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Thread: CWA Krash Tag Team Classic (Quarter-Finals/Semi-Finals) Promos

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    CWA Krash Tag Team Classic (Quarter-Finals/Semi-Finals) Promos

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy King

    Backstage at the most recent edition of Adrenaline Rush and Nate Savage is sitting backstage watching a monitor of the evening's event transpiring, and shaking his head the whole time, especially during the segment with Isaac Richmann and Noah Hanson getting sent home by the new GM, Afa Seanoa. Nate's arms are crossed as he leans back in his seat just as Michelle Kelly catches him.

    Michelle Kelly: Nate, what are you doing here tonight? I was under the impression that you weren't medically cleared to compete tonight after the unsactioned match between you and Christian Quinn at FSA

    Nate turns to Michelle with an annoyed look and seethes as she mentions that name.

    Nate Savage: I was Michelle but unlike Christian Quinn I'm still able to walk on my own power. Quinn should consider himself lucky that he's still alive after what I did to him at FSA.

    Michelle Kelly: Are you implying that we won't see Christian Quinn again?

    Nate Savage: You catch on quick Michelle. Yes, Quinn won't be stepping foot inside of a wrestling ring ever again the way I see it. He's too hurt, not only physically but mentally and I'm sure his ego is pretty brused up too. Quinn is a broken man because of me and he only has himself to blame. He brought this all on himself when he thought it was a wise move to stick his nose in my business at the Wrestle-Royale and in my HV title rematch. He dug his own grave and now he has to lie in it.

    Michelle Kelly: Well, what's next for you moving forward?

    Nate Savage: You see Michelle, when Quinn was here I lost focus of what really mattered, I was too distracted. With him out of the way I can now refocus on why I'm here, and that's to win gold.

    Michelle Kelly: High Voltage championship?

    Nate Savage: While that would be nice to cripple Krash and take back what was stolen from me, I'm thinking of something different. No, not the world championship either, not because I'm afraid of Snowmantashi but because why would I announce my intentions for that. I want to catch Snowmantash when he least expects it and that's when I'll take his precious gold belt away from him. No, I'm thinking tag team gold Michelle. I was listening to our new supreme overlord out there earlier spout off something about a tag team tournament to crown new tag team champions...

    Michelle Kelly: That's surprising considering that you don't usually work well with others

    Nate Savage: I don't work well with the mouth-breathers in THIS locker room, there's a difference Michelle. I may know someone that is just itching to get their name out and make an impact in the big leagues.

    Michelle Kelly: May I ask who?

    Nate Savage: You may not, you'll just have to wait like everyone else. Now, if you don't mind I've got a phone call to make so get lost...

    Nate shoos her away, Michelle shuffles off with an annoyed look and shaking her head.


    A few days have passed and our scene opens up with a view of the Las Vegas strip at night. A car pulls up and Nate Savage exits the vehicle, wearing casual attire of a t-shirt and track pants as he enters a building that looks like a nightclub and the neon blinking sign on the front of the building reads: THE NIGHTCAP

    Nate shuffles through the crowded building, looking more annoyed than ever. Random people bumping into him, triggering him and fueling the rage inside of him. He continues to shuffle through when a voice shouts out:


    Nate looks for the source of the voice and finds a young, well dressed man sitting in a booth with a young woman. Nate walks to the booth and shakes the hand of the young man.

    I told you that I hated it when you call me that Jackson.

    The young man, Jackson, laughs and pats Nate on the back while obnoxiously chewing his gum.

    Take a seat Nate!

    Nate takes a seat in the booth as Jacksoon scoots himself to the middle to make room for Nate, and just as he does so the young woman cuddles up to Jackson, prompting him to place his arm over her.

    Couldn't you have chosen a place a lot less crowded and noisey?

    Jackson just smiles and still obnoxiously chews his gum.

    You look like you've seen better days Nate

    I'm still a little banged up from that battle with that bum Christian Quinn...

    Christian Quinn? Isn't that the guy that's like a cheap rip-off of me? I mean, he basically stole my look but at least I pull off it better

    Jackson takes a swig of a brown liquid from a shot glass and slams it down on the table in front of him. He wipes his lips and looks at the young woman next to him.

    Hey dollface, why don't you go for a dance out there because my friend and I here have some business we need to discuss...

    The young woman understands as she nods and exits the booth. Soon more shot glasses are served to the table by a female server, and as she's leaving Jackson smacks on the behind and gives her a tip and a wink.


    Jackson shrugs.

    What can I say? I got a way with the ladies

    Jackson takes a glass and offers it to Nate, but he declines.

    I don't bother with that stuff.

    Suit yourself bro

    Jackson takes a shot and slams it back down.

    Oh, that's good!

    Look, Jackson I didn't come here to make small talk and chit chat about old times, what I need to know is are you ready?

    You know it baby!

    Because by the looks of it all you care about is boozing up and hitting on any floozy you see

    Come on Nate, lighten up a little. Of course I'm ready man, you know me this is just who I am and what I do. I know when it's time to get serious though so don't even worry about that. I got you man, don't sweat it.

    I hope so.

    Have I ever let you down before?

    Nate is silent.

    See? Your silence speaks volumes my friend. You can trust me man, yeah I like to turn loose every now and then but I also like to kick ass, take names, and rub it in people's stupid faces when I beat them.

    Jackson takes another shot.

    So what is this thing called again?

    The CWA Krash Tag Team Classic

    What kind of stupid name is that?

    Apparently the new GM felt sympathy for Krash, the resident loser of CWA and wanted to honor him by naming this tournament after him. The guy is a lost cause, he's been part of a few tag teams that have never lasted probably because of him.

    He doesn't sound so special, so I don't see the point in this tournament being named after him

    Neither do I but he's in this thing with a guy by the name of Prince Ali

    Aladdin is part of this thing?

    No man, his name is actually Prince Ali

    He does realize he's named after a Disney character, doesn't he?

    I don't know the kid that well enough and I don't really care to get to know him. All I see him as is a target that stands in our way along with everyone else in this thing...

    Who is everyone else?

    We've got Fire & Oil...

    Who comes up with these names? Fire & Oil, seriously?

    Noah Nitro and Thomas West, Nitro is the biggest joke the CWA has ever seen while Thomas West hasn't been relevant in years. They're nothing, they don't matter. Next up is The DiMiacos, a couple of Italian immigrants that love America, one looks like he's from Russia while the other looks like your typical meathead...

    Two Italian schmucks, got it

    Then two guys from Reno, Booby Smooth and Cody Mundz...

    I've heard of those guys, never met them but I know about them. They run with this biker gang out of Reno, they're garbage but they're from Reno so what do you expect

    Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli, who look like something out of the 80's.

    Sound like a couple of dweebs, next

    XYZ and Shawn Summers

    What the hell is up with these names? XYZ, what the hell man? Sounds like an idiot

    Summers isn't too bright himself either and recently suffered a loss to a woman at FSA

    Guy should turn in his man card right now

    Finally, the Snowmantashi Brothers, as if one of them wasn't bad enough.

    Isn't that tub of goo the world champion?

