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Thread: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

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    Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    Deadline iiiiiisssssss... Sunday, July 15th, midnight PST, 3am on Monday EST, 8am UK

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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    I AMAlone

    Imagine walking up to the front door of someoneís house. You know that the person who lives there is waiting for you, so you knock. But no one answers. You also know that the door is unlocked, and that you wonít be committing an offense by opening it and entering the personís house. However, you just donít feel comfortable enough doing that. You might feel like itís a little intrusive, and maybe you would feel a little uneasy entering the personís home and life in that manner. So you wait for the person to open the door and properly invite you in, hoping that at some point that moment comes.


    Even if the front door opens, there's another obstacle not far off.

    You're now driving a train, and negative thoughts and feelings are all around you.

    "You're not smart enough."

    "Not funny enough."

    "Not likable enough."

    "Not good enough."

    So you look forward, driving the train toward whatever is waiting at the end of the tracks. Blue skies. A nice rainbow. A crystal-clear waterfall piling over gorgeous rocks that probably have sat there around this spot for hundreds of years. It's within reach. You speed up the train. And in a moment of pure bliss, those negative feelings dissipate. The tracks roll on through toward this beautiful, transcendent view of nature. So peaceful. So comforting.

    But the train doesn't stop. Instead, it rolls right on through, as if the rocks, and the blue sky, and the perfectly clear waterfall was just an illusion, or a sheet of paper that you break through without feeling a thing.

    And waiting for you on the other side? More negative thoughts. Negative feelings. Self-doubt. Low self-esteem. Trying to find your own value in this world. Failing to be proud of and happy with your life, your personality, everything. And it's overwhelming. But there's another blue sky, another waterfall, another rainbow waiting for you just a little ways ahead. So you fight it off, hoping that maybe this time you can stay.

    These are the words of XYZ, a man with his elbows and arms on his knees and his face pointed down to the ground. Without any warning. All you can see is XYZ sitting down in a hallway. Must be some hallway in some arena where some FWA show is happening. Does it matter? Is anyone paying attention? Does anyone care where someone as low down the card as XYZ is doing his promo? XYZ once was a CWA prospect, an eclectic star who people always enjoyed due to his eccentricities. In the FWA, he's been another random person to go out and fill time. But that's not necessarily why he's talking in such a monotonous tone. At least, that's not the root of it all.

    XYZ could be standing in an empty room, or at a carnival, or on a ship fighting 20-foot waves. He'd still look the same as he does now.

    "All my life, I've wondered who I was. I tried to be a leader, a king for the weak and defeated. I tried to be like one of the gods, although not quite them. I tried to be a guiding light through the darkness. So many people struggle, suffer in silence, without knowing who or what awaits them. So many give up, unable to keep fighting. Unable to keep putting one foot in front of the other. So many people lose all hope and faith. And I wanted to be a symbol for them, someone to tell them to believe in me. Someone who they could look at and smile."

    XYZ is sporting his green cloth tied around his neck and draped over his spine. His green tights look a bit faded, like they've been used and washed a few times. The long hair, curly around the neck and wars and even long enough to be brushed out from in front of the eyes, finishes the look. But XYZ's eyes are pointed down to the floor. His feet dangle off the edge of this wooden table, empty except for his own ass and a few crumpled-up paper water cups.

    "How can I lead them if I can't even escape these feelings myself? Every day is a challenge, a battle against unknown evils. Every day is a struggle against the unspoken demons. Every day is a trial just to muster up the courage to come to the arena, much less go out there and compete. I am listless. I am fallen. And I sometimes think it impossible to get back up.

    People's looks scare me. Their thoughts scare me. I have let down so many, even myself. The word that begins with a A is closing in on my soul like 10,000 swords with their cold tips scraping against my skin. The word that begins with a D soon follows, like a black mass that swoops over and stays still, like being buried alive under 10 feet of dirt, yet still feels like it's being poured on me by a cement truck. A train that runs me over, stops, and stays on top, yet continues to feel like it's backing up and hitting me all over again."

    XYZ has never looked this way. Never. He's usually full of life and energy, even if it's in a way that is difficult to comprehend. This XYZ is dark and meticulous and ... sensible?

    "This is life right now. This is my life. For so long, my confidence was flying into the rays of the sun. Now it's buried beneath the sand, unable to escape the prison and unwilling to even try. It's safe here, in these thoughts. I can keep replaying them in my own head. For eternity, if I want. Or I can end them. Or I can run from them. But the safe play is to keep looking at that voice, to keep taking a peak at it, and to keep letting it control me. It's a vice, a sickness, a habit, an addiction. The tunnel is only getting darker by the day. My relationships are rotting. My connections are burning into toxins like a semi-truck running down the highway on diesel fuel.

    I am alone. All alone. I have tried to be a guiding light for the tormented like myself, and I failed. It breaks me every hour of every day, so much that I am accustomed to it. This is life. I am alone. Again."

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    Itís in the middle of the night in a hotel room in Arlington, Texas. The city will play host to Back in Business XIII, and on that night there is one match in particular that is on the mind of a certain Wildcard. Jason Randall is lying wide awake in bed of the hotel room heís sharing with Penny, who is sleeping soundly next to Jason while cuddled up with both Fred and Norman. Jason sits and moves over to the side of the bed and leans down staring at the floor. His hair unkempt, as usual, while wearing a pair of shorts and no shirt. He quickly gets up, throws on a shirt and some pants, puts on some boots, and exits the hotel room.

    He walks out of the hotel lobby to the outside, taking in the warm, Texas night air. He walks down the street and begins playing over in his head the interview that Danny Toner had with Dave Weinstock. The words that Danny used to describe Jason, just the thought of it started to make his blood boil. He stops and leans up against a wall, pulls a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket along with a lighter and lights up before taking a puff of the cigarette. He blows out the smoke and looks at it traveling away in the air.

    How do you do it, Daniel? How do you smoke these things? If youíre not careful, theyíll kill ya. If youíre lucky enough, itíll kill ya before I get the chance to, but Iím hoping that youíre not so lucky.

    He takes another puff.

    If Penny saw me right now with this cigarette, man Iíd be in some deep shit. With this anti drug thing that sheís on now because that Ty Johnson slipped up, sounds like someone I know, would you know anything about that Daniel? I mean, if anyone knows a thing or two about getting busted with possession of narcotic substances, well I can only assume youíre an expert on the situation Danny, isnít that right? Didnít you have to go to rehab or some shit? Maybe Iím thinking of another washed up junkieÖ

    He shrugs, puts out the cigarette and keeps on walking. Soon, he pulls out a flask and takes a swig of it as he walks.

    You know, I promised myself that I wouldnít go for the low hanging fruit when talking about you Danny, you know what Iím talking about. The shit that everyone else has said about you, the same old shit that no one can ever let go of when referring to. Kind of sounds like when people refer to me, but the difference between you and I is that I get up and do something about it...

    He takes another long drink of whatever is in the flask.

    Where was I? Right, you see I thought about not going for the obvious, but then I put myself in your shoes and figured youíd do the same to me, well you already have actually. Thatís when I remembered the blatant lack of respect you showed on Dave Weinstockís Fireside Chat when speaking about me and the challenge that I issued. THEN, I remembered before that when you blatantly bumped shoulders with me not once, but twice in the same night. Youíre lucky that I didnít lay your sorry ass out right then and there. Then, I see you on the Fireside Chat, by the way Davey, whereís my invite to your Fireside Chat? Maybe after I beat the crap out of Danny at Back in Business I can be a guest?

    He winks at the camera and keeps on walking.

    Anyways, I see you on there and spewing out all sorts of crap. When the topic of me comes up you show zero respect, shit on my challenge, which by the way wasnít even directed at you but anyways I digress. You even go as far as to disrespect Penny and the cats, now I can handle the lack of respect shown towards me, my ego ainít as fragile like Connelly or Kennedy, but when you want to bring my personal life into this by mentioning them, well then Danny you dug your own grave right then and there. You didnít have to bring Penny into this but you did because youíre a piece of shit and pieces of shit like you donít care about what they say or what they do. Kind of sounds like me, right? Iím a piece of shit too. Yeah, I fully embrace that. You on the other hand, act as though you embrace it but I can see right through that Danny, I see that you try to act like someone youíre not and thatís one thing that bothers me is someone that tries to pretend to be something that they are notÖ.

    He pauses as he stops walking and walks down an alley when he sees an old homeless man, passed out against the wall. He looks down at the man and smirks, shaking his head.

    Where was I again? You see I keep losing my train of thought because when I think about your stupid face Danny all I wanna do is punch it and not stop until nothing but mush. When I laid my hands on you in Oklahoma this past Fight Night, I canít even begin to tell you how good that felt when I got my licks in on you, after all that had been said about me. You wanted to issue your own challenge, and you even warned me about it, threatening me like I was actually afraid of what you might do. When my fists were hitting your face and then my Killshot knee to the head, I felt alive Danny, I felt more alive than I have felt in months.

    The fans in that arena, they felt it Danny. I know I usually donít care what the fans think or say, but I wanna know Danny, how did it feel knowing that I was getting support from the fans over you that night? Albeit, a vocal minority of the crowd, but a very loud and vocal minority nonetheless. I bet it got under your skin didnít it, Danny? It made your blood boil that the fans that once belted out your oh so creative and unique chantÖ


    Jason mocks the chant with a sneer.

    Your beloved fans were not as vocal for you as they once were, why is that Danny? I can tell you why Danny. They see right through you just like I do, except the difference is that I always saw it, for them it took someone to open their eyes and that someone was you. How did you do that you may ask? Well, you did that whenever youíd disappear for months on end only to reappear and expect to be handed something on a silver platter. You cut in the line of all those top young guns you named off. You stepped in front of them just because you could. Youíre selfish Danny, youíre a sorry, worthless, selfish piece of garbage and the fans are finally seeing that.

    People can talk about me never reaching that so called brass ring, but the same can be said for you as well Danny. For as much as you talk and run your mouth like youíre this bad ass, youíve never actually made it to the top. The closest youíve ever gotten is holding tag team gold, and thatís because you chose to ride the coattails of someone else. The company had someone else there with you to hold you by the hand in order to win tag team gold because they know that there is no way that Danny FíN Toner can handle the pressure of being THE TOP GUY! Heíll crumble under pressure and go back to whatever hole he crawled out of, or when he crumbles under pressure heíll crawl back to whatever trophy bimbo he has back at his rinky dink motel.

    The company knows Danny that youíre too much of a fuck up, so youíll never amount to anything else in this company. Yet, they still keep giving you other opportunities and tell you that you have a chance in order to make you feel good about yourself, but the reality of it all Danny is that youíll never win because youíre unreliable. Youíre untrustworthy, and quite frankly you donít deserve it. You donít deserve any of these opportunities thrown your way Danny. You donít deserve to cut in line in front of all those top young guns, hell you donít even deserve to consider yourself one of those young guns. Maybe in your dreams, but in real life youíre not even close to it.

    He looks at the old homeless man and points at him.

    Pretty soon, that will be your reality right there Danny. When the company has finally gotten sick of you, and everyone else that youíve ever associated with has gotten sick of you, youíll be kicked to curb like the worthless pile of garbage you are. Like Iíve said, you can say the same shit about me. Iíll probably never reach the brass ring, but that doesnít stop me from trying and damn near killing myself on the way there. I donít want to end up like that. I donít want that in my future. I want to be something in this company, in this business. Iíve been knocked down a peg or two but has that ever stopped me? No, I donít run away from my problems like you do and wait for a handout. I work for what I earn. Each and every time I step in that ring I bust my ass, win or lose. I earn my opportunities unlike someone I know. Iíve earned this opportunity to have this match with you and Iím not going to let this one slip by. Iím not going to let you beat me Danny. I tell this to everyone before a match but youíll have to kill me in order to keep me down Danny, and quite frankly I wouldnít put it past you to try. WOLF damn near killed me but Iím still standing. Kennedy tried but Iím still standing. Give me best your shot Danny, or show the whole the world that youíre nothing more than an overhyped, false idol.

    See you Sunday, Danny.

    With that he kicks at the old man, hands him cigarettes and the rest of what is in the flask before walking off into the darkness as the scene ends.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    The scene opens up to a podium with a plain backdrop behind it, but also hanging next to the podium is a projector screen and next to that is a laptop. Moments later, Penny walks into the frame, holding Fred and Norman. Penny places Fred and Norman in a seat next to the podium and then takes her place at the podium. She is wearing yet another ďD.A.R.E.Ē t-shirt; she proudly displays it to the camera before beginning to speak.

    Greetings FWA Universe, everyoneís favorite ďEccentric DreamerĒ here...I really gotta ask them what that means exactly, because the nickname was just given to me and I really donít have know what it means but it sure sounds neat! Anyways, it is I, Penny here and Iím here today to talk to you about why drugs are bad. I wanted to speak to a local school but apparently itís summertime and school is out right now, which was news to me because I had no idea it was summertime, I thought it was still winterÖ

    She smiles at the thought; then shrugs and continues.

    To help me out today I brought along what I thought would be a very helpful and informative tool to show why drugs are no goodÖ

    She turns on the laptop and makes sure itís all ready.

    Allow me to introduce to you...a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION!

    She says loud and proud, but after a few brief moments of silence she clears her throat and continues.

    Iím sorry but I just thought it would be a good idea to say it like that to get my point across; my POWERPOINT across, right?

    She giggles to herself; then continues on with her speech. She clicks on her pointer to show the introductory slide which reads:

    by Penny

    She smiles at it; then clicks the pointer again to show a picture of Ty Johnson.


    This young man right here; Ty Johnson. A young man that had a bright future ahead of him in the FWA, that is until he ran into a little thing called cocaine. Yes; a young manís bright future brought to screeching halt because of a little white powdery substance that apparently snort through their noseÖ

    Penny makes a yuck face at that. She clicks on the next slide and it has McGruff the Crime Dog with an important message.


    Just say no. Ty could have just said no, but he didnít. Donít be like Ty; be like me and just say no. Be like Tyís mentor and one of the men that I will be facing at Back in Business; Dave Sullivan. Dave was once like Ty, but then he shaped up and got himself clean. Look at him nowÖ

    The next slide shows Dave Sullivan.


    Doesnít he look healthy? Thatís because heís no longer using any bad drugs. He was so nice to step up and fill in for Ty, and helped me as we took down the team of XYZ and Lord Dog. Although, I have heard that Mr. Dave might have a trick up his sleeve, as he is known for that. I certainly hope not. I wouldnít want anything bad to come between us; I mean I understand that he wants to win this match just as much as I do, but nothing personal Mr. Dave when I win on Sunday.

    Another slide and it shows Aaron Kendrick.


    Oh would you look at that, another one of my opponents on this Sunday; Mr. Aaron Kendrick. Now, I donít know much about him but I can tell that he does not use drugs. I mean, he doesnít look happy in that picture, but Iím sure deep down inside heís a happy person. Maybe he just doesnít like having his picture taken. I have tried to speak to him personally, but he just brushed me off and went on his way. Heís not a very friendly person; rather rude actually but like I said before Iím sure heís got a soft spot deep down inside. His rude, unfriendly personality will get him nowhere though. Especially if he wants to win this match. I saw what he did to one of those bullies in Triple J Security; it was impressive Iíll give him that but let me tell you right now Mr. Aaron Kendrick that I am not like those security bullies. Youíll have to try extra hard if you want to beat me in this match.

    Also, stay off drugs Mr. Aaron Kendrick. Drugs are very bad for your health; I cannot stress that enough. I know that youíre probably smart enough to know that, but please just do not do drugs.

    She smiles and clicks for the next slide; itís ďAmadeusĒ Kevin Cromwell.


    Last but not least; Mr. ďAmadeusĒ Kevin Cromwell. A man that I have faced before and am no stranger to. I can tell you straight up that this man is nothing more than a bully. I tried being nice to him but he was very rude. I tried being cordial and being a good sport; he was still very rude. He even went as far as to give me a very obscene gesture after our match. Thatís not good behavior Mr. ďAmadeusĒ Kevin Cromwell, not good at all. Thatís the behavior of someone that probably uses drugs. Like I have stated many times before; drugs are bad. You do not want to use them sir. No siree bob!

    She shakes her head.

    Youíre lucky Iím here today to teach you why they are bad. They make you act rude and do very obscene gestures. Soon enough you might end up like Ty, do you want that Mr. ďAmadeusĒ Cromwell? I donít think so. I do not particularly care for you and your bully like attitude but I do not want you to bring harm to your body by using bad stuff. Instead, allow me to do that. What I mean is you allow me to bring harm to your body when I lock you in for Nine Lives or I can put you down for a Cat Nap! Either way works for me.

    She clicks to the concluding slide.

    In conclusion, I may have gone off track a bit but I just wanted to let everyone know that drugs are no good. Winners do not use drugs. Be like me, be a winner. Do not be like Dave, no hard feelings Mr. Dave. Do not be like Aaron Kendrick, and most importantly do not be like ďAmadeusĒ. This Sunday I will be a winner because I am a warrior and I will defeat these boys, and I will bring the X-Championship back home to Mad Kingdom where it belongs.

    Thank you for your time, good day to you all.

    She takes Fred and Norman before taking her leave off the set as the scene ends.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread


    Dawn. The hot, July Texas sun over the horizon. The water is the perfect temperature for relaxation. As the sun rises, long, black hair emerges from the water. The well-shaped figure raises his hands to remove the hair from his face. Aaron Kendrick. The man who, for months, has been absent in the scene of professional wrestling is simply looking for a morning swim on the day of the biggest show of his life. A lot has led to this day. Heartache, sorrow, pain, suffering, joy, elation, success, failure, among other emotional traumas in his life.

    He still remembers the day that his father told him he could never do anything right. He remembers his best friend trying to take his wife away from him. He remembers all the times he was laughed at for wanting to chase his dreams. He remembers his brother telling him to never settle for anything less than what his dreams are and to chase them no matter what. And he remembers sitting in the back row of his brother's funeral, emotionless, knowing what he had to do. He had to chase his dreams.

    Years later, he stands in the warm, Dallas water, looking out at the Earth. Everything that God created. The green trees. The brown, pine straw-filled grounds, little cotton-tailed rabbits running around, and the smell of warm summer filling his mind with joy. This was what home was to him. And now, on the biggest day of his life and the grandest stage of all, not much has really changed. He is home. God created this. But tonight, this boy becomes God.

    Kendrick sits in his chair inside of his hotel room. He holds a Bible in his lap. He stares at the wall. Thoughts echoing throughout his mind. Driving him to the point of no return.

    Do I really want to be like this? Do I really want to try to make everyone think I'm something that I'm not? Wait a minute. Something I'm not? What the fuck has anyone ever done for me? Nothing. I'm here because of what I've done for myself. Every time I've ever tried to help someone else, it's only came back to bite me in the ass. I'm my own man. I made this happen. I'm here because of me. Fuck everyone. Fuck everyone.

    Just then, Kendrick looks down at his Bible. He holds it up to his face, tears welling up in his eyes, and then breaks down. Kendrick collapses into the floor and continues crying and openly weeping out as the confliction takes over. He is a broken man. He begins crying out...

    God, why? Why is this happening to me? I've given my life to you. I've done everything I know to do. Why do I feel like you don't want me? Why have you never loved me, God? You've done nothing but take everything from me. My grandmother, my grandfather, my wife, my brother. My mother never loved me. I was never good enough for anyone even though I lived my life for you. I was a great person because of you and it got me nothing but pain and suffering.

    Kendrick gets up and runs into the wall in front of him, cradling his face and weeping. He then backs away and takes a moment. He seemingly snaps out of this fit that he has found himself in. He wipes the tears from his face. He then walks to the bathroom and looks at himself in the mirror. The look on his own face almost sends him back into the same fit of depression. But he endures the urge to cry again. He looks deep into his own eyes. Anger takes over. And then...

    Kendrick punches the mirror and crashes the glass. He lets out an agonizing scream and then smashes his own face into the same mirror, crumbling almost all of it into microscopic pieces. But one small section remains intact. Kendrick uses the small section to look at himself now. Blood dripping down his face and forming a crimson mask. Literal shards of glass are in his face. But the most horrifying detail is the look in his eyes. Pain and suffering almost to the point of being able to hear the emotions in his eyes. All while still being emotionless in his face. The blood is pouring out of his face and he almost seems to be getting calm by watching it.

    There are now knocks at the door. The knocks turn into banging and there is a female voice asking if everything is ok and for him to please answer the door. Kendrick walks over and picks up his bag of gear and opens the door. The woman at the door quickly takes a step back and looks to be in shock at the sight of Kendrick. She doesn't say a word. Kendrick locks eyes with her. The rage is now steaming from him. He begins breathing heavily. He gets closer to her, the blood now staining his eyes. He quickly turns away and begins walking very fast down the first floor hallway of his hotel.

    The man at the front desk begins yelling at him. He jumps over the counter and gets in Kendrick's face. He then threatens to call the police if he doesn't tell him what's happening. Kendrick looks the man in the eyes with the same rage that he showed the woman only seconds before. He drops his bags and the man takes the very same step back...

    Son, if you don't take that base out of your voice. I swear to God... No I don't. I swear to you. I swear to you I will slam your fucking head on this counter and pull your tongue out of your throat. I don't know about you but I don't think I would like that very much. I can't imagine you enjoying it either. So you really need to make sure you know what you're doing before you go jumping in front of people from now on. Remember this, too. God has compassion. I don't. And if you ever look at me the way you did about a minute ago with those little beady eyes, I will gouge them out and eat them like grapes. What's the best part about eating a grape? To me, it's that initial pop when you put it between your teeth and mash down. It's such a significant pop and so satisfying when all the juices fill your mouth. I'll be sure to get that pop close enough to your ears so that you can hear it.

    The man backs away in horror. He stumbles over his own feet and looks as if he's just witnessed a murder. Kendrick advances towards him and the man falls down. Kendrick grabs him by the tie and pulls, choking the man and bringing him closer to Kendrick's face. He leans down, centimeters away from the man's face. The man's eyes are red and filled with water.

