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CWA.com Exclusive

The scene opens up inside of a lavish looking home and as the camera pans around the home showing off various displays of art, and showing off the various luxurious bedrooms located throughout the home. The scene switches to the outside where a large swimming pool is shown with beautiful women sitting around it, getting a tan. Soon enough however, the fans watching are greeted by the voiceover of one handsome, sexy beast of man.

Jealous? You should be.

The scene fades in to find the man himself, Jackson Fenix. Sitting in an extravagant arm chair, genuine leather of course, while wearing only the finest suits that money can buy and yes, Jackson has a lot of money. Like a lot, a lot. Like we're talking billions and billions of dollars. Yeah, a lot. Jackson Fenix lives the high life and wouldn't have it any other way.

That's enough narrator, you'll get your check in the mail.

Jackson winks at the camera and grabs a glass sitting next to him alongside a bottle of a brown alcholic liquid, he pours himself a glass and proceeds to take a swig of it before turning to the camera with that usual shit eating grin plastered on his face.

You see those women by the pool?

The camera shifts back to them then to Jackson as he speaks.

If you're wondering, yes I have slept with each of them. More than once and all at once, if you catch my drift.

He winks at the camera as he chuckles and takes another sip of his drink.

There's a reason I asked for this time because I wanted to get the chance to show the CWA fans around the world just how I truly am better than them in every way possible. I also wanted to speak about my chances in the upcoming Steel Roulette qualifiers, which by the way my chances are quite good, and before you bring it up I am quite aware that I may end up facing my good friend and tag team partner, Nate Savage but I'll get to that shortly. Right now I want to discuss something that's been bothering me as of late, recently the CWA fans have gone to Twitter and tried to say some things about me that just aren't true.

Like for example they like to bring up that my last few outings haven't been so successful, but if they would get their facts straight they would know that I technically did not lose that tag team match just for the fact that I was not pinned. As for that fatal five way, well to be honest I wasn't one hundred percent that day. I was a little under the weather, but I went out there anyway because I knew that the fans had paid what little change they had scrounged up from underneath their couch cushion just to see me wrestle and I didn't want to let them down so I went out there and damn near went all the way until that witch Lilith screwed me over when she put some sort of spell on me to make my illness even worse, thus being able to eliminate me from the match.

He takes another long sip from his drink.

If that wasn't bad enough, somehow my name was forgotten when the Young Lion Cup took place and now some drifter won the entire thing. I can tell you right now that if my name had been in there that you'd be looking right at the 2017 CWA Young Lion Cup winner, no doubt about it. Obviously now Afa Seanoa has come to his senses and has realized what a star he has on his hands with me, and placed me in a Beat the Clock challenge in order to qualify for the Steel Roulette at Retribution. Honestly though, I shouldn't even have to be in this match because I'm more than qualified. I'll play Afa's game though. I'll jump through whatever little hoops he places in front of me and I'll succeed. He's even tried to drive a wedge between myself and my good friend Nate Savage, by placing him in the tournament. Since it's been announced I've been asked, what if it comes down between you and Nate? It's really quite simple, the better man will win.

He points to himself and mouths "me" to the camera.

Then I will go on and win the Steel Roulette with our friendship still in tact. Nate will have my back the whole way and the I'll have his back as well because that's what friends do, we look out for each other no matter what. Before all of that though I have to deal with a man that's been around CWA for quite some time, what, six years is it? That's not important, and neither is he really but I have to mention him, of course I'm referring to Krash. First off, I've got to ask, what is with that name? You do realize it's mispelled, don't you? Secondly, speaking of your name, I'm sick of hearing about it. Ever since I arrived in CWA all I hear is "Krash this" and "Krash that", hell even that tag team tournament was named after you and you couldn't even win it!

He chuckles to himself at that and adjusts himself in his seat.

You must not be all that great if you couldn't win some lousy tournament, well other than the fact that you hold championship gold already so why are you even in this match to begin with? Isn't what you have good enough? Are that much of an ego-maniac that you need every bit of championship gold there is in CWA? Get over yourself man. The only reason you have that championship is because I wasn't around to take it before you could and you should be counting your lucky stars that this isn't a match for your title, or else you could kiss it goodbye. You've had your time in the sun Krash, it's time for you move along and let the younger, more brighter and better looking stars take over. You're yesterday's news while I'm on the front page making headlines. Face the facts man, I'm better than you, period.

He finishes off his drink and pours more in his glass.

I'm better than every single person in that locker room, well except Nate Savage.

He mutters to himself, barely audible enough to be picked up by the microphone attached to his collar.

Not really...

He tries to cover it with a fake cough and looks back at the camera.

Where was I? Right, I'm better than you Krash. I have more god given talent in my pinky than you'll ever have. I'm definitely much better looking than you, what is with that mustache? You look some rejected 70's adult film star. Shave it off for christ's sake, you look ridiculous! That's not the worst thing about you though Krash. You're overrated. You heard me right Krash, you're washed up and you're overrated. I didn't say washed up the first time but now I did and I mean it. These fans adore you because you've done it all but what they don't seem to realize is that you're nothing more than a washed up, overrated, failure. Yeah, you're heard right, failure. When the going gets too tough you crack under pressure and I know right now you're under so much pressure because you don't want to be upstaged by some young upstart like myself, and on the outside you're not sweating me and putting on this facade for the fans, but deep down inside you're worried. You're afraid that I'm going to beat you and that the fans will finally see what a true embarassment you are to this company. I'm here to save this company from losers like you Krash, I'm here to make CWA great again and I'm going to start by sending you back to the land down under with your tail tucked in between your legs. Maybe, just maybe I'll take that High Voltage championship you cherish so much off your hands and bring some prestige back to it.

He leans forward and stares straight into the camera with a serious expression.

This isn't a game Krash. Your time is over and now it's my time, you're just living on borrowed time and it's about to run out. When it's all said and done, don't be mad that I bested you Krash. Just accept that I am now and always will be better than you!

His expression changes back to that smirk as he tips his glass to the camera and the scene fades out.
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CWA.com Exclusive

There will be no fancy introduction for this one, what you see is what you get.

That voiceover belongs to "Nasty" Nate Savage. He sits inside of his home in Philadelphia, PA with his children playing in the background. He's wearing an official CWA t-shirt and gym shorts. He stares at the camera in front while his children make noise as they play.

I know that you were all expecting some sort of extravagant introduction from me like you got from Jackson but that's not me. That's him, he lives the life of luxury, not me. He was born into wealth, that's all well and good for him but that's just not me. I'm not ashamed of who I am and where I come from. I have worked hard to get to where I'm at but not for my sake...

He looks behind him at his son and daughter playing, he turns back to the camera.

I do it for them. I've said it countless times before but it bears repeating. I want them to have a better life than I ever did when I was growing up. We all know my life story so I'm not going to get into that, but for all intents and purposes and for those that are unaware, it wasn't the best. I want the best for them and I want the best for my wife. Family is what matters most to me in this life and all I really want is what is best for them, and they support me no matter what.

I didn't ask for this time to just talk about that though, no. I asked for this time because coming up in the hometown of my trainer and former mentor Clint Shepard, I will be in a qualifying match to determine whether or not I'm able to participate in the Steel Roulette. In order to get there I have to go through a man by the name of Shawn Summers. I'll get to Summers in a moment because first I'd like to address the elephant in the room, and that's the fact that if I do win and if Jackson wins his match, we'll have to meet inside of that Steel Roulette. I've been asked over and over again since this announcement, what will happen if Jackson and I are in that Steel Roulette together? Well, to put it bluntly, I will beat Jackson.

He pauses and lets that sink in a bit before continuing.

I will beat him if I have to in order to win that match and walk away with the gold. I will do what I have to do in order to survive and like I've said time and time again, give my family the best life that they deserve. Like I said already, I do this for them and them only. Jackson is my friend, yes, but if we are in that Steel Roulette together, it's every man for himself and I will make Jackson suffer just like I would anyone else. Do I have his back for his qualifying match with Krash? Of course I do, just like I know he will have mine in Phoenix. Once it's all said and done though, and we're in there together, all of that friend crap is out of the window. He knows this because I saw what he said in his interview but I could tell that there was fear in his voice when speaking about me. If we were to ask him that right now if he was here he would deny it, but I've known Jackson for a long time and I know when he's afraid. He has every right to be because he knows what I'm capable of when I'm fighting for something.

Again, another pause to let it sink in.

Before all of that even happens, if it does, I have to first face Shawn Summers. Shawn is a man that has been in CWA for several years, and he's had his fair share of highs and lows, more lows as of late. With losing to a woman at Five Star Attraction and then losing to that idiot XYZ in a McDonalds Playplace match, Shawn has become desperate. I can see it in his eyes. He's desperate to win this match but in the end it all comes down to who wants this more and that's me. I want this more than Shawn could ever dream of. He's had his chances in CWA and he's gone and pissed them all away with his personal problems. I'm not going to judge you on that Shawn, that's your life and quite frankly it's none of my business. You've had your chances though Shawn, you've been given multiple opportunites only to let them slip away from you. Your time has come and gone, now it's my time.

You know what it's like to nearly reach the mountain top only to fall down and climb back up again and again. I've never had that feeling but I will and unlike you I won't fall down and have to climb back up. I'm going to reach the top and I'm going to stay right there where I belong. Like I said Shawn, I want this more than you. You've lost everything, while I still have everything that I live for. You've been handed everything in your life on a silver platter, while I had to work my ass off to get to this point. I'm not letting it go to waste Shawn, no way in hell that I'm going to let this pass me by. I'm taking full advantage of this opportunity and I will seize it by any means necessary.

His little girl runs up to him, he brings her up on his lap as he clings to him with a hug.

This is it Shawn, your chance for redemption. Standing in your way though is me and by my side is this little one along with my son and my wife. There's nothing that is going to stop me Shawn, but there will be something that will stop you and you're looking at him.

With that the scene closes with a shot of Nate and his little girl embracing.
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We are outside in a graveyard on a dark rainy day we are zoomed into a tombstone that reads Alice Jacobs beloved daughter. We hear footsteps and on the screen is shown Brayden Bridges his hair and clothes soaking wet and he has his guitar on his back and is holding The Young Lion Cup Trophy. His face seems conflicted a usually story in his eyes. He cocks a little smile before it turns to sadness.Bridges places one hand on the tombstone before sitting on the ground he turns his guitar around and you hear the rain hitting it he slowly plays it as he talks to the grave.

Bridges: It's been a crazy 24 hrs for me. I mean I won The Young Lion Cup and for a brief second. I was happy but that happiness turn to guilt because I almost forgot that it was the day. The irony that a all time high could be on a all time low. That's the day I lost you and it happen to be on that same day I won the Cup.

Bridges starts to sing his voice dark raspy almost echoing throughout the graveyard.

Hold your hand by the fire
Warm yourself to the flame
Sparks flew in July
I would never forget that day
You were my all time high
I will love you
Even after I die
This fire will walk with me
The hero has gone
The Villain plays the part
He knows all his lines
all along

Bridges stops playing and looks at the grave . He looks tired he lays his head on the tombstone. Holding the Trophy.

