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Thread: Fight Night 04 July RESULTS

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    Fight Night 04 July RESULTS

    The snare of Ray Charles' rendition of "America the Beautiful" opens a pre-show montage tribute to Independence Day. The montage opens with a shot of various shots of America's marquee cities, with the bright lights of Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and Miami prominently featured. We see shots of people waving American flags and generally being happy, well-fed, and affluent. We then switch to a shot of American poverty in several identical looking dilapidated towns, before zooming in on an obese angry man who is posting on his government-subsidized internet about how America is the best country on earth despite him never having been to another country.

    America!! Mmmmmmmmmmm.... America!

    There are shots of people playing baseball, a bunch of apple pies, many BBQ meats on a grill, a case of Sam Adams, and a bunch of yuppie teenagers playing lacrosse while Native American children look on ironically. The scene switches to a televangelist telling the viewers to keep those donations flowing for his 54 million dollar private jet, which the lord willeth he must obtain to enter the kingdom of heaven.

    God shed His grace on thee!!!

    We switch to scenes of a giant American flag with fighter jets flying overhead, then another shot of a bespectacled Asian-American US soldier sitting in some shitty base in Afghanistan, looking very confused as he stacks a bunch of identical Chinese-made American flags in a box. In the background, another soldier is feeding a barrel fire with 100 USD bills.

    The scene fast forwards a few years, where the same Asian-American soldier, now an older-looking and much fatter civilian, is seen opening his 2017 tax return, smiling, then turning to the camera and mouthing "Thank you, Donald!" before rolling a 100 dollar bill up and snorting a line of white powder with it.

    And crown thy good with brotherhood...

    The scene switches to a bunch of children running out of a school with their hands above their heads as heavily-armed policemen run around, and everyone is screaming. The scene then switches to Drake playing Fortnite, shots of people taking pictures of an avocado toast and posting on instagram while in the background a homeless person lies still, wasting away, and a clip of Ariana Grande telling a girl she better get on T-Mobile.

    From sea to shining sea!!!!

    The tribute video ends with a huge waving American flag with a totally badass and totally jacked American Eagle, along with a Happy 4th of July greeting on the bottom of the screen.


    July 4th, 2018

    We go live to an overhead swooping shot inside the Chesapeake Energy Arena in OKC, where fans hold up signs that say things like "MURICA!!", "MURICA!!", "MURICA!!", "MURICA!!", "MURICA!!", "MURICA!!", "MURICA!!", "MURICA!!", "MURICA!!", "MURICA!!", "MURICA!!", "MURICA!!", "MURICA!!", and "MURICA!!" .

    We then throw to the commentary desk where the regular FWA commentary team is ready to go.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentleman, the final stop on the road to Back in Business has led us all here!! Oklahoma City plays host to the last Fight Night before we roll into Arlington for the grandaddy of them all, Back in Business!!! But first guys, what a patriotic video we just say, am I right? I mean, I was almost moved to tears by that, great job to the monkeys in the truck for throwing that together!!

    David Weinstock: A more splendid homage to this great land and our men and women in uniform you will never see. Bravo I say!!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Did you see how jacked that eagle was????? Only in America could an eagle look so jacked baby!!!

    We cut to the ring, where Ashley O'Ryan has a table set up with a pair of chairs and a binder in his hands. It's apparent that we're all set up for the contract signing between FWA World Champion Cyrus Truth and challenger Chris Kennedy.

    Ashley has a somber look in his eyes as "Subconscious" blares and the crowd roars to life as the World Champion makes his presence felt at the top of the ramp. Cyrus is dressed for combat in his ring gear, belt around his waist just barely visible from inside his open overcoat. The adoration of the crowd washed over the champion like a wave as he cracks just the slightest smirk and enters the ring. He takes the belt from around his waist and holds it up for the entire arena to see as Ashley starts to squirm a bit.

    After showing the belt off, Cyrus sets it on the table and notices the binder in Ashley's hand. Without a word, he snatches it away and opens it, reading the contract inside. Ashley looks a bit pissed, but his expression changes to one of confusion when Cyrus picks up a microphone and says:

    "That's enough, Ashley. You're not needed here. You can head on to the back again."

    "Beggin' ye pardon?"

    "Don't pretend like you didn't hear me. I know you're probably drunk already, but that shouldn't mean your ears are defective."

    "Listen, champ, I need to..."

    "Need to do what, exactly? Witness this contract signing? Why? Seems to me we've got about 10...maybe 20,000 witnesses in this arena..."

    That elicits a loud roar from the crowd as Cyrus continues speaking over the raucous noise.

    "...and several million more witnesses watching this at home wondering why we're wasting time on a contract signing. And if you're going to say that you're out here to prevent me and Kennedy from just beating the piss out of one another, save your breath. There's not a damn thing you can do if Kennedy and I decide to slug it out. So spare me any of that and just do what I say."

    Cyrus points to the entrance ramp and glares at Ashley.

    "Leave. Now."

    Ashley scowls for a minute and stares down The Exile, flexing his fist at his side...but eventually snarls and exits the ring, seemingly fed up with all of this and wanting to wash his hands of what might transpire. Some smarky fans chant derisively at Ashley, but Cyrus's expression doesn't suggest he took any real pleasure in this. In fact, Cyrus's face suggests he saw this as a necessary thing, something that had to be done so that he could get something he needs.

    As the World Champion takes a seat facing the entrance ramp, he casually thumbs through the contract, barely even reading it. He takes the pen enclosed inside the binder in his left hand as he hold the microphone in his right, speaking to no one in particular.

    "This is really pointless, you know? This contract is just a piece of paper. Does anybody really believe that if either Chris or I don't sign it that this match isn't going to happen? Like a couple of signatures are what's needed to ensure this match goes down..."

    Cyrus sighs as he flips to the page where both his and Kennedy's signatures are to be affixed and casually signs it while talking.

    "But fortunately, in this instance? A pointless show provides opportunity. Because while this contract signing doesn't matter and this match is going to happen regardless, what DOES matter is this match itself. Man...I gotta tell you, folks. Back in Business can't get here soon enough. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, because of this match. A match like this doesn't fall into your lap every day, and I have it! The dream match, the clash of this generation's finest, Title Verses it whatever you want, but it is a match of great stakes and greater glory that I've been craving since my first Back in Business! Cyrus Truth...Chris Kennedy. FWA World Heavyweight Championship on the line under the brightest lights on the greatest stage. How can I not be excited?!"

    Cyrus's voice gets louder as the anticipation is palpable in his tone as the crowd starts to feed off his excitement. However, Cyrus's tone shifts as he brings it down a notch.

    "However...despite the fact that Chris Kennedy and I walk this same path to our destinies at Back in Business, and despite what little I've said about him and all the downright obnoxious things Kennedy has said and done, the fact that he and I have never once stood in this ring outside of some fleeting matches is abhorrent to me. I know Chris Kennedy's pedigree, I know what he's accomplished...but what do I know about the man himself? What drives a man to say the things he says? To take the actions he feels are necessary?

    "I could see it as his ego being so large that he thinks he can do as he pleases without repercussions. Or perhaps he feels the need to do it to ensure his success?"

    Cyrus scratches his chin as if he's seriously contemplating it before smiling and turning his gaze back to the entrance ramp.

    "Or perhaps you feel inadequate and are afraid to admit it?"

    That elicits some "oohs" from the crowd as Cyrus continues to smirk and pontificate.

    "Honestly, Chris? Whatever the answer is, this shit has to stop somewhere. Because while I'm glad this match is happening, the way we got here is completely pathetic. It's beneath you, and all it's served to do to me is mildly irritate me. You think you're in control, that you've gotten this whole scenario planned out, but you've continued to make mistake after mistake. And those mistakes will come back to haunt you, but for now? Let's set all that aside for tonight.

    "Chris Kennedy! The World Champion...YOUR champion requests your presence in this ring. MY ring. So stop skulking in the shadows. Stop spewing your nonsense and thinking that you're in the driver's seat. Get out here, and stand in front of me so that I can get the measure of a man who would be a god. And let's see if you're really prepared to step into the eye of this oncoming storm..."

    There is a long pause. An uncomfortable silence as Cyrus stands in the center of the ring, his arms crossed while his face remains calm yet somber. The seconds pass until it's damn near half a minute, and Cyrus visibly grows impatient. Suddenly, "Bittersweet Symphony" plays over the arena's sound system and out walks The Astonishing Chris Kennedy, followed by Bell Connelly. Kennedy in an all black Armani suit, is sporting his typical shit eating grin. He's showboats for the crowd, ignoring the fact that they are not cheering him as they used to, but are instead booing him. Bell Connelly hops onto the apron first and opens up the middle rope for Kennedy, allowing him to enter the ring. Chris smiles at Cyrus and shoots him a wink before sitting in one of the black leather chairs at the table and reclining in it, putting his hands behind his head and his feet on the table.

    "You hear this clown, Bell? This guy over here..."
    Kennedy says.

    "This knucklehead over here, when's he gonna learn?"
    Bell Connelly says, arms crossed as she shakes her head.

