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Thread: Retribution [15/09/2017]

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    Re: Retribution [15/09/2017] Part One

    Editor's Notes: More to follow, but for now, thanks to AON for the last Snowmantashi vignette that precedes his entrance. And now, here's the finale. Enjoy~

    Michelle Kelly: Ladies and gentleman, we are moments away from the Steel Roulette. There’s only been one other instance and it was last year. Jon Snowmantashi defended his CWA World Heavyweight Championship against Jonathan McGinnis… Michelle von Horrowitz… Enigma… Harrison Wake… and Johnny Vegas. We’ve said it time and time again but as of today, only two of those men remain and one only returned recently. To count the times Snowmantashi has been pinned, you only need one hand, and one of those occurences was in that match. Tonight, he returns to the structure that shortened his career.

    Afa Seanoa: A lot of people question Snowmantashi’s competitiveness level, his dedication and commitment. I know just about everyone on the roster has at some point or another criticized his lack of frequent defenses or appearances. Five of those critics will all stand in that ring tonight and I think they’ll all understand why.

    Michelle Kelly:
    Now, just to go over the rules: there are essentially no rules. You can do whatever you want within the structure. Pins and submissions must be made within the ring and that’s about it. Four of the competitors will be in chambers and they will be released at five minute intervals. If there is only one person outside of the chamber, say the other competitors have been eliminated, then the five minute interval is of course bypassed.

    Johnny Yamaguchi: That’s all about right. Of course, the only weapons you really have is the chamber itself, and I say that but we’re all well aware, that weapon is more than enough. The lack of disqualification is really a formality, there’s no way for someone to enter the ring or to slide in any weapon. We’ve ensured the chains are tightly link enough, it would take a kendo stick to find its way in and we’ll have enough referees at ringside to stop any such attempt and a definitive punishment on the part of Afa if anyone tries to alter the sanctity of the match.

    Isaac Richmann: Well, I’ll make my prediction now. LIGHTBRINGER is winning it. He’s had time to rest since Five Star Attraction. He is motivated. He is dangerous. And unlike Five Star Attraction, he is facing guys who will be five, ten, fifteen, TWENTY minutes more exhausted than he is. There is no excuse for a defeat considering he is one of the best in the world.

    Michelle Kelly: I’m a bit partial to Krash-

    Isaac Richmann: Krash shouldn’t even be participating in this one, broken down as he is. The smart decision would have been to request a title defense tonight instead of accepting his qualifying match.

    Afa Seanoa: Try telling him that face to face.

    Richmann chuckles nervously.

    Michelle Kelly: Before we get to the main event, I have to ask Afa, are you alright after that assault at the hands of McGinnis.

    Afa Seanoa: I’ve dealt with much worse.

    Isaac Richmann: And what was that about Rolando not being allowed any sort of post-match assault.

    Afa Seanoa: He wasn’t but all of our lumberjacks were trying to take the man who started the assault, with a weapon mind you, down. They didn’t have time to react and when they were able to, they quickly took Rolando apart from McGinnis.

    Michelle Kelly:
    It was an incredible match, but I’m not sure it’s one that the fans liked the result of.

    Afa Seanoa: They both proved themselves to be some of the best wrestlers here and honestly… Ruler of the Ring… Wrestle Royale… right around the corner. I want to see both of them proving themselves every time their names are called upon. I want to see Five Star Attraction be one of our biggest events ever. I hope they remain and they keep doing what we saw tonight. Preferably without the presence of a sledgehammer.

    Michelle Kelly: We won’t delay it any longer. It was great to have all three of you with me tonight. Good luck Yamaguchi, I’m sure you’ll need it.

    Johnny Yamaguchi: Oh, don’t worry. If anything happens to me, I’ve got some great clauses in my contract.

    He smiles broadly and ignores a glare from Afa.

    Afa Seanoa:
    Thanks, Michelle, you’ve done a terrific job as a host.

    The camera switches into the arena. The Steel Roulette is slowly being lowered with a spotlight on it while the rest of the arena is dark with the exception of phone flashlights. It slowly settles in and the camera is quick to enter the Steel structure and get a glimpse at the chambers, the glass, the tightly interwoven chains around the ring and the high ceiling. The referees slowly file out from the back with Johnny Yamaguchi at the lead. Yamaguchi offers some last words to the referees then advises them to circle around the ring at particular positions. He points out a pair of referees and hands one a key and the other five chain locks. He has a second key himself and he enters the squared circle.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentleman, this is your MAIN EVENT of the evening. It is a Steel Roulette match. Eliminations can be done via pinfall or submission WITHIN the four sides of the ring. Four of the six competitors will start within chambers and EVERY five minutes, based off their time in the Steel Roulette qualifiers, will be released INTO the match… and it is… for the CWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, with the best time at six minutes and fifty-two seconds, from Tokyo, Japan, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds… he is a ONE time High Voltage Champion… the TWENTY SIXTEEN Wrestle Royale winner… TOKYO KISAI… LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTBRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGER!

    LIGHTBRINGER steps through the curtains to an explosive and positive reaction from the Barclays arena. He is draped in a fancy cape with BoBo not far behind him. He remains deadly focused on the structure and makes his way to the ring with BoBo behind him. There is no advice BoBo could possibly give LIGHTBRINGER for the match he is getting into, only his faith and his support. LIGHTBRINGER stops in front of the cell and takes a long look at the structure. He takes a heavy breath and then climbs up the steel steps. He walks over the chain floor and into the ring. BoBo doesn’t even dare in the Steel Roulette. LIGHTBRINGER walks over to the center of the ring and then spreads his arms WIDE! The camera zooms WAYYYYYYY OUT and his cape drops to the floor. Yamaguchi grabs it and hands it over to BoBo on the outside before giving LIGHTBRINGER some warnings as to how the match will go on. He gets LIGHTBRINGER into his chamber and then advises the referee pairing to chain the door closed as he locks LIGHTBRINGER in. The Japanese native rattles the chain a bit, getting a feel for the claustrophobic chamber. He’ll be locked in there for twenty minutes… watching all five other competitors brutalize each other.

