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Thread: WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

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    Re: November BTBOTM - WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

    Survivor Series Review

    - Starting off the PPV with a Smackdown match is always the way to go especially on a dual branded PPV especially a Big 4 PPV like Survivor Series. Starting off the PPV with the Classic Survivor Series 5 on 5 Elimination Tag Team Match which saw The Purebreds (WWE United States Champion John Cena, A-Train, Matt Hardy Version 1 w/Shannon Moore, and the WWE Tag Team Champions Benjamin & Haas) going up against the team of the Atlanta Five (Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman) is exactly what I anticipated. Seeing Cena's team go down early to start the match off basically set the tone for this match but then seeing Guerrero's team go down as well to even the odds until it was basically John Cena by himself going up against Eddie and Benoit is definitely what I would not have expected. Regal obviously trying to get Purebreds who were already eliminated to try to interfere but Cena wanting to get the job done on his own basically just solidifies Cena's face turn. I mean Cena's face turn has more or less been coming for a while now. So it is not all that surprising that the babyface turn would happen here at Survivor Series but seeing Guerrero's team get the win is more or less expected. Seeing Eddie and Chris as the sole survivors I wonder if it means that the both of them get WWE Championship matches in the foreseeable future since they were the sole survivors? Or does their whole entire team get title shots? Which means Rey, Chavo and Kidman would all get their separate shots at the title as well?

    - Seeing Cena FU Regal especially after shaking both Benoit and Guerrero's hands basically strengthens Cena's babyface turn now. Seeing as how John Cena The Doctor of Thuganomics is turning face I can definitely see him feuding with the General Manager Regal especially now. I can see Regal doing everything he can to try to get the title off of Cena whether it means stripping Cena of the title altogether or he books him in title matches from now until WWE Armageddon 2003.

    - Seeing Austin get escorted to his locker room by security guards per a restraining order more or less from Orton is a classic heel move. I mean that is how much of a coward Orton is that he has to not only hide behind security he also has to hide behind Bischoff as well especially considering Orton RKOed Austin not once but twice. Sooner or later Austin will hit the Stunner on Orton especially here tonight at Survivor Series.

    - Molly Holly successfully retaining her WWE Women's Championship against Lita here is mainly because of April Hunter let's be honest here. If it hadn't been for April interfering Lita would have won the match hell she had the title won but April insisted on Lita using the title to get the job done and Trish obviously didn't want it to go down like that but because of that hesitation Molly took advantage taking advantage of all the chaos to get the win. I mean Molly barely escaped here with the win because let's face it Lita had dominated this match for the most part but Molly retaining it only begs the question of who her next title contender will be.

    - Brock Lesnar the WWE Champion more or less owned Triple H in this backstage segment. He not only owned Triple H but he owned Evolution as a whole. Lesnar basically made Flair and Batista look stupid here and giving Orton praise was unexpected especially from Brock but then again Brock and Orton came up together in OVW in the same class so not all that surprising that Brock would basically give Orton props while basically dismissing Batista, Flair and Triple H. Rhyno definitely was not intimidated either by Evolution and that's saying something. Hell, Heyman basically owned Evolution too especially owning Triple H just like Brock did. All Triple H did was basically prove Lesnar's point. Triple H doesn't matter anymore because let's face it he is not the champion anymore and hell I don't think Evolution even matters anymore either because not any one of them have gold in their possession. While Lesnar on the other hand is WWE Champion and what I hate is that they basically treat the WWE Championship like a second rate belt when it is actually the premier belt in the WWE at least in my opinion it is because of who holds it and that is Lesnar. Hell he has made the WWE Championship more relevant than the World Heavyweight Championship over on RAW which to me is the second rate belt in my opinion because not only has the WWE Championship been around a lot longer but also has more history and prestige to it. Lesnar also has been stealing the show with that belt which is more than I can say for Triple H or any member of Evolution for that matter.

    - Tajiri is still the WWE Cruiserweight Champion and hell he did it all by himself. No interference at all from Dawn Marie or even Juventud. He could have used them during this match but he didn't. Hell, Ultimo put up quite a fight against Tajiri but Tajiri keeps finding ways to win matches whether it be cleanly or by interference doesn't matter he still gets the job done at the end of the day. To add insult to injury uses Noble's own move to put Ultimo Dragon away. If that is not a message being sent to Noble then I don't know what is. So, it begs the question of who becomes the next #1 Contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship?

    - Team Bischoff getting the win over Team Austin for me definitely has to be Match of the Night by far. Seeing Austin's team go down 5-3 with The Dudley Boyz the World Tag Team Champions being eliminated first by Orton eliminating not one but both Dudleys by himself single-handedly puts Orton over in that sense. Then seeing Batista be the first Bischoff team member to be eliminated is definitely shocking to say the least because Batista being an Animal being a dominating monster and him going out of this match especially early is what shocked me especially seeing him get eliminated by Booker T the WWE Intercontinental Champion is what surprised me even more. With the tally at 4-3 Booker T gets eliminated by Triple H didn't surprise me at all. However, seeing Triple H being the next one to be eliminated definitely has got to be an upset. Sides go even at 3-3. Especially seeing Triple H getting not only eliminated but embarrassed by RVD was shocking. Triple H being a sore loser who can't accept defeat while the referee is being obstructed by Orton...Triple H does the damage and not only attacks RVD but lays him out with a Pedigree on the outside with him rolling RVD back in for Orton to take advantage to eliminate RVD basically puts Orton over in the sense that he not only had 1 but 3 eliminations in this match. It basically puts Orton over as a future star. Now seeing it 3 on 1 with HBK having to overcome the odds basically played into what actually happened in real life in 2003 especially at SS. Seeing HBK afterwards eliminate Christian and Orton one after the other is what shocked me more than anything. I definitely expected Orton to be the sole survivor in this match but then again Austin getting his hands on not only Flair but on Bischoff and on Orton was inevitable especially seeing Austin cost Orton the match basically just plays into the fact that Orton/Austin will end up happening at Mania 20.

    - With it being 1 on 1 Jericho gets the job done and beats Michaels to win the match for Team Bischoff. No one was able to get the job done. No one except Chris Jericho. Jericho said it for weeks that he would be The Change in WWE that he is the Lone Wolf of the WWE because Jericho is The Best in the World At Everything He Does. Survivor Series 2003 just proves it. He didn't need anyone else to get the job done. He did it all by himself and beat Shawn. He didn't make Shawn tap out but Shawn passing out in the Walls of Jericho especially after being bloodied and busted open just shows us just how tough Michaels is but Austin is fired as GM. Even so I don't see him being fired permanently anyway. Austin will end up being Sheriff Austin anyway.

    - Goldberg retaining the World Heavyweight Championship against Kane here at Survivor Series basically just puts over Goldberg's reign as champion even more. I mean Goldberg he has taken on all comers and he has beaten them all. He has beaten Triple H I don't know how many times and he has beaten Henry who else has he beaten since becoming champion? I mean him just beating Kane who is probably as big a threat as there has been to his title reign just puts Goldberg over as the dominant champion that he is and should be. However, it begs the question of who becomes the next #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship? I can't see Goldberg defending his title at Armageddon 2003 because isn't Armageddon a Smackdown PPV in this diary? So then that means RAW doesn't have a PPV until Royal Rumble 2004 which is dual branded both RAW and it begs the question of who gets a shot at Goldberg at RR 2004?

    - Lesnar retaining the WWE Championship in the Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match basically means that Taker, Angle and Big Show can't challenge Lesnar as long as Lesnar is still the champion since those were the stipulations of the match that if any of the other 3 contenders couldn't win the title they couldn't challenge for the title again as long as Brock is champion but that is not even the story here. I still am in shock from what I saw...just when Taker had the match won the lights go out and the lights stay off but then when they come back on Taker is draped on the steel steps with a chair wrapped around his neck and Taker being covered in blood from head to toe bleeding like a stuffed pig and his throat being crushed no doubt is the real story. I mean who attacked Taker in the dark is the million dollar question but Brock takes full advantage and just rushes into the pin with a lifeless Taker just lying there. I mean not a clean victory by any means hell it is as shocking a victory as I have ever seen because I have never seen Taker so beaten and so battered and so broken especially like that. However, it does write out The Big Evil character THANK GOD FOR THAT!!!! Taker can return in 2004 as the Original Dead Man and he can play supernatural mind games with whoever it was that took him out with the lights going off...the gong...the supernatural video messages Taker can send

    I have my theories anyway as to who could have taken Taker out: Kane being the obvious choice which would make sense, Kurt Angle he is another obvious choice, Big Show is another choice, Rhyno is another choice but then again it could really be anyone but my bet is Kane.

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    Re: November BTBOTM - WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

    I mean you have guys on RAW who could have taken Taker out like Kane of course but also guys like Orton since he is The Legend Killer or there's the World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg he could have done it or there's Triple H he could have done it or there's Chris Jericho he could have done it...especially after saying he would be the change that would purge the WWE

    Then there are Smackdown suspects such as Angle, Big Show, Heyman himself or even Rhyno or Regal

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    Re: November BTBOTM - WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

    So right off the bat, kicked things off well with a pretty well written video package. I enjoyed the cemetery walk and talking about survival, although Goldberg being the guy in the cemetery caught me completely off guard. Just would have assumed it was The Undertaker or maybe even Kane. Still, a nice way to get us in the mood for this show.

    Cena coming out by himself, and showing that he’s not with the rest of the team was awesome, fell in with him throwing insults at his own team in the rap well. I thought maybe you could have portrayed certain team members being annoyed at Cena during their entrance for being insulted, would have been a nice touch. Regal could have mediated before the match begun. LOL at the Atlanta Five coming out to Nitro music, it makes sense in the scheme of things, but you’re right in saying that would be some terrible entrance music.

    I LOVE the fact you’re opening with one of the traditional SS matches as well, talk about a hot way to start. And in all honesty, an amazing start, I thought this opening match was booked perfectly. Rather than go blow by blow, I’ll comment on everything I liked regarding the wrestlers involved. From a tag team perspective, I thought it was smart that you booked WGTT to look good due to their tag experience throughout, yet Kidman and Mysterio eliminating them continues that feud. Hardy was funny throughout, not really wanting to wrestle, and Guerrero/Benoit were the “right” two survivors who seem capable of stepping up to the main event. Still, the MVP for me has to be lone ranger Cena. Allowing his teammates to fall down so he could get some eliminations, as well as not showing fear when he was the last man… This performance did wonders for him. I don’t think this match could have been booked any better, a sensational start.

    The aftermath with the handshakes of Benoit and Guerrero shocked me a little. Not so much the Benoit one, but I’m still not sure how I feel about the Eddie hand shake. I don’t have a criticism for it, I’m just confused as to whether I liked it or not. This does however further put over Cena huge as does the big decision to FU Regal. Things are well and truly in place for Cena to be one of the biggest faces on Smackdown now. Good stuff.

    Bischoff having security follow Austin around so he can’t get his hands on Orton is smart. I dig it as it makes Bischoff look like a dick, albeit a smart one, on Austin’s last night, but it also allows you to not have to write a rushed pre match attack. Good job.

    Much like the opener, I thought this Women’s Title match was booked perfectly as well. Gail Kim being virtually a non factor in the finish was smart, as this is potentially her last night being Molly’s lackey, or at least that’s what I’ve gathered. I thought the Trish and April stuff was very well done, showing the difference in their characters, yet the distraction more than anything, lead to Lita’s demise. Who knew I’d enjoy Molly’s title run so much but this angle continues to progress nicely, with Lita sure to be pissed tomorrow night on Raw. Two great matches in a row, show is off to a flyer mate.

    Another nice Angle promo as he continues to be more and more aggressive, leaning towards sounding like a heel. I’ve enjoyed the change in Angle since losing the title, and I think it comes to a head tonight when ‘Taker eliminates him. “Tonight, I will prove who I truly am” tells me that he snaps tonight.

    I’m not sure how I feel about this Evolution and Brock and his crew confrontation here. In theory, it puts over the animosity between Triple H and Brock, and the fact that there still could be a Mania match brewing between the two. With that being said, I thought Heyman should have done most of the talking here. The banter was solid enough but it felt wrong for Brock to talk so much, and at times seem so playful. I don’t think it suited his mannerisms or the way he usually speaks. Not the best written promo considering who was involved, but as a booked segment, it still did its job.

    Dawn’s intro to Tajiri was completely fine, I especially liked how she’s claiming Tajiri sent Mysterio and Noble out of the division. Quite the accomplishments to hang his hat on.

    Cruiserweight Title match was probably the one I was least looking forward to on the show because it feels like complete filler, and whilst that’s the case, I still think you did a solid job with it. Dragon got in a fair bit of offense and looked close to victory, but I’m happy you didn’t have interference, and you allowed Tajiri to win on his own. Smart in a match like this to really put over your champion. I wanted to shout out the reverse of the Tarantula into the Wheelbarrow German, that shit was awesome. Green Mist spot in the Powerbomb was pretty cool as well, and I obviously dig using Noble’s move to finish things off. Despite not having the same gloss as other matches on the card, I’d argue this was booked just as well.

    Big Show/Taker segments have been happening for weeks now, and have been a nice part of the build up. Another one here but I do believe it’s a swerve and they won’t actually team up together tonight.

    I’m glad you have the Raw SS match the big video package build up, including details of Bischoff’s behaviour before Austin was around, definitely needed. I know you used quotations throughout, but in the beginning, before the quotes begun, it was almost hard to tell it was a video package due to the format of text being exactly the same. I’d maybe request moving forward trying to change font someway for the start of videos, or maybe just putting the whole thing in a quote.

    Nice little Jericho promo before the match, continuing with everything he has been saying over the past month. I like that he’s still just talking about him and not his team.

    Whoa, this SS match for the Raw brand was long in terms of time length but I really enjoyed it. Again, booking wise it was interesting as whilst more shenanigans and what not were in this match, I didn’t think the booking was as clean as the Smackdown match. For example, some of the issues I had was outside of one or two sneak attacks, Jericho was basically a non factor for the better part of the match until the ending. I don’t know if it was done deliberately but considering the way he has talked about wanting to bring change, I’d figured he’d want to do it all, not sit on the apron for most of the match. Christian barely got used here as well and considering my concerns regarding his booking previously, this did nothing to improve his credibility in my eyes. Outside of those things, I really enjoyed the rest of the match. I thought the way you played off The Dudleyz eliminations was quite good, and RVD getting rid of Triple H was huge, as it set of Van Dam’s own elimination also. RVD/Triple H feud is a definite after this… One thing that felt a little underwhelming was Michaels being outnumbered at the end, as it was virtually the same thing that happened in real life. I just would have liked things to have been different... Orton’s elimination was awesome with Austin finally getting his revenge, and Jericho takes out Shawn. Again, I didn’t think this match was booked as perfectly as others, but I still think the entertainment value was extremely high. Enjoyed it tremendously, and the send off with Austin having some beers after dropping Bischoff one last time was perfect.

    Goldberg promo kept short and sharp… Exactly as it should be. Although I’m not sure how a match would go having to follow up what we just saw. Surely the crowd would be dead, this could have been a good spot for a throw away match to be on the card.

    This Golderg/Kane match was never going to be a classic, but you wrote it well. This was an awesome, hoss battle, just an absolute sprint as you mentioned, which is what it needed to be. The action on the outside was brutal, especially the Powerslam on the ramp from The Berg. I liked the idea of Goldberg going to the knee as well, showing some strategy. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Kane saying “embrace your inner monster or lose your title”. To me, it’s almost as if he’s saying, if you go dark enough, I am beatable, which considering the MONSTER he is, I don’t really like. So yeah, could have maybe said something different there. A small concern really though. The visual pinfall from Kane after the Chokeslam leads me to believe this feud will be continuing, and look, that’s the reason why I thought a Double DQ or something could be good here. Goldberg wins his first PPV title defence which is great, but he only won because of the ref being down… Is that really how you want your champions first meaningful defence to look? I say first meaningful because Triple H was never winning on Raw a few weeks back. Anyway, the Spear in mid air followed by Kane being defiant but Goldberg just mowing him down with more Spears and Jackhammer’s was terrific. A good ending to a good match, and Kane sitting up after all of that shows how bad ass he is. Again, I think this feud is continuing but this was another good match on the show.

    Is that WWE procedure that the champion gets to choose when they come out an actual thing? If it is, I learned something new today. I just assumed the champion always came out last.

    I have to agree with Wolfy regarding the booking of Big Show in the main event here. Didn’t like it, not even a little. These four men have been the main event for 18 MONTHS, deserved a better ending then this for Show. I’m sure it gives him ammunition to attack Taker, and gives him the right to be pissed moving forward, but this sort of elimination does nothing but bad for show. Not smart booking, in my opinion. The match obviously picked up from there and some of the exchanges between the three men were brilliant. You really did a triple threat match justice. I enjoyed Angle/Lesnar getting their moment, although again, it does seem weird that Angle was so close to Lesnar being eliminated, only for Taker to intervene. Angle almost snapping with the referee but then not actually was awesome. I thought the later tease of him snapping was executed nicely as well, although with Heyman being injured and coming back later on, Angle making ANOTHER appearance and Rhyno interfering, it felt a bit much for me. Considering this an end of an era in a sense of anybody in this shot getting a match against the champ, I thought there could have been less shenanigans. Taker getting attacked is an awesome visual and I honestly at this point have no idea who it could be. My issue with the ending though is this match really did nothing for Brock. He got a cheap elimination on Show, was about to lose to Kurt and about to lose to Taker… This feels like Vince McMahon’s Brock Lesnar, not the new and improved Paul heyman’s Brock Lesnar. I felt like this was a bit of a step back for Lesnar’s character, as he never really conquered his opponents, just got lucky. A fun enough match though that was still wildly entertaining.

    On another note, I didn’t even notice the ref bumps hindering the show, but maybe I’m just an attitude era guy like that.

    The visual of ‘Taker coughing up blood is a nice one as well, showing just how deadly the attack is as we go off the air.

    This was a tremendous show. A couple of criticisms here and there, but in general this was top notch stuff… And more importantly then that, there is so many fun angles leading off of this show. As Wolfy said, an early contender for show of the year, which will surely still be a contender at the end of the year. Great job.

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    Re: November BTBOTM - WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

    Alright bud, I’ve finally set aside enough time to give you a proper review of Survivor Series. To be perfectly honest, you won’t see a lot of constructive criticism from me because in my opinion everyone has their own writing and booking style, which makes this place so unique. This will be sort of a running dialogue as I read along and drop some thoughts.

    The buildup to this show has been superb, and I’m pumped to read it.

    I’m a sucker for those WWE opening video packages from this time period. As a kid I just thought they were so cool. I can still hear that guys voice at the end of the package-“…and now, Raw, Smackdown, and Xbox Present:…” Awesome shit.

    Right into the first match. Please tell me you came up with that Cena rap all by yourself. Fuckin hilarious stuff here man. Before I even read this traditional Survivor Series matchup, I will tell you part of the reason I won’t be critiquing each elimination and booking decision is because while writing my own Survivor Series, my head exploded multiple times trying to figure out everything to make perfect sense. It is very grueling to get through one, yet alone two of these matches.