    "This clown wants to know if I'm ready for the oncoming storm. I'm from Tampa, Florida, son. We have something called Hurricane season, lasts about 3-5 months out of the year. Our arena football team is the Tampa Bay STORM, our NHL team is the Tampa Bay LIGHTNING, we throw barbecues in the middle of tropical storms and we chase Tornados for leisure. What storm do you think you're bringing me, my guy?"

    "The poop storm. Heh heh."
    Bell says to herself but still mic'd up.

    "It's the 4th of July and I'm American as hell, so the only CYRUS I'm interested in hearing is MILEY. PARTY IN THE USA. It's a great song if you aren't familiar with it. Thing is though, you have made a lot of good points, man, I'm not gonna lie. Contract signings? Nah man, that's a cash grab. They just wanna see me superkick you into 2019, and I'm not gonna do you like that, Cyrus. Also, gonna have to agree with you that that we are the greatest of our generation. You and I debuted close to the same time, I recall. Me in FWA, you in CWA. The top two federations in the world, and there we were at the top of our respective mountains. But then, when I stepped away from the top of my mountain, for reasons I couldn't understand at the time, you came down from yours and took that spot atop mine. Not for nothing, man, you've done good for yourself. Thing is, and I'm sure you've already noticed by now, this isn't the fucking CWA. This is 'big kids' side of the playground, y'know? And now, I understand why you did what you did, why you came to FWA. You could be over there right now, the shiniest, smoothest turd floating in that toilet bowl among all the other turds, and you'd never truly achieve the glory that you've been desperately craving for the last 7 years. You needed to come here and be among the best, and you needed to beat the best. Spoiler alert, Cyrus Truth... I'm the best. You'd be a liar and fool to deny that this is the biggest match of your entire career. It's not the biggest match of mine. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now? Of course you do, you've always been a smart guy."

    Kennedy bites onto the cap of the black ballpoint pen and pulls the pen from it, signing his name onto the contract.

    "Chris, let's just imagine, for a moment here, that I'm not one of the many people in your world going through life with their heads up their ass, existing just to blow smoke up yours. Pretend I don't know what you are saying, and explain it to me."

    "Oh yeah, for sure, man. What I'm saying is that I'm better than you. I've always been better than you and I'll always be better than you. In spite of that, you get to dance with GOD on heavens dance floor, son. I'm going to beat you at Back in Business, I'm going to keep my undefeated streak alive and I'm going to take the FWA Championship away from you. Losing to me at Back in Business will be the greatest thing to ever happen to your somewhat-impressive career and you'll owe me big time. After you sign that contract, you don't have to thank me. You are just going to shake my hand. You WILL shake my hand."

    "I see."
    Cyrus says, pretending to think it over for a moment before signing the contract.

    "Atta boy, Cyrus."
    Kennedy says, extending his hand to Cyrus for him to shake it.

    Cyrus Truth smiles at Chris Kennedy, and the two icons lock hands for the first time ever. Kennedy goes to pull away, but Cyrus doesn't let go. Instead Cyrus smiles at Kennedy and pulls him in. Panic quickly replaces Kennedy's arrogant bravado, his mouth is no longer sporting a smug grin but is instead hanging open with shock. Cyrus lifts Kennedy up over his shoulders before throwing him right through the black table in the center of the ring.

    Langdon Trafford:

    Piers Gallagher:
    NO! What is he doing!??

    David Weinstock: Something he should have done long time ago!

    Cyrus Truth turns his attention to Bell Connelly who quickly scurries out of the ring, leaving her boyfriend in the ring with Truth. She backs up the ramp, removing herself from the situation altogether.

    Cyrus kneels over Chris Kennedy's downed body and picks the FWA championship off the mat. On one knee and looming over Kennedy, he raises the FWA championship high above his head with one hand.

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth's message is clear. Respect is earned, and it would seem that Cyrus Truth respects Chris Kennedy about as much as Chris Kennedy respects him.

    Piers Gallagher:
    WHAT. AN. IDIOT. Chris Kennedy is a living legend, an icon still in his prime, Michael Jordan in the mid-90's, gawdamnit! HE DESERVES RESPECT, HE DESERVES ADULATION, HE DESERVES SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS.

    David Weinstock:
    He deserves exactly what he got!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Either way folks, these two will meet tonight in our main event, Chris Kennedy and Bell Connelly vs Cyrus Truth and Starr. Kennedy will have his chance at retribution in what is a semi-preview of our Back in Business Main Event!

    David Weinstock:
    This is going to be a goooood one! This match in itself is Back in Business worthy!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Cyrus Truth made a terrible mistake, I hope he knows that. Probably not, the man lacks the brain cells required to produce common sense.

    Cyrus's music plays him out as he walks back up the ramp, the FWA championship in hand.


    Total Henhouse - Season 2 Premiere Wedensday August 29th at 9 on the FWA Network! Don't miss this exciting new season where Penny and Jason Randall join the cast! Also, will Ryan Rondo gets inducted into Clan Blackbird!


    The Division 1 Athlete" Tommy Thunder/"Notorious" Izzy Van Doren
    "Eyesnsane" James Hughes/Deception

    We return from commercial break to see all four opponents already in their ring, their entrances having been plaid during the break. We start with Thunder and Eyensane. Lock up and Thunder pushes Deception away. Thunder with shots to Eyensane in the corner and tags in Izzy. Izzy with a flying forearm to Eyensane in the corner and then eats an uppercut from Eyensane. Tag to Deception who chops Izzy. Deception with repeated scoop slams on Izzy. Tag to Eyensane and Thunder. Thunder with shots to Eyensane and a shot to Deception in the corner. Thunder with with a charging spear to Eyensane in the corner and follows it up with a belly-to-belly suplex. Thunder with a shot to Deception. Tag to Deception who splashes Thunder in the corner. Deception with stomps to Thunder. Eyensane gets the tag and keeps Thunder grounded. Quick tag back to Deception who connects with a dropkick to the head of Thunder. Tag to Eyensane who drops an elbow over the head of Thunder. Thunder with a spinebuster on Eyensane. Hot tag to Izzy and tag to Deception. Izzy drops Deception in the corner and throws jabs. Izzy catches Deception with a high knee and a side kick to Eyensane who jumps in. Izzy with a neckbreaker on Deception. Izzy with a roll up on Deception for a two count. Deception with a jumping samoan drop on Izzy that results in a two count. Tag to Eyensane. Thunder pulls Deception out. Eyensane catches Thunder with a dropkick through the ropes. Eyensane catches Izzy with a right hand on the outside. Eyensane is going up top, Izzy jumps up and gives Eyensane a powerslam off the top turnbuckle! Izzy goes for the cover and Eyensane kicks out. Eyensane with a superkick to Izzy. Tag to Deception who drops a kick on the lower leg of Izzy. Thunder with a Gore to Eyensane on the outside. Deception is applying a modified Boston Crab when Thunder is in to break it up. Thunder returns to his corner and is trying to fire up the crowd for a tag. Tag to Thunder. Gore on Deception. Thunder hooks the leg of Deception but only gets the two count. Tommy Thunder grabs Deception by the hair and pulls him up. Eyensane with the hot tag to Deception and he's in the ring with Tommy Thunder.

    Thunder counters an irish whip, sends Eyensane out, Eyensane slides out and eats a clothesline on his way back in. Thunder clotheslines Eyensane over the top rope and Thunder sends him shoulder first into the barricade. Thunder bounces the face of Eyensane off an announce table at ringside. Eyensane kicks the steel steps when Thunder had his hands on him and then follows with a clothesline. Thunder is clutching his hand. Back inside, Eyensane goes to work on the left arm/hand of Thunder. Eyensane is now standing on the hand of Thunder near the ropes. Thunder fights back with right hands. Eyensane with a shoulder bump sending Thunder to the corner. Eyensane works over the fingers of Thunder. Thunder drops Eyensane face first off the corner post. Thunder with repeated corner clotheslines on Eyensane and follows it up with a big takedown. Powerbomb on Eyensane, Thunder hooks the leg and Eyensane kicks out. Eyensane with a big twisting powerbomb plant on Thunder. Eyensane with a right hand to Thunder. Thunder comes firing back with a big clothesline. Thunder has an ankle lock applied. Eyensane is reaching for the ropes. Thunder pulls Eyensane out some more. Eyensane gets to the apron and the referee calls for the break. Thunder pokes the eye of Eyensane with the referee distracted by Izzy yelling at the ref. Thunder holds his face while Eyensane stomps away at him.

    Izzy uses this opportunity to grab a steel chair right from under the time keepers ass and run in. Deception runs in to counter this but is struck with the chair. Eynesane fights back on hits Thunder with a devastating forearm smash. Izzy charges at him right as the ref wakes up and she`strikes Eyensane with the chair and lays him out. The ref sees it and immediately calls for the DQ.

    Here are your winners via DQ: Eyensane and Deception

    An irate Tommy Thunder gets in the refs face before pushing him down to the mat. Tommy and Izzy begin to slowly walk to the ref as he scoots into the corner, but Eyensane and Deception spring to action. Eyensane grabs the chair and smacks Izzy in the back of the head. Tommy Thunder turns around and is met with a big boot from Deception. Eyensane and Deception with the double team on Thunder, stomping away on him as he rolls out of the ring.

