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Thread: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS - RESULTS

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    World Grand Prix 1 FINALS - RESULTS

    A video starts as a close up of someones heaving chest, glistening under the bring lights of the FWA ring, with no music and only the cheering of the arena crowd providing the ambience. The camera zooms out to reveal that this person is...

    ...Cyrus Truth.

    We see Cyrus Truth lying flat in the ring, the mess of a steel chair lying close by as Bell Connelly and Chris Kennedy stand over him. Boos are raining down from the arena crowd as Bell and Kennedy look at the fallen World Champion, and then each other.

    Some of the boos in the crowd is replaced with shrieking. The camera switches away from the ringside shot to one of the overhead cameras zooming around the audience, looking for the source of the screams. The camera finally finds and focuses on a mass inside the stands where fans are fleeing out of the way and/or taking phone footage of two men absolutely brawling inside the crowd. WOLF lets out a huge grunt and smashes Tristan James Galloway with a closed fist. Galloway almost falls into a group of fans, but comes back and slams his own cranium into WOLFs face. The two men grab each other by the hair, both screaming bloody murder at each other as security tries in vain to both separate them and protect the audience from the wreckage.

    The camera shot switches to new camera crew that has made its way into the stands and is filming a close up of WOLF and Galloway. In the background, out of focus but clearly there, the two figures left standing in the ring loom ominously.

    As the now-familiar theme music for the World GP starts to play, the frames suddenly cut to a rapid-fire sequence showing off various FWA stars competing in the World Grand Prix.

    We see a shot of Christopher Manson and Starr staring each other down after their match.

    The scene switches to a shot of Mike Parr reversing Jason Randall into a rolling cutter.

    The next shot is of James Hughes standing victorious over Ty Johnson as an unseen narrator finally cuts in.

    Narrator: "Three rounds of history making action...."

    The scene changes to PAJ and Bell Connelly staring each other down.

    Narrator: "Three rounds of controversy..."

    The video then shows Chris Kennedy throwing something outside of the ring before going to pin Deception. The camera doesnt catch the pin but instead focuses on the object, which is a pair of brass knuckles.

    Narrator: "Three days of four winding paths converge into one....


    Narrator: "In world-renown Budokan Hall tonight, here in Tokyo, Japan, one of these four warriors will etch their names in FWAs history forever and carry the title of World Grand Prix 1 Winner into the main event of Back in Business!!!!"

    The camera switches to a montage shots of each group winner in action during the WGP along with a text graphic of their path to the finals.

    Day 1 - W - Ty Johnson
    Day 2 - W - James Hughes
    Day 3 - W - Phillip A. Jackson

    Day 1 - W - Jason Randall
    Day 2 -
    W - Mike Parr
    Day 3 -
    W - Deception

    Group C#1 -
    Day 1 -
    L - Starr
    Day 2 - W - Christopher Manson
    Day 3 -
    W - Tommy Thunder

    Day 1 -
    W - Hanz Gruber
    Day 2 -
    W - Danny Toner
    Day 3 -
    W - Cyrus Truth

    The intro video wraps with a split screen of all four finalists in slow motion, with the WGP1 Trophy juxtaposed in the background.

    Narrator: "Four group winners.... one date with destiny... the World Grand Prix 1 Finals start.... NOW!!!!!"


    The show kicks off with an sold out yet almost completely silent Budokan Hall, shrouded in darkness sans one spotlight in the ring. The camera focuses on the spotlight, where a man dressed in an impeccable suit and a Hannibal Lector mask stands with a mic. After a pause, Lord Dog slowly takes off his face mask and raises the mic to his lips.

    Lord Dog:
    千代に~~~ 八千代に...

    The camera shot switches away from the ring momentarily to show many audience members ringside, hands covering their mouths in shock at the virtuoso rendition of the Japanese national anthem from Lord Dog.

    "さざれ, 石の...

    こけ, の生すまで...

    Lord Dog finishes and does a slight bow for all four sides of the ring as the crowd bursts into applause and gives him a standing ovation. The camera cuts to shots of women at the ringside seats who have been moved to tears by Lord Dogs emotional and powerful masterclass. Lord Dog hands the mic back to Kurt Harrington before putting his mask back over his mouth and leaving the ring, still being showered in applause and adoration. As Kurt Harrington announces the order of the card in the background, the camera shot switches to the commentary team.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, that virtuoso performance of the Japanese national anthem was only the beginning of what promises to be a historic night in FWA history. Because tonight, right here in historic, sold-out Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan, FWA will crown a winner of the first ever World Grand Prix!! One of Bell Connelly, Chris Kennedy, WOLF, or Tristan James Galloway is going to have to win two matches in one night, with the prize being the first ever WGP winner in history, and also a spot in the main event of BIB 13 against 'The Exile' and FWA World Champion Cyrus Truth!!! Thank you everyone here in Tokyo and around the world for joining us tonight, and I am joined as always here at the desk by Dave Weinstock and Piers Gallagher!

    David Weinstock: Thanks Langdon, and as you just mentioned, history will be indeed made tonight here in Japan! Last week in Los Angeles, Bell Connelly and Chris Kennedy conspired to end Cyrus Truths WGP journey, but only one of them can reach the finals as they must face off in the semis!! And on the other side of the bracket, the rivalry between WOLF and Tristan James Galloway has been unexpectedly renewed, and we are getting a Champion vs Champion rematch to see who makes the WGP finals!! It doesn't get any bigger than this guys, this building is packed to the brim, we are sold out, and its because everyone knows that its all going down tonight!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Normally I would say that you are wrong and are an idiot, Weinstock, but you're only an idiot right now because I gotta agree with you, I have no idea how Kennedy and Bell are going to disentangle themselves for this one, all I know is that the main event of BIB 13 is something I would be shocked if either of them manage to turn their back on that chance!! I know that WOLF is ready though, and I'm calling it right now that our North American Champion runs over that impetuous young boy Galloway and romps to the finals, perhaps even to a WGP victory!!!!!

    Gallagher is cut off as "Bittersweet Symphony" plays to formally open the WGP semis, rousing the Japanese fans in attendance immediately. After a few moments, Chris Kennedy makes his way out onto the stage with a serene look on his face. He stares almost directly into the lights of Budokan Hall, says something that the ramp camera doesn't catch, and walks down to the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: And of course, in FWAs debut in Nippon Budokan, this man would insist on coming out first, to be the first man that the Japanese fans in his historic building see, the man who has ruined the World Grand Prix for his own personal profit and gain, Chris Kennedy!!

    Piers Gallagher: Try to contain your jealously better, Langdon!! You're just angry that Kennedy found a way to get through Group B with the least amount of damage possible!! And as for what they did to Cyrus Truth, if you had the brains of Chris Kennedy you would've done the same thing!!

    "I'm Not Weak" plays next as Bell Connelly appears on the stage. However, the recent ferocity and unhingeness that Bell has displays has been replaced by a look of strange uncertainly as she heads to the ring, ignoring the screaming and reaching fans along the ramp. She slides into the ring and keeps her distance from Kennedy, not reacting at all as her name is announced. Kennedy stays in his corner, not moving out of it even as the referee
    beckons for him to get ready.

    Langdon Trafford: Speaking of Cyrus Truth, here comes the former FWA World Champion whos reign was ended by Cyrus Truth, and who, I suppose, exacted cruel revenge on Cyrus in spectacular fashion in Los Angeles! Yet as Bell Connelly makes her way down to the ring, the question is finally about to be answered! What will become of this alliance between Bell and Kennedy once that, no pun intended, bell rings?

    David Weinstock: We're about to find that out right now, guys, and I think judging from the look on Bell and Kennedys faces, maybe they don't know how this is going to go down any more than we do...

    WGP1 - Semifinals
    A#1 - 'BEAUTYxBEAST' Bell Connelly vs B#1 - 'The Astonishing' Chris Kennedy

    The bell rings and our match is underway. This is the first time these two have ever faced in an FWA ring and the fans are on their feet for what is most definitely a Back in Business worthy match. They circle the ring for a bit, with both competitors unsure how to start, given the nature of their relationship. After circling eachother for a while, they finally lock up. Kennedy with a quick snapmare on Connelly and backs off smiling. He goes to help his girlfriend back up and she foolishly takes his hand. After getting her on her feet, Kennedy goes for a small package on Connelly but when he rolls her into the pin, she kicks out at 1. Kennedy with a waistlock takedown on Connelly. Connelly gets to the ropes to break it up. Kennedy shoves Connelly and it catches her off guard. Connelly with a big shove back sending Kennedy down. Connelly with arm drags and then a scoop slam on Kennedy. Kennedy quickly rolls out to regroup. Connelly with a sunset flip. Kennedy fights out and connects with a big forearm to the face of Connelly. Connelly with a high back body drop on Kennedy. Kennedy catches Connelly with a drop toe hold sending Connelly throat first into the bottom rope. Kennedy keeps Connelly grounded. Connelly with a headbutt and right hand. Kennedy catches Connelly with a powerful dropkick. She hits the mat hard, landing on her elbow. She lets out a blood curdelling scream. "My elbow! I think it's broken!" she yells as she flops on the mat like a fish. Concerned, Kennedy goes to check on her and when she does, she hits him with a hard uppercut. After hitting the ground, Kennedy smiles at her and she just smiles back, winking at him.

    Langdon Trafford: They're not holding back!!! The gamesmanship is well and truly on now, with a spot in the finals hanging in the balance!!

    David Weinstock: More like they've finally reached an understanding... via their fists doing the talking!

    He gets back up and the two begin circling eachother once more. Bell Connelly looks to end it here and now and launches at him with The Supersweet Symphony, but Kennedy sidesteps the attempt and hits her with a hard back breaker. She wriths in pain as Chris Kennedy picks bher up and sends Bell Connelly to the corner and gets in a few right hands. Kennedy plants Connelly with a scoop slam. Kennedy then drops a knee over the head of Connelly, hooks the leg and gets a two count. Kennedy throws a knee to the jaw of Connelly and follows with more forearms. Connelly stomps away at Kennedy in the corner trying to turn things around. Connelly hits the ring post shoulder first in the other corner when Kennedy moves out of the way. Connelly with headbutts to Kennedy. Kennedy responds with forearms. Kennedy misses a splash in the corner. Connelly props Kennedy up on the top turnbuckle. Kennedy responds with a series of elbows. Connelly with a forearm to the back. Connelly with a back superplex on Kennedy from the top turnbuckle to the mat below! Connelly with shots off the ropes on Kennedy. On the last one Kennedy lets out a whimper that suprises himself, and before he can react Connelly levels Kennedy with a clothesline. Bell Connelly follows this with a swinging backbreaker on Kennedy after Kennedy jumped from the corner. Kennedy rolls out and Connelly comes off the top turnbuckle catching him with a flying elbow. Back in the ring, Connelly locks up the arms of Kennedy and drops him down face first. Connelly avoids a Kennedy Curse, but Kennedy is able to suplex her right into the corner. Kennedy drives the knee of Connelly into the mat and she shreiks in pain, her face displaying a combination of anguish and confusion over Kennedy's relentlessness. Kennedy is working over the knee of Connelly. Connelly is dropping repeated legs over the chest/throat of Kennedy. Kennedy gets the Kennedy Curse locked on. Connelly reaches out and gets the bottom rope to break it up. Connelly is bouncing the head of Kennedy off the mat to escape Calf Crush attempt. She picks him up and he fights back, hitting her with a series of lefts and rights before irish whipping her into the ropes. On the rebound he attempts a Bittersweet Chin Symphony. Connelly avoids a BCS, but eats a big kick from Kennedy on the ring apron. Connelly catapults Kennedy shoulder first on the ring apron into the steel ring post! Kennedy follows her out but Connelly responds with a lariat shot on Kennedy and tosses him back inside the ring. Connelly with a shot in the corner and running bulldog. Connelly then with a cradle for two count.

    After eventually finding his way to his feet, Kennedy to Bell with a series of body shots, before getting Connelly up on his shoulders and drops her down in a fireman’s carry into a neckbreaker for another close two count. Connelly avoids a Bittersweet Chin Symphony attempt. Connelly then jumps on Kennedy's back and begins hammering away at his temple, all while saying "Sorry, sorry, sorry, so sorry, oh my god I'm sorry" until Kennedy spins Connelly off his shoulders into a snapmare. Kennedy plants Connelly and yells, “ME TOO!” before Kennedy connects with a springboard 450 splash on Connelly and hooks the leg. BELL CONNELLY KICKS THE FUCK OUT THOUGH!!! Kennedy can’t believe it and slaps the mat, hard. Kennedy regroups in the corner while Connelly uses the ropes to pick herself back up. Connelly throws big knees to the body of Kennedy and connects with a HUGE dropkick that sends Kennedy out. Connelly with a suicide dive taking out Kennedy sending Kennedy over the Fight Night announce table. Connelly then tosses Kennedy over the ring barricade into the crowd. Connelly jumps off the barricade and takes out Kennedy in the crowd! Connelly tosses Kennedy back over the barricade and back inside the ring. The crowd starts a dueling "BELL!" and "KENNEDY!" chant. Pele kick by Kennedy. Connelly fires back with a lariat off the ropes. Referee bump when Kennedy counters The Glitter Bomb. Kennedy pulls out the Brass Knuckles and attempts to use them as the referee is down BUT BELL CONELLY SIDESTEPS HIM AND HITS HIM WITH THE SUPERSWEET SYMPHONY, a variation of Kennedy's own finisher. She quickly hooks the legs but a look of panic falls upon her face when she realizes the referee is still down. She hops off Kennedy and tries to wake the ref up, shaking him by the collar and lightly slapping him a bit. She turns around and eats a BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY FROM CHRIS KENNEDY. He goes to pin her and finds himself in the same boat Bell was a several seconds ago. Kennedy looks over at the brass knuckles on the mat but the referee is begining to stir, so that's out of the question. Kennedy grabs Connelly and sends her to the corner getting in some shots. Kennedy with a short arm clothesline on Connelly. Connelly rolls out and Kennedy pursues on the other side connecting with a clothesline on the outside. Kennedy tosses Connelly into the timekeepers area and starts clearing off the Spanish announce table at ringside. Connelly cuts off Kennedy and drops him face first off the ring apron. Connelly goes over to get Kennedy up. Kennedy with a big uppercut before rolling her back inside. Back inside, Connelly catches Kennedy with a shot off the ropes. Connelly covers and Kennedy kicks out. Connelly stomps away over Kennedy. Kennedy with a jumping DDT on Connelly. Kennedy with repeated corner clotheslines on Connelly followed by a side walk slam. Connelly pulls down the top rope to send Kennedy over as he charges at her. Kennedy pulls Connelly out and chokes her. Connelly rakes the eyes of Kennedy and levels Kennedy with a quick clothesline. Bell Connelly leans back in the corner smiling before rushing at Kennedy but she is met halfway with a Step-Up Enziguri. The move sets her back a bit but she quickly recovers.

