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Thread: High Voltage Match Qualifiers Promos

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    High Voltage Match Qualifiers Promos

    Jackson Fenix by Jimmy King

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy King
    Make CWA Great Again

    CWA Network Exclusive

    The scene opens up to set up with a desk and a backdrop behind it with the Adrenaline Rush logo emblazoned on it, and sitting at the desk is Michelle Kelly.

    Michelle Kelly: Hello fans and welcome to Talking Adrenaline my name is Michelle Kelly and sitting by me is none other than everyone's favorite color commentator, the one and only Tim Coleman!

    The camera then pans over and reveals Tim sitting a little bit across from Michelle.

    Tim Coleman: Thank you for the welcome Michelle but next time try to show a little more enthusiasm when introducing me

    Michelle Kelly: I thought I was more enthusiastic enough for you Tim but my apologies and I'll keep that in mind for next time. Moving on we do have a ton of stuff to get to in regards to Retribution and several guests to get to...

    Tim Coleman: I mean as if my presence wasn't enough...

    Michelle Kelly: We do have several guests that will be joining us...

    ???: You better tell those other guests to take a hike because I'm the only one that matters around here...

    The voice off set belongs to Jackson Fenix with a microphone in hand as he walks up on the set and takes a seat in between Michelle and Tim.

    Michelle Kelly: Welcome to the show Jackson Fenix but I'm sorry you were not scheduled to be here

    Jackson Fenix: I am well aware of that Michelle and I am truly apalled that a man such as myself wasn't invited. I am the most must see wrestler on the CWA roster and I'm not even invited on your talk show? For shame Michelle

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, what's the big deal Michelle? Show some respect for this man right here!

    Michelle Kelly: I mean I'm not the one in charge of who is scheduled to be here...

    Jackson Fenix: Well whoever is should be fired and apparently they don't care about ratings because they are about to hit an all time high now that I'm gracing you with my presence. If you don't mind Michelle, could you tell me what guests were invited?

    Michelle Kelly:
    Izaya Snowmantashi...

    Jackson Fenix: Loser, and from what I learned at Retribution he can't even speak english, so yeah that says it all on how well that interview would have

    Michelle Kelly: Mendoza...

    Jackson Fenix: Who?

    Michelle Kelly: and Nate Savage...

    Jackson was about to say something but stops himself.

    Michelle Kelly: Speaking of which, have you spoken with Nate at all?

    Jackson brings the microphone back to his mouth.

    Jackson Fenix: Well see I tried talking to him but he doesn't wanna be bothered right now. He hasn't returned my calls or my texts and what I've learned about Nate over the years is to not poke the bear too much, especially when he's in a foul mood

    Tim Coleman: Which is all the time!

    Michelle Kelly: You will be facing him as well as Izaya Snowmantashi and Mendoza in a qualifier match to determine who will face the High Voltage champion Krash and the former champion Elijah Edwards in a five man scramble match, how do you feel about that?

    Jackson Fenix: I feel like that Uncle Afa needs to get his head out of his ass and quit making me jump through all of these hoops just to get what I rightfully deserve. He doesn't seem to realize the hot commodity he has on his show, he doesn't get that I'm a top tier talent. I'm one of a kind, no one even comes close to my level. No one can hold a candle to my abilities in that ring and I've proven it every time that I've been in there. Is Afa blind? Does he not see that?

    Michelle Kelly: I believe that he just wants to earn it fairly

    Tim Coleman: Where's the fun in that?! That hasn't stopped anyone in the past from getting a title shot just handed to them!

    Jackson Fenix: Exactly my point, you see Tim gets it, why doesn't Uncle Afa get it?

    Michelle Kelly: Also, Elijah Edwards is technically owed a rematch after losing the title to Krash

    Jackson Fenix: I don't care about that. I don't care about Elijah Edwards. He needs to get over it and move on and let someone with actual talent take care of business...

    Jackson pauses to take a drink from Michelle's mug and spits it out on the floor in disgust.

    Jackson Fenix: Ugh, that stuff is awful! Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, this qualifying match that shouldn't even be happening. You know what though? I'll play Uncle Afa's game if that's what he wants. I'll continue to jump through his hoops and I'll continue to show while I'm the best damn thing going in this company today when I step foot in that scramble match and walk out with that High Voltage Championship around my beautiful waist!

    Michelle Kelly: You're not at all concerned that you have to contend with your friend Nate Savage?

    Jackson Fenix: You know, I get that Nate is hungry and wants to achieve that glory because he has mouths to feed. I get it, that's admirable and I respect that most about him. Yet, deep down he knows that I'm hungrier and that I want this more than anything, and he'll do the right thing and let me have my time. He's already had his time with the High Voltage title, now it's my time. I know that Nate will completely understand that. Maybe not if you ask him right now but deep down he knows it's the right thing to do.

    Michelle Kelly: What about Izaya Snowmantashi or Mendoza?

    Jackson Fenix: What about them Michelle? I've wiped the floor with Izaya before and carried him to victory at Retribution along with that other loser XYZ. Mendoza on the other hand is someone I've not faced before but from what I've seen he's not done much of anything so I don't understand why he's in this match to begin with but I guess you need someone to take the fall...

    Michelle Kelly: One more question and then we are out of time, how will you react if Nate Savage doesn't do, as you put it "the right thing", and he wins and goes on to challenge for the title?

    Jackson Fenix: You know Michelle, you just keep trying to drive that wedge between but it won't work. If Nate wins I'll be elated for him. He deserves all of the success that he gets. In the end though, the better man will win and you're looking at him. I'm here to make CWA Great Again and I will do so when I inevitably walk out of that five man scramble match with that High Voltage Championship wrapped around my beautiful waist!

    Michelle Kelly: Never one to shy from confidence, Jackson Fenix thank you for stopping by, and that is all the time we have for Talking Adrenaline this week, good night everyone!

    The camera zooms out as the scene fades out on the three.

    Jonathan McGinnis by Woke Willis

    Quote Originally Posted by Woke Willis

    Welcome To

    Character: "False Prophet."
    Ring Of Syndicate Special
    Crowning The Champion!
    October 5th 2017
    Chicago, Illinois

    Main Event

    Crown The Champion Finals
    Ring of Syndicate Championship

    Peter Desmond Vs Super Zacharias Thunder

    R.O.S ANNOUNCER: WHAT! A MANEUVER! These two have been putting on this great performance in the ring but only one of these men can walk away here the NEW! Ring Of Syndicate Champion!

    A new Ring Of Syndicate Champion had to be crown as the former champion Donnie Pubs was forced to vacated the champion due to an injury that will sideline him for close to a year. Ring Of Syndicate, a well known independent wrestling company where "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis made his name known prior to coming over to the CWA and becoming one of the biggest names in wrestling today. But tonight a new champion has to be crown as tonight's R.O.S live special on the streaming site GOProFight.Com. The finals of a tournament to crown a new champion with wrestlers all over the world coming together for a 32 man tournament to give R.O.S a champion they deserve. The finals come down to Pete Desmond and Super Zacharias Thunder! Pete Desmond from the UK and Super Zacharias Thunder from Mexico. The two are putting on a wrestling clinic in the ring as they are in a grueling match that has just passed the 45 minute mark.

