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    CWA Krash Tag Team Classic PPV Promos

    Quote Originally Posted by RyuShake Taguchi


    The Diamond Dogs have arrived...


    "You know... I always knew we'd make it to this day."

    "Yeah? I think I always knew that too, Rick."

    "We're synergised, Santino."

    "That's right, Rick. Synchronised. To. the. hilt."

    "Synergised, Santino."

    "That's what I said...

    What does it even mean anyway?"

    "Honestly? I just thought it sounded cool."

    "Right on, man. It doesn't matter what it means. If it sounds cool then it's good enough for me."

    The clink of glasses can be heard...


    "Slick" Rick Vance and "Sonny D" Santino Dongarelli appear to be in the midst of a highly intellectual conversation as the scene opens up - they are seated inside what appears to be a spacious and luxurious limousine. There's even a mini bar - the pair have been clearly taking advantage of the situation as they sit with their own special drinks. Rick holds a small glass of single malt whisky whilst Santino appears to be holding an appletini... that he sips from every here and then. The pair sit adjacent to each other with their valets also in tow. Alina sits on the knee of Santino... whilst, conversely, Rick sits on the knees of Maya Shagaguchi. It can be assumed this is due to Maya being the taller of the pair. The windows appear to have an extremely dark tint and it's difficult to see outside but it's clear they are en route somewhere due to lights constantly zooming by on the windows. Rick swirls around his glass of whisky as he continues to speak...

    "I mean it, though, Santino. I knew deep down... this was our destiny."

    "You know, Rick... like I said... I think I did too. But man... if you told me when I was three years old that we'd be riding in a limo through the streets with non stop appletinis and hot broads... I'd have told you that I had no idea what any of that was. But I'm sure I wouldn't have believed you anyway."

    Rick smirks at him.

    "Not that, Santino."

    "Then what are you speaking about, man?"

    "The CWA!"


    "That's right, my friend! I meant that it felt like destiny for us to be in the finals of this tag team tournament! We made it, people know about the Diamond Dogs now! We're getting to where we want to be!"

    Rick fist pumps in excitement whilst Santino sips at his appletini - he's a tiny bit less ecstatic but he appears to be thinking of the future.

    "I wouldn't get too excited yet, man. I mean... we've still got one thing to worry about, Rick. Well, I do, anyway. I don't know about you."

    Now it's Rick's turn to sip his drink and wear a slightly confused expression.

    "Do tell, Santino."

    Before Santino can answer, Maya taps Rick's shoulder and makes the now-familiar sign with her pinky finger - wiggling it and then giggling it at Santino. Alina smirks at it too as the two ladies share a knowing glance. Santino puts his drink down quickly before pointing an accusatory finger at Shagaguchi.

    "Hey man she's doing that pinky shit I don't like again! You know I'm paranoid about that stuff!"

    "Relax, Santino. It's just Japanese sign language."

    "That's a thing?"

    "Of course it is. How do you think I was able to communicate with her?"

    "Why the hell's she trying to do it to me?"

    "She's just telling you not to worry about anything, it's cool. Relax. You got this."


    He casts a suspicious eye at Maya and sips from his drink. Slowly.... she giggles at him and it appears to set him off again...

    "HEY HEY HEY! WAIT A MINUTE. If it's sign language and it's all good... why the hell does she laugh every time?"

    "She's just laughing at the notion that you're worrying about something, Santino. She knows that, with me, you're unstoppable. You're the man."

    Santino thinks about it for a minute before a big smile creeps along his face...


    Santino then proceeds to 'acknowledge' the 'Japanese sign language' from Shagaguchi by making his own pinky gesture, he now seems completely at ease with everything.

    "That's more like it, Santino! You gotta let this Japanese paranoia stuff go, man. The yakuza... they're nobodies. They won't touch us. Not after what Big Mac did to them."

    "You're right, Rick. It's just difficult to trust some of these types you know? Communicating in sign languages I don't know... you gotta admit it's pretty suspicious. And then we had the Snowmantashi Priscilla incident. You can't blame me, man. They're everywhere."

    "Hey, man, that Snowmantashi incident was all just a misunderstanding. That Izaya is good kid. We cleared the air. You know that."

    "I know. I like the kid. But I miss Priscilla, man."

    "It's alright. She's in a better place now. Where we're going... we won't need her."

    "I hope so. But... yeah, you're right. I gotta let it go man. I guess Big Mac can deal with anything. Isn't that right, Big Mac!?"

    Suddenly, the screen that blocks off the front of the vehicle (the driver section) from the passenger section lowers and it's shown that Big Mac is the chauffeur - wearing a bright orange suit. Suddenly, Rick is extremely confused.

    "You got that right, Sonny."

    "Wait a minute, there's something not right here..."

    He presses a button to slide back a section of the top of the limo (the sunroof) before beckoning to Santino to meet him up top. Rick gets outside and feels the breeze of the mild night summer air hit him. It appears to relax him for a moment as he awaits Santino's arrival. Eventually, Santino pops up.

    "You wanted to see me up here, Rick?"

    "That's right, Santino."

    Rick puts his drink down on the roof of the car as it continues to drive. Miraculously, it stays completely still.

    "Don't turn towards me. This isn't a moment to touch tips."

    "You alright, Rick?"

    "What the hell is Big Mac doing here!? He's fifteen! He can't drive!"

    "I think he can, Ricky."

    "HEY! What'd I say about calling me that? You know what happened to the last guy to do that."

    "Do I, Rick?"

    "You do. Big Mac ate him... remember?"

    "Shit. You're right. But... if Big Mac's capable of eating dudes then he's clearly capable of driving the limo, man. He's doing a good job so far. We're... I don't know where we are... where are we, Rick?"

    "A good point, Santino. I don't know where we are, either. But I know where we're going..."

    "Where's that?"

    "Right to the top of the CWA tag team division!"

    The pair of them laugh like idiots and toast to the words before Rick ponders another question...

    "Wait a minute. Santino... if Big Mac is here... then WHO is looking after the club tonight?"

    Santino takes a sip from his drink and puts it down on the roof - it instantly flies off due to the speed of the limo... Rick's drink stays in place.

    "What the... how the hell do you do that?"

    "Never mind that, Santino. I need an answer."

    "Well, there was this Mongolian dude at the bar. Big dude. Looked scary. Looked like he could beat the Yakuza worse than Big Mac did. He looked trustworthy. I simply asked him if he wanted free booze for life for doing a favour. He seemed cool with it. I think his name was Yoona or something. I trust him man. He's Mongolian... Gengis Khan and shit right?"

    "Wasn't he from Thailand?"

    "Nah that was Jet Li, man."

    "Damn, you're right. He was a cool dude. They both fucked people up though, right?"

    "Right so it doesn't matter. It's in good hands. Don't worry about the club man, we gotta focus on this Tag Team match like you said. This is the big one for us. This is the most important thing right?"

    "You're right, Santino. You know... I'm proud of you, man."

    "Thanks, Rick. I'm proud of you too. We've done a great job, haven't we?"

    The conversation begins to take a more serious shift in tone rather than being goofy and light hearted.

    "I think so. I think so. You know... I didn't want to admit it but losing our first match in the CWA... kind of had me worried for a little bit. I can be honest about it now. It was worrying. I thought we might be in over our heads. But... we pulled it out. And I gotta be honest with you... I think that was down to you, man. I mean... we managed to beat the champion of the company and his little brother. I think it required a lot of mental fortitude on our part... and I don't think I'd have been strong enough withou..."

    "Rick, Rick... it was a team effort. We both needed each other that night and we pulled through. I mean, I know you say I should forget about it and all but maybe the Priscilla incident spurred me on. Gave me that boost. I was pretty riled up, you know? You kept me focused... I directed that energy, man! We both played our part and we got over a tough obstacle. It's always good to get our first win, though. We just need to look back on that moment whenever we're hitting tough times or worried about something and realise we can come out the other side looking great. We just need to remember what we're fighting for. It'll spur us on. There's nothing that can stop us man. Trust me."

    "You really think that?"

    Santino tightens his headband.

    "Sure do, man. We're unstoppable if we want to be. I think we could take anyone in this tournament if we really had to. We're on a mission, man. We're rebuilding the Malibu Vice. Me, you, Big Mac, Maya, Alina and, now, the Mongolian. We're all on the precipice of something great."

