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Thread: The X-Files: The Truth is Out There

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    The X-Files: The Truth is Out There

    This game is an obviously non-canon fantasy episode of The X-Files.

    - No role revealing and no role hinting
    - No night posting unless your role says otherwise
    - No editing posts
    - No discussing game outside of thread
    - Inactivity after 2 days will results in a modkill
    - No using screenshots from PMs
    - Everything else should be common knowledge. If you are new to this feel free to PM me.
    - Story post will be up day 1

    Sign-up Sheet:

    1. Grim
    2. OMB
    3. Creeping Death
    4. Sully
    5. Fuji Vice
    6. Sayer
    7. Shake
    8. Jiggy
    9. Coxatron
    10. RED
    11. Baldrick
    12. Shawn
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