    R.O.S ANNOUNCER: The crowd is ELECTRIC! As these two are leaving it all in the ring. I will tell you one of these two men will be a great champion that will represent our company.

    The crowd bangs on the guard rail as both Zacharias Thunder and Pete Desmond trade punches in the middle of the ring with both men looking completely spent. Zacharias with a strong boot out of nowhere as he hits his finisher DAY ONE DELIVERY! A running knee chained into an AA! As he covers Desmond 1....2....... Desmond kicks out!!!!

    R.O.S ANNOUNCER: OH MY GOD! He kicked out...

    Both men lay motionless in the ring as the crowd chants

    "This is AWESOME!"

    "This is AWESOME!"

    "This is AWESOME!"

    "This is AWESOME!"


    The crowd goes ape shit!!!



    THE INDY GOD! Jonathan McGinnis stands in the ring as the crowd goes crazy!!! Both Desmond and Thunder slowly get to their feet as McGinnis with a smirk superkicks both of them down to the mat. He takes Thunder drops him down with SOMETHING LIGHT! Desmond is up and gets hit with another SUPERKICK!!!! The crowd is going crazy as McGinnis hasn't been back in a R.O.S since he left years ago to head for CWA. He leaves the ring as for some weird reason now the ref calls for the bell for a no contest!.

    R.O.S ANNOUNCER: What is McGinnis doing here? This man is a psycho.....

    McGinnis leaves the ring as he snatches a microphone and the R.O.S Championship but before he goes back into the ring he superkicks the R.O.S announcer. He heads towards the ring as he throws the belt in the ring. He goes to enter but goes under the ring by lifting up the ring apron and takes out a sledgehammer. He then enters the ring and hits Thunder who is up to his feet and then drops Desmond as well. McGinnis takes the championship that he held for more than a year as he drapes its on his shoulder.

    How disrespectful!!!

    The crowd still going crazy! McGinnis wearing his Indy God shirt and jeans gets upset.

    Jonathan McGinnis:Everyone SHUT UP! For Christ sake, you guys are just annoying as the dufus that I just superkicked at the announce table, I always found him fucking irritating. Now everyone, shut up, because I have something to say.Man, I hate that fucking chant.

    McGinnis mocks the chant so hilariously

    Jonathan McGinnis: This is awesome..... OH shut the fuck up.

    He pauses and smirks as he looks at the carnage in the ring. Before he can go on speaking R.O.S security runs to the ring as he takes them out one by one with a superkick!

    Jonathan McGinnis: Can I now get what I have to say off my chest. Damn! You see this championship draped on my shoulder. I made this title special, I made this championship mean something, when I held this title for as long as I did. Now look at it... look at these men, from all over the world fight for this championship, that well isn't all that important now huh? It was I who carried this company on my back years ago, and now I'm here to pull the plug on it as I'm leaving with this... this title is MINE!.

    McGinnis is furious as he speaks with a burning passion.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I MADE THIS SPECIAL! Now when it was vacated and they had a tournament to crown who will carry this, where was my invite? Where was my championship invitation for a championship that I made prestigious. These two in this ring that you screamed "This is awesome" couldn't hold a candle to what I brought to this company, but this place just like CWA, showed disrespect by not treating me with the respect I deserve. When I was on the shelf, where was R.O.S? Where was Z.AG, the owner of this promotion, a man I made so much fucking money for, huh WHERE! was he? That's right nowhere to be found. I gave so much to this business, and what has it ever given me huh? I missed the birth of my son for this fucking business. But this business, doesn't care about me. We are all just spoke on the wheel, and the business will continue to just ruin lives. How many of us die before the age of 60? And you think CWA cares, you think R.O.S, NWAJP, any wrestling promotion under the sun, you think they care? They don't. That is why I'm here to pull the plug on it all. It seems everyone who steps in the ring only care about things like this. Fucking championship titles... just like this one.

    McGinnis holds up the R.O.S Title.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I know Z.A.G is in the back watching on monitor as uncomfortable as he possibly can be. He cares so much about this
    championship, but it's worthless to me, it's not but shinny leather with gold plates on it. But I can use it. I can use it as a political tool to accomplish what I need to and that is to save the world from professional wrestling.... So Z.A.G I know you are watching. I want you to see me leave with your title, man, we use to be best friends, what happened? Did I really burn a hole in your soul when I left for CWA? I had to, this place was never going to break out of his "local" status. I had a family to feed, but fuck all that, I'm getting off topic. Just watch me leave..

    Z.A.G walks out from behind gorilla position and stands at the edge of the ramp. McGinnis is laughing as he goes to leave the ring with one of the most prestigious championship in indy wrestling on his shoulder. He blows a kiss at Z.A.G as in the ring finally the two who originally did battle for the title slowly come to their senses.


    McGinnis is backstage at Adrenaline Rush as he has a huge match for contention for the CWA High Voltage champion. He sorting through the gear that he is going to wear tonight. Seems like he can care less about that right now. He is on his cell phone talking to someone on the phone.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah, I will probably catch up with later tonight. Be ready for me girl.....

    Someone is heard walking up behind McGinnis and it is none other the man in charge Afa Seanoa. These two are at odds and that is really being light with the situation. After what transpired at Retribution, these two just seem to be a few words away from trading punches. McGinnis turns around and just smirks in the face of Afa.

    Afa Seanoa: You know. I just can’t with you sometimes. Everytime I think there is a new low for you, you surprise me.

    Jonathan McGinnis: What? You mean me taking back what was always mine?

    Afa Seanoa: Just because R.O.S Is a promotion beneath us here in CWA, its.....

    McGinnis cuts him off

    Jonathan McGinnis: Woahhh, beneath CWA? Listen that's only okay when I say it. That place gave you the greatest wrestler this world has ever seen, don’t you ever forget it, Afa.

    Afa Seanoa: Just make sure you give them their belt back.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You know, I will think about it. I doubt it though, its mine. I can care less about the legal trouble, so save me that speech. That place will be just like this place, burned down to the ground. BUT! we are getting ahead of ourselves now. Just imagine how I will use the High Voltage Championship as my personal tool to help burn this place. And think there isn't a damn thing you can do about it, Afa. I dare you, put your fucking hands on me... I know you want it... do it and make closing this place for good easier than counting to three. I will own this place.... if you even think about laying a fucking finger on me. You see live in this delusional world where you think I will just go away. But you fail to realize that, I will die for this cause, you fucking hear me. And all you can do is just watch me bring this all down. It burns doesn't it. Now I have a match to prepare for, and a title to eventually make mine, but I won't do the High Voltage title, like I did the R.O.S title I got at home, I will win fair and square and hoist it in your face like a passing grade in the face of a asshole professor.

    Afa Seanoa: Listen, you’re going to give that fucking belt back. I swear..

