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Thread: DC: The Doubled Edged Sword Chronicles

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    DC: The Doubled Edged Sword Chronicles

    This project is massively inspired by a range of different media, ranging from paper,video, cartoon, live action, fan art and fan fiction.
    The intention behind this project is to create an alternative universe for the characters in the DC Universe, and to explore storylines and character
    interactions that may not have been showcased as readily to a mainstream audience. At times the protagonists may appear to cross a line, and appear as
    more of an antagonist. In other scenarios the perspective of the reader may be the difference between a character being a hero, villain, anti-hero or a chaotic third party. My hope is that I can create a universe that people enjoy reading and/or are willing to calling me out and criticise any area in which they disagree with, or
    believe they have a direction or result that would have been better suited to the situation. The writing style will be episodic, with each edition's length determined by
    the story that I want to convey rather than a certain quantity of material, therefore some episodes will be noticeably shorter than others. A rough plan for the first two story-arcs has been planned, but your feedback as well as my own personal reflections will no doubt lead to some major changes taking place over time.

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    Episode One - A Two Way Conversation

    Episode One - A Two Way Conversation

    Bludhaven - 01:12

    As the final lamp in the street flickered for a second before turning off, the street soon became flooded in darkness. The moment the final lamp turned off, was the exact same moment that every single radio around the complex started chattering. It wasn’t uncommon for the street lights in Bludhaven to stop working, especially when you took into consideration that all the cities financial resources had long since stopped paying the wages of custodians and city workers, with it being no secret that every portion of local government was corrupted with the ever growing cancer of organised crime. The security stationed around the perimeter followed protocol, each checking in and identifying themselves with their unique call-signs and associated passwords. It was also all the information that a skilled and talented specialist needed to aid them in gaining entry to a high profile building.

    Only someone with an extremely keen eye would have seen the large man rappel down the the side of the building and slowly started to open up a window on the top floor of the building.

    “You are cleared for entry Slade. Any final orders before you enter the dead zone?” - Floyd Lawton

    The man on the side of the building, stopped what he was doing and turned to look over his shoulder touching a device over his left eye allowing to zoom in a focus in on his colleague as both men continued their conversation from opposite sides of the street.

    “I like the west side of the building as my escape route, so if you wouldn’t mind eliminating any tangos before their next check in, I would be extremely grateful.” - Slade Wilson

    Slade turned away from Floyd and continuing opening the window, whilst hanging on the end of a rope.

    “Confirm West 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for elimination?” - Floyd Lawton

    As Floyd was asking he already had his reticle narrowed in on his first target. Slade replied as he slid through the gap and into the building.

    “Confirmed.” - Slade Wilson

    Slade had complete faith in Floyd’s work, as he removed his earpiece and started removing a string of remote explosive and attaching the first of a dozen next to the lift only meters from his original entry point. Slade looked at his wrist and knowing that 45 second has past, that meant that all six perimeters guard if Floyd was having a good day would already have been eliminated. Either way, Slade was on his own now and knew that until he exited the building he was on his own. And for someone like Slade, that was the way he preferred it. As Slade continued to work his way through the complex, Floyd slung his rifle over his shoulder having incapacitated the final of the six guards on the west side of the building. He knew that all he needed to do now was wait until Slade exited the building, and then he had complete clearance to let loose. He was being paid to keep Slade Wilson safe at all costs, and he had every intention of honouring his contract. What he hadn’t been expecting was his radio to click on, especially on a private frequency and coded frequency.

    “It is a beautiful night isn’t it Floyd?” -???

    Floyd would be lying if he wasn’t slightly flustered by the sound of an unknown third party contacting him over the airways, especially on a first name basis. That being said, he had no intention of responding. The silent treatment hough was never a realistic means by which the conversation was going to end.

    “Floyd we both know you are a man that has a code and likes to stick to it. On that same basis, I find it incredibly rude when people don’t answer me. So I am going to give you a single opportunity to offer a remedy to our situation.” - ???

    “You’ve got about thirty seconds before I ping your location and drive a bullet into the side of your head, so why don’t you cut with the crap and let me know what you want.” - Floyd Lawton

    “I’m going to give it to you straight Floyd. I have got something I need you to do for me…” - ???