    Jim Taylor: This young man has accomplished a great deal since his arrival in CWA but there is only one thing he WANTS to accomplish. He wants to beat Snowmantashi and he wants to be the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. If he can’t accomplish that, I don’t think he’ll ever be satisfied.

    Tim Coleman: You’d think he has the advantage as the last entry but can you imagine the psychological toil of spending twenty minutes in there seeing people bleed each other and break each other and you’re LOCKED in there.

    Jim Taylor: I don’t know what’s worse, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: LIGHTBRINGER is lucky he’ll have BoBo by his chamber to offer some support.

    Lindsay Monahan: Second… with a time of seven minutes and fifty-six seconds… from Monrovia, Liberia… weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds… he is a twenty sixteen Krash Tag Team Classic finalist… THE CHIEF… PRINCE… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALIIIIII!

    Prince Ali steps through the curtains. He has a coat of his own, the flag of Liberia prominently on it but he also has multiple flags of the African continent on it, a representative for what he feels is an underrepresented people. He also has a kufi hat on as well and stops at the top of the stage to clasp his hands behind his back. He stares at the Steel Roulette, if he’s cowed by the structure, he refuses to show it. Ali begins his walk down the ramp but doesn’t instantly enter it. He rounds the ring to stop by his family (the Fuentes are noticeably gone, perhaps to be with Rolando) and exchanges some words to his very concerned blood. He walks away inevitably and steps into the ring. He stops in front of the ring within the structure to look around again then asks to be directed to his chamber. He refuses to look concerned with his situation as he clasps his hands behind him and waits.

    Jim Taylor: Prince Ali has mirrored the likes of Jonathan McGinnis and Jon Snowmantashi in his incredibly fast rise here in CWA, in fact, he also mirrors Lilith in that respect.

    Tim Coleman: Confident. Competitive. Determined. He has values. He has the hopes of an entire people behind him. Prince Ali won’t let anything get in the way of tonight. He went through the other victor to be here when many people thought he wouldn’t even qualify for this one. Ali is in it to win it, Jim.

    Jim Taylor: He gets fifteen minutes before he has to step into the ring, like LIGHTBRINGER, he still has a significant advantage over everyone else.

    Lindsay Monahan: Third… with a time of eight mintues and one second… from Melbourne, Australia… weighing in at two hundred and five pounds… he is a twenty-twelve Five Star Attraction tournament winner… a twenty-fourteen Wrestle Royale winner, a three time CWA Tag Team Champion… a one time CWA World Heavyweight Champion… a twenty-sixteen Krash Tag Team Classic finalist… the current CWA High Voltage Champion… and the second of two Triple Crown winners… he is HEARTBEAT… of CWA… KRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!

    There isn’t a bigger reaction across Brooklyn than the sound of Krash’s name. The lights dim and a single spotlight illuminates the White Wolf. He turns around as pyrotechnics explode even more theatrically from the corners of the stage to rousing cheers. He spins around, arms spread with a grin on his face. He slaps hands at the top of the stage but that grin and that excitement fades with every step he takes closer to the ring. He eventually stops at the top of stage, taking in an incredible deep breath. He unlatches the CWA High Voltage Championship and hands it over to a nearby referee. He shakes his head to himself and then enters the ring. Krash goes over LIGHTBRINGER’s cell and hops over the ropes and onto the turnbuckle, he climbs the cell entirely, looking down on LIGHTBRINGER and urging the crowd on. He climbs down and walks on over to Prince Ali’s chamber. He offers a humble smile before climbing on top of Ali’s and looking down. Ali refuses to look up, hands clasped still and looking at the ring. Krash again urges the crowd on. He gets down fully and takes a real moment to consider the Steel Roulette. Even the second time in it, he knows fear. He finds himself directed to his chamber and really feels out the closed space. He looks up to the sky, deep breath, and tries to relax.

    Jim Taylor: You heard the list of accomplishments, Tim. You’ve seen him accomplish most, if not all of those. Krash is the most accomplished CWA wrestler of all-time. Tonight… he is in a match he has never participated in before.

    Tim Coleman: Only one of these men have, Jim… and he’s the one defending the title.

    Jim Taylor: Krash has a history of injuries. A history of dealing with matches that shorten careers. Some people are afraid this might well end his.

    Tim Coleman: They’re underestimating his durability. Krash comes back. He’s the beating heart. Doesn’t matter who he faces, he always comes back.

    Jim Taylor: He didn’t fare as well as LIGHTBRINGER or Ali in the qualifiers but he still gets the best of both worlds, tired opponents and more time to really get a feel of the match, if you can call it that.

    Lindsay Monahan: Fourth… with a time of eleven minutes and fourteen seconds… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… weighing in at two hundred and sixty six pounds… he is a one time CWA High Voltage Championship… NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASTY… NATE… SAAAAAAAVAGE!

    The violin strikes slowly across the arena… then the guitar strums… then the drums strikes and the chorus hits, Nate Savage stomps out of the curtains. He has a sneer plastered onto his face and he already looks pissed the fuck off. Savage doesn’t waste a second, he stomps down the ramp and doesn’t take a second to even acknowledge the cell. He shoves a referee out of the way and climbs up the steel steps. He immediately walks to LIGHTBRINGER’s cell and shakes the chains, staring into the LIGHTBRINGER’s eyes. He walks over to the other cell where Krash is and shakes that. Krash looks on mildly amused and twirling his magnificent moustache. Savage goes into the ring, pushes Yamaguchi aside and goes over to Prince Ali’s cell. He shakes it savagely too. Ali doesn’t spare him a glance, he remains still. Savage enters the ring, then his cell, and closes the door himself, urging Yamaguchi to get on with it.

    Jim Taylor: Not a hint of fear in his eyes.

    Tim Coleman: He has a family to feed, he will do anything to get to that, Jim. Nate Savage is going to take advantage of this chamber to hurt his opponents and he’ll have ZERO remorse about it. He is going to break someone tonight, count on it.