    "Hey, Santino. How many appletinis have you had?"

    "I don't know. Why?"

    "I think they're kicking in, man. You always get smarter when you drink. You like your fancy words too."

    "I'm just synergizing out of my mind, man."

    "I think we both are."

    "You know something man? I think we're the ultimate synergizers in this tournament. Whatever the hell it means... I don't think anyone can be as synergetic as us. If they could... then they'd have beaten us by now, right?"

    "Right! Well... I guess... we've still got the final match."

    "We can win it, man. It's our destiny, right? Just like you said! We've already taken out the Priscilla thief and his champion brother... we've taken out those two dudes with the weird name... we handed them their first loss right? We're on a roll! We're flying high. We're smoooooooth."

    "Yes, Santino... but our opponents. They'll have beaten people on their way here too. They're unbeaten in the tournament too. They're like us. So I don't know man. They beat those redneck biker dudes that you had your eye on. We both thought those would be our opponents. Not going to lie, Santino, I'm worried about leaving the Vice in the hands of this Mongolian and these redneck biker dudes not having to face us. It's the perfect distraction. What if these motherfuckers try something?"

    "Rick, Rick... you're losing focus man. You're focusing on the wrong thing. We shouldn't be focusing about those meth'd up yokel boys... we should be focusing on the dudes we ARE facing. I mean... if we can beat the dudes we're facing in the finals then we can deal with the biker bandits no problem. Gotta think smart, man. I thought you were the meticulous one, man. I thought you had this all planned out."

    Rick picks up his drink and nods.

    "I do. I do. I guess seeing Big Mac tonight just threw me for a loop. But it's cool. I got it. I'm composed again. I've got my focus back."

    "That's good, Rick. See, things are looking up already. You know the dudes we're facing right?"

    "Yeah. I've been watching them, Santino. They seem like the real deal like I said. They're unbeaten."

    "Hey man, we faced an unbeaten team before and won. It's no obstacle. What else do you know about them?"

    "They're the weirdest fucking team I've ever seen, Santino. It's like... how are these guys a serious team, yknow? It's difficult to take them seriously on the face of it."

    "Feels familiar. But hey, we know we're taking this serious and that's all that counts, right? These two guys stand in our way of getting the belts, winning this tournament and raising our rep. Everything we set out to do when we entered this tournament. Just those two dudes. We can do it, man. We just gotta tell ourselves... these motherfuckers... whatever their names are...."

    It seems that this time around, Santino is taking the role of giving a pep talk and providing inspiration. It's usually a role that Rick finds himself in but it's clear that the appletinis have provided Dongarelli with some fruity courage. Rick fills in the blanks for him.

    "Krash and Prince Ali."

    "Kra--- wait a minute... isn't that the dude the tournament is named after?"


    "I thought he was dead or some shit. Fuck. Did he come back from the dead for this tournament?"

    "I don't know, Santino. From the way people have spoken about Krash, I could believe it. But you know what? I think we could kick some zombie ass if we have to."

    "Yeah, fuck the zombies!"

    "But, Santino, you know this Krash guy is good if they name the tournament after him. But I guess... really, we should focus on this Prince Ali guy. It seems like he's the weak link. And that might be the difference for us."

    "Right, right... BECAUSE WE HAVE NO WEAK LINK RIGHT!?"


    The pair chuckle like idiots at each other.

    "So we just ignore this Krash guy?"

    It seems that Rick has now taken over the role of being the tactical planner in this discussion and providing a pep talk.

    "Nah. We just try our best to keep him out of the match, Santino. It's simple. We try to keep this Ali guy in the ring and we keep Krash away. We don't let him inspire any sort of miraculous performance. That's the key factor for us. Both teams... we got heart. It's just who is able to use it, right? I think we're able to work better as a team... like you said... we're synchronised! I don't think they are. At least, not as well as us, you know? We're a proper team. They aren't."

    "Are you sure, man? Don't they have a name?"

    "It doesn't matter. I think they call themselves royalty but we... we are the true kings of the ring. You know that. We'll show that. We might not have the pedigree that this Krash guy has but people will see that, together, we can overcome him and his partner. It's just Prince Ali we have to focus on. It's a gameplan that will work for us, Santino. It worked against the Snowmantashis so I think it can work here. But we just can't get sloppy. Just imagine this motherfucker is a yakuza trying to steal Alina from you."

    "Don't get me riled up man."

    "Except he's not a yakuza."

    "Then what is he?"

    "A black dude."

    "Like you? Are you telling me to picture you trying to steal Alina from me?"

    "No, no! He's a black dude from Africa."

    "Right, right."

    "And he's not trying to steal Alina from you."

    "He's not?"

    "No. He's trying to take this tournament from you! FROM US!"

    "Motherfucker. Who does he think he is? You're goddamn right, Rick. I'm pissed. This guy's really stepped over the line!"

    "That's right, Santino. Fuck this guy. We've gotta make sure we punish him for this."

    "What about the zombie dude?"

    "We don't got silver bullets, man. We gotta just make sure he stays out of our way as much as possible. This zombie dude... he's not just a normal zombie is he? He's one of these zombie dudes that can run and shit. He's a zombie that can do a fucking awesome elbow drop... and we don't want that."

    "Never did like zombies with dope ass elbow drops, man."

    "Right. So we stay away from him. This motherfucker is hungry for our brains. And I like my brain."

    "I like mine too, man."

    "Exactly. This guy's a brain eating elbow dropping zombie maniac that wants to take away OUR tag belts."

    "Dude I think I faced this exact enemy in a video game. I think I know how to beat him."

    "You do? Well... it seems like everything is in order."

    "We're gonna synergize his ass, man! And after we win, we'll have the biggest party in the world! Everyone will know that the Diamond Dogs have arrived AND THE MALIBU VICE IS THE PLACE TO BE, WOOOO!"

    "I'll drink to that!"

    Rick finishes his drink before setting his glass back down and tapping Santino on the shoulder - somehow, Santino has managed to source two appletinis from nowhere and is downing the pair of them. The absolute madman.

    "Santino, I think we've been up here for a while. We should go back down."

    "You're right, Rick. I'm glad we had this talk. We sorted everything out. Means we've got more time to psyche ourselves up when we get to the locker room. I can't wait to see what you've brought with you."

    "Oh, I've got something special..."

    Rick smirks as he reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a CD titled "BIG DICK RICK'S REALLY BIG MIX" - he flashes the CD infront of Santino.

    "The legendary CD itself. For tonight? It is a special occasion after all. Rick... this is going to be legendary."

    Rick puts the CD away as Santino continues to get excited.

    "You know, Santino... I think we should go back down. We've been up here for awh----"

    Suddenly, the limousine stops. The pair of them recoil forward for a moment before bouncing back.

    "Where the hell are we?"

    "We didn't touch tips, did we?"

    A voice from below breaks through the confusion.

    "We're here, Boss!"

    The pair disappear into the limo and then step out from it with their valets on their arms - Big Mac following behind them. Infront of them appears to be an arena... but it's confusing as the parking lot is completely empty and there appears to be no indication of a CWA event taking place in sight. Rick looks around, completely confused - Shagaguchi whispers something in his ear.

    "Big Mac! This isn't the Scottrade Center! You've taken us to the wrong place!"

    Big Mac defends himself

    "I'm only fifteen, Boss. How am I supposed to know? I thought this was it."

    Santino suddenly starts freaking out...

    "Fuck fuck fuck..."

    Rick rushes to him and calms him down - Alina helps also.

    "It's alright, Santino. I'll make a call."

    "To who, Rick!? We're screwed, man! The dream's over! We'll never make it in time! I don't even know where we are!"

    "Me neither... but I know a guy. They call him Vinny Blueballs. He's a multi trillionaire... owns a fleet of private jets made of solid gold and shit. I'll just make the call and I'm sure he'll send his goons to come pick his up. He should be cool with it. He likes us. He likes wrestlers. He runs some kind of wrestling show, I'm sure. He'll be willing to help us out."

    "Isn't he a complete psycho?"

    "I'll handle it. You sit down. Get another appletini. We'll be fine. I'll make the call. We'll get those jets... and we'll parachute right in there. It's my turn to tell you not to worry."