Bridges: I almost sold this thing. I almost fall into that rabbit hole again. I would of fallen into that wonderland. I wasn't in a good place, I just felt guilty that even for that one tenth of a second I was happy. I know at least I think you would want me to move on but I can't everyday is a struggle everyday is a fight with this darkness inside me.

Bridges begins to sing again this time though its almost chaotic sound like he is playing so fast his fingers bleed and his eyes so focused on the guitar.

He walks with me
Hand in hand
He is part of who I am
He's along for the ride
But is he the passenger
Or am II commit sins
He says he dissolves me of mine
He's the dark passenger
Or am I on his ride?

Bridges pauses he begins talking again as through the dark cloud a light shines on Bridges who then begins singing again a peaceful song

Through this little game we play
Through all this the result
Will be the same
The battle that goes so far back
The battle of Light vs. Dark
Good vs. Evil is always intact

Brayden Bridges: Tokyo Kisai you stand in my path, and in another life we wouldn't of pass. This time though the hourglass is ticking and you are standing in my way your blocking the path. There will be no happy ending to our story and light will not defeat darkness.

Brayden sings again this time its dark and a creepy sound his fingers twist and turn around the frets.

No more sorrow
No more lies
The rapture is coming
Say your goodbyes
When death beckon's
Don't matter if your good or bad
Death the darkness always
Down the bend

Brayden Bridges: So please forgive me for the wicked things I am about to do but I have this hunger and it wont subdue so in the end as your wall's are closing in I am going to have to give you your last rights and show you a place where light goes dim.

A women's voice is heard and Bridges almost says Alice but catches himself. The voice shows a taller woman around 6 feet long red hair in a black dress with black high heels. She has an umbrella and is smoking a cig her green eyes targeting Bridges. She looks like she's in her early 50's but seems like her body is in her 20's.

???: I told you to stay away from here. You did enough damage.

Bridges gets up and walks towards the woman who at first seems to stand firm but you can tell she's scared as she speaks trembling over her words. Bridges and her look at each other you can cut the tension with a knife.

Bridges: Hello Jennifer, a pleasure as always. You know, its funny I have seen more of you in the past 6 months then your daughter saw of you in the past 20 years.

The Woman slaps Brayden who is pissed his face red where she slap and his eyes red full of rage that turn into sorrow as he talks again.

Bridges: I am sorry, I shouldn't of said that I was just on my way out but know I loved her too.

Jennifer looks at him her eyes tearing up she looks at him sharply.

Jennifer: Your god damn right you shouldn't of but you are right. I wasn't there for her maybe if I was she wouldn't of gone down that road with you maybe she still be alive. She be happy with a family and I with little grandkids. You see I like to think that you were a good person at some point but darkness just follows you wherever you go and when your gone you leave behind the wreck of your storm. Now please, I beg you leave and let me mourn my baby.

Brayden Bridges: Yea, maybe your right but in the end darkness always sheds light on the heart and in the end that's eternal that's forever.

Brayden walks on by drifting away as the storm returns leaving Jennifer staring at the grave.
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The official website for CWA experiencing some technical difficulties at the present time, we would like to deeply apologise for these issues and promise that we will try and get the site up and running as soon as possible.

If you would like to contact CWA media team, to gain a better understanding of what may be causing this, please click on the link below.

The computer screen fizzes uncontrollably as you click on the link provided. At first, the trust you once felt for the company that told you to do so, was hanging in the balance as the screen now cuts to black. A laugh can be heard echoing from the speakers. Bellowing out with a sick, baritone echo. Whatever is happening, it is not planned, it is not expected, and it is certainly not welcome. In the background is the noise of dripping, the constant dripping of a lifeless water supply that leaks its way out of a nearby pipe and plunges onto the ground below, however, there is still no image to accompany this. The sound of breathing replaces the laughter soon, an exciting pace of breathing but yet slow and controlled, it begins to speak.

Lilith: "Is it... CURIOSITY.. that leads to the destruction of most... naive... men?"

The picture slowly comes to. Colour inhabits the screen, shades of red, black and grey are all present at first but soon they begin to gush into each other as the focus sharpens revealing the image of Lilith. The background explains the dripping, it seems to be a basement or a maintenance room of some sort, one that has not been inhabited for quite some time. The perfect home for an outcast, the perfect home for someone who doesn't intend to be found. The perfect home for someone like Lilith and her Dark Watch. She stands, looking deep into the lens of the camera with blackened eyes and an expression that would petrify even the bravest of souls. She smiles for a short second and then returns to a blank canvas of a face showing no signs of what she would happen to be thinking of. An enigma if ever one could see, is Lilith’s mind. She opens her mouth for a second but no words come, instead, she closes it again and turns around to view his surroundings hoping that the viewer could soak up this atmosphere too. Then, when she feels ready, she would elaborate on his first sentence, the sentence which obviously was emitted from her lips despite the previous darkness that had engulfed the scene.

Lilith:"That little voice... buried deep within every creature's mind that tells them to explore what is unknown, telling them to enlighten themselves on what they do not... POSSESS. It is our curious minds that lead us to our downfall, without... that burning desire to conquer what is not physically possible... everyone in existence would be free. Free from an uncontrollable fate that already tortures them with expectations that one could not ever hope to fill. I know that you feel empty inside without the knowledge and credibility given to you by others that look upon your face and spout lies without any sense of sympathy. But worry not. For CWA has a new leader, that will lead all of you in the path of what is right, someone who will pick the foundation of this world up by its roots and ... EXTINGUISH ... every misleads mind that opposes my wrath. And you all should be thankful. Thankful for the sacrifice that they will make to set an example to all of you... they will be the creatures... for which you will see first hand what The Darkness is capable of. My path to the Steel Roulette is clear. Destiny is within my grasp. My time has come and.Elijah Edwards endless days of weakness and vulnerable squandering are done. The day of judgement has arrived, this week marks the beginning of the dark empire and I shall not pity ANYONE."

Lilith calms himself for a second and begins to talk in a reflective manner.

Lilith "A common trait of a child would be to pick their weak, helpless goldfish from its bowl and hold it above their head and watch... watch as it wriggled, struggled and gasped for life... helpless... and alone... it was powerless to stop them.That is CWA that is the goldfish... the meek little creature which I hold between my thumb and my finger and watch slowly as it suffers. As I watch and laugh... and enjoy every waking moment of the misery that befalls it. CWA will soon be... mine to command, mine to torture... mine to reign over as the unstoppable force that I was ALWAYS... MEANT... TO BE. And yet, some of you still seem to doubt the power of the darkness. How can you be so ignorant? So blind to the events that will soon come to pass? You see, the human mind, in fear will attempt to fool itself into thinking that it isn't afraid, it will give itself an ideal of dominance and fearless leadership... when deep down inside it's nothing but a pitiful little worm hiding in a shell of false pretences.Elijah Edwards, for example, will no doubt say.t I am not something to be afraid of, that I am nothing more than an oversized puppet, his mind twisting and turning my image into something of a joke so he can swallow the pill of fear with ease. Which... I do not oppose… After all, it is moral man’s instinct to act in this way, but through his instincts comes his senselessness. You see, all of my existence, I have endured the words of others, that have whipped against my flesh like a vicious weapon... I have heard the laughter... held the pain... choked on the bitter disgust that flows through the minds of others! But without those words. WITHOUT THE HATE OF THOSE MEN.... I would be nothing, I wouldn't be chosen by the darkness.... I wouldn't be the force that you see before you today...So Elijah Edward may fire his insults at me with his deluded tongue, attempting to hinder my success and allow him victory more easily... but what he fails to understand... is that these words fuel my desire to HURT. They fuel my desire to DESTROY. They fuel my desire to inflict pain on all who oppose me. When I came to this place, I only had one thing. burning... across my mind. I only had one thing that rang like a gigantic bell within my gut, telling me what needed to be done, it was that championship, it was the destruction of Light., it was to give this dreaded prison of the damned, a meaning, a place, a LIFE."

Lilith stops and thinks for a moment, leaving his mouth unhinged still.

Lilith: "However... my definition... of life... is much different to how you all perceive it. To truly be given the gift of life... first you must suffer... to be reborn into this world, you have to pay. You have to sacrifice. That is the only way. Like a phoenix... reborn from the ashes when it suddenly EXPLODES and endures such pain as each flame eats away at its flesh, in the same way, that every life is given purpose when it pulls through a great casualty. In the same way that Elijah Edwards will withdraw his futile efforts against me as soon as our match draws to a conclusion! It takes great courage to admit to fear, to embrace your fear, but only by doing so can you truly be accepted into this world. You see fear is like hate. It drives us. It motivates us. It keeps the world... SPINNING. And Elijah Edward assumes that I will fall, He seems to think that he can conquer my might, But that is the downfall of my foes, they never... seem... to delve any deeper than the surface with me. Tell me; HOW... do you hope to conquer; Elijah HOW do you hope to overcome? Your mind has been poisoned by the lies your own ego feeds you. That has you look upon the ring and view it not as a
mat but rather a canvas for you to paint your masterpieces. A friend. That smiles, and praises, and laughs with you. Needless to say... It was never truthful with you. You believed in your dreams, that you can sweep away every obstacle that you might have endured in your career... and because of that... you have become numb and lifeless and... SPOILED. Like a fruit that has become rotten and distasteful... you need to be... disposed of. Because now that your childhood is over... your innocence no longer justifies such a naive disposition... like it or not... you need to see first hand... where your failure lies. "

Lilith raised her hand, she would inspect her palm taking the time to crush the small particle of dust or grime with her fingers, symbolising what she may do to her opponent soon enough. Her arms would then lower, as he looked at the camera again and continued.