    Jim Taylor: I just hope he’s not underestimating the structure itself.

    Tim Coleman: Either be fearful like Krash or put up a fight like Savage.

    Lindsay Monahan: Fifth… with a time of thirteen minutes and thirty one seconds… from Salem, Massachusetts… weighing in at one hundred and seventy pounds… she is the Herald of Darkness… LIIIIIIIIIIIIILITH!

    The arena is bathed in darkness. Only a single light illuminates the face of Lilith from her attire. The arena soon lights up with flashlights. She walks slowly and patiently down the ramp, a solemn and singular focus on the ring. The Dark Watch is not present with her. No one in the ring can escape a look at the ominous figure going down the ramp. She makes her slow climb up the steps and in between the ropes to stop at a far side of the ring, turn around and await the last man. All chambers are full, she knows who she will start this match with.

    Jim Taylor:
    Notice her list of accomplishments, Tim. There is nothing there. She has not won a title. She has not won a tournament. She has only been here since Five Star Attraction. She had the worst time in the qualifiers. And yet, Tim… her presence is unassailable.

    Tim Coleman: She scares anyone she steps into the ring with, Jim. She is a force. A presence. You said it. She has an undeniable aura. But… as dominant as she has been since arriving, unpinned as of yet… she has none of her Dark Watch in this match to help her. I don’t know if she can win without them. I don’t know if she can even survive five minutes with the KAIJU… without them.

    Jim Taylor: You’re right, Tim… Jon Snowmantashi has faced two and even three foes at once before, he has participated in this match but… Lilith does not look afraid.

    Tim Coleman: Maybe she doesn’t know better…

    We see a shot of what looks to be that of a gargantuan heavyset being in the shadows


    The man steps from the shadows, head down, face still concealed by an equally enormous hoodie.

    “He has left a path of destruction like no man ever before, striking fear into every single person he meets.”

    A quick shot flashes of the man ROARING while grabbing a man by the throat in the middle of a ring

    “How do you stop someone like him?”

    The giant finally raises his head, toward the camera

    “Someone so... Inhuman”

    A long shot of the man reveals his identity: Jon Snowmantashi followed quickly by Flashing shots of Jon at work; Belly to Bellys, Exploders, Samoan Drops, Moonsaults, Suicide Dives. Senton Splashes, Headbutts, with the unmistakable voice of Tim Coleman.


    “I’ve been doing this for a long time now. . I’ve seen the best of ‘em, but this … thing … is like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

    Drake Styles in front of a black background.

    “Honestly, I thought it was hype. I can tell ya now, after first-hand experience … this guy is for real.”


    “Without a doubt, the most intimidating figure I’ve ever taken on.”

    We now cut to more shots of Snowmantashi destroying everything in his sight and this time Billy Hunter speaking out.

    “Pure, unmitigated brute force.”

    And Diego Gonzalez.

    “Scares the heck outta me. I ain't afraid to admit that. You can either run, or pray. What else can you do?”

    The footage moves to Jon running through opponent after opponent with the recognizable voice of Tim Coleman.

    “I’ve been around long enough. I’ve seen ‘em come and go. I can tell you right now: Jon Snowmantashi is the most dominant and destructive force I’ve ever seen in a wrestling ring. Maybe even the greatest.”

    Clips of Jon Snowmantashi running through half the roster. Holding the title high and proud above his head. Roaring at Lightbringer. Running through Michelle Von Horrorwitz. Tossing around The Conner Brothers like they’re made of paper. The voice of Richmann narrates.

    “He’s got no conscience. He feeds off bringing as much punishment and pain as possible to his opponents. He doesn’t care who you are, or what you’ve done. Anyone that gets in his way is in deep, deep trouble. You name ’em, this guy would beat ’em. And I’m talking of ALL time here. Cyrus, Roberto. Mr. Showtime. He’s on THAT list.”

    Drax against a black background again.

    “He’s hard-headed. I hurt my fist off the guy's skull. He’s made of steel.”

    Chubby Carlos appears now.

    “You can try giving it all you’ve got, it’s never enough. You might get the guy off his feet … but you cant hurt him. You cant keep him down. It’s like he enjoys taking punishment. It gives him an excuse to dish out twice as much.”

    And lastly… Charles Anderson narrates in front of a half-dozen pictures of a victorious Snowmantashi holding the belt up high.

    “It’s not when he loses that belt… it’s… CAN he be beaten for it?”

    Lindsay Monahan: And last… from Tokyo, Japan… weighing in at two hundred and ninety pounds… he is the winner of the twenty-sixteen Ruler of the Ring… the current, two-time… LONGEST REIGNING AND DEFENDING… CWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WOOOOOOORLD… THE KAIJU… JON… SNOW - MAN - TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASHIIIIIII!

    The KAIJU steps through the curtains and he is dressed as simply as ever. He has his wrestling trunks, a simple t-shirt with KAIJU on it and as far as anyone is concerned, this is the KAIJU doing what he has done for over a year, defending his mountain. The KAIJU marches down the ramp, unconcerned with anything else and only stopping when he is in the ring and standing in front of Lilith. Lilith stares back, unafraid, uncowed. Snowmantashi unstraps the belt from his neck and raises it up high. He offers glares at each of the four opponents in the chambers. He’s faced nearly all of them at some point or another. He hands the belt over to Yamaguchi.

    Jim Taylor: There are few men who have been more dominant here than that man. He does not have a long list of accomplishments but for over a year, he has been CWA World Heavyweight Champion. Krash. Shawn Summers. Michelle von Horrowitz. LIGHTBRINGER. Jonathan McGinnis. He has beaten everyone that has stepped up to him. How many times has he been beaten? This man has been pinned a total of three times, Tim and we won’t debate the legitimacy of one of those defeats.

    Tim Coleman: But Jim… this is the Steel Roulette. Five people want what he has… the last time he dealt with that, he could not come away with the win. How does he fare this year?