    Yeah but that doesn't matter, none of it matters. None of them matter because they don't stand a chance because in the end we'll be the ones left standing with the gold while all of them look like the losers they truly are.

    There's that confidence, see I told you Nate, everything is going to be fine. All of those guys may as well just give up now before we embarrass them, or they can just lose to us. Their choice, but they can't be mad just because we're better than them.

    Jackson hands Nate a drink, and Nate obliges.

    The next tag team champions!

    They cling their glasses together and the scene fades out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tig
    The DFB Chronicles
    Vol. 1

    Two men stand outside an ice-cream parlour on a side street, somewhere in Reno, Nevada. The two men are leaning against two big Harley Davidson motorcycles and are wearing leather cuts. The words “Nevada Reapers” is embroidered onto the back of both mens cuts. The scruffy-looking, six even, two-hundred plus pound frame belonged to Cody Mundz and the handsome, yet nasty-looking face belonged to Bobby “Smooth”, two members of the outlaw motorcycle club Nevada Reapers. The two are having a loud conversation as people go out of their way to avoid them - crossing the road, pretending to be on the phone, entering shops they had no previous intention of entering.

    Cody Mundz ~ “See that’s the freaking problem, Bobby! People take one look at us and they’ve already made up their minds. The way I see it? If people are just going to believe that we’re a certain way … then we may as well be that way. Give the people what they want, that’s always the aim of the game … no?”

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “I understand exactly what you are saying Cody and I think it’s wrong to judge a book by it’s cover but eh, you know, wouldn’t exactly have the wrong idea about us.”

    Cody Mundz ~ “I can’t say I’m following what you’re saying?”

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “I guess what I’m saying is we’re collecting protection money from a damn ice-cream parlour - you know what people call that?”

    Cody Mundz ~ “Extortion?”

    The two men share a look and then proceed to burst out in raucous laughter. Bobby slaps Cody playfully on the back.

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “They call it scummy, dummy! And that’s all I’m saying; maybe they shouldn’t judge but sometimes when they do … they hit the nail on the head, brother.”

    Cody Mundz ~ “You really think we’re scummy, Bob?”

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “You really give a shit, Cody?”

    Cody grins and as if in response to Bobby’s retort, he gets up off the bike and pushes open the door to the ice-cream parlour. A wind chime jingling as the door swings open is in stark contrast to Cody bellowing out at the top of his lungs.


    Bobby shakes his head and allows himself a chuckle before following Cody into Mr. Freeze’s ice-cream parlour. A balding, middle-aged man, clad in a white shirt and navy pants comes out from the back of the shop and looks at the two in disgust.

    Mr. Freeze ~ “I see Nevada Reapers are still sending their ‘finest’ in protection.”

    Cody Mundz ~ “Shut your mouth, asshole. End of the month. Pay the fuck up.”

    Mr. Freeze ~ “Oh, didn’t you hear? You guys won’t be getting paid this month.”

    The feeling is tense in the parlour as the silence fills the air after Mr. Freeze’s claim. Bobby looks at Cody and notices his whole body has gone rigid, the way it does right before he - THWACK!

    Mr. Freeze ~ “ARGGGGH! MY FUCKING NOSE!”

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “Cody! Fucking hell man, there’s blood everywhere!”

    As Mr. Freeze is trying to ebb the flow of blood gushing from his nose, Cody is rubbing the spot on his forehead where he connected with the bridge of Mr. Freeze’s nose. He shrugs his shoulders.

    Cody Mundz ~ “You know the gig, Bob, if they don’t wanna pay … we make’em.”

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “Yeah but man … the dude’s like sixty or something.”

    Mr. Freeze ~ “I’m fourty-eight, asshole!”

    Cody Mundz ~

    Bobby holds Cody back as he lunges towards the bloody Mr. Freeze.

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “Hey Cody, relax, relax. I got this, alright?”

    Bobby waits until he can feel Cody relax and then he releases his grip on him. Bobby slowly turns around and walks towards Mr. Freeze who is still planted on his ass following Cody’s head-butt.

    Bobby “Smooth” ~
    “Look, Mr. Freeze, I apologise for my buddy’s … over-reaction … but I’m sure you can appreciate … the delicacy of the situation we find ourselves in. I mean, you made a deal with Big Dog and we all know we don’t cross Big Dog. So if Big Dog pays me and Cody to uh, make sure you uphold your end of the deal … and then you don’t … you can see how that leaves us in a sticky situation, right? So, uh …”

    Bobby has reached Mr. Freeze and he extends a hand to help hoist Mr. Freeze up.

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “Why are you saying crazy things about us not being paid this month?”

    Mr. Freeze ~ “Because you aren’t.”

    THWACK! This time it’s Bobby’s left fist that landed flush with the jaw of Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze is left writing on the floor in pain. Bobby shakes his head at him.

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “Now, why did you go and have to say that?”

    Mr. Freeze is cowering on the floor, his back against the counter. He whimpers something unintelligible. Cody kicks over a chair in anger before getting right in Mr. Freeze’s face.

    Cody Mundz ~
    “SPEAK THE FUCK UP DICKHEAD! Why the hell aren’t you paying us?”

    Mr. Freeze ~
    “B-B-Because you guys are paid to protect me and y-y-you can’t do it, so why should I pay you?”

    Cody pulls up away from Mr. Freeze and looks at Bobby. Concern is written all over both men’s faces. Cody’s tone changes completely when he addresses Mr. Freeze.

    Cody Mundz ~ “Uh, Mr. Freeze … what do you mean we can’t protect you?”

    Mr. Freeze ~ “You can’t! You guys couldn’t do anything last weekend! I tried calling you like three times! It’s over. Johnny Yamatachi is running the protection racket around here now.”

    Cody spits on the floor in disgust.

    Cody Mundz ~ “YAMATACHI!? You’re in bed with that stinkin’ fish-head?”

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “Cody! Outside! We need to talk. Now.”

    Cody glares at Bobby but reluctantly follows him out onto the street.

    Cody Mundz ~ “Look, I know we have a problem Smooth but -”

    Bobby “Smooth” ~
    “A problem? A freaking problem? Cody, I know it’s in our very nature to not give a crap if we have a problem but this? This is slightly different. Other than money … what’s the most important thing to Big Dog?”

    Cody Mundz ~ “His reputation.”

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “His freakin’ reputation. He will hit the roof if he finds out that Yamatachi took one of his spots. More specifically, one of his spots that he tasked US with looking after.”

    Cody Mundz ~ “This is the part, where I remind you, THAT I DIDN’T WANNA GO TO FREAKING VEGAS LAST WEEKEND BOBBY! That was all you, Mr. Smooth, the high-roller from Reno THAT COULDN’T WIN A HAND OF BLACK-JACK WITH A DAMN ACE HIDDEN UP HIS SLEEVE!”

    Bobby looks away sheepishly, trying to block out a bad memory from the weekend prior.

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “Alright, alright, look - we messed up. We’re going to have to fix it - how?”

    Cody Mundz ~ “Look it’s easy, we wait until Yamatachi’s guys show up, we do what we do best, Mr. Freeze pays us and everything gets sorted.”