    “I am currently under contract arsehole, so you are going to have to wait approximately 17 minutes and then any job offers you have me, I am more than happy to listen to.” - Floyd Lawton

    “That is cute Floyd. But honestly you are the only person that can accomplish what needs to be done. And once you’ve heard what I’ve got to say, I think you are going to be the one that wants to hear me out.” - ???

    “Spit it out jackass.” - Floyd Lawton

    “In about ten minutes time a combined unit of SEALS and Delta Force are going to break into a safe house in Little Drawbridge. I am aware that you have no reason to believe me, but the address is the current location of a former criminal kingpin and his adopted daughter Zoe.” - ???

    “And what has any of this got to do with me?” - Floyd Lawton

    The voice on the other end of the line paused for a second, but Floyd was an expert of body language but knew that the man on the other side of the radio was either smiling or wincing and he had complete faith that it was the former.

    “The reason why you are already standing up Floyd is because Zoe’s last name before she was adopted was Lawton. I am aware that you’ve been searching for her Mister Lawton and my only request is that you extract her safely. Your second task will be given to you once you complete the first.” -???

    Floyd was sweating. He was fully aware that this was almost certainly a trap, but on the slim chance that this was a reality he had no option but to comply with the mystery voice at the other end of the radio.

    “Any chance I am going to find out exactly who you are?” - Floyd Lawton

    “We have no name Floyd, but I am at liberty to inform you that we are simply the middle man in this business exchange. You’ll hear from us gain Floyd.” -???

    Floyd had already packed away all of his equipment and attached his own rappel wire to the side of the building. He estimated he had nine minutes to make a five minute journey and secure the location before the boys in green touched down. He gave one last look at the complex, and knew that it was unlikely that Slade would see things from his perspective, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to stay true to his code. He punched into his portable device fashioned into his wrist, returning all the money he had originally been transferred by Slade as part of his contract. He only wondered, if Slade would ever see the light of day again to realise he had been refunded.

    Slade had placed all twelve of the plastic explosives, as had been the request of his employer, only an alarm on his headset to beep. Slade wanted to punch the wall, when he saw that Floyd (under an alias) had just returned his fee for the operation back into his account. Slade had been told that in order for this operation to be successful, he would need an alternative escape plan, but his employer had made it clear to Slade that this was a decision that he would have to make himself. Without Floyd covering his back, Slade knew that his options were now limited. Slade took his tactical sword from his belt knowing that stealth was the best approach, and therefore his employers were going to have to wait until he was out of the firing line before completing their directive.

    + ++++

    (12 hours earlier)
    Gotham City - 11:49

    When a member of the GCPD went to Gotham State Penitentiary (GSP) it was normally because of two reasons. The first was to offer a less notorious inmate a deal in exchange for the location or substantial evidence in regards to a ‘bigger fish’ and the second was if a prison transfer was taking place. Officer Munroe and Captain Probson knew the reason they had been sent to GSP was neither of the usual two. The only information that Probson had been given to work with by the Commissioner was that the warden had personally called Gordon, about a high value prisoner wanting to ‘cut a deal’. Probson had no idea who the inmate was, but knew only to well that if he and Munroe were being sent in, than this was nothing more than a greeting call. The official business would happen much later down the line.

    “Ron isn’t it about time Gordon stopped treating you like an errand boy? Don’t we have bigger fish to fry than making house calls?” - Timothy Munroe

    The disdain was hard to miss in Munroe’s voice. It was not secret that Timothy had struggled to move up the hierarchy ever since Gordon had been appointed as acting commissioner of the GCPD.

    “It is what it is Tim. If this proves to be a waste of time, we’ll stop on the way back to the station at Tim Hortons. And if it proves to be fruitful, then maybe we might actually have something to play with.” - Ronald Probson

    “I suppose that is why you’re the captain.” - Timothy Munroe

    Munroe stood to the side as the Probson and the Warden exchanged introduction, before giving Probson the brief. The Warden was extremely secretive and since his tenure began, had refused to say anyone inmates name out loud, unless he was addressing them in person. He was a character to say the least, but he was also very good at his job. Probson was less than pleased as he took the file and he lifted it up in Munroe direction, so the younger man could easily read the name ‘David Cain’ emblazoned in red bold writing. Cain was a notorious assassin, that the GCPD had only manage to detain after losing seven of their own. Cain was a piece of work, but also a professional and from the looks both Munroe and Probson were giving each other it was clear that neither was looking forward to this particular visitation. Both men waited at the door, knowing exactly the routine they would be using as they walked into the holding cell coming face-to-face with David Cain, who was held to metal desk with multiple restraints. Cain smiled to himself as looked at Probson.