    Jim Taylor: Honestly, Tim, it’s impossible to predict a match like this. But whatever the answer… we will find out soon.

    Yamaguchi goes to hand the belt over on the outside as Snowmantashi takes off his shirt and throws it aside. The referee begins closing the door and advises the two outside lock it. Lilith drops to her knees… and spreads her arms wide.

    Darkness enraptures the arena.

    A moment. Two.

    The lights return.

    The jeers are loud but solemn. Snowmantashi looks around to see he is surrounded by the Dark Watch. Thomas West is there to his left. Noah Nitro to his right. Anna Malikova behind him. Lilith in front of him.

    Jim Taylor: It was a trap, Tim!


    The Dark Watch swarms Snowmantashi. It’s a struggle to raise his hands and try to resist, especially with the sizeable figure of Thomas West there. He goes for the lighter one first, Anna Malikova is tossed aside with a clubbing blow. Even as West hits a hammer fist on Snowmantashi, he still manages to toss Noah Nitro over the ropes and crashing into the floor. The other four competitors, whether or not they want to help, cannot. They look on intently at the chaos in the ring. Snowmantashi stumbles to a knee in front of West who then tries to lift him up by the waist but an elbow pushes West back. Then a headbutt. Another one. Snowmantashi charges to the ropes… LARIATOOOOOOO! West finally drops over the ropes and to the outside. Snowmantashi steps through the ropes and isn’t done.

    He gets Thomas West up to his feet but a Noah Nitro dropkick hits him - SNOWMANTASHI GLARES AT NITRO then deals a clubbing blow to West, ignoring the fly. This time Malikova flies up and hits a dropkick to the back of Snowmantashi’s leg, he falters to a knee again. Nitro sprints up to his feet - DDT ON THE FLOOR! Even a man like the KAIJU cannot surmount that. West directs traffic as Lilith looks on patiently from the ring. Nitro and Malikova get the KAIJU up to his feet. Thomas West steps back into the ring, he turns around to make sure Nitro and Malikova are holding firm and well then sprints to the opposite side of the ring, returns - HALF-SUICIDE DIVE - HALF SPEAR! ALL MEATGRINDING INTO CHAINS! Snowmantashi is flattened against the wall and even West has taken quite a bit of damage to that. They slowly drag Snowmantashi back into the squared circle. Nitro goes over to the top rope and Malikova goes over to the other top rope. They stare at each other - STEREO SHOOTING STAR SPLASH AND LEG DROP.

    Lilith finally stands to her feet and decides its enough. West, Nitro, and Malikova nod, they step through the ropes and descend the steps to watch from the outside. They glare at the referees to ensure they do not close the door yet despite Yamaguchi’s best attempts. Lilith waits for Snowmantashi to get up. It’s a struggle for the man who has a back lined with the chains now, red and somewhat blistering. Once he gets to his feet, Lilith sprints - JUDAS KISS!

    Yamaguchi roars that he will not count any pin until he is allowed to close the Steel Roulette. Lilith nods to the Dark Watch and they allow the chamber to be closed.

    versus KRASH
    versus LIGHTBRINGER w/ bobo
    versus LILITH w/ the dark watch
    versus NATE SAVAGE
    versus PRINCE ALI
    The timer appears at the bottom right corner starting at 5:00 till Nate Savage is allowed entry. Lilith hooks the leg.




    The Dark Watch look collectively concerned. Lilith does not allow herself to be fazed. She circles Snowmantashi like a crow. Snowmantashi gets to his fours, then a knee, then to hiss feet - DARKNESS FALLS! The Crossface Chickenwing is firmly locked in! The Dark Watch allow themselves to relax. It’s impossible for Lilith to really grapevine it though and Snowmantashi struggles mightily. He tries to run backwards to a turnbuckle but Lilith is clever and climbs on top of it to hold on. He staggers forward and then…

    Snowmantashi falls. He gets back to his fours and crawls for a moment before faltering once more. Yamaguchi goes to check if he’s still conscious.

    One hand -
    Instantly held up. He rises to his feet and grips the hands of Lilith, forcefully unlatching the Chickenwing! Still holding onto The Herald, he tosses her against the wall of chains, right to the door! The Dark Watch are agitated now. They run up the steel steps to try and wrench the chains off. Anna kicks at it. Noah Nitro tries his luck. Thomas West shoves them both aside and tries to pull it right off! The door is rattling but it’s not working. They finally realize that they need the key. They turn to stare at the referee… only to see those lumberjacks from earlier on in the show sprinting down. It’s an outright brawl on the outside between the lumberjacks and the Dark Watch. In particular, Brayden Bridges and Thomas West lunge at each other. Inevitably, the numbers game is now against them! The brawl sees the Dark Watch pushed up the ramp like a tide. Lilith climbs to her feet slowly, facing the door to see the Dark Watch leaving. She knows she is now without her army.

    She turns around to see Jon Snowmantashi standing in the middle of the ring, staring at her… welcoming her. Lilith slowly enters the ring. The two slowly begin circling around, Lilith not in any sort of conventional fighting stance. They approach one another and then lock up! Lilith is quick to go for a forearm! Forearm! Forearm! Snowmantashi takes it proudly and demands more. Is that a sneer on Lilith’s face? It’s there and gone again. Forearm! HEADBUTT! Lilith falls backwards. She quickly tries to get on her feet but Snowmantashi is trailing her with a clubbing blow! They come down like hammers, relentlessly crashing into Lilith.

    She tries to crawl to another side of the ring but Snowmantashi lifts her up and tosses her into the corner. In fact, he tosses her so high, she ends up seated on the turnbuckle. The big 1:00 flashes on the titantron but neither really look to it. Snowmantashi lunges at Lilith again - but she falls backwards with the arm in tow and has an arm over the ropes! Snowmantashi is tearing the ropes down as he’s hefted over the ropes. He tries to lift Lilith up but it’s a bad angle! Lilith is going to take an arm! Snowmantashi lifts her up over the rope - high - KICK RIGHT TO THE FACE!