    Tommy Thunder walks backwards up the ramp yelling profanities at Eyenane and Deception. Deception is making a "Just Bring It" motion with his hand but the dastardly Tommy Thunder just angrily storms off. Eyensane and Deception bump fists in a show of respect as a half conscious Izzy Van Doren slides out of the ring.


    On the next FWA 24/7, live a day in the life of the Queen of Boop Style, Bell Connelly. From her first bowl of Fruity Pebbles to her nightly bedtime story, find out what pressures the former FWA champion deals with on a daily basis. Experience the highs and lows of a day in her sparkling shoes next Friday following Fight Night!

    We see Bell texting away on her phone, sending people pictures of a great avocado toast she had recently, when she is approached by Starr. Bell instinctively tenses up.

    Starr: Hey, hey now. Calm down, Bell. It’s just me. You know Ian?

    Bell slowly lowers her arms and drops them to the side.

    Starr: There we go. Hey I know last week you tried to interfere at the end of my match and I got a little heated, but just know the problem isn't between us, it's between our partners. Okay?

    Bell: Well I guess so… We kinda stopped hanging out ever since you turned into a freak.

    Starr turns his head and laughs a bit.

    Starr: Well y’know I could say the same thing…

    The air between the two is tense and hostile until Starr puts his hand on Bell’s shoulder.

    Starr: But hey that's neither here nor there. I got ya a little something to remind you of the good times we shared.

    Starr produces a large 8x10 of the two smiling and laughing together.

    Bell: Awwww!!! This is so cute!!

    Starr pats Bell on the back and almost leaves.

    Starr: I almost forgot something here's this…

    He gives Bell a construction paper card adorned with all sorts of googly eyes and Disney stickers. Bell loudly gasps and makes some childlike “give it to me” hands. Starr hands it to her and leaves. On the front of the card it reads “To Bell…” in bubble foam letters. She lifts up the card to show the back to the camera and it says “See you at Back in Business ✌️”. Bell opens the card and giant explosion of glitter and paste covers Bells face. Bell’s smile slowly vanished as she does, merely blinking, her face blank and her eyes dim like she wasn’t even aware of what just happened. She turns around to show the note Starr had placed on her earlier reading “#GlitterBomb”.

    In-show Promo:

    A video of fast-fowarded big-city streets at night plays to an instrumental version of "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West.

    The scenes in the video speed up until the lights on both sides of the street become nothing more than blurred neon yellow lines. The camera shots veer left and right, taking sharp turns before finally pulling up on the final destination:

    BACK IN BUSINESS 13 - Sunday, July 15th 2018 - AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas

    Jiggy John is in the ring along with his fellow Triple J Security cohorts, Jugem Jugem and Jobber Jimbo, who are giving prep talking him and rubbing his shoulders in the corner as he waits for his opponent…

    “He Is” by Ghost hits and out walks Aaron Kendrick to a mixed reaction from the fans but he doesn’t care either way…

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring from Star City, AR and weighing in at two-hundred and forty pounds...he is “The Great I Am”...AARON KENDRICK!

    Langdon Trafford: Kendrick made his presence felt last week in a shocking return and he’s looking to make a statement tonight against Jiggy John

    Piers Gallagher: Well he better be ready, because Jiggy John is no slouch!

    Dave Weinstock: Are you serious?

    Piers Gallagher: I never kid about Jiggy John, Davey!

    Dave Weinstock: Okay...well it will be interesting to see how Kendrick fares tonight with Jugem Jugem and Jimbo at ringside as well


    Aaron Kendrick vs Jiggy John

    Right as the bell sounds, Jiggy John makes a beeline for Kendrick with a clothesline attempt, but Kendrick was more than ready for it and as John turns around he’s struck by spinning wheel kick! Kendrick sends Jiggy John spiraling towards the opposite end of the ring with an irish whip, as he bounces back in time for Kendrick to hit him with a punch to stomach, followed by a russian leg sweep!

    Just as Kendrick is readying Jiggy John to put him away, Jugem and Jimbo enter the ring but Kendrick senses danger and ducks underneath their attack, they both eat respective super kicks for their troubles! Jiggy John has used this brief distraction as recovery time and runs at Kendrick, but Kendrick was ready once more and counters with a spinebuster! He brings up Jiggy John in position...TACK ATTACK! FALCON ARROW CONNECTS! Kendrick hooks the leg…


    Kurt Harrington: Your winner of the match, Aaron Kendrick!
    Kendrick has his hand raised but then quickly exits the ring and walks back up the ramp without looking back. When he gets to the ramp stage though, he once again raises both hands up in the air as if invoking some power from above. Kendrick, with his back turned to the ring and the arena, then suddenly moves his arms into a "X" sign before heading to the back without taking a look back.

    Langdon Trafford: An impressive win for the returning Aaron Kendrick!!! But what is with this kind of strange symbolism he has brought with him back to FWA?? The man has yet to speak out on what his intent is!!

    Dave Weinstock: I should probably try to get him to do a Fireside Chat with me... but you were saying about Jiggy John, Piers?

    Piers Gallagher: Shut up Dave!


    Click! We find ourselves settled nicely into a studio that is rather poorly lit, save for the vibrant lighting centred on a small platform. The platform serves as the focal point for an otherwise nondescript room, more empty than anything else, again save for the stage. Resting upon the platform would be a tripod with a camera in place at its peak, a black director's chair, and two tall plants on either side of the chair, a few feet of space between them to not occupy too much of the frame when the camera is in use. Hanging from the wall about seven feet from the back of the director's chair would be a series of FWA-related posters, from PPV advertisements to DVD covers. As the red light flickers on the camera to signify its recording, a man lets a sigh escape from his lips, adjusting his position in the director's chair. The man sports a black pair of jeans, a black belt with a large and visible belt buckle, a black t-shirt, and a black leather jacket with a black hood draped over his head so as to conceal the unkempt nature of his hail, but the reflection of the FWA X-Fly Championship his eye reveals the man to be none other than himself. He adjusts the belt on his lap before flicking his eyes up from his prize, settling them upon the lens of the camera before him.

    Cromwell: “I gotta tell you; this is feels...GREAT. Gotta tell you me dad might be more happy then me; I was worried that he wouldn’t let me leave with it...

    Kevin smirks as he readjusts the belt

    “I think...I think it would be impossible to count the number of men that have come to FWA in my situation. Well, maybe not impossible…but time-consuming and unnecessary. The unchallengeable fact is that countless hopefuls upon countless hopefuls upon countless hopefuls have all walked on down an FWA ramp towards an FWA ring in the same circumstances, maybe they’re a young kid from a little town in Manchester, that has a whole lot of buzz around them, maybe there’s some prospect that caught their eye in NGW FWA feels can be their next big star. Or maybe it’s some experienced big time wrestler from another company. In droves, they walk down and spout off all their crazy ambitions and potential with a pocket full of unreachable dreams in tow. And do you know what happens to the overwhelming majority of them? They...flop. They crash...and burn. The dream dies after maybe...I don’t know...three or four weeks? After that, they realise that they just can’t do it. On their first night, they’ll have given the generic ‘what I wanna accomplish in FWA is...’ speech...yet only a matter of weeks later they’ve realised that accomplishing those feats is simply impossible for them. After one or two defeats or a couple of setbacks, it dawns on them that they just can’t live up to the hype that they created. Now sure...maybe some of them hang around a little longer. Maybe some of them are a little more...persistent, and that’s something that could be described as admirable...yet it could at the same time be described as...foolish. I’m more inclined to agree with the latter. You see I take the correct view that if you have even the slightest, niggling, creeping doubt that what you said on that first night may not happen...then you need to stop as soon as that thought makes itself known. Carrying on past that pathetic. Without one hundred per cent self’ll accomplish nothing. Not an iota of success will come your way. So going out to the ring when you’ve had thoughts of self-doubt? Well, you’re basically like a lamb to the slaughter, aren’t you? And fighting in the ring like that is not commendable or admirable or respect worthy – it’s disgraceful. It’s insulting. It’s offensive to this industry.’s frequent. It happens all too often. And those men are just as bad...if not worse than the guys who at least have the decency to throw the towel in after a month without wasting everyone’s time. If you believe what you say. Well, this happens."

    Cromwell taps his newly won belt with a fair amount of pride

    “Three matches. That’s all it took, just three matches to do something; it takes people their entire career to do something like what I did last week. Me? It took me three matches, to win this, That’s it. Even if you don’t like me, even if you think I’m all hype, that I’m too cocky for my good. That’s opinion, and you’re entited to it, but opinons can be argued. Facts can’t; and the fact is; In a position where so many have failed. I thrived, You tell me, Whose done what I’ve done. In the space. I’ve done it. Whose risen as fast as I have? Nobody.. And do you wanna know why that is? Because I believe. As I’ve said before, all those other guys say all that crap...but they don’t believe it. Me though? I believe every word that comes out my mouth. I believe every thought that enters my mind. I believe in Kevin Cromwell...and so should all of you. So when I tell you that I will beat any man who’s placed before him...believe it. And when I tell you that Kevin Cromwell will enter FWA’s Hall of Fame...believe it. And when I tell you that Kevin Cromwell will become the greatest X-Fly Champion in and I know that people have a problem with how I won the belt, trust me. I do too, but in the same position TJG would have done the same thing, and I know half the locker room is going to be gunning for me, you know what I say...bring them all on. Bring them all on. Form an orderly line and I’ll make them ALL tap out. One. By. One.