    “Look who we have here, if it isn’t Ronny Probson. The most corrupt member of the GCPD.” -David Cain

    “You hold your tongue inmate!” - Timothy Munroe

    Cain didn’t even break eye contact with Probson as he offered a reply.

    “I won’t forget about your lack of respect rookie. Why don’t you do us both a favour and take a step outside, the adults are having a conversation.” - David Cain

    Munroe looked furious as he pushed himself up to his feet and looked like a man possessed.

    “Tim why don’t you go for a walk and have a cigarette.” - Ronald Probson

    It was clear that Munroe was less than happy about being sent away, but it was clear that he had a lot of respect for Probson, as he glared one last time at Cain before exiting the room. Ronald waited a few seconds, until he pushed himself up to his feet.

    “David you’ve refused to talk to anyone for nearly a whole year now, so I am going to admit I am a little bit surprised that out of all the people who have cracked that it was you. I always thought it would take a long stretch for a man of your calibre to crumble.” - Ronald Probson

    “If you think this meeting is about me singing like a bird then you’re sadly mistaken Probson, you piece of shit. The only reason you’re here today, is because I’ve got a message for your Commissioner and it is certainly one that you are going to want to pass on as soon as possible.” - David Cain

    “Who the fuck do you think I am? An errand boy?” - Ronald Probson

    David was clearly amused by the whole interaction and wasn’t going to hide away from that emotion.

    “Let's both be honest with each other. Neither of us are at the top of any food chain. The reason why I am sharing is none of your business. All that matters is that I know the location of of Rupert Thorne. I’m pretty sure that Bludhaven isn’t your jurisdiction, but I am sure Gordon will be able to work something out.” -David Cain

    Ronald Probson was out of the door as soon as Cain had slid the address of the last known location of Rupert Throne across the table and headed straight for his car. Munroe tossed his cigarette away with urgency as soon as he was the pace at which Probson was walking.

    “What is it boss?” - Timothy Munroe

    ‘We’ve got Thorne’s location.” - Ronald Probson

    Munroe didn’t say anything else as he clambered into the car and let Probson get onto the radio. Within a matter of seconds Probson was connected to Gordon and told him everything that had taken place, including the last known address of Rupert Thorne. Gordon made it clear that he was going to have to pass it up, as Rupert Thorne was a wanted felon by a number of different agencies and that the GCPD were definitely going to be taking backseat as they would have no authority at all in this scenario.


    “Oracle calling Nightwing. Oracle calling Nightwing, please respond. This is an amber alert, I repeat this is an amber alert.” - Oracle

    Dick Grayson forced his way out of bed even if morning had long since passed, as he could hear the sound of his earpiece vibrating on the table beside him. Grayson clumsily pushed the receiver into the ear and he heards Oracle speaking into his ear.

    “...calling Nightwing, please respond.” - Oracle

    “I hear you loud and clear Oracle. Apologies for the speed of my reply, but I’ve only just woken up.” - Dick Grayson

    “Nightwing an amber alert has been reached. I am sending you a coded file with the exact location of Rupert Thorne. Mission parameters state you take the target into custody by all means necessary.” - Oracle

    It had been a while since Dick had been given any sort of orders, other than from himself, but he had been aware that sooner or later business in Bludhaven and Gotham would eventually merge into the same thing.

    “Oracle will I be getting any back up?” - Dick Grayson.

    There was a pause on the other end, almost as if Barbara was asking someone. It was only about twenty seconds, but for Dick it felt like hours had passed before he was given a response.

    “Nightwing I can confirm that Lark and Huntress will rally with you on your location. Advise you activate your personal tracking beacon when you have inserted successfully into the hot zone. Confirm?” - Oracle

    “Confirm.” - Dick Grayson

    And just like that the transmission was terminated. Dick couldn’t help but smile to himself, the similarities that Barbara had with her father were uncanny. Both Gordon’s were so focused and professional with every single job they involved themself within. Dick couldn’t help but wonder to himself as he prepared his gear, was why Bruce wasn’t leading the reinforcements into battle.”