    Jonathan McGinnis: Swear what? You going to suspend me? You know how paper thin this roster is, you need me more than you can ever think. Now like I said, 1. I ain’t given shit back and 2. Leave me be. I got a match to win. Plus I'm pretty sure you got a whole R.O.S legal team just ready to sue if I bring "MY" championship on CWA television. So leave me.....

    Afa doesn't move.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Fine. I'll leave....

    He walks away from Afa as Afaf stands with his arms crossed. McGinnis notices the camera man who caught the whole ordeal between the two and laughs.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Since you want to be so intrusive, Mr. camera man. Allow me to use you to address my opponents who are just like Afa, fucking delusional if they think that tonight is their night.. But there is one man in the match I want to address first because his name is just written on my mind, and that is Prince Ali. I hope that he realizes that his pinfall over me a few weeks back, man, you can be considered an all time great, Ali. But to be honest, Prince, my mind wasn't fully in that match and I think you can see where you watch the match back on the tapes.

    Jonathan McGinnis: But that doesn't change history now does it, Prince, but I will tell you this, tonight, lighting won't strike twice for you baby boy and I will tell you why. You put too much weight on to your principles, but listen here, principles don't mean shit when you are dealing with a man that would end your career for the fucking sake of it. I know that you have something to prove after your lack luster performance in the main event Steel Roulette. I mean, it seems like you barely a factor in that match. So I know that you look to come out the gates swinging but face it, Ali, my mission is a little more righteous.

    Jonathan McGinnis: To be fair, you and the rest in this match are more than incident casualties. Shawn Summers and Sammy Riggins, they are just road kill, just another victim, just more to have their teeth super kicked down their throats by The Indy God. Just ask Rolando, I'm pretty sure he is somewhere tonight just replaying our match at Retribution over and over in his head, so he just like the rest of those in this match and this whole ordeal set by Afa is nothing short but a waste of time.. because I will win tonight and I will move on to become High Voltage champion. And there is nothing Afa or anyone else can do to stop.... catch ya later... now get the fuck out my way camera man.

    The scene ends as McGinnis walks off overly confident that he will be getting the job done tonight.

    Nate Savage by Jimmy King

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy King
    I almost had it.

    Those words uttered by the man known as "Nasty" Nate Savage. A moniker he certainly lived up to and then some given his recent performances but something seems off about the man. He stares forward, expressionless at a TV playing the Steel Roulette match.

    It was right there. It was close that I could taste it but all I tasted was bitter defeat. It was right within an inch of my fingertips and I let it slip away from me.

    He mutters to himself as his elimination comes on the screen, and he stares intently at it as he taps out on screen but eliminating Prince Ali at the same time. He puts his hands in his face and hangs his head in shame. He stays like that for a bit until a hand is on his knee, kind of startling him out of his trance and he looks to see that it his daughter.

    Daddy, what's the matter?

    He hoists her up and places her on his lap.

    Daddy is just upset, that's all.

    Why are you upset?

    Well sweetie, Daddy had a match and well, he lost. Now Daddy feels like he let you, your brother, and Mommy all down.

    She looks up at him.

    I'm proud of you Daddy

    A hint of a tear rolls down his face cheek as she says this to him. She turns back to the screen and sees Lilith has won.

    That mean lady won didn't she?

    Yes she did win, unfortunately.

    She doesn't deserve that win Daddy, that should be you holding that big shiny thing!

    I appreciate that sweetie, thank you. Daddy will get to hold that one day, and when I do I will bring it home and let you see it, okay?

    Do you promise?

    I promise

    She squeezes him with a hug and then he releases her to let her go play. Nate looks at the TV screen before shutting it off and hangs his head again but is soon not alone again as his wife enters the room.

    We're all proud of you Nathan, me, Abby, and Ben. You did your best in there. There is no need to beat yourself up over this because in our hearts, you're the true champion. Not that witch Lilith who used cheap tactics to win, you are the true champion. You may not hold the gold but in this household, in this family, you are the champion and there is no that can take that away from you.

    He looks up at her with a smile.

    Thank you...

    She bends down to give him a kiss on the cheek and leaves him alone again. He reaches for his cell phone and looks up a number in his contact list, hesitant to hit dial but sighs and does so.


    A few days before the next Adrenaline Rush in Arizona, Nate makes a quick trip to Bullhead City, AZ. He's driving along the dirt road until he reaches his destination, a small trailer home in the middle of the desert. Nothing but dirt and sand surrounding it as well as other trailer homes in the area. He steps out of his vehicle, the crunch of his shoe in the dirt as he walks towards the trailer home and knocks on the door. He waits for a moment until the door opens up and it's "The Icon" himself...Clint Shepard. The man that trained Nate and brought him to CWA before Nate turned his back on him. Clint stares at Nate and Nate stares back. Shepard eventually holds his hand out and Nate relucantly shakes his hand as Shepard motions for him to come inside. The two take a seat in the living room, Shepard in his chair and Nate on the couch. Silence fills the room for a brief moment until Shepard is the first to open up.

    Clint Shepard: To be honest Nate, I was surprised that you even called me and I'm even more surprised to see that you showed up at my doorstep...

    Nate Savage:
    I don't know why I did it but something felt right about it, I don't know Clint. I know there was some bad blood between us...

    Clint puts his hand up.

    Clint Shepard: Look, whatever happened between us in the past is exactly that, the past. We're grown men, we can be civilized with one another and move on from that. There is no need to be sorry for what you did to me back then. Sure, I was upset, but was I surprised? Not at all.

    Nate Savage: Why is that?

    Clint Shepard: Well it's like I said during that promotional video package before that match, I've never met someone more hungry and more driven in all my years of wrestling. I saw it in you and I knew that I couldn't contain you for too long before you broke the leash and went out on your own. It was inevitable Nate and looking back now I was holding you back but not from your spot like you said, I was holding you back from your true potential, so in a way I'm glad you did what you did because all I really wanted for you was to succeed and you've done that and I couldn't be more proud...

    Nate is at a loss for words right now at what he's hearing. The man that he damn near crippled after powerbombing on the ring apron at Five Star Attraction almost two years ago is saying that he's proud of Nate for doing what he did to him.

    Clint Shepard: I know it's probably strange to hear that coming from me but I mean it Nate, I truly do. I've wanted to tell you this for a long time now but I just never really had the courage to do it and besides I didn't want to do it over the phone or throught a text message, I wanted to wait until I saw you in person, face to face to tell you that I'm proud of you and all that you've accomplished in CWA. You won the High Voltage championship, a title that I held at one point but back then it was known as the X-Fly Championship and I was much more in shape than I am now, at least now I have hair unlike back then...

    Clint chuckles to himself.

    Clint Shepard: Hell, you even main evented a pay per view event in one of the most dangerous structures, the Steel Roulette. That's something I never once did during my time in CWA. I don't even think that the Steel Roulette existed back then to be honest but I digress. I'm proud of you Nate, your family is proud of you and you should be proud of yourself...

    Nate finally decides to speak up.

