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    CWA Steel Roulette Promos

    Quote Originally Posted by An Original Name
    The camera’s view transitions to the backstage area. More specifically it goes to where Michelle Kelly is standing which is in the prepared interview area. The CWA logo can be seen all over the wall behind Todd, and a TV hangs behind him which has the Retribution logo on it. For a few brief seconds Michelle waits for microphone in hand, and when it becomes apparent that she’s on air he begins to speak to the CWA universe

    Michelle Kelly: Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am of course Michelle Kelly and please welcome my guest at this time…Apollo Griffin

    As Michelle finishes speaking, she holds her left arm out slightly, and points towards where Apollo can be seen, once the camera pans towards him. The fans give a brief cheer as Apollo steps into view; Wearing a Beatles t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans, Apollo stands there and smirks towards the camera before he turns his attention towards Michelle As he addresses Michelle he slaps her on the arm in a friendly kind of way, although Michelle does flinch slightly

    Apollo Griffin Hey Michelle what’s up?

    Michelle Kelly: I’m pretty good Apollo but I think there are some more interesting things that the CWA universe would like to learn about at this point, Tonight you face, the new comer Mendoza how are you feeling now-

    Michelle is suddenly interrupted by the sound of a familiar yet annoying voice. This voice, of course, belongs to Apollo…err…Well, whatever Jeff Potter is to Apollo, certainly not an effective manager. Wearing a bright white suit as always, Humansteps into view as his irritating voice begins to rant.

    Jeff Potter: Woah, Woah, Woah. Apollo, we talked about this. Why the hell isn’t Arnie Grape here reading from my pre-approved interview cards? As your manager, you gotta trust me on these things.

    As is becoming the traditional response to anything that comes from Jeff Potter mouth Apollo shakes his head and sighs

    Apollo Griffin: Well maybe Michelle not reading from them because I told her not to? I mean those questions were so boring…And some of them made absolutely zero sense. Hey, Michelle you still got those cards?

    Apollo looks towards Michelle who reaches
    inside her pocket and pulls out a stack of cue cards that presumably have the questions written on them. She hands them to Apollo who rifles through them before picking out one

    Apollo Griffin: Here’s what I’m talking about –Apollo, what would you say will be more satisfying – your first victory in CWA or the first time you took a sip of a freshly opened Dr Pepper?

    Apollo frowns as he begins to look through the rest of the cards

    Apollo Griffin
    : Come to think of it there’s a lot of random Dr Pepper references in here.

    Jeff Potter:: Well what’s wrong with Dr Pepper? If Michelle just says those little references and you answer with the same pizazz and quality as the unique flavour sensation that is this refreshing drink…well, what’s the worst that could happen?

    As Jeff finishes speaking, he produces a can of Dr Pepper from off-stage and lets it rest on his right palm while pointing at it with his left hand. He, of course, wears a cheesy smile and looks straight towards the camera while doing so. Apollo looks on and again shakes his head with despair. He knows exactly what’s going on here

    Apollo Griffin”…Another sponsor? Really? How many times have I told you about this crap?”

    Jeff drops the pose and looks at Apollo with an irritated expression

    Jeff Potter: Well excuse me for trying to make you and me a bit of extra money on the side. We both gotta make money somehow, don’t we? We haven't won a match yet and these suits don’t come free. I got six cats and lawyers that need to be paid before I can take Shake Meltzer to court. Now hold this.

    Jeff plonks the Dr Pepper can into the unsuspecting hand of Apollo, who looks bewildered for a moment. Jeff Potter then produces two more items from off-stage.

    Jeff Potter:
    And er…these.

    Jeff places a Dr Pepper cap on Apollo’s head as well as putting a tacky pair of novelty Dr Pepper sunglasses on his face. The fact that the lenses are shaped like Dr Pepper cans makes Apollo’s face all the more horrified. Jeff takes a step back and admires his handiwork before he begins to speak again

    Jeff Potter
    . Okay and now…take a sip and smile!

    Apollo is speechless for a moment, and the crowd in attendance can be heard laughing at how he looks. He glances briefly at Michelle who doesn’t know how to react before he looks back towards Jeff Potter. He then begins to speak without the slightest trace of sarcasm in his voice.

    Apollo Griffin: If you don’t take this crap off of me in the next seven seconds then you’re gonna find the contents of this can dripping all down your bright, white suit…And you’re gonna find my other hand coming towards your face…we got an understanding here?

    Jeff sighs and shakes his head disappointedly. He then removes all the stuff from Apollo’s face as well as taking the can too. He places all the items off the stage before he addresses Apollo again

    Jeff Potter: Fine, fine, fine…Have it your way

    Once more Jeff Potter produces something off-stage; this time it’s a Burger King burger to go along with the franchise’s famous catchphrase that he’s just interwoven into his speech. Again he holds it in his right palm and smiles towards the camera. It doesn’t take long for Apollo to realise what’s going on and he looks towards Michelle and shakes his head before turning back towards Jeff. As he does so, he grabs the burger from his hand and throws it in the direction from where he produced it from.

    Jeff Potter Aw no Apollo! That was my dinner!

    At this point, Jeff rushes off stage to try and salvage what Sami has just thrown away. This finally leaves Apollo and Michelle alone together so the interview can properly commence

    Apollo Griffin Well sorry about that …he can be a…pain...but you gotta give him credit for his persistence. And you know, as annoying as he is, he was right about one thing there, wasn’t he? I haven’t won a match yet.t. I mean it’s not anyone’s fault, and I’m not gonna march into Afa’s office you know? It’s just the luck of the draw I suppose. At least the only saving grace this week is that I get a chance to go out there and put The Fresh Prince firmly on the map by beating Mendoza…And that’s exactly what I know I’m gonna do. Now, what was it you were gonna ask me before we were…Rudely interrupted?

    Michelle Kelly: Well what I wanted to ask originally was what your thoughts on your match with Mendoza?

    Apollo listens to the question and ponders over it for a few moments. He goes to speak however both are interrupted by the offstage sounds of Jeff Potter

    Jeff Potter: Good news! It’s a bit dirty, but it’s still edible!”

    Both look towards where he’s presumably standing before shaking their heads. Apollo then turns back to Todd and begins to answer his question.

    Apollo Griffin Well I’m glad we could finally get around to this question because it’s one I know I’ve got an answer for. Michelle, I know that it’s your job to seek out the truth, so that’s exactly what I’m gonna give you. Nothing less man. So the truth is…That I don’t see any real reason why I can’t become World Champion. I mean, it’s not gonna happen tonight or next week…But a month from now? Or shortly? Well, like I said…there’s No real reason why it can’t happen. There have been a few bumps in the road, and there will be a lot more.Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’m just making our intentions clear and if anybody out there has a problem with these plans…Anyone like Mendoza…well all they’ve gotta do is make that as clear as I’m going all this now…And I’ll happily prove to them that I deserve a chance to earn the gold Tonight is just the beginning, Now, Mendoza is a bad dude, He’s rough and tough, and he’s going to knock me down a few time, but tonight I turn my career around. Mendoza is going to get dunked on, and I’m finally going to win a match.Man…that’s what Apollo Griffin is all about!

    The fans cheer again for Apollo he smirks towards the camera for a few brief moments before slapping Michelle on the arm again in a friendly manner. He then turns around and walks away from the interview area bringing this segment to a close

    Quote Originally Posted by An Original Name
    It was dark. It was always dark. The fateful night was nearing sooner than anyone would have ever hoped, and even now, it was only for one more night. One more night, and we would reach Retribution. One more night and the Steel Roulette shall finally come, come to cement the legacies of all who are set for competition inside of it. To decide the fate of CWA and who will stand on top of the mountain which warranted all those involved to be in peak physical condition, all at the top of their game for the coming battle. There are those who choose to soothe their nerves with a fifth of vodka. There are those who are mentally playing through their matches inside their heads. There are those who, at this time of night, have been sound asleep for hours already in an attempt to be well-rested and prepared for what lies ahead. There is one who has a rather unusual way of preparing herself for the night ahead of her, and her name is Lilith.. Have you ever been inside of an empty building so late at night, with no lights, no sounds except the echoes of your footsteps?It’s an eerie sensation. Even now, there was not a single sound. Even now, the arena in Brooklyn had long been empty, and that’s precisely the way Lilith had wanted it to be. She needed this moment to think, to reflect on herself, and she would have no one around to disturb her as she made his way through the backstage corridors over to the ringside area. Usually, she didn’t necessarily need to be at ringside just to think, but this was a special moment, warranted by a special occasion.

    The Steel Roulette awaited her.

    Just how long has it been since that match had been unveiled upon human eyes? Maybe a good year. Lilith didn’t care. It didn’t matter in the end anyway. All that mattered was that it had indeed been a long time since anyone had stepped inside that infernal domain that is the Steel Roulette, and she had to see it before the war began. It wasn’t long now. It was just in one minute where she found herself standing behind that dark curtain, the entranceway to this coliseum that was soon to be drenched in the darkest shades of blood and pain. Just one swift motion and she was out there, on the outside, looking into the empty ring, surrounded by chains, She knew what was to come. All that was required was her presence, and it was here that she made her presence known.

    Lilith: Steel Roulette, It is with this… My will be done…

    She spoke only in whispers, and even these hushed words resonated softly against the walls of the arena. This was the catalyst, the ignition that soon shattered away the boundaries of reality, moulding before her a magnificent sight only she could see. Slowly, very slowly, she walked towards the ring as her eyes beheld a spectacle that had been sparked at her calling. It was there that at the sound of her voice, a thick, otherworldly mist started to envelop the Roulette, obscuring almost all from view. She could not see any of the many chains that surrounded the ring; she could not see any entrances or exits or staircases littered about, she couldn’t even see the reinforced steel that surrounded her. No, this fog was thick, allowing her to see only what she wanted to see, and that was the ring before her. She walked up the steps at a leisurely pace, in no hurry to enter the ring. She could see it, on the side of the ring already consumed by a steel mesh that in itself carried a foreboding presence beneath its size. This was a beautiful thing in Lilith’s mind. In how many ways can she be allowed to permanently scar and disfigure, and legally get away with it? She slowly made her way into the ring. She soon made her way over to the near corner and took a seat upon the bottom turnbuckle/ It was here that she was able to receive the perfect view, a rather picturesque image of this monstrosity that was Steel Roulette. It was uncanny, unsettling, the strange aura that radiated within the boundaries of the ring. There was a sense of overbearing danger that filled the air, and Lilith just revelled in it. She washed herself with it, bringing her almost to an unreal, ethereal high. She slowly leaned his head back and closed his eyes as he allowed herself to wallow in the shadows of the structure where she could very well shock the world

    Lilith: The Steel Roulette has returned. Brought into its rebirth once again, ripped from the essence of dreams that should have never been dreamt. I could only sit and imagine how beautiful you were to stand in the last year., How magnificent it would be when you would finally come to life. I sit, and I think of how wonderful it would be when I’m called to war on this battleground.I thought vividly of how I would dress you. How I can grant you the bloodshed, you demand. Here you are in all your splendour, born again, summoned back into this wicked ground for war. Are you… Happy? Are you pleased? You can finally see the light of day once again. You can finally meet all those new faces that you wanted to meet. And there are so many I am eager to introduce you to. Are you excited?

    Lilith opens her eyes and stares at the chains above her, which rattle eerily in response to her question, drawing a smile on her face because of it.

    Lilith: You must be so ecstatic whenever someone new tries to conquer you. Last year you seemed so happy. Remember… Remember the last time they gave you someone to play with? Do you remember their names? Johnny Vegas. Jonathan McGinnis. Harrison Wake. Michelle Von Horrorwitz. Mr Enigma. Jon Snowmantashi. I remember hearing your laughter, interspersed with the screams of your little toys. I remember how happy you seemed when watched them battle for survival in you. You… are quite abusive. You know no mercy to those who love you, and those you love in return...and now you have another six to play with to punish . to deliver unto them the pain that they deserve. Together we get to transform them into martyrs, and in the end, they will become nothing but another sacrifice to you. Do you want pain? Do you want sacrifices? Then I will bring them to you. I know how long it’s been since you were unleashed, and you have yet to be nourished since then. You need bodies, toys to keep your content and comforted, something to sate you so that you may not act up. You need to rediscover that taste of blood, for it can be the only equivalent of a mother’s milk to feed to a demon such as you. And I know how much you crave, how often you cry for that crimson nectar. It will come soon enough; I promise you this.

    The chains above the ring rattle violently in reply to Lilith’s comment. It appears this abomination has little patience for its next feeding, and yet there is a voice there to calm this twisted spirit.

    Lilith: Shhh… Don't cry. Don’t cry, my dear.It’s okay. Mother is here with you too. Stop your crying now. Shhh…How neglectful. You’ve been cast away for so long, without sight, without words, and it is only here now that I see how lonely You are., You cry for nourishment.

    In a bizarre move. Lilith suddenly gets down on her hands and knees and begins to caress the
    mat almost in a loving way before leaning down and kissing it

    Lilith: “We’ve going to do great things you and I...

    After a moment she steps back up to her feet, breathing deeply her eyes narrowed as she lifted her gaze up to further study the structure

    Lilith: The Steel Roulette … was born to be anathema to the fools of the world we live in. It is the battlefield of the damned, birthed with the design to annihilate all who have been deemed too corrupt to exist in this world. They are the cattle who have been infected, and this is the slaughterhouse that puts them to rest.