    Langdon Trafford: Both have landed high-impact moves but the pace somehow seems to only be getting more frantic!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Deep down both of them must sense what truly is on the line!! This is no time to be turning the other cheek!!!!!

    Connelly beats on Kennedy in the corner before sending him into the ropes and hitting a big clothesline. Connelly sends Kennedy into the corner hard and goes for the pin but he only gets a two count. Kennedy is able to score a boot to the gut and he follows up with a big neckbreaker. The crowd is slightly behind Connelly, seeing her as the lesser of two evils. Connelly fires back with right hands and forearms, she ducks a clothesline and connects with a couple of low kicks and another big kick to the side of Kennedy’s head, before sending him over the top rope with a dropkcik. Connelly follows Kennedy out to the floor with a suicide dive through the ropes. Kennedy fights back and makes it into the ring, but Connelly comes right back with a big jumping lariat. Kennedy rolls to the outside, but Connelly brings him back up to the ring apron, where Kennedy shoves Connelly into the ring post. Kennedy takes Bell Connelly back into the ring where he pounds on her in the corner for a little while before the ref breaks it up. Kennedy hits a low knee to Connelly’s midsection before hitting a modified gutbuster. Kennedy locks in a Kennedy Curse and grounds Connelly on the mat. Connelly fights out of it and up to her feet, taking Kennedy over with a big hip toss. Both competitors are up to their feet, and Connelly hits Kennedy with a couple of right hands before catching a boot to the stomach. Kennedy tries for a cover but only gets two. Kennedy beats on Connelly’s head for a bit before getting up and stomping down on Bell Connelly’s head. Kennedy goes to the middle rope and jumps off, but Bell Connelly gets his feet up and connects with Kennedy’s face. Both competitors are up and they slug it out, with Connelly getting the advantage. Connelly splashes Kennedy up in the corner and rains down with left and right hands before hitting a nice European uppercut. Bell Connelly ends up on the second rope and he kicks Kennedy before going up to the top. Connelly hits a leaping cross body for a near fall. Kennedy gets Connelly up into a fireman’s carry and hits a single knee gutbuster that’s good for a two count. Both competitors are slow to get back up but they do so at nearly the same time.

    Langdon Trafford: They're up!!! Who will strike first now?? Who will strike most decisively???

    Connelly takes Kennedy back down to the mat repeatedly, not letting him catch a breath, but Connelly goes for some kind of splash and Kennedy moves, sending Connelly crashing into the ropes. Kennedy takes the advantage and stomps away at Connelly’s face. Kennedy hits a big elbow drop, which is good for a near fall. Kennedy mounts Connelly and locks in a Kennedy Curse. He keeps her in the hold for a solid 2 minutes, the ref checking on her the whole time. She never gives up, and manages to get close enough to grab the ropes. Kennedy releases the hold before hitting another vicious elbow drop to Connelly’s back. Kennedy charges Connelly in the corner and hits a giant splash, sending Connelly crumpling to the mat. Connelly crawls to another corner and avoids a second splash. Connelly goes for a face wash kick in the corner, but Kennedy moves and Connelly ends up crotching himself on the bottom rope. Kennedy is able to connect with a neckbreaker and goes for the pin but Connelly kicks out at two. Kennedy kicks away at Connelly in the corner, but when he charges in he’s met with Connelly’s knees. Connelly goes for the Supersweet Symphony, but Kennedy catches her foot, pushes her back a few and launches a picture perfect Bittersweet Symphony!!!

    Langdon Trafford: BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY!!!!!

    David Weinstock: HE HIT IT!!!!!

    Kennedy falls into the cover!!!




    Winner - Chris Kennedy
    After the match, Kennedy crawls over to Bell and helps her up. Realizing her road to Back in Business has ended, she begins to tear up a bit as she sinks her head into Kennedy's chest. They are both an exhausted, sweaty mess.

    Chris Kennedy: Bell, I'm sorry...

    Bell Connelly: ....

    Chris Kennedy: You have to understand....

    Bell Connelly: No, I do. I'm...I'm not upset at you.

    Bell turns her head and scowls at referee Christopher Nash. She shoots him a death stare that makes the referee put his hands up in defense.

    Bell Connelly: YOU! I blame YOU! This was YOUR fault! That was a fast count, it was only two and you know it!

    It was a full 3 count. The ref knew it, Kennedy knew it, and even Bell knew it. But she needed someone to blame the loss on. Chris Kennedy knows the truth, but he agrees with Bell nonetheless because that's what you do when you love someone and just spent several minutes beating the crap out of each other.

    Chris Kennedy: ...Yeah Ref, what the hell is wrong with you!?! I'd make you restart this whole damn match if I had that power but that would just ruin the spirit of this tournament and I am a man of integrity! You son of a bitch!

    Bell Connelly: You ruined EVERYTHING!

    Chris Kennedy: YOU CROOKED SON OF A BITCH!

    Without any warning, both Chris Kennedy and Bell Connelly hit their Superkick Symphonies on the Ref at the same time, and he goes down like a sack of bricks. The crowd begins booing heavily as Chris and Bell leave the ring. While Bell is scowling, Chris Kennedy walks behind her and smiles as he gestures at the Back in Business sign. Backstage, General Manager Ashley O'Ryan watches the entire ordeal play out on the TV in his office. He covers his face in the palm of his hand, embarrassed at the shit show that has just played out.

    Langdon Trafford: Chris Kennedy has booked his spot in the main event later tonight!!! The first finalist of the World Grand Prix is Chris Kennedy!!!

    David Weinstock: And he did it without the brass knuckles!!!

    Piers Gallagher: When push came to shove and shove came to strike, Chris Kennedy looks as cunning and calculating as we've always known him to be, and the fact that Bell was the opponent didn't change the calculus!!! Shame that this incompetant ref had to fast count though!! He got what he deserved, as did Chris Kennedy, who is now headed to the finals!


    A few moments after Kennedy disappears up the ramp, "Turn The Page" hits, bringing many members of the crowd to their feet as they try to catch a glimpse of the Polynesian Powerhouse. After a few seconds, Tristan James Galloway emerges onto the stage with the X Division Championship in tow. Galloway marches down the ramp, taking in the adoration of the Japanese crowd without looking too relaxed.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, we just saw Chris Kennedy book his place in the finals later tonight but who will be he opponent?? Could it be the X Division Champion, the Polynesian Powerhouse???

    David Weinstock: I can't believe we're getting another Champion vs Champion match here at the WGP, and its only the 2nd match on the card guys!!! Tristan Galloway came within a millimeter of being a double champion and now we have a rematch, a rematch with no titles on the line but its still arguably the most important match of Galloways career!!

    Piers Gallagher: Tristan Galloway?? More like, NO WAY!!! WOLF is the one who deserves to be in the finals against Kennedy, and Galloways sick obsession with being a double champion needs to end!!!

    As Galloway climbs into the ring, "Number of the Beast" plays, and the demeanour on Galloways face immediately changes. WOLF bursts through the curtain onto the stage with the North American Championship, baring his teeth as the hardcore male fans cheer for him. WOLF finds the ramp camera, grabs it with both hands, and screams "WHY AM I WASTING MY TIME WITH THIS POLYNESIAN PIG, CHRIS KENNEDY, I KNOW YOU'RE WATCHING, YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH ME!!! ME!!!!". The camera shot changes to Galloway in the ring, with a look of undisguisable anger on his face as WOLF enters the ring and spits in the direction of Galloway, increasing the vocal boos from the crowd.

    Langdon Trafford: Despicable behavior aside, we have to give the devil his due and comment on the remarkable comeback that WOLF had to snatch Group C away from Starr!! Everyone and I mean everyone thought that WOLF was dead in the water after Day 1 of the WGP, yet here the North American Champion is, two matches away from challenging Cyrus Truth in the main event at Back in Business 13!!

    David Weinstock: All this talk about Galloway becoming a double champion, if WOLF wins the GP, he could be the one achieving that feat instead of Galloway!

    Piers Gallagher: Don't you dare speak for me, Langdon, everyone thought that WOLF was dead except for ME!!!! I always knew that the man behind the #MNAGA movement would pull through in the end, and now hes going to run through Tristan Lame Galloway like a mack truck and roll into the finals!!!

    WGP1 - Semifinals
    C#1 - 'The Last Legend' WOLF vs D#2 - 'The Polynesian Powerhouse' Tristan James Galloway

    Wolf starts off aggressively with several hard shots that drive TJG back against the ropes. TJG tries to duck out of the ring, but Wolf grabs him by the hair and drags him back inside and he floors TJG with a right hand to the face. Wolf picks him up and he throws TJG against the turnbuckle and Wolf comes in with some hard rights and lefts, then a HUGE shot to the face that levels TJG in the corner! Wolf puts his foot across TJG's throat and bears down, threatening to choke him out right on the spot. The referee's count reaches 4 and Wolf breaks, then picks TJG up and delivers a brutal headbutt. He whips TJG into the opposite corner then comes running in with a hard clothesline that nearly decapitates TJG! Wolf doesn't look like he's too interested in getting a pin as he throws TJG out of the corner with a biel. TJG uses the ropes to try and pull himself up and Wolf comes in with a hard shot, but TJG retaliates and forces Wolf to back off. TJG comes out with a chop block to the back of the leg that brings Wolf down long enough for TJG to follow up with a dropkick to the side of the head. TJG moves into the mount and begins pummeling Wolf with right hands, then goes for the cover, getting only a 2-count! TJG goes to work on the arm, punishing Wolf with an armbreaker then locks kimura on Wolf.

    Langdon Trafford: Wolf is in a bad spot right now, and Tristan has that arm bent back at a really bad angle. The referee's on the spot, but Wolf is shaking his head. He's not going to submit just yet!

    David Weinstock: He smells blood in the water! He knows that arm's messed up and he's like a shark, he's going right after that injury and he's gonna exploit it for as much as he can!

    TJG pulls back on the arm mercilessly but Wolf is able to get to the ropes for a break. TJG breaks the hold at the count of 4 then hops to the outside and proceeds to drag Wolf's arm out and slam it on the apron! TJG slams his arm a second time, then drags Wolf toward the corner and he slams it into the ring post! Wolf begins to scoot backwards but TJG drags him to the outside and he nails Wolf in the face with a right hand. Wolf fires back with a couple hard shots, but the arm is hurting him and TJG then delivers a big boot that puts Wolf down on the floor. The referee wanrs them to get the fight back inside. TJG picks Wolf up and suplexes him onto the floor and Wolf rolls away, clutching his back. TJG rolls into the ring to break the count, then rolls right back out again and he stomps Wolf a few more times. He picks Wolf up and slams his face into the ring apron, then goes for an irish whip and sends Wolf crashing arm-first into the metal ring steps! TJG stalks Wolf, stomping his injured arm a few more times before Wolf explodes with anger and grabs him swinging him around, tossing TJG onto the timekeeper's table!

    David Weinstock: Not again! It's a disaster area out here!

    Piers Gallagher: Get in front of me, Weinstock! I need a shield in case the fighting heads this way!

    David Weinstock: HEY!

    Wolf shoves everyone out of the way and leaps onto TJG, pounding on him with hard right hands! TJG gets a foot up and kicks Wolf away but as soon as he gets to his feet, Wolf levels him with a hard clothesline. The referee's yelling to get back into the ring but Wolf shoots him the bird for his trouble and the crowd cheers him on! Wolf grabs TJG by the hair and slams his face into the commentator's table, then drags him around ringside and slams him into the ring apron. Wolf hits a couple clubbing shots then delivers a running powerslam to TJG outside on the floor! Wolf gets to his feet again and he takes a second to try to get some feeling back in his arm before he picks TJG up and Wolf goes for the Final Howl outside on the floor just like during their match at Tag Team Finals, but HE CAN'T GET HIM UP WITH INJURED ARM. TJG lands on his feet and shoves Wolf away! TJG goes after him pushing the commentators away. Wolf grabs his North American Championship and nails TJG with it amidst the chaos!! Wolf rolls to the ring as the referee counts the fallen Tristan James Galloway out!

    Winner via count out: Wolf


    David Weinstock: Once again Wolf hides behind rules to beat Tristan James Galloway!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Wolf can beat anyone at anytime! He needed to finish this quickly to save his energy for the next round. And need I remind you two biased media leeches, who was the one who took the fight to the outside to begin with?? Oh, thats right, it was Galloway!!!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Going to the outside is not against the rules, using a title belt as a weapon is!!!! WOLF had to resort to that because Tristan almost tore one of his arms in that Kimura!!!

    Piers Gallagher: This is a witch hunt against honorable and pure white WOLF and you should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

    Wolf is holding his arm in the ring. The ref goes to rise the injured arm only to piss off Wolf. Wolf grabs the ref by the collar with his good hand and begins shoving him around angrily. The referee tries to calm him down, but Wolf is out of control as he shoves the ref back into the corner and he turns around right into a spear from TRISTAN JAMES GALLOWAY!