    Snowmantashi drops her back down over the rope and she keeps wrenching at the arm -


    The crowd explodes in excitement but not necessarily for the man who comes out! It’s “Nasty” Nate Savage. He urges the referees to hurry the hell up, there’s a perfect opportunity here to take advantage of, damn it! Snowmantashi comes up with another plan and takes a step away from the turnbuckle then SWINGS his Lilith ladden arm INTO LIGHTBRINGER’s CHAMBER. Glass against skin echoes. AGAIN! She lets go this time!

    GERMAN SUPLEX! Nate Savage sprinted right behind Snowmantashi! Two hundred and ninety pounds go flying across the ring. Savage steps through the ropes and quickly grabs Lilith. He lifts her up and POWERBOMB INTO THE STEEL CHAIN WALL! Lilith drops to the floor with a thud. He steps back into the ring. Snowmantashi is back to his feet but has to deal with blows from Savage. Savage runs into the ropes and back and hits a stiff forearm. Snowmantashi falls back into a corner. He continues to land some body blows then runs to a corner. He takes a running start and sprints - AVALANCHE SPLASH FLATTENING SNOWMANTASHI.The CWA World Heavyweight Champion falls to his ass in the corner. Savage walks to the opposite corner again and sprints - SENTON SPLASH INTO THE CORNER. 4:00 left. Savage drags him out of there and hooks the leg -



    T- KICK OUT!
    Savage is undeterred and gets Snowmantashi up to his feet. He signals that he’s going to beat the champion right then and there. He whips Snowmantashi across the ring - LILITH PULLS THE ROPES DOWN! Snowmantashi goes flying over and onto the steel chained floor, clattering and rolling. Nate Savage looks downright pissed off and charges at Lilith only to get a forearm right in the jaw. Lilith jumps onto the ropes and SPRINGBOARD KNEE TREMBLER! Nate’s two hundred and sixty pounds fall lifelessly to the mat. She hooks the leg-


    A bit too early to hope for a pin there. Lilith runs to the ropes and then when Savage gets up, hits a hurricanranna that sends him tumbling onto the second rope. She quickly rushes to the outside and grabs Savage’s head. With all the strength she can muster, she starts pulling him until his feet are the edge of the ropes and DDT RIGHT INTO THE CHAIN FLOOR!That even hurt Lilith as she reaches for her back. 2:00 left. Lilith goes back in the ring and starts pulling Savage into it- until she is hugged from behind. She has only a moment to realize what’s happening before she’s sent FLYING with a belly to back suplex!

    KAIJU! KAIJU! KAIJU! Snowmantashi is right back on Lilith, she grabs her and whips her across the ring - NASTY BOMB! SHE WENT STRAIGHT INTO NATE SAVAGE’s REACH! Nate Savage and Jon Snowmantashi exchange glances and the crowd eats up the staredown between the two behemoths, now standing on equal planes. They charge at each other and forearms and fists go flying a plenty. Savage is a piston with each strike but all of Snowmantashi’s blows are murderous ones. They force each other into the turnbuckle. Around the ropes. Snowmantashi lifts Savage over the ropes but Savage holds on and brings him tumbling down with him. They’re both back up again, exchanging lefts and rights. Savage sends Snowmantashi HEAD FIRST INTO THE CHAINS! Snowmantashi shakes his head and sends SAVAGE HEAD FIRST INTO THE CHAINS! Savage drops to a knee then drills an elbow into Snowmantashi!

    Now the crowd explodes in cheers. The door slowly opens and Krash gingerly steps outside, both in wariness because he is now truly stepping into the structure… but also because he’s staring at Nate Savage and Jon Snowmantashi. He sighs to himself then kicks at Savage’s leg, the first to approach him. Now a kick to the gut of Snowmantashi! Double Basement Drop Kicks! Both of them fall to knees! Krash is instantly back up, even after he groans from the pain of dropping on to the chains.









    That is not a pretty sight! Lilith thought she’d catch Krash off guard with a dive through the ropes but Krash anticipated it! Unfortunately he can’t anticipate Nate Savage charging at him and into the cell he just left. He drives him OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN INTO THE CELL until Krash drops to the floor. Savage has a sinister look on his face. He kicks Snowmantashi back down then walks over to the other chamber. He breathes heavily then charges - CANNONBALL SENTON SQUASHES KRASH BETWEEN HIS TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY POUNDS AND THE STEEL CHAMBER! The Heartbeat of CWA may not be beating any longer! Savage has clearly hurt himself to because he’s not moving either.

    Snowmantashi gets to his feet, not without struggling. He headbutts Lilith down and then lifts her up. He turns around, making sure his back is to Savage and Krash - THEN SENDS LILITH FLYING INTO THEM WITH AN EXPLODER SUPLEX! They lie in the chamber, against the wall like a kebob. Snowmantashi walks over to the other chamber… right where Savage had walked over to. There’s a rising KAIJU, KAIJU, KAIJU chant and he charges! CANNONBALL SENTON! They all lie broken and in a heap within the chamber that can’t quite contain all of that human mass. And poor Krash! He’s at the very end of it all!

    Snowmantashi is the first to crawl out. Lilith only bothers dragging herself out of it halfway through. Savage gets up and stumbles out and right back down to the floor. Krash gets up then just falls back down. There’s still two man left in those chambers and the four within the ring look defeated. Nate Savage is the first fully back up, using the chain links to get up. He leans on it, head looking at the three bodies to figure out which one he should pick on. He gets Lilith to her feet, figuring for the smallest and easiest prey. He tosses her into the ring and hooks the leg -



    Savage falls lazily back down then notices there’s about thirty seconds left on the clock before Prince Ali is in. He gets Lilith up in a hurry and PUMPHANDLE NECKBREAKER! Lilith’s head must have snapped right on Savage’s knee. He hooks the leg again!



    Savage smacks the ground in frustration and notices the 0:03 seconds left on the clock. He walks right out of the ring and stands in front of Prince Ali’s chamber. He barks for him to come on.