    Santino is handed an appletini as he tries to stop himself from hyperventilating. Maya also makes the pinky motion at him, again. Perhaps she has picked up that Rick has told Santino it means good things - he seems to find it calming, this time around.

    "See, there you go. We're fine. Here's what's going to happen: I'll make the call to Blueballs, we'll get the jets and we'll parachute in there. The Diamond Dogs are STILL going to be the CWA Tag Team Champions, my friend."

    "And we're still having a party to blow the balls off of the universe after, right? right?"

    "We sure are."

    "This is why I love you, man. This is why we're a team!"

    Rick pats his friend on the back as he walks away to make the fateful phonecall. Will they make it on time and realise their newfound dream of being the CWA Tag Team Champions?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Golden One
    Pursuing the Powerful Pizza-Party Palace of the Prince: Part 14

    In what seems like the start to an infomercial, we see the exit of a red plastic slide, with darkness hiding the contents of whatever is coming down. Little else is shown to either side of this covered, enclosed slide, the climax of a run through the playground for any kid.

    And after about two seconds of nothing happening, silence is filled with the sound of children's laughter. Then we see size-4 feet, covered in white socks. Following are a pair of legs and then the spread-arms, laughing face of a young child with blonde hair. He quickly scurries off the edge of the red slide, followed by a young, smiling girl right behind him. Then a dark-haired boy follows suit. Then another girl, this one African American. The laughter is contagious and soon you're laughing this video, which appeared as a pop-up advertisement on the website when trying to read the latest news announcement from general manager Afa Seanoa

    We've just heard word from Afa Seanoa, the General Manager of Adrenaline Rush that following the Adrenaline Rush: Young Lion Cup Special, CWA will be hosting five qualifying matches for the return of one of the most brutal matches in CWA history: The Steel Roulette. Last year it featured CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Snowmantashi defending against Jonathan McGinnis, Johnny Vegas, Enigma, Harrison Wake, and Michelle von Horrowitz. Up until this upcoming PPV, Snowmantashi was the only man remaining on the roster from that elite group of six, but McGinnis, the very man who won it last year, is set to make his return to CWA against legend, Mr. Willis. Though its worth noting that with his career on the line, there's a chance he won't be here for long. Nevertheless, should he remain AND should he be one of the participants in the qualifying match, there is automatic intrigue to see if Snowmantashi falls short against McGinnis in the chaotic Steel Roulette once more. With the first defense of the CWA Undisputed Tag Team Champions set to happen at that very same PPV, it's already shaping up to be one of the big ones this year.

    But that text is nearly completely covered by this pop-up video, which you can't "X" out of right away. Now that you can, you find yourself smiling watching two more kids make their way down the slide.

    But the next body that appears somewhat surprises you.

    XYZ comes down with the same body language that the kids had: legs up and spread out, arms up and spread out, smiling and laughing face. His curly brown hair bounces along his neck and shoulders. Upon finishing his journey down the red slide and reaching the edge, his feet pop down to the ground and he repositions his body upright before looking right at you, through the camera, with his intriguingly big bug eyes colored hazel brown.

    "Welcome ... to my ... home."

    XYZ presses his hands on the edge of the slide and rises up, standing at his 6-feet-plus stature while small children sprint around him playing a game of "tag." XYZ pats one of them on the head and begins walking, talking as he goes.

    "When I was a young boy ... my mother ... she would take me to McDonald's. ... Not for the food. ... Just to let me play. And I would play for hours. Frolicking in the plastic balls. Climbing up the stairs. Walking over the rope bridge. Passing through tunnels. And sliding down the big red slide. It was always the same color. No matter which McDonald's Play Place I went to. Red.

    It made me feel at home. And I was ... at home. I felt ... so at peace.

    Hours upon hours upon hours."

    XYZ jumps into the ball pit, making snow angels as his body is mostly covered by the plastic balls the size of softballs. The smile on the face of the CWA star returns, and XYZ stops talking as he lays motionless, completely still, and lets out a soft moan as the plastic balls continue engulfing his body. But not quite his whole face.

    And he continues his story.

    "I chose ... this place for my showdown with Shawnald Summers because ... quite frankly ... Shawnald decided to ... come into MY home.

    He decided to come into my mind ... my space.

    I am the man who will bring peace and SAL-VATION to the land of Clique Wrestling Alliance. I will ... be the leader ... that the demigods have called upon, the ones they hinted about.

    I am XYZ ... I am ... the White Walrus.

    I am ... the Grand Gypsy.

    Where the brass ring shines down on its golden nuggets, and the salt forces its way into all of the bar-be-cue packets.

    And while that all ... means NOTHING to Shawnald Summers ... it soon will.

    Because the demigods birthed my happiness ... my soul ... inside a pit of balls. Red balls. Yellow balls.

    Blue ... balls."

    XYZ sits up in the ball pit, pausing his speech for a moment as he collects himself.

    "If Shawnald Summers wants the respect of ... the Prince of Parmesan ... then he will have to defeat me ... in my home. He WILL ... need to ...

    send me UP ... the red slide.

    The ... wrong ... way."

    XYZ shakes his head as he pushes himself out of the ball pit and stands upright next to the edge.

    "No one goes ... up the slide.

    That's against the RULES, Shawnald Summers.

    So you will need ... to MAKE ME ... go up the slide. You will NEED ... to make me break the rules to beat me.

    Then ... you will have earned my respect ... and THEN ... you will be able to say you bested me inside the Play Place ... the Palace of the 10th Prince."

    XYZ watches as more kids run to the entrance, which he now stands next to, and make their way up through the Play Place with the wonderful joy of the world's youth. XYZ can only smile, laughing even, until he stops suddenly. And then he creepily turns and looks to you, the viewer, with the most stoic expression possible.

    It's like a serial killer who has finally hatched a murderous plan.

    "Shawnald Summers attacked ME.

    He sought retribution on me for something ... I didn't do.

    He came at me ... for losing our tag team match in the tournament of Krash.

    But I didn't lose it.

    WE did.

    As a team.

    And Shawnald Summers, on the heels of his disgrace at Five Star Attraction, was seeking justification.

    For himself.

    For his existence.

    For his perceived skill and hype.

    So he decided to make 'an example' of me.

    But I am ... to be made no example of. I am a syphon ... of bravery. And Shawnald Summers decided to pick ... on the wrong guy.

    He decided to make an example ... of the wrong example. And when I warned him, he kept coming. And when I called him for what he was, he kept coming.

    He refused to see ... the world as it is. He ONLY ... wants to see the world ... as he wants it to be.

    Shawnald Summers is no demigod. He is no wonder of the world. He is no ... saving grace for those lacking grace, no beacon of hope for the hopeless.

    He is simply what he is ... NOT what he wants to be.

    He is not greatness. He is not even half of greatness.

    Shawnald Summers is a man ... who struggles to accept ... that he is ... just ...

    a man named ... Shawn ... Summers.

    And nothing more."

    Suddenly, you watch the entire mood of the video change, shifting once more from a serious-yet-aggressive tone to child-like euphoria.

    XYZ quickly runs away from the camera and up the ladder where the opening to the Play Place is. He exits from the camera's sight and begins laughing uncontrollably as he passes through each stage of the two-level Play Place.

    The only sight of him through the next 30 seconds is him passing the rope bridge, crawling through to the other side at a hasty pace.

    "I AM ...

    I AM ...

    I AM ..."

    XYZ suddenly appears through the darkness of the red slide's exit, once again reaching the bottom with his legs up and spread out and arms doing the same gesture.

    "I AM ...

    a ... KING.

    And Shawnald Summers ... is ... a man who ... cannot handle his failures."

    XYZ rises up, looks into the camera, and closes his eyes.

    "Kings will rise. Heroes will be born. And the ball pit will deliver ... the truth."

    The video shuts off right then, with XYZ standing next to his beloved red slide while the kids all do circles in a weird, cultish fashion around the CWA superstar.

    Quote Originally Posted by Smooth Jazz Wolf


    The scene opens at Prince Ali house where he is sitting down with his sister Fatuma who is going over all the things that he must do this week. She is going on and on but Ali seems dazed out. She shortly realizes that her brother is not paying her no mind. She says his named repeatedly but it takes her pushing him to snap him out of his trance.