    Lilith smirks to herself

    Lilith: Oh, but you will be more than that, you will be the site of a fall of an empire

    Lilith nods to herself self-assured gesturing down to the mat

    Lilith The Ottomans. The Mayans, Aztecs. The Qin Dynasty. The Moguls. The Greeks and Romans. The Egyptians. Alexander The Great. The Spanish. The British. Throughout the vast experience of this place called Earth, there have been many to rule, many empires to control. The past empires have created our present, our future. The best thinkers have come out of some of the most famous empires. Under many empires, the world has been gifted with some of the greatest architecture ever viewed. Transportation, trade, new inventions, peace, prosperity. A quick scroll through history will reveal all the wonderful things that have come through these empires. The Huns under Attila and then there’s The French Revolution's Terror. Hirohito's Japan. North Korea. Soviet Russian. The Nazi's. They all have something in common too Death. War. Pillaging and plundering. Destroying other homes, nations, and empires. Theft. Arson. Rape. Basic violations of human rights. Drought, famine, turmoil.Empires come, but empires go. Through moments of sheer brilliance, and pure evil. One thing though remains constant:

    Almost as a reaction of instinct more than anything else, she holds up
    a lone finger as she speaks.

    Lilith: Empires fall. All of them. Everyone. Regardless of the things they brought to the world, or the crimes against humanity they inflicted. Empires fall, and when an Empire begins to fall, it isn't always a free fall. It can be a slow, painful descent to rubble and ash, leaving in its path a sea of betrayal, blood, and bodies. Some empires can even prevent their fall and build themselves back up when their fate seems to be all but grimly sealed. But alas, fate cannot be fought. Despite any and all up turns in fortune, at one point, whether months, years, decades, or centuries later, it will conclude. Everything that has a beginning has an end. Everything rots. Everything dies. Everything falls into darkness. Jon Snowmantashi is no different. His empire will burn around him while the world watches as a new empire rises from the old...An empire of darkness and here. Here will be where it rises.

    She leaned down again
    patting the canvas before raising both her hands and waving them around her gesturing to her surroundings

    Lilith: The six of us stand, the circle of the lustful. Six warriors laying siege to a kingdom, the siren call of glory calling to us all

    She stands up to her full height and points a finger towards one of the empty pods, that will house Lilth’s opponents.

    “The young would be
    prince, that is no longer content to wait for the crown to fall into his grasp. Instead, he intends to take it.

    An amused chuckle escapes her lips as if she finds that hopeful idea an endearingly innocent one before she abruptly moves and point to the
    pod right beside the last one

    Lilith: A former warrior king, wishing for one last sip of nirvana

    Lilith pauses for a moment considering this before moving on to the next pod.

    Lilith: A savage, the leader of the barbarian hordes, looking to bludgeon his way to the top of the mountain

    She turned on her heel and gestured lightly to the last pod….but this time she doesn’t instantly speak. Her body language shifts noticeably as she tilts her head towards it, her voice becoming colder

    Lilith: The bringer of light

    She lingers on this pod far longer than the others...before she abruptly spits bitterly on the ground she makes a dismissive hand gesture towards it before turning her head away and gestures ring in front of her in the middle of the ring

    Lilith:....and the mighty ruler, who with brute strength and resolve has cut down all attempts to usurp him

    Her upper lip curled at the thought

    Lilith ….And me, the one that had been for so long in the shadows, watching ever so quietly stalking in the dark.And with each passing moment, like a hunter, I track my prey. Each moment, all movement-- I see, and I judge.

    Lilith begins to speak to….Well her opponents, as if they were here right in front of her in the Steel Roulette her head swivelling in several directions as she was trying to hold several peoples attention at the same time

    Lilith You all believe your actions shall benefit the greater good. But, what is this good they speak of? Your lust for gold. The world looks up to as though you powered from the above but you only care for yourselves. Never listening, never watching. But I-- I see. The likes of Krash, Prince Ali, Lightbringer-- I watch them when nobody does. I see them in most vulnerable positions-- privacy is but a word to I. And as I view their lives if it were mine, they show their true selves. Not what they do in a ring., pandering and trying good instead of evil. These men sin, their lies put them in a class all of their own. And what most hurt most? Their greater good speech is bought into, time and time again. But I sit, waiting for right time to eradicate these evils. Perched atop my throne made of bones from those who've proceeded, victims of temptation and greed that tried to abolish me. Said I was mendacious, lying for my twisted views. To satisfy the rumblings in my stomach for chaos and destruction,.Nate Savage. Doesn’t pretend to be anything less then he is. An animal, going after a prize...But those that wear the masks of civility will have their true selves revealed but you Jon? You’re quite different, aren’t you?

    She turns away from the pods and begins to circle the ring as if studying Jon Snowmantashi himself

    Lilith: Tell me, Inhuman one. A mighty demi-god among men. That inkling you get in your stomach ...That knowledge that your empire demise is at hand and there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop it-- how does one withstand that feeling? To know that the darkness creeps closer, the
    reaper's blade running across the back of your neck without leaving any markings just to warn. Is it the sea of millions who believe that you can’t be conquered that gives you strength? Do they give you the heart to overcome anything? I tell you now; they can't save you when you’re locked inside here with me No mantra, no warrior's code can save you from the darkness that creeps ever so silently. The people may feel warmth in their hearts for you, yet I have nothing but contempt. Your shrine of lies shall soon crumble, and I shall use what's left of your mangled corpse to elevate my royal throne. I will take your title. The darkness will take your soul, and the Ravens can have what’s left...But not your skull...No, your skull has a special purpose, That shall be my crown.

    A sick demented smile appears on her lips as she tilts her head back and just enjoys that mental image for a moment.

    Lilith: The others...They believe that the steel roulette is the site of their glory but this is the ultimate prison of mortals and sinners, and this is the place of your judgment. Jon Snowmantashi. I have long ago lost the luxury of calling myself human, calling myself mortal. So call me what you will. Demonic, undead, inhuman, it’s all the same. I am not like anyone in this match, not anymore. Lilith is a name parallel to those of the deities of old. Lilith is a being of black fire, that which burns and scorches the corrupt in their ugliness and perversion. This sanctum that they call the Steel Roulette… is the haven for this god, and by entering you have sealed your doom. This is the heart of Thanatos incarnate. In this body, lies the soul of Azrael. And it is with this steel that has been carved out the execution block that will be the resting place of those that have fallen from grace. And Snowmantashi… You have indeed fallen from grace. I see that belt that you carry around with you, the World Heavyweight Title. What was once supposed to be a testament to skill has turned into only a fragment of your ego. What has once been a glorious accolade has become nothing more than an idol built in your honor. That belt has become your incarnation of the Tower of Babel, and like the gods before me, I shall punish you for it. You are no longer deemed worthy to hold that title, and yet you cling to it like it means your life. Then again, maybe it does mean your life? You’ve poured so much of your heart and your ego into that belt, how much would it pain you once I finally rip that title from out of your cold, diseased hands? How badly shall it rend your soul when it is finally taken away from you? And once it’s all gone, what will happen? Will you change? Will you die?. So easily do you deceive us with your passion and your energy, and yet all that beats inside is a one-dimensional heart. I’ve only seen you travelling one path, working in one direction. All I’ve seen in you is cruelty and deception, with no trace of altruism or justice within your veins. Have you ever noticed it? Jon Snowmantashi, you’re used to the routine. It becomes all too familiar, like clockwork. You’re used to being the best. You’re used to being on top. You’re used to wearing gold. When I break that clock and twist its hands in different directions, when I pilfer your gold and leave you buried, what will happen to you? Will you crumble beneath my feet? Will you break down as a wreck here before me? Or will you stand up, and try to defy me just as you are now?

    Lilith bows her head down once again and pauses before slowly standing up. She then slowly wanders over to the ropes and leans on them staring up at those ominous looking chains before speaking once more

    Lilith: I’ve listened to you speak and heard you proclaim that you fear no man….we shall see., I have seen nothing from you that the darkness can not overcome. What have you done? In what innovative ways have you ever dismembered and disfigured a man?… I know the history. I’ve watched you at your most brutal. Do you truly put so much faith in your sword and shield? Do you truly think you will be able to strike me down so quickly? Go ahead, take up your great sword. And run me through if you dare. You forget, you misguided drone, which I revel in this environment! And I will not fall so quickly! There is no remorse running through
    this body, All sense of mercy and regret have already seeped out through these eyes centuries ago! Take a look around; These are my instruments of choice. Wood and steel, all meant to break bones and batter bodies….Tell me, all five of you.

    Lilith’s eyes dart towards the
    pods once more

    Lilith Could you ever use these chains to choke someone? Do you see yourself encasing someone in twisted steel? Have you ever crucified a person upon a cage wall as their blood flowed down their faces? Is that something you’re willing to do for glory? For your sake, I hope so. This body has absorbed a lifetime of punishment and agony. It is with this body alone that I will carve a legacy of ruthlessness and unparalleled cruelty. And yet all I see in you all are men who will choke upon their egos. You in particular Jon. You stepped into this match long ago, and you fell. You still cling to such crooked confidence that you can toss your foes aside! So come. Each one of you Come, Jon. Come Lightbringer. Come, Nathan. Come Krash. Come, Prince Ali. Come to me and let me show you all the weakness of your pride.

    Slowly, Lilith walks back to her seat in the corner, but before she sits down, she has one last thing to say.

    Lilith: I am human, yet not human. There is a being in me who thirsts for salvation, and a deity in me that cries out for blood. What hope do any of you have to achieve? What hope do you have to kill that which is immortal? There is a god of vengeance that waits for you on this battlefield. On tattered wings, she soars, casting her shadow over all who linger below her. Warriors shall stare, children shall scream, mothers shall weep, all at the sight of their world being brought into eternal darkness. Do any of you hope to play saviour? Do you hope to be the messiah? Come with all your might and learn how useless your slings are against me. I am the herald of a coming darkness.I am the summoner of the end. The Rapture is soon to fall. Armageddon is coming far sooner than you could have ever hoped. Black ashes will rain down and paint your hallowed ground in sickening shades. Your blood shall be the ink that I use to craft my final masterpiece. Your screams of misery and horror shall become the area of my wake. This place shall be your grave, I promise you. I will leave you buried in the ground, and you shall look up at this fallen god, adorned in a golden shine, with the world heavyweight title in one hand and your souls in the other.

    And with that, Lilith sits down once more, having got everything off her chest. The screen fading into blackness a void which she has vowed awaited the five men who stand against her destiny


    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Morgan
    The CWA logo blasts on your television screen as the voice over announcer begins narrating the video on the screen.

    Voice Over: You have two men from two very different backgrounds. One man started in MMA, and then reached the highest mountains in wrestling. The next man started from the humble beginnings of Independent Pro Wrestling, and has worked his way up to one of the most charismatic wrestlers of our generation. One is making his comeback into the sport of Pro Wrestling, the other has never stopped living his dream. They both have similar motivations for why they are in that ring. Tonight we follow the man who is making his comeback, we follow Rolando Fuentes on CWA 24/7 Fuentes vs. McGinnis: Retribution.

    The camera pans to Rolando Fuentes and his family, as he plays with his three kids, and his wife lovingly looks over him.

    Voice Over: When Rolando left the ring two years ago, he dedicated his time to his family. Spending time with his wife, and their three kids, while also working on several business opportunities, commentating, and just letting his body heal.

    Ms. Fuentes: It was nice to have him home. He would take the kids to school, and then he would work while they were at school. Maybe we would go out on little dates, and then he would pick them up from school. Rolando was a true father of the year. I was just glad to have him home, and be part of the family. He’s been gone ever since we got married, he would miss birthday’s, Christmas’s, Thanksgiving, its hard to be the wife of a pro athlete especially a combat sports athlete.

    Voice Over: All Rolando has ever done was combat sports. He has been with his wife for 15 years, and during the beginning she would see him train, and get ready for the octagon as Rolando spent the first eight years of their marriage in the International Fight League. Duke Rufus, legendary MMA trainer was next to him during his MMA career.

    Duke Rufus:No one worked harder then Rolando, but no one was a bigger asshole then Rolando too. When he wanted something, he worked long and hard to get it. He would eat up anyone we put in front of him, and we had to pull back some of our more talented guys, because Rolando never let up. There were times we almost had to kick him out of the gym, but the record speaks for itself. I can’t stop success, but I also think his work ethic, and constant grind to get better, burned him out of MMA a lot faster then it should have.

    Tyron Woodley: Fuentes!!!?? Forget that guy. He almost hurt me a couple of times just because he didn’t realize what practice and the real fights were. I would love to get him in the Octagon right now, and show him what’s up! He wouldn’t know what hit him!

    Voice Over: Tyron Woodley is a top student of Duke Rufus, and now an MMA champion. Back then he was just a young up and comer, and Rolando really didn’t care who he was training with. He was going to go hard.

    Rolando Fuentes: It’s funny to see how far Tyron has come since those days back at the Rufus gym. He would whup me now, so he can take credence in that. I am a little slow on that draw, but heck I will get in that Octagon, give me six months, and I’ll rag doll him again.

    Fuentes’s wife is right next to him.

