening it up and dumping Wolf inside! Tristan shut the lid but Wolf threw his right arm up and forced it back open! Galloways reached down in and threw a few shots at Wolf before shutting the lid again, and throwing the latches! Galloway hobbles down the hallway pushing the crate, past the gorilla position where guys like Duke Drazin and Clay Reitmeier are seen with headsets on. Galloway pushes on through until he reaches the stage... He teases pushing the crate off the stage to the floor below and the crowd is electric! Galloway stops just short of the stage, but then turns around and completes the push, sending the crate crashing all the way down to the floor below!

    Langdon Trafford: Good God, there's a human body in there!

    David Weinstock: This is insane! The referees need to stop this before these two legitimately murder each other!

    EMTs rush down to the floor and all gather around the crate, opening the latches and pulling Wolf's body out of the wreckage! Galloway tries to get down to the floor but the EMTs push him back as they need to check on Wolf's well-being. The Polynesian Powerhouse looks like he may be about to blow a gasket, as several EMTs ask Wolf questions as they carefully pull his body out of the crate! Galloway is pacing back and forth as he suddenly pushes the EMTs out of the way, and marches over to Wolf's body and covers him for the academic



    Piers Gallagher: YES! YEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: How in the hell did Wolf kick out after that?

    Galloway cries out in disbelief as he rolls over to his back and begins slamming his fist into broken pieces of wreckage. "STAY! DOWN! STAY! DOWN! STAY! DOWN!!!!!!!" Galloway walks over and hooks Wolf up, calling for the Jackhammer portion of the Carcinogen Crush! He grabs Wolf by the hair, pulls him up, but Wolf drops down to one knee and hits Galloway with a low blow! The crowd lets out an audible "OOOOOHHHHH!!!!!" as Galloway croutches down in pain and Wolf takes the time to recover a bit before charging back towards the leg of Galloway with a chop block! Galloway falls to the ground in pain as Wolf looks at the opportunity, grabs Tristan leg and looks to apply The Wrath of the Beast but Tristan feels the desperation kicking in and does everything he can to block it! He twists his body around but Wolf is relentless! Tristan grabs a piece of the broken crate and manages to strike Wolf in the face with it! Wolf stumbles backwards as Tristan pulls himself up and calls for the Carcinogen Crush (Spear/Jackhammer Combo) but as he moves forward with the spear, his leg gives out! Wolf looks at the carnage around him and notices a metal pipe. With a sadistic gleam in his eye, Wolf reaches down and grabs the pipe. He holds it in front of his face as if he were looking at a crown jewel. He smiles, and begins to breath just a little heavier as he looks down at the fallen Galloway, holding his leg in pain. Wolf walks over to him and just repeatedly smashes the pipe into his right knee, over and over again! Galloway is screaming out as Wolf tosses the pipe over his shoulder and immediately locks in the Wrath of the Beast! Galloway is a bloodied mess just screaming at the top of his lungs as Wolf applies the move at such an angle it's almost uncomfortable to watch! Wolf is screaming out "Tap, you son of a bitch! Tap!" Galloway shakes his head no, as Wolf applies more pressure and dips down even lower! Wolf is yelling at the referee but Galloway is refusing to give up! Wolf adjusts the hold, but Galloway takes advantage by starting to slip out! The fans see this and begin to pop, but Wolf adjusts the move so that the hold is at an angle that's simply sickening! A few moments later, Wolf yells out again "TAP THE FUCK OUT, YOU BASTARD! TAP! TAP!!!! WHY ISN'T HE TAPPING?" and the referee calls for the bell! Tristan Galloway passed out from the pain! Galloway refused to tap!

    Here is your winner and still North American Champion @ 18:45 - "The last Legend" Wolf
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    As the ring is cleared one final, the crowd starts cheering preemptively, knowing that the main event is coming up next.

    Langdon Trafford: Guys, I can't even begin to process everything we've seen tonight right now, its just... wow! The FWA will never be the same after Back in Business 13, will it?

    David Weinstock: What a history-making evening, you took the words out of my mouth, Langdon. Nothing will ever be the same after tonight...

    Langdon Trafford: We'll have to take time to think about it later though, because now, the big one, the one you've all been waiting for is about to begin... ladies and gentlemen... the main event of Back in Business 13, TITLE vs STREAK, starts right now!!


    As the arena falls dark for the last time tonight, the cheers grow even loud. The video begins, set the whole way through to an abbreviated version of "Release" by Pearl Jam.

    As the opening guitar solo plays, the scene starts with various black and white shots of what vaguely looks like a wrestling ring with people inside. The shot is intentionally blurry though, so we can only see blurry shapes.

    The camera suddenly focuses, and we finally see that the person inside the ring is a smiling, fresh-faced Chris Kennedy, having just won FWAs Golden Opportunity in 2011.

    Narrator: "From the beginning...."

    The scene then switches to Kennedy main-eventing Back in Business in 2012, then to Kennedy standing opposite of Adrian Wolf. We see Kennedy with the old World Heavyweight Championship, then with both Jack Severino and Brian Carter as Tag Team Champion.

    "It was always apparent..."

    We see Kennedy with Gabrielle during a happier time, then the shot suddenly cuts to Kennedy standing over Gabrielle with the FWA World Championship. The scene with Kennedy and Gabrielle suddenly morphs into the World GP semifinal, where Kennedy stands face-to-face post-semifinals with Bell Connelly.

    "Some men..."

    The scene switches to Kennedy defeating WOLF to win the World GP.

    "... cannot see themselves anywhere else but at the very top!!"


    We see a montage of Chris Kennedys Back in Business streak, starting with winning Golden Opportunity in 2011. We see Kennedy defeating the likes of WOLF and MC Fromage and Stu St. Clair. We see Kennedy flippantly taking the North American Championship and walking past a despondent KAIZEN at BIB XI, then Kennedy defeating PAJ at BIB XII.

    Blocked text suddenly appears superimposed on the scene:


    "The owner of the fabled Back in Business streak... an accomplishment unlike any other, unparalleled in this sport, four times he has been FWA Heavyweight Champion, yet "The Streak" is what The Astonishing One is most revered for!! What could possibly entice Chris Kennedy to put The Streak on the line at Back in Business 13?..."

    The scene cuts away from Kennedy to a sudden shot of someone towering over the ringside camera.

    "...the chance to turn four into five, of course!!!"


    Footage of Cyrus Truth defeating Bell Connelly is shown, followed by footage of Cyrus becoming undisputed FWA Champion at BIB XI, then facing off against Shannon O'Neal at BIB XII.