    Nate Savage: I know everyone is proud of me for making it as far as I did, but I can't help but feel like that I let everyone down when I tapped out. I feel like...a failure

    Clint Shepard: You have nothing to be ashamed of Nate and you didn't let anyone down. You tapped out, yes, but you'll live to fight another day. I know you Nate. I know you'll bounce back from this because it's like I said before, you're driven and you're hungry. You won't let anything or anyone stop you. Jon Snowmantashi? He didn't stand a chance against you whether he'd like to admit it or not. You pinned him in the center of that ring Nate, thus ending his long title reign. That is something to be proud of him and something that very few people can lay claim to doing and you're one of them.

    Now I see you have this next match coming up where you're in a match to determine who will challenge next for the High Voltage championship. Look at that, you're already being given another chance. This is your chance Nate.

    Nate Savage: I'm not usually one to doubt myself but do you really think it'll be that easy? I mean, three other guys in this match are just as hungry as I am.

    Clint Shepard: You know one of them, correct? That Jackson Fenix kid?

    Nate Savage: Yeah, Jackie boy and I go way back. The guy is talented as hell but he lets his mouth write more checks than his ass can cash. He's all talk really. I like the guy, I'm the one that brought him to CWA. I know that he probably thinks I'll just lay down for him and let him take the win but that won't happen. I get that he wants this because he's never held a title in CWA but I want this much more than he does. He doesn't have mouths to feed, I do. I need this more than anyone, even him.

    Shepard smiles at Nate.

    Clint Shepard: That's what I like to hear Nate, there's that fire, that passion. You've just got believe in yourself.

    Nate Savage: It doesn't matter whether it's Mendoza or Izaya Snowmantashi or even Jackie boy, I'm going to walk out of this match with a title shot whether Jackson or anyone else likes it or not. I'm not particulary familiar with Mendoza but Izaya on the other hand I've had encounters with. I can see it runs in the family but he will never be like his brother. The only way he will be like his brother is when I leave him laying on that mat in a broken heap...

    This won't be a cake walk for Jackson either. We're friends but once that bell rings it's all business and sorry not sorry it's nothing personal but I just want this more. Jackson won't admit it but he's afraid of me.

    Clint Shepard: He has every right to be, you've got that killer instinct. He knows it. He knows that you're willing to do whatever it takes to win and that you won't have someone drag you down.

    Nate Savage: This is my time, no one else stands in my way.

    Shepard nods his head with a smile and approval. The scene begins to fade out as the two talk some more and catch up before it ends.

    Brayden Bridges by OMB

    Quote Originally Posted by OMB
    Brayden Bridges walks onto a stage at an old bar there is not a lot of people around. He begins to play as it seems to be last call.

    There is a devil on the back
    The monster keeping me on track
    The Angel has gone away
    Heaven seems to far so long
    Hell is at the door
    Which way is up
    I don't know anymore?

    Brayden stops as it seems no one is listening he gets off stage grabbing a beer he goes outside lighting at cig. A women approaches him. Brayden is caught off guard as this looks like Alice.

    ???: Hi can I get a light?

    Brayden frozen for a few seconds snaps out of it looking at the stranger.

    ???: You look like you seen a ghost

    Brayden Bridges: You just look so much like someone I used to know.

    ???: Used to?

    Brayden Bridges: She died

    ???: Yea, that would catch you off guard huh making you feel like you seen a ghost.

    Brayden Bridges: It really does, in a way though that is my punishment. Seeing someone like that can really get in your head and lord knows that's not a good thing.

    ???: Well, with that thing there you can.

    The Woman points at the guitar . Brayden looks down.

    Brayden Bridges: If it was only that simple.

    ???: Why isn't it?

    Brayden Bridges: Well to be honest I am going to have to do something I don't wanna do but I have to. I got to hurt someone because they have been set in my way three actually. All three of these people have scratched and clawed their way to get to where they are today and they will learn what happens when fate makes you meet a cruel end.

    Brayden plays his guitar again slowly looking up.

    Hate in the heart
    Love on the mind
    Looking up from the rabbit's hole
    The Hatter wait inside
    His new riddle
    Clouded to be named
    The answer maybe closer
    Then you think

    ???: What are you trying to say?

    Brayden Bridges: I am saying that in the end these questions we ask ourselves that what is really going on in our heads is like a maze a puzzle. For instance, three of these men I have to hurt I do it because it is needed. If you find that darkness in you that real darkness that would get you what you wanted. Could you live with that ? The whole world in your hands just to vanish any light you had left.

    Ocean comes crashing
    Tide coming up again
    The people gasp
    As it goes closer to the edge

    Brayden Bridges: You see there's a man that is always seems to be going on a crash course he rolls in crashing like a high tide and just as it seems like he is closing in he stops just short of it. I look at him and I see chaos pure unfiltered chaos and one of these days its going to send him under the tide like when you bury yourself in the sand and you watch as your life passes you by because there is nothing you can do.

    Brayden looks up now the stranger puffs her cig looking back at him. Brayden starts a fast pace song.

    How sad must it be
    To watch time pass you by
    Old Yeller was amazing
    Until he couldn't survive
    Bullet in his brain
    Put you out of your pain.

    ???: Time flies doesn't it holding on to past glories.

    Brayden Bridges: There is something to be said about being watching your best days pass you by a certain someone I know seems to have this. It is a mercy killing and I do what a must better die a martyr then die left with nothing falling and becoming obsolete.

    Brayden hands begin to play a song again this time its almost gleeful but it turns somber quick.

    At the end of the story
    Caught in Neverland tonight
    The rage of the hook
    Leaves nothing but a fight
    You maybe young in here forever
    But time to wake up alright
    Before this story has an ending
    That turns into a king novel

    Brayden Bridges: This last man or should I say boy is one with the most intresting of cases he maybe the most dangerous. His heart is pure like an evil is set by chance but the whitest of knights in this world fall to the darkest of hands. I respect him trying to live in a fantasy world being the king of the playground except all the children have gone home. This one is the biggest tragedy because I feel like I have to take his lunch money. If you step aside don't show up we can play hide and seek just stay away from the shadows and all will be just fine.

    Brayden Bridges finishes his cig as the girl tosses hers. We see Brayden play until a man comes out and says Brayden who are you talking to? Brayden goes to introduce but the girl is gone. He plays a song as he walks into the night.

    I walk alone
    Shadows my only friends
    Night on your side
    Light fails to shine

    Prince Ali by Mr. Franchise

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Franchise
    The scene opens with a limo pulling up to the Gila River arena. The driver gets out and opens the back door. Prince Ali's sister Fatuma steps out and Ali himself follows. They walk out with big smiles on their faces like they just won the lotto or a world championship. Ali tips the driver and then continues walking with his sister by his side. They run into backstage interviewer Michelle Kelly who looks as if she was anticipating them.

    MK: Hey Ali can i grab you and your beautiful sister for a quick interview?

    Ali: Sure Michelle your always pleasant to talk to

    MK:Thanks well i just wanted to ask you your thoughts on your performance in the Steel Roulette for the World Heavyweight title. You must be disappointed by the outcome?