Lilith: "Many have tried to ignore that fact, even you yourselves, have drowned us all with such lies and excuses that you have left us all gasping for air, gasping for some statements with a more credible outlook. You see... this is not your first chance for glory., you’ve had several yet you’ve taken none/ You have blamed every single stipulation, every single occurrence... every single being... for the fact you’re not the CWA World Heavyweight champion. But one person you have failed to blame... is YOURSELVES. You do not have the power to defeat someone like myself, You have fought battles before, you have entertained those who watched you struggle helplessly to achieve your broken dreams... but you failed... you became what you, for so long, had tagged on others...Someone who can’t live up to potential. And who deserves the blame? Who deserves the judgement, and more importantly, who deserves the reckoning? It was always you.Nobody was ever responsible for your actions, nobody had, for one measly second, forcing you to leave for as long as you have returned after so long much seem like a blessing for you... it’s your chance for you to build your name back up into something that meant something to the people of this industry….To get a chance at the title you for so long coveted... You thought that by walking valiantly through the doors of this place, that you would find a new beginning where you could be the most dominant champion in history. And all of that would have come to fruition, if only you had foreseen what took place next. If only you could have predicted... ME. Then perhaps you could have gathered enough time to spin around on the spot and run helplessly back to where you’ve been hiding. You see I don't blame you for not taking my presence into account... I was, after all, just a vague memory in the back of people's minds for such a long time… but I will not ignore me any longer I have no doubts to poison my belief, I have no visions of defeat running through my head... I simply have one task... to do what I must...To begin the dark revolution by assuring that my destiny will not be denied. That I end up fighting for the CWA World Heavyweight title and turn the steel roulette into my own personal unholy battleground and Eilah Edwards has already wasted too much of my time, he has already succeeded in deterring my focus from my destiny. Whilst you may seek comfort in that, I urge you to think about it once more. For any man who stands between me and my.... master plan of sorts... will be dealt with. Once you’re at my feet you will begin to embrace the hatred that will burn you deep down in your soul, you will grow strong because of it!. Look upon my past, look upon where I have been and see the broken, burnt and bloody remains of those that have opposed me. Then look me in the eyes and try to tell me that you can OVERCOME YOUR FATE. You know that you can't, overcome a force that is larger than you, overcoming an opponent that is... more aggressive than you... is an impossible task. And the more that you lie about your abilities, the harder the task will... BECOME. . when you're not in that ring when you're away from any kind of confrontation... you seem to think that you are powerful and mighty... and IMMORTAL! But when you step foot inside that arena and you know that you'll be in competition with me, your status will spiral downward, your words that you rely on to get you out of so much trouble... will all vanish into the air, when I clasp my hand around your throat and send you to an eternity of misery."

Lilith smells the air for a second, symbolising the hunger for
battle that she is gathering as she begins to smell the odour of fear...

Lilith"We all have demons. Deep down, we all have desires that we can't share because we fear the consequences... we fear that someone might reject our desires
because their too... DARK. Because, until now, every creature on this planet lived in a world where our true feelings were hidden behind a presentable false face. Not anymore. Not now. So Elijah Edwards... I welcome you to step forward and embrace your desires. Your true feelings. Your... desperate hopes of one-day gaining recognition for something. That truly is why you cling to these ideas of becoming champion, You don't just seek to be champion, you seek to be remembered... you're haunted with the idea that one day you will become old... and withered... and not one person in this business will have a minute to stop and think about a man who failed in everything he set his mind to. You know that one day... you WILL be remembered... AS A FAILURE. Because without embracing the truth, without staring your reflection in the eyes and mouthing the words that could lead to your salvation... you'll always be a failure. You'll never find success in anything because you’re too naive, you’re too young in your heart and in your soul, and your too scared of what might happen if you just let it take its course. You like to control your fate, you enjoy being the steering wheel of your own life, but that is a fallacy. None of you are in control. Not a single human mind is in control of their actions. You see, when the Devil descended from Heaven, he enshrouded the world in a glorious awakening. He gave us all the SEVEN DEADLY SINS. It is these sins... that holds the fate... that holds the key... to us all. Elijah Edwards, your fear can be your saviour if you just opened your arms and allowed it to be, but you won't... because of PRIDE. Something that has controlled you since birth... PRIDE is perhaps the most destructive of all sins. You take so much pleasure in what you think you’re capable of, that you think that you are so powerful, that you don’t need the aid of the shadows to watch over you. You're naive and foolish to think it, and it is the reason why I will be the one in the steel roulette. Because your control, doesn't lie with you, it lies with The Darkness. We all knew this day would come, the day when you would seek out another doomed opportunity at glory... for that very reason... I won’t break you. I want you to stay conscious... I don't want your soul in my hands.. because I want you to see, I want you to behold what CWA is going to become. A place where a man like yourself would be able to start again, to live a life that isn't bound to the ideas of others, where you can have a career that isn't always threatened by your ideas of becoming a champion."

Lilith would smile, raise her hands and part them outward like an angel, imagining the vastness of CWA before her!

Lilith:"Times are changing. Fates are evolving. CWA is transforming. I hold the future within my grasp and I promise that I will never let go, I will never give it chance to breathe, it will suffer... just like I did... just like I had to... just like all of you will HAVE TO. NO ONE WILL BE SAFE. The pale horse is galloping forward and Elijah Edwards are looking death in the face, shivering and struggling and gasping for air... just like... THE GOLDFISH. I promise you in the Steel Roulette… BONES WILL BREAK, SKULLS WILL IMPLODE, BLOOD WILL SPILL, ROCKS WILL MELT, WEAPONS WILL SLICE, PRIDE WILL BE RELINQUISHED, THE SINS OF ALL WHO OPPOSE ME WILL FEEL PUNISHMENT, INSULTS WILL SILENCED, FOUNDATIONS WILL BE LIFTED, EVIL WILL RISE, AND ALL WHO ANTAGONISE WILL FALL! YES! THERE WILL BE VENGEANCE! THERE WILL BE PUNISHMENT! THERE... WILL... BE... RECKONING!"

Lilith stops, her outburst of rage, fury and potent words shuddering through the viewer complimented by the deadly stare of Lilith.

Lilith Steel Roulette; Judgement day will come. And not a single soul on Earth will be free of my fury. They will kneel, they will beg for mercy...but before
that Elijah Edwards efforts will be proven to be false once again. He won't fall to a Champion. He won't fall to a mortal man, He will fall to a being with the inward strength to accept the truth. To embrace what is right. To know that deep down, she really is..."

Lilith pauses and takes a deep breath as he shouts for one last time to end his demonic promo.

An Empress in waiting….”

The screen slowly fades to black as the computer seems to stop buffering this unexpected video package, and soon the site starts to run as ordinary, as though nothing had ever happened.

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Madison Square Garden

Just twenty minutes after being defeated by "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi for the CWA World Heavyweight Title, "Tokyo Kisai" LIGHTBRINGER is in a world of pain. He lies, flat on his back, in his locker room and simply looks upwards with a blank expression on his face. There's an icepack resting on his leg and one clutched towards his shoulder. BoBo - towel on shoulder, head in hands - sits on a chair resting against the wall. There has been silence for the last ten minutes. But, eventually, it is broken.

"Are you just going to lie on the floor staring at the ceiling, Kisai?"

A few seconds pass...


"But you have to move..."

"I can't."

BoBo raises his eyebrow.

"Eh? You can't... or you won't?"

"Whatever one you want. That's the answer."

"I think you should get up. Tomorrow can be a new day. Tonight was only the beginning, Kisai. You said it yourself. We can still do it. You'll get fatboy another day..."

"I'll get up when I'm ready. Pay him some respect, BoBo. I'm the loser. It doesn't look very good when you are insulting the man who bested me. It makes me seem worse. I know it's only the beginning... I'll get up... go back to Ja--"

Suddenly, BoBo stands up and throws his bandana to the ground in disgust - stamping on it to exclaim his anger further.


LIGHTBRINGER is unmoved by his friends passionate display.


BoBo kicks his char against the wall and creates a loud clang. LIGHTBRINGER, slowly and wincing, sits up.

"I'll train ha.."

BoBo cuts him off and stands right infront of him - pointing at him and beginning to shout like a parent admonishing a child.


LIGHTBRINGER snaps his friends hand away before slowly getting to his feet - it's clear his friend is pissed at his attitude as they appear to be about to come to blows... but LIGHTBRINGER backs down - he turns around and picks up an icepack before putting it on his shoulder.

"I just lost the biggest match of my life, BoBo. I don't need to be shouted at right now. I get that you care. But I don't need to take advice from you. I retired you. And I still have enough energy to retire you from life right now."

He turns his back on his friend as he starts to change out of his ring gear and back into normal clothes. Even though he is hurting, he clearly has no interest in listening to his friend

"Oh so now your pride is hurt you're going to insult me, Kisai? Is that it? Since when did this become about me? This is about you. Everytime, you run back to Japan to train in the comfort of the dojo. Hide away. All this travelling. You need to stay here with me and see this through! SPJ, SSD... there's no point in keeping going back. Got to move forward, right? It's like... what's the point, man? You ain't going to learn how to wrestle the American way at SSD. You aren't going to get used to being here if you are NEVER here. You take too much out of your body travelling back and forth. If we had stayed here then you would have become CWA champ. That's how it is. That's how I see it. Don't you agree, Kisai? Don't you want to be the best... Kisai? Are you even listening to me?"

By the time BoBo is done making his speech, LIGHTBRINGER has already changed into streetclothes and packed his bag.

"I listened. Now I'm walking out of that door and going back to Japan. I'll hone myself. And come back better. You... you can stay here if you desire it so much. Enjoy yourself."

He pushes past his friend and begins to make his way out. As he leaves the door and begins to walk down the corridor, BoBo shouts from behind him...

"What am I going to do!?"

The response comes...

"Go to a strip club. Go fondle American women. Do whatever your heart desires. I'll come back for you one day. Sayounara."


The argument wasn't the frienship breaking argument like in the past... but the pair definitely disagreed over where their respective paths lay. BoBo did take the advice to heart - he believed his friend would see things his way one day. Maybe his friend needed to heal from an injury and didn't want to be viewed as weak. Maybe he was homesick. He didn't know. But BoBo took his advice and decided to go to a strip club. A joint in Florida known as "Malibu Vice". By pure coincidence, the owners of the club just so happened to become a tag team contracted to the CWA and thus BoBo kept his connection to the company. It was a stroke of luck for him. LIGHTBRINGER returned to Japan - and, like before, would focus on training his student, Constance. He would avoid making big appearances in the media. He would avoid speaking about the CWA. For a small while, it seemed that depression might have set in. Perhaps, blissful ignorance of the failure that was Five Star Attraction. But he couldn't run from it forever and knew he would have to come back to the CWA one day. His story wasn't done.

He hadn't really spoken about it with his dojo mates. It was something he kept to himself for the most part.

One day, sitting in an Izakaya somewhere in Shibuya, LIGHTBRINGER would make the impromptu decision to get back to where he was. It was just a simple conversation with his dojo mate and former valet, Himawari. Things had been awkward between them in the past but that seemed to be behind them. Of course, it's not a black and white matter between them but the pair had clearly been able to maintain a professional relationship - in public anyway. After a hard training session, the pair had decided to go out for a rewarding drink. After all, who doesn't like to reward themselves with alcohol after physical exertion? Alone, the pair would discuss the training session amidst other things. The small Izakaya is well populated but the duo don't seem to get bothered by anyone as they order their drinks - of course, it's a couple of beers - whilst waiting for food to arrive. In the background, the soft dance beats of WORLD ORDER play - it seems that whoever owns the place is a fan of the band. It provides a nice, relaxing, upbeat atmosphere.

"You know, I always wanted to see them live... I like them."

"Who? This band playing? Are you hinting to me?"

"No... well... I mean.. my birthday is soon."

"I'm sure you'll find your way to them soon. I never realised it. But sitting here... I realise I like them too. Maybe it's just the fact I feel relaxed. I don't know."

"It was a tough day today. You didn't take it easy on Constance or Kyoji. I've noticed you haven't been taking it easy for a while. Am I sensing that you wish to return to competition soon? It seems that way from how you've been acting. Or maybe you miss it... ?"

She looks at him inquisitively... he tries to brush it off.

"No. W..well..."

"Well, what?"