    "The Exile, the follower of the righteous path, the leading light of the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance, the man who will now grace three consecutive Back in Business Main Events!! In recent FWA history, there has been no Champion more consistent, no warrior more fierce, no foe more unconquerable than Cyrus Truth!!"

    I'll ride the wave... where it takes me!!!!!

    We see footage of Cyrus Truths many title defenses, including his victories against Bell Connelly, KAIZEN, Ryan Rondo, and at Mile High 2016. The scene then distorts back to Carnal Contendership 2016, where Cyrus and Kennedy face off for the first time, in a sequence that ends with Kennedy being eliminated by Cyrus.

    "That moment, already an earth-shattering occurrence at its time..."

    The shot goes to a close of up of Kennedys face, wide eyed and painted with utter shock as he looks at who just threw him out of the ring... the scene then switches to a similar shot, but this time with an older Kennedy, still wide-eyed, on the outside of the ring. We see Kennedy leaping into the ring and costing Cyrus Truth his match against Tristan James Galloway at the World GP.

    I'll hold the pain.... RELEASE ME!!!

    "....inspired a feud of enmity that has been years in the making, with Kennedy the aggressor seeking his vengeance!!! But Cyrus Truth will not be the only one putting up something near and dear to him at Back in Business 13!"'

    We see footage of Kennedy with the WGP trophy, then Cyrus Truth charging in and destroying the trophy after Kennedy bails.

    RELEASE ME!!!!!

    "In other to snatch the ultimate prize of this industry away from Cyrus Truth, Chris Kennedy will put up an ultimate prize of his own!! The Back in Business Streak!! A streak that The Exile would only be too happy to snatch from Kennedy as punishment for his hubris!!"

    We see Cyrus putting Kennedy through a table at FN OKC.

    "The die has been cast! We have long passed the point of no return!!! Two of the finest in FWA history collide at Back in Business 13, in the match which determines who will steer the fate of FWA as its World Champion and who will vault themselves above the other as perhaps the best of all time!!"

    RELEASE ME!!!!!!!!

    The video ends with a split screen of both Kennedy and Cyrus Truth holding up their FWA World Championship belts.


    Bolded words superimpose themselves on the parting scene of the video:




    The scene returns to the arena, where a piecing single voice is heard singing.

    Cause it's a bittersweet symphony this life
    Trying to make ends meet, you're a slave to the money then you die

    Spotlights come on, and we see that during the video, the entire right of the arena stage has been lifted so that a full 90-piece musical orchestra is now visible. Standing in front of the orchestra is a very energetic conductor, swinging his conductor wand to and fro with his back turned to the camera.

    No change, I can't change, I can't change, I can't change,
    but I'm here in my mold, I am here in my mold.
    But I'm a million different people from one day to the next
    I can't change my mold, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

    The orchestral plays "Bittersweet Symphony" in an increasingly loud and elaborate crescendo, led on by the conductor, until suddenly, the conductor of the orchestra spins around...

    I can't change my mold, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...

    The crowd gasps as the conductor is revealed to be Chris Kennedy in a tuxedo! Chris Kennedy hops off the pedestal in front of the orchestra and walks down the ramp as the orchestra keeps playing. As he walks down the ramp, he is still rapidly swinging and jutting the conductors wand in his hand, and the ramp camera gets close enough to see that Kennedy actually has his eyes closed as he conducts his orchestra from afar, all the while still walking down the ramp.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, its been around three years since Chris Kennedy has been FWA World Champion, and during that him he has had many ups, perhaps a few downs as well, but I have to say, during the World Grand Prix and this feud with Cyrus Truth, we have seen a colder, more calculating, one might say even a more sinister Chris Kennedy!! yet tonight, as he puts his one-of-a-kind Back in Business Streak on the line for the chance to become a five-time World Champion, we have to ask ourselves, is the Chris Kennedy that we thought we knew, the dutiful son, loving father, the one who always came good when FWA needed him too... was that all a lie??? Was he plotting to his revenge against Cyrus Truth ever since that Carnal Contendership?? Has the FWA Universe just been dancing to Chris Kennedys tune this whole time????

    David Weinstock: Thats a scary though, Langdon, but if this was his plan, its the most high-stakes plan in FWA history, thats for sure... Kennedy is putting up a huge piece of his legacy here!! All for the chance to finally defeat Cyrus Truth!!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Call it a master plan, call it revenge, call it a dish best served cold, call it whatever!! All I know is that this is the most ruthless Chris Kennedy I can recall, and thats a good thing!! High stakes gambling is what the Kennedy name is best at, and hes not just pushed all of Cyrus' buttons ever since the World GP, hes pushed all of his own chips in, hes gone all in because he believes the culmination of his plan for revenge against Cyrus happens tonight!!!

    David Weinstock: Everyones got a plan until they get punched in the face, Piers...

    The orchestra is slowly and finally lowered away from the stage and the music stops as Kennedy hits the ring. The crowd cheers are almost deafening at this point, but that doesnt stop Kennedy from making a show out of refusing to give up his conductor wand to the referee.

    The lights of the stadium dim again, but the cheering only gets louder because the fans know whos coming out next.

    As "Subconscious" plays, the whole main stage on the arena has dropped down. In its place, a platform is slowly rising, and the fans in attendance mark out when they realize that what is coming out is a giant Game-of-Thrones style Iron Throne. Sitting squarely in the seat of the throne, almost lounging and leaning back, buffetted by gray animal furs, is Cyrus Truth. In his left hand, he holds the FWA World Championship close to this chest, and is his right hand, Cyrus is holding a sword, with the handle up and the blade tip resting on the platform.

    The platform finally locks in, and spotlights shine down onto the throne to reveal it in its full glory. Cyrus Truth stands up from the throne, plays with the sword almost casually with one hand, before suddenly thrusting the sword downwards blade tip first!! People in the crowd scream as the sword plows itself into the platform and stays put, a shining silver cross vibrating in front of The Exile, who is now not looking at the sword but straight down the ramp into the BIB ring. Cyrus takes the World Title belt with him and finally starts marching down the ramp as pyro goes off behind the throne.

    Langdon Trafford: Three consecutive Back in Business Main Events, think about that for just a second... this man has only been in this company for three years, and he has Main Evented every Back in Business available to him!! It is impossible to understate the institution that Cyrus Truth is, he is the FWA Champion, and tonight, if he defends the World Championship against Chris Kennedy and is able to extinguish Kennedys BIB Streak, I daresay that with a victory tonight, Cyrus Truth IS the FWA!!!