    Ali: Disappointed yes but still very optimistic. It was quite the humbling experience being in that steel hell. Flesh tearing from the jagged edges of the steel. Bruises that will take weeks to go away. Honestly out of all the competitors I came away with the least amount of damage. To live to fight another day and that is what I plan on doing tonight. You see i came into this company with tons of potential, a big head and a lot of people who look like me to represent. Since then i have competed in the tag title tournament and made it all away to the end before it slip away in a split second. I just competed in a historic match for the world title and once again it slip away because of my novice. POP just like that my big head was gone. Humbled but refocused. There is a time where potential meets reality and the reality of the situation is that i was not yet ready for those opportunities. Will i retreat and take my ball home like many that have in short stints in this company? NO. I remember what my fore fathers have taught me and continue to train and improve.

    MK: Well that is great to hear because you have another great opportunity tonight in a fatal four way match against Sammy Riggins, Shawn Summers and a man you've had success against the Indy God himself Jonathan McGuinness. Three formidable competitors who are all as hungry as you at a opportunity at the prestigious High Voltage chmpionship. How do you feel about who your facing?

    Ali: Well I have respect for two out of the three men that I am facing so i will start with them. Riggins is a new comer such as myself and i am sure he is eager to capitalize on this opportunity as much as I am. He has speed, technique and confidence in himself quite like how i was in the beginning. At the pay per view he show off his talents but quite like me he fell to the Shawn Summers because of over confidence. He went in thinking he was going to show off and win and he was put in his place. I learned from my mistakes that i have made in the past. This match will show if Riggins will learn from his or we will get more of the same. Summers has been in the game for a while. He has beaten some of the best but hes never really been able to sustain success or look interested in what he is doing. At the pay per view it looks like Riggins woke something up in him. The most motivated i have seen him since watching the product in a long time. I believe Summers is talented but im not sure this streak of will continue against what i am bringing to this match.

    MK: And McGuinness?

    Ali: I have been very critical of self proclaimed Indy god, the man who declares war on CWA and plans to burn it down. I have seen the truth about this man. He is not a god but just an attention seeking mortal. A man so insecure with himself he has to blame everyone else for his failures. He left this company because he couldn't sustain success by himself. He re enters the company when there is new age beginning. New management, new talent and now he wants to burn everything down because the void people felt was being filled. He came into this company as a blue chipper with a lot of potential and turned himself into the most hated man in the wrestling business. He feels entitled and that how how squeezed himself into my qualifying match for the World title at retribution. I toppled him then. Showed him he someone wont stand by while he burns down everything i have dreamed for. He had a spectacular performance at Retribution and that is the man i want to face tonight. Not the loud mouth coward we have seen for the past year. I want to take down the guy with all the tools in the world to be the greatest and beat him so i can show i am better.

    MK: Are you excited about a opportunity at the High Voltage championship.

    Ali: Very excited. The High Voltage Championship has always been the work horse title. The man holding that it suppose to show in night in and night out that he can represent this company and entertain all these fans. Lately that has not been the case with the title as Krash has been complacent in competing for other championships and not defending the one wrap around his own waste. I am not looking past my competitors tonight but i am going in to win. Once I do i will move on and try to bring prestige back to the High Voltage championship.

    Ali and his sister head to the locker room as Ali is getting ready for his match.

    XYZ by The Golden One

    Quote Originally Posted by The Golden One
    The soothing sound of an ocean's waves are the first thing we hear. Next is the crystal-clear blue color of the Gulf of Mexico, about 100 miles from land in any direction. The sound alone of the waves offered a comforting vibe, but the sight of them rising up 5 feet into the air and crashing down gives it a bit more of a menacing look. The wind howls and forces the water to bash against itself in slanted directions, causing a ripple effect of water bouncing up into the air and back down right before another wave rumbles through like an energetic ball rolling along the ocean floor.

    High above, the sky is a dark grey color as thick clouds roll through, with a never-ending look as we glare out into the deeper part of the Gulf of Mexico.

    The only thing battling through the waves, wind, and water is a small kayak boat, not much larger than 15 feet in length. And sitting in the main position and using the paddles furiously against the tide is the eccentric XYZ.

    "Out here ... in the DANGER ... I feel ...


    XYZ doesn't look too calm. He is exerting quite a bit of energy with each stroke of the paddle. His kayak tilts upward to the sky as he tops over a building wave and then tilts back down as it glides toward the flat ocean surface before battling the next wave in the same manner.

    "These waves ... this storm ... this is life. What goes up ... must come down. The growing energy rises up to the sky, only for it to crash right back down to the floor. And as we move through this world, in search of our personal utopias, we are ... always ... and forever ... battling the storm's tide and waves against us. Just trying to get over one ... and onto the next."

    XYZ is seemingly talking to no one but himself. No one else is in the single-person kayak and there is no other boat or ship nearby.

    "The voltage that runs through my blood is pure. It's a ... high voltage. And in search of a way to ... bring it all to the surface, I am taking my penance to the extreme. No ... I have not been at my best lately.

    I have not been the best person I can be.

    I have not been the best ... XYZ.

    But like this fight, like this battle against a growing storm racing toward the Gulf Coast, I can rise up from the struggle. I can reach the top of the wave, besting the wind and Mother Nature, only for it to bring me back down and bring on another foe. And on and on I go. I will NEVER give up. I am a venomous tiger, always looking for the next conquest. That is my life. That is my hope. I am a bear mixed with an eagle ...

    mixed with a sea lion. I am thunder, lightning, and tornados all rolled into ONE."

    XYZ nearly has the kayak tip over as he tries to best a 7-foot wave, but he is able to keep the kayak upright as it is positioned sideways. XYZ quickly straightens it out in time to keep paddling, moving a good bit offshore and far from safety as he paddles through Hurricane Nate.

    "Brayden Bridges does not build bridges for the needy people who come to me asking for a helping hand. Trevor Ocean ... do you see him living to his name and becoming the master of the deep sea?

    Brayden Bridges might've won the Young Lions Cup, but I see him singing the sad tunes of yesterday and think ... 'Does he think he has the voltage of highness?'

    And Trevor Ocean ... do you really believe Shawn Summers will help you? He couldn't even help himself in the playplace match that doomed him against the one and only ... XYZ.

    As a trio, you fell to the Phoenix named Fenix, Izaya from the Snow, and the three-lettered God of the downtrodden. You couldn't gain your own Retribution. You're a fractured pair when you enter the match."

    The sweat begins to build on his forehead, underneath the long dirty brown hair that curls right over his eyebrows. It bounces down around his neck and shoulders as the water collects inside the bundled-up hair on his head and all over his exposed shoulders. XYZ is not wearing a shirt, only a pair of green shorts and the usual green cape tied around his neck.

    In other words, he looks exactly as he does when wrestling in the CWA.