"You're trying to be incisive, huh? ... I guess I have rested enough and not participated for a long time to the point that I do now miss it. But I don't know. I guess... I'm worried?"


"Not being like I was. It seems that, recently, I fall at the last major hurdle in the CWA. It discourages me from wanting to return to America. It discourages me from wanting to be there. It makes me think I have not adapted enough to be successful there..."

"You speak nonsense."

He is surprised at how impolite she is in cutting him off... his expression says it all as she goes on to explain further.

"You sound like a defeatist. You sound like someone who is looking for a way out. Why? I have seen you perform in the CWA in person and on a TV screen over the last year and I've seen nothing that tells me you can't be successful. Why do you think I did came to America with you? Why do you think BoBo-san went there? Why do you think the likes of Daisuke didn't disown you when you declared your intention to go there? Because we all believe in you... but because we all KNOW you can do it. You let one defeat define you when you should not. You lost to Kaiju. It is what it is. It does not mean you cannot beat him one day. It does not mean you cannot be a success. How many men do you think would have been able to stand up to you at Five Star Attraction? How many do you think would take that kind of beating? They call him 'inhuman' for a reason. You just have to find that extra step. Extra motivation. What was it BoBo-san said to you anyway? Why are you guys ALWAYS falling out now? I'm your teammate... the one you can trust more than the others... but you don't open up to me about these things. You'd rather speak about others and not yourself recently. Well. It's time you spoke about yourself and realised a few things. We're going to be sharing food... so share your thoughts on what I have to say."

LIGHTBRINGER drinks some of his beer as he listens to her before responding.

"Well... I guess when you put it like that then I don't have a choice do I? I guess I could keep the yakitori to myself. But... that would be rude of me."

He grins at her. Knowing that she obviously has a liking for BBQ chicken skewers. It's a playful joke. He's not one for acting extremely insular or frigid. It keeps the mood light.

"I feel like I put in too much to lose. I feel like I was ashamed because of my words not being backed up. You know how it is. You know how I feel. Go big or go home. I went big. I lost. Now I decided to go home. Maybe it's the wrong attitude but I'm not sure what more I can do. Maybe I felt like I have more to learn. You're right I can be successful... I've already proven that... but taking that next step... is difficult. I guess I must start back at the bottom but perhaps... I am not ready to do that yet. Perhaps I do not wish to do that. Perhaps I find myself enjoying my current role as it is. I thought I had that match won. I lost it. It is what it is. It knocked the wind out of me. What happened that night with BoBo? A small tiff. That was it. I lay on my back and nursed my injuries and stared at the ceiling feeling disconnected and dissatisfied with myself. Ashamed like I told you. He had a go at me. He told me I shouldn't come back here after every loss to train harder. He said it was costing me. I let him have his rant. I walked out. Told him I was coming home. Told him to stay in America. He has done that. I haven't spoken to him much, if at all, because he's too busy enjoying himself and partying up. He always was a fan of American culture and chasing after girls. He's retired. He can do what he wants.... It's clear that he doesn't care about me anymore. Maybe because I implicitly told him not to."

As he's about to finish speaking, their food arrives. After exchanging usual greetings with the wait staff, he's surprise to see what Himawari had ordered - a pizza. It reminds him of America, slightly, as he recalls how the food was consumed there quite regularly. Of course, she already reaches and takes one of his yakitori skewers.

"You just can't help yourself, Himawari. You get weird food that you know I don't like... but you steal my food anyway! Devious."

She giggles at him.

"Maybe this was all a trap."

"Yes, you are exactly the kind of person to devise an elaborate plan to steal chicken skewers..."

She shakes her head at him. Clearly he hasn't taken the hint.

"... To get me to agree to go see WORLD ORDER?"

She shakes her head again.

"You know, Kisai, for someone who claims to be intelligent... you can be as dumb as a rock sometimes."

He wears a blank expression as he feasts... she grabs away his food - rather impolite of her - to make her point clear. She takes her phone out of her bag as well as her childish hello kitty earphones and begins to bring up a video.

"You don't think it's weird that all of a sudden I ask you about things? Even though you make it clear you don't want to talk? I'm a woman. I like to plan things out. I like to get my way. It's clear to me that your talent has been wasted for the last three months. No matter what you think about yourself, I know better. I always have. You know why I want to talk to you about these things?"

"Of course. I'm not as dumb as I'm pretending to be. I'm just ignoring it. Because my answer is no. I'm not going back."

She looks disappointed in him but she fidgets with her phone once more...

"I knew you'd say that. I think you should watch this. You say you don't pay attention to the media... you're isolating yourself in your own little bubble in the dojo. Why? I think you're just trying to hide yourself away. Try not to get that urge. Maybe you're afraid of saying something and not backing it up again? Who cares, though? At least you fight with all your heart. Like I said, watch this..."

To his surprise, he's shown a video clip from the most recent PURORESU SPIRIT episode - a small talk show featuring host Kanako Kobayashi and guests from the fighting and wrestling world discussing recent events. Shockingly, he recognises her first guest - he's wearing a neon shirt saying DIAMOND DOGS whilst sporting a big beard and a bald head partly covered by a bandana... it's none other than BoBo. His eyes widen. He looks at Himawari who glares at him as if to say "watch and listen." At first, BoBo speaks about what he has been getting up to in America. He speaks about how he has been watching the CWA go through a 'rebirth' of sorts.

One soundbite sticks out to LIGHTBRINGER:

"I see alot of talent here. But there's one talent missing. The best talent. The CWA does not have a clear cut ace. They say that Kaiju is that man... but I see his grip is slipping. I don't think he has long left. Who will the fill gap?"

BoBo stares directly at the screen.

"Who? ... I don't know. He's out there somewhere. I know he is, Kanako-chan."

The host, Kanako, asks him if he's referring to someone specifically or if he's just speaking generally.

"Specifically? Maybe not. Maybe I am. He might know who he is. But I speak from the heart. There is still a big opportunity in the CWA. Maybe someone from Japan will step up and take that opportunity. America is a land of opportunity. Kyoji Taniguchi lost his title. Maybe he should take the leap? I know he was trained by a very talented man. There is a gap in this American promotion that is crying out to be filled by a bright star. It's so clear."

"I must admit, BoBo-san. You certainly seem to think that there's space there for someone to come in. Perhaps I could do it?"

There's a chuckle between the two.

"Very good! You could, eh? I think I could. Are you interested? Why don't I tell you more about it?"

She claps her hands together in excitement - obviously playing along with the joke.

"Oh very good! I'm listening!"

"Well... you see.... recently, CWA has undergone a chance of management. It's REBORN. There are new opportunities. The roster fighters are reinvigorated. But there's still a piece of the puzzle missing. You see, recently there was a return of a man we know well - McGinnis. But he's not the man to lead them forward. He thinks only of himself. He's not there for the long haul. It's clear to me. There needs to be more. But... upcoming is an event known as the Steel Roulette... a big event. Everyone is fighting to stake their claim at the table!"

"But... BoBo-san... what is this steel roulette? I've never heard of it. It sounds dangerous. It sounds like something that we haven't seen in puroresu before... are you appealing for someone from here to take part in a contest that they are not used to?"

"We are in America - you're going to have to get used to lots of things! And the steel roulette... it's a match taking place in a steel chamber structure. It is brutal... but the person who wins will surely be viewed as a champion. It is the PERFECT place for redemption. The PERFECT place for champions to be born. The PERFECT place for someone to realise their destiny. I just hope someone is watching this and thinking that this is their chance to break through more than ever. All you have to do... is win one qualification match. And I'm the man who has all the information on who it is against. I'm the kingmaker!"

BoBo laughs slightly but it becomes apparent through his words that he's obviously appealing to his friend to come back to the CWA. The TV host, Kobayashi, has a graphic of the qualification match opponent up... underneath is his name (in katakana and in english):


"Tell us, BoBo-san. This opponent... he seems interesting... he has... a lot of facial hair and seems scary!"

BoBo laughs.

"SCARY!? This is but a picture! This man is nothing to fear! He is but a guitar playing loser! All he does is sing songs with dark lyrics! I don't think he is a man that can carry the CWA forward... do you? Do you think he looks like a superstar, Kanako-chan?"

She seems a little bit hesitant to answer - of course, she wants to remain polite.

"It's ok! You can be honest! Bridges isn't watching! He looks like a loser! I have all the information on this man - he has taken drugs. He is weak willed. He has no honour! He struggles deep down inside with what is right and what is wrong... and in the CWA, there is no time to struggle with such a thing! You must act quickly! This man... he does not act quickly. He does not have the qualities that it takes. It would be a shame if he was given free passage to a trial such as the Steel Roulette. It would be a gross misrepresentation of the talent level in the CWA. That's why I am here... there is a space opening and I know that a talented individual from the puroresu scene can step up and make a name for themselves here in America. You haven seen it done before! KAIZEN, Jon Snowmantashi, Eimi Sanada... I forget a few but you get the point!"

"Isn't Jon Snowmantashi the champion, BoBo-san?"

"Yes... but he is old, he is FAT and he is there to be beaten! I am sure that he will not pass the Steel Roulette test like a few other people in this country could. I would bet my life savings on it. I will never go to a strip club again if Jon Snowmantashi is able to leave that match as champion!"

BoBo cuts the erratic antics for a moment and looks deeply into the camera...

"There is only one man that I can truthfully think of that can rise up to be the real hero. He once told me that his story was only beginning and I believed him. But now... HE IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!?"

Kobayashi knows who he is on about but feigns her ignorance.

"BoBo-san, who is this 'hero' you speak of?"

He points directly at the camera.

"He knows who he is. He is watching. He said that he'd come back for me one day. I am waiting."

BoBo then storms off the set - although it is clear the whole segment is a work with co-operation from the TV staff.


As the video stops playing, LIGHTBRINGER removes the pink earphones from his ears and drops his head whilst sighing.

"You were in on this... ?"

"Of course, I was. Don't you see that BoBo-san is passionate about you? That you're the only one who can't see they're throwing an opportunity away? You might think he was just using propaganda to try and win you back over... but he's right. Did you really work that hard just to give up your spot so someone like a Brayden Bridges could take advantage? That's not you. I don't care what excuse you have - you could even tell me you're in love with me and that's why you stay here... I won't believe it. You've always wanted to be a world champion... well, here is your chance once more... and you're letting it slip by because you're too scared. Because you might fail? You're better than that. You came back from your leg injury. You beat the gauntlet. You can be the CWA World Champion... and what better way to do it in a match like the Steel Roulette?"

"I... I... why must you all make this so difficult for me?"

"Because without us, you wouldn't be able to see your full potential. It is up to you, Kisai. But you have your phone. Talk to BoBo-san.... tell him that, once again, you're ready to conquer the world with him. I'll be watching."

"But what about WORLD ORDER?"

"Are you suddenly so big headed again that you think you will be so enveloped in superstardom that you can't make time for that!? You can win the belt... and then WORLD ORDER. Promise me that?"

She hits him on the head with her fan, playfully.


