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We are somewhere in the back area in a room, that is dimly lit. Two easels are standing in the middle. Spotlights highlighting them. Suddenly a man steps from the shadows between the two scaffolds. He wears a suit, completely in black. He has his hands in his pockets.

???: "Who is Mendoza ?"

He smiles slightly.

Mendoza: "Mendoza learned from the best."

He puts a picture on the left scaffold. It shows him, Mendoza, in a young age, being trained in a wrestling ring.

Mendoza: "He teaches the best."

Mendoza now puts a picture of him, training young wrestlers on the right scaffold. He takes a longer look at both pictures and seems to enjoy the memories.

Mendoza: "Mendoza got beaten."

The next canvas shows three smaller pictures of different matches, in which he lost. It goes onto the left easel.

Mendoza: "He was victorious."

Now he puts another canvas with three smaller images on the right scaffold. It shows him in successful poses after matches.

Mendoza: "Mendoza started a family."

He picks up another picture, but before he puts it on the left easel, he looks at it. A big smile adoms his face. He shows it to the camera and we see him, holding a little baby, while being kissed by a beautiful women.

Mendoza: "He ends families."

When he looks at the next canvas, his smile turns more devilish. He turns the picture around and we see him performing his "La Cerradura" on an aging luchadore, while another, much younger wrestler, screams at him from the ring ropes, where he is handcuffed too. Mendoza now stands in the middle of the two easels and looks from the left one to the right one, before picking up a last picture. It shows the other five participants of the Young Lion Cup Special. He smiles again, but his smile turns into a hateful facial expression. He rips the picture apart.

Mendoza: "You are not important. Mendoza is important. Mendoza is the rescue."

He turns around and slowly walks back into the shadows. Then the camera fades to black...

Mendoza: "Mendoza...is...LIFE !"
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Brayden Bridges is shown backstage he is even keel playing along a cameraman ask for a word of tonights match.

Bridges begins to sing never looking up

The journey begins
The road has it bends
You think your lost
But you will find the path again
A man with no family
No friends
Just him
Walks among the masses
Like Nelson said
On the road again
Hour clock is ticking
Its almost hit 12
Cinderella story
Doesnt end with fairytale happy ending at all

Brayden looks up his eyes focused on the cameraman who asks him about Young Lion Cup

Bridges: Last week you witness the beginning of a mans journey and we saw that its not always the path we think it is. You saw the man I was in that ring and you saw the wicked things I did in it. The poor soul IZAYA SNOWMANTASHI he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and I did what I had to do to feed the dark passanger in my lost soul upon this midnight moonlight walk amongst the shadows.

You see though I didn't want to do it but I did. I didn't want to hurt him but I did. You know my story you know that deep in my veins that ice cold blood that runs through my body makes me a man with no friends, no family no love, just this guitar and the words that I sing these words because this is what I need.

Brayden starts singing again his words tremble his body shaking.

Theres a new face
I wish we could be friends
The next verse
Says you will come to an end
I wish there was a way
You may be a hero
You maybe in the right
But your my villain
Im judge, jury and reaper tonight
But you will be able to say a final plea
You will be given your last rites
Im sorry
As the man walks alone
Down his path
The cup of his victory
Will end when you pass

Bridges looks up and ask for a light the cameraman scared waits and does it. Bridges looks at him.

These things really are bad for you but it really calms the nerves going cold turkey after years of drug abuse does a number on your body . I remember though when your on that high your on cloud 9 the world the trouble you had the fact where everything in your life is out of control when your on that high it all goes away life is just perfect and its bliss. That is until you come crashing down and understand its shit except her she always was the best damn thing no matter what shithole we were in.

Bridges lets a puff out. Let me ask you something. Cameraman is puzzled but says alright.

What do you know about what I did? What did you know about Alice? You can be honest .

Cameraman says You Killed Her! You shot Her!

Brayden looks up says yeah I did, but thats not the whole story and I spoke on CWA.com about it but I did pull the trigger and after going to her holding her in my arms everything want black.*

He pulled out a gun held it to my head we got into a fight...

The gun went off...

Fire & Gasoline engulfed us are biggest strength was our biggest downfall and there she laid motionless on the ground and a gunshot wound to her head.