    Ms. Fuentes: Oh no you want! You’re even lucky I let you in this wrestling business. I am not going to watch you go and fight in that Octagon. I am not Adrian, and you’re not Rocky. Just be glad you’re in the ring!

    Rolando Fuentes: Well she’s the boss I reckon I should listen to her!

    Voice Over: After going 16-1 in MMA, and holding two World Championships, Rolando needed another challenge. He found that challenge in the ring. He worked in one other major organization prior to the CWA, where he held many titles. Then he jumped ship to the CWA. This is where Jonathon McGinnis and Rolando Fuentes may have a little difference of opinion.

    Rolando Fuentes: Jonathon McGinnis wants to talk about how he is an Indy darling, how I never had to work for my spot in the company. They brought me in with big money deals, and I did what I was supposed to do, draw ratings, put asses in seats, and draw money. My MMA career affording me that opportunity. While I was doing MMA, and putting asses in seats in MMA, he was the undercard of some Indy show drawing 25 people. I have respect for the guy, but he was taking chances and taking home 20 dollars a show. I was getting punched in the face, and making 500 grand a fight.

    Old footage is shown of Rolando Fuentes fighting around big arena’s in MMA, and then it pans to him fighting in the old defunct WTFL, in front of record crowds. It shows his many title reigns, and then the camera shows the CWA logo…

    Rolando Fuentes: The WTFL was huge at the time when I signed with them. I got a big money contract, and was headlining PPV’s right off the bat. The only thing I never did was hold their version of the World Title, and I got tired of the politics.

    Ms. Fuentes: He would come home upset. He was a miserable person at that time. He would go on the road, come home, drink, complain, and be angry. We almost divorced during this time, and if it weren’t for the birth of our first son I would have left. When that baby boy came out, something changed in my husband.

    Voice Over: After the birth of their first child Rolando started changing. He wasn’t the party animal that his old organization remembered him for, and he stayed with the WTFL for one more year, and then he finally reached out to the CWA.

    Rolando Fuentes: I was tired, and pretty worn down. I knew that I wasn’t the second or third best on the card, and they always promised they would do something with me. They would put me in a big program, and I would get it over, and then I would always get the rug pulled from under me. I made a call to the CWA, and they were ready to have me.

    Voice Over: Meagan Anderson ,part of corporate in CWA, says they couldn’t wait for him to start.

    Meagan Anderson: We saw potential from the start. He had natural charisma that the fans gravitate towards! Also we needed an MMA fighter in our mix. We started getting a lot of different wrestlers, but never had that one MMA breakout star. We were glad to sign him.

    Rolando Fuentes: I was glad to sign that contract and come into the CWA. The schedule was a little tougher, but being on the road and working every night, really made me focus.

    Voice Over: Rolando came in with a bunch of young talent as the CWA was going through a renaissance. Young talent such as Twista XL, Chubby Carlos, Mr. Showtime, Diego Gonzales, and NovaKain, pushed each other. Every night they would try new things, and just push everyone on a day to day basis. His first rival Diego Gonzales witnessed it first hand.

    Diego Gonzales: Every day it would be something different. We didn’t care if we were in front of 2000 people or 20,000 people. We pushed each other. One night he would beat me, I would adjust, and then beat him, and then the next time he would adjust and it would go on and on. By the time we got done with our first year you could have thought we were seasoned veterans. Rolando, NovaKain, and I were just monsters by the end, and I believe that’s why we had such good careers moving forward.

    The camera pans back to Rolando Fuentes working out, and watching a segment on television that keeps him motivated and pumped up.

    There’s a very dry clap that echoes across the arena and the whole of the spotlight moves from Rolando Fuentes to… Jonathan McGinnis on the titantron. He has a half-smug, half-quite-pissed-off look on his face. He takes off his shades to give Fuentes a better look in his eyes.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Welcome back, Rolando. My present to you, Mr. Legend, is I let you have you whole speech, your whole boring, mundane speech about how you’re still the same man you were however many years ago. But let me ask you one question… what makes you any different than… I don’t know… Mr. Willis. What is stopping me from breaking you in half and leaving Ms. Fuentes to stroll you around the house in a wheel chair for the rest of your life? Hell, why would you even put Ms. Fuentes through that. From what you’ve just said, she deserves a lot better than to care for a cripple for the rest of your life. And let’s not get into your kids. Rolando, I’m going to give you this offer one time and one time only… go home… enjoy the rest of your life… never step into a ring again.

    Rolando clearly doesn’t take to threats and the rising “Rolando” chant doesn’t do anything but fuel the flames in his heart.

    Rolando Fuentes: You want to know what makes me different than Mr. Willis? McGinnis… why don’t you come down to the ring and find out…

    Fuentes already has his tie untied and his dress shirt unbutonned mid-sentence. McGinnis scoffs.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I’ll be honest… all of you legends, you’re all so predictable.

    He winks and the titantron vanishes. Fuentes frowns, bemused but the mounting boos aren’t enough to alert him in time, he turns around and SUPER KICK leaves him lying flat in the middle of the ring. McGinnis takes a moment to look at his handiwork and then rolls out of the ring, he goes under the apron and rolls right out with a savage grin on his face… and a sledgehammer. He slowly climbs back into the ring and boos endlessly rain down on him. Afa Seanoa is in a hurried sprint out the back with security but it’s clear they won’t make it in time to help Fuentes. McGinnis raises the sledgehammer high up and then SWINGS IT DOWN FOR FUENTES’S SPINE - it clatters hard against the mat!

    Rolando Fuentes rolls out of the way and jumps to his feet. He ducks under a wild swing from McGinnis and delivers a kick to the guts of the two time CWA World Heavyweight champion. He lifts him up high in a suplex then drops him head-first with the Ice Pick! By the time security and Afa arrive, there’s nothing left to do but clean-up duty. Rolando grabs the microphone and lifts up-

    Rolando Fuentes: McGinnis, let’s do this properly. Last time, I checked, you didn’t have any plans for Retribution… and the CWA World Heavyweight Championship has other commitments so we’ve both got time to kill. So me and you, McGinnis, Retribution, I’ll use you to remind the world who Rolando Fuentes is.

    If Afa has any issues with the set up for that match, it’s not evident behind his grin and McGinnis himself is all too dazed to really offer up an objection. The camera turns to the two commentators as the ring returns to some semblance of order.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentleman welcome to Adrenaline Rush’s second night of the Steel Roulette Qualifiers. I don’t think ANYONE was expecting this tonight, Rolando Fuentes has made his return to CWA.

    Tim Coleman: There’s already a key difference between Mr. Willis, all due respect of course, and Rolando Fuentes. Willis was baited out of retirement. Fuentes, he’s ready, he’s prepared, this is all according to his personal plans, no one is baiting him, he is ready and willing to compete.

    Jim Taylor: McGinnis may have been expecting easier pickings again Fuentes, but he got more than he was prepared to chew on. In any case, we’ve got a big night for the fans tonight, two more Steel Roulette Qualifiers and the debut of The Blacklist!

    Rolando Fuentes: That look in his eyes were the same exact look I gave to all those superstars that I thought were trying to hold me down. During a time the CWA was on my shoulders, and time after time, legends came back and tried to take me down. At that time though they were part timers, and I was here full time. So I understand Jonathon’s ire towards me. He’s been working hard the past two years, why I was at home. So here I come, the former World Heavyweight Champion, and I am stepping on his time, and on his throne. I do have a lot of respect for McGinnis. We took the same road to superstardom, we just took different paths, and we have a lot of parallels. While I started in MMA, he started on the Indy scene. Wrestling has been in McGinnis’s blood from the start. With me I had to fall in love with the business. It didn’t take me long though to fall in love with it, and that is why I am here right now.

    Ms. Fuentes: Wrestling is his mistress. There is no doubt about that. He loved MMA, and that maybe his first love, but Rolando is in love with wrestling. Rolando maybe more in love with pro wrestling then he is with me. Ms. Fuentes chuckles. No that maybe really true!

    Voice Over: Rolando worked hard all the way to the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, but just as McGinnis got frustrated with returning superstars, Rolando had to put up with the same matter also.

    Rolando Fuentes: I was upset. I was the World Champion, and here comes two of the Biggest Superstars in CWA history. Roberto Superstar and Ultimate Pain made their comebacks on my biggest night. So instead of really taking this on as a challenge I was upset. I was mopping around the arena’s, and on the biggest PPV of the year, which I was in the main event, I didn’t want to be there.

    Voice Over: On that night Rolando Fuentes felt that he was thrown to the side, and he lost to the Ultimate Pain. On that day Rolando was never the same.

    Rolando Fuentes: I didn’t want to be there anymore, but I just didn’t want to wrestle anymore. So that’s when I became the on again off again wrestler. I couldn’t get my confidence back, and what made me more upset is that before I fell of the map, I was still working day in and day out for a year, why they just left.

    Voice Over: Rolando lost the title and he had the third shortest reign in CWA history. Something that has bothered him ever since.

    Rolando Fuentes: It was very frustrating. For the first time I felt that I was really getting somewhere just to have the rug tugged from under me. I felt that I was replaceable at any time, and even though people told me it would be ok I just couldn’t get going again.

    Ms. Fuentes: Rolando went into a state of depression. All he did was drink. We couldn’t get him motivated, and it really drove him into a state of hate. He was awful to be around.

    Voice Over: Rolando was in and out of the CWA, and he never really got his footing back in the business. He would be motivated for a month or two, and then fall back into his habits. During this time Jonathon McGinnis was making his way through the CWA, and while Rolando was not motivated, McGinnis was the opposite. McGinnis was taking matches at an alarming rate. Win, lose, or draw McGinnis was lighting up the fans, and the fans fell in love with the Indy Darling.

    Rolando Fuentes: McGinnis was probably one of the reasons I was hating the business. Here is a kid who is just flying all over the place, and the crowd is really getting into him, and loving him. I was trying to lean on my prior success, and I was just a miserable person. McGinnis would try and come to me, and ask me about his matches, and I just blew him off. He was the epitome of what I disliked in the business.

    Voice Over: And finally Rolando walked away. After a feud with long time rival, Diego Gonzales, Rolando just walked away, and even Diego could sense something was wrong.

    Diego Gonzales:Our feud was horrendous. The CWA called me up, saying they had huge plans for Rolando, but they needed to motivate him, and Rolando had been asking for me. When I stepped into the locker room, I could just see he wasn’t there. I tried, but that passion wasn’t their like it was when we first started. He just looked dead inside, and our last match should have lit the crowd on fire. It was a dud, and I knew that would be his last match.

    Ominous music plays in the background.

    Voice Over: So Rolando walked away, and everyone figured he wouldn’t be back. The younger talent though didn’t miss a beat. Especially Jonathan McGinnis who used the departure as a springboard.

    Meagan Anderson: Jonathon used it as a spring board. He came to me, and said don’t worry Ms. Anderson I’ve got your back. I will work harder then everyone in the back.

    Voice over: And Jonathon worked hard. He was taking out all comers, and even in defeat he came out stronger then he went in. Jonathon had become the future, and although his attitude has changed just a bit, he continues to improve. He just main evented a PPV, and now he saw an opportunity.

    Rolando Fuentes: Of course he saw an opportunity. He saw me come through the curtain, and decided that he wanted to challenge me, and have a little verbal joust. Jonathon is a great young talent, and he has worked harder then anyone in this business. No matter what I saw or what I do, I can’t say that I am back, and that I will take the position back I once held. Jonathon McGinnis is not a stepping stone, but just a roadblock in my comeback.

    Voice Over: McGinnis is not new to this claim by a returning superstar. He just recently defeated the legendary Mr. Willis, and now McGinnis has become the keeper of the CWA, making sure these so called legends as he calls it doesn’t derail his hard work the last two years.

    Video of McGinnis’s win vs. Mr. Willis is showed.

    Mr. Willis slowly get to his feet and climbs to the top rope, he waits for McGinnis to get to his feet and he leaps off as McGinnis moves out the way and then snatches his two legs and flips him over as he locks in an STF on to Mr. Willis as Willis fights and crawls to the ropes till McGinnis takes him and tries to drag him but Willis kicks himself free. He slowly gets, he charges at McGinnis as McGinnis tries for and hits another Superkick on Willis which Willis shows has no effects, he is moving on aderealine alone. He takes McGinnis and tosses him into the turnbuckle and goes rapid with chops to his chest. He then lifts McGinnis up in Alabama slam postion and spins him around in a airplane spin before dropping him down with a massive ALABAMA slam! He heads to the top rope from there and flies off with a DOUBLE foot stomp as he covers 1......2....... McGinnis gets his shoulder up. Now both men lay motionless in the ring as Willis used everything he had in the last few mintues to try and muster up this comeback as it was not enough to put away McGinnis and end his career. Mr. Willis gets up and mounts McGinnis and rains down with strikes to his skull which eventully busts McGinnis open. Willis waits for him to get up and tries for a DTE but McGinnis elbows out and quickly hits sets up and nails a SOMETHING LIGHT!, he then chains it together to another SOMETHING LIGHT!!!!! He from there locks in a LIONS TAMMER!! Where the back of Willis must be in the worse shape. He screams in pain as McGinnis pulls back even further and Mr. Willis has no choice but to tap out!