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    Episode Two - Lost In Conversation

    Episode Two - Lost In Conversation

    Bludhaven - 01:31

    Slade wiped the blood off his sword as he looked at the carnage of bodies that surrounded him. He had no idea how he had set off an alarm and had made an assumption that the flood of bodies that littered the perimeter of the building probably had something to do with it. The Hammer Corporation was a well established private military contractor, to the point that they did everything in their power not to seem so. Fortunately for Slade, his experience in the field had served him well and the he had been able to slice through the grunts like a knife through butter. As Slade replaced his sword into his scabbard he pushed the the door to the parking garage open, only for the emergency phone next to him to start ringing. Slade knew better than to ignore it. Whoever was on the other end of the line, clearly wanted to talk to him.

    “Out of all the people that were going to break into our Bludhaven facility, I never thought it would be someone as infamous as Deathstroke.” - ???

    The last thing that Slade needed was a fanboy. There used to be a time when only the Batmans and Supermans had followings, but these days at least somebody had a poster of someone else on their wall. Slade though had a feeling that whoever was speaking to him was showing him some professional courtesy.

    “I am assuming this is the point where you tell me that there is no escape and my best option is to lay down my weapons and put my hands up?” - Slade Wilson

    Not that Slade ever had any intention of ever giving up without a fight.

    “That is the last thing I want. The fact of the matter is that I have been watching you on our security feeds ever since you gained entry into this facility, and I know a man of your expertise has no intention of leaving any trace of himself behind. I think we both know that the facility has been compromised. Unfortunately for your employer, the file that you extracted from our server room needed a secondary pin upon your removal. Which means that the file you extracted is corrupted.” - ???

    Slade pulled out the portable tablet that he had uploaded the file onto, and groaned at the site of the black screen in front of him. The job was well and truly a bust.

    “You’ve got my attention. I am guessing you are looking to acquire my services?” - Slade Wilson

    “Not quite Mr. Deathstroke. In future all I would ask is that you refuse any jobs that comprise the welfare of Hammer Corporation.” - ???

    “But I get a pass tonight?” - Slade Wilson

    It was evidently clear from the tone in Slade’s voice that he didn’t have any faith in the man on the other end of the line.

    “Quit the opposite actually. I have just issued a $2million dead or alive bounty on your head, but I am willing to make this interesting. The contract will only be active for 48 hours. If you manage to survive the next two days, I might have some more long lasting to offer you. Good luck.” - ???

    Slade checked onto the various areas of the dark net where men and women of his liking found particular jobs and spat out when he saw the active contract for his head. The worst thing about a $2million bounty, was that loyalty meant nothing. Slade exited the building and saddle up onto a motorbike and using of his many tools hotwired the car and drove into the night, as the sound of a dozen incendiary explosions could be heard in the distance.


    (11 hours earlier)
    Gotham City - 14:05

    Munroe and Probson had stopped in at Tim Hortons on the way back to the GCPD, and Probson had stepped outside for a moment telling Munroe that he needed to make a call to his wife. Probson made no one was within earshot as he pressed 2 on speedial and waited for someone to answer.

    “Officer Probson how nice of you to call your old friend Penguin. I am assuming that this is a business call?” - Oswald Cobblepot

    Probson hated the fact that he was even making this phone call, but Penguin had information he needed and he was willing to do anything to get it. No matter the costs.

    “I have the location of Rupert Thorne.” - Ronald Probson

    The crackling sound of Penguin’s laugh could be heard down the phone.

    “Excellent Officer Probson, excellent. Please text me the location of Thorne and then destroy the phone. The information that you require will be deposited in your assigned PO box. Have a good day Ronald.” - Oswald Cobblepot

    Probson texted Penguin the information and as he turned around came face to face with Munroe with a shocked look on his face.

    “Were you spying on me Tim?” - Ronald Probson

    Tim shrugged and was discreet when he pulled his pistol from his holster and pointed it straight at Probson.

    “I take no pleasure in doing this Ronald, but the location of Rupert Thorne is extremely important to me. Just do us both a favour and toss over the phone.” - Timothy Munroe

    “I can’t do that Tim. You don’t understand why I have to do this.” - Ronald Probson

    Munroe walked a few more steps forward with his pistol still trained at Probson’s head.