I remember her eyes were still open and remember her skin was so cold and then that dark passanger arrive the man in black and I woke up and that I looked down and I had blood on my hands and I was on my knees and all I saw was flashes of red and blue lights and the sound of voices screaming and myself on the ground crying as I saw her again.

Now whether or not you belive what I just said that is up to you. I did my time and I am still repenting my sins trust me there isn't a day that goes by where I don't miss her. There isn't a day go by where I want to put a gun in my mouth and


Pull the trigger that is and will be the worse day of my life and that tbe worse thing I did in my life and if I could I go back and change it but I can't.

Do you know why I asked you what you thought?

Cameraman looks and says because you want pity because you want someone to understand someone to tell you its ok.

Brayden looks at him as he strums away playing Skynard "Simple Man"

No! I asked you because do you think Sammy Riggins has ever done anything he wishes he could take back that darkest moment of his life from whereever hes from to whatever he did? Do you think it keeps him awake at night do you think it really eats him up inside? Don't you think every member of CWA every person in the arena every man behind the camera has that feeling?

Brayden starts singing again

The Devil was once on God's side
His right handed Angel
The most beautiful
Made by his mind
He was a lost soul
He lost himself to deep
Envy Rage such Tradgey

So our twist and turns lead us to this point to this very night and when its time for our paths to meet know its time.

Brayden sings again

The path is set
The way is paved
The shadows overtaken
By the night falls
We will have our grace

Brayden looks up grabs his guitar and walks away he just vanishes in the dark.
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Krash Tag-Team Classic

Trevor Ocean walks through the curtain to the backstage area after being eliminated from the fatal-5 way match. Trevor grabs a towel from a table as trainers and producers congratulate him on finally debuting with CWA. He drapes the towel over his head and begins to walk down the backstage corridor, avoiding eye contact, with the members of the roster.

He briefly looks up and notices CWA wrestler Shawn Summers walking slowly down the hall towards him. Shawn stumbles a little as he walks, using the wall to catch his balance. He notices a quizzical expression on the face of Trevor, quickly reaching into his pocket and putting on sunglasses to cover his low eyes. Shawn smiles at Trevor and waves him over as he rests against the wall for a brief moment.

Shawn Summers – (Slurring his words) Trevor…Trevor…Trevor…Trevor. I managed to catch your “match” man and I have to tell you….it was embarrassing.

Trevor Ocean – Are we seriously going to talk about embarrassing right now? I mean, you talking to me about a match being embarrassing Shawn is…comical.

Shawn’s whole demeanor changes after Trevor’s words and he manages to pick himself off the wall and stand directly in front of the new CWA signee.

Shawn Summers – That’s cute Trevor, really cute. But let's get serious for a second. You can’t show up here and embarrass ME with loses. I’m already having to deal with that stuff myself. You and I both know…that the plan doesn’t call for that. You remember the plan, don’t you Trevor?

Trevor looks up at Shawn who seems to be towering over him at this moment. He sees a version of Shawn that he hasn’t seen since before the drama that occurred with his father. Seeing that intensity in his friend almost inspires him as he nods his head.

Shawn Summers – Stick to the plan Trevor. Don’t deviate from it. Don’t question it. Just stick to the plan and we’ll all do fine.

Shawn’s trademark cocky smile returns to his face as he pats Trevor on his shoulder and tries his hardest to not stumble over as he walks to the parking lot. Trevors attention is turned from Shawn to new CWA Authority Figure, Afa Seanoa standing next to him looking at Shawn walk away.

Afa Seanoa – He’s got so much talent, but his attitude is what’s holding him back from being great.

Trevor Ocean – Have you guys still been drug testing him regularly?

Afa Seanoa – (waving the statement off) That was old CWA management who did that. I don’t want to dive into any dealings or relationship that they had with Summers. I want to create my own relationship and work from there. That’s kind of why I’m here with you. I caught your little “promo” you did in your final night with Honor Wrestling Alliance. I think the name it’s gotten on YouTube was “Fuck CWA”.

Trevor Ocean – Glad to know CWA management has done their homework on me.