    Tristan landed that spear dead center on Wolf's ribs and Wolf is down. But Tristan isn't done yet he takes Wolf high and nails the JACKHAMMER!!!

    Referees come running down trying to keep TJG from getting more hits on Wolf. TJG can be heard by the ringside cameras saying 'THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!' over and over, gesturing that WOLF hit him with the belt as the referee tries to calm him down.

    David Weinstock: Tristan making a statement tonight!! WOLF is not getting a free pass for what he did!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Security!!!! Get this disgusting sore loser thug off of WOLF!!!!

    Wolf is sitting up in the ring, glaring fire up to the stage as he sees Tristan escorted by FWA officials towards the back. He beckons Kurt Harrington over, snatches the mic from him, and stares at it for a second.

    Wolf: GALLOWAY!!!! Go home, go home to your forsaken island, go bang on some coconuts and climb some trees up and down, because here? YOU ARE DONE!!!!!!

    Wolf then throws it down again as he slowly gets to his feet. The camera focuses on Wolf's face as he radiates anger, while on the ramp, Tristan Galloway tries to charge the ring once again but is stopped by security and FWA staff.


    The camera pans away from the madness, backstage to the loading dock of the arena where a figure in black clothing is walking forwards. As the figure gets closer and more in-focus, it's revealed to be Cyrus Truth. The FWA World Champion is not booked for this evening and does not seemed to be dressed to fight, but there's a look of intent in the eyes of The Exile as he walks deeper and deeper into the arena.

    However, apparently somebody saw him as he arrived at the arena, as Cyrus is cut off in the hallway by Fight Night GM Ashley O'Ryan. Ashley, stone-faced, approaches the World Champion and moves as if to block his path.

    Ashley: "Oi, Truth. The 'ell you doing here?"

    Cyrus: "You're hosting a tournament to determine who faces me for the title at the biggest show on FWA's calender. Why wouldn't I be here?"

    "Don't give me that shite. Your neck..."

    "...isn't broken. Anything less than that? I don't give a damn."

    The two men, the gritty Irishman and the defiant champion, just stare at one another for an awkward amount of time before Ashley breaks the silence with a very pointed tone.

    "Truth...why are yer fists taped?"

    Cyrus looks bemused as he holds up his hands. Indeed, they are taped us as they would be if Cyrus were having a match tonight. The Exile looks at his hands, looks back at Ashley, and just smirks.

    This does not seem to amuse Ashley in the slightest as he snarls at Truth.

    "Listen ...I know yer mad as hell and yer right to be."

    "Glad you understand."

    "But I'm not about to let ye ruin this tournament like that gobshite Rondo ruined the last one."

    Cyrus's expression is one of bemusement...and disgust.

    "So...are you going to stop me?"

    The champion's tone is sharp and pointed as an assassin's blade. This seems to give Ashley some pause as while he doesn't move, he also doesn't respond immediately.

    "You are such an idiot, Ashley. Comparing me to that stain on humanity Rondo? You're pathetic, you know that? I have exactly zero intention of screwing with the outcome of this tournament, because I want the very best for Back in Business. But even if I did, what the hell are you going to do to stop me? You didn't do a damn thing to stop Rondo, and I'm in a completely different class. You want to know why this shit keeps happening, Ashley? It's because somewhere between your last wrestling match and you putting on that cheap suit, you forgot how to be a man and stand up to the bullshit."

    Whoa. The second Cyrus questioned Ashley's manhood, the General Manager tenses up as you can see his fists clenched tightly at his sides.

    "Oh, you're mad at that, aren't you? The Truth always hurts when you don't want to admit it. You know what's really screwed up? In spite of EVERYTHING that went down between me and FWA management, I still felt like you were at least adequate to the task of managing this crew of egoists and dumbasses. It takes a wrestler to understand wrestlers. And yet, when fools like Rondo, Bell, and Kennedy want to ruin stuff that you implement that I actually commend you for? You don't do shit. Maybe you say that you condemn their actions. Maybe you give them a slap on the wrist. But you don't really do anything. Why? Does "controversy create cash?" Your bosses handcuffing you? They been telling you to sit and roll over like a good boy because brass knuckles is best for business?? Either way, it doesn't make a difference. The bottom line is that you've allowed this all to happen and have done exactly nothing to stop it. And you're not going to do anything to stop me, either."

    Cyrus moves to walk past Ashley, if he's giving Ashley a chance to stop him. But despite Ashley's anger evident on his reddened face, the GM doesn't stop Cyrus from walking by. But before walking off, Cyrus has one last thing to say.

    "Some advice, O'Ryan? You'd best get your house in order sooner rather than later. I don't care much for management, but you're far better than the last GM we had and likely better than the scumbag Robinson will tap to replace you. After I'm done eviscerating whoever wins the Grand Prix at Back In Business, I'd really hate to have my march to immortality be halted by a neutered doggie of a GM and be forced to break HIS neck."

    Cyrus lets that last though linger as he walked off into the darkness of the arena. Ashley looks over his shoulder and pulls out his hip flask to take a sip...but pauses mid-drink and tosses the flask against the wall in a fit of rage...


    We cut back to the ring and see Piers Gallagher standing in the ring with a microphone. There are three stools in the ring. One stool on one side and two opposite that.

    Piers Gallagher: Ladies and gentlemen!!! I know the fine folks here in Tokyo and around the world are sick and tired of Weinstocks amateurish interviews, so tonight you will be treated to an exercise in broadcast journalism at the highest level!! Please welcome my very special guests, Viktor Maximus and the man who got screwed by the referee last week, Phillip A. Jackson, the are The Phillip A. Jackson Project!!

    Vacuity hits which gets met by huge boos. Piers is beaming ear-to-ear in the ring as he sits down on the one stool. Jackson and Maximus walk out. Jackson points to his ear indicating to listen. Jackson turns around at the screen and claps.’BRAVO, THEY GOT IT RIGHT’ shouts Jackson down the camera as he continues to clap. Maximus laughs as they head down the ramp. Jackson and Viktor are in their ring gear with Viktor’s match upcoming. Jackson and Viktor are wearing black shirts with New Direction Coming on. Jackson slides into the ring and shakes Piers’ hand before embracing. Viktor climbs up the steps and over the top rope before shaking hands with Piers and Piers looks up at Maximus. Vacuity fades as the fans continue their boos. Jackson and Viktor are handed microphones. Jackson gestures between Viktor and Piers, introducing them to each other. The trio sit down back down.

    Piers: It is an honour that you have allowed me to do this. Getting to interview a visionary and his talented partner. I have never seen him this close. Viktor, you are massive.

    Maximus: Thank you Mr. Gallagher. It is nice to receive compliments on my size. My parents disowned me for being too small. I am the runt of my family. Phillip says you have helped him, any friend of Phillip is a friend of mine.

    Gallagher smiles and chuckles.

    Piers: Please, call me Piers. I am honoured. I will never let you down. Now should we get down to business?

    Langdon Trafford: I already feel sick. This has already been far too long.

    Jackson nods and smirks.

    Jackson: It is my pleasure to be standing in this ring with you, Piers, and you with Viktor. Piers, you have supported me from day one. You have fought my corner at the desk for years when the non-believers continued to doubt me. You supported my decision and you have always been worthy of me. You were right, Piers. I got screwed last week. How dare an official put their hands on me? How dare someone who is meant to be impartial impact a match like that? I’ve watched it back and none of the spineless cowards that you have to tolerate said a word.

    Piers: It was a shameful act by everyone. They are out to destroy the Immortal aren’t they?

    Jackson: It really was. They did not destroy me but they destroyed a path for the project. They destroyed the opportunity to become a three time world champion. They destroyed an opportunity for Viktor to be a star by being in the tournament. They didn’t want the project to succeed but I have found us a new path. A road to gold paved by Viktor and I being side-by-side. It will be like Rome or Trenton. I cannot let this injustice make us stagnant. I will not let this consume me like previous battles with FWA. I will do what I do best, survive. Our ultimate goal is gone but we survive. Viktor, you are the key piece to this new path because this path has much more destruction. It starts with his match tonight. It is time to release ‘The Destruction’ on FWA.

    The fans interrupt with boos. Piers turns towards Viktor.

    Piers: So Viktor, you are the man in action tonight. You take on Buck from the Sin City Vultures. I am sure a man like you will have no problem dealing with him.

    Viktor looks to Jackson who nods.

    Viktor: I am the destruction. I am the man who will dominate this business. Buck is just a fly compared to me. To me, no man can stand up to. I am Viktor Maximus and I have been waiting for my chance to speak. I have shown the FWA that I can crush anything in my way and this little fly I face tonight is no different. What is is you like to say, Phillip? This is about sending a message. All those other Проигравшие (Losers) I have destroyed were nothing to me. They meant nothing, they will never be anything to me because hey are below me. I was chosen to be in this project. I was chosen to stand side by side with a legend. They may have the title of ‘Worlds strongest tag team’ but I am the Worlds strongest man standing alongside the Worlds strongest mind’ together we are dangerous. Apart we are still dangerous. We have both shown that we are capable of destruction. Now we have a plan. A plan where we can come together. Where we can be a unit. We become unstoppable.

    За чем пойдёшь, то и найдёшь! (As you sow, so you shall reap)…In english, as you would say, you sow then you reap. We will sow the seeds of destruction. We will reap our reward. We are Phillip A. Jackson Project and we are going to continue our destruction. Buck is just a drop in an ocean. An ocean of pain awaits for those who want to face us. We both grew up in countries with a history of being an empire. We both have an instinct to kill and to be the best. I will have no trouble with that drop.

    Jackson smiles proudly as the fans boo.

    Jackson: This is why he was chosen. We are empirical. We have seen or heard tales of our country being unions and empires. They faded away but we are a bright light in sky. On a journey of truth, evolution and vision. Our journey resumes tonight after our detour. We have a plan to succeed. Our project doesn’t die because it is immortal like me. Every day Viktor has been learning, listening and most importantly applying. He has found his voice and now the Phillip A. Jackson Project is officially putting FWA on notice. We have to get back to sending messages to the world. It is time to once again unleash Viktor on the world because FWA made him sit backstage. FWA made him watch. FWA made him wait for another chance and tonight he is once again unleashed. We will unleash his full potential tonight. We will unleash the man you saw on his debut because tonight, Piers, is the beginning of our time.

    Piers: You have my full support, I can’t wait to see this behemoth unleashed!!

    Vacuity hits and Jackson and Viktor drop their microphones and shake hands with Piers Gallagher. Gallagher raises their hands as the fans boo.

    Langdon Trafford: So much for being impartial, folks....


    "Cold Skeleton" rings throughout the Budokan as the duo of Jack Adams and Risky Douglas make their way out onto the stage. They don't particularly seem interested in interacting with the fans and appear to be all business as they chat amongst themselves whilst walking to the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: This is a chance of Jack Adams to make a mark in the FWA... he could beat a bonafide competitor in "The Wildcard" Jason Randall here.

    David Weinstock: It could be a chance to springboard himself into X-title contention if he can knock off Randall... but it will be difficult. Jason Randall isn't exactly an easy matchup for anyone.

    Piers Gallagher: Pfft.

    David Weinstock: Piers, glad to know you're a fan of my interview series, by the way!

    Both men get into the ring and turn their attention to the stage as their music dies down. Their song is replaced by Like a Storm's "Gangster's Paradise" as "The Wildcard" Jason Randall makes his way out onto the stage to some reaction from the crowd. Noticeably, he is without Penny. Her absence only amplifies his mean demeanour as he storms towards the ring clearly focused on Adams and a fight.

    David Weinstock: I think it will be No Penny, No Problem for Randall tonight. He might not have had the best tournament during the World Grand Prix... but I think the loss to Mike Parr is going to have Randall really fired up. I think he's going to want to show he can still be a dominant force.

    Langdon Trafford: Clearly, Randall is in a rush to have a fight here. He's storming to that ring!

    David Weinstock: He's well up for this! This one could get messy fast.

    Randall gets into the ring and instantly gets into the faces of both Adams and Risky until the referee comes between them. Eventually the men are settled down and Risky is sent out of the ring. The referee gets both men's attention before ringing the bell...

    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall vs "The Texas Outlaw" Jack Adams w/"Reborn" Risky Douglas

    Both men waste absolutely no time squaring off with each other and they begin by trading a flurry of forearms to the head before Randall gets the upper hand by delivering a thudding chop to the chest of his opponent and finally gains some ground. Adams stumbles backwards, stunned, and Randall hits him with another chop and then another. Adams hits the corner and begins to wilt under his opponent's offense... he begins to slouch but suddenly he perks up and challenges Randall to keep going - the crowd making some noise in response. A few more chops from Randall but they seemingly have no effect as Adams hits him with a series of forearms before reversing positions. "The Texas Outlaw" shows off his vicious offence as he lands lefts and rights to the body of Randall before backing off and looking for a run up strike... but Randall counters with a push kick and Adams backs off. Randalls comes storming forward out of the corner but is wiped out completely by a clothesline and his opponent makes the cover...1.....2.....NO!

    Langdon Trafford: Jason Randall just had his bell rung! Jack Adams is going to toe to toe with the former X Champ!

    David Weinstock: Randall does not look happy right now. That might have woken him up!

    Risky Douglas cheers his friend on from the outside and tells him to get the match finished. Adams seems to think he can do it as he lifts Randall to his feet and grabs him in for a vertical suplex but Randall is able to plant his foot and prevent himself from being lifted. They break apart and Randall lands a series of rights and lefts that force Adams back before Adams answers with a running clothesline attempt... but all it does is send Randall backwards and he rebounds from the ropes to land a pendulum lariat! Adams goes sprawling backwards and flying out of the ring as the crowd show some sort of support for Randall. On the outside, Risky Douglas checks on his buddy and tries to help him get back into the ring whilst Randall bounces off of the ropes and comes flying through the middle to the outside with a shoulder block that knocks both Risky and Jack down!
    Langdon Trafford: Jason Randall takes out both men! The crowd love it!