    The next time this confrontation takes place, if we ever have the pleasure of seeing each other again, I really hope to find a little more hospitality in your actions and in your words. Hell, tonight, I might even allow you to come out and party with me. You're looking at the next X Division Champion. And after tonight, when I'm standing at the top of that ladder in the middle of the ring at AT&T Stadium, one hundred thousand of my disciples singing along to my hymnal, you too will know that I Am that I Am. And I am the Great I Am. And if you forsake me, I will send you straight to Hell.

    Kendrick lets go of the man's tie. He continues to stare at him, however. Kendrick takes his finger and runs it across his own forehead and covers it with blood. He reaches it down and wipes his finger on the forehead of the man and leaves his own blood in the form of a crucifix. Kendrick now stands back up and smiles. He turns around, bends over, and grabs his bag. He begins to walk out of the hotel lobby, stops, looks back one last time at the man...

    So... Now you know.

    Kendrick walks out and begins swaying from side to side, literally dancing after everything that just happened. He now begins singing his own theme song...

    And he is, he's the shining and the light without whom I cannot see. And he is! Insurrection, he is spite, and he's the force that made me be!

    Kendrick opens the passanger door to his car and throws his bag into the seat. He does a quick cha cha style twist and then slides across the hood of his car, gets in, and then burns rubber as he speeds out of the parking lot and out of sight of the hotel. The two workers just look at each other in utter amazement. The man then begins taking off his tie and walking away. The woman then looks startled and asks where he's going. The man just looks at her and replies...

    "I gotta go see this match. There's something about that man. Something inhuman. Something I have to follow."

    The woman watches her co-worker leave and then walks back inside. She crosses her arms and begins pacing back and forth. She looks out of the window into the distant stadium sticking out over all of the highways and byways of Dallas and thinks to herself,

    "He's right. There is something about that man that was amazing. He kind of put the fear of God into me."

    Fade to Black

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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    "He had it coming, he had it coming
    He only had himself to blame!
    If you'd have been there, if you'd have seen it
    I betcha you would have done the same!"


    Fade into a black and white shot of a long corridor of cells. A single light shines down on small figure in the fetal position on the hallway floor. An almost gravelly, dry voice emotes from the figure.

    The shape on the floor sits up with her back turned towards the camera.

    Rose Kennedy once said “It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain…

    The figure sits in the light rocking back and forth.

    In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone...

    The camera begins a long sweep around.

    Believe it or not, I have my scars, just like everyone else. Mentally, physically, emotionally… I’m no different from what people call normal… Each and every person can find pain and let it continue to grow and grow and some of us have our own ways of dealing with it.

    3 AM piss drunk with tears in our eyes."

    -An image of WOLF is shown in the shadows.-

    The release of a drug in our system.

    -Ty Johnson is shown in another shadow-

    Or hell just becoming a recluse...

    We get a frame full of the figures face revealing this to be the “new” Izzy Van Doren. Black as coal hair her eyes have a sunken eye look to it. Her mouth hangs open as she picks at her lip piercings. She looks off to her left as if looking for someone behind her back, but there’s no one there. Her eyes swing back to the camera.

    This is how we deal with pain… For years, I’ve been pushed off cast aside for the far pretty more ‘family-friendly’ type of what a promoter wants. I went out looking for competition and I found it. I came back to FWA, I was publicly embarrassed, harassed, and talked down to by my boss. I took on a monster. Something clicked in me that night. FWA didn’t want happy go lucky Izzy anymore… they wanted something new. Something vile… And armed with a weapon, I systematically took out anyone that wasted my time. And then something happened... Something I’ve never really done before… I demanded things, I wanted to be treated better... but I didn’t get any of it… I just got a couple laughs, a few jokes at my expense… and rejection...

    Izzy chokes out the last few words. She covers her mouth and pounds her fist against her thigh. She shakes her head and switches the subject.

    FWA... is a company that's put me in the public eye like never before. I went from an almost nobody to wrestling across the sea in the UK and being one of the mainstays. I proved at Mile High that I’m not just some overhyped rookie. I was the toughest bitch in this locker room. I took on all opposition, I won, I lost, but nothing ever stopped my dream of wanting to even be considered a reliable star. I made friends, I made enemies, I have people in between. I was earning my stripes every step of the way and maybe that's what I really needed this time. Here, I needed to prove what I was really capable of and make it mean something. All of them could do it, so why couldn't I?

    I wasn’t strong enough...

    I wasn’t strong enough to be at Bell’s level. To be at Shannon’s level. To be at Cyrus Truth’s level. To be at Chris Kennedy’s level...

    Izzy stares at the floor. The look in her eye screams that rage inside her is building up and is about to explode.

    But I am now…


    The camera rises with Izzy as she stands up with her back to the camera. She takes off her jacket and lets it fall to floor, revealing her bra and almost her entire back covered in bruises and welts. She slowly turns herself around with her arms outstretched and reveals more bruises on her stomach and hips. Izzy pulls her hair back again and looks deep into the eye of the camera.

    When you see the scars and the bruises that I have lived with, I want you to see the amount of times I’ve had to scratch and claw my way up the ladder. BUT YOU DON’T GET THAT LADDER, DO YOU?!?! … That’s nothing, abso-fucking-lutely goddamn nothing to you, isn’t it?

    Eyes you claim to be from Chicago. But I don’t see it in you...

    You grew up in Terror Town, where ‘we invented street fighting’. But I don’t see it in you…

    Eyes you live in million dollar mansions, drive expensive cars, have a picturesque family… You’re not a gang banger down the block anymore.

    You’re a poser. A washed up, old, immobile, loser that still gets handed everything based on who he USED to be! You’re a has-been! I’m a going to be! Eyes, you are nothing more than FWA’s nostalgia act… And I’m gonna expose that about you come Back in Business…"

    Izzy lets go of the camera as she grabs at her hair. She starts pacing around in her single spotlight. She turns her back to the camera.

    You were the beginning and the end. You were the only man to hold both Tag Team championships at the same time in FWA history! And you know what you did?

    Izzy licks her lips and looks away.

    You pissed it all away…

    Izzy’s piercing eyes return their focus to the camera.

    James, you can talk about how much you are disappointed in me, but to be absolutely blunt with you, champ... You’re the biggest disappointment of them all… Because you were the man around here! A champion we could be proud of! A champion that took on all comers… but you know you did… you know what you fucking did, James?! You lost!! … AND THEN, you cried like a little bitch and said ‘Ohohoho this is the last time you’re ever gonna see me uhuhuhuhu’.... You went on vacation… And on that little vacation you noticed that there was a whole new crop of talent that could have easily taken your spot… That’s the reason you came back. You tried to regain your former glory, but you fail every single time.

    James, you can punish me all you want…Take that frustration out on my body. Hell maybe I deserve some of it. Add to the collection. Maybe people will finally realize that I’m not the little girl they like to play me as. You know what I am, James? A survivor. I have strength that I didn’t know about and I have the strength to take you on one on one…

    Just don’t be surprised when this new Izzy finally fights back… When we’re locked inside of a cage… I’ll have nowhere to go… and you’ll have nowhere to hide. James for everything that I’ve done to you and your family... everything that I’ve said… I know you want to rip me apart, you want to destroy me, give me the punishment I deserve…

    Izzy toughens up and grits her teeth, an empty look in her eyes. She changes back and forth from smiling to grimacing.

    But I want you to listen to me… and I want you to listen closely because it’s a lot…

    Izzy grabs the camera with both hands and shakes it around.

    There’s something that’s been bottled up inside me for a long time. It's going to be on full display at Back in Business. The anger, the aggression, they will be on full display. Ashley O’Ryan, I hope you watch this one because by signing this match, I hope you realize you’ve signed your lamb to be led to slaughter. James, it's time for a second retirement.

    The camera zooms out as Izzy sits down in her spotlight. The cells that surround her start to light up. The light on Izzy gradually flickers out. It comes back on, but Izzy's vanished. Fade to black.
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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread


    Burn it down...


    Many Moons Ago

    Texas offered little in way of luxuries to inspire the affluent to stay within its boundaries for more than twenty four hours, but yet here two men stood, admiring the empty fields that would so soon bloom with stalks of corn and buds of spring to come. There they stood, young Wolf in the beginning of his career and his then manager Travis LeSabre. The smoke of the cigars spread across the fields like a translucent fog that only allowed some of the sunset light through them. Like fire drawn deep from the black insides of the dark knights. They had both, in a way, had razed a field down in their life, one way or another.

    Wolf knew of a few more heíd like to burn down before it was all said and done. But, sadly enough, his opportunity had been taken away from him.

    ďYouíre awfully quiet,Ē Travis said to his left, looking up into the still face of Wolf. His cheeks were flushed; this look had become the norm in recent months.

    ďIím thinking of next week,Ē Wolf replied, drawing on the cigar. He liked the feeling of the smog in his lungs. His next words escaped his lips on the coattails of a hazy cloud. ďThe opportunities I have, and the ones that I do not.Ē

    Travis said, scoffing. ďHe isnít worth it, Wolf. You havenít allowed him to be worth it. You try to tear down your opponents to nothing every week, which does not allow for them to ever been seen as credible when itís all said and done.Ē

    Silence falls over the pair, until finally Travis sighs. ďMy father told me a story once about two men who served as knights in the First Crusade. Both men were involved in the sack of a city one Summer night, and both set fire to a single building in the entire city. Yet at the end of the battle, only one knight was exalted; the other, executed. And do you want to know why?Ē Travis turns to Wolf. ďBecause of who was in the building. The exalted knight burned down a building where one of the enemyís top officers was bunkering down in, while the knight who found himself executed burned down an orphanage where two dozen women and children were hiding.Ē

    ďThereís a fine line between a champion and a monster, Wolf, always remember thatĒ Travis said, throwing his cigar to the ground. ďAnd if youíre standing in the middle of a black field with nothing but the bodies of defenseless victims around you, I promise you that you will not be seen as the former.Ē

    Travis walked away, heading back to where the car had been parked while Wolf watched his cigar smoke on the ground in front of him. It was a dry evening and, even now, he could see the closest clumps of grass already glowing in an orange hue. Part him wanted to walk away then and there just to spite. But then a monster heíd truly be.

    Wolf ground the cigar butt out, smothering the flames beneath his feet, and walked away wondering what was so bad about being seen as a monster . . .


    The North American Championship weighs in at approximately twenty two point four pounds and costs three hundred and thirty seven thousand dollars to produce. The main plate has a circumference estimated at nine and a half inches tall by eleven and a half wide, comprised of a solid silver base interlaced with 12lbs of real 24 carat gold. The strap is real leather; heavy and cracked due to blotches of dried blood soaked into the stitching. When you grip the strap tight, they say you can hear a deep vocal roar shudder through your bones until your teeth begin to chatter. The raspy, haunting war-cry of its first holder, Ryan Hannivan; echoes over an expanse of thirteen years and thirty-five different champions. Supposedly, itís like holding a conch to your ear and listening to the ocean.

    Wolf however, heard nothing.

    The cameras open on the empty arena, the ring fully assembled for Back in Business, waiting patiently for Sunday night. The steel Hell in a Cell enclosure surrounded the ring. It was an imposing sight. Like a fortress of cage and gaffing, it was built to perfection. Sturdy, giving just enough room to fight within and without the ring. Heavy steps can be heard echoing through the empty arena. The camera swung down slowly, really catching the scope of the cell. Looking small from above, once next to it? The thing was huge. Much bigger than the large man in black as he reached ringside. Wolf walks calmly into the shot, his long black hair hanging down in his face and shoulders. He's sporting a (sleeveless) black shirt with a classic FWA logo on it. Black boots peeked out under the legs of baggy bluejeans. He walks along the side of the cell, admiring it. He runs his hand along the chain-link as he reaches his mark on the floor...

    Wolf: Every time that I come out in these championship matches it seems like thereís always someone across from me in that ring thatís fighting for something more, something beyond themselves, and Iíve never quite understood it. I may just be nothing but a monster. But Iím not going to pretend that Iím anything else. Iím not going to come out and say that Iíve wanted to carry the weight of this title since I was a boy, because I didnít. I wonít come out and dedicate this to the parents that I never knew, because this isnít for them. Galloway has his dreamÖ let him have it. His dream doesn't mean anything to me. Everyone wants to see Galloway win this Sunday because heís such a great guy, because heís battled back from adversity, because he went all the way to the bottom of the mountain and heís scrapped his way to the top win by win by win. Heís just like them, struggling through the day to day and giving it his best, win or lose. But me? Iím the freak. Iím the monster who is expected to win every time out but instead of being "courageous" and "brave," I'm arrogant and self-absorbed. I shouldn't have to make excuses for my success! Just because I donít have some convenient sob story in my back pocket for the time every big match rolls around. This is it. This is the endgame you've all been waiting to see. This is the endgame I've been waiting to play. For good or ill, this is it. Win, lose or draw, this is the Swan Song.

    Wolf sighs, as if taking a weight off of his shoulders by stating this.

    Wolf: We've danced this dance long enough you and I. I have beaten you twice and despite of that Iíve got people like David Weinstock whispering backstage, snickering talking about how Wolf has found another guy he can't get it done against. I'm not going to let you be another Chris Kennedy to my career. I will beat you just like Iíve beaten you in the past and I'll do it with everything that is not nailed matter what I have to put myself through to get there. We've turned heads, Iíve lost more blood these past months than I have for a while My doctor was wondering why I hadn't visited in a while and these past months he's been seeing more and more of me and that's all down to you TJG. You've put my body through hell.. You've turned the f*cking corner in your career one part of me wanted you to take to give me a challenge at the top but like they always careful what you wish for huh?

    He shakes his head.

    Wolf: Specially given how close we've become over the last six months. Then again, things have changed a lot over that time, haven't they? I can certainly think of one change for the better. [he smirked thinking about how Galloway lost his title] But just like I've always said about you, for all your gifts you're still held back by one thing. You never seem to learn. That's been the downfall of many great men over the centuries. They continue to charge in where angels fear to tread, taking the exact same course of action even as it leads them to ruin again and again...and again. But you absolutely take the cake, Tristan. You're king of the silver lining; I won the matches, but I have never beaten you right? You're the guy that comes up short and still wants to talk about how many shots he got in. Because not only do you do the same thing over and over, but you genuinely believe that the outcome will somehow be magically different every time you come running back to the learning tree, only to run your head right into the trunk. You're like a gigantic lemming from hell, only this time there is no upside for you whatsoever.

    Wolf looked back at the camera, the inward thinking absent. His focus was on the camera again.

    Wolf: Now as much as it pains me to, I will give credit where it's due. You are one of the toughest, most stubborn sons of b*tches I've ever had the distaste of having to deal with, Tristan. You're the guy that built a reputation of being this jacked ass kicking machine and when you came to the FWA, everyone found out that it was well deserved. But even the coldest, most brutal mother*ckers in the world can be beaten Tristan...even if some are too dumb to know it. That's where I come in. Because I've made my career off of being the guy who found ways to beat the unbeatable. To stop the unstoppable. I've taken you apart a piece at a time and I've found a way to strike deep to where it really hurts. And I think that's what really sticks with you, isn't it? The fact that I've always been able to take you out of that comfy element you're so accustomed to, where I can pick you apart a little at a time until you crumble at my feet. [he smirked ] And I'll admit, I've had quite a bit of fun doing it, too. Because the biggest irony of it all is that yes, you are the unstoppable force. But I don't need to stop you, I never have. I'm the guy that simply changes your course then watches as you charge headlong into something you can't beat. And once that happens? That's when I stop you!

    He takes a quick pull from his cancer-stick, exhaling as he speaks.

    Wolf: But you crossed the line when you cost me my match against Kennedy. I would have traded every win I got for that single victory over Kennedy. You cost me the match and nowÖ now youíre going to have to deal with the fall outÖ and believe me itís going to be bloody, itís going to be painful, bones are going to be broken, blood is going to be shed, tears will fall. All I want is to put you within striking distance. All I dream about is choking the life out of you, busting you open and playing in your blood. All I think about is retribution and retribution doesn't give a shit what the f*cking score is. Vengeance, Tristan... It's blind to wins and losses, it doesn't care about my f*cking record. All vengeance wants is it's due. The pounds of flesh I have pledged to deliver it... And I will deliver.

    The camera pulled out a little, showing Wolf standing enclosed in this structure. Everything seemed to be doused in some sort of liquid. He walks to door and pulls it closed. Then, calmly pulls on it. It closed, it's secure.

    Wolf: This match. It makes you sink to levels you never thought you could, then dive deeper. A cage? It's like this thing. Weak, flawed. Sure, you could go off one. That's pretty hardcore. But it's not as hardcore as being suplexed onto an exploding panel hidden under the canvas. In short, Hell isn't just found in a cell ladies and gentleman. Hell, is everywhere. Hell, is everything. If you want to make a match out of it, you make one that that allows you to go anywhere, do anything... And you add a touch of torment. Infinite barbed-wire, exploding rings, broken glass, tables, weapons of all shapes and sizes not a single one a prop; some may have been brought by those lucky few that have a ringside seat. In fact, for those with front row tickets to this bloodbath, bring a f*cking poncho.

    His eyes changes. It twists to something calm and cool, but not entirely collected... He chuckles a little before falling absolutely silent. Wolf stares at the cage door.

    Wolf: Hell isn't a place you go when you die. It isn't in a cell.

    Hell... is... Everywhere!

    I can't hold back any longer. You've brought this all upon yourself. I have to teach you the final lesson. The one I reserve for only the worst of my foils... Hell isn't a place you go when you die. It isn't in a cell.

    Hell... is... everywhere.

    I have long accepted that I am a monster and leave the earth scorched in my wake!

    He stops, his chest heaving, his eyes still electric with rage. He thrusts out his leg and kicks the door square in its center. It flies open as the top hinge snaps, it tilts, but it's wide open. Wolf steps out,Tossing the cigarette casually behind him, viewers watch as the entire ring goes up in flames, the liquid from before revealed to be gasoline. Wolf doesn't bother to look back, Wolf continued walking, the flames audible behind him. The ring was burning behind him. He had no longer a need for it. Then, with a small, knowing smile, he looks back at the camera.


    Wolf shakes his head as he pulls his smokes from his pocket. He lights one and takes a big drag... He calms himself and refocuses.

    Wolf: This is a big match for you thought isnít it? This is the one, right here. The mask goes down. This is the one match that when you get the victory it is going to legitimize you as a competitor to everyone who has ever supported you, who has ever doubted you and most importantly to yourself. You need this match, Tristan. You have to beat me, itís as simple as that. Failure here for you? Then youíre done, you disappear into the ether and arenít heard from in a meaningful match again. You beat me and you join the list of people I can count on one hand whoíve done it. You become part of professional wrestling folklore. Iím too good for you, the match is too big of an occasion for you. You canít win a big, important and storied match like Grand Prix Tournament and you sure as hell are not winning at Back in Business. Will you be the fiery young superstar with everything to gain and nothing to lose? Will you do what so many across the world are hoping you can, to silence me and stand tall as the new North American Champion? Or will you fallÖ will you fall having left everything in the ring and nothing in your soul? I have every intent of making sure that youíre one more man whose best isnít enough. I have every intent of taking the chants of ďTJG! TJG! TJG!Ē and turning them into nothing more than Ė

    He claps his hands once, the sharp noise echoing off the walls as he jerks his head up and glares into the lens, the silence now filling the room. Leaning in, he whispers the word.

    Wolf: - silence... You may have these people fully on your side now, Tristan, but Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again: one must not confuse being good with being liked. So if these people donít like me very much right now? Theyíre going to like me a hell of a lot less when this is through. I'll always remember the day TJG, when the rest of us got the memo from management informing us that 2018 would be the year Tristan James Galloway finally grew his own set of pubes. That he was becoming a man....sure a slightly pudgy around the midsection but a man never the less. You should be proud, hell you should be f*cking erect at how far you've come from the blubbering mess you were when we first crossed paths. I came to Texas to prove the nay-sayers wrong because these blood sucking fans jump on anyone who slips up and all of a sudden it's talk of retirement. Iíve seen the forums on the Internet saying that maybe Wolf has had his time in the light, maybe he can't do his style of wrestling anymore. Maybe he should pack up and go home and save himself some dignity. You know what i say to everyone who thinks you have my number, including you? I say f*ck you. F*CK. YOU! Because as far as I'm concerned no matter what country I'm in, no matter what belt I have or don't have I'm still the weapon of mass destruction, often imitated and never duplicated KING OF HARDCORE but always...and you better remember this one Tristan.

    He holds up the belt with a smirk.

    Wolf: Better than you Tristan James Galloway. I'm coming for you. And Hell is coming with me...

    He chuckles to himself, smiling wide, behind his eyes the future plays out. The brutal, violent, gruesome display is for him alone. Wolf takes a drag off his smoke as the camera fades to the FWA logo. It's shown for a moment before it too fades... To black.
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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    Postedwrong script


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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    Deception is sitting on a rooftop. The rain is pouring we see only his back. He takes off his mask and holds it over the edge. We see the back of his head as puts it back on.

    Tommy Thunder this it is there is no where to run there is no where to hide there is no one else in this world its you and I one last dance. One last chance Tommy. The biggest stage of them all and you and I will end this. Tommy I spent this whole time with you for the past few weeks trying to enlighten you. I tried to awake you . I tried to stir that Tommy Thunder of old I tried to rattle that cage to get some sort of reaction. I did but, this isn't the Tommy Thunder of old no this is a Tommy Thunder with a sickness running through his veins.

    Tommy you are not the same man you once were and I am not that same boy I was things are different. I see that now people change, We have to because we evolve we become something more then what we are. However the more things change, the more they stay the same and you know that more then anyone Tommy. Thunder you made this personal now, more personal then it has ever been because you are coming after this.

    Deception turns around his mask broken and cracked he stares towards the camera.

    Tommy you are trying to take away the closest thing to me that one thing I hold dear over most everything else and if you think that for a second I am not going to do whatever it takes to keep it you are wrong. Do you know why I wear this mask? This isn't to hide my face from the world it is to protect me from people like you like all the wolves in sheep's clothing in the crowds. This mask is a promise to myself, to always fight for the injustices this world creates. I am not the villain in this story Tommy, you are.