"Or you can watch someone like Brayden Bridges take your glory. A drug addict. A man who probably spends more time playing his guitar than he does training like you do. A man who does not put in the effort you do. A man who is nowhere near your ability. Are you going to let someone take your glory? Maybe I should find his phone number and ask him to take me to see WORLD ORDER... or what was it BoBo-san said? Someone else from the scene can do it? What about... I know.... Kotani? Maybe he can win the match... and then take m---"

LIGHTBRINGER stands up and shouts.


Suddenly, the rage of a thousand suns flows through him. He's had it with the jibes and the comments. He's kept himself mellow ever since losing to Jon Snowmantashi.

"Snowmantashi was embarrassing... but now I realise it would be even more embarrassing to fade away and let people overtake me. Brayden Bridges might be talented but he is not me... "Tokyo Kisai"... he does not belong in that Steel Roulette match more than I do. Nobody does. I am not going to idly sit by anymore if this is the sort of comments I must be stuck with hearing. I will go back to America. I will go back to the CWA. I will step foot in that ring once more and I will crush my opposition. I will not let ANYONE substitute in my place. And I certainly will not stand to hear you whisper sweet nothings about fucking Kotani in my ear! The thought is simply too much to bare. If I must choose between that as a reality or making my mark in the CWA once again... then I choose the latter!"

Himawari giggles at him.

"It's pretty funny when you get jealous."

"I'm not jealous!"



Angrily he punches in digits into his phone... on the other line...

"Moshimoshi, BoBo desu."

"When's the next flight, when's the Steel Roulette and is Brayden Bridges really as much of a chump as you make him out to be?"

There's maniacal laughter from the other end.

"Kisai? Is that you? No... it can't be. It must be... Kotani!?"

"Fuck you. Where are you, shithead? I'm coming for you. Then I'm coming for Brayden Bridges. Then I'm coming for Jon Snowmantashi. The world is mine."

... Himawari pipes in...

"Then WORLD ORDER...?"

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Our scene opens backstage within the CWA Arena, the night of the Young Lion Cup Special. It’s not long before the show begins, but everyone backstage is abuzz with whispers and gossip about the forthcoming Young Lion Cup. Six of the latest signings, fresh promising talent with bright futures ahead of all – or at least most of them – if they played their cards right. Tonight would be a golden opportunity to earn a proverbial Ace of Diamonds in that card playing metaphor, as everyone who paid attention knew by now, one of the six of the newest talent would be in the running for a potential CWA World Heavyweight Championship opportunity by the end of the night. Such a chance within someone’s first month in the company was nearly unheard of, and as much as the General Manager Afa Seanoa would disapprove, a few of the backstage workers were quietly taking bets on which of the six competitors would win the Young Lion Cup, a perfect feather in the cap to kickstart their CWA career.

As he sat patiently on a bench near the parking lot entrance of the arena, the hero of our story rested a hand against his CWA High Voltage Championship, unconsciously patting it protectively as a group of technicians passed. Dressed in a smug white waistcoat above a lavender shirt & black trousers, Krash quietly tapped away at his phone, unable to not eavesdrop on the passing group.

“-honestly, I’d put all my money on Griffin if it wasn’t for that harebrained manager of his.”

“What about Riggins? Or Mendoza? An unknown quantity is something no-one can prepare for.”

“Bridges has a rough past, man. The dude makes me uncomfortable. But Ocean, Ocean’s kind’ve a douche canoe. Twitter won’t shut up about him.”

“Just so we’re clear, Izaya is the odds-on favourite by virtue of being a Snowmantashi, right?”

“Shut up, Craig.”

Krash silently chuckled to himself. Ah, to be a young rookie again, your whole career ahead of you, years of judgments hinging on the first few choices you’d make. How many had surpassed the goals anyone ever expected of them from that first day? How many had failed at the first hurdle and promptly given up? And, as Krash fondly recalled about his own rookie days, how many threw themselves at the first hurdle with reckless abandon, over and over again until they overcame it, almost long after the rest of the class had done their parts? For some rookies, success came to them almost as easily as the talent they held in their fingers. For others, it took time, a long, perilous journey full of doubt and second-guessing, but still refused to quit. Sometimes, it takes time for things to click. Some would say the rough road towards it all clicking, with its numerous setbacks, made the eventual succeeding all the better rather than just getting success straight-up on the first try.

Of course, others too would say nuts to that theory, win big and win fast. Really depended on who you were asking this question to.

Krash tapped his foot against the floor as he checked his watch, shuffling impatiently. It wasn’t too long before the show would begin, and he really wanted to have this talk before that. But unfortunately, the person he wanted to talk at was a rather busy man, dealing with managing CWA and all of its day-to-day duties, the antics of such colourful characters such as The Echo and Jonathan McGinnis, the organisation of the Young Lion Cup, and doubtless other festivities. Yes, Afa Seanoa was certainly a busy man. Busy enough, Krash mused, that he and the GM barely interacted at all despite Afa Seanoa being his direct boss for at least three months. Sitting outside his office, Krash quietly decided it was time to change that.

Glancing at his watch, Krash let out a breath of frustration, before deciding he had waited long enough and getting to his feet. Boldly, he approached the door to Seanoa’s office, and paused, quietly contemplating whether barging in unannounced was really the best introduction he could muster, before electing to knock politely on the door.

“Open.” Powerful and booming, the voice of Afa Seanoa answered the call. Krash took a brief moment to soothe out the creases in his suit, before entering the office, closing the door behind him. Sitting in a plush leather chair behind a regal mahogany desk, in a suit that seemed just a little bit too small to contain the bulk of the man, Afa Seanoa appeared to be carefully reading through several contracts and papers, flicking a pen between his fingers as he did so. At Krash’s entrance, Afa glanced at the doorway, and raised a brief eyebrow. “You were not who I was expecting.” Afa admitted.

“Surprise.” Krash replied, flashing some jazz hands as he approached Afa. “Listen, I know you’re probably a busy man, what with the Young Lion’s Cup, and McGinnis, and whatever other duties you have. Do you have a minute or two, or is this a bad time?”

Afa adjusted his jaw, considering. “No, I can spare a few minutes. Take a seat.”

Afa gestured to another leather chair seated opposite his desk, which Krash sat down upon before placing his High Voltage Championship on the desk, the glistening faceplate facing Afa directly. Krash glanced around the room, noting the differences between it now and when it belonged to Isaac Richman, or Noah Hanson. “I see you’re remodelled the interior.” Krash noted. “No expensive foreign fish tank like Richman had, no wall-covering self-portraits like Hanson. Looks good, professional. I like it.”

“I remodelled nothing. I merely removed the extravagancies my predecessors kept around.” Afa said, stone-faced and unblinking, the small-talk having no effect on the GM. “You didn’t come to compliment the room, did you? What can I help you with?”

“Ah, no, right. Well, Mr. Seanoa, first off, there is something very, very important message I want to present to you.” Krash claimed, standing to his feet despite having only just sat down.

Afa slowly stood too, knuckles quietly stiffening as his eyes narrowed. “And what message would that be?” He already had McGinnis to deal with, surely this veteran wasn’t going to try and be a thorn in his side too, right?

Krash raised his arm, palm open, offering a hand to Afa as he smiled politely. “A proper introduction, of course.”

Afa relaxed, and accepted the handshake after a brief pause. “No need for introductions, Mr. Krash. I’ve read up on your profile and I’m happy to have you in my employ.”

“I think we both know an in-person greeting says much more than a bunch of words on a screen, Mr. Seanoa.” Krash declared, releasing the handshake as he began sauntering around the office. “I mean, can you really know a person until you personally meet them? A piece of paper can only say so much, wouldn’t you agree, Afa?” Krash paused, tilting his head at Afa’s nameplate on his desk. “Can I call you Afa, by the way? Mr. Seanoa seems so formal.”

“Mr. Seanoa will do for now.” Afa replied without hesitation, sitting himself back down.

Krash blinked, clearly thrown by Afa’s casual refusal to play ball. “Oh. Fair enough, your call. In any case, I wanted to first and foremost, introduce myself.” Krash took a theatrical bow, as Afa raised an eyebrow again. “Hi. I’m Krash. I’m a veteran of not only CWA but professional wrestling as a whole, I like long walks on the beach, fine moustaches, and perhaps most importantly being the CWA High Voltage Champion. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Afa cleared his throat. “Mm. Good to meet you too. Now, about the reason for you being here…?”

“You’re all business, no pleasure, aren’t you, Mr. Seanoa?” Krash remarked dryly, straightening as he sat himself back into the chair. “Right, I’ll get to it, then. It’s about the CWA High Voltage Championship.” Krash indicated to the golden belt sitting on Afa’s desk, and the general manager eyed the faceplate questioningly.

“What about it?” Afa remarked, squinting.

Krash nodded. “Well, that’s precisely it, isn’t it? ‘What about it’? Since Five-Star Attraction, you’ve created not only the Krash Tag Team Classic – great name, by the way, love it – but now too the Young Lion’s Cup and the Steel Roulette qualifiers in the future. Great ideas, don’t get me wrong, a tag tournament is just the thing CWA needed, but as a result certain things have been pushed aside. Like the High Voltage Championship and my reign with it.” Krash tapped at the faceplate meaningfully. “Mr. Seanoa, one of the things I promised myself when I won this title is that I would increase the prestige and meaning of what many would call ‘the stepping stone’ strap. And I can’t really do that if I’m unable to defend it every now and then, can I? It’s been three months since Five-Star Attraction, three months since I won this glorious championship, and there hasn’t been one scheduled title defence yet. I understand, you’ve got a lot on your plate with the Tag Classic, the Young Lions Cup, and McGinnis, but I just want to know when you wanted to find me a challenger, or whether you’d want me to do it myself, or… or whatever.”

Afa Seanoa ran a hand over his jawline, slowly absorbing Krash’s words. “I think I understand what you are getting at.” He said. “You want to defend the High Voltage Championship, but things keep getting in the way and taking precedence. I get it. The last thing we want is for people to forget about the High Voltage Championship.” Afa nodded. “I will see what I can do.”

Krash tilted his head, eyebrows furrowing. “So… is that a confirmation that I’ll have a defence in the future to prepare for, or no?”

Afa cleared his throat. “I will see what I can do.” He repeated, pausing between words for emphasis, steel gaze boring into Krash. “Now, unless there’s anything else…?”

“No, no, that’s it.” Krash stood, stretching. He threw the High Voltage Championship onto his shoulder and briskly strolling towards the door, before pausing. “Thanks for your time, Afa.” Krash brightly remarked, before exiting.

Afa Seanoa twitched, before letting out a deep breath and returning to his contract papers. Business had to be done.


A brief few hours later, the show had drawn to a close. The Young Lion Cup had concluded, albeit with some controversy, as Brayden Bridges survived two matches in one night to be crowned the inaugural winner despite Jonathan McGinnis’s attempt to hijack the main event. Though it was certain tonight wasn’t the end of it, as the likes of Apollo Griffin & Izaya Snowmantashi might take issue with The Dark Watch costing them both a shot at the Cup, and Mendoza was perhaps a second away from winning the Cup before McGinnis’s associate, Celina Sasha, drew a commotion at ringside and distracted the referee. Despite the controversy, Brayden Bridges would be leaving the arena the winner of the CWA Young Lion Cup, and now has the chance of a lifetime hanging in his future.

