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Thread: Who Goes There: The Thing From Another World

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    Who Goes There: The Thing From Another World


    The year is 1982... Some"thing" has come to Earth. Winter is beginning in the Antarctic wastelands and communications with the outside world will soon be cut off. A Norwegian Research station, known as Thule, has come across an ancient alien spaceship, as well as a life-form, frozen in a block of ice. Upon taking it back to their station, "it" broke loose. They soon discover that the Thing takes the shape of those it kills, using its blood to assimilate all life.

    A few miles away, Outpost 31, a U.S. Antarctic Research Station, comes across a lone sled dog seemingly from nowhere. The caretaker, Clark, takes in the dog as one of his own. Soon, they realize something is very wrong with that dog... as it transforms into a... "thing" beyond human comprehension and kills some of the other Huskies. After disposing of it with fire, senior-biologist Dr. Blair deduces that same thing that the Norwegian group had. One of their people has been transformed into a "thing".

    Now, two groups are stuck in the Antarctic, alone with all communications cut off from the rest of the world; the only thing keeping these terrified and paranoid humans company... is a "thing" among them, that will infect others. They must now ask themselves: who is human and who is not?


    1. Night-Posting is allowed for this game (In story, it makes sense. Would you be able to sleep too?).

    2. Role-Revealing is a big no-no. You may hint at who you are, but flat out telling who you are will lead to a mod-kill. If you feel your hint is too much, just don't post it or PM me about it before doing so.

    3. Do not talk about an active game in the general Mafia Chat, or in the Shoutbox, or... outside the game in general. I will find out about this and you will be mod-killed. Using screenshots/PM monitoring/etc. to attempt to prove your innocence or hunt down folks as mafia will get you modkilled. Not only that, I have a zero tolerance policy against screenshots. Doing so will earn you a permanent ban from playing any future Mafia games I may host.

    4. I'm sure we all understand that editing your post in the game is bad, mmkay? I've already stated once I really do not want to have to mod-kill you for something so small, but I'm serious about this. Edit your post and the wrath of the MAFIA Gods will rain down upon you.

    5. Days are 24 hours long, and Nights are 12.

    6. I'm attempting something a little different with this one. Instead of the usual 4/5/6 mafia members, there will be a set amount at the beginning of the game, and as it goes on, the Mafia has the potential to grow. To counteract this, the town will be given a set of scenarios every few days, in addition to the lynch during the day.

    7. For those not familiar or new to the MAFIA craze, a brief explanation can be found by clicking here.

    (The game will be scheduled to begin Wednesday, April 18, when all roles have been filled (or one week following Jiggy's WWF MAFIA Game, should roles be filled out beforehand))


    1. Dook Gulak
    2. Sky
    3. Mitch Maverick
    4. Sayer
    6. The Gipper
    7. Creeping Death
    8. Kayla
    10. Coxatron
    11. Dakstang
    12. Fuji Vice
    13. Baldrick
    14. Smarkslayer
    17. Sykotic
    18. OMB
    19. Shake
    22. Tig
    23. Wang Chung
    24. Ragveida
    25. Jiggy
    27. Zero
    28. Jimmy King
    (Yes, there are that many characters.)

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