    The segment ends and we throw back to the commentary desk.

    Langdon Trafford: Well guys, fighting words from our new X Division Champion Kevin Cromwell!! It sounds like he is willing to take on all comers at Back in Business!!!

    Piers Gallagher: But not just anyone is getting a shot at the X Division Champion just like that!! You don't just get to waltz into the ring with a genius like Kevin Cromwell, it has to be earned!!

    David Weinstock: And thats why there are still matches here tonight where the winners can force themselves into the title picture for Back in Business!! Its all come down to the wire here, this is the last chance for people to impress and show that they belong!! Because Kevin Cromwell, at Back in Business, will be awaiting!!

    “Cold Skeleton” hits the arena soundsystem as Risky Douglas walks out onto the stage, in his usual quirky manner. Slowly walking out behind him is the larger and more menacing Jack Adams, who cracks his knuckles as he takes the center of the ramp. Douglas glides right by him in his usual carefree manner as he continues down the ramp and into the ring, listening to the words of encouragement from his tag team partner.

    Weinstock: These two guys, they certainly seem proud of what they did last week. They stole a victory over the former North American Champion Mike Parr last week! Stole it! You know they can’t be proud of that victory!

    Piers: Proud? Of course, they’re proud! They just beat the longest reigning North American Champion in history last week!

    Trafford: But they certainly can’t be proud of how it happened, Piers.

    Piers: Who gives a damn how they did it, the fact is that they did and in the FWA history books it now shows that Jack Adams is BETTER than Mike Parr!

    Weinstock: I…Honestly, folks, I just….I apologize for every single thing that Piers says tonight, and well, every night really. It doesn’t reflect the opinions of…well, anyone, truly!

    ‘Giving In” by Adema interrupted Risky’s moment as Mike Parr wasted no time in marching straight down the ramp and stopping just short of the ring, to acknowledge Jack Adams at ringside, pointing at him and yelling that Adams win last week was a “God Damn fluke”. Adams just smiled and cocked his head as if to say “But I still beat ya”. Parr ducked under the ropes and slid into the ring.

    Trafford: We said last week that Mike Parr is focused and on a mission since losing out in the Grand Prix tournament and one has to think that the fire has only grown inside Mike Parr to become more than just the longest reigning North American Champion in history. He wants to be known as the Greatest FWA Champion in history.

    Weinstock: And truthfully, Langdon, I think Parr might be a bit frustrated, a bit inside of his own head, and certainly last week didn’t help. So I think a motivated Mike Parr is going to be ready and eager to get back on track against what may be an overly confident Risky Douglas.

    ‘The Prodigy” Mike Parr vs Risky Douglas

    The two start off with a collar and elbow tie up with Risky quickly transitioning to a side headlock. Parr shoves him into the ropes allowing Risky to rebound with a Shoulderblock that knocks Parr down. Risky runs the ropes, running over Parr and then off the other side as Parr gets to his feet and leapfrogs over Risky on the rebound, before sending Risky to the mat with a lightning fast arm drag take down! Risky back up to his feet but he eats another one for his trouble! Parr applies a submission, pulling back on the arm of Douglas, firmly placing his left hand right into the Adam’s Apple of the fun loving superstar. Parr rears back, applying as much pressure as possible to the shoulder and arm. Risky manages to get out of the hold and back to his feet but it was certainly a struggle to outwrestle Mike Parr.

    Douglas and Parr exchange rear wristlocks before Risky counters into a rear waistlock and then takes Parr down with a Belly to Back Takedown Risky looks to apply a submission but Parr quickly wrestles his way out of it and the two have a little bit of a scuffle as they try to avoid being tangled up on the mat. Both men back to their feet and this time Risky calls for a Test of Strength. Risky reaches one arm up in the air, and waits for Parr to oblige before sucker punching him right in the jaw! Parr was stunned by the action and the impact, which allowed Risky to deliver a series of knife edge chops! Parr backs up to the corner, with Risky following him in and delivering a few more hard right hands but Parr starts to fight back with a knee to the gut! Parr with a right hand of his own and then he slams Risky’s head into the turnbuckle! Parr whips Risky into the opposite turnbuckle and looks for a corner splash but Risky drops out of the way! Risky calls for the referee’s attention and when he gets it, Adams reaches into the ring, grabs “The Prodigy” by the foot and throws him into the steel steps! The referee starts to count and reaches 5, as Parr gets to his feet….but Risky Douglas is perched up on the top rope inside the ring and dives all the way to the outside with a crossbody onto Parr below! The referee restarts his count as both men lay motionless outside the ring. Jack Adams is yelling words of support to Risky from a close distance as the referee raches the count of 6! Risky uses the apron to pull himself up as Parr is just now beginning to stir! Risky enters the ring at 7 as Parr crawls towards the ring! The referee is at 8 as Parr clutches the ring apron! The ninth finger goes up as Risky drapes his body over the ring apron and rolls into the ring but Risky like a rabid dog goes back on the attack and immediately puts Parr into a Dragon Sleeper submission!

    The crowd is pretty 50/50 in this match with a lot of the pure wrestling fans siding with Parr. That contingent of the crowd begins to chant his name as Risky yells out that “He’s overrated, anyways!” Parr begins to show signs of life as he begins to wriggle free, eventually fighting his way out of the hold! Parr begins to fight back with a series of strikes, runs the ropes and runs right into a dropkick from Douglas! Risky with a standing Moonsault!



    Parr kicks out and Risky argues that it was 3 but to no avail. Risky goes right back to work, stomping away at The Prodigy before grabbing him by his skull as he climbs up to the top turnbuckle, looking for a Tornado DDT but Parr says no way! Parr breaks up the attempt and starts laying into Douglas with some fierce rights as Douglas is left sitting on the top turnbuckle. Parr climbs up to the top with him and delivers a ring shaking SuperPlex! Both men roll in pain on the mat. The referee’s count reaches 5, before both men get back up. Risky and Parr exchange rights and lefts in the middle of the ring, before Risky delivers a thumb to the eye and then whips Parr into the ropes but Parr comes back with a Busaiku Knee Kick! Risky slowly back to his feet as Parr regathers himself but when Risky does get back up, he’s leveled with a hard clothesline! Then a second one! Douglas up again only to eat an enziguiri and then a Shining Wizard! Parr covers!



    Only a two count for Parr who grabs Douglas by his hair and pulls him up to his feet before ramming his knee to the gut and then whipping him into the ropes, but Douglas holds the ropes, preventing a rebound. Parr charges towards him but Risky ducks down and back body drops him over the top rope, but Parr hangs on and lands on the apron! Risky turns around and delivers a hard right before reaching over to grab Parr’s hair but Parr grabs Risky’s neck and hangs him up on the apron! Risky bounces backwards and falls to the mat as Parr climbs up to the top rope and calls for his X Marks the Spot!

    Parr is about to leap off the mat when Jack Adams gets up on the apron! Parr begins to threaten Adams as the referee runs over to admonish Adams….Risky shoves the referee into the ropes, crotching Parr on the top rope! Parr slowly falls forward off the turnbuckle to the mat , right into an elevated pin bby Risky!!!




    Here is your winner – Risky Douglas!
    Risky Douglas gets up to celebrate getting the pin, but Mike Parr blindsides him from behind!!! A furious Parr plants Risky with a quick rolling cutter and then dives out of the ring just as Jack Adams comes in!!!

    Parr grabs a chair and tries to get back into the ring with it, but Jack Adams baseball slides into the chair, knocking Parr back!!! Parr throws a fit ringside, smacking the fan barricade with the chair a few times as Adams beckons him back to the ring now. Instead, Parr yanks a mic away from Kurt Harrington and walks back up the ramp while ranting at Risky and Adams.

    Parr: "I held that NA Championship for almost a year... I am a triple crown threat, I am the Prodigy, I am the man who was a breath and a hair away from being FWA WORLD CHAMPION!!! YOU WILL NOT HUMILIATE ME!!! YOU WILL NOT!!! HUMILIATE!!! ME!!!!!!!!!!"

    In the ring, Jack Adams yells out "Oh I think we already did!!" at Parr, who is still retreating and ranting at the same time.

    "This isn't over, oh no, this isn't over, because at Back in Business, you two won't be pulling your two-on-one shenanigans on me... I'll be bringing in a partner, I'm bringing in backup to Back in Business, and when we're done with you, we'll see to it that you two clowns are never fit to step into a FWA ring EVER AGAIN!!!"

    Parr hurls the mic down on the ramp stage and exits the arena as Jack Adams helps Risky Douglas up.

    Langdon Trafford: Make that two for two for Risky Jack members against Mike Parr guys, but Parr has thrown down a BIB challenge to Risky Jack, it seems, and he promises to not be coming into BIB alone!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Two fluke wins, both when the numbers game was turned against Parr!! Looks like their luck is up at Back in Business though!!