    "But lest we not forget Rolando Fuentes, the man who fell from the sky like a ton of bricks. Jonathan McGinnis, the Indy God, was at your doorstep. Rolando, the very men who enter this world of fighting only DREAM of the chance you had. And you let it go. How ... could you?

    What pain you must be in. What heartache you must feel. What retribution you must've missed. For yourself. For the previous time you could not beat this man.

    Now you think ... you can come against the believers, against the hopers, against the XYZers ... and gain the voltage of highness?

    Just like Brayden Bridges and Trevor Ocean, there is something to be said for ... coming in on a high note. Yes ... the waves cause us to go up and down from day to day, moment to moment. But with each victorious paddle, with each wave bested, we gain a little more momentum. We gain a little more promise. A little more ... belief. Passion. Confidence. Assuredness.

    We dream a little bigger, reach a little higher.

    Brayden Bridges, Trevor Ocean, and Rolando Fuentes are not dreaming big. They are not reaching high. They are down on themselves as they come down the waves, the water crashing over them, topping over their kayaks and ripping their paddles from their hands.

    They are sinking. They are drowning. And I won't lend a helping hand. I have too much waiting for me deeper into the sea."

    XYZ moves faster and faster through the ocean, finally reaching the end of the hurricane's storm clouds at a rapid pace. He takes a breather as the water calms, the bumps in the surface barely topping 2 feet and gliding along at a peaceful pace.

    XYZ closes his eyes and smiles, taking in the warm sunlight before looking back at the storm clouds, which only move further and further from his position.

    "The storm will end. The waves will stop. The water will become ... your friend. If you keep paddling, keep fighting.

    I have. I will. I was not my best lately, but I still won at Retribution. I still flew high as an eagle, with the Phoenix and the Snow Girl. And I will stay high.

    Do you three know why?"

    XYZ reopens his eyes and looks out to the never-ending water, glowing underneath the sunlight as it waits for XYZ's continued travels. His smile grows as he thinks about his path so far, and the one laying ahead.

    "Because the dream ... NEVER ... dies."


    Shawn Summers by Comeback Kid

    Quote Originally Posted by Comeback Kid
    The scene opens with the camera slowly panning in from darkness to the nearly empty area of a recent CWA house show. The ringside crew is slowly dismantling the ring and stage, preparing to ship it out for the next show on the CWA west coast tour. In the upper-level seats of the arena the camera focuses in on CWA wrestler, Shawn Summers sat in an aisle seat looking down at the dismantled ring.

    Summers is dressed casually, wearing a black hoodie over a pair of gym shorts, and Nike running shoes. He checks over his shoulder as he hears footsteps approaching, welcoming the approach of an obviously annoyed Trevor Ocean. Trevor stands with his hands in his pockets next to Shawn, who doesn't acknowledge Trevor's presence.

    Trevor Ocean - Whadda you want Shawn? I've gotta get up early tomorrow to make the next show and I can think of a million things I'd rather be doing than sitting in an empty arena.

    Shawn still doesn't acknowledge the presence of Trevor, choosing instead to continue to observe the ringside crew's dismantling of the area.

    Shawn Summers - I remember the very first time I saw you at the Honor Wrestling Alliance try out. I hung around after my tryout to see some of the other guys do there's and I managed to catch your promo. *laughing* that had to be the cockiest thing I had ever heard. I almost instantly knew that I didn't like you.
    A couple of months later, the company officials decided to put us together in a tag-team match just to test the waters on us. We got in that ring and it felt like we had been tagging with one another for years. Our chemistry was fluid, like water. It was almost like we were able to communicate telepathically and communicate what we needed from one another. It was the beginning of a great friendship.

    After that, we just clicked. We spent weeks riding in and out of towns together, always had each other's backs inside and outside of the week and helped each other rise to levels that only we knew and believed we were capable of.

    Trevor shrugs his shoulders as if to say "so what?" as Shawn finally turns his attention to him.

    Trevor Ocean - Yeah, and then you left while I and Noah stayed working our asses off to not only put HWA on the map but prove that we're the best this industry has ever seen. You went on to chase "independent success" and only bothered to contact us when you needed drugs or you were heaving "problems". Tell me, Shawn, how has the whole independent success worked out for you?

    You came to CWA and in your first year with the company, you were basically ignored aside from winning the tag-team titles at a time when the tag-titles were being passed around like a hot potato. You somehow managed to earn a world title shot but when it mattered the most, you just couldn't get the job done. Eventually, you went on to win the High Voltage Championship and people started to believe that you were actually "going places". But, you lost it because you rathered be high and strung out than being on your way to another possible world title shot.

    Then you made your triumphant return to the company, managed to earn another world title shot, but dropped the ball....again. Instead of focusing and doing everything in your power to get back into the title picture, you let some dyke bitch get in your head and beat you at the biggest show of the year. And now...well now you're in the middle of an embarrassing losing streak and battling accusations of kidnapping and torture. That "independent success" is working out really good for you Shawn.

    Shawn smirks and turns his attention away from Trevor again staring back down at the ring crew dismantling the ringside area.

    Trevor Ocean - You convinced me to leave Noah in HWA, to come and help you out here and I did it. I did it to help bring honor back to your name since you went out here and ruined it. I thought I could help you...but I guess the only thing I could help save Shawn Summers from was od'ing on the shit that I gave you. Maybe it's finally time that instead of me trying to help and have your back, I should start focusing on me.

    Shawn burst into laughter at Trevor's words, causing members of the ring crew to look up at them in the upper-level seats. Shawn points at himself as his laughter slowly subsides and the smile on his face evaporates. He turns to Trevor and gazes at him with a callous, blank stare.

    Shawn Summers - Maybe its time you start focusing on yourself? That's funny, but I've got an even better idea. Maybe it's time for Shawn Summers to retake control.

    Trevor Ocean - "Control"?

    Shawn Summers - You heard me, Trevor. Control. I lost control but it's time I retook it and my first step in retaking control is that I'm letting you go. I thought that bringing you here would help me, but it's actually hindered me and left me living on past nostalgia when I should have been taking control.

    Trevor Ocean (walking away) - Yea, good luck "taking back control" Shawn. I'm sure it'll go just as well as your "independence" thing went.

    Shawn turns his attention back to the ring crew as the scene slowly fades to black.

    - "The power to influence or direct people's behaviors or the course of events".

    I'm writing this letter to address issues that have plagued me since Wrestle Royale of 2016. This letter is intended for the entire CWA staff (wrestlers, management, personal) and the fans of professional wrestling.

    First and foremost, I do not owe any of you an explanation for my recent string of losses that have amassed since my World Heavyweight Championship match with Jon Snowmantachi at WrestleRoyale. I do not owe you all an explanation for me losing to Shannon O'Neal at Five Star Attraction. I do not owe you all an explanation for losing to XYZ at the local McDonalds. And finally, I do not owe any of you an explanation for the allegations of kidnapping that has been placed on me by the on-air staff contracted with CWA. I do not owe this company anything, but the company does owe me, Shawn Jacob Summers, a couple of things.