The CWA High Voltage Champion had watched the whole thing, of course. It was likely one, if not more, of the Young Lion contenders would at some point become challengers to Krash’s high Voltage Championship, and it was best to keep an eye on them just in case that likelihood arose. Better safe than sorry.

Throwing his carry bag onto his back, Krash strode down the halls, heading for the parking lot. With the show over, it was time to head back to his hotel room. Rest and relax. R&R. Spinning his car keys in his hand, Krash approached his ’58 Plymouth Fury, when the sound of footsteps rapidly approaching, along with a familiar voice, halted him.

“Krash! Yo, Krash, got a minute?”

Making a show of checking his watch, Krash placed his bag in the backseat of his car, before turning to face Michelle Kelly, lead CWA backstage interviewer. “Michelle, you’re running late. Usually you try to interview me sometime during the show, not after. Busy day?”

Michelle waggled her hand sideways. “Eh, kinda. The Young Lion’s Cup means a lot of words to gather, and that’s not even counting the fallout from it all. Mind sparing a minute from your busy schedule of ‘driving to your hotel and napping’ for a few words?”

“I’ll have you know, Michelle, that between the ‘driving’ and ‘napping’ timeframe is a very important half-hour where I watch Blue’s Clues and crack the case before whatshisface does.” Krash let out a toothy grin. “It’s a very important half-hour, trust me. But I can spare a few seconds you for, Michelle. As always. What’s on your mind?”

Michelle nodded. “Right, so before we get to the news unleashed tonight, let’s talk about the Krash Tag Team Classic. CWA’s First-Ever Krash Tag Team Classic, an eight-team tournament to decide the CWA Undisputed Tag Team Champions after General Manager Afa Seanoa took issue with The Echo, and you were most certainly a part of it. You were paired with Prince Ali, a newcomer whom you had some issues with at first, and despite you two making it to the finals, you failed in your bid to win the tournament and the CWA Undisputed Tag Team Titles with it. Diamond Dogs eeked out the win, but their night wasn’t over, as The Echo attacked them post-match, ruining the crowning ceremony. As someone with a noted with not only tag teams, but also The Echo, what are your thoughts on the fallout of the Krash Tag Team Classic?”

“Oooh, there’s a lot of fallout, isn’t there?” Krash wrung his hands together, tilting his head left and right. “So, let’s start with the major disappointment: I lost. Seems a bit fitting, don’t it? I lose in the finals of a tournament named after me. Sucks, I know, but hey, Diamond Dogs were the better team in the end. They had the experience, the synergy, the talent, to make it too the end and take advantage of myself & Ali’s troubles. So know what? No shame in losing there. I made it to the finals with a guy I didn’t even know a month ago, and I’d say that’s still a measure of success. But that being said,” Krash clapped twice. “Congratulations to Ricardo & Santino, they earned the trophy and the new titles. Sucks for them that The Echo had to crash that party almost instantly, though. I didn’t even know about the attack until I got home and checked Twitter. Like, damn. The guys fight through the entire tournament and almost miss the show, and their reward for outlasting everyone else is Ethan & Drew superkicking their souls out. I’ve been in their position before, those superkicks hurt like hell. I know who I’m rooting for when that Echo Vs Diamond Dogs showdown arrive.”

“And what of your partner for the tournament, Prince Ali?” Michelle inquired. “Where do you and he stand after the tournament? Will you continue teaming together when the opportunity arises?”

“Prince Ali, fabulous he, Ali-a-godamnit, I forgot to sing that while he was my partner. Damn.” Krash swore, kicking at the ground in disappointment. “Bugger. That probably would’ve made things run smoother. Now, after all this, I wouldn’t call myself & Ali best friends like me and Alyster B-“ A sudden, awkward cough interrupted the comparison. “But I’d say we’re friendly allies, all the same. If Ali ever wants it, I’ll have his back. The tag team scene right now is pretty stacked, with Echo, Diamond Dogs, Blacklist, Dark Watch, DiMiacos, but if Ali ever wants to try his hand at the tag team scene, he knows my number.”

“Speaking of numbers,”
Michelle continued, spying a potential segue into her next question. “Earlier tonight we heard General Manager Afa Seanoa name the qualifiers for the Steel Roulette, where Jon Snowmantashi would put his CWA World Heavyweight Champion on the line in the hellacious structure against five lucky – or unlucky, depending on how you look it at – contenders. To find out who those contenders will be, there will be a handful of qualifying matches to narrow down ten superstars, into five. You, Krash, will be facing a relative newcomer here in CWA, Jackson Fenix, but only one of you will advance to the Steel Roulette.”

“Jackson Fenix.” Krash echoed, weighing the name of his future opponent on his tongue. “He’s quite the character, isn’t he? Bit of an attitude with him, though considering he’s running mates with the likes of Nate Savage, it’s not too surprising they’ve got similarities. At least Jackson seems to smile more. But, and I have to point this out, he was brought in to be Nate’s partner during the tag classic and they failed at the first hurdle. That’s gotta be a bit of a blow to the ego, right? Eliminated in the first round. Ouch. Meanwhile, I made it to the finals. Bit of a gap there, isn’t there? Then he couldn’t get past The Dark Watch during that six-way elimination match either, though to be fair you can only do so much against a numbers game, even with a partner trying to help. Maybe if he waited to stab everyone in the back until after Lilith and her cronies were eliminated, he’d be singing a different song, but jerk’s gotta jerk, I guess.”

“That should be on a t-shirt.” Michelle noted. “’Jerk’s Gotta Jerk.’ No-one should ever wear it, but it should exist.”

Krash wagged a finger. “I like the way you think Michelle. But anyway, point is – I’m beating Jackson next week. You can count on that. Yeah, he’s going to put up a good fight, probably jab me in the eye and perform meaningful pelvic thrusts whilst I flounder around blindly, so I don’t think I’ll be winning the Beat the Clock challenge aspect, but I’ll still win the match. I’m prepared to wage war inside Steel Roulette if it means another chance at Jon Snowmantashi’s CWA World Heavyweight Championship, you hear me? I’ll drag my body through ten miles of broken glass if it means just a slimmer of a chance at main event glory. You think I’m going to let Jackson godamned Fenix stand in my way of that?” Krash shook his head. “No. There’s a space in the hell of Steel Roulette reserved just for me, and I’ll be damned if I just stand by and let Jackson Fenix steal it away from me. Now, Michelle, unless there’s something else…?” Krash trailed off, looking at Michelle pointedly as he slowly opened the driver’s door to his car.

“Actually, one more thing.” Michelle stated, and Krash halted, closing the driver’s door back shut. “Afa Seanoa has hinted that if Fenix beats you next week, he may be in line for a shot at your CWA High Voltage Championship.”

Krash paused, running a hand over his luxurious mustache as he chose his words as he glanced at the CWA High Voltage Championship, slung over his shoulder. “If Jackson Fenix does manage to beat me next week, regardless of what kinda of person he is, then it’s only fair he gets a High Voltage title shot down the line. I’ll gladly support that idea. Show me a petition and I’ll sign it. If we’re too…” Krash seesawed to his side, gesturing vaguely. “Preoccupied, with qualifying matches for this, and tournaments for that, to figure out a number one contender to my High Voltage Championship, then sure, anyone who’s beaten me can be in line for a High Voltage. Which at this point, that line would include the Diamond Dogs and…” Krash looked around theatrically, as if searching. “Well, no-one else. But since they’re kinda busy with The Echo at the moment, we’ve got nothing. No-one. I guess maybe Elijah Edwards has his rematch clause he can cash in if it’s still valid, but the High Voltage title is just gathering dust on my shoulder and I don’t like it. I want to defend this, Michelle."

"How very admirable."

"Thank you, Michelle. The words ‘fighting champion’ are thrown around a lot, often without meaning, but that’s what I want to be. I want to be the guy who fights with his entire being to walk home High Voltage Champion, to show exactly how much this title means to me, to show I’ll break every bone in my body if it means I’ll be carted out of the arena on a stretcher, still High Voltage Champion.”
Tapping his high Voltage Championship, Krash glanced at the golden faceplate, eyes glinting in the reflection. “Jackson Fenix beats me next week, then he’ll get a shot down the line, no argument. If not, then it looks like I’ll be in the running to become a double-champion in CWA’s ranks… Again. It’s been a long time since I’ve held the weight of two titles at the same time, Michelle. I’ve been missing that feeling for too long.”

“Thank you for your words, Krash. Best of luck next week. I’ll let you go to your hotel and watch Blue’s Clues.” Michelle remarked, smirking.

Krash chuckled. “Maybe Blue can help me solve the mystery of 'Who will do battle in the unforgiving plague structure that is Steel Roulette?'” He mused openly, opening the driver’s door. “Because it sure as hell isn’t going to be Jackson Fenix.” Climbing into the driver’s seat, Krash closed the door behind him and revved the engine, nodding once at Michelle, before driving away, into the night.
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Born to Die

"Choose your last words. This is the last time"

The scene slowly fades in from darkness to a closeup of a flickering lightbulb. The lightbulb casts a yellowish orange tint over the room as the camera slowly pans out, showing Shawn Summers dressed in a white button up shirt tucked and a black skinny tie tucked into a pair of black slacks. He is leaned forward, staring intently as the camera pans further back and reveals fellow CWA Wrestler, Trevor Ocean standing to his right and their masked acquaintance standing to his left.

Shawn reaches down and picks up a baseball bat, using it as a makeshift stand for him to lean his chin on.

Shawn Summers - WrestleRoyale 2016, CWA World Championship match. "The God King" Shawn Summers VS CWA World Champion, John Snowmantachi. That marked the beginning of....doubt. I went out, and had wrestled the perfect match against that oriental prick. I studied him that son of a bitch like I've never studied someone before. Watched all the tape on him. Worked through his entire moveset, figuring out a counter for everything he could throw at me. I gave him all of me. I gave that match, all of me.
That was supposed to be MY match. I did EVERYTHING to make that my match. I built hype for the match. I made the fans interested in a Snowmantachi title match. I made WRESTLING fans, interested in CWA again. No one else did that. No one else COULD do that.
But....no matter how hard I worked, no matter how much I studied, no matter how much BETTER than Snowmantachi I was...I still lost the match because of a biased referee.

Shawn begins to tap the head of the bat on the ground as his frustration begins to grow.

Shawn Summers - In a perfect world, CWA management would have righted the wrong that had occurred at WrestleRoyale. In a perfect world, CWA management would have given me a rematch with a FAIR and UNBIASED referee....but this world isn't perfect. Do you know what CWA management did? CWA management ignored my calls to right the wrong and instead decided to hire a "distraction" to put me in my place.