    Risky, clutching his neck, is caught by the ringside camera saying 'tell that son of a bitch to bring it...", to which Jack Adams smacks Risky on the back and says "Thats what I'm talking about!!" Risky winces from the pain as Cold Skeleton plays once more.


    We return to Fight Night where Yodakkey West Virginia, a heavily made-up, obese man who is naked except for an American flag-themed mankini, is dancing around in the ring with a mic in one hand and a sparkler in the other. In the ring, the ring ropes have been covered up with red white and blue spreads and a table with patriotic foodstuffs, a massive red white and blue cake, and pictures of great American heros such as Lincoln Reilly, Mike Gundy, and Paul George.


    Yodakkey points to himself with his sparkler.


    Yodakkey is cut off as "Number of the Beast" by Nirvana begins to play. Out onto the entrance ramp steps Wolf. The fans packed into the arena can't help but boo their hearts out as Wolf just smirks. As the music fades out, Wolf raises a mic.

    Wolf: The American dream?! The American dream is not having to listen to a fat tranny who got humiliated by Lord Dog lecture me on what it means to be a patriot!

    More boos rain down as Wolf's face grows red.

    Wolf: I AM THE AMERICAN DREAM! And just like I proved last week and the week before that, I will go to any lengths, and I mean any lengths to keep the bottom-feeding, minimum-wage swiping scum of the earth like you from infiltrating a fine organization like this and stealing the championship belts we built with our blood and sweat.

    The veins on Wolf's neck pop as the fans boo again. In the ring, Yodakkey is aghast to hear that his American hero doesn't actually think much of him.

    Wolf: You better stop before you get hurt. Not so easy when you're not cruising in your Fischer-Price Big Wheels waiting for your mom to tell you dinner is ready, is it?

    Wolf shrugs to himself and the booing crowd. Yodakkey grows angrier in the ring as he shouts back.

    Yodakkey: I'm on your side WOLF!!!! You think you can just insult me, a REAL AMERICAN like that???

    Wolf nods.


    Wolf: I don't need an invitation to come to the ring.. Because this is MY show. I've helped build this show from the ground up and put it on the map. So when I want to go somewhere? I go.

    Wolf charges the ring. Yodakkey tries to get into WOLFs face, but WOLF slaps the sparkler right out of YWVs hand and throws him out of the ring, knocking over the picture of Paul George in the process.

    As members of the crowd split between booing WOLF and ironically cheering him, WOLF looks around to see that the giant cake is untouched.

    Wolf: Good good, lets REALLY get this celebration started now!!! To my big surprise, COME ON OUT NOW!!!

    The top of the cake suddenly pops open, and the crowd gasps as out jumps... a midget Tristan James Galloway. Well, a feminine-looking midget, with a glittery sash that reads "Ms. Polynesia" around his torso, but otherwise dressed in the same style as Galloway, down to having a mini-fedora to boot. The midget twirls around and starts singing the happy birthday song.

    Midget: "Happy Birthday, Ameh-ricaaaaaa..."

    Wolf: Wait, wait, WAIT JUST A GODDAMN MINUTE.... somethings off about you Tristan... I see. I see it now... you're not Polynesian at all!!! YOU'RE A DIRTY MEXICAN MS13 RAPIST!!!

    WOLF suddenly grabs the midget and throws him down from the cake!! The midget faceplants to the canvas with a thud as WOLF whips out of nightstick from the back of his pants and starts beating the helpless midget. The crowd explodes with boos now as WOLF savagely beats the midget, to the point where the TJG wig has fallen off the midgets head. The crowd starts a chant of "TJG-TJG-TJG" to bring out the Polynesian Powerhouse.

    Wolf: Chant how loud you want he is not here tonight!! Unless somebody goes in and gets him out here to be sacrificed. See, when I say 'blood sacrifice' it makes you think of nerds in robes with really cool-looking knives, right? That's not always the case. Some rituals, older rituals most often, require blood to spill and that is exactly what I am planning to do at Back in Business!

    Wolf is interrupted with video highlighting the Freedom provided by USA to those in need.

    "Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

    The video feed cuts away from the ring and out of the stadium completely, taking us out onto the streets of Oklahoma itself. The footage is shown on the big screen as a black muscle car is seen racing through the streets. An unfamiliar song starts to play over the loud speakers, the voices lending their pacing to the footage being shown.


    Piers Gallagher: Wait a minute, what's going that outside?

    Langdon Trafford: I don't know where this footage is coming from...

    Wolf glares at the big screen intently, watching as the car hits the corners hard and barrels down the streets at high speeds, moving with a very specific purpose.


    Piers Gallagher: Where the hell are the police at?! You could kill somebody driving around like that at night!

    David Weinstock: That IS outside! It's right outside the arena!

    The car swings around into the entrance of the stadium, racing down through the twists and turns of the parking garage. The noise from the fans begins to get a little louder, with many of them trying to get some chants started.

    "...BUT NOBODY..."

    Piers Gallagher: Everybody down there LOOK OUT, there's a madman on the loose!

    The car comes charging down the final ramp, with the noise of the crowd drawing nearer with each passing second. Several screams ring out as the car comes crashing right through a large glass panel with the BACK IN BUSINESS logo across it!


    Silence overtakes the vehicle's engine as it sits there next to the stage. The fans - along with Wolf as well - watch carefully until the driver's side door opens. There isn't any movement at first but the loud speakers suddenly erupt with "TURN THE PAGE" and the fans roar.

    Langdon Trafford: He is heeeeeere!!!!

    Wolf shakes his head and climbs out of the ring, charging up the ramp towards the stage while Tristan steps out of the car. He slams the door shut then hops onto the hood of the car, running up onto the roof and leaping onto the stage as Wolf arrives. Wolf runs right at him with the nightstick but Tristan shoots low and tackles Wolf almost immediately, as the two begin exchanging punches while they roll around on the stage! The music fades out but the fans are hot for the action, as Wolf gets on top then he starts bashing Tristan's skull into the steel surface of the stage until Tristan rocks him with a solid forearm shot, then regains the advantage! He lands several hard shots to the big man's face then yanks him up, blasting him with a head-butt right to the face! Wolf knees Tristan and takes few steps back WOLF CHARGES WITH A SPEAR AND GALLOWAY COUNTERS WITH A SPEAR OF HIS OWN!!! Tristan jumps up calling out wolf. Wolf pulls himself up and Galloway lifts him up and DELIVERS JACKHAMMER ON THE HOOD OF THE CAR!!! The security floods the stage to stop Galloway from tearing Wolf apart. WOLF is almost bent in half on the indented hood of the car.

    Piers Gallagher: He is not supposed to be here!

    Langdon Trafford: Ashley gave Tristan night off to protect the match at Back in Business, yet here he is!!! He's here, and he's just made sure that WOLFs diabolical provcations and what happened last week with the X Division title have not gone unpunished!!! Is this the scene we'll be seeing at Back in Business?? Will Tristan James Galloway finally slay the demon that is WOLF and liberate the North American Championship???


    David Weinstock: Wolf deserves everything he gets! WOLF cost Tristan Galloway the X Division Championship!!! Well, from the looks of things, Tristan won't be title-less for long, because the next stop is Back in Business, and Tristan will take the North American Championship!!!


    We cut away from the chaos in the parking lot to another part of backstage, where we see Penny in search of a replacement partner for her match later this evening. Ty Johnson, her originally scheduled tag team partner, has been suspended due to being in possession of some very bad stuff and unfortunately leaving Penny without a tag team partner.

    Penny is wearing a “D.A.R.E. to keep kids off drugs” t-shirt, appropriately enough. She’s walking the halls of the backstage area as the camera follows her, as she holds Fred in her arms and Norman is in her backpack with his little head and paws sticking out all cute like. First, she runs into Paulie the Safety Parrot, but before she can even say anything, poor Paulie makes a run for it. She frowns and carries on down the hall before running into a dejected Yodakkey West Virginia, she walks up behind him and clears her throat. Yodakkey turns around, looking rather annoyed by her.

    Penny: Hi um, yeah I know this is short notice and all, but would you wanna be my tag team partner for this evening? I know you must be tired from that amazing Red, White, and Blue Independence Day Celebration, but I was just wondering if you could also do me a solid and help me out tonight, please?

    Yodakkey looks at her, still annoyed.

    Yodakkey: Look here short stack, I ain’t got time to worry about you and your little problem, why don’t you have one of them little kitty cats you carry around be your tag team partner!

    Yodakkey walks away leaving Penny looking crestfallen as Katie Lynn Goldsmith walks up with a microphone in hand.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Penny, have you been able to find a replacement tag team partner for tonight?

    She looks at Katie with a glum expression.

    Penny: No, unfortunately I haven’t. Maybe Yodakkey is right, maybe I should just team up with Fred or Norman.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Don’t listen to that guy! What about Jason?

    Penny: Oh no, he said he has to deal with... someone... first. Also, he said his shoulder is sore and he needs to fix it...

    She shrugs.

    Penny: I guess I can just go it alone. I mean there’s no shame in that, right? I just wish Ty hadn’t done what he did, he really let me down. If he were here right now I’d tell him that drugs are bad, he should know that!