    Piers Gallagher: These two guys are nothing. Randall destroyed them!

    "The Wildcard" is keen to remind people he is still as dangerous as ever as he picks his hurt opponent up and rolls him back into the ring. Adams slowly gets to his feet as Randall slides in and runs at him, taking him down with a Thesz press before landing thunderous lefts and rights until the referee has to take him off. He goes for the cover...1...2....NO! Adams is just able to get his shoulders up. Randall expresses some slight frustration before deciding to trap Adams' arm and locks in a STF! The crowd are expectant as Adams has nowhere to go! Randall torques the hold viciously and tries to elicit a tap as Adams struggles closer and closer towards the ropes... for a second he looks ready to tap but he makes one last gasp lunge forward and is able to grab the rope! The referee has to step in and force Randall to break the hold but the damage has clearly been done. Adams crawls to the corner as Randall stands up and stares daggers through him before walking over and trying to stomp a hole through him.

    David Weinstock: This does not look good for Jack Adams at all! Jason Randall is stepping it up!

    Randall waits for Adams to crawl to the middle of the ring before making his hand into the shape of a gun and pointing it Adams and signalling for the Kill-shot knee trembler... but Risky Douglas gets up onto the apron! Instantly, Randall turns his attention to him and hits him with a quick running big boot to knock him down. Adams takes advantage of the situation and grabs Randall from behind - he looks to go for a german suplex but Randall reverses the position and spins Adams around before booting him in the midsection. He grabs Adams head to the side before driving it to the mat with the Deuces Wild snap underhook DDT! Randall doesn't even think about going for the cover as gets Adams back to his feet before repeating his gunshot taunt and then plants him with the Drop Dead headlock driver! Randall makes the cover and the referee counts..1....2.....3!!

    Winner: "The Wildcard" Jason Randall

    "Gangster's Paradise" hits as Randall gets back to his feet and lifts his arms, in victory, into the air. The referee tries to grab a hold of him as he is announced the winner but Randall shoves the referee away before exiting the ring in no time. He turns to face the ring as he backs up the ramp - smiling at the laid out bodies of both Risky Douglas and Jack Adams.

    Langdon Trafford: Jason Randall makes a statement in victory tonight!

    He raises his arms one last time before turning around and making his way backstage.

    In-show Promo:

    A video of fast-fowarded big-city streets at night plays to an instrumental version of "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West.

    The scenes in the video speed up until the lights on both sides of the street become nothing more than blurred neon yellow lines. The camera shots veer left and right, taking sharp turns before finally pulling up on the final destination:

    BACK IN BUSINESS 13 - Sunday, July 15th 2018 - AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas

    The scene returns to the ring in Budokan Hall as Hanz Gruber is already in the ring, having made his way out while the promotional package was playing.

    "Giving In" plays next as Mike Parr comes out and strides down towards the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: Like everyone else in Group B, Mike Parr has a legit greivance that they might feel hard done by thanks to Chris Kennedy, but with Back in Business 13 looming, he needs to turn the corner and get momentum on his side, and a win against Hanz Gruber would certainly not hurt in that regard!

    David Weinstock: Its going to be the biggest BIB ever, you guys, and Langdons right, Mike Parr needs to get a win here to ensure that hes a part of the show in Arlington!!

    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr vs Hanz Gruber

    Gruber and Parr stand opposite each other in the ring as the bells rings. Gruber gets the upper hand from the get go as they lock up. Gruber manages to slip out of an arm lock Parr holds for a few seconds and manages to hit him with a brainbustier suplex early on. The fans go crazy as Gruber walks around Parr who lies on the flat. He lifts him up and whips him against the rope. As Parr comes back – Gruber hits him with a clothesline that almost takes his head off. Gruber continues to dominate for the next few minutes as he has Parr stalked in the corner of the ring. He manages to hit him with a few blows. As the referee tries to pull Gruber away – Parr hits him with a low blow that remains secret from the official. As Gruber stands central in the ring Parr runs at the ropes to hit flying knee to the face and jump but Gruber manages to catch him mid air and someohow manages to counter into a belly to belly suplex.

    Piers Gallagher: Holey smokes that was impressive...

    David Weinstock: Yeah, even I’ve got to give him that...

    Parr however is quick back on to his feet as is Gruber. They lock up again – this time Parr manages to catapult Gruber against the ropes. As he comes back Parr darts towards him and hits him with a running calf kick. This sends Gruber to his knees. Parr approaches Gruber from behind and locks in for a German Suplex. He keeps connected as he hits one, then a second and then finally a third. He clammers for the pin but Gruber kicks out at two.

    Piers Gallagher: Parr sticks it to Gruber with german suplex!

    Parr, slightly frustrated, picks Gruber up. He launches him into the corner. Parr runs towards Gruber however he manages to duck out of the way. This results in Parr hitting the ring post. As Parr bounces back out central to the ring Gruber launches him over the top rope, sending him crashing out on to the mats outside the ring. Gruber rolls under the ring ropes and picks Parr up, sending him flying into the barrier. Gruber’s attention immediately turns to the announce table.

    Langdon Trafford: No, don’t do it!

    Piers Gallagher: Damnit, where am I going to put my Mountain Dew now...

    Gruber rips the top off and removes the monitors. He picks Parr up and carries him onto the table and has him in position for a powerbomb. As he lifts him up somehow Parr manages to counters into a hurricane which sends Gruber flying off of the table and into the barrier. The referee begins the 10 count but gets to eight before Parr manages to pick himself up off of the unbroken announce table and slides in the ring. Gruber also rolls in at nine and a half. Parr complains to the referee before Gruber interrupts from behind going for Die Motherfucker Die and Parr reverses it to Rolling Cutter. He makes the cover and the ref count the three.

    Winner: Mike Parr

    Parr lets his hand get raised, but quickly exits the ring afterwards. As he walks back up the ramp, he notices the ramp camera trailing him, stops, and turns to the ramp camera. Parr forcibly turns the camera towards the ring, saying "YOU SEE THAT??? SEE THAT??" and pointing at the fallen Hanz Gruber. Parr is heard saying "This is only the beggining for us" before turning around and leaving up the ramp.

    Langdon Trafford: Just what does he mean by that, guys!

    David Weinstock: Beats me... he hasn't responded to my interview requests...

    Piers Gallagher: Why would he, you're a scrub and he's clearly waiting for a real professional like me to interview him!! I don't know what he means by that just now, but I know what that Rolling Cutter means for anyone who gets caught by it, it means goodnight, thanks for playing!!!


    As FWA staff aid Hanz from the arena floor, "Dont Fear The Reaper" plays to bring out Deception, who borderline sprints down the ramp into the ring and beckons for Kurt Harrington and the ref to get this thing started ASAP.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, Deception may not have had the greatest of times in the World GP Day 3 at the hands of Kennedys brass knuckles, but tonight here in Tokyo, there is one other injustice that he has the chance to rectify! Tommy Thunder hung Deception out to dry at the WGP Prelude Show in Hong Kong, and now the two will square off in singles action!!

    David Weinstock: Deception can't wait to get started, guys. He and Thunder have history that makes what Thunder did all the more bitter, but a win over Thunder could go a long way towards fixing that!

    "Start Movin'" plays next as Tommy Thunder comes out, knowing full well that Deception is wound up. Thunder takes his sweet time coming down the ramp, and as he gets to the apron, he waves and barks at the referee to get Deception back into a neutral corner.

    Langdon Trafford: Tommy Thunder came away with zero points out of Group C in the WGP, but dare I say, his stock may still have risen despite that, especially in his Day 1 match where he gave Christopher Manson a hell of a fight!

    Piers Gallagher: Hes a Division 1 Athlete, and we saw flashes of that in the WGP!! And if Deception wants to be a square and hold grudges against Tommy Thunder, I'm sure Thunder will be happy to oblige him!

    Deception vs “The Division One Superstar” Tommy Thunder

    The match starts off with Deception shooting out of the his corner and taking the fight to Thunder right at the bell, who rolls out of the ring to regroup. Deception doesn’t allow that though as he follows him outside continuing the brawl, but Thunder gives him a thumb to the eye that stops his offense. Thunder throws Deception into the steel steps and then takes a moment to taunt the crowd. Thunder throws Deception back into the ring, but as he gets back into the ring through the ropes, Deception suddenly surprises Thunder with a small package!!!



    Thunder pops out of the cover at two, and as Deception tries to rise, Thunder smashes Deception with a kick to the chest!!! As Deception reels, Thunder screams 'YOU WISH IT WAS THAT EASY, CHUMP!!" at Deception and slaps Deception hard in the back of the head with an open hand slap. Thunder runs the ropes, but Deception suddenly springs up and catches Thunder clean with Sense of Justice (Codebreaker)!!!!! Thunder is stunned and somehow still on his feet, but as he teeters, Deception spins up and tucks Thunder up in a small package again!!!!!



    Thunder beletedly tries to wiggle out but its too late!!!


    Winner - Deception
    Langdon Trafford: Deception did it!!!! A Sense of Justice out of nowhere, and then a lightning pin that proved too airtight for Thunder to escape from!! Deception gains a measure of vengeance and a win over Tommy Thunder here in Tokyo!!!

    David Weinstock: Tommy Thunder really didn't see it coming, guys, he was dismissive of Deception and he paid the price big time!!!!!

    Deception releases Thunder, and though the mask obscures his face, his body language betrays that he too is at least partially surprised that he was able to vanquish Thunder so quickly. The ref raises his hand as Deception stands tall and accepts the cheers of the Tokyo crowd... until Thunder kicks Deception in the groin from behind.

    Langdon Trafford: Oh what the hell!!!! Tommy Thunder, the loser of this match, this sore loser has just kicked Deception in the groin!!

    Piers Gallagher: Thats what happens when you try to get cheeky with a Division 1 Athlete, Piers, you get whats coming to you!!! Tommy Thunder giving Deception the treatment Deception deserves and I'm lovin' it!!!

    The crowd boos as a seething Thunder starts screaming at the downed Deception. The ref tries to get between them but Thunder shoves the ref away! Thunder then suddenly goes for Deceptions mask, yanking at it while Deception desperately tries to keep it on!!!

    Langdon Trafford: He's trying to tear off the mask!!!

    David Weinstock: Christ, he really wants to humiliate Deception now, doesn't he...

    The crowd really starts raining boos down at Thunders petulance as Thunder suddenly pulls away from the tug of war, steps back, and smashes a blinded Deception in the head with a Shining Wizard!!! Deception looks out of it as Thunder tries to grab the mask one more time, but the ref dives back in between them!! Thunder screams "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE??" at the ref, but the ref is now protecting Deceptions face as Thunder towers over them. Thunder decides that hes had enough and rolls out of the ring, screaming at the fans by the ramp as boos continue to shower him and FWA staff tend to Deception in the ring.


    Suddenly, the piercing sharp fade-out chord of a violin cuts through Budokan as jaunty remixed music plays in the arena. Paulie, the King of Safety Style, shimmies out onto the ramp, his fluffy blue visage stuffed inside a very tight red leather jacket and pants along with two criss-crossed neon yellow safety belts. As he convulses and shakes down the ramp, he shows the mic in his hand and serenade-raps himself down to the ring.

    Paulie: "わかるか?俺の力!わかるか?俺の力!わかるか?俺の力!わかるか?俺の力!"

    Langdon Trafford: I never thought I would see the day where a parrot rapped his way into a FWA ring...

    David Weinstock:
    The things you find in Japan, amirite?

    Paulie rolls into the ring and flops around a little before getting up center-ring. The music stops as some members of the audience politely applaud the effort.

    Paulie: "I have left my former life behind and been rebirthed here in FWA as the King of Safety Style.. but there is still one part of my old self that I need to put to bed tonight, here in Tokyo, Japan... you see, a few months ago, Eyesnsane James Hughes humiliated me in a FWA ring... he left me beaten and dazed then threw me out of the ring like a piece of trash. Well, tonight, I have my chance to return the favor to Eyesnsane and humiliate him here and prove that I belonged in the World GP and that I belong in the main event of Back in Business 13!! So Eyesnsane!!! Get your sweet supple ass down here!!! And know that before I give you and all of Tokyo a lesson in Safety Style, I just have one more thing to say....."

    Paulie suddenly drops the mic and runs over to the ring ropes, hurling himself back into a circle, except he hurls himself too hard and bounces his own head off of the mat.


    As the crowd politely applauds for Paulies enthusiasm, "Dark Horse" mercifully plays to bring out James Hughes, who looks extremely focused and all-business as he marches down the short ramp of Budokan Hall.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, this is indeed a sanctioned match between Paulie and James Hughes, and I for one truly believe that Paulie has no idea what hes gotten himself into. Because while Eyesnsane was not able to progress from Group A, he did end on a high note with a win over Ty Johnson, and he looks lean, focused, and hungry right here!!

    David Weinstock: He has to put the WGP in the rearview mirror now, because the road to Back in Business is on full throttle!! He has to make a statement right here right now, and ensure his spot on the BIB card!!

    Piers Gallagher: If you ask me, theres no way Eyesnsane can be h-

    Langdon Trafford: WAIT, LOOK OUT!!!!!

    Hughes is suddenly blindsided from behind!!! A figure in a hoodie, armed with a kendo stick, charges out of the back behind Eyesnsane and smashes him in the back with the kendo stick!!!! Eyesnsane falls and tries to turn around, but the assailant uses the opening to bring a swift slice of the kendo stick square onto Eyesnsanes head!!! The crowd boos and gasps in shock as Eyesnsane falls back in a daze, and the hood finally falls off the attacker to reveal...

    Izzy Van Doren!!!

    David Weinstock: Its Van Doren!!! IZZY VAN DOREN!!!

    Piers Gallagher: I guess Japan just brings out the best in Izzy, huh??