    “I know exactly why you are doing this Ron, you are doing all of this to find out who killed Ashleigh. I promise that when the Falcones bring down the Penguin, I will exact revenge for you.” - Timothy Munroe

    “What are you saying?” - Ronald Probson

    “The Penguin killed your sister Ron. And now I have to kill you.” - Timothy Munroe.

    Munroe pulled the trigger and the bullet sailed through the air, sending Probson down onto the concrete like a sack of potatoes. Munroe bent over and picked up the phone placed in into his inside pocket, only to look down at Probson one last time, before pulling out his radio.

    “Officer down! Officer down!” - Timothy Munroe

    London, England - 14:31 (19:31 Local Time)

    BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! The sound of the six shots leaving the chamber of the magnum and pounding into the head of the man at his feet gave him no pleasure or enjoyment, but John needed to make sure that Frog stayed down. The Reaperz (a combination of the Yakuza and The Russians) had been injecting their hitman with a new chemical that was allowing them to somehow form harder layers of skin, that made it more difficult for traditional bullets to penetrate human skin. So much so that The Reaperz had stopped wearing body armour, if they were part of the drug program. That was why John had chosen to empty his clip into Frog’s skull, just to make sure. John was more than aware that he wasn’t on the side of the law, but he was going to do everything in his power to cut out the cancer that was The Reaperz.

    “Looks like it is going to be a closed casket Frog.” - John Constantine

    John then took hold of Frog and dragged him by the scruff of the neck to the open window and proceeded to toss that corpse out from the window on the 23rd floor. The time for being discrete was over, this hit had been about sending a message.

    Bludhaven - 01:20

    Dick knew all the entry and exit points he needed in order to gain entry to Thorne’s safehouse. The problem now was that a combined unit of SEALs and Delta Force had been dispatched to Thorne’s residence. If Barbara hadn’t found out the information at the eleventh hour, Dick knew that he could of found himself in a very difficult situation especially when he worked on a no kill policy, as had always been the way of his mentor Bruce. No matter what happens, no deaths. That was the code and even when it prove difficult, it was an approach that Dick always upheld. And the truth of the matter was that the SEALS and Delta Force were every inch American patriots and on that basis alone he had no desire to fight them.

    Dick had long since activated his beacon and so when Duke took a knee next to him he wasn’t at all surprised.

    “Nice of you to join me Duke. Did you lose someone on the way?” - Dick Grayson

    Duke looked slightly nervous as he answered.

    “Helena got a message and proceeded to turn around and didn’t even give me a clue as to where she was going. I just assumed she was observing radio silence.” - Duke Thomas

    Dick scowled as he touch his ear piece to activate it.

    “Oracle can you confirm the location of Huntress?” - Dick Grayson

    Rather than hearing a reply all Dick could hear was static, and then overhead the sound of three UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters emerging from the louds, when suddenly a large booming sound was heard before the whizzing of a rocket zoomed up and collided with one of the birds causing it to vanish in a fireball.

    “Holy shit!” - Duke Thomas

    Dick touched his earpiece again.

    “Oracle this is Nightwing we have an unknown bogey in the hot zone.” - Dick Grayson

    Once again there was no answer, the line was just static.

    “Shit, shit, shit!” - Dick Grayson

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    Episode Three - Soaked In Blood (Deadshot)

    Episode Three - Soaked In Blood (Deadshot)

    Bludhaven - 01:19

    As soon as Floyd arrived at the supposed location of the safe house holding his daughter, he began the timer on his watch with a limit of five minutes until the apparent arrival of the combined Navy SEALS and Delta Force unit. Floyd was glad that he always planned ahead, even for the most unlikely of circumstances as he opened the door of his transit van and took hold of his custom built FIM-92 Stinger (a surface-to-air missile launcher) and strapped the levithan of a weapon over his shoulder. He knew he would only have time to use it once, and then discard it so he knew he knew he couldn’t miss. Not that missing was something that he usually had a problem with anyway. Floyd make sure he had all of his vital gear, making sure sure that he was as lightweight as possible (minus the Stinger) and slowly made his way to the house knowing he only had a limited window to scout the surrounding and decide the best means by which to insert the building. Floyd then clicked a button his radio to turn it on and starting scrolling through the frequencies until he found exactly what he had been looking for.