    Tommy its not just you. It's everyone. I see it plain as day I see the light at the end and I see the truth. The truth is simple. Tommy, we can't beat the system. The wheel is going to keep on going. The monsters will always find a way to feed off the weak and justice will never get to sleep. This mask means I can live to fight another day means I can keep fighting until I got nothing left. I am tired. I can't sleep at night. I just toss and turn and I just drift away into my own head. Tommy if I am going down, you are coming with me. I am not going to just fall into the abyss not until I take you with me. You and I are going down together destined bound by the chains at our feet's and the ropes around our necks Tommy.

    If you are still confused by what I am trying to say then Tommy let me make it clear. I am going down in a blaze of glory the flames eating us alive the scars forming but, the memories will remain. This fight is going to be brutal Tommy this is going to be hard to watch this is going to hurt.


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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    Exile Chronicles: Volume 33
    "Nobody Special with Nothing to Lose"

    Our scene opens in the interior of a large, grand cathedral. The walls and ceilings are painted with various religious iconography, with vibrant colors and beautifully hand-crafted carvings of angelic and divine figures adding to its splendor. The lights are dim and there's low, Gregorian-style singing all around.

    However, there's not a soul in this cathedral singing.

    Based on the light coming from the stained glass windows, it appears to be nearing dusk as the camera pans around to show that, indeed, there's nobody in this church. Except for one.

    Sitting in one of the pews, leaning back in the hardwood seat is the FWA World Heavyweight Champion...the man who'll defend that title at FWA's biggest show of the year against the man who has never lost at that very same event.

    Cyrus Truth, dressed in dark, simple attire and looking surprisingly calm in spite of the enormity of the challenge in front of him in the form of "The Astonishing One" Chris Kennedy. It's even more surprising that Cyrus has kept his composure in the face of the blatant disrespect that Kennedy showed him on the go-home edition of Fight Night...the disrespect that led to Cyrus driving Kennedy through the table at their contract signing.

    Yet here he sits in this empty cathedral, thumbing through one of the missalettes, paying little real attention to the content with a look of serenity on his face. Back in Business XIII, the main event, Title verses Streak...all of that doesn't seem to weigh on The Exile as he closes his eyes and listens to the hymn.

    "I imagine there's some people out there wondering just what the hell I'm doing in a place like this. I mean, it's not any great secret what I think about gods, and especially men who call themselves gods. You think I'm here because of what you said on Fight Night, Chris? Nah, not exactly. I just figured that since this whole issue you have with me started when you went to church, that I'd at least return the favor and go to one myself to get a little insight into your jealousy."

    ...Wait, jealousy? Is Cyrus seriously suggesting that one of, if not the top stars in the history of FWA is jealous of him? Cyrus himself seems to get a chuckle out of the thought as his laugh echoes throughout the cathedral, clashing with the phantom chanting.

    "Well, maybe not jealousy. Inadequacy? Fear? I honestly haven't quite figured out what your major deficiency is and why you seem so adamant about going on and on and on about how you're so much better than I am. Either way, I at least know where it started. After all, this isn't some fresh issue you've had with me, even if you've only been speaking out loud about it recently. You may not want people to remember this, but I think I've proven in my time in pro wrestling that I NEVER forget. But this vitriol you have for me started two years Carnal Contendership 2016."

    Clips of that momentous event flash as we see Chris Kennedy making his triumphant return and taking control of the match...right up until the debut of Cyrus Truth, leading to a tense in-ring staredown between the two icons of the wrestling industry.

    "I imagine you thought you had it all in hand. You'd make your big return, secure the title shot at Back in Business XI, and notch another victory towards your vaunted Streak while simultaneously winning the World Title and getting some revenge on the man who took it from you to begin with. It was the perfect set-up...and all you had to do was stand your ground and keep tossing people out.

    "But you didn't plan on me showing up, did you?

    "Even then, you didn't take me know, despite all I've accomplished in wrestling and the fact that, when I came out, the fans cheered a hell of a lot louder for me than they did for you. Still, you almost pulled it off...almost. But you weren't good enough or smart enough that night, Chris. And instead of you ensuring your spot at Back in Business XI, I tossed you out of that ring and planted that flag, claiming that spot for myself."

    More clips from Carnal Contendership 2016 flash, showing Kennedy tossing Cyrus over the top rope...but The Exile cleverly used the prone body of Ryan Rondo to keep his feet from touching the floor and re-entered the match, eventually eliminating Kennedy and winning the match.

    "Now, you still could've gotten your title match and your revenge against Phillip Jackson at Back in Business if you really wanted it. All you had to do was beat KAIZEN and Rondo and you were all set. And I mean...c'mon! You're Chris Kennedy, after all! I mean, I beat both of them rather decisively myself once I got my feet wet in FWA, so someone who claims he's so much better than me in every way, it should've been a breeze for you, right?"

    Video clips of the mini-tournament to fill in the last of the Title Unification Tournament play...right up until the final Triple Threat between KAIZEN, Rondo, and Kennedy...where Rondo ended up winning. The video cuts back to Cyrus in the pew of the cathedral, with a wide grin on his face.

    "Or perhaps not.

    "Now, you still got a featured match at Back in Business and you still got to extend your Streak while adding the North American Title to your accolades, but it was clear in your promo video that you were...displeased, to say the least. You found yourself in a church a lot smaller than this one, listening to some reverend deride you as a man who only had faith in himself. Now, admittedly? That kind of attitude you had is one I can get behind. After all, you only have yourself when all else is gone. But after that, you went on a bit of a tirade, didn't you? About how you should've gotten the match and how FWA screwed you over. Chris Kennedy deserved more...deserved better. He was entitled to have the match he returned for. He was far and away better than the rest of the roster. He was Chris Kennedy...and who the fuck was anybody else?

    "Any of this ringing a bell, Chris?"

    Cyrus exhales as the singing starts to quiet down to a low, ambient hum. The Exile takes the missalette in his hand and returns it to its shelf in the back of the pew in front of him. He then takes the World Title belt from around his waist and rests in his lap, still reclining as much as he can in the wooden seat.

    "You'd think after losing the North American Title and taking some time away from the ring, you'd gain some perspective and come back better. But that would require you to face yourself and accept the Truth of your shortcomings, and there's nobody in FWA that loves to lie to themselves more than you do. It's honestly one of the mistakes you've made in this whole journey towards Back in Business XIII. Far from the worst one, mind you...and far from the only one.

    " I you ever stop and think about the things you say and do, Chris? I've said before that one should choose their words wisely, and their actions carefully. When it comes to the business that you and I are in...the business of building undeniable legacies? Mistakes aren't something we can afford to frequently make. Yet it seems the only one of us who actually understands that is me. You, on the other hand? You enjoy running your mouth and not only make mistakes, you seem to actively enjoy doing so.

    "Take for example your most recent mistake. You know, where you looked me right in the eye and told me that I was beneath you and that I should bow my head and worship you as a god? Why? Put aside the fact that I bend my knee to no man, what exactly do you hope to accomplish by calling yourself a god? What, you think that calling yourself that makes you special? Maybe you think saying it over and over again over the last couple of years will eventually bestow divinity into you. And yet, you miss the point entirely."

    Cyrus stands up from the pew and slings the World Title belt over his shoulder as he motions to the altar...and specifically, the crucifix above it.

    "The Catholics call that one their God, too. But they don't get the truly important thing about his story. As God, he couldn't stop man from falling into sin and being bound by it. God was able to create the world in seven days, could conjure floods and natural disasters at a whim, and devastate armies at the beck and call of His believers...and yet, still couldn't do shit about sin. It took God becoming man to accomplish that. So if that's the case...if God needed to become man to do something He was incapable of doing otherwise, what does that say about God? What does that say about the potential of man?

    "You want to play God, go ahead. I'll put my faith in what mankind can do, thanks. Such pride, Kennedy...pride that hasn't been tempered by perspective. Then again, I suppose I can't blame you for not being able to keep your ego in check. It comes easier for me, because of who I am.

    "My old mentor used to tell me, "Whatever you do, always seek the Truth. Gods rise and fall, faith can be easily shattered, and kings and rulers will try to keep you blind. But after all that turns to dust, the Truth will still be there. And it's the Truth that will show you the way when all other paths will lead you astray." It's why I refuse to let my own prodigious ego to blind me to my shortcomings. And it's why I can see right through you and get to the heart of the matter.

    "You know you've lost, right? Back in Business is where you lose everything, Chris. And it 's your own damn fault for that. Because you made one mistake. The one mistake you couldn't afford to make...not against me. It is that one mistake that will cost you your Streak and your dignity. Care to guess what it was?"

    The low hum of the Gregorian singing quiet down to an eerie silence as Cyrus, with conviction, says:

    "Your biggest mistake was telling the world that I was nobody special."

    The silence is deafening for a few seconds...until the chanting starts again. This chanting is not nearly as peaceful as the singing before it. It's haunting, it's aggressive...and as if to drive that home, the expression on Cyrus's face has become one of cold, indignant fury.

    "Thing're not wrong. I was born into nothing. I was raised with nothing. And anything I ever had before I started walking the Long and Winding Road has been reduced to nothing. Not like you, at all."

    Cyrus keeps his grip tight on the World Title as he begins to slowly walk towards the altar.

    "You're the son of Kerry Kennedy, a legend in his own right. You've had the money, the influence, the finest in food, drink, and training. From day one, you were born and bred to chase after greatness. And if that wasn't enough, once you started making a name for yourself in FWA, the company bought in to all your hype and helped you solidify your image as the company's golden boy. You know, I can almost imagine your old man sitting you on his knee when you were a kid and telling you that you were special, that you were going to be the very best...or perhaps that you had better damn well be the best if you were going to use his last name. I don't remember much about my father, but I don't recall any conversation like that.

    "You are special, Chris. Exceptional, even. And you were born that way. Me? I'm a nobody. And yet, here I stand with the World Title, having had a death grip on the thing for the better part of two years. While you've been busy doing meaningless things fighting meaningless battles against meaningless foes. You say you could've taken this title from me at any time, right? But you didn't. Instead, you stayed away during my first reign, and you've not once even suggested getting a shot at the gold even when I didn't have it. Instead, you wasted your time with Rondo. It took you several months to get him off your back. Me? I sent Rondo packing in three weeks. And you're the special one?

    Cyrus chuckles, almost mournfully so as he reaches the raised dais where the altar was. He turns around to face the pews and the camera, as his body language starts to get more and more animated. Like a priest at a revival, Cyrus Truth is about to give a sermon.

    "But that's not the mistake, Kennedy! The mistake was that you've gotten yourself into a no-win situation against a man you couldn't afford to give any advantage to! By dismissing me as 'nobody special,' you've effectively put all the pressure on yourself. You might deny that you feel pressure, or perhaps you'll just say that you thrive under it. But it's another lie. It's not as if the odds weren't in your favor to begin with, you know. Every pro wrestling pundit and newsletter has you as the favorite. It's a World Title match, it's Back in Business...and you're Chris Kennedy. But you decided that wasn't enough to feed your ego, and so you made the choice to deride me as a nobody, a speck of dust that didn't belong in the same ring as you. Do you realize exactly what you've done? You can't be that blind to fail to understand that you've effectively shot yourself in the foot.

    "Beating me at Back in Business nets you the World Title and another notch for your streak. But what does any of that mean if I'm supposed to be a nobody? What exactly does it mean to your legacy if the man you're fighting is supposedly not even worth the effort? Hooray, a fifth World Title belt! So what? Does that belt do anything to you? Is the fifth World Title the one you need to REALLY secure your legacy?

    "Titles come and go, Kennedy. Belts are good for what they are, but for men like us? Men who are driven by the need to build the ultimate legacy? They're not the end-all, be-all. It's the moments, the matches, and what we do with those titles that define us. And men like you and I know that while titles can and will be lost, they can be regained again...and the reverse is just as true. But instead of doing as I do and always try to build your opponent up, you decide that tearing them down to make yourself feel like a bigger man than what you are was the gambit. And it was a poor gambit to take. Now, those mouth-breathers who do worship you...the fans in our audience, the sheep in our locker room, and the odds-makers who have already decided to kiss your ring? If you beat me, it's the expected outcome. In their eyes, I can't win. You're Chris Fucking Kennedy, and Chris Kennedy doesn't lose at Back in Business. And according to the almighty Chris Kennedy, he's facing a scrub who doesn't deserve to polish his boots. But what that actually means is that all the pressure's off me! I don't have to sweat my legacy in this match, as long as I put up a proper, brutal fight. I can fight without any hesitation, anything holding me back! And against a man like me? That's far more dangerous than you can possibly imagine, Chris."

    Cyrus's voice echoes in the cathedral as the lights flicker just a bit. You can almost hear a whisper in the wind as Cyrus looks the part of a firebrand, holding the World Title aloft and looking at his reflection in the gold.

    "You've effectively given me a free pass in this match to go all out without any concerns, Chris. called this the most important match of my career, right? You may be right...but you were wrong when you said it wasn't the most important match of your career. In fact, this match? This match is the most dangerous match of your life. Not because I'm going to end you, even though I will in order to win. No,'s far deeper than that. Because I will admit that right now, you've built a tremendous legacy. Four World Titles, several other titles on top of that, and countless great matches and ever greater victories. But those alone don't make your legacy shine brighter than your peers. Other men have won as many or more titles. Plenty have had great matches. But you stand out because of one thing and one thing Back in Business, Chris Kennedy does not lose.

    "So then, we have to ask the question, don't we? The question that you don't want to think about, the question you are afraid to contemplate. If you are "The Astonishing One" and you DO NOT lose at Back in Business...

    Cyrus's eyes are wild and feral as there's just the slightest pause, so quiet you could hear a pin drop. And what drops is the question, heavy as a hammer on an anvil:

    "What happens if Chris Kennedy loses at Back in Business?"

    THUM. THUM. The sound of heavy drum beats. The cathedral becomes wreathed in darkness, like a great shadow coming over and enveloping the grand church. It becomes pitch black as Cyrus vanishes into the shadow as the chanting begins again, more ominous and combative than before.

    The cathedral remains shrouded in darkness before becoming illuminated by the light of thousands of candles lighting up all at once. These candles, resting in the pews and aisles leading up to the altar, surrounding The Exile standing front and center...candles that were not there before. Cyrus himself has changed: his simple garments replaced by his ring gear and his hooded jacket. The jacket, however, is adorned with various sigils in red stitching, giving The Exile a far more intimidating appearance.

    With the low candle light hiding the cathedral's religious symbols and Cyrus in his full war regalia, it's as if we've been transported from heaven into hell.

    "You understand, don't you? How you've worked yourself into a winless situation? The story of this match isn't Cyrus Truth trying to prove himself to be on the level of Chris Kennedy. The story is Chris Kennedy putting his very legacy on the line, fighting with everything he has against a man who, by your own proclamation, shouldn't even pose a challenge. When you lose? You lose your defining achievement and you lose this illusion of your invincibility forever. And once the Streak is gone, it's gone. There's no getting it back. Any further accolades you may acquire in your career will not ever cure the wound that losing the Streak will leave. On the other side? Beating you at Back in Business is an accolade that goes beyond any title. I will have accomplished something that all those legends you like to boast about beating were utterly incapable of doing. It's a glory unlike any other in FWA...and one that once I have it? It's mine, for all eternity. I will have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I stand above all others. Whereas you? You'll have proven that you are no god...just a petty, pathetic little man who convinced the world that he was wearing the most invulnerable armor, but was wearing nothing at all.

    Cyrus, in a bit of a flourish, refastens the World Title belt back around his waist as the chanting continues. Cyrus is almost reveling in this as he points his finger to the camera.

    "Chris Kennedy! You know who I am. You know, deep in the pit of your soul, that I am every bit as dangerous as I've shown FWA I am. And if you didn't realize it before, you certainly are thinking it now. From now until Back in Business XIII, I want that thought to fester and linger in you. I want your nights to be restless as you toss and turn next to that broken blonde you claim to love, wondering just how badly you fucked up when you decided to walk this path and make those choices that have condemned to you a match where there is no victory for you. How you've put your greatest accolade up for grabs against a man who hungers for glory beyond the standard that most wrestlers strive for...and what this man is prepared to do in order to grasp it. I will put this FWA World Heavyweight Championship on the line for this shot at taking something away from you that you'll never be able to get back...and to acquire a prize that will never be taken from me.

    " dumb does it feel? How does it feel knowing that you've thrown away your legacy to feed your ego? How does it feel having put yourself on the pedestal of gods, only to have emboldened the man who slays gods to bring down fire, wrath, and fury on top of you? You have set yourself above everyone in FWA, only to now realize how far you have to fall. At Back in Business, I destroy the myth of Chris Kennedy. I do what everybody thinks can't be done, because I am Cyrus Truth...the man who makes the impossible possible! I'd say enjoy your legacy while you can, but after what you've done? Costing me the Grand Prix, refusing to acknowledge that I am every bit your equal...I don't want you to have that joy. I want your arrogance to turn into salt on your tongue. I want your ego to strangle you. And I want you to stand proud as the golden god you want us all to believe you are just long enough for it to kill you when I beat you cleanly, decisively, and thoroughly at Back in Business.

    Cyrus's voice reverberates, and almost begins to sounds more and more demonic as he speaks. The chanting sounds like a chorus of spirits bearing witness to the fervor and determination of a mortal man in the face of the would-be god.

    "Do you remember my words when I first came to FWA, Chris? 'When I speak, gods tremble. When I stand, kings kneel. And when I fight, legends fall.' There's no hyperbole in these words, 'Astonishing One.' They are Truth, the only thing that's left when gods and zealots are left broken by the side of the Road. It is to the Truth that I dedicate myself...and it is to the Truth that you will be humbled.

    "So prepare yourself for the worst night of your privileged, 'special' life, Chris Kennedy. Prepare yourself to face your love, your family, and your father in shame and defeat. And at Back in Business...prepare to show the whole world that a god will bend his knee to a man...a man who's nobody special at all.

    With a wave of his hand, a gust of wind blows throughout the cathedral, leaving it again in complete and utter darkness. Cyrus Truth is leaving a message for the prideful, arrogant challenger to his title: he is stepping into the shadow of professional wrestling's most driven man, a wrestler who has sacrificed far more for far less, and will sacrifice even more to retain his title and humble his opponent. More to the point? Chris Kennedy has backed himself into a corner, and his most prized accolade is in danger far more than it ever has been...and when he loses it, it will be because of his own reckless pride.

    And as if to drive the point home, the last image shown on this video is a quote in Latin. Translated, it says this:

    Do not pass by my epitaph, traveler.
    But having stopped, listen and learn, then go your way.
    There is no God in heaven, no Devil in Hell,
    No angels or demons to guide man.
    All we are is who we become
    Bones and ashes, and what we leave behind.
    I have spoken to you honestly, go on, traveler,
    Lest you find yourself as I am...having done nothing.

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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    I don't want to set the world on fire…
    I just want to start a flame in your heart…

    [It’s sunny day in… wherever the hell we are A camera is pointed at a derelict and abandoned looking city off in the distance. From the right, we see a man dressed in an all white suit step his way in. The camera climbs up and zooms out as we see Starr standing with his hair tied back and dark round sunglasses. The look on his face is his usual smirk. The footage has a grainy, vintage filter applied to it.]

    Starr: Children of the cosmos, lovers, fighters, we are created equal. I have gathered here today to bring you the message from up high. Yes it is I your Interstellar Shaman, Starr.

    Now this isn't where we usually are, and not what I usually wear. But you see time is circular and things must come back around. That's why I have returned here. Last time Mrs. Connelly and I met one on one I delivered my sermon here. I stand before you now, a changed man. But Bell, hasn't changed one bit. She's only given into her vices.

    [Starr paces around the frame kicking up dust. The wind blows and howls as Starr enjoys the hot, beaming sun.]

    Ah yes, Bell Connelly. I remember, way back when, when your soul and mine were bonded. We were friends. You and I were inseparable. You and I were just two young guns vying for the prize at the moment. Whether it was the North American Championship or the highly coveted FWA World Championship. There was a time when you couldn't talk about Bell Connelly without talking about Starr. You see our paths have crossed many times…

    Bell, I used to respect you. I had respect for you as another superstar that wants the same prize as me. You’ve been a champion. Hell, you've been THE champion, granted it was for what… two weeks?? While I’ve just been well... the single most distinguished star in this company. I have been on a roll. Big match after big match. Victory after victory and you've been… doing nothing. A couple weeks ago, you made it clear your sights were set on a match at Back in Business. You've made it clear that the focus isn't on me. Your focus has been on your other former friend, Shannon O'Neal. Bell, you had better learn quickly that Shannon isn't coming back for you. She's not going to be at Back in Business. She's not across the ring from you…

    I am… I'm the threat staring you in the face. I'm the reason you won't be able to sleep the night before Back in Business. Start treating me like an opponent not an obstacle. I ddon't take kindly to being ignored.

    Don't call what I'm going to do to you at Back in Business… business…

    [Starr slowly starts to form a heinous scowl. He points his head down and laughs to himself a little bit. He removes his sunglasses.]

    Just call it…

    [Starr eyes look up. They're as black as a night sky. Behind them is an evil glare. Starr hasn't tapped into this in quite some time. Last recall, it was against WOLF when we last saw this side of Starr.]

    Revenge… Revenge for taking my victory at Mile High away from me. Revenge for the betrayal against me and the rest of the FWA audience. The fire inside me burns for you, Bell. The inner light in my soul is extinguished at Back in Business. You get to feel my hate, my anger, my frustration, my anguish. And in front of a packed house in the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, you will be beaten, broken, and battered.

    I have seen and done a lot of things here so far in my stay at FWA. Vanquished legends, beat the odds, and I've taken World Champions to their limits. While I was capping off a phenomenal run, I looked across the cosmos. It caused me to notice the real you, Bell. My third eye opened…

    [Starr presses his hands together in his usual focused pose. That look in his eye, the tone of his voice, his posture. Overwhelming, dark, evil, those are what describes the way Starr looks into the camera. Starr’s anger is growing, slowly but surely. He licks his lips and messes with his hair. He laughs out of anger.]