    Izzy continues to cane Eyesnsane on the ramp as an indignant Paulie gets out of the ring and waddles up the ramp in his ill-fitting red leather number. Paulie throws his wings up at Izzy and says 'that was my plan!!! You copied me!!!". Izzy stops the assault on Eyes for a moment and then gives the kendo stick to Paulie, gesturing for Paulie to join in. Some young children by the ramp scream at Paulie to not succumb to the dark side as Paulie clutches the kendo stick and slowly looks down at Eyesnsane.... only for Izzy to kick him in the gut before he can decide anything! Izzy scoops up Paulie and after a delay, gives him a Sonic Reducer (Cradle Piledriver) on the ramp!!!! Izzy throws Paulies limp body aside and grabs her kendo stick again. She was up the ramp a little and waits for Eyesnsane to try and get back him. Eyesnsane, busted open on the forehead, does indeed get back to a knee, but the demented Van Doren charges and baseball-bat swings the kendo stick onto the back of Eyesnsanes head!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Jesus!!!! Izzy Van Doren just teed off on James Hughes head!!!!!!!!

    Members of the crowd shriek in horror as the kendo stick splinters on impact into shards as Eyesnsane is knocked back to the ground out cold!!! Izzy drags the fallen Eyesnsane towards the ring and then deadlifts him onto the apron. She then returns to the ramp and then grabs the fallen Paulie and rolls him into the ring as well. Izzy then enters the ring, stacks Paulie on top of Hughes, and screams at the ref to count. The ref refuses to ring the bell, but when Izzy threatens him with the sharp jagged broken handle, the ref reluctantly complies.

    James Hughes vs Paulie, King of Safety Style

    Under the scrutiny of Izzy Van Doren, the ref counts.... 1, 2.... 3.

    "Winner" - Paulie, King of Safety Style

    Izzy stares at the fallen Eyesnsane, Paulie, and then at the broken kendo stick handle in her hand and then starts laughing. She lifts the broken handle in the air and screams "I WILL NOT BE IGNORED!!!!!!" as security is finally out to restrain her. EMTs make their way out to check on Eyes and try to stop the bleeding as Van Doren, still clutching the broken handle, turns around and rolls out of the ring with a sadistic yet satisfied smile on her face.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, that... that was a match in name only, the pin counted under duress!! Izzy Van Doren has just conducted a heinous assault on James Hughes with a kendo stick and knocked James Hughes out!! Despite not being booked on the card, Izzy Van Doren, with those vicious swings of her kendo stick, has managed to make her mark on this stage at the expense of James Hughes!!!!

    David Weinstock: .... we can't say we weren't warned though.. Izzy said it loud and clear that there would be repercussions, there would be retribution for the way she feels like she was treated by the FWA, being left out of the WGP, being suspended... Izzy Van Doren has come for vengence, but why Eyesnsane?? Why did she choose James Hughes to be the victim???

    Piers Gallagher: You two can twist yourselves into pretzels thinking about why why why, but count me as onboard with this new Izzy!! Without that cosmic dotard Starr holding her back, we are seeing Izzys true potential being unleashed on FWA!!! Eyesnsane just got unlucky, if he wants to blame anyone he should blame Starr and Ashley O'Ryan!!!!

    The EMTs help Eyesnsane out of the ring while generally ignoring Paulie. Stage hands quickly try to clear the ring of the kendo stick shards so the next match can proceed.


    "Supersonic" plays to signal the start of the next match, and Kevin Cromwell is the first man out, popping the a crowd that is more familiar with his work than most.

    Langdon Trafford: We have to move on from the assault we just witnessed to crown a new #1 contender for the X Division Championship! Although we saw Tristan Galloways WGP quest ended earlier tonight by WOLF, theres no lack of new blood gunning for that X Division title, as 'Amadeus' Kevin Cromwell makes his way out first!

    David Weinstock: Cromwell is no stranger to wrestling in Japan, and he might have the closest thing to a hometown advantage in this match! its been a long few weeks since Cromwells debut and he is raring to show his stuff here in a match of great consequence!

    Piers Gallagher: If you ask me, we might as well anoint Cromwell the #1 contender right now!! You've put the wrestling genius in the ring with two kooks who have one brain cell to share between them!! Writings on the wall boys!!

    "Scandal" hits next as Penny makes her way out, curiously unaccompanied by either Fred or Norman. She gets down the ramp with a bounce in her step, however, and doesn't look short on confidence.

    David Weinstock: Be too dismissive of either of Cromwells opponents and you might have to eat your words, Piers!! Because Penny is also back in action now, and that she has eyes on the X Division Championship is no secret!

    Piers Gallagher: What she has eyes on is irrelevant! She takes gameplan advice from a stuffed cat!! What she really should have eyes on is a trip to a psychiatric ward!!

    "One Headlight" plays as the fans cheer for XYZ, who enters Budokan in a shimmery cloak. In the ring, Kevin Cromwell shoots Penny a dismissive smirk as she says something to herself in her corner.

    Langdon Trafford: XYZ returns to FWA a most peculiar flower in full bloom!! He has already set his sights on some of FWAs luminaries, and there is no more eye-catching quality in FWA than to have championship gold around his waist!

    Piers Gallagher: The only thing around XYZ should be a court-mandated breathalyzer machine! What has this guy been huffing, and why are the fans cheering him????

    Triple Threat Match to determine the Number One Contender to the X Division Championship
    XYZ vs “Amadeus” Kevin Cromwell vs Penny

    XYZ starts off the match by slowly outstretching his arms, pushing out his chest and walking around in a strut-like fashion towards Cromwell and Penny. Dalton shakes his head letting his golden locks flow before sitting on the middle rope and almost lounging on it. The eccentric one let out an exuberant “SALUTATIONS!” to his opponents, with an almost creepy look in his eyes. This was a look that caused a bit of discomfort through most in the crowd and to Amadeus as well, but not to Penny, who simply cocked her head to the side, and in a half-skip half-run fashion made her way to the alphabetical superstar and perked right up before offering her hand! “Hello! My name is Penny! And that’s Norman, and over there’s Fred! He doesn’t talk to strangers though! Do you like Jell-O? Fred loves…” And just like that Amadeus had enough and nailed Penny from behind with a forearm to the back that sent her into XYZ, knocking him out of the ring! Cromwell delivered more forearms to Penny’s back before tossing her out of the ring and then taunting the crowd.

    Suddenly, XYZ comes back into the ring with a flurry of strikes to the larger Cromwell! Cromwell manages to back him up into the corner and keeps striking as XYZ keeps getting in shot as well. Referee Steve Ryan burrows his way between the two and orders a separation but the two keep fighting over the smaller referee! They fight all the way across the ring to the other corner before Amadeus simply shoves XYZ down. Amadeus goes to the outside and grabs Penny, tossing her into the steel steps, before turning his attention back to XYZ, who takes a running dive from the barricade onto Amadeus! Amadeus tries to cover up as the Eccentric One begins to really lay into him with rights and lefts! XYZ rolls off of him, grabs him by the hair and slams his skull off the ring apron! Penny back in the fight as she delivers a knife edge chop to Kevin, and then watches on as XYZ throws an uppercut and then buries his shoulder into the ribcage of the newly acquired FWA talent. Penny and XYZ each grab an arm and toss Cromwell into the barricade, but Kevin stops just short, turns around and throws a hard clothesline to XYZ and then takes out Penny with a Leg Lariat!

    Langdon Trafford: 'Amadeus' asserting his dominance over the field right now!

    Piers Gallagher: What did I tell you guys earlier?? Its not even a contest!!!!

    Cromwell goes over to Penny and rolls her into the ring, looking for a cover but barely got 2!Cromwell awaited Penny to rise to her feet, and when she did, he nailed her with a SuperSonic! Penny’s head crashed to the canvas and Cromwell covered but only got two again! Kevin grabbed Penny by her hair, pulled her up to her knees and then drove his knee straight to her skull. Penny got to her knees again, and Cromwell drove an elbow to the back of her neck. Another cover, another two count. Again, Cromwell pulls Penny up to her feet and begins to strike her with a series of right hands before delivering a Judo Hip Toss and then quickly ascending the top rope and delivering “What’s the story, Morning Glory?” Another cover and again, another two count! Amadeus looks frustrated as Penny’s shoulder shot up. Again, Cromwell pulls Penny up but this time Penny begins to fight back with right hands, left hands, kicks….backing Cromwell into the corner! Penny grabs his arm and goes for an Irish Whip into the corner, which Cromwell reverses sending Penny to the turnbuckle. Cromwell begins to rush forward for a corner splash but Penny dodges it and Cromwell crashes! Penny climbs up to the middle and delivers the 10 count of punches as the crowd chants along, but before she gets to the 10th punch she….licks Cromwell’s forehead? She licked his freakin’ forehead! Penny drops down and catches XYZ, who just re-entered the ring with a Spin Kick and then a Shining Wizard! XYZ staggers to the far corner where Penny grabs him by the arm and whips him into Cromwell on the opposite side! XYZ drops to all fours with Cromwell still in the corner as Penny uses XYZ as a launching pad to deliver a corner splash on Amadeus! Cromwell lands right to XYZ on the mat, so Penny looks out to thecrowd, who pops hard as they know what’s coming next! Penny climbs to the top rope and positions herself…but XYZ gets back to his feet and runs the ropes, crotching Penny! Penny tumbles hard to the mat below as XYZ and Cromwell both begin stomping away at Penny. The two men both pull Penny to her feet and then whip her into the ropes, delivering a Double Back elbow on the rebound. Penny falls to the canvas and XYZ immediately drops down for the cover but Cromwell pulls him off and then covers Penny himself! Cromwell gets a 2 count as the two men continue to work together here. The both lift Penny with ease up to the top rope in a seated position. The two take turns delivering shots to the ribs of Penny as she’s seated up top, but it’s when Cromwell starts to go up for the Superplex that XYZ pulls him down by his tights and says “Allow me!” in his over the top fashion. Cromwell yells “Do it then!” as XYZ obliges and delivers a textbook top rope superplex to Penny! XYZ covers but Cromwell breaks it up! The two men nearly come to blows over the pin breakup but cooler heads prevailed….

    that is until they both turned around into a Double DDT by Penny!

    All three competitors are down and out for several seconds, until they all begin to stir. Penny uses the ropes to help pull herself up, as Cromwell and XYZ stumble around the ring. XYZ goes for a Crescent Kick to the side of the head but Cromwell catches him and delivers an Exploder Suplex! Cromwell walks over to Penny and executes a Picture Perfect Falcon Arrow! XYZ back up looking for a clothesline, into a Bridging Half Nelson Suplex! XYZ kicks out 2! Cromwell screams out his frustration with the ref, before turning his attention back to Penny. Amadeus whips Penny into the ropes, but Penny catches him off guard with a Tilt a Whirl Head Scissors Takedown that send Cromwell across the ring! XYZ to his feet but Penny runs towards him with a Running Wheelbarrow Facebuster! Cromwell pulls himself up across the ring, but he doesn’t notice Penny come up behind him and springboard off the ropes with a DDT! Penny screams out in celebration, only to get hit by a running dropkick from XYZ! Penny rolls out of the ring as Amadeus is in trouble in the corner! XYZ walks over and raises his arms in the air, to a pop from the crowd, before doing a balancing act, a handstand in the corner as the crowd begins to let out an audible “Oooooooooh!!!!!” with XYZ going at least 15 sconds before coming back down with a senton! XYZ wastes no time in climbing up to the top rope and executing a Blockbuster! Amadeus is struggling! XYZ begins to clap slowly as the crowd begins to as well! XYZ runs forward for his finishing Running Tornado DDT, but Cromwell cuts him off with a sharp spinning kick to the gut and then a Roundhouse Kick to the Skull, and then a bridging Fisherman’s Buster!



    David Weinstock: XYZ for the win!!

    Piers Gallagher: NONONONONONO!!!!

    Penny broke up the fall!

    Cromwell immediately got up and looked for a clothesline on Penny, who ducked and caught him with a Swinging NeckBreaker! Penny stumbled backwards to the ropes, awaiting Cromwell, who charged towards her! Penny lowbridged him and Cromwell went flying over the top rope! Penny turned her attention to XYZ, who came up from behind with a forearm. The 29 year old superstar hoisted Penny up for a Vertical Suplex, but Penny floated over…right into the Cat Nap! XYZ’s head bounced hard off the canvas, but Penny wasn’t through as she went up to the Top Rope and delivered her Purrfect Moonsault, except for the fact that Cromwell re-entered the ring and pushed her off the top rope to the floor below!

    Cromwell turned around delivered a Champagne Supernova to XYZ!




    Winner and #1 Contender for the X Division Championship – “Amadeus” Kevin Cromwell
    Kevin Cromwell gets up and puts his own arms up in the air, as the referee awkwardly gets up as well and puts his hand around Cromwells wrist. Penny is crumpled on the mat of the outside, shaking her head as she looks back in the ring at Cromwell.

    Langdon Trafford: Kevin Cromwell lives up to the nickname to claim the #1 contendership to the X Division title!!! Tristan James Galloway now knows the next hurdle that he will have to face, and that hurdle has the name 'Amadeus' and designs to become X Division Champion!!

    David Weinstock: A great bit of ring awareness by Cromwell to make Penny pay for her risk-taking and to get the victory. I guess Piers is the broken clock thats right twice in a day, huh?

    Piers Gallagher: Don't say I didn't tell you so!!!! Those two crazies took each other out and the genius knew that all he had to do was wait to clean up once one of those doofuses went kookoo for coco puffs!! It was all elementary and played out just like I said it would! Kevin Cromwell, your winner and new #1 contender!!!

    Cromwell slides out of the ring and mockingly tells Penny "good effort, girlie!" before giving her the finger, then walking past her and back up the ramp. At the stage, he lifts his arms one more time in a pose as the ref tends to XYZ in the ring and Penny pulls herself up on the barricade, glaring at the direction that Cromwell left.