    Ali: Uma what is your issue?

    Fatuma: I am speaking to you brother and you are not paying attention. I am telling you some essential information that will help bridge the gap between our family and some of the top business men in this country. What is so important that you are not focused?

    Ali: Sista you know I didn’t not come to America to make business deals or meet with these…what do Americans call them? Yuppies? I came here to join CWA and become one of the greatest that they have ever seen. My passion has always been in wrestling. I’ve work harder than everyone else because I have more to prove than most.

    Fatuma: Ok well from what I’ve see you have had a pretty good few weeks in the company. You started getting some real fan support after your last match. That is good since you came out to silence in your first two matches. I know your use to working hard and getting everything quickly but the older you get the harder life is going to be. You are paired with one of CWA’s best so I suggest that you get off your high horse and learn from him instead of rejecting him.

    Ali: Learn from him? Are you saying he is better than I? That I am some rookie that need to be schooled? You know what I have gone through to get here. How many people faces I had to kick in to get recognize…...

    Fatuma: You also don’t know anything about your partner. You don’t know what struggle or fights he has been through his whole life. So, you need to humble yourself for once and listen to your sister. I see that he sent you an invitation to go meet him at a gym. Go, train with him, bond because you have a chance to make history. You have a chance to win the first ever Krash Classic tournament winner and the new tag team champions! Your first ever title opportunity. Your opponents are not a cake walk so I would advise you to get on the same page with Krash so you will have a better chance at winning this thing. No one can go through life doing everything on their own. You need me, you need Krash and unfortunately you need that “yuppie” Claire Redfield.

    Ali smirks.

    Ali: You are right Uma. I will try and humble myself and see the bigger picture. No one can topple an empire without help of his peers. I am ready to make history and I need to see what my tag team partner is made of.

    Ali grabs his coat and heads out to his car to meet with Krash.


    Our scene opens within an empty, weary gym, at the dead of night. With paint peeling off the walls, exposed boards in the roof, and probably more than a few OH&S complaints, the place had clearly seen better days, but was always open twenty-four hours a day, six days a week, whenever anyone in the area felt the need to pump iron away from home. Which made places like this ever so enticing to our band of fist fighting adventurers that we all know and love/hate.

    A door creaked open, spilling in light as a figure fumbled for the light switch, eventually succeeding in his task as the room was suddenly illuminated by the hanging fluorescent lights on the ceiling. The figure, a well-dressed man with a fantastically luxurious moustache, swept a gaze across the room, his emerald green eyes flicking from the weightlifting equipment in one corner, to the punching bags in another, and biking/treadmills in a third, before settling in a large boxing ring in the rough middle of the room.

    ???: Yeah, this’ll do.

    He spoke aloud, listening as his voice briefly echoed within the deserted area. Settling his carry-bag on a wooden bench against a wall, he stood before a line of mirrors that covered an entire wall, glancing over his features and unconsciously brushing a stray hair back into place. Stretching, he shrugged off his white blazer and pulled his bright pink button-up shirt over his head, gently placing the items of clothing next to his carry-bag. A thought occurred to the man, and he quickly rummaged through his carrying bag, before bringing out the CWA High Voltage Championship and strapping it around his waist, above his white trousers. He posed, eyes trailing over his handsome reflection in the mirror, and he let out a whistle of appreciation.

    Krash: Magnificent moustache, charming smile, great ass. Ten out of ten.

    Luckily, before Krash could start taking his reflection to the next step in a relationship, he broke off the pose/ego stroke session and reached back into his bag, dragging out his iPhone and tossing his earphones in.

    Krash: What’s the artist for this workout?

    Unfortunately, no mysterious voice from the shadows recommended the latest pop hits, so he settled on shuffle, quickly bobbing his head to 'It's Raining Men.' His music set, Krash laid down on one of the gym mats, closed his eyes, and began the first of what would, assuredly, be many sit-ups.


    ???: This place sucks.

    Krash blinked. At some point within the past half-hour, he had gotten bored of doing sit-ups and switched to playing Angry Birds on his iPhone. Still working out his fingers, though! That counts for something, right? Krash glanced up at the intruder, before raising his eyebrows in recognition.

    Krash: Ali, you made it. And here I was, thinking I’d be working out all by my lonesome all night.

    Prince Ali, the recent newcomer to CWA and Krash’s partner in the upcoming CWA Tag Team Classic, narrowed his eyes and glanced at the iPhone in Krash’s pocket, still playing the Angry Birds theme rather loudly despite Krash’s attempts to muffle it.

    Ali: Mmm-hmm. I’m sure you would’ve been. You look like are on a beach vacation taking selfies or playing a child’s mobile game.

    His words laden with sarcasm, Prince Ali strode to the wooden bench and placed his bag next to Krash’s, before reconsidering and moving it several strokes away. Ali wore a Black Panther marina and joggers, something that didn’t escape Krash’s attention as he nodded at Ali.

    Krash: So, you’re into comics?

    If he heard Krash’s remark, Ali promptly ignored it.

    Ali: So, what, this is your idea of a workout? Playing Angry Birds in some… rundown shed you call a gym?

    Finally giving up on his attempt to muffle the sound, Krash pulled out his iPhone and switched it off, mercifully saving us from another Angry Birds jingle. Tossing the phone back into his bag, Krash shrugged.

    Krash: What, a guy can’t take a break? If you’d arrived two minutes earlier, you would’ve seen me pumping iron and stuff.

    Prince Ali arched an eyebrow disdainfully.

    Ali: I could’ve, but I didn’t. Instead, I arrived now, and found you fiddling around on your phone instead of working out like a true athlete should. Makes me wonder if your heart really is set on proving your top-tier athleticism as a wrestler or if you’d rather spend your days wasting time away with silly mobile games.

    Frowning, Krash stepped forward, jabbing a finger at Ali. Ali gives Krash an agitated look but Krash persists.

    Krash: Easy there, Ali. You can deride me all you want, but don’t you dare question whether my heart’s in the right place, you got that?

    Ali: Oh? Have I touched a nerve there? I see your mustache uncurling. Hope you brought your curling iron.

    Krash: Damn right you touched a nerve, Ali. I work my body, my soul, my heart, all of it, for this business. I eat, sleep, breath, and bleed professional wrestling. Everything I do, I do for CWA. So, don’t go around thinking my heart’s not in this, you hear? My heart’s more in this than yours ever will be.

    Ali glanced down at Krash's jagged finger, eyes narrowing, before he scoffed.

    Ali: Prove it.

    Krash blinked.

    Krash: Beg pardon?

    Ali: Go on, prove to me that you’re taking this seriously, that this isn’t just some fun ol’ weekend adventure for you. That you’re training day-in, day-out, for chances like this. That you truly are the, what is it you say? The Heartbeat of CWA.

    Krash: Prove it? Oh, I can prove it, alright. Name the challenge, Ali.

    Ali adjusts his jaw, glancing around, before his gaze settles on the ring, in the middle of the building, a smirk slowly spreading across his features.

    Ali: You and me, in that ring. We spar. Three rounds. First on their back loses the round. You, prove to me that you’re the best. Me, I’ll prove I’m better.

    Krash glanced at the ring, then back at Ali's assured features, before nodding.

    Krash: … You’re on.

    Both men enter the ring with a confident swagger. Krash looking at his own lanky physique with a huge smile. Ali staring at him just shaking his head. Krash finally stops admiring himself long enough to notice Ali’s ready to spar. Krash gets into grapple position but looks confused when Ali starts swaying as if he is dancing instead of ready to fight. Krash makes the first move to lock in with Ali but The Prince smoothly avoids Krash and keeps in constant motion. This happens a few more times until Ali kicks Krash in his calf. Krash looks to get frustrated but recovers himself and grins. He goes for grapple again but this time he learns Ali’s movement patterns and hits Ali with a discus chop to the chest. He grabs on to the shock Ali and attempts to fireman carry him to the ground but The Prince lands on his feet and attempt to superkick the Heart of CWA. Krash avoids the kick but falls on his back by doing so.