    I- I saw you.. The real you.. The you that isn’t the glitter, the glam, the bubblegum, you wanna make yourself out to be on camera. You’re a vile, insecure tramp. You run off to your boyfriend when the going gets rough, and we all saw how that turned out last week huh? You bitch and moan until you get what you want, I mean how many months has everyone been subjected to you bitching about a match against Shannon? This has been a long time coming.

    Like the self absorbed person you are, I will cleanse and purge FWA of your wicked evil again. It's been done before and I will do it again. Bell, I can beat you. I'm stronger now than I ever have been. I'm faster, more agile, and I will out match you this time. I will be the better wrestler this time. I have to be...

    [Starr begins to slowly take off his jacket, he rolls up his sleeves, revealing dark body paint on his arms. The darkness in his soul has spread.]

    Every single strike I give you, every move I perform on you, every single action I take against you they will be as hard as I can possibly make it!

    [He takes a couple deep breaths. He sits down crisscrossed and presses his hands together.]

    At Back in Business, there’s another side of me that you personally brought out Bell. I was fine keeping it professional. But you've ignored me, and you've been under my skin for far too long. This is what your judgement will look like come Sunday, Bell. This is what it’ll look like in that ring.

    [He walks out of frame. Sounds of a record skipping, tape rewinding, and an animals low gutteral growl intercept each other as the video quickly cuts to black ending the video.]
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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    The Phillip A. Jackson Project Story: The Road to Back in Business.

    The story of the Phillip A. Jackson project began long before the betrayal of Michael Garcia. It began long before Ryan Rondo. The notion of change. The notion of re-invention was not new to Phillip A. Jackson but the new form of re-invention, a long term education was. Jackson has spent years trying to impart his wisdom on jealous, deaf ears. Those who listened saw success. Those who saw his potential reaped their rewards. This story, however, is about the story of The Project, told by the men themselves. This is the Phillip A. Jackson Project Story: The Road to Back in Business. Interviewing each other. The birth of the Project is revealed.

    Part One: The Beginnings

    Phillip A. Jackson sits across from Viktor Maximus. The pair are wearing tailored suits. Jackson’s a black pinstripe suit with a red pocket square and a tie. Viktor's is a grey suit with no tie and the top button undone. The only focus of the room is on the pair. Lights make them visible and cameras point at them in multiple directions. Jackson reaches down and grabs a book and shows it to Viktor. He waggles it slightly and continues to show it towards Viktor.

    Jackson: ‘Everything begins. I was fascinated by stories. I was fascinated by their beginnings. Where the great great tales of old come from and it made me reflect on the story I was telling. Made my reflect on what I wanted to be. Lone wolves do not die dignified deaths. The stories told in books like these can live forever or they can be forgotten. It is a big world and those who do not re-define or break ground are likely to be left behind. The Project is a story that will break ground and we are men who will re-define. Find your story and become your story. Now Viktor, what is your first question for me.’

    Viktor: ‘So why did you start the project?’

    Jackson looks and reflects. Jackson rubs his chin.

    ‘You know why. I was lost. I was falling apart. Do you think I had fun last year? Do you think 2017 was enjoyable for me? I went from defending world titles to being injured and never getting another chance. That is what I mean when I say lone wolves do not die dignified deaths. We are alone. We have nothing. We cannot get any help. As I sat in hospital, the doctors droning on, I sat and I thought about what I wanted. My injury was becoming an issue. I spent nights awake just letting my thoughts consume me. Where was I weakest? Where can I be better? What do I need to succeed and the big question, What did I have back in my glory days that I don’t have now. It got me my answer but it took me three days to get there. At those points I had a partner, an associate, a manager. Someone at my side. All great heroes have a partner, I don’t need to specify because yes I am talking about your favourite one. I spent more time awake thinking about who, why and how. That is what I needed but Who? It couldn’t be just anyone. I wanted someone I could trust. Someone new. Why? That was the unknown. How? That was the easy part. Lure someone in and bring them into the fold. I chose my approach. I wanted someone homegrown and unknown. I could team with a star but I wanted to make a star. I wanted to be a creator of greatness, not just being great. I zero’d in on a return and I came back to FWA. I lied my way into the hearts of the FWA fans, redemption I cried. Truth I cried. All the while everything was bubbling away. Then I lured in Michael Garcia and it was set. You know the rest and now here we are.’

    ‘So it was because you were struggling? Or..’

    'No, this wasn’t a low point. This wasn’t some major life event. It was the birth of an idea. It was a net positive. It couldn’t be the NEO. It had to be beneficial for everyone. That is why I wanted truth. It is why truth is important and why I will never like Griffins again because they are neither powerful nor majestic but we can to birds later. I know you have a question that you have been burning to ask.’

    Part 2: Why Viktor?

    ‘Why did you choose me, Phillip?’

    'You have all heard the tale of Viktor’s first meeting with me but I want to say to the world, in front of the man himself, what I saw in him. The story is from about a year ago. Before Michael Garcia begged me to help him. I will take you back to a secret observation session back the the academy.'

    ‘But I never saw you there before you came and introduced yourself to me.’

    'Do you remember the tests? I was there. This is what I remember.'

    Rain is pouring down outside the Phillip A. Jackson Wrestling Academy. Drops of rain dripping down the windows as outside visibility vanishes behind the steaming windows caused by the workouts below. There is a small area of refurbishment happening and a corner of the room is taped off. Wrestling doing a variety of drills. Some focusing on strength. Two rings have men sparring. Others are working on minor things, cleaning up their techniques. The flow of the academy is disrupted.


    A whistle stopped everything immediately. The head trainer gathered everyone in, standing above the pack was Viktor Maximus. The whistle dropped from his mouth and falls back around his neck. The trainer looked at all of you and spoke to you all.


    The group murmurs and there is small, whisper quiet conversation. The trainer doesn’t allow it toe continue for long.

    ENOUGH! Now you each have three areas to work on. Strength.

    I saw Viktor’s lip slowly rise to the right in a small smirk but it was abruptly lowered by the words that followed.

    Stamina and Technique.

    I watched and I watched. You see Viktor, I was there. There was cameras there. There was no building work needed doing. I was behind the taped off area watching on monitors. I saw everything. Every little thing by everyone.

    Viktor's eyes get wide. He knew Jackson was there. He also knows what might be coming next. Jackson just smiles.

    ‘I did notice that nothing was different after ‘the construction’

    'I watched you dominate the deadlifts. You picked up the head trainer and carried him with ease. You did the weightlifting easily, you crushed everyone. The push-up were a bit harder but you powered through but what impressed me the most wasn’t you dominating. It was when you struggled. You see it didn’t impress me that you dominated all the strength categories. It was expected. Remember the stamina drills?'

    ‘I do not wish to remember them but I guess I can relive them. I knew it would be my worst area. I dreaded it from day one. Every day I failed to complete the running. It was cruel you made me do it but I guess it did me some good.’

    Viktor shrugs but Jackson has no smile on his face. He slowly raises his lips into a smile.

    'I will be honest with you Viktor. You were fucking terrible. I still have the tape and when I need to laugh, I turn that on and watch. We can do more than just re-live it. We can watch it. Wanna see?'

    Jackson brings out a DVD case labelled "VM Stamina November 2017"

    ‘Before we do I just want to say that it didn’t help that my English was bad at that point. I didn’t understand what they wanted sometimes. Is that why I got double language lessons after?’

    ‘Pretty much but you still have a hint of an accent. After we watch this, I will tell you what I saw.’

    Jackson puts the DVD in, Viktor tries to hide his shame by covering his face. Jackson gets a huge smile on his face as the DVD loads. Jackson gets back into his seat quickly.
    ‘Next up, our first stamina drill. Shuttle Runs and on the final sprint back I want you to run with high knees.’

    The men on the line try and hide their disappointment. A couple of heads drop for a split second, including Viktors. A whistle blows. Viktor is slow off the line. He runs flailing his legs as he runs.

    Jackson bursts out laughing but the video continues. Viktor, in almost double time continues to power through and work his way through the run, after getting some words from his peers about his technique, his running is much better but before heading to the final run back with high knees. Viktor had not heard the expression before but wanted to continue. Viktor grabs one of his knees and hops. Drawing more laughter. The trainer blows the whistle and Jackson his pause and wipes tears of laughter from his eyes before settling back down.

    ‘Although embarrassing and potentially detrimental to your career, it showed me that you can adjust to feedback, you can apply it and you can preserve when things aren’t going your way. Some of the guys there are flashy. They were showing off in the hopes of a contract. They didn’t always apply things. You did. That is why you were chosen. I didn’t care about raw talent. I didn’t care about being a flashy prick, I already was, I didn’t want another me. I wanted someone who I could teach to destroy everything in our path.’

    Jackson has a smile on his face and the pair share an appreciative look.

    ‘I have come out the other side very well. You know bits about my past but my father taught me that is isn’t just what you know. It is how you use what you know because you cannot know everything. “Выше головы не прыгнешь” is what he used to say. In English, it basically means that you have limits. I know I have limits but I know that they are more than most mortals have. I want to be the destruction. I want to crush everything in my way because that is what we want to do.’

    Part 3: The Vision and The Execution

    Jackson looks at Viktor. Jackson looks down stroking away at his chin. Viktor is unsure how to respond. Viktor leans in and looks at his mentor to assess what is happening.

    'Are you okay?! What is next?'

    'Let’s talk about the vision of the project but I won’t blabber on about it. This may be a difficult question but I want to know, Viktor, why did you choose me?'

    Viktor is slightly confused. He hesitates with an answer. Stammering a couple of times before never continuing. Noises, short and abrupt, that are the starts of words. It is not to do with language but Viktor doesn't see how to answer the question. He doesn't want to fail in his answer. He was shocked by the question. Jackson watches Viktor think, he assess his process and continues to watch until the words that were on the tip of his tongue finally, fall out of his mouth.

    ‘I don’t understand. You chose me.'

    Jackson raises one eyebrow, inquisitively. Jackson puts one knee over the other and rests his hands on his top knee.

    'Did I? You made a choice to come to my academy. Why me? What did you buy into? What made you want to be apart of my academy?'

    Viktor gets a smile on his face. Jackson look intently.

    ‘Do you want me to be honest?’

    Jackson smiles back and nods.

    ‘Because it was in Europe and I could afford it. I didn’t choose any reason in particular. When I got there I saw what I wanted. I saw the magic. The work being put in. The effort. I was gripped. I saw what you wanted. I bought into what you wanted quickly. They showed us your promos, your matches. You were the wrestler we studied. You inspired me. I didn’t want to be a wrestler. I wanted to go from weightlifting to MMA. I wanted to hurt people but now I want to hurt people, I want to crush the toughest men in the world. I want to be a superstar and I knew that if you saw me working hard that I could make it. I never thought you would choose me to stand at your side, no-one did but I deserve this. I believe in the vision. I learnt English for you. I did everything that was asked of me and I left everything behind to do it. I had to be one hundred percent and for the right cause and you are the reason, now, that I am here.’

    Jackson nods, he absorbs the answer and some colour drains from Viktor's face with worry.

    ‘So it was random? It was chance? It makes sense. We typically attract a different type of wrestler. The more flashy kind. I am glad you are invested but now we focus on our vision. Our singular goal that unites us. The one thing that makes my academy different from the rest. What is the slogan?’

    Without hesitation Viktor perks up and answers.

    ‘Goals above all.’

    Jackson claps his hands once and smiles.

    ‘Exactly. We reach for our goals. It is our focus. It is everything we work for. NOTHING stops us from going for it. We go for them until we succeed or die. Our goal right now is the FWA Tag Team Championships for the project. The project is a desire for truth. I have said that a thousand times. The truth is we are the most dominant team in this division. The only reason that our opponents hold the belts is because I, nobly, refused to win the tournament to make it fair. Now I have come to collect for my sacrifice.’

    Part 4: The Animal Kingdom

    The room lights up and we see The Sin City Vultures all around. Pictures, videos all being projected onto the walls. Jackson and Viktor stare at them as the images move around the walls.

    'We can talk about this all we want but we have two men in the way. At this point the talking about our vision and our project stops and our focus narrows to the Sin City Vultures. Now, Viktor after what happened, what do you think of BUCK and Christopher Mason?'

    A scowl comes over the face of Viktor. Jackson smirks.

    'BUCK and Christopher Manson, I hate them. They fear me. They are nothing more than cowards. They used tactics of scared men. I know they are scared. They are. They are scared of me. I am the Destruction and they baited me because they fear me. They should fear me but they cannot expose that weakness inside the ropes. They cannot run. They cannot hide and now comes my time to show you I can apply what you’ve taught me. I will not let them bait me like that again. I will never make that mistake again.'

    Jackson stands up as the camera follow him. Jackson points around at all the images.

    'They are men that call themselves Vultures. Vultures only pick what is already dead. They can only feed off scraps. It is perfectly apt for what they are. Vultures are cowards. We are The Lion and The Bear. We are predators. We are rulers. We strike fear in those around us. We are feared and respected unlike Vultures. They feed of what we create and even in the animal kingdom you cannot respect those who do not get their own hands dirty. This is a jungle and we cannot allow those who are weak to stand in honoured positions. We won’t cut this short because we are scared of breaking ground. This isn’t Stanford County Jail, this is two men with the strength of mind to follow through with a promise, to deliver what they set out to achieve. We won’t stop on Day 6 when we promised 14 days. Day Zero was our creation but now thirteen is our future. This is our future. Our objective, at this moment, is to win the FWA Tag Team Championships because The Project is above all and we deserve to be above all. The Project was a beacon for truth. No facades. No lies. No smokescreen. A true glimpse into reality in a business of liars, deceivers and sucks ups.'

    Jackson smirks before turning back to Viktor.

    'They tried to be clever. They tried to outsmart us. They cannot and will not do that because in the end we have the ultimate weapon. Viktor Maximus. The man who makes the difference. In the animal kingdom, the biggest, fastest and smartest animals win. The ones at the top are bigger, smarter and faster. We are bigger, smarter and faster. The shell game you have been trying ends because we are going to bowl right through you. I have seen better men than you buckle under the pressure of Back in Business. It is not like every other show. It is special. Everything has to be special, everything is massive. There is pressure to everything. I have been there many times. I have done this more than fives time. I have faced legends, been in title matches and stolen the show. My experience with Viktor’s power should now end all the games you wanted to play and it is time for you to face the new predators of the tag team division.You might try and circle us like vultures but if you poke a bear or a lion then you get mauled or eaten. Finally, because it is your first Back in Business, is there anything more you would like to add Viktor’

    Jackson stands up and nods to Viktor. Viktor stares forward.

    'I will rip you to shreds. You have the crown of world’s strongest tag team. You won that tournament but you never faced me. You never faced the best combination in the world. Strong and smart. The most dangerous man to be from Russia and we have a history of badasses. Back in Business is where you get to know Viktor Maximus as more than just some dumb muscle. I have stories. I have history but it is not important to my path of destruction. This is a relentless, ruthless path to the top. This not fun and games. This is truth. You might have thought you have outsmarted me but you will never beat me. When you sleep at night I want you to know I am coming for you. When you are at home, relaxing, I am still coming for you. When you are eating McDonalds in an airport, I am coming for you because your destruction is my destiny. I have come all the way through from running funny and not understanding direction to being on the brink of becoming an FWA champion with my mentor. I know I am not perfect right now but I am The Bear. I am a predator, predators win titles. You think that I will ever stop trying to do that? Back in Business is where a new force is born. We will see you there for the final chapter.'

    The two men end their pseudo interview. They are prepared. No words words are left to be spoken. With arms around each other they will walk into the cauldron. Jackson knows what awaits them. Viktor will see his mind blown. Together, this unlikely partnership will walk into Back in Business ready. They are still writing their story, they won’t stop until they win the tag team championship. At Back in Business will we see. The End?

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    A dark silhouette sits, hunched in a chair. A bare, dim light-bulb hangs above him, swinging slowly casting shadows across the room. As it swings the light catches what seems to be a series of mirrors surrounding the shadowy figure. The reflections show that the man is sitting, leaning with his elbows on his knees. He is topless but has wrestling tights on. His face isn't seen but suddenly a flash of light illuminates him from behind, showing him clearly in the mirror directly in front. He is wearing a mask.

    The man slowly tilts his head up and the reflection int he mirror reveals him to be wearing a Deception mask.

    ???: Deception. What is deception? To fool someone into thinking something that is not. To deceive people into believing that you're someone you're not. Perhaps I am asking the wrong question. WHAT, is Deception?

    A man... no... a joker in a pack of aces looking to trick everyone into thinking that we should care about him. You're not fooling anyone. You're certainly not fooling me. But you are certainly fooling yourself to think that you're on my level, and now, you've made the mistake of fooling yourself, and the FWA universe into thinking that you can humiliate ME in front of the biggest audience of the year at the biggest stage we get to perform on.

    The man rips the mask off as two more lights shine either side to reveal more reflections. It's Tommy Thunder. But he's bald, thanks to a well fitted bald cap.

    Tommy Thunder: Is this what you want? Is this what you've envisioned? Dreamed of? Is this the outcome that you've planned for Back in Business? You dare to think that you've got the audacity to believe, and make everyone believe that you can humiliate me like this? I know that's what you believe. But the truth is, you're only deceiving yourself and the mindless sheep that cheer for you.

    You wear a mask. You choose to hide from the FWA universe, but I'm about to take all of that away from you. My plan, the only plan that matters, is to expose you. To strip you down. I'm going to take away your tool of deception, the one thing you hold dear. I'm going to take away the deception and I'm going to show the FWA how much of a fraud you really are.

    Are you prepared for that? Are you prepared to let people down? Are you prepared for the truth? The truth is that there's no room for deception in this world. People don't need it. They don't need mystery, second guessing. What they need is hard, cold facts and truths. And the truth is you're a liar, you're hiding yourself from everyone and after Back in Business, you're no longer going to have this
    *he holds up the mask* to hide behind.

    Thunder looks at the mask and a shit eating grin creeps across his face. In the reflection you can see him bringing up his other hand which holds a lighter. He ignites it.

    Tommy Thunder: Time to burn away the lies, Deception. Time to say goodbye to hiding, time to say goodbye to the veil of lies that you hide behind. Time to...

    Thunder ignites the mask

    Tommy Thunder: Time to wake up.

    Thunder watches the mask burn before he drops it to the ground as the flames reach up to his hand.

    He then frantically rips away at the bald cap

    Tommy Thunder: I, am real. I, am truthful. I, am an honest man and you can believe what I'm saying to you right now. I don't hide behind masks, I don't pull the wool over peoples eyes. I don't deceive people.

    Thunder all this time keeps ripping away at the bald cap until it's in pieces, with only patches of it remaining. He breathes heavy.

    Tommy Thunder: At Back in Business, when we're all done, you're going to be crying on the mat, clutching at your beloved safety blanket, knowing that you will no longer be able to hide in front of anyone, knowing that you will no longer be able to deceive them. I, will however continue to be the best in the world at what I do; and at Back in Business that will be the shepherd who guides the FWA universe and speaks to them the truth.

    No more lies. No more missguiding. No more... Deception.

    The lights go out and only the dim fire of the mask remains. A faint sound of a man singing can be heard, as Thunders voice is singing (to the tune of 'con te Partiro')...

    Tommy Thunder: Time tooooo say goodbye...

    The fire of the mask dies out slowly to leave complete darkness.

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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    The pre-show event was usually one that runs down the card, talks about what has led up to this point and all of that. This time? The pre-show consisted of interviews with most of the wrestlers. All four wrestlers would be interviewed, separately, of course, throughout the show, but since we're talking about Kevin Cromwell, we should focus on Kevin Cromwell interview, right? Of course! The pre-show just recapped the main event matches as we have one more interview to go and if you were counting down? You knew exactly who it was! The scene cuts to the backstage part of the arena, as we see Todd Salum standing by with Kevin Cromwell, who was dressed to compete. Behind Todd was a television screen that showed the official logo of FWA, and it read "LIVE in 6 minutes!" as we would go live in six minutes time. Kevin Cromwell was standing next to Todd getting pumped up it would seem. Standing without his title, clad in an England World Cup Jersey

    Todd Salum: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am joined with one of the four wrestlers to compete in the ladder match for the X-Fly Championship...HIS X-Fly championship. Competing in his first ever Back In Business; ďAmadeusĒ Kevin Cromwell

    Todd looked at Kevin was looking on in an intense daze it seemed. Todd began to speak to, who was getting pumped it would seem.

    Todd Salum:Kevin later tonight, you will join three others in the traditional X-Fly championship ladder match for your championship. How are you feeling heading into this match?

    Kevin looked at Todd Salum as if he just asked the most idiotic question possible. Kevin's face said it all, Ladies and Gentlemen, as it was obvious that he wasn't impressed at all with that opening question. Todd looked at Kevin and awaited a response, but Kevin was somewhat hesitant to answer, but after a few moments, Kevin opened his mouth and began to speak.