    Rolando Fuentes: This is my time to shine. I’ve worked hard the past three months to make it back to this point. I am glad that Jonathon McGinnis is locked and loaded. He can’t escape, because their will be people surrounding the ring. He will be stuck in that ring with me. I am sure there are wrestlers around that ring that do not like me. That’s fine, let them get their shots in, because I will remember, and I will get my revenge on them too. My focus is Jonathon McGinnis. Once I get past Mr. Disrespectful I will set my eyes on other things. When I was here originally McGinnis used to be the most respectful kid in the locker room. I am sure the other wrestlers in the back are applauding him for standing up to the old grizzled vet. Some of them look to him as a cult hero. Yay McGinnis is standing up for us. Just beat Rolando so he leaves again. Let’s run him out of the business.

    While Rolando is talking a video montage is shown of his old footage, and spliced in with footage of Jonathon McGinnis.

    Rolando Fuentes: I am not as fast as I used to be, and I may not even be as strong as I used to be, but I have gained knowledge. They call it the mind of a grizzled vet. I have to work just as hard as everyone else, but once I put the Icepick on you, you’re not getting up. I am going to work just as hard as Jonathon McGinnis, and all of those young lions. I am not only working for me, but for my family, for my pride, for the grizzled vets, and for my family. McGinnis at Retribution I am going for my Retribution, I will be that Phoenix that rises from the ashes.

    Voice Over: At Retribution you have the former Champion Rolando Fuentes vs. the Standard Barrier of the CWA Jonathon McGinnis. One has been home, and one has working hard putting the CWA on their back. They clash in an epic encounter at CWA Retribution. McGinnis, Fuentes, LumberJack match!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy King
    * Exclusive*

    After Adrenaline Rush has gone off the air Michelle Kelly tracks down Nate Savage, who is in his casual attire and suitcase packed and heading out of the arena when he's stopped by Michelle much to his dismay. He lets out an annoyed sigh, making it obvious that he'd rather not be bothered right at this moment but Michelle is either oblivious to that or she knows, ignores it, and carries on.

    Michelle Kelly: Nate, earlier tonight you earned yourself a spot in the Steel Roulette match at Retribution by defeating Shawn Summers, what's going through your mind right now?

    Nate Savage: Wasn't what I said earlier before my match good enough for you Michelle? You saw what I did out there to Shawn. I did exactly what I said I was going to do because I'm a man of my word. Shawn thought he could step up to me but he's nothing more than a joke and I proved that when I left him laying in that ring.

    Michelle Kelly: Well, some could argue that if it weren't for Jackson Fenix getting involved that you wouldn't have won, care to comment?

    Nate shakes his head.

    Nate Savage: Who cares how I won? Those that would argue my tactics are the people that would do the same exact thing if they were in position, so it only makes them look hypocritical. The only thing that matters to me is that now I have my biggest opportunity in front of me at Retribution and five other people to contend with in order to get what I desire most, the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. Now if you'll excuse me Michelle, I only have a few days before I head out to Brooklyn for Retribution and I'd like to spend it with my family before then, as well as study for my match.

    With that Nate walks off leaving Michelle standing alone as the scene fades out.


    A few days later and Nate Savage is on a plane on the way to Brooklyn where his destiny awaits him. He stares out of the window, lost in thought. His mind racing a mile a minute as he thinks about the Steel Roulette match that he'll be in soon enough. A few rows behind him the sound of the lavatory door opens and Jackson Fenix steps out with a shit eating grin etched on his face as he adjusts his shirt and coat, then behind him the door opens up again and an attractive blonde female steps out, adjusting her dress and wipes her lips before casually walking back to her seat. She brushes past Jackson but turns back to him one more time and he gives her a smile and a wink before getting back to his seat. He watches the attractive blonde sit back down next to a man that's sleeping, who he assumes is her husband or boyfriend but he shrugs and chuckles to himself as he sits down next to Nate.

    Jackson Fenix: Just gave that lucky little lady a first class ticket to the mile high club, heh heh.

    He notices that Nate isn't paying any attention to him so he nudges him and breaks him out from his thoughts.

    Jackson Fenix: You alright man?

    Nate Savage: Yeah, just a lot on my plate with my big match coming up and the kids starting school. Haven't slept a wink in days so I'm a bit tired and out of it.

    Jackson Fenix: Man, I get that and I'm happy for you, but you gotta clear your head and live a little you know? I know of this club in Brooklyn that has some of the finest looking broads you'll ever find. Maybe you should find yourself a mistress and become her sugar daddy, it'll help you loosen up a little...

    Nate looks at Jackson, dumbfounded by him a`nd shakes his head.

    Nate Savage: Thank you for your concern but I'm sure I'll be fine. Besides, I'm happily married and happen to love my wife very much, so that won't be happening. I'm not you Jackson, I don't sleep around with whatever floozy I find on the street.

    Jackson Fenix: Whoa, slow your roll there big guy. I meant no harm, I'm just trying to look out for you that's all. I get it though, you're content with your life. All I'm saying is that it wouldn't hurt to get out and live a little, that's all man. If you don't want to though, I understand. Besides, that leaves more broads for me!

    Nate Savage: Shouldn't you be concerning yourself more with your match? You know the one where you have to team up with XYZ and Izaya Snowmantashi to take on two guys that want your head on a platter as well as Brayden Bridges? If I were you I'd be concerning myself with that rather than what female I'm going to sleep with next.

    Jackson Fenix: Look man, I'm not even tripping about that. Sure, I would love to be in your position and be in that Steel Roulette, but I'm not. Instead I'm in some last minute, half assed put together match by Afa Seanoa. I mean, does he actually expect me to play nice with those two goofs? The match doesn't even matter to me if I'm being honest, but I get a trip out of it so I can't complain too much I suppose, heh.

    Nate Savage: Whatever man. You do what you gotta do, and I'll focus on me. For now I'm just going to try and catch some Z's so keep yourself out of trouble.

    Jackson shrugs and lets Nate sleep while he leans back, scoping out the area for more females as the scene fades out.


    Nate sits alone in the hotel room, watching various videos of his opponents on his laptop. Soon he shuts it off and rubs his eyes in exhaustion before sitting on the edge of his bed, staring blankly at the floor before speaking without looking up.

    Every where I've ever wrestled I was told that I wasn't what they were looking for. That I didn't have the look that they wanted. I understood what they really meant. They just wanted to spare my feelings but there was no need to spare me that because I knew and I had become all too used to it. Yeah, I'm a big guy. I'm not the typical, ideal muscle headed guy you see in a wrestling ring. That didn't discourage me though, no, it actually motivated me. It motivated me to just go out there and do what I do without a care about what others think of me. It helped me better myself and now I've made a name for myself.

    He looks up and sighs.

    I worked and worked so hard for years, and now I feel like I've finally made it. I've finally got my opportunity that I've craved for so long and I'll be damned if I let it slip by me. I've been through too much crap to let it all go to waste now, but all of that crap that I've been through will be worth it when I step through that curtain, walk down that aisle, and step inside that steel structure and know that my destiny awaits me inside there. This Steel Roulette match is my final obstacle, that one last hurdle that I have to leap over before I get what I desire most. The CWA World Heavyweight Championship. It's the richest prize in our sport and it's something that I've dreamt of holding in my hands for many years. I anxiously await to see my reflection in that gold as the shining light glimmers off of it. It'll be then, and only then that I will know that it is truly my time.

    He sighs again.

    If only it were that easy though. Nobody ever said life was easy, believe me I know I speak from experience. I never had it easy and I don't expect anything to ever be easy. I know what I'll have to go through in this match to obtain that glory that I desire. I know what I'll have to put my body through. I'm aware of the risks that are involved and I'm ready for it all. I've done my homework and I've seen what this Steel Roulette has done to those in the past. Bodies have been left broken and battered in that ring. I'm aware of it all and I'm more than ready for it.

    Not only the structure itself but I'll have to contend with five other people with the same goal in mind. They all want the same thing, to walk out with that gold by any means necessary. I've seen what this match does to people, it brings out a whole new side to most. Making them do unspeakable things all for the price of glory.

    He stands up from his bed and walks to sliding glass door, opens it up and steps out on the balcony and stares out at the night.

    Lilith, much like myself you're walking into your first Steel Roulette match. In the short time you've been in CWA you've managed to cause enough havoc to get yourself noticed. You've also managed to recruit some brainless tools that you use for your bidding. You've made an impact since your arrival, again all in such short time. Don't think I've forgotten what you had your minions do to myself not too long ago, oh no I haven't forgotten at all. I was just waiting for the right time and now seems like the best time to do what I should have done to you in the first place and that's beat you to a bloody pulp while your minions watch on helplessly as their master gets what is coming to her. I'm going to enjoy every second of it Lilith and not only that I'm going to end your little reign of terror and put you out of commision for good. You can speak in tongues and talk all that spooky crap that speak of but it doesn't scare me Lilith. All it does is make you look foolish. Almost as foolish as you thinking that you have a chance in this match because if we're being honest here Lilith, the only reason you've gotten as far you have in your short time and the only reason you're in this match is because of The Dark Watch. Sure, maybe it's a hypocritical of me to say this considering I had a little assistance from Jackson Fenix but I haven't always had him. You have always had them at your side Lilith, obeying you like the mindless sheep that they are. Once you're locked inside that steel, there will be no way for them to help you. You'll be all on your own Lilith and face it, you don't stand a chance on your own

    The same can be said for LIGHTBRINGER, another man stepping into this match with someone at his side. A little rat that goes by the name of BoBo, which is quite honestly the dumbest name I've ever heard for a person, but judging by who it belongs to I'm not really surprised. LIGHTBRINGER, you know what it's like to step inside the ring with Snowmantashi on a grand stage, yet you crumbled under pressure and failed. Then after that you tucked your tail between your legs and went off back to your homeland of Japan to try and find yourself. Now your back and you think that you've found yourself and that you've turned a new leaf but unfortunately you haven't. I can see it that you just don't have what it takes. You never did LIGHTBRINGER. You were all hype. You proved that at Five Star Attraction when Snowmantashi pinned you. You think you have what it takes and you have that idiot BoBo following you around like a lost little puppy, hyping you up even more and feeding you all that crap that makes you believe your own hype. You're nothing LIGHTBRINGER. You being in this match means nothing and everyone is just waiting for you to crack under pressure again and fail to live up to your own hype. Me? I believe my own hype and I'm able to back it up each time I step in that ring. You on the other hand can never do that.

    He sighs once more and sits down on a chair on the balcony.

    Then there's Prince Ali. Another person that's only been in CWA for a cup of coffee and he's already in a big title match. That's what riding the coattails of someone like Krash can do for you though. I wish I would have thought of that because if I had then maybe I'd already be a multi-time champion. Kid, you have no idea what you're in for when you step inside this steel structure. Hell, I don't either if I'm being honest but at least I actually have a chance of surviving. You got yourself this far kid but it's time that this fairytale story of yours comes to an end. It's gone on way too long. I actually don't have anything against you kid but you're in way over your head and you're out of my league. Like I said, you've only gotten this far because you attached yourself to Krash but now it's time to end this. The fun and games are over kid. Back to reality and that's you going to the back of the line, and next time you won't have Krash to hold your hand along the way.

    Speaking of which, Krash. The self proclaimed beating heart of CWA. You've seen it all and done it all but what you have failed to realize is that you don't have "it" anymore. You may have had "it" five or so years ago but that time has come and gone. You're a man that lives off his past glories. You're one of only two triple crown winners in CWA. Good for you. That's the past though and this is now. Time has passed you by Krash and there's nothing you can do about it. I see it in your eyes Krash that you've lost a step or two along the way. Yeah you may hold that High Voltage title but for how much longer? The only reason you've held it as long as you have is because there hasn't been anyone around long enough to take it from you. I would have stepped in but I had bigger fish to fry. I know that you want to win this match Krash and add another notch on that belt. You want this because you want the admiration from your peers and the fans. You feed off that admiration and without it, well you're nothing. You turn into a shell of your former self as well into a ball of self pity and loathing for failing. The truth hurts Krash but not as much as it's going to hurt when you don't walk out of this match with that title.

    He walks back inside the hotel room and sits back down on his bed and stares at the camera now.

    Finally, the man of the hour, the man that has what the rest of us want so badly. Jon Snowmantashi. The man sits atop the CWA empire on his mighty throne and watches everyone from above. There have been those that have bravely stepped forward to Snowmantashi, only to fall to him. He's ruled the CWA with an iron fist but now it's time that his reign comes to a screeching hault. I'm not like anyone that you have ever faced before Jon. I'm not some flashy idiot that believes his own hype or some scrawny little girl that thinks she can hang with the men. I'm a whole new force of nature that you have never contended with before and honestly, I don't think you can handle me Jon. You may be mighty and powerful but I can be even more powerful than you could ever imagine. I see the chinks in your armor Jon and I'm going to strike and take what's mine for the taking. You've only ruled as king of this land because there hasn't been anyone that could even match your power and strength. Now with me standing before you Jon you'll meet your true test and this time you just won't win.

    You can call me out for my arrogance Jon but as it's been said before, it's not being cocky if you can back it up and like I told LIGHTBRINGER, I know I can back up my words. I fight not only for me but for my family. This will mean just as much to them as it will to me when I conquer you. What do you fight for Jon? Don't answer that Jon because I already know the answer. Your dominate reign is impressive I will admit but all good things must come to an end and good things will come to those that wait and I have waited for too damn long. This is my time Jon. So say goodnight to the reign of Snowmantashi and say hello to the...