    Great visual of Benoit putting the Crossface on A-Train’s broken nose. You book Benoit as a no bullshit, tough SOB and it comes off great. Okay, well this is certainly John Cena’s coming out party. An awesome pre-match rap followed by two eliminations. I really love the added in commentary of Tazz. “Big ups to tha doctah” made me crack up. Wow, three eliminations from Cena, with 2 coming super quick. I like this because not only does it make Cena look very strong, but it protects the guys he’s eliminating because they don’t see it coming. Everyone wins in the end. Classic Eddie grabbing the tights, and Matt Hardy’s little commentary was a great touch. If you were going to make Cena look that strong, we needed a ref bump to eliminate him, and it worked out just fine. Benoit and Eddie needed to be the sole survivors, as I believe you will have big plans for both moving forward. And there is the complete face turn for Cena. In the first segment of the show you’ve managed to make Cena look like a star AND turn him face. Kudos to you for pulling it off masterfully.

    Effective backstage segment with Stone Cold. I REALLY hope this leads to Stone Cold returning to feud with Orton. I guess we will wait and see how this plays out.

    To be honest with you, as a 12 year old in 2003 I really only watched the Women’s matches for one reason, and it wasn’t their in-ring work, so I’ll just leave it at that. It’s nice to see Lita back and Molly Holly picking up the victory was the right move, and the seeds are planted for a Lita/Trish angle it seems.

    This new bad attitude Kurt Angle can be legendary in this thread. So much potential for a bad ass Kurt Angle. I love it. In real life, I loved the intense ECW version of Angle WAY more than the goofy, comedy spot he played for a while.

    Okay, so here is the big spot I was waiting for. I always used to love dual-brand PPV’s just to see the interaction between RAW and SD guys. I know the seeds for a chance at Lesnar/HHH were planted way back in the beginning of your thread, and you have slowly progressed this. Very interesting where this leads in the coming months.

    I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I like adding Dawn Marie and Juvy. Dawn Marie as a mouthpiece works perfectly with Tajiri, with an ode to the old ECW guard. Man, this seems like a fun match to write. I bet you had fun with it. I was surprised how short it went, but I guess with everything else going on tonight, these two should just be happy you’ve booked them on the card. Having Tajiri win with Noble’s move was a great touch, and I’m sure we will see Noble back soon looking to get revenge on Tajiri.

    I liked the Big Show/Undertaker interaction, and just by adding in these little backstage segments, you are hyping the match while advancing storyline. I can’t see these two working together for too much longer.

    Awesome video package hyping up this huge RAW Survivor Series match. For anyone that hadn’t really read your RAW’s in detail, this is a perfect place to put it to catch everyone up on what’s going on. This new Jericho is awesome. No entrance music. All black everything. I loved booking my Jake Roberts character this way, so I’m loving Jericho. Jericho’s tone sounds a lot like the Jericho from 2008-10 here, but nevertheless it’s effective and gets across that this is a new Jericho who isn’t bullshitting around anymore.

    So the Dudleys are gone quick, and in a huge match like this, with the big names and story you are telling, you knew they’d be the first to go. It might just be me wanting this to happen, but it seems that you’re booking Cena and Orton on similar paths in their respective Survivor Series matches. Wow, certainly didn’t see that Triple H elimination happening the way it did, and I dug it. Triple H doesn’t need to be in the finals for this match, and it makes me think that you are slowly moving Triple H away from the Evolution scene, to get him ready for a program with Lesnar. So there is Triple H quickly getting his revenge on RVD, and possibly setting up a small feud in the meantime, and you give Orton another elimination in the process. Nicely done. Michaels getting color here is great too, it adds something to the match, and nobody could wear the crimson mask better than HBK.

    Shit, I totally forgot Christian was still in this thing. Ref bump, which I was waiting for so Stone Cold could kick some ass. So that’s how Orton’s gone from the match, and it sets up a match with Stone Cold perfectly. At this point, Stone Cold knows his team is fucked, so why not jump in on the action. Awesome finishing sequence between HBK and Jericho, and in a surprising fashion, Jericho ends up as the Sole Survivor. This gives you so many avenues to book Jericho up until Wrestlemania. Hell, I can see him winning the Royal Rumble right now after this match. I was waiting for Stone Cold to give HBK a Stunner, just because, but I liked the ending to this.

    Goldberg and Kane next, and I’m waiting for just an all-out brawl from these two. Sneak attack from Kane starts this match off right, and Kane is putting an ass whooping on Goldberg. I really enjoyed Goldberg isolating Kane’s knee, even putting him in a half crab. Would we ever see Goldberg do this? Who cares, I loved it. I know you touched on it already, so I’m not even gonna dig into the ref bump. Hey shit happens, and when you’re writing sometimes you just go with something you think makes sense at the time. I really don’t mind it because you could certainly see the ref being taken out with these two ripping each other’s heads off. It takes three Jackhammers to take Kane done, which keeps him looking strong, while keeping the title on Goldberg. Man, a Goldberg/Jericho program would be awesome if that’s the direction you’re taking.

    Main event time, and this no doubt had to go on last. Wow, a quick elimination on Big show right out of the gate. I knew the Taker/Big Show alliance wouldn’t work out in this match, and it ended very quickly. That Taker suicide dive spot is the best, and you pulled it off great here. Another surprising elimination with Angle, as I was very close to picking him to win the whole thing. Again, you protect Angle here with Taker coming out of nowhere to drill him with a big boot. He wasn’t expecting it, and now he’s done. I don’t know if your’re playing up that Taker just took his fucking head off with that big boot and Angle is in a different time zone right now, but if that’s what you wanted to book, it came off fantastic. I could clearly see Angle not knowing where the fuck he was, trying to get back into the match because he’s just a fighter and will go until he can’t walk. Awesome job there.

    I was waiting for Rhyno to make is way out, and here he is. Angle back out, probably on auto-pilot here. I guess you needed a way to get Rhyno out of the match, and Angle was really the only option. Angle not hitting either Lesnar or Taker with the chair makes sense too, and plays into his new character. I was not expecting the lights to go off here. In the end, Lesnar had to retain here, as Taker being champion didn’t really make that much sense for the sake of Smackdown.

    So here’s when my mind starts trying to figure out who took Taker out. Did Angle come back out and kick his ass? It certainly wasn’t Rhyno. The way Kane got beat makes me think it wasn’t him either. It could have been Big Show, looking for revenge, but I doubt it. Very interesting and well booked ending. We’re all left with a cliff hanger, and I really can’t figure out who it was that took Taker out.

    Overall, this was a great read brother. It was really fun to review while reading along. We are left with so many questions and different ways to book the road to Wrestlemania coming out of Survivor Series. Cena’s coming out party- Benoit and Eddie standing tall-A possible HHH/Lesnar program-Jericho carrying his team to victory-Stone Cold fired-Orton looking to kick Stone Cold’s ass-Goldberg dominating Kane-and of course, the ending. Very pumped to see what’s in store moving forward. Awesome show.

    WWF-1991 and Beyond- The Road to the Royal Rumble begins NOW!

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    Re: November BTBOTM - WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

    I thought that was a really good opening video package. Obviously the them of ‘survival’ makes sense given the show we’re seeing, and Goldberg being the one walking through the cemetery was a nice touch. Set the scene well this did.

    Cena and the rap was a good way to start the show off, with Cena entering himself making sense given he didn’t want to be involved in this. The Nitro Theme?! Jeez, really pushing this ‘Atlanta’ thing aren’t you? I won’t give a blow by blow account of things, but in general I thought it made sense to have Cena look strong with so many eliminations, as did having Rey and Kidman eliminating both of the tag champions. Certainly warrants another match between the two teams for the belts. I would say that having Eddie have to ‘cheat’ to eliminate both Matt and Cena is perhaps overkill. One or the other would have sufficed, probably Hardy is the better option out of the two as I don’t think Cena really needs to have the out of being hit by the chain, especially given the post-match handshake with Eddie. I think just a battling performance but coming up short against two great competitors would have been fine for Cena. Speaking of the post-match, that seems to be a pretty definitive face turn now for Cena. Interesting to see if he and Regal have a feud over the US Title or if Regal handpicks someone to do his dirty work for him. But yeah, I thought this was all booked very well, majority of it made sense and can lead into feuds for the near future.

    The Austin and Bischoff segment was pretty logical as a way of keeping Austin away from Orton. Not a whole lot to say here. Although the ‘…not parking in a designated parking spot.’ line made me laugh for some reason. A carpark jobsworth should have been there complaining that he wasn’t parked between the white lines or something.

    Woman’s match was also booked pretty well, certainly made sense that April would want to see her friend succeed at all costs. Be interesting to see where you go with this, could either be Lita mad at Trish for almost talking her out of it or mad at April for thinking she would want to win that way. But yeah, given that heading into the match Molly was almost the fourth most prominent member of the storyline, it was good to see her actually get the win. Intrigued to see where you go next with this, a few options as realistically either Trish or April could take the title off of Molly and Lita’s reaction becomes the story.

    Not a whole heap to say about the Angle interview, pretty standard Angle stuff.

    Evolution interview was a lot more interesting, start of it was fair enough, running down some of their opponents tonight, that was all fine. Obviously the dual brand pay per views mean there can be interaction between the brands, good to see two top dogs like Hunter and Lesnar interacting with each other. Was a bit strange to have Lesnar do so much talking, Heyman would have been a more natural choice to really lay in with the verbals on Hunter as Brock smirked and looked menacing in the background. But it was a nice little tease for something bigger between the two in the future, assuming we get more of the same at the Royal Rumble.

    Cruiserweight match was a real fast paced match, plenty of interesting spots. I guess since the real story here is with Noble, there was never much chance of Ultimo winning, but the match entertained. Dawn Marie played a bigger than expected role in all of this with the pre-match promo and the giving out the orders for the finish, can only imagine you’re building her up for a showdown with Nidia in the future. But yeah, again, though the booking of this was fine even if the real story was elsewhere.

    In the Bischoff/Austin match, obviously it made sense to have Orton looking good given that’s been one of the major subplots heading into this match. The fact that he lasted longer than Helmsley is another natural booking choice to make given all we’ve heard on Raw lately between the two. Michaels proving the doubters wrong and nearly pulling off the impossible, again another solid booking decision, sets him up for some kind of involvement with Triple H and Evolution moving forward. And given how much promo time you’ve invested in this new Jericho character, again made sense to have him surviving to send Austin off into the sunset. Have to assume that Jericho/Goldberg for the title is now on the cards as some kind of reward for Jericho from Bischoff. One criticism I’d have is that in the final showdown between Jericho and Michaels, you had three sweet chin music attempts in a very short space of time. I think there’s only so many times you can go to that to really have it stay suspenseful. One missed, then one connected, then another miss, that takes a little shine off the ending for me. But yeah, thought it was all pretty logical from a booking standpoint. And obviously you couldn’t have Austin leave without a toast and a stunner.

    Good start to the Goldberg/Kane match, a real brawl between these two makes a ton of sense. Kane certainly looked very strong early on. I thought that “embrace your inner monster” line was kinda out of place, although Goldberg going to other way and being more a technician with the target of the knee was different to the standard Goldberg match. I really didn’t like that we had another ref bump and another ending with a flurry of finishers. Three referees, three spears, three jackhammers, real overkill, especially given what happened in the previous match. I get you’re trying to put Kane over as a monster, but this was too much for me. Certainly Kane gave Goldberg a hell of a fight, and then for him to sit up suggests my thoughts on Jericho being up next could be premature.

    As for the main event, stunned at the Big Show elimination. Just… wow. Way out of left field. I guess it gives an excuse for a Taker/Show feud over the next few months, but it just felt very… weird and out of place. And a little unnecessary too if it was purely to put over the lack of an alliance between the two. Anyway, moving on, we’ve got a triple threat now. Angle and his straps, is that something you’ve seen him do in real life? I’ve honestly never heard of him putting his straps back up just to take them down again, would always think once they were down they just stayed down. Was a bit strange to see Undertaker break up that ankle lock when it looked like Lesnar was seconds away from elimination. Taker could have just waited for Lesnar to tap and then hit the last ride to win instead of just eliminating Angle. Anyway, Undertaker and Lesnar to finish makes sense giving Taker is the clear face in the match, and the finish gives him a real out to protect him. I can only assume that the fact this attack was kept a mystery, and that you’ve got the natural feud with Show ready to go, this will lead to Undertaker’s WrestleMania opponent being revealed as the culprit? The coughing up the blood was pretty cool too. As for Lesnar, he survives this one, I guess Angle would be a logical next feud for him… but Lesnar/Cena could be on the cards at WrestleMania perhaps?

    Overall, I thought it was a really good read. I thought the booking of things was very logical (perhaps apart from Big Show being eliminated so early) and there are a lot of options for where things can go as you head towards the Rumble. Really top notch stuff and as always fun to read!

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    Re: WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

    Thanks all for the feedback, glad the show by and large went down really well. Will touch on a couple of points in a moment, but first here are the results of the prediction contest:

    Wolf Beast: 9
    Terry Gyimah: 9
    Rasky: 9
    BattleTank: 11
    TWG: 7
    Joey Bananas: 4
    Chaddes: 8
    Kingpin: 9
    Stojy: 10
    Finishline: 8
    Zoom-E: 7
    sebsy: 11

    We have a tie! Congrats to Sebsy and BatttleTank. You'll have to share the no-prize!

    Overall some of the outcomes were fairly predictable, but I see that as hopefully logical booking and not as being too obvious! I haven't given points for Austin getting fired as that was part of the stipulations (my bad, I should have said “unexpected memorable moments”). I gave FinishLine a point for ‘Taker being screwed out of the title by “someone”, because that was more accurate than I think he realised!

    There were a few of bits of feedback I wanted to quickly pick up on, some of them pretty minor. One was Benoit and Eddie showing Cena respect after Cena had been a bit of a dick during the match. The intention of that handshake, and I probably could have made it clearer, was that Cena was left in a 2-on-1 environment (admittedly due to his own arrogance), but didn't back down, and actually took the fight to Eddie and Benoit. I think they were impressed by his guts to take them on despite the odds, and hence respected that. I also think all three of them shaking hands works as something of a final note in their intertwined rivalries. All three have hated each other for some time, and done some shady things to one another, but after Survivor Series were willing to draw a line under it and move on, with two of them promised WWE Title opportunities and one the US Champion.

    The Atlanta Five using the Nitro theme I personally didn't love myself, but it served a purpose. I wanted them walking out together, so show they were united, but didn't want them to come out to, say, Eddie's music, as that would suggest he was the leader, and their entire approach was "we are five equals". So there had to be music that they all had in common that didn't put any one person ahead of the others. Hence, Nitro's crappy theme.

    As for Brock talking too much in that segment, yeah, that's a fair point. I didn't realise it when writing it as I was so focused on ensuring we hit the key points (Brock and HHH hate each other, Brock's smug about his title, guarantees he'll retain, Orton is getting attention HHH doesn't have, Rhyno makes a threat to 'Taker, etc) that it probably didn't come across as very authentic from Brock's perspective. I hold my hands up on that one.

    There were a couple of references of "finisher spamming", and in some cases I think were fair. All the RKO/Sweet Chin Music attempts in the Survivor Series match was overkill I think, and something I'm going to work on for the future when writing big matches. While I can see that the end to Kane/Goldberg could have people going either way on it, it was important to me for the story that we showed Kane isn't any ordinary person, but also that Goldberg is resourceful enough to overcome it anyway.

    It seems most weren't a fan of Big Show being eliminated so early on, and I can understand why. My only suggestion would be that this isn't an isolated incident, and it impacts what is to come. I try (and perhaps don't always succeed) to approach things with "if X, then what?" Big Show was pretty arrogant in his interview about how good he was, hasn't taken Regal up on his offer to work together, and tried to form an alliance with a man who hates him. Now that's all blown up in his face, and spectacularly so, where does he go? And, of course, with what happens to 'Taker at the end of the show, people should be looking at him as a prime suspect. I hope where this goes in the future helps explain why I made the decision that I did, and people stick with it.

    With 'Taker essentially "saving" Brock from Angle when he was about to submit, I didn't see it like that. I saw it as 'Taker notices Angle is totally open and defenceless, while Brock is in a bad way. He knows he can get Angle eliminated on the spot, so he does. He's not the kind of guy to just stand there waiting for a submission to happen, you know? He wanted Angle gone, he wanted to get to the final 2, and he saw a way to do it. Obviously, if I was Angle, I'd be pretty pissed that he didn't just wait, but that's part of the story.

    As for Brock taking a pin off the attack without hitting his own move, that's something I usually say way clear of. Even in this show alone, I made sure Molly hit her move on Lita to get the pin, rather than taking the belt shot. It's an important distinction that "this person won but were lucky with the circumstances" rather than "this person was handed a win". But in this case, I thought it was important to tell it as it was. I did go back and forth, but I thought Brock picking Taker up and hitting him with an F5 downplayed the earlier attack. The fact that Brock couldn't even get him up, and struggled to merely turn him on to his back for a pin, and that 'Taker didn't move afterwards and was coughing up blood, shows that this was no normal attack. I hoped that Brock wouldn't lose too much by taking a win that was clearly there to be taken, in an exchange for suitably setting up for a story that is obviously still to come.

    Thanks again to all who left feedback. I really am immensely grateful to everyone who gives up their time to talk to me about what they thought of my efforts, and it never ceases to blow me away with what an awesome community we have here.

    As with No Mercy, as we've ended a PPV cycle, below is an update to the roster, and a summary of the key points of each person for anyone who needs a reminder/is coming in new. One of the ideas for Smackdown in the next few months is quite ambitious and has taken quite a bit of prep to make sure it can actually work, so output may be a little slower now I don't have a backlog to dig in to.

    Al Snow
    Babyface. Popular extremist who hasn't been seen for a while.

    April Hunter
    Babyface. Arrived a few weeks ago as Trish’s friend looking for a job on Raw. She used her feminine wiles with Eric Bischoff to get a job and a title shot on her debut (although we don’t know exactly what happened), which upset a lot of people, notably Lita. In that title match, however, she proved herself to be hugely capable in taking Molly right to the limit, and since then, has tried to go above and beyond to help Lita out. However, at Survivor Series she tried to force Lita to cheat to win the Women’s Title, and in the process, accidentally cost her the belt. Embodies “win at all costs”.

    Heel. Recently returned monster for Evolution. At the moment he’s mostly muscle, although arguably Triple H’s favourite teammate due to being far lower-maintenance than Randy Orton. Was a member of Team Bischoff at Survivor Series, and as such, can select a match of his choosing.

    Booker T
    Intercontinental Champion. Babyface. Returned as a mystery opponent for Christian on Raw and won the Intercontinental Title. Was a part of the losing Team Austin at Survivor Series.

    Bubba Ray Dudley
    World Tag Team Champion. Babyface. Was a part of Team Austin at Survivor Series, having been involved in a feud with Evolution for the last few weeks. When in the ring in a 2-on-2 environment they’re unbeatable, but are finding themselves out-thought.

    Chris Jericho
    Heel. Two months ago Jericho turned his back on everything that had got him to where he is. He’s removed his nicknames, catchphrases and entrance, and has promised to destroy the WWE from the inside after growing tired of not being given opportunities. Joined Team Bischoff with the ultimate goal of eradicating Austin from the WWE, and succeeded as the sole survivor, making Shawn Michaels pass out in the Walls of Jericho for the victory. This has given him a match of his choosing from Eric Bischoff.

    Chris Kanyon
    Heel. Appears irregularly as a talented jobber.

    Heel. Obnoxious, sycophantic and back-stabbing. He was the Intercontinental Champion until losing to Booker T on Raw. Was a member of Team Bischoff at Survivor Series, having sucked up to the GM on several occasions, and made it to the final four, even outlasting Triple H. Has recently been seen trying to buddy up to Evolution. Due to being on the winning side, has been given selection of a match of his choosing by Bischoff. Has promised he'll take his time choosing exactly the right type of match for his career.