    Bobby “Smooth” ~
    “Aight … except how do we stop Mr. Freeze from telling all our other spots that he got roughed up not once but twice - and one of them times was by the guys that were supposed to be, you know, protecting him?”

    Cody Mundz ~ “We gotta let him keep this month.”

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “Are you out of your damn mind? That freaking ice-cream parlour is worth twenty k, Cody … we need it to make up our monthly kick-up to Big Dog. If we let Mr. Freeze keep this month … how the hell are we gonna make up twenty grand?”

    Cody Mundz ~
    “Turn around.”

    Bobby “Smooth” ~
    “What the hell are you talking about, Cody?”

    Cody Mundz ~
    “Just turn around and look.”

    Bobby turns and faces the window of the parlour, we can’t see what he and Cody are looking at. After half a minute, Bobby sighs.

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “No way Cody. No freaking way.”

    Cody turns and walks towards the ice-cream parlour door.

    Bobby “Smooth” ~
    “I said N-O, Cody! That spells NO you jackass!”

    Bobby’s shouts are futile as we hear the jingling of the wind-chimes in the doorway of the parlour once again. Bobby has a momentary freak-out.

    Bobby “Smooth” ~ “I always said he was crazy, hell I knew he was crazy but this shit’s just insane. Is he serious? What on earth is he thinking? FUCK!”

    Bobby charges into the shop after Cody and we can finally see that it was actually an advertisement in the window of the shop that the duo were looking at;

    --- KRASH ---

    PRIZE MONEY: $25'000

    Quote Originally Posted by PowerfulShake
    The Triad insult Big Mac's Calculator

    The scene opens up just outside of the Malibu Vice nightclub in Miami, Florida. The sun is setting and the sky gives off a warm but calm amber glow -- almost directly contrasted by the bright, almost 'noisy' vibrance of the green and pink neon club sign. The absolutely imposing 5ft 8, 136lbs figure of "Big Mac" Jonald McDonald can be seen standing, arms folded, outside of the double glass doors of the club - staring a hole through the camera and directly at the viewer. It's likely that the viewer has already soiled themselves in fear. The camera moves closer to Big Mac, he unfolds his arms and begins to speak..

    "You guys are here to see Big Dick Rick, right? Well... we're a little bit busy right now... but I think he can see you, now. I'll just have to check."

    He turns around and disappears into the club for a brief second before coming back out.

    "It's a little hectic in there... but... you should be fine. Follow me, please."

    It's clear that the bouncer takes his job seriously and likes to present himself in a professional manner - not something you see everyday when it comes to bouncers. He opens up the door and the camera follows through as we are introduced to our first look at the inside of the Malibu Vice nightclub. Instantly, the ears detect the sound of Hall and Oates' 'Out of Touch' blaring from the audio system whilst a quick pan around the area shows the club almost completely empty. There's a few spotted around one pole as a lone, redheaded girl dances -- a middled aged, short, bald, Japanese gentleman throwing dollars at her and giggling like an amused schoolboy. But the camera continues to follow Big Mac where he ends up opening the doors to the lavish office of Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli Jr. -- the "Diamond Dogs". Sitting in comfy leather chairs behind an exquisite, waist-high wooden desk are the duo, Big Mac motions for the camera to go in. The immediately obvious things are Vance dressed in his slate gray suit with black turtleneck and a lone eyepatch as well as wearing a big grin on his face as he has Maya Shagaguchi sitting on one knee whilst Dongarelli wears his white sports jacket and shirt and rocks a bright pink bandana and rayban sunglasses. The camera positions itself almost as if it's a sitdown interview -- except no one but the 'Diamond Dogs' speak. Big Mac comes around with two glasses and pours what appears to be two appletinis for his bosses. Vance beckons him closer and he leans down -- Ricardo can be seen whispering something urgent in his ear and is seen passing some money, Big Mac then nods and disappears.

    "Slick" then turns his attention to the camera, smiling, before grabbing his glass and taking a sip... he puts it down then smirks...

    "Well, well, well... what do we have here, my friend?"

    He looks directly at camera but Dongarelli is shown to be daydreaming...


    Suddenly, Dongarelli snaps out of his daydream as he receives a small elbow jut in the side.

    "What? Oh... yeah... I don't know Rick... what DO we have here? Is this cribs!?"

    He strikes an inquisitive pose. Ricardo looks at him and isn't sure if he's serious or not...

    "The CWA."

    Suddenly, Dongarelli's eyebrows raise...

    "The CWA? You mean... we're doing this? Now?"

    "Is that a problem?"

    "Pfft. No. I just... wasn't expecting it."

    "You good?"

    "I'm good, bro. I'm excited man, let's do it."

    The pair break away from their small talk and return their attention to the camera. Vance speaks first as Dongarelli tries to sit with a serious face and sip away at his appletini... Shagaguchi can be seen simply brushing her own hair with her hands and smiling. Ricardo uses his one free arm/hand to point to himself as he speaks.

    "Let me introduce myself... I'm Ricardo Vance... but you can call me 'Slick Rick'... or 'Big Dick Rick'... it's a family thing."

    "Hey Rick..."

    "What is it, Santino?"

    "I just have one question for you... Why do they call you 'Big Dick Rick' ?"

    "Haha... well... Santino... let me refer to Mamacita Maya here to explain to you?"

    Attention suddenly turns to Maya Shagaguchi as she simply takes both of her hands and spaces them VERY far apart. Vance can only turn and smirk whilst Dongarelli squints his brows and appears to be trying to figure something out.

    "Does that answer your question, Santino?"

    "I'm not sure, Rick."

    There's a sigh...

    "Hey, why don't we change the subject... what about you, Santino? Why do they call you 'Dongmeister Junior?'"

    Santino answers very quickly - almost as if he is offended.

    "Hey... what? How do you know I'm called that? Goddamnit, Rick, you didn't let me introduce myself first!"

    "Look, man, I'm real sorry, I didn't mean it. Do it now, whilst there's still time."

    Again, the pair come back from being carried away and Santino whispers to him.

    "Alright man, I got this."

    He turns his attention to the camera.

    "I'm Santino Dongarelli Jr. They call me 'Sonny D' but, on the streets, I'm 'Dongmeister Jr.' .... "

    He pauses and then looks at Vance, obviously cueing him up. Ricardo doesn't take the hint for a moment before he realises...

    "Oh... OH... Hey... Sonny... why do they call you Dongmeister Junior???"

    "A GREAT question from you, Rick. One that I wasn't expecting. But... you wanna know why? You really wanna know the reason why?"

    Suddenly, there's a bit of excitement from Vance -- most likely feigned.

    "I do, Sonny! I do. I think it's the question we all want answers to!"

    Dongarelli leans back... trying to appear 'cool' as he speaks the answer.

    "It's because my dad..."

    He whips off his sunglasses.

    "... is called Dongmeister Senior!"

    He spouts its almost proudly before turning his attention back - he quickly grabs a drink of his appletini before putting his sunglasses back on and pointing at the camera, almost issuing a warning.

    "... but don't ask me for my birth certificate. That's one thing you never do to me, you heard? That's a warning to everyone that stands in my path. I take this shit seriously."