    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy King
    The scene begins inside of a busy nightclub with loud music blaring and bumping through the building while a sea of people dance the night away. The camera pans over to a booth where we find Jackson Fenix sitting with a young looking and attractive blonde. The young lady is curled up to Jackson, who has his arm draped across the back of the booth and sipping away at a glass of brown liquid while looking out at the people dancing.

    Nate is missing out man, I tell you.

    Hmm hmm

    The young woman responds.

    I get it though, he has a lot on his mind. He has an important match, probably the most important match of his career. Hell, if it weren't for me he wouldn't even be in the match, the least he could is thank me. Can you believe that babe? Not even a thank you from the guy. Whatever, I ain't even really all that mad. I'm actually happy for him and wish him nothing but the most success in that Steel Roulette match. Meanwhile, I've got to contend with two guys that want my head and Brayden Bridges while being forced to team up with Dumb & Dumber. I can't believe that man. Does Afa really think that I'll actually get along with those two? He must be dumber than he looks if he thinks that's possible.

    The girl's head is tilting back and forth slowly as if she's about to pass out, but Jackson isn't even paying any attention to her whatsoever while he continues to speak.

    Whatever man, all the more reason for me to carry the team to victory because god knows that XYZ or Izaya Snowmantashi won't be able to do it. More incentive for me to show why I'm the "Crown Jewel" of the company and why I'm the best damn thing going in the CWA. Afa doesn't seem to realize the talent he has on his roster with me. It feels like he's just letting it go to waste while the less talented people get everything handed to them. Again though, all the more reason for me showcase my talent and show him what he's missing out on by not having me in a featured match.

    The young lady passes out now with her going in Jackson's lap. He looks down and laughs, not minding at all.

    Right down to business I see, that's how I like it! Anyways where was I? Oh yeah, this match I'm in. First off my tag team partners, who like I said can't even hold a candle to me and my talent, XYZ and Izaya Snowmantashi. The latter being in the company only because of his brother, who wants nothing to do with him anyways because of how much of a dork he is, so that should tell you something. Also, I've beaten and humiliated the guy in the past. Then there's XYZ, who belongs in a circus rather than a wrestling ring. The guy speaks in riddles like some nerd, how am I supposed to work with that? How am I going to talk strategy with him? I mean Izaya I can't really do so either because of a language barrier and this guy just speaks idiot talk. Whatever, I don't even really need them. They need me more than anything to show them what a real star looks like and what real talent can do.

    He takes another drink from his glass.

    Our opponents are really no better. I mean there's Shawn Summers, who has been in CWA for how long now and has accomplished next to nothing. No matter how hard the guy tries he just continues to be a failure at life whether it's getting one upped by some broad or that dork XYZ. I pity you Shawn, I really do. It must really suck to be you. Good thing your old man isn't here anymore to see how much of a joke you've become. If that wasn't bad enough though you've got to drag Trevor Ocean down with you. The poor guy hasn't even gotten his career off the ground yet and he's not going to anytime soon by hanging out with you. I know that you guys are probably pissed because I cost Shawn the match with Nate. Well boo hoo, cry me a river! Don't be mad that Nate is doing him better than ya'll do you. No reason to be salty, for real man. Jealousy is an ugly trait to have. I ain't sweatin' you two. I ain't even trippin' dawg. Ya'll should be the ones sweatin' me because you know that I'm going to wipe the mat with the both of you just like I always do when I'm in that ring.

    He finishes off his drink and slams the glass down on the table.

    I also pity you two because you've got to team up with some bum off the streets named Brayden Bridges. The guy who won the Young Lions Cup, pure luck by the way because if I was in that tournament than you'd be looking at your Young Lions Cup winner. No doubt about it kid, lady luck was on your side that night but she won't be in Brooklyn. You don't stand as much of a chance as your partners do so why are you going to try. You just can't hang with me. You belong with my partners, hell all of you do. I can take all of you on and still come out on top because that's what I do, so bring it on dorks.

    With that the scene comes to a close.

    Quote Originally Posted by Smooth Jazz Wolf
    Brooklyn, New York. Barclay’s Center. The night before CWA Retribution.

    A light drizzle fell upon the streets of Brooklyn, as a lone figure paced down the sidewalk, steel-toe boots splashing in the shallow puddles collecting on the concrete. A dark grey overcoat attempted to protect the walker from the cold rain, although without a hood or cap, it wasn’t doing a good job of it. The walker let out a quiet shiver, wrapping the coat tighter around himself and popping the collar up that little bit more, as if that would somehow prevent the downpour upon his head. Thankfully, his destination was, quite literally, around the next corner, as he ducked into an alley behind a massive concrete building, stepping around a duo of dumpsters to approach a thick brown door in the wall of the building. A blinking red light caught his eyes, and his gaze flickered – a security camera. No surprise there.

    The man lifted a hand out of his coat pocket and lightly waved towards the camera. After a few seconds, the red light blinked twice, then disappeared. A brief second later, the brown door in the back of the building opened, and bearded black face in a blue security cap poked out.

    “You the guy?” The security guard noted, seizing up the profile of the walker.

    The walker nodded, and took a step forward.

    “Uh-nuh.” The security guard interrupted, holding a hand up. “I’m risking my job here. Cash upfront or no entry.”

    The walker stopped, glancing up into the light rain as he dug around for his wallet, the faintest traces of irritation on his features. Finally locating his wallet, he shuffled around before producing a fistful of notes, holding them out to the security guard. The security guard swiped the notes, quickly counting them in his palm, mumbling, before nodding and stepping back, allowing the walker to enter. Inside out of the rain, the walker let out a relieved sigh, running a hand over his sopping wet hair.

    “You can take the coat off and leave it here.”
    The security guard said as he pocketed the cash. “No point in spreading puddles everywhere. What’d you say your name was?”

    The walker shrugged off his overcoat, hanging it on a frame nearby as the door swung shut behind him. “Friends call me Krash.” He said, slicking back his wet hair and running a hand over his fine, luxurious moustache. Clad in a pair of brown trousers and a black shirt beneath a pale white waistcoat, he nodded at the security guard. “You got a name? You look like a Jerry to me.”

    “Well, Krash, if that IS your real name-”

    “It’s not.”

    “-It’s probably better off that you don’t know my name.”
    The security guard said, crossing his arms. “But it’s not Jerry.”

    Krash tilted his head, grinning. “Not Jerry? Your name is Not-Jerry?”

    The look on Not-Jerry’s face made words redundant. It said, quite simply, ‘No.’ As a matter of fact, for that brief moment, Not-Jerry spontaneously developed perfect cellular control, allowing each and every cell that made up his face to say ‘No.’ The very structure of his DNA rewrote itself to have every strand of those cells say ‘No.’ Their very molecules, atoms, subatomic and mana particles all broke their unending dance of physics and magic to join in the chorus of ‘No.’ It was the zenith of ‘No,’ to which monks dedicated to the concept would have made pilgrimages. Had the Spirit of ‘No’ appeared, it would have bowed down in awe and humility at the sheer, undiluted sense of ‘No’ written on his face.

    “You’re lucky you’ve got good money.” Not-Jerry the Security Guard muttered. “Welcome to the Barclay’s Center. I will be your tour guide. Stay in my sight, don’t run off, don’t break anything, and if anyone asks, you never saw me, I never saw you. Clear?”

    Krash nodded. “Crystal. Lead the way, Not-Jerry.”

    Not-Jerry frowned, but began leading Krash through the Barclay’s Center regardless. “So, humor me. What’s the reason for this visit?” Not-Jerry asked as the two walked through a set of doors.

    “Research.” Krash replied, bouncing down some stairs.

    Not-Jerry shot him a glance, clearly expecting something more of an answer. “That’s it? Research? Might as well just use Google or something, man.”

    “Can’t quite get the real-life feel from Google, y’know?” Krash defended, shrugging. “I mean, I tried, but it’s not the same. It’s the difference between reading about the beach and going to the beach.”

    Not-Jerry considered this, before relenting. “Fair, but you’re not exactly heading to the beach right now, are you?”

    “No, I’m not.” Krash quietly responded, as the two rounded a corner, arriving at the gorilla position of the stage. Just down the ramp was the CWA ring, ready for tomorrow’s Retribution event, and hanging high above it, carefully dangling in the air, was the Steel Roulette. Krash’s eyes flickered onto the steel structure, and his breath caught in his throat. He froze, his heartbeat pounding, and for the briefest of moments, he faltered.

    Not-Jerry noticed this. “You alright?” He asked, a sliver of concern in his voice.

    Krash ran a hand over his face, breathing quietly into it. “Yeah. I’m good. Can we lower it?”

    “Lower it? Look, buddy, I’ve taken you this far, any further and I’m really risk-”

    Krash dug around for his wallet again, producing a handful of fifties. “How about now?”

    Not-Jerry eyed the notes, before accepting them and stuffing them into his pocket. “Give me a minute.” He said, disappearing behind the curtain.

    After a brief pause, a loud ‘clank’ echoed, and the Steel Roulette slowly began lowering towards the ring. Krash watched it fall, silent, eyes slowly tracking the structure’s process down to the floor, until it stopped, placed perfectly around the ring. His heartbeat echoing in his ears, Krash forced himself to begin the walk down the ramp, towards the imposing, claustrophobia-inducing modified cage.

    “Sixteen feet high.” Not-Jerry spoke as he ran to catch up with Krash. “Weighs more than fifteen tons. More than two miles of chain. The thing needed its own flatbed truck to be transported in, for goodness’s sake. It’s like a construction art project that got way out of hand. Lookin’ at it gives me the chills.”

    “Try being in it.” Krash absent-mindedly replied, lifting a hand and letting it trail across the cold, barbaric chain links on the outside of the structure. He shivered as his hand wrapped around the bold of the door, unlocking and opening the doorway into the structure.

    Not-Jerry placed a hand on his wrist, halting him.

    “Look, I’ve taken you this far, this is a massive breach of security. Maybe turn back now, huh?” Not-Jerry suggested.

    Krash blinked, and tilted his head. “… You’re a persistent guy, aren’t you?” Not-Jerry only raised his eyebrows. Krash’s eyes flickered towards the ceiling, before he let out a sigh of resignation. “Just give me five, ten minutes alone in here. I’m not going to tamper with anything, I just need to… understand the atmosphere.”

    Not-Jerry frowned. “Understand the what now? You’re speaking nonsense.”

    “Just five minutes. It’s all I need. After that, you can kick me out and go home more than a couple of hundred dollars richer.”

    Not-Jerry paused, weighing his options, before greed won out over everything else. “Alright, fine. Five minutes, no more.” His grip on Krash’s wrist slackened, and he stepped back. “I’ll wait back behind the curtain. No funny business.” With that, the security guard began walking back up the ramp, shooting Krash a final, wary expression before disappearing behind the curtain.

    Alone, Krash re-focused on his task at hand, and stepped onto the open structure.

    Immediately a chill fell over him, as if he stepped into a completely different land. A wicked wasteland with no rules, no regard for safety or morals, and few, if any, survivors. Slowly breathing, Krash grasped at the chain door, swinging it shut behind him, involuntarily flinching as it slammed shut with a loud ‘CLACK.’

    A biting sense of paranoia and panic rose from within, and Krash bit his tongue as he forced it down. “I imagine this is what a caged animal feels like.” He whispered aloud, to himself more than anything. Even while reminding himself that the door was unlocked and he could very easily take a few steps back out, he couldn’t help but feel trapped.

    He tapped a boot against the steel grating of the floor, the resulting ‘SMACK’ echoing in his ears. In just a few hours time, he would be hearing that sound an awful lot more. He gazed around at what would soon be a scene of carnage, involuntarily picturing the sadism that would undoubtlessly occur within, before his gaze flickered to a nearby pod, and he shivered.

    Krash’s hesitance in approaching the pod was instantaneous, and yet, like a death-row prisoner long having given up of any recourse being led to the electric chair, he allowed his feet to walk himself towards the grey, sterile pod. He approached the pod, placing a palm onto the unfeeling glass, and pushing it open. The sense of panic swelled within him once again, but again, he forced it down with a steady breath, and stepped into the pod, letting the glass slide shut behind him.

    Now the panic spiked up. His heartbeat echoed in his ears, his hands shook, and Krash quickly paced around the diameter of the pod within five steps. Closing his eyes, he was stuck with a sudden feeling of never feeling more small or insignificant as he did in this moment right now, that the walls were closing in, tighter and tighter, no escape, no mercy. Clasping his hands over his mouth, Krash breathed deeply and slowly. Breathe in, hold for five seconds, release. Breathe in, hold for five seconds, release.

    “Take a breath, and count to ten.” Krash whispered, his breath hallow and shaky. “If you fall apart, start again.” The low rhyme echoed within his pod, split between tauntingly and reassuringly, but slowly the sense of unease and panic began to subside. “One. Two. Three. Four. Five.” He hands had stopped shaking, but a finger or two still twitched uncontrollably. “Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten.” Krash opened his eyes, and let out a steady, even breath.

    He was still in this wicked wasteland, but he was in control now. More or less.