    D-Von Dudley
    World Tag Team Champion. Babyface
    . See Bubba.

    Eric Bischoff
    Became 100% General Manager after Austin’s resignation, and solidified it when his team won at Survivor Series. He has promised all five members any match of their choosing as a reward.

    Gail Kim
    Aligned with Women’s Champion Molly, who has been gradually manipulating her further and further to help keep the title. Gail had been oblivious, but now seems to be growing more aware.

    Garrison Cade
    . In a tag team with Mark Jindrak. Recently got involved in a minor feud with La Resistance to demonstrate their ability as a team.

    World Heavyweight Champion. Babyface.
    Destroyed Triple H at Unforgiven, dealt with a misguided Steven Richards, and found himself in a brutal rivalry with Kane. As the two most dominant men on Raw, their brawls were often out of hand and dangerous, building to a match at Survivor Series. It took three Spears and three Jackhammers, but Goldberg eventually put him away and retained.

    Was a tag partner of Lance Storm, but lost his mind until he became a total nihilist obsessed with destruction. This led to him taking out Val Venis rather than fighting him in-ring, bringing he and Lance Storm together. Is never seen without his camera, with which he is making a film starring himself as the protagonist and Storm as the antagonist, called “A Storm Is Coming”.

    Superhero who stands up for people in need. Most recently helped Stacy when Scott Steiner became abusive, and with the help of Stacy and Rosey, overcame Big Poppa Pump. The three of them have now formed a crime-fighting trio, and are in the midst of a feud with La Resistance.

    . Not been seen since the project began.

    . See Ivory.

    . Returned after 18 months out with a broken neck and formed an alliance with Trish. The arrival of Trish’s friend April Hunter seems to have caused issues, with Lita against April’s “win at all costs” approach, and that tension cost Lita in her Women’s Title match at Survivor Series.

    . Unmasked monster who destroyed Shane McMahon so thoroughly at Unforgiven (with a Chokeslam off the Titantron), then destroyed everyone he came across until entering a rivalry with Goldberg. As the two most dominant men on Raw they tore each other apart, with Kane encouraging Goldberg to let out his inner monster, and consequently saw Goldberg retain the title at Survivor Series with three Spears and three Jackhammers. Despite that, Kane still found a way to sit up after the match.

    Lance Storm
    Was in a tag team with Goldust, only to feud with him when he began to lose his mind. Initially Storm had no intention of fighting his partner, but as Goldust became more and more crazed, was left with no alternative. Appears to have re-formed his tag team with Val Venis to counter-act Goldust, and they recently picked up an impressive win against La Resistance.

    Mark Henry
    Managed by Theodore Long. Was part of a tag team with Rodney Mack that seemed to be going places, but after an embarrassing defeat Henry and Long kicked Mack right out of the company. Since then Henry took Goldberg to the edge in a title match, and has since found himself being bothered by Maven, who somehow keep fighting back no matter what is thrown at him.

    Mark Jindrak
    See Garrison Cade.

    . Has recently found himself the victim of a series of attacks from Mark Henry. Perhaps unwisely, Maven keeps getting back up after each attack, which seems to be frustrating Henry but gaining admiring looks from Theodore Long…

    Molly Holly
    Women’s Champion. Heel
    . Playing the role of a “pure” woman, but is actually a lying, conniving manipulator. Has done everything she can to keep the title, which included getting Gail and Victoria to watch her back, and then discarding them as soon as it benefited her. Gail is still sticking by her… for now. Retained the title against Lita at Survivor Series when Trish and April accidentally distracted Lita and cost her the title.

    Randy Orton
    . The Legend Killer. Beat Shawn Michaels at Unforgiven, and hit the now departed Stone Cold with two RKOs in the previous two weeks. At times he seems to frustrate his Evolution teammates with his cocky, cavalier attitude, but there are no signs of an imminent split. Was part of Team Bischoff at Survivor Series, but was eliminated when attacked by Austin. Due to being on the winning side, has a match of his choosing to come from Bischoff.

    Rene Dupree
    . Lost the Tag Titles at Unforgiven to the Dudley Boyz, and have been disgusted at their lack of subsequent shots. Along with his teammates, has somehow managed to rile up practically every team on the roster, and have managed to piss off the Hurricane and Rosey after their disrespectful behaviour towards their manager, Super Stacy.

    Ric Flair
    . The mentor of Evolution. Hasn’t been in the ring too much, instead there to back up mostly HHH and Orton in arguments, and be the one to verbally put over their opponents.

    . Rarely seen jobber.

    Rob Conway
    . French sympathising manager of La Resistance, but recently getting more involved in matches. Has impressed in several singles matches, while also being on hand to screw over any of La Resistance’s opponents, leading to a rivalry with Hurricane, Rosey and Super Stacey.

    Rob Van Dam
    . After joining Team Austin, was frequently targeted by Evolution and had any opportunity at winning the Intercontinental Title ruined by vicious backstage attacks. Usually chilled, RVD grew tired of the attacks and has gone on a single-handed mission to take out Evolution, one-by-one. He went someway to achieving his goal by eliminating Triple H at Survivor Series, only for The Game to immediately sneak attack him and force his own elimination. Seems unlikely he’ll take that lying down.

    See Hurricane.

    Scott Steiner
    . After winning Stacy’s freedom from Test at Unforgiven, revealed himself to be the complete and utter prick he is. It was Hurricane and Rosey who stood up to him, beat him in the ring, and had Keibler become Super Stacy and be the superheroes’ manager. As he’s a ridiculous looking roid monster with a shit attitude and garbage in the ring, his future is unclear.

    Shawn Michaels
    . Has been accused by Randy Orton of being past it, having lost to him at Unforgiven. At Survivor Series he proved this to be wrong, with an epic effort in almost winning despite 3-on-1 odds, but still ultimately fell short, losing to Chris Jericho.

    Spike Dudley
    . Was almost immediately taken out by La Resistance. When he finally returned he was put in a match against Kane. He gave it a better go than most, but was still definitively beaten. Then stood up to Evolution and Triple H, but after a strong showing against The Game, was taken out of action.

    Stevie Richards
    . Answered an open challenge from Goldberg and was literally speared out of his shoes in a couple-of-seconds-loss. He then began airing expensively-shot, delusional videos challenging the champion, and was promptly beaten again. After that match he was used as a pawn in the mind games between Kane and Goldberg, and as such, has been out of action ever since.

    Sylvan Grenier
    . See Rene Dupree.

    Super Stacy
    . Went from reluctant manager of Test to reluctant manager of Steiner, only to have Hurricane and Rosey come to her rescue. She has since become their manager in superhero garb.

    . Lost to Scott Steiner at Unforgiven to lose Stacy, and has seemed directionless and, frankly, a bit of a mess ever since.

    Tommy Dreamer
    Popular, but aside from being squashed by Kane, hasn’t had much of a role to play.

    Triple H
    . Lost the World Title to Goldberg at Unforgiven after ten months. Took a brief hiatus, which was prematurely ended when Brock Lesnar on Smackdown hit his ex-wife with an F5. Hunter returned to Smackdown and took the fight to Lesnar, but as soon as he was offered another title shot to back off, used the situation to his benefit. Bischoff’s crown jewel in his Survivor Series team, he was shockingly pinned by Rob Van Dam, who has sworn to take out each member of Evolution one-by-one. Triple H took RVD out and led to his elimination, but it’s unlikely he’ll forget.

    Trish Stratus
    . Been fighting Molly and Gail alone for months until Lita returned at Unforgiven to help turn the tide, and they have become close friends. She’s also seen the arrival of an old friend, April Hunter, who has lived the mantra “win at all costs”, leaving Trish conflicted. Accidentally cost Lita the Women’s Title by distracting her during a philosophical argument with April at ringside.

    Val Venis
    . Has surprisingly picked up a few victories over the last few months, and as recently reunited with former partner Lance Storm thanks to a mutual hatred for Goldust.

    . Cost Lita a chance at the Women’s Title after feeling she didn’t deserve a title shot so soon after returning. That had made her an unlikely ally of Molly and Gail, only for Molly to almost immediately ruin it by leaving Victoria out to dry during a beatdown. Was taken out by April during a match last week, leading to a battle between the two strongest women on Raw this coming week.

    . Bodyguard type for John Cena, although one who has been more willing to help with Vince and Regal than Cena was. Had his nose legitimally broken by Chris Benoit, so has been wearing a protective mask.

    Big Show
    . Was one of Vince’s main men in the battle against Steph and her favourites. Faced The Undertaker at No Mercy, and was victorious thanks to a Brock Lesnar interference, leading to Steph leaving. Was then part of the Fatal Fourway Match at Survivor Series, and tried to form an alliance with ‘Taker to ensure they’d be the final two. The plan backfired when ‘Taker immediately turned on him, leaving him eliminated and humiliated in less than a minute. Was heard to tell Undertaker that he'd "kill him" less than half an hour before The Deadman was brutally taken down by a mystery attacker. Due to the match stipulations, he is barred from a WWE Title shot for as long as Brock Lesnar is champion.

    Billy Gunn
    . Still injured.

    Billy Kidman
    . Re-formed the Filthy Animals tag team with his friend Rey Mysterio, and has come close to toppling the World’s Greatest Tag Team without quite succeeding. It appeared they would be shunted back down the tag ranks, but as they eliminated both of the champions in a Survivor Series match, they have a good case for being in the picture.

    . Teams with Faarooq in the APA, although they’ve struggled for success lately. Bradshaw has generally been more successful in singles action, and recently beat Sean O’Haire in a match that sent him spiralling in to Mattitude.

    Brian Kendrick
    . Previously just a comedy jobber, Kendrick scored an upset victory on Johnny Stamboli a couple of months ago and has therefore found himself in a rivalry with the FBI. Has formed an alliance with fellow newcomer Paul London to go against them, but is still awaiting the one-on-one shot with Nunzio he really wants.

    Brock Lesnar
    WWE Champion. Heel
    . Won the title at No Mercy in an Iron Man Match against Kurt Angle to become Vince’s corporate champion, only to stab Vince in the back, force him out of WWE daily operations, and took Paul Heyman back as a manager. Chose to defend his title at Survivor Series against The Undertaker, Big Show and Kurt Angle, with the stipulation that if he won, they would be banned from any rematches against him as long as he’s champion. He won, having benefitted from the mystery attack on The Undertaker, and is now set to face new opponents for the first time in about a year.

    Charlie Haas
    WWE Tag Team Champion. Heel
    . Teams with Shelton Benjamin and has been champion for five months. Their most recent feud involved them beating the Filthy Animals in a long, awesome match on Smackdown, and with that the champions said they were moving on. Unfortunately for them, the Animals eliminated them both at Survivor Series, perhaps hinting this one isn’t over. They also sneak attacked London and Kendrick last week, and will defend their titles against them this week on Smackdown.

    Chavo Guerrero
    . Returned to work alongside his Eddie in his battles with John Cena, and has been an able back-up while his uncle appears to be building more and more momentum.

    Chris Benoit
    . Finished his rivalry with Rhyno with a win in the brutal Street Fight last week on Smackdown, and then made Shelton Benjamin tap out at No Mercy. Was part of the “Atlanta Five” team at Survivor Series, and along with Eddie Guerrero was one of the survivors, meaning they’re both now considered the number one contender.

    Chuck Palumbo
    . Part of the Full Bloodied Italians, whose feud with London and Kendrick seems to be coming to an end after a couple of months.

    Danny Basham
    . Teaming with his brother, they’ve ditched their S&M look and have reverted more to an “Anderson’s” approach to teaming, where they rely on simply but effectively grounding teams down until they win. Consistently got the better of the APA, and are now demanding that they are made the number one contenders to the Tag Titles.

    Dawn Marie
    . Recently returned to Smackdown and helped Tajiri win the Cruiserweight Title. Since then, she has unlocked a more vicious side of Tajiri’s personality, which resulted in Nidia getting blinded. She added Juventud as a client at No Mercy, and as a trio, they’ve successfully kept the title on Tajiri despite Ultimo Dragon’s best attempts.

    Doug Basham
    . See Danny.

    Eddie Guerrero
    Lost the US Title to John Cena at No Mercy, but that seems to have been the start of something bigger. He was one of the first to stand up to Brock on his reign of terror, and having been one of the two survivors in the Smackdown Survivor Series match, is the number one contender alongside Chris Benoit.

    . Was targeted by Tajiri and Juventud, and was saved by Ultimo Dragon. Since then he’s been Dragon’s back up in his quest for the Cruiserweight Title.

    Hardcore Holly
    . Still on the shelf after Brock broke his neck.

    Jamie Noble
    . Was a detested heel until his girlfriend Nidia was sprayed with black mist by Tajiri, blinding her. He then came back with a new fire, desperately looking for revenge over the man responsible for hurting his loved one. Unfortunately for Noble, Dawn Marie recruited Juventud to cost Noble the title match at No Mercy. After the match, a despondent Noble told Michael Cole that he “won’t” come back stronger than ever, and walked away. He hasn’t been seen since, despite Dawn and Tajiri still trying to rile him up.

    John Cena
    United States Champion. Babyface?
    . Won the US Title from Eddie Guerrero at No Mercy, and was considered an arrogant, foul-mouthed and selfish heel. That said, he refused to follow Vince’s path when starting war with his own daughter, clearly proving that he lived by his own moral code. This concerned Vince and Regal, who have tried to win him around to their way of thinking in the face of growing fan support. At Survivor Series he was the star man of the Purebreds team, but after selfishly allowing his teammates to get eliminated found himself in a 2-on-1 situation against Benoit and Guerrero and lost. At their insistence he shook their hand out of respect for taking the fight to them despite the odds, only for Regal to get in his face about losing and slapping him across the face. Cena hit the GM with an FU, seemingly turning face.

    Johnny Stamboli
    . See Chuck Palumbo.

    . Debuted at No Mercy, helping Tajiri to defeat Jamie Noble. He has since been part of the Kyo-estro tag team with the Cruiserweight Champion, managed by Dawn Marie, and looks every bit as vile as Tajiri.

    Kurt Angle
    . After returning from surgery, Angle promised to turn himself around and be the man his new born daughter could be proud of. He won the WWE Title and stood up to Vince when few others would. That left him often beaten down and battered, and ultimately, may have cost him the title when he lost to Brock in an Iron Man Match. He seems to have taken that loss badly, and it appeared he was gradually compromising on his morals more and more, especially in the face of his growing hatred for The Undertaker, until he was left with a moral choice at the Survivor Series. Attack the man he hated in ‘Taker, attack Brock and hand the win to 'Taker, or leave them to fight. He chose the latter, proving he really was willing to do the right thing in the face of adversity. Unfortunately for him, he lost in the Fatal Fourway Match, leaving him barred from a WWE Title shot as long as Brock is champion.

    Matt Hardy (Version 1.0)
    . Having finally overcome his “mortal enemy” Zach Gowen in a “Loser Is Fired” match, Matt has grown gradually more and more delusional, and continues to treat his follower Shannon like dirt. Recently went on a recruitment drive, and managed to pick up Sean O’Haire as a follower, who had hit absolute rock bottom.

    . See Chuck Palumbo.

    Orlando Jordan
    . Jobber who has come close in the few matches he’s had, but they're few and far between.

    Paul London
    Babyface. Debuted with an awe-inspiring performance in a victory over Nunzio, and has formed an alliance with Brian Kendrick against the FBI. Along with Kendrick, was taken out by the World’s Greatest Tag Team on the last episode of Smackdown.

    Rey Mysterio
    . See Billy Kidman.

    . Had taken his insanity up a notch in his efforts to break Chris Benoit’s neck, only to lose the final match in their rivalry in a Street Fight on Smackdown. That left Rhyno floating around without direction, until Paul Heyman returned and took him under his wing, promising to bring out “the real Rhyno”. This has left him often aligned with Brock Lesnar, and was heard saying that “The Undertaker won’t be a problem after tonight” just hours before he was taken out.

    . Glorified jobber who is barely seen on TV anymore.

    Ron Simmons
    . See Bradshaw.

    Scotty Too Hotty
    . Lost a 5-Minute Iron Man Match to Brock Lesnar, and then was made to face Big Show immediately afterwards. He hasn’t been seen since.

    Sean O’Haire
    After a disastrous run of form, he took the likes of Benoit and Guerrero to the edge, only to continually lose out. After a loss to Bradshaw he flipped out, attacked the announcers and then allowed himself to be beaten by Ron Simmons. Luckily for him, he’s been offered salvation in the form of Mattitude. Whether that actually helps or not has yet to be seen.

    Shannon Moore
    . Loyal follower of Matt Hardy (Version 1.0), and often the butt of his jokes/one who gets thrown in to the celebratory cake that Matt got when he beat a one-legged wrestler. Is treated worse with every passing week.

    Shelton Benjamin
    WWE Tag Team Champion. Heel
    . See Charlie Haas.

    Cruiserweight Champion. Heel
    . Fully embraced his inner-demons when he aligned with Dawn Marie to win the Cruiserweight Title from Rey Mysterio, then sprayed Nidia in the face with black mist to make a point about how low he could go. It looked like he may have been in danger of losing the title against a furious Jamie Noble, but the debuting Juventud helped him retain, and he’s since fought off the challenge of a resurgent Ultimo Dragon.

    The Undertaker
    . Along with Kurt Angle, the man who most stood up to Vince and his actions against Steph. Was Stephanie’s representative in the Battle of the McMahons at No Mercy, but lost to Big Show when Brock Lesnar interfered. Since then he’s become even more grouchy and confrontational (if that’s possible) and found himself with no shortage of enemies. Shocked many with an outstanding performance at Survivor Series, only to be brutally taken out by a mystery assailant just as it seemed he might win the title. It is not known when, or even if, we will see him again.

    Ultimo Dragon
    Had a shaky start to his WWE career, but bounced back with some strong performances in the last month, particularly with his dangerous Dragon Sleeper. Took Tajiri to the edge at Survivor Series, but narrowly came up short.

    William Regal
    General Manager of Smackdown. Heel. Was appointed to his position after Stephanie McMahon left, with a clear brief to clean up some of the mess left by Vince’s daughter. He has a clear list of those he should and should not be helping, and has chosen to manipulate the latter by dangling opportunities and using it to create tension in potential allies. The one man on neither list, John Cena, has not been open to Regal’s attempts to win him over, and with Regal frustrated that Cena cost his preferred team a win at Survivor Series, slapped him around the face, and subsequently found himself the victim of an FU (in more ways than one).

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    Re: November BTBOTM - WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

    Then there's Armageddon which is a Smackdown PPV in this diary right? So that being said it begs the question of who will Brock Lesnar defend his WWE Championship against at WWE Armageddon 2003 especially since Taker is gone, Angle and Show can't get shots at the title as long as Lesnar is the I wonder if you will have like a tournament to crown a new #1 Contender for the WWE Championship and the winner of that tournament faces Brock at WWE Armageddon 2003? Or will you have a Battle Royal to determine who gets the shot?

    However, the issue being if this is a Smackdown PPV then Guerrero his team won at Survivor Series and each of his teammates get title shots so that being said I wonder if Brock will end up defending the WWE Championship against Eddie, Benoit, Rey, Chavo or Kidman? I mean even though they were eliminated they get title shots anyway right considering their team won? Or is it only the sole survivors that get title shots?