Afa Seanoa – When I took over we definitely did our homework. I’m not just signing any Tom, Dick, and Harry to a contract with the company. I’m only signing guys who can work and deliver the matches that the fans want to see. So yeah, I did my homework on you but the fans, the CWA fans. They don’t know a damn thing about you. They don’t know who Trevor Ocean is. The only thing that they know about Trevor Ocean is that he lost his debut match. That’s kind of pathetic.

Trevor Ocean – I don’t have to sit here and be talked down to by –

Afa Seanoa – No disrespect meant brother. I’m not trying to talk down to you. I’m trying to help you. I’m trying to encourage you. That’s why I want to give you’re the opportunity to change and modify the opinions of the fans before they make their minds up about you. I want you to pick a journalist, any journalist and do an interview with them. Speak freely about yourself, your goals with the company and who the hell Trevor Ocean is and what he’s about. We’ll post it to all of our social media channels and hopefully, you change the opinions of the fans.

Trevor Ocean (laughing) – This isn’t going to end well for you or the CWA roster. You know that right?

Afa Seanoa – I know it well but any publicity and interest that you bring to the company is fine with me. Speak your mind.

Trevor shakes his head as he continues to laugh and makes his way towards his locker room. He enters the room and notices that it is empty, which is strange since there is an entire pay-per-view card going on and not one of the wrestlers is in the locker room. Trevor sits in the chair of his locker stall and takes a deep breath. He looks across from him and jumps at the sight of a man dressed in a zipped up leather jacket, black jeans, Chelsea suede boots, and a bird-like beak mask covering his face.

Trevor Ocean – Jesus man, you nearly gave me a fucking heart attack. It’s the middle of the summer aren’t you a little hot in all that damn black.

Masked Man – Shawn isn’t going to be happy with your performance tonight. Losing isn’t a part of the plan, Trevor.

Trevor Ocean – Yea we talked about that.

Masked Man – You talked?

Trevor Ocean – Yea, I ran into him in the hall as he was on his way to the parking lot. I guess his little playground match is about to start or something. But, he just seemed real….off.

Masked Man – Off?

Trevor Ocean – Yea, it's like as soon as he saw me he wanted to hide himself from me. He’s starting to act like he did when he was using a couple of years ago.
The masked man begins to pace around the room with his arms behind him. Trevor knows that he is thinking the same thing that he’s thinking.
Masked Man – We cant afford for him to have fallen off. It’s understandable for him to be grieving and have a momentary lapse in judgment, but we can’t have him reverting to his past ways. THAT Shawn Summers is one that no one wants to see. THAT Shawn Summers is cancer to not only himself but everyone around him. We need to get him back on track and back focusing on the plan.

Trevor Ocean – Agreed, but speaking of the plan have you signed yet?

The Masked Man stops in his tracks and cocks his head towards Trevor.

Masked Man – The Echo’s in the hallways of the arena, speaks louder than the crashing Ocean waves in this room.

Trevor Ocean – Stick to the plan.

Trevor grabs a towel and makes his way to the showers as the scene slowly fades to black.

The scene fades in from black to Trevor Ocean sitting in a chair opposite pro-wrestling journalist and host of the weekly Ringside Commentary show, James Rosen. A member of the production begins a countdown as Rosen looks over his notes before beginning.

James Rosen – It’s Monday afternoon and that means that we are live for another episode of Ringside Commentary. I’m James Rosen and today we are joined by the newest member of the CWA roster “Fullmetal” Trevor Ocean. Trevor, it’s good to have you in studio today.

Trevor Ocean – It’s good to be here James.

James Rosen – Shall we jump right into this?

Trevor Ocean – Let's do it.

James Rosen – Alright so you previously wrestled for Honor Wrestling Alliance where you were a two-time Open Weight Champion, King of the Cage winner, and three-time HWA Tag-Team Champion with Noah Krause. You practically did everything in HWA except win the World Championship. Why leave when you were at the top of your game there to come to CWA and be a little fish in a big pond.

Trevor Ocean – You’re giving CWA way too much credit James. I don’t consider myself a little fish in a big pond here in CWA. I like to consider myself an invasive species. You know what happens when an invasive species is introduced into a new pond or ecosystem James? Things get messed up. Organisms start dying, resources dry up and then eventually that new invasive species becomes the ruler of that ecosystem. That’s what I consider myself. Not some small fish in a big pond.