    The door slowly opens as the chains are unlocked. Prince Ali finally turns around from his robotic position to face Savage, hands still clasped behind his back. “COME ON! Savage urges on again! Ali won’t be baited so Savage charges. Ali ducks and dances right under, hitting a Caporeian Pele Kick on Savage and Savage falls down in a heap. Ali enters the ring, no longer playing the suave dignitary and now ready to be entrenched into the match. He grabs Lilith, lifts her up … way, way up… BRAINBUSTAH! He goes to the outside and lifts Snowmantashi up, getting a first hand taste of the prizeholder he’s trying to strip. UPPERCUT! Snowmantashi stumbles a step back! UPPERCUT! UPPERCUT! UPPERCUT! Snowmantashi falls back against the other chamber where LIGHTBRINGER remains the last entrant. Ali turns around to see Krash finally on his feet.

    Krash sighs, once again in a somewhat awkward situation. The two meet in the middle. Perhaps in a regular match, this would be an opportunity for a handshake, but not inside the Steel Roulette! Krash and Ali find themselves in a standstill though Krash is certainly finding himself in a struggle to match Ali’s caporeian style and as the seconds go by, more and more strikes seem to find a limb. They both halt when they see SNOWMANTASHI COMING WITH A DOUBLE LARIATOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They fall to the chains and roll around in pain. Snowmantashi stares down at the two challengers and looks up to the sky just in time to see Lilith jump off the turnbuckle - GOLDEN TRIANGLE MOONSAULT! Snowmantashi moves out of the way - LILITH CRASHES INTO THE CHAIN GROUND! 2:00 left for the final entrant. Lilith rolls around at that pain, a rare showing on her part.

    As for Snowmantashi - he moves out of the way - RIGHT INTO A DISCUSS ELBOW FROM SAVAGE! Snowmantashi goes down in a heap now. Krash and Ali are coming to and stare down at Snowmantashi, then at Savage. There’s a muted discussion before they settle on it. Krash and Prince Ali go over to Snowmantashi and get him to his feet. They each grab him by the arms and Savage positions himself near Krash’s former chamber. COME ON! Krash and Ali launch Snowmantashi with such speed they drop! Savage uses Snowmantashi’s momentum against him and tosses him up - NASTY BOMB?!




    Snowmantashi crashes through and against LIGHTBRINGER! “HOLY SHIT” unanimously echo across the arena. Krash and Ali are shocked at the sight but Savage has the look of a man who knows what he needs to do and is capable of doing it! LIGHTBRINGER is flattened against the back of his chamber, and is already bleeding partially from chest but mostly from his head from the glass shards. Snowmantashi lays in a heap, unmoving on him! The “Holy Shit” chants only get louder.

    Somewhat redundant what with the broken door but LIGHTBRINGER is now a legal man. Savage urges Ali and Krash on and they grab Snowmantashi’s lifeless body and toss him into the ring. He doesn’t move a bit. Savage drops to lay his back across Snowmantashi and hook the leg.



    KAIJU! KAIJU! KAIJU! Savage rolls away and now there is a look of shock there. Ali doesn’t allow himself to be stricken with fear. He grabs Snowmantashi and puts all his back into lifting the man up. It takes all of his effort to get him to his feet and then even more to get him on his shoulders - BROKEN DREAMS! SNOWMANTASHI’S SKULL CRASHES RIGHT INTO THE KNEE OF PRINCE ALI! The weight of it even forces Ali to the ground. Snowmantashi tries to remain on his feet but falls to the mat as well. Is this the end of his over a year long reign? Prince Ali goes for the cover, only to be spun around - LIGHTBRINGER LARIATOOOOOOOOOOOO! LIGHTBRINGER hooks the leg -



    Krash drags LIGHTBRINGER off Ali. There’s no allies in this match but Krash has helped out Ali here. Still, no one missed the fact that Savage and Krash did nothing to warn Ali of LIGHTBRINGER! KRASH hits a series of strikes then a picture perfect dropkick to floor the bleeding LIGHTBRINGER. It’s clear LIGHTBRINGER’s only half the man he should be! His face is awash with blood and he seems to barely be able to see, having to repeatedly wipe the blood from his face! Nate Savage grabs Krash and sends him over the rope. He kicks at Lilith trying to get back into the ring and turns back to Snowmantashi. He’s determined to end this but LIGHTBRINGER grabs his feet. Savage isn’t well-pleased with this interruption and lifts LIGHTBRINGER up ruthlessly - SAVAGED PACKAGE PILEDRIVER!



    Savage gets to his feet, wiping LIGHTBRINGER’s blood off him and turns around INTO A SHINING WIZARD! Ali strikes down Savage. Lilith is in the ring again - NOCTURNUS! Ali is right back down to the mat. Lilith looks half alive with the length of the match and the early assault she had to deal with. She gets a stiff boot to the gut and Krash quickly hooks the arms - OVERDOSE! Krash is now the last man standing - until Snowmantashi and LIGHTBRINGER slowly get up. They both look worse for wear though and he has that advantage at least. He runs at Snowmantashi with a flying forearm. Then charges at LIGHTBRINGER with a - KNEE STRIKE floors Krash.

    LIGHTBRINGER walks over to the center of the ring - ARM SPREAD - ZOOOOOOOOOOOM OUT - LARIATOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He flips inside out. Snowmantashi drops to the mat with the intensity of that. He gets LIGHTBRINGER right back to his feet - onto his shoulders - HAILSTORM! Snowmantashi tosses an arm over LIGHTBRINGER!




    The door opens up for the first time in nearly twenty five minutes. Yamaguchi has the tough task of shoving Snowmantashi off of LIGHTBRINGER and dragging LIGHTBRINGER to the door. EMT’s are quickly out to check on LIGHTBRINGER’s deep cut and what appears to be a swelling nose. They realize they’ve got to hurry up on it and BoBo, resigned helps a hurt LIGHTBRINGER up the ramp. The crowd are quite silent… the favorite to win and the last entrant… is the first elimination. Snowmantashi uses the ropes to get up and hobbles over to the first man up, he fells Savage with a headbutt. He goes over to Lilith.. HEADBUTT! He goes over to Krash! HEADBUTT! He stands in the middle of the ring, fearsome and very much the KAIJU he is titled. He walks over to what he assumes to Prince Ali, the new freshest opponent only to get an uppercut to the jaw. He falters back and responds with a LARIATOOO!This time Ali is flipped upside down. Snowmantashi falls on the rope then drags himself to a corner. He climbs it up and turns to take a look at Ali.