    Kevin Cromwell: Ready

    The champion answered simply like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Kevin intensity grew with that, as it was obvious that he wasn't too happy with what question Todd Salum asked. Todd tried to pull the microphone away from Kevin and back to him, but Kevin abruptly cut him off, as Todd brought the mic back toward Kevin Cromwell. Kevin shook his head a bit, as it was pretty clear that he was just offended by that opening question. It was pretty evident that Kevin Cromwell demanded a bit more respect,

    Kevin Cromwell: Look Todd. I know how this is supposed to go. This is Back In Business, Where people make grand sweeping stunts and statements and find new ways over and over again to repeat how big a moment this is. But Iím not going to bullshit, Everyone knows, that this is the most important night of my life, just like everyone else, all Iím going to say is.My preparation for EVERYTHING I do is always top notch. Ever since I arrived, I decided to dedicate every freakin' minute to becoming even better, and it has shown, hasn't it? Two weeks ago I took the X Divison title from TJG n achievement that NO ONE came close to doing for months but fifteen minutes in the ring with the best damn Wrestler in the World? I did. EVERYONE was telling me that I couldn't break him down-- he had too much heart. He may have heart, but what he doesn't have is an answer to MY focus and passion for this business. You can be Tristan James, Cyrus Truth or even GOD himself, but at the end of the night? Once that bell rings It's the end of the road for you because no one... and I mean NO ONE is ready for what Iím packing later tonight, Todd? All three will learn it the hard way and if I have to break three ankles to win this ladder match! Then so be it! I'll break EVERY FREAKIN' BONE in EACH of their bodies to get that shot! I've been a Champion in every company I have ever competed in, but this X-Division belt? Blows them all out of the water, and tonight of all nights? I want it badly. I want it so bad that I would KILL for it! You understand me, Todd? There isn't a soul on this bloody planet that wants the win more than me! As a matter a fact? Why don't you try to find someone! Yeah. Because the three I will step inside the ring with later tonight? They may want it bad, but not NEARLY as bad as Kevin Cromwell! And as soon as that bell rings until my arm is raised in victory, I will stop at nothing... NOTHING until I take down that belt. That's how I know Iím ready I've been prepared for this moment since the day I was born and tonight is the night... tonight is the night I write my name in history:Last week I appeared on FWA TV, and I asked for a challenge, and I got it. Just not the way I thought. See, I am a competitor,and my style has always been to beating people down or making them tap out, thatís what my style is geared towards. Thatís my gameplay, still. But itís not to climb ladders.

    Kevin looks at the ground for a moment and chuckles a little

    Kevin Cromwell See, this is the part where I start ruffling some feathers. Because the fact of the matter is, I donít like Ladder matches. I donít say that from a place of ego, or think Iím better than anyone that who has...shall we Extream style. If thatís how you wrestle, then great. Power to you. But Iím not going to pander and say something I donít believe, what you see is what you get from me, and I donít bullshit, every time I step into the ring, I go in there to prove, Iím the best wrestler in the worldÖ.Do you think I can do that climbing a ladder? What does that show? That I can climb a ladder faster than someone else? Iím here to wrestle, and I understand, that when I won this belt, that meant matches like this, but Iím not afraid to admit, that Iím out of my element here...but thatís where the best thrive. So when I say Iím going to leave Back In Business with the titleÖ. And I know I have a hard mountain to climb with the likes of Aaron Kendrick, Yeah, Kendrick is one HELL of a competitor, but being the wild-card or not... he doesn't stand a chance tonight! Whoever says that I am the odds-on favourite inside the Ladder match? They're right! They're smart people who know what they're saying! I have busted my ass since the very first day I entered this company I AM... the DEFINITION of favourite! But I won't let that get to my head because I know how good I am, EVERYONE knows how good I am and the three men I will step into Hell with? THEY know how good I am! Aaron Kendrick has made a lot of noise in a short amount of time. He has all the talent in the World to be one of the bests ever to do it, but he will find out REAL quick that once that bell ring and it's every man for himself? No one can compete with me. Once the switch is flipped on, there isn't a damn soul ALIVE that can stop me from getting what I deserve and what I have worked so hard for! So for Kendrick Sure, tonight is what he considers the night that people recognise who he is and what he can do and I know he will be able to put up a fight, but will it be good enough to win? No! It won't be good enough, and I guarantee that Todd because even if I start this match getting hit by a ladder. I will eliminate EVERYONE in my way! I will bring an intensity that has NEVER been seen and will never be duplicated. For Aaron Kendrick? He may be a lot of things, but good enough to beat the best damn Wrestler in the World? I don't think so!

    Kevin finished his last sentence with a very intense spark in your eye. You could tell by the way Kevin was speaking that he was incredibly serious about this match. Kevin looked off in the distance with a euphoric gaze amongst his face, as he stared endlessly into the distance. It was almost weird if you really thought about it, as if Kevin was just off in his own little World, focusing and imaging how tonight would go. A Ladder match at BIB It could make any reasonable man go crazy thinking about it, but Kevin Cromwell wasn't a normal man. Oh no. Kevin Cromwell was a determined, down-to-Earth man who knows what he has to do to achieve the goal at the end of the road. For a moment, Todd looked a bit confused, but he brought the microphone back toward him and spoke,

    Todd Salum
    " Kevin, many believe Penny is the underdog. Would you agree?"

    Kevin seemed taken back by that question as if he was appalled hearing it. Kevin's face looked like he was more confused than anything. Todd Salum swung the microphone toward Todd as Kevin stared endlessly at the microphone and Todd.' face seemed as if he was scared at what Kevin might do or say, but nevertheless, Kevin opened his mouth and began to speak, answering the question that Todd just asked Kevin, although Kevin didn't seem too thrilled to answer it.

    Kevin Cromwell: Underdog? Underdog?! You're damn right she's the underdog! Dancing around, with plush toys? Don't get me wrong, Penny has a great drive to succeed, but she's in way over her head tonight. Sheís kooky, and all that but when that bell rings? She will see what she got herself into! Donít get me wrong, I like her, I might even respect her. I mean, let's be honest, Todd.. does anyone buy this crap? Seriously... does anyone under the age of four believe this crap?! Because if you do you need your head examined. .Take notes from me and maybe, JUST MAYBE... you'll be able to take me on I'm going to be the reality check you need I You'll go home, cry in your dolls and take off your ridiculous outfit and you'll look at yourself in the mirror... you'll see what EVERYONE sees! You think they're laughing with you?! Open your bloody eyes! We're ALL laughing at you! You're a grown-ass woman! How more insane is that?! I feel like I'm the only one who is offended by this! Everyone is buying into your crap, but not me. No one takes you seriously in this match. NO ONE! They're all counting you out and you may feel like that will work in your advantage, as maybe you'll be able to capitalise on that opportunity and shock the World, but don't you even DARE think about shocking the World at my expense! You won't have a chance because as soon as I get my hands on you? It's game over! Your World will come CRUMBLING down, and I know the fans watching this right now may be thinking I am being harsh, but I'm being real. There are NO exceptions in this match. I like you, and I don't want to hurt you, but I will. I will end your career without thinking twice if it means me keeping that belt.There won't be a fairytale ending for you, .. because I'll make DAMN sure of it!

    Wow! What intensity, right? Kevin Cromwell didn't seem to take Penny seriously due to the outrageous way she presents himself, but you could tell that deep-down, Kevin Cromwell truly did respect him for what he has done... For a moment, Todd Salum brought the microphone back to him and tried to speak again, but only got two words out.

    Todd Salum: "Dave Sullivan"

    Ö..was the only thing that
    Todd would get out before he was interrupted by Kevin Cromwell in a somewhat hurried tone.

    Kevin Cromwell: You wanna' talk about Dave Sullivan?! Let's talk about Dave. Let's talk about the fact, his first match in what? A year? Is a free ride to a title shot? Letís talk about the fact that he used the kid he mentored and his issues to get ahead. Look I donít know Ty, But I know this kind of thing he needs people, Dave Sullivan, wanted until he was gone and then took his spot in a title matchÖ.That ainít a good person ...But donít get me wrong, when I heard he was in the match I was happy! I was bloodí ECSTATIC! Because now I get to smack him around for that TONIGHT when he kicked my teeth down my throat! Tonight would be the night that he got what he deserves by the best damn Wrestler on this Planet! That's what's going to happen, Todd! Dave has done a lot to piss me off and guess what? When you piss me off?! You made the BIGGEST mistake YOU COULD EVER MAKE! You think I was scary before? You haven't seen ANYTHING yet. Adding Dave into this just sweetens the pot for me because it gives me a reason to hurt him. I have been waiting, just WAITING for this moment and it's here. It's finally here! Itís Back in Business time. It's time for me to tear apart the competition. It's time for Kevin Cromwell to become the MACHINE that he is! Because there is no chance in HELL that ANYONE BUT Kevin Cromwell is going to leave this match the winner! I will break bones, end careers and do WHATEVER IT TAKES to be the winner and leave with the X-Divison title with my arm raised in victory. This is what my career has been leading to. And I challenge ANYONE to prove me wrong out there tonight! This isn't a Wrestling match... this is a damn fight, and I am going to WIN this fight! For the sake of the careers of these three men? I hope they're ready because if I get my way? NONE of them will be walking out of this match! They'll all be leaving on a STRETCHER!

    Kevin breaths out through his nose gently and turn to Todd calmly

    Kevin Cromwell "The 15th Of July; Thatís the date of the world cup final and while Football isnít coming home; The X-Division title is

    Kevin ís final words echoed throughout the scene, as Kevin began to breathe slowly, staring into the distance away from the camera, in some sort of focused gaze upon his face. Kevin blinks for a moment as if he was indeed out of this gaze, and he lifted the three lion crest on his jersey and kissed it, before leaving the scene. Todd Salum was left in a state of shock for a moment, as the FWA Pre-Show comes to an end, with the
    event just moments away. This is what the World has been wanting to see for a while now!
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    APRIL 01 2015
    NGW Performance Centre

    “I’m telling you, she’s too much of a risk.” A concerned and familiar voice says in disarray. He pauses and sighs, knowing full well that his attempt to seize any negotiation is for nothing. “You should have seen how she acted in the audition!”

    “I don’t care what she did, You know as well as I do, comparing her and the other recruits...It's night and day. She’s special. She can do things that the rest, can’t. Hell. She can do things that people on the main roster can’t.”
    The unrecognisable voice responds in a calming demeanour. “If anything, she’s dedicated.”

    “No!” the other voice would cut off his assumed superior in a rushed statement. His silence would scream volumes, yet the whimpering tone he proceeds with would be even louder. “I’ve been doing this for a long time. A long time.” His breathing rate would steadily increase. “I’ve seen what I thought was the worst of the worst. People who were brought up in this world, so they thought they were on top of it. People with masks and some who even claimed to be outer world entities. I thought I saw it all.”
    He makes an audible gulp before he admits a truth that has been at the back of his mind for a long time. “Something about her is different. She's...Not acting, not this one. It’s not a persona.”

    “That’s great!” He would laugh with his sentiment. “The more you talk about her, the more you’re selling me on her! What’s not to love?”

    “LISTEN to me!” His worried attitude now shifts into one of absolute panic. He’s trying his best to warn the man on the other line about the dangers that lie ahead. Bell Connelly is not a well person! She’s a liability to this company. I can’t promise for a safe work environment when she is around! LISTEN to reason, please. She threatened me multiple times! And then she hugged me and asked if she can take my kids to Disneyworld! I told you that I’ve seen it all. But most people we consider dangerous are just pretending to be dangerous! I can assure you, she was NOT pretend-..!”

    “Bring her up.”

    “Sir! Please listen!”

    "Sign her right now, or I will gladly find someone more suited for your position!”

    He asserts his authority to the worrisome employee.

    “I can guarantee you that if she tries to pull any shit at my company, I’ll deal with it accordingly! That’s not your concern.”

    “Fine, Mister Princeton.”

    For most of the weekend, Bell has kept himself locked away, unlike the majority of the other wrestlers on the card, the glittery one hasn't taken to the weekend festivities that come with being part of the biggest Pay-Per-Views of the year. She wasn't at the press conference on Saturday afternoon, and he was nowhere to be seen during the kickoff party that same night. Instead? Bell has taken every second of the day to prepare for what some are calling a potential show stealer. After knocking the door for several minutes, the tall blonde finally allows the cameras to enter her hotel room. In her hotel suite, clothes are sprawled around the room, the bathroom mirrors foggy and across the other side of the room is the woman in question, sat face in hands, staring into a mirror, no one was ready to question her movements though, since Bell has displayed the type of spontaneously insane behavior she has over the past few weeks, one should follow suit with cautiousness.

    Bell Connelly: Somethings different, something is changing. I feel as if there's a war raging inside of me. On the one hand, I feel as if I'm always the same person. I feel as if I'm Bell's Pure. It wants to love, it wants to adore. But I just don't believe in that part of me. I don't believe that a person could simply just change everything about herself. I love the fans, to an extent. But I’m also ruthless, a tyrant. I am everything anyone wanted me to be, the beast But I fight it, you see .. I fight it because I don't want to conform. I want to prove that a heart and the mind can be two separate identities, yet still share the same common goal. I want to show to the world that I can still be Bell Connelly by the end of the day and strive for more. I'm looking at myself right now, and I wonder. How did I come to this fork in the road? I wonder to myself, how didn't I crack sooner. What led me to crack now? Is it because I finally realise everything I had once hoped for? Is it because I finally understand that I have the potential to be something again? Maybe. But I'm pulling out all the stops. It's Back In Business. This should be my crowning glory. My masterpiece. The greatest show on earth. Instead, I get this.”

    Bell crouches down with her head between her legs .. looking at the ground. Bell took a moment to breathe and would begin speaking again.

    Bell Connelly: There ’s so much I don’t understand about the situation I find myself in: but my biggest question is….why? Why can’t they see what I see, why are they still booing me? I don't stand for the money. I don't stand for their merchandise or their so-called wrestlers. I stand for something more that's why I'm here. It's exactly why I'm here, to prove to each and every one of those people out there that I can succeed. Many people doubt me, many people think I've since become irrelevant. Look a the year I’ve had. I wanted a main event match. I wanted it so, SO much. So how can being in the 4th biggest match on the card be anything but a testament to failure? But that doesn't speak to me as a defeat, it pushes me. It opens me up, excels my drive to levels beyond the maximum. It's creating a world where Bell Connelly has finally gripped a harness onto life. Learned to cherish it, but also determined to destroy it. You see, I can finally see a world where I will be back on top. And it doesn't matter who's in my way to destroy it. I've worked too hard. I've come across plenty of people who've had to the honour to try and end me once and for all,

    Bell can’t help but afford herself a smile

    Bell Connelly: “But if there’s something I like to think I’ve proved so many times before. No matter how people think, they’ve beaten me down and kicked me into submission. I ALWAYS come back People like Ryan Rondo or Dino Redgrave were nothing more than simply fairy tales. They were nothing more than wrestlers who thought they had what it took but in the end? They all failed like the rest, and it was I who had the last laugh. It was I who showed FWA a better future. A utopia, a place where we could all be. But as I realised this, I soon realised my plan was wrong. Because with perfection comes a cost, it comes a bunch of screw-ups. A bunch of heartache, misery, failure. And I've experienced these road bumps, but they have not placed me out of commission. Bell Connelly still stands here this day, a woman waging war on the world .. and on the inside of herself. A girl who actually wants to coincide with the hatred, and the evils laying deep within herself. Her inner demon, my own personal beast.. Where my heart is the law, and my mind is hell. My mouth is the gate, and I shall speak and spit Leviathans from purgatory. Ying and yang. I am an angel, and I am also the devil's incarnate.

    Bell chuckled somewhat, and would then turn her head sideways towards the camera.

    Bell Connelly: I am the perfect result of two things creating an offspring. Not a girl. A fusion. A fusion that’ll defeat the unworthy man standing in the same ring with me. Because It's destiny, it's fate... it's a grand design.

    Bell sighed to herself a small frown coming over her face as she adjusts her seating position.

    Bell Connelly….At least that’s what I always believed., But I can’t pretend I haven’t questioned myself in the last few weeks, See: I always thought it was my destiny to finally get rid of my demon and stand above Cyrus with my hand held high and my true love comes home...but that wasn’t to be,. And then I thought that was because I needed to settle things once and for all with my old friend before I could move on but...

    Bell breaks off momentarily, staring at the ground a thousand yard stare on her face

    Bell Connelly: That was not to be either I guess, you gotta understand Back in Business isn’t a’s an event. It’s a happening. It’s a movie. A featured presentation. And this film should be MY story. It’s everything that the world should know about me. I, of course, will be playing myself because...I mean…C’mon, But life is not all yin. There’s a lot of yang out there. With a virtuoso playing me, only the BEST could play my antagonist. I NEED that Balance, I BEGGED them, Please give me the one person who could do that, if not! Give me someone I can make history with. No one has worked harder more than me. Give me the match you KNOW I deserve. Dig up Gabby. Give me Jill De Silva! Hell, open up that chequebook and get Ga; Gabot in the ring. Just….Someone….anyone…..But then I get….Star: ….And I knew that was always a possibility, they kept throwing your name out as a possibility, but each time, I just said “No I want Shannon” and kind of just said “Yeah, whatever” when it came to you, and it’s not because I don’t think you’re a challenge or a threat. Or worth my time. No no no.

    Bell shakes her head back and forth tutting.

    Bell Connelly: It was never about that, The reason I didn’t want that; I have no reason to fight you…

    Bell shrugs as if to say “That’s all there is to it.”

    Bell Connelly: “No, really I don’t. I have no problem with Starr I respect Starr as a wrestler, and I’ve never had a single issue with him we’ve never had a harsh word with each other until the day, he RANDOMLY decided to get involved in mine and Chris’s business to help Cyrus -Which trust me is a BAD move, Cyrus doesn’t have friends, just people he uses- And you just randomly decide you don’t like me? That I’m the bad guy?

    Bell squits her eyes at the camera.

    Bell Connelly: “Tell me, Starr. How could you have ANY idea what kind of bright and sunny concepts I have percolating inside this beautiful mind of mind? Are you Carnac under there? Kerskin? Uri Geller Maybe? I know you have the all-seeing third eye but your focus is off! I mean, I’ve only targeted people that targeted me! I’m still the same person I’ve always been, so I ask again. What do I have to fight for? What do I have to prove? That I’m a better wrestler than you? Well in the last two times we faced off...I beat you fair in the middle of the ring. So I’ve nothing to prove there….and then suddenly, it hit me-

    Bell snaps his fingers

    Bell Connelly: This isn’t my destiny. It’s yours. I don’t have anything to prove. You do. I don’t need to fight you. You need to fight me. That’s it. Isn’t it? You went to Ash O’Ryan, and you begged, and you pleaded to get a chance to prove yourself and he put you in the ring with me. Because that’s what’s all this is about you. About how everyone wants to see you succeed. How everyone wants you to step up. How everyone wants you to arrive. Just like you were meant to arrive in the North American Tournament, but that wasn’t your moment, was it? No. It was mine. Just like it was meant to be your moment at Mile High, remember that? Remember how you were meant to shock the world? But you didn’t did you? No that was my moment. And let’s not forget the GP. Ohhhh how could we forget? That was TAILOR MADE for you. We were all expecting you to stand out, to make it to the semi-finals. You were on your way to the big time! All you had to do was last ten minutes! That’s all, and you could move on to the biggest match of your life, but what happened? You-You-

    Bell blinked momentarily trying to force the word out but seems to make a show of gagging, grabbing dramatically at her throat crossing her eyes over making loud struggling to breath sounds like a fish on dry land her tongue lopping out before she drops the act

    Bell Connelly: Choked. ... That’s always been your tragic flaw, Oh sure, you’re fine when it’s just a plain old match, but when there are actually stakes! When the spotlight is on you, you can’t handle it, and that’s always been the difference between you and me; You can’t take the spotlight. When the spotlight is on you? You freeze. Me? I THRIVE. I EXCEL. I make that my spotlight, and you think there’s a shot that I’ll let you take that from me? You think you can make your name off mine?!

    Bell chuckles to herself rubbing her hair as she did

    Bell Connelly: I never thought there would ever be a day where I’d be the realistic one.

    Bell shakes her head shifting her weight and rocking her body forward.

    Bell Connelly: Isn’t that what all this is about, this new persona? This-this….Shaman thing you have going on? Because you can't take all these failures so you go around spouting stuff about enlightenment and peace because you can only take so many heartbreaks before you lose it right? Before you lose your zen? You wanna know a secret? I lost my zen long LONG ago, and I’ve never found it. Maybe it’s under one of the sofa cushions!

    Bell gasps placing her hand against her mouth.

    Bell Connelly: Scandal, right? That why you look down on me? Because I can say that? Because I admit my flaws? Because I’m not perfect like you?: A man with no flaws, no faults? So automatically, it makes me not worthy of anyone's respect? So automatically, it makes me the bad guy .. the girl no one cares for. So automatically, it makes me the underdog in the fight. It makes me someone people aren't rooting for. But that's where I'm here to change that, Starr. I'm here to change things for the better., little do you know that I have something that's in store. I have something big planned for you. And it seems like it isn’t going to be enough just to drive your head into my knee. I have to dig a little bit deeper. I have to permanently take you off the shelves. And I will do that, just that .. but beating you down. Destroying every little bit of soul you have inside that makes you tick.

    Bell sat there, still on the floor. She turned to her left, and then her right. Her hood would be thrown on, and the camera panned in closer.

    Bell Connelly: You repel negativity and focus on keeping Zen... That ’s just another way of running away. And when you run away, the hate and negativity become a bully. The hate does it over .. and over again. Until you're literally nothing, trash. The hate eats away at you. The hate takes you to a barren wasteland, where it sucks you dry. All because you tried to run away from it. All because you weren't man enough to do what I do. And that's LOVE .. MY .. HATE! I don't run from it, Starr. I don't walk around it or even fight it. I l LOVE my hate. Because I'm the ultimate fusion, buddy. I'm the ultimate fusion of hate and love mixed together. I have an idea that with the two combined together, I can become the most ruthless girl on the planet. While still shedding a tear at the Lion King. I have an idea, where combining the two would allow me to become the greatest natural born athlete in the world. None surpassing me. Allowing me to step into the squared circle with you, Starr. And break you down till there's nothing left. Break you down into something uncommon, not a person But a monster. Because that's what you are. You are nothing more than a -- no. I'm not going to put that on you, Starr. But you, my friend? You're pathetic. You're going around judging me and lying to yourself. Whereas I tell the truth. I let them know straight up what I have on my mind. I let them know what Bell Connelly is all about.I'm an honest person. I say one thing, and I mean it.

    Bell continued to nod his head, before continuing on.