James Rosen – It’s interesting to hear you say that because when you left HWA the word around the locker room dirt sheets was that you were leaving the company to go to CWA to help your good friend Shawn Summers, who has been struggling as of late.

Trevor Ocean – The man stood next to his father as he was shot clean in the head after winning a tough special election. Can you blame me for wanting to be with one of my best friends, my brother as he tries to cope with all of that AND compete against his will?

James Rosen – Against his will?

Trevor Ocean – Against his will James. Prior to his match against Shannon O’Neil at Five Star Attraction, Shawn wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be competing. His family asked CWA officials to call the match off so he could grieve and they didn’t give a damn. They shrugged it off and said, “he signed a contract to compete and that’s what he’s going to do”. They disrespected him. They’ve continued to disrespect him and honestly, I came here so that my best friend would finally have an ally in his corner to protect him and look out for him while he’s here in a company full of snakes.

James Rosen – So it's safe to assume that you don’t view CWA or its roster with high regard?

Trevor Ocean (laughing to himself) – Why would I? You’ve got champions like The Echo and Jon Snowmantachi afraid to defend their championships. Who does that? Where I’m from, the Tag-Team championships don’t go undefended for months on in. Where I’m from, the world champion defends his title against whoever wants to step up and challenge him, period. The Echo sat around for months and waited for management to give them an opponent and then when they were stripped of their titles, that’s when they wanted to show up and throw a temper tantrum. That’s bullshit to me. Same with Jon Snowmantachi. He’s sitting on his fat ass, waiting on management to give him an opponent. If he’s a true champion, he would accept any and all challengers and prove that he’s the world champion for a reason. When my boy Shawn asked for a rematch, Snowmantachi sat there and said nothing and just waited for management to give him his next opponent. In my opinion, he showed that he was a pussy. The same can be said about the majority of the roster here. Not everyone stands around and waits for their opportunities but I’d say about 90% of them do. It’s borderline pathetic, to be honest.

James Rosen – You’re not going to stand around and wait for an opportunity are
you Trevor?

Trevor Ocean – Why would I? I know what I want and I know that no one is going to just hand me an opportunity in this company based off of my reputation in other companies. I’m going to take that opportunity, and if someone else has that opportunity I’m going to take it from them because its mine. I know what I want in CWA and there’s a plan in place to get there.

James Rosen – You’re firing some pretty direct shots here man. I’m sure you know there’ll be responses.

Trevor Ocean – Let them respond. Let them say what they want. At the end of the day, none of them can stand in the ring with Trevor Ocean.

James Rosen – Alright well let's talk about the Young Lions Cup. What does it mean to you to be competing in this one-night tournament?

Trevor Ocean – It’s honestly a slap in the face to me. When I think of a Young Lion I think of someone who hasn’t accomplished much in the business and is just starting out. Do I look like a guy who’s just starting off in this business? Do I look like a guy who needs a tournament to introduce him to the “fans”?

James Rosen – I see it in a different light. I view this tournament, for you at least, as a way to avenge that debut loss and separate yourself from the rookies of the company and show that you’re a big dog.

Trevor Ocean – Do you think I honestly should have to prove that James?

James Rosen - I think you need to prove that to wrestlers like your opponent Mendoza.

Trevor shifts in his chair and leans in closer to James.

Trevor Ocean - James, people like me and you, don't have to prove anything to people like Mendoza. They should be honored to mentioned in the same sentences as us.