    "Greenback Boogie" plays next as Danny Toner comes out and treats Budokan Hall to his trademark dash of flair. The camera catches a few women looking longingly towards Toner as he makes his way down the ramp.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, Danny Toner have come up short in the World GP, but nonetheless, hes back and better than ever!! Tonight, Toner will have the chance to show that he is still a man to be wisely reckoned with here in FWA, here in a featured singles match!!

    David Weinstock: And I have it on good authority that this is a match that Toner wanted, one that he asked for! A marquee, first-time meeting between devil-may-care Danny Toner and one of FWAs premier young guns!!

    As Toner gets in the ring, sitar music starts playing as the crowd anticipates the entrance of Starr. After a beat, Starr appears on the ramp and gives the fans in Tokyo a deep bow and namaste before taking his time to get down the ramp.

    Langdon Trafford: The dynamics of Group C worked against his favor in Los Angeles, robbing Starr of his oppurtunity to be here in Tokyo under more illustrious circumstances!! The Interstellar Shaman is going to have to put that disappointment behind him though, as the spotlight is still firmly on him going into this match against Toner!!

    Piers Gallagher: Stop sugarcoating it!!! Christopher Manson punked Starr!! And I for one am thankful for that, because WOLF was the most worthy winner of that group all along, as we saw earlier tonight!! Trust me when I say we dodged a bullet when this hippy-dippy hobo didn't make the WGP semis, and did I also mention that he is a terrible commentator???

    Starr enters the ring and immediately locks eyes with Toner, who is glaring at Starr with a smile.

    Danny Toner vs Starr

    The bell rings as Toner and Starr keep their distance, as the ref steps out of the way. Toner raises his hand as if he wants to have a " test of strength " as Starr leans in towards the challenge Toner returns at Starr with a kick to the abdomen that turns Starr over. Toner beings to deliver a series of clubbing blows to the back of Starr as the referee starts to step in while the crowd begins to send off jeers. The referee breaks up the assault and checks on Starr. The referee stands out of the line of fire as Toner rushes with a decapitating clothesline that left Starr completely separated. Starr gets up just to meet the forearm of Toner that brings him back down to the mat. Toner lifts Starr by the hair, making sure that he is unable to muster any offence as he drives a knee into the stomach. Toner locks his arm over Starr and delivers a snapped spinning vertical suplex. Toner rises up and begins to taunt the crowd with no remorse. Toner walks back towards a downed Starr and drops an elbow into the solarplexes leading into a very lazy pin. Starr is able to get out at one!! Toner pick sets Starr to a vertical base and fires off a few backhanded chops with the crowd going " WOOOOO !!" before sending him into the turnbuckle.

    Langdon Trafford: Toner is really taking charge of the match, I don't think we've seen Starr under this much pressure so early on in a match

    Piers Gallagher: And I love every sec…. Wait a minute

    As Toner charges into the turnbuckle and at the last second Starr gets the boot in the air stopping all momentum. Starr sees a vulnerable Toner and snaps off with a LIGHTS OUT as the crowd starts to believe. Starr presses his boot into the throat of Toner as the ref is ordering the break, the five count starts as Starr lets his foot off Toner. Starr springs back as Toner gets to one knee, landing a loud shinning wizard. Starr goes for the cover but Toner kicks out at two. Starr is looking at Toner who starts to struggle to his feet. Starr stands glaring at his opponent as they meet in the middle of the ring, the fans going crazy as they stand eye to eye, toe to toe. Toner out of nowhere delivers a huge right hand that knocks Starr back, Starr returns with a scintillating knife edge chop that brings a cheer from the crowd. It is Toner that out muscles his opponent however as he backs him up in to the corner, Toner whips Starr in to the opposite turnbuckle and runs at him hitting a firm spear to the gut. Toner then grabs Starr around the neck and delivers a perfectly executed Closing Statement

    David Weinstock: Wow, hes is in a world of trouble folks.

    Piers Gallagher: Danny Toner is a class apart, he is the man and he’s showing it right now

    Toner smirks as he taunts the fans before climbing the turnbuckle and looking down at his fallen opponent, he points at him throwing a middle finger his way before diving through the air nailing a diving back elbow that connects perfectly with the chest of the Shaman. Toner goes for the cover and gets a long two count as the fans cheer Starr for kicking out.

    Langdon Trafford: How the hell did he kick out, this has been an assault

    Toner glares at the referee demanding a three count but the ref stands firm. The frustrated Toner rises to his feet and delivers multiple boots to Starr who is overwhelmed by the brutality of Toner's strikes. He grabs Starr up, Starr throws some rights and lefts to the stomach trying to slow down his opponent, Toner delivers a knee which connects perfectly to the jaw of Starr. Pushing Starr towards the ropes he whips him across the ring and looks to hit a clothesline but Starr ducks hits the ropes and out of nowhere hits Toner with the running busai knee smash Toner crumples on the floor as Starr falls in to the ropes trying to capitalise, the fans go insane as they cheer Starr, Starr, Starr from the top of their lungs. After a short while Starr drapes his arm loosely over the chest of his opponent as the referee counts

    Langdon Trafford: No way, 1….2….thr…


    David Weinstock: Easy Piers, you’re going to give yourself a heart attack

    Piers Gallagher: Is that some sort of sick joke, Danny Toner is the master, he is the man and he is not going to lose to some nobody coming… no, no, GOD DAMMIT DON’T YOU DARE

    Starr picked up a head of steam, climbing the turnbuckles he looked down Toner rolls away. Starr flies with moonassault. Toner covers hits face getting ready for the hit, but he lands before Toner and just sits down waving to Toner. Toner is infuriated and goes to kick Starr only for Starr to duck and roll him with a school boy

    Piers Gallagher: No, No, No!

    They get back to their feet. Starr kicks him in the gut and springboards only be caught by Toner with perfectly executed Spinebuster, the crowd groan as Toner picks him up hitting second Spinebuster in a row with the back of Starr’s head bouncing off the canvas. Toner goes for a cover and gets a long two count. Toner quickly picks Starr up and launches him in to the turnbuckle, his back arching under the impact, he looks to charge in with THE EQUALIZER but Starr at the last moment moves out of the way, Toner crashes in to the turnbuckle with his knees and is met by Spiritual Guide. Toner is not going anywhere with his hurt knees and Starr is going up for the SHOOTING STAR PRESS AND HE HITS IT!!! Starr hooks the leg



    Piers Gallagher: NO, THIS CAN'T BE!!!!


    Winner: Starr

    Starr pops up immediately and after taking a few moments to catch his breath and hold his gut, gives Budokan Hall a peace sign in the air followed by a cheeky namaste. Toner rolls out of the ring and waves off the referee who is checking up on him. The fans in Tokyo chant 'STARR! STARR! STARR!' as Starr takes in the moment with a hint of emotion on his face.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, this wasn't the perfect ending that Starr probably hoped for when the World Grand Prix began, but tonight, in a decisive victory over Danny Toner, Starr is still being treated to a WGP moment, the crowd here at Budokan Hall chanting his name!

    David Weinstock: He did not advance out of Group C, but I can't help but think that the sky is still the limit for Starr, guys. Time, and clearly as we can hear now, the fans of the FWA Universe, are on his side!

    Piers Gallagher: Oh yeah, believe you me, Starr is big in Tokyo!!! But he's still a loser!!!!!! Starr didnt win Group C, WOLF did!!! And WOLF is the one you'll all see in the main event tonight, not Starr!!! All of you and all of these people here fawning over this half-baked hippie make me sick!!!!


    "Vacuity" hits for the 3rd time tonight as Viktor Maximus makes his way out to the ring, unaccompanied by PAJ. Maximus calmly takes his time striding down the short ramp, with the fans by the ramp caught open-mouth agape at the sheer size of the man.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, we heard from this man earlier tonight in the ring, and both he and Phillip A. Jackson made it clear that despite the challenge of having BUCK as his opponent here in Tokyo, Viktor Maximus will be unleashed tonight!! What are we about to witness in this match???

    Maximus enters the ring and slowly walks into a far corner, emotionlessly ignoring the referee.

    Piers Gallagher: Are you dumb, Langdon?? Are you deaf??? Were you not paying attention earlier during my interview masterclass?? We will witness DESTRUCTION tonight!!! It matters not who the opponent is!!

    David Weinstock: ....questionable interviewing aside, I think this next man may have something to say about that!

    SCV's theme then hits as BUCK comes out onto the stage. Likewise, he is unaccompanied by Christopher Manson and only accompanied by his Tag Team Titile belt. Unlike Maximus, BUCK looks like a giant wrecking ball of energy, raring to go as he walks down the ramp.

    Langdon Trafford: Speaking of unleashed, this man has been an impatient observer for all of the World GP, and while his partner found himself squarely in the limelight of Group C, tonight in Tokyo may well be BUCKs time to shine as he faces off against the most massively imposing challenge FWA has to offer!!

    David Weinstock: BUCK stands 6'6 and Viktor Maximus still towers over him, but we can never underestimate the strength of a FWA Champion!! I think anyone who thinks this will be an easy match for Maximus is sorely underestimating BUCK!

    BUCK climbs through the ropes and raises his Tag Team Title belt for the crowd. BUCK then drops the belt and immediately marches towards Maximus to get in his grill despite being much shorter than Maximus.

    Suddenly, the crowd reacts to something going on at the ramp stage... its Christopher Manson!! Manson stumbles out onto the stage, but as BUCK turns around to see his partner, Phillip A. Jackson emerges from right behind Manson, with a folding chair in hand, and blasts Manson in the back!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Its PAJ!!! PAJ is attacking Christopher Manson!!!!! PAJ IS ATTACKING MANSON!!! Its an ambush!!! An ambush set up no doubt by PAJ!!!!

    BUCK sees PAJ assault on Manson, but turns around to find Viktor Maximus laughing out loud and shaking his head. Outside the ring, Phillip A. Jackson comes down the ramp, leaving Manson on the stage.


    BUCK, wide-eyed, decides to stop waiting around for the attack and blasts Maximus in the face with a forearm!!! Maximus stumbles back as PAJ climbs into the ring, but as he tries to take the chair with him, BUCK charges and slams his boot into the side of PAJ's body!! PAJ falls into the ring through the ropes as Maximus grabs BUCK, but BUCK headbutts Maximus... but the crowd 'oooooooohhs' as Maximus no-sells the headbutt!! Maximus grabs BUCK by the throat with one hand!!! BUCK is shocked by the strength of Maximus' grip, but as Maximus tries to lift BUCK, BUCK clubs away Maximus' grip!!! BUCK lands on his feet, but PAJ from behind smashes BUCK with the Tag Team Title belt!!! BUCK crumples to a knee, only to be suddenly scooped up in a ferocious bear hug by Viktor Maximus!!!! Maximus roars as he lifts BUCK and ragdolls him, squeezing the life out of BUCK as PAJ licks his lips before throwing himself at BUCK, striking BUCK again with the title belt in the back of the head while BUCK is in the bear hug!!!


    David Weinstock: Did you know this was going to happen, Piers????

    Piers Gallagher:I didn't know this was going to happen, but what I DID KNOW is that Phillip A. Jackson is a genius, and that this weapon of mass DESTRUCTION named Viktor Maximus has been unleashed!!!

    Maximus suddenly throws BUCK down, and PAJ turns around to see that Christopher Manson has charged the ring and slides in!! PAJ takes a swing with the belt, but Manson ducks it and lifts PAJ up with a flapjack into the ropes!!! Maximus throws a big boot at Manson, but Manson ducks and dropkicks Maximus on his plant leg!! Maximus teethers but doesnt fall as Manson grabs the title belt that PAJ dropped and charges at Maximus... but Maximus suddenly uses his giant hands to thrust Manson skyward and catches Manson in a huge Pop-up Powerbomb!!!!!! Manson looks shocked and glassy-eyed as BUCK tries to recover and help, but PAJ charges and kicks BUCK in the head!!

    Maximus has calmed down and towers over the fallen BUCK and Manson as the crowd overcomes the shocking display of strength enough to send some boos towards the ring. Maximus looks at PAJ, who gives Maximus the 'thumbs down' hand symbol. Maximus nods and grabs BUCK by the neck, drags BUCK up, and delivers a thunderous chokeslam to BUCK!!! Maximus then walks over to PAJ, lifts PAJ into the corner, and lets PAJ get on his shoulders!! From great heights, PAJ jumps and crashes down into the helpless Christopher Manson with a Super Amazing Splash!!!

    SCV are both down and out as The Project admires their own handiwork. BUCK falls out of the ring as PAJ instructs Maximus to step on Mansons chest, which he does. PAJ then proceeds to lift Maximus' hand up as high as he can as Maximus looks down at the writhing Manson and screams something inaudible in Russian to him.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, there was supposed to be a match tonight between Viktor Maximus and BUCK, but that match has disintegrated into a massacre!!! The Phillip A. Jackson Project set up the Sin City Vultures, and one-sided carnage is what you're witnessing now!! SCV tried to fight back, Manson and BUCK, they tried to fire back but what appears to be a backstage ambush by PAJ on Christopher Manson stacked the deck against SCV from the start!!

    David Weinstock: This is nothing less than a statement of deadly serious intent by PAJ and Maximus that the dominant duo in FWA isn't SCV, its the new Project!!! I have never seen SCV in this state before, not in the World Tag League, not ever!! What can stop him??? Who can stop him???

    Piers Gallagher: Phillip A. Jackson promised DESTRUCTION, and thats what we got, DISTRUCTION!!!!! If only you would all listen and acknowledge the greatness of Phillip A. Jackson, then you would've seen this coming, SCV would've seen this coming!!! But no, they didn't listen, and now the Immortal and the DESTRUCTION Viktor Maximus, the New Project have subjugated SCV BY FORCE!!! SCV should just forfeit the Tag Team belts and present them to the Phillip A. Jackson Project on bended knee, maybe then Viktor Maximus will show them mercy!!!!!!


    As the Project leaves up the ramp and FWA staff help SCV out of the ring, the camera shot switches to a close-up of the commentary desk.