    For RAW they are not at Armageddon since it is a Smackdown PPV unless I am wrong but if I am right about this then that means RAW's next chance to be on a PPV is Royal Rumble 2004 so that being said I wonder if you plan on building towards that on the RAW side of things? If you do then it begs the question of who the World Heavyweight Champion will be come Rumble time because Goldberg he is the champion right now but then again a lot of superstars want their shot like for example Triple H since his team won at Survivor Series Triple H will somehow strong arm his way into a match but then again Jericho he has more of a claim to that match because he was the sole survivor for Bischoff's team not Triple H, not Orton, not Christian and not Batista none of them except Jericho. However, there is Kane. I mean I can assume Kane is not done with Goldberg yet so he is gonna want a rematch so I wonder how you can sort all this out?

    Then there is also the 2004 Royal Rumble Match...which superstars will qualify or which superstars will declare themselves as entrants into the match?

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    Re: November BTBOTM - WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

    -So first thing is first, it’s with no disrespect when I say I’m not reading all of this show. I skim the matches for the important points, and focus more on the story telling and booking side of things than the MOVEZ and that sort of thing. The big matches are just in my past at this point.

    -Also, there is no need to do things like t’ and th’ instead of to and the. That’s just extra to me on the speech/diction category, as there’s no concernible difference in how they’re annunciated, surely.

    -Cena’s promo was not the best at the start when he was focusing on his own team, but great when you turned it onto his opponents.

    -I get what you’re trying to do with the Nitro theme for your Atlanta Five thing here, but surely you have to recognize how cheesy and just awful this is right? :P It just badly hurts the entire team’s credibility.

    -I like that Rey and Kidman (also, you really ought to drop the Filthy Animals nickname as that was an awful DX rip off stable, and it has no correlation to this incarnation of Kidman/Rey) eliminated both members of WGTT for your future storytelling, and the quick fire eliminations by Cena afterwards. You certainly made this Cena’s match, and it was totally the right decision. Eddie’s elimination on Hardy was a good spot, and while I wasn’t huge on what Regal did, I think it was good storytelling, which trumps my personal feelings. I still think the overall match winners here are terribly wrong considering how you made the face team a WCW symbolism, and you putting the “WCW Team” over Vince McMahon’s born and bred WWF Superstars. I just don’t think I can stress how strongly my conviction is about the poor booking this was. At least the inevitable Cena face turn is coming out of it, hopefully, to salvage this.

    -The Women’s Title match went exactly how you need it to go, I think. April Hunter plays a big role in costing Lita the Title shot, but you can’t say she clearly did it on purpose, and there’s the dynamic between Trish and Hunter, and Lita and Hunter to continue working with. Good stuff here.

    -I definitely feel like your presentation has been contradictory for this show compared to the build up. Atlanta Five hate WCW on SD, but yet they march out to Nitro. Brock Lesnar doesn’t want to talk in that interview, but now can shut up. The ideas you tried to present here to tease Lesnar/Triple H and also put that seed of doubt in Trips’ head about Orton were very good idea, but the execution didn’t work here for me as Lesnar’s actions contradicted everything you have presented him to otherwise be.

    -The cruiserweights have failed to capture my attention, so I really just kind of skipped past through this one.

    -I really think you made the wrong decision here. I get it, World Titles are important, but this has been THE PROGRAM of this thread, the best thing you’ve had going on. To put it, essentially, in the middle of the card, was just the wrong decision. You took away too much of the importance factor from it by not putting it in the main event where it belonged.

    -I do like Bischoff’s attempts to prevent Austin from attacking him, and also the story of Austin not being able to get at Orton.

    -I love the visual of Orton’s RKO on D-Von, that was pretty damn good. Dudleys going straight out definitely made them look weak in this bad boy. Batista is another guy coming off weak as the first elimination; I think a weasel like Christian is a great first elimination, especially since he was essentially a non-factor in the whole match here. The Trips elimination on Booker was well done I thought, and I think you absolutely made the right call by having HHH go out early (for him), and it being RVD to do it is even better for me. I love that decision greatly. It’s made even better by the quick fire dastardly actions of HHH afterwards. Christian was such a nonfactor in this, that his arrogance leading to an elimination really should’ve been done early on, allowing Batista to have a spell of dominance but have his naivety lead to elimination here instead, IMO. I’m glad I was wrong about having Orton be a star here and be a Survivor, because you did this much better here. Stone Cold gets his revenge finally on Orton; very well executed spot here. I like the way you had this match end as well. You really made HBK look phenomenal here throughout this match, and him not being pinned, not submitting - but passing out - was phenomenal booking and story telling. Again, this just went to serve exactly why this was your main event match, and belonged there. Austin’s post match stuff was exactly how it should’ve been.

    -I’m torn on this match here. If this is going to just be a one off match between Kane and Goldberg, then this is pretty good. If you plan on this continuing, then I have a lot of issues with it, because you blew your load way too early with some stuff. No matter what, I think you could’ve done a better job in the build up that Goldberg was going to have a strategy and do things like going to the top rope and submissions. Your whole build up was really bad ass v. bad ass, so Goldberg doing a lot of other stuff, really comes across out of nowhere. I do like the general feel of the Hoss v. Hoss was good, and I definitely like how Goldberg rolled through the Spear into the Jackhammer, and that at no point Kane gets to kick out of the multiple Jackhammers. That does make me question if they continue on in this feud. If this continues, I def would’ve had this be a no contest and skip out on all of Goldberg’s extra stuff, so really hoping this was just a one match feud.

    -Some have complained about the Big Show stuff? But this was incredible, Keef. Undertaker manipulated Big Show, and it turns into a quasi-alliance of the 3 other men hitting 3 finishers to eliminate him. It gives Show more fuel to the fire of how he doesn’t get fair chances. This was great. I also love the continued presentation of Kurt Angle. He’s very heelish throughout the match without ever actually doing it, and then with Taker eliminating him just as he’s about to get Brock to tap, it only fuels the vendetta you have Angle on. The post-elimination stuff too was good. The ending to this though was really hokey. I’m sure you’re going to do your part well to build off of it, but it was just soooo anti-climatic. Obviously the easy answer to who dun it is Kurt Angle, but I don’t know if you’re ready for it to be him just yet, but I won’t be upset at all if you do pull that trigger and have it happen. I just think you could’ve easily ended this match another way, without the cliffhanger ending, allowing the 5 on 5 to main event.

    -This was a good show, and I think your effort into writing the show as lengthy as you did takes a lot of effort and deserves a lot of recognition and acknowledgment. That said, I definitely think there were a lot of misses here, for me. I don’t like the cliffhanger ending to the show, and I think it’s rather lazy booking. However, I’m more than happy to admit that it could ultimately lead to something really awesome, as you have clearly shown you’re capable of doing that with your booking style. This cliffhanger does set you up for that style. I think you missed hard on the opening match by going the continued WCW route and having them win, and the RAW SS match not main eventing. That said, you hit big time on a lot of little things throughout. Cena looked like a total stud, the Women’s match was solid booking, you did amazing character work with Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels, a great set-up for RVD/Triple H, and a pretty good one shot match in Goldberg v. Kane. Honestly, your build up for Survivor Series - for the most part - was so good, I think you booked yourself into a corner where it was going to be hard to meet some of the expectations you created, if that makes sense? I do think if you continue to go as you have, you’ll continue to do some pretty great stuff though, and make moments that don’t seem good now, turn into better moments down the line, knowing you.

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    Re: WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

    November 17 2003
    Beaumont, Texas

    We open to footage of CHRIS JERICHO, from when he first debuted this new persona.

    ”This company… Vince McMahon… Eric Bischoff… Steve Austin… they don’t care about me. They don’t care about any of us. And let me tell you this… I am… a superior… being. I don't just belong amongst the elite... I am the elite. And not just in this business, but in any business you can think of. And if you don’t want to accept me as I am, then maybe I’ll take away the entrance, and the nicknames, and the catchphrases. I’m going to start doing whatever the hell I want, to whoever I want. But know this – I’m putting the entire company on notice. You will all get what is coming to you. I will be a star, but I will be a star on my terms from now on, not on yours. And if you don’t like that... you can go to hell!”
    We then see him at a later date. ”This company is beyond saving. So I will destroy it. I will take everything that is true and holy in this company, and destroy its very meaning. And when that is done, I will rebuild it in my own image. An image that understands just... how... great... I.... really... am."
    We then see Jericho chatting with CHRISTIAN

    “There’s one rule for the few at the top, and another for everyone else. The game is rigged, Christian.”

    “So what do we do?”

    ”We change the game…
    We then move to when Jericho accepted ERIC BISCHOFF’S offer of joining his team at Survivor Series.

    ”If it means getting rid of that parasite Steve Austin once and for all… then I’m in. But I’m not doing it for you, Eric. I don’t want your stupid promises. I’m doing this for me.”
    We then see when he confronted STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN

    ”I am done with this company. It’s so backwards I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad. This company… it’s a huge… pulsating… puss-filled… wound. I’ve tried to live with that wound. I’ve pretended it wasn’t there and got on with my life. But I can’t do it anymore. I need to cleanse the wound, Steve. I need to make it right. And I’ll do that by removing the infection. You, Steve… are that infection. You are everything that’s wrong with this company… There will be five people in the team trying to get rid of you, Steve… but it’ll be me who puts that nail in your coffin… My days of talking are coming to an end. At Survivor Series I’ll become a man of action.”
    We then see Eric Bischoff’s attempt at rousing his team, which led to a confrontation between Jericho and TRIPLE H.

    ” This Sunday… it won’t be Randy Orton ending Steve Austin’s career… it won’t be Christian… it won’t be Batista… and it sure as hell won’t be Triple H. This Sunday… Stone Cold Steve Austin’s career… dies… at my hands. And he is just… the… start. But things are changing, Hunter. Trust me… things… are… changing.”
    We then see still images from last night, where CHRIS JERICHO and SHAWN MICHAELS are the final two men left in the match for control of Raw. Jericho gets Michaels in the Walls of Jericho in the centre of the ring, and HBK has nowhere to turn. He scrambles, but he’s stuck in the centre of the ring. He fights it… longer… longer.. but it’s no good. We see the image of Michaels pushed back, blood streaming down his face just as it had for Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 13, until he passes out, just like Austin did.

    As the victor Jericho celebrated to the back, leaving Stone Cold to say goodbye to the fans with a toast of beer, and left a can in the ring, symbolising the end of the Stone Cold Era…

    We then transition from the opening video to a scene labelled as ”Earlier tonight”. ERIC BISCHOFF is pacing in the parking lot, when a limo pulls in.

    ”Finally!” Bischoff announces. ”The man of the hour himself! Chris Jericho! Get out here you beautiful man! Let the 100% General Manager of Raw tell you how much-“

    Bischoff’s cut off when the rear door swings open… and out steps LINDA MCMAHON!

    ”Hello, Eric.”

    “Linda! What… what are you doing here? You can’t take last night away from me! I won that match fair and square. Steve knew the rules, and-“

    “Relax, Eric. I’m not here to undo anything you’ve done. Yet. Steve made the deal with you, and he lost. You are the Raw General Manager, and Steve Austin is fired from the WWE. I’m not here to change that.”

    Bischoff breathes a sigh of relief. ”Then what do I owe this fine… fine… pleasure?” he leers.

    ”I’m here to let you know that I’ll be watching you. So will the rest of the Board of Directors. You may have helped force Mr. Austin out, but we haven’t forgotten why we hired him in the first place. If we see any of the behaviours we saw before… the mistreatment of women… the clear favouritism… then we will be forced to make a change.”

    “I’m not working 50/50 again, I’ll tell you that right now.”

    “Oh, I agree with you. If you do anything we disagree with, we won’t be bringing in another Co-General Manager to work alongside you… we’ll be replacing you. Do I make myself clear?”

    “Linda! There’s no need for-“

    “Do… I make myself… clear?”

    Bischoff solemnly nods. ”I understand.”

    she says. ”Good luck, Eric… we’ll be watching.”

    After the opening video we head to the arena, where we’re welcomed by a pyrotechnic display. Once it’s died down we sit in silence for just a couple of moments…

    ”I told you,” we hear a voice say…

    … and out steps CHRIS JERICHO to a huge chorus of boos. For once he stays on the ramp and drinks the reaction in (maaan); not smiling, not gloating, not angry. He merely stands there, with his hair in a simple ponytail, blue jeans, and a Fozzy t-shirt (presumably so WWE don’t get a cut of merchandise), and listens to the reaction.

    After a few moments, he raises the microphone back to his mouth, and heads back down the ramp. ”I told you. I told you what would happen last night. Unlike everyone else in this company, I was transparent. I said I would change the business for good… and that’s exactly what I did.”

    He climbs in to the ring and continues. ”I said I would cleanse the pulsating wound that is the WWE… and I have done… exactly… that. Last night… the Stone Cold Era… died… at my hands. It was exactly how I said it would be, because I am a man of my word. I told you it would not be Batista. I told you it would not be Christian. I told you it would not be Randy Orton. I told you it would not be Triple H. What I said would happen… did happen. Stone Cold Steve Austin is gone from the WWE forever… and it’s all… thanks… to me.”

    The crowd ferociously boo once again, and begin a ”YOU SUCK!” chant, so he waits for them to get it out of their system.

    ”Are you done?” he asks… and the boos start again!

    He waits them out a little longer, and once there is enough quiet, begins again. ”You can boo all you like, but it doesn’t change a thing. Stone Cold Steve Austin is gone… and he’s never coming back. When it came down to it, it was me… and Shawn Michaels… and Shawn didn’t… stand… a chance. People know me as the only man to beat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in one night. But from now on… you will know me… as the man… who beat Shawn Michaels… and retired Stone Cold Steve Austin… in one… night. So say goodbye to the virus that is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Bid him farewell and thank him for the memories, but there will be no more to come. All Stone Cold Steve Austin is now… is a memory.”

    An ”ASSHOLE!” chant starts up, so Jericho merely shakes his head in disappointment. ”It’s okay, get it out of your system. You’re upset… but so… was I. I was upset that everything I had achieved in my career… no… my life… was thrown back in my face. I was overlooked one too many times, and I made you all a vow that things would be different. Stone Cold Steve Austin was a virus… and he has now… been… eradicated. But he is just the start. He is one of many. He is-“

    *** GLASS SHATTERS ***

    The crowd EXPLODES for the music of Stone Cold Steve Austin!

    ”I… I thought he was gone!” JR excitedly exclaims from commentary.

    ”He’s supposed to be!” King adds.

    The crowd wait the arrival of the man they feared they would never see again…

    … when ERIC BISCHOFF cockily struts out on to the stage, somehow getting even more heat than Jericho had managed. He strolls down the ramp and climbs in the ring… and mocks the Austin pose on the turnbuckle!

    He climbs down, grabs a microphone, and faces Jericho. ”Chris… Chris… Chris. We sure had out difficulties in the run up, huh? I really didn’t know where you’d stand. You were the one team member I didn’t know if I could trust. Not because you’re not good… you’re great, big man. But after everything you said, there was a niggling part of me that said if anyone was going to intentionally screw up our plan, it’d be you. And yet when it came down to it… you were the one who got rid of Stone Cold Steve Austin. And I couldn’t be prouder. And let me be the first to say that this whole new attitude… it’s reaping major benefits, Chris. Major benefits. I’m so excited to see that you’ve been motivated in to making a true difference, and that you’re finally living up to that potential I saw in you when I hired you in 1996.”

    Jericho sneers at Bischoff’s blatant attempts at claiming responsibility for both his new attitude and in ever seeing potential in him.

    ”So here we are, Chris. Now is the time. You were the one to survive the match. You were the one to get Austin outta here. So you get the first pick… what’s it gonna be, Chris? What match do you want? Whatever it is… it’s yours.”

    Still Jericho sneers. ”You just don’t get it, do you?”

    “Oh, I get it, Chris. Trust me, I get it. This opportunity to select any match of your choosing is unheard of. No matter what, you’ve got it. You want Goldberg for the World Heavyweight Title? You’ve got it. Just say the words.”

    “Don’t tell me what to do. I didn’t do this for you, Eric. I’ve made myself very… clear… on that. You are part of the problem, just as Stone Cold Steve Austin was. We had the same goal… but now that is over… I want nothing to do with you.”

    “C’mon, Chris, don’t be like that! I’m looking out for you! Look at the opportunity! Only I can give you this-“

    “I cleansed the wound. Stone Cold Steve Austin is gone, and he’s never coming back. That was my goal. Not helping you. My next goal… is continuing to cleanse the wound. I’m just moving on to the next virus in a company full of them. And I’m looking at one of them right now.”

    Bischoff starts to look a little panicked. ”This is getting silly, Chris, just take a match, any match, and let’s move on. We don’t have to be friends. But take this favour from me. Anything you want.”

    Jericho cocks an eyebrow. ”Anything?”


    Jericho says, mulling it over. ”How about take my match… against… you?”


    “You heard me. Chris Jericho… versus Eric Bischoff… loser… leaves… Raw?”

    The crowd pop a little for the idea of Bischoff being banished.

    ”I… I…”

    “You said any match right?”

    “I know, but I didn’t mean-“

    “Me versus you, loser is banished from Raw forever… that’s a match, right?”

    “Please, Chris, I worked so hard to get here. I-“

    Jericho smirks. ”Relax, Eric. I don’t want that stupid match.”

    The crowd boo at having been toyed with, as Jericho grins to himself at having messed with Bischoff.

    ”I could take that match, Eric. Never forget that I could have chosen to get you banished from Raw forever… but I didn’t. Because what’s the point? I get rid of you… and you’ll be replaced by another one of ‘them’. Another person of privilege who gets to do whatever they want, irrespective of what the people want, or what the wrestlers deserve. I get rid of you and I just end up with Hulk Hogan… or Shane McMahon… or Kevin Nash as my boss. What’s the point? No, Eric I won’t do that… but I will take your offer of a match. But it won’t be because you told me to. It won’t be when you told me to. I’ll announce who I want… when I want. Because from now on… I run this place. And there’s not a single person who can stop me.”

    He drops the microphone to the mat and climbs out of the ring, and heads to the back…


    *** THE GAME ***

    Before Jericho can make it to the back, TRIPLE H storms out. Partway down the aisle he and Jericho pass, with Triple H stopping for a staredown… but Jericho ignores him! He walks to the back like he isn’t there!

    Triple H continues in to the ring, and takes a microphone.

    ”Okay, Eric. We had a deal. Your team win… and we all choose what match we want. So here we are, ready to tell you exactly what we want.”

    Bischoff smiles, feeling reassured that someone is here willing to play his game, pun somewhat intended. ”Go for it, Trips.”

    “Number One,”
    Triple H begins. ”Batista. He’s going to take his favour… next week on Raw. It’ll be him… and Ric… teaming up… to face the Dudley Boyz… for the World… Tag Team Titles.”

    Bischoff applauds happily. ”You’ve got it, Trips. Next week, Dave and Ric get a shot at the belts against the Dudleyz. Consider it done.”

    Triple H nods. ”Secondly… I want what’s been coming to me. I want… what I deserve. It’s gonna be me… versus Goldberg… for the World Heavyweight Title… tonight.”

    The crowd pop the idea of seeing a World Title match, even if it’s Triple H getting one.

    ”Done! Triple H versus Goldberg, World Heavyweight Title, tonight! And Randy?”

    The Game’s (huge) nostrils flare ever-so-slightly. ”Randy will announce his own match later.”

    “Oh, really? Because-“

    “Drop it, Eric.”

    Bischoff gulps, and nods, and starts to speak with an anxiety in his voice, like he has bad news. ”So, uh… Trips. You’ve got your match tonight, no problem. You wanted it, you’ve got it. I’m a man of my word, you know that. It’ll be a great match-“

    “Get to the point, Eric.”