Shawn passes the baseball bat to Trevor, while reaching in his pocket and pulling out a pack of cigarettes. He takes one out from the pack and places it between his lips and lighting it. He takes a long deep drag from the cigarette before exhalling the smoke forward.

Shawn Summers - The CWA management team didn't like the fact that I spoke openly, and with displeasure, about the fact that they condoned male on female violence on a weekly basis. They didn't like that I was the only wrestler on the roster that was willing to speak the truth about the company. They don't care about the wrestlers, they only cared about making money.

Shawn takes another drag from his cigarette.

Shawn Summers - It's kind of fucked up to be honest. But nonetheless CWA wanted to flip the script and cash in on me calling them out for promoting men on women violence, so they hired Shannon O'Neil. The FWA Darlin', Shannon O'Neil was called in to confront the bad guy, Shawn Summers.
Now, I didn't let her initial tirade's and b.s. get to me because she was just a bitch with a big mouth. I've dealt with that before. But against my better judgment, I agreed to humor her with no contact competitions...but that wasn't enough for the CWA management team. If they REALLY wanted to get their money's worth for this feud, Shawn would have to be pushed to his limit. He would need to become and do exactly what he had been campaiging against. They needed him to fight Shannon O'Neal. And they got their wish.
BUT, their wish almost didn't come true. You see no one expected for....for my father to be assassinated on the night of the election. I..I....I didn't expect for that to happen. It....it...broke me. I couldn't compete BUT wait...yes I could. If you asked CWA management, Shawn Summers could wrestle. If you asked CWA management, Shawn Summers WOULD wrestle. He would wrestle or he would face legal action.

Shawn takes another drag from his cigarette and flicks it forward. He reaches in his pocket again and takes out a stick of gum, taking his time putting it in his mouth while not looking away.

Shawn Summers - So I wrestled, became one of the people that I had preached and spoke with disgust about...and I lost. CWA had finally put me in my place and they got me to forget about the World Title and shut down my crusade. Shannon O'Neil wasn't needed anymore so they let her go on her way. But CWA managment wasn't done with me. No they wanted to completley humiliate me and that's where X.Y.Z. comes into our little story. CWA decided to put X.Y.Z. in his very first match withte company against Shawn Summers. A former World Championship #1 contender. I still wasn't recovered from my fathers death, but they didn't give a damn. They put me in the match against him and furthered my embarassement with a loss just to amuse them. But in the end, who truly gets the last laugh? Who really is getting to smile the biggest and laugh the hardest?

The camera slowly pans away from facing Shawn, turning around and revealing a beaten and bloodied former CWA General Manager, Noah Hanson, hanging by his arms from the ceiling. His hands are clasped together and tied to a metal chain restricting his movement. He looks up from the floor at Shawn and tears can be seen streaming down his face. He slowly opens his mouth and musters up the strenght to attempt to scream "Help" repeatedly until he breaks down into full blown tears.

Shawn Summers- Aww, Noah, buddy. No one can hear you. This room is basically soundproof and even if someone could hear you, no one would want to help you once they found out the type of man that you are. A man that finds pleasure in attempting to humiliate another man simply because he's jealous of him. But, you see I have to know....how does it feel to ask for help? How does it feel to ask for help and have your pleas ignored? Don't answer that question Noah, because I already know how it feels. I know exactly how it feels. Remember when I pleaded for help righting that wrong that happened to me at WrestleRoyale? Remember when I pleaded for help and sympothy after my father had been murdered directly in front of me?
Do you remember all of that Noah? Do you remember it?

Noah puts his head down and lets out a deep sigh. Shawn rises from his seat and delivers a stiff gutpunch to Noah.

Shawn Summers - ANSWER ME NOAH!!!!! Tell me if you remember fucking me over for months just to get a laugh out of your boys in the back. Tell me if you remember threatening to sue me and slander my name if I didn't compete at Five Star Attraction! Tell me if you remember wanting and doing EVERYTHING in your power to make me fail?!?!?

Noah Hanson (weakly) - I'm sorry, Shawn. I'm so sorry.

Shawn waves his hand nonchaulantely at Noah.

Shawn Summers - Don't appologize Noah. We both know you don't mean that shit. You're just saying what you think I want to hear so I'll let you go. But we both know I'm not going to let you go. I've got plans for you. I've got big plans for you Noah, just like I've got plans for one of your Golden Boys, Nate Savage.

You know, I often wonder how different things would have been had I choosen to face Nate Savage for the High Voltage Championship at WrestleRoyale. What would life have been like had I choosen to be mediocore instead of going for greateness.

Would I have ended up just like Nate Savage? Struggling to remain relevant even though I was champion? Savage was facing opponents that were absolutely irrelivant in the company and was celebrating his victories as if he had beaten Snowmantachi himself.

I mean...If I were Savage I would have celebrated as well. I mean, Noah...you HANDED him victory after victory with the opponents you choose for him. You never gave him a true challenge. Had I faced him for the title, I would have walked all over him. I would have brought him down to the level that he should have always been at. I should have taken that belt from Savage and left him broken, defeated and contemplating his career like I am now.

Shawn reaches back for the baseball bat. Trevor Ocean hands it to him and Shawn takes a few practice swings coming inches from hitting Noah Hanson.

Shawn Summers - Relax Noah, I'm not going to hit you. I'm saving all of my anger and passion for pain, for Nate. I'm going to use him as a symbol, as a warning to how dangerous I plan on being. I plan on taking my time in the ring with him and making up for each.and.every.loss I suffered....because of you. Everything that's going to happen to Savage is because of you. Every bone I break of his is because of you Noah. Every seond of unconsciousness that he suffers is going to be because of you Noah. The end of Nata Savage is happening...because of you.

Noah Hanson spits blood at Shawn, barely missing him.

Noah Hanson - You're crazy.

Shawn grabs Noah by the face and looks him in the eyes, slowly tightening his grip.

Shawn Summers - I am fucking crazy. But unlike you, I'm free.

Shawn pushes Noahs face back as he rocks back and forth. Shawn begins to cackle with laughter as he turns his back to Noah and begins to walk out of the room.

"We were born to die"
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I am a franchise.

The scene opens to Elijah Edwards pounding away at a heavy back in a lavish gym in San Diego, California. Romeo Rollings, trading in a suit for a track suit, watches his client intently as the two time High Voltage champion throws several jabs into the bag.

Elijah Edwards: I am THE franchise of CWA. When our so called World Heavyweight Champion Jon Snowmantashi was busy in the buffet line and not wrestling, I was putting on high caliber matches that Dave Meltzer heralded as wrestling classics. I was the one selling out the big arenas and making sure everyone on the card got fed and paid- paid handsomely. After all, I was the High Voltage champion. The only active champion at the time. LIGHTBRINGER was too busy spinning his wheels against a woman who wasn’t longed for this promotion and being the pride and honor to some wrestling group that doesn’t mean a damn thing in the grand scheme of things. World wide or in CWA. Like Beast Mode, I put the team on my back and I carried this promotion with my head held high.. and what do I get for it? I get a one on one match with Krash. The company told me, “Thanks, champ. Thank you for your service. Thank you for keeping us a float, but now we need this washed up old vet to have a feel good moment. He’s never won this title.. and we wanna put smile on kid’s faces”

Elijah gives one last hard hitting jab to the heavy bag before ripping off his gloves, unwrapping his wrist with break neck speed.

Elijah Edwards: See, I’m not such a bad guy after all. I did you all a favor. I let a man who had no business being a champion hold my title. Once again you’re welcome, but I want you all to know something. I did it because I wanted to prove a point to each and every one of you. I could win it back any time I want. After all, I am afforded a rematch to the High Voltage championship. It’s in my contract. Romeo made sure of that.

Romeo Rollings smiles and gives a quick shrug before dusting off his shoulders.

Elijah Edwards: The High Voltage championships belong to me. It’s my division. And I will reclaim it all sooner rather than later. However, there’s a bigger prize at stake. One that deserves my undivided attention. One that ten other individuals want just as badly as I do. Upon my glorious return to the CWA, I am thrusted into a Steel Roulette Qualifier match. Now, I know what you’re thinking at home.

“Hey, he doesn't deserve that opportunity! He’s been inactive for months!”

Yet your World Heavyweight champion shows up once a month and none of you complain.

Elijah smiles, chuckling at his last remark along with Romeo Rollings.
Elijah Edwards: For that Afa, I thank you. You’re already better than the last guy who ran the show. I think you understand CWA’s integrity is at stake and needs to be rebuilt. Which is one of the many reasons I’m certain you put me in this match. It’s also, as I have been informed by Romeo, that these matches were drawn at random. You didn’t give all around old boy favorites like McGinnis, LIGHTBRINGER, Krash an easy road to the Heavyweight championship. No, you’re making them earn their way to the top. I applaud you for that. Now, I can sit here and cry about how there was no promotion for my glorious return. Maybe our special video we made got lost in the mail. I don’t know. It’s neither here nor there. I’m not going to cry about the injustices of the past. Because I’m back to give credence to my words. To let you all know that those weren’t hollow proclamations to sound cool. It’s not a new nickname I’m trying to put over to get slapped on a t-shirt. It’s a genuine feeling. I know in my heart of hearts that I am the best the CWA has to offer. I am every bit as good as the LIGHTBRINGERs, McGinnises, and the new golden boy Prince Ali.

Romeo Rollings: So ahead of his time Robin Williams sung a song about him.

A beautiful curvy blonde crosses the frame with a protein shake in hand. She hands it to Elijah who begins to shake the shaker before continuing his speech.

Elijah Edwards: Honestly, I wish it would have been one of them. Because at least then I know I’ll be in a war. I’ve fought two of those men before. I beat one of them twice and I loss to other the same. If I could have faced the first one, it could be another notch on my belt. If it were the latter, I could avenge those losses and get the monkey off of my back…. but instead I face a girl named… Lilith?

Elijah turns to Romeo seeking answers, but he finds nothing but a shrug and a stare of uncertainty. Double E stares back the camera shaking his head in disappointment. He buries his face into his hands, releasing an annoyed groan. A few moments pass before his head raises up out of his hands. Elijah stares back into the camera as confident as ever. He takes a big gulp of his shake before he continues on.

Elijah Edwards: Congratulations, kid. You’ve created a little bit of buzz for yourself. You’ve picked up a win or two and now you’re on top of the world. You’re on cloud nine. It’s a cinderella story, but the clock strikes midnight every time. All the great things fade away. The magic is lost. Consider me your magic killer, Lilith. Because you stand along your decrepit cathedrals and smashed up graves sites all you like. You can pontificate in your low rent Neil Gaiman verbiage ’til your hearts content. It’s still not going to get you a win over me. Because I’m tired of people making a name for themselves at my expense. It’s not going to happen again. Not as long as I am breathing. While you’re busy trying to be the living incarnate of Edgar Alan Poe’s poetry, I am here in the gym improving my skills. I’ve spent an hour and a half biking and hitting the heavy bag. Later on, I’m going to be lifting the weights to build my strength. I’m coming back to CWA to curb stomp you Lilith. Not because I’m some dastardly guy. But because you’re standing in my way to the World Heavyweight championship. You’re the one variable that can propel me to the dance or send me down to jerking the curtain with the rest of these no named scrubs Afa has hired in my absence.