    David Weinstock: So many have tried to drag Cyrus down from the FWA mountaintop and yet year in year out he's always been there, walking his own road, marching to the beat of his own drum, representing FWA as CHAMPION!! Yet while many of those who have taken aim at him are now gone, The Exile remains, still untouchable!! But no man in this business is undefeated, and the closest thing we have to that is the man who is undefeated at Back in Business!! Somethings got to give tonight!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Compared to Chris Kennedy, Cyrus is a vagrant!! We all know Cyrus Truth's resume, yes its impressive, yes he is a first-ballot Hall of Famer, and yes he is the defending champion!! But Back in Business is a stage that belongs to Chris Kennedy, the FWA blueblood!!

    David Weinstock: So, you're going on record as picking Chris Kennedy, Piers?

    Piers Gallagher:

    Main Event - Title VS Streak
    Cyrus Truth (C) VS Chris Kennedy

    The bell rings and the opponents cirlce the ring a bit before meeting in the middle. Kennedy kicks Cyrus in the gut and clubs him across the back. Kennedy locks in a head lock, and Cyrus fights out of it only to eat a shoulder block. Cyrus hits a running knee to Kennedy’s gut and hits a couple of European uppercuts. Cyrus goes to work on Kennedy’s arm but Kennedy hits a big right hand to take Cyrus down for a near fall. Kennedy locks in an arm lock, but Cyrus fights it off and hits a big dropkick, locking in a hammer lock and just absolutely stretching Chris Kennedy and almost getting a pin at the same time. Kennedy fights it off but runs into another Cyrus dropkick that’s good for another near fall. Kennedy fights back and puts Cyrus into the corner, but Cyrus uses his speed to get out of it, hits a dragon screw, and launches himself into the corner to hit a huge dropkick that sets up another near fall. Cyrus goes for a Mexican surfboard, but stomps down on Kennedy’s knees instead. Cyrus hits a kick to Kennedy’s chest that’s good for another two count. Kennedy sends Cyrus into the corner but Cyrus back flips over Kennedy. Cyrus hits the ropes only to run into a big side slam that’s good for another two count. Kennedy uses the ropes to hit a sick assisted back breaker that’s good for another near fall. Kennedy locks in a rear chin lock but Cyrus fights out and hits a huge running kick. Cyrus lays in deep with a couple of European uppercuts, but Kennedy lays him out with a running forearm. Kennedy chokes Cyrus against the middle rope before tying him up and hitting him with a series of knees to the head. Kennedy charges Cyrus, still tied up in the ropes, and hits him with a giant boot that sends Cyrus to the floor.

    Piers Gallagher: Man overboard!

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth to the outside!

    David Weinstock: Big boot from Chris Kennedy sends Cyrus Truth crashing to the floor and I gotta tell you Langdon, that looked painful, Cyrus hitting the floor pretty hard there.

    Piers Gallagher: It 'looked painful' David? Of course that was painful, Cyrus is laying on the ground but his soul is still tied up in those ring ropes!

    Kennedy exits the ring and then brings Cyrus back into the ring, covering him once more for another near fall but Cyrus kicks out at TWO. Kennedy locks in another rear chin lock. Cyrus is able to fight out of it and hits Kennedy with a couple of forearms. Kennedy sends Cyrus to the apron, but misses a kick and ends up in the ropes. Kennedy and Cyrus trade blows on the apron and Kennedy teases the finish, from the apron, but Cyrus fights it off and kicks Kennedy to the floor, before coming off the apron to put his knee right in Kennedy’s face. Back in the ring Cyrus hits a huge missile dropkick that’s good for another two count and Kennedy looks stunned. Kennedy is able to catch Cyrus with a kick, but when Kennedy goes for a pump handle slam, Cyrus fights out and lays into Kennedy with a series of kicks to the thighs. Cyrus hits some nasty kicks to Kennedy’s chest, then a final one to the side of his head, but it’s still not enough for three. Cyrus charges Kennedy in the corner but Kennedy avoids it and hits a running boot. Kennedy goes for the Bittersweet Chin Symphony, but Cyrus sidesteps and counters into a guillotine choke, then the an armbar, but Kennedy is able to reach the ropes to force a break. Cyrus continues to lay into Kennedy with some nasty kicks. Cyrus puts Kennedy on the top rope and follows up, but Kennedy pushes Cyrus away and takes him out with a nasty shoulder block. Kennedy picks up Cyrus but Cyrus begins firing away and Kennedy responds.Both trade right hands before Cyrus takes Kennedy into the corner. Cyrus lays in with a boot, but Kennedy comes back with a couple of big right hands, sending Cyrus into the corner. Cyrus comes right back with a big clothesline, but Kennedy goes to the apron and hangs Cyrus up on the top rope before hitting a big elbow from the middle rope. Kennedy chokes Cyrus in the corner and rips away at his face. Cyrus is able to send Kennedy into the corner and hit a back body drop before beginning to stomp away at Kennedy’s joints, and laying a big one in Kennedy’s stomach.

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth knocking all the air out of Kennedy's chest with that last stomp there, Jesus!

    David Weinstock: Back and forth from both of these men here, fellas. This is a FIGHT.

    Piers Gallagher: Of course it's a fight, David. This is the main event of Back in Business. The FWA Championship is on the line! Chris Kennedy's undefeated streak is on the line! Neither one is going down without a fight!

    Langdon Trafford: Not only that, but you have to consider the fact that these are two legends battling for supremacy. Who is truly the top dog in the FWA?

    Piers Gallagher: Frazier VS Ali! Tyson vs Holyfield! The Cavs vs The Warriors! Batman VS Superman! CHRIS KENNEDY VS CYRUS TRUTH. This is a historic battle, truly one for the ages!