    Ali cracks the first smile since entering the Gym. He starts to circle the ring as Krash gets on his feet and look on his face is as serious as ever. Both men lock into a grapple and struggle to gain advantage. Krash gets behind Ali but before he can do anything else Ali drops to his butt and quickly gets on his feet. Krash gives him no time to recover and locks him to a headlock, spins behind him but Ali holds on to the ropes. Krash backs off and as he is back peddling The Prince tries to superkick Krash but Krash grabs Ali foot brings him in close and hits an exploder suplex. Ali hits the mat hard.

    Krash expression goes back to his positive demeanor and surprisingly Ali is smiling as well. Both men meet in the middle of the ring and start to trade blows back forth. Knife edge chops. Forearms, uppercuts until both men start to get totally exhausted and start to just punch each other. They both fall to a knee and stop for a few seconds. Krash than slaps Ali in the face to fire him up and it sure does as The Standard slaps the Heartbeat of CWA. They slap each other back and forth until they both let out a battle cry and head butt each other cause them both to fall to the mat. Both men sit up almost at the same time with a look of new found respect for each other they begin laughing at the situation.
    Krash: So who won that?

    Ali: Neither of us lost, really, so… Tie?

    Krash: Yeah, I can live with that.

    Krash gets to his feet, stretching, extending a hand toward Ali. With no hesitation, Ali clasped it, and got lifted to his feet.

    Krash: I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough for this gym decour for the night. You wanna go grab a drink or something?

    Ali: You know a good place? Hopefully one that doesn’t look like a junkyard like this gym?

    Krash: Maybe, maybe not. Only one way to find out. You in?

    Ali: … Hey, why not. Lead the way.


    Soon after, the door to a late-night diner swings open, as Krash & Prince Ali enter the sparely-populated eatery. Ali cast a glance around the room, noting the pristine and well-cared for building in contrast to the gym he just left, before a waitress swiftly approached the two.

    Waitress: Good evening, and welcome to Bethany’s Diner. Take a seat, and I’ll be with you in a minute or two.

    The waitress led Ali & Krash to an empty table, pausing briefly to run her eyes across the two wrestlers, the briefest hint of recognition in her eyes, before she turned and left the two. Ali sat himself on a plush leather chair, adjusting for comfort and clasping his hands on the table, while Krash slouched opposite him on his own chair, idly running a hand over his jaw.

    Krash: So…

    Ali arched an eyebrow.

    Ali: So?

    Krash: So, what? Are we, like, friends now, or something?

    Ali: I wouldn’t go that far. But I’d say we’re more… appreciative of each other’s natural abilities, than we were previously.

    Krash nodded in agreement, stroking his moustache.

    Krash: Yeah, that seems fair. Like, we’re not on the same page, but we’re on the same chapter. That make sense?

    Ali: In a metaphorical sort of way, I suppose so.

    The waitress returned, pen and paper in hand, ready to take any orders, staring at the duo expectantly.

    Krash: Do you still have blueberry pancakes? We’ll take two of those.

    Waitress: Sir, it’s 11pm.

    Krash: … So you still have them, right?

    Waitress: Well, yes, bu-

    Krash: We’ll take two of those. Plus a coke each.

    Waitress: … We’ll see what we can do.

    Good on her for not losing her polite smile despite her eye twitching uncontrollably. The waitress jotted down the order on her notepad, turning on her heel and leaving.

    Krash: Great, fabulous. Now Ali, let me ask you something, ally to ally.

    Ali: Yes?

    Krash: Do you think we, you and I, can win those glorious tag team titles? Us, a team that’s only been together for… What, a month-ish, against the Diamond Dogs, two who have competed by each other’s side for years?

    Ali mulled over the question, drumming his fingers against the table as he silently thought.

    Ali: It’s not going to be an easy task but I think we have the best chance to become the tag team champions. The hunger that I have makes me want to be great. The tag team experience you have will propel us to victory. After today I have a new found respect for you and I think this will help our chemistry in the ring.

    Krash pointed a finger at Ali, grinning.

    Krash: I like that attitude, Ali. Good optimism. Although, you avoided probably the toughest aspect of the question.

    Ali: Which was?

    Krash: The Diamond Dogs. Ricardo Vance & Sonny Dongarelli.

    Ali frowned, twisting his features in disgust.

    Ali: The Diamond dogs are the scummiest people I have seen since I moved to America.

    Krash raised his eyebrows and leaned back in his seat, whistling.

    Krash: Wow. You don’t mince words. They don’t seem too bad. Pretty good fashion sense, love the 80’s Miami Vice theme. Yeah, they’re a bit sleazy, nothin’ wrong with that.

    Ali: They promote violence, sex, and their move names are disgusting but beside all that their chemistry in the ring, the experience from all around the world will make them formidable foes. Not only in this match but for the foreseeable future but they also seem very cocky. That cockiness will be the flaw that will cause their fall to us. They will underestimate how good we are.

    Krash: Alright, I can agree with that much. But, and I really need to emphasize this, they have the advantage when it comes to teaming together. They’ve been together for so long I wouldn’t be surprised if they could read each other’s minds. You and I didn’t even speak to each other until about a month ago. Yeah, we’re good. But solid chemistry between two tag wrestlers will always beat two singles wrestlers low on chemistry, no matter how good we may be, individually. It’s not the individual that matters, it’s the team. And while I appreciate that we’re on the same page and are leaning towards actual teaming, we still have an uphill battle to fight if we’re going to beat the Diamond Dogs, if only because they’re been together for so much longer.

    Ali slowly nodded, stroking his chin.

    Ali: So what’s the strategy?

    Krash: Communicate. Work together. Make frequent tags. Keep them on their toes.

    Ali: You’re very well-intuned with tag-team wrestling, I see.

    Now it was Krash’s turn to nod.

    Krash: Oh, yeah. It’s my specialty. Guess that why I got the tournament named after me. Three time CWA tag team champion, longest total reigns to date with two different people, kind’ve a big deal in this area.

    Ali: Ah, yes. Dan Maskell and Alyster Black, correct? Where are they now?

    Krash paused, frowning, as he ran a hand through his hair.

    Krash: I… don’t entirely know. Dan vanished, and Alyster’s… complicated. Best not to get into that right now.

    Ali: I see.

    Krash: But anyway, enough of that, time for you to answer the big question.

    Krash drummed his fingers on the table dramatically, setting up a 'drum roll' as Ali raised an inquisitive eyebrow. Surely, this shield-piercing question would be one for his heart, the most important question of all.

    Krash: What do you think of the team name?

    Ali: ... 'In-Ring Royalty'?

    Krash: Yeah, that. Came up with it on the spot, didn't really ask your thoughts before I said it on TV, so... Do you like it?

    Ali: No, not really.

    The two paused, before Ali cracked a smile and chuckled as the waitress arrived, carrying two plates of blueberry pancakes and two cans of coke. Great balance.

    Ali: But, hey, know what? Regardless of the team name, I’ve got your back. I can taste gold, it’s so close, and I’m more than happy to assist you if the end result of gold around my waist.

    Krash: Hey, I’ll drink to that. Here’s to a golden future.

    Clinking their cans of coke together, Prince Ali & Krash toasted to their goals, before the scene faded away...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy King

    The scene opens up inside of a diner located in whatever city that the CWA is in at the moment, and sitting at a booth is Jackson Fenix. He's dressed casual, t-shirt and jeans with his hair done up in a ponytail. He sits at the booth sipping on a cup of coffee when the door to the diner opens with a chime and in walks Jackson's friend and tag team partner, Nate Savage. He's wearing his CWA official t-shirt along with some casual shorts, and as he walks towards the booth where Jackson is sitting he looks to be in a foul mood, so his usual mood. He takes a seat across from Jackson and the waitress comes up to take his order, and he requests a coffee. There's silence between the two friends, possibly from the events that transpired at the most recent Adrenaline Rush, soon the waitress returns with a mug and pours coffee into it for Nate and takes her leave to serve more patrons. Nate doesn't put any cream or sugar in his coffee, drinking it black, possibly like his heart or soul, regardless he takes a sip and places the mug back down. He stares at Jackson, slightly stewing in anger, when Jackson speaks up.

    Jackson Fenix: Are you still mad about what happened at Adrenaline Rush? I already apologized man, and I told you that you were just taking one for the team and that I know that you would do the same thing if it were me in your situation so don't even get mad at me about it. Hell, if you did what I did I wouldn't blame you...