    Krash ran a hand over his hair, slicked with a combination of rainwater and sweat, before he lowered himself down, settling himself to sit cross-legged on the cold, uncomfortable floor of his pod, back to the ring, facing out at an empty stadium center. He fished around in his waistcoat pocket, before producing a small, handheld camera. He flicked it on with a finger, the familiar red light greeting him kindly, and he gently placed it between the chains of the wall, hung just right that he was perfectly in frame, even if the frame tilted to the left a little bit.

    With a sense of familiarity to him now, Krash held up a hand in greeting, acknowledging the camera with a polite smile. “Oh, what wicked webs you have woven, CWA.” He began, clasping his hands beneath his chin. “Hi, CWA Superfans. If what you’re seeing behind me looks familiar, then I’m afraid you know exactly what to expect tonight. And if you don’t recognize it, then I’m equally afraid that you’re in for a night that’s going to stick with you for years, and not entirely for good reasons.”

    Krash let out a sigh, leaning back. “Steel Roulette. A prison of sadism and suffering, malice and mayhem, pain and punishment, all for the top prize in all of professional wrestling. Quite literally, six athletes are going to have to go through hell, and back, if it means they leave the show, either by their own two feet or by a gurney, with the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. It begs the question: Is it all worth it? The risks, the injuries, the fact – and yes, this is a fact – that once you walk into Steel Roulette, you’re not walking out the same person. Is it worth it? … Well?”

    Krash paused, gazing expectantly at the camera as if it would give him an answer, before continuing. “Maybe we should ask some of the previous Steel Roulette combatants. Or, we could, if their experience inside the Steel Roulette didn’t haunt them enough for them to leave the company. Out of last year’s six combatants, only two are still standing in the CWA today, and even then one of the needed some time off. You know who didn’t come back?” Krash held up four fingers, flicking them down with each name. “Harrison Wake. Michelle Von Horrowitz. Johnny Vegas. Enigma. While some stuck around a little longer than others, you’ll be hard-pressed to find them in a CWA ring nowadays. Harrison? Gone. Michelle? Left. Vegas? Vanished. Enigma? Disappeared. Some stuck around a little longer than others, but they soon found a reason to stay away, all the same. The Steel Roulette changes people, and often, not for the better.”

    Krash ran a hand over his luxurious moustache, briefly pausing. “I do hope my opponents tonight are aware of this. The Steel Roulette is not to be taken lightly. And yet, I can’t help but wonder whether the newest talent is aware of this. Prince Ali.” Krash straightened as he addressed his one-time tag team partner and unsteady ally. “Ali, I mean no disrespect, this is only a veteran’s advice to a rookie with a great career ahead of them. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t ease up for even one second. This Steel Roulette will chew you up and spit you out if you give it the opportunity. But maybe I’m saying things that don’t need to be heard. Maybe you’ve been training your heart out, determined to make the most of this opportunity and shed this ‘rookie’ moniker. To which, I give you the best of luck, and a warning: If it comes down to you and me alone in the Steel Roulette, uneasy allies be damned, I’m not holding back. I’m expecting you won’t either. Don’t disappoint me.”

    Krash stretched, adjusting his sitting. “Speaking of allies. Yo, Nate Savage, how’s Jackson doing?” A smirk briefly appeared on Krash’s face. “I can’t imagine he’ll be entirely pleased with you qualifying and not him, especially if someone remarks on exactly who’s interference backfired for that. And yet, he’s probably still going to try and find a way to interfere and throw the odds in your favour. What a good friend. He totally won’t stab you in the back the second he has a better opportunity, no way. I’d keep an eye on him if I were you, Nate. You know how the old saying goes. Friends close, enemies closer. Or something like that.”

    The smirk slowly slid off Krash’s face as he moved on to the next contender, being replaced by a frown of unease. “Lilith. Brrr. Appearances can be deceiving, it seems. You’re a dark one, aren’t you? Even without the Dark Watch with you, I’d probably say you feel more at home in the Steel Roulette than anyone else. Hell, what are the odds you try that mind-control-mist tonight just so you have a minion in Steel Roulette with you? Not unlikely, I’d say. I’m keeping an eye on you, Lilith. As dangerous as Savage, Snowmantashi, and LB are, you might be a step ahead in unconventional ways.”

    Krash cleared his throat, nodding his head. “Speaking of, LIGHTBRINGER! Sorry about the elbow drop a few weeks ago. Had to send a message, y’know. Nothing personal. You got your revenge anyway the next week, so we’re all good. I want you to keep that in mind, LIGHTBRINGER, nothing personal. When you and I have broken each other to pieces within the Steel Roulette, it’s nothing personal. All for Championship glory.”

    Krash stretched, letting out a sigh before he leaned forward intently. “And finally, the champion. Jon Snowmantashi. The only man to have battled within the Steel Roulette before. How you doin’, Jon? Enjoying the weight of that belt on your shoulder? You’ve had that for quite a while now, haven't you? But you and I know exactly how you lost it the first time – inside the original Steel Roulette. Are you nervous, Jon? Afraid of history repeating itself? You can tell yourself you only lost originally thanks to McGinnis’s Indy Club. I won’t hold that against you. Thankfully there’s no McGinnis, no Indy Club in this Steel Roulette. Only Lilith and her Dark Watch, Nate Savage and his affliction with Jackson Fenix, Prince Ali and his desire to prove himself, LIGHTBRINGER being LIGHTBRINGER. And of course me. The most desperate foe you’ve ever faced. Jon, I like you. I really do. But tonight, once the opportunity comes, I’m going to do everything I can if it means I leave, either on my own feet or dragged away by medics, the new CWA World Heavyweight Champion. You can use your experience in the Steel Roulette against me, crack my head open with steel, glass, your bare fists. Fine, go right ahead. It’ll all be worth it if I end up as CWA World Heavyweight Champion along with being the High Voltage. I mean that, no exaggeration. It's all absolutely worth it. Only someone who has walked down the road of hell, barefoot, paved with broken glass, the mere glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel being the only thing giving them the drive to keep going forward, can say so. I’ve been down that road. Maybe not the EXACT same road as tonight’s road-” Krash glanced pointedly at the cage around him, one hand absent-mindedly tapping against the surgically repaired knee that nearly cost him his career. “But a road build with setbacks and suffering, nonetheless. I dragged myself down it on the slim chance something worthwhile will be at the end. And I’ll be damned if I look at this road and think it’s any worse than any other road I had to travel.”

    Krash sat in silence as his words sunk in, before reaching a hand towards the camera and flicking the recording off. Krash sat for just a little bit longer, before tossing the camera in his pocket and getting to his feet. Eagerly leaving the pod and closing the cage door behind him, he walked up the rampway to the gorilla position, where Not-Jerry was waiting. Quietly, the two walked back through the Barclay’s Center, to the maintenance door without a word, and Not-Jerry placed a hand on the door.

    “You’re not going to faint or anything, are you? You look pale.” Not-Jerry asked.

    “Yeah, nah, I’m fine. I’m good.” Krash replied after a brief pause. “Listen, thanks for, y’know, letting me back here. I know you’re risking your job and all, but it’s super helpful for me.”

    “Didn’t look helpful back there.” Not-Jerry remarked, jerking his head back towards the direction of the ring.

    “Yeah, well… We’ll see.” Krash aimlessly said. “Take care, Not-Jerry. I was never here and we never met.”

    Not-Jerry nodded, opening the door as Krash pulled on his overcoat and stepped outside, before closing it shut behind him. Outside, the rain having thankfully stopped, Krash took a few seconds to breathe, compose himself, as the red light of the security camera flickered back on, before walking away, into the night.


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    Welcome To
    West World

    Character: "Legend Killer"
    - Undisclosed
    Location -

    McGinnis sitting in a massive sized leather chair with an assault rifle in his hands. Wearing all black from his shirt to his fitted jeans, he sits there just looking at the gun in his hand. He looks at it with a crazed look on his face and as he is sits on this comfy leather chair, he appears to be well relaxed but no one knows for sure what is going through the head of the former CWA world champion. He smirks as he slides his hand on the top of the rifle. Sitting in this dark room, we don't know where McGinnis is at for sure, this could be his compound or he might be in an abandoned building or even backstage at an CWA event, all we know for sure, that this ruthless and soulless individual is sitting there eyes locked on a fire arm and we know that the world can't be too safe with this right now.

    "If you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans...."

    McGinnis smirks as he quickly and nonchalantly muttered that statement.

    Jonathan McGinnis ©™: "You never lose, you either win or you learn. I know I should be in the main event of this fucking show, in the match that I made famous, to take back the championship that was robbed from me. But, to do something, never done before, I had to stumble. Deep down I knew, to bring this whole fucking system down.

    McGinnis coming up short in the triple threat match to earn a spot in
    Retribution. He seems to be not as tripped up or bothered by it. Its like The Indy God has come to terms with his setback, while who knows how he really feels about his missed opportunity, it seems as of now, he is looking at it with a postive light. But no one can truly believe that he honestly feels this way about not having the chance to headline the pay per view and take back his championship.

    Jonathan McGinnis © ™:I had to trip up a little. I knew this task, I knew that this purpose, that my ultimate prize would not be a easy thing to achieve. I know I had to take this side mission, this detour so to speak and remove another fucking "legend" from existence , but, Rolando, before I address you and tell you how bad I'm going to shove my foot down your throat, I will have to come back to you and right now, while I'm actually awake and focused and address Afa Seanoa.

    Watching McGinnis smile as he hands slowly works its way to the trigger of the gun. He stops just short of his fingers officially finding themselves on the trigger.

    Jonathan McGinnis © ™:Someone has to pay for wrestlings crimes against society, and I point to CWA to take the stand. Though as I holds CWA feet to the fire, Afa, I ask, for someone who don't know as well as you want to believe, is it really smart for you to try and fuck with me. Like is it really that wise, do you really know what is that you are doing? Wasn't Mr. Willis back broken in half a good enough lesson for you to take a step back and watch yourself. If its true that you don't know what I'm capable of, ‘If its true, that you don’t know who I am, shouldn't maybe your best course… would be to tread lightly? You seemed you have quickly put your ego in the path of your better judgement, Afa. Maybe logic isn't your strongest skill, but you keep on poking me, and trying to see how far I can go before I just snap and lose it. You really don't know what is going on in my head, and how far I will go to bring CWA and every fucking wrestling company to the ground for its crimes against humanity.




    Jonathan McGinnis © ™:Afa, you and CWA, you and the rest of the wrestling world, will pay. I promise you that, for all the lives that you have ruined, for all the wrestlers dead at fucking 40! trying to make it here or any other wrestling company, I stand for the lost generation who cut their lives short or watched their dreams ended so cold and ruthlessly. Just tossed aside like trash, I'm here forever motivated to bring this MOTHERFUCKER! down. BURNING THIS PLACE DOWN! To the fucking ground. I'm here to collect my true prize, I'm here for the business, I'm here for MY wrestling business. Then I will bring peace to the lost generation of men and women who have ruined their lives trying to be molded and accepted by a business who truly don't give two shits about them. This business will finally be held accountable! And Afa stands on the wrong side of history as he uses and abuses his power to make sure that I can't take a fucking nuke to this company and leave if it in his reckoning. You can't stand in my way forever, Afa, all I have to do and get my hands on that world championship and use it as the piece I need to bring, you and the fucking corporate suits that ruined this business to it's knees as I then chop its motherfucking head off.

    McGinnis bursts out a random yet psychotic laugh.

    Jonathan McGinnis © ™:I really don't trust myself with this gun in my hand. How I was able to get one of these so easily in this country.... eh, America and it's obsession with guns have been a topic that has been beaten to death. WAIT! I lost my train of thought, where was I......

    He shakes his head and tries to get himself focused. For a brief second he has a look on his face that he just isn't there mentally, like the lights are on but nobody is home look. He places the gun on his lap as he readjusts himself in the chair.

    Jonathan McGinnis © ™:Rolando, another legend with a death wish. I hope you really rethink and take my offer, to just leave, bro. Just walk away Rolando. Just enjoy the time you have left in your life with your family. I'm thinking of your best interest here. Your blood will not be on my hands, Rolando. The tears of your wife and kids will not keep me up at night Rolando. This is something that you truly have to take into consideration. Putting yourself in this type of harms way is really selfish of you Rolando. Your ego, your pride is going to leave you in a fucking hospital next to Mr. Willis, another legend, killed by me. As your wife, who I'm pretty sure looks stunning, you don't seem to be the type to have bad taste in women, helps you eat through a fucking tube..... wait..... I hope you aren't taking these threats lightly, Rolando.... I hope you don't think that you are that much different from Mr. Willis. He had to be dealt, he had to lay down for good, but that... was personal.

    He clears his throat and slowly picks the gun back up and hols it in the air as he looks at it and aims it towards the camera in front of him.