    Bischoff reluctantly nods again. ”There’s something for you to be aware of. The referees… they’re, uh… they’re refusing to work with Goldberg tonight.”


    “Last night, they, uh… they took a bit of a beating. Chad Patton took a Chokeslam from Kane… and Mike Chioda…”
    He pauses, and sighs. ”Mike Chioda has broken ribs. We don’t know when he’ll be back. So Earl Hebner says they won’t officiate any match with Kane or Goldberg. I had intended for them to both have the night off because of this, but seeing as you want the title match-“

    “Fix it, Eric. Whatever it takes. I’m getting my title match… tonight.”

    “I had someone in mind to cover for tonight in case this was to happen, and he’s here tonight. I don’t know if you’ll like it, but he’s the only-“

    “Do it,”
    The Game interjects. ”I don’t care if it’s Satan himself… tonight… nothing stops me from winning the title.”

    Bischoff nods. ”I’ll need to check with him that he’s still willing, and if he is, I’ll get him to announce himself before the match so you have time to prepare.”

    Triple H barks, disinterested in the details of who’ll referee the match, and turns to a cameraman on the apron, and looks straight down the lens. ”Goldberg… your time is up. You’re a fraud, Bill… and tonight… every finds it out. You’ve gotten lucky against me to this point. But after tonight… everyone will see you for the marketing tactic that you are… and everyone will see me… as the World… Heavyweight… Title. Goldberg… Evolution… is about… to pass you by.”

    We come back from commercial to see VICTORIA finishing off her entrance…

    *** EAT YOU ALIVE ***

    With brand new theme music, APRIL HUNTER breaks out from behind the curtain and poses for the fans, and makes her way to the ring.

    ”Folks,” JR begins, ”we’d like t’ thank Limp Bizkit for th’ official theme song of Survivor Series, ‘Build A Bridge’, which is from their recent album, Results May Vary, in all record stores now.”

    “It doesn’t sound like that’s their only contribution!”

    “Indeed, King. It seems April is using ‘Eat You Alive’, also off the same album, as her new entrance theme it.”

    “Imagine how much that must cost, JR! Eric’s really digging in to his pockets to give her the right presentation, huh?”

    “Or doin’ what he does best, and diggin’ in t’ someone else’s pockets. Eitha way, we’ve got April takin’ on Victoria up next, and that’s gonna be a titanic battle between two of th’ biggest, strongest divas in the company.”

    “And most beautiful! Don’t forget that.”

    “Sat next t’ you, how could I?”

    Victoria vs. April Hunter

    The bell is rung by MIKE SPARKS, who JR mentions is covering for Mike Chioda, who is out indefinitely with broken ribs from an errant Goldberg Spear last night. He blends nicely in to the background as the two most physically imposing women on the roster come head-to-head.

    After an initial stand off where neither can get the better of it, and after JR and King recap how April inadvertently screwed Lita out of the belt last night, Victoria starts to use her experience advantage to take over. After a few minutes of domination she looks for a Suplex… but April powers out… and hits a Suplex of her own!

    A slugfest yields no clear winner, so Victoria screams in rage and rushes in to a Clothesline… but April catches her! Belly To Belly Suplex! She climbs on to the second rope, looking for her Somersault Neckbreaker…

    … but Victoria’s up! She sprints across the ring… Running Dropkick! April’s stunned on the second rope, so Victoria follows her up… Superplex! She hooks the leg…



    Kick out!

    Victoria stares down the new referee, who backs away rather than argue over the validity of his count. Victoria’s eyes bug with rage as she lines April up… Widows Peak… Back Drop from April! She charges… but Victoria sidesteps… and April crashes in to the turnbuckle! Victoria rushes over and mounts her in the corner, perched on the second rope, punching her over and over…

    … but April walks out of the corner… CARRYING VICTORIA ON HER SHOULDERS!


    She returns to the second rope and waits as Victoria struggles up… SOMERSAULT NECKBREAKER OFF THE SECOND ROPE! She makes the cover…




    Winner: April Hunter in 6:27

    ”Big win for April Hunter!” JR exclaims.

    ”Wow!” King adds. ”That was quite a win! And she hit that big move as well… she calls that the Head Hunter, you know?”

    “She’s goin’ t’ be huntin’ th’ Women’s Champ’n at this rate!”

    We cut backstage to ERIC BISCHOFF’S office. He’s sat behind his desk, on the phone.

    ”You’re still here, right? … Good, good… So you’ll still do it? … No, I don’t know if he’ll like it either, but, well, I’m desperate. No offence… No, no, I didn’t think you would take offence… So will you get ready and let everyone know? … Good. See you out there.”

    He hangs up and takes a deep breath, partially out of relief for sorting it, partially out of anxiety for whether this solves anything after all.

    The camera then pans out, to reveal CHRISTIAN sitting at the other side of the desk, feet up on the table, having been listening in.

    ”So he said yes?” Christian asks.

    Bischoff nods. ”He did.”

    “You know, you could have asked me? In exchange for a favour, of course.”

    “You already have a favour, Christian. Speaking of which… what’s your decision. Want to face the winner of the title match tonight, next week?”

    Christian mulls it over. ”Nah… not that.”

    “Then what?”

    “I dunno. I’m thinking about it. I told you, I won’t rush this decision. It’s rare you get a chance at choosing any match you want. If I take a title match next week, either I’m getting in the way of Goldberg – and you’d have to be crazy to do that – or I’m making an enemy out of Triple H. That’s the thing about me, Easy E, always two steps ahead. I’ll make a decision… but in my own time.”

    “Really, Christian, it’s not a big deal, just pick a match-“

    “No, no, no, I won’t be rushed. Just think of what I could achieve. A match with anyone.”

    “Anyone who works for the WWE, yes-“

    “Think of the chances. One good decision… and my career… will never… be the same.”

    Bischoff grunts and sighs, as Christian stares off to the distance in a day dream.

    We cut back to the ring, where SPIKE DUDLEY is pacing…

    ”Up next,” JR says, ”Li’l Spike Dudley’s gonna be in action for th’ first tahm since he took Triple H t’ th’ edge, and no doubt he’s gonna be wantin’ to make an impact tonight…”

    *** ANIMAL ***

    From the back strides the mighty BATISTA, looking as intimidating as he’s ever done, and being followed to the ring by a smug looking RIC FLAIR.

    ”Now what is this?” JR asks as Batista makes his way to the ring.

    ”What do you mean?” King asks. ”You said it yourself, Spike’s looking for a challenge tonight, and there’s no bigger challenge than Batista!”

    “Gimme a break, King, this is Eric Bischoff sendin’ a message t’ th’ Dudleyz for workin’ with Stone Cold last night!”

    “He wouldn’t do that, he’s under strict instructions from Linda McMahon!”

    “Like hell he wouldn’t! He’s makin’ out like this ain’t a big deal, but this is a message, clear as day.”

    “Stop being so patronising, JR, Spike can handle himself! What do you want, for him to only be facing people his own size? If he was going to do that he’d have to head to Smackdown and face Tazz!”

    “Say what ya want, King, this is Bischoff lettin’ his power go t’ his head already, an’ everyone knows it!”

    Batista w/Ric Flair vs. Spike Dudley

    The bell rings… and Spike charges at Batista! He leaps on to him and unleashes a flurry of punches! Batista’s momentarily stunned by the unexpected offence… until he powers out… holds Spike above his head… and LAUNCHES him to the outside with a splat!

    Referee Jack Doan, one of only two regular referees left standing on Raw, starts the count, with Batista happily letting it count down, sending a message that he can win in a matter of seconds… but Spike just makes it back in!

    From there Batista finds it all too easy, with the size and power disadvantage just too much for Spike. Batista looks like he’s ready to finish him off with a Lariat… but Spike rolls under… and manages to get a roll up!



    Kick out! But Spike’s on it… Battering Ram! Dropkick! To the top… Flying Clothesline!

    But through all that… Batista doesn’t go down! Spike tries to finish him… Dudley Dog!

    No! Batista holds him in place… and slams it back down with terrifying velocity! There goes Spike’s fight! Batista pulls him up… BATISTA BOMB!

    He makes the cover…



    Batista pulls him up before the three!

    ”Now what’s this?” JR asks. ”Still think this ain’t a message?! Batista an’ Flair are facin’ Spike’s brothers next week, an’ he’s lettin’ ‘em know it! Leave the damn kid alone!”

    Flair barks instructions at Batista, so he pulls Spike up… AND DRILLS HIM WITH ANOTHER BATISTA BOMB!

    But he doesn’t go for a cover! On Flair’s instructions, he pulls him up again for another Batista Bomb…

    … but here come THE DUDLEY BOYZ!

    They slide in to the ring… and nail Batista in the face to save Spike! Jack Doan calls for the bell!

    Winner: Batista by disqualification in 4:02

    Batista may have technically won the match, but that’s hardly the story here. Spike rolls to the outside, dead to the world, allowing Bubba and D-Von to tee off on Batista… they whip him off the ropes and look for a 3D…

    … but Flair catches Batista’s leg… and drags him to safety!

    Batista’s fuming, wanting to get in there and take the fight to the Dudleyz, sure that he can take them both on… but Flair stands in his way!

    ”Leave it, Dave! This one ain’t for us! We’ve done our work today, pal, let it slide!”

    Batista’s seething, but relents and follows instructions as he is so capable of doing. Together, he and Flair head to the back, leaving the Dudleyz furious in the ring, safe in the knowledge that they’ve got under the champs’ skin with just a week until their Tag Title Match.

    We cut backstage, to where Terri is walking down a corridor. She reaches a door, takes a deep breath, knocks… and enters.

    The room she walks in to is dark, with a flickering television at the other end. The room is barren aside from that, but for an armchair in the middle. Slouched decadently in the chair is GOLDUST.

    Excuse me… Goldust?” Terri asks, nervously approaching him. ”We were due to speak to you around now?”

    Goldust stares blankly ahead, non-responsive to her questioning.

    ”Okay… uh… I just wanted to… uh… I wanted to ask… about your partner later tonight. Eric Bischoff insisted that you need to have a partner, but recently it seems unlike you to find one and… I guess… I guess what I’m saying,,, what I’m saying is do you have a partner?”

    Terri finishes her nervous rambling, and Goldust sits still… until a smile starts to grow across his face. ”I’ve found someone,” he purrs.

    ”You have? Who is it?”

    “Time, my dear. You will find out in time. I shan’t ruin the dramatic suspense… I shall leave you with the cliff-hanger… leave you… with the tension. Who could it be? I couldn’t say. All I could say… is I have found… a like-minded soul. Someone who sees what this world truly is. Someone… who is a true… monsssster. Will you like it? Will you like them? I wouldn’t have thought so. But nor would I want you to. I am forming an army. A group of unlikely heroes banding together… nothing… but a common goal… to bind them. ‘A Storm Is Coming’ has it’s antagonists… it has… it’s primary protagonist… and it’s about… to get… it’s supporting… cast.”

    We cut back to the ring, where Lilian Garcia is stood.

    ”Ladies… and… gentlemen!” she announces. ”Please welcome… the Special Referee… for the World Heavyweight Title match in tonight’s main event…”

    There’s a brief pause…

    *** WRECK ***

    There’s a huge pop for the return of MICK FOLEY!

    He shuffles out in sweatpants, with a Survivor Series t-shirt underneath a flannel shirt (dressing up as always) and waves to the crowd as he gets in the ring and grabs a microphone.

    ”I have to say,” Foley begins, unassumingly scratching his head, ”it sure feels good to be back here in Beaumont, Texas!”

    Cheap pop.

    ”So I was in the area for Survivor Series weekend… doing the publicity rounds… and first thing this morning I get a call. It’s Eric Bischoff. I don’t know how he got my number… the only time he called me before was to fire me from WCW…”

    The crowd boo Bischoff’s shitty treatment of… well, everyone, really.

    ”So he calls, and tells me he’s heard from Earl Hebner. Apparently the referees are refusing to officiate any Goldberg or Kane matches this week out of fear for their safety. Poor Mike Chioda has broken ribs, so I understand that. And Eric asks me, ‘Mick, should one of my guys take their favour against Goldberg tonight… would you be the referee?’ I presume because if anyone’s going to take a butt kicking, it might as well be me. I didn’t really want to, but I’m a company man. And, hell, I was in the area anyway, so I thought, ‘why not?’ So here I am… your special referee… for Triple H… versus Goldberg… tonight!”

    The crowd pop a little for the main event.

    ”But I feel like I should lay down a few ground rules. I know how these things go… after all, I was the referee for a Triple H title match six months ago at Bad Blood… and he damn sure made me regret it. But, hey, if anyone can get up from a butt kicking, it’s me. So I give each and every one of you here tonight a guarantee. No matter what… one way or another… I will declare a winner tonight. I will count to three. That means… I won’t be calling for a disqualification… I won’t be counting people out of the ring. You didn’t all come here tonight, paying good money for your tickets… to not see a finish in the main event.”

    The crowd applaud Foley’s fan-centric attitude.

    ”But that doesn’t mean anything goes. If Triple H uses that sledgehammer he loves so much, I won’t disqualify him… but I sure as hell won’t count the pin either. If Evolution get involved… I won’t count the pin. Those are my rules… you can do whatever the hell you want… but it finishes in the middle of the ring… clean… 1… 2… 3. That’s my rule… the best man wins. And I’ll be there to count it down… whoever proves themselves to be the better man-“

    *** LINE IN THE SAND ***

    RANDY ORTON emerges from the curtain, dressed in a suit no 23-year-old should be able to afford, and slowly wanders on to the stage with a sneer. He makes sure to pose as he normally would, but there’s an aggression to his movements, a frustration. He paces down to the ring, stares down with Mick Foley, until turning his back and finally taking a microphone.

    ”What the hell are you doing here?” he asks Foley. ”Did I not send enough of a message at Madison Square Garden? You… aren’t… wanted… here… anymore.”


    ”Oh, I don’t know,” Foley says, smiling innocently as he looks at the fans reaction. ”It sounds to me like these people very much like having me here?”

    He gets the easy pop he was looking for.

    ”Enough, Mick. Enough, okay? Enough coming out here saying whatever it takes to make these sheep bleat for you. No-one cares about you. You don’t belong here anymore… and I showed you that… when I kicked you down a flight of stairs in Madison Square Garden. And yet you come back here… to referee a match… with Evolution in it, no less? Somehow… you must be even stupider than you look.”

    “I don’t know… I’d say I’m exactly as stupid as I look.”

    Orton rolls his eyes at Foley’s dad jokes. ”I don’t need this,” he says. ”Not tonight. Not after what happened last night. It was supposed to be written in the stars. Stone Cold Steve Austin already had his legend killed by yours truly… twice… and last night was to be the definitive point on it. Stone Cold Steve Austin was leaving the WWE… for good… and it was going to be me who was responsible. There was to be no other way. The Legend Killer… killing… the ultimate legend. And yet… it didn’t happen.”

    The crowd cheer Orton failing in his objective.

    ”Everything was going according to plan. I was there… in the final three … and Stone Cold Steve Austin… screwed… me. And then… after all that… I have to stand by and watch you of all people… come back after everything I did to you? No way… this is not happening. Not tonight. Not after I was screwed.”

    Foley offers a sheepish shrug. ”I don’t know, Randy… you didn’t seem screwed to me. If anything, I thought you got what was coming to you.”

    The crowd cheer in agreement.

    Furious at the reaction, Orton begins to seethe. ”You don’t think I was screwed? You don’t… think… I was screwed? Right now… Bret Hart is at home… thanking the heavens… that he wasn’t screwed as bad as me. Bret Hart… was… lucky. The Montreal Screwjob is nothing… compared… to the Dallas… Screwjob. I should do what Bret did… spit… in the face… of Vince McMahon… and hand in my resignation.”

    “He’s right, JR!”
    King chimes in, ”we should be grateful he’s even here!”

    “Would you keep quiet?”

    Orton takes a moment to process his situation, allowing the crowd to break out in to an ”ASSHOLE!” chant. Orton lets it die down, and continues.

    ”But I won’t walk away. I’m not a coward like Bret Hart. I’m a man of action. I won’t walk away crying… I’ll stand-“

    “Wait, wait, wait,”
    Foley says, laughing to himself. ”Did you just compare last night to the Montreal Screwjob?”

    “No, I didn’t. What happened to me… was worse… than the Montreal Screwjob. No-one… has ever… been screwed… like I was last night. And it’s all due… to one man. So, Foley… get your fat… talentless… ass… out of my ring… and AUSTIN… I’m taking my favour from Eric Bischoff! I’m taking my favour… by facing YOU… one… on one… right here… right now! So get your ass out here, Austin, and take your beating like a man!”

    “What th’ hell’s he talkin’ about?!”
    JR exclaims. ”Austin’s fired! Orton can’t have a match with him an’ he knows it!”

    “Typical Austin cowardice if you ask me, JR.”

    “Cowardice my ass! He doesn’t work here! Orton knows he don’t work here and he’s tryin’-a save face, no two ways about it!”

    Orton paces in the ring, waiting, as Foley leans on the ropes, unable to stop himself from smiling as Orton’s grandstanding.

    ”AUSTIN! I won’t wait any longer! Get… down… to this ring… RIGHT NOW!”

    Needless to say, Austin doesn’t come. He doesn’t work here, after all.

    ”Uh… Randy?” Foley says. ”Steve’s not here. And you know as well as anyone that he’s not here. Thanks to Jericho - that’s Chris Jericho, not you – Steve Austin is gone. He’s fired from the WWE, and he’s not coming back.”

    The crowd boo, and Foley nods.

    ”I know, I know, I agree. I want Austin here more than anyone. But Randy here knows that Steve isn’t here… and that’s why he’s calling him out. Because, let’s face it, Randy… last week, when you knew Austin was here… you hid away in a hotel room, didn’t you?”

    “Watch it, Foley. Don’t make me kick your ass again.”

    Foley holds his hands up in surrender. ”I’m not here looking for a fight, Randy. You’ve already proven that I don’t have it in me anymore. You’ve kicked my butt once, I don’t need a second. I wasn’t even planning on having our paths cross, I’m just here to referee a match. But since you’re out here…”

    “You’ll fight me?”

    Foley laughs. ”No… I won’t fight you. But I will give you some advice.”

    “I don’t want your advice.”

    Foley mulls it over. “I’m going to give it anyway. My advice to you, Randy… is to calm down. You are so desperate for approval… so desperate for everyone to think you’re the greatest thing on the face of this planet… that it’s going to cost you. You’re going to get in over your head. Either one of two things will happen. One… you’ll upset the wrong person. Two… you’ll push yourself further… and further… and further… in the pursuit of finding that approval… it’ll take you to places you never wanted to go… and it’ll cost you more than you’ll ever know. That’s what I did. I wanted approval more than anything, and it took me to places I should never have gone. I retired at 34-years-old... because I ruined myself… in the pursuit of that approval. And you know what, Randy? It never came… because it wasn’t approval from others I needed. There was never enough of that to quell what was inside me. The approval I needed…” he starts tapping at his chest, ”was in here. The person whose approval I needed… was me. Look after yourself, Randy. I may not like you… but I don’t want to see such a talented young prospect ruin his career… ruin his life… in the way that I did. I’ve stopped looking for that approval from others… and for the first time in my life… I’m truly happy. I mean that. I’m happy, Randy… but are you?”

    Orton takes a moment to take it all in. He takes a deep breath, seemingly taking the message on board… until his face begins to distort in to part anger, part derision.