    Bell Connelly, You're almost like a pesky little thing. You've always been there for the last month always in my way. Trying to bug me. And no matter how much I shoo you, you still end up standing right back there. Trying to mess with me. But I don't want any part of it this time. This time, I'm going to swat you away .. forever. This time, I'm going to make sure that I prevail over you, Starr. You won't be included in any more of my matches, just butting in. Because I've earned this. You, you haven't earned a damn thing. Let me make one thing clear

    Bell leans forward in her seat, her voice cold

    Bell Connelly: You're only here because Shannon O’Neal is broken, in every way a person can be, because she became a COWARD, that’s what happens to people that stab me in the back. You come in with your smiles, And you think that you're better than everyone .. but you're not. I remember when you used to be a joke, apart of a tag team that couldn’t BUY a win yet, two years later, here you are. Trying to prove that you’re someone, but you will never be more than you are right now. You're getting older, while I'm eternally staying in my prime. You're going to fade away into existence. You're going to fade away into nothing, just like how I fade you away here .. tonight in this building. It's over for you, Starr. It's time to right my wrongs while righting yours as well. Prepare for an onslaught, prepare for Armageddon. Are you ready? Of course, you're not, and that's why you'll lose in the end game. FWA don't want to give me my moment? Find. I'll take it then. I'll do what I what I do every back in business. I'll steal the show, and I'll bring Starr along with me. He wants his moment. I'll make the entire arena cheer his name and then….

    An unsettling giggle escaped her lips, her eyes close before all humour drains out of her in a flash

    Bell Connelly: I'll make them weep when you fail them all and when you get to the gutter? Tell Shannon I said "Hi"

    Her voice levels rise considerably, but her position in front of the mirror stays the same as his eyes widened To say Bell was a woman possessed would be a term many consider understated. She finally steps up from her seat across from the mirror and pushes the camera away - she wanted her final few moments in the hotel room to be private…
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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    First, we are greeted by darkness. It is understandable. Darkness is the beginning of everything afterall, leading things to build up and fill the emptiness. Then, a voice came in. That was a start. The voice is recognizable to FWA audience but it isn't the voice they expect to speak.

    ''First of July, 2017. In San Diego, the whole FWA saw a beginning.''

    BUCK, the less likely one to start a speech from the duo of our tag team champions, just started this speech by highlighting a significant date. BUCK thinks it should sound familiar.

    ''They never thought a spark would grew into a bigger flame. People of San Diego were clueless. Everyone that watched Back In Business that day were clueless. They were here to see another wrestlers. They were here to see Cyrus Truth or Shannon O'Neal or Chris Kennedy or Bell Connelly. They wanted to see all of this big names. They never thought two men with only ambition in their hands debut in that night and become giants.''

    We cut back to a flashback of Back In Business XII, where we see Izzy van Doren is waiting her partners for the night. A music blast from the speakers and it marked the very first entrance of one of the best, maybe the best tag team in wrestling today. The flashback is taken forward and saw BUCK hitting Graves from Genocide with a Gory Bomb and pinning him, effectively ending the very first match of Sin City Vultures. We are back to darkness again, and this time, the voice is different.

    ''And it would only grow bigger and bigger.''

    Voice of the mastermind behind Sin City Vultures was sharp and full of confidence.

    ''We took a very good care of Deception and Penny that night. But people...they can forget things they don't focus on very easily. Everyone was about how Shannon is going to beat the tyranny of Cyrus Truth, or how Bell would do the same against Ryan Rondo. They overlooked that one little debut match of ours. But we didn't. We weren't high on ecstasy that came with a debut, or a Back In Business victory. Instead, we looked what we did that night and thought what we could do better. That's what brought us here. Never losing focus. Always getting aware of what we have done. Learning from our mistakes. This is my advice: If you are going to speak with so much confidence, you should do everything to back it up.''

    The darkness goes away and we finally get a glimpse of where we are today. A decently illuminated room, with two chairs, an old television and dozens of casettes. Manson points at the television and the television plays a casette of that particular match that was mentioned.

    ''Look at this, BUCK. Can you see how amateur our stances were back then?''

    ''Yeah, we look a little outlandish there. We were hit by moves we never would now.''

    ''I'll admit. We certainly brought change to FWA, but FWA brought some change within us as well. You were more shy, more reserved. Afraid to speak when it mattered the most. And I thought I could do everything in that ring but once you go in there, you see that you can be hit as well. But some people still think they are invincible and I never get that. Especially when these people are still struggling...still seeking glory with no success. But we are aware of our limits, aware of who we are more than before and that is going to guide us to victory.''

    ''I like us better now.''

    ''So do I. But even back then, we did everything we said we could. Even back then, we were more distinguished than the others.''

    Manson reveals a remote in his hand and pushes a button, which sends us into another match.

    ''August 25th. The day we won the tag team championships. The day people saw that Sin City Vultures was real.''

    The television shows the triple-threat match between Sin City Vultures, The Olympians and Heartbreak Express.

    ''They never thought we could do that, did they? The Olympians was the team back then. People expected them to retain, or expected Heatbreak Express to sneak a victory, taking advantage of us being there. Today, they are nowhere while we stand and go to Back In Business.''

    Manson lets out a sight.

    ''But still, I see our mistakes in that match. Sloppy moves, giving our opponents a little much time...little things like that could have prevented us from getting that titles. I am especially sensitive about these mistakes, whether it be in this match or not...because in them, I can see things that could have gone differently. Me beating Shannon remaining undefeated by beating The beating WOLF...maybe winning the whole tournament. I know melancholy isn't our thing but we have to reduce these mistakes to zero. If we aren't trying to be perfect...than we are basically nothing. We aren't even pretending to be that, despite our opponents claim they are...but we should at least try what they can't be. We have to win BUCK, we have to win.''

    The television shows BUCK pinning Ares after Feast of Vultures and SCV holding the tag titles.

    ''Mistakes or not. We won those belts that day, and we still have them. That means we did something right.''

    ''I don't argue we were bad, I argue that we should done things differently and get different results. And I still acknowledge those things we've achieved. But if you can't criticise yourself even when you win, then you don't deserve to see another victory. That's the golden rule.''

    '''re right.''

    Manson hits the same button in his remote, which sends us into another important match of SCV's history.

    ''We were good BUCK, good enough to have a tournament created because of us. That tournament had its ups....and a down. 24th of November.''

    The television shows the match between The DFB and SCV.

    ''That is what I was speaking about. After winning the tag championships and beating a 'certain' team, Sin City Vultures was the talk here. People started to warm to us. Supported us and we fucking let them get into our head. At the first time of my life, I started to get delusional and it cost us this match. I know we later won the whole tournament but that depended on The DFB losing their remaining matches. What if they didn't? What if they weren't one hit wonders? What would happen then?''

    ''That's the thing Chris. 'What would happen then' isn't impotant. They were exactly those things you listed. They lost their remaining matches. You take advantage of the current situation, you plan things fitting to your situation and most certainly you don't beat yourself over some possibilities. Whatever happened has happened and you and I both can't change that. You should know it better than me because YOU were the one who basically told me this.''

    Manson falls silent for a few seconds.

    ''You always talked about vultures feasting on the dead. Talked about taking opportunities, taking advantage of things. It's not our fault DFB choked. We didn't even interfere in their remaining matches. They could have won those and win the tournament but guess what? They didn't. That is what has happened and that is what is important. And we, we did whatever we should to thrive. They lost and we won. And I don't regret any of you?''

    Manson finally answers.

    '' regrets.''

    BUCK takes the remote from his hands and pushes the button. We now see Shannon O'Neal and Bell Connelly in the ring, waiting for the Vultures in their last group match.

    ''Second of February. Always pleasant to hear this date. The day I got over my obsession over Shannon. The day Bell Connelly got broken and revealed her true colors.''

    As the match between two teams rolls on Manson puts a smile on his face.

    ''Feel better?''

    ''We were nearly perfect in that match. Look at our counters. That's what happens when you make extra preparations and take every calculation into account. Damn, look at that move, how great is that? I like seeing this because we give no chance for a flaw to rise up and fuck up all the plan. This is what we should do against Phillip A. Jackson Project too.''

    ''Now that you mention them the reason of all this fuzz?''

    ''I'll give you an answer later. But I want to skip to the end.''

    The television shows the Feast of Vultures done to Bell and the pinfall. And after the match, the moment when Bell turned on Shannon is seen clearly.

    ''And they can't take what our plan may cost. When you execute it properly BUCK, this is what is going to happen. And the fact that we never made Bell do something she wouldn't...that's what it makes sweeter. We never manipulated Bell into something she is not. She was always that way and we just put a window on her. The entire FWA saw who she really was. We just put the last nail in the coffin. That's where Phillip goes wrong. He tries to manipulate people...and fails. He just needs to give a push instead of trying to control the insanity. I don't know why am I trying to give him some advice...but where something really is wrong...I suppose I just want to point those wrongs out. But I know Phillip won't learn. He never learns. I just know because he tries to do the same thing again. He couldn't beat us with Garcia. And he's trying the exact same thing with Maximus.''

    ''The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result...I guess.''

    ''Exactly. That's why Phillip A. Jackson is destined to fail. Be it short-term or long term. But the thing I want to do is not giving him any short-term satisfaction. I want him to be miserable for the rest of his time messing with us. I don't want to give him any topic to run his overused mouth about. Call it petty, but I don't want him to see any beam of light. That's why we have to defeat them so bad, that this project won't see any other versions with another pawns. We have to end this project for good. We have to end Phillip A. Jackson for good.''

    Manson reaches his hand out to his tag-team partner, clearly wanting something. BUCK fails to realize what it is for a few seconds.

    ''Remote? Give it to me or press that button.''

    ''Oh, sorry.''

    BUCK presses the button again and next casette contains their first match against Ryan Rondo and Chris Kennedy.

    ''February 18th. Tag League Finals in London. Two of the FWA's best, brought together and swept their group which involved The Echo or Phillip A. Jackson Project V1. That's impressive. Everyone was too sure about their victory. And this match was originally to be non-title because FWA management didn't expect us to reach the finals. After we reached the finals, Rondo wanted us to put our titles on the line. That cocky bastard was too sure...because of his false confidence, I accepted. I knew we could beat them. Because despite everyone in FWA, there were only two people left that underestimated us. The two people who where so damn high in their shiny blue skies and high fucking clouds...Rondo and Kennedy. Because of their delusion, I agreed to make it a title match. And I was right. We were going to win. We were seconds away.''

    ''Then Rondo happened.''

    ''Yes, then Rondo happened. He didn't even have a single thought about them he did the best thing he could. A saving grace. A pointless one, but he still managed to prevent their real loss. Just like Phillip goes away and recruits a pointless saving grace. Viktor Maximus is just that. He will fail in his assistance. He will fail his purpose. He is nothing more than assistance. Phillip will never let him go an be his own man. Just like a pet.''

    ''A very big one at that.''

    ''Size doesn't matter if you don't think for yourself BUCK. Why do you think we are like right now? Because I never tried to use you. You were a tag team partner and a friend. But Phillip just sees people as tools. He expects them to behave the way he wants them to behave. That is why Maximus is going to fail. At one point, he will unintentionally go outside of Phillip's orders. And that will cause a strife between them. With time, that strife is going to grow bigger and bigger. And that will either explode or implode. It will either hit Phillip hard or it will hit Viktor hard. But if Maximus is smart enough, he will kick his pathetic ass as soon as possible.''

    Manson uses the remote to push us into the next match: The rematch against Rondo and Kennedy.

    ''The inevitable 30th of March. The rematch between us and Rondo & Kennedy took place. The predictions started to shift. The people who saw the situation before Rondo's actions in the last match started to believe that we could win. We never cared what they believe but at least some of them used their mind and reached a right conclusion. But that rematch...that was a big match. Both the titles and the WS3T trophy was once again on the line. And this time...the inevitable happened. We were prepared. They were not. Most of the people weren't either. We shocked the world again. This time, we didn't beat some random teams who faded away either. Probably two of the best in history...fell down before us. And by that, we finally proved that we could not just hang with the best, but beat the best as well. I don't make this argument about Kennedy-esque 'I beat better than you, therefore I can beat you.' No, I beat you as well. That's the difference. You lost. People better than you lost. What's the difference now Phillip? Are you sure that friend of yours is enough? I will tell you, he isn't enough to take us out. He wasn't even enough to save your ass from a beating when I faced you one-on-one in that ring.''

    ''Two of them were so full of false confidence. We weakened it in the first match when Rondo had to resort to cheating. And in this match, we shattered it. Two 'rookies' with no wrestling experience beforehand...and we didn't even completed a whole year in the company back then. This is where you two chumps go wrong. The Vultures are bigger than your projects. We are bigger than your plans. We prove it everytime we get into that ring. We prove it everytime we beat people you never thought we can. We can actually do this shit, but that 'project' of yours is just full of words...false ones at that.''

    ''And this isn't even the best part. The reaction we caused in Bell...we caused it in his boyfriend as well. Look at Chris Kennedy now. Before we beat him and his little buddy, he was trying to act so mighty and honourable again. And they lost. And Kennedy had enough. He ditched a temporary frenemy and got his match behind him. The power couple of FWA both wanders around right now and they are full of hate. They are...toxic. We corrupted your, imagine what will we do to people who actually are corrupt...''

    ''And that brings us to today....where Phillip A. Jackson Project is scheduled to fight aga-''

    BUCK is cut-off by the click sound of the remote. He gives his tag partner a surprised look.

    ''That was the last major ta-''

    ''I'm not done yet.''

    On the television screen, now plays Christopher Manson vs WOLF in the World Grand Prix.

    '' still one corner in my mind and I've been trying to get it off...but it's not just this....''

    Manson uses the remote again and now we see the Manson vs Starr match.

    '' well. Everything started so perfectly. A near-perfect victory against Tommy Thunder. People used to doubt in my abilities in singles wrestling..but that victory shifted the narrative BUCK. The belief in me was in its highest. Some people actually started to believe I was enough to beat both WOLF and Starr...''

    Manson shifts back to Manson vs WOLF match.

    ''...but this happened...''

    The television shows the Final Howl from that match, then follows it by showing WOLF's victory celebration.

    ''...then this...''

    The casette changes, once again to Manson vs Starr. This one shows Manson's roll-up and the time announcement.

    ''I failed.''

    ''I thought you got over that. Was that what's been getting to you?''

    ''I tried! I really tried but it's not something you can just make it go away.''

    ''This will be Shannon all over again, isn't it? The last time you were obsessed with a thing...the DFB happened, you get that?''

    ''I get it and I will leave those thoughts out of the ring in Back In Business. Back In Business is about Sin City Vultures, not just me or not just you. And this is my last message to Phillip A. Jackson and his dumb sidekick. We will feast like fucking kings. They won't see it coming. And that will be because of delusion again. I just sense that. Whatever we do, we can't change who Phillip is as a person. He is a deluded man. We will beat him with Maximus on his side. Then he will find another one, claim he is better than Maximus and challenge us again but we will beat him again, then Phillip will try again. He is stubborn like that. He never let go or Rondo until he got what he wanted. He never let go of Princeton until he got what he wanted. But this time, it's different because since the first day of July last year...nothing is the same in Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. But Phillip...he will still try and try, and every time it will result in their failure because Phillip won't admit that we were just simply better than them. No, they will shift the blame on his partners. Garcia, Maximus...I don't know maybe he will get a 9 foot tall giant from Scandinavia as a tag partner but it won't matter. Phillip will never get to us. We have to make sure that. But this whole picture is just more than Phillip A. Jackson or Viktor Maximus.''

    BUCK stands up and talks in an intense voice.

    ''Tell me then Chris, what is the fucking picture here because you clearly stated you didn't want to lose to Phillip. What if we do? Tell me, what if your obsession costs us again? What if this time, you are the one who's underestimating people?''

    Manson doesn't get up from his chair, but sulks and speaks.

    ''This is about what we want to achieve. Since we arrived, we talked about bringing sins to people. Talked about a fire that will change the whole perception of this world. It's been a year but our ideas never went that far. They see us and they see great wrestlers. But they don't see or embrace what we are trying to implement. Maybe fucking Connelly were right, maybe we never got that because we're not in a platform big enough to shout to the heavens and make the whole world hear. Cyrus goes in that platform and talks about his sense of glory and his path of a warrior. Chris Kennedy goes in that platform and talks about his America and makes his silly jokes. Everybody hears them and pays attention to what they say. No, no, don't give me that look! I'm not saying we're not going to be a team anymore. We are more important than this shit...but we still need to get into that platform. We need to stick together...and make radical changes?''

    ''...what do you mean?''

    ''I mean...we're going to beat Phillip A. Jackson Project...what then? Do you want to sit down and wait for every possible challenger to arrive? Do you want to be stuck in this forever? Look BUCK, I know we are the best tag team today but this isn't just be it. It's not about us. It's about the ceiling. We went as far as we can fucking go. That ceiling went to as high as beating teams like Rondo & Kennedy or Bullets & Bubblegum. If we're going to break it, we need to take radical decisions. Decisions like widening our vision. We are not the tag team titles. We are bigger than them. We could still carry them around after we beat Phillip and his doggy, but we are going to do more than just that...just...something different.''

    Manson gets up from his chair and turns his back.

    ''Something different.''

    He walks into the shadows with slow steps. BUCK looks at him with a concerned look. But that concerns leave their place to anger after Manson truly leaves. Furiously, BUCK takes the remote and throws it to the television, somehow breaking the screen. But his thoughts was clear as crystal now. Something in Sin City Vultures was going to change. But after Back In Business and their war against Phillip A. Jackson Project...what would be the changes? What would do to Christopher? What would do to him? What is...something different?
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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    Arlington, Texas. The corner of Baird Farm Drive and AT&T Way. Chris Kennedy's purple 1965 Corvette Stingray sits parked at the side of the road, the hood propped up as smoke billows heavily from the engine. The divers side door is open and it's here that we see Chris Kennedy fully reclined, his feet propped up on the dashboard. The setting sun creates a pink/purple hue across the never ending canvas above our heads but soon enough, night will have fallen upon us those subtle notes of purple and pink will have been replaced with black and blue.

    Chris Kennedy hardly seems bothered by the fact that his vehicle has broken down and from the way he casually pulls from his lit cigarette, you'd hardly know that he had a single care in the world. You wouldn't know about the meet-n-greet he's contractually obligated to attend at the arena tonight, and you wouldn't know that in just 24 short hours he'd be headlining the biggest wrestling event of the year and you certainly wouldn't know that his legacy and reputation were all riding on one match. What you need to know, however, is that looks can be deceiving. Though his face conveys a nonchalant sense of security, his heart is beating like drum inadvertently maintaining a tempo too fast for the band mates to keep up with.

    For the first time in a very long time, Chris Kennedy is nervous. He isn't afraid of what Cyrus Truth can do to him, physically. He's afraid of what Cyrus Truth can do his legacy. Despite what Chris Kennedy may say to get into Cyrus Truth's head, from the constant boasting to the downright refusal to credit Cyrus Truth as a worthy competitor, Chris Kennedy knows this is the toughest challenge he's had to face in years and there is more at stake than the FWA Championship. The FWA Championship can be won or lost on any given Pay-Per-View, but what is at stake here is 8 long years in the making.

    Kennedy sits up in his seat and turns to face us as the camera pivots from outside the drivers window to the passenger seats point of view. He forces a smile, as he's typically known to do, but he decides to cut the crap. He runs his fingers through his hair and lets out a long, drawn out sigh. A closer look at his face reveals his eyes to be tired and bloodshot. His black leather jacket with the collar popped up gives the illusion that Kennedy is cooler than a cucumber, but really that's all that it is, an illusion. An 8 year undefeated streak doesn't come without anxiety and doubt.

    He steps out of the car and walks around to the front, propping the hood back down before sitting on it, starring at the dusk lit sky in all it's wonder. He crosses his arms and looks at the camera, finally ready to address us.

    "The long and winding road that leads to your door will never disappear, I've seen that road before. It always leads me here, lead me to your door."

    Chris Kennedy says this, reciting the lyrics to the Beatles song off the "Let it Be" album.

    "That's a great song, man. Fun fact, it was the last time the Beatles had a hit single in the United States, that song. Right now, that song speaks to my soul. It's Back in Business, and everything I've done this year has led me down to this road. To this very moment. I've waited for this moment for a year now and I'll be honest man, I've got some butterflies in my belly, I do.
    You know, there are several absolutes in this world, things that'll never change no matter how badly you want them to. Too many to list, if I'm being honest, but I'll name a few. You can't please everyone. One day you will die. French Fries will never taste good reheated. Chris Kennedy will never lose at Back in Business."

    Kennedy pauses, staring into the embers of his lit cigarette, seemingly lost in the moment. He takes another long drag from his cigarette before flicking it away.

    "I have so much running through my head right now that it's nearly impossible translate it all to spoken word without seeming like I'm rambling. I'll keep it simple by simply stating this: I hate Cyrus Truth. I hate him with every fiber of my being and I've hated him ever since the day he came to the FWA. Have you ever hated someone so badly that you develop a sense of tunnel vision? I have, several times in the past, and it's cost me dearly. I hate Cyrus Truth so much, that I've already convinced myself that there is no scenario where I'm walking out of Back in Business without the FWA Championship. This is a tremendous mistake on my part. Every loss I've ever suffered in the FWA, and believe me their haven't been that many of those in my 8 years here, has come my way not because they were better than me, but because I underestimated them in the first place. I've underestimated Cyrus Truth for a very, very long time. "

    "Then last week, he put me through a goddamned table and reminded me exactly what he's capable of and for that, I owe him a big 'Thank you' because if not for that splash of water to my face, I'd have come into this match swinging my dick around as if I'd had already won it, and something tells me that would have been a huge mistake. So Cyrus Truth now has my attention. Don't get this twisted though, I still believe I'm better than Cyrus Truth in every conceivable way, from the way I move in that ring to the way that my mouth moves on this microphone, but I'm not going to go in there and rest on my laurels, because on any given Sunday the underdog can prevail if the alpha dog is caught slipping. See, that's a foreign thought for Cyrus Truth, him being the "underdog" especially with that championship belt around his waist but it's true and we are going to touch more on that in a minute. First, I want to talk about something very important to me. I think you all know what that is."