    First, the company owes me an explanation as to why I was NEVER given a rematch for the World Championship even after my lawyers proved that the match was contested under unfair terms due to the referees close and personal relationship with then-champion Jon Snowmantachi.

    The company also owes me and my family an explanation as to why I was threatened with a lawsuit if I had chosen not to compete at Five Star Attraction against Shannon O'Neal, due to the death of my father. Surely it should have been seen as permissible to postpone the match as I was dealing with having seen my father killed right in front of me.

    CWA also owes me an explanation as to why I was forced into an unwanted tag-team with XYZ and subsequently placed in a match with him in an unregulated McDonalds. My contract clearly states that I will not be placed in matches that are not sanctioned in regulated professional wrestling environments, so I would like an explanation for that.

    Finally, I would like an explanation as to why CWA management and CWA's on-air personalities felt that it was necessary and appropriate to spread false allegations about me while broadcasting the most recent pay-per-view. These untrue, liable statements are not only damaging to my character but is also a poor reflection of the values that this company claims to uphold.

    Now, allow me to address my status with Clique Wrestling Alliance. In the past, there have been reports that I am negotiating with FWA to leave the company and I would like to say that all of those rumors and reports are false. I plan to stay with CWA and plan to retake control of my career and make necessary changes to put me back on track to my ultimate goal of winning the CWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    In my quest to regain control and to get back on track, I find myself in a qualifying match for an opportunity to face the High Voltage Champion, Krash. A lot of people would take this opportunity to address their opponents and to run them down and talk about why they're better than them and point out all of their faults and all of that good stuff but I want to do things a little different. I want to talk about the High Voltage Championship itself.

    Since the X-Fly Championship was rechristened as the CWA High-Voltage Championship in recognition of the now-defunct CWA show, the championship has seen a long line of champions. CWA has seen some pretty good matches where the High Voltage Championship was the ultimate prize but those matches have never had the praise that the CWA World Heavyweight Championship has gotten. The High Voltage Champions have always been regarded as a good stepping stone to the Heavyweight Championship but....none of the previous High Voltage champions have taken that step to actually being a true challenge for the Heavyweight title.

    However, when the X-Fly Championship was the branded name of CWA's second-tier championship, there were numerous wrestlers who took the leap from X-Fly Champion to World Champion. When did the High Voltage Championship become a placeholder championship for guys that could never make it to the world title or guys that were past their prime in this business? When did the High-Voltage Championship lose its luster and...greatness?

    The answer is simple, it lost its luster the moment that the title became less about being an actual championship worth competing for and more a championship meant to invoke nostalgia about a failed brand of CWA's past.

    I plan to take CWA into the future with what I have planned for the CWA High-Voltage Championship. By the end of this year, I plan to have captured the CWA High Voltage Championship. In the match that I capture the CWA High Voltage Championship, I will have won the championship without ever having to ascend to the top rope, use weapons, utilize more than 3 rope breaks or revert to underhanded tactics. I will capture that CWA High Voltage championship using pure professional wrestling and mixed martial arts skills bringing actual mat based combat to professional wrestling and putting on a performance that hasn't been seen in CWA. I plan to bring wrestling back to CWA and bring honor and prestige back to the High-Voltage Championship. In my matches leading up to the initial CWA High Voltage title shot, I will offer a small glimpse into the pure wrestling and mixed martial arts style and rules that the CWA High Voltage deserves to be contested under.

    In short, I plan to make the High Voltage Championship great again and I assure you that the title will return to greatness when it is in my possession.

    I hope this clears up any confusion that anyone has had about my intentions and look forward to introducing all of you to the pure wrestling ability of the God King, Shawn Summers.

    Sammy Riggins by Evil Jon

    Unconfident Bro.

    “Alright, so maybe things haven’t gone that well… there was Brayden Bridges”

    Sweet Superkick. The crowd gets to their feet. Short but intense. They wouldn’t be surprised to see it end there. Bridges bounces off the rope. Superkick! Riggins falls to his back. He gets picked promptly back up. Last Rites. They yell out unanimously, one! Two! Three! And then Lindsay Monahan chimes in with and the winner… Brayden Bridges!

    “You’ve gotta gimme credit though. Brayden Bridges is a big dude. I come from an MMA background and there are weight divisions. And you know what, I totally understand. Professional wrestling is a whole different ball game. All I’m saying is, I’ll need to take some time to get used to it.”

    Elijah Edwards has him in the Excellence Execution. Dead center of the ring. Riggins pulls at his hair. And… he taps intensely. The ever reliable Monahan follows with and the winner… Elijah Edwards.

    “Guess I’m out of excuses there. EE isn’t that cool of a guy, but he beat me fair and square” he says forlorn on a seat in front of a desk. The typically joyous Riggins is questioning his decision to transition from MMA to professional wrestling.

    Cutting away from the interview set, a few days before his match in Glendale, we see him check into the Villain’s Pub and Grub, a fine establishment on a hot evening in the city. It doesn’t take long for him to get recognized.

    “Sammy fuckin’ Riggins!”

    Riggins doesn’t give the man a glance. Cut to him back on the interview set.

    “You know, I was feelin’ a bit down on myself. Two losses in a row. I know, I know. I’ve got a chance to basically forget about all those losses. Prince Ali, one of the fastest rising guys here. Shawn Summers, a former High Voltage Champion and a CWA World Heavyweight Championship contender. Jonathan McGinnis. Well… let’s see. Public Enemy Number One? Ruler of the Ring? Steel Roulette? Two time CWA World Heavyweight Champion? Nobody would remember my rough start if I won. But… I was feeling pretty down on myself and then when you look at the type of guys I was facing, I guess I sort of felt like the odds were against me. I went out for a drink, not to deal with anyone.”

    Cut back to the pub.

    “Sorry, bro, no autographs today.” He sits down at the bar and tries to keep his mind off the crowded, and loud surroundings. “I hear you guys have some fine cider here in Arizona, wanna pass me one?”

    The bartender obliges. He takes a couple of sips of the cider until a shadow steals the faint sunlight from him.

    “How are you gonna’ treat a fan like that?”

    “Look bro, I’m really not in the mood, sorry.”

    Back to the interview set.

    “My thought process was, I get it, he’s a fan, he’s probably not gonna meet a star like me again but you know, I’m human, I need my space. I guess maybe I should’ve just ordered something at the hotel. But I was just hoping the guy would be decent and leave me be, you know?”

    At the bar, a hand lands on his shoulder. “Aww, what’s wrong, bro? Fucked up your MMA career and now you’re fucking up your men in tights shit?”

    Riggins has a frustrated smirk on his face. “I’m only going to ask you once, bro-”

    In a mock tone, “I’m only going to ask you once, bro?”

    Riggins finally gets off his seat and stands face to face with-

    “I recognized him pretty quick. Jedidiah Faber. He’s on the Master Artist show. You’ve heard of it right, it’s that MMA reality show, that’s actually how I really broke into the big leagues. I guess he thought he was a big shot. Cameras were out real quick.”

    Jedidiah Faber has a confident grin on his face while Riggins is frowning.