    Jackson finishes off his coffee, and motions for the waitress to come over and refill it. She does so and then he adds a lot of creamer to it, then takes a long drink from it and puts his mug back down.

    Nate Savage: Good thing I'm not you then Jackson, you see this is why I usually don't take on partners or play well with others because of crap like this. We're partners, we're supposed to have each other's backs at all times, that's how this works. I don't have the time nor do I have the patience for the stunt that you pulled.

    He takes a sip of his coffee and sighs afterwards.

    Nate Savage: You're lucky though...

    Jackson Fenix: Why do you say that?

    Nate Savage: Because I'm willing to let this one slide for now, but don't think if you pull anything like that again that I'm going to be so easily forgiving because I won't be. Don't take my kindness for weakness Jackson, because there won't be a next time.

    Jackson chuckles.

    Jackson Fenix: Don't sweat it man, it won't happen again I promise. I just got to know though, that's not what all this is about is it? I mean, we lost our match to the DiMiacos, thus eliminating us from the tournament and you were the one who was pinned...

    Nate takes a sip of coffee and grits his teeth.

    Nate Savage: You don't think I realize that Jackson, I haven't forgot about that. It still plays in the back of my mind, I blame myself for us being eliminated because I didn't take the DiMiacos as seriously as I should have and it cost not only me but both of us. It stings because I don't handle failure well, it isn't an option for me. I've worked too damn hard to get to where I am and I'm not about to let it all slip away because I wasn't one hundred percent focused. I needed that win more than anything and I let it get away, but I won't let that happen again.

    He sits there in silence after his confession. Jackson sips on his coffee and looks slightly concerned for his partner.

    Jackson Fenix: That's deep man, truly. I get it, really I do. Forget about that though man, the past is the past. I'm not even mad about it because now I've got an opportunity to make an impact on this company in the six-way elimination match and I want you in my corner for that. I can't think of anyone better to have my back than you Nate.

    Nate looks at Jackson and laughs.

    Nate Savage: It's not that easy to forget, it's always going to be in the back of my mind. Like the one that got away, but you know what I got your back and I know that you got this match in the bag. Just don't make the same mistake I did and take any of them lightly...

    Jackson Fenix: I'm not sweating them man, it'll be a piece of cake

    Nate Savage: I'm serious about this Jackson

    Jackson Fenix: I hear you man, I hear you. You don't have anything to worry about man, I got this.

    Nate Savage: For your sake, I certainly hope so

    Jackson holds up his mug to Nate and the two cling them together and continue on with their conversation as the scene fades out.


    A few days later and we're backstage for the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic PPV event where Michelle Kelly is standing by with Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage. Fenix now with his hair down and that cocky smirk while Nate stands behind him with his arms crossed looking stoic.

    Michelle Kelly: I'm here with Jackson Fenix and his tag team partner Nate Savage, and tonight Jackson we'll see you competing in singles competition but not just any match, a six-way elimination match featuring a few newcomers as well as some slightly familiar faces, how at all are you prepared for this match?

    Jackson Fenix: You really said a mouthful there Michelle, I bet you're used to a mouthful if you catch my drift...

    Jackson laughs to himself with a cocky smirk as Michelle rolls her eyes in disgust.

    Jackson Fenix: How am I prepared though? It's simple Michelle, I'm going to go out there and wipe the floor with every single one of them and walk out the winner and prove why I am more superior than each of them

    Michelle Kelly: It can't be that easy though, I mean five other competitors is what you'll be dealing with. Some that you aren't even familiar with, you've got to be at least concerned about what may go down

    Jackson Fenix: Do I look concerned? Why should I be Michelle, huh? You know I'm not concerned Michelle, because big Nate over here has got my back out there tonight, isn't that right Nate Dawg?

    Nate gets closer, glaring at Jackson for that nickname that he's warned him about using before, but lets it slide and turns to Michelle.

    Nate Savage: That's right, I'll be out there tonight to make sure that no funny business goes down, especially with Lilith and her squad of goons lurking around ringside as well

    Michelle Kelly: What about Jeff Potter?

    Nate Savage: Who?

    Michelle Kelly: Jeff Potter, he'll be accompaning Apollo Griffin to ringside tonight

    Nate Savage: I didn't ask for his life story Michelle, and besides he certainly doesn't sound like much of a threat but if he tries anything I'll make sure he pays for it, and I'm going to make sure that Jackson keeps his eye on the ball out there

    Jackson steps back up.

    Jackson Fenix: Nate, I told you that I already got this man, you don't have to worry. Didn't you see how I handled Izaya Snowmantashi last week? I basically made him my bitch and I'm going to do the same tonight with every one in that ring. Whether it be Brayden Bridges, who looks like some bum off the street, Apollo Griffin, Trevor Ocean, Lilith, or even little Snowmantashi again. None of them stand a chance and when it's all said and done, I'm going to be the last one left standing while I leave the rest behind in my dust, mad because they ain't me and mad because they ain't as good as me and they know that they'll never amount to anything in life.

    With that Jackson takes his leave and Nate follows leaving Michelle.

    Michelle Kelly: Awfully confident is Jackson Fenix, but will it be enough to pull off the win tonight? We'll find out soon enough, back to you guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by An Original Name
    Viewers who had clicked on the video (entitled “For Whom The Bell Tolls”) were immediately confronted by a blank screen. It was only the sound of wind howling across an unseen landscape which evidenced that a video was playing at all. This endured for some moments until a second noise began to grow in prominence. Barely perceptible at first, then rising, slowly, softly, until it became unmistakable…





    When at last the scene opened, viewers were greeted by a nightmarish hellscape, the likes of which seemed at odds with some of the more family-orientated segments in CWA programming:Graves rose from the ground like the broken teeth of some long-slain beast, and an eerie fog rose up from fissures in the ground to choke the atmosphere and herald a mood of profound foreboding. All of this gloom was set against what appeared to have once been a cathedral, now laying broken and ruined amid the utter desolation of its surroundings. The colourless, lifeless scene was made all the more harrowing by the sepia filter placed on the video to rob viewers of even the comfort of the light. This, undeniably, was the lair of a Demon.

    “Time… waits for no man.”





    Lilith's words were a voice-over, but they heralded a fade to black. When the scene reopened, the video had transposed to what appeared to be the clocktower of the ruined cathedral. There stood the mother of Ravens Lilith. She did not smile nor look directly at the camera. Instead, she surveyed the scene around her.

    The clocktower was cramped and dim, with a table on either side. One housed a row of candles, too numerous to count, and the other an hourglass. Lilith looked between the two, and then to the walls about her. On three sides the tower had crumbled. Only behind her was there still a clock face. It was twenty minutes to midnight. High above the ancient bells hung, swaying softly in the bite of the wind. Lilith paid them no mind.

    The clock ticked on.





    Lilith “For so many years….., I dreamed of nothing so much as I dreamed of being able to call this… home. This… the house that darkness built.”“All those years… I watched the darkness stood in this tower the master of all it surveyed. This… was our kingdom. And we watched it vigilantly. But now it has fallen into ruin.”

    Lilith walked across to the candles and produced from beside them a short, round object. It couldn’t be seen in the shadow, so he raised it up into the candlelight.

    Lilith:“After I was condemned, I thought that my hopes and dreams of one day commanding this kingdom were nothing more than the pale shadow of ambition. But now…”

    Without ceremony, Lilith walked across to the hourglass and tipped the contents of the urn into it, watching curiously as they cascaded down and began to flow freely into the lower chamber

    Lilith “Now my doubt is scattered to the wind, and now this … belongs to me. The sands of time have shifted beneath CWA and I have proven once and for all that it is I who is the master of fate. It is I who commands the forces of darkness and now… it is I who holds the keys to the kingdom.

    A haunting laugh accompanied a flash of demonic glee in Lilith's eye

    Lilith:“This house will be rebuilt from the ruins of their destruction, I will become the true power in CWA, while they are consigned to watch me from the shadows as I exceed every accolade and triumph that you ever achieved. In time… I will surpass them. But for now, I will rule you, and each and every soul that was ever yours. The Age of Light has passed. The Age of Darkness… is about to begin.”