    ”Don’t compare me to you, Mick. Don’t ever claim that we are the same. We couldn’t be more different. I look like I’m chiselled from stone. There’s not a woman on this planet who doesn’t want me. I was born in to wrestling royalty... and am already better than my grandfather… and better than my father. I made it to the big time in my early-twenties… and before my mid-twenties I’d already become the most important person on the show. People flock to see me. Everyone wants to be me. But you? No-one wants to be you, Mick. You’re overweight. Ugly. Talentless. I’m here in a suit that cost more than your house… and you’re wearing a free t-shirt. You had to throw yourself off things just to have people realise you even existed. You’re pathetic, Mick. You and I… we couldn’t… be… more… different.”

    Foley takes it in with a sad little nod. ”Maybe you’re right, Randy. Maybe you’re right. But that fire inside you… that thing that drives you to do the things you do… they were the same as with me. I was driven by-“

    “I told you already… don’t compare me to you. Unless you want me to take my favour from Bischoff… and use it… against you?”

    “I’m retired, Randy, you know that-“

    “What’re you, scared?”

    “No, Randy, I’m not scared-“

    “You look scared to me, old man. You look terrified of what I’ll do to you. Aren’t you?”
    He starts to poke Foley in his pudgy chest. ”Aren’t you? Tell me you’re scared of me, Mick. Tell me it’s because of what I did to you at Madison Square Garden that you’re too-“

    Foley yells, finally showing some fire and sending Orton backwards in fear. ”You know what MSG proved to me? It proved to me that I made the right decision to retire when I did. You’re better than me, Randy, there’s no shame for me in saying that. I’m done, I’m finished, I’m retired, and I’m never getting back in the ring again. So challenge me to a match all you want, but it won’t happen. I’m fat, I’m lazy… and I’m happy. And there’s no chance in hell I’m giving that up to find that fire that plagued me my whole damn life!”

    Foley’s breathing heavily, so he tries to compose himself. Orton is backed up against the ropes, startled, until he starts to grin once he realises Foley means what he says, and that there’s no threat of a fight from the Hardcore Legend.

    ”You’re so pathetic,” Orton says. ”That fire’s still there… you’re just holding it down. I kicked your ass at Madison Square Garden… and you never came back looking for me. You let it go… like a coward. And now you stand here, with a challenge to your face… and still you won’t face up to it. You can take your advice and shove it, Mick, because it means nothing to me. We are not the same… never have been… never will be. Because I… am the Legend Killer… and you… are pathetic

    Foley’s head drops. ”Maybe I am, Randy. Maybe I am. But I’m here to referee a match… and that’s it. And don’t forget… that match is with your buddy Triple H. So I’d warn you not to push me. I might not be able to fight you any more… but I can sure make life difficult for Evolution.”

    Orton sneers, looking ready to explode… until he regains his composure. ”Hunter needs you to call it down the middle later. That’s the only reason you’re not out cold at the bottom of a staircase like last time. You need to call the match tonight down the middle… and if you do… maybe I won’t kick your ass after the match.”

    “Don’t worry about that… I’ll call it down the middle. The fans here deserve to see a fair match. And you can threaten me as much as you want… but I won’t fight back. Austin, if he wasn’t fired, he’d sure as hell take you up on that challenge, but he’s not allowed. But me… I just don’t want to. No doubt I’ll see you out there later, Randy.”

    He walks past Orton, giving him a gentle pat on the shoulder, and waits to see if Orton strikes him down. Orton tenses, ready to spring in to an RKO… but doesn’t… for the sake of Triple H’s title chances.

    After a commercial, we return to the arena…


    *** RAP SHEET ***

    There’s a big-time pop for the arrival of the Home State Boy, BOOKER T, who makes his way down to the ring, posing with the title all the way for his adoring fans.

    ”Up next,” JR says, ”we’ve got Bookah T defendin’ his Intercontinental Title… but we dunno who his opponent will be.”

    “How good of Eric Bischoff to give these fans a sight of their fellow Texan defending his title!”

    “Gimme a break, King! This is like th’ Spike match earlier; Bischoff is punishin’ Bookah for helpin’ out Steve Austin!”

    “You don’t know that!”

    “C’mon, King, how is it right that he’s bein’ forced t’ defend his title without knowin’ who th’ challenger is?”

    “Why don’t you save your complaints until you find out who it actually is he’s defending against?”

    Booker settles down in the ring, hands his belt over, and waits to find out who he is defending against…

    *** MACMILLITANT ***

    ”You were sayin’?” JR exclaims, as MARK HENRY strides out to the stage, followed as always by THEODORE LONG. ”Ya wanted me t’ wait t’ see who his opponent is… and it’s Mark Henry! How’s this fair?! This is punishment for Bookah, and in his home state as well!”

    “It’s Mark Henry’s home state too, JR, show some respect!”

    “I’ll show all the respect deserved! Mark Henry is one helluva hoss, no doubt about that, but Eric Bischoff has been flat out told not t’ screw people ovah, an’ he’s doin’ it anyway! Bookah had no idea who he was facin’… and Henry din’t even have a match last night!”

    “You’re going about this all wrong, JR! Eric Bischoff has taken Linda’s advice on board, and is giving the opportunities to those who deserve it. Mark Henry nearly beat Goldberg a few weeks back, he beat Maven last week… he’s on great form, and I personally think he’d make a great Intercontinental Champion!”

    Intercontinental Title Match
    Mark Henry w/Theodore Long vs. Booker T (c)

    For all JR’s complaints, Booker remains focused. He circles Henry, ready to do what it takes to keep the title…

    … and ties up with him? Okay, that was dumb.

    Needless to say, Henry gets the better of it and tosses Booker around, and immediately takes over before the champion can get his footing. Henry gradually wears Booker down, Avalanching him in the corner and at one point stepping on Booker, crushing his chest. Book’s left with little opportunity to fight back, so Henry looks for the World’s Strongest Slam… but Booker slides out… Crescent Kick!

    But Henry doesn’t go down! He tries another… he still he stays up! Booker bounces off the ropes and looks for a Spinning Heel Kick… but Henry catches him… and slams him straight back down! He bounces off the ropes, looking for the Big Splash…

    … but Booker moves! Henry lands face first! Booker follows up… Dropkick to the face! Henry struggles to his knees, so Booker bounces off the ropes… SCISSOR KICK!

    No! Henry stands up before he hits it… lifting Booker on to his shoulders! He spins him around… and looks for a Powerbomb!

    No! Booker rolls down his back… and looks for a Sunset Flip!

    But Henry doesn’t budge! Booker’s trapped under Henry…


    No! Booker moved… and Henry landed arse-first on the mat! He gets to his knees… SCISSORS KICK! This time it connects!

    He looks for the cover… but changes his mind! He climbs to the top rope and bangs on his chest, saluting the fans…


    Big time pop for the rare high-risk move! He hooks a giant leg…




    Winner and still Intercontinental Champion: Booker T in 5:41

    The crowd pop for the successful retention as Booker’s handed the title. Last night was a tough one for the champion, but he’s rebounded back in a big way tonight, despite a good effort from Mizark.

    Booker climbs to each corner of the ring, saluting the fans as he holds his title up, and after the final one he turns around…


    Mark Henry is FURIOUS!

    With Henry down, Henry bounces off the ropes… BIG SPLASH! Booker’s squashed!

    But still Henry’s not done! Off the ropes again… ANOTHER BIG SPLASH!

    And he wants more! Off the ropes a third time…

    … but he’s cut off by a Dropkick… from MAVEN!

    Henry topples out of the ring and to the outside, so Maven beckons for him to come back in for a fight! Henry scrambles back to his feet, ready to return…

    … but Teddy Long stops him! He doesn’t want him going after Maven!

    Henry doesn’t want to listen, but Long yaps at him long enough that Henry eventually relents, spins around, and storms to the back. With Henry gone, Long looks up to Maven in the ring… and gives him a respectful nod?!

    Maven doesn’t know what to do with it, so he returns to Booker, and checks he’s okay after the two Big Splashes…

    ”Well, folks,” JR begins, ”last night we saw one-a th’ damnest things I’ve evah seen in mah life. Kane an’ Goldberg damn near beat th’ livin’ hell outta each otha. It took Goldberg three Spears… and three Jackhammers… just t’ keep Kane down for th’ pin.”

    “And even that barely worked! After all that, Kane still found a way to sit up!”

    “In all mah years in this bus’ness, I’ve evah seen anythin’ like it, King. Take a look at this.”

    Quote Originally Posted by Last Night at the Survivor Series
    We then transition to still images from last night, where we see the brutal contest between Kane and Goldberg. We see Kane’s fierce start, and how it took Goldberg an age to even get a move in. We see how Goldberg was forced to change up from his usual game plan, targeting the knee, and how everything he threw at Kane simply wasn’t enough. In the end, it was Kane looking for a Diving Clothesline that turned the tide, as Goldberg was able to cut him off with a Spear in mid-air. Even though Kane kept sitting back up, Goldberg was able to take him back down, and after three consecutive Jackhammers, Goldberg made the cover, his first of the match, and kept Kane down for the three. After the match Goldberg looked like he barely knew what he’d been through, and after he returned to the back… Kane sat back up again!

    With that, we cut a darkened room somewhere, although it’s not clear where. It looks like it might be a boiler room or a basement, with a lot of exposed piping. It’s clearly night, as there’s no natural light coming in, and there’s a red hue hanging over the room.

    The camera is shaky and swinging, not staying in one place for more than a few seconds, giving the whole thing a disorientating feel. The camera swings from one side of the room, to the other…

    … until finally settling on KANE, who stares straight down the lens, giving us a good view of his one whited out eye.

    ”You think you PROVED anything last night?” he asks the camera. ”You think anything CHANGED after last night?” He chuckles to himself. ”Nothing… changed! It took… a SUPER… HUMAN… effort… to keep… me down! NO-ONE…” He chuckles again, and starts to whisper, ”no-one… could get that lucky again. I made an error in judgement… ONE… ERROR… IN JUDGEMENT! You made me pay for that… as you should. I paid the price… and you kept… your title. But that could never… NEVER… happen… again. It can not… happen… again. It took everything you had… EVERYTHING! You had NOTHING LEFT! So you hit me… over… and over… and over… and eventually… you kept me down… for three seconds. And then… I was back up. You couldn’t… even keep me down… after EVERYTHING… YOU THREW… AT ME! I still got up…” He starts to chuckle again. ”I still got up,” he repeats, almost in a whisper.

    ”You didn’t get up, though, did you?” he continues. ”I beat you. I… BEAT… YOU! You were down… and you weren’t… getting… up. You got lucky. Had you not taken out the referee… it would have been YOU… who stayed down. Your title… was MINE! It was MY TITLE! But it wasn’t meant to be. You got lucky… and you did… what I told you. You dipped in to your inner monster. I saw it in your eyes… you were ENRAGED! There was a darkness in you… and it saved you. You were saved by your darkness… for one night. But it will not save you again. You let it out… and there’s no putting it back. You have nowhere to go from there. That makes you… mine. You… YOU… are a dead… man… walking! But you DON’T… know it… yet. But you will. You will…” He chuckles yet again. ”You will know! YOU WILL KNOW! It’s coming to an end, Goldberg… it’s coming… to an end…”

    He explodes in to uproarious laughter as the camera backs away, seeing Kane laughing all alone… until we fade out.

    We return to the arena, where LANCE STORM and VAL VENIS are in the ring, ready to start their match having come out together, in a sign of their developing their team. They await their golden opponent… and whoever his teammate will turn out to be…


    The increasingly unpopular GOLDUST comes out to the top of the ramp, carrying his camera as always, and rubs himself, setting off golden explosions from down the ramp. What a weird sentence. He reaches the bottom of the ramp and turns back to the Titantron, waiting for his mystery partner…

    … when STEVIE RICHARDS emerges… in a wheelchair! His head is held stable in a halo neck brace, both legs are in casts, and his body is taught from the lumbar support. He rolls himself down the ramp, and lifts a microphone to his unmoveable face.

    ”That’s right,” he growls. ”It is I… Stevie… Richards!”

    The crowd fall silent.

    ”I SAID… it is I… Stevie Richards! And I have had… ENOUGH! I’m sick of this damn company! Look at me! LOOK AT ME! I have been truly and utterly destroyed! I may never walk again… thanks to Kane… and thanks to Goldberg. They decided to use me… ME… as a way of sending a message to one another. When they fought each other, people piled out from the back to stop them… but when they attacked me… where was my cavalry? Who was there to save me? Goldust had it right. No-one looks out for you in this world. No-one cares about their fellow man. I was left out there… TO DIE! No-one came for me. We are all alone… just as Goldust said. Goldberg took away my livelihood… I may never walk again… but still you cheer him. This world is doomed. We are all alone… destined for nothing… destined to watch those who are most vile succeed… destined to watch the world burn around us… and we can do nothing to stop it. We are all alone… and I have never felt more alone than when two monsters used me as a stress ball… and NO-ONE… came for me. Goldust had it right all along… and that is why he and I… will stick together. We see this world for exactly what it is-“

    Val Venis yells, having grabbed a microphone. ”You’ve got one thing right, Stevie… no-one… cares… about you!”

    There’s a small pop for classic WWE babyface manners.

    ”You say all this,” Val continues, ”but it doesn’t answer the question. Unless that wheelchair can grow legs… you don’t look like someone who can step in to the ring with me and Lance. You don’t look… like no partner of Goldust’s to me.”

    Goldust takes the microphone from Stevie. ”Valllll….. I never said…… that Stevie…… would be my partner.”

    Val turns to look at the crowd, confused by what Goldust means…

    … and turns straight in to a Big Boot…

    … from TEST!

    Lance Storm is momentarily stunned by the appearance of the big Canadian, which allows Test to kick him in the gut… Pumphandle Slam!

    On the outside, Goldust hands his camera to Stevie, who starts to film the ring from his wheelchair. Goldust gradually slithers in to the ring and sheds his robe, leaving him stood over his fallen enemies.

    ”The corner,” he says calmly to Test.

    Test pulls Val off the mat and puts him in the corner, and eases his legs over the second ropes… Goldust watches calmly from a distance, until he suddenly breaks in to a sprint… SHATTERED DREAMS!

    ”No!” King exclaims. ”Not Val’s golden globes! That’s like targeting Hulk Hogan’s pythons!”

    Val slumps to the mat in agony, but Goldust doesn’t react. He turns to Test, face cold and emotionless…

    ”Now him.”

    Test drags Storm to the opposite corner and stretches his legs out too. Goldust saunters over and gets in Storm’s face.

    ”Do you see it yet, Lance? Do you see that the whole world is black… and that it won’t… get any better?”

    Storms’ still groggy from the sneak attack and can barely respond, so Goldust backs up… SHATTERED DREAMS!

    With both Storm and Val down, Goldust suddenly drops to the mat… and slithers back and out of the ring. Test climbs out and joins him and Stevie on the outside. They say nothing to one another, just stare at each other for a few moments… until Goldust walks past them and back up the ramp. After a few moments, Test takes Stevie’s wheelchair and wheels him up the ramp, allowing Stevie to film Goldust’s exit from behind.

    We cut backstage to where APRIL HUNTER is returning to the locker room, beaming at having picked up a victory over one of the most dangerous women on the roster earlier in the night. She walks in to the locker room, where she sees TRISH STRATUS.

    ”Did y’see that, Trish? Man, that felt good! Things are really…”

    She drifts off due to a lack of reaction from Trish. Trish nods to the other side of the room, so the camera slowly pans around… to reveal a furious-looking LITA.

    ”Oh… Lita. Sorry, hadn’t seen you there.”

    “I was just apologising to Lita for last night,”
    Trish says.

    April nods. ”Yeah. Listen, Lita… I’m sorry too. Last night was the absolute last thing I wanted to happen. I was genuinely trying to help… I just thought the match was there to take. The ref was down, you could have made sure. I didn’t want you to miss that chance, you’d have kicked yourself if you did.”

    Lita scowls, and talks very… slowly. ”It wasn’t… your choice… to make.”

    “Yeah, totally, you’re right. That was my mistake-“

    “Eighteen months. I waited… eighteen… months. Do you know what that’s like? To be at the top of your industry… and have it taken away in a freak accident? To watch as the industry moves on without you? I didn’t know if I would ever be back… but I was. I made it back… and last night… it was my time to shine. To make it all right. I had it won. It was there… it was my match… my time… and the two of you… you blew it.”

    April and Trish hang their heads in shame.

    ”No, Lita,” Trish says, ”it wasn’t April who blew it. It was me, and me alone. I shouldn’t have gotten involved. I should have let you make your own decision. And I’m sorry. Don’t blame April, blame me. And I’ll try to make it up to you.”

    “No… you won’t. Let me tell you both this… I will get a rematch…and when I do… stay out of my way. I’ve been caught up in your little drama for too long. From now on, I’m playing by my rules, not yours.”

    She storms out, leaving April and Trish looking more than a little sheepish.

    La Resistance vs. Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

    Cade and Jindrak have had a far more prominent role on Raw these last few weeks, and look to make the most of that by coming out of the blocks quickly against the former Tag Team Champions. La Resistance, however, were champions for a reason, and are able to work the advantage back their way, with Cade isolated from his teammate. Conway, so often the reason the trio become detested by their fellow tag teams, largely stays out of things, instead yelling advice to his friends, as the work Cade down. They look to finish him off with the Bonsoir… but Cade reverses… and hits a Double DDT! He crawls to the corner, Grenier tries to stop him… but he tags in Jindrak!

    Jindrak climbs to the top and leaps off with a stunning Crossbody for a man of his size, and goes to work on the Frenchmen. He and Cade build up some steam as they rid Dupree from the ring, and Jindrak holds Grenier in a Legsweep position… Cade charges… Lariat! The double team connects! Jindrak makes the cover…



    Conway puts Grenier’s foot on the ropes… and Earl Hebner didn’t see him do it! He calls it a two count!

    Jindrak’s furious, realising immediately what happened, and grabs Conway over the top rope… and drags him on to the apron! Hebner tries to get him to let go, so Jindrak, being the good babyface he is, eventually relents and does as he’s told…

    … but Conway complains that it should be a DQ! Hebner tries to convince him to get back down… meaning he doesn’t notice that Rene Dupree is back in the ring… with a rolled French flag! He clocks Cade! He clocks Jindrak!

    Grenier crawls over and drapes an arm, so Conway drops down from the apron, allowing Hebner to see the cover, with Dupree having discarded the evidence…




    Winners: La Resistance in 6:02

    La Resistance don’t wait for the referee to raise their hand, instead rolling to the outside and celebrating between themselves.

    ”Damn it, how long are they gonna get await with this?!” JR exclaims. ”This is gettin’ ridiculous! Can La Resistance win one damn match on their own without needin’ that traitor Rob Conway to help them out?!”

    They look to return up the ramp, but realise Cade and Jindrak are still feeling groggy after the shots with the flagpole… and realise there’s an opportunity to really make a statement!

    They roll back in to the ring, grabbing their flag, and lining them up…

    … when HURRICANE and ROSEY sprint out from the back! Not wanting to be a part of a fair fight, the cowardly Frenchmen and their manager/friend roll back to the outside. That leaves Hurricane and Rosey to check in on Cade and Jindrak, making sure they’re okay as La Res disperse to the back.

    We return from the commercials to the arena… where an orchestra is set up in the ring?! The conductor starts them off, and they play calming, serene music…

    … when MOLLY HOLLY walks out to a chorus of boos, with GAIL KIM following behind, carrying her title for her. Molly smiles as she listens to the music, clearly at one with herself and her surroundings, and makes her way down to the ring. She grabs a microphone, beaming from ear to ear, as the orchestra lowers their volume so it works as a quiet backing to what Molly is about to say.