    “...this is Exile Leader, Exile Two and Exile Three are flanking us on either side control. We establish an ETA in 60 seconds at the LZ. We will be observing radio silence as stated within mission parameters. See you on the other side.” - Exile Leader

    As the helicopters broke through the cloud cover, Floyd was able to identify them as UH-60 Black Hawk and knew just by the section of chopper that whoever was leading the task force had pushed all their chips into the middle in an all or nothing play. Floyd smiled as he took hold of his missile launcher and lined up the electronic site, taking a deep breath in, before slowly squeezing the trigger. The sound of the missle escaping the launcher emerged with a large boom, before sailing through the air in a fluid motion and colliding into the side of one of the choppers and instantly incinerating the helicopter creating a large fireball, as the charred metal wreck slammed down onto the street below. Floyd already knew that no one could of survived the explosion as he ditched the launcher and took hold of his custom built M110 and held it in front of him, still listening to the military radio frequency as he advanced towards the house.

    “Red flag! Red flag! Exile Three has been hit, I say again Exile Three has been hit.” - Exile Leader

    “Get those damn choppers on the ground. Do not let the target escape!” - Control

    “Affirmative control.” - Exile Leader

    Floyd knew that he had the advantage he needed to enter the building and broke into a sprint before leaping through one of the windows by slamming his shoulders through the glass. Floyd was quick to get to his feet and checked his corners. He remained in a prone position expecting some sort of security force to make their way into the kitchen, but no one came. The only sound that Floyd could hear, was that of footsteps below him. Floyd knew what he needed to do and considering a military grade chopper was now burning outside the building, another loud bang wasn’t going to surprise anyone. Floyd placed a breaching charge down on the kitchen floor, and then pulled the pin. A small hole was created in the explosion, and Floyd was quick to jump down into the gap below. With his rifle still in his hand, he came face to face with a man and a young woman. It was the man who broke the silence.

    “Out of all the people they chose to send, how ironic that they sent you.” - Rupert Thorne

    Floyd was slightly thrown off as he realised the identity of the man he was talking too.

    “I thought you were dead Thorne. The word on the street was that Alberto Falcone earned his wings by shooting you in the back of head and throwing you into the river.” - Deadshot

    “Is that the official rumour? Of all the stories that they could of created, that has to be the most embarrassing.” - Rupert Thorne

    “I guess you know why I am here then?” - Deadshot

    “My escape plan.” - Rupert Thorne

    Floyd couldn’t help but smile, as he threw his rifle over his shoulder knowing that he was just wasting energy holding it at the ready.

    “If you manage to keep up then I guess it is your lucky day Thorne.” - Deadshot

    “What are you talking about? If you didn’t come for me, then why are you here?” - Rupert Thorne

    “I came for my…” - Deadshot

    The sound a pistol being fired caused Floyd’s ear drums to explode, with the gun having been so close to his head. To his surprise Thorne dropped to the floor flat on his face, gurgling his last breath. Floyd turned around as a young african-american woman stepped out from the shadows.

    “Ready to get me out of here?” - Zoe Lawton

    “Zoe is that really you?” - Deadshot

    The girl just scowled at Floyd, but from her body language he could tell that she wasn’t in a talking mood.

    “This isn’t the time for family reunions Floyd. Why don’t you do us both a favour and get us the hell out of here. If we survive, then maybe I’ll give you five minutes of my time. Maybe.” - Zoe Lawton

    The sound of at least a dozen men entering the building could be heard clearly above his head, as Zoe turned to Floyd with a worried look.

    “I hope you’ve got a plan that doesn’t involve us coming from the way you came.” - Zoe Lawton

    Floyd looked at Zoe and smiled. He couldn’t mask the joy of finding his daughter, even if she was less than thrilled about the idea of a family reunion. He pulled out a piece of white chalk that he had been saving for a day like today and starting drawing a pentagram on the floor.

    “This is certainly going to scare me and I know what is coming. If you can turn away, try not to look.” - Deadshot

    “Why are you drawing that sign?” - Zoe Lawton

    Floyd didn’t even know where to begin.

    “It’s our exit strategy. That is all you need to worry about.” - Deadshot

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