    Kennedy chokes Cyrus in the ropes and Cyrus tries to counter into a rope assisted DDT, but Kennedy is able to send Cyrus to the outside. On the outside, Kennedy ends up being shoved into the barricade hard, and Cyrus takes apart the announce table. Cyrus stops Kennedy from going into the ring and attempts to suplex Kennedy through the announce table, but Kennedy counters and lands on his feet. Cyrus grabs him and Irish whips him back in the ring, where he mounts him in the corner and lays into him with repeated punches, but when Cyrus charges Kennedy, Kennedy side steps him and Cyrus goes shoulder first into the ring post. Kennedy goes for the pin but he only gets two. Kennedy backs off and goes for a big clotheline Cyrus ducks it. Cyrus tries to turn it around but Kennedy puts Cyrus right down and it’s good for another near fall for Kennedy. Cyrus comes up with a roll up out of nowhere and it’s only good for a two count. Kennedy comes right back with a spinebuster for another near fall, and Kennedy goes to the outside to catch his breath. After a while Kennedy goes to the middle rope and leaps off, but Cyrus counters with a big dropkick to Kennedy’s chest. Kennedy stumbles back but remains on his feet. Cyrus connects with a Thesz press and lays in with punches. Kennedy goes to the apron. Cyrus goes for the DDT, but Kennedy punches him in the kidneys repeatedly until Cyrus releases him.

    Cyrus changes it up into an across the back backbreaker. Cyrus backs up and attempts to punt Kennedy in the head, but Kennedy rolls to the outside, and grabs Cyrus’s legs. Cyrus pulls his legs back and causes Kennedy to go head first into the ring post. Cyrus grabs Kennedy by the hair and pulls him back into the ring. Cyrus picks Kennedy up, but Kennedy hits the reverse DDT. Kennedy teases the spear, but Cyrus jumps over it. Cyrus goes for the Jouney's End, but Kennedy sends him to the outside instead, knocking the ref down all the while. On the outside Cyrus sends Kennedy into the steps, and Kennedy takes an insane bump, hitting the knees first and flipping over top of the stairs. Cyrus takes the steps apart and props them against the ring apron. Cyrus tries to send Kennedy into the steps but Kennedy counters and sends Cyrus into the steps head first. They move over to the announce table where Kennedy grabs a monitor from the Spanish announce table and uses it to bash Cyrus’s head. Kennedy puts Cyrus on the table and mocks Cyrus. Kennedy gets on the table with Cyrus and tries for something, but he took too long as Cyrus transitions right into a suplex through the table and down to the floor.


    David Weinstock: Chris Kennedy put through the announce table and this calls back to last weeks contract signing when Cyrus put him through THAT table! If I was Chris Kennedy, I'd avoid tables when Cyrus Truth is near!

    Piers Gallagher: This is typical Cyrus Truth! Cheat by any means necessary! This is Back in Business, the hall of immortals! Where is the honor? Where is the glory in this? Chris Kennedy was right about Cyrus Truth, he's nothing more than a damn phony!

    David Weinstock: Oh blow it out of your ass, Langdon! Need I remind you that it was Kennedy that took them to the table in the first place?

    Langdon Trafford: In any event, this has been an amazing match so far but I think, with this shift in momentum, the tide is turning against Chris Kennedy.

    Both men are slow to climb back into the ring, but the both make it eventually. Both men get up to their feet and bump into each other. Cyrus tries for a clothesline but Kennedy ducks counters into the Kennedy Curse, bringing him down to the mat and locking in his patented crossface! Kennedy has the pressure on Cyrus but remembers that the ref is knocked out cold. Kennedy holds the Kennedy Curse tight, knowing good and well that the ref won't see it and it won't result in a submission but that's not the point. Eventually, Kennedy gets off Cyrus and backs up into the corner, taking a rest. He then pulls the brass knuckles from his tights and waits for Cyrus to pull himself up. Cyrus is slow to his feet but eventually stands and Kennedy charges with the brass knuckles, attempting a superman punch that Cyrus side steps. Cyrus hits Kennedy with a fallaway slam and Kennedy releases the brass knuckles on Cyrus. Cyrus kicks the brass knuckles out of the ring and walks over to the ref, who is starting to stir, and helps him back on his feet. While Cyrus is helping the ref back up, Kennedy uses the ropes to pull himself back up and Cyrus takes notice. Both men lock up and Kennedy backs Cyrus into the corner. Kennedy breaks clean. Cyrus avoids another lock up with an arm bar. Kennedy fights out of it and into a head lock, taking Cyrus down to one knee. Cyrus fights out of it but Kennedy takes him down with a big shoulder block. Another lock up and Cyrus takes Kennedy down to the mat, but then breaks, and both men get back up. The crowd is pretty evenly spilt. Kennedy goes behind Cyrus with a waistlock, but Cyrus counters into a headlock, taking Kennedy to the mat. Kennedy fights out of it but falls to a shoulderblock.

    Langdon Trafford: Much to Kennedy's detriment, the brass knuckles won't be coming into play, it seems.

    Piers Gallagher: As if he even needs them.

    David Weinstock: Why would he even need to pull them out if he didn't need them? Chris Kennedy is in panic mode right now, he knows that he won't be able to defeat the FWA Champion if he doesn't resort to underhanded tactics!

    Piers Gallagher: Wow, are we even watching the same match right now? FWA Management, give David Weinstock a drug test.

    David Weinstock: Only thing I'm testing positive for is common sense, Piers.

    Cyrus takes Kennedy down to the mat and goes to work on Kennedy’s arm cranking away at his shoulder. Cyrus takes Kennedy over and locks in a rear chin lock, then head lock. Kennedy fights out and comes up with a big single leg dropkick. Kennedy cranks away on Cyrus with a rear chin lock of his own, wrapping his legs around Cyrus’s torso. Cyrus fights up to his feet, and catches Kennedy with a gut wrench suplex with is good for a near fall. Cyrus locks in another rear chin lock, and when Kennedy gets up to his feet Cyrus hits a fisherman suplex before locking in another rear chin lock. Kennedy makes it back to his feet and Cyrus slams him to the mat before hitting the ropes and hitting a running elbow. Cyrus goes back to the well, locking in another rear chin lock. Kennedy fights up to his feet before taking Cyrus to the mat with a big boot to the face. Kennedy picks Cyrus up and lays into him with knees to the midsection before sending Cyrus into the ropes and catching him with a knee to the stomach.

    Kennedy hits a couple of head butts to Cyrus’s chest, and goes for another pin for two. Kennedy tries to wear down Cyrus, working over his midsection. Cyrus tries to go for something, but Kennedy kicks him away and Cyrus goes to the apron. Kennedy tries to suplex Cyrus back into the ring but Cyrus won’t go so Kennedy hangs him up on the top rope and then hits a dropkick that sends Cyrus to the outside. Kennedy allows Cyrus to get back into the ring, but he immediately lays into him with kicks to the chest, and a big running senton splash. Kennedy locks in an awesome submission, but Cyrus actually stands up with Kennedy on his back, turning the submission into a really nice side slam. Cyrus ducks a clothesline and hits a big shoulderblock, but when he goes for another Kennedy jumps up and catches him with a big knee to the face. Kennedy goes for the high knee in the corner but Cyrus dodges it and hits a couple of shoulderblocks in a row. Cyrus goes for the back body drop but Kennedy counters into a snap mare type movie before hitting the high knee in the ropes. Cyrus and Kennedy have an awesome exchange before Kennedy locks in a Koji clutch!