I have watched others get the main events that I’ve toiled over. Slaved over endlessly to be considered over. I’ve fought, scratched, scraped, and crawled to become a two time High Voltage champion and to get a peak at the pantheon of CWA. It’s not enough to have modest success. I need excess. I need greatness. The greatness that comes along with being the World Heavyweight champion.I can’t possibility stomach seeing ONE MORE GODMAN PERSON STEP OVER ME TO GET TO THE MAIN EVENT! It’s enough. I want the recognition of being one of the best and I’m going to get it. I’m going to take one of those six spots! When you speak the name Elijah Edwards you will annunciate my name with reverence and admiration. Because it’s what I deserve. Because I AM THE FRANCHISE! I will prove it by going through you and winning the Steel Roulette at Retribution.

Lilith, you’ve been given a great opportunity, but it’s mine to take. I will rob you of this beautiful moment like LIGHTBRINGER has done to me all those years ago. Because I need you to feel what I felt when he stole my first High Voltage championship from me. I need you to feel the self doubt that it gave me. I need you to feel robbed at you watch me main event Retribution. You will feel the self doubt I had when Snowmantashi victimized me in front of the entire world at Adrenaline Rush. You say it’s time for the Age of Darkness, well sweetie me entire career in CWA has been an age of Darkness. And the light of success escaped me because I tried so damn hard to please the powers that be. Now, I’m unburdened by trying to please them. I could care less if the fans go home happy and get their money’s worth. I’m in it to give myself a better life. I want the World Heavyweight championship and all the perks that go with it. Because I’m sick and tired of people thinking of Elijah Edwards as a second tier mid card guy. I’m better than that and it’s time I show everyone what I’m made of. It's time for the world to witness the rise of the true franchise of this organization.

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The scene opens with CWA lead backstage interviewer Michele Kelly standing by with mic in hand. With one camera man, she is ordering to get the right lighting and angles.

Kelly: Hello everyone this is Michelle Kelly and in a few moments ill be talking to one of the competitors of the triple threat steel roulette qualifier. His name is Prince Ali!

Ali walks up in a new shirt that says The Standard, The Benchmark, The Best with an unusual big grin on his face with his hands behind standing perfectly straight.

Kelly: Ali first off, I just want to say it’s great to have you hear. It’s been hard to get a word in with you. What keeps you on the move so much?

Ali: Well Kelly my sister and my manager has been keeping me busy. Outside of wrestling appearances they have me at sporting events, school lectures and a bunch of things to bring awareness to brand.

Kelly: The brand? Your selling stuff now?

Ali: No, I guess brand is a bad word to describe it. It’s more of a movement

Kelly: Well before I get on with any more questions would you like to explain what you mean?

Ali: Gladly, ever since I’ve come to live in America permanently I have been culture shocked. Shocked how little the minority groups specifically of African descent whether its men, women, or children have been belittled, brain washed and beaten down. Where I’m from people who look like me are the majority and for the most part people who don’t look like me are welcomed. In America, it’s a lot different. As a black man, I want to inspire people who can relate to me. To give them a new standard.

Kelly: Wow that is um a lot…very noble. I will like to dig a bit deeper. Do you feel like in the wrestling world people who look like you are treated the same?

Ali: Absolutely. When was the last time there was a black champion in CWA? When was the last time there was a black wrestler that was not seen as a joke? A caricature of a stereotype that people who look different think they act. People of color are multifaceted. Whether they are from Africa or America. Kings, Queens, Presidents, First Ladies, Healers, doctors, sports players, artist, WRESTLERS and so, so much more. I am here to inspire even more. That’s why this match tonight is the most important match of my short career here in CWA. I’m not going to be just another black guy as the new CWA Tag team champions referred me as. I’m going to be going in a Prince and raising the bar because I know I am the most talented PERSON In this company.

Kelly: Well I understand everything you are saying. Are you afraid that by displaying this message that you might alienate not only your colleagues but the CWA fans?

Ali: Why should it alienate them. If they are uncomfortable with me promoting equality, unity and trying to inspire a generation of wrestling fans than they are part of the problem. Ever since I’ve entered this company I have been the odd man out. Different accent, different kinda of moves, different skin color. Ive been on my own since the beginning.

Kelly: Even with you teaming with Krash in the Krash Tag team classic?

Ali: That team up was never about me. It was always about getting the man who the tournament was named after to headline. Once again, I was the odd man out so they paired him up with me. Not knowing how talented I was. He was hesitant, the fans are still hesitant and the champs thought I was the weak link but they quickly realize that I was far from that. They deserve to win and I hope they destroys the Echo because they won those titles fair and square.

Kelly: Well now you can focus on your solo career. You have a great chance tonight to bring some notoriety to your name. Back up everything you have said tonight. What would having a chance at the most prestigious prize in all of CWA mean to you?

Ali: It means everything. I’ve always been a fan of competitive fighting. From the local dambe shoots fights, to the capoeira the neighbors use practice in the street. However, something about wrestling always gave me that electric feeling that nothing else could generate. I’ve watched CWA from the start. From Roberto Superstar to Mr. Willis to the current CWA Champion. I’ve been a fan of this company. Despite having no representation, I resonated with all the top superstars. Winning this match tonight and going on to win the Steel Roulette would be a childhood dream brought to life.

Kelly: Well let’s talk about your match tonight. It was originally supposed to be a one on one match with XYZ but then McGuiness squirmed his way into the match. Were you already mentally preparing for a one on one math? How do you access both your competitors? And what is your strategy going into the match?

Ali: When it was first announced I started to mentally prepare to face XYZ in a one on one match. XYZ debuted around the same time that I did. I have only had one singles match since debuting and XYZ has had a few more. He has shown the ability to win. Behind the goofy outfit, the funny way he speaks and the names of his maneuvers he is talented competitor but I think his greatest strength is the mind games that he plays with his opponents. He is either throwing you off with his weird posturing or infuriating you to the point of making simple in ring mistakes. After dealing with Krash’s um unique behavior I not going to be thrown off my game. He is a gifted high flier and I will keep him down on ground to stop all momentum. Now for the late edition to our match the self-proclaimed “Indy God”. The gutless, Jonathan McGuiness. When he first arrived in the company he was probably my favorite wrestler when I watched from. Home. He came in he had honor and he super kicked his way to the top. Slowly but surely, he let the fame and his superficial stature get to his head. Instead of continuously honing his craft, getting better he surrounded himself around a bunch of yes men who help himself squirm his way to keeping the world title. Than when things got too hard for him he took his ball and went home. Now he is back and he thinks he deserves an opportunity for beating on a retired hall of famer. Well I promise you Ms. Kelly The Chief will not allow it. I will out wrestle the “indy god”. I will beat the honor back into because if it’s one thing I can’t stand is a gutless pig who think he deserves everything for doing nothing.

Kelly: Well very well put. I hope you are ready for your match and I wish you the best of luck

Ali: Thank you Michelle.
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The CWA cameraman accidentally kept his camera recording after the last pre-show promo recorded for the event. He meant to bring it to his locker, but his mental choices aren't the best right now. So he's toting the camera in his hand on his trip to the locker room's bathroom facilities, where three stalls and two urinals align one side of the white bathroom. Two sinks rest below mirrors sitting on the tile walls.

The bathrooms are mostly spotless, although one water spot makes the cameraman wince a bit.

As he sits down in the stall, he realizes just how tired he is. Popping a squad and about to unload a deuce, the CWA cameraman passes out from the less than three hours of sleep he got the night before. Too much cocaine and beer for him, but this is the perfect spot to take a one-hour nap before his next shoot.

About two hours later, the cameraman awakes with a startle. A few FWA crew members are talking outside of the stall, in very informal fashion.

"Where is Derek? Have you seen him since lunch?"

"Nah. He was lookin' like a zombie, though."

"I know the boss is lookin' for him. He no-showed one of the promo recordings an hour ago."

"Who's was he gonna do?"


"That dude is wack, man. Probably good Derek was too coked out to even show up."

"XYZ is awesome, ass-turd. Dude has the it-factor."

"The dude looks like some retard from the insane asylum grabbed a towel from Walmart and called it a cape and tied it around his neck."

"You shouldn't say 'retard' anymore. Someone hears that and you'll get fired."

"Whatever. XYZ is a nutcase. Come on. Derek is probably out back smoking a joint."

After the duo leave, and before the cameraman who just woke from his nap can pull his pants up to catch them, he grabs a hold of the camera laying on the somewhat-dirty floor. Derek, as we now know him, is lucky no one stole the camera. But it's always good to check.

"What the..."

Upon turning it on from its sleep setting, Derek notices a new recording on the camera. And within the first three seconds, we see the camera brought up to about 4 inches from the face of a bug-eyed, curly-haired man. The man Derek was supposed to meet earlier in the day. The man who is in the Steel Roulette triple threat match.

"I am ... the white eagle ... flying ... above the snakes, laying in the grass. And you ... you discharger of your discharge ... are a hopeless duck, floating in the water, waiting for someone to come ... save you."

XYZ looks at the camera with a big grin on his face. He's standing in the stall next to Derek, who is snoring lightly from the neighboring stall. XYZ must've knelt down and grabbed the camera from below.

"Prince Ali ... is no Aladdin to me.

Jonathan McGinnis ... is certainly not a Guinness.

But XYZ ... that's ... ME."

XYZ looks at the camera with a grin.

"Shawnald Summers tried to slay the man standing atop the mountain ... and he failed. He fought a noble fight ... but he failed as a sand ostrich SHOULD and would.

My name ... is XYZ. The people ... have come ... to be saved. They have come ... to put on their hats and ... smile. Laugh. Joke.


But ... the crowd of crows down in the mud ... REF-USE to let them.

And the turn to XYZ, inside a roulette of steel, to rise above. XYZ ... put at the epicenter of the world and the universe ... will do so.

So discharge yourself, dischargers! For the CWA needs NO MORE discharge of unruly opinions and silent assailants. The CWA needs NO MORE cowards and THIEVES in the night, sworn into secrecy as they're propped up as success stories! The CWA needs NO MORE ... demanders and half-truthers and LIARS and ..."

XYZ looks into the camera once more and pauses, his face growing very stern.

"And ... Dream ... crushers. No more. DISCHARGE THEM ALL! DOOOOWN THE TOILET! AND ... FLUSH!

Because the dream cannot be crushes, Prince Ali and Jonathan McGinnis.

The dream cannot be crushed ...

because the dream...



With that, XYZ hits the recording button and the playback stops, with the screen frozen on the start of the file. Derek doesn't know what to do, so he zips his pants and exits the stall.
Promos for the qualifiers. Thats 10/11 showings which is really good! Thank you guys for popping up (especially those of you who had FWA matches running concurrently). I'll be conferring with Cyrus & Jimmy King (on the matches hes not involved in to figure out the winners and of course find something for those couldnt quite make the cut! Going to enjoy reading these over the next couple of days.