    Or not?

    What’s he doing?! Snowmantashi is trying to climb up the chamber! He’s not going to do a Snowfall from that high! Two hundred and ninety pounds! He’ll fall right through the goddamn ring. He’s got his arms on the ledge! He’s going to goddamn do it. He pulls himself up -

    Nate Savage has a murderous smile on his face. The ring is ripped slightly apart from the two hundred and ninety pounds thundering through it. Snowmantashi’s backside is a foot under the ring. Savage crawls an inch towards Snowmantashi… then falls on his back… collapsed. Everyone is on the mat now. Snowmantashi. Savage. Lilith is struggling, seated in a corner. Ali managed to roll under the ropes. And Krash. Where is Krash?

    An armpad flies down on to the ring. The camera swings upwards. Not at the top rope. Even higher. Right at the top of the chamber!

    NEARLY SIXTEEN FEET HIGH - THE KILL RIGHT INTO THE HEART OF THE KAIJU! Snowmantashi has gone full through the ring now. Krash, the smaller man, falls right in after practically bouncing off the body of Snowmantashi. HO-LY. SHIT! Savage has a look of astonishment now. Krash is completely gone and Snowmantashi is barely in the ring. He smacks his head then reaches down and drags Snowmantashi out by the shoulder. It takes monumental effort but he’s eventually able to get him fully out. At this point, Lilith could very well intervene but she seems comfortable there, in her corner. Ali is halfway through recovery outside the ring.

    Savage looks down on Snowmantashi. He reaches as if to go for a pin then reconsiders, he knows who he is trying to eliminate. He climbs up the ropes instead - SNOWFALL! Hook of the leg!





    The crowd is silent for a moment. Lilith has an unreadable expression in a corner. The commentary is dead too. Ali’s look is disbelief. Savage has it for a moment too. But then he stands, chest heaving up and down, and spreads his arms proudly. Yamaguchi has to demand more referees come in the ring to help get Snowmantashi out but - the man shoves them off. He’s getting to his own feet. It’s a struggle. He drops to a knee. Then gets back to his feet again. He looks around, he doesn’t shown a sign of dejection or disappointment. He stares at Savage who is caught between flight and fight but does not back down. Snowmantashi finally turns around and leaves the ring through the steps. One last KAIJU! KAIJU! KAIJU! Chant emanates throughout the arena all the way up the ramp. He turns around for one last glance, rarely done by the former champion… then steps through the curtains.

    Savage doesn’t get a chance to turn around and return his focus onto the match. SPRINGBOARD DROP KICK RIGHT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Prince Ali is fully reinvigorated. He unloads on caporeian strikes, uppercuts, kicks on Savage. It’s only a sudden and brutal spinning forearm that floors Prince Ali. Ali does not allow Savage a moment of recovery and one smooth set of movements - KIP UP - PELE KICK! Savage drops to the mat! Will his dream end just as it came so close?

    Prince Ali looks in the Kamara Lock! PRINCE ALI IS WRENCHING ON SAVAGE’S NECK WITH ALL HE HAS. Savage is resisting! He’s using the hole in the ring to try and drag himself clear but Ali readjusts to get into a good position! Ali wrenches EVEN HARDER!







    Prince Ali lets go of the submission with a smirk on his face until he gets the horrific news from the referee. He argues that Savage tapped before the three count but the referee asserts that his decision is final. He took the risk, and he would have to deal with it. Savage lies spread-eagled on the mat, devastated with what might even be the smallest hint of tears. He might hate himself for coming so close and yet knowing he doesn’t get to walk out with anything tonight. Only a million bruises. A shorter career. And defeat.

    KRASH! KRASH! KRASH! KRASH! A hand pops out of the hole. Lilith watches with indifference. KRASH! KRASH! KRASH! KRASH! Another hand emerges. KRASH! KRASH! KRASH! KRASH! KRASH! He drags himself out from under the ring. The White Wolf is very well alive, but the bruises on his body are already visible. Krash approaches Lilith, limping. Lilith pulls herself to her feet to meet the beating heart of CWA. She stares him in the eyes and - PURPLE MIST IS SPRAYED INTO KRASH’S EYES! That’s the same mist she’s turned countless people onto her side with! Krash rubs at his eyes only for a moment till Lilith whispers something. Krash nods and then lies on his back.

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The jeers echo across the arena. It can’t end like this. The blood. The bruises. The broken bones. Those five men did not shed it all for Lilith to win like this. She drops to pin Krash -

    ROLL UP!




    Krash nearly had it. Both of them roll away. Krash has a smirk on his face. There is one heart you cannot turn in this business. One soul that is infallible. That man is Krash and Lilith is discovering today that the light is more fearsome than she thought! Her eyes go wide but she forces herself to regain composure. Lilith charges at Krash and hits a basement dropkick to his left knee. Krash goes flying with his knee. Lilith is visceral. Relentless now. She doesn’t have her Dark Watch. She doesn’t have her mystical abilities. The sole person she can rely on right now is herself. She drags Krash right outside of the ring. Flips him upside down. Raises his left leg and KNEE RIGHT INTO THE STEEL CHAINS!

    She’s going to cripple him! End his career once and for all! She drags him by that left knee into the LIGHTBRINGER’s former chamber, pulls it up AND DROPS IT VICIOUSLY INTO THE GLASS SHARDS. The sheer pain of it forces Krash onto his strong leg, running out of the chamber and holding onto his bloody and ripped left knee. Yamaguchi looks concerned and offers Krash to end the match but through half-sobs he refuses.