    Cyrus fights out of the submission and he’s able to lock an armbar, but Kennedy is able to reverse it in turn, turning it into the Kennedy Curse! The ref counts a bit, but Cyrus doesn’t quit, and turns things around with a Kennedy Curse of his own. Kennedy gets into the ropes and forces the break. Kennedy dumps Cyrus over the top rope to the outside. Kennedy hits the ropes and dives through on top of Cyrus, sending him directly into the barricade. The side of Kennedy’s face slammed into the barricade on the way down. The ref makes it all the way to a count of nine before both men slide into the ring at the last second. Both men get back to their feet, and they trade blows in the middle of the ring with the crowd solidly behind Kennedy. Cyrus goes for the Journeys End, but Kennedy counters, only to eat an AWESOME dropkick from Cyrus. Cyrus hits an elbow drop, and shoulders Kennedy, but Kennedy counters into a roll up for two. Cyrus goes for a roll up of his own, but Kennedy bridges out and lays into Cyrus with a kick to the side of the head for another near fall.

    Langdon Trafford: One.. Two... NO! Cyrus Truth kicks out.

    David Weinstock: You won't put Cyrus Truth away that easily, Kennedy!

    Langdon Trafford: I don't know if I'd call such an effort 'easy', David, this match has been a real barn burner so far, these men taking each other to the limits.

    Piers Gallagher: Yeah, David! Start calling your matches competently, you buffoon.

    Kennedy tries for the Bittersweet Chin Symphony, but Cyrus side steps it, hits a big splash in the corner, and slams Kennedy down to the mat for another two count. Cyrus goes to the apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle but Kennedy stops him cold with a high knee and Cyrus falls down to the mat. Kennedy goes up to the middle rope and comes off with a big bulldog but he’s still only able to get a two count. Kennedy goes out to the apron and brings himself back in with a springboard dive, but Cyrus takes it right into a Boston crab. Kennedy struggles and sreams, but he won’t give up. Kennedy crawls, but he’s able to make it into the ropes to force a break. Cyrus picks Kennedy up and shoulders him again, but Kennedy fights out and tries to shoulder Cyrus. Cyrus fights it off and hits the Journeys End and decides to end it here and now BUT CHRIS KENNEDY KICKS OUT AT TWO!!! Cyrus doesn’t look too happy with the ref, arguing with him briefly. Cyrus goes up to the top rope, but he misses the leg drop, and Kennedy is able to pick his up and hit The Bittersweet Chin Symphony and a pin BUT OH MY GOD CYRUS KICKS OUT AT TWO!!! Kennedy looks at The ref and shakes his head. Both men are selling knee injuries. Kennedy goes up to the top rope and steadies himself. Kennedy points to the sky and leaps off with a big elbow drop but it’s still not enough for a three count and Kennedy looks livid after the ref only counts two. Kennedy goes over to Cyrus and Cyrus surprises with a quick roll up, but it’s only good for two. Cyrus comes with with a combination of punches that look pretty rough. Kennedy comes right back with a series of kicks and another Bittersweet Chin Symphony. Kennedy goes for the pin and The ref counts it but Cyrus’s foot was on the ropes. Kennedy picks him up and goes behind Cyrus, but Cyrus breaks his grip and puts Kennedy in a head lock. Kennedy turns things around into a head lock of his own. Cyrus pushes Kennedy off, but eats a quick shoulder block. Another lock up, and another head lock from Cyrus. Cyrus hits a headlock takeover, but Kennedy fights right up to his feet and out of the hold. Cyrus hits a shoulder block, but gets caught with a hip toss from Kennedy. Kennedy puts Cyrus into a side headlock on the mat. Cyrus fights up to his feet, and out of the hold. Kennedy hits a shoulder block, and catches Cyrus with a kick to the back of the knee before grinding his boot into Cyrus’s face. Kennedy hits a snap suplex that’s good for two. Kennedy traps Cyrus’s arm in a keylock hold, but Cyrus fights up, shouldering Kennedy in the process. Kennedy drops down, then hits a big clothesline on Cyrus for another two count. Kennedy hits a stiff kick to Cyrus’s back before going for the arm again. Cyrus’s in the ropes, so the ref breaks it up. Kennedy heads to the top rope, and leaps off with a really sloppy punch to the arm. Kennedy and Cyrus fight to the outside where Cyrus blocks his head from being driven into the ring steps, but ends up being whipped into them instead. Kennedy brings things back into the ring for another two count before pounding away at Cyrus’s head. Kennedy stomps away at Cyrus before heading to the top rope again. Kennedy leaps off with a sloppy double axe handle for two. Kennedy traps Cyrus in an arm bar, but Cyrus fights out of it pretty quickly. Cyrus hits a series of rights, but charges across the ring and misses Kennedy, crashing into the turnbuckle. Kennedy hits a kick to the back of Cyrus’s arm before choking Cyrus with his boot.

    Langdon Trafford: Sweet Jesus, Kennedy is putting some mustard on that choke.

    Piers Gallagher: Cyrus is beet red! Truth be told though, so is Kennedy!

    Langdon Trafford: You have to wonder, Piers, how much more can these men take?

    Piers Gallagher: As much as they can dish out, Langdon! That's Cyrus Truth and Chris Kennedy and this is Back in Business. This is not a drill!