    Kennedy looks off into the distance and sees the Back in Business XIII poster plastered on a billboard, Cyrus Truth and Chris Kennedy gracing the poster side-by-side. He takes another long drag of his cigarette as he eyeballs Cyrus Truth's imposing sneer and Chris Kennedy's smug half-grin.

    "I never intended for this to become a 'streak', that's just how the stars aligned for me. My first Back in Business occurred in the same month Cyrus Truth made his CWA debut oddly enough, April of 2011. At that event I defeated five of the best guys the FWA had to offer and became #1 contender to the FWA Championship. The very next year I main evented Back in Business as the FWA Champion. The year after that, the same. By the time I had gone 5 and 0, that's when this thing started to gain traction and maybe I had initially bought into the FWA's marketing machine and believed my own hype but I don't care, this had become something special to me, something I cared about enough to never part with. We are now at a point where beating Chris Kennedy at Back in Business is a bigger deal than winning the FWA Championship because no one has ever done it. There are a lot of people who would disagree with that statement, however those are the same people who've held FWA Gold but could never defeat me at Back in Business, so you can see why their opinion on the matter is hardly relevant. "

    "You see, for me, Back in Business is my home and it's been a long road back. Cyrus Truth knows all about "the long and winding road", it's where he bills himself from, and The Wayward Warrior would be doing himself a great disservice if he didn't claim he was going to break my streak. Breaking the streak would be the crowning moment of entire career, but I made a promise to myself that I'd never let this thing go, and I'm not breaking that promise for Cyrus Truth. I don't know if he truly realizes it or not but this is the biggest opportunity of Cyrus Truth's career. He knows it just as well as I do. Right now he's somewhere in front of a camera, being interviewed by some local newspaper or radio show, whatever it may be, and he's telling whatever dweeb that'll listen that he's going to end my undefeated streak and carve his name into record books. He can't seem to get his mouth, his heart and his brain on the same page it would seem. His mouth says 'I'll beat Chris Kennedy', his brain says 'I am not sure if I can beat Chris Kennedy, and his heart says, very emphatically, 'I do not have what it takes to defeat Chris Kennedy' and when all of these elements disagree with each other, when you don't have the confidence to convert your words to actions, even the best laid strategies fall apart."

    Without thinking, Chris Kennedy hops off the foot of his car and begins walking. He's come this far, may as well finish on foot. The arena was a mere 10 minutes from here and Kennedy would rather walk than be caught dead in the back of some Uber drivers Honda Civic.

    "But this isn't all about the streak, is it? Of course it's not. I could have had any match on the card, and the streak would remain in tact. Didn't have to be the main event, didn't have to be for the title, so why would I fight tooth and nail to defend my streak against the toughest opponent on the roster? I could lie for the sake of "glory" like that attention whore Cyrus Truth and say that there is more honor in defending my streak against the toughest adversary possible. That's not it. I want the FWA Championship. It DESERVE the FWA Championship. I've got a pretty big chip on my shoulder because I lost that belt in a Golden Opportunity cash-in, was promised a rematch and then never got that rematch. 'Hey, Chris, we are going to do you a huge favor and give you a chance to earn your rematch by placing you a Carnal Contendership match with literally every single person on the roster, ain't that fair?" And when Cyrus Truth came out and was handed the Carnal Contendership victory, Ashley Fucking O'Ryan did everything in his power to keep me out of the main event scene, make sure his golden boy stayed right there on top. 'Hey Chris, what about a go at the North American championship? Who wants to be FWA Champion when you can finally be a Grand Slam Champion!?! Hey Chris, you wanna work a never ending program with Eyensane or maybe Ryan Rondo, that oughta keep you busy and distracted from the fact that you haven't had a world title opportunity since 2016 despite being better than virtually every one on this roster, gee aren't I great at booking?'

    "So you see, I got tired of sitting back and waiting for my opportunities to come. I know who the hell I am and I know what I'm worth, so I won the World Grand Prix by any means necessary to take back my spot and you'd think so-called fans would appreciate the fact that I've taken such drastic measures to reclaim my rightful place atop the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance, but they cry foul, cursing my name while cheering for a man who cheated to gain the FWA Championship in the first place. Cyrus Truth wouldn't have won the FWA Championship if not for Shannon O'Neal's interference, but I'm the dirty cheater here. The fans have such short memory spans which is understandable given how tiny and simple their brains are."

    The streetlights above Kennedy's head flicker on and off as provide Kennedy a path on his road home. In the distance he can see the arena. He looks behind him, over his shoulder, at the car which grows smaller in view with each step. He's come much too far to stop now.

    "It is funny to think though, for all of Cyrus Truth's rants about honor and glory, his entire championship run is built upon a lie. It should be Bell Connelly I'm facing in this main event. Cyrus Truth was quick to cry foul when Shannon O'Neal cost Bell the title, but did he voluntarily relinquish the title? Where is the honor there? Where is the glory in being a COWARD? Cyrus Truth can turn his nose high in the air and look down on all of us for using what he deems 'questionable tactics' but at the day he is a FALSE CHAMPION, he's coasted by on stolen valor and at the end of the day, when he looks in the mirror and sees anything but a fraud, then he's also a liar. He spins the rhetoric of a wayward warrior bound for glory but the reality is, he's the biggest conman in the FWA. I was like him, once. Putting on a show for brainless hicks that eat this shit up. The difference is, I know I am, and I don't present you people with anything other than the real me. I make no apologies about cheating to get ahead, but I'm honest about it. What you see is what you get. Cyrus, on the other hand, has been living a lie and he's been doing it for god knows how long. Cyrus Truth would have you believing that our careers stand shoulder to shoulder, that we are two different sides of the same coin, but that simply isn't true. You see, we've both been doing this a long time, and while he was over there in CWA being the best jobber of all the jobbers, getting wins over untalented tapeworms like Jonathan McGinnis, Chubby Carlos and Krash, I was over there in the FWA, the big yard for the big dogs where only serious competitors go to play, and I was butting heads with the likes of Stu St.Clair, Ryan Hall, Jack Severino, Duke Drazin, and so on and so on. He says he stands for glory and honor but he's spent the majority of his career in the minor leagues, then he comes to FWA and prospers off the backs of other nobodies like Shannon O'Neal. Anyone who is buying what Cyrus Truth is selling is just as mentally deficient as he is. Cyrus Truth is nothing more than a counterfeit champion, a scam artist. The problem he's run into now is, there ain't nothing like the real thing baby, and the real thing is looking him dead in the eye and letting him know that it's time to stop pretending because I've come home."

    Lightning crashes throughout the night sky and this is immediately followed with a downpour, rain beginning to fall from the heavens, making a "spat spat spat" sound as each drop bounces off of Kennedy's leather jacket. He doesn't stop or seek shelter, he keeps walking down that road en route to his destination.

    "Some people will spend their entire lives chasing something they'll never achieve. For Cyrus Truth, he's in an interesting position because he's chasing something he'll never get enough of. He's been talking about it for 8 years now. Glory. But what is glory? It's fame and prestige peppered with distinction and praise. You look at someone such as myself, someone who's accomplished so much, and you think to yourself, 'hey man, that's you too.' Don't get it twisted, everything I've ever done here, I've done it for myself. I'm proud of myself. All the fans, the casual hillbillies and the internet experts, to hell with them. My father, the late great Kerry Kennedy, to hell with him. Every damn wrestler who's cut a promo in the last 8 years promising to defeat me, to HELL WITH THEM. Everything I've ever achieved in my career, I've achieved for MYSELF. That's the only fan I need. So Cyrus Truth spends week in and week out demanding recognition, and that tells me that for all the pot shots he's taken at my ego for the last few weeks, he is a worse than just a delicate man with a fragile sense of pride, he's a hypocrite. He's projecting onto me the worst traits he sees in himself. You know what I think? I think Cyrus Truth is obsessed with me. He said last week, that he's had to deal with FWA management thinking they knew what was best for him, that they put him in situations built for 'drama over glory'. There's that word again. Thing is, I know exactly what he's talking about, because as I said earlier, FWA management has kept us apart for 3 years. Why do you think that is? Because FWA management has been protecting Cyrus Truth from Chris Kennedy. Cyrus can salivate all he wants, eagerly rubbing his hands in preparation of the match he THINKS he's wanted for 3 years. I'm telling you right now, he doesn't want this. He'll understand this soon enough."

    "He thinks he'll find what he's searching for at the end of a 3 count on the grandest stage of them all. What he's going to find is the ultimate wake-up call. A reminder that the FWA main event scene as he's known it has been a road littered with petite blondes with hearts of spunk and mid-carders on the verge of something the'll never obtain. But now? The FWA main event scene is CHRIS KENNEDY, as it always should have been, and at Back in Business, Cyrus will truly understand what his quest for glory has cost him. He is in this for adulation and praise, I'm in this FOR ME. I'm in this to win it. I already know that I'll go down in history as the greatest professional wrestler who's ever lived, whether I want that acclaim or not, and that's the big difference between myself and Cyrus Truth. I don't need to beat anyone to become more glorious than I already am. Cyrus Truth does. He keeps admitting this each week, beating me would finally give him what he thinks he's been searching for. The fact of the matter is, it most certainly would, I've said that before. But he'd have to beat me, and I promise you on all that I love in this world, that will not happen. I'll die defending this streak, I swear it. Would Cyrus Truth die for the FWA Championship? Would he defend it until his last breath, until they pry it from his cold dead hands? The answer is an emphatic 'NO' and I think deep down, Cyrus knows that."

    Kennedy is nearly to the arena, and he's now finding himself on the more densely populated part of AT&T Way. A group of people can be seen near the bar on Kennedy's right, smoking cigarettes under a canopy while taking shelter from the rain. He raises his collar once more and sinks his face down into his jacket to avoid being recognized.

    "It's been a long time since I was FWA Champion. It doesn't matter if you've held the title as many times as I have, when you don't have it around your waste you feel like a complete curtain jerker. Right now, every Cyrus is being fueled by the raw, organic bravado that the belt emanates. I want that back, I want it back so badly that I hazard to think of all the things I'd do to get it in my possession. I'm willing to drag Cyrus Truth through hell and back, or maybe I drag his ass to hell and leave him there, I haven't decided yet but I do know this: Cyrus Truth knows nothing of war, not yet. You don't truly know war until you've lost it, and I'm going to help Cyrus along in that endeavor. After our match is over, he'll have suffered a defeat so devastating that, for the first time in his life, he'll truly know the toll that war takes on you. When he's laying down with his back to the mat, and the referee is fastening the FWA Championship around my waist, only then will he understand what I've been trying to tell him all along. As good as Cyrus Truth is, and even I have to admit he's damn good, he's beneath me. He doesn't have what it takes to stop me, especially when the FWA Championship is on the line, especially when my streak is on the line, you can bet your ass that I'm giving it every damn thing I've got in the tank, BECAUSE THIS IS MY LIFE AND MY LIFE IS ON THE LINE. Cyrus Truth will never understand what that means. He's either chasing glory or hiding in his glory hole. I'm not about that life. I'll die in the center of that ring like my father did before me if that what it takes. You will not take this away from me."

    Chris Kennedy crosses the street with little regard to traffic, raising his hand as if to halt the oncoming Ford Focus but never taking his eyes off of the AT&T Arena. The car honks at him but Kennedy ignores it as he reaches his destination. Back in Business. He's home.

    "Earlier, I said that I was making a mistake in assuming I've already won this match. I said that I was underestimating Cyrus. All of that was true. But here is the thing, he's doing the exact same thing. He's already out there, counting this as a W. Yeah, he's scared, and he doesn't know how he's going to pull it off, but he still thinks he will. Somehow. Someway. Cyrus, I know you're watching this promo, so listen to me good because I'm going to speak directly to you for the remainder of it, you overrated, overhyped, one-note fucking piss-ant. You will choke on every word you've said about me. Every time my name has escaped your mouth, you were using credit to lend relevancy to your own name, and now it's time to pay me. I wish I could truly describe to you how much I hate you, Cyrus Truth. There isn't a collection of words you could string together that would pack the acidity to convey how much I truly despise you. This hatred has consumed me ever since you showed your face in that Carnal Contendership match three years ago and it's consumed me ever since. I put that hatred in the closet from time to time when I have a job to do, but now the moment I've been waiting for is finally upon us, and I intend to unleash that hatred on you. This hate is heavy enough to strip the flesh from your bones and trust that it will. All you had to do was shake my hand, and show me the respect that I deserve, the respect you OWE me for paving the way for glory-hound attention-whores like yourself to make a name for yourself by dropping mine. Instead of shaking my hand, you put me through that table and showed me exactly how much you respect me. That was an awfully big mistake on your part, Cyrus, you get that right? You understand what you've done?"

    "I still remember the way that felt, crashing through that table. If you've never been put through one you wouldn't understand. Your body takes two separate but equally devastating hits. First your body hits the table, knocks all of the air out of you, and then you hit the ground which kinda shakes up all of your internal organs. It was a rough wake up for me but that's alright, Cyrus. It's alright because I've got something for you. You've managed to go your entire life without eating a Bittersweet Chin Symphony but at Back in Business that's going to change. At Back in Business, your entire world as you know it is going to come crashing down as I make good on my promise to take everything from you."

    "Where will you find your glory then, Cyrus? When you have absolutely nothing left, what excuse will you have for losing at the hands of Chris Kennedy? I'm sure you'll have a wealth of reasons, you'll blame the brass knuckles, you'll blame interference from Bell, you'll blame the low blow I'll inevitably hit you with, and you'll be well within your rights to blame all that shit because honestly, I'll do whatever it takes to win this match. I'm not above cheating here, Cyrus, but I'm sure you already know that. I want this win more than I've ever wanted anything, because there are so many rewards here. The streak, the title, the ability to reclaim my spot at the top of this industry. I deserve this, Cyrus. So much more than you do. I've worked so much harder than you have, and it's all culminated into this moment. I think about that first Back in Business, where all this started, when my hand was raised I never imagined I'd make it this far, but I knew one thing: I wanted that feeling, forever. That's why I do this, year after year. See, someone like you can probably relate because when I tell that story, you are picturing the bright lights and the fans chanting your name. The glory. But that's not where the joy comes from, not for me anyway. I don't take pleasure in looking up at the fans chanting my name, I take pleasure in looking down on my defeated opponents, the look in their eyes when they concede that I'm the alpha and they are nothing to me. That's going to be you, Cyrus. You'll see, I promise."

    Chris Kennedy takes one last look at the giant Back in Business poster hanging up outside the arena. It's well lit, providing luminescence to the several fans outside the arena in line for the meet-n-greet. He points to the poster and turns to the camera. He smiles, but this time the smile isn't forced and Kennedy isn't nervous anymore. He knows exactly where he is, and exactly what he must do.

    "This is what it's all about, Cyrus. Can't you feel it? This was always your destiny. Losing to Chris Kennedy on the biggest stage of them all. Don't worry though, you are joining some great company, I've beaten the very best on this stage. As arrogant as it is of you to think you can do what they couldn't, it'll make defeating you that much sweeter. A Wayward Soul journey's once more? Nah. This is your journeys end, my friend. For me, this has been the long road home. For you, it's the long road to nowhere, and after it's all said and done, you'll be nothing to me, just as you were before you came here. I'll be victorious as I always am, because I am the Astonishing Chris Kennedy, and I am the greatest of all time."

    As Kennedy says the words "I am the Astonishing Chris Kennedy", several fans around him take notice. They begin circling him, snapping pictures and asking for autographs. Kennedy closes his eyes, takes a deep breath as he finds his happy place. He's picturing himself in the middle of an ocean. He's cutting through the water, a lone shark in a vast empty ocean. He smells something, fresh blood, and he's swimming as fast as he can to get it, because he knows it's feeding time. Kennedy opens his eyes and he's no longer in the ocean, he's back to reality. He's lost in the swarm of ravenous fans as our scene fades to black.

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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    Lord Dog sits at the kitchen table. He opens up a box of fruit roll-ups and begins opening one and spreading it out. He then opens up a pack of Gushers juice filled candy and begins placing the gushers on the fruit roll up before making what he calls the candy burrito. He takes a big bite and begins chewing for roughly 7 minutes because if you've ever eaten a fruit roll-up or gushers you know how long it takes to get that shit out of your teeth.

    "Damn, thats a good burrito" Lord Dog says before taking a big sip of his drink.

    We see the beverage and it's Lord Dog's favorite drink, Milk with skittles. This can all only mean one thing. XYZ is a dead man.

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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    It is a matter of days before Back in Business XIII, where the greatest and the best of FWA gather for the yearly spectacle. If you caught the right gust of wind and listened carefully at the most opportune moment, you could likely hear the shuffle of people navigating towards Arlington, Texas.

    Of the people causing that shuffle, 99% of those will be making their way towards AT&T stadium, with 99% of those 99% probably talking about something to do with the title vs streak main event. ButÖwhat about that remaining 1%? Well, theyíve certainly found Arlington. Mike Parr is stood in between 600 acres of land housing some of the bravest people to ever have graced the planet and the cornerstone of the department of defence, The Pentagon. Not your typical preparation for a wrestling event in the middle of Texas.

    ďI didnít grow up in this country. I grew up a long way from here, with dreams of one day making it to the top of my chosen profession. I wanted to be a professional wrestler, the best wrestler that had ever lived. Iím talking World Championships, main events, multiple halls of fame. And what drives me is sacrifice. Sacrifice that I made from a very young age when I left my home in search of perfection. If you donít appreciate exactly what it took for me in my teenage years to leave home and search for perfection, then you simply donít understand life. I signed up for the glory, the women and the partyingÖwho wouldnít want that as a young man growing up? But I signed up to in, to succeed and to develop into and become exactly the man that I had dreamed of, the best.Ē

    Parr pauses and takes in the scene around him. Whilst travelling the world and visiting multiple cities, he never really takes the chance to stop and breathe. This is his chance to stop and breathe.

    ďDo you know what I didnít sign up for? I didnít sign up to be disrespected. I didnít sign up to walk out into an arena floor and lose. I didnít turn up to be an afterthought. I should be THE only thought. The only streak that really matters at Back in Business is not whether Kennedy can prove whether or not his dick is bigger than Cyrusí, but the one that truly matters in the streak held by the man you are looking at right now.Ē

    ďBut already I know that your fingers will be furiously tapping at your keyboards, thinking how arrogant of me. How deluded. Kennedy has years of contests behind him and is fighting for the World Championship whereas me? I only have two victories. But before you set the internet ďon fireĒ just let me explain myself. The continuance of this streak is important because if I canít get past a team with the credential of Risky Jack, if I allow that team to break the streak that I reference, then I simply donít deserve my place on the roster. I donít deserve my place in FWA. I would barely deserve to call myself a professional wrestler.Ē

    ďThese last few weeks? Rough. Two losses and being lost in the shuffle isnít a place that I have found myself many times before and it is not a place that Iím enjoying. SureÖsome of you may find this stubble attractive and edgy but me, itís a sign of the times. The clean shaven, poster boy of the FWA hasnít really been around at presentÖreplaced by a shadow of the man that once held the North American Championship for over a year.Ē

    Prodigy knows that the stubble suits him, but it isnít exactly beyond Parr to exaggerate for effect.

    ďSo I find myself here, in DC. Not because I finally decided to take in some of the sights of America because I plan on retiring to Ireland, no. Iím here because this is where they said to meet them. I admit, not quite the setting I wouldíve chosen but nonethelessÖ..they said to meet because they arenít going to wait for Back in Business.Ē

    And with that, into the frame walk two men. One is approximately 6í5íí, about 3 inches taller than Mike. He probably weights in excess of 280 pounds, but is a very muscular 280. Age? Late 30s at worst. He definitely has a few more years mileage behind him than Mike.

    Alongside him is a slightly shorter and stockier individual, who definitely is in his late teens or early twenties. Otherwise he is very similar in stature to Mike himself.

    ďYou never could resist hogging the limelight. You get that camera to start rolling before we even get here?Ē the first individual states, before letting out somewhat of a chuckle. ďNever change.Ē He extends his fist out for a bump, which Mike reciprocates.

    ďI never thought Iíd get to see here, awesome.Ē states the other. He again, rather nonchalantly, extends his fist and again has the bump reciprocated by the other two. All three then turn and face the camera, side by side.

    ďWhy here? I just felt you needed a reminder Mike. A reminder that as much as you can be revered and as noble as your intentions and actions may be, that you can still end up as just another number. Every person behind you was a hero, but if you were to walk through this cemetery with no prior knowledge, are you going to walk away talking about one of the first graves that you see or are you going to walk away and talk about JFK? Take away from the fact itís Arlington and equate it to your own situation? Look out there Mike. Do you want one of the rows, where you will be thought about and remembered and visited. Or do you want to be JFK? Where people will travel across the world to see you. Are you JFK Mike? Do you want to be JFK?Ē

    The first individual pauses momentarily to catch breath, leaving Mike and the remaining younger man to shoot each other a glance, each one without saying anything egging each other on to answer the question.

    ďJFKís deadĒthe younger man offers up as a response, probably not the most well thought out but quite atypical. He often lets his impulses take over.

    ďYou know who I want to be? I want to be Mike Parr. I want to be the standard bearer of the FWA. What I donít want to be is the joke that I have become in the last few weeks, struggling to beat Jack Adams or Risky Douglas. Those two should not even be on my radar. But you know what they did? They stuck their hand in the bear trap, and they might just have gotten away with it once. But twice in two weeks? They have unwittingly got their hand clamped off. TheyÖ.Ē

    ďhave opened Pandoraís box, and what is..Ē the younger man interjects, before being cut off by Parrís exaggerated fake laughter as rests his arm over his shoulder and clamps him on the neck, bringing that thought to an end. Parr fires him a glance that tells him in no uncertain terms not to interrupt him again.