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: What about those brownie snacks you gave Dave Weinstock?

    Penny: I don’t know what you mean…

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Nevermind that. Look, don’t get so down. I don’t like seeing you this way, you’re usually chipper and ready to take on any challenge ahead of you. If you have to go at it alone, then so be it!

    Penny smiles.

    Penny: You’re right Katie, I shouldn’t be letting this get me down and forgetting about my opponents. XYZ is a tough cookie and Lord Dog, while a bit odd yet a lovely singing voice, is no stranger to tag team wrestling and I can’t take them lightly or take my off the ball! I’m gonna go out there and give it my all!

    The camera swing away from Penny to reveal.... Dave Sullivan, dressed in somewhat-ill-but-still-fitting ring gear.

    Sullivan: "Listen Penny, I know that Ty let you down tonight by doing what he did... hell, he let us all down. Leopards can't change their spots, and I'm sorry that you have to pay the price for his bad decisions. But I won't let you or the FWA fans down, they deserve a tag team matchup, you deserve a partner thats going to help you solidify your place at BIB, and by god if Ty can't get himself together to give 'em that, then this old warrior will! I've already cleared it with FWA management, but what do you say, huh? Give me a chance to atone for my clients mistake, whats say you?"

    Penny gives Sullivan a long look...before smiling and nodding her head

    Penny: Sure, I don't see why not! I guess it wasn't so hard to find a partner after all, was it Katie?

    Katie smiles and nods. Penny shakes Sullivan's hand in agreement.

    Penny: Well, I guess I'll see you out there, partner!

    She skips along down the hallway with glee, while Dave watches her with a confused look...


    We go to the ring area as "One Headlight" by the Wallflowers hits and the very, very unorthodox XYZ begins to make his entry. He swoons delightfully down to the ring with his cape. The commentators make note of how weird this guy is but they also think that the pairing with Lord Dog could be fruitful a la Ghost Dog. They also talk about how XYZ may want to get some sort of revenge on Jason Randall after losing to him on the previous edition of Fight Night. XYZ doesn't even get into the ring as he awaits his partner. It doesn't take long as "Stir It Up" belts out over the PA system and the Lecter mask-wearing Lord Dog makes his way down to the ring. The commentary team make note of Lord Dog's previous tag team wrestling success but caution whether even he can get something out of XYZ. The two seem like an odd pairing but they seem on the same page as they get into the ring together.

    Now, there's a change in the mood as "Scandal" hits and Penny makes her way down to the ring. She skips down without a care in the world - other than making sure people can see her D.A.R.E. shirt clearly. She even gets into the ring and skips around Lord Dog and XYZ, somewhat taunting them. The commentary team are keen to point out their surprise that Penny struggled to find a tag partner given her experience and how much she has improved recently. But they also point out their surprise that Dave Sullivan was so eager to make up for his client's mistakes. There's a hint of disbelief and distrust about the whole thing. Piers Gallagher shakes the notion off as "Arsonist's Lullabye" hits and the re-debuting Dave Sullivan makes his way to the ring. The commentary team list the achievements of Sullivan, who looks happy to be wrestling again, and detail why he could be a great partner for Penny in this match. They surmise that this could be Sullivan's big chance to re-establish himself as a dominant force once more. With all four participants in the ring, the referee gets ready to start the match....

    Tag Team Match
    Lord Dog & XYZ vs Penny & Dave Sullivan

    The Beginning: Both Lord Dog and XYZ suddenly seem to have issues deciding who starts the match off whilst Sullivan allows Penny to take the initiative. He gets out of the ring and, after spying XYZ and Lord Dog still arguing, drops down onto the floor and makes his way to the opposite side of the ring. He jumps in and clubs XYZ from behind whilst a distracted Lord Dog gets taken out by a dropkick from Penny. Sullivan ends up throwing XYZ to the outside, taking charge of the situation, as Penny and Lord Dog are the only two left in the ring which prompts the referee to ring the bell and get the match officially started. Penny stomps on XYZ inside the ring for a few moments until the referee backs her away. XYZ, on his knees, simply gives a blank stare at Penny before getting on all fours and slinking towards her. The unorthodox movements seem to spook her and provide a slight comedic moment in the match as Penny tries to get away from an advancing XYZ whilst Sullivan deals some damage to Lord Dog on the outside with kicks before returning to his team's corner on the apron. Seeing the ridiculousness in the ring, Sullivan demands Penny attack and that she does. She storms forward and wipes out the on-all-fours XYZ with a shining wizard and goes for a quick pin attempt... but XYZ powers out of it and looks extremely upset with Penny. He points at her and shouts that the dream will never die... before allowing her to kick at him. Somehow, the kicks seem to be having little to no effect as XYZ hulks up. Penny runs at her opponent but ends up flat on her back as she receives a hip toss followed by a leg drop. Sullivan storms into the ring to protect his partner but he ends up receiving the same moves. Lord Dog gets into the ring to back up his partner but XYZ is on a rampage and ends up hip tossing him too! Everyone but XYZ is down! XYZ doesn't know what to do with himself and tries to help his partner back up - Lord Dog accepts his help but tells XYZ off for hip tossing him. Sullivan rolls out of the ring whilst Penny is picked up and hit with a quick snap suplex. A pin attempt is carried out but Sullivan grabs XYZ and pulls him out of the ring - hitting him with a quick combo followed by a crunching muay thai kick to the body. Lord Dog is aware of this and hits the ropes before jumping over with a massive somersault senton to wipe out Sullivan! The match is all over the place!

    The Middle: After a brief period of chaos to kick the match off, Lord Dog and Sullivan are in the ring after making respective tags. XYZ can be heard frequently yelling useless factoids as a way to cheer Lord Dog on... Penny urges Sullivan to think about D.A.R.E. and all the kids he will inspire to stay off drugs with his actions. It's clear this is a weird match but Lord Dog seems to have the upper hands on Sullivan as he's able to parry most combo attempts from Ty Johnson's manager. The ring rust is starting to show as Sullivan is slow to react to a series of clotheslines, that knock him down, followed by a superman punch. It doesn't get any better for him as he ends up eating a running knee strike in the corner as he tries to stand up. LD tries to go for a pin but Penny is in quickly and breaks it up whilst XYZ simply stands and tilts his head at his team's respective corner. Lord Dog shakes his head and seems a little disappointed but XYZ continues to cheer him on with nonsensical statements. This distracts Lord Dog for a brief moment, however, and Sullivan is able to shoot low and take him by surprise - he secures the takedown and tries to deliver some ground and pound damage. This prompts XYZ to run in... but the referee prevents him from making the save as he's not the legal man. Whilst the referee is distracted, Penny gets into the ring and she helps Sullivan deliver a double team suplex to Lord Dog before sneaking back out - XYZ tries to convey this to the referee but doesn't quite articulate himself well enough in doing so... leaving the referee blankly staring at him. In terms of action, Sullivan now has Lord Dog where he wants him as he tries to apply The Steel Curtain kimura lock! Penny teases XYZ about the situation but fails to notice Lord Dog resisting very well. Infact, he is able to sum up the strength and lift Sullivan up as he continues to try and force the kimura lock on. Struggling to keep balance, Lord Dog carries Sullivan and uses him as a battering ram to knock Penny off of the apron before Sullivan drops off of him, letting go of the hold. Lord Dog delivers a few stiff forearms (holding his arm after each one due to the damage from the kimura) before he takes a run at Sullivan and hits him with the backflip kick! He grabs Sullivan and looks to whip him but Sullivan reverses and Lord Dog gets sent towards the ropes... where XYZ, inexplicably, slaps his back and gets the tag! Lord Dog halts in his movements and turns to his partner, slightly confused, but XYZ explains that "this is the answer" before Lord Dog gets sent flying out of the ring after taking a roundhouse kick from behind...

    The Finish: A series of communication errors have left XYZ and Lord Dog in trouble at various points in the match but they seem to be in control now. XYZ, somehow, managed to turn the tables on Sullivan and then Penny and then Sullivan again whilst Lord Dog watched from the sidelines - constantly getting bumped off of the apron by Sullivan and Penny at random points. In the ring with Penny, XYZ has full control as he continues to use his unorthodox movements to bamboozle her - mostly dodging all kick attempts from her. He grabs her and hits a snap suplex followed by an elbow drop and makes the cover... but Sullivan charges in to break up the pin - and then receives a swift left hand from Lord Dog, also in the ring. A bit of a brawl breaks out between Lord Dog and Sullivan and the referee has to get in between the two men and send them back out of the ring. But as Lord Dog walks away, Sullivan runs past the referee and makes a beeline for him. Luckily, XYZ is aware of the danger and delivers a boot to the gut of Sullivan before hitting a step up hurricanrana that sends him flying to the outside! Lord Dog thanks his partner but warns him that Penny is recovering. XYZ tells him that the dream will never die as he makes his way to the top rope, clearly looking to hit a high flying move. However, Penny recovers and gets up top too. The duo fight it out for a few moments but XYZ gets the upper hand and then hits a top rope blockbuster! The big move completely wipes Penny out! Sullivan is still on the outside too! This could be the chance for XYZ! He gets back up and gets back to the turnbuckle, this time doing an extremely prolonged headstand before falling down and nailing Penny with a senton! The fans are expecting the cover but, inexplicably, XYZ decides to tag in Lord Dog! Lord Dog gets into the ring but is extremely confused and asks XYZ what he's playing at. Whilst trying to understand his tag partner, Lord Dog doesn't notice Sullivan back at his corner and Penny inching ever closer to him... she eventually makes the tag! This snaps Lord Dog and XYZ out of it a little too late - Sullivan comes storming into the ring and sends XYZ flying outside with a clothesline before turning around to a punch from Lord Dog.... but he ducks under and drives Lord Dog's head to the mat with a RKO out of nowhere! The referee jumps down and makes the cover....1...2....3!