    Langdon Trafford: Well... as we see members of the FWA crew helping BUCK and Manson, it has to be said, what a crazy night we've had here in Budokan Hall, guys. From Starr defeating Danny Toner, The Project destroying SCV just now, Izzy Van Doren targeting Eyesnsane, Thunder snapping on Deception, we are seeing a whole host of FWA wrestlers making moves, making their mark on the eve of Back in Business 13!!! But now, at long last, we turn our attention to the main event tonight, the finals of the World Grand Prix, the match that all these fans here in Japan and all around the world have been waiting for!! Our two semifinals opened our broadcast tonight, and in a few moments, the two finalist of WGP1 will clash for the right to challenge Cyrus Truth for the FWA World Championship at Back in Business 13. Will it be 'The Last Legend' and our North American Champion WOLF?? Or will it be the 'Astonishing' one, Chris Kennedy???

    David Weinstock: Fans of the FWA might have reasonable objection to both of these men due to things they've said and done, but I cannot help but focus on the clash in styles, the two very different paths that both of these icons have taken to the finals. On one side, Chris Kennedy used brass knuckles to grease his passage out of Group B, then one could say that he used mind games to some extent to best Bell Connelly in the semifinals. On the other side, WOLF, true to form, has charged at every challenge in this WGP head on like a battering ram, tempting fate with each battle, and even though he lost on Day 1, his sheer fortitude and veteran saavy got him through to the finals!! But is Kennedy the fresher man?? We saw WOLF suffer what to me was a clear injury to his shoulder or arm area against Tristan James Galloway, is that the giant target that is going to tip the scales in Kennedys favor?? Or will the raging wildfire that is Adrian Wolf consume Chris Kennedy?? All I know is that he can't rely on a countout like he did against Galloway here in the final, guys!!

    Piers Gallagher: I, I can't make a pick!! I can't do it!!! Both men are equal parts brain and brawn!!! We'll either be seeing Champion vs Champion or Championship vs Streak at Back in Business 13, guys!!! And I don't want to go on the record as ever betting against WOLF or Chris Kennedy at any time!!

    Langdon Trafford: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say on the record, guys, that I think WOLFs instinctual brand of destruction will reach its apex tonight and defeat Chris Kennedy cerebral tactics. We saw earlier tonight that WOLF isn't above making schemes of his own to get past an opponent. WOLF is always constantly living on the edge, he almost lost it all against Starr before it even began, but who dares wins, and WOLF, unless Galloway hurt him even worse than hes letting on, will indeed be the winner of WGP1. Your pick, Dave?

    David Weinstock: I... I have to go with Kennedy, Langdon. Kennedys a former champion, the holder of the BIB streak... humans evolved to the top of the food chain not because of physical strength but by the strength of their brains. Chris Kennedy masterminded Cyrus Truths exit from the World Grand Prix, hes is a history maker because hes been able to outfox the opposition for years, yes, WOLF pulled a fast one on Thunder and then Galloway earlier... but I think Chris Kennedy will prove himself once again tonight. Your pick, Piers?

    Piers Gallagher: I refuse to pick!! I refuse to go on record!!!! Let the record show that I think both of these men are amazing!!!

    After a pause where the crowd falls silent anticipating the main event, "Bittersweet Symphony" plays to bring out Chris Kennedy for the second time tonight, perhaps a slightly different Chris Kennedy. He marches down the ramp quickly and rolls into the ring, ignoring the boos that the crowd are laying on him. If Kennedys entrance for the semifinal was calm and relaxed, he now looks a little more emotionless, his face blank yet taut, as if he knows that the challenge ahead requires his full attention.

    Langdon Trafford: Is there any doubt that Chris Kennedy is fully attuned to the challenge that awaits him in Budokan Hall, right here right now? The look on his face says it all!

    David Weinstock: Whatever tricks or tactics he's keeping up his sleeve, hes trying to keep them hidden. A blank stare from the usually smug Chris Kennedy is actually a bad poker face by his standards guys, but like you said, Langdon, that look says it all, and it says to me that Chris Kennedy understands that one match, one pin, one North American Champion stands between him and making history once again in FWA!!

    Piers Gallagher: Chris Kennedy schemed with Bell Connelly to screw Cyrus Truth, all because it would give him the advantage against Cyrus Truth at BIB... but first he has to get there!!! All this, all of it would've been for naught if Chris Kennedy doesn't get over this final hurdle!! And everything I just said, I bet Kennedy is thinking about right now in his head!!!!!

    "Number of the Beast" plays next as WOLF emerges on the ramp, wide-eyed yet clearly a little worse for wear from earlier tonight. WOLF marches slowly down the ramp, clearly trying to shake out his shoulder and his arm as he approaches the ring. Amid a mixed reaction from the fans in Tokyo, WOLF finally lets the adrenaline take him over as he leaps up onto the apron in one clean jump and locks eyes with Kennedy, who is leering in the opposite corner.

    David Weinstock: He is favoring that arm, guys... Galloways revenge after the semifinals, it might be a bigger factor that we first thought!

    Langdon Trafford: Adrian Wolf, as FWA North American Champion, as FWA Legend, as a man and as a wrestler, has always gone about his business with a 'live by the sword, die by the sword' mantra. He surely knows the challenge that stands before him right now. He surely knows that his condition is not 100% thanks to the decision he made against Galloway and that everyone knows it. But he must also surely know that his chance to make history, his chance to be a double champion, his chance to set the record straight at Back in Business, all of that, all of it, its right here before him, before his very eyes!!! All he has to do is beat Chris Kennedy right here, right now!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: WOLF has breathed new life into the North American Championship, he has made North America Great Again and lest we forget, engineered a comeback for the ages in Group C of the Grand Prix!! Only a fool would bet against Adrian Wolf!!! To be the first World Grand Prix winner ever would be a fitting end to an unforgettable tournament run for WOLF!! If WOLF were to lose here, 100% of the blame must go to that thug Galloway for cheap shotting WOLF after their match like a coward!!!!

    David Weinstock: So is your pick WOLF, Piers?


    C#1 - 'The Last Legend' WOLF vs B#1 - 'The Astonishing' Chris Kennedy

    The bell rings and Kennedy backs Wolf into the corner. They trade positions a couple of times before Wolf hits a huge right, sends Kennedy across the ring, and hits a huge back body drop. Wolf comes up with a big front suplex for two. Kennedy sends Wolf out to the apron and sweeps his leg out from under him, sending him to the floor. Kennedy follows and backs Wolf into the ring apron hard before bringing things back into the ring. Kennedy beats on Wolf’s injured arm before hitting a big suplex. Kennedy drives a couple of knees into Wolf’s spine before pulling back on Wolf’ injured arm. Wolf comes back and tries for a Final Howl, but Kennedy sidesteps him and puts him down to the mat with a Russian leg sweep, then drops the elbow for two. Kennedy continues to work over the inured arm, locking in a modified armbar. Wolf maneuvers out of it and kicks Kennedy away, but Kennedy comes up with a vicious clothesline and smears Wolf’s face into the mat. Kennedy heads to the middle rope, but Wolf stops him with a punch to the gut. Wolf pulls Kennedy out with a muscle buster and rolls into the cover for two. Wolf hits Kennedy with a big clothesline, then a back elbow. Wolf hits a big right hand, then drops to the mat and hits Kennedy with another. Wolf goes to the apron and hits a big elbow to the top of Kennedy’s head before hitting a nice springboard dropkick. Wolf hangs Kennedy up on the ropes and kicks him in the ribs. Kennedy gets back to his feet and pushes Wolf away and launches at him. Wolf misses the Bittersweet Chin Symphony but Kennedy doesn't miss a beat and is able to hit a spinning neckbreaker for two. They both manage to pull themselves back to their feet. Wolf rolls Kennedy up for two, then hits a kick to the back of Kennedy's head for another near fall. Kennedy sends Wolf shoulder first into the ring post, then rolls him up for two. Both men get back to the ring and circle each other for a minute before each man pauses in opposite corners, collecting themselves. After a while, they meet in the middle for a lockup as the crowd applauds enthusiastically.

    Langdon Trafford: I would say, guys, that despite WOLFs probable injury, nobodys gotten a clear leg up on the opening feeling-out period!

    Piers Gallagher: This isnt a normal sizing up though, both men already wrestled a match earlier, and both men are wary of what the other is capable of in the blink of an eye!!

    Kennedy backs Wolf into the corner and breaks clean. Kennedy kicks at the back of Wolf’s leg and hits a couple of big right hands to the side of Wolf’s head. Kennedy locks in a headlock and Wolf fights it off, but falls to a shoulder block. Wolf slaps Kennedy, then tosses him over the top and to the outside. Wolf goes for a baseball slide and misses. He chases Kennedy around the ring and drops the back of his neck across the top rope. Wolf tries for a double stomp from the top, but misses. Kennedy goes to the top but Wolf stops him. Wolf tries for a top rope hurricanrana, but Kennedy drops down and hits Wolf with an enzugiri to the back of the head. Wolf drops into the tree of woe, and Kennedy kicks at Wolf’s chest and arm. Kennedy takes Wolf to the outside, wraps his arm up, and tosses him backward into the barricade. Back in the ring, Kennedy gets a two count, then locks in an arm bar. Wolf fights to his feet, and slaps Kennedy again before kicking him in the chest. Wolf gets pancaked to the mat, and Kennedy kicks the injured arm again. Kennedy wraps Wolf’s arm around the ring rope and yanks away. At this point, Kennedy is taking full advantage of Wolf's injured arm and Wolf can barely move it. Kennedy with an elbow drop to the arm, followed by a quick kip up and a kick to Wolf's head. Kennedy gets another near fall. Kennedy hits a dropkick to the back of Wolf’s injured arm, then continues the assault while Wolf’s wrapped up in the ropes. Kennedy charges and leaps at Wolf, but Wolf moves and Kennedy sails through the ropes and lands on the floor. Wolf heads to the top rope and leaps to the outside, coming down on top of Kennedy. After a great deal of struggle and an exchange of punches between both men, they eventually make it back into the ring, and Kennedy wrenches Wolf’s injured arm then stomps at his shoulder. Kennedy slaps Wolf then heads to the middle rope, he leaps out into Wolf’s outstretched feet, hitting them face first. Wolf hits a right hand, then hits a dropkick from the middle rope. Wolf mounts Kennedy in the corner and hits him with a series of punches. Wolf heads to the top and avoids an enzugiri, then hits a giant crossbody for two. Kennedy almost hits a back suplex, but Wolf lands on his feet. Wolf tries for the Final Howl but can’t hit it as Wolf reverses. Wolf goes up in the corner and Kennedy brings him down with a backstabber for two. Kennedy hits Wolf with a stiff kick to the back, but Wolf comes back with a roll up for two. Kennedy connects with the enzugiri in the corner, but it’s only enough for a two count. Kennedy rips at Wolf’s face, then heads to the middle rope and tries for a senton. Wolf moves and heads up to the middle rope. He hits a leaping European uppercut, but ends up backed into the corner for a series of shoulders to the gut. Kennedy seats Wolf on the top rope. Wolf fights back and goes for a sunset bomb, but Kennedy punches him to avoid it. Wolf hits a dropkick in the corner and hits Kennedy with a hurricanrana from the middle rope for two. Wolf tries for the spear, but Kennedy counters with a dropkick to the face. Kennedy pins Wolf for two. Kennedy tries for the cross armbreaker on Wolf's injured arm, but Wolf hits a drop toe hold into the ropes then slaps him. Kennedy puts Wolf down but he’s still not able to keep him down for three. Kennedy drops his knee pad and goes for a running knee, but Wolf counters with a roll up. Wolf hits a spear with his injured arm, and Kennedy traps him in the cross arm breaker. Wolf is dropped to the mat, and resists every urge to tap out as Kennedy wrenches the hurt arm.

    Langdon Trafford: The injured arm is under assault, as we all knew it most likely would!! Can WOLF hold out?? Can that injured arm hold up???

    David Weinstock: I think WOLF would rather drop dead than let this thing end via referee stoppage!!

    Eventually, Wolf grabs the ropes and Kennedy is forced to break the hold. Kennedy charges right into Wolf. Wolf backs Kennedy right into the corner and buries his shoulder in Kennedy’s stomach. Kennedy responds with a couple of forearms, but Wolf is right back at it with the shoulders. Wolf stomps away at Kennedy repeatedly before picking him up in the corner and choking him. Kennedy hits a couple of rights a kicks at Wolf. Wolf catches Kennedy’s leg, kicks him, then tosses him across the ring. Wolf slams Kennedy into the corner and stomps away at him before choking him with his boot. Kennedy comes back with a high kick, then a couple of huge, stiff knees to the face that send Wolf out of the ring. Kennedy hits the ropes and goes for the suicide dive, wiping Wolf out on the floor. Kennedy goes for the ring steps, grabbing the top two, but Wolf runs into the steps and knocks Kennedy back. Wolf picks Kennedy up and hits him with a knee to the gut before shouldering him. Kennedy drops back and pushes Wolf into the ring post. Kennedy scrambles to the top rope and hits a double axe handle smash to the floor. Kennedy rolls Wolf back into the ring and goes to pick him up but Wolf slaps him in the face, causing Kennedy to take a couple steps back. Wolf stands to his feet across from Kennedy.