    Lilith doesn’t allow herself to be flustered by the arena. She drags Krash into the other chamber he closed in on and has his left leg hanging in between the chamber and outside of it. Then with a sinister look and loud BOOOOOOOOOOOOS from the crowd… SHE SLAMS THE DOOR RIGHT INTO IT! OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Yamaguchi can’t bear to look and the boos even slow down now and diminish. Someone has to stop this! Lilith is heartless. Truly heartless. Lilith isn’t done, she drags Krash out of it now and allowing him to face the ring, turns him on his torso and LOCKS IN A SINGLE LEG BOSTON CRAB! SHE WRENCHES ON THAT KNEE. PUNCHES IT VICIOUSLY. KRASH IS HELPLESS. IT’S NOT EVEN LIKE SHE’S GOING FOR THE TAP OUT! SUBMISSIONS AREN’T ALLOWED OUTSIDE THE RING.

    Krash grabs the ropes but Yamaguchi tells him it’s pointless - but that’s not why he’s grabbing the ropes! He uses it to turn around and then SHOVES LILITH INTO THE CHAIN WALL. He only has a second before Lilith will undoubtedly recover and somehow double her cruelty. He charges at her, jumps on her - DISCORDANT SERENITY! HE’S GOT THE GUILLOTINE CHOKE LOCKED IN! It’s outside the ring but nevertheless a desperation move. HE’S GOING TO CHOKE THE LIFE OUT OF HER.



    Lilith stumbles forward and into the ring! If she falls unconscious, it’s all over. Krash can’t quite his left leg grapevined but is it really necessary. He wrenches harder and harder! Until she stops struggling. She’s passed out! Surely. Yamaguchi goes to check on her but Krash lets go. He’s going to finish this as it should. He walks - limps - over to the turnbuckle. Drops at some point. Uses the ropes to get up to his feet then to go over to the turnbuckle. He stumbles at the turnbuckle.

    He climbs up the first.

    The second turnbuckle. He’s up to the third. BO… He grabs the chain to hold on with that bad leg of his. OOOOOOO… He smacks it to make sure it stays alive. OOOOOO… then halfway turned around…

    JUDAS KISS! She hooks the leg!




    It’s all over. The arena is instantly shrouded in darkness with a single spotlight on Lilith. The Beating Heart of CWA has fallen.

    Jim Taylor: She has made it through over forty-three minutes in the Steel Roulette… and she is now the CWA World Heavyweight Champion.

    Tim Coleman: I don’t think anyone wanted this.

    The door slowly opens to the cell, and the Dark Watch have made their way out, refusing to show signs of their past fight. Only Lilith deserves the attention. Anna Malikova grabs the CWA World Heavyweight Championship and the three Dark Watch members enter the ring. Malikova, one knee to the ground in front of the kneeling Lilith… places the CWA World Heavyweight Championship in front of her. Noah Nitro and Thomas West both come to knees. Krash finds himself hobbling up the ramp with the help of a pair of referees, the CWA High Voltage Championship on his shoulder but the knowledge that… he’s going to have to get his knee checked up… and he can’t think of the worst.

    The final shot remains. Lilith. The CWA World Heavyweight Championship in front of her. And three dangerous soldiers of darkness before her. The light remains solely on them. The rest of CWA shrouded in darkness.

    Jim Taylor: A Dark Era… is upon us.

    Editor's Notes: Maybe a longer post coming in later since I'm late for work at this point. I did not initially want to have all the eliminations after the last entrant but due to the fact that the last entrant was the only no show, it was sort of necessary. Hopefully everyone looked good though. Had a tough decision between the final two for sure. Also hopefully I didn't get too self-masturbatory with Snowmantashi. Congrats to the victors on this PPV. Hopefully the wait was worth it. Enjoy the read. And with that, I'm off to work.

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    Re: Retribution [15/09/2017] Part One

    My goodness what a match that was. Everyone looked a million bucks in it and not to toot my own horn a bit but Savage was a straight up beast in that match. I absolutely loved the way he was written in that match and gives me so many more ideas to run with now.

    Congrats to AON on winning the big one with Lilith, I think this is the first ever female world heavyweight champion in CWA so kudos to that as well. Props to Jon and everyone else that helped put this show together as well.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Retribution [15/09/2017] Part One

    WOW that was pure unadulterated violence. Did not expect it but it was very entertaining. They storylines were there and it delivered. Congrats to the new CWA Heavyweight Champion Lilith.

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    Re: Retribution [15/09/2017] Part One

    So I decided to wait until the whole show was posted and read it all in one go. Wanna know what I think?

    A godamned amazing show. The addition of a live roundtable featuring noted personnel is a fantastic idea, and helped every match feel that much more important. The brief character promos for the Roulette participants were a nice touch, felt true to the characters portrayed, and helped hype up the main event as a big, big deal. The matches started good, and kept ramping up with each progressing match until they got to an outstanding status, and the backstage brawl between the Connors & the Diamond Dogs was fantastically well-done. To say nothing about the main event, the Roulette was so viscerally brutal I can tell whoever wrote it had a ton of fun with it all. Absolutely fantasticly written stuff. I, somewhat selfishly, hope this isn't the very end we see of Jon Snowmantashi. But if it is, then it took damn near everything to bring him down.

    Great show, well worth the wait. Congrats to AON on the title win! A new age of darkness has fallen over CWA.

    CWA: A Decade of Decadence
    Maybe the end of something great.
    Maybe the start of something new.
    Stay tuned.

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    Re: Retribution [15/09/2017] Part One

    Glorybe, wasn't that a fun show?

    Quite simply, if this isn't the best PPV in CWA history it's right up there. and there is not enough praise in the world I can/t give Jon for taking part because the work and dedication he put into this really does show and he deserveallal the credit in the world for putting it together.

    Oh and...yay world champion. Good times! Let the reign of sp00ky commence
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Retribution [15/09/2017] Part One

    Congrats AON.

    Honestly, mate, you must go down as one of the all-time best RPers in CWA history.

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