A Inside look into CWA newest superstar The Lost Soul Brayden Bridges

( note this is not my promo for show just more charcter background)

Hold your hand to the fire numb your pain burn this flesh disolve me of my ways

Bridges plays along with his guitar his eyes fixed playing with his raspy voice filling the backstage where you can hear people setting up the ring.

Bridges: The next song on the list the next chapter of the story talks about my one and only.

Her name was Alice and she was my whole world.

We used to just sit under the stars we get high she could always find the perfect vein. We would hold each other as we drifted into those stars we would crash like falling ones

Now we both knew that we had a problem and we always needed the fix but we never did that shit unless we both could.

You know I never thought I met someone like her she was my fire and I was gasoline. We set a blaze to everywhere we went a modern day natural born killers. Now you see we got busted a few times no jailtime mostly fines shit like that but after awhile people tend to think that they got you figured out. They saw us and they thought we were white trash they look at us as these thiefs as these low lives that we were nothing granted years laters in my path I found I proved some of them right.

Bridges looks up his eyes filled with conflict.

Anyway lets go back get back on track. We were not white trash no matter what you think, or maybe I am but she wasn't she was an lover she was a gyspy she would talk dance smile at you and you would fall into that trance and I would do anything for her.

Bridges smiles quickly turns upside down as he shuffles around lighting a cig to calm himself.

I started working for this guy selling a certain product we had a fondness for. Well I did this job and I was good at it for a long time and then I noticed that I was making noise and he didn't like that but I couldn't see that at the time.

So he calls me and says look we got a new product coming in and saya that they are gonna test it out invite Alice its on the house. So we get to the warehouse and everything would change.

Bridges starts singing again.

Alice climbed her way down the rabbit hole
Falling into the bliss
Into the land of nevermore
Her heart broken
By the Knight who
Swore to never fold

Bridges stops and says what happen next was a series of events that made him into this mess. He mutters to himself.

He pulled out a gun held it to my head we got into a fight...

The gun went off...

Fire & Gasoline engulfed us are biggest strength was our biggest downfall and that she laid motionless on the ground and a gunshot wound to her head.

I remember her eyes were still open and remember her skin was so cold and then that dark passanger arrive the man in black and I woke up and that I looked down and I had blood on my hands and I was on my knees and all I saw was flashes of red and blue lights and the sound of voices screaming and myself on the ground crying as I saw her again .




Bridges voice cracks and he takes a look at his guitar.

You see I need this... the guitar I need this place. I need it our I am gonna be stuck on this note as it plays over and over and I am going to be lost in the music drifting away until its just noise and that turns to echos and that turns to nothing and that is what scares me most. Maybe cause I am scared to be alone or maybe I fear im used to being numb.