    Wolf and Kennedy begin circling each other once more. We get a lock up and Kennedy works on Wolf’s injured arm. Wolf rolls through and catches Kennedy in a headlock. Kennedy fights out of it and takes Wolf to the mat. We get a test of strength, and Wolf takes Kennedy down to the mat for a pin, even with his hurt arm docking his strength. Kennedy kicks out and bridges up. Wolf jumps on Kennedy’s legs, but Kennedy won’t break the bridge. Wolf jumps on again, but Kennedy counters with a monkey flip. Wolf rolls to the outside and speaks with the ringside doctor. Wolf traps Kennedy in another headlock, and takes him over to his back. Kennedy pushes Wolf off, and jumps up, but Wolf catches him. Wolf pins Kennedy, but Kennedy bridges up and backslides Wolf for a two count. Kennedy hits a dragon screw to take Wolf over. Kennedy stands on Wolf’s knees and tries for the Mexican surfboard, but Wolf fights out. Kennedy shoulders Wolf and Kennedy is able to grab the ropes and go to the apron. Wolf hits Kennedy to send him crashing to the announcer’s table on the floor. Wolf heads on and tries to whip Kennedy into the stairs, but Kennedy reverses it. Kennedy gets Wolf on the steps and tries for a suplex off the steps to the floor, but Wolf reverses. Wolf pins Kennedy for a two count. Wolf blasts Kennedy with a big right hand, then another. He punches away at him in the corner before sending him across the ring hard. Wolf rears back and kicks Kennedy in the chest. Wolf lays Kennedy out with a sit-out powerbomb, good for another two count. Wolf grounds Kennedy with a rear chin lock. Kennedy is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold, backing Wolf into the corner and blasting him with a series of kicks to the chest. Wolf comes back with a knee to the gut. Kennedy backflips over Wolf, then hits him with a big flying clothesline. Kennedy hits Wolf with a series of kicks to the chest, but misses one to the head. Wolf hits a couple of shoulder tackles, then drops Kennedy with the belly to back suplex. Wolf goes for the double armed DDT, but Kennedy counters by flipping Wolf over his back. Kennedy is able to keep Wolf at bay for a bit, but he’s dropped with another belly to back suplex, then a leg drop. Wolf shoulders Kennedy torture wrack, but Kennedy elbows him and lands on his feet and knocks Wolf to the mat. Kennedy heads to the top and hits a shotgun missile dropkick for two. Kennedy kicks at Wolf’s shoulder, knocking him down to the mat. Kennedy calls for Wolf to get up before kicking him again. Kennedy yanks Wolf’s arm, dropping Wolf’s elbow over his shoulder. Kennedy yells at Wolf to get up, then repeatedly kicks him back down. Kennedy goes for the arm again, but Wolf rolls through, almost into an STF. Kennedy counters, trapping Wolf in Kennedy Curse. Kennedy pulls back hard. Wolf almost gets to the ropes, but Kennedy pulls Wolf back, stands him up and hits a belly to back suplex for two. Kennedy hits a German suplex for another two count. Kennedy holds on, but Wolf breaks his grip. Kennedy drops Wolf to the mat and clamps on the Kennedy Curse yet again. Wolf powers out of the hold and stands up, but Kennedy traps him in a guillotine choke. Kennedy drops Wolf back down to the mat. Wolf stands up while still in the hold, and charges into the corner, smashing Kennedy into the turnbuckles a couple of times. Kennedy won’t break it. Wolf finally does break the hold by almost suplexing Kennedy into the corner. Wolf shoulders Kennedy out of nowhere and hits the FINAL HOW, BUT OH MY GOD KENNEDY KICKS OUT AT TWO AND A HALF! Wolf heads up to the top rope, but Kennedy stops him. Wolf pushes him away, but Kennedy comes right back. Wolf pushes him away a second time, and Kennedy comes in with a giant running kick. Kennedy superplexes Wolf off the top, but holds on with his legs to the ropes. Kennedy stands on the top and hits the flying head butt. Kennedy pins Wolf but only gets two. Wolf rolls to the outside. Kennedy goes for the suicide dive, but Wolf leaps up and catches him with his shoulder. Wolf heads to the top rope and hits the top rope rocker dropper which is good for two. Wolf picks Kennedy up and seats him on the top turnbuckle. Wolf goes for an what looks like an F5 from the middle rope, but Kennedy fights back with a series of elbows to the side of Wolf’s head. Kennedy tries for a top rope hurricanrana, but Wolf holds on, jumps to the mat, and clamps on Kennedy's own submission hold, The Kennedy Curse. Kennedy refuses to quit. Kennedy pops out of the hold and traps Wolf in The Kennedy Curse himself. Wolf makes it into the ropes to force a break. The referee asks for the doc to check on Wolf, but he says he’s fine. Kennedy hits two rapid fire dropkicks in the corner, but Wolf comes up with a giant clothesline when Kennedy attempts a third. Wolf and Kennedy trade rights, then kicks, then more rights. Kennedy hits a flying forearm while Wolf goes for a flying shoulderblock and both men are down. Both men stand slowly, leaning on each other.

    Langdon Trafford: Listen to this crowd!!!

    "WOLF!!! WOLF!!! WOLF!!!"

    "KENNEDY!!! KENNEDY!!!!"

    David Weinstock: Budokan is in raptures!!! These two legends have split the crowd 50/50!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: They're both so tired though!! They're running on fumes at this point!!!

    Wolf slaps Kennedy, and Kennedy responds with one of his own. Kennedy and Wolf trade slaps, and Kennedy gets the upper hand with a series of kicks. Wolf kind of catches a backflipping Kennedy, then shoulders him. Kennedy counters into a DDT. Kennedy stands, and heads to the top rope. Kennedy leaps, but Wolf catches him. Wolf shoulders Kennedy, but Kennedy counters into a small package. Kennedy catches Wolf with a huge kick to the side of the head. Kennedy hits Wolf with a giant running knee to the face, and and gets the two count. Frustrated, Kennedy asks the ref what the hell he has to do to get a three count. Kennedy mounts Wolf and wails away with right hands before kicking at him. Kennedy screams at Wolf and kicks at his chest. Wolf catches Kennedy around the throat, but Kennedy fights out. Kennedy runs into a big boot and Wolf sends him into the corner, following with a quick splash, then another. Wolf hits a sidewalk slam. Wolf teases a chokeslam, but clearly hesitates for a second due to the pain in his arm! Wolf presses ahead and tries to grab Kennedy but runs into a back elbow. Kennedy knocks Wolf to the mat falls back into the corner. As Wolf slowly scrambles to get up, Kennedy holds onto the rope, stomping his feet repeatedly, signally the Bittersweet Chin Symphony. Wolf stands and Kennedy nails him with it before dropping for the pin count.

    Langdon Trafford: HE LANDED IT!!! BITTERSWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    David Weinstock: WOLF IS DOWN!! WOLF IS OUT!!!!!




    Winner of World Grand Prix 1: Chris Kennedy
    The crowd showers the ring with screams and cheers as the referee raises Chris Kennedy's hand. Kennedy angrily pulls it away, limping over to the corner turnbuckle, climbing it and raising his fist in victory which turns the rain of cheers into a chorus of boos. Confetti and streamers starts raining down from the ceiling. Kennedy hops down from the turnbuckle and begins spinning as the streamers rain down on him, wrapping them in the streamers and falling to his knees with his arms open. Smiling, he points to the Back in Business sign above.

    Piers Gallagher: He's done it!!! My pick for this tournament, my pick since Day 1, Chris Kennedy has done it!!! This man will be heading to the main event of Back in Business where he will meet Cyrus Truth for the FWA Championship!!

    Langdon Trafford: As much as I hate to admit it, this would seem to be the case. Kennedy has secured the Back in Business by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Brass knuckles, Low Blows, Ref Bumps, any underhanded tactic you can think of, Kennedy has executed to get to this very moment. And now, with that Bittersweet Chin Music landed flush on WOLF, we can say for certain, ladies and gentlemen, that at BIB 13, it will be TITLE vs STREAK!!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Because he WANTED this more than anyone else, Langdon. WE ARE ALL CHRIS KENNEDY ON THIS GLORIOUS DAY!

    Then, out walks FWA General Manager Ashley O'Ryan, wheeling out the World GP Trophy. With him, is this evenings MC, Lord Dog (possibly because he's the only one who speaks Japanese) and several FWA producers. The trophy is beautiful, over 30 pounds of solid white gold with diamonds and rubies encrusted all around the brim of the engraved WPG logo. The staff wheel the trophy down the ramp and several men hoist it into the ring as Lord Dog also enters the ring and takes the mic.

    Lord Dog: 試合の勝者,そして World GP1勝者...'Astonishing' クリス ケネディです~~~!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Kurisu Kenedi-desu wins!!! MY PICK WINS!!!!!! YES!!! YES!!!!!!!

    Ashley O'Ryan reluctantly translates Lord Dog's statement, though he doesn't look very pleased.

    Ashley O'Ryan: The winner of this tournament, and the number one contender to the FWA Championship is... The Astonishing Chris Kennedy...

    Chris Kennedy isn't pleased with Ashley O'Ryan's delivery of the announcement and demands a microphone. The time keeper obliges and Kennedy takes it, stepping over the incapacitated Wolf almost he isn't there. The producers help WOLF out of the ring as Kennedy speaks.

    Chris Kennedy: Ashley, I know this must be hard for you, considering who I am and who you are, but Mr. General Manager I implore you...DO YOUR DAMN JOB. Say it again, bitch. ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING.

    Ashley O'Ryan just shoots a death stare at Chris Kennedy before clearing his throat and speaking again.

    Ashley O'Ryan: THE WINNER IS...

    Suddenly, 'Subconcious' hits and this Japanese crowd goes absolutely wild, securing what may well be the biggest pop of the night. 'The Exile' Cyrus Truth comes out and doesn't break eye contact with Kennedy. The smile on Chris Kennedy's face quickly fades as Cyrus charges the ring, prompting Chris Kennedy to get out of the ring. Kennedy jumps over one of the railings into the front row of the audience, stumbling from fatigue but making it over, leaving Cyrus to slide into the ring with the WGP Trophy.

    Langdon Trafford: The champ is here! Cyrus Truth is in the building!

    Piers Gallagher: What the hell is HE doing out here, Langdon!?! This is supposed to be Chris Kennedy's moment!

    David Weinstock: Kennedy deprived Cyrus of his moment, and now Cyrus is going to return the favor!!!!! LISTEN TO THE FANS HERE IN TOKYO!!!

    "CYRUS!! CYRUS!!! CYRUS!!!!!"

    But Cyrus Truth says nothing. He just eyeballs Kennedy, then looks back at the trophy, and then back at Kennedy once more. Finally smiling. Chris Kennedy begins shaking his head and mouthing "No no no" before Cyrus Truth picks the trophy up and throws it onto the floor, hard. It breaks into two pieces at the base where the stem meets the cup. Cyrus Truth then begins stomping away at the trophy and Kennedy can be seen throwing a temper tantrum, shaking the railing and violently jerking his head all over, but refusing to re-enter the ring. Ashley O'Ryan just throws his hands in the hair, giving up on the situation all together as him, and the FWA Producers all head to the back, while Lord Dog watches from the outside with a face that says "I'm okay with this". Kennedy, consumed by rage, delivers a Bittersweet Chin Symphony to referee Ed Mills, who has come to the outside to protect audience members. The ref hits the ground hard as the crowd around gasps and scurries. Kennedy takes a deep breath and collects himself. He then brings the mic to his face.

    Chris Kennedy:
    YOU! YOU SON OF A BITCH! This...This is fine. Break that piece of shit, I DON'T CARE. I didn't do this some stupid trophy. You know why I did this, and that's why....that's why you are out here RIGHT NOW.

    Kennedy is out of breath, though he forces the words through.

    Chris Kennedy: At Back in Business....I'm COMING FOR YOUR TITLE, BITCH.

    Cyrus Truth smiles at Kennedy and mockingly applauds him. The two men stare each other down with such intensity that the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you get goosebumps.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen... the first ever World Grand Prix Winner has been crowned here in Tokyo!! Its Chris Kennedy!!! Chris Kennedy was won WGP1, but Cyrus Truth has gotten the final word!!! But we have our Back in Business main event!!! Its going to be CHAMPION vs STREAK!!! Cyrus Truth vs Chris Kennedy!!! CHAMPION vs STREAK!!!!!!!!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Has there ever been a Back in Business main event so big, with so much at stake??? Its going to be one for the ages!!!!! History just keeps getting made in the FWA!!!!!!! MY PICK Chris Kennedy was won WGP1!!!!

    David Weinstock: Yes, its going to be a battle for the ages, but its going to be so much more.... a battle for the World Championship, a battle for the BIB streak, its going to be a battle for the heart and soul of FWA!!!

    As the camera angle goes to an arena wideshot of Cyrus in the ring staring down Kennedy in the front row, the FWA Logo comes on the bottom of the screen and the show fades to black....

    (Thanks for watching)
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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS - RESULTS

    editors note: thanks to all matchwriters/segment writers for helping us get this 22,000+ word show up. sorry for the delay. if anyone notices mistakes pls PM me and i will correct them. grades thread will be up tomorrow. congrats to all our winners, including ofc the first ever WGP winner Jiggy.

    the date is set, the road to Back in Business is full throttle from this point on. buckle up, buckaroos.

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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS - RESULTS

    Well, we got fucked by the Project.

    Aside from that, congratulations to Jiggy. Kennedy vs Truth is probably the biggest match-up this roster can ever produce, really looking forward to that at BIB.

    (damn i really should've pulled myself together in day 2 fuuuuuuucccc.....)
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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS - RESULTS

    Solid show all around and congrats to Kennedy/Jiggy on winning the inaugural FWA WGP, well done amigo.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS - RESULTS

    Quote Originally Posted by Christian Oziksen View Post
    (damn i really should've pulled myself together in day 2 fuuuuuuucccc.....)

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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS - RESULTS

    Shit officially just got real. Congrats on the victory, Jiggy.
    Something Witty!

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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS - RESULTS

    I just realized it is BIB 13 already. Wow. Time sure flies by.

    Congratulations to Jiggy! Go to BIB, win the belt and then I will take it from you

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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS - RESULTS

    Exceptional show, FWA. The whole tournament was well written and kept my interest from beginning to end. Very excited to see how B.I.B. XIII progresses. For some reason, I continue to follow Cyrus Truths journey so I'm wondering if he'll be able to keep his title or not lol

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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS - RESULTS

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words. Honored to be the first ever WGP winner, it's an accolade that I'll cherish for sure.

    From top to bottom this was a great show, great job to everyone who had a hand in putting it together.

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