    Winners: Dave Sullivan & Penny

    Langdon Trafford: Dave Sullivan re-debuts and wins the match for his team! He must be ecstatic!

    David Weinstock: Quite... all a little too perfect for him if you ask me.

    Piers Gallagher: You can thank that gibbering idiot ABC! What the HELL was he doing!?

    The question seems to be on everyone's mind but Sullivan and Penny don't care as the referee raises their hands in the ring! Penny is keen to flaunt her D.A.R.E. top off and Sullivan makes mention of Ty Johnson as she does so. Eventually, the makeshift duo leave the ring and begin to make their way up the ramp. Lord Dog is seething as he comes to whilst XYZ has no idea what has just happened. Sullivan points at them both and smiles as the victors make their way backstage. Inside the ring, XYZ and Lord Dog have a bit of a face off with each other. Clearly, the two are speaking about the match and Lord Dog is not happy with the breakdowns in communication and XYZ's in-ring eccentricity. Eventually, there appears to be a peace offering from XYZ... but Lord Dog simply looks at the ground and shakes his head before leaving the ring and walking to the back by himself.

    Langdon Trafford: Is it over before it even began for these two?

    The screen cuts away.


    We come back from commercial with an overhead shot of the cheering fans in the arena.

    "Greenback Boogie" suddenly plays as the fans cheer for Danny Toner! Toner shimmies onto the ramp stage, throwing his trademark charisma left and right. On the stage, Toner suddenly points to the titantron, which cuts away from his entrance video to display a graphic of BIB 13 along with the bolded words:


    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Fight Night, and just after we saw Penny and a returning Dave Sullivan seemingly punch their ticket to Back in Business 13, someone else is here looking for clarity at the big show in Texas!!! Danny Toner is here, and he has made it known that he is looking for competition at Back in Business!!

    David Weinstock: Earlier this week in our interview segment, guys, Toner stated loud and clear that he couldn't care less about Jason Randalls challenge and would have a bigger and better challenge of his own!!! Lets see who is willing to step up to the plate against IHG!!

    Toner struts up into the ring and gestures for a mic. He twirls his hand in the air to signal for Greenback Boogie to cease playing. Toner is about to speak, but a sudden vocal chant of "RANDALL!! RANDALL!!" suddenly cuts him off. Toner looks a little annoyed, but tries to play off of the distraction. He laughs into the mic and shakes his head.

    Toner: "Li-"

    Toner is immediately cut off as "Gangsters Paradise" suddenly blares out in the arena!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Thats Randalls music!!!!!!

    Its Jason Randall!!! Randall flies down the arena ramp as the crowd explodes!! In the ring, Toner immediately drops the mic, and as Randall slides into the ring, both of them grab each other by the back of the neck and start straight punching each other in the face!!!! Toner pushes Randall away and lands a kick to Randalls gut!! Toner runs the ropes, but Randall leaps forward and presses right on top of Toner!! Randall is raining punches down on Toner as security streams out to separate them!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Jason Randall is answering Toners challenge!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Randall just won't take no for an answer!!

    David Weinstock: Randall wouldn't let Danny Toners disrespect of him go unanswered!!! I think we have our answer now, guys, if Toner wants a fight at Back in Business, heres the man hes going to have to deal with!!!

    Security get into the ring and pull Randall off of Toner. Toner spits at Randall, but then Randall breaks free of the security holding him back!!! Toner is still being held by security on his side, and is helpless as Randall lands a Killshot Knee right to the side of Toners head!!! Toner collapses into his security, and the whole group of people tumble down!!! The security on Randalls side finally gets a hold of him and drags him outside the ring. Randall is still yelling something inaudible at Toner, who struggles up inside the ring. Toner glares at Randall with a face of sudden rage, and then suddenly charges and flings himself over the top rope with a huge senton, taking out both Randall and his group of security!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Toner takes flight and fires back!!!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Can we take that as a sign that the challenge has finally been accepted??

    David Weinstock: Randall wanted Toners attention, and now he damn well has got it!!!

    FWA staffers and refs are now pouring out as well as Toner finds Randall amid the group of bodies and the two men start choking each other!!! Fight Night suddenly cuts to a commercial with the brawl in the arena yet to be resolved, and the arena crowd split between "RANDALL!!" and "DANNY!!!!" chants!!!


    "The Exile" Cyrus Truth/"Interstellar Shaman" Starr vs "BEAUTYxBEAST" Bell Connelly/"Astonishing" Chris Kennedy

    The bell rings and it looks like Kennedy and Starr will kick things off. Kennedy goes behind Starr and takes him down to the mat. Starr gets to his feet and clamps on a head lock. Kennedy fights right out, and the two trade off for a bit working on each other’s arms. Kennedy is able to put on a headlock, but Starr sends him into the ropes, only to eat a big shoulder block. Starr comes right back with a big back elbow. Starr tags out to Truth and we get a double hip toss. Truth hits a crazy leg drop that’s good for two. Truth locks on an arm bar and wont let go. Kennedy is able to back him into the corner to tag Bell. Bell comes in and works over Truth’s arm, wrenching it. Truth comes back with a couple of rights to the face, before tagging out to Starr. Starr comes in with a huge dropkick that’s good for a two count. Bell comes right back with a huge suplex, planting Starr for a two count. Kennedy comes in and beats on Starr before choking him in the ropes and allowing Bell to get a cheap shot. Kennedy beats on Starr in the corner. Starr tries to fight back, but Kennedy takes him to the mat with an arm bar. Starr is able to fight up to his feet and break the hold, but Kennedy takes him right to the mat with a big belly to belly suplex. Kennedy tries for a leg drop, but Starr moves and Kennedy misses. Truth tags in and hits Kennedy with a series of forearms and a big flying forearm. Truth sends Bell from the apron, but he’s thrown into the turnbuckles by Kennedy and hit with a power bomb for another two count. Bell tags in and hits a high angle elbow drop for two. Frequent tags as Kennedy comes in to pound on Truth’s back, and Bell tags right back in to hit a big neckbreaker for another near fall. Bell locks on a crossface and transitions into a front face lock. Truth fights up to his feet and tries to make it to his own corner, but Bell kicks him in the gut. Truth reverses a neckbreaker with a backslide, but Bell hits a huge dropkick for a two count. Kennedy tags in and grabs Truth’s arms, burying his knee in his back and pulling back.

    Langdon Trafford: Chris Kennedy stretching Cyrus out here, Bell still in the ring. High octane energy from all involved parties.

    David Weinstock: This is great, I can't think of a better way to spend independence day. This is one of those matches you just sit back and enjoy, the kind that don't happen often.

    Piers Gallagher:
    This match is great but I'm still in total awe about how jacked that eagle was earlier. I said it before and I'll say it again, only in America could an eagle look so damn jacked!

    Once out of the hold, Truth tries to fight back against both challengers. A blind tag leads to a double team face buster from Kennedy and Bell for another two count. Bell locks on a side head lock and shows off, doing a headstand to apply more pressure. Truth is able to get to his feet and fight out of the hold. Truth reverses a suplex with a small package, but Bell kicks out and goes right back to the attack before tagging out to Kennedy. Kennedy comes in and takes Truth into the corner, hitting him with a right before seating him on the top. Truth fights Kennedy off and hits a big tornado DDT. Both men make the tag and Starr comes in with a crazy series of forearms and dropkicks. Starr hits a series of shoulder blocks on Bell and the crowd is pumped. Starr tries a Running Busaiku Knee Smash, but Bell avoids it. Starr tries for the Lights Out, but can’t hit that either as Bell reverses the the kick. Starr hits a beautiful top rope cross budy, but a pin is broken up by Kennedy. Starr sends Kennedy from the ring, and when he comes back in he’s met with a rocker dropper from Bell. Truth breaks up the pin, then leaps over the top on to Kennedy. Bell turns around into the Lights Out in the ring, and he takes the pin but the pin is broken up by Kennedy.

    Langdon Trafford: Aaaaaand Chris Kennedy breaks up the pin.

    David Weinstock: It was almost LIGHTS OUT for Bell Connelly but her partner was there with the save.

    Piers Gallagher:
    This match is great but I'm still in total awe about how jacked that eagle was earlier. I said it before and I'll say it again, only in America could an eagle look so damn jacked! Chris Kennedy and Bell Connelly have such amazing chemistry, neither one of of them is going to let anything bad happen to the other one.