    Cyrus pulls himself to his feet, using Kennedy for support. Cyrus hits a shoulder tackle, but misses the second, and Cyrus flies to the outside. Kennedy heads out after him and tosses Cyrus into the barricade. Kennedy climbs the stairs and mocks Cyrus before heading back into the ring. Cyrus gets back to the apron and snaps Kennedy’s neck across the top rope, but on his way into the ring he’s caught with a clothesline from Kennedy. Kennedy traps Cyrus in another keylock hold, wearing down the champ. Cyrus fights back up to his feet, shouldering Kennedy again. Kennedy grabs onto the ropes and fights out of it. Cyrus hits dual shoulder tackles, but Kennedy follows up with a backstabber out of nowhere for two. Kennedy climbs to the top, and mocks Cyrus once more, but he leaps off right into a dropkick from Cyrus. Cyrus hits the belly to back suplex, and tries for the five knuckle shuffle, but Kennedy counters with a kick to the head and a DDT for two. Kennedy wraps Cyrus’s arm around the rope and wrenches away, but he misses the back splash when Cyrus moves out of the way, and Kennedy slips through the ropes and out to the floor. Kennedy makes it into the ring at 9, and walks right into a belly to back suplex. Cyrus hits an elbow drop. Cyrus attempts some off the shoulder maneuver but Kennedy counters it into a bridging German suplex for two. Kennedy calls for Cyrus to stand, but he misses the enzugiri in the corner. Kennedy counters a submission attempt, but Cyrus comes right back with a giant tornado DDT out of the corner for two. Cyrus goes to the apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Kennedy catches him with the enzugiri for two. Kennedy comes in with a big clubbing blow to the back of Cyrus. Kennedy seats Cyrus on the top rope and pulls him back in the tree of woe, choking Cyrus with his boot. Kennedy runs in with a spear, but Cyrus sits up and Kennedy runs into the ring post. Cyrus stands on the top rope and leaps off with a huge rocker dropper for two.

    Cyrus runs right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but he still kicks out at two. Kennedy calls for the cross armbreaker, floating over, but Cyrus counters, going right into ankle lock. Kennedy reaches for the ropes, touching them with one finger to break the hold. Kennedy kicks Cyrus in the gut, then hits another kick flush to the face. Cyrus kicks out of a pin attempt at two. Kennedy tries for the armbreaker again, but Cyrus pops up Kennedy into a big neckbreaker for two. Cyrus pulls himself up with the ropes, and he heads to the top again. Cyrus leaps off into a cross body, but Kennedy rolls through into the cross armbreaker. Kennedy rips at Cyrus’s arm, but Cyrus stands and slams Kennedy down to the mat. Kennedy stands, and Cyrus shoulders him. Cyrus backs Kennedy into a corner and blasts him with repeated kicks. Kennedy ducks a big homerun kick follow-up attempt and rolls out to the floor. Back in the ring, Kennedy gets Cyrus on the ground. Cyrus fights back and dropkicks Kennedy down to the mat. Cyrus slaps a headlock on a grounded Kennedy now. The two work their way back to their feet, Cyrus hits the ropes, but runs into a high-knee from Kennedy. Before Kennedy can follow up, Cyrus snatches a headlock and takes Kennedy back to the mat. Kennedy finally gets Cyrus backed into a corner and starts yanking his injured arm over the top rope. Cyrus tries fighting back, but Kennedy knocks Cyrus down to the mat. Kennedy pulls Cyrus over to the corner, hops out to the floor and goes to wrap Cyrus’s arm around the ring post. Before he can, Cyrus kicks Kennedy off. Before you know it, Cyrus jumps off the apron and catches Kennedy coming down with a tornado DDT. Cyrus goes to the top rope and does a front-flip onto Kennedy on the floor. He didn’t get all of it, and looked like he had a pretty rough landing. After a while, both men find their way back into the ring and meet in the middle. Kennedy with knife edge chops which does back Cyrus up a little bit. He continues with a mixture of chops and punches until Cyrus is backed against the nearest corner turnbuckle now comes a series of stiff elbow shots from Kennedy to Cyrus. Cyrus is feeling it but manages to get some counter shots of his own in including a really stiff kick to the lower stomach area of Kennedy which allows Cyrus to grab Kennedy and throw him against the turnbuckle now. For it’s Cyrus who’s laying the shots in now with several shoulders driven into the stomach area of Kennedy and a hard knee to Cyruss stomach as well. Kennedy looks a little rocked from all of this as Cyrus attempts to Irish whip him out of the current corner turnbuckle across the ring to the over one across the way but Cyrus puts the breaks on using his power forcing Kennedy to come towards him and a Short Arm Close Line takes Cyrus off his feet. Cyrus doesn’t let up for he seems just as focused if not more as Cyrus and he drops several elbow shots down onto the body of Cyrus then several knees as well. Kennedy now brings Cyrus to his feet looking for another close line but Cyrus ducks under it and as Cyrus turns around BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX down goes Cyrus!!! Cyrus drops to one knee for a second and pounds his right fist into the mat then he gets back to his feet with a bit of a crazed look in his eyes. Back in the ring Kennedy comes back to his feet and gets close lined over the top rope to the outside by Cyrus but Kennedy lands on his feet outside the ring and reaches in grabbing a hold of Cyrus feet pulling him outside the ring. Now both men are outside the ring and we have another slug fest breaking out but Kennedy puts a quick stop to it with multiple knees to the left side of Cyrus's body. Cyrus now holding his side in pain as Kennedy moves behind Cyrus and BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX down onto the outside ring mat!

    Langdon Trafford: BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX TO CYRUS TRUTH! As god as my witness, he's broken in half! The lengths that these men are taking each other to, I've never seen anything like this in all my years here in the FWA. Every move each man makes, the other has an answer for.

    David Weinstock: That suplex rocked Cyrus! He's seeing the holy ghost right now, I'm sure of it.

    Piers Gallagher: I'll be honest, regardless of how you feel about Cyrus Truth, regardless of how you feel about Chris Kennedy, you have to respect both of these men for taking each other to war tonight. I just don't know if either one will live to tell about it!