    ”Last night…” she begins calmly, ”was a success. It was a success… for the pure. Purity… of mind. Purity… of heart. This world is an unforgiving one to those who choose a righteous path… there is such depravity… such immorality… plastered… everywhere… you look. This is a society that rewards the impure and unclean. But every once in a while… the equilibrium rights itself… and it is the good who stand tallest. You may say whatever you want about last night… but the truth… is that Lita deserved… every… single… thing… she got. Had Lita chose a less immoral path… had she taught all the little girls watching that being pure is the correct way to success… maybe she wouldn’t have had her impure friends ruin her plans. Lita… only… has herself… to blame. Because Lita-“


    The crowd pops for the arrival of LITA, who walks out from behind the curtain with a face of pure anger. There’s no posing for the fans, she just gradually walks down to the ring, eyes not moving from the Women’s Champion.

    She slowly climbs in to the ring, eyes trained on Molly…

    ”Now, Lita, I’m sure-“

    LITA TACKLES MOLLY TO THE GROUND! She’s wailing on her!

    Gail pulls her back by the hair… so Lita starts beating the shit out of Gail as well!

    And now she’s returning to Molly! Molly tries to crawl away, but Lita pulls her back and jumps on top, pounding her over and over! The orchestra panic, dropping their instruments and flee to the back, as Gail desperately digs her fingers in to Lita’s eyes, pulling her away from Molly and back to her feet. That cheap move is enough to slow Lita up… until Lita kicks her in the gut! TWIST OF FATE!

    But Molly’s up… and she has her title! She lines Lita up and charges… BUT LITA CUTS HER OFF WITH A SPEAR! She won’t be stopped!

    The title flies behind Molly and to the mat, so after a few moments Lita gets up and stares at it. Seeing the championship she worked so hard to get fit for, she angrily grits her teeth and walks over to the pile of discarded musical instruments at the other side of the ring. Molly gradually gets back to her feet, so Lita picks up a violin… AND SMASHES IT OVER HER HEAD! The crowd pops huge as the violin disintegrates in to a hundred pieces!

    But still Lita isn’t done. Between the injury, the subsequent recovery, battling back to contention, being screwed last night, and then hearing Molly’s unnecessarily vitriolic words, Lita’s snapped. She looks down at Molly and Gail both out cold on the mat, with pieces of violin surrounding them. She looks down on them both, seething… and pulls them together! She’s climbing to the top!

    ”Wait a minute, wait a minute!” ERIC BISCHOFF says, jogging to the ring from the back. ”That’s enough! That’s our Women’s Champion you’re manhandling!”

    Eric stands between Lita and Molly, so Lita turns around, facing the ring and perched on the top rope.

    ”Just who do you think you are?!” Bischoff continues. ”You lost! Deal with it, okay?! You coming out here and attacking Molly just because she proved she was better than you last night is no-“


    The crowd explodes at Lita taking out the General Manager!

    And yet she’s still not done there! Bischoff is discombobulated, staggering around the ring, so Lita places the Women’s Title at her feet… kick to the gut…


    And STILL she’s not done!

    With Molly, Gail and Bischoff all lying next to each other, Lita climbs to the top rope…


    And with that, her music blasts out, signalling she’s done. The crowd give her a huge reaction, no doubt delighted to see her no longer take shit from anyone, as she just stares down at them.

    ”I don’t believe mah eyes!” JR says. ”Lita jus’ took out th’ Women’s Champ’n, her best friend… and th’ General Manager!”

    “Lita, what’re you doing?! This is career suicide!”

    “I don’t think she cares, King! Lita’s sendin’ a message loud an’ clear… she’s not willin’ t’ be messed around any longer!”

    We fade in to the image of a warzone… with ”The End” playing over it. That image then transitions to Kane leaping off the top rope at Survivor Series, only to be cut off with a mid-air spear by Goldberg…

    ”You came to me,”

    We then see further images of a bombed out warzone…

    ”In a dream last night,”

    We then cut to Randy Orton stood on the second rope, arms outstretched in his trademark pose…

    ”You were standing,”

    We then see Chris Jericho the week after his change in attitude, where he was stood in the centre of a darkened ring, with a spotlight shining down on him…

    ”In a brilliant light.”

    Again we see footage of a warzone…

    ”One minute here,”

    We see Stone Cold Steve Austin at Survivor Series, giving the fans a farewell toast…

    ”But the next you were gone,”

    We then cut to an image of one of the more shocking moments in Armageddon history, when Stephanie McMahon turned on her father Vince and aligned with Triple H in 1999…

    ”I thought you could stay,”

    We then move on to Rob Van Dam launching off the top rope at Survivor Series, and nailing Triple H with a Five Star Frog Splash as he covers Shawn Michaels…

    ”But I was so wrong.”

    More footage of a bombsite…

    ”The end is here!”

    We see another shocking moment from Armageddon history, as Triple H wins the World Title back from Shawn Michaels last year…

    ”The game is over!”

    We see Kane Sit Up in the debris of a shattered window just before Survivor Series…

    ”No more pretending,”

    We see Shawn Michaels in the Walls of Jericho at Survivor Series, bloodied and screaming in pain…

    ”No more… no more!”

    More footage of a warzone…

    ”The end is here!”

    We see Randy Orton laid out cold…

    ”The end is here…”

    We cut to another unforgettable Armageddon moment, as Rikishi is Chokeslammed off the top of Hell in a Cell…

    ”The end is here…”

    We see Kane and Goldberg’s insane pull apart brawl before Survivor Series…

    ”The end is here!”

    We close on the image of Triple H staring in to the camera, having just done his trademark water spit… water particles falling around him as he stands in a spotlight, and we fade to black…

    ”The end is here!”

    Live in four weeks’ time, Sunday, December 14 2003

    World Heavyweight Championship Match: Special Referee Mick Foley
    Triple H w/Randy Orton, Ric Flair & Batista vs. Goldberg (c)

    As the three men stand in the ring, three of the biggest names in wrestling history, Foley lays down the law from earlier. The only rules are that there must be a winner in the centre of the ring, and the winner will have earned it the right way. Orton, waiting on the outside of the ring, makes sure to let Foley know that he’ll be watching him, a threat that carries more weight when you have Batista stood to your side, poised for anything to go down.

    Perhaps having seen the success Kane had last night, Triple H mirrors his strategy and comes out of the blocks quickly, teeing off on the champion and trying to overwhelm him before he gets a chance to get in to the match…

    … but Goldberg no sells! All Triple H did was piss him off!

    Goldberg beats The Game around the ring, Clotheslines him to the outside, and continues the beating out there. Flair looks to get a cheap shot in to help his friend, but Foley quickly gets in the way, telling him to stay out of it if he wants Trips to leave with the belt.

    Triple H barely gets a shot in as he’s whipped around the outside area, slammed in to the apron and on to the announce table. Triple H is in a bad way already, so he stumbles back in to the barricade… Goldberg charges…

    … but Triple H moves…


    ”Goldberg only knows one speed, an’ he might-a cost him there!”

    With Goldberg down, Triple H finally has a chance to recover. The champion is absolutely out of it, allowing Triple H to take over, making full use of Foley’s disclosure that he won’t count them out, Suplexing Goldberg on the outside and launching him in to the steel steps. He then rolls him back in to the ring, allowing the fight to return there for the first time in a couple minutes, and looks to slow the pace to one he is more comfortable. He starts to target Goldberg’s knee, using his own knee to bend it at impossible angles, and using a Jumping Knee Drop to cause the champ to grit his teeth in pain, refusing to let The Game know how much pain he’s causing him.

    Sensing Goldberg may be struggling, Triple H ties his legs up… Inverted Indian Death Lock! Goldberg’s trapped!

    He cries out in pain, no longer able to keep it hidden, as he reaches out for the ropes… he tries to drag himself over… but he’s got a long way to go! He pulls himself along the mat, pushing up on his arms… and starts to drag Triple H behind him! What strength! He makes the ropes!

    Foley calls for the rope break… but Triple H doesn’t let go! He knows Foley won’t DQ him!

    Foley pleads for him to let go, but Triple H ignores him… so Foley undoes their legs and pulls Triple H away!

    Orton’s up on the apron! ”I warned you, Foley! You’re pushing it!”

    Foley rolls his eyes. ”Get down, Randy.”

    But Triple H is furious! ”Call the damn DQ… or don’t. But you lay your hands on me again… and so help me God-“

    Goldberg’s back on his feet, and with The Game focused on Foley, spins him around… Belly To Belly! He’s hobbling on one leg, but Goldberg’s back up!

    ”That’s on you, Foley!” Orton yells. ”That was your fault!”

    Goldberg isn’t bothered by Orton’s harassment of the referee, though. He pulls The Game up… AND LIFTS HIM ABOVE HIS HEAD… ON ONE LEG! He drops him… IN TO A POWERSLAM! Incredible strength!

    The champion punches at his own leg, trying to get the feeling back, as he uses the ropes to get back up… he backs in to the corner and lines Triple H up… he wants a Spear… he starts to charge…

    BUT FLAIR’S HOLDING HIS FOOT! Goldberg can’t move!

    Goldberg kicks Flair away… but he hasn’t noticed Orton hand Triple H the title!

    Goldberg charges for a Spear…

    BUT TRIPLE H NAILS HIM IN THE FACE WITH THE TITLE! Goldberg’s been knocked out cold!

    Triple H hooks the leg…

    … but Foley refuses to count!

    Evolution lose their minds on the outside as Triple H gets up and squares up to Foley.


    “I told you! You cheat, I’m not counting it!”

    “COUNT IT!”
    The Game says, and returns to the cover… but still Foley refuses!

    Triple H gets back to his feet and shoves Foley in to the corner, with Orton barking at the referee from the outside. Triple H threatens to kick Foley’s ass, but Foley has no interest in a fight, backing into the corner with his hands up in surrender. Triple H growls at him and turns around to Goldberg…


    Triple H took his eye off the ball!

    Goldberg leaps to his feet, making sure not to land on his injured leg… and calls for a Jackhammer!

    BUT ORTON JUMPS HIM FROM BEHIND! In comes Batista! In comes Flair! It’s 3-on-1! Goldberg’s defenceless!

    Foley, not wanting a match he’s officiating go down this way, tries to pull Orton away from stomping on the champion…

    SO ORTON PUNCHES HIM IN THE FACE! Foley drops down as Orton returns to beating on Goldberg!

    Gradually, Foley pulls himself back to his feet and shakes it off. He didn’t want to be drawn in to this. He wanted a fair match. He thought the fans deserved it. But he never wanted to be forced to get physical…

    … but now he’s been punched in the face, the old fire’s returning…

    … Foley spins Orton around…

    AND BEATS THE EVERLOVING SHIT OUT OF HIM! The crowd is going bananas! The real Mick Foley is back!


    Foley grabs his crotch and slumps down to the mat, giving Orton space from his crazed attacker, as Batista pulls Goldberg up…


    ”Damn it, this isn’t right!” JR exclaims. ”This is a damn muggin’! If Eric Bischoff really was gonna do th’ right thing, he’d stop this damn match! Goldberg is gettin' straight up screwed!”

    Triple H is back to his feet after the Spear, and shoves Orton towards the outside. ”Get a chair. NOW!”

    Orton does as he’s told; in the moment still capable of being a good team player. He grabs a steel chair from the timekeepers table and slides it to The Game. Triple H picks it up and heads towards Goldberg…


    … from ROB VAN DAM! Van Dam sneaked on to the top rope and kicked the chair back in to Triple H’s face!

    He picks it up as Orton rushes over… he throws it at Orton’s face… but Orton catches!


    Orton tumbles to the outside, so Flair dives to the mat and grabs RVD by the legs, trapping him from moving… ALLOWING BATISTA TO RUN THROUGH RVD WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Batista turns around…

    SPEAR! Goldberg DESTROYED Batista!

    The Animal rolls to the outside, left with just Flair on his feet from Evolution. He tries to sneak attack Goldberg with a series of chops…

    … but Goldberg no sells! He tells Flair to run around…

    … where a chair flies at his face! He instinctively catches it…


    Flair falls out of the ring as Batista starts to stir on to his feet on the outside… RVD braces himself… AND PLANCHAS ON TO BATISTA, TAKING HIM OUT! And we’re back down to just Triple H and Goldberg!

    Wait a minute! No we’re not! Orton’s back on his feet, lining up an RKO…

    … he bounces on his toes, ready to pounce as Goldberg turns around…


    Foley interrupts with a Mandible Claw! He takes Orton down to the mat and keeps it locked in as Goldberg pulls Triple H up… JACKHAMMER!

    Foley releases and rolls Orton out of the ring as Goldberg hooks the leg of The Game…




    Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Goldberg in 9:38

    The crowd erupt for Goldberg retaining the title over Triple H yet again, and in the process, surely dismissing him as a viable title challenger for the foreseeable future.

    ”Goldberg has done it!” JR exclaims.

    ”Goldberg didn’t do anything! It was RVD… it… it was Foley! Triple H was screwed!”

    “Screwed my ass! It was Triple H who used th’ title first, it was Evolution who interfered first! Triple H got what was comin’ t’ him, plain an’ simple!”

    Goldberg returns to his feet, still struggling with his knee, as Foley raises his arm in victory. RVD returns up the ramp as Batista pulls Triple H from the ring and holds him upright, while Flair and Orton groggily try to join him in supporting the defeated Game. Triple H, held up by The Animal, stares down the ramp, limping, as he sees Rob Van Dam stood at the top of the stage. RVD smirks… and points his thumbs at himself in time with the crowd…

    ROB… VAN… DAM!”

    Triple H turns bright red, growling unrepeatable things at the man who did so much to ruin Evolution’s plan of stealing Goldberg’s title. With RVD gone, Evolution gradually help Triple H to the back, leaving Foley in the ring with Goldberg. Foley takes a step back and applauds the champion, knowing how hard he had to fight for two defences in two days.

    ”Goldberg is still th’ man here on Raw!” JR yells. ”Evolution threw ev’rythin’ they had at him, but Goldberg still stands before us… as World… Heavyweight… Champion!”

    Goldberg places his title over his shoulder and tries to shake off his knee, taking in the cheers of the crowd as JR begins to sign off for the evening…


    Goldberg drops in pain to his knees as the camera pans up…

    … to reveal CHRIS JERICHO!

    Goldberg can’t move, so Jericho swings the chair again… AND SMASHES IT IN TO GOLDBERG’S BACK AGAIN!

    Goldberg keels over, so Foley tries to ask Jericho to calm down…

    CHAIRSHOT TO FOLEY! Foley took that one right in the face… and flops to the mat!

    And yet, Jericho’s still not done! He starts to smash the chair down on Goldberg’s fallen body, over and over, until the chair is a dented and collapsing mess. When he’s finally done, he tosses it out of the ring, and snatches a microphone.

    ”Hey, Bill,” he says, coldly and calmly after such a vicious attack, ”consider yourself the next virus to be eradicated. That favour Bischoff owes me? I’m taking it at Armageddon. It’s gonna be you… versus me… for the World Heavyweight Title.”

    He spikes the mic at the mat, causing an irritating scratch, and looks down on the champion, not reacting, as we fade out…

    * END OF SHOW *

    Confirmed matches for next week

    World Tag Team Titles Match
    Ric Flair & Batista vs. Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley (c)

    Fatal Fourway Match for the Number One Contendership of the Women’s Title at Armageddon
    April vs. Gail Kim vs. Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

    Singles Match
    Rob Conway vs. The Hurricane

    Plus more to be announced on the night!

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    Re: WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

    - I am so glad Linda McMahon returned because Vince was taken off of TV since he is no longer the Chairman anymore but his wife Linda is still in charge as CEO and then there's Shane too...but I am glad that Linda and the Board of Directors are going to be watching Bischoff's every favoritism anymore amongst the heels on RAW or no favoritism towards Evolution either...Bischoff has to be a fair GM from here on out because if he even abuses his power once...he's fired right away...what a move for Linda to make!!!

    - Why wouldn't Jericho attack Bischoff? I mean really if he says he is eradicating viruses in the WWE then why doesn't he do the same to Bischoff? Jericho says he hates Bischoff more than he hates Austin so then why continue to put up with Bischoff? This basically makes Jericho look soft. It definitely makes him look like a bitch for not attacking Bischoff. I mean really what is stopping him? I really have to ask that. I mean if he wants to get rid of viruses and cleanse the WWE then why not get rid of Bischoff? If he gets rid of both Austin and Bischoff then maybe Jericho won't be overlooked and he might actually be taken more seriously. Hell he should already be taken more seriously because he did what no one else did...he retired Stone Cold Steve Austin. No one survived in that Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match...Jericho did. He was the sole survivor not Orton, not Batista, not Christian and definitely not Triple H either. Jericho basically proved last night that he is the Best in the World at Everything He Does last night when he won that Survivor Series Elimination Tag on his own. He beat Michaels fair and square right in the middle of that ring and Austin's career was on the line and his team lost. Bischoff's won but Jericho if he wants to eradicate the WWE of all viruses then it makes me wonder if by that he means eradicating all of the viruses on RAW? I can think of no bigger virus than Evolution that's for sure.

    - Glad that at Armageddon we don't have Triple H in the main event for the World Heavyweight Championship...THANK MOTHER FUCKIN GOD!!! THANK GOD BECAUSE THE LAST THING WE NEED IS ANOTHER TRIPLE H WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!!!!! Goldberg beats Triple H yet again in a title match that is not once not twice but 3 times now that Triple H has lost in World Title matches against Goldberg that I can count especially now

    - I think 3 title matches is enough for Triple H. I think it is safe to say Triple H can't get any more title shots as long as Goldberg is the World Heavyweight Champion...that should have been stipulated that if Triple H lost he can't get any more title shots as long as Goldberg is champion in my opinion which is what you messed up on because that should have been touched upon.

    - Goldberg had the odds stacked against him yet again and Goldberg manages to find a way to win another title match despite interference from Evolution and you had RVD show up to even the odds and the Special Guest Referee Foley of all people putting Socko in Orton's mouth hitting the Mandible Claw and Goldberg taking advantage of a prone Triple H to retain the title in the main event was great. After this I think it is safe to say we get Foley/Orton at WrestleMania 20 instead of Austin/Orton even though so many seeds were planted for Austin/Orton but it doesn't look like that is happening now. If anything I think we get Orton/Foley at Mania 20 instead but we get Austin as the Special Guest Referee for that match instead.

    - Chris Jericho vs Goldberg for the World Heavyweight Championship at Armageddon in the main event is such a better match for the title than HHH/Goldberg for the millionth time...Jericho using his favor from Bischoff to have his title match at Armageddon is actually smart on Jericho's part. Jericho is white hot at this point with this Lone Wolf Best in the World Honest Man gimmick so it is almost like you have to give him the World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Armageddon 2003.

    - Love the Armageddon video package...I am so pumped for Armageddon 2003

    - Loved Lita taking out not only Molly Holly the WWE Women's Champion but also taking out Gail Kim and the RAW GM Eric Bischoff too on top of it...she took all 3 of them out but it definitely adds an edginess to Lita's character by having her become more of an Anti Hero like think current Becky Lynch as The Man but Lita is more or less becoming like a bad ass herself here with what she just did...I love it...I think after this it is more or less that we get Lita vs Molly Holly yet again at Armageddon 2003 for the WWE Women's Championship which I honestly do not mind

    - Goldust and Test as a tag team I don't know if I can get behind that but who knows maybe you might prove me wrong

    - Kane as much as hinted that he was the one who attacked his own brother The Undertaker at Survivor Series 2003 last night...just listen to his cryptic comments about Goldberg but then also saying that Goldberg is a dead man walking...coincidence I think not. More like secret or a hidden message right there from Kane but then again Kane still wants the World Heavyweight Championship so it begs the question of if Kane will get a rematch against Goldberg for the title? Or will Kane interject himself into the Jericho/Goldberg match making it a Triple Threat at Armageddon?