    Jonathan McGinnis © ™: I will put your legend career to rest just like that Willis but though the result will be the same. This isn't personal. This is just about the principle of it all. The fact that you are back, and trying to make this sad return to your glory days, I can't sit through that, I really can't. I have to stop this before it even starts. Maybe though, I don't have to and you wise up and just go away, take the safe road back to where ever the fuck you came from and just leave on your own two feet. You know that kind of beats leaving on a fucking stretcher. I look to hurt you, I'm not here to mix that up, me defeating you, while great, isn't what I will call getting the job done, Rolando. You not fucking walking anymore, now that's my goal. Making you just another victim, most importantly having you see what I have been saying all this time is true. CWA and the wrestling business don't care for you. Let's see how many calls you get from these assholes who run this place at the hospital as you lay on fucking life support. I have to open your eyes Rolando, and for me to do that, I have to beat you half to death for you to see what I am fight for and who I am fighting for. I don't think you see the large picture here but don't worry, your wife and kids will. Your kids will never see you become champion again, your wife will never see you walk again..... I will end you, unless, you do whats right and walk away. I know we have this odd lumberjack stipulation but come Brooklyn, that really won't matter, that will just be the rest of the roster put on notice as they watch me kick your teeth down your throat and leave you a pool of your own fucking blood.... you know.....

    McGinnis throws the gun in his hand out of scene as you can hear it the floor. He slowly bends down and picks up a sledgehammer..

    Jonathan McGinnis © ™: Maybe, I will be able to bring this back out and use it again..... Fuck yeah, I will.


    The camera fades to black as McGinnis laughs as he
    stares at the weapon used to end the career of Mr. Willis and tried to use on Rolando. One can hope that Rolando takes the advice of McGinnis and walks away. This can really take a turn for the worse come Retribution and McGinnis firmly believes he will not be held accountable for whatever pain and suffering he brings.


    Quote Originally Posted by Gambit
    Elijah Edwards is deep into a workout, performing lat pull downs. He’s on his eighth rep with 130 lbs, slowly contracting the muscle to get the maximum effort. Romeo Rollings is also in the gym working out, but instead of liftings weights he is doing cardio listening to music. Suddenly, his cell phone vibrates, alerting him a text he received. Romeo picks up his phone to read the message. It details Elijah’s next match which is at CWA Retribution. He decreases the speed on the treadmill and begins to lightly jog before transitioning to a walk. Romeo stares at his phone puzzled for a minute then gets off the treadmill to approach his client. Elijah pays him no mind as he continue to work out, music blaring in his headphone. Rollings tabs Edwards on the shoulder, getting his attention.

    Elijah Edwards: Yeah?

    Romeo Rollings: The card for Retribution in a grudge match.

    Elijah gets up out of the seat and removes the headphone from his head, slightly eager to hear who his opponent is.

    Elijah Edwards: Against who? McGinnis? LIGHTBRINGER? Krash? Are they pulling double duty.

    Romeo Rollings: Sammy Riggins.

    Elijah stares at him in puzzled silence. Romeo shrugs in uncertainty.

    Elijah Edwards: Who?

    Romeo Rollings: Sammy Riggins.

    Elijah Edwards: Who- who the hell is Sammy Riggins?

    Romeo Rollings ponders the question for a moment before the light goes off in his head.

    Romeo Rollings: The kid from Adrenaline Rush who interrupted your interview.

    Elijah stares at Romeo dumbfounded.

    Elijah Edwards: It’s one of the biggest pay per views of the year… and I’m relegated to a “grudge match” against some dazed and confused faux MMA fighter?! Are you kidding me?!

    Romeo Rollings: Your record hasn’t been the best as of late.

    Elijah sizes up his agent, who’s automatically backing up to create some space between them.

    Elijah Edwards: And who’s fault is that one, Romeo?! Huh?! Who ended up costing me in my match against Lilth?! It certainly wasn’t me. It was you!

    Romeo is circling around back peddling from the advancing Elijah Edwards.

    Romeo Rollings: I told you already it wasn’t my fault! Lilth had a— trance over me or something! I had no control over what I was doing.

    Elijah Edwards: I could have been in the Steel Roulette competing for the World Heavyweight title, but instead I’m facing off against some scrub, who’s looking to get a entry level earnings.

    You don’t really think you’re gonna win do you?

    Double E searches for the person who said that. He settles on a peculiar individual dressed in a yellow morning quote with a top hat twirling a cane.

    Seriously? You consider yourself a franchise? A franchise of what? The job squad?

    Elijah Edwards: You better shut your mouth, or I’ll shut it for you!!

    Elijah advances past Romeo, who grabs a hold of Elijah’s arm. Rollings is confused as to who Edwards is marching after. The figure chuckles.

    So much energy wasted, Elijah. And for what? What does all that rage do for you? Let’s face some facts, Eddy boy. You’re a loser. Your star has faded. You’re nothing. Not even a blimp on the radar.

    Elijah Edwards: Yeah? Yet I’m still here! Still kicking! I’m going into Retribution and I’m going to beat Riggins within an inch of his life. He’s nothing compared to me!

    Who are you trying to convince Elijah? Me or you? Because I know otherwise, buddy. You’re going to go into tomorrow and you’re going to lose. Like you always do. You’ll chalk it up to a bad night or maybe even some corporate conspiracy, but it’s not the case. The fact of the matter is, Elijah, you just aren’t good enough. I don’t think you ever were.

    The figure smile as Elijah reaches out for him attempting to strangle the man. Meanwhile, Romeo Rollings is trying to contain Elijah and his out burst.

    Elijah Edwards: What in the hell is going on?! Who are you talking to?!

    Elijah Edwards: Some asshole who doesn’t know when to quit.

    Funny. Especially coming from you. Maybe you should quit yourself. After all, everyone’s passed you by. LIGHTBRINGER is in the Main Event and you’ve been in CWA longer than he has? Prince Ali hasn’t even been in the company for over a year, yet he’s in the main event, too. Michelle von Horrowitz could come back tomorrow and she’ll be in the semi main event.

    Elijah Edwards: What do you do, pal? Nothing. You’re just an arm chair wrestler. You think you can do this better than me? You wouldn’t last a second in the squared circle.

    Why haven’t you ascended up the ranks like you’ve always talked about doing? Why can’t you win against the real talent, yet decimate the guys who are less talented than you? I’m more than willing to bet that Sammy Riggins will wrestle circles around you tomorrow.

    Elijah Edwards: He’s not even on my level!

    No on is, Elijah. Because you’re trash. In fact, you’re below trash. Even if you somehow win at Retribution, you’re going to lose at Adrenaline Rush. If you don’t, let’s say you go on a bit of a hot streak and get a title shot, you’re going to lose the that match, too. It’s the same cycle over and over again. There’s no consistency with you. You can’t handle it. You never could. You crack under the pressure. You’re not a real competitor. You’re a pretender. You’re no franchise. You never will and never could be. Maybe you would have better luck a car salesman or a manager at a movie theatre.

    Elijah Edwards: Sammy is going to get an ass whooping! I will beat him into the ground and tap him out. You watch! He’s not going to be able to hang with me!

    The figure lets out a maniacal laughter filled with hysteria.

    Okay, Elijah. Maybe one day you’ll wake up from this dream. For your sake, I sure hope you day.

    Eliijah: You son-

    Romeo Rollings spins Elijah around, who shoves him away.

    Elijah Edwards: Get off me! I’m going to-

    Elijah spins around. The man he was talking to isn’t there anymore. He scans the gym for the individual, but doesn’t see him anymore.

    Romeo Rollings: Dude, are you okay?

    A bewildered Elijah tries to regain his composure as he chuckles.

    Elijah Edwards: Yeah.. yeah, man. I’m cool. I’m just messing with you, man.

    Elijah lightly punches Romeo’s arm. He doesn’t seem convinced of Elijah’s story.

    Elijah Edwards: I’m going to finish this workout, alright? Sammy is going down at Retribution. I’m going to excellently execute him without a shred of problems.

    Elijah puts his headphones back on and resumes his workout at Romeo walks away puzzled.

    The end was near.

    The KAIJU sat cross-legged in the Steel Roulette. Everything beyond the demonic structure was shrouded in shadow, for the moment, everything beyond did not matter. The chambers too, a shadowy darkness filled it, a feint silhouette indicating some sort of presence there. His eyes are closed and the serenity he embodies indicates some sort of satisfaction with what’s coming. In front of him stands the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, the golden prize that had brought him across an ocean from home.

    He opens his eyes, his sight landing on the prized jewel. The bottom of it has his name, “Jon Snowmantashi,” printed out, and for most of the last two years, it had held on. The chamber begins rattling, and he lifts his head to look at the rattlers. Elijah Edwards and his nymph, Romeo. Once, filled with potential, but overtime it faded. The losses mounted and he couldn’t handle. He couldn’t rise above it. He was taken by the tide. Prince Pain and Austerio on another end. They’re long forgotten. They come from a time before he’d truly laid his dominance on CWA. His eyes keep wandering, so far disinterested, and they slow to a dull glare. Shawn Summers. Prideful, arrogant, but skilled. Still, Summers, for all of his boastfulness, even having challenged, was not good enough to be present within the KAIJU’s chambers. He dismissed that rattler, because that was all he was, nothing more and nothing less. Heard, but incapable of being truly felt. He last looked upwards, and he saw Drew and Ethan Conner. The brothers weren’t rattling, and yet, they were still noticeable. They had challenged his throne time and time again, one might say they sat on their own throne, mirrored dominance in the tag team division. They merely have to smirk, rattling is unnecessary for them. Snowmantashi allows them a reaction, a scowl. But that’s all they get, they too, had never come close to reaching the KAIJU’s den.

    He lowers his head and breathes out. He looks at the first chamber, and through the shadowy silhouette emerges Krash.

    “The Beating Heart of CWA,” he says by way of acknowledgement. A rare stern look on the face of the High Voltage Champion, he nods in response. “A champion yourself, now… but the only reason you hold that championship is because… you were not good enough to win this one.” Krash holds his own belt firmly, he has pride in it, he wants to defend it, and the name on the belt won’t reduce its value as a prize. “I was under the impression I had crushed the heart of CWA, and left it to bleed out, I may have been wrong. For all of my dominance, for all of my presence, even I must be humble in the presence of your longevity. You beat strong and hard.” He looks down for a second, pensive, then glances back up. “I will admit, I hoped to be vanquished by someone…” he internally criticizes himself for this… “younger? New. Someone to allow CWA some progression but who am I to judge. If you are capable, then I must accept ceding this to you. But,” and he smirks, “only if you are capable. There are many more who will stop you from claiming it, and I certainly will not allow you an easy pass. As your dear friend said, the only glorious road, is the long and winding one.” Beyond Krash may lie the faded silhouette of Cyrus Truth. Blink and you’ll miss it. The war that never came to be. Nothing more needs to be said of such besides a disappointing sigh.

    He turns now to the second chamber. The silhouette fades, back turned to him, Michelle von Horrowitz.

    “The Dreamer.” She looks over her shoulder, spiteful but curious. “XYZ may believe the dream never dies, but he has not met you, and he has never been personally acquainted with me, has he? Had he, he would know, some dreams die, some people kill dreams… people like me… and some have their dreams buried…” he narrows his eyes on her. She turns around completely now. She sits down lazily on the ground, leaning back on the chains. “I do not merely want to boast. Unlike the Heart… it seems you will not have another opportunity at this, another chance at changing the world, shaping it into your vision.” He appears forlorn. Unlike the very real presence of Krash, hers seems to fade. “You would have been a great successor. Fury, passion, relentless. You emerged from nowhere, and pushed me to limits few have ever managed. Then you disappeared.” And just like that, she does.

    The third chamber draws his attention. Jonathan McGinnis. There’s a million words shared between the two arch rivals. Once friends, now bitter enemies. Instead of maintaining whatever sadness had come unto him, he smiles at a man he once called a partner.

    “Makuginisu-kun!” He smiles brightly. McGinnis scowls. “If not for you, I wouldn’t be here. They, all of them, have you to thank for my presence. I have you to thank, for my reign. You, Makuginisu-kun, raised a desire in me, you, whom once, in my home, pushed me to my limits, awoke the warrior in me, and for that, I am grateful! It is sad that defeat pushed you to the brink. You are… not the same person I once knew. You’ve changed, and I cannot say it was for the better. I cannot spite you, even though you’ve regressed, you’ve made choices that have forced me to dig deep inside of me for strength I may not have known I had. You and your boys,” he allows himself a glance to the top of chamber where the Echo smirk, and wave. “You took this from me as well… but as you well know, I redeemed myself. I demonstrated that even in defeat, a warrior should not become a coward… a lesser person. Makuginisu-kun, you too, will not have a chance to redeem yourself against me. Our final chapter ended a year ago… farewell, dear friend.” There’s no sympathy on the part of McGinnis. He spits and leans back on the chamber, arms folded, and a sneer plastered to his face.

    There’s one last cell. His most recent challenger… LIGHTBRINGER. BoBo, his dwarf, is behind him, roaring soundless insults. LIGHTBRINGER stands tall and proud, staring into the eyes of Snowmantashi.

    “Where Misheru-kun vanished… you emerged. You, LIGHTBRINGER… felt like a brother… a heir… someone to take my place, even better than Misheru-kun. We went to war, LIGHTBRINGER, and it was delightful, it was everything I had asked for. No… you did not win, but you were humbled, and you learned, and I imagined you would return and be a greater warrior than before… a greater warrior than me.” Snowmantashi has a warm smile. “It appears that you will not be the one either, LIGHTBRINGER, it appears it was not meant to be. I don’t know what higher power scorns me, prevents me of someone proper to push me off my peak, but, there’s nothing I can do to help it.”