    Lilith stalked forward, looking once more out of the crack in the wall at the lands she now claimed for her own.She seemed to have become more composed and measured as thought for the first time he was allowing himself to believe that everything she said was true

    Lilith: “The natural order was ever thus. In time, the old must make way for the young and a new generation will rise to supplant the last. Such is the fate… of mortal man. I alone can claim dominion over the grave. And I alone will reign… forever…”





    Seventeen minutes to midnight.

    Lilith“This Sunday I will cement myself as the undisputed New Phenom of the wrestling world. I will achieve everything that I set out to do, and I will do it without the interference or the assistance. The Path to Glory is mine to walk… alone.”

    Lilith“Five men will attempt to bar my path; five men who will each put their lives and their souls on the line to achieve a greatness which is far beyond them. They will each learn what out to their cost: there can be no victory over the grave, and one by one… everybody… yields… to time. In this match, each man will be a slave to the clock. They will fight… and sweat… and bleed to ensure that when the bell chimes they are the one standing victorious. But they none of them understand that their effort will be futile because none of them has been listening to my prophecy. None of them has understood the peril of their position, but they are about to learn the most profound lesson of their lives: they are about to learn that in a battle against the clock, no man can prevail. No man… can outrun time. And, as in life, I will be the embodiment of their demise. I… will be the finality of the dark.”





    Lilith “I have seen men confront their mortality in all kinds of ways. You can learn a lot about his soul… by the fight, he exhibits as his end approached I will confront a range of opponents who each embody a different kind of resistance… and denial. I will face five men who believe themselves capable of doing what no man who has gone before them has managed, and for five very different reasons. Consider…

    Lilith moved across to the candles and pointed at them with an outstretched finger.

    Lilith: Izaya… … is a man capable of viewing himself only through the prism of legacy. He has defined himself by a name that he did nothing to forge… and by the accomplishments of his brother. But in that legacy, Izaya sees his opportunity to defy the grave. He may believe that, like his brother, he can forge a name for himself that will echo out across eternity. He may believe that he can climb even greater heights because he is elevated by the bonds of family. But Izaya? Take it from someone who knows. “Family will drag you… down. Family are not a ladder that will aid you in your ascent to fortune and fame… they are instead the weight under which your climb will buckle. And no matter how you strive, no matter what you accomplish… your light will be ever outshone by that of the name that you offer your labours in service to. Izaya will never outlive Snowmantashi. And that would be tragedy enough. But in Izaya Snowmantashi case… I see a festering truth that corrodes the heart of a proud brother. I see the real reason that you’ve come here. You see, Izaya, I know the thoughts that wake you in the dead of night. I know the fear that grips, that gnaws at your heart. You know that alone… you can’t achieve the task that you have set yourself. You, perhaps alone among the men we face this Sunday, have accepted the futility of trying to resist the grave. But instead of accepting the anonymity of death, you have dedicated yourself to perpetuating a family name that you believe can live on. You have identified what you believe to be… a cheat, in the hope that every time the name of Snowmantashi is whispered… Izaya will be spoken in the same breath. I can assure you that such effort is doomed to the failure that awaits all second sons. No matter what you do… the elder brother will always be the favoured. You are risking everything in service to a cause that can not avail you, and in the end? This Sunday you will die for it. And as your brother mourns as your casket is lowered into the ground and the voices whisper around you, even then they will deny you your legacy. Even then… your elder brother will be bathed in gold, leaving you only… the dust.”

    Lilith pointed at the candles once more

    Lilith: “Family or not, each man gets only one of these flames to tend and to stroke as long as he can. And in the end, whether bound by love or blood or common cause, each candle stands alone. And alone… it is snuffed out. The dark does not respect… family legacy.”

    Lilith jabbed at a candle with a finger and thumb and quelled the flame. The camera focused for a poignant moment on what seemed to be a metaphor for Izaya Snowmantashi’ impending demise, but it was soon back with Lilith . She tilted his head, listening intently.





    Thirteen minutes to midnight.

    Lilith: “And yet… while I can respect the plight of Izaya Snowmantashi… there are some who will enter that ring on Sunday in whom I find little to admire, their causes less… moral. In particular, I refer… to Jackson Fenix”

    Lillith took a sharp intake of breath through his nose before saying anything further. An added focus seemed to have been lit behind his eyes)

    Lilith: Few can boast the kind of start in CWA that Fenix has enjoyed; a man, like myself, yet to be pinned or to taste the bitter sting of defeat. But unlike me… Felix has had to rely on a partner to be defeated for him to preserve that record. And unlike me, Lilith knows that his survival is temporary. He knows - or he will soon learn - that his successes have done nothing more than delay what is an inevitable demise. He, just like each and every other man who steps into that ring… is a slave of time. This Sunday he will be no different, toiling against the clock to become the one who achieves his dream But in the end, I will ensure that it becomes a nightmare. In the end, I will lift back the veil of his denial and I will reveal the full horror of the fate that awaits him. And then I will bury him in his hypocrisy. Because you don’t fool me, Jackson. I hear your noble assertion that you have come to PCW to seek perfection, yet in each and every action you betray the deceit of this proclamation. You are a man who respects nothing, and your method of denying the darkness is not so grand or sophisticated as Snowmantashi’. You simply intend to stand at the side of your grave, to look down into the yawning abyss… and to spit in defiance of an authority that you don’t recognise. All your life you have dedicated yourself to the accrual of material gain. In wealth… and women… and fame, you have blocked out the ticking of the clock. But now? Now that ticking grows louder, doesn’t it? Now you know that your fate cannot be long denied. The wine turns to vinegar in your mouth… and the money to ash in your hand, and nothing that you thought you stood for can console you in the depths of your despair. For you more than anybody else, I believe that this Sunday will be a release that you crave; a release from the lies that you have found your name upon, a release from the paradox in which you are trapped, and a release from the world which no longer satiates a lust for material gain than even your brilliance cannot match. This Sunday, Jackson Felix the only material you need concern yourself with… is the dirt beneath which you will be put to rest….And when I drag you kicking and screaming before the darkness….What fate shall it have for you maybe it can teach you something about the fate of men who bind their legacy to material possessions.”

    Lilith laughed riotously, throwing her head back to project his voice fully across the clocktower. It was some seconds before he regained full composure, but when he did she took on a steely resolve not yet seen. Evidently, he meant business in whatever was to come next.

    Lilith: “Which brings me to the man I must confess… I am most eager to face. Brayden Bridges, Such anger in you...Such angst. You have come to represent a raw and animal fury that none can withstand, and your method of triumphing over the march of time this Sunday? RAGE! But never forget… that the rage coursing through your veins? I invented. And destruction has been my calling since before you can fathom.”

    Lilith walked swiftly over to the hourglass on the opposite table and raised it into the air, studying it curiously.

    Lilith:“You might think that you can dominate your way to immortality, Brayden, but trust me: breaking the world is not the key to prosperity.”

    Without warning, Lilith brought the hourglass crashing down on the table. Still standing, the glass in it shattered and the ashes encased within began to blow about in the breezeLilith ran a finger absently through the ashes, drawing circular symbol and watching it blow away.

    Lilith:“I may be able to break time, Brayden, but you cannot. This Sunday, for the first time in your career, you will learn that your physical frame has limitations. You will discover that force and aggression alone are not enough to prevail against the Darkness. For years I’ve seen men try to match darkness with the flame of fury.and each and every time it would rise stronger than before. In the end, I learned that power alone could not conquer the darkness within. You, Brayden, are so blinded by your rage that you cannot see the doom that yawns before you. So utterly convinced in the supremacy of your might, you have forgotten that a warrior needs more than strength of arms to prevail. And yet… “there is much of myself in the naivety of your approach… and there is much to be respected in your ability. When I came to CWA … I heard the whispers in the dark. I knew that the doubters questioned my ability In defeating you, Brayden, the embodiment of the power and ambition, I will prove finally and decisively that there are none strong enough to deny me my destiny as World Heavyweight Champion. I will prove that there is nobody- and I mean NOBODY - capable of wresting this torch from my hands. I do not yield. Not to you or anybody. And this Sunday when I offer up the shining beacon of the next generation in sacrifice, the world will know it. The world will know that the Age of Darkness is not ending… it is only just beginning. And they will know that only I…”

    Lilith swept the hourglass from the table and it landed with a clatter of frame and glass

    “...can break the cycle of time.”