    Bell kicks Starr in the gut and goes right to work with a series of right hands. Bell beats on Starr in the corner before dropping him with a front suplex. Starr comes back, knocking Bell to the mat before sending her from the ring. Starr launching himself through the ropes with a big dropkick that takes Bell into the barricade. Bell comes back, sending Starr into the ring steps hard. Bell sends things back into the ring where she hits a big Russian leg sweep that’s good for a two count. Bell locks in a shoulder submission. Bell takes Starr out and goes for the pin, but is only able to get a two count. Bell stomps at Starr wearing him out before hitting him with forearms and stomps in the corner. Starr fights back and heads out to the apron. Bell is quick to stop him and the two men head up to the top rope where Bell hits a superplex. Bell doesn’t land nicely and he grabs his head. Starr rolls up Bell for a near fall, but Bell comes right back with a couple of kicks. Starr sends himself and Bell to the outside with a big clothesline over the top rope. Bell sends things back into the ring for another near fall. Bell heads up to the middle rope, but leaps off into a fist to the gut. Starr catches Bell with a couple of boots to the face and a missile dropkick for a two count. Starr tries for another Lights Out, but Bell fights it off. Starr hits a drop toe hold to send Bell into the ropes. Starr tries for a cross body, but misses and is rolled up for a two count. Bell pushes Starr into the corner. Starr tries for the tornado DDT, but Bell pushes him away. Bell heads to the top for a moonsault press, but still only gets two. Bell then tags in Chris Kennedy.

    Starr blocks a couple of kicks from Kennedy, and they tie up in the ropes. Starr locks on a headlock, and Kennedy pushes him off. Starr hits a shoulderblock, but it then taken over with a hip toss. Kennedy takes Starr into the corner and ties up his leg in the ropes, kicking at his knee. Kennedy takes Starr over with a head lock takeover. Starr fights up, and Kennedy takes him over again. Starr fights out of the hold, but Kennedy kicks at his knee. Kennedy continues the assault, kicking at his knee and hitting a kneeDT. Starr backs Kennedy up, kicking him into the corner and backflipping over him, but another kick to the back of the leg takes Starr to the mat. Kennedy locks in a submission hold focusing on the knee, kicking at Starr’s knee. Starr mounts Kennedy and blasts him with some nasty elbows, then kicks at him, hits a big upper cuts and sends him into the ropes. Starr misses a dropkick, and Kennedy hits a curb stomp! Kennedy pins Starr for a two count. Kennedy picks Starr up and sends him over the top rope to the outside. Starr ducks a baseball slide and backs Kennedy into the barricade hard. Starr suplexes Kennedy on top of the barricade and hits him with a dropkick to the face to send him into the timekeeper’s area. Starr sends Kennedy into the ring and heads to the top to hit a giant missile dropkick. Starr pins Kennedy for a two count. Starr hits Kennedy with a couple of nasty kicks to the side before hitting a snap mare and trapping Kennedy’s arms in a seated abdominal stretch. Kennedy kicks at Starr to rattle Starr, but Starr hits a knee drop, breaking the hold. Kennedy comes back, taking Starr to the mat, but he’s caught with a small package for two. Starr blasts Kennedy with a knee to the gut, then a kick to the back for another near fall. Finally, Starr tags Cyrus Truth back into the match.

    Kennedy and Cyrus circle the ring for a bit and we get a lock up, only for Kennedy to shove Truth away. Kennedy takes Truth out with a shoulder block and Truth bails to the outside. Truth heads back in and slaps Kennedy, and Kennedy freaks out. Kennedy slams Truth’s face into the corner turnbuckle repeatedly. Truth is able to catch Kennedy with a kick to the face and snaps his throat across the top rope. Kennedy comes back, pulling back on Truth’s arms and head butting him in the back.

    Kennedy sends Truth to the outside and follows. He tries to slam Truth into the ring post, but Truth drops down and pushes Kennedy into the post instead. Truth sends Kennedy back into the ring and heads up to the top, delivering a double axe handle smash. Truth hits another, then boots Kennedy in the face, getting a two count before being pushed off. Truth lock in a rear chin lock, but Kennedy is quick to power out of it. Kennedy hits Truth with a couple of dropkicks and a big head butt. Kennedy runs into a big boot and heads to the top, but he’s stopped by Kennedy. Kennedy heads to the top and hits a super fall away slam. Kennedy hits the big splash and pins Truth for only two. Kennedy is distraught and slams the mat in frustration. He picks Cyrus up and attempts to hit him with the Bittersweet Chin Symphony BUT CYRUS TRUTH DUCKS, AND HITS CHRIS KENNEDY WITH HIS OWN FINISHER! Kennedy is sent into the corner turnbuckle and Bell tags herself in. She charges at Cyrus Truth but he he hits her with a hard uppercut which puts her on her ass. Chris Kennedy slides out of the ring, still dazed by eating his own finishing move.

    Chris Kennedy: SCREW THIS!

    He storms off, limping up the ramp and unable to maintain his composure. If you saw him on the street, you'd think he was drunk. If you saw things from his perspective, there would be stars flying around his head and everything would be blurry.

    Langdon Trafford: Chris Kennedy is leaving the match! He's leaving his girlfriend Bell Connelly in there to handle both competitors!

    Piers Gallagher: BECAUSE HE KNOWS SHE CAN HANDLE IT! Chris Kennedy is playing the smart mans game, retreating and saving his gas for Back in Business!

    David Weinstock: Oh come on, even you have to admit this is Chris Kennedy at his absolute worst. This is just selfish!

    Piers Gallagher:
    What did Bell Connelly do when Cyrus Truth put Chris Kennedy through a table earlier? She got the hell out of dodge and Kennedy understood. This is no different than that and like I said... SHE CAN HANDLE HERSELF.

    Cyrus Truth shakes his head in disgust as he watches Kennedy head up the ramp. Kennedy stops halfway up the ramp to turn around and look at Cyrus. The two men make eye contact and the tension is thick at this moment. Cyrus grabs a handful of Bell's hair and pulls her up. Kennedy begs for him to stop, mouthing NO NO NO, but as much as Kennedy pleads, he isn't going to go back into the ring for her and Cyrus knows it. Cyrus then hits the Journey's End on Bell Connelly and drops to pin her.




    Here are your winners: Cyrus Truth and Starr
    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth and Starr are victorious over Chris Kennedy and Bell Connelly. Can Kennedy avenge this loss at Back in Business?

    David Weinstock: There is only one way to find out, Langdon. Tune into the FWA Network LIVE on July 15th and watch Back in Business XIII

    Kennedy throws a temper tantrum down on the ramp. The referee grabs Cyrus Truth's hand, and then Starr's, and raises them victorious. Cyrus looks back at Kennedy and smiles before SHAKING STARR'S HAND. The message isn't lost on Kennedy. He doesn't have Cyrus Truths respect. Starr steps over Bell Connelly's unconscious body and gives her a mock namaste before exiting the ring. The ringside camera catches Starr intently looking at Bell Connellys shellshocked faced and mouthing the word "Texas" to her.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, the table is now set, all the actors are at the ready for their close-ups, at Back in Business in Arlington, Texas on July 15th, all the worlds a stage for the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance!!! Are we seeing a glimpse into the future right here?? Will Cyrus Truth leave Chris Kennedy behind and rip the vaunted BIB streak away from Kennedy?? Or will Chris Kennedy be the one who laughs last and find his way towards possessing that FWA World Championship once again???

    Piers Gallagher: TRUST ME, LANGDO

    David Weinstock: Theres only one way to find out whether Piers' crystal ball is working, and thats to tune in and join us on July 15th!!! The BIGGEST BACK IN BUSINESS EVER, main evented by those two men, right there!!! Title vs Streak!!! A once-in-a-lifetime confrontation which will alter the history of FWA!!! YOU DON'T WANNA MISS THIS!!!

    Cyrus, still in the ring, points to the Back in Business logo hanging up high above him. Kennedy looks at the sign as well and sulks a bit. Cyrus holds the FWA Championship high above his head as Fight Night goes off the air.
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    Re: Fight Night 04 July RESULTS

    Editors Note: Obviously this was a promo/storyline heavy show to drive home Back in Business but great work for everyone involved. Back in Business is going to be absolutely amazing this year, folks! Kennedy vs Cyrus is one of, if not the strongest main event I can remember in quite some time. Backing that up with Wolf/Galloway, Bell/Starr, Toner/Randall/ IVD/Eyes, SCV/PAJ Project 2.0, Deception/Thunder, Parr/??? vs Risky Jack, and everything else going on...WOW. Great card with some great surprises ahead. Bring your best, gentlemen and ladies! Back in Business has been a launching pad for many!

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    Re: Fight Night 04 July RESULTS

    Okay, anyone else feel super weird that it's not centered?

    EDIT: Shake fixed it, praise him
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    Re: Fight Night 04 July RESULTS

    Great show lads. Roll on the big show!
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Fight Night 04 July RESULTS

    Quote Originally Posted by An Original Name View Post
    Great show lads. Roll on the big show!
    Du bindest einen Blumenkranz...
    ...wieso siehst du so traurig aus?

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