A crowd of fans in front of the stage erupt as Todd Salum walks out from behind a curtain at stage right. He steps to the center of the stage, a microphone in one hand, a small stack of note-cards in the other. He lets the fans have their fun, after all this show is for them. After a few moments the crowd dies down, giving the floor to Salum...

Todd Salum: Welcome to the road to Back in Business!

Another pop.

Todd Salum: What about FWA Undisputed Title match between Cyrus Truth and Chris Kennedy!!! I can't even begin to guess where this saga is going to take us. And speaking of sagas, stories, tragedies, let's not forget the man Kennedy had to beat to get his ticket to Back in Business

The crowd explodes.

Todd Salum: Over the past couple of months things have gone from shiny and happy to shitty and crappy for my old friend... I give you... Wolf

Wolf steps out from behind a curtain at stage left, dressed all in black. He throws up his arm, making demon-horns with his hand. Wolf walks over to Salum. The two men shake hands then go to their respective chairs. They talk to one another off the microphone as the fans die down. Wolf is handed a mic-stick by a stage tech and Synn starts things off.

Todd Salum: Alright, let's get down to business here. Second place in Grand Prix-

Wolf cuts him off.

Wolf: The last loser of The Grand Prix. There is no "second place."

Todd Salum: Fair enough. Would you say you left your mark on Grand Prix?

Wolf: Not at all. Not one f*cking bit. Let me get one thing straight with you. I left two things in Japan... Jack and Shit. Kennedy won the Grand Prix thanks to Galloway. Unless somebody comes to me tomorrow and says that he's been hit by a bus? That guy is going to Back in Business to fight for The Undisputed Title and I am here with another L on the Wolf/Kennedy scoreboard, but this time it is different. Kennedy did not beat me in Japan. I lost to the injury Galloway has caused.

Todd Salum: Is it why you costed him the X Championship last week?

Wolf interjects.

Wolf: That was just the beginning!

Salum fires back.

Todd Salum: You both competed in a match to win! He never came out during the match to distract you.

Wolf shakes his head.

Wolf: I had Kennedy finally beat. But it doesn't matter does it? It turned out to be a BIG F*CKING SCREWJOB? IT WAS ALL ABOUT HIM! WASN'T IT!? It's all about Kennedy and his streak, his opinion, his views. I could talk for an hour and the world would be captivated by his five minutes... I WOULD BE CAPTIVATED BY HIS FIVE MINUTES! F*ck him! I just wanted to take this one thing from him and he stopped me!

Salum speaks up.

Todd Salum: It was not his intention to sabotage you.

Wolf: I don't care. I have Anger... I have Anger by the truckload and I've saved it all for Tristan James Galloway.

Wolf stands up and leaves leaving Salum with a lot more questions on his mind.