    Kennedy slides back into the ring and slinks into the corner, exhausted, as the referee counts Cyrus out. Kennedy then realizes that, while a count out victory will maintain his Back in Business undefeated streak, it won't win him the FWA championship and so he exits the ring and attempts to send Cyrus back in but Cyrus elbows Kennedy in the face and send him in himself. Both men now in the center of the ring on their feet. Kennedy grabs Cyrus’s head, and hits him with a very crisp DDT, then floating over, and locking in a headlock. Kennedy has Cyrus’s arm locked between his legs, as he pulls on the head of Cyrus, separating the neck from the shoulder. Kennedy pulls hard, favoring his right shoulder only slightly. Kennedy continues to pull, but Cyrus is able to get his hand free from Kennedy’s leg, and begin pushing up. He gets himself to all fours with Kennedy still pulling. Kennedy finally releases, and drops a heavy two handed club to the back of Cyrus’s back. Kennedy again locks up Cyrus’s head, but does not get the arm locked in. Cyrus pulls on Kennedy’s hands, trying to break free from the hold. He gets the right hand unlocked, as Kennedy still tries to pull with the left, but Cyrus escapes the hold. Cyrus rolls out of the ring, to recompose himself. Cyrus quickly slides back into the ring, and is immediately stomped to the back by Kennedy. Kennedy lays down a flurry of stomps to the back and shoulders of Cyrus. Kennedy grabs Cyrus by the his hair, and Cyrus slaps Kennedy’s arms away, and hits him with a heavy right hand. He follows it up with another, which is blocked by Kennedy, who responds with a right of his own. Cyrus fires a right at Kennedy, Kennedy responds with another right. Cyrus hits another right, and immediately follows with a left jab, then another right jab. Cyrus bounces off the ropes running towards the slightly disoriented Kennedy, and hits him with a shoulder block, which sends Kennedy backwards. Cyrus drops an elbow into the sternum of Kennedy, getting up and dropping another. Cyrus picks Kennedy up by the hair, lifting him up, and dropping him stomach first across the knee with a punishing gut buster. Cyrus plants a knee into the midsection of Kennedy, and begins raining down punches into the head of Kennedy. The ref forces the break. Cyrus goes to pick Kennedy up and Kennedy pushes Cyrus away. With a quickness, both men charge at each other, both intent on ending it here and now.

    Kennedy locks in a front face lock, but Cyrus escapes and hits an arm drag. Kennedy comes back with a side headlock, before hitting a big shoulderblock. Kennedy runs into a big flapjack from Cyrus which is good enough for a two count. Kennedy comes back with snake eyes. Kennedy stomps away at Cyrus before locking in a rear chin lock. Cyrus is able to fight out of the hold, but he falls victim to a giant clothesline and another two count. Kennedy deadlifts Cyrus before tossing him across the ring and smothering him in the ropes. Kennedy stomps down on Cyrus’s misection, getting another two count. Kennedy hits a suplex, but still can’t keep Cyrus down. Kennedy locks in a cravat, but Cyrus breaks it and the two trade right hands. Kennedy hits the pop up European uppercut and drops to pin him but it only keeps Cyrus down for two, Kennedy stomps away at Cyrus in the corner. Kennedy looks like he’s going for a neckbreaker, but just holds Cyrus on his back. Cyrus fights out and slams Kennedy face first into the canvas. Cyrus is able to come up with a clothesline and a roll up for two. He hits Kennedy with knees to the face and a dropkick from the middle rope for another two count. Cyrus counters a suplex into a neckbreaker for another two count. Kennedy rolls out to the apron and slams Cyrus’s head into the turnbuckle. He heads to the top, but he’s stopped by Cyrus. Cyrus heads up after him and hits a top rope hurricanrana. The crowd goes wild, and Cyrus pops up hyped, beating on his chest before dropping to pin Kennedy, but Kennedy grabs the bottom rope.

    Langdon Trafford: BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX TO CYRUS TRUTH! The lengths that these men are taking each other to, I've never seen anything like this in all my years here in the FWA. Every move each man makes, the other has an answer for.

    David Weinstock: That suplex rocked Cyrus! He's seeing the holy ghost right now, I'm sure of it.


    Cyrus rests on the ropes which gives Kennedy enough time to get to his feet. Cyrus and Kennedy lock up. Cyrus backs Kennedy into the corner, but they both push each other around the ring. Cyrus is able to take Kennedy down to the mat, and avoid something, so he gloats. Another lock up and Kennedy clamps on a side headlock. Cyrus pushes him off, but eats a shoulder block. Cyrus gets up, only to catch a big clothesline. Kennedy stomps away at Cyrus before hitting him with a big uppercut. Cyrus hits a beautiful dropkick, then chokes Kennedy in the corner with his boot. Cyrus catches Kennedy with a kick to the chest, and takes him down to the mat for a two count. Cyrus punches away at Kennedy’s neck before hitting him with a big elbow to the back of the head. Kennedy is able to hit a big rope assisted suplex, putting Cyrus down for another pinfall attempt. Kennedy hits his signature backbreaker before putting Cyrus down with a couple of clotheslines, and a quick powerslam. Cyrus rolls out to the apron. Kennedy tries for the suspension DDT, but Cyrus fights out and rolls him up for two. Cyrus tries for a rocker dropper, but Kennedy counters with a powerbomb. Kennedy drags Cyrus into the corner and seats him on the top rope before hitting him with a couple of big rights. Kennedy tries for a superplex, but Cyrus is able to fight him off. Cyrus stands on the middle rope and hits a big missile dropkick that’s good for another two count. Kennedy and Cyrus trade right hands, getting up to their feet. Cyrus is able to grab Kennedy’s head and snap his throat across the top rope for yet another two count. Cyrus stomps away at Kennedy’s chest before hitting him with a series of elbow drops that puts Kennedy down for two. Cyrus locks in a rear chin lock, and Kennedy looks to be fading. After a while, Kennedy is able to fight up to his feet, hitting a belly to back suplex to break the hold. Kennedy runs into a back elbow, then a big clothesline that gives him another two count. Cyrus locks in another rear chin lock. Kennedy fights out of the hold again with a head butt. Kennedy and Cyrus trade rights, but Kennedy hits a big dropkick to put Cyrus down. Cyrus is able to hit a DDT out of nowhere which is good for another two count. Cyrus climbs up to the top rope and waits for Kennedy to stand. Kennedy is able to crotch Cyrus, and he hits him with a couple of rights before heading up after him. Kennedy hits a top rope superplex, but it’s not enough for a three count. Kennedy and Cyrus trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Neither man seems willing to give ground, but Kennedy is able to come up with a back elbow, and clothesline, only to eat a neckbreaker for another near fall. Cyrus tries for a sleeper, but he ends up on the ring apron. Cyrus drops to the floor and he and Kennedy fight on the outside where Kennedy tosses him into the barricade. Kennedy tosses Cyrus over the barricade and uses the guard rail for the suspension DDT, usually performed with the middle rope. Kennedy drags Cyrus back into the ring, and he goes for the pin, but Cyrus puts his foot on the rope. Kennedy tries for the Bittersweet Chin Symphony, but Cyrus sidesteps it and is able to lock on the sleeper hold, but Kennedy throws him off. Kennedy falls back into the nearby corner and he looks as if he could cry. Cyrus Truth has taken him to a place no one in the history of this business ever has. As Cyrus slowly brings himself up, Chris Kennedy musters the very last bit of energy he had left in the tank to launch at him with the single most important Bittersweet Symphony he's ever dished out, followed by the pin fall.