    Snowmantashi grabs the CWA World Heavyweight Championship in his hands and stares at it. He brings it to his forehead and then lowers it again. He stands up, tosses it onto his shoulder, flexes his neck. He rotates as the chambers open up, challengers ready to prey on him. The door to the Steel Roulette is also laid open. Whatever lies beyond there, he does not know. A Prince? A Herald? Or simply a mean man chasing success.

    He smiles one last time, ready for one last battle.


    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Franchise
    A Bulls Tale

    Scene 1

    It is 6 a.m. inside of an equinox downtown Brooklyn. Many people strutting their bodies and staring at themselves in the mirror when everyone stops what they are doing as louds red heels start to click down a straight path like the person wearing it is on a mission. It is none other than Claire Redfield the P.R. handler for Prince Ali. She stops in front Ali who is bench pressing while his sister Fatuma is checking him. Claire lets out a big *ahem* that makes Fatuma look up in disgust and Ali look up in confusion. Fatuma sets the bar down and shakes her as she heads to the fountain to get Ali some water. Ali sits up and stares at Claire wondering why she has not said what her issue is yet.

    Claire: Ali it’s too early for me to be looking around for you. You have the biggest opportunity in your life tonight, you have a speech to give at 7:30 and a meeting to attend about a possible role in a blockbuster movie. Instead of bathed and dressed I find you hear sweaty and shiny. For what? Don’t you think have enough muscles?

    Ali: Ms. Redfield do I pay you to speak to me like a child or do I pay you to help me navigate the ugly world of entertainment? *Fatuma hands Ali water while laughing at Claire’s frustrated facial expression* Ms. Redfield I told you I am interested in expanding my horizons outside of wrestling but my focus will always mainly be on the ring. So, step one, I will be going to take a shower and get ready to head to New York city college of technology for my pow wow with its students. After that I will be focusing on my match tonight which is the opportunity of a lifetime. So, you can postpone whatever meeting you had with whatever blockbuster director you had set up. *Claire’s look in her face turns from frustration to pure anger as Fatuma laughs hysterically*

    Claire: Fine! If you want to blow a real opportunity on your little league wrestling do so but we need to hurry and head to the college its already 20 minutes pass 6.

    Fatuma: Take a chill pill Redfield we got this. My bro is a pro and he doesn’t need you tell him how to conduct himself. You can wait in the car. *Redfield looks at Fatuma in disdain before walking off furiously to the outside* Why do you even have her on your team Ali?

    Ali: She has connections. Her connections can get me where I want to be. I don’t want to be just the best wrestler in the world I want to be an activist for the little brown boys and girls in this country. This pow wow is a small step. *Fatuma snickers*Whats so funny?

    Fatuma: Nothing*Ali stares at her hard* You sound so American saying the word pow wow. *Ali laughs as he heads to the showers*

    Scene 2

    The scene opems to Ali, Fatuma and Redfield driving up to New York City Tech. As they enter the building people start to stop and look wondering who just enter their presence. They head to the lunch room where the students sit and await Ali. Claire Redfield speaks to a rep of the school and steps up to the set-up podium and introduces Ali. After a bit of a clap Ali steps up to the podium. “I just want to introduce myself before we begin questioning. My name is Fatemali Kamara the third. I am from Monrovia, Liberia Africa. I am the son of Fatemali the second and I am currently an American pro wrestlers and aspiring activist.”

    Student #1: Oh, so you’re an actor? Cause everyone knows wrestling is fake*Some of the students laugh at the comment*

    Ali: You think so? *Ali lifts his shirt and reveals a really gnarly bruise he has on the side of his ribs* That was from my last “performance in acting” it feels pretty real though. You can touch it if you want to see if it’s a prop. *The student sits in silence as some of the others sit surprised* I will tell you now there is nothing fake about what I do. People get hurt, hurt bad some nearly injure themselves permanently. It’s a rough but a very rewarding experience. Which is similar to college. Something I know you guys are going are fighting the idea of. You must feel like why do I have to waste all these years learning from people who don’t know what I go through on the daily. Knowledge is power. Having that power is the key to opening the door to opportuni….

    Students #2: Yea if your white and rich. Statistically black women are the most educated in America but we statistically get paid less than everyone else. How do you explain that?

    Ali: *ahem* Well with the knowledge you just displayed is the part of the equation. Other than having power you need connections. Band with people with similar thought process. Other smart people with the power of knowledge. Only way to make change.

    Student #3: Is that why you paired with Ms. Redheels over there?

    Ali: That’s exactly why I team up with Ms. Redheels*Claire glares at Ali as Fatuma and some of the students chuckle at Ali’s response* Not only does she have knowledge and she already has connections. Since I have knowledge and connections of my own we can succeed at both our individual goals.

    Student #1: Why you decide to become a wrestler? You going to risk your wellbeing and livelihood when they don’t give people who look like you a chance?

    What kind of attitude is that…...*Ali stops as if he seen a ghost. By the entrance of the lunchroom is his uncle Palmwine. His uncle smirks and nods his head as Fatuma happily runs over to hug her uncle. Ali recollects himself to finish his statement* Um what kind of attitude is that? Martin Luther King with peaceful marching, Jessie Robinson playing baseball, Shirley Jackson creating the touch telephone, Michael Jackson creating the first music video and many, many more. You think they were told that they had opportunity? They use their power and connections to open those doors. I love wrestling. I have been doing it since I was a little boy in Liberia. Growing up most of my favorites did not look like me. Than when they did they were either stereotypes or shutout very quickly but I will not be boxed in or shut out. You guys just like me take every opportunity you have and put your heart into like you haven’t put your heart into anything else. Cause tonight I am going to do the same and I will open doors…. actually, KICK THEM DOWN. * The students stand to applaud and line up to have short one on one convos with Ali and gets his autograph. *

    After Claire diverts the crowd Ali gingerly walks over to his uncle like a kid who knows he is in trouble with a parent. “Hey unc long time no see…."His uncle welcomes him in open arms to the surprise Ali.

    Palwine: Look how much you’ve grown in just a few months. Are you done with your inspirational speaking? Which was very good by the way. *Ali signals to Claire that he is heading out and she just shoos him away.

    Scene 3

    Scene opens up with Ali, Fatuma and their uncle in a restaurant ordering food.

    Palwine: Ali, how many times did I call you? You are a stubborn bull, just like your father. Are you holding a grudge against me because my I suggested you stay with us?

    Ali: No uncle…maybe a little. A lot has been going on since I have decided to live in America. I am on the road constantly, training and finding myself as an adult and individual. I didn’t want my past to drag me into old habits.

    Palwine: No need to explain yourself nephew every man must make his own path but I don’t understand you, your Auntie and I warned you not to come during election season but you would not listen. A lot has been going on back home. Your father is stressing himself to sickness trying to keep the leaders of Monrovia in place. If you can’t lend your presence please at least lend your ear.

    Ali: I understand unc, I feel terrible that we haven’t been in contact and that stops today. I have a huge opportunity tonight and….

    Palwine: Yes, I know about your world title match tonight. You are guys are going to be just up the street. I will be front row cheering you on.

    Ali: Wait what? You watch me? How did you get front row tickets?

    Palwine:*laughs* Of course I watch my favorite nephew live his dream. Also, your darling big sis hook me. I have been very impressed by the strides you have made but I also came here to tell you a story. A story that will help you put tonight into focus. So, all I’m saying is Ali, look: The cow that is in the hurry to go to America will come back here as corned beef, do you understand? Shine your eye, although we are family, your uncle, you know Magnus Will be the one to make the first move on your life. As for the security guards, they were your father’s best men They are now yours Keep them close to you at all times but remember: When you are in the village, you are with your family but your family may not be with you. Savage are the men or women and their band of thieves. So heavy is the head of he that wears the ring but a lion doesn’t ever lose sleep when it comes to sheep and just like wolves on the prowl to eat They act in wool but they speak in peace But I can’t hide nor run from the ones who’ll come for me Tell ‘em come for me. Remember these words as you traverse through the hell you are about to put yourself through for glory, to make history. To not only represent your family but men, women and children who look up to you. Just like those young adults you just finish speaking to. AND you Fatuma…. don’t let your little brother lose sight of whats important.

    Fatuma: I won’t uncle. Trust me I will whip him in shape.

    Ali: Unc thank you I will keep what you told me in mind for tonight. Now that the tension is cut can we please cut into this food I am starving *they laugh collectively as they begin to dig into the food they ordered*

    Final Scene

    The Scene opens up with Ali driving up to the Barclay Center alone. He steps out of his car in a I am the benchmark t shirt and jeans with a travel bag looking focus as ever. He starts to heading towards the ring when he is stopped by Michelle Kelly.

    Kelly: Ali can I get a few words from you?

    Ali: Michelle as much as I love your presence I must decline an interview. I need to speak directly to the fans of CWA. I have something I need to get off my chest.

    Ali with focus in his eyes walks past Michelle and heads straight for the entrance area. Surprisingly a lot of the seats are filled already before the Retribution Pre-match. Ali’s music hits and he is welcome with a mix reaction as he is still focused heading to the ring. He signals for a mic after rolling into the ring. Fans await what he has to say.

    Ali: I realize now why we haven’t connected exactly the way I thought we have. It’s because since day one I have come out here focused, silent and ready for a challenge. Not letting my intentions be known directly to you. The fans who make it possible to live my dream. All my life I have blocked as much noise that I can. Whether it’s the sounds of nature back home or the screeches of the 2 train just across the street of Brooklyn*that gets a bit of a pop* but I can’t ignore you guys. You’re not some noise that I need to keep out. You are the driving force of why I and many of the wrestlers in the back do what we do day, after day, week after week, month after month. Risking it all not only to achieve success but to give you that rush of enjoyment you see when I kick someone’s head off. So, I have a story to tell you guys. A very wise man told me something similar today.

    The Arena is dead silent awaiting what Ali is about to say to them.

    Ali: So, all I’m saying is CWA universe, look: The man that is in the hurry to go to war will come back here as half the man he was, do you understand? I must clear my mind so I can see everything clearly and although I may trust Krash as if we were brothers he will be the one to make the first move to take me out of this math. I must be diligent and ready for the challenge to take on someone who I have grown a small but powerful bond with. As for all of you, you guys are every former champion best men. Cheering them on and inspiring to overcome many obstacles. At the end of the night I hope you will be mines and I will keep you close at all times. but remember. Savage are the men or women and their band of thieves. That is directed to Nate Savage. He and his friend Jackson Felix have been trying to take shortcuts to their way to the top and tonight he will go face to face with someone who will cut him down. When it comes to sheep that act like wolves on the prowl to eat? They act in wool but they speak in peace. Lilith and her brain washed men reign of terror will fall short tonight because I will overcome her treachery A man who has defeated everyone in this company but the champ and me. So heavy is the head of he that wears the ring or should I say carries the title. Snowmantashi is the epitome of everything I stand against. Lack of respect for the integrity of being a champion. He has sit on his ass while me and other new comers have carried this company but a lion doesn’t ever lose sleep and he is going to receive a rude awakening when the Chief stands above. My goals is to be the new flagship franchise of this company. I bested the so called “Legend killer” and now I have an opportunity to take down one of the most dominant superstars to step in this ring. Snowmantashi I am coming for you and your championship. This is the most important match of my life. I have dreamed of being a champion for a very long time. No a cultist, no savage, no bringer of light, not even Godzilla himself is going to stop me. I will be locked in a steel cage with 4 dangerous individuals but I can’t hide nor run from the ones who’ll come for me Tell ‘em come for me Cause the Chief don’t run! * Ali drops the mic and heads to the back as he gets a chant of the Chief don’t run from the crowd*
    Still a quarter hour till deadline but I've got to head to bed so I figured I'd post this and add in whatever else gets sent in by midnight. As y'all know, no extensions but always accepting late rp's on penalties!

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    Re: CWA Steel Roulette Promos

    Just want to apologise to my opponents as I've noshowed for both matches. I've just been lacking any sort of time to properly sit down and brainstorm and write promos. My workload and schedule has changed over the last few weeks to the point that RPing really is taking a backseat to everything else. It's not a case of no motivation - trust me - I really wanted to win these matches. Just didn't have the time to put out work I'd be satisfied with.

    With that said, I still want to be a part of the CWA and promo for fun so I plan on sticking around with the Diamond Dogs whilst shelving LIGHTBRINGER. That's a workload I can manage.

    Good luck to everyone. Going to have a little read of these tomorrow.


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    Re: CWA Steel Roulette Promos

    Quick apology to Jon and Silk for noshowing. I am in Mykonos at the moment and I've just been enjoying my holiday. Home on Saturday and I'll get a segment in to make up for it.

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    Re: CWA Steel Roulette Promos

    Mini-update. Promos have been read. Winners decided (where there was a winner to be decided). Show will go up much the same as AR, that is by matches, though I imagine there will be fewer segments considering it is a PPV.

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    Re: CWA Steel Roulette Promos

    Sorry for no promo with hurricane I am sorry


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    Re: CWA Steel Roulette Promos

    Quote Originally Posted by OMBGraves View Post
    Sorry for no promo with hurricane I am sorry
    Dont worry about it

    Todd Chavez: I'm deeply sad and nothing can make me happy.

    Also, eat the rich.

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