    “You gonna do something… bro?”

    Riggins takes a deep breath, eyes closed, and exhales.

    “Nah, man. It’s not worth it.”

    “Was it lack of confidence? I don’t know. Maybe,” he says back on the interview set. “I mean, this guy was learning from the best and I hadn’t been in the hexagon in a while. You know, I’d never really had a crisis of confidence before. But I’d never been pinned before, once, let alone twice.”

    He turns around to take a seat at the bar but a hand is on his shoulder again, he turns around and sways back just in time to avoid a fist. It’s completely instinctual to him. He follows it up quick. A hook at the imbalanced Faber. He jumps on top of him as soon as he drops. Two, three, four fist. There’s no referee to stop him. Five, six, seven, he stops himself from an eighth. He gets up to his feet, a grin plastered on his visage as bloody hands pull the hair from his face.

    “No pun intended but that was an adrenaline rush. That’s how you build confidence you know. It felt great. Thank God, I stopped though, could have gotten real bad. You know, I heard after the fact that he was removed from Master Artist. Besides the injuries, the assault everybody got on tape didn’t look too good for him. I can’t say he didn’t deserve it though.”

    Sammy Riggins is back at the gym, a training partner has him on his shoulder, tosses him off for the Go To Sleep but Sammy blocks it with his forearms.

    “I know that the odds are against me. I’m facing three incredible wrestlers. I don’t need to get pinned to lose. I could be taking someone out with some Bro Fists and McGinnis could come at me with a super kick and pin me. I know it’ll be a challenge but you know what, I didn’t enter the wrestling business thinking it would be easy. All I know is, Bridges didn’t walk away without bruises. Edwards didn’t walk away with his movie star good looks completely intact. McGinnis, Summers and Ali, they’re not going to walk away from this without applying a couple of ice packs. Win or lose, this bro is going to fight.”

    Izaya Snowmantashi by Evil Jon


    Backstage, wrestlers lined up on either side of the hallways. Izaya Snowmantashi was one of them. The curtains parted and a road agent, and a medic both walked ahead. Jon Snowmantashi followed afterwards. The dozens of wrestlers, road agents, referees, and staff members in general clapped for the now CWA World Heavyweight Champion. It had been inevitable for a while now. Everybody speculated it. Everybody sort of expected it. The thinning schedule. He’d become more a marketing tool (used in the most complimentary of ways) than the face of the brand. Jon Snowmantashi had been at the tail-end of his career when he arrived in CWA and now, two years later, it was evident that career was coming to an end. He had finally lost the greatest prize in professional wrestling. He had finally fallen off his mountain for an endless descent.

    Jon stopped as he passed the curtains. They were all paying their respects while within the ring, the war raged on.

    Izaya was the first in line. He moved to talk to his older brother but Jon took a step forward past him. It wasn’t the sort of rejection most but the astute and critical would notice. But Izaya felt it. He felt the glance pass over him just briefly. Disappointment. He took a hurried step back and continued clapping. Jon nodded to certain wrestlers as he continued his walk to the back. LIGHTBRINGER, head bloodied but bandaged, shook the former champion’s hands. Even BoBo offered the tersest of nods. Jon continued on with Duncan and KATAIDESU at his side. The crowd eventually dispersed. Izaya followed meekly behind the footsteps of his brother and his two friends. They entered the locker room and he followed like a shadow, he remained mute, a part of the furniture.

    “It’s been a long road, kid. So what’s next?”

    “You really sure you want to hang it up. You know, just ask and the next pay-per-view can be you versus whoever makes it out of that hell hole. You can go on your own terms, mate.”

    Jon flops down onto the bench. His back thudding against the wall and he only offers the briefest of sneers at the pain.

    “You should follow Duncan-san’s advice, oniisan. Everyone knows that no one could possibly beat you one on one. No one ever has. At least not without help. And even tonight, they needed help to beat you. You should face the winner and reclaim what’s yours, or lose properly.”

    “Lose properly?” Jon grunts.

    Izaya feels a weighted glare on him.

    “Lose properly. Lose properly is something you should have done tonight, otouto.”

    He says nothing in reply.

    “There is only one rule I uphold in that ring, and one thing I despise in that ring, you betrayed that, Izaya.”

    He did not use any honorific there. That was the first time he’d ever done such a thing. KATAIDESU looked at him sternly but the pity was writ plain on Duncan’s face.

    “It is fair to say, Izaya, you have not been very successful since I have brought you in. Defeat after defeat.”

    “I am learning, oniisan.”

    “Do not interrupt me.” There’s a pause, the tension clear. “Defeat after defeat… but I was not ashamed. You know my early career, Izaya. I failed a great deal. Years of failure… until I met KATAIDESU. I even considered quitting. You saw LIGHTBRINGER, he failed before he succeeded. Everyone does. I did not expect you to find immediate success. I only expected one thing, for you to learn, and for you to fight… honorably. And yet, tonight, I see you have forgotten the sole lesson, the one thing I wanted to impart upon you.” It’s not anger on Jon’s face, just absolute disappointment. “Tonight, that dishonor has hurt me more than the chains that shredded my skin, than the glass that pierce me, than hundreds of pounds of fleshed that crushed me. Once, Izaya, I was willing to hold that belt, until you were ready. I was willing to push myself to vanquish any foe, until you were ready. Until you had begun winning. Until you had overcome the great warriors here. But tonight, I discovered that… you would never be ready. The moment you turned to dishonor, I knew you were not the one.”

    There’s a brief moment of silence. “Lilith’s won the title. She pinned Krash.”

    Jon doesn’t break his stare at Izaya who look nervously down. He just sighs. “Now you have forced me to surrender the belt to the vilest creature here, more vile even than Makuginisu-kun. You have set upon the CWA… a shroud of darkness. That is what your dishonor has done for you. And for what? To aid a man like Fenikussu-kun in bringing about ridicule to this mountain?”


    “You can leave, Izaya. I must rest.”

    Izaya knew it was hopeless and left the locker room, head down. He looked up quickly to find the general manager of CWA.

    “Izaya-kun. Not precisely whom I was looking for but you might as well know now. You’ve got a big match on Adrenaline Rush, a real opportunity. You’ll be in the main event against Mendoza… and Nate Savage… and Jackson Fenix. You win, you book your spot in the main event of the pay-per-view for a shot at the High Voltage Champion.”

    “Ah… uh… arigato, Afa-sempai.”

    “Less excited than I expected. Should be grateful. Low blows are legal in a multi-man match.”

    He pats Izaya on the back and enters the office. Izaya stares down the halls, and sees Nate Savage talking with Jackson Fenix down it. His eyes linger on Fenix. He still has an opportunity to redeem himself. He can prove to his brother that he is capable of winning, and winning with honor most of all. If he does it beating one of the most dishonorable men in CWA, than it is all the better, no?

    Will be pm'ing Wolf & Willis for the result of the match they're writing. If either of you can't write the match, let me know asap! No worries.

    Also if you want to send in a segment, feel free too

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