    Here is your winner and the NEW FWA World Heavyweight Champion @ 32:09 - The Astonishing Chris Kennedy!

    "Bittersweet Symphony" begins playing throughout the arena's sound system and Kennedy drops to his knees and raises his arms in victory as if he just scored the winning goal in the World Cup. He is a broken, sweaty mess, his hair covering his face and blood in his nose and over his left eyebrow. On that eyebrow is a cut given to him by Cyrus Truth, which will result in a scar that commemorates the war they've waged on each other. Chris Kennedy uses the ropes to pull himself up and confetti rains down from the ceiling and pyro shoots from each turnbuckle.

    The titantron begins to display "8-0" 8 Years. 8 Back in Businesses. 8 victories.

    The referee hands Chris Kennedy the FWA Championship and his eyes light up light two diamonds. He points to his waist and demands that the ref fastens the belt around him, and the ref obliges.

    Langdon Trafford: THE STREAK CONTINUES! Chris Kennedy is now 8-0!

    David Weinstock: More importantly, Chris Kennedy is our NEW FWA CHAMPION! Cyrus Truth put up a hell of a fight, he certainly didn't make it easy.

    Langdon Trafford: He really didn't, David. Several times over the course of this match, it looked like the streak was over, but Chris Kennedy prevailed!

    Piers Gallagher: It's Back in Business, baby! I'm surprised you two ever saw any other outcome to this! I had faith in Kennedy all along. You two sit here and make your remarks about how I lack common sense and that I'm up my own ass, WELL LOOK IN THAT RING RIGHT NOW. WHO WON? I was right all along.

    Langdon Trafford: Whatever you say, Piers. I may have had my reservations simply because I feel Cyrus Truth is one of the greatest of all time, but at the end of the day so is Kennedy regardless of how much I was rooting against him. This is THE SUMMER OF KENNEDY, whether we like it or not.

    Piers Gallagher: We love it, you idiot. Listen to that crowd!

    Cyrus Truth sits in the corner of the nearest turnbuckle, catching his breath and shaking off the Bittersweet Chin Symphony. Kennedy is still standing in the center of the ring, taking it all in. The confetti continues to rain down but now with the addition of paper streamers. Kennedy makes a show of it, spinning in a circle with his arms extended, wrapping himself in the streamers before dropping to one knee, 7 feet away from Cyrus. The two men keep eye contact for a good while as Kennedy's theme continues to play. Kennedy smiles at Cyrus, winks at him and makes a 'finger guns' motion before sliding out of the ring. Cyrus has a scowl on his face that could smelt solid steel. He is furious. Kennedy walks up the ramp, limping, waddling, hurt. At the top of the stage, waiting for him, is the love of his life, Bell Connelly. She is applauding him on his way to her, and when he reaches her she wraps her arms around him and kisses him as if he's just returned from World War II. He points up at the back in business sign and smiles, before disappearing backstage. The camera focuses on Cyrus Truth's face as he comes to terms with the loss, before the scene fades to black and the FWA logo graces our screens.

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    Waiting for this show was worth it, I think it definitely paid off and it shows how much hard work all the mods put into it.

    Every match is well written and the in between too. It was definitely a Back in Business type of show.

    Congrats to all the winners. Congrats Cyrus and Jiggy for being part of one of the best main events I've read in a long time.

    10/10 show this year.

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    Very well written results and congratulations on your new FWA Champion Chris Kennedy.

    So when did Jason Randall start using his old tag team partner's theme song? Does Jake Wakefield need to come out of retirement, Jason?

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    Wow, what a show. Even though my theme for the show didn't make the cut, my entrance is better written than I can ever imagine writing one.

    Congrats to everyone in the show. You made it here, after all. But I want to congratulate especially Tom for being the new tag champs. He deserved it and I should move on after nearly a year long title reign. Project reigns supreme.
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    Hi Oz,

    That's my fault. I forgot to let Jiggy and Sayer know about it. I had PMed them late last night to let them know I wasn't going to be at home and unable to post the show. I forgot to let them know to edit your vid in. It's done now.

    I have also added in a special segment after the Toner vs Randall match.

    Thoughts on the show to come shortly.


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    Looks like a great show. I’ll give my full review later, but I did notice The Shattered Symphony was mistakenly called the Carcinogen Crush which is the other finisher Galloway uses.

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    That was a wild ride. Great show, boys.

    Congrats to Jiggy. Couldn't have asked for a better opponent.

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    So, I haven't read the full results yet, I only skimmed it, so I will give a full review when I do, but I think it's a very important to note.

    The presentation is. F'N. Rad.

    Not just the whole layout of the show, but I'm talking about how every match that was on the card got a special video package that made them all feel special but more than that. Each and every wrestler got their own special entrance and attire and not just generic fireworks or what have you; every entrance fit the character to a tee.

    Danny Torner coming out with the Gekko cosplay=EPIC

    TJG's War dance=EPIC

    Starr coming out as a Monk=EPIC

    Hell, I threw out the possibility of Bell coming out dressed as Michael Jackson's smooth criminal, what the staff came up with, was SO much better. Each entrance seemed to encapsulate the character perfectly which is what a wrestling entrance should do right?

    Little details like that I love, I adore when characters are given a spotlight even when they're not exactly the main event.

    Much love
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    Quick comments from my phone. Will be more in depth later.

    First off congrats to Jiggy, PheTomenal, Wolf, Sully and all the winners. Everybody put in a strong effort and it made a lot of the matchups incredibly close to call, especially ALL of the title matches. I think we almost needed a tiebreaker for the tag title match.

    Thanks to KAIZEN for all of his contributions to the show but especially for designing and conceptualizing the majority of the entrances...which were spectacular, Shake for being the driving force and glue which held everything together, Jiggy for the graphics, matchwriting and being there at the last minute to put up the show when Shake and I couldnt, but MOST of all thanks to all of the RPers who continue to amaze us with both your hard work and creativity.

    Some changes are afoot and an announcement regarding those changes will be made soon. We're likely to take 5 to 7 days off before the next card goes up while we iron out those changes. So rest up, guys, recharge those batteries. Ya'll deserve it.

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    What a fucking ending to the main event great card Kaizen Sayer and all who made show ty and a special ty to Kaizen who really was a guy I talked to about my charcter nothing but respect for you ty for showing me the ropes.

    Congrats to Jiggy & Cyrus that was an epic match. 8-0 just astonishing
    God Save The Queen


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    Brayden Bridges

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