    Lilith stared down at the wreckage of the hourglass and watched the last of the ashes glide away across the floor. It seemed to soothe her, as though the anger she had needed to confront Brayden Bridges was melting away amongst the ash. Silence prevailed.





    Eight minutes to midnight.

    Lilith: “Many will fight for a cause they believe in, and while their efforts are ultimately doomed to fail… there is purity in even the most misguided of their attempts to achieve the impossible. But there are others… who will not fight at all. Men… like Trevor Ocean.”

    Lilith shifted her attention from the wreckage of the hourglass back to the camera, a look of distaste evident in her face before he spoke another word.

    Lilith:“Trevor Ocean… unique among all of those who will enter the scramble… is a man who does not believe that it is his responsibility to evade the grip of mortality. Trevor Ocean believes that it is mortality who must ensure that they do not cross paths. His method of ensuring survival is the most corrosive of all because Ocean has surrendered himself to the most deadly of sins: pride. I have watched as he protested and decried his involvement in qualification for this opportunity at winning, and I have sensed his rising incredulity at being confronted by the world that did not bend to his whim or offer him a shortcut to the success to which he believes that his brilliance entitles him. For men like Trevor Ocean… there is no responsibility and there is no accountability. There is neither duty nor honour. There is only… the self. Trevor Ocean alone among us is not concerned by his mortality because his pride has blinded him to the vulnerability of his position. His pride has destroyed the ability to understand and empathise with the world around him. And now? His pride has led him down a road which he will be immensely sorry that he embarked upon. Because mortality does not have an obligation to respect you, Trevor. The Darkness does not concern itself with your attributes or achievements. One by one, each and every mortal man will be judged on the scale and it is only their soul which will determine their fate. I… am that scale. And I will measure the Trevor Ocean and I will find his soul to be unworthy of the opportunity that he has been given. I will find… him… to be unworthy.”

    Lilith raised her arms, outstretched, and offered her hands to the camera

    Lilith “Mortality is not evading you, Trevor and make no mistake about it: the rules do apply to you despite what your pride may tell you. I am to be the embodiment of your destruction. And tonight you will learn what countless others have learned before you: that when the hour of your demise draws close at hand, there is no bargain to be made. There will be no reasoning with the finality of my judgment, and there will be no deference to the status that you perceive yourself to have. There will be a shortcut for you, but it does not lead to Snowmantashi, it does not lead to titles. It leads… to your grave. And I will ensure that you occupy it.”

    Lilith sniffed and turned her head, clearly unwilling to spend any more time debating. She was no respecter of entitlement, believing that only that which you took by force was ever truly yours. If Trevor Ocean wanted to be lauded as the all-time great he professed to be, this would be his opportunity to validate that claim. But he wouldn’t do it by insisting on preferential treatment, he would do it by looking Lilith in the eye and hurting her. Lilith was, to say the least, sceptical as to Ocean chances. She walked across the camera’s field of vision and back to the cracks in the wall, gazing down at the scattered and uneven graves beneath the clocktower.

    Lilith:“Mortality… is inevitable. But there is a lot to learn about a man by the way in which he confronts adversity. There is a lot to learn… by whether he quits or faces his end with the courage and resilience of a true champion.Like Apollo Griffin

    The camera faded out from Lilith and viewers were transported to an eerie, panning shot of the graveyard below. As she continued to speak as a voiceover.

    Lilith:“The souls that my brother has taken… countless… stretch out from this place into the great beyond. Every one of these graves marks a… a life… whose path ran across that of the darkness, Each and every one of those men were weighed… and measured… and laid to rest. How many of them fight? How many of them, in that final moment, found the courage and the determination to resist the inevitability of their ultimate defeat? Apollo Griffin will resist He offers only his toil and his heart, and in the end, he represents the purest form of resistance to mortality that can be imagined: Each stone that you see before you mark the ending of a story just… like… yours. Whether they resisted, whether they faced their final moments upon this earth with a courage and a defiance of the facts that lay so stark before them… or whether they simply offered themselves willingly to the void… it does not matter. The result… is always the same. There is no defying the odds in life’s final battle, Raise, Raise against the dying of the light….They all do and you like them will fail.

    Lilith turned back from the wall and cast an eye at the clock face. It was two minutes to midnight. The ticking of the clock, the seconds marching ever on just as they would in the scramble, was taking on an air of finality. Lilith looked up at the bells which hung above her, and then returned back to the camera.

    Lilith“Soon... I will begin the work of rebuilding the world around me. Five souls will come to the ring and they will become the foundation upon which my new kingdom is founded. They will become… a symbol of the fate of any man who opposes The Dark Watch.… Time will be the undoing of my enemies, and I will prove that it is I… and not them… who truly holds dominion I will prove that it is I who is the master now. And I will prove that I… am the next World Heavyweight Champion.”





    Lilith“Apollo Griffin… Jackson Fenix… Brayden Bridges… Trevor Ocean… Izaya Snowmantashi… Your time approaches.”



    “Ask not for whom the bell tolls…”





    “For it tolls for thee.”


    “It tolls for all mankind. And the end of the Age of Light”


    "It heralds… the Age… of Darkness."


    And with that, the scene faded to blackness. Fans may not like it, they may not want it, and they certainly feared it - but few now doubted. Lilith was bent on winning in spite of everything that his opponents would throw at her, in spite of all the diverse methods of resistance which they each represented, there was an aura about her Lilith and growing in confidence, in power and in strength with each passing victory. Her triumph was not what the fans wanted to see, but much like the passing of time, it was now undeniable. Midnight had come and, for her opponents, for CWA and for the world itself, darkness was about to fall.

    Tic toc.
    Show RPs. Thanks to those who showed up! Lots of quality stuff here! Show up within 7 day span~

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    Re: CWA Krash Tag Team Classic PPV Promos

    Post-deadline RP

    Quote Originally Posted by OMBGraves
    Brayden Bridges is outside the parking lot when a man walks by. Bridges asks for a light then man looks at him with a look in his eye calls him a killer and walks off. Bridges punches the wall angred but calms himself down he sits playing the guitar as he sings.

    They all are the same
    There eyes act like the never felt pain
    They curse my name in vein
    Heroes never die
    Villians last through time
    Is this my legacy
    Or can I get by?

    Bridges stops singing and begins to talk however hes playing the guitar to this beautiful haunting sound.

    Bridges: So tonight, I face the music this lost soul path is molded the question is where will I go you see everyone out there tonight has a story some good some bad but yet somehow it has brought us to this point the twist and turns of our lives come to a crossroads and only one of us will take the path onto greener pastures as the others fall into the night and become like Pink Floyd said another brick in the wall.

    I ask myself though is do I really wanna do this do I really wanna show the world this part of me because that man sums up all my fears all my troubles that can a wicked man really change his ways. Can I be the man, she would want me to be or am I the villian in her story losing myself to that dark passanger who nails I feel trying to tear my face away to step into this light of day.

    Brayden stands up his tall presence as he is now walking through backstage people whispering looking as he walks by.

    Bridges: CWA has given me this chance at freedom a chance a I may not deserve but a chance no less and I will go out there and I will do what is needed to be done because I have to move foward though my legs seem to be heavy and my walls are closing in.

    Bridges sits again alone in the seats of the crowd still playing away.

    Bridges: Let me ask you a question, and yes I am talking to you 5 common lost souls just like me. Have you ever just really listened to a music? I do not mean just mean playing that song on repeat and playing it over and over .

    I mean really listen to it as the sound of the guitar as it picks up speed the way the drums beat as your heart goes to it almost bursting out of your chest. The way the bass just brings it to you as the lyrics put you in a trance and those words boil in the back of your mind and you and it our one and the music it sees who you really are as it just plucks your emotions like strings right here.

    Brayden hold his guitar up . However his face gets intense and something is different in his eyes.

    Bridges: You see I feel that, I am that and tonight you will to but this music we make isnt one you listen to in a sense its the sound of knuckles arcoss jaws the sound of kicks breaking bones the sound of slaps bouncing off of flesh and that in itself is beautiful and that in itself is tragic.

    Walk along the shadows
    Scared of the day
    Monsters amongst the man
    Talking straight to your face
    Never trust the man
    With lust in his eyes
    You will perish
    Lost in the time

    Bridges looks into the arena picking his guitar up and walking away

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