    - Since RAW is headed towards Armageddon...Smackdown's next opportunity to be on PPV is Royal Rumble 2004 so that being said it begs the question of who Brock Lesnar will defend the WWE Championship against at the Rumble PPV? Or also seeing what titles get defended on the Smackdown side of things when it comes to Royal Rumble doubt the WWE United States Championship will be defended with Cena defending the title at the PPV, the WWE Cruiserweight Championship being defended by Tajiri and then there's the WWE Tag Team Championship being defended at the Rumble PPV as well on the Smackdown side. Also there's the 30 Man Royal Rumble Match...which 15 Smackdown superstars will punch their ticket to the Rumble Match?
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    Re: WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

    Hell of an intro package to showcase Jericho. I love this new persona from Chris. I think he has, I wanna say 09, Jericho when he was in suits feuding with HBK. I really enjoyed that time period from him. Linda McMahon being on RAW is always a big deal, I wonder if she will be involved later tonight.

    Love the promo from Jericho here and I do like the reasoning why he just didn’t do the loser leave RAW match with Eric. In Jericho’s mind, the problem is not specifically with Eric, but with the people in power. Jericho wants to control everything, so he needs to have a plan to become the person in control. I really enjoyed HHH’s promo here and we see the seeds planted for Orton’s turn where he is stepping out to being his own man. Interesting hook for the show with the guest referee gimmick.

    I don’t know who April Hunter is, I should prob google here, but I love the presentation from her. I think it was really cool that you had JR and King got over the fact that Eric is putting a lot behind her. Good stuff here.

    A nice tease of the guest referee. I remember from the last time that I loved the way you built your stories throughout the night. Christian waiting on his favor is very good and an interesting story to tell moving forward.

    A Golddust faction could be really fun. Lots of things to play with here, but I will say Booker T/Golddust would be amazing.

    Holy fuck, this Orton/Foley promo is strong consideration for Promo of the Year already. Like wow bro, this was amazing. Seeing Foley fire up and the words you used for him was just amazing. Orton being the young, brash heel that just kept firing back was awesome. I am so glad that you decided to go with Orton/Foley as it was just too good not to do.

    Good win by Booker T and nice subtle way to continue the Bischoff punishments/non-punishments to team Austin. I liked Teddy Long giving a nod of respect to Maven and I could see him joining up with Long in the future.

    Great promo from Kane. I will say it everytime, but the best heel is one that can believe in what they are saying. They have a shred of truth to what they are saying and then they twist that truth into what they want it to be.

    I love Stevie Richards with Golddust, not sure how I feel about Test being in the group. I think I may be swayed b/c of the strong promo from Stevie here and then Test is in there for no reason at all. I would love to see a women involved as well, hell even marlena would be awesome.

    Without context from Survivor Series, I enjoyed the promo from Lita here. I can tell that April is the heel, but kind of in the Mickie James role but without the stalker part. I am enjoying what your doing with the women on RAW.

    La Resistance getting a win here isn’t anything major. I like that your adding Conway to the mix here. Good to have Rosey and Hurricane join in on this as some tag team undercard is good to have.

    I absolutely adored the orchestra being out there for Molly. I could see this actually happening on RAW. With Lita hitting the ring, I said to myself “if the instruments aren’t used, I will be pissed” but alas you didn’t disappoint. I was a little shocked by the attack to Bischoff and thought it may have been too much. I then changed my mind when I remembered this is probably Lita’s first RAW back in a long time, so it was needed.

    Hell of a main event. You set up so much stuff with that main event. Orton vs. Foley, RVD vs. HHH?? And Jericho vs. Goldberg with the after match attack. I would have liked to see the Dudleys come out, but that may have been overbooking things. I really, really want Jericho to take the belt off of Goldberg. I DON’T like to say someone needs a belt, but Jericho needs the belt with the story your going with him, IMO

    Overall amazing show. I really wanna chat with you some about how you write your promos. I love the format bc its not the simple

    Bischoff: words, words, words
    Jericho: words, words, words

    It all flows and is easy to read which is awesome

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    Re: WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

    Yes to this opening. Coming out of the Survivor Series, Chris Jericho feels like the biggest thing on Raw, and this recap of his last few months, leading to his victory at Survivor Series was wonderful. Linda showing up to warn Bischoff is a smart thing to do for a number of reasons, I feel. 1) It reminds us why Austin was appointed in the first place, and Bischoffs prior behaviour isn’t just forgotten. 2) Allays any fears that we’re about to get a Bischoff dominated era where the heels get ALL the favourable treatment; something that’d be a bit of a turn off considering how long the antiquated heel GM angles have been running up to this point in real life. 3) Sets the stakes for what Bischoff could end up losing if he doesn’t adhere to the rulings from Linda. Big, big fan of this mini-opening segment.

    But a bigger fan of the actual opening segment. Jericho – as the man of the hour – is absolutely the right call to open the show. I don’t think I directly commented on the ‘pulsating wound’ line before, but I love it. It’s a visceral description, but it’s a phrase that certainly sticks in the memory. Bischoff walking out to Austins music is a perfect heel thing to do to rub in his victory – especially in Texas. Bischoff trying to cosy up to Jericho felt like a natural progression too, but Jericho shunning him just strengthens his own character and convictions. The tease of Jericho vs. Bischoff was an interesting little swerve to tease, and while it could’ve been a silly sideplot, I thought it worked well because of Jericho’s reasoning for NOT choosing that match.

    Thought it might’ve been Batista & Orton to take the tag belts off the Dudleys, but Flair being the partner for Batista is fine too. Could easily see the titles change hands, given how low on the totem pole the Dudleys are at this point. If not next week, I doubt their reign moves further beyond Armageddon. Was expecting some sort of swerve on the teased Triple H vs Goldberg match last night, just because I didn’t think you’d run that match again – or at least not without a weeks build up. Not that it’s a big deal – it’s hardly a fresh match at this point, but a big time main event still.

    It’s such a small thing, but Orton announcing his own favour later on his own, and the manner in which Triple H said it tells a big story. The referee angle is a good one too. There should be a big backlash for what happened with Goldberg and Kane, and makes me wonder what the long term implications of that could be for both those guys. The tease for the special guest referee and who it could be is obviously a big point of interest for later in the night.

    Ah, now we get a weekly dose of Limp Bizkit! Speaking from experience, trying to find music for people who either never had a run or just a brief run in the WWE is always a painful task, and even though it’s such a small thing, I appreciate you going to these lengths to find a song/entrance theme. Giving April something other than a generic production theme is another telling sign (if it wasn’t already obvious) that she’s a big deal going forward. Head Hunter is a great name for Aprils finish – which, correct me if I’m wrong, sounds like the Blockbuster? And a nice win for her here too over Victoria, who had been pretty well protected for the last while.

    Intrigued by Christian here. My original assumption after Survivor Series was that he’d just go back after the Inter-Christian-ental title, but his remarks here, and what happened later with Booker T, suggests that won’t be the direction. Sounds as if he’ll throw out a challenge to someone big/legendary. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he ended up as the short term direction maybe for Shawn Michaels given the way everything else shook itself out on this show, with Christian maybe looking to put the final nail in Shawns coffin, playing off the recent teases on HBK not having it any more.

    Bischoff getting around Linda’s warning here was nice. Not something overly dominating on the show, but a good little way of showing the devilment still in Eric. Served as a good warm up and tease for next weeks tag title match, whilst also giving Ric Flair a little moment to shine and show his smarts to hold Batista back. Little things like that make Flair’s role in Evolution so key in moulding Batista and Orton for the future.

    Goldust forming a stable? Colour me interested.

    Oh, wow. Didn’t expect Mick Foley to show up as the special guest referee. You did a great job with his verbiage and everything about him came across as authentic. I had wondered what – if any – role he’d play in the thread given the set up of the Orton angle back in June, and it certainly throws a wrench in what appeared to be a clear path to Orton/Austin at WrestleMania. Obviously, Orton/Foley (or some variation of the match akin to the 3 on 2 in real life) has WrestleMania written all over it … but I wouldn’t blame you either if you either blew it off early, or went in a different direction entirely. It’s (to me) a pretty iconic feud, and the one that truly elevated Orton, so there’s lofty heights you’ll need to reach to match it if you do decide to follow that path.

    But this was a heck of a start if you are going down the Orton/Foley path. I didn’t care a whole lot for Orton’s whining about being screwed, or even him cashing in his favour to face Austin right now. That just felt quite cookie cutter heel stuff to me, and your portrayal of Orton to this point has been leagues above that kind of cheap heat tactic imo. Thankfully, that stuff was only a small part of what was otherwise some amazing character work. There’s only a few guys you could script like you did Foley, only a few guys that carry the kind of gravitas to deliver the kind of message he did here. And I felt like you knocked it out of the park with Mick warning Orton, using his own choices as an example of why Orton needs to settle down.

    And the indignation from Orton was just as good. Him being offended that Foley would compare himself to Orton and listing all the way’s they were different (notable shout out to Orton mocking Foley for wearing a free t-shirt, lol) before getting to the attack at MSG and questioning whether Foley still had the fire or not – all raises some great questions going forward, and a lovely side plot for the main event tonight. Excellent segment.

    Henry getting Booker for the I.C Title was another nice way for Bischoff to punish the Team Austin guys. Booker getting the clean win was a surprise to me, but it appears somewhat evident that Henry isn’t going to be a ‘protected’ guy so much – which is probably sensible because he still sucked in ring in 2003 anyway. The post match attack suggests there could be more to this, and I wonder if you’re putting together a potential multi man program over the title for the time being by involving Maven. At first when I saw Maven show up here involving himself in Henry’s business again, I did roll my eyes … but the nod from Long could be setting up something much more intriguing. After Long showed grudging respect for Maven a few weeks back, I’d wonder if he’ll start trying to get Maven onside as a client, rather than a foe?

    Kane being Kane. Him having Goldberg beat at Survivor Series makes more sense now, as it seems Kane will use that as leverage for a rematch.

    For a midcard angle, I’m really into everything you’ve got going on with Goldust. Him putting together a set of misfits as his ‘supporting cast’ as he put it earlier is really cool, and it’s a way to give Stevie and Test something to do of note. Whilst I love the alliance between Goldust and Richards as two ‘out there’ personalities, at first I didn’t quite like Test being involved … but the more I think about it, I actually do. You could’ve easily just brought someone up from OVW a little too early like a Snitksy, that might’ve been a better fit for this group of oddballs, but there’s a believability about putting Test in that role. Making use of the guys already at your disposal, which is part of what this fantasy booking is supposed to be about. Pleased to see you giving all these underappreciated guys something notable to do. And that line about Val’s golden globes being akin to Hogans pythons was awesome, lol.

    More brilliant work with the divas, and this growing dislike/distrust between Lita, Trish and the ever meddling April. Lita’s words were backed up later in the show with her going postal. She didn’t take that loss at Survivor Series well, did she? In other circumstances people could say this was an overreaction, but you set her attitude up by again explaining how long she’d been out and if she’d even ever return. While you couldn’t justify her actions on this show, you could certainly understand them. Sets the table now for an intriguing next chapter now that Lita appears to have removed herself from the alliance with Trish and April. Given Trish’s apologetic demeanour, I imagine she’ll continue to apologise to Lita and try to mend those broken fences. The fact there’s a #1 Contenders match that Lita ISN’T part of next week could be interesting.

    Pretty standard stuff to move the mid card tag feud along. Have La Resistance STILL not got that rematch!? Lol.

    Triple H having ALL of Evolution at his side certainly stacks the deck against Goldberg. The Indian Death Lock spot worked much better on this occasion with the knee work before hand, and Goldberg POWERING to the ropes is such brilliant, typical superhuman Goldberg. Foley refusing to count after the belt shot was a spot I felt needed to happen, given the earlier warning Foley issued, so I’m glad there was an instance of Evolution assisting Trips and Foley standing by his word.

    The entire finishing stretch was very chaotic, very typical of a hot Raw back in the day, and Orton dropping Foley, leading to Foley firing up on him was great to see. Van Dam being the saviour for Goldberg (and Foley I guess) to cost Triple H the title here should confirm the direction of both guys for Armageddon – which appeared to be the case anyway after Survivor Series. Given Foley getting so involved physically so soon into this run is probably a sign that you might just push the Orton/Foley program up to Armageddon, which is understandable.

    Maybe I was just not thinking, or the Kane promo threw me off, but I honestly didn’t see this ending coming. Jericho cashing in his favour for a shot at Goldberg at Armageddon is huge. It’s the right direction I feel too, because Jericho is by far the biggest thing going right now, and no other feud he could be involved in at the moment would really suffice. I’m already looking forward to a scathing Jericho promo on everything wrong with Goldberg in the next few weeks. Just begs the question; where does this leave Kane now?

    Even though I’m more interested in seeing the fallout of Survivor Series over on Smackdown, considering it’ll be a completely fresh new start, this Raw delivered much more than I anticipated. And that was even with Shawn Michaels missing the show – something I think was a good idea. He didn’t need to be on this show with everything else going on. Jericho vs Goldberg is a fascinating direction to take. Goldberg just feels like he’s finding his feet as champion, but Jericho is white hot right now. It’ll be interesting to see this play out.

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    Re: WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

    -I thought this was a brilliant opening segment. Your booking of Jericho in the last two shows has been exceptional, and the bait and switch with Bischoff as Austin and then Jericho with the Bischoff match were both superb. While I saw that Austin bait a mile away, what you did with the Bischoff match was excellent and had me wanting to see that match! I really want to see someone like Christian treat his match as a MITB like scenario, getting a World Title match against Goldberg when he is beaten down. He can do that, still lose, and not look bad. Also liked how you had Triple H say Orton won’t reveal his until later.

    -April Hunter has to get some wins under her belt to seem a legitimate contender in the Women’s Division, so this is the right call here.

    -I love guys like Spike Dudley, the little underdog who can take an ass kicking but maybe get a big surprise moment sometime. You did that well against Triple H. He served as perfect fodder to set up the tag match for next week. Again, this is good booking, and crisp writing.

    -I so wish you had Goldust make some sort of nod to Terri about their past. I couldn’t help but want that! This has been a good slow build, as it’s needed to be slow to get some investment in it. Again, this is good booking here man.

    -I do like Foley in that surprise referee role; it’s a great way to use him, it fits the storyline you set up, and you set Foley up for future stuff. While the idea of Foley and Orton is a good one, I am in such disagreement with everyone else about this segment. It completely did not hit for me. It went on way too long for me, first off. There was not enough going on in this to capture my interest and want a long segment. It just came off boring and plodding eventually. Orton’s over the top whining about being screwed was just so awkwardly forced into this segment, and it sounded like Christian, not Orton. I felt like your characterization here was way off, and is probably what threw me off this segment so quick. Things picked up when you finally got to Orton and Foley having the heated back and forth to get Mick to admit he is afraid of Orton, but you took too long to get there, and what ended up being much better character work just sadly didn’t have the effect it needed to with me.

    -I’m mixed on the Houston Hangover finish here. One, it’s cool to break out in Texas (but the crowd aren’t really going to appreciate it, imo, as it’s still a Harlem Hangover to me), and more importantly it makes Mark Henry look great. However, it’s a great finisher that I think should be saved for big matches and built up as the big important maneuver. I do love Henry coming in hard post match to get his heat back, and Maven getting a nice underdog save in too.

    -I REALLY hope you don’t continue Kane vs. Goldberg. The booking of that match was clearly served for a one off match, not a continuing feud. That match needed to look a lot different for me if you’re continuing.

    -I love the odd ball pairing of Goldust, Richards, and Test. This is the kind of WTF pairing that makes me care about this faction even more! So interested in what you’re doing here.

    -Still can’t say I have any care about these undercard tag teams

    -I honestly didn’t like this women’s segment much. It was just that little too extra for me. Molly Holly with an orchestra? Amazing. You definitely down played it a little too much for my liking, however. Play that shit up hahaha! I just think Lita hitting a Diving Hurricanrana onto Bischoff was way too unrealistic, despite the cool visual, and it was a step too far with the Twist of Fate being on the Belt. Too far, unncessary. A regular one would’ve got your point across. It was cool to see the Moonsault to all three though, and I will say that while I don’t like your execution of the segment, I do think your follow up for the segment will be good.

    -I think the main event was exactly how it had to be, and you executed it very well. Triple H has all the help, Goldberg still is dominant, you build Orton/Foley, and you get RVD and Triple H build too. This was excellent storytelling of organically combining multiple programs into one. Excellent work here!When my biggest complaint was - did RVD really just do a plancha or something cooler and you missed the boat on that - that, you did a fantastic job hahaha. I also love the plotting of Jericho, and I really look forward to hopefully seeing Jericho hunt Goldberg guerilla warfare style and also build on their failed history in WCW too.

    -Overall, I think this was a damn good follow up to Survivor Series. You had a great show long arc in Triple H vs. Goldberg, while building up your long arc feuds. That’s just great work, Keef. That Orton/Foley segment was a huge sore eye for me, but the overall show is incredible dude.

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    Re: WWE: Where It All Begins... Again

    Nice opening segment. I'm a huge Jericho fan, so the fact I'm enjoying what you're doing with him here is testament to how well you're doing it. Interesting to see what match Jericho wants because you have a big job to do with this. If you think about it, why wouldn't all 5 men just want a world title match? There needs to be good reason for people like Jericho picking something different and I'm looking forward to how you justify Jericho and Christian going for something different. Batista going for a tag title match makes sense because he isn't going to go up against HHH in wanting the same thing. Also like the subtlety of HHH saying Orton would announce his own match later on, furthering the thoughts of Evolution not all singing from the same hymn sheet.

    Absolutely loved the Foley/Orton segment. Really well written and I could really picture the two of them going at it on the mic. Brilliant stuff.

    Good defence for Booker against Henry, though I'm surprised it came quite as easily as it did. Henry gets some rub back though with the post match attack leaving Booker down and I'm intrigued as to where you're going with Long showing admiration for Maven considering it was only a few weeks back that Maven turned face and left Long's stable.

    I wasn't quite digging the Kane segment. I'm not sure exactly why but it didn't quite hit for me. It was ok but I didn't buy him bringing up the referee bump being why Goldberg won.

    I'm really liking 'this' Goldust. I'm a big fan of when things make sense, so I like the motivation for Stevie Richards buddying up with Goldust. I guess Test's explanation will come later but even this small level of story explanation is sorely lacking in modern day WWE.

    As I've said before I'm enjoying this little Lita/Trish/April thing you have going on. It's interesting because I could see any of the three turning heel at this point.

    Good stuff with Molly and Lita here, and then Bischoff. Lita is going to pay for this, for sure.

    Great main event. I know it was full of all kinds of shenanigans but it was fine here. That had all been laid out earlier in the night that the match was going to go down that way.

    Nice end to the show with Jericho cashing in his favour and I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks building to Armageddon. Jericho will carry the feud on the mic so I'm excited for this one.

    Great show as usual, not letting go of any of the momentum coming out of Survivor Series.

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