James Rosen (nervously) - We...are an all inclusive bunch here on my show Trevor...and if I'm able to read between the lin-

Trevor Ocean - There's no need to read between the lines, James. An illegal, violent rapist like Mendoza has no place in this country or this company period. He's all a mystery to the fans and all of us here in CWA. No one knows anything about him. Isn't that curious to you? The illegal immigrant is a mystery to the people who work with him. How can anyone trust him to represent the honor and tradition of American Professional Wrestling? How can we be one-hundred percent sure that he will follow the rules in the matches with us in this tournament? We can't be sure. His people have proven us right far too many times. When America allowed immigrants from Europe into the country many years ago, they brought innovation, good work ethic, good genes and culture to the country. When the Mexicans and Hispanics came into this country, they took away from people who had worked hard for what they had. They infiltrated neighborhoods and refused to assimilate. They never cared about being a part of this country. They just wanted to reap the benefits of this country. And while reaping the countries benefits, they raped our women, increased our crime rates, and failed to contribute because that's all they know. They only know how to be filthy, violent, criminals. So you take a good second to think about this, James. Do you think that I'm going to let another dirty illegal take my spot? Do you think I have anything to prove to this mystery? Because I don't. I think he has to prove something to me. He has to prove that hee deserves to be in the ring with me, because the only thing a Mexican can do for me or any other WHITE wrestler is shine our boots, carry our bags to and from the arenas, and entertain us when we tell them to entertain us. That's the reason why many companies invented the cruiserweight division.

James Rosen - You do realize that the comments you've made here....those comments will more than likely have the CWA fans and many of the other wrestling fans label you as a racist, right?

Trevor Ocean - I speak the truth. If the CWA snowflake fans can't put their politically correct ideals to the side and truly think about what I said, then I don't need them as fans. I've been the same Trevor Ocean my entire life. I'm not going to change just because I came to CWA where the top spots are dominated by Japs like Jon Snowmantachi. I'm not going to censor myself because I'm facing a filthy wetback that claims that he's a technical wrestler. If he thinks he can go toe to toe with me in the ring I'll show him why him and his people will always be below me and my people. If he wants to wrestle? I'll show him why my Greek heritage makes me a better wrestler than he ever could dream of. If he wants to stand up and throw hands, I'll show him why my American Grit will always be better than his machismo. If he wants to try submissions, I'll make an example out of him. It's simple as that.

Jason Rosen - Alright....we're gonna have to let you go. It was....interesting to interview you...as always.

The scene slowly fades to black.

The scene fades back in from darkness to Trevor Ocean running frantically up an access staircase. He nearly takes out an older lady carrying the trash out as he makes his way to the penthouse level. He bursts open the door and looks down the hallway, eyeing an open door at the end of the hallway. He clutches a black medicine bag in his hand as he sprints through the door, slamming it behind him. Inside the room, Trevor is met by looks of concern from a man with short jet black hair and light stubble of a beard sitting on a kitchen counter and Lauren Carter, holding up Shawn Summers. Shawn's eyes are glossy as drool spills from the corner of his mouth. Trevor stands frozen at the sight of his best friend.

Unnamed Man - Stop staring and give me the damn bag!

Trevor snaps out of his trance and tosses the man the bag.The man frantically unzips the bag and pulls out a syringe and Narcan (overdose recovery prescription). He shoves the syringe up Shawn's nose and hits the plunger. Almost instantly, Shawn starts to cough repeatedly. Lauren Carter drops Shawn's head as he leans up and gasps for air. Trevor brings him a water bottle, to which Shawn gulps down immediately. Lauren reaches into Shawn's bedside table and pulls out a bag of pills. She rushes to the bathroom and proceeds to flush them down the toilet.

Lauren Carter - That was the last time Shawn....I can't do this anymore.

Trevor Ocean - Lauren, he almost overdosed. You can't leave him like this.

Lauren Carter- He's yall's problem now. I tried to comfort and save him. You can't save someone that doesn't want to be saved. Lauren grabs her things and leaves Shawn's apartment.

A silence overcomes the room as Shawn, Trevor, and the unnamed man sits thinking about what just happened.

Trevor Ocean - You can't do this Shawn. You can't back out just because you're sad about your dad dying.

Shawn Summers - Fuc-

Trevor Ocean - Shut up! We gave up everything to be here with you and make sure that you made it to where you deserve to be. You deserve to be at the top of the mountain, the world champion, not in a got damn body bag. Get your shit together Shawn and stick to the plan.

Trevor turns his attention to the unnamed man.

Trevor Ocean - And Noah, sign the damn contract so we can do what we do best. Stick to the damn plan, and we'll take CWA.

The scene fades to black with Trevor throwing a towel to the recovering Shawn Summers.
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