    Vance explains to the camera...

    "You see... we're both tighly wound individuals at timed. We don't take shit from anyone. We have our pet peeves... Santino has his... and I have mine, right? That's the way it is. You might look at us and think... these guys are cool, they're hip... they're the kings of Miami... but we've got a mean side..."

    Sonny D crosses his arm and tries to look tough...

    "And we are the toughest, manliest motherfuckers you've ever met, you hear me? You haven't seen the shit we've seen -- isn't that right, Santino?"

    Dongarelli tightens his bandana and tries to look even more tough before standing up and pointing at the camera... It zooms in on his face.

    "That's DAMN right, Ricardo! We know people are gonna be watching this and they're gonna be real scared. Terrified. You see successful guys like us and you feel intimidated. We are the sharpest tools in the shed. We've got money, appletinis, viagra... everything you can ever dream of... we're living in a gangbanger's paradise..."

    He stops speaking for a second...

    "We ARE gangbanger's right... Ricardo?"

    "What? Literally, Santino? Or... ?"

    "I just thought it was a cool thing to say, man, you know... freak out the CWA... that's what we're doing right? We're gonna kick everyone's ass... that sort of stuff right?"

    "You got it, buddy. We are going to kick ass!"

    "That's right!"

    Suddenly, he gets serious again.

    "You see... we're elegant. We're sophisticated. We're cultured. We have more class than those fuckboys from the Palm Beach club scene... but more importantly, we have more class about us than the guys we are competing with, you hear that?"

    The camera zooms out from his face as he speaks - to reveal that he is not wearing any suit pants and is wearing tighty whities. Ricardo looks down and realises this too as Shagaguchi giggles. He almost jumps back in horror.

    "Sonny! You... you forgot your suit pants, man!"

    "Wha-- oh shit, dude! I totally did! I didn't mean it, man, I'm sorry. I got too excited, I didn't think I'd stand up... dude..."

    Again, Shagaguchi continues giggling as Vance issues some instructions to his friend.

    "You know what... I can keep them busy, man. I get it. You got excited. It happens to us all. You wanna go... get yourself some suit pants... and I can talk away. I got this man."

    "Thanks man, you know you're a great friend. Always got my back."

    "Forever, brother."

    They fist bump as Dongarelli looks to step away from the desk and is about to disappear out of view. Shagaguchi giggles again and holds out her pink...

    "Small peepee."

    Suddenly, Dongarelli storms back into the room and almost begins an argument.

    "Hey man, what the hell did she say man!? You know I don't like it when she speaks Japanese behind my back, bro. It makes me think she's insulting me man!"

    Vance holds his hands out.

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Sonny... relax, relax. She just said that you've got a nice bandana dude. It's alright. She said it makes you look tough."

    Dongarelli relaxes and slowly breathes...

    "Alright, man. I'm sorry. I'm guessing I'm just on edge man. I hear Japanese and it just makes me think ninjas are gonna drop down from the ceiling at any minute. I get a real bad feeling every time man, it's not good juju. But you know what!? She's damn right! This woman speaks the damn truth, man! What a gem!"

    "Don't worry about it. It's a good thing. We're training to be the best tag team right now, right? Always being on edge sharpens the senses. Gotta think about it that way man. Just be cool."

    Santino nods his head and then exits the room - Vance returns his stare to the camera and takes another drink. He's just about to begin speaking when Big Mac returns -- holding two bags clearly with the McDonald's logo on them.

    "I believe you've already met my most trusted lieutenant, Big Mac. You know this kid? I taught him everything I know. Look at him. He's an absolute specimen. I've fashioned a monster."

    Again, the camera focuses on Big Mac and his unbelievably imposing frame... he puts the bags down on the table.

    "I completed the mission you had for me, boss. They said they had no sauce, though. I'm sorry."

    Vance inspects the bags and pats Big Mac on the head...

    "It's ok. You did good. You did good. I can't be mad at you for that. I'll never be mad at you. You're the best employee anyone could ever have. Did you get something to eat?"

    "Yeah, boss. I got myself a...



    quarter pounder."

    "Good. Good. Smart man."

    "Also, boss... I was going to ask if I could have a twenty minute break. I've got calculus homework due for tomorrow..."

    "Say no more, Big Mac. Take all the time you want."

    Big Mac disappears out of the door before, finally, it seems Vance is all alone with the camera and can finally get down to business. He sits back down on his seat and has another drink. He appears to carry a much more serious tone than from before.

    "I have to apologise. As you can see. business has been hectic, I'm a busy man and there's never a dull day. But let me speak now. I know you're watching this because you want to see Ricardo Vance. You want to hear what I have to say - on behalf of the Diamond Dogs. As you know, me and my best friend, Sonny D, own this club and we're running a great business... but we want to make it greater. We've just recovered from a brutal club war and it's time for us to return to our former glory. We're only at the beginning of our journey. And this is where the CWA comes in for us. We're a tag team, we like to wrestle... and we heard of an opportunity. A tournament... a tournament where we can earn ourselves a title opportunity... and you know what comes with titles? Higher paychecks, fame... respect. And we demand to be respected. Now, we're fair guys... we don't like to hate... we don't like to hurt anyone... but people are going to stand in our way and we have no choice but to take them out. Now, I'll pay respect to those who pay respect to the Diamond Dogs. And I can understand that in our tag team tournament, there will be people who will play nice. But some will not. Some might try to hurt me, they might try to brutalise Santino or besmirch the name of my club. And that... that I cannot allow or forgive.

    I'm not going to lie to you. Me and Santino... we don't know alot about the CWA. We've just come back from a hectic time in Japan and we're still getting our feet back under us. We're trying to lay low... but we feel the time is right to take the next step in our career. We've been tag team champions all over the world but now... we want to be the tag team champions of the Clique Wrestling Alliance. But we gotta get through this tournament first, right? And I bet that the CWA have a bunch of great talent lined up. But what are they fighting for, you know? Do they have the mojo we have? Do they have the drive we have?

    I have a vision... a mission... to conquer the world's club scene... a feat that no man has accomplished before... but I want to do it as a CWA Tag Team Champion. It's the cherry on top, right? That's how I view it. All I know is that me and Santino have to beat a couple of guys here and there and we're almost there. If we can conquer this tournament then we know we can do anything. It's time for us to really explode into the tag team scene -- we need our tag team success to match our nightclub success right? You know what they say in the Spanish Island of Ibiza? You can only measure a true nightclub owner by how successful a professional wrestler he is. And that's a mantra that I... the Diamond Dogs live by. You understand, right? I want everyone to understand that. People repeat lines from the bible to motivate themselves... but that's my bible verse right there. Santino's too. But don't get me wrong... whilst we are personally motivated... we like to have fun in there too. We're born entertainers... it's why our club is sold out every night. It's sold out right now......."

    The camera decides to peak out the door -- and again, all you can see is one lonesome stripper surrounded by a few men... although she has another admirer this time -- what appears to be Santino Dongarelli wearing one pant leg on and one off. Clearly, he is mesmerised and lost in the movements of the woman as she seems to move to the beat of INXS' "Original Sin". The camera turns around and puts its attention back on Vance.