    ďWhat they have done is ushered in what is going to be their worst nightmare. Itís going to be day zero when they think back, 30 years from now, about where they went wrong in the professional careers. Back in Business isnít now just going to be the continuance of what will eventually be the greatest streak in the eventís history, but it is the beginning of something special. And Iím not going to wait until Back in Business to introduce Risky, Jack and the rest of the FWA locker room to their futureÖ.Ē

    ďThisÖ.Ē Parr points the first man, the older of the two. ďThisÖ..this is the Prototype. He was the first attempt at molding the perfect wrestler. He was the success story, the success story of the small independent scene in Ireland before a certain younger and more hungry lion usurped him and broke every record that he set. And you know what they called that young lion? The Prodigy.Ē

    Far from being upset or put out by the sentence, the Prototype simply nods in agreement. A sign of unity with, whilst maybe not officially their leader, certainly the most well - known and experienced member of the trio.

    ďAnd contrary to popular belief that I don't do it, this guy to my left is me giving back to the business. He is the young cub that is one day going to grow up and become the lion that might just take out those that reared him. This is ďThe ProtťgťĒ Sean Hughes. He is the future and he might just be the one to break my own Back in Business streak 25 years from now.Ē

    Sean simply nods in a similar fashion to the Prototype, the earlier tight shoulder clamp still ebbing with pain as a reminder to keep his mouth shut.

    ďLet me be very clear what you are looking at. You are looking at The Prodigy Mike Parr, who is not going to sit and accept that his position is being taken by those that frankly arenít good enough to spit shine my wrestling boots. You are looking at the Prototype, freakishly athletic but devilishly strong, strong enough to squeeze your eyeballs out of your skull with his bare hands. And you are looking at the Protťgť, who if you give him enough rope he will turn around and hang you with it.Ē

    ďSoÖ.RiskyÖ.JackÖ.are you happy with yourselves? Are you pleased with what you have done? Because if you were to find us backstage at the AT&T stadium and get down on your knees and pray for forgiveness weÖ.Ē

    ďwould smash your teeth straight down your throatĒ the Protťgť excitedly interjects once more. No shoulder grab from Parr this time, just a smirk.

    ďand maybe shit on your carcassí for good measure if we feel like itĒ the Prototype adds. With slightly less pride than what emanated when Hughes spoke, Parr nods and smirks nonetheless.

    ďIím not going down as just another number, just another sacrifice. Iím not going to be just another story of what might have been, another tale of making a crack in the glass ceiling but never breaking through. NoÖIím going to have my own memorial. And the asterisk by the footnote in the book about my memorial will be the utter decimation of Risky Jack. Your victories in the last two weeks? Theyíll be the answer to a quiz question that only wrestling anorakís will get as they will be the type of people who will still be able to remember you as you are, not as the bruised and battered lump of humanity that you will be post Back in Business.Ē

    ďSoÖ.FWAÖ.are we still all just talking about title vs streak? Or are you ready, ready for the New Breed to take over.Ē

    Prodigy, with more confidence than he has emitted in a while, pops his shades down from his forehead to across his eyes once more. Prototype and Protťgť stand by his side as the camera slowly fades.

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    Re: Back in Business XIII Promo Thread

    Itís dusk in a desolate Los Angeles street block shrouded in a heavy fog with a lonely Romeo Rollings wondering around.

    Romeo Rollings: Where is everyone?

    Romeo pulls up his sleeve up to read the time on his watch. Itís 7:36PM. The silver tongued agent is baffled by this and he looks around. Heís still the only one around.

    Romeo Rollings: Did the purge happen? Did I miss something?

    Romeo begins to rub his arms. His breath his visible in the nightís air.

    Romeo Rollings: I should have brought a jacketÖ

    The former Hollywood agent ventures down the street rounding the corner. Still no one else is around. Bars with muffled thumping music plays, yet no one is inside. Romeo Rollings peaks into every window, yet doesnít see a soul. As he looks straight ahead, Romeo notices a figure standing under a street light in a long black weathered duster, wearing an eye patch and smoking a cigarette. The individual is massive in stature and despite being up there in age is fairly muscular.

    Romeo Rollings: Well, thatís ominous.

    Romeo cautiously approaches the individual, who doesnít acknowledging the approaching Romeo. The man continues to puff away on his cigarette.

    Romeo Rollings: Excuse me, sirÖ. Do you know whatís going on? Did President Trump announce a draft of some sort? Is my watch wrong? Cause itís 7:58 PMÖ but this busy metropolis is bereft of life.. besides you and IÖ. so I guess that finger snap thing really isnít just a comic book thing?

    The large man flicks his cigarette and approaches Rollings.

    Romeo Rollings: Easy, pal. This isnít the NBA Finals. No need to full court press me here, alright?

    MAN: Listen up, motherf**ker!

    Romeo backs away to create some distance.

    Romeo Rollings: My hearing is fine. Thank you.

    MAN: This f**king company brushes me off cause they think Iím a f**king bag of f**king bones. But I f**king punch people in the mouth until their teeth fall out and their f**king gums bleed!

    The MAN violently rips off his duster from his back, violently throwing it to to the ground. He pulls out a zippo lighter from his back pocket and ignite the flame. The MAN throws the zippo on the jacket, thus engulfing it in flames.

    MAN: Do you f**king see that?! They donít expect an old man to do that! Not like f**king that! I could probably light the flame with my finger! But I f**king did that last God dang week. Itís done! But this is a reflection of me and who I am. I burn things.

    The flame slowly begins to die out.

    Romeo Rollings: And cause minimal damage. But what a waste of a coat, man.

    The MAN grabs Romeo by the throat.

    MAN: CUB f**king doesnít f**king like the f**king way you f**king talk to him, mongaloid! You see me?! Huh?! Do you see me?!

    Romeo Rollings: *gasping* ItsÖugh.. kinda.. hard not to!

    CUB pulls him centimeters from his face.

    CUB: You f**king better thank whatever deity you believe in that I donít squeeze your skull into the eyes pop out and blood flows through your ears like a geyser at Yellow Stone Park! And your screams are that of five year old girls watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. And quite f**king frankly Rainbow dash is the best pony! That sonic f**king boom she does is awesome! I mean holy shite from Gangus Khan incredible!

    Romeo Rollings: I.. reallyÖ donítÖ haveÖ aÖ frame.. ofÖ reference.

    CUB: What?! You donít think a hard boiled sh*tkicker like me can f**king like f**king My f**king Little f**king Pony?!

    CUB throws Romeo back, who gasp from every breath he can possibly his body can possible pull in. CUB circles around him like a vulture, lighting another cigarette.

    Romeo: WHyÖ do you swear so much?! I think sailorís blush.

    Cub has four cigarettes lit in his mouth as he continues to circle Rollings.

    CUB: F**KING CAUSE IíM A F**KING MONSTER! I punch holes into moons and use a manís intestines as a hula hoop and a jump rope! CROWD! WORSHIP ME LIKE A F*KING GOD I AM!

    CUB throws his arms out in the air to soak in the approval of the crowd that is non existent. Silence fills the air. Romeo awkwardly scans his surroundings.

    Romeo Rollings: Ö. YeahÖ thereís no one here. Literally, itís lifeless. I mean-


    Romeo Rollings: The fu-??

    The voice belongs to a man named Mark. The appearance of Mark stuns a confused Romeo Rollings. CUB suddenly

    CUB: Do you see that?! I f**king may think heís an brainless f**kwit sh*tbasket, but Iím the only bad ass walking that he loves meÖ but Iíll still f**king rip his arm off and beat him him with. (to mark) F**k you asshole!


    Romeo Rollings: Iím literally so confused right now.


    CUB transforms into an eight bit version of himself and chases Romeo Rollings. The agent takes off as he hears howling and the sounds of hatchets whizzing by his head.

    This is madness, right? Of course it is, itís a dream. Romeo Rollings is dead asleep on his officeís couch with Tristan James Galloway shaking him trying to wake him up. Romeo is sleep talking flailing his arms around.

    Romeo Rollings: Stop! Stop yelling! Thatís unnecessary! And totally came out of nowhere!

    Tristan James Galloway: Romeo! Romeo!

    Romeo Rollings sits up as if someone hit the ejection button on the seat cushion. He screams frantically until he looks around and realizes where he is. Tristan tries to console him.

    Tristan James Galloway: Whoa, hey! Youíre okay! Youíre okay! Breathe. Take it easy.

    Romeo Rollings: Holy bad shrooms trip, Batman. That was no fun. Like, at all. Thatís the last time I hang out with Tommy Lee and take a drag of his ďmellow miracleĒ. Mellow my ass!

    Tristan James Galloway: What happened? What kind of dream was it?

    Romeo Rollings: Los Angeles was a ghost town.. and there was this aggressive one eyed My Little Pony fan girling, chain smoking animal named manÖ It was weird..

    Tristan James Galloway: Maybe you should get more than three hours asleep a week, huh?

    Romeo wipes the sweat off his forehead.

    Romeo Rollings: Yeah.. okay.. Anyways, whatís up?

    Tristan James Galloway: I got a phone call from my adoptive mom

    Romeo Rollings: AmyÖ rightÖ say, what does a Tongan woman turn out to be named Amy anyways?

    Tristan James Galloway: I dunno. I guess Lekeleka was just too damn hard for Americans to say.

    Romeo Rollings: ÖWas that English?
    Tristan James Galloway: Tongan, actually.

    Tristan flashes a sarcastic smile at Romeo with a wink.

    Tristan James Galloway: Anyways, as a teen I asked them to help me find my parents. Well, they dig some digging. Found out my mother was New Zealand Maori and part Scottish.

    Romeo Rollings: Interesting combo.

    Tristan James Galloway: I know, right? But, yeah, my father was Tongan. His name is Taminao. They donít know his where abouts. But they managed to find my grandparents. They live on Nukuíalofa, the capital of Tonga. Iím going to go visit them.

    Romeo Rollings: Is that wise? I mean, youíve got a big match coming up against WOLF. You really need to focus on the match, I think.

    Tristan James Galloway: I need to get to my roots, Romeo.. I need to know where I come from. Where I really come from. Maybe this can help in my fight against WOLF.

    Romeo sighs, contemplating the argument Tristan presents to him, nodding his head.

    Romeo Rollings: Okay.. if you deem it necessary. Iím all for it.

    Romeo extends his hand out to Tristan for a shake. The former X Division championship accepts the gesture. Romeo pulls him in for a hug.

    Romeo Rollings: I hope you find what youíre looking for.

    Days Later

    A jet lands at an air strip with a vehicle waiting. The man inside the vehicle gets out. Heís 6í5 and broad with long salt and pepper hair wrapped in a bun on top of his head. This is Tavite, TJGís grandfather. Tristan approaches Tavite with a sense of worry and excitement. He examines the poker faced Tavite, who slowly approaches examining Gallowayís eccentric appearance. This is a serious man whoís in tuned with the old ways of the Tongans and modern day. The right side of his chest in arms is covered Tongan tatataus. The hard boiled exterior turns to pure joy and happiness as Tavite embraces Tristan.

    Tavite: So nice to meet you, Tristan.

    Tristan James Galloway: Likewise, kui tangata

    Tavite: Come. Letís go see kui fefine.

    Tristan nods in agreement. He throws his bags into the backseat before climbing into the passenger seat beside Tavite. They ride to a modest house. As they walk inside, an elderly woman named Lotu is crushing a kava root into powder. Tavite and Tristan walk inside.

    Tavite: Honey, Iím home.

    Lotu hurries to the door to greet them. She hugs and kisses her husband. When she turns her attention to Tristan, she takes notice of his massive stature and muscle.

    Lotu: My goodness! What did they feed you?!

    A coy smile appears on Tristanís face. The two embrace before she goes back to making kava. Tavite and Tristan settle into the living room. Tristan looks around the house taking notice of the various pictures of Tristianís grandparents and possible other relatives. One picture in particular is an old picture of his grandparents in their youth with a young boy who Tristan easily deduces to be his father Taminao. This is the first time heís ever seen a photo of his father. He wonders what he may have looked like throughout the years. After looking over the various items occupying the room, Tristanís attention settles on the sitting Tavite and approaching Lotu.

    Tavite: I imagine this must be a surreal experience for you.

    Tristan James Galloway: Yeah. Up until a few months ago, I didnít exactly know what ethnicity I was. I mean, I knew I was Polynesian, I just didnít know what.

    Lotu: And we are so glad to hear from you. We saw your wrestling on tv. We were very eager to meet you.

    A tinder nostalgic smile creeps up on Lotuís face.

    Lotu: Youíre definitely Taminaoís son. (laughs) You have his beautiful eyes. Thatís for sure. That boy was always something.

    Tristan sits down in front of the elderly couple. Lotu offers him the kava and he accepts with a nod. He takes a drink along with his grandparents. After he finishes, he sets down the bowl with a pensive gaze.

    Tristan James Galloway: What is he like? My father?

    Tavite: Hardworking. Good natured. A military man, much like myself. A damn good rugby player. (Laughs) Yes sir, he was known as the Destroyer on the field. He knocked anybodyís head off who was in front him- even his own teammates!

    Lotu: He carries the facade of a tough guy. Much like this softy next to me.

    Lotu nudges her husband, who dismisses he has a soft side.

    Lotu: Stubborn, too. Itís hard to tell him anything. You canít talk him out of anything he wants to do. And when it goes wrong he wonders why, even if you told him what would happen.

    Tristan James Galloway: Where is he now?

    Lotu: No ideaÖ we havenít heard from him in years.

    Tristan James Galloway: But heís alive?

    Tavite: We have no reason to think other wise.

    Tristan nods his head. In his eyes, you can tell he wants to ask the burning question. One that has been in his mind ever since he could remember. The one thought heís had since he made contact with his grandparents a few months ago and corresponding with letters to make arrangements to meet his family on the island. However, he skirts by it.

    Tristan James Galloway: And what about my other family?

    Lotu: Your great grandfather, Amanaki, was a high chief. Worked heavily in politics. Your great grandmother died fairly young from cancer.

    Galloway nods. Lost in the weight of the battery of questions he wants to ask his grandparents. The couple try their best to help ease the situation as best as possible. Tristan laughs uncomfortably for a moment.

    The scene opens to the crystal blue waters on the island of Pangaimotu. Thereís peace and serenity in the air. That is until the sounds of drums is heard followed by a series of chants in Tongan. The camera pans to a group of men in traditional Tongan wear crouching low and stomping their feet doing a call and response. The stomps make it sound as if thunder is rumbling continuously. The slaps to the thighs are as if lighting is striking. Itís powerful and commanding. Eventually, Tristan James Galloway enters the scene.

    Adrian, you and I have been locked in war for the past several months. Every time you and I have encountered one another, youíve come out the winner by the skin of your teeth. Now, at Back in Business, we engage in a Falls Count Anywhere bout. You canít escape by count out this time. No, you have to do the one thing you havenít been able to do since this whole thing startedÖ and thatís pin me. In those encounters, what did you take from me? You took away my sanity. You boast about being this unstoppable monster whoís conquered all the opposition, yet you couldnít physically hold me down for a three count. You couldnít force me to submit, yet you speak as if you truly dominated me. And you couldnít do it on your own. You needed Donald Trump. You needed a championship belt placed across my face to keep on the outside to get a count out. For all this talk of domination and superiority, why do you take the easy way out? You speak of the road less traveled, one where danger and darwinism takes over. Where the strongest survives. I see you, Adrian. I see you beating your chest and trying to prove you have the sharpest teeth, yet the fangs are dulled. I know that now.

    The large group of men behind him commence to this traditional war dance. Their movements resemble fighting more so than a dance. Itís violent and aggressive. The facial expressions are menacing and big.

    You tried to take something else from me, Adrian. My pride in my roots. A couple weeks ago, you mocked my heritage. You said my people bang coconuts together and speak gibberish. You call yourself a monster. You spew threats of war. Adrian, my ancestry, my entire lineage is built on warrior. Tongans were the most fiercest warriors the world has ever seen. Weíve courted war. We lived in war. We embraced war. Itís what made us who we are! Itís in the very fabric of my DNA. It flows through my blood. Thatís why youíve been weathered and beaten down each and every time youíve encountered me. Itís that spirit that forced you to seek outside means in order to defeat me. It's that spirt that driving force that made you realize that I was a fighter and I would not stop fighting until I drew my very last breath. For if I failed, I would take a warriorís death. Death will no befall me today. Failure will not defile my door step again. Not this time. Because Iím doing this for every Tongan around the world. For all the Polynesian nation you insulted and ridiculed for being different than your Anglo Saxton heritage. For being a bigot like the president of the united states of america.

    Tristan falls in line with the rest of men performing the war dance. Gallowayís expressions become intense and animated.

    Teu to ki he tupe!Ko e 'aho!Ko e 'aho mavava mo e tangi!Teu mate maa Tonga!Hii!Tonga 'e!Ta ke hu ki ai!Katoa pe!Taha!Mo e to kotoa!Teu fetau folau!Hii! Haa!Mo e peje!Mo e lea!'Otua ke tau!Tau malohi!'Ai Malohi!Tau Fefeka!'Ai Fefeka!Tau ki Tonga!To'o mo e hii!Tau mo tangi!'I 'olunga moihulo!Feinga te tau 'ikuna!'Ikuna kotoa!Hii!
    This is the Kailo, a war dance of the Tongans. For us, this served as a battle challenge.

    I will stomp the ground with a thunderous noiseThe dayThe day of clamor and howlingMy life for TongaHee!O TongaBehold, we make our entranceAll of usAs oneStomping in unisonI will journey into battleHee! Haa!In jubilationIn speechO God, bless us that we may...Fight well1Be strongFight hardBe firm2Fight for TongaTake with you the "hee"!Fight and howlTowards the goalWe must be victoriousVictory all the wayHee!
    You referred to my people as savages. Youíre damn right we are! In battle we hold no mercy. My people were ruthless in their attacks. We conquered many lands. Just as I conquered the X-Division and just as I will conquer you at Back in Business for the North American championship. A title you have desecrated with your shenanigans and tomfoolery. By the time Iím done with you, you will feel my wrath and the wrath of my ancestors and the lineage of my family of future generations, Adrian. For being a coward, for insulting the Tongan heritage- my culture.

    And most importantlyÖ.

    Tristan breaks away from the Kailo to deliver this next line. The rage is hard to contain as he stares like a man possessed ready to pounce on anyone who may oppose him. His voice seethes with contempt for his opponent.

    For taking away my X-Division championship. A title I wore with pride. A title I defended for eight months with no end in sight. You took away the honor from someone else who could be deemed worthy to dethrone me. You took away a championship that was near and dear to my heart. It was my first championship. The signifier that I turned the corner in my career. That I wasnít just another flash in the pan- a nobody. I was force to reckoned with, and the man who would beat me for that title would know he deserved it. You robbed me of my dreams. You stole my moment just as you stole victory from me. You took away my chance of becoming a double championÖ but I can still leave Back in Business champion. A title that I know means the world to you. Because itís the hold out of a bygone era for you. Your glory days. The time of your youth when you may have very well been a monster. You makes you feel as if youíre still apart of the game. I may have stopped you from winning the World Grand Prix, but that simply wasnít enough. It was the tip of the ice berg. Delivering the shattered symphony on the hood of a car wasnít even a dent into what I want to do to you. No, Adrian. I will make you feel vulnerable and scared. Falls Count Anywhere is in my element. Before, I approached in the name of sport, but now I approach you in the name of war- true war. I come to you in order to end you. To force you into retirement once again.

    Youíve made this personal Adrian. Youíve called me weak for fighting for a higher purpose than myself. For fighting for the fans. For the people who believed in me and see that Iím like them. Because I believe that you can rise above the tragedies life tries to oppress you with. I inspire others to do like I do and take action to change their life. I fight for the lost and down trodden because they deserve the life you taunt them with. A life youíve taken for granted, Adrian. A real man fights for more than just himself and personal gain. What do you know about sacrifice, Adrian? And Iím talking about real sacrifice? Itís easy to reliquinsh morality in the sake of personal accomplishment.

    I canít wait to beat the living shit of you, Adrian. Itís all I have thought about since I was named the number one contender. Itís all I could think about as you robbed me of the World Grand Prix Finals. When you showed who you were really were. The bitch you are for needing a belt to get the job done when your first couldnít. Because no matter how many times youíve beat on me and tried to keep me down. I rise and kept fighting. Like any real man does. No matter how much punishment youíve endured, no matter how many times youíve get bested you still need the last word like a petulant child. Well, Iím ending it at Back In Business. Iím taking away your pride, your titles, and your arrogance. All the things that make you puff your chest out and make you believe youíre a monster. But whats a monster to a natural disaster? A force of nature?

    Youíre not better than me, Adrian. You canít out run fate. Not anymore. You canít out run time. Time takes everybody out. Itís undefeated. Mac Michaud claimed to be a monster and last year at this very event, I did the same thing Iím going to do to you.

    Tristan turns to the men behind him hollering and hyping themselves up. They display solidarity and support for Tristan James Galloway.

    Break my arm if you have to, Adrian. It wonít be enough. Take out my leg. Itís not going to stop me. Bludgeon me with a steel chair. Iíll keep kicking you in the teeth til thereís none left. Because for all your tricks, all your bullsh*t. It wonít be enough. Not this time. For every kid who's taken their life because they could not see the light in the darkness. For every young child bullied and abused by the people around them. I fight. For my family history, I will rise above your bigoted incessant swearing, needing the last word to sooth my fragile needing to prove Iím a badass but really a cuck ego to make you feel vulnerable and miserable as you have made me and the fans with your arrogance. The past is the past for a reason. Every warriors should want to go out on their shield and not take a cowardís escapeÖ but youíve been a coward in every sense of the world. The bravado you spew is false. A placebo to make you believe youíre something more than just a broken down bi polar, schizophrenic old man. Iíve given up countless times in my youth. I wanted an easy way out because I didnít think I was worthy for glory. I did not think I could ever make it happen.. but i have and I will. And winning the North American championship will prove all the hard work was worth something. That I am not a mistake. That despite a broken foster care system and being of lower in come. I have made myself into one of the best damn wrestlers in the world. Because I will not be considered wasted potential. Iím not a FAILURE. Iím not middle of the road. I am more. I will be more. And I will be the North American champion. And like Liam Neeson in The Grey, I will slaughter the wolf.

    Tristan performs a mini kailao before meeting his people in jubilation and preparation for the match of his life.

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