    "It's wonderful, isn't it? That's a message to everyone else in this tournament... THAT'S what you're competing with. I'd like to see someone else here compete with that. I already feel like you just can't... and I feel that the Krash... is that the name? Oh ok. Krash Memorial Trophy is coming home with us and I'll rest it right here on my desk. Another shining achievement for the Diamond Dogs. And the tag titles will soon join straight after. But let me ask this... this Krash guy... he's in the tournament? Didn't he die? I think it's a little unfair that an undead guy is competing in this tournament but we should be able to overcome the adversity. Honestly, that's all I know. I don't mean to be rude to our future opponents but I thought I'd just take this chance to introduce ourselves and our club. Not insult them. That's not our game right now. You always gotta focus on yourself at first, right? We'll take it one step at a time. We'll fight our hardest - as we always do... and we'll put on a show for the people. Heck, once this all blows over, everyone can come here... appletinis on the house. We'll celebrate, right? But only after... and if we lose, we'll shake the hands of the men that beat us. We don't look down on anyone or will hold it against them. After all, in our own special way, we're all diamonds, right? Man... it feels good to be a diamond..."

    He leans back, smirking, and pulls out a large golden cigar case... it gives off the impression that he is a man with fine taste... but he opens it up to reveal the worst looking cigar you've ever seen. He puts it into his mouth and sparks it before resting his feet on the table... looking pleased with himself. It seems, that, is going to close the scene but the confident Vance is disturbed as Dongarelli bursts into the room, fully suited up and seemingly startled.

    "Rick! Rick! You gotta see this, man! I told you, man! It's happening! They're here! I told you man, I knew I wasn't paranoid!"

    Vance stands up and rushes over - he gives his friend a slap to calm him down.

    "Calm down, Sonny! I was just telling the CWA about us being warriors and being ready to prove ourselves... and you're not giving a good impression man! You're off your game today, dude. Fix it. Come on."

    Dongarelli nods as he calms down before speaking...

    "Alright, alright. You're right, Rick. But... but... they're here man, it's... the Triad! All the way from Japan man!"

    "The TRIAD!?"

    "IT'S THEM!"

    Vance looks at the camera with a slightly serious look - it follows him as he bounds out of the room with Dongarelli chasing after him. Suddenly, there's a tense atmosphere in the whole club as the camera pans over to show a trio of Japanese men - all completely identical (bald, bulky... complete tanks. Think Oddjob from James Bond.) Almost at the exact same moment, Aneka's "Japanese Boy" begins playing over the club's sound system. It's almost like fate has led to this. Vance is standing with his fists clenched... but also seems confused... it breaks the tension...

    "Wait... the Triad? There's something wrong here, Sonny. It just.... it just doesn't make sense... The triad!? I feel like we're getting it wrong..."

    "Why, Ricardo? What could possibly be wrong about Japanese dudes being termed 'The Triad' ?"

    They ponder it for a second before Vance realises...

    "There's only one of them."


    "Look Santino... I only see one guy."

    Dongarelli lowers his head, almost in embarrassment, as he grabs his friend by the face and lifts up his eyepatch (revealing that Vance has.... absolutely nothing wrong with his eye)... and suddenly Vance realises that the eyepatch was blocking his vision.


    The surprise seems to keep his interest for a brief second. But it goes away and he simply signals to Big Mac to take care of it.

    "They had my interest for a second... but... Big Mac can deal with it."

    He turns around and begins to walk away with Santino bounding after, the camera follows them as they look to return to their office.

    "You think Big Mac can take them? What if they've got samurai swords and megazords, man? We might be screwing him here..."

    Vance stops... and strokes his chin before flipping his eyepatch back down. Almost as if he's getting ready to fight.

    "You're right, Santino. I said we should showcase ourselves and this is our chance. Big Mac could do with a rest... he's got maths homework... Let's do it. You see this, CWA? This is your first experience of the Diamond Dogs!"


    The pair turn around and look ready to go to battle... but everything seems to be returned to normal -- and we spot Big Mac wiping his hands as he walks by his employers.

    "Motherfuckers said my calculator was shit, boss. Nobody says that about my calculator. Not when I'm doing my homework."

    Everything seems well as Big Mac then disappears - both Vance and Dongarelli grin like goofs at the camera.

    "You see that, CWA?! We just iced THREE guys without even touching them. You wanna mess with this!? You think TWO are going to be enough to stop us in a match? You wanna think again. We've got a lot more store in for you. So you better watch out and don't sleep on the Diamond Dongs... I mean Dogs!"

    "Yeah! What Rick said!"

    The camera then backs out of the club as they walk to the front door, trying to be as intimidating as possible, and eventually the camera then pans away out of the scene with the pair standing looking triumphant. Until Dongarelli's pants fall down -- the pair then suddenly start to argue as Vance verbally castrates him and Dongarelli protests that he couldn't find his belt and that he held it onto it long enough. A small argument between the pair... but they eventually get over it when Vance suggests they go and eat their McDonald's burgers together. Their friendship passes another trial... and this will surely bring confidence to the duo that their friendship can overcome everyone else in the CWA Krash Classic tournament.

    Quote Originally Posted by CocksDynamite
    "Love America, love it for what it did for us. A country that took us in and raised you boys. Love America, but never forget your Italian heritage. Love USA, Love Italia, Love Life."

    J: Words that our dying father told us. Paul and I were very young when he passed, I was 10 (it was right after my birthday) and he was 7. Our whole lives we have loved being both Italian and American. We bleed red, white, blue...and green. Throughout our career we have been together repping those colours. Paul loves the fans. He loves the excitement they bring to the shows. The noise loud crowds make is like a drug to him, he feeds off of it. I love the fans, but the wrestling is my drug. The one move that gives me the biggest rush is absolutely the suplex. It's the greatest wrestling move in history in my honest opinion and it's what I will use every single match. Paul uses it quite a bit but he uses his quickness well which helps him use other moves. I'm what some might call a Wrestling Machine. Paul and I blend everything together and we become the most explosive tag team in a long time. But when our music hits and the crowd goes batshit wild remember when I say "GO JOE!" you say "GO JOE!"

    P: Hello America! Our father, the late, great Giuseppe DiMiaco told us great words as my brother already told you. I sadly lost him at the age of 7. He was always there in great memories from my brother, mother, and extended family. Joe already told you how much we love being Italian-American but I asked him not to tell all of the story. We have always loved wrestling. While Joe's emphasis was on the wrestling aspect mine was always on the entertainment aspect. As a kid I loved dressing in costumes with both the American and Italian flags. I still wear them with pride today. The fans though, they're the reason I do what I do. They make me go better, stronger, faster. It's an adrenaline rush that I absolutely love. The excitement those crowds give me helps me wrestle better. The emotions I get make me move better, hit those running clothesline, hit the suplexes my brother loves so much. I become almost superhuman. My brother and I become an almost superhuman team. Remember, when I say "BELIEVE IN US!" you say "BELIEVE IN US!"

    J: The Krash Tag Team Classic. Where The DiMiacos can truly show who they are. No more of this Triple J Security bullshit. It's time to meet some real competition. Krash and Prince Ali. Krash is the namesake of this competition and we are totally grateful for what he has done for this division. Prince Ali is a newcomer to the CWA like us and he has been very impressive. He's a hard in-ring worker like myself. With all that being said, there is no time to make friends here. The DiMiacos are in it to win it all. Both of them are speedsters, quick like a cat one might say. But all I have to do is get a hold of either of them. You know what happens next. One suplex. Two suplexes. Three suplexes. Four? Five? Six? But we should be honest here, all I need is three and it's all over. One...two...three. On to the next one.

    P: Shawn Summers and XYZ. Shawn Summers thinks he's better than everybody else. How will he work with XYZ who is pretty much his polar opposite? A good friend of mine, FWA superstar Risky Douglas, told me XYZ is a good guy and that he's incredibly fascinating. Shawn Summers won't be able to handle XYZ's eccentric habits. This is a team that is destined to fail. Miscommunication is key for this team and whoever faces them. On to the next one. The Snowmantashis. Jon is a beast. An ass-kicker and a fantastic wrestler like my big brother. The two of them can have an absolute battle. I'd rather be in the battle of the little brothers against Izaya. He's here to have fun like me but can get serious when it's time to get serious. But at the end of the day we're here to make a name for ourselves and it's time to get serious. All I have to do is hit some suplexes, get some punches in, maybe a big boot, and then lock in that ankle lock! On to the next one.

    J: Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage. Fenix is an egotistical, obnoxious, self-centred prick who thinks his shit doesn't stink. He's also one heck of a wrestler. He's made one big mistake, however. He says he does him better than I do I. Well on my best day I'm the best wrestler in the world. And on my worst day I'm the second best wrestler in the world. Nate Savage is just a mean asshole but what he doesn't understand is that in the ring I'm an even meaner asshole. I'm a perfectionist, a ring general, pretty much your worst nightmare once you face me. You see Nate, I've been studying you since we first started watching CWA. Your personality, your every move, even your way of life. You see I'm a family man as well and I'll do anything to make sure they are taken care of. I have a wife and two boys and I love them dearly. Hell I still pretty much take care of Paul. Nate Savage, prepare to meet your match. On to the next one.

    P: The DFB. The polar opposite of The DiMiacos. Two guys who don't care about this great country and don't care about the great art of wrestling. Cody Mundz is disrespectful to the great fans of this sport and I will not let him get away with such behaviour. Bobby Smooth thinks giving the middle finger is cool. Well when he flips me off I have a five-fingered hand to give him a swift slap in the face! These idiots are both damn cheaters and they're just brawlers who think they can wrestle drunk and not give a damn. Joe and I will not let them win! On to the next one. Noah Nitro and Thomas West. We will win. They will lose. On to the next one.

    J: Diamond Dogs. Two absolutely fantastic wrestlers who I will be honoured to go up against. Ricardo Vance has a wide range of moves. He's a suplex man too and I like him. But right now he is the enemy. He has some of the strongest and quickest knees in the world, check. But I have THE strongest and quickest arms in the fucking world, checkmate. His quick reflexes will be hard to counter but I know I can hit him with a few of the best suplexes in the damn world. I know I can introduce him to Joe's Mission and make him tap out. Santino Dongarelli, a fellow Italian and a suplex man as well. I very much like him too. He isn't as quick as Ricardo and his knees aren't as beautiful but he's just as good. I think he's one that needs the old-fashioned double team by Paul and I. Santino, guess what...IT'S PATRIOT'S DAY!

    Quote Originally Posted by Comeback Kid
    Backstage we see Michelle Kelley holding a microphone and standing a bit awkwardly and hesitantly in front of the camera. Her expression is a bit off and she makes a grossed-out face when XYZ begins smelling the air between he and Michelle. She sort of leans away from her interview guest, and XYZ smiles with his eyes closed as she looks with a pout face back at him.

    Michelle Kelley: I am ... standing here with XYZ, who is about to compete in the Krash CWA Tag Team Classic Tournament with ... Shawn Summers as his ... what are you doing?!

    XYZ: I am soaking in the aura ... of the space. The space in the universe. The space of our world.

    Michelle Kelley: Well, you're about to team with Shawn Summers tonight in the Classic. You two were ... partners last Adrenaline Rush. And you beat him in a shocking upset. How will that play into your being a team tonight?

    XYZ sticks his left hand up in the air and right into the face of Michelle Kelley — she stands to his left, him to her right — and closes his eyes again as he sticks his nose up in the air. The crowd cheers a bit as XYZ opens his eyes and grows ever-so serious.

    "There is a special feeling in here ... tonight. A special feeling. Krash. Krash ...! The feeling of speciality ... in this place is simply that. Krash is big in these parts. A decorated tag team superstar. And one of the participants in this classic tournament. But let me be honest with you now: Shawn Summers and I are probably the worst team in this thing. We have little history. We don't even have the enemy history where you know your enemies so well that you work great as partners. We have one match, one encounter, together. And while there is animosity, it is not fueled by the power of the sword enough to truly bring us together in harmony, even for a brief moment.

    No ... Shawn Summers and I are a struggle. We are, on the surface, the least likely of successful teams in this tournament. That is fact, indisputable. And yet, we can prove the naysayers ... WRONG!"

    XYZ shouts that last part into the camera, his eyes growing large and wide. He looks like he just exited the psychotic ward.

    "Shawn Summers and I have one thing on our side. We have the growl of the bear, the heat of the sun, the blood of the unicorn. We have ... the anger of the COYOTE! We have the engine of the truck. We have ... the ...

    light of the moon. On our side. What does this mean?!


    Shawn Summers and I ... XYZ ... are men on a mission. To prove everyone wrong. We have the fire ... that no one believes in us ... as motivation. Surely, XYZ and Shawn Summers are not meant for this. Surely, they won't win the Krash Tag Team Classic. Surely, even if they were to win ONE match ... just ONE ... they would flame out in the second round.

    And maybe those people are right!


    Michelle Kelley stands there, unsure, with the microphone held in front of XYZ's face.

    "But ... MAYBE NOT.

    Because no matter what they say about me, about Shawn Summers, and about ... our ... imperfect harmony ...

    The dream ... never ... dies."

    XYZ snaps fingers with both hands and walks out of the scene with Michelle Kelley looking confused at XYZ with the microphone still held out as if she's interviewing an imaginary person.

    Shawn Summers slowly walks over to Michelle Kelley, who shutters and slowly steps up to "The God King" with her microphone. Shawn looks down on Michelle with malice and discontent as she clears her throat and opens her mouth to speak. Shawn snatches the microphone from Michelle and directs the cameraman to focus in on him.

    Shawn Summers - That's right, I want you to get a good shot of me. Get a good shot of "The God King" because it seems that everyone has forgotten just who the hell I am. It seems as though everyone has forgotten about just who the hell Shawn Jacob Summers is and what he is capable of. I say everyone but I guess I should everyone but one person has forgotten who "The God King" is.

    You see, one person hasn't forgotten about who Shawn Summers is because every time they think about their career they have to remember that Shawn Summers played a big role in it. One person has to always remember that it was Shawn Summers that helped him realize that being the best was all that he ever wanted in life. One person has to always remember that it was Shawn Summers that helped him win one of his very first World Championships in this industry. One person has to always remember that Shawn Summers, "The God King", ended the career of a man who he called his brother but was so quick to betray the moment he got a taste of the spotlight. One person has to always remember that Shawn Summers is the reason why he is memorialized in a tournament instead of in the actual wrestling Hall of Fame.

    Wondering, who I'm talking about? Well, guess no more kiddos because I'm talking about Krash. It's kind of pathetic, to be honest. I gave you everything you needed to be remembered like the Mr. Showtimes, the Steve Stormes, and the Rolando Fuentes' of the industry and you blew it. You wasted it trying to please all of the fans out there and where did that get you? A fall from the World Championships pedestal that I put you on, all the way down to the High Voltage Championship pedestal that you were always destined for. But who am I to talk right? I mean I would say competing in this tournament is the most embarrassing thing that's happened to me this year but I'd be lying.

    The most embarrassing thing that's happened to me so far this year is that I lost to some ass-bandit wearing a leotard. But surprisingly, my year continues to go into a downward spiral.

    Shawn stops and looks down, closing his eye and biting his bottom lip in frustration. He looks back up at the camera with his trademark cocky smirk before continuing.

    Shawn Summers - The downward spiral continues as CWA management thought it'd be a cute idea to put me and XYZ in a tag-team for this little memorial tournament. Who in this "new" CWA managment consulted me about this? Who in this "new" CWA management came and asked me if I already had a tag-team partner for this tournament? Who in this "new" CWA management came and asked me if it was okay to carry another wrestler to the top of the mountain?

    It's an easy answer, no one. If CWA management doesn't want to consult with Shawn Summers about things affecting his career and plans then Shawn Summers is just gonna have to get their attention another way. There was a reason I called this tournament a memorial because in this tournament some careers are gonna die. In this tournament, some bones are going to be broken. In this tournament, some wrestlers are gonna learn what it feels like to be choked to their second to last breath. In this tournament, some wrestlers are gonna learn that no matter if there's a tag-team partner in my corner or if I'm doing it alone, Shawn Summers is not someone to be ignored. Tonight, the first tag-team gets to be the victim of "The God King's" wrath. CWA....WILL...BOW...DOWN.

    Shawn tosses the microphone back to Michelle Kelley before shoving the camera out of his face and walking off into the distance as the scene slowly fades to black.

    Quote Originally Posted by Smooth Jazz Wolf

    It’s about 6:30 in the morning in a quiet neighborhood in Los Angeles. A very expensive car that most of the neighborhood would not be able to pronounce slowly creeps into a driveway. A chauffeur comes out of the driver side to open the door on the other side and comes out a lady in all red dress with red pumps. She takes her sun glasses of and she looks like money. She struts her way up the steps of the house she just parked in front of and gently knocks the door. After a few minutes of no response she begins to press the bell until the door opens and she sees an unfamiliar face….

    ???: Hi how can I help you?

    ????: My name is Claire Redfield I am a talent agent here for Mr. ummmmm Chimera….

    ???: Its Kamara!

    Claire Redfield: Yes, yes what you said darling may I speak to him we have important moves to make.

    ???: My name is not darling it is Fatuma and I am not only Ali’s sister but I am also his MANAGER. So, if you need to work something out you can speak to me.

    As Redfield stares into Fatuma eyes Ali comes to the door dressed as if he’s ready to walk the red carpet. He asks his sister to open the door and let Redfield in so they all can sit down and discuss the situation. The whole-time Redfield and Fatuma are staring each other down as if they are ready to tear each other apart. Ali shakes his head and offers tea to Redfield which she gladly accepts.

    Ali: In my family, it is tradition to offer new guests inside of my home tea to melt away tension or as Americans say, “break the ice”. I apologize for my sister’s behavior she very protective of her little brother. It is partly my fault since I did not inform her that you would be coming here to meet us.

    Redfield does not take her eye off Fatuma but sips the tea and quickly puts it down and smiles at Ali. She pulls folders out of her bag and stretches to give it to Ali but Fatuma snatches it out of her hand. Redfield looks at her in disgust while Ali looks on annoyed by his sister’s behavior

    Ali: Tuma you cannot be rude to everyone you do not know. I hired Ms. Redfield to help me with my brand and marketing. As my manager, you two will be working closely together as you handle the financial side of things.

    Redfield: Mr. Chimer…Kamara I don’t think that would be necessary my firm has an amazing manager department that can take care of all your needs. We wanted to represent you in the fullest extent of our….

    Fatuma: …. Well I have been managing my brother from the beginning of his career from when he started learning how to wrestle to his travels in Japan, Europe and Mexico. He has never had any issues with the way I work so I will continue managing him with or without you….

    Ali: …What my sister means to save that she has had success managing me in big markets and will tackle this one as well. I just need your services for marketing

    Redfield: Well we need to get moving it is almost 7 am and we must be at CNN in about an hour. In Holloywood that means be there at 7:30. So I suggest that we take my car so we can travel faster. My Porsche is top of the line

    Fatuma: How about you shove your Porsche up your…

    Ali: …What my sister is saying is that we will follow behind you inside our vehicle.

    Redfield gathers her belongings without keeping her eye off Fatuma. Once she gathers herself she quickly walks out of the house and into her car. She leads Ali and Fatuma to the CNN studio where they will be interviewing him. Ali steps out of his car into a ton of paparazzi who are just in his face with cameras and microphones. Redfield stands there and poses for the cameras as Ali and Fatuma speed walks into the building. Redfield follows them shortly after and introduces them to the producers and the man who will be interviewing him Brad Langston. They seat him with Mr. Langston as they shake hands right before they go on air.

    Langston: Is he a King, a Prince, a Tyrant or just Clique Wrestling Alliance newest act. I would like to introduce my guest Fatemali Kamara or what wrestling fans know him as Prince Ali. Glad to have you how are you doing?

    Ali: Thank you for that interesting introduction. I am glad to be here and represent not only my country but also CWA.

    Langston: Yes, so there has been a lot of buzz about around your arrival not just California but also the United States. Is it true that you and your sister are the first generation of Kamara’s in the United States?

    Ali: Yes, it is true we are the first generation to live in the United States. Before our family would visit the country but I am here to break the cycle and take full advantages of the opportunities in the land of opportunities…

    Langston: So, what was it that held your family from making the jump from Liberia? Did they think they were better than to move to the United States?

    Ali: It’s the same reason why you haven’t moved to Liberia. They were content in their position and comfortable familiarity of their homeland. I have never been comfortable with being content in any situation in life.

    Langston: Ok so your real first name is Fatemali but your wrestling moniker is Prince Ali. Why do you feel like you are a Prince?

    Ali: I don’t feel like I am a Prince because I am Prince. My family comes from a long bloodline of royalty. I just used my heritage to signify what I am bringing to CWA. A hardworking and classy man who is ready to bring CWA to new heights.

    Langston: So, what made you leave Liberia and come to America to become a wrestler? I’m sure a man of royalty could have been in a position like Prince Harry or the Queen of England.

    Ali: I respect what Prince Harry does for his country and the world. We have had many beautiful conversations but ever since I was 15 or 16 years old I have loved wrestling. The action, the characters that have walked down that ramp have inspired me. People like Mr. Willis, Roberto Superstar, Rich Stone or even lesser known wrestlers like Christopher Jackson and Austerio. Hard working men who put the company on their back and bring it to new heights. That is exactly what I plan on doing.

    Langston: You say it as if no one is working hard as they use to….

    Ali: They are not. None of the crop of wrestlers in the company I feel have grabbed the brass ring and run with it. Before the current World Champion, they had a coward who did not known how to fight alone as their champion. Their midcard title is an afterthought and the tag division is nonexistent. This why I am glad that they are doing the Tag team classic and I am a part of it. Bring some prestige to the division the echo has stolen from it.

    Langston: You had a great debut match that you were successful in and where you used a style of wrestling that many have not really seen on such a big stage. Can you talk about that feeling of debuting and what was that style of fighting that you used?

    Ali: Debuting was one of the most nerve racking experiences of my life. I was shaking the whole way through. Not knowing who my opponent was and not knowing how the fans would react. In this business, it is all about the fans response. However, when that bell rang all the nerves went away and I went into attack mode. Capoeira is a style of martial arts that is from African descent mixed with Brazilian technique. It’s a style of constant movement and strikes to keep the opponent off kilter.

    Langston: You spoke about wanting to be a part of this tag tournament can you speak on your tag team partner Krash who this tournament is named after?

    Ali: Krash is a-

    ???: Krash is a lovely, handsome darling of a man with a fantastic mustache and a charming personality.

    The interview is interrupted when none other Krash walks on set, dressed in a lovely lavender suit, High Voltage Title warped securely around his waist, and dragging a comfy office chair behind him.

    Krash: Hey, Bradley, you don’t mind if I join you for a few minutes? I was in the area, figured I’d drop by, that cool with you?

    Langston: I-

    Krash: Sweet, thanks.

    Nodding at Brad Langston, Krash slid the office chair next to Prince Ali’s seat and slouched down in it, briefly running a hand through his hair before turning to Prince Ali.

    Krash: Oh, Ali’s here too! What a lovely coincidence.

    Prince Ali arched an eyebrow.

    Ali: … Can I help you?

    Krash: Hi, I’m Krash, we havn’t been properly introduced yet – unless you count you German Suplexing some dude into me – so here’s my card, nice to meet you.

    Reaching into his pocket, Krash pulled out a card with far, far too much glitter on it, and held it out to Prince Ali, who accepted it as carefully as if it was cursed with the black plague.

    Ali: ‘Krash, Pro-Wrestler Extraordinaire, CWA High Voltage Champion, Heartbeat of CWA, Owner of a Fabulous Mustache, and All-round Cool Guy.’ Did you make this yourself?

    Krash: Yeah, how’d you know?

    Ali: Lucky guess. Now if you don’t mind, I have an exclusive interview to finish, so if you would kindly leave-

    Krash: There’s been a change of plans, this is now an interview with the future winners of the CWA Krash Tash Team Classic, the team of Prince Ali & King Krash, aka, In-Ring Royalty.

    Ali: I don’t like that name.

    Krash: And I don’t like your attitude, but I’m here trying to work things out for the sake of shared glory, so-

    Ali: My attitude?

    Krash: Your attitude! This ‘the current crop of CWA stars are lazy and unwilling to go the extra mile’ stuff. As a locker-room leader, a veteran, and the current CWA High Voltage Champion, I feel obliged to correct you. We have the hardest-working roster, a pool full of talent and skills that can steal the show on any day, and all you need to do to see how true it is, is tune into any Adrenaline Rush. Any.

    Ali: Ha. All that would be nothing compared to me. The things I can do outshine anyone else on any day.

    Langston: Ah, pardon me, but I can’t help but note that you two don’t appear to be entirely on the same page.

    Ali: To be honest, as much as I dislike having a partner who is a lackidaisy layabout-

    Krash: Excuse me?

    Ali: Hold on. As much as I dislike that, I can acknowledge that his veteran knowledge in this particular field will probably prove to be more helpful than just some other random sloth I could have been partnered with.

    Krash: That sounds like a compliment.

    Ali: Don’t get too attached.

    Krash: Well. On my end, it would be a disgrace if I didn’t point out how much of a talented hand Prince Ali is. I could see that in his debut match, he knows what he’s doing. I think we have a very solid chance of winning this.

    Langston: Gentlemen, let’s discuss your opponents in the upcoming CWA Tag Team Cl-

    Krash: CWA Krash Tag Team Classic. Not named after me for no reason, Bradley. Most decorated tag competitor in the company, you'd best remember it.

    Langston: Of course. The CWA Krash Tag Team Classic is on the horizon, and despite your differences, you two must join forces and co-operate if you hope to go far and defeat or outlast seven other teams. Do you have any thoughts on your opponents?

    Ali: I think the biggest threat is Thomas West and Noah Nitro.

    Krash: … Really?

    Ali: No. I’m more concerned about running out of milk than I am about West & Nitro.

    Krash: I think there’s three wildcards in the new teams – DFB, Diamond Dogs, and the DiMiacos, in that no-one really knows what to expect from them, and thus, can’t accurately prepare for them. Similarly, Snowmantashi & Snowmantashi have to be one of the top favorites for this entire thing, if only because it’s the godamned Snowmantashi and his brother. One is indestructible enough, who’s going to take down two? And even then, Summers & XYZ and Fenix & Savage might have just the right amount of tenacity to steal it out from under us all. It’s hard to predict who may be the toughest team.

    Ali: One thing is for certain, though. No matter which teams we will be facing, we are the ones who willl be coming out on top.

    Langston: I admire your vote of confidence. Well, Prince Ali, Krash, thank you for joining me today. It’s been a pleasure. Best of luck in the upcoming tournament.

    With that, the lights dimmed as the show went to commercial. Krash got out of his seat, stretching, before Ali tapped a hand against Krash’s High Voltage Championship.

    Ali: Just so you, know, ‘partner’, when this tournament is all said and done, I’m coming for your High Voltage title.

    Krash: That so? Cool. Thanks for the warning. See you at A-Rush, Ali.

    As promised, the tournament promos. Show progress will be in sig ~

    I'll give my own thoughts on the RPs as eliminations are had to avoid hinting at the final results

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    Re: CWA Krash Tag Team Classic (Quarter-Finals/Semi-Finals) Promos

    First thing I noticed:

    "Claire Redfield" and saying "Chimera" in her first bit of dialogue. This cannot be a coincidence, Wolf?

    Damn, did my promo send like that, Jon? Thought I had it in a different font.

    Will read over these properly tomorrow and give reviews.


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    Re: CWA Krash Tag Team Classic (Quarter-Finals/Semi-Finals) Promos

    You had a different font. As always with our glorious